“Maybe” Is Always “No” With Western Women

It’s Thursday night. You’ve worked ungodly hours all week and then gone and thrown around weights, done cardio, and trained in your martial art of choice. It’s what you do as a man, because making money and fortifying your body are more or less the only two things that you can rely on, the two things you know won’t disappoint you.

There’s a girl you’ve pursued actively for a few weeks now but your schedules have yet to mesh, with you handling your business regularly and her of course being “so busy with work and school” in between selfie sessions and Like-collecting on Facebook. Here’s a typical exchange of the texts between the two of you:

You: Hey! That new Marvel movie opens tomorrow, want to go see it? We were talking about how cool it looks last week, remember?

Her: Hmm, maybe. I’ll let you know.

You: Okay, there’s a screening at 9pm. I’ll be in touch.

Her: Sounds good.

You text the next day mid-afternoon: So are you down for the movie tonight?

No answer. Your rationale of texting mid-day to not seem too early nor too late was supposedly “safe,” right? Wrong. If she wanted to hang out with you, she would JUMP at the opportunity to do it and everything else would be put on hold. Given the requisite level of attraction, nothing would stop her or get in her way. Straight-up. No hesitation. No “maybe.”

In today’s age of too many social options for women, the illustrious “maybe” means that you should probably move on to a new prospect. When you receive this response, it means one of two things:

1. She really is not interested. She never wanted to hang out as-is, but is too polite and “doesn’t want to hurt your feelings” by actually telling you this and seeming like a bitch. She sees her social status as far too important to compromise, and there’s that shred of a chance you might call her out on Facebook, which would be akin to cutting off her oxygen supply. “Maybe” in this case is simply a passive-aggressive and semi-polite way of saying no without really saying no.

2. She might actually be mildly interested BUT it’s contingent on having no better offers come up between now and then, from either males or females. If a group of female friends decides to go to a club and play attention whore, or if a hotter guy with greater social or economic standing dangles a more appealing carrot, you can bet either scenario will win out over you. Why fight an uphill battle?

Of course, you won’t know what exactly she did that night where she couldn’t even dignify you with a response unless you Facebook or Instagram “stalk” her, and if you decide to call her out on her shadiness the usual female chorus of “Douchebag-Awkward-Creeper!” will be repeated like a broken record nobody can quite reach with a sledgehammer to smash.

Gentlemen, be of sound mind that the modern “maybe” is just a thinly-disguised “no” the vast majority of the time in our society. Even if it is not a 100% kill, you’re looking at a 10% chance at best. I don’t like those odds, personally, which is why it’s important to play the numbers and always have other backup options at the ready.

After all, women do this on a constant basis, so why shouldn’t you?

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186 thoughts on ““Maybe” Is Always “No” With Western Women”

  1. If I ask a girl to hang out and i am too late because they’ve already made plans i’ll test them and tell them to cancel their plans. I know it’s a long shot but if they look to compromise or offer an alternative, often times is a good signal (i.e., they are interested). If I get a “maybe”, like the article says….Move on!

    1. So easy in hindsight, but honestly: Isn’t that how we all wish it would be? Why the fuck can’t we just be friendly, like we would with our guy friends? But no, you’re right, it has to go something like
      Him: Hey
      Her: ?
      Him: Hey [not her name] marvel movie tomorrow. lets do it
      Her: um i think you have the wrong girl
      Him: oh. spaghetti
      Her: hahaha busted
      Him: whats up [her real name]
      Her: not much, u?
      Him: meh. goin out with the guys later.
      Her: where to?
      Him: hey, you want to do movie tomorrow? u r into it.
      Her: um sure
      Him: you like me.

