Why White People Are Dying Off

White people are declining around the world. They’re watching their nations demographically transform before their very eyes and their political power evaporate. More white people are now dying than being born in 17 states, and as demographic trends progress that statistic will soon include all 50 states.

They just don’t know what is causing them to lose everything. Scapegoats abound. Them Messicans. Them Muslims. But did white people ever think of looking in the mirror and questioning what their masters have made them into?

Unfortunately, the truth is a very bitter pill to swallow and whites have already wandered too far down the primrose path of social engineering hell to make a painless escape or to vote their way to change. What brought about the ongoing decline and possible genocide of the white race?


Behold, the hairy armpit that is feminism

Feminism rendered the wombs of white women statistically sterile, and is literally attempting to turn them into bad copies of men. It ruined male/female relations in Anglo America. It made women and men compete for scraps off the corporate table rather than cooperate. It transformed women into common laborers rather than moms. It’s creating a massive spinster bubble that will descend upon the land and break the already bankrupt state even further in the coming generations as old women need government care that in the past a family would have provided.

Still, due to 50 years of media propaganda, it is verboten to criticize this hateful ideology. Dresden James, writer, sums up what has happened with this timeless quotation:

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.

Indeed, social engineers attempt to label truth tellers in the manosphere as raving lunatics. Or slander them with accusations that our brigade is composed of everything from rapists to terrorists. And most whites still have no clue the Trojan Horse that is feminism.

That’s just how well government propaganda has worked. Yet, there are those on the libertarian side who think the government is ineffectual. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Corporate-government complex social engineering schemes have succeeded beyond the elite’s wildest dreams.


The slow, spiritual death of materialism has a firm grip on the West

Materialism killed white culture. Caucasian activity in modern times can be summed up succinctly in the West. It goes like this: People mindlessly work and consume like zombies. There no room for cultural or spiritual pursuits in nations that only measure the whole of the human condition in terms of dollars and cents.

Here’s how selling out your culture works. There is no monetary benefit to solving any of society’s problems, only in creating more of them. Two maxims rule in the female-driven materialistic economy of today: You have to create problems to create profit, and you have to pass endless laws to create new businesses.

Examples? The government manipulated the nation’s diet in the 1970s, substituting carbohydrate for fat. An obesity epidemic resulted, which made gross national product go up as more people became diabetic. Ironically, heart disease also went up, even though that’s what government meddling with the human diet was supposed to prevent. Anyone who has studied the matter knows humans have been eating fat since we lived on the savannas of Africa, but have never eaten carbohydrate in the quantities we are now eating.

It was quite a sleight of hand, worsening human health in order to make more money flow into the economy. Yet, all whites ever talk about is more money and selling out more of their lives.

An example of passing endless laws is the government passing laws to strip rights from you, and then sell them back in the form of licensing. But that’s not enough. The more the government micromanages (and fines or charges fees for) the lives of the sheeple, the more money can be made to buy more useless crap.

Ironically, the more money a nation produces the worse condition it is culturally in as one can argue materialism and culture are inversely proportional. As one goes up, the other must come down. Or, put more simply: There’s a lot of poverty in the rich neighborhood and a lot of richness in the poor neighborhood.

All of these schemes are hatched so that more money can be generated out of the ether, so people can buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. Unfortunately, when people dedicate their lives to extrinsic goals like materialism rather than intrinsic goals like raising a family, nations die. What we are seeing today is not without precedent.

Greek historian Polybius wrote this during the Hellenistic period:

In our own time the whole of Greece has been subject to a low birth rate and a general decrease of the population, owing to which cities have become deserted and the land has ceased to yield fruit, although there have neither been continuous wars nor epidemics…For as men had fallen into such a state of pretentiousness, avarice, and indolence that they did not wish to marry, or if they married to rear the children born to them, or at most as a rule but one or two of them, so as to leave these in affluence and bring them up to waste their substance, the evil rapidly and insensibly grew.

It seems greed really is one of the seven deadly sins.


Once a subject of SNL sketches featuring Julia Sweeney, androgyny is becoming the norm in traditionally white countries

Put succinctly, liberalism made white people hate themselves, their culture, and their very existence.

Liberalism also made whites weak and apologetic, to the point where some of them are now utterly suicidal. Go to any major city in America and look on in horror at how browbeaten and pathetic many white men have become as a result of liberal indoctrination in the education system and the media.

Not to mention the success the elite have had at using liberalism to confuse men and women about sex roles, biology, and rendering them both increasingly androgynous. The result? A barren ethnic group, rendered that way by a doxy pumped into at least two generations’ minds by presstitutes, Hollywood marionettes, and pliable public school teachers.

Oscar Wilde knew human nature quite well.

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Most people attempt to make their lives look just like the illusionary confections from media and Hollyweird. The illusion sold to the masses on most mainstream sitcoms and movies is of characters who live easy lives in which one would need to earn $100,000 a year to maintain the standard of living on the screen. The median income in America is now $43,000 a year, and stagnant. They also try to mimic the freak show they see on TV.

More than anything, liberalism is debasing all the foundations of European culture on both sides of the pond. This will prove fatal to both the culture and its founding ethnic group.

The Carlin Approach

George Carlin offers two solutions to the ongoing decline of the white race, which incidentally, he spoke of just before his death

One can become upset at what’s happening, or can separate themselves from this death cult and watch it implode of its own volition. This is what one might call the George Carlin approach:

When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.

Carlin knew the freak show—which this author believes is made worse by feminism, materialism, and liberalism—was going to consume a once mighty ethnic group. When speaking of what material he was working on just before his death, Carlin told interviewers he was writing about:

The rise of Russia, the rise of China, the Islamization of Europe, the decline of the white race. It’s going to be an amazing story as it develops and I just wish I could see it all. I’m 70 now. I’ll probably live between 90 and 100 I think and I’ll get to see some of it but it is an interesting, exciting thing to watch if you can detach yourself emotionally. And that’s the end of that.

Unfortunately, he died before we could hear his prognostications on the ongoing demise of white people.

Adopting the Carlin philosophy basically means standing by, watching the tragicomedy unfold, and documenting the demise while trying to turn your own life to the fullest. In my case, it was abandoning a sinking ship for a more fulfilling life abroad.

In case that doesn’t satisfy you, Carlin also serves up the only alternative, more pertinent now than ever before now that Trump has apparently abandoned his base as he lauded the passing of Obamacare Lite and the border wall remains in limbo with the newly passed $1 trillion Republican budget.

If I had to say to you what is the answer I would say massive bloodshed. I really would. I don’t really, honestly, deep down believe in political action. I think the system contracts and expands as it wants to. It accommodates these changes. I think the civil rights movement was an accommodation on the part of those who own the country. I think they see where their self interest lies, they see a certain amount of freedom seems good. An illusion of liberty, give these people a voting day every year so that they’ll have the illusion of meaningless choice. Meaningless choice that we go like slaves and say: “Joe I voted!”

The limits of debate in this country are established before the debate even begins. And everyone else is marginalized and made to seem to be either communist or some sort of disloyal person…a kook…there’s a word. And now it’s conspiracy… see? They’ve made that something that should not be entertained for even a minute. That powerful people might get together and have a plan… Doesn’t happen! You’re a kook! You’re a conspiracy buff! So… the only way you cure that… death, bloodshed… I don’t advocate it… but I see that it’s really the only answer.

What do you think the answer is?

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930 thoughts on “Why White People Are Dying Off”

    1. Defeat is not an option. Stop demoralizing.

  1. I’ve said this before. You cannot fight this enemy directly because they are employing indirect means. Violence is physical, our enemy is attacking us intellectually and, I dare say, spiritually.
    Before, you had people who aspired to higher ideals. Now you have nothing more than animals who eat, sleep, reproduce and die.
    The only answer is to fight fire with fire. They use ideological and intellectual means to weaken moral values. Use the same means to strengthen your moral values. Impart these values to your family members, children, friends, acquaintances and so on. If they don’t listen at first, keep hitting them with the truth until they change.
    All of us were blue pill once. It took a hard smack from reality to knock us out of our trance. Teach the people close to you, so that they don’t have to learn it the hard way.

    1. ” You cannot fight this enemy directly because they are employing
      indirect means. Violence is physical, our enemy is attacking us
      intellectually and, I dare say, spiritually”
      Of course you can, they’re not invincible, matter a fact they love it when people create larger than life conspiracies about them, its all smoke and mirrors, an illusion

      1. I don’t think punching leftists is going to change anything. You need to increase your own numbers by converting fence-sitters to your cause. By engaging in violence, you only give more fuel to your enemies.

        1. Oddly, the Left has never cared about that and they continue to gain power and influence even when in exile.
          We’ve been way too nice for way too long.

        2. I’m sure you are aware of the biased coverage by the media. Leftists engage in violent riots and the media cover for them. A right-winger punches a leftist and the media blows to out of proportion.
          Violence has its uses, but it cannot be used all the time. Even if you beat up a mob of Antifa, you and other like-minded people may feel proud of it. But it doesn’t change anything in the long run, because there are many people who are still plugged in. These people still get their news through the media and they will be misled into believing the right-wingers are nothing more than violent thugs.

        3. Given as “the people” are so numb that they only notice “bright shiny new” on the news and need a constant stream of distraction, I posit that it doesn’t matter a hill of beans where they get their info or what they think. They are lulled utterly into a slumber that makes eating lotus leaves seem like child’s play. In short, who cares what the bulk of people think?

        4. That is true from one perspective. But if you want to save Western civilization, you need more people on your side. People like us are in the minority. We can clearly see what is going on, but there are a lot of fence-sitters who know something’s off but can’t put a finger on it.
          Without enough manpower, we can scream, shout and fight all we want, but it is not going to be enough.

        5. We do need more people, agreed. But we recruit from the margins of society. The bulk, the big happy comfortable sleepy bulk in the middle that make up the mass majority doesn’t want to be awake, and will never want to be awake. They will only choose sides once their bread and circuses are threatened, and not one minute sooner.

        6. I agree. Those who are too far gone are no different from enemies. But those whose minds can still be influenced are potential allies.
          Sites like this go a long way in changing people’s minds.

        1. Search for the man behind. They are in the shadows. But we are redpillers. We know them. And then, aim for the head, like my Uffz said…

    2. “Now you have nothing more than animals who eat, sleep, reproduce and die”
      And with agenda 21 in the plans, the whole reproducing aspect will be discourage if not outright banned.

  2. Western civilization is an extension of Roman civilization, therefore they will make the exact same mistakes the Romans made.
    Its easy to blame phantoms like the “Corporate Elites”, “globalists”, “Illuminati” etc but some personal responsibility is needed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that the coporate elites and globalist are insidious, the fact of the matter is that we give them that power…at any point, the people can always rebel against them and decorate lampposts with their bodies….It will be a tough fight, there will be casualties but its a fight worth fighting for… but nope…people would rather stay docile, ignorant and apathetic, that’s what causes a race’s downfall more than anything else, the inability to take action and control one’s destiny as a collective, its been happening with blacks for almost 40 years, black bodies are dropping like flies from internal machinations and external influences( Democratic plantation), till today blacks can’t see the forest for the trees and take action…I think whites are only 25 years behind blacks in this fate…
    The moment responsibility is rooted out of a race’s culture, they will get what they deserve..Period

    1. It’s easy to blame (((globalist))) because thats exactly why this is happening.
      It’s called the Kalergi plan and this is all playing out how they want it.
      Right now western civilization is their main target so it’s getting destroyed.
      There is a lot of ignorance of why things are happening. They prey off people’s ignorance and altruism.
      The two world wars were completely manufactured to take the life blood out of Europe and create Israel.
      Just have a look for yourself, this is only a minute example of all the lies:

      1. Problem for Zionists that Israel needs prosperous Jews outside of Israel that influence foreign governments to support their “homeland”. Right now Jews mostly manipulate the US and EU to support Israel, in the future they will attempt to subvert Asians to get their way once Europe and the US lose their power and influence. I wonder how the Asians are going to react.
        It was mostly Jews shitting in their pants at the thought of Marine LePen because the EU was soon going to be history.

        1. Its quite a trend for them to breed with asians and whites to assure better genetics.

        2. Jews were more afraid of LePen than most Muslims, including those in France. Reason is that the EU is a big part of the Zionist network. If it collapsed it would hurt Israel the most and its ability to spread mayhem and violence in the Middle East.
          The Muslims in Europe would have issues only in the short term, in the long term they would go back home.
          It was not until the 1970s when Muslim men in the Middle East started engaging in acts of terror against the West.

        3. Are you kidding? They tend to have the worst genetics based diseases.

      2. Jews only rule the layer on top. The foundational layer is God’s kingdom ruled by his true chosen people.

        1. there are no ‘chosen people’. Free men must electively align themselves with God.

        2. Not in the Jewish sense. But just so you love your children equally, not every child will become a billionaire

        3. The Jews betrayed God. No man loves back-stabbers, even if they are his children.

        4. The Jews rule the layer that’s actually real and actually matters. Your babble about religion is just a poorly disguised black pill. “Give up fighting for your race, God’s got this!” No, he doesn’t.

        5. Black pill? No. But nice try.
          The last thing white people need is to fight and risk losing more of their diminishing stock especially for something that is as worthless as the fiat dollars that floats your system.

    2. We really are all in the same crosshairs here, white and black men both. Black men are being marched to their doom by being directed to violence en masse and white men are literally curling up into a collective fetal position due to the constant propaganda barrage against them (white male suicide rates are through the roof the last few years). We really need to stop allowing ourselves to be divided and come to realize that we have a common enemy that wants both of us gone or at a minimum, held in thrall.

      1. The union of whites and blacks in America was to happen ages ago. Then poor whites got a taste of the power of overseers and banded together with other whites to shield themselves from ostracization.
        It would be almost a Herculean feat to get blacks and whites to side equally asides from those banded together on feminism, but those are the highest risk for increasing genocide.
        Because of past propaganda, whites would have to see past their programmings to get the truth and the programming has been convenient to at least have a group that they can be better than. Moving that aside, knowing feminism begets single parents, begets pedophiles, and criminals, and ill users of taxes or just as worse, evolutionary dead ends, may be the game changer to increase the understandings among both sides.
        The biggest issue is in fighting feminism and trying to preserve family, we concentrate resources away from society, leaving Globalists, Race Baiters, and those who simply wish to line their pockets off of our corpses in power and a whole generation fiscally bankrupt to do anything about it.

        1. And….we found the shill. It’s amazing how consistently you all come in trying so hard to false flag as “Nazis” so that anyone visiting will think everyone conservative is a KKK/Nazi skinhead.
          Give it up. It didn’t work the first several hundred times, why the hell do you think it’s going to work now?

        2. I would love to do some more digging into the topic of DNA because, while it does take into account topical traits, I find people use portions of it to reflect some level of superiority for flattery, while still essentially being humanity’s dead ends themselves. IQ levels seem intangential and the racial names , Negroid and Caucasoid, seem humorous and conflicting in nature. All in all fun topic.

        3. Race can be determined by a single drop of blood or saliva, or by the skeleton alone. Pure Africans have an avg IQ of 70.

        4. Darwin was not a skinhead, you dope. He said blacks were a diff species from whites and Asians in “The Descent of Man”.

        5. Race maybe that easily determined. In truth, it becomes superfluous in relation to general health or well being. IQ is a lot more implausible to rate since the number is subjective. Mood, diet, stress, recent activity, all play into the number. IQ is just the speed of accuracy and response on a test. By no means is it static which is why very few even mention being Mensa nowadays. You could also bring up 106 standards of Asians or 113 average of Jews.
          Like I said, it is a fascinating discussion which is grossly distilled so some can use it for simplified confirmation bias.

        6. Obamacare was simple robbery of whites to pay for blacks’ diabetes. And whites are losing IQ points by breeding with blacks, unwed motherhood and welfare supporting useless eaters.

        7. Nah, working class whites and blacks get along fine where I am. You’re right about some needing to get past their programming however.

        8. Know a few corpses who would disagree with your assertion on Obamacare. If a white person were to ‘breed’ with a black, according to old rules they would be black. The issue isn’t breeding with blacks, but overall miscegenation. If you follow the IQ belt, you are suggesting to get smarter whites need to Bree with Asians and Jews. All of this is still a deviation from your main problem. I stated something similar how this pleasant distraction of superiority is only hurting the proliferation of white babies as black people aren’t your problem, it has been miscegenation.
          Liberalism in concert with this, a woman’s alibi for life and comfort, place your views as secondary and a destructive distraction. Disagree only if you already populated this earth with new white babies and aren’t guilty of any miscegenation.

        9. So your response is insults and to attempt to deflect by bringinf up something completely irrelevant to what I accused you of?
          I rest my case. Whatever Darwin did or didn’t say has absolutely zero impact on whether you and the other race baiters on alt-right sites are here trying to pretend to be racists in a futile attempt to make us look like raciats too.

      2. The white male suicide rates are directly related to family breakdown and lack of purpose i.e. satisfying labour…whether that be adventure or physical toil. Show me an cubicle jockey and I’ll show you a man with so many foibles he’s a mess. Our ancestors didn’t have time for this shit. They were too busy in the open air trying to survive. We are only 150 years into this “progress” shite and look at what we have become! No purpose meat bags…..

