What You Should Consider Before Joining The Military

Disclaimer: I’m currently serving in the United States Air Force, and these are the simple conclusions I’ve come to about today’s military. Other branches of the military may be different, but I work in a joint-service environment and work closely with all branches. I’m confident these will apply to all services.

 1. Before You Join

Get it in writing. We’ve all heard it before, but in this case, it’s serious. Whatever you are promised, make sure it is in your enlistment contract. If the recruiter promises you something and it isn’t in ink, walk away.

Be specific when it comes to choosing an Air Force Specialty Code or a Military Occupational Specialty code (your job). Don’t let them trick you with a top 10 list. ONLY SELECT THE JOBS YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT. I’ve seen too many people pushed into the tenth job on their list. They then hated the military, and also their lives because of it.

Do your research. Sure Aircraft Fuel Systems sound cool, but in reality you spend eight hours in a sweat suit, mask on your face, inside of a fuel tank. Sounds fun, right?

If you do those three things, then you are well on your way to a decent military career.

 2. Branches Of Military Services

Air Force – Takes great care of you, the personnel are annoying as shit, very blue pill. Toss up for most sensitivity training.

Navy – Much like the AF, but you should probably be okay with being on a ship for six months at a time.

Army – Avoid the fucking Army. You are just a number to them, and they treat you accordingly.

Marines – The only branch I can possibly consider red pill in any way. They treat you like the Army but they expect you to enjoy it. Strong camaraderie though; nothing like it in the other branches.

Here’s a reality check: if you are expecting an in-your-face type of military then go Marines. Every other branch has been beta-maxed. My basic training was the biggest joke I’ve ever experienced, and I went through Air Force basic training before the whole sex scandal. What the recruits go through now is hardly recognizable and makes what I went through look like hell.

3. Once You Are In

Realize that the military is a horribly run business, and that if it were not on the government’s dime it would have crash and burned. Horribly. Long ago.

But damn does it have good benefits. Here are a few:

Free healthcare and dental can be a huge benefit and a lifted burden for many people. The salt here is that it’s military personnel treating other military. If you’ve swallowed the red pill, you know that doctors are people too and are just as likely to make mistakes or be incompetent as you are. In that case congratulations, you will not be too surprised when it happens.

Education is an obvious benefit and has been written about many times, so I’m not going to delve too deeply into it. The more effort you put into your education while you are active duty, the better off you will be.

BAH/BAQ – Basic Allowance for Housing and Quarters. Free room and board, more or less. The longer you’ve been in and the higher your rank, the more you get. This is easily one of the best benefits of being in the military.

BAS – Basic Allowance for Sustenance. Much like BAH this is another huge perk. Who spends $300 a month just for food?

What makes these benefits better is that any money you receive but do not spend on your housing, rent, or food is still your money. Spend it, save it, or buy a hooker. It is your money, do with it as you please. They are also non-taxable—take that, lefty parasites.

30 days of leave a year. Pros: that’s a lot of leave, depending on how you use it. It makes taking extended vacations manageable if you can plan accordingly. Cons: if your family lives 12 hours away and you want to go visit on a four-day weekend, you have to take leave in order to do that, even if you would have those days off anyway. If you burn all your leave when you get it, then you will have a hard time.

You get a lot of Comped Time Off (CTO). I’ve personally gotten 6-10 free days off this year thanks to this nifty little thing.

There are many other benefits you may qualify for, be it separation pay, deployment pay, hazardous duty pay, flight pay, etc. When these are all added up, you can live a very comfortable middle class life.

 4. The Shit Parts

Many of society’s problems today are affecting the military as well. The “rape” culture is making it exceedingly dangerous for males in the US military. I personally know three different individuals that have been accused of rape. I’m confident that at least two of them are false accusations. The third case I do not know the specifics of.

The military is also, ironically, subject to socialist shortcomings. As I mentioned above, the military is a very badly run business. It can also easily be compared to a socialist society. Everyone knows that they will be paid regardless of their work ethic, which in turn produces a lack of efficiency. This lack of efficiency is then categorized as the norm and is then adopted by the masses. This is bad enough, but things then become cyclical and later compound.

The enforcement of blue pill ideals is a major problem. On a weekly basis we are forced to view training on gender equality, sexual assault, political correctness, etc. In the last three years it has become more and more of a mechanical blue pill dispensary.

If one can put up with conditions that closely resemble corporate America today then, yes, joining the military is a good choice. Just be informed before you do.

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  1. Most of this article is spot on for a young man considering a tour in the modern American military. One thing I will tell you from experience, be excellent. Find the best team that is doing your work and get on that team, you will get promoted faster. When you have a team, don’t hesitate to demand that excellence out of them. You stay out of lot of shit details that way, and you get real assignments, which can be even shittier, but hey, at least you aren’t shoveling shit in Louisiana.
    Also, a lot of people all volunteers oddly enough, have a don’t volunteer for anything that might be extra work attitude. Nonsense, be the first to volunteer most of the time. Why? Because when a shit detail does come up, they are going to look at you, remember that you already did extra work and they will pick the next guy.
    Last thing, the military has rules and a rank structure. None of which that gnarly old contractor much cares about. Make him your friend. He can always put his hands on things you can’t.

      1. In most theaters, defense contractors work closely with US personnel. They generally have better connections than uniformed personnel will have.

      2. What John said to be sure is a big factor. Also a lot of these contractors are ex military enlisted themselves. The military hires these guys to maintain organizational knowledge because a unit, on average, will turn over once every two to three years. These are the guys that will know the technical in’s and out’s of several pieces of equipment down to a level the military doesn’t bother to teach anymore. They almost always have a bit of knowledge or a trick up their sleeve they will show you if you are on good terms with them.
        They are also, almost always, drinking buddies with the other civilians that work on the base, especially American expats. That means if you need something procured that isn’t a usual request or needs to be done quickly and quietly, they know who to talk to and whose desk needs a bottle of Jim Beam to make things happen.

  2. I would be very much interested about an article of Quintus on the subject, since he was an officer in the marines.
    I’m thinking about joining, too, after my studies.

    1. I saw a case of a military chick making a false rape accusation – she was a lesbian in the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell years you see but her friend was bisexual (apparently).
      Needless to say she was jealous that her “friend” got banged by a fellow soldier, a dude I must say, and she called in a rape.
      So…. the base police are hauling the poor fellow away, and the “victim” tells the cops “hey, it was not rape”.
      The cops say “well, we already got him in handcuffs so we have to bring him in an charge him and all that”.
      14 months later, with this fellow doing “weeds and seeds” around the base with a green stripe down the side of his pants (indicating some kind of “corrective custody” – basically it means you are in jail of some sort but out doing chores) base legal finally concludes that there was no rape involved.
      During this time, the lesbian, while out on a TDY, physically assaulted a standup comic on an airbase for making jokes about lesbians. You see she was upset – upset that the people in her unit was laughing it up good. But in the armed forces, you assault people, you get in trouble.
      Not her. NOT only did she go “boo hoo. Man’s world!” and not get into trouble, the guys at the other table in the club who were laughing “extra loud” got in trouble!!!!!
      Oh but what of our friend accused of rape?
      Well, they decided there was no rape after all you see, especially with the victim saying so.
      They still wanted to send the hapless soldier to prison anyway because “time and money went into an investigation”. By this time some high up general got wind of this and said no fucking way.
      Still, that plus the comic incident has roughly 2 dozen men throw their hands up and decide not to reenlist. I was one of them .
      By the way, of the guys who got into trouble for laughing, took an assignment with a unit that would go to Saudi Arabia – a shit assignment IMO.
      His last words to me were “At least it’s not this unit, with HER in it”.
      He died a little less than a year later when the Kobar Towers were bombed.