      1. Being friendly and normal is “needy” language. It has to be aloof or you come off as too needy. Definitely FUBAR.

        1. Look, here’s the basic problem. You have to somehow put yourself in submissive shoes to understand what it does to be on the receiving end of dismissive, dominant language. It triggers you craving more. It’s really hard to do because you can’t imagine being in the submissive role, and if the dominant role doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re kind of stuck in the middle – in the friendzone.
          What I wrote in text game was pretty much off the cuff, so I’m sure it could be improved on. Notice, though, a few things beyond the obvious ploys. I don’t use punctuation. I don’t capitalize. it’s all very rushed, very casual, even though there could be a time lag between messages. Also, when she asks, where to, I don’t answer. Then I tell her she’s into it. then I close with a simple statement about how she feels about me.
          It’s weird. I’m no expert, but I know that you have to get in the mindset that she is of no consequence.
          Which is almost impossible to do when you crave her.

        2. yeh no shit. But on the other hand, it’s a new game, and you just have to learn the rules.

        3. I totally agree zaqan but shortest straw is right you must learn the new game, which I absolutely hate!!! this new txt game is such BS. My one and only rule when txting a girl is just imagine your best buddy is beside you watching….would he be saying such things as “youre such a loser lol I cant believe you’re saying this” or “dude that msg is way too long, less is more” etc….

        4. You don’t win women over with text game, it all happens in person. I don’t like texting too much, especially about frivolous shit women enjoy, so I always cut it short.
          Thing is, I don’t chase after chicks who I haven’t met in person and/or who aren’t interested or give me the impression that I’d have to work hard for their affections.

        5. totally agree. But the txt game is “a” new game (not “the” new game) because I’ve had women who wouldn’t answer my calls but would reply from a txt. Which in all actuality is way better because now I can ignore her when she txt and not have to talk to her in an actual real live conversation and pretend that im interested or that I even care. Send a few quick txt’s get something set up and be done with it.

      2. Because if you’re friendly to a woman you don’t know, you’re automatically a creep, unless you’re Ryan fucking Gosling. I was just at a wedding in November, and my buddy said “hi” to a group of girls in the hotel, that were also a part of the wedding. We didn’t know them, they didn’t know us, but we knew we were both a part of the same wedding. When he said “hi”, as we were all waiting on an elevator, they laughed at him and the shortest, ugliest, fattest one called him ‘fuckin weird’ for it. Like a good man, he straight up ignored the troll and continued on trying to start up a small, friendly conversation, but they weren’t having it. Now, I’m not the type to start up a conversation with people I don’t know, but why the fuck is it considered creepy or unacceptable or plain ol fucking weird if I wanted to? I wouldn’t find it odd if someone started shooting the breeze with me. Goes to show the state of mind of the western cunt; Dont fucking talk to me unless you look like ____________ or have the status of ___________.

        1. Women’s behavior makes most men bitter, myself included.
          The problem is that being bitter doesn’t help your game. Being bitter means you are adopting their frame. He’s nice to them, they’re rude in return, he’s upset: They have told him and you how to feel. It’s like a flame war on the internet: Why are you allowing some faceless stranger to tell you how to feel?
          I know this is easy to say; we are social creatures, and take our cues from others. But you have to understand just how awful the insides of women’s brains actually are.
          Take a look at the picture at the top of this article. Those women aren’t happy. They may act happy, but they aren’t, because they are all competing with each other. They’re wondering which of them is getting the most attention. As a guy, it’s hard to understand what this feels like. When women say they are dressing up for themselves and each other, not for men, it’s actually true in a way. They are dressing up to compete with each other. It’s awful. The stress they are feeling is incredible. If I had a choice between being a woman and being dead, I’m not sure which I would choose.
          So why did the ugliest one in the wedding group dis your friend? Because she was the ugliest one. She was trying to validate herself by rejecting men, a man, any man. Every girl wants to be the one that is turning away suitors.
          So this is what was wrong with your friend’s “Hi”: Being friendly is simply not going to work with a group like that, unless you’re powerfully preselected, like Ryan fucking Gosling. Instead, your friend could have looked over his shoulder at the group, laughed a little, and turned back to you. You and your friend could talk about the girls in the group. Be obviously discussing the individuals. Point. Laugh and talk in a faintly mocking way. Then go talk to them with a smirk on your face, like you’re suppressing a laugh.
          You don’t have to act aloof – simply BE aloof. Women are good for babies, and the sex and childrearing that precede and succeed it. Their personalities are – in most cases – not worth investing your ego in. So relax.