      3. And the only form of immigration coming into America right now are from these 4 countries ranked from highest to lowest: India, China, Mexico, Philippines. Each year, we bring in 400,000 Indians through students visas and H1bs. They NEVER leave and go back to India! India beats China and Mexico combined in terms of migrants coming in. Let that sink in. And what do Indians do? They breed like rabbits. And they do so to get their kids the coveted US Birth Right Citizenship. Look at the state of New Jersey, California, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. It’s becoming populated with Indians. Go to any major national park and you’re bound to find Indian tourists around congregating and thrashing the place up with litter. Miss New Jersey, in the Miss USA competition has been a female from Indian origin 4 years in a row. In fact, an Indian won Miss USA once. Heck, even an Indian made it to the White House correspondence dinner. America is going to become a country like what happened to Mauritius, Fiji, Uganda, and the UK. Just overrun by Indians.

        1. Yeah, I ain’t a fan of Hindus in the least. A nasty people on the whole.

        2. Your absolutely right Psquare. Asians on the whole really look down upon blacks in general. Some prejudices aside (don’t we all?), I’d say whites everywhere treat blacks the best.

        3. Dude, they look down on whites too. They are utterly arrogant without possessing any qualities that they can point to as superior. I hate to get all “racist” here but they are a small, weak, small framed, physically repulsive (mostly) people with inferior language skills and horrible technical skills who, for some stupid reason, think that they are Vishnu’s gift to humanity.

      4. My gripe with this article is, as you say, that white people are not the only ones who will suffer. This problem is universal. Whites might slip off the slope first, but we’re all going over. We need to get together on this one.

    3. Blacks can’t redeem themselves period, they had a black President for 8 years and black America is the same as it was before Obama.
      I do not think Obama will be America’s only black President, and even a second black President will do little to change them.
      Much of the reasons why black America is suffering is due to family issues, I would say this far more than racism, which is there against them, but its not to the degree that it would totally impede their progress. America, and mostly whites voted for a black man with a Muslim name two times.

      1. Different discussion but you view black America as a monolith. It is a simpler view as a whole and since desegregation happened I guess. No group of people have stepped in to attempt to galvanize the group more than democrats, for political purposes mainly. Blacks are not a monolith. This would be a great ideal to employ as a white person as well since tradition and heritage should be the bigger focus.

        1. Representative Steve King got roasted for saying that Blacks and Hispanics would be at war with each other before they took over America from whites. What he is saying is kind of true, but its becoming a reality that non whites will be a majority in the US very soon. The US is already 60 percent non white. To “progressives” they think its a sign America is a more harmonious place, in reality its not. The media ignores the racial aspect of minority violence, the fact that minorities hate each other based on their racial differences. The media got to keep the dialogue that whites are feeding racism.

        2. Look at prisons: it’s whites and Mexicans vs. blacks. Diversity+Proximity=WAR. Always, throughout history.

        3. Also look at any major US city. They all divided by race and ethnicity. Think multiculturalism works? Go to Miami, LA, New York and tell me that with a straight face.

    4. All the “ruling elite” would have to do is shut off the electrical power and the overwhelming majority by numbers would be on their knees ready to capitulate to any demands they made. “freedom” is and has always been a myth like magical sky god and the lochness monster. Allow me to ask you a personal question to illustrate my point. Could you take a ton of dirt analyze it and mathematically engineer a generator and transformer out of it? We are all interdependent on each other thus socio-economic structures have always and will always be developed to the point of making it easy for the masses to breed like rabbits. Whites are no different and are subject to this same rule. Here is another more pertinent question that I wonder if any here have the understanding to relate to; are sexually recombinant epi-genetic changes the “currency” of DNA? If so i hypothesize that “race” is rather like a thin film that covers the earth gathering these changes then at a genetic level seeks to incorporate those changes through breeding. If this hypothesis is correct then no race will remain “pure” as our very genes seek this “currency”.

      1. “All the “ruling elite” would have to do is shut off the electrical power
        and the overwhelming majority by numbers would be on their knees ready
        to capitulate to any demands they made.”
        And yes you’ll have more luck finding a jackalope than a “pure race”.

        1. Not me, according to 23andMe. All northern European. Unless you count Neanderthal (3%).

        2. Same here. Was surprised: I was expecting to be mostly Eastern European. Results were 2/3 NW Europe and remainder Scandinavian, Southern Euro, and Eastern Euro.

        3. I wondered where my previously unknown Scandinavian genes came from. Viking rape?

    5. The high water mark for non-hispanic whites has already been breached in the largest U.S. cities by their city proper. None are above 50% now!
      I’ve also mentioned that ‘romantic serendipity’ will make these percentages and numbers drop even faster, as younger whites inevitably date, marry (or shack up), and breed with non-whites simply due to the fact that the majority of the dating pool is now non-white.

      1. Cities attract system riders (not exclusively of course). White flight to the suburbs and rural areas is a real thing. And if none are above 50% then you may want to amend that chart because it shows quite a few above 50%.

        1. No they don’t, not at all. That’s a Leftist conceit that is not borne out by reality. Each suburb, like each city, like each rural area, is what you make of it.

        2. Yep. I’ve come to view the “McMansion suburbs! Conformity!” crap as tiresome. You have nice suburbs, you have crap suburbs, and “McMansion!” is nothing more than house envy/class warfare bullshit.

        3. hmmmm. I contend that the “McMansion” phenomenon is real.
          but not EVERYWHERE!
          Generally I like the older suburbs for the scale and craftsmanship of the houses, but too many of them are fukked up now too.

        4. I don’t even think it’s a thing. People are just building nice large homes (or were at one time). Big deal. I’ve not seen a compelling argument as to why it’s wrong to use the same floor plan as another person. When you live in the house, it becomes unique to you alone through the simple act of your daily life in and about it. And most of the people screaming “McMansion!” live in freaking apartments for Christ’s sake, where correct me if I’m wrong, dank dark conformity is literally the rule of the day.

        5. We’re talking about two different things.
          I’m not criticizing the appropriateness of standard plans or even tract housing. Shit, even Levit houses all looked unique after a while. My block has 36 rowhouses on it built in 1895 and they are no-two alike now.
          The “McMansion” as I define it is an oversized, under-designed house which screams status and consumption over substance and economy. A McMansion looks like a miniature version of someone’s faulty recollection of a real mansion. They have a fake stone-veneer front with three sides of vinyl siding. They have a two story entrance stair hall in a 4000 sf house. They have a 3 car garage on a .3 acre lot. They have acres of granite in the kitchen and 9′ ceilings. In short, an overblown attempt at exclusivity that is by no means exclusive.

        6. How is any of that a bad thing though? It’s just how people chose to spend their money. If they like 9′ ceilings (and by the way, I do like 9′ ceilings) then so what? And what is “oversized” and who determines what is the right size that I’m allowed to purchase on my behalf? I really don’t understand why I’m supposed to consider it somehow wrong or immoral.
          (I don’t own a McMansion btw, so I don’t have a dog in this fight).

        7. True, but in my defense some of those huge “McMansion” houses are fucking ugly.

        8. I agree, but lets not forget that the government is heavily involved in shaping this industry. Not only do they have any number of loan financing programs, but in many municipal areas local developers and city administrators are in bed together working overtime to build hordes of ugly, low quality, cardboard box subdivisions. The government has also been instrumental in creating numerous other horrible aspects of real estate in America such as homeowner’s associations (they required the presence of an HOA for certain approvals), adjustable rate mortgages, and obnoxious city code laws that ensure every house looks equally ugly while prohibiting your freedom to do what you want with your own house.

        9. Not “bad”. Just tasteless, poorly designed, cheaply built and often over-leveraged.
          (when I said 9′ I meant they need to be higher in an allegeded ‘luxury’ house)
          This isn’t a “nobody needs something that big” kinda judgement on my part. It’s more like, if you really have the money and want something nice and/or big, go for it intelligently – don’t buy a prepackaged image of luxury to keep up with the Jones’s (or Epstiens or Patels) for that matter.

        10. Oh sure, no question. And some older 1920’s or even Victorian era homes can be an eyesore.

        11. Absolutely agree, which is why I’m moving out to the countryside here come this next winter.

        12. I really like the outward look of the McMansion but the interior design of the couple I have entered has always puzzled me.. I thought it was just me tho. Couldn’t have described it any better lol

    6. In the US in 2017, Whites and African-American are pretty much the same in so many aspects. Great moral decline, no family structure, widespread drug abuse, high number of abortions. and victim mentality.
      The future of the US belong to those who have strong family structure and higher birth rates. You may look down on the poor Mexican/Salvadorean/Guatemalan immigrants now…but their children will be the rulers of the US in the future. Whites and Black will defeated in the coming racial tension and will be either wiped out or enslaved/repatriated.
      A few successful East Asian (in the West Coast) and Middle Eastern (in the Midwest) enclaves will survive and prosper.
      No offence to nay of the aforementioned groups. It`s just my observation of current affairs and prediction for the future.

      1. so the next president of the US will be an MS13 gang member?

        1. Nevada just elected a Mexican gang member to the US Senate. Seriously.

      2. Actually I think it is the “bad” whites and blacks that will die off. The obese, the “gender-neutrals”, the feminists and other freaks that are digging themselves an early grave. Guys like us, on this site, who stay masculine and maintain our health and fitness, will win out in the end.

        1. No they won’t. Taxes are at their limit. And how many poor people do you see living well? Taxes benefit the wealthy and connected. Ever heard of defense contractors?

        2. No, they will not be able to, if you keep your means small and manageable out of sight.

    7. What you have here is the general decline of the West. I wouldn’t say that the issues mentioned in this article are peculiar to White people but rather are general to the people living in the West. Materialism is not a problem but rather it is the Socialism which is insidiously taking over Western countries that is causing these massive problems. This Socialism is so insidious that people on this site often themselves promote Socialist ideas (such as railing against materialism which Marx himself did).

      1. What if I told you that just because someone you irrationally hate doesn’t make it wrong. Consumerism is cancer.
        Also note that most of the things you’ve been taught by the globalist, corporatocrat media to reflexively scream “BUT BUT COMMUNISM!!!” about are really nationalism.

        1. You are caught in contradiction. If you are behaving irrationally then by definition you are wrong.

    8. you make good points, including about taking personal responsibility rather than just fixating on shadowy elites etc, but – while I’m commenting as mixed rate – it does seem appropriate to me for the link to be made between low birth rates in western countries and feminism i.e. everything should be done to make it clear that to an extent a country (predominantly white or otherwise) succumbs to feminism it’s population is going to decline and mass immigration is going to be the only option for topping up the numbers. Maybe that’s slightly simplistic, and there any number of factors, but making that known may well be more effective than decorating lamp-posts with bodies. There are some battles you can only win through direct action, but most of them can only be lost that way, which is what makes this age slightly different to the past, because 9/10ths of the battle is establishing legitimacy, which is what direct action, guerilla warfare etc., often works against rather than for

    9. Any white person who is still a Democrat or establishment Republican deserves the rope.

    10. True. Most people are stupid/ignorant, we did this to ourselves by trading freedom and autonomy for convenience and mindless stimulation.

  3. nice article. Its hard to believe we have a strong economy when 18% of our GDP comes from health/death care.

  4. Excellent insights; I completely agree.
    Also l’d like to add to the author’s equation: a warped christian philosophy of cultural self extermination – classic example to be seen in Sweden.
    But indeed that it will come down to this as Carlin stated. Whites are being backed into a corner, and they will either choose to litetally fight (i.e. bloodshed) or be slaughtered.
    And our fate is still up in the air.
    Whereas whites have been marginalized times before throughout history, one can’t help but suspect the situation we face today is very unique, as one has to wonder if there was ever a time when whites were so fucking whimpy, stupid, and self hating.

    1. Can’t fight back much if you are morally sedated and swinging at shadows.

  5. If only 30% of whites were aware and joined in corrdinated efforts this entire issue could be solved in a week.

    1. If only 30% of whites actually had 3 children, we would actually be close to the self-replicating birth rate of 2.1 ! People don’t realize it really is that simple.
      Especially since a sizeable percentage of the remaining 70% will have at least one.

  6. As soon as I saw “feminism” I said to myself “I hope he mentions ‘materialism.’” The writer did. Another excellent ROK article.

  7. Here’s a number of reasons whites are dying off.
    1. Obsession with ongoing overseas travel as fuel for facebook and instagram “likes”. White women moronically think they can stop at 35 or so, and high quality men will be lining up to marry them and knock them up. (Nope!)
    2. White men realizing that their countries are heading to the demographic pits (especially the U.S.) and don’t want to birth a white daughter only to be horrified when she brings home her Black or Aztec boyfriend 20 years down the line in a far less white U.S. as it is.
    3. Poor job prospects and/or affirmative action. White people put much greater emphasis on providing their children a high quality of life and standard of comfort than most other racial groups. When the economic tools and salaries aren’t there, whites just won’t have children.
    4. Cultural Marxist media turning white women against white men, who idiotically buy into the propaganda that those evil straight white males are the cause of all problems in the world. They are told to bone lowest-common-denominator black men instead.
    Feel free to add to it.

    1. 5. white people in general and white women in particular caring more about what is going on in third world hellholes rather than helping out those in need in their own communities. really tired of seeing ads about donating $$ to charities in Africa. There are plenty of people in the US who are in dire straights, donate to the Boys & Girls Club of American instead

      1. “Pathological Altruism”. Definitely a cancer on white people’s (and especially white women’s) mindset

        1. It really is. What confuses me is that it’s not really something genetic in us. I mean like were the Vikings running around being nice and handing out flowers or something? The Crusaders were going to the Holy Land to bring food to the downtrodden? The explorers of the 1500 were setting sail in order to find new people to love and hug? Fuck no.
          It’s a mindset, and a very dangerous one, and I think that it’s instilled through constant propaganda. It’s Christianity made into a collective consciousness and then stripped of God, which is doing this. We’re being made into a people fit to be strung on a cross, only in this case, we won’t be rising from the grave 3 days later.

        2. “It’s Christianity made into a collective conscious and then stripped of God”
          though5 provoking for sure

        3. Being kind and compassionate to your fellow human beings is a dangerous mindset? I’d hate to know what you think a safe mindset is. LOL

        4. Yeah just look at you dumbasses believing this white genocide propaganda bullshit. Somebody must have started you all real early.

      2. SAVE THE PLANET! drivel. The only people who listen to the environmentalist drivel are the ones prosperous enough to care about something more than their survival. (Whites and Japs) and the only ones who voluntarily limit their reproduction.

        1. Most Japanese overseas financial aid is mainly to their ex-conquests in World War 2. It’s their way of saying “sorry” without formally saying so on the world stage. At least they are wise enough to not take in migrants, unlike what France and U.K. and Portugal have done.

        2. Pride masquerading as concern for others…..
          To paraphrase the Great Carlin:
          “the planet” will be just fine – its US who are introuble

        3. What’s wrong with saving the planet? As far as I know it’s the only place humans can live right now. Even the stupid racist ones.

        4. Because actual saving the planet is the antithesis of the advancement of communism enspoused by our media.

        5. Saving the planet is the what of the what of the what the fuck are you talking about.

        6. How dense are you? Do you think some Cuban cares one iota about saving the spotted owl? No, he cares about feeding himself and his family. He will do what is necessary to do so. Only when a country is prosperous enough for it’s people to care for something else besides their immediate needs.
          The wacko environmentalist groups that go out protesting work to promote socialism, thereby destroying the prosperity of a nation. In essence, destroying the very thing they say they are working to protect. All of this for political power, over the “stupid racist ones”.

        7. It’s sad you’re using John Wayne as your icon. You know he cared a great deal about preserving the environment right. He wanted to be sure that the beautiful areas of America where he filmed all his Westerns were still around for future generations to enjoy. And One of your republican icons Nixon created the EPA.
          Why don’t you try an argument that actually makes sense. Cubans have no reason to care about the Spotted Owl because there are no Spotted Owls in Cuba. Also the Spotted Owl hasn’t been an issue in 20 fucking years.
          So how about you calm down and present an intelligent argument on why you think environmental protection is so fucking bad. Personally I want the human race to survive beyond me and I don’t want to have to wear a respirator to breathe the air or filter the water out of my tap.
          Take a look at this Forbes article. You’ll find Solar power putting the fossil fuel industry to shame with it’s job growth.

        8. You got a lot of stereotypes to overcome. Sorry if common sense doesn’t fit your world view. John Wayne cared about the environment, but who in their right mind doesn’t? You think because I am conservative, that I have a hatred towards the environment? Pull your head out of your ass.
          Nixon created the EPA, but he didn’t turn it into this current leviathan that it is. Clean air, clean water are important, but not at the expense of our future. That is why I brought up a socialist nation. The people become poor through over-regulation and tax and spend policy, and they no longer care about anything but feeding themselves.
          Did I say environmental protection is bad? No. The “environmentalists” who use that topic to advance their socialist agenda are.
          You are an idiot if you think tax and spend redistribution is helping the economy, which is all solar is. It is horribly inefficient, uses toxic alloys and vast tracts of land and resources, and is not reliable.
          Not wanting to hurt your feelings, but you need to do a lot of growing up to do before we can have a meaningful conversation.