      1. It is extraordinary how weak and pathetic so many men have become in their relation with women. So much so that they will willingly through other innocent men into prison or persecute them. Apparently even for the sake of a lesbian who would not hesitate to inflict whatever malicious act she desired onto her protectors.

      2. This is an additional reason why I despise the very idea of mandatory national service. It is one thing if someone volunteers for this kind of milieu. It is another thing entirely to be forced into this milieu against one’s will.

  3. Having been in the military I must say this:
    Unless there is something YOU want personally that you can get from military service, meaning drop the “service to your country” shit, then don’t do it.
    First, this country of ours, this cuntocracy is not worth one minute of service from any self-respecting man. If you think America needs to be served, then let the people who are being given the store, the people who have more rights than you, and the people who have more entitlement than you, be the ones to fight and die for it.
    Because no matter how many good men you see die and no matter how many limbs you lose and how sick you are afterwards, if you are not in a “protected minority class” you are still going to be shit to this system and nobody is going to give a fuck about you anyway.
    So why, if nobody is going to give a fuck about you, do you go and serve, possibly with the ultimate sacrifice of your life, the very people who would sooner legislate or “SJW” (as a verb) your very life and livelyhood from the planet anyway?
    Fuck them. Let them put on the fucking uniform and get their legs blown off and let them EARN America having it their way.
    And maybe, just maybe, if enough men say fuck this, then maybe all these protected classes, these SJWs, these GLBT types, will have to defend themselves against …. what… Russians who ban GMOs and pass laws keeping GLBT from fucking with children? Or maybe some other countries where they still have families and men are not treated like shit?
    You see where I’m going?
    Service to any western country now is service to the very thing that does not deserve to be served and the very thing that other countries have every reason to fight against.
    So before you sign up to fight and die, what are you really fighting for?
    – You are fighting for the banksters and the military contracts
    – You are fighting for the globalists looking for more free resources to exploit.
    – You are fighting for Little Timmies fucked up parents to turn little Timmy into Little Tina.
    – You are fighting for hordes of fucked up women to have ‘the right’ to fuck up their own families and in the meantime, fuck up the lives of men on their own little whims like deciding a man is “creepy” or that fling was really rape one month later.
    – you are fighting for a society that has sperm banks but keeps prostitution illegal.
    – And last but not least, you are fighting for DEMOCRACY – you know: people wanting to be left alone getting outvoted and then getting robbed and murdered by entitled special snowflakes who hid in a voting booth and approved of it.
    Again, unless it’s for your own betterment and career path, there’s no “service” in this.
    So before you sign up, DO NOT GO IN WITHOUT A SPECIFIC FIELD OR JOB. Meaning that if you want electronics, go in with a guaranteed position in electronics – and you have to be sure to score high enough on the tests too. Don’t forget that. If you want to be a dog trainer, make sure you get that, or a tank driver, or a gunner – whatever.
    When you get into specific “Specialties” though, be advised that this could delay entry meaning you are longer in Inactive Ready Reserve waiting for the slot to open. Hence it’s better to get into a field like mechanics or whatever and take whatever specialties are open in your rotation. It’s still feast or famine when you go for a field of specialties instead of a specific job. Your “rotation” could mean that when you are in basic training and actually in your field you get a list of the specialties in your field and might find they are all crap. You might, for example, want to get into electrical work thinking you will work on vehicles or something but the only thing open is lineman. You might go into mechanics thinking you will learn to be a diesel mechanic but the only specialties open are on something else.

    1. “Unless there is something YOU want personally that you can get from
      military service, meaning drop the “service to your country” shit, then
      don’t do it.”
      That’s exactly what I think.
      What about joining the army just to toughen up, learning some real skills and escaping from the corporate world ?
      I mean, for us, “millenials”, who don’t have any rite of passage anymore, this is a good deal.
      I fell from my parent’s nest, did my entire basic training (there I discovered how much an overshelted pussy I had been, but never gave up), then left while I still could, to take up my studies.
      I’m still considering joining the officers schools, because I’ve got this feeling that the leadership qualities that the army teach are going to be in high demand when the system collapses.

        1. You’re a jackass. How long did you serve? I’ve been active duty for over 7 years. I can tell you that it toughened me up physically and even more importantly mentally. The worldy knowledge and personal skills I’ve acquired throughout my service are immeasurable. Yea, the military is changing, because the world is changing. It would moronic and outright dangerous to keep a military in one fashion and never change it. Ask the Allies during the onset of WWlI.

        2. You have no idea the poisons and toxins that lurk in your body, Daniel, thanks to all the mandatory vaccinations, some of which are likely “experimental”. You and you buddies are ticking time bombs in terms of your health and don’t even know it…

        3. Former governor. Former Navy SEAL. I’ll give his word more credit than your’s any day of the week @disqus_hw9E9W5Mwt:disqus

      1. “What about joining the army just to toughen up…”
        The above is not worth the risk of losing ones limbs, life, or perhaps even sanity if deployed. Additionally, an individual man is merely cannon fodder for interest that are not ones own nor in the actual interest of the country.

        1. This is true.
          But if change must come, it will not come from people who elvolved in the corporate environment, and had an easy not risky life.
          Most of the men who shaped history had a military formation behind them.

        2. Don’t need to be deployed to get fucked up — the vaccines and other “free medical care” will do that quite nicely.

      2. Escaping the corporate world? Joining the military puts you square in the middle of the corporate world.
        You really want to escape the corporate world, go far, far, away from America.

        1. Those fuckers are tough as nails. I’ve read a lot about them…forget that shit. No way I’m tough enough. If someone is then go for it. I hear they are tightening up on their enlistment restrictions but mainly on hard-core felons.

      3. “What about joining the army just to toughen up, learning some real skills and escaping from the corporate world ?”
        Real skills? Guys who join the army to learn – say, electronics – discover that there isn’t actually a lot of call for radar technicians outside the army. Disassembling, cleaining, and reassembling your rifle blindfolded is pretty amazing, but again outside the armed forces its just not something you need to do every day.

    2. Men need to leave the west, certainly leave America.
      If America falls then the whole system comes crashing down.
      Go somewhere where the values that made the West greatnare still alive, do not give loyalty to the decrepit corpse of the West

        1. If I was younger I’d learn Russian and join their army. At least I could believe what I was fighting for with Russia (an Empire, Christianity, pro-white, pro family). It would be much more uncomfortable living than western forces tho. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t waste my life defending this depraved/decadent west.

        2. Europe has some advantages. It depends on where you go but Europe is starting to awaken.
          European nations have a stronger sense of themselves and more ethnic pride (which a lack of is what will really kill the west, feminism is just the gateway drug).
          But really, where you go is up to you. I cannot answer that question

        3. What kind of Europe are you talking about? Because I´m living here and I can´t see it.
          Every country within the E.U. is on the same fucked up level as the U.S. and the Eastern European countries are all together not really worth living in.