        2. I was taken back on how my buddy totally ignored her; like her comment was only heard by her friends and not him. I even asked him if he heard what she said to him, and he said “dude I don’t even pay any mind to bitches like that, I heard her, but I wasn’t listening”. I was the bitter one about it, I was kicking myself for not speaking up against this fat little cunt. After thinking about it (it really fucking stuck with me that night), he handled it the right way. I was bitter, he could care less. There is NOTHING that I can say, or anyone for that matter, that is going to change the way that pig and her friends perceive themselves or skew their obviously high self worth. He never questioned himself, the way he looks, or the way he acts, not for a second. He’s going to keep being himself without questioning himself; she did not succeed in making him feel like a pariah. I don’t throw around the alpha/beta terms, but I think that was pretty damn alpha myself. He’s younger than me, and I’ve known him for a while; I was the one always teaching him/guiding him on women and life in general. He definitely taught me a thing or two that night.

        3. Anecdotes like this are the reason I keep coming back to this site. Just curious, are you in your late 20s? I only ask because a decade ago(Im in my late 30s now) this type of behavior was unheard of. Women actually enjoyed crazy wedding day debauched behavior. I turned down more advances than I had the right to ( but then again, this was back in my blue pill days, I didnt want the gossip at brunch the next morning).

        4. acttually you don’t need to be aloof or dominant or any of that crap that will just lower us to their level. all you need to do is ignore these broken skanks and go for foriegn women.

        5. Exactly. I respect ‘game’ and all the guys trying to make lemonade out of lemons so I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing anyone. But the amount of hoop-jumping, personality overhauls, analysis etc of gamers (pua version) is too much for me. Once again. RESPECT FOR THEM AND THEIR GAME. But I’m glad I live overseas and always will. Even the photo is a mirage. 8 women, all bombshells. As if. I can see very interesting articles and comment threads both here at ROK and other sites that most manospherians know, like Tomassi’s TRM etc. All brilliant, correct, rational, enlightening. But you can see a string of 200 hundred comments that are all thoughtful, awesome breakdowns of female behavior, but again and again I see this; No one addresses obesity. Yeah, everyone knows that American girls are fat. No one’s arguing. But then the threads go off into this world of game analysis, gender dynamics, female imperatives, pussy power this, mgtow that, female psyche, feminism etc. and the fact of obesity is forgotten. It can’t be forgotten though. It’s overwhelming. It’s the original elephant in the room. It’s the very epicenter of it all. Every issue, every game scenario, every bit of gender power struggle, discussion whatever, is all DOMINATED BY FEMALE OBESITY.
          Even becoming an aloof douchebag is supplicant at the end of the day. Even if it works. If it’s not how you really want to behave then you’re supplicating. Why do you have to do it? Because any thin woman in the US has 300 guys following her around with their tongues out amongst other things. Some learn game to get her attention. Congratulations to them. It’s better to just GTFO if you’re able. If you want to explore women, physical attraction, sexual adventure then you’d best just leave if possible. The lack of feminity on top of the physical slovenliness just makes the place an absolute nightmare.

        6. I’m 30, my friend is 26. These “women” were around the same age. I’ll say, the group of them were definitely swayed once the fat fuck opened her mouth. I agree that women turn into sluts on a wedding day; I got laid and he could have too but I think he was got a case of whiskey dick. Funny thing is, which I didn’t mention for the sake of keeping it short, is that one girl in their group had approached me after my friend had tried to start up a conversation. She asked me if I was related to some guy on tv (nice attempt) while we waited on the elevator and I said “no, If I was, maybe I’d have his good looks and money” as we entered the elevator. Then the fat bitch says “well you have neither” as the door closed. Stay classy, baby.