        9. Actually junior solar is not at all what you think it is 10 or 20 years ago sure. Now every home in America could power itself almost endlessly by lining their roof with them. So don’t talk to me about growing up you self righteous inconsiderate speck on a dogs ass. You know who bitches about the EPA asshole? Rich white fuckers who want to get rid of it so they can be richer white fuckers. They don’t want to get rid of the EPA so they can provide jobs. They want to get rid of the EPA so they can fire all the people who enforce the EPAs rules and help keep our environment clean. It’s not the EPA shutting down plants and shipping jobs to Mexico. It’s rich white fuckers trying to be richer. And you vote for them. Every single one of those assholes would happily sell your ass into slavery if the law allowed it. But you go on supporting those people, be my guest.
          As for Cube it’s not a Socialist country. It’s a Communist Dictatorship. Notice how the current President is the brother of the last one.
          As for your hatred of socialism. If it’s so fucking bad why are 7 out of 10 of the happiest countries in the world Socialist?
          I think you’re the one who needs to further his education​ asshole.
          Oh yeah one basic simple undeniable fact. Fossil Fuels are finite. Solar Power technology isn’t.
          I wish people like you would pull your heads out of your asses and get with the program. But since you’re not at least you have the courtesy to be a dying breed.

      3. Save starving kids in Africa so they can grow up and have more starving kids or flood Western nations.

      4. And I wonder how much of the money that is donated goes to the people that it’s supposed to help? The majority of it probably goes into some UN bureaucrat’s pocket…

        1. directors of international non-profits are generally paid in excess of 6 figures.

        2. thanks to susan komen breast cancer awareness is 100%. breast cancer cure is 0%

        3. I hope that’s true actually. That area needs a healthy dose of evolution in action. If you’re fed by outsiders and breed like rabbits, you’ll continue to do whatever it is your doing without consequences. Let them get back to self sufficiency and let their population stabilize. Welfare creates nothing but weakness.

        4. You can bet that they don’t want a ‘cure’, anyways — there’s too many bigshots making so much money by begging for donations.

        5. “Welfare creates nothing but weakness.”
          Ain’t THAT the truth! We’ve had a front-row seat here in the U.S. on that dog-and-pony show for FAR too long!

        6. Yeah down with money for cancer research. Cancer research is for pussies. Especially ovarian cancer.

        7. Yeah all those white people on welfare in the southern red states are so fucking weak.

      5. People need to figure out that africa will never stabilize like this. You can’t just trickle money into a broken, unsustainable continent and expect it to be better. Not to mention, those kids are probably going to just end up as child soldiers for some warlord when their parents are murdered.

    2. Black birth rates are dropping as well also blacks and other minirities live live in certain areas of the country with small pockets else where . So white genocide is not a thing(at least in the U.S can’t say the same for France )

      1. “black birth rates are dropping”. Yeah ask Nigeria and Ethiopia which are among the fastest growing countries in the world.

        1. Well my overriding point is that whites are dying off EVERYWHERE pretty much

        2. at their current growth rate, Nigeria should have more people than the USA in a few decades. That would be disasterous if it happens

        3. Geographically speaking I really doubt Nigeria at 356,669 square miles is going to have more people than the USA at 3,797,000 square miles.

      2. 40% of white women born in the first half of the 1970s never had a kid, so they have aged out. I dont know what it was for the second half of that decade, but I imagine it was even higher…

        1. I was born in first half of the 80s, the “grandparents” of the millennials, and tons of my female peers don’t have any kids. Closer to half I’d say!

        2. nope, read it a few years ago, it was seared into my brain

        3. I imagine that would hurt. But then I would have to imagine you had a brain.

    3. Those are all excellent points and I believe them to be true.
      However, as a white-pill counterpoint, I would put forth these:
      1.white liberals are the ones actually dying off, which is predictable as many of them are genetic losers with warped minds who shouldn’t reproduce anyway. Conservatives reproduce just fine. When out in public, I see many normal white couples with 3 kids or so. The SJW ones usually only have one and are shunned by other parents for their incompetence.
      2. A culling is needed for whites to finally realize that nobody else gives a shit about them. I never grew up thinking of myself as “white”. I notice now, that many do. Next, we should establish an ethnostate.
      3. Feminism is beginning to
      implode. The aging feminists are frequently seen bitterly lamenting their childless futures, stained with cat-piss and cheap wine, on mass media. Feminism is having a very hard time remaining attractive and gathering strong recruits. Most are fat cows who nobody would fuck anyway.
      4. Cultural Marxism is taking a beating and people are onto the game. Just see the comments on the “Sex Junk” YouTube video. You’d think the Crusade was nigh.
      My opinion is that we are entering a “hard time” in which our resolve will be tested. The weak, who have had too much say until now, will not remain. Our numbers will be diminished, but a stronger foundation will be laid to rebuild. Start the network early.

  8. It could be that white people dont have children because they want to ” keep their freedom ” and be children all their lives. Turning into godless heathen without families so we can buy more stuff.

    1. I see 30-something men playing on their new Nintendo Switch on commuter trains. Your onto something about being a child your whole life.

      1. if youre over 30, you gotta keep your gaming on the down low- come on guys!!!

      2. Their commercial mostly features adults, in their 30s playing Mario and Zelda, used to think those games for 8 to 12 years olds not grown men.
        The most depressing ad featured a guy living alone in a house playing Zelda in the evening, and then he goes to the park to walk his dog. What a metaphor for a modern male life in America.

        1. When the FF7 remake comes out, a bunch of new 35 year olds are going to be buying playstation 4’s just for that game who grew up on the original 20 years prior. I mean raising children would be such a pain compared to endlessly leveling up materia again.

        2. I watched a blogger called Demcad, who has chronicled the decline of middle America in his Michigan hometown. He was talking about VR technology becoming popular to give people an escape from their bleak reality. In many ways video games are like virtual reality these days. It does not surprise me that adults play games to escape the reality of their existence.

        3. The decline of much of small town America is indeed sad. Most promising jobs are really just clustered in 10 or 12 cities now (New York, LA, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, Houston, Minneapolis, D.C. etc.)

        4. Demcad lives in Flint, which is bankrupt, but seems to make the most out of it. He is educated from the way he speaks but he chooses to stay in his hometown.

        5. The average age of someone who plays games is 31 years old. In fact,
          more gamers are over the age of 36 than between the ages of 18 to 35 or
          under the age of 18.

        6. Doesn’t surprise men that single men over 50 are probably playing games now. Since making good new friends and even dating is so friggin’ hard by that point.

        7. Enjoying what little life you have before you are consumed is the last happiness the Jew has allowed the goyim.
          Should you marry an American woman, tainted by feminist, breed children to be raised entirely by the Public Edjewcation System and indoctrinated before they can even begin to think for their own, then be chained as a slave to child support payments for the next 18 years when their wife is convinced by Jew media that she should never swear loyalty to just a single dick? (Let alone just a white one… it’s racist not to let dark-skinned invaders use your fuckhole, goyimettes!)
          The goyim is doomed to die off as slaves, just as the Jew has fought for during the entirety of their existence. Nothing short of a bloody crusade is going to change anything, yet no one is yet willing to take arms against an enemy that we aren’t even allowed to name, let alone acknowledge it even exists in the shadows.
          It’s comfort or a meaningless death with not a single person willing to pick up your spear when you fall. Most choose to die with what little peace and pleasantry the victors of this war have granted them, instead of throwing it away.

        8. Got to love globalization!!! I would rather be in a foreign country than live in one of those cities. In fact I did move overseas.

        9. It’s coming man. Maybe not on a grand scale, but enough to where the feds’ shills won’t be able to control everyone through use of force

        10. Princess Zelda doesn’t have the power to rip that man’s wallet out from his asshole in divorce court or trap him in a common law marriage. This is why more adult males escape to the digital world.
          It sucks that nations are dying, but we gotta nip the problem in the butt rather than complain about the symptoms.

        11. She also does not have the ability to give him sexual pleasure, cook him dinner, or bear children. The first is the biggest reason why men put up with modern women, there are no pussy substitutes, other than fleeing to a more traditional country.
          Sex is the reason why guys are willing to risk divorce and other things that the woman can do to the man once the relationship goes sour.

        12. Sexual pleasure is one fap session or escort away, I can cook my own dinners(damn good ones too), and If I really wanted to bring children into this wasteland that the baby boomers left for us, then there is always donating sperm.
          With all the privileges women have been granted from first and second waves of feminism, especially the ones regarding divorce, custody, and reproductive laws, there really is no benefit for men to get married anymore.
          I’d rather let generations of egalitarianism and feminism fail like it did for the Romans, and if there is any kind of a societal revert to a patriarchy, then maybe I’ll turn off the Nintendo.

        13. Well I did the latter, I fled the US, so meeting feminine women has been a lot easier. And yes you do have those other options, they are not ideal, but they get the job done. Marriage itself is nothing more than a legal contract these days, where the man assumes all the liability.

        14. Where’d you head to Scorpio? Planning my escape in approx. 5 years

        15. Wonderful country. Consider submitting an article, I can’t be the only one who’d love to read it. Godspeed

        16. He’s cool, watching some of his stuff now. Very matter-of-factual. I live 100 miles from Flint. Not much better here. Just massive resource consuming.. people just well… existing. Some of the young business owners, imho, that are doing well right now, esp in nuts-n-bolts business sorta just got lucky with their timing. If you were early 20s coming out of this recession, you could easily have made a great financial foundation by now. If you were in your late 20s like me when 9/11 hit and fucked the economy with the 1-2 punch of 4 economic bubbles and bore the brunt of all that shit, again, in nuts-n-bolts type business, it’s been a ruthless recovery.

        17. The quandary, we’re trying to vote them in… isn’t working yet. I really wish Trump didn’t take his “pro-woman” stance. I get it, hot smart bitches in exec positions.. unfortunately, it makes the good right-leaning western women empowered in a more self-reflective viscera. Project that shit on society and it’s hybrid nuke-powered feminism. If I see another bitch toting an AR-15 flossin “Merica” I’ll start puking.

        18. They addicted to video games because devs integrate lots of reward/effort psychology tricks into their products. Makes for good capitalism.

        19. The problem goes beyond what the President can fix. Most Judges and members of the congress are all hyper marxists, and as long as (((they))) are in control, were at the mercy of either walking into their trap or preserving what little independence and freedom we have left.
          The women LARPing as traditionalists while waving their AR-15s are just scared of losing the benefits of trapping a man in a soulless marriage. I’ve lost count of how many guys I’ve read about getting taken to the cleaners by their “based” wives.

        20. Its not the women I have a problem with, its the gynocentric laws. I guess there is the option of moving to a foreign land, but thats a lot easier said than done, not to mention it soon won’t be worth it anymore judging by the rate of how fast globalism is spreading, even to places like Japan and eastern Europe.

        21. I get your point about videogames, but to blame them for our current predicament is a bit silly. Sure, they are a waste of time (or not, depends how much you play), but dating is not very productive either (has not been for me, at least).
          I think that the manosphere in general fails to take into account how hard dating actually is. Maybe in America it is different, but where I am now (Spain) you can consider it a full-time effort. The clothing, the exercise, meaningless texting, going out, etc. Usually people who get laid regularly have also put quite a lot of effort on it, whether they are aware or not.
          On pages like this one I see a lot of advice regarding interactions with women, how to deal with relationships, shit tests, etc. But people like me don’t even make it to that point lol. I like things that are logical and work. I open a book, and I am reading. No mysteries, no tricks. Women certainly don’t work like that. In my opinion, videogames are attractive because they follow that logical path.

        22. The videogame bashing is getting really lazy, typical McGinnes stuff. You can play games and date women, it is not incompatible.
          In my view, gamers are not prevented from dating due to their hobby, but their personality (either introverted or very logical), which leads them to games in the first place.

        23. I don’t play games, but your points are dead on. So I don’t blame any man for his hobbies, as long as you find happiness and confidence in them.
          In terms of this society, I also point a finger at the baby boomers. I blame the original liberal movement of the late 60s. No society can denounce their religion, reject family values, put women in government, and expect it to not be conquered.
          People keep talking about western collapse. I think we’re in the aftermath of it already. A society flourishes when a man can work hard and be guaranteed a family to support him. Those times are over.
          My moms divorced three men. My sister cheated on her husband and became an alcoholic. My dad has been financially devoured by two women. There is zero incentive.
          My life from the start has been like a bucket of crabs. I’ve been scrambling to make as much money as possible and stay more appealing than other dudes so I can fuck hot girls. That’s it. We’d be a fools to put down roots in this swamp.

        24. This. Due to being very logical, that comes with the ability to weigh the risks and rewards, and as it stands today, there is very little reward for engaging in anything beyond short term with a woman.
          Bashing of geek culture was more relevant in like 60’s or something when marriage was actually more rewarding than the bachelor life.

        25. Yes, the guy who started this thread probably did not mean it but he was basically urging us to “man up already”, in typical boomer Republican fashion.

        26. Videogames, sports, or books, whatever floats your boat. We all have a form of self medication.
          The stories you named of your family will be dismissed as exaggerated anecdotes, but statistics show that its a very likely outcome today.
          Whether we’re experiencing the aftermath or the beginning of the ramifications of feminism/marxism, all I know is that there is no nobility in sacrificing yourself as a man for a society that already wants you dead.

        27. One of my faves… Thank you for reminding me of this masterpiece! Need to go DL an emulator….

        28. There is NO easy way out.
          Once a large portion of you realize that, your attitude will change.

        29. You guys may or may not realize the power of the medium of online play.
          There are no censors.

        30. Aside from the 80s 8-bit arcades, I never got into gaming. Glad I took up music, cycling and weightlifting as a teen instead.

        31. I consider all modern women LARPers. Everything is an act. It really is. Just had 14mo LTR I cut loose bring up;”It seems like all you’re looking for is sex.” That’s the game buzzer for me. Never totally ghosted a 12+ month relationship like I did this one. Just POOF, done. Not a word. At middle age, I shouldn’t have to explain;”Look, you don’t bring enough value outside moist holes to the table, so you’re gone.”

        32. If it isn’t on a grand scale it isn’t happening at all, and you know it.
          A few desperate individuals wanting to see Valhalla instead of dying safe in their own beds changes nothing. Their legacy will be forgotten and their families disgraced by the Media Jew, remembered only as villains.
          It’s all or nothing. One last crusade, or we accept death. The goyim has accepted their role as slaves to the Jew and simply wants to graze peacefully as long as they can before being put down.

        33. Too bad those Jews you speak of are not Jews, no, it won’t be the white man that dies off, but definitely those who call themselves Jews, but are NOT, but are the synagogue of Shattan.

        34. Those that recovered from Wal-Mart that is. My wife hails from a small town that used to boast a great high street with a variety of shops and restaurants. Wal-Mart arrived in the late 80s and turned the place into a ghost town. It’s only now starting to come back but I doubt it will ever be the same as it was.

        35. That and the big franchise restaurant chains have destroyed the small town so called “Greasy Spoons” that I loved when I was traveling for business. I’m afraid that the great small town character, Americana, is gone forever.

        36. This is actually true, when I was in Germany, every village, town, and city had a minimum of one brothel. Many places also had an RLD, it was relatively easy for a German man or anyone resident in Germany to find sex by paying for it, mostly because its illegal. Also because Germany has many migrants from Eastern and Southern Europe, even Muslim women often work as prostitutes there as well.

        37. I don’t think I could live in any of those cities, maybe Denver or Minneapolis, but the others have a low quality of life. I think Houston has taken the biggest turn for the worse, it also has become expensive to live there, real estate prices have doubled over the past 8 years there.

        38. You always get a better meal there than at one of the big chain restaurants that now litter the landscape all over the country. Many millennials think Chipotle is gourmet food, shows you that they are a bunch of morons.

        39. Every part of the country looks like every other part of the country now. A ghetto of franchise restaurants, chain department stores and the ubiquitous Wal-Mart. A blight on our once great country.

        40. One of the writers had a video of his hometown. Was a middle class American town, now full of illegals.

        41. Heh, if you were real, your start it. Instead of commenting on a message board that it should be done.

        42. Individuals have tried to start it. Nothing happens. Do you consider Dyllan Roof a hero, son? Why didn’t you pick up his rifle and keep shooting? Every time you read about a mosque being burned down do you invest in matches? You’re not willing to die when no one else is willing to die on that hill with you.
          … but let me guess, since you’re Reddit you’re elevated in a higher position. Despite the fact you’re a worthless internet faggot, you’ve moralized that instead you’re just an “intelligent realist.” That’s why you’ve decided not to support the cause either.

        43. You assumed a whole lot in your response. I’m black, so I definitely wouldn’t pick up Roof’s gun. And what does “since you’re Reddit” even mean? Also, white genocide is a false narrative.
          Internet tough guy doing what he does best, talking about his revolution even though he wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight.