        4. Well you would probably have a different perspective than me but at the very least countries are waking up to the immigration issues.
          Feminism and their economic policies less so, but those were probably never going to change without a collapse.

        5. Yurop is worse. Ask the Greeks, the Cretans, the Irish(not really Yurop). The only ones doing OK are the Germans and the Dutch and they are sick of carrying the rest of the EU and paying all the other countries bills.

        6. Austria and Denmark are not so bad either (economically).
          Still it will get worse everywhere, that´s for sure.

        7. Really? I thought Austria was hurting. Not the first or last time I have been wrong. As far as Denmark…I normally don’t put Denmark in the Yurop category. I put it with Sweden, Norway, and Finland. They, along with Denmark, are not really Yuropean, in my eyes. Looking at your name, you probably don’t either. You guys got something going on up their that is different…I don’t know what exactly or why, but it seems to work.

        8. All of the E.U. countries are kind of a mess these days. Some of them are just “a little bit” better off. I think Austria is doing pretty fine compared to others because it has one of the lowest unemployment rates.
          At least better rates than Sweden, which became a real shithole over the last few years.
          There´s too much liberal bogus going on in all of Scandinavia.

    3. So why, if nobody is going to give a fuck about you, do you go and serve, possibly with the ultimate sacrifice of your life, the very people who would sooner legislate or “SJW” (as a verb) your very life and livelyhood from the planet anyway?

      Then they’ll just bring back the draft. :/

        1. That’d exactly be the outcome of any draft here… they’d just get the people who weren’t smart enough to leave the country, or who weren’t well-connected politically or smart enough to find other ways around it.

    4. No self-respecting White man should join the US military. Why fight for those who absolutely despise you? Don’t do it.

      1. Yeah – better to rob gas stations and sell crack than become a pawn of the state machinery (especially it’s current decrepit version) and fight some corrupt war over oil (Iraq) or heroin (Afghanistan) for a
        fascist regime that sees you as nothing more than a means to an end.

        1. Please be serious. While the bulk of the military forces themselves come from poor southern states, the money comes from the lefty ‘paradises’ (blech) where the money moves. All that fancy shit would crumble fast in an insurrection. Just look at the MOS breakdown. Should it be similar to my day: the bulk of the grunts are southerners. The shit jobs are better than unemployment. I’d call it a conspiracy, they keep the south poor to ensure disposable labor, but those idiots couldn’t keep their flavor of pudding cup secret. The technical class is mostly lefty leaning whites and other groups. The command is more split, but they’re almost always indoctrinated whites or family ‘tradition’ officers like myself. We didn’t always like the politicos, more often than not we thought them fools, but we know where the money comes from.
          I know every fucking redneck in my unit harbored ‘Bring the Jubilee’ fantasies, but it wasn’t realistic. Add in some of the less desirable people, doing it for other reasons than patriotism or money, and that fucking fantasy is just so much redneck masturbation. You want to know why Texas won’t leave the U.S.? The government would strip the shit out of the bases and say ‘see ya suckers’ and tariff the shit out of anything from there. You think Mississippi would last ten years out of the U.S.? They suck too much from the government teat to try it.
          The only revolution we’ll have in the U.S. is when we stop letting the fucking corporations write the narrative. They benefit from feminists keeping wages low. They write the bills the government passes.

        2. Money drying out is exactly why I am serious.
          After the facade of borrowed prosperity falls down and the petrodollar comes to an end, the budget of both the militaries and police forces would be quickly reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was, which in turn reduced their already seriously weakened effectivity.
          While the well-connected pentagon and fed bigwigs still makes a lot of money, average soldiers gets starvation wages, left unable to support a family or even themselves.
          The rest of the continent would have to face both the end of social security and the end of welfare. in a time were never so many have been in desperate, actual need.
          Because of that, the system and its institutions becomes far more unpopular that they have ever been, even right now there are some serious desillusions among the dems themselves.
          There will be no discipline that will keep serious public violence from happening as a result and the feds will take advantage of that to unleash their own violence.
          Eventually martial law is declared, the regime launch an outright coup to suspend the constitution and the electoral system, establish a true police state.
          At this point, at least some soldiers and veterans will likely revolt, just as happened after the February miadan coup earlier this year. North America is a lot bigger than the “ukraine”.
          Better learn from the Russian revolution and consequent civil war.

        3. Uhh. I live in Georgia and yes there “rednecks”, as you say, that join the military to make something better out of themselves. But I can guarantee you that all of those men deserve more credit than you give them. They lay down their lives every single day so that you can write stupid, ignorant posts on someone’s blog all day.

        4. Are you still one of the great unwashed who think that Afghanistan and Iraq were capable of taking this country over @disqus_YJVvmwEdjl:disqus?

        1. Im a 22 year old female.
          Did feminism ruin the country? It just seems like everything is so backwards now. I for one, am scared that women who seem to have a personal vendetta against men (our leaders and protectors for the most part) have decided to take it upon themselves to “change genders” and laws just because of a dillusion. Its like brainwashing. If war comes…I mean…im 115 pounds and have never done manual labor…I freely admit I couldn’t fight. Men are the ones who get drafted. The ones who are expected to fight at any sign of danger. And now they dont even want to do that because they (rightly) feel like their country is a farse. Its scary. My family came from Mexico and Columbia further back, and even my grandparents talk about missing their home, and from what I gathered…it wasnt all that pretty.
          idk. Just sad and scary. I dontunderstand politics all too well but things seem to be getting worse and feminism does seem to be the like catalyst for all those problems.

    5. As a serving member (Albeit in another NATO country), I have to disagree with certain remarks you made. While I do agree that our societies generally are going to the shitter with SJW bullshit being plastered everywhere, I hardly see the West as doomed as you make it sound. More and more, people are railing back against this pussification of society and calling out the SJW on their bullshit.
      There’s also the matter of duty. I am conscious many here will disagree, but I do believe that every single one of us is alive partly because of the State, which offered us a relatively safe environement to grow up in, and depending where you live, a network of social services such as free healthcare or even simply the police/firemen. Like it or not, you were born where you were born, and being born in the West is a much sweeter deal than to be born in some hellish backwater. Now you can emigrate, certainly, but I personally think that’s the cowardly way out. When someone walks in your cave and tries to take your shit, do you bend over and take it? No, you take your fucking club and you smack them in the face.
      There’s three main ways to acquire power in our societies: The military, politics or money/businesses. These are are linked together, but if more red-pill men populate these institutions, eventually there will be a shift in the ideology permeating them, and we will hold a lot more power than we do now.
      Not to mention, armed strength was and probably always will be a factor in times of political upheaval. Having a military formation might allow you to effect change on a level that you might not achieve working a blue-collar job or a typical “manly” job. (Nothing wrong about these of course!)
      In closing, if you still love western society, our culture and our art, I would advise not despairing too much and instead work to be part of the solution. It’s easy to back out or give up, but it takes a lot more courage to work, perhaps without reward, towards a solution. Be ambitious, dare to achieve.

      1. drinking too much cool aid my friend….. government is nothing more than a protection racket…. they provide ‘safety’ in the same way the Gambinos did…… try not paying your taxes and see how much safety they provide…. duty is for fools….. i owe nothing to anyone, least of all on some emotionally charged moral guilt trip to prop up what amounts to a national / socialist (aka. nazi) state.

