Do You Love Game?

My background is in fitness. Having worked with many people, I now realize the ones who succeed are the ones who learn to love the process. They begin to enjoy lifting weights, or cooking healthy meals.

The ones who fail are the ones who tell me, “I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle” or “I want to lose 20 pounds of fat” – then bitch and complain throughout the workouts, only to fall off a month or two later. They have become attached the end game, but neglect the means necessary to get there. They have it backwards.

When it comes to game, it’s no different. I have seen it in myself and through my friends. When I’m happy to be at a particular lounge or bar – I kill it. When I’m going through a stretch where I’m less than excited to be out, I tend to fare quite poorly.

Do You Look Forward To Going Out?

Friday morning. It’s the beginning of the weekend.

Are you pumped to hit the bars tonight, and run some game?  Or are you dreading the thought of going out?

It makes a difference. A huge one, at that. Obviously if you don’t want to go out, things will end up sour. Gaming has to be more than an item on the to-do list. More than another chore. It’s not something to be done on autopilot. If you don’t bring the energy, you won’t have solid approaches, fun interactions, or any bangs. But more importantly – progress will stall. You will never make it past the initial learning curve – and reach poosy paradaise – if you can’t stand going out, and meeting girls.

Or Do You Just Want To Get Laid?

Maybe you aren’t overly excited. Maybe you aren’t dreading it either. Maybe you’re just picturing a piece of fine ass you want to hit.

Yes, this is an end goal for most men in this game. But being overly attached to the outcome is dangerous. After all – having to dress up, cab it to the venue, approach a prospect, make small talk, escalate things, and get her home alone –  seems like a pretty big nuisance when all you care about is sex.

If you don’t enjoy doing everything in between points A and B – getting there is going to be a much bigger challenge. You will perform worse, and you’ll likely get bored or frustrated. It doesn’t matter how much material you’ve read on approaching, negging, escalating, etc. if all you care about is the cream. You can’t skip the intermediary steps (without hiring a hooker). And so you must find a way to enjoy them.

3 Steps To Enjoying The Process

I offer the following 3 simple steps as a means to extracting more joy out of the gaming process.

1. Choose your time – day or night? Game can pretty well be divided into 2 distinct forms. Day game and night game are different from top to bottom. Experiment with both and see which is more appealing to you. If you’re a party animal, the choice will be obvious. But for many guys, the former is more natural, albeit the road less traveled.

2. Choose your crew – wing, wings, or solo? I have a great wing. We get along well, compliment each others styles, and most importantly – always have a great time. If you go out with your friend and it all it does is make you mope around like a chump, then ditch him for a replacement or give solo dolo a try. During the day is a bit different – solo is the only way.

3. Choose your locale – nightclub, college bar, mall, coffee shop? Once you have the first two items decided, this should be a bit easier. If you’re going solo during the day, then figure out if you feel more comfortable heading to a busy mall, or hanging out at a low key coffee shop. If you’re hitting the town with a wing – a college bar might be the best spot. And going one level deeper – find a specific locale. You’ll notice that you’ll feel more comfortable, have a better time, and get better results if you get a certain bar – or mall – on lock.

Take these easy steps, and it will feel less like you’re taking shots in the dark – and more like you’ve found a new hobby that you love. And one that gets you laid.

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38 thoughts on “Do You Love Game?”

  1. So far i’m pretty much left to going out solo cause little friends that i have simply suck at partying and are completely resistant to approaching, and opportunist attitude that it requires (switching lanes, approaching girls on cold). And now i must confess – rolling solo is hard as fuck. I have to calculate every move. If i start getting bored, my odds are pretty thin. When going out with friends, i used to stay up really late. Now when going solo, i’m out for mostly 2 hours (not counting pre-drinks in a cheap bar), after that time i simply run out of tricks.
    Call me beta, but i seriously consider quitting and trying daytime game

    1. If anything, day game requires more balls than night game.
      You don’t have a crutch available in alcohol, it’s an “unusual” thing to do, and you do it in front of an audience of other shoppers. Pretty gutsy.
      Oh, and it usually offers better looking women (8.5s and 9s), unlike the attention-whore 6s and 7s that try to get ego validation at bars and nightclubs.

      1. Negatives about night game is average chicks and grenades acting like 9s and 10s. Bitchy attitudes and squandering alot of money.
        Women tend to be generally nicer on the day time, probably find a higher caliber of women during the daytime that shuns the nightlife.
        The negative about daygame is american women are socially awkward in the beginning of a conversation.

      2. Negatives about night game is average chicks and grenades acting like 9s and 10s. Bitchy attitudes and squandering alot of money.
        Women tend to be generally nicer on the day time, probably find a higher caliber of women during the daytime that shuns the nightlife.
        The negative about daygame is american women are socially awkward in the beginning of a conversation.