        44. What cause? I read this article a second time and this isn’t a white race thing, this happens in all first world developed countries. Asian countries have similar cases

        45. Finally someone that don’t eat up this nonsense. I feel like getting fed by propaganda like how the left use to do to me, this is no different. Being fed something that isn’t real

        46. It’s funny that you would bring up Zelda where in that game it clearly shows favoritism to white historical and mythological concepts with white people or white looking people overrepresenting it in an article thinking there’s distinction hatred for whites

      3. More than likely, they’re the grown-up sons of “proud, strong, independent” single or divorced mothers “who didn’t need a man”.

        1. If there is no father in the household they are a single mom.

      4. I see this shit all the time. I just don’t get it. I mean, I understand that the day of the newspaper is over. Newspapers are dirty, messy, bulky and filled with stupidity. But for christs sake, read a book or review something for work…Not too long ago I was sitting next to someone roughly my age playing some video game going bleep bloop bleep. I felt like I was sitting next to fucking R2D2. I turned to him and said “they make those with mute buttons now” and he turned down the volume…but then I got to thinking…what is this person doing…..collecting gold coins running in a maze or some shit? This was a grown man. No wonder I get laid so often

        1. I briefly got into chess, then angry birds on an ipodtouch….
          quit now.
          As the only person on the bus NOT staring at their phone people treat me as a dangerous psychopath.
          Which is fine!

        2. haha, well NOT staring at your phone is clown shoes there Bemmy. But download a book or watch some midget porn.

        3. Its hard to find good quality midget porn. Most midget porn stars just think all they have to do is show up and be short. No effort, nothing.

        4. Totally — you mean your head is raised completely up in a normal position, looking at the world unfold around you, and you made eye contact? How DARE you!

        5. You could be reading some classics instead of staring at the same boring things over & over on you daily commute
          Take advantage of the technology 😉

        6. pfoo! THIS is the same thing over and over!- the real life scenery is far more engaging.

        7. If you’re not doing anything at least talking to someone on the bus yeah you do look weird. If you’re homeless without a smartphone at least be sleeping

      5. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Hell half the entertainment industry is built on it these days.

        1. I stopped paying attention to video games after the Colecovision, and Atari 2600 became obsolete.

        2. My first (and last) videogame was the first Nintendo (the grey one) when I was a kid in the 90’s. I was never into it, just played sometimes the game it included (Mario and Duck Hunt) and never felt the urge to have more games (like my friends).

        3. Due to personal/professional issues and because I don’t have a landline at my place I must have a cell phone. It’s a cheap chinese smartphone, and I only use it to browse alternative news sites (like Breitbart) and politically incorrect sites while I’m waiting at appointments or riding in public transportation.
          I don’t have Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever and try to stay off the grid as much as I possibly can.

        4. I never played video games, but when the first Nintendo came out I realized most of those kids who got hooked to them became the first of a generation of idiots.

        5. Yeah, I have a friend (35 yo) who spent entire days playing PS8 (or whatever the last videogame is) and smoking pot. In a number of times I asked him “don’t you thin you are wasting your life there?” and he anwers “Its what I like to do, what brings me pleasure, so NO”.
          Really sad.

        6. Video games along with other forms of digital entertainment have turned young people into slovenly lazy idiots. It is no wonder that in the digital age its so easy to manipulate the masses despite the fact that ordinary people can easily find the truth.
          The main thing about why video games are so addictive is they provide the player an escape from reality, and second they give person who has achieved nothing in real life, a sense of “accomplishment”. This is mostly the profile of adults who play video games, not children.

        7. Sports dorks playing Sega Genisis Hockey. Funny, most my friends were hockey players, and in retrospect, half of them were total dweebs and are to this day as adults as parents, perpetuating that shit into society via progeny.
          The other ones were typical asshole sorta-alpha jocks, who resumed the role of asshole as adults, again, implicating their progeny into similar roles throughout schooling and into the workforce.

        8. I found a video of a Nintendo fan who stood outside their store for an entire month. It was insane, I wonder if he has a real job or any purpose in life.

        9. Have a friend like that myself. He’s pretty damn good at just about anything he gets into. Probably somewhat genetic, his dad was near-virtuoso level symphonic musician.
          There’s always a string of underlying negative excuses for all the pot smoke, inability or lack of desire to maintain a regular career. Had some of the best philosophical discussions with him years ago so he’s not a dipshit, he knows what’s really up and mostly red-pilled. Got an import wife, knocked her up, she does all the work, pays the bills, he plays Mr. Mom.

        10. I came back from a badass metal show a few months ago at midnight, BestBuy nearby the Krogers store I walked into for late-night eats. Fuckin people camping out in tents like Black Friday JUST for the release of the Nintendo Switch. Probably 50 people. Seriously.

        11. Staying out one night for something is one thing, but this guy spent an entire month in front of Nintendo’s flagship store waiting for his Switch.
          Maybe it was some kind of stunt. Who knows but these companies brainwash people into running like hyenas for their mediocre products.
          Even high end products these days are nothing like what existed in the past. I got to see a Lamborghini Countach and Aventador side by side, sure the latter has more advanced technology, but it seemed to be a souped up Audi while the Countach felt like the true dream machine, both were gorgeous.

        12. I then saw a hipster kid in Krogers in self-check out line who answered me why all the people… funny thing is, he really went on and on telling me about the Nintendos features in depth, as if to justify this madness of sleeping out in 35 degrees for a video game machine.

        13. Hipsters will buy anything, they have no sense of quality or value.

        14. I like history-related shooters, but it is true they can get addictive sometimes. Particularly multiplayer games in which you face real people.
          On the other hand, I think some seniors would profit enormously from videogames as opposed to just passively watch TV.

        15. Oh, dont worry.
          Everyone around you post enougj crap that they can track anyone anyway

        16. Or its more fun to smoke grass and play a game you already have instead of going to a crowded bar and dropping money on booze.
          I had video games.
          I also went outside.
          I guess when its sleeting out you just curl up with a good book, grannie?

        17. Murdering your fellow man in an uncensored forum with zero liability is kinda fun.

      6. I don’t play games or even watch tv. Don’t even have one. BUT My lifestyle of going to bars 3 nights a week to holler at chicks is still just as childish.
        So what’s the alternative? Settle down and get my first couple divorces out of the way?
        Every great society goes thru this. The women get spoiled and turn their backs on the men, so the men give up trying to start families.
        You can see It happened here in the black community 30 years earlier. It’s just catching up with the whites now.

      7. The grown men still into Legos is worse. And then there are even grown men into My Little Pony….

        1. If only I could punch a guy and legally get away with it…Bronies would be first to eat a knuckle sandwich, just on principle alone.

      8. 30 something men in the 1970s were chasing the ladies. Now they sit on their corpulent behinds, look at their smartphone or now their “Switch” to pass the time. I remember there was a day when American women used to hold their own with the world’s best, but many of the posters here were not even born when that was reality.
        I have noticed Miss America has become meaningless, not because of the feminists that find such things against their ideas, but mostly because there are few women worthy enough to compete in such contests. The best beauty pageant contestants are usually from foreign countries. And even most of the ones in the US these days are from immigrant backgrounds, go figure. They come from societies with more traditional ideas of men and women. However it was not too long ago that those same ideas were the norm in America.

      9. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b95e5dbdf13da1220a6e9a4ab56c814a61fa98e8ceb087b1faf755cd30c413e.jpg Carlin (& many here) act like a child who just found out there is a system, one that was created over centuries by men far smarter than you. A system that cures your diseases & gives you food without risking your life to hunt it. We are better than ever but whiners are never pleased (part of human behavior, so not entirely our fault ). If life is such a burden I’d recommend stop suffering & do you & the rest a favor 😭🔫

      10. can someone explain to me why playing a video is terrible yet watching a movie is acceptable?
        same fucking thing.
        i can understand if the newest xbox game is your lifes purpose….but thats a separate issue really. in essence a healthy balanced life includes downtime and entertainment….if i choose to video game it up during downtime….WTF is so bad about that?

      11. You’re no different then a female that doesn’t get her way that you love to change definitions of what you think is adult, manly, responsible etc.
        I can easily change your words around and say …being free your whole life, who doesn’t want that?

    2. On top of that, there are motel restrictions, car seats, bike helmets, child labor laws…etc. All are designed to make child rearing a pain in the ass. Liberals who “care” for their single child view large families with contempt.

        1. true, but with the advent of birth control, the fabled perfect time is pushed back into the late 30’s on most women.

        2. True. Birth control, welfare, and child support are the big three family destroyers when it comes to to the first world .

        3. Maybe it’s ‘Darwin’ in action again. The Useful Idiots of the feminists who can’t think for themselves, SHOULD end up being unable to bear children. (It’s even better if they suffer the sting of having had an abortion or two while they were younger.)
          They were warned, and didn’t want to hear it; so let them pay the price.

        4. If only liberalism was genetic. Problem is, they infect others through the school system and media.

        5. Outlawing abortion would help with the replacement rate. Birth control is dispensed for women upon stepping onto the carousel like a gumball machine at the gates of a roller coaster.

      1. But, it’s for the children!
        If you don’t want to pass ten thousand more laws to protect them then you don’t care! If we could save one life then it would be worth it!
        That about covers it. People are so freaked out about safety that they can’t seem to understand that life is risky, there’s no getting around it.

        1. Aye. Even in real normal life, have you noticed how the constant parting words are almost always “be safe!” the last ten years or so? I’ve started directly confronting that when I reply “How about I have fun instead?”.

        2. people want to outsource concern, charity, and responsibility….then we all wind up with more regulation.

        3. Yup, “It’s for the children” and “I believe in the right to choose”

        4. The governments tax the income producing debt slaves for refusing to follow laws that protect the government’s income producing debt slaves. Buckle up or you get a ticket? What business is it of anybody else’s as to how much or how little risk I place my life into? It is my life isn’t it? The minute a life is registered in their system you become theirs.
          Immigration is needed. The supply is dropping. Targets need to be met. The few entrenched here really know what’s going on. The migrating masses know not the inner workings of the system. They are sold on the pretty sights and sounds the West has to offer. The kings care not who tends to their gardens.
          The old ways when men were really free… the mechanisms to enforce and exercise those God given rights still exist. They have to or else Jesus would have to come back to clear the obstructions. But after generation and generation of buying into this illusion of life, that knowledge is all but forgotten. Like a book sitting in the darkest corner of a library, there it was collecting dust.. until the Internet came along. The incorrectly accounted for Trojan horse.

        5. I especially dislike the term ” keep us safe”. Every time I’ve turned on the news for years I hear that.
          Ones basic safety is ones own responsibility.

        6. Before all this SJW Bullshit, less than 10 percent of American population was obese or overweight. Today its 2/3rds even with a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s selling organic this and that everywhere.

        7. Ticket for not using seat belt is part of the nanny state, people is too dumb to protect themselves so the state is going to tell you what to do. But the state want you to remain stupid so they can continue telling you to do more things all in the name of security, eey! even jaywalking is a crime. Soon not brushing your teeth or sleeping late will be a crime, mommy govt will turn off internet so you can sleep and be productive tomorrow is for you own good kid.
          The problem is that there is to many safety nets, In America everyone can be successful if they work their ass, but what the point when the state punish you for it. Ohhh you win more pay more, ohhh that illegal have nothing, The state is taking from you to give to them. We should let those parasite die but no that´s inhumane. That compassion is the west doom, that´s why the west is the cuck of the world, people enjoy to see how browns fuck their nation in the ass.

        8. Urinating in public places is also a crime back in the States. People get arrested for it.

        9. Coincides with modern workplaces getting sued to piss over 12 hour shift wage-slave androids devouring 2-ton forklift cargo because the fucking reverse beeper wasn’t enough to aid death avoidance, when situational awareness was once all it took.
          Glad I grew up jumping BMX bikes… pretty much stole the fear factor away.

      2. They sure have a hate thing for couples with more tags two kids. They were overcome with joy when some dirt came out about those terrible religious folks who are still counting their kids.

        1. I seriously think whoever cast that family knew something was up from the beginning. Like the Kardashians, Bruce was given a huge spotlight just prior to his thing. Duggars were the same way. It is all an act.

      3. I bet jealousy plays a large part of that contempt. Women biologically desire to have children.

    3. This seems partially correct to me (said as a hedonist with no family who desires to buy more stuff). I think there is another component in it and the blame goes back to the usual suspects…..no not the jews…..the boomers.
      See, all through time there have been rare great men, a couple dozen or so a generation, who eschewed family life to aspire to something greater. Einstein, Plato, St Augustine, Edison, Beethoven, Goethe, Shakespeare, Galileo.
      Family is a great source of meaning to many, even most men. However, there are some men, a very small group, for whom there are loftier ambitions, ambitions that do not allow for family. Maintaining a marriage and raising a family takes work….not all of these men had to be great historical men. For some small group of men there is simply something that gives meaning to life that supersedes family. When you are talking about 1% of men, this has never been a problem historically. It is as it has always been.
      Enter the boomers and their insistence that every child is some fucking miracle baby and from the moment it is born they are telling this kid that it is an astronaut billionaire rockstar wizard with a 18 inch cock while never teaching it that actions have consequences. Those kids look at the lives of the small 1% of men who eschew family lives to derive meaning from something else and say “hey, that looks much cooler than cleaning dirty shit diapers and listening to babies fucking crying all the time” and they try to live that life — only they are not equipped for it and then have a spiritual crises when they realize they flushed half their life and have nothing.

        1. Boomers are a weird lot to me. My parents are Boomers. They did nothing even vaguely “special snowflake” to me during my childhood. Hell my father was a Marine vetran of Vietnam, dude was not and is not a fan of coddling, and my mother is borderline vicious in her ruthlessness regarding others (*sigh*). Lots of other GenX had similar parents. That being said, what you say is true regarding the bulk of Boomers acting like idiots regarding their kids. GenX responded like all generations do, by being the exact opposite of their parents. Which is a great thing, because it made us into an overwhelmingly right-wing-libertarian hybrid. The trailing edge of the Boomers gave us the reprehensible cartoons known as Hipsters, yet when GenX started pushing out the newest version of that generation (or perhaps, a new GenZ) we’re seeing a whole lot of really hard right wing kids who don’t seem to be rebelling.
          It’s all interesting to watch, but ultimately, there’s nothing can be done to influence the bulk of any culture, outside of mass propaganda, which GenX is not doing (that I’m aware of). That being said, it makes my heart warm to see hundreds of GenZ young men with short haircuts and nothing “ironic” rolling into motorcycle rallies on their own bikes or showing up at the gun range.
          Strange times, but I guess that’s true for all times in history.

        2. I am an X’r too with boomer parents yet didn’t have the molly coddling…for different reasons than you for sure, but nevertheless…still, the vast majority of my age group peerage were given truly unrealistic expectations of what the world held for them and then the government and the banking industry financed it.

        3. Yeah, I do, I’m GenX, even Newsweek called us right wing libertarian. We have a high percentage of stay at home moms compared to other generations (after the 1950’s) and made up the bulk of the Tea Party.
          Instead of sitting on a computer, maybe get out and talk to some of us.

        4. I think a lot of influence for Happy Feelz came from growing up in the 1980’s which was, without question, one of the most optimistic decades in American history. Everything was possible and every goal was achievable back in 1985.

        5. Yeah, all those city block-length lines of blow had practically everyone giddy. Those that missed got to leap from tall buildings in a single bound. And if you were a kid, then it was entirely possible that you would someday own a car that could double as your best friend.

        6. The last conservative generation was the World War 2 generation. Baby boomers, the older ones are more conservative but still liberal on many issues, especially immigration. Younger baby boomers are liberal. Gen X? They are liberal but not Marxist like Millennial youth.

        7. Hey! Kit and I are in fact best friends!

        8. Not liberal, libertarian by and large, but little “L” and leaning more towards the right on most issues especially as of late.

        9. Similar….I wouldn’t say I was particularity coddled either, but I was certainly weaned on over-optimism. The culture was simply “forget all this; now doesn’t matter- just get into college, be rich and everything will be great”
          Greatness being directly based on material wealth, and assuming the general economic trajectory of the 50s and 60s would continue unabated…

        10. A double edged sword….like so many tools that 80’s optimism was a god send if used well and a nightmare if not…if you need to fit a window, cut some pvc or saw through a wall that has nails or studs in it a reciprocating saw is just the thing for you….not so much if your balls are itchy ya know

        11. I’ve lived in five nations on this earth (worked, paid rent etc). The idea that any American generation – least of all one that never fought a war – are right wing libertarian, is laughable. Ian point you in the direction of real right wing libertarianism if you you’d like…

        12. Generation Z hard right??!! Yeah sure. Only on the web when nobody is looking.

        13. I raised kids in this demographic. I’m not kidding when I tell you for a fact that they are nearly the polar opposite of Hipsters.

        14. Dude, seriously, stop with the smugness. I know what libertarianism is, and have for probably way longer than you’ve been walking this earth (assuming that you’re a Millenial, if not, my bad).