    6. Let’s not beat around the bush here. When you join the US military you’re not becoming a defender of the free world, you’re becoming a mercenary for corporate America’s interests. You will not go to fight against the real dictators of the world (like the family of Saud). Instead you’ll go to fight petty criminals and democractically-elected governments that dare to not play by the rules of BP and ExxonMobil. You’ll be brainwashed with propaganda convincing you otherwise, of course.
      You won’t ‘become a man’. If you’re a beta, you’ll stay a beta. You will never see real combat. I know the idea of fighting in WWII or ‘nam is enticing, but those days are long gone.
      The only positive thing that will happen is that after you leave the military, you’ll recieve government welfare to go to college and some other benefits.

      1. Well said, but even the glorified myths of fighting in WW2 and Vietnam were not how they are portrayed in the glossy history books of today. War has been a total scam, orchestrated by the banksters and corporate pirates for well over a hundred years. The only legitimate fighting is when you see the enemy from your kitchen window — then you know what you’re fighting for and why. Real simple.

    7. Completely agree. I’m an Officer in the Army and if you dont get something out of your military service such as education then you are wasting your time. The military will use you up and spit you out with no empathy.

    8. Post of the year. Add to this rant the disturbing fact of “experimentation” on military personnel (via vaccines and other nefarious things posing as “medicine”) makes joining up absolute lunacy in my opinion.

  4. Illegal aliens receive more benefits than actual citizens here, so I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to serve a country that doesn’t serve them.

      1. Yes, time for equality in drafting. Women what equality in the army and military don’t they. Force them to register for selective service.

      2. I couldn’t fight.
        I also completely disagree with any ounce of feminism. Women like me are attacked often for wanting more traditional roles in life. My argument to all their talk is exactly the fact that men are expected to fight and protect at any sign of danger and they are the ones getting drafted. I know for a fact I couldnt fight. But would you be so emasculated that you would want me to fight next to you in times of war? Id be. Dead before the cannons blew!

  5. I thought about joining when I got out of HS. A part of me regrets not doing it, but oh well. I probably would have been influenced into becoming somebody that I wouldn’t have wanted to become given my personality back then.
    By the way, you forgot the Coast Guard.

  6. Truly painful to read. You are not awake are show no signs of nearing the end of your slumber.
    – You claim you are “serving” in the military. I take this to mean you believe you are serving “your country” or some sort of patriotic cliche. A truly awakened person no longer uses this terminology. They know they merely do the bidding of international bankers. Read General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket.”
    – In addition, you are not “serving” because you would not have joined if the pay was not attractive. Would you “serve” for free? What about at half-pay? What about if you lost your precious benefits and bragging rights on Veteran’s Day?
    – There is no such thing as “free” healthcare or any sort of benefit. To correct this article you should say you receive government welfare benefits in addition to your government welfare paycheck.
    – Your descriptions of the various branches are at an infantile level.
    – The modern military is a haven for gangbangers, naturalized persons seeking citizenship, and low-IQ individuals with few job prospects. Laziness and waste is a common trait because of the unlimited funding received each year. Jobs that you can’t get fired from without an enormous criminal screwup attract sleazy individuals.
    – Political correctness and social justice warfare is even more rampant in the military than in the corporate world. Women and minorities run the show. Don’t even think about giving someone an “order” they won’t take kindly to. They will just claim harassment and have you replaced.
    – Despite all the platitudes you are force-fed, as soon as you cease to be a useful asset to the military, you become an unwelcome liability. See the VA scandal of 2014, only the latest in a sad history of constant neglect of the promises made to soldiers.
    – The belief that killing others is OK when a politician tells you to is outdated and reprehensible. The only legitimate use of force is self-defense or defense of others in immediate danger. Securing the flow of oil, the poppy trade, or installing a puppet dictator in a banana republic does not even come close to meeting this criteria.
    – Blindly following orders is anathema to being a real man. A smart individual does not put himself in a position where failure to obey his boss results in imprisonment. If your private occupation goes too far, you simply quit and move on. Military personnel however will do whatever they are told, to the limits of humanity. Yes, they pretend to teach you about “immoral orders” but history shows when push comes to shove, no one pays attention to this. After all, the S.S. were just following orders.
    You seem to recognize a few of these things and then blindly shrug them off and say “well, it’s probably a good thing to join.” I’m not sure how you can cope with such a blistering level of cognitive dissonance. Embarrassing, really.

  7. I work for a military contractor, and I would add that a career in the military can make you an expert in some field that generates a lot of work for military contractors. This means you can have an excellent opportunity to go to work for one of these contractors after you retire, and make top dollar.
    Obviously, you can optimize your career path during your time in uniform, to end up with maximum expertise in a particularly rare and valuable field. Add a lucrative career to your military retirement pension, and you will be very prosperous, and can probably be involved in some very interesting work as well.

  8. Spot on!!…when you described the environment of each branch….Just like anything in life do YOUR research. Anything other than the marines get use to alot of beta maxed ways

  9. I remember many years ago 60 minutes did a story on army recruiting tactics. One guy complained that they promised he’d be trained in computers. Problem was, the ‘computing’ involved a pencil and paper. “You the computer”, as he said he found out later, lol.

  10. Infantry guy here.
    On top of what has been said, make sure you know what you’re getting into wrt your MOS. I thought I would enjoy the Infantry, what with having a gun in hand and having lots of opportunities to smoke some towelheads. Problem is, being an infantryman entails more than just putting a round on target. It’s lots of rucking, sweating, training for days on end without showers, and practicing setting up patrol bases.
    And that’s just training back here in the states.
    I’m reclassing as soon as I get the chance, but I wasted a lot of time before the light bulb finally turned on.
    Listen to your instincts, and don’t do something to try and look cool or badass to others, as I did.

    1. Some people still love that stuff. My BIL is CI in the 173rd and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Had an opportunity to join the Air Force when reupping, and would even consider it because he wouldn’t be able to wear his CIB from two tours in Iraq

    2. Marching, carrying stuff – it’s a whole lot of bullshit you have to put up with just to get that sweet, sweet feeling you get when you kill another man. But for a lot of guys it’s totally worth it.

  11. in 1980 the selective service registration requirement was reestablished for males 18-26. Gloria Steinham immortalized feminism’s hypocrisy by supporting the exclusion of females. And over a third of a century later it still stands.

  12. If you’re going to do it, take the ROTC path, so you get to be a low ranking officer and they pay for your college.

  13. Honestly, a soldier should not have sexual relations with another soldier. This is a rule from way back and is the point of shore leave/ townies/ whores. Secondly, in my experience, If a military doc tells me “return to duty” I have a 95% confidence I’m just being a pussy.

  14. What You Should Consider Before Joining the Military?: 5) What you’re actually protecting.
    Everyone I know whose joined the military seems to have a much easier life than most once out. That’s a perc for sure.
    I considered joining my 20s but I wasn’t convinced the world leaders, USA included, had the public’s best interest in mind.

  15. Claiming the USMC is anymore red-pill than any other branch is outrageously biased. They are also probably the most blindly obedient service members as well. Each branch has their general pros and cons. His portrayal of the Marines possessing anymore camaraderie is misleading as that depends highly on the unit you serve in. Marines are also BENEATH the Navy command so be prepared to have the worst funding (equipment, training) out of any branch. Also, they have very poorly managed SOF units if that is your desired route.