      3. My best and favorite game is late afternoon game followed by 1st night stand.
        Meet cute 7’s – 9’s in coffee shops, talk about something interesting to them, and then bounce to the happy hour down the street for a drink at 5ish. There’s your first and 2nd day in the span of an hour or two.
        Avoid libido killing appetizers and get at least one cheap drink down before letting her order food. This should take about 15-30 min. Look for interest and decide if you this girl’s worth a 2nd “date”. If so, order a 2nd round. If not, excuse yourself, regroup, and get ready for night game if you desire. Suggest she pick up the 2nd round if you bought the first to make sure she’s not pumping you for drinks.
        If she insists on something to eat, do a venue change to another nearby happy hour where the appetizers are “better.” (keep logistics in mind: another happy hour nearby that’s close to your/her place). That will give that alcohol some time to work and get her ready for drink #2. If she hasn’t flaked, there’s the strongest IOI for you I can think of. If shes does, regroup and run night game if you desire.
        Order drink #2 at the 2nd happy hour. Hopefully she’s forgotten her need to feed and slurps down drink #2. Start escalating. I love Fluffy McGee’s method, but do your own thing. In theory, you’re on date 3 and it’s time to close once you’ve properly escalated, overcome LMR, and all the usual game tactics, mainly suggesting you delay eating until you get a bite to eat *at your/her place* since it’s after 7pm and you missed the happy hour appetizers.
        Then CLOSE! And I don’t mean take her phone number and call her. Fuck her! Even if you think you want a relationship in the old-school sense, nothing will hook her more than your cock inside her. If you follow try the Fluffy McGee method, you would have already hooked with your cock during happy hour.
        If you fail to close, you can always disengage, get a number, run text game, and try again a few days later on another “date.”
        What I like about this is it works! You meet better quality girls who aren’t drunk bitches because you caught them early. You’re gaming economically by drinking at happy hour prices, You’re avoiding the cock blocks and bitch shields that are constant aggravations of night game. You’re in quieter venues where you can communicate and escalate more effectively than in a loud club or bar. You’re not just another wiener in sausage fest. You control the situation because you didn’t show up to pickup, you walked in with this girl and everyone else knows it as they walk watch you come enter together.
        It just works better on so many levels that it’s about the only game I run anymore. I’ll run night game occasionally, only to be disappointed at the results compared to this approach. I can’t stand the shit I encounter from the bitches that come out at night. I guess I’m just getting to old for night game.

        1. Oh yes, First Night Stand (FNS) v One Night Stand (ONS). I don’t believe in investing yourself in a girl for just one bang if you can get more later. That’s why I say First-Night_Stand. Every man should do his best to nail his target on the first night to have the best prospects for multiple bangs.
          Just wanted to clarify.

  2. Good article Jefe.
    I was the second type, hated club/bar game and just wanted results.
    Day game changed that, now I enjoy the process.

  3. Thanks Jefe 10/10… I think your point applies to just about anything… even doing a chore or a tax return can have at least an element of this to it – the focus must be in the process rather than the end result.
    To exercise this quality, Buddhist monks used to do crazy things like paint a wall with a pin or move a huge pile of sand with a tea spoon…
    The man that is happy with himself is a man that is happy.

  4. Do i enjoy game? Yes I do. Do I enjoy night game? Not when drinks are $8 a piece. Do I want to put up with the new generation of flakey women? Nope. Smart phones have ruined half of the fun of game. Game at it’s core is fun, but society has greatly ruined it with the internet. We’ve gone from 1980’s Miami Hurricanes to 2013 NFL pussy rules.

    1. I work at a nightclub and it’s pretty amazing how many people are in their own zone staring off at their smartphone screen. If you paid $xx to even get in the club, why stare off at your screen?

  5. Personally I find “game” a massive chore that I can’t be bothered with, this goes for both day and night game. It’s a lot easier to “game” when I have things in mind that I want to do, or I just want to enjoy the venue if it’s a concert, a DJ, or the weather outside.

  6. Game is boring. Like going to work. I’ve got it down to a production line:
    1. Pick your targets wisely.
    2. Approach well.
    3. Get number.
    4. Bounce.
    Thing is, it was fun at first as I was learning but now it’s got fucking predictable. I almost always get the numbers. Hell if there weren’t any hot girls I found myself getting digits from chicks I was never going to be bothered calling. Decided to give it a rest for a month, see if I can lose my edge and make it more interesting.
    And, no, this isn’t a brag, it’s just… fuck, I hate this routine. Was more fun when I was in High School and had zero game.

    1. that’s because you have to take it to the next level beyond just dates, games and bangs…

      1. Like what? Marriage? LTR’s?
        I understand gaming work collegues. Got that down pat as well. I know how to dress, talk, walk. No problem. And again, it’s fucking boring. It’s like playing naughts and crosses when you know how to always win, takes the life out of… life.

