Target Australia Stokes #GamerGate By Removing GTA V From Its Shelves

Video games have come a long way from being just a simple form of entertainment that could only represent its imagery in the crudest form imaginable. Not only did playing the first video games require a lot of imagination, but it also often demanded arcane knowledge of the in-game rules. Because of this, video games were labeled as “that thing only nerds enjoy” and were mostly a solitary activity.

Nowadays, video games are a legit business. It’s no longer a problem to play or watch games together. In fact, large groups would get together and watch Starcraft 2 matches being played. Video games have also become an art form that can provide the most vivid scenes with ease and give characters a profound sense of identity through storytelling and cut scenes. Still, some game developers have opted to forgo exotic worlds and instead put the player into the shoes of a goat or a criminal. Rockstar does the latter with its Grand Theft Auto series.

“Follow the train, CJ!”

GTA has a fairly straightforward premise: you are a thug in a colorful world, there is no God, do what thou wilt. This means the freedom to run amok until cops inevitably show up in large numbers and overwhelm the player, ending his virtual thuggery face down on the pavement, in the pool of blood. Life in GTA was always short, brutal and hilariously fun. The plot was generally weaksauce, but luckily the action made up for it heftily.

As the technology advanced, GTA also became more and more elaborate. Early on in the series, it was possible to merely kill, rob and terrorize people, but with GTA V you can fuck hookers, kill them, or fuck and then kill them to get your money back. This particular bit rustled a lot of SJW jimmies.

The result was a petition by three former sex workers, who expressed their concern with violence that can be done on virtual women by virtual criminals because “it grooms boys to see violence against women as acceptable.” That’s the three magic words “violence against women” that make all demands reasonable. The context doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s vaguely connected to violence against women.


Fact: 100% of people eating with spoons will die, hence spoons kill people.

Unfortunately, Target Australia decided to listen to this idiotic petition and remove GTA V from its shelves. New Zealand’s equivalent, The Warehouse, did the same and also removed all 18+ video games and movies.

Kotaku and similar faux-gaming websites rejoiced at the occasion:

mcintosh on gta ban

Other saner individuals saw right through the veil of bullshit:

TB on gta ban

It didn’t help that GTA V was featured in this hilarious news report as enabling virtual rape.

sam maggs watched virtual rape

I am being forced to watch virtual rape!

While killing whores is an integral part of GTA experience, GTA V can be modded to allow some freaky man-on-woman, woman-on-man or dog-on-woman action. Of course, the subtleties such as facts never stopped SJWs from enacting their social justice.

In the video, Sam Maggs goes through the entire verbiage of SJWs: sexual assault, misogyny, and so on. All of it is meant to invoke sympathy and summon white knights to come rushing and protect this fair maiden’s tender eyes from the horrible scenes in a game which she doesn’t have to play, watch, or even think about. Yet she does. Why is that so?

Hallowed be thy rape

The reason why SJWs are so fixated on labeling everything as rape is because of the symbolism of power the act gives to a man. There is no such act that clearly shows the hierarchy of physical power as rape. Though actual rape is clearly a vile act, rape narratives portray women as defenseless and frail creatures, which does not align with the SJW philosophy of gender being just a societal construct and women being equal to men in every respect. UK legislation goes so far to actually define rape as “penetration by penis,” meaning that women cannot be held accountable for their sexual behavior in the UK. This is the endgame of SJWs.

Though other games have included nudity, sex, and killing of women, there isn’t anything special in the way GTA V does it. In fact, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, also known as “Let’s mod it until it crashes,” has a truckload of offensive mods, including one that makes all children killable. If you’re tired of same old character models, you can even replace them with hot virtual women and gaze-rape them as you play:

Mute and feast your eyes

So, why isn’t Skyrim in the SJW crosshairs? Probably because it’s set in a fantasy rather than a quasi-real world, as GTA is. It’s much harder to cause outrage if you have to show armored barbarians having sex with each other while riding dragons and claim it’s rape. That sentence is too incredible to ever be true.

The man on the edge of rape

Naturally, it was just a matter of time before SJWs appeared screeching, stomping their feet, and demanding this horrible piece of entertainment none of them plays be banned, or at least removed from the shelves. Never mind that there are various content rating systems, which prohibit GTA V from being sold to minors. This video game hurts feelings and we must do something. The real reason is that men feel good playing it.

Men need to feel powerful and good about themselves to prosper. Boys especially need to have a daily dose of wrestling, running, and competition with friends or they become “emo”—withdrawn, insecure and emotional. Of course, the education system stops all of that nonsense and forces boys to sit still for six-plus hours each day. For the oppressive educational system, boys’ natural instincts are a danger and they need to be disempowered on a daily basis.

While barbarians had no other way to feel powerful than to conquer a tribe, kill all men in it, and rape all women, today there are plenty of alternatives. The more SJWs try to neuter video games, which serve as harmless outlets for men, the more they will face resistance.