      1. While there is some evidence in support of the “protecting Wall Street, not Main Street” views expressed here, be careful how much credence you give Smedley Butler. He turned to Communism at some point after becoming a general.

        1. You have proof of this sir? The reason I ask is that the FBI—–especially during the Hoover days—–was well known for running smear campaigns.

  16. I don’t care about protecting Americans or American government interests. I don’t want to work for a corporation, job advancement and I don’t care about paying off student loans (at least, as a benefit). I don’t care for losing limbs either.
    This website has me seeing a side of contemporary society that most people who enlist will never realize.
    Why is it that all I want to do is enlist in the Marines?
    Propaganda? Instinct? Beta male attitude? Someone explain.

    1. You want to be a part of a male fraternal bond. One of my criticisms of men is that we’re very individualistic. We suck at cohesiveness even though we all secretly crave the camraderie and benefit from the organization. You can see men in groups accomplishing great things in college fraternities, athletics, secret societies like the Freemasons, and formerly the business world.
      Like it or not women have bonded together to create an extremely widespread and effective social movement against us and our response has been pretty pathetic. The PUA movement is a cohesive direction based on playing into the hands of women.
      We have the guns, muscles, and brains. We shouldn’t be taking shit from anyone. The military should be holding our politicians hostage, writing their own rules and forming a new government. If the military’s prime occupation was forcefully eliminating every piece of liberal scum in this country we’d all join.
      The military is analogous to a chained baby elephant who can’t escape it’s shackles. Once the elephant grows it has the power to tear apart the shackles with ease but psychologically they’re still contained. “Patriotism” and it’s ‘Murica brainwashing has turned vicious sharpshooting alpha killers into government drones fighting ridiculous wars on the other side of the planet for Obama and his swathes of unappreciative bitch liberals. If these highly trained conservative males ever decided to turn their guns on our oppressive government it would be game over for every topic covered on this website. We’d be too busy pillaging anti-gun liberals, queers, and Wall Street to fuck with negging retarded milennial women. Women being the opportunists they are would be flocking to us like flies on shit.
      As much hate as blacks get on here I at least give them credit for violently uprooting an entire city over some trivial bullshit while we sit here and continue to get the shaft while hiding in the Discus darkness.

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said here but let me add to it.
        This nonsense has been going on (and continues) before Obama took office. A sign that the “two party” system is really one big party is when both parties (from Bush to Obama) started handing out money or “loans”.
        The wars that the military fights today (and for the past so many decades) are for the benefit of the few.

      1. I think it’s more about personal challenge.
        There’s nothing really hard or exciting about going to school or getting a job or banging girls or even entrepreneurship.
        And what Graft said.

  17. I would not advise anyone to join the military. For one, if you are White, understand you are serving a hostile elite. There is a possibility that you might be forced to fire on your own people. You stand a good chance of having to be sent to the middle East or somewhere like it(Africa or Latin America are possibilities), and you sure as hell won’t be fighting for “freedom” or anything like that. If your presence will have any justification it will be the interests of corrupt corporations or a foreign power, I won’t specify which one.
    And it’s rarely a good deal personally. It’s a classic government program, the only people who really benefit are the ones who figure out how to get permanent jobs there, the enlisted man doesn’t tend to benefit very much. It’s no prize for in HR departments.
    Go to college. Even if your not very smart, as long as you work hard you can make it through.
    As for those who might be attracted to the martial values or the skills it teaches, join a militia while it’s still legal.

  18. Agree with above
    1. USAF–was in for 9 yrs . They paid for my med school. Everything books,supplies and paid me as a 2nd Lt. Was debt free and just owed them time as a doc. But I agree it is the least martial of the services. Literally 97% are there for the 3% who fly. Unless you are a pilot or in a fighter squadron you don’t feel that badass. It is the most beta blue pill of the services but you could learn useful stuff like aircraft maintenance. The AF is the newest of the services and has the newest stuff, infrastructure .Better buildings,dorms, chow halls etc..
    2. Navy–can’t comment but ship duty sounds interesting
    3. Army– I can comment here a bit. The Army is massive personal wise so you’re a number. The army bases often are old and run down and in the worse parts of the USA location wise (e.g Ft Huachuca , Ft Hood, Ft Leavonworth, Ft Sill , Ft Riley all are in shitty areas). I got the cannon fodder vibe when I visited the Army installations.
    4. Marines—don’t have much first hand knowledge but they are the “few and the proud”. Most martial. They get the most deployments I think . Badass uniforms.
    Use the military for its benefits and fuck the patriotism b.s.Get the GI bill. Get the VA house loan. Learn aircraft maintenance or fly a chopper. Serve and learn some skills and get the fuck out and join Blackwater/PMC or some merc outfit and make the big bucks.

    1. Join Blackwater… because you’re a total f’ing psychopath?? Jesus, man, better ways to make money than being an amoral terrorist in some foreign land.

  19. What about the FFL–French Foreign Legion—I know it’s mostly romantic , propaganda but you join for 5 yrs. At the end you can become a French citizen. You learn to speak French. You go to exotic places to train ie Djibouti , French Guiana, Ivory Coast. Alot of former FFL vets , through their contacts become international businessman. An ex FFL guy, a Chinese national , is a bigwig in the timber industry in the Congo I read.

  20. White men, especially blue collar, lower and middle classes are the most hated, despised, oppressed (starting now and certainly in the future) group in the West. You might as well be fighting for the Devil to shove a pineapple in your ass everyday, from here to eternity

      1. Well at least people give a shit about their problems. Anything happens to a white guy and it’s a joke. Everyone has a great laugh

        1. You sure? I would say the worst thing in the US black community is the prison slavery, CIA brings in the drugs, banks launder the money and blacks go to prison. Nobody addresses this. Some NBA dude saying to his gf that she should not befriend blacks is really just a made up wedge issue.

      2. Are you sure about this.
        Those who are good at sports or entertainment certainly have it easier. However, most Black guys can only work at McDonalds or join a gang.
        Very few live an “averadge Joe” lifesyle.

  21. “Who spends $300 a month just for food?”
    People who aren’t skinny fat, do real work and eat real food.
    If you’re living on Ramen and generic cola because that’s all you can afford, my condolences. If you’re being provided with $300 a month to eat and spend it on Ramen and generic cola, you’re an idiot. Buy a damn case of top sirloin or strip and some eggs already.

  22. Always remember that when it comes to the military and war, Wall Street profits while Main Street dies. Read General Butler’s book “War Is A Racket”.

  23. I’m a former army paratrooper myself. This article is door on. All I can add is ” if you’re unsure in the slightest, always err on the side of walking away rather than signing the rest of your life and soul away.”
    The author includes a lot of downsides. If you join the infantry I have two more to add: 1. Having to be there while a friend is trying to shove his entrails back in because a car bomb went off, and
    2. Having to attend the funeral of a friend who choose to end his life rather than live down his experiences.
    I know that sounds dramatic, but bear with me. There are several reasons more vets die by their own hands than in battle-one is divorce rape. Another is trying live it all down.
    In short: I may encourage my sons to join the Air Force or possibly navy or coast guard. NO child/grandchild/great-grandchild/any person who will listen while I still breathe should join the army or marines. Not even in support roles. You sign up to be signal corp and “work with computers” and next thing you know you’re on patrol in a 115 degree shithole.
    Don’t do it young men!