        15. I don’t know where you’re located, but around these parts (flyover midwest) the trend seems to be 25 and older are the Hipster faggots who can’t even competently make coffee in a coffee pot, and those younger than 25 who are taking up things like starting to buy and work on old cars, ride motorcycles, shoot firearms, hunt and take up fishing again. They are polar opposite of the Hipster types, and I haven’t seen a whiff of “ironic” anything about them.
          Two years ago I started noticing this younger demographic showing up at motorcycle rallies on their little rice rockets. Last year they started arriving in large numbers, and this year there are hordes of them, and some of them are converting to standard Harley cruisers, many with decent looking same-age girls on the back seat. There is hope. I will say however that this may be a regional thing only, but I wouldn’t bet on it from what I’m hearing from others.

        16. That explains it, I used to live in the Midwest, now located in Hungary. I don’t see the same with the youth in the big urban states.

        17. Anything is possible with 80’s optimism and THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Even if it SHOCKS THE WORRRLLLLLDDDDD

        18. I can quit the smugness but I strongly disagree with your opinion. Looks like “unstoppable force vs immovable object” argument situation so good day to you.

        19. Xer here too. As I describe our generation.”We know something’s incredibly wrong, can’t precisely put our finger on it, but we’ll fix it if we could just exactly identify the problem, so let’s just hit the re-set button and start over.” The music from Gen-X pretty much provides the message. I think now however, entering our aged years, we’ve got a much better definition of “what” the problem(s) are. The bitch of it all now festered, is the enormity of the undertaking to steer a better course.

        20. I would not trust too much those “generational” classifications… media-driven fads in my opinion.

      1. Well put. I quite near fell into that trap myself, being a larvae of that self-absorbed generation…

        1. As it turns out I just am happier and more fulfilled without the trappings of family. I am weird that way. Some people while they have a few kids making a mess of their living room and a wife telling them to take out the garbage and that little Janie might need braces may very well look at my life and feel a great sense of envy, but just as I would be miserable in their lives they would, I guarantee 100%, be miserable in mine.

        2. as a corollary, btw, to people who have a hectic family life and look at me and feel it might be preferable but in the end would be miserable, there are times, of course, when I will look at a guy in the park teaching his kids how to throw a spiral or some shit and feel a pang of remorse. People only see the good stuff and then they wonder, time to time, if maybe that is something they should have had but in reality the big picture, of either kind of life, is much more complicated, comes with ups and downs and is not made for everyone.

        3. I’m thinking (hoping) that its really no more complex than the ol “grass is greener” bit.

        4. I think that that is about it. The only difference is that with “the grass is greener” you can pick either side and always see the grass as greener. In this instance, a person who belongs on one side of the fence who tries to live a life on the other side of the fence will very quickly have no grass at all and most likely the earth below his feet will be burned and salted.
          Not all paths are for all men.

        5. family life needn’t be hectic: parents opt to enroll their kids in stupid shit like theater or how to twerk (for their 10 year old girls)

        6. I have no first hand experience and neither do you. What I do know is that every parent I have ever met in my entire life looks stressed the fuck out from the ordeal more often than not. They are either all lying about how hard it is to raise kids (I won’t deny this is a collective delusion or even lie) or it really is fucking difficult (which is probably more likely the case). Either way, I have no intention of figuring it out through empirical research.

        7. Reminds me of ex-drug dealer I knew growing up who did a few in state for narcos. Gets out, gets into real estate hustle, cleans up his act for most part, “finds God.” I just think paleeeze dude, you narked out people to lower your term. Now he’s all like “where’s all my friends n bitches at?” None to be had homie.
          You can shake the street-hustler’s sleeze. Now go wallow.

        8. Yeah. I am a bit like you regarding the pang of remorse. But I have quite an aversion towards decisions you can not walk out of, such as having children.

        9. I second your aversion to children….lol
          Not feeling remorse and not being a responsible man who handles his own issues are two separate things. A man must own the consequences of his actions……that is true and fair. However, feeling remorse over what he did is neither necessary or productive. I would never tell a guy who had a kid with some woman to just walk away and not give a shit. That is not lack of remorse, that is lack of responsibility. However, if you leave that woman and she hangs herself and leaves a suicide note saying it was your fault…throw it in the garbage and don’t give it a second though.

        10. Brutal honesty there. For every 10 miserable married men I’ve met, there is one dude who seems happy…
          But he still says there’s no sex.
          Not for me. The closest I’ll ever come to marriage is when I’m 65 and hire a Thai girl to bath and feed me.

        11. I am with you David. I do know some genuinely happy married people but they are a minority mostly because, I think, people get into it far too often because they think its “the right thing to do” rather than really wanting it or they want it but not enough to make a serious enough commitment and let their other life go.

        12. I’m my 30 years of dating I have had 3 suicides…one who directly blamed me. I never felt bad for a moment. As a friend pointed out to me yesterday, I ought to have an honorary psych phd for my field research on crazy fucking bitches. Bound to lose a few in the process.

      2. Yeah but, you are in a minority amongst the godless heathens because you aren’t a left wing commie retard.
        You are more like the guy from down the road that went off to college and came back a little weird but is still cool to hang out with even though all the old ladies at church think he’s gay because he never married.

        1. I know a lot of guys who stay single and no commie retards. People will find what they are looking in general.

        2. btw as a side note: I am in a minority…but that was the larger point. It is a vast minority that are constituted this way…the problem is when the majority tries to act that way even though they aren’t built for it.

        3. OT: making peach and onion chutney this weekend. got a canner and everything. I figure the Vidalias will be natural friends of Georgia peaches.

        4. Chutney sounds like some sort of medical term, ” that sore on the horses leg has chutney running out of it”.

        5. I didn’t know they made peaches in dark chocolate flavor.

        6. The way that Western women are nowadays, I really couldn’t find it in my heart to blame a man for being gay now. (I’m in my late fifties, and was raised Lutheran, so I grew up believing that being gay was a ‘sin’.) I’m not gay myself — just not attracted to men at all — but I don’t have the negativity towards them that I used to have; they can go their way, and I’ll go mine.

      3. But many of those people you mention in fact had children and families. Edison did. Einstein did.

        1. I didn’t know Edison had a family. I did know that about Einstein but forgot. Ok…I will pick two more names from the literally fucking hundreds that prove my point just because you want to be a pedant. I’ll trade out Einstein for Kierkegaard who severed his engagement with Regine Olsen because he felt love was an infinite emotion and could only be properly placed in an infinite source, i.e., God and also because she was a total fucking cunt (probably) and I will give you back Edison for Tesla who probably never married because his Eidetic memory made it impossible to forget things.

        2. Edison did have a family, but you have to remember that Western society was VERY different then!

        3. Sounds like an autistic version of go fish: I’ll throw an Edison card and pull a Tesla card from the deck: “Confirmed Genius Bachelor Go Fish”

      4. Beethoven had 4 children, Einstein 3, Edison 6 (!), Goethe 2, you might eschew family life for hedonism but don’t fool yourself that the historical greats were living like that or that it was the secret to their success..

        1. Beethoven MAY have had 4 children there is some dispute as to whether they are his or not. Further, even if he did they were all out of wedlock as Beethoven never married. I was wrong on eintstein, though he was a notorious womanizer and admitted it below and also retracted Edison. Goethe’s marriage meant less than dick to him. He basically had a scullery maid. I am glad you were able to miss my entire point in order to run a few quick wiki searches and make vaguely correct yet out of context points where I could have picked better names for my example. I guess you get a gold star today. However, the point of my comment remains true. Family life is not for everyone and many find greater meaning outside of it….especially now when family is so much less meaningful. That said, this is still a small minority. If you like I can write it out much more simply without the assumption of reader intelligence and do a better job picking examples but I will need some time to do the research.

        2. Was certainly in agreement about the boomers and their “every child is a miracle..” being a problem. I think the culture of parenting nowadays is a less healthy thing than in former times, and so there can be some logic in avoiding it. Also with divorce rape etc. Still, holding up childless hedonism as a virtue is a bit like holding up homosexuality as a virtue – it’s great hearing about sexual conquests and notches etc, girls you number close in the subway or bang within a few hours of meeting, but there is enough anti-family stuff already in the degenerating west.
          Yes, I looked up numbers to quote as have long been aware of how successful the greats of history have been AND had families. Recently watched a Kubrick documentary, he had kids.. I think if you did the research it would probably turn out that most of the achievers were not childless. It’s probably more a function of the modern age if childlessness and high achievement go together. Childlessness is being caused by cultural degeneracy, just can’t be convinced it’s something to hold up high and sing about.

        3. “I think if you did the research it would probably turn out that most of the achievers were not childless”
          Which goes to my original point. I think I said “1% of the population” there is a certain confluence of events…further, I said, that it wasn’t just achievers…simply people who found greater meaning in things other than family and kids. A man, I believe you will agree, needs to involve himself with something greater than himself. For many, if not most men that is family…dynasty…whatever. For a small percentage it is something else. My larger point was that when men try to be part of that small one percent who finds meaning elsewhere because it (grass is greener on the other side style) looks better than raising some squalling fucking brats and fucking a woman whose pussy is long beyond repair and now just looks like the saddest roast beef sandwich in existence but, in doing so, aren’t constituted internally towards the type of life where things other than family can be prioritized and universalized that they will be miserable.
          It is the normal order of things that men will seek to make their lives greater than the particulars. It is also very much the normal order of things that family and god is where this comes from. However, for some people, it is not this way.
          “cultural degeneracy” if it is even really a thing (which I have my doubts about) is not causing childlessness. Childlessness is being caused by people who think they can be peter pan, stay young forever, live a life single and free forever and the vast majority of those people, by the time they hit my age, start freaking the fuck out because the top of the mountain causes a vertigo that will drop the colon out of most men.

      5. Hear hear… good points.
        I guess I am screwed because similarly to what you say I have never had the desire to start a family… and don’t think I am a genius either.

    4. Black Americans have the monopoly on having children whilst not having families.

      1. Not anymore. I can remember it being very rare among black people and almost unheard of among whites. Now it’s common place.

        1. Their rates are still more than double any other demo group. It’s disgraceful.

        2. Totally different. Blacks have lots of unprotected sex and sow wild oats that way. White single mothers are often because the woman leaves when she has the kid to collect on the guaranteed 18 years of slave labor from the man while pursuing more dick.

        3. Maybe different routes but they both wind up at the same place.

    5. Breeding useless eaters is for suckers and peasants. With advances in anti-aging, my money goes into being an overlord of the huddled masses.

      1. Just one of the materialist guys Roosh was talking about; extend your life so you can gobble up more fat eh?

        1. Enjoying the decline, poolside. Hopefully today’s stock market crash is the beginning of a collapse.

      2. Africans are not thinking this way. Arabs aren’t. Indian’s aren’t. They’re breeding as fast as they fucking can, meanwhile whites are already a tiny minority of the world population.
        The world needs more whites at any cost.

    6. Yea but we all know that it is the women who want this. If men had their will we would have ten thousand children each.Feminism and women is what is killing us off.

    7. Once I finish my current work I plan to market it to go viral and net an income to support a family the size of a baseball team.
      As our president says “Since you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big”.

    8. Pop culture is a big part of turning adults into children. Most people who play video games and watch comic book movies are grown adults. Not surprising these “adults” behave like children.

    9. Good buddy of mine in early 40s has girlfriend 9 years younger, pretty hot. Not getting married, she seems so-so with the situation. Not having kids. When asked he says;”You think I’m gonna bring a kid into this shit hole we live in now? That’s concomitant with child abuse. No thanks.” Stubborn in that regard, but I can’t blame that logic.

    10. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. There are political & economic factors at play here too. 50+ yrs of liberalism has destroyed traditional family units in modern western societies, and whites being the pioneers and builders of these societies going way back in time then hit “stumbling block” in mid 1960s with rise of civil “rights” and ugly feminism.
      We have never recovered since…

    11. the worse is people who decide to not having children because it is “selfish”. When i ask them why they answer something like “the world is getting worse and tough and future will be harsh blablabla”.Those motherfuckers think perhaps the world was a cooler place 100 or 200 or more years before ? they have fridges, cars, computers, internet, tv and those dumbasses still find a way to say that the world is “tough”. They prefer letting the poor and uneducated breed like rabbits because of their flawed ideology, they abandon our planet to them without remorse, and those people who breed will do more damage to the earth because they consume, they are numerous, and they are unable to think and produce something to save what is left to be saved. These non breeder are the treators, the stupid useful idiots of white decay.

    12. It’s not about being children. But when you spend 10+ hours a day at work, you don’t want to come home and have to deal with them. You need to relax if only to keep your sanity for one more day.

      1. I used to think the same way but now that my small brood is grown I look back and wish I had had a house full.

    13. It’s hard to afford children when your made to pay for turd world people and the ghetto scum slut mothers to have 12 baby’s

    14. If they hadn’t convinced us (the masses) to be this way, the elite would have to behave quite differently to stay in control.

    15. I didnt want to usher in a massive amount of children to this dying society.
      I was wrong.
      White people dont have kids because they are demoralized.

  9. What’s it going to take to fire that first shot and get this bloodshed under way

    1. Nothing is lost until the last bullet is fired and the last man dies on the field covered in blood with his bayonette falling from his hand. Defeatism needs to go away. Fuck, we’ve never had more actual means to resist tyranny and wrong in the history of mankind, as citizens. It’s like calling a game of chess over when the opponent has only his king and two pawns left while you control the board and have only lost a bishop.

      1. There will be blood for sure. Western Europe will fracture. I wonder when that happens will we see desertion among the police and army to side with white nationals?

  10. Good article. However we have to keep in mind that these are just the manifestations of a specific agenda, carried by a little but very powerful group of individuals who deliberately want to destroy the white race.

  11. White people are not dying off(well at least in America can’t say the same for Europe). The population will drop until a new birth/death equalibrium is met.

    1. Statistically they are, but that may be in conjunction with delaying of child creation and expansion of freedoms for women. It just doesn’t seem that way because the majority of USA is white and there is no shortage of white people around.

    2. Incorrect. Whites are indeed on a pure demographic decline and are being totally engulfed in global demographics by the far higher birthrates of Muslims and blacks.
      Whites = 25% world population in 1900, and 8% now. Not a good market share report.

      1. Where did you find those statistics? Are you going by current population level or children per household for replacement?

        1. Thanks. Statistics can be hard to judge accurately since it depends on so much; size studied, time period, location, just to name a few. Noticed the same thing when trying to get crime stats per race.

        2. Yes. The results of that based are based on historical patterns and not potential events that will likely happen in the near future.

    3. That is a simplification, even though birth/death equlibrium is part of the equation.
      History is an open case, although some things are inevitable. Throughout history tribes and people have been either:
      1. “Transformed”, given a name. Such as that a significant share and number of “Brits” became “Americans” on the other side of the Atlantic.
      2. And/or, hybridized. i.e. more or less mixed with other populations.
      3. And/or displaced by other ethnic or racial groups.
      Nothing indicates that whites “automatically” will become more numerable. Especially if they mix and/or are gradually replaced.
      I am saying that some kind of hybridizaton is necessarily bad, just stressing crucial dimensions that have to be considered if one wants to understand where things might be heading and what has happened in the past.

    4. America was over 85 percent non Hispanic white in 1987. Today it’s only 62 percent non Hispanic white. The vast majority of “Hispanic Whites” are not white too. Also many Arabs and Iranians are classified as non Hispanic whites so the true European white proportion of America is only 60 percent.
      White people are indeed dying off and at a very high rate.
      Also whatever whites that still remain are nothing like whites of 50-60 years ago.
      In 1900 whites were one third of the world population and today about 10 percent.

      1. Furthermore with whites at barely 60%, so many young whites will inevitably intermarry or interbreed with non-whites just by the actuary tables of romantic serendipity. It hastens the decline of whites even faster.

        1. That is the other part of the equation. That is why the white population will drop even faster in the next 30 years.
          Most of the young whites today, their parents were born in the late 1960s when education started becoming “progressive”, so they have been inundated with Marxist ideas since they were crawling.

      2. But where do these hispanics live. Mostly in states around the Mexican border. Good luck finding hispanics in Idaho

        1. they find their cities, there is loads of em in eastern pa, I think they start in philly and move westward

        2. All the highly populated urban states have large Hispanic populations, which means the economically important parts of America have strong Latino influence.

        3. Idaho is 12.2% in 2015 and climbing per 2015 census. Go to Nampa, Caldwell, or Fruitland and it is like 50%. Lots of fruit and vegetable pickers in the Snake River Valley. Most the first generation Mexicans I have known have been good, hard workers. The second generation goes into the gangs, however.

        4. I’m really thinking that we need to expel Cleveland from the state and then erect a wall around Ohio and put men with machine guns on the watch posts. Most counties here are 90%+ white and with a divorce rate around the 1950’s 10% level (12% in my county).
          In all seriousness I think that we’re going to start seeing more congregation and voluntary segregation as things continue to decline. At what point that turns into a hardcore majority of whites getting as racialist as minorities is anybody’s guess, but I’ll wager that we’ll see it in our lifetime.

        5. Ohio, if I am not mistaken, has mostly grain crops. Better done with equipment than hand labor. You will find the Mexicans in the more fertile areas that grow things that need to be hand picked.