        7. ” Because any thin woman in the US has 300 guys following her around with their tongues out amongst other things.”
          This ties in to what I said to the last girl that I was interested in, because she had immediately started talking about other guys after telling me she wasn’t interested in me and I told her not to. She thought this was “weird” and she wanted to know why I asked this of her. Part of what I said was “Because you’re sexy, you have legions of thirsty guys who worship the ground you walk on.” At this, she laughs and silently says “it’s true.”) “I don’t have it like that.”* Now why did I tell her not to discuss other men with me? Because I was making it clear to her that I do have sexual interest in her and that I’m not one of her girl friends or one of her guy friends that hopes one day she will choose him.
          *She’s the type that gets free Starbucks. From the employees. But I felt proud of myself because I later flirted with a waitress and got free wings. I figured that counts more since I had to work harder. ha!

        8. Interesting. I overheard a cute girl compliment me while talking to her friend (probably meant for me to hear) and her less attractive (ugly) friend criticized my height. The ugly friend is someone I would struggle to even give the time of day and she knows it.

        9. Yeah the trend is getting worse. Now we’re seeing good looking fit men getting engaged to 188 lb women, and telling them how beautiful they are when they get their weight down to 177 lb for the wedding day. American culture is disordered. Everybody knows it. What can you do about?

        10. The girls were ungracious, unkind and of poor breeding. This was a wedding, a social event. You don’t need that kind of a girl. Poor wife material, a mean girl, like that will be mean in life and relationship as well.
          Of course if your friend was a lecherous A$$clown maybe he had it coming but that doesn’t sound like it at all and there are kinder ways.
          Believe me, don’t waste time on these shallow women. When they are 33 they’ll be regretting that their choice of men is inferior to the 20 guys the rejected in thir 20s.

        11. For sure, I wasn’t interested in anyone in their group. Just taken back on how ugly a woman can be on the inside and out and still think they are worth their weight in gold.

        12. Then they turn the big 4-0 and it all crashes and burns and they turn into lonely, drunken, suicidal, desperate, whoring mutts from that juncture on. Serves them right. Now THAT’S justice!

        13. You should have said “Well at least every time I turn around it isn’t my birthday!”
          Or “Well you wouldn’t have an issue with me if I came with fries and a medium drink. You know what medium is, right? The size between small and YOU!”
          Or “Those shoes definitely WON’T be high heels at the end of the night!”.
          Or leaned back, jutted your stomach forward, made a scowling assholish face and spun in a circle singing Daft Punk’s “Around the world, around the worllllld!”
          Fat fucking cow bitchwad! Always the bitter and obnoxious one in any group. ALWAYS!!!

        14. exactly. its ass backwards. but it is not like that all over the world. in asian culture they actually tell people bluntly if they are fat or just normally overweight…and nobody is offended by it because it is just normal, if they get fat they know its their own fault and nobody is traunmatised by it as they would be in the west.

        15. die alone or…let them improve? although if we choose that option we will be waiting a long ass time.
          i’m not saying asian girls are perfect but what they are is feminine. if a typical western girl moves to asia she generally will have a very hard time finding a date. they just don’t hold up against the competition.. but do they try to improve their behaviour to deal with that? do they fuck. they know what they can get away with back home so they just blame the men for going for ‘easy’ women and blame the women for whatever nonsense reason they can think of. and carry on as usual.
          imo things have gotten beyond the point of repair and a full scale boycott of western women is the only way to live.