    1. Hope you like being ripped away from your everyday life to deploy over and over again. I’d be very hesitant to hire a reservist/guardsman knowing what I know about the military.

        1. @PrinceRevolver:disqus
          Combat arms and MP’s (military police) deploy more than anyone I know. All personnel however, regardless of their MOS, are deployable—–and never let a recruiter tell you otherwise.
          Particullary the Army recruiters.
          Reservists are easier to deploy than Guardsmen (it’s a federal vs state thing) but our local Army Guard has done multiple lengthy tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan so it’s all relative.
          I’ve served in every branch except the Corps and you will never—-never—–hear me encourage someone to go into the Army unless they have no other viable options in life.
          It sucks. Period.
          Got any specific questions? I can definitely answer them for you.

        2. That’s perfectly okay @PrinceRevolver:disqus. I just wish more young people would ask these types of questions before going into the military.
          I’m quite familiar with both the local Air Guard and Air Reserve units in my area. A couple of the Air Guard units are co-located with several Air Reserve units at the local Air Force base and—–to a man—–the Air Guard personnel cannot stand to work with the Air Reserve units. Politics, red-tape, egos—-you name it and the reserve unit has it in spades.
          And I’ve heard more than a few people in the Air Force call the Air Reserves, “the b!tch boys of the active duty”.
          My suggestion to you is to go active duty AF, see how you like it and then go from there. Stay the hell away from anything to do with nuclear weapons (those bases are out in the middle of absolute nowhere), maintenance (they work their @$$es off) and security forces (borderline [email protected] with guns).
          And do whatever you can to get an overseas assignment like Germany or Italy—-I absolutely loved those places!

  24. Yes, the army treats its people like shit, not just in your country. That’s true of the Australian Army too. My cousin did much better in the Royal Australian Air Force. I mean no disrespect to the individual people serving their respective countries bravely.

  25. I was in the Navy back in the 90’s, and have worked around the military as a contractor and a civilian for most of my life since. I can speak to most of this.
    Regarding contracts, the military can rip your contract up at any point or change it. I was given a contract for an enlistment bonus payable upon graduation from “A” School (Navy technical school). The amount I was given was 2/3’s what was promised. The answer I got when I tried to take this up is “MEPS didn’t have the authority to promise you that amount.”
    The free health care is a good benefit, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. On ship, sick call runs for about 5 minutes at 0800. If you go to medical for any reason the rest of the day, short of for an injury, the “pecker checkers”, or hospital corpsmen, will give you a world of shit for not coming to sick call, since apparently you’re only allowed to get sick between 0800 and 0805. Navy dentists are assholes, period. During my separation physical, the dentist saw a pack of smokes in my pocket. He then got incredibly angry at me for being a smoker and started yelling, while I was in the chair and he had some sharp instruments in my mouth. I also had Navy dentists get mad at me because they didn’t use enough novocain, like it was my fault.
    Also keep in mind, the military has a bad habit of sending you into harm’s way, and you may not come back whole or at all. But if you’re prepared to accept all that, it can be a good way to learn a skill and discipline while you’re still trying to figure out your life. The electronics I learned in the Navy have helped my career a lot.

  26. Great article but several points need clarification:

    BAH/BAQ – Basic Allowance for Housing and Quarters. Free room and board, more or less. The longer you’ve been in and the higher your rank, the more you get. This is easily one of the best benefits of being in the military.

    Not everyone get’s this. I did 6 years in the Navy and never saw a dime. Only the E-5 and above and the married people got this. So where did the rest of us live? Why on the ship of course! A small coffin rack and a small wall locker and……………..that was it for your personal gear. And you’re not safe from being called right back to work if you live onboard either. Not by a long shot.

    Navy – Much like the AF, but you should probably be okay with being on a ship for six months at a time.

    No. Not even close. And the larger ships like carriers can easily go over 6 months at sea. Straight. No port calls. And deployments are only part of the time you’ll spend at sea. Exercises. Testing new gear. Giving the ship a rundown———-all happens at sea.

    You get a lot of Comped Time Off (CTO). I’ve personally gotten 6-10 free days off this year thanks to this nifty little thing.

    No clue what you’re talking about here. I never worked so many holidays in my life. The Navy didn’t care and they sure as hell never comped me anything.

  27. Marines lmao.Deployments are shit.Normally have the oldest equipment and everybody I know that was in the marines and that includes several close friends are bat shit crazy and pussy whipped.Any service but marines.Red pill my fucking ass.

  28. As a retiring Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy I agree with most of this. However, I was also a recruiter for 3 years just after 9/11. Something to keep in mind, one joins the military for several reasons, no one is the same for anyone. Common themes come out but based on the fact that most people join between the ages of 18-25, they are looking for a direction, be it a skill set or a path to pay for college. Showd those be met, nothing wrong with the choice.

  29. Dude you have little to no idea what you’re talking about. The military is what you make of it. The military can’t be put into a boxed idea of blue/red pill shit. Yea there’s pussy shit that happens in every branch, but there’s red pill shit that happens all the time. I’m not in the infantry and I’ve done plenty of red pill shit. Why? Because I put myself out there to volunteer and make the best of my military experience. What really happened to you is that you joined the Air Force, bitched and complained about how stupid it was and then left instead of making a good experience out of it. I know guys like you, they don’t do well in the military.

  30. This is well done, and reflects my own experiences and those of family
    members who either got fucked by or bettered by the US Navy, depending
    on how much they got in writing and put into it.
    On my boat I get
    a lot of kids in their first civilian job after getting out of the
    Navy. They’re always, hands-down, better off than even the cream of the
    crop we get from southern high schools (we don’t hire kids from the
    north, adults, yes, but no one under 30. Too lazy, entitled and
    egotistical). I encourage the smarter ones to work for a year or two and
    parlay their technical training into either advancement within our
    field or a technical degree at a university using the post 9/11 GI bill.
    Like any trade, what you get out of the military seems to be a
    function of what you put into it. Choosing a bullshit MOS comes at a
    cost, but plenty of kids don’t make the connection between free training
    and lifelong opportunities, and, really, that’s a father’s job to
    teach, not a recruiter’s, and most kids under 30 either don’t know their
    fathers well, or at all. Hell, look at the comments, and you can see that. Most of the commenters, the only thing they know about the military is what you see on TV. I’ve had at least a hundred ex-navy kids come onto my boats, and their service per-selected them for positive qualities as a well-paid employee.

  31. The only thing the Navy did for me, was to allow me to travel to Europe periodically, on MAC flights, and to live in Europe (Spain and Italy) for 6 years. Met my wife in Spain.

  32. Out of the guys commenting here what type of units are you in?
    I find it hard to beleive that someone in rangers, airborne, marine recon,seals, air force rescue,or other combat units is going to have a “blue pill”(to give it a label) expeirence.

      1. Wow honestly glad you asked that question because I really didn’t give that much thought. Please elaborate on what exactly you mean when you say blue pill experience in the military.
        my guess is you mean a very feminized environment with incompetent /lazy people,and political correctness.

        1. From wikipedia:

          The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).
          The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix. In the movie, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix, therefore living the “ignorance of illusion”, while the red pill would lead to his escape from the Matrix and into the real world, therefore living the “truth of reality” even though it is a harsher, more difficult life.