        6. Sure. I’m just saying…BUILD THE BUCKEYE WALL! (and give Cleveland to Canada). Heh.

        7. True, lots of labor intensive jobs in the construction industry. Concrete is a big one.

        8. Still, I would prefer the Mexicans here, rather than the more aggressive, Africanized Mexicans they are dealing with across Europe.

        9. Met a woman from France last year, she noticed I was American and started talking about Trump and Mexicans. She was puzzled why Trump had such an issue with them, also this woman lived in the US for a few years. She thought Mexicans compared to Muslim immigrants in her country actually contribute something to society such as labor, good food, etc. I had to agree with her on that matter.
          She was speaking out of her direct experiences with both people.

        10. White Americans need to develop a shared consciousness of their identity as “Amerikaners,” analogous to the blending of different groups of white immigrants to South Africa who became the Afrikaners.

      3. yes, the white population is like an inverted pyramid: top heavy – lot of old people and comparatively few young whites.

  12. The only thing that needs to take place is a change of attitude. Defeatism, and white guilt are at the root of that. Do you feel sorry for bringing the world a modern society? Of course there were unjust atrocities committed by whites (most with a socialist mindset), but does that negate all the good that has been done? If it weren’t for whites, the world would still be like sub-Saharan Africa (without guns). We can and will continue the press forward to a better society. You think piggybacking on anyone else will bring improvements?

  13. As far as selling out their lives the Asians are outdoing us these days. Even when we had a materialistic society we used to have some culture and pride surrounding it.
    Remember Christmas? Used to be a publicly acknowledged Holiday everywhere in America.
    Today telling a stranger “Merry Christmas” is as offensive as swearing at them. well according the the PC masters and cultural Marxists.

    1. I am fairly sure Christmas is still a publically acknowledged holiday everywhere in america

      1. Not at government offices or at public schools. The city where I grew up used to put up Christmas decorations during the Holidays. They no longer do it for fear of offending other groups.

        1. Government offices still let people off on Christmas, the government almost entirely shuts down on Christmas.
          I get what you’re saying on some level though, clearly Christmas and Christian holidays et al. are being minimized.

        2. that is bs.
          Public schools all recognize Christmas as a holiday. No one is being chastised for “saying merry Christmas” and other than essential services the government’s offices are also shut down.
          This is the biggest and baddest of false flag bullshit issues in the world.

        3. I think the disconnect of a lot of Christians seem to have about this is that Christianity isn’t institutionalized any longer. Clearly nothing is or can be done to stop people from speaking as they wish, however they wish, whenever they wish. I don’t mind a totally secular public square in the least, but I think some Christians do. Not suggesting that they want a theocracy, but rather, they’re reeling from the changes that have occurred in the public square over the last 30 years and are trying to process it, so it comes out sometimes as a victimization plea.
          With that being said, there’s no question that the public square has quite a few rabid anti-Christians who are acting without any sense of civility (forcing Christian owned bakeries to bake cakes for faggots, etc), who are not helping matters in the least.

        4. Yes, there has been a secularization of the public square (which is a good thing imo). Christianity doesn’t need to be enforced by the government any more than English needs to be the legal language of the united states in order for it to “survive”
          As for rabid anti-Christians, I just don’t see it. There is absolutely a derision of the kind of al queda level Christian fanatics up to and including the idiots making noise about a “war on Christmas” but that really isn’t anti-Christian it is simply anti moron which, again, is perfectly fine in my book.
          In no place in this country are sane and rational Christians made to feel ill at ease for practicing their faith right up until when they get all nutty and at that point it is being a nut ball and not being a Christian that is the source of the derision.
          Anyone who seriously thinks that there is an anti Christian sentiment in America ought to take all the feminists who think that women are treated unfairly in America and they can all charter a Boeing C-17 and spend a few months in Riyadh. While there they can have their million dyke march and try to celebrate Christmas at a public school. The ones who escape the public beheading are free to apologize when they get back

        5. They will close on Christmas but you won’t see decorations or signs that say “Merry Christmas”.

        6. Eh, there is some hostility in the public square to Christians. I don’t think that there’s any organized hate groups against Christians with any real power, but forcing Christian businesses to serve clientele in a way that clearly violates Christian morality is a real thing. Not a huge thing, no, but a very visible thing. It contributes to the victimization feelings I think that you find in a lot of Christians. It’s not widespread, obviously, but it is very visible.
          I really think both sides need to ratchet it down and learn to get along, live and let live.

        7. everyone in society gets a little bit fucked sometimes. This is one problem in the black community that is HUGE….blacks often can’t tell the difference between sometimes the world sucks and racism. Christians (thought to a lesser extent) have this same problem. The government isn’t anti-Christian….it is a huge bureaucracy (to paraphrase Heinlein: an organism with 6 or more legs and no brains) and huge bureaucracy’s do things that fuck people over. Internalizing that into a sense of victimization is weak ass pansy faggot shit and Christians would do well not to participate. The victimization feelings that Christians have are patently absurd. Christian businesses being forced to serve clientele that violates their Christian morality (I am thinking faggot wedding cakes)….that isn’t anti Christian…that is just the government doing what big, stupid, moronic governments tend to do to small businesses.

        8. I’m not defending it, what I’m saying is that there have been a convergence of things happening all at once, way too fast, that is causing the victimization complex. You’d never hear this kind of thing in 1979, even with the business force issue. Just too much at once I think and it’s causing people to short circuit.

        9. Again the Jews have worked at cross-purposes. On the one hand they’ve spread this dispentsationalist nonsense in American churches about Israel and the end times, to play these Christians for suckers. Yet on the other hand they have also propagandized for skepticism about religion in general, and as a result Christianity in the U.S. has gone into decline.
          If you don’t believe in a god, then Israel doesn’t fulfill “bible prophecy,” and it becomes just another country.

        10. its been basically outlawed in my friend’s kid’s school in Montco, PA.
          Its ‘holliday’ everything and they only decorate in blue and white.
          And learn about dradles…..

        11. there is literally no mention of Christmas in your kids school in PA?

        12. My daughter’s middle school choir instructor was a feisty, short (and really hot) little Italian woman (meaning, a minority in central Ohio). She circumnavigated all of the “holiday” crap by having the choir sing songs strictly in Latin, like old Mass, with songs that nobody was familiar with. So the audience felt it was all multi-culti and interesting and nice, meanwhile, those of us with some language skills came to immediately realize that the choice was singing about Christ the Savior and how He has come to the world to give us salvation, etc. It was really interesting how she worked around that.

        13. In a lot of schools they almost literally outlaw any mention of it. Some schools will even expel you for having your own personal Bible that you read during study hall, because “muh separation clause” (which does not actually exist the way that it’s claimed).
          You will however learn a lot about dradles (Bem isn’t joking, that’s a real thing) and also about the Religion of Peace and how beautiful it is.

        14. man you guys our in fly over are nuts. Last year my little nieces were angels in the Christmas pagent at their school. I don’t know what you guys are doing in the badlands but it is totally insane.

        15. mind you I’m citing a highly jewish and highly liberal upper-middle-class suburb.

        16. It’s not “us flyovers”, it happens all over New England and the east coast as well. Private schools are their own entity but public schools are screwed up.

        17. Yeah, that is pretty tiresome. Whenever I hear about the Holocaust I like to say “Yeah, those Armenians really took it in the shorts didn’t they?”.

        18. the girls go to public school. Not sure about new England. Seems to me that most of these “problems” are happening out in the parts of the country I wouldn’t visit on a dare…

        19. And never forget 9-11, either. We don’t want to give aid and comfort to the enemy, we don’t want to let them know we live in constant fear. (Huh?)

        20. Dude, you don’t leave a ten block radius of where you live except to hit a tropical island now and again. This kind of thing is pretty common these days. And if it were just secularizing schools, ok whatever, but they do single out Christianity while promoting every other religion on the globe. That’s not a victim thing, it’s just a simple fact.

        21. (((bem)))
          Seriously though, if you are in a highly jewish area and the schools are talking about spinning their menorahs (thank you American Psycho) that makes sense. My nieces, as I mentioned above, live in a predominately catholic area and their school had a Christmas Pageant. I saw pictures. It was adorable.

        22. I’m fond of saying “the Holodmor? yes, proof communism leads to suffering”

        23. the holiday convention has become popular but we live in a multi cultural society where you can’t always tell who is who and who is a sensitive bitch. I think this has more to do with assholes willing to sue over anything and lawyers with less scruples than child molesters making it impossible to live a day to day life without walking on eggshells.
          In the end it seems to come down to cover your ass and not a war on Christianity…at least in my viewing. Wanna talk about torts reform and getting people to stop suing for stupid shit…that makes sense.

        24. btw if someone brings a bible to school they shouldn’t be expelled but they should be soundly bullied.

        25. Well, that would teach Christians to stop being pussies and to start fighting back. I’m all against hippy Jesus but am totally for “return as a Lion” Crusader Jesus.

        26. As far as I can tell the only people complaining about this shit are people in the middle of fucking nowheresville. Sorry, over here in the civilized world we conduct business differently. If there is a legitamite war on Christianity in the Midwest, then I know nothing about it. I don’t see it here in the real world. With any luck eventually population expansion will be such that we will start paving westward and being you guys some civilization.

        27. Let’s not do the city mouse country mouse thing today, what do ya’ say?

        28. I usually went for the “stand back and watch you fuk up your own life” Jesus when I was antagonized.
          That and weed.

        29. Maybe it is time to ask yourself How do I work this? Where is that large automobile? Is this my beautiful house? Is this my beautiful wife?

        30. nah, we don’t have to. But don’t you worry pal, like always we will pull the rest of the country kicking and screaming into the future.

        31. right – how much of Manhattan is owned by foreigners?
          You can KEEP that future.
          Channeling my inner @ghostofjefferson:disqus here…

        32. here we agree. Still, if you are 12 and you and bringing your bible to school (and you are in a public school) you really need an asswhooping and some baseball cards. There are few people who enjoy reading the bible more than the knee man and I will go chapter and verse with the best of them, but public school kids who are lugging along extra books like bibles need to be wedgied something awful

        33. I have wanted a “Wang Computers” shirt for so long.

        34. I don’t mind the Russian oligarchs buying up the 90 million dollar condos. I’m merely pointing out that most of the victimization talk comes from places outside where I would consider civilized society.

        35. Yeah, end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The days of big city building are long passed, now it’s about gentrification of existing city property more than anything. Sure buildings are still being built in cities, etc. but the desire to transform small areas on a river into a dirty crime ridden metropolis are over. Big cities happened because of big industry during the height of the industrial revolution, those that remain today exist strictly on inertia (and may well continue to do so indefinitely) and the fact that a lot of financial HQ’s are still located in them. The trend now since the last half century is to get out and away from big cities (except for Millenials who are, as a group, useless and a drain of resources wherever they live).
          Out here in rural and suburb ville, they can’t build houses fast enough, and if you own a house away from a big city it will sell within a week, sometimes within hours, of being posted for sale. Hell some people are going to extremes, with in-tow “miniature houses” (which seems bizarre to me). Technology has made congregating into small dense areas pointless.
          I really don’t care what happens in big cities, although I do appreciate what they are or used to be. When I log off I’m surrounded by vast expanses of fields and forests and wide open skies. That works for me, and most people.

        36. crapola!….I was going to google Mao to see the numbers on his holocaust, and the second in line on the autofill was “Mao Se Tung designer clothing”

        37. I agree with you about the “Victorian era” city outliving its usefulness, except as boutique way of life for some. Here though, the trend is the opposite of what you describe. Houses in the burbs/near countryside languish for months whereas I could sell my (in town) house this afternoon for 9x what I paid for it.
          My hunch is that a bust is coming – that all the people buying here, driving the residential boom are going to suddenly, collectively realize that good schools and ample parking DO matter when you start a family. THEN they’re all going to flood the burbs and we’ll be a third world cesspool again.

        38. I think that it depends on local economy most of the time. Central Ohio is almost literally recession proof, so even in the worst of times we do alright, and in the best of times we go insane with growth. The trend here is, and I know this from speaking directly to realtors the last few months (you know my situation) is that buyers will make an offer very fast and OVER your asking price to try and secure a contract.

        39. There’s a lot of that going around. My hunch is that the days of rapidly falling home prices (like back in ’08) and big real estate busts are over. I think the master plan involves pushing the costs of owning real estate up so high that nobody but the uber-rich will be able to afford the price of the home and land, the property taxes and the insurance…the days of the Feudal Lords and Land Barons will return. Hafta wait and see on that one. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for some Vegas odds on that particular outcome.

        40. As you know, I have my eye on Central Oh…..
          What about it is recession-proof? What is the main driver of the economy? Cant just be colleges and corn an’ shit.

        41. It has a huge amount of Insurance and Finance HQ/sub-HQ quartered here. Plus we have some major industries that are not bound heavily to the economy, like alcohol (Anheuser Bush plant here is huge) and Scotts (lawn/garden plant). Columbus is by and large a white collar place with fairly bullet proof industries.

        42. I have my empire already under construction out in the rural areas of Hooterville.

        43. I’d been looking into buying a place until recently. After seeing the rapid escalation of property taxes, I thought, “Fuck, if I pay cash for this condo, I’m going to have property taxes and HOA fees that will amount to $800 a month. I’ll never own the thing, not really, and the fees will just keep going up…” I’m holding on to my cash. I think it will come in handy down the road.

        44. I doubt you can do this in Nevada, but here when I acquire acreage I lease it out to farmers on a cash per acre basis, and the land is classified for tax purposes thusly as farm land, which has a way lesser amount of tax than residential land.

        45. Smart play. I just have this dim view of real estate. Now, the way you are handling it, that is very interesting. Still, I see property taxes escalating to ridiculous levels (you know, to pay for, “governmental shortfalls – wink, wink). Might take a few years. Hopefully you will stay ahead of the game and beat the pants off the vultures waiting in the wings…

        46. Tax goes up, price of acre per year goes up. They can try to tax us but that just causes food prices to escalate, which tends to piss the masses off. Now residential/city land tax, absolutely, I really think you’re on to something there.

        47. From my sources, I hear the master plan for the cities involves downsizing the living spaces, and pumping the rent rates up to dizzying heights – which will basically enslave the tenants. Picture tiny apartments crammed together and stacked one on top of the other. Renovated shipping containers from transport ships, modified to house the proletariat. That sort of thing. (Plus, lots of immigrants housed in those urban areas.) I see a lot of that going down in big cities, and I read about that very thing happening all over, in big cities. So something’s up there. I think I might have to get back to the country here, fairly soon, and buy some land in the Midwest. Yep.

        48. They will probably quadruple again within the next five years, if we have the plan assessed correctly.

        49. I just realized something – the word “manicure”. What are the first three letters of that word: m-a-n. As in man.

        50. not my thing. I like them a little broken in. I don’t want them lacking the requisite experience to realize just how fucking special what I am doing is.

        51. Real world = fagopolis = people stacked up like cord wood, mountains of garbage, big ol water beetles that look like they cam from the Jurassic Era, rats, brown subway walls that haven’t been washed since Herbert Hoover was in office

        52. I get it, the city is eating you alive. You back in town? Ready to head out to the park, hit up tavern, get a drink on the avenue see why people like the city so much?>

        53. We need to have the Templar Order (and it’s badass attitude) reconstituted again!

        54. Soon. Perhaps next week. Just a cautionary note. And it’s not even really a big deal. More like a nervous tic. But just thought you should know ahead of time. Whenever I enter or leave a room, I have to do the Bushwacker intro, moving my arms up and down. It’s not a big deal though…

        55. I was Christopher Columbus in a 2nd grade play. It marked the pinnacle of my thespian career.

    2. By a pure economic and demographic standpoint, I am in full agreement that South Korea and Taiwan are probably the world’s most successful societies. They will be in good shape through the 21st century. Strong economies, ultra low crime, proud and honorable cultures, and near 100% social cohesion.

      1. SK has somewhat troubling birthrates and marriage patterns, though. Historically there already are some degree of Southast Asian components within the Korean people, and they will increase due to immigration and hybridization. But as long as immigration policies remain about the same, the level of ethnic heterogeneity will remain fairly low.

      2. I could not say that about China, although China will be an economic powerhouse through most of this century and the next one, it won’t be a nice place to live except for the rich. I guess much like America these days.
        That being said Koreans will be lucky, and also they don’t have Marxists pressing them to admit culturally incompatible foreigners. Even the Asian countries that do have immigration like Singapore, keep them on a very very tight leash.

      3. South Korea’s survival depends on what happens in North Korea, however.

    3. tell you what – when I hear that ‘happy holidays’ crap I ‘merry Christmas’ their ass good!

      1. I saw a Muslim and told him “Merry Christimas” he looked at me like he wanted to stab me in the heart.

        1. I glared at him back and he soiled his pants. He didn’t expect a white man to stand his ground. This was in Germany 3 years ago. I think he was accustomed to intimidating people, but many Germans these days are soft.

        2. That’s when you give him a “I said, Merry fucking Christmas!”

        3. I make it a habit to say Merry Christmas to every fucking body I see right before the start of the season.

    4. Meanwhile, while you’re whining about the word “holiday,” Christians are being murdered and jailed for their beliefs in Muslim countries.