        1. I think he means push beyond digits. Go for the ONS, approach hotter women, approach groups, anything to push boundaries. Run SERE game and only go out with a metrocard, id and <$10. Roosh or DangerandPlay did a write up on that a while back.

        2. He means stop settling for just numbers. Continue your interaction and see how far you can take it.

        3. Sure I’ll push for a ONS if I see the opportunity, I was oversimplifying my process for a quick read. I’ve done the full list (as far as I know): wingman, solo, approach groups, the 1-minute-number-and-kiss, fuck-a-10 (or as close to the mythical 10).
          As for the <$10 game, ha ha, didn’t know it was a game, I’ve been playing that for a couple of months ever since I found this bottleshop that sells beer real cheap. I drink 2 or 3 while scoping out the venues then hit the best bar/club.

        4. Actually, gimme some ideas/challenges. Might make this more fun again. Yeah, I won’t post pictures as proof but, trust me, I’ll try them. Hell, that would make for a good blog.

        5. Challenge 1: Take 3 girls home in 7 days.
          Challenge 2: Pull one girl in less than an hour.
          Challenge 3: Pull two girls and try for a cold threesome.

        6. Good man. I’ll try challenge 1. Honestly, challenge 2 is pretty common. As for challenge 3 I’ve had my share of threesomes and, IMO, they’re overrated, but fair enough, never pulled a cold threesome so I’ll give it a go.

  7. Forgot one:
    No matter what you do, don’t get attached. To any broad. Ever.
    Emotional attachment is weakness and the first step to getting played.

    1. I call this out as cowardly. Any man can just not get attached to a woman, but it takes a strong man to allow himself to be vulnerable and stand firm through the pain of the inevitable fallout. I think the better way to look at is: every now and then you will get attached to a broad but just know their are a billion other broads out there.

      1. Good point. Although it depends what you’re looking for. If it’s a lay, then the answer is obvious. If you want some sort of relationship, then obviously you will have to open up if you want to it to stay healthy. otherwise, dont get in a relationship…

      2. Oh do be quiet. When women play men like a fiddle, we call it ’empowerment’. Yet when a guy plays a girl like a fiddle, we call it misogyny. Not wanting to get attached to a broad in this kind of environment is not cowardice. It is WISDOM.

    2. I call this out as cowardly. Any man can just not get attached to a woman, but it takes a strong man to allow himself to be vulnerable and stand firm through the pain of the inevitable fallout. I think the better way to look at is: every now and then you will get attached to a broad but just know their are a billion other broads out there.

  8. I always find that as soon as I start thinking about “running game” that’s when I start fucking up. Everything I say and do feels forced and contrived. Its better to just chill out, go with the energy of the night, and zero in on the cute girl eye fucking me from across the room. Thats not game. Thats just being in the moment and recognizing a good prospect.

  9. “dear heartiste
    have you ever consider that what you preach and write only applies when attraction is already present?
    that means, only good looking males can pull some of your shit successfully only good looking males and women can be sociopaths and dark triads without coming off as pathethic faggots.
    But not really. There are also those who are already sociopaths and with no godlike looks. But their personality frames their looks as something godlike anyway.
    But an ugly male loser can’t get wet women by pulling some weird personality change or becoming a criminal (lol)
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    I stress innate because it’s not something that your average reading 23 y.o. man with a college degree and a story of mediocreness can pull.
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    I thank you for being a perfect substitute to religions for the western, apparently cultured male. I just feel pleasure when thinking of all these men that feel the need to invest their loyality into an ideal, since the now fallen Christian Church isn’t able to do that anymore in the academic-influenced world.
    Honestly, it would be valuable to my great entertainment, if you could post this raw article on your website, and be able to frame it in a way to obtain the full approvation of all your readers, and make them believe they are still fighting vs some sort of ghost.
    The lols insued by reading the comments from those puppets who have fully adopted in their everyday language the terms (and those terms’ emotional loadings associated) that they have read on the internet, your website and those carrying carrying a manosphere logo, are something invaluable.
    Yours truthfully,
    A very good looking, manipulating asshole (according to manosphere definition), non-english speaking plastic surgeon and politician”

  10. Both day and night game have their pluses and minuses, but for me it was day game that really took me to the next level and also improved my night game. Day or night you have to get comfortable approaching women solo. Wingmen can be great, but I’ve learned that most of your friends will be passive cockblocks in a club. Learn to approach women solo first. was the catalyst for me (Bang and Day Bang were also very helpful)

  11. My first year in law school I had to write a brief and it was a weeklong affair and stressful with multiple rewrites and long nights, now after years of doing it I kick out briefs ,motions , appeals like clockwork with little effort. Gaming chicks is like that practice makes perfect. I can do it day, night, drunk or sober. Practice matters as much as mind frame .

  12. Do I love game? No. I absolutely despise game.
    Do I use game? Yes.
    Does game work? Yes, it get you more bangs.
    Are bangs as important/fun as they used to be? Not to me.

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