          The red pill is situational awareness as it pertains to being a straight-man in 21st century western society. It’s understanding that there’s a war on men and traditional masculinity in this country as well as countries like Britain and Canada, to name just a few.
          The red pill experience is when a man finally wakes up and breaks through the feminist social conditioning that’s been poured over him like soothing bath water since he was an infant. Not coincidentally, when Neo takes the red pill, he finds himself unceremoniously dumped out of his nice, secure “crib” and into ice-cold sewer water which represents the rejection a man may face if he chooses to reject society’s norms and go his own way, aka MGTOW.
          My favorite line from the first Matrix movie:
          Neo, lying naked on an examining table after being rescued from the sewers, looks up at Morpheus and asks, “why do my eyes hurt”? And Morpheus replies, “you’ve never used them before…………….”

  33. You’re a little off in your analysis, avoid the Marines like the plague. They operate at a pay grade lower than all of their peers & get used like paper plates. Full of people you would never be seen near in civilian life, there is a reason jerk offs join the USMC. Coast Guard, AF or Navy all the way. & all the morons on here commenting about being a pawn of the system, haha for the most part you’re a lot less of a pawn in these forces. Beats paying for college and the travel is free, plus access to VA loans when you decide to be a pawn and get a mortgage. Oh I forgot, all the motherfuckers on here own their own lucrative businesses and live internationally while running it online. The service will give you access to free international flights while you are on paid leave, or you can get stationed in a foreign country and find a decent wife. Just look up where the AF still has bases in Europe. Oh, and sorry you’re a fucking non-er in the AF. For those of us keeping the bombers up, it’s pretty red-pill and rewarding. You work in the hospital or some some shit? I spent last week doing a flush repair on a wing fuel tank, keeps me in shape and away from dealing with any customers. Been to some great places around the world and in the states so I have a grasp on where I really want to live, unlike most who drudge away in a job close to where they were raised.

  34. Been in the navy for 3 years. Spent the past 2 years in Japan. This is quite possibly the easiest my life has ever been as an adult. And when I see how much I get paid (and I certainly am recieving BAH and BAS as a junior sailor with no dependents), I can say that I rarely ever feel like I -earned- my paycheck.

  35. Its hilarious that the author takes a jab at “lefty parasites” after he just told us about the free food and housing he received from taxpayers for being in the military.

    1. About half the national budget of the USA. It’s actually more than half, because some of the expense is disguised as being for other things, eg the “civilian” atomic energy program.
      Here in Oz, the military is this country’s single biggest employer. It also controls chunks of land the size of entire european countries (you didn’t *really* think they were aboriginal lands, did you?).

  36. ROK, where are you getting these people to write these articles? Does this guy have over 3 years of service? I could write an article that would help these men much more than this fucking joker.

  37. I understand what the writer of this article is trying to do but I think he lacks a little in perspective. The most red pill mindset would be to remember why the military exists. It offers a lot of benefits. It has many jobs that are very red-pill but remember its primary purpose is not to cater to those who join its ranks. Its purpose is to fight and win wars. The military may promise you a certain job but remember that it will use you where it deems you are needed in order to accomplish their missions. Here are somethings that you should really consider.
    (1) Are you willing to do a dangerous job and face the possibility of dying? Your job exists to fight wars. Not only that but you can have your conduct in war nit-picked by your subordinates, commanders and the press.
    (2) When you join the military you sign away some of your freedoms. You join a rank structure where people have very real power over you. Commanders are invested with legislative, judicial and executive power. There is no parallel in the civilian world. You also cannot simply quit your job if you don’t like your boss or the work conditions. Are you willing to work under a person who has such power over you and others?
    (3) The military answers to civilian authorities, many of whom have never been in the military and so they make procedures and policies without much understanding that govern and bind military conduct.
    I strongly suggest you keep this perspective in mind if you join the military or else you will be truly miserable. There are great benefits and there are great hassles but don’t join the military simply to inflate yourself as a man. Don’t join for the perks because you will end up becoming cynical. Join because you actually stand for something. Otherwise you will not like it, you need more than material motivations to thrive in the military.

  38. Not everyone that joins the military is a “hero”! That is way overused.
    The military is just another form of welfare but you could get killed. Just say no!

  39. Sorry, but the enlisted experience in any military branch is ***not*** middle class, but working class. This kid’s experience in the Air Force has tainted his view of reality.
    BAH? BAS? pffft – good luck getting that as a first term enlisted single service member. Oh wait, I forgot he was Air Force – in that case he may be right. But forget about it in the other services.
    But he is right about the hazards of PC culture worse than ever – not a place I would want to be nowadays.

  40. You become government property. Which means you are no longer a free man with freedom over the outcome of your life. You become a slave in the most literal sense.

  41. Oddly enough, I completely disagree with this article. I am in the Army and actually enjoy it. If you are a civilian and work for a major company, you are more of a number and a shit stain than you are in the military. Being in has made me realize how petty 99% of the shit in life is. By all means I am not some gung ho military person, but I do what needs to be done and at the end of the day I am thankful to be doing it. So what if I had to ruck 12 miles in the heat. So what if I had to stand around and wait and do a layout 50 times in a day. So what if people in my chain of command don’t like me, they still rely on me at the end of the day. I would rather do this all day then be a normal person dreading to go to work in a job where they can pretty much find a molecule of a reason to fire you. You have to fuck up in the military to lose your job, not just be on a person’s bad side like civilian life.

  42. Look out the window. Tell me what you see. You see the same things that you see everyday. Well, imagine you’ve never seen it. Imagine you spent your whole life in other parts of the world, being told everyday that you’re defending freedom. Then you finally decide you’ve had enough. Time to see what you’ve given up your whole life for, everything. Get some of that “freedom” for yourself. Look at the people. You tell me which ones are free. Free from debt. Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Failure. Indignity. Betrayal. How many wish that they were born knowing what they know now? Ask yourself how many would do things the same way over again, and how many would live their lives like me.
    Jack Reacher

  43. Let me help you out about the Army. For one, all branches of the military, to one degree or another, will treat you like a number if you let it.
    Secondly, don’t limit yourself to enlisted jobs. Most potential recruits are never told about the best kept secret in the entire US Military: Army Warrant Officers. All the perks of being a commissioned officer, none of the major responsibilities. All you need is an associate’s degree in something, and you could be going to Warrant Officer Candidacy School. After which, you can be a Pilot.
    The main reason I advocate this is because it’s the best job that translates to the civilian world. The US Army has the best helicopter training in the world, because they fly the most helicopters in the world at any given time. In a year, you could be flying Blackhawks or Apaches (the dragon in the sky), racking up more flight hours than most astronauts get in their entire careers.
    If you don’t have an associate’s degree, you can get one while you serve. You can use your GI Bill while you’re serving. Then, you can apply for Warrant Officer School, which may mean reenlisting, but hey, you’ll be paid better, get saluted by enlisted, and if you’re a pilot, you get flight pay, and lots of it. Most commissioned officers never get the kind of flight hours that warrants get.
    Most recruits don’t have plans for their military careers in whatever branch of the service, and this is mainly due to the fact that nobody ever tells them anything. Be pro-active; have a goal. That’s what I did.