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47 thoughts on “Target Australia Stokes #GamerGate By Removing GTA V From Its Shelves”

  1. Why do companies cave in to the demands of feminists? They’re not the ones buying the games.

    1. Bet you the customer profile of target is majority female.
      Cost benefit analysis by a man, probably.

    2. Australia is a hot bed of blue pill socially correct BS, it’s one of the most socialist (read communist) countries around where no one is allowed to be better than anyone else. Mediocrity at its finest.

      1. Do you live in Australia? I find that to be somewhat untrue, especially that no one is allowed to be better than anyone else (I live here)

        1. I have live in Australia for the last 5 years. Ray is 100% right. If I wasn`t making so much money here, I`d leave in a heart beat.

        2. Really? ? I love living in Melbourne, I am female so my experience may be different to yours though. My boyfriend is a supervisor at work, he is a tradie and now that i consider what he has told me about having to be in the union vs now he doesn’t have to, I can understand the mediocrity comment for that sector. They dont care about the quality of their work and can get away with it because being in the union protects them, which drove him nuts because he is actually very talented. You would think he worked with women the way some of the guys would act.
          No more union for him now anyway at his new work.
          Anyway, I am an undergrad accountant and in my work we are pushed to be better and to pursue additional qualifications, no one crying that someone else is better than them at my place which I imagine is how a lot of workplaces are

      2. Wow wasn’t Australia home to all those crocodile dundee and alpha male figures back in the day? What happened!

    3. And even if they are, their opinions should not be valued the same as a normal person’s opinion

  2. Typical leftist move… don’t like something, then prevent other people from buying it too.

  3. I don’t understand this. How long before a consenting adult can finally buy, watch, or listen to what he wants without censor happy prudes trying to take it away from him? Wtf Elvis, 2live crew, Eminem… The list goes on …every few years these persistent ass tumors pop pop up with the same ol crusader bs wtf..uptight trifling weasels get on there soapbox about something so that insignificant as a game song joke or words on a screen..smh…this country is getting poorer more violent and this is what they are worried about?

  4. Comical move to say the least. It didn’t work for Duke Nukem. It didn’t work for Mortal Kombat. It didn’t work on any of the other Grand Theft Auto Series. Killing Hookers was possible since GTA3. You can also kill the elderly, races, and law enforcement and no one crusades for that, because sexually employable vagina supersedes the value of all of those groups and then some.

    1. It’s not like you even get all your money back when you kill the hooker as with previous games. Then you have the inconvenience of the cops. Hookers have no part in the main storyline. I wonder if Rockstar are actually behind this as a ploy to drum up controversy with the new release of the game on next gen consoles.
      They have done something like that before with previous tittles.

      1. I was thinking along those lines. Propaganda has been a solid drummer for new business. Especially if you follow the rules of scarcity it makes sense. Limited availability drums sales from the avid collector. And feminist do mean broader media attention.
        @Not getting all your cash back, hah! Where ma money ho?

        1. Here’s my basis for this theory.
          Rockstar has used unorthodox marketing methods in the past. They paid several game reviewers to give negative reviews for GTA 4.
          The cost of getting these feminists “former” prostitutes to start the petition is nil as they would shame men for free.
          The cost of advertising this petition again is nil and that whole marketing campaign as been outsourced to feminists.
          The media hears about this campaign and reports stories about it which is free advertising for the game due to the controversy it creates.
          Net result. Controversy = intrigue = increased sales via other outlets. (specialist retailers, online or via the console etc). With a total marketing expenditure of nil.
          I may be wrong but if you can use their deluded ideology for your own benefit than fair play.

      2. A total of two women die regarding the main story. One tries to kill Trevor and the only dies by accident. I can’t count the number of men that die from beginning to end.

        1. Just google searched. One dies prior to the events of gta 5, who is one of Wades juggalo friends. One dies for pointing a gun at trevor. Another may be killed in the fist trevor mission but if not dies in a heroin orgy. That does not include any random women picked up and taken the cannibals but as they’re not part of mission storyline I don’t think they can be included. Anyway 2 confirmed and 1 optional. compared to several hundred men. None killed by Michael or Franklin, again with several hundred men killed. Bur of course the men dying in the game is okay because the feminazi “need” to control “Patriarchalism”. Idiots.

        1. An uncredited source mentioned that Rockstar paid some game reviewers to give the game (gta4) negative reviews. Which help create some controversy to ultimately boost sales. Perhaps rockstar knew how they could create female hysteria by asking (I doubt payments were necessary) two “former” prostitutes to start a petition. Knowing full well that feminists and white knighters would happily sign in order to create controversy and drive up sales.
          Sounds like almost Machiavellian marketing. It’s genius if my theory were true. The previous titles had never been banned and it’s illogical that this one is.