        16. Those are very good points… I never thought of it to this level. But I was once at my cousins wedding, 18 at the time. Before the dancing started this huge (over 300 pound black slut) tried to get with me. I was young and naive and turned her down with little tact and unfortunately told her my age!
          Once the dancing started I jumped in and had a great time and hooked up with this 26 year old professional ballroom dancer… everything was working out great for the next 4 hours with me and the rest of the bridesmaids getting hammered. I was talking with the blond dancer and was getting more intimate when the fat harpy of Hades leaned in and whispered to the blond dancer that I was only 18.
          My age coupled with the social disqualification worked against me and I could not break through the barrier. But the irony is that its often easier to get a hot 8-10 into the sack then it is a 4-7 purely because most guys are intimidated by great looks and think a uglier chick will be an easier lay! Funny but the Dime pieces, once you break through the ice, are usually funner then a 6 or 7 bitter bitch who’s been used to every beta trying their luck with!

        17. Isn’t playing the game also adopting their frame? Aside from dealing with as opposed to calling out negative female behavior many men try to change who they are with game just for validation and the slime hope he might get laid…
          My wingman would have tap me on the shoulder and whispered “why would you even talk to such an masculine women” or something like that….

        1. No, you misunderstood. It’s hard to get used to the idea that you have to have a sustained different mode of communication.

        2. i only deal with foriegn women.. and i can just talk normally with them. they treat me normal back! no BS necessary.

        3. Foreign women are still women and you still have to game them. But often times the game is more subtle, and definitely not asshole game.

        4. true, i have seen clueless guys have the same amount of success abroad as they would in the west – zilcho.
          for me its more of a common sense game. i don’t really have to think about it.. unlike back home, where i would need to do a bunch of things that don’t make any sense and feel unnatural to get laid.

      3. You CAN be friendly, problem is most men chase after women who are either lukewarm or not interested. Then it becomes dancing monkey time.

    2. Right down to the Marvel movie, that pretty much happened to me earlier this year. Ouch. So it hit pretty close to home. I avoided texting her often though. Too bad that the day after she rejected me (she’d led me on for a month until our respective work schedules finally lined up), a girl approached me and I wimped out on asking for her number. Ah well, live and learn.

    3. I’m pretty sure he was just using it as a cookie-cutter example of an ordinary everyday exchange. Saying “The new Marvel movie” all vague-like more or less gives off that vibe.

    1. No bitch, we won’t “see” anything. I, on the other hand, will “see” another, more appreciative woman that night. Thanks.

  2. Jeez.
    Back in my day, we just took our dicks out and pointed to them and said “you wanna?”
    Just kidding.
    Seriously, one thing that always worked even back in the 1980s was to be “targeting” more than one woman at a time anyway and then cancel out all but the best one (if more than one would commit).
    This was done POLITELY by the way, not in the flake manner that we see as the norm today – because doing so got you a date with “second place” the next night and it didn’t matter what happened with first place on the first night.
    (And I’m not talking pump and dump – it mattered not what your goals were dates were not any kind of commitment)

    1. You could still try that method today, given the stupidity and banality of present-day women, you’d sink a few lures with that bait.

  3. All I have been seeing is “EQUALITY!” Guess what, ladies? Since you enjoy being flakes, enjoy the Golden Rule. As for me, I’ll follow Aaron Clarey’s advice to “Enjoy the decline.”

    1. Love the Captain too. My favorite Cappyism is (massive paraphrase);
      “This just isn’t your fault.”
      He said this in reference to female behavior and the culture in general, I think.
      While most of us don’t want to be victims or shirk accountability this one meant the most. First, it’s true. Second, you have to allow yourself to realize that there are times when you just can’t expect full accountability of yourself. The culture is a joke. Always bringing the responsibility of it back onto yourself is just not fair to you. Not to mention how short life is and you can’t waste your time blaming yourself for what a joke things have become. Some guys out there will always put things on their shoulders, no matter how unfair, and this is why the left is so successful in making gains with their insanity. No matter how crazy or unfair they are, most men will always hold themselves accountable for the side effects of others’ mistakes. Listen to the Captain;
      Fuck it. “This isn’t your fault.” I needed to hear that from someone and it was life-altering. It never occurred to me.