  44. Having been in the military myself, my additional thoughts:
    1. Before you even go to the recruiter, do as much research as you can online about what jobs are available, what “career progression” is like, what the military is likely to expect of you, and what you expect to get out of being in the military, for however long you’re in. The more armed you are with knowledge means the less seduced you’ll be about what the recruiter tells you. And, yes, NEVER take what the recruiter says at face value. He or she is trying to reach their quota for that month and they don’t give a shit about you, fundamentally. But, to be fair, there are some recruiters out there who are more honest than others. You still have to do your research, regardless. And, yes get EVERYTHING you want in writing.
    2. Know that, after you’ve signed the paperwork and have taken the oath to “defend the Constitution” (blah, blah, blah), you’ve incurred a total eight-year commitment to being in the military. Now, you could do this entire eight years on active duty, in the Reserve, National Guard, inactive Reserve, or a combination of all of them, in more than one branch. But, you still have eight years. After you’ve done eight years, you get your discharge papers and the military has no further legal control over you. Just keep this in mind.
    3. Regardless of how much time you choose to do (e.g., just four years vs. the full 20 so that you can get a pension), under no circumstances should you get ANYTHING other than an honorable discharge. Getting anything other than honorable means that you restrict your access to benefits (GI Bill, VA loan for housing, VA medical care) and possibly limit your employment options in the civilian world, to include government jobs. To be fair, you really have to be a complete dumb-ass and work to get a dishonorable discharge, but it’s not that difficult to get an other-than-honorable discharge. Sure, if you get other-than-honorable, you could appeal it and it’s your right to do so. But, this is like going through the legal system — costly, time consuming, of uncertain results, and not really worth it in the end. So, keep your nose clean, take it in the ass when necessary, etc. to get that honorable discharge so that you get your bennies at the end. (Case in point: I knew a mechanic who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, pissed off his leadership, and sent himself down the path of the les-than-honorable discharge. Last I heard from a few years ago, he was working at an auto parts store and sleeping in his truck.)
    4. Know that the types of people who usually end up in the military, even if they’re officers, aren’t typically people of the highest intelligence, or personal and moral integrity. There are exceptions, but these are few and far between. People go into the military for all kinds of reasons, and some are doing it to run away from something. Many go in for a sense of power and control over others, and many others are opportunists. Be mindful of who you associate with and protect yourself by knowing your place and the regulations better than they do. Though leaders can always add to regulations (within reason), they can’t take away from the regulations. Many people are ignorant of the regulations and this is what gets them in trouble. If you’re enlisted and a senior non-commissioned officer (NCO) tries to fuck with you, if you know the regulations better than he or she does, you can push back. It doesn’t mean that you won’t end up getting fucked in the ass, but with throwing the regulations in their face, you give yourself room to maneuver and maybe soften the cock as it slides in.
    5. Concerning military chicks, and regardless of officer or enlisted, they tend to be some of the worst. They tend to be lazy and will latch on to powerful guys with rank so that they can coast — which is why some enlisted chicks (especially black ones) end up with some guy’s kid. That means they get more bennies because the military provides like the faux socialist environment it is. Military chicks are also some of the sluttiest around because they’re consistent attention-whores. You’ll get ample supply of pussy if you’re alpha enough, but it comes at a price. Military chicks’ snatches tend to be petri dishes of some nasty STDs because they tend to be indiscriminate in who they fuck. Also, with EEO and the anti-rape hysteria, you’re running the risk of a false rape charge if you even have a chick in your room just listening to music and especially if there’s alcohol involved. This is quite risky, so you’re just better off not having anything to do with them unless it’s absolutely necessary and going your own way, keeping your eye on the prize. Or, at least have witnesses around. Finally, some military chicks with high rank will let it go to their heads and then will take things out on lowly enlisted males.
    Related: NEVER get married while in the military, and especially to a military chick. A chick will marry you because you’re her meal ticket. You’re just one step above a welfare check because she can qualify for your subsidized housing, and she gets consistent beta attention and your occasional dick, while she’ll seek out other dick when you’re on assignment. She can also allow herself to get knocked up for the child care bennies. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen one too many times. You’re better off remaining single throughout your entire military career.
    6. Don’t completely discount the Army. As with all the branches, if you choose your job right, life can be easier than for the majority. I was in the Army and worked with computers, so I had one of the better jobs. I could have joined the Air Force, but I also knew that the Air Force routinely takes on too many people for certain jobs and then ends up getting rid of them. It’s called “overstrength.” The Army is larger and there’s less likelihood of a job ending up overstrength. Of course, if you choose to go for a job that few want, your job security will be that much greater, especially now that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been in wind-down mode and the military is looking for ways to get rid of underperformers.
    7. Regardless of what job you do, one of your goals should be to get as much education as you can before you get out. A bachelor’s degree, if you don’t already have one, is a given. Master’s is preferable. You can use tuition assistance and some of your GI Bill, if you qualify, while on active duty. You can educate and degree yourself on the government’s dime. If you do four years and don’t come out with at least an associate’s degree and/or some certifications, then you’ve just severely limited yourself job-wise. Don’t be the dumb-ass who thinks he’s going to go to school full-time on the GI Bill. It seldom works this way. Employers in this shitty economy have the upper hand, and they demand already degreed/credentialed and trained workers.
    In addition to getting your degrees and credentials on the government’s dime, also start a side online business to bring in more money and set yourself up for when you get out, in case you can’t get a job right away.
    8. Remember this key phrase: “Needs of ______.” What the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines needs/requires will trump all else. When you sign on the dotted line, the miltiary has your ass for however long you signed up for. This is the price you pay for the bennies you get from the military. You could go back to war and you could be sent on assignment to a shitty location in the world. Cross your fingers so that it doesn’t happen. If you can’t abide with this, then don’t sign up.
    9. Above all, be in the military for a specific reason and get as much out of it as you can. Use it as a springboard to a better life. You just have to be smart about it. If you don’t manage your career, then the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines will gladly do it for you.

    1. 5. point , Every single guy in the military i’ve talked to says the same exact thing lol, there either mega sluts or delusional with power.

  45. My Dad was Navy (two carriers sunk out from under him in WW2), Grandpa was Navy, Great Grandpa was Navy. My roots go back to the mid 1800s and Orville and Wilbur Wright were cousins, but they weren’t Naval Air, just Air. If you have a choice and the aptitude, Naval Air is cool. Ejection seats, flight decks, liquid oxygen on one model or another. Go to a Navy recruiter, tell him you want to work on the flight deck of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier and he’ll say, “Come ON down, you’re our next contestant on the Squadron is RIGHT!!!”.
    Flight decks are sweet. You have to be in the middle of it to appreciate it. And you have to be lucky and very, very good not to get killed at it. I was a mix and lucky more than good a few times. My day was the Soviet Cold War. I’d do anything to kill all of Islam (in spite of the average American Feminist’s love of Islam), but the war against ISIS is mostly about Lockheed/Martin making money.
    But man, if you can catch a carrier in the 6th Fleet, go to Israel, to Italy, sample the hashish in Barcelona and the women in Portugal, life is very, VERY good.
    Trouble with the flight decks of Naval Air? When you get out, you’re a Trouble-Junkie with a capital T-J. Only severely fast motorcycles, skydiving or Indy Car racing will quench your thirst for a little danger after you get out. You’ll come out so Conservative, you’ll reject Republicans at the polls for being too liberal. And, you’ll always have a raging boner for some broad because sailors are like that for life.
    Gentlemen? Good Luck Gentlemen..
    (God Dammit! Another article! ROOOOSH!)

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