      1. Jews are a part of the Islamic extremist problem. They promote the immigration of Muslims into Western countries. These people never fully integrate and wind up hating the societies where they live.
        Mass uncontrolled immigration is a big part of the Jewish plan to ruin white countries. They use angry resentful non whites against whites.

  14. I just wonder at what point will shit begin crumbling? Any whites still ignoring demographics at this point is either a fucking retard, or worse, a total traitor.

  15. I recall reading Mark Steyn writing about the demographic flip that was coming about 12 years ago. He was asked recently, now that he was proven right, what he thinks today and his reply was “like a modern casandra I was hoping more people would realize what was happening, but they didn’t. We’re past the rubicon now and will muddle the decline.”

  16. Failed at the last hurdle by being the victim of their own success. Like every other civilization ever. Enjoy the matriarchy and it’s rampant betas.

    1. Defeatism before the battle is even fought is poison.

    2. The matriarchy will die an EXTREMELY painful and horrible death (I hope) when it’s rampant betas are overrun by the Islamic ‘refugee’ hordes slowly amassing both here in our midst and in Europe.
      I don’t know if I will live to see it, but as a man who is a MGTOW (so therefore has never married) and has never fathered children, I hope that I can witness, however briefly, the well-deserved deaths of the traitors in the feminist groups and in the Left (who DEMANDED and supported bringing their future executioners here).

      1. I have noticed many European women voluntarily bed Arab men. So if things go bad for them, too bad. In most of these relationships, the man presses his culture on the woman.

        1. Hopefully, those women will NOT get what they want, but what they truly deserve.

  17. This is an older article, but one of my favorites. Fits very well….

    6 Things White Males Should Be Proud Of

    Screw the liberals, the Muslims, the faggotry induced populace, excellence of this order has never been duplicated. White guilt is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

      1. is it wrong to say you are proud to be white? I mean no malice towards any other race, but I am proud of who I am.

    1. well then there is nothing to worry about for if you are a strong man you will love the hard times and detest the good times

  18. GoingSane’s 5 Observations of Truth #5:
    “Mankind is self-defeating, it is what separates us from the animals”.
    We’re the only species that can argue our way into extinction.

  19. This article sums up perfectly why, even though I follow politics, I’m detached about it.
    Apart from the demographic issues (border wall, illegal immigration and H1B’s), I really could care less about what trump does.
    Fighting the culture war is more important, because the elites still control all of our major institutions.
    If you awaken enough people, then all of the money and influence in the world won’t matter, because the elites will simply be in an echo chamber.
    Trump’s election was good in that it showed is that it’ll be tough, but not impossible.

    1. We just need Trump to stay the course he started out on, and not get distracted by the Leftists and their lackeys in the media..

    2. Yep, I can’t stand hearing Cuck Ryan blather about reforming the tax code. Think we got bigger issues to attend to …

  20. Excellent article, Relampago. (You are my favorite ROK author by the way.) Interesting that Carlin “died” shortly after he proclaimed exactly what he was working on…funny how that happens. I wish Vegas had offered an Over/Under line on how many years he had left after he spilled the beans. Ch-ching. Take the under.

      1. Damn. Vegas needs to get more creative with their menu of betting options…

        1. No shit, man. (Ha!) Or Pee-Wee Herman. Or…sheesh, just about anybody else other than Carlin…

    1. Relampago is frighteningly aware of all the nuances of society. One of the reddest of red pill authors on this site fo’ sho’.

  21. White people arent dying off. Liberal whites (and secular Jews) are dying off. Conservative whites have fairly good fertility rates…higher than black americans, higher than american born hispanics.
    Its evolution in action.
    In 25 years, I think Whites will have the highest fertility rates in the USA at least.

    1. I would love to see the data on this. With the rise of the Alt Right and Richard Spencer in the news, as well as the resistance to the Antifa, I’m led more and more to believe that white people are slowly coming to the realization that they are being herded towards extinction.
      “You will not replace us” is a very damning wake up call.

        1. That skew needs to increase if we are to get ahead of the indoctrination in the schools. Get to it boys!

        2. Yes. My brother in law had his kids home schooled and he’s a blue collar stiff. It just takes a willingness to not want to live the Keep Up With The Joneses lifestyle.

        3. I’m convinced that homeschooling is the only way to raise children who won’t grow up to become mindless drones.
          My parents dropped me out halfway through 2nd standard (grade). That was easily the best decision they made regarding my life and I will be eternally grateful to them for it.
          The amount of freedom you get to learn whatever you want is simple incredible.

        4. my oldest boy is kind of a pain for my wife, so we decided to put him in public school to see if he would behave better for some other teacher. We were teaching him Algebra, some Trigonometric and such……the kid went on coast for a year, back to multiplication tables. Now, we pulled him back home where he can do some learning, but now he has it in his head that he doesn’t need to try anymore because he was so far ahead of the curve. Public schools are poison.

        5. Indeed. Reminds me of a Korean violin teacher I had many years ago. There was this Suzuki course she wanted to teach me. The course book is supposed to last for 1 year, but I practiced so well that I burned through half the book in just 3 months. She was showering me praise saying I was the best student she ever had. But since then she started stalling my progress. Seems like finishing a course too early is bad for business.

        6. something like 80% of people will follow their parents politics, regardless of schooling.
          A great majority of white children born in the next generation will be born to self described conservatives.

        7. My parents were liberal. I grew up liberal, changed to conservative after “maturing” in my twenties. I’d seen enough of the male-bashing, guilt-trip imposing, bleeding heart hypocrite lib-left termites the MSM fawns over. Now my parents are conservative.

    2. I don’t know the numbers and I don’t know if this is true or not, but I am almost 100% sure that there are far more conservative white fathers than African American fathers…whether this means there are more white children or not I do not know

      1. I’ve read from “legit” media that the trend now is for successful (conservative) whites to have as many children as they can afford as some kind of status symbol. I don’t know how much credence I put in that, but I can’t help but notice that all of my white neighbors have more than 2 kids.

        1. One reason is that white conservatives are basically driven out of university at younger ages, where they get married at a younger age and have kids at a younger age.

        2. I kinda just wanted to make the joke about how there are a lot of black kids and a dearth of black fathers….lol. I haven’t looked at any statistics or anything, I just like vaguely racist jokes in the morning.

        3. I am planning to be less cautious with my romantic acquaintances.
          Best laid plans can go terribly awry in our dystopia.
          But, I have the urge/need to have more kids – so will.
          How about you? 2 kids. Would you go for more?
          Even if new younger wife?

        4. This coffee is so black that it’s life matters!

        5. This coffee is so black that it gets the cream pregnant!

        6. African American birthrates are nearly at parity with white birthrates, and are still dropping. Its quite possible they will drop below white birthrates within the decade. If New York City is any indication of thier future, they will have the lowest fertility in the country.
          Blacks have ALOT of abortions.

        7. Man, just can’t make a “black fathers aren’t around” joke to save a life up in this bitch

  22. “White People” (a musical parody, based on the song, “Short People”, by Randy Newman)
    White people got no reason
    White people got no reason
    White people got no reason
    To live
    They got little weiners
    And massive thighs
    They walk around
    Tellin’ great white lies
    They got pasty faces
    And meth-mottled teeth
    They wear Skechers sneakers
    On their smelly white feet
    Well I don’t want no white people
    Don’t want no white people
    Don’t want no white people
    ’round here…

      1. Glenn Beck seems like the low-T poster boy for beta males. I mean, after you subtract the hundreds of millions of dollars…

        1. He is unique, isn’t he. I still laugh at that photo…god, what a loser.

        2. Lol. That guy looks like a potato with a face. No separation between his head and neck.

    1. I don’t believe in white people. I don’t think they really exist.

  23. We need to organize a mass immigration of Eastern women to repopulate western Europe and make up for our poor demographics by slaughtering the barbarians at our gates and revel in the lamentations of their women.
    So say we all.

    1. Except birthrate among Eastern European is even lower than among Western Whites. Also, Eastern Euro girls tend to be the sluttiest, most materialistic ones out there.
      You have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. Yes I do. Eastern women marry early where I’ve been, and all women are materialistic by nature.

        1. Keep dreaming.
          In the UK Eastern Euro girls tend to be even sluttier than White Western girls. No, they don`t marry early or have many children. If they do have kids , they usually have them from Black or Asian fathers.
          Feel free to mess around with E. Euro girls, but don`t sat nobody has warned you.

        2. You must be new here. I don’t mess around with anyone.
          Also, “In the uk” makes your point irrelevant, because as every one of us red pilled gentlemen know, women travelling is already a red flag, regardless of where they come from. And women are always the quickest adapt to their host cultures, in that case ; degenerate Europe.
          I’ve been in eastern Europe and Russia, and most women there still marry in their early 20s.
          Needless to say, in my first statement, which was merely a joke, Europe would’ve changed drastically before incorporating these breeders. This would have taken place after the Great War against the invading Orcs.

        3. All the eastern euro women who come to America or Western Europe work as strippers, hookers, or porn stars. No one is hiring an au pair from Slovakia to teach their kid Slovak or Czech.

        4. Women who travel (from the small towns to the big city) or emigrate from one country to another = major red glag

        5. I’m Russian living in Moscow and I hate Russian women (cold rude bossy bitches). I would never date them. I like only South Americans and Asians

  24. Always blaming others for your own pussy pampering ! Why blame Mexicans and Muslims !? Oh, is it because you only looted Texas & California from Mexicans !? Oh, is it because you were not successful in destroying (just like you destroyed Iraq, Libya …) Iran & Syria !?
    Sorry pussy maniacs; you sow what you reap !
    Similar to pussies always blaming MEN, people are fond of blaming Mexicans, Muslims and now more and more, the Indians; for ALL your inabilities and incapabilities. Is it Jealousy ? Enviousness ?, Inferiority Complex ? or a kind of “autism” !??
    Sorry pussy maniacs; don’t forget that things will boomerang !
    This government did so many bad things to its own people (according to its “own” people !) and (why) can’t you imagine what kind of atrocities they created, harbored and acted/acting upon on other people/countries !?
    Sorry pussy maniacs; you get what you deserve !
    Now people are planing and writing articles on “how to fuck asian pussies !”, “how to date/sleep with ukrainian pussies !”, “some other pussies are more feminine than our pussies !”. Are you talking about the same (so called) 2nd and 3rd world countries !?
    No problem ! Carry on with blaming “others” for all the degenerate, filthy and slutty behavior of pussies. Never mind it was you people who allowed all this cowshit in first place.
    By the way, out of context but; “Testicle Festival” ! Excuse me !? “Testicle Festival” !? What kind of MEN are living in this country !? Human MALE gonads are also referred as “Testicles”, so which Testicle festival the MEN and …pussies are celebrating !? Didn’t the MEN find it utter humiliating and insulting ? What a shame !
    If it’s OK to celebrate “Testicle Festival”, then why don’t people celebrate “Breast Festival” !? where in people Fry, Deep Fry and Grill “Chicken Breast” and ENJOY the Food !?
    Blaming others (just like pussies do) will not help, other than satisfying ego and inabilities.
    PS: Majority of the comment only applies to “pussy maniacs” !!!

    1. So what you are saying is… you didn’t bother to actually read the whole article before going on a rant about “pussy maniacs”?

      1. It really doesn’t matter ! What I said (at least partly) relates to the Article and I also made few points, which of course; many of who replied to me “can’t face the reality” and want to “avoid” !!

    2. Give back Texas and Arizona to Mexico if we can expel all Mexicans from the rest of America. No white man wants to live in the fucking desert where it’s 125 degrees. White man weather is cool and cloudy.

  25. You cannot really blame an increasing number of White who marry and have children with ladies from other ethnic groups. (Black/Asian/Mixed-race South American)White women no longer have children. Most of them are incapable/unable to be decent wives and mothers.To those RoK readers who think eastern Europe -particularly Russia and Ukraine- is some kind of “White Utopia”, you are wrong. Anyone who has been any of those countries should know that birthrate in most of those countries is much lower than anywhere in the West. Also, Eastern Euro girls tend to be even sluttier and even more materialistic than their Western counterparts.
    If “White race” as such exists, do you really think it deserves a survival in its current moral decline? I highly doubts so. And I think even hardcore White supremacists/separatist on understand that.Also, Just how many White children did you produce with your White wife/girlfriend (if you have one)? None? Well, there is no future without reproduction…

    1. Increasingly, I think the way to find quality girls in America is take a long road trip through rural America. All those plazas and Dairy Queens and KFCs in these little towns have cute young white girls working at them. Stop looking for women in the Sociology Dept at NYU or Columbia

    1. Wrong.
      Material comes from latin materia which means “coming from wood, stuff, matter, timber”.

        1. Look, those pipes aren’t going to hug themselves!

        1. Ain’t nobody can out honkey trivia me!

      1. You always have to be the smart ass, don’t you?
        From Middle English mater, matere, from Anglo-Norman matere, materie, from Old French materie, matiere, from Latin materia (“matter, stuff, material”), derivative of Latin mater (“mother”).

        1. You guys are both right…
          From Middle English material, from Late Latin māteriālis, from Latin māteria (“wood, material, substance”) from māter (“mother”). Displaced native Middle English andweorc, andwork (“material, matter”) (from Old English andweorc (“matter, substance, material”).

        2. Oooh, so close, but you didn’t take it back further. And there are competing ideas on the root (FYI).

          , it represents *dmateria, from PIE root *dem-/*dom- (source of Latin domus “house,” English timber). With sense development in Latin influenced by Greek hyle (see hylo-), of which it was the equivalent in philosophy.


        3. There are two theories of its origin. (see below)

        4. (You were more right than he was…but I’m running for mayor eventually…)

        5. Good luck in the primaries, Mr. McCheese!

        6. Competing ideas? Fine by me. Of course, we’re competing, it’s ok. Only you had to be the smart ass and shout out loud: WRONG! Whereas you could have done your home work first.
          Told you post too much like woman.
          p.s. hylo sounds exactly like matter … not. LOL

        7. Ah, ad hominem. Thanks for conceding the argument to me.
          It just makes more logical sense for the word to come from a root word that indicated timber/house across various IE languages, than it does “mother”, btw.

        8. Mater=Matter = mother. Even kids can see it, why do you keep digging yourself in the hole?

        9. Ok idiot. You go to a post PIE language (latin), I go to THE PIE language where, you know, you determine roots in etymology whenever possible. But whatever kiddo.

        10. Shifty guys have connections. If he gets out of line, I’ll turn Ronald “The Clown” McDonald loose on him…

        11. Good plan. But definitely keep an eye on that purple dude. He’s creepy as fuck.

        12. Instead of arguing with me you should have tried to see the point I was making which may explain the root of the materialistic impulse in women and damage it does on our society. From the Mother which hoards on stuff to build her nest and the men serving her like the Goddess.
          But no, instead of fighting the real enemy you had to have a go at me, your fellow man and waste each other’s energies in vain. Thank you very much for that!
          p.s. where’s your alter-ego, today, the funny knee man? You’re doing double shift? LOL

        13. Everybody likes material things. Even Gandhi preferred to sleep on a mat and not on rocks. There is literally nothing wrong with an appreciation of material items. Nothing. I reject your socialist based critique of materialism. It is through materialism that we’ve gone from hunter-gatherers to a race of beings that have conquered the planet.
          As to your snark, it really doesn’t mean anything to me, PJ. For a man’s criticism of me to mean something, I have to respect him. There’s nothing in you I find respectable in the least, based on what you’ve revealed about your life. So, eh, calling me names and snickering are pointless activities.

        14. We haven’t conquered anything, it’s an illusion you’ve been conditioned to accept.
          We are destroying the male spirit and the environment with it. All in the name of the MOTHER (matter)!

        15. Why don’t you try to think logically to get a rational answer rather than thinking emotionally to get to an answer that supports your bias?
          “Materialism” is not like general words of communication and description in etymological terms because it is a label — an invented term to describe a philosophy or cultural trend. It did not develop or evolve out of natural speech and communication patterns, it was specifically created as a label to describe a certain philosophy.
          The “materialism” philosophy dates back to the mid-1700s, when it described the “philosophy that nothing exists except matter.” It comes from the French word “materialisme.” It had nothing to do with consumerism or being excessively “material”, it was an interpretation of reality that nothing but actual, physical matter really existed.
          It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the term “materialism” began to be used to refer to a “way of life based entirely on consumer goods.”
          Thus, clearly, the “matter” line of the etymology of “material” is appropriate because the term “materialism” didn’t even mean consumerism or what it means today until an entire fucking century after the word first started being used.
          (EDIT: Removed 17 occurrences of the phrase “you ignorant twat.”)

        16. He says, seated in a nice chair, well fed, comfortable, in no danger of being attacked by wild predators, communicating from across the globe across a vast network that communicates at the speed of light, and at some points even casts the signal to satellites and back.
          You’ll forgive my lack of taking you seriously on this point.