  5. Even people with common sense, who have nothing to do with manosphere, understands how ridiculous this is:

  6. Humorously, SJW’s are actually beginning to demonstrate a lack of understanding of technology. Nobody goes to a store to buy PC games anymore, and whatever you take off the shelves of console games can just be ordered from overseas. This “ban” will have no teeth. Fine, take the game off the shelves. Kids who want to play it will just use Steam, or a similar game aggregator to buy it. Or failing that, they’ll pirate it.

    1. Banning things works so well, as we know from Prohibition, the War on Drugs, and gun control in urban areas.

    2. You’re thinking like a man.
      You need to put the SJW hat on, if only for a brief second.
      This result isn’t about banning GTA from reaching Australia. It’s about claiming a “victory” and using it as propaganda to fuel the movement. How many twitter/tumblr/facebook posts are going to announce this result, liked, read and digested by hundreds of misled young girls.
      Getting a ban is a means to an end, a darker and more ulterior end.

      1. SJWs come from a generation that was being spawned during the Clinton years where “Symbolism over Substance” is the norm. So they eat this shit right up.
        But it can also be wielded as a weapon against them. Symbolism is cheap.

      1. Get enough people to theaten to never shop there again and they might.
        I wonder if RoK could try to organize a petition to ban 50 Shades fron Amazon. Anyone wanna try?

      1. Well, selling/donating sperm OR eggs are legal and prostitution is illegal regardless of buyer/seller gender combo.

    1. Haha wow more than 4000 supporters for that?!
      Should start a petition demanding the right of adults to choose what they want to buy and to bring back GTA V. It’ll no doubt garner more support than the whores petition. Be interesting to see what Target does in that case.

  7. It’s amusing that feminists are up in arms about this at all.  They have no problem rubbing themselves off to Maria Bello pretending to be raped and liking it in a History of Violence, and then raving about how great the movie is (for the record, I found it mediocre).  But Viggo Mortenson is so handsome,I suppose….
    Meanwhile, we supposedly risk a descent into anarchy if some nerd half the world away that they will never meet plays a video game in mom’s basement.
    Let’s roll with this – dear feminists, please point to a single rapist that has ever committed rape as a result of playing video games.  Since these games obviously lead to rape, it should be fairly easy to prove that with evidence.
    To the author – your writing has improved greatly from your first couple of posts.  Continue the good work.

  8. As an Australian, all of this disappoints me. Like anything with adult themes, if you don’t want your kids playing/watching it then don’t buy it for them. There are no studies linked to game content and behavioural issues; there’s no scientific or even social reason why this game has been banned other than a group of individuals taking a game far too seriously. It’s a game and I’m pretty sure any guy dumb enough to try abusing a sex worker is too beta to find a proper girl anyways.

  9. The virtual rape report reminded of that Brass Eye episode where they tricked members of the public into believing it was possible to rape someone using an ‘interactive’ keyboard.

  10. I’ve read through some of the petitioners for removing the game from the Australian store, and to my dismay, a lot of them are NOT even residing in Australia. Many are from the US! This is truly sickening. I encourage every one to sign the petition to bring back the game, to see if Target will listen to more people with a different narrative than whores and SJW’s.
    This one already has more than 27000 petitioners after only 9 days. Lets keep it going

  11. Keep in mind that this is the French company (still? I think?) Target, who cannot cave fast enough to PC spouting idiots. They recently banned lawful carry of firearms in their stores in the States, due to snarky sniveling Bloomberg financed “moms”.

  12. Good article. GTA 5 is considered by most outlets to be the highest rated game of all time. IGN gave it a perfect 10. The characters in the story and the actions they take outside of killing hookers are very red pill which may trigger the SJW red flag. The type of men who play the game and are who it attracts are also red pill men. Skyrim hot girl / sex mods are a omega male repository for men who are incapable of communicating with women and cope by living out their beta fantasies in that world.

  13. As for why Skyrim mods didn’t cause the same outrage, well, maybe it’s because they’re mods? A game company or a game vendor can scarcely be held responsible for how players mod the game of their own accord. It’s just a mod, while GTA is a major game franchise, and one where the offending content was deliberately put in by the game developers.
    This is just consumer activism, nothing else. Now, if they actually made a serious attempt to get the game banned by the force of the state, that’d be another matter, but as long as they’re just putting social pressure on game sellers, what’s the big deal? If game sellers comply with their demands, it just means they concluded it to be in their interest to choose the general public and its sentiment over a bunch of gamers. Or, they might decide that the cold hard cash of the gamers matters more than any indirect losses from bad publicity. Either way, it’s the free market driven by the individual free choices of consumers and other economic agents.

  14. I’m not sure what the feminist cunts think they have achieved. You cannot destroy demand by cutting supply. All you have to do is buy it from the Sony store and direct download.
    Someone should mansplain some capitalism to some very dumb women.

  15. All this shit’s gonna change when the sex robots come out!
    Imagine how they’re going to react to the Occulus Rift and all the VR porn that’s about to hit the market. Selective Justice Wanker heads will be exploding. They probably won’t be able to do much if it’s classed as porn. Well, until they start being ignored by men everywhere. Oops, no more attention for the whores!

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