        17. Materialism, motherialism, hoarding of objects goes far further back than your limited knowledge tells you. It started with the cult of Astarte (Ishtar), the Great Mother Earth – from the Bronze Age through classical antiquity.
          Ignorant twat indeed! (unedited) LOL

        18. Nothing I said was inaccurate, deceitful or underhanded. You simply cannot refute it from the comforts of everything I listed, so you go instead for the sneer.
          As I said, I don’t take you seriously at all on this point. Criticizing material comforts is the cornerstone upon which Socialism is built.

        19. I am not criticizing material comforts? I’m saying it’s feminine.

        20. Retroactively trying to change the argument is for bitches and simps. Your comments about etymology of the word “materialism” coming from the root word for “mother ” are demonstrably false. Your bleating about “motherialism” and the history of the hoarding of objects is irrelevant. If you can’t be enough of a man to admit you were wrong, at least stop like a woman.

    1. Actually, he was quite successful in butchering of millions of white boys.

      1. 8 million German soldiers, 23 million Russians, some Frenchies, Brits and Yanks….yeah, he was very adept at it.

        1. Everybody forgets all the Christians he killed, too. I mean, that guy killed a lot of fucking people.

        2. Yeah, like when they decide to cuck their entire country, they really cuck their whole entire country.

        3. They wiped out an entire generation of Russians and Germans. Nobody of reproductive age was left. Pretty obvious why the US pulled so far ahead of the world in the 50’s.

    2. Yeah he took the finest military the world had seen at the time and lead it to complete destruction in six years and then committed suicide, he was a pussy.

      1. Thank you! Exactly correct. His ego outweighed his intellect by many factors of ten.

        1. I think “Hitler was a pussy” is something we can all agree on.

  26. Great post! Recently I turned 30 and I began doing some soul-searching in regards to my future. I like kids and I’d like to have a family (As well as being able to leave a legacy and keep the white birth rate in America up), but given the current circumstances I just can’t.
    The first big thing is that my development as an adult male was completely killed not only by leftist indoctrination in college (Which left me a self-loather and therefore a pariah when it came to women), but also by the massive student loan debts that I’m still paying off almost a decade later. Had I not had these debts I could’ve thought about settling down sooner, because debt will just fuck things up if you need to do things like buy a house or a car (Both of which I think are pointless things to do in today’s economy).
    But besides that…..What’s the point of marriage in the States/Most of Europe? Traditional marriage worked best because the spouses were a yin and a yang – The man took care of stuff outside the home, while the woman took care of things inside the home. But if you marry a woman today, chances are she’s going to be more focused on her career than raising her own kids, so what’s the point? It’s redundant to have two breadwinners in a family, and it’s detrimental to kids to have the childrearing outsourced to daycare or nannies (I should know, I was raised by nannies). And then if things don’t work out because she’s constantly being told she can do better or it’s empowering to be a single mother, then I’ll lose everything I worked for and she gets rewarded for breaking a legal contract.
    The main reason why other races are outbreeding us is because they still have traditional values and would rather focus on family than careers. This is why in my neighborhood all the white mothers are pushing 40 and have 1 or 2 kids max, but the Hispanic and Muslim couples are much younger and have easily 3 or 4 kids. And what did these white women delay motherhood for? A useless job that does nothing but make them stressed out every day? Working sucks, it isn’t empowering to sit in a cubicle all day.

    1. I hear you, but I can’t help but notice how defeated you sound. If everyone had your attitude, the reality of a very bleak future becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      I’m 32, have a loyal, traditional wife and two great kids. The life you have given up on is still within reach. Set your mind to it, become confident that you will get what you want, and good things will happen to you. Society and future generations need you.

      1. I didn’t mean for my post to sound defeatist. Ideally I’d like to have a traditional family where the wife stays at home with the kids (And actually raises them and takes care of the home, not drinking a glass of wine while watching The Price Is Right while a Hispanic woman cleans the house). Right now I’m focusing on getting rid of my debt and increasing my income so that can be a reality.

        1. You’ll get alot of useful info on RoK, most importantly about ‘maintaining frame.’ All women will ‘shit test’ you and walk all over you if you let them.

        2. I don’t know you or your specific circumstances, but I’m rooting for you. It’s hard not to get cynical, but I still believe there is a lot of good in the world (including women). It just isn’t as obvious as it should be.

        3. Don’t worry about debt. If you have a child, you can get free support from the govt. The govt won’t let children starve. Stop being so “responsible.”

    2. Join a church, or a conservative dating site. Traditional girls can still be found.

    3. The higher birth rates of Hispanics and Muslims is understated: not only do they have more children, they have them at a much younger age.
      Consider: White woman with 2 children by 40 vs. Muslim woman with 4 children by 25.

    4. And don’t forget the white girls of today are sleeping with random bad boys and abortion is heavily being pushed upon as a “human right”.
      I was at Hoboken a few weeks ago at the night clubs. I talk to girls and they barely I mean BARELY talk or look at you. If they do they talk but when you ask their number, they say the same ole fabricated answer “I have a boyfriend”. I don’t know if it’s true or bullshit.
      Worst case scenario is when they give you an attitude or ignore you at all.

      1. I’ve been to bars on Friday and Saturday nights and seen girls playing on Tinder. The fact that there are tons of eligible dudes around her and she’s playing on her phone means that this device will be more interesting to her than you could ever hope to be.

  27. Carlin was right. War is the only thing that will significantly change the current sociocultural devolution.

    1. Don’t worry about it. People would rather die than watch their race and culture wiped out. We’ll see a war in our lifetimes.

      1. I doubt it. Not a real war. 10,000 more of those bullshit “wars” where we send drones to blow up tents and then force our soldiers to stand around with no bullets in their guns to get fragged by their interpreters, but no real wars.
        Unless you count Black Friday at the fucking mall.
        We’re going to be fully plugged into our VR worlds and married to our AI robots in 10 years.

        1. Don’t know about you, but I’ve got 70 years left! Pretty sure we’ll see a nuclear apocalypse where my experience playing Fallout will come in real handy!

        2. Hate to bum your chill, but a post-nuclear apocalypse world will be nothing like Fallout.

        3. Blasphemer! You take that back! I own a Pipboy already!

        4. I don’t buy the MAD scenario. Sure, if a nuclear war occurred, millions will die, but worldwide apocalypse? Why on earth would China or anyone else with the capability bomb cities indiscriminately? War is to win, not to decimate, leaving yourself in similar circumstances. Nukes may fly, but the targets would be military, and only enough to ensure victory. Then invasion. Why destroy your war spoils?

        5. You have to admit dropping nukes on Los Angeles and New York would be doing the whole world a favor.

        6. I can’t remember who said it to attribute him properly, but I heard a quote that “What is surprising is not how many people will die in a nuclear holocaust, but rather, how many people will survive”.

        7. scare tactics…..how many times have they nuked southern Nevada or the Bikini Islands (that’s just our side) with little environmental consequence? It is another way of hand wringing so we will ignore the advancement of socialism.

        8. Before that even, we will have people who claim to be robots (accidentally born human) and we will have to be careful to refer to them as such. Laws will be enacted.

      1. Wars are fought by underprivileged men so that they might kill each other and lower their numbers to the great delight of the elite…

    A lover of women who wear jeans and talk smut.
    A father of children who are trained to fear him.
    A supporter of minority rights which has left him in the minority.
    A father whose children are legally removed from his influence at the age of six and placed in feminist fishtanks.
    Someone betrayed by his lover, cuckolded by his wife, jeered by his children, and instructed by the court where to send the check.
    A creature who could make his way in the world with a blanket and a pocket knife, who has been preyed upon to buy his family a 3-bedroom house and a garage full of toys that they take for granted, and he paid for with his life.
    A beast of burden moving rocks and shouting at eagles while women sit in climate controlled offices making appraisals, editing news, advocating policy, and complaining about men.

      1. No dude, the day my kids went to school I literally became mute and couldn’t communicate with them. C’mon, get with the program!

        1. When guys go on about how they’d have no chance raising a kid who wouldn’t be brainwashed by the system, I think to myself “Well, you’ve already demonstrated that you don’t have the proper alpha frame to be an effective father, so it’s probably for the best that you actually don’t reproduce”.
          So much defeatism, in the face of so little actual danger.

        2. It’s just as you say that is the thing that gets me most. I obviously understand not wanting or feeling the need for a family. It is the people who want one and (despite massive evidence to the contary) say it is impossible that baffle me

        3. limit TV, be involved in their schooling, and teach morality at home, and it is pretty much guaranteed you will have a conservative brood.

        4. Especially as men, we are the heads of the household. At church I will see women there with their kids all the time, husband at home. It is a very rare thing that I see a man there with the kids and the wife at home. Conclusion….a woman will follow the man’s spirituality, not the other way around. If you want to live a solid, conservative life, your wife will back you up on that. If you want to flake and stay at home and drink, maybe she will, or maybe she will follow her belief in God.

        5. it really seems the most simple thing in the world. to me. If I wanted to have a family I think I know exactly how I would go about it…the church would be involved and my entire life would change. That is not something I desire and if it was it would have to be a pretty freaking big desire for me to trade everything (because my life as it is is simply incompatible with the life of a family man)….but if it is what you want it is out there.

        6. Yup, I went through the transformation, not easy. Some would say it isn’t worth it, others would. Make your path and live with the consequences, for good or bad.

        7. That’s the whole ball of wax there ain’t it. You can’t have it all ways. You pick your poison and take it.

        8. “if something seems hard to do at first, it’s probably not worth doing”
          -H. Simpson

        9. Most guys try sipping both poisons (either weak game coupled with relationships, or the fat married football fan) and fail. If you are going to live a single life, live a single life, if you want a traditional family, do it.

        10. I see this as the major problem. It is possible to do both but requires a very particular kind of woman, a very particular set of circumstances and a LOT of money. Trying to have things both ways will ultimately result in having nothing.

        1. love Conway, but I don’t go anywhere near a girl in jeans. Oh, she is pretty enough, but I need her washed up and put in women’s clothing before I will talk to her. I see a woman in jeans in exactly the same way as I see a man in a dress.
          Further, I am looking for a woman to put on my arm not a partner in a beer pong tournament or someone to go fishing with. No sireee Jim Jones, you and Conway can keep them.
          Gonna have Hello Darling stuck in my head all day.

        2. Conway is really underrated, although in his time he did well enough. Today you hardly find anybody under 40 who has heard of him, which is kind of sad.

        3. Can’t really call yourself a skirt chaser if she’s wearing jeans, can ya?

        4. I get what you are saying, my wife puts on a dress whenever we go out and Sundays. But for the daily grind, I don’t see a problem.

        5. actually, I think because of family guy oddly enough he might make a comeback.
          I was woefully unaware of Conway until graduate school when my best buddy was a guy from Knoxangeles. Red pill to the core Conway is.,

        6. I think that is turning around with the advent of the internet though. Lots of older music is being turned up as modern stuff is getting worse and worse.

        7. ahhhh yes, well of course. but remember I am a single man. “the daily grind” like “shitting” is stuff I conceptually know women do but don’t actually want to have any experience of it.
          I for one own one pair of blue jeans. I think that for an urbanite a single article of clothing made of denim, male or female, is really the limit.

        8. I own one pair of greasy coveralls to work in. I suppose it would be equivalent.

        9. Lol….JNCOs were the shit. I am a little older though. I was a Z. cavaricci guy

      1. Come on man. A blanket. You know…blanket? Geesh.
        Next thing you know, you’ll be questioning the wisdom of always carrying a towel with you when you hitchhike.

        1. Everybody knows what that’s fo– wait, I mean, er– what is the towel for?

  29. I agree that women have been turned into laborers rather than moms. I saw it long ago for myself (and even my school teacher mom mentioned it to me) that in the schools the boys were ignored and the girls were preferred. Today, I know a number of couples where the wife has more education and makes more money. (Myself included.)

    1. messed up society. Boys are robbed of their potential for some feminist vendetta against “the man” and girls are robbed of their potential as a wife and a mother to prove it to “the man”. Women will not be fulfilled doing a man’s work, neither will a man be fulfilled not being able to do his work.

      1. Yes, boys have and are being robbed. Back to what I was saying about income and education, I’m not saying that a degree will make a person rich, however try and get a “good paying job” these days without a degree and HR will either offer you a lesser job or file your resume. For my wife, most of the women that she works with all earn more then their husbands. At my job, I have two younger women that report to me, and they too make more then their husbands. Also, I have a friend who is a professor, who was telling me recently about how the trend is for people with just a bachelors going back to school in order to compete with younger people (and more and more women) that are coming into the workforce with their collection of degrees. I definitely see more and more husbands earning less, and the days of just the husband providing for his family becoming even more rare.

    2. Don’t forget to pick up a can of education at the market. 24 oz of education for $2.75 or 16 oz for $1.65. Which is the better deal?

    3. Despite all their apparent credentials, women fail to invent, discover, or create anything

      1. Surely, some feminine products like the bra, breast implants, or the sanitary napkin would have been by women…..
        (Henry Lesher, Robert Gersuny, Benjamin Franklin)

  30. I think the endless materialism of white people is an attempt to fill the void that lies within their souls. This is especially true of white women.

    1. And bereft of children and husband, to fill the void that lies between their legs…

    2. Yep. I live in a wealthy suburb, and some of the most miserable looking people are the faux attractive looking women driving luxury cars. They are also nasty in their behavior.

  31. I suppose I’m in the minority here (no pun intended), but I think preserving traditional values and mindset is far more important than worrying about an individual race. Maybe after living in Oklahoma for a few years, and seeing the large groups of pathetic, hopeless whites that inhabit the state, it opened my eyes a bit to what is really worth preserving.
    The perceived attacks on whites is just one of many weapons that has been unleashed in the ongoing cultural and spiritual war across society. Blacks face a whole different set of challenges. The real goal is to demoralize EVERYONE. Focusing on the average behavior of any group of people, especially one that is not like you, will lead to a conclusion that your own group that you belong to is the only one worth preserving. But the people that frequent this site, no matter what race or background they come for, are the exception in all of society. The challenge is to open people’s minds (i.e., red-pill them) organically, rather than focusing on preserving a specific group of people with similar physical characteristics. I hope that like-minded people of all other races continue to raise strong, independent children, because that is what the world needs most.

    1. I agree that its much more about culture than it is about race… although, as I always say, there is a lot of correlation between culture and race.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. Culture is learned from your environment. You adopt an Asian infant and raise him/her in a white family and he/she will be a banana (yellow outside, white inside).

        2. Agreed, culture is contagious, which can be both a good thing, and a bad thing.

        3. Strangely, introducing Western culture to Arabs is never a good thing.

        4. muh magic dirt. I notice you didn’t use an African as an example. Wait till all these celebrity adoptees grow up. They will attend the most exclusive private schools their whole lives and yet they will be intellectually…unremarkable.

      1. Absolutely. I view things as a bell curve. Certain races/cultures, however they are linked, have the curve for success, innovation, values, etc., shifted left or right when looking at the whole population, but there are always exceptions.
        I’m biased, but I think the “ideal” culture is some combination of western values/freedoms combined with a traditional, family-oriented mindset. But I also don’t think that means we should discount all other cultures as entirely inferior, even ones that encompass shithole parts of the world.

        1. Speaking for myself I don’t consider anyone inferior or superior. But I want a White homeland where Whites have the god-given right to exclude others if they want to, just like every other race has. I want to export Western Culture to other nations where they can implement those values in their own lands. Not have them come over to my place and raid my pantry.

        2. I understand where you’re coming from, but isn’t it somewhat contradictory to say you want other races to leave whites alone, yet you want to export western culture to other nations? I imagine if either one of us were born and raised in a different part of the world, we might not recognize the fact that Western Culture is superior in many ways. We would see anyone trying to spread it in the same vein as we see foreigners invading the US or western Europe.

        3. I forgot to include ONLY IF THEY WANT IT WILLINGLY. If they want nothing to do with Western culture, that is totally fine with me. But the understanding is that the instant their problems begin to spill beyond their own borders, all options are on the table. If Africa wants to live in the stone ages for infinity, that’s fine. But we should not send them one dollar, one vial of medicine, one crate of food. If they reject our advice, they are also rejecting the right to our help.

    2. “.. the ongoing cultural and spiritual war across society.”
      Glad some one else has picked up on that. It is a spirtual conflict as well. As the west has been sailing toward a post-Christian culture, the vacuum will be filled by something else.

        1. Perhaps. I do not know the future, just the present course we’re on and that I do not approve of it.

        2. Yes, because the Church would rather suicidally roll out the red carpet for the Caliphate than see the countries they once cucked become secular, rational places.

    3. The problem with that line of reasoning is that it fails to take into account the fact that Whites are the only race that is rapidly declining in number, only race that has NO homeland to call its own anywhere on the globe, only race that has made such a positive impact on the world while being such a small overall minority.
      If the world is all muddied up and blonde blue-eyed people become extremely rare, that is as good as a genocide. No other race has to worry about that – Arabs, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, there are billions of them, no danger of being swamped by another race and muted out from the gene pool.
      Whites must fight for their survival because the race is worth preserving. We can take out our own White trash later, after we make it past this critical juncture.
      We must necessarily discourage all race mixing, diversity, multiculturalism, and anti-racism. I’m sure you understand. You may be a cool dude, but your brother or your cousin would gladly slit my throat just because I’m White.