  4. Chicks that I’m surrounded with are so flaky that even when THEY initiate plans with me like, “hey I haven’t seen you in a while, why don’t we meet for a drink on X day?” I will say yes, but I will not leave the house until they text me and tell me that they are already there because they cancel so often.

  5. Maybe means you’re the back up plan. You have no obligation to her. You are free to ask out other women. Its how women game men. So don’t think as a man you shouldn’t be running your own game.
    The only exception would be if she says maybe and follows it with a real explanation, including an alternative scheduling option.

  6. Had this happen just recently. Meet cute bartender. Hookup/makeout sessions behind the bar multiple times a week for about 6 weeks. Free drinks, won’t take money.
    Everytime I propose dinner…she’s got some excuse.
    Now she hooked up with someone else, and is telling people I forced myself on her. (Not the brightest gal…many people saw us together previously)
    Fucking broads.

      1. Almost expecting it. The only saving grace is that multiple people saw us together multiple times, and she’s a known liar.
        Wanted to tell her to save the rape fantasy for people who will buy it, but don’t want to give her any ideas.
        Just going to ignore her from here on out.

        1. Make out session, at the bar? free drinks? If it was my bar, I’d throw you out, and fire her ass.

        2. The police won’t care if she’s a liar. I would make it a point to never be in contact with or in the vicinity of her again.

        3. I’ve been privy to info about a hot chick having sex with one of my friends who could basically be described as anti-game, anti-red pill, and a pretty low SMV.
          He fed her attention like no other and finally got her to give him sex. He said she did absolutely nothing and after it was over, asked if he liked it. Also said it was a one-shot deal, no repeat performances.
          Women will be sexual with men they don’t like in a sexual way just for the fucking attention. It’s almost fucking scary, like a mental illness.

        4. This chick is hot for an older bird (37) prob about a 7.5. Never let me pay for a drink, never took a tip. Single mom though, and had her parents raise her kid. From my experiences with her over a period of two months, I’ve determined she’s a pill-popper, barely functioning alcoholic, pathological liar, thief, and addicted to male attention. Reminds me of a girl who spent too much time as a Penny Lane for any band that would have her.
          Definitely has mental illness, but for some reason I thought I could “leave her better than I found her”. Actually thought a good hard fuck could snap her back on track.
          It was a stupid mistake on my part, as I should know better.
          Now she’s got some new guy who is putting on his white knight armor, and most likely going to end up trying to fight me, even tho I have zero interest in her anymore.
          The Rational Male arrived today. Looking forward to studying it, as I failed to maintain frame this time around, and am still dealing with the consequences. Time to become better.

    1. Why would you want to take a bartender that you always makeout with behind the bar to dinner?

    2. I know how you feel. The truth is you’re improperly calibrating. You made out and fucked her behind the bar. On what grounds does she deserve dinner with you? Keep fucking her behind the bar and dont give her anything else. In time the opportunity will arise to fuck her in other places and ways. If not, then thats the way it goes.

      1. What’s wrong with taking a slam piece out to dinner now and then? As long you personally don’t elevate her to higher status in your own mind, what difference would it make?

        1. Theres nothing wrong with it at all. In fact i prefer it if she was a good bang. The unfortunate reality is that just the invite may make her skiddish. But tjen again tone attitude and finer contex could help and im sure thats your point.

        2. Something doesn’t seem to add up though, I mean why would she be so on-the-fence if everything you said were true?
          How could you ever be comfortable having to analyze the fuck out of every little detail to get some success?

      2. Thanks for the re-calibration. I did feel myself slipping into beta behavior, and it was disturbing. Reading yours and these other replies have also compelled me to re-examine how I allowed my behavior to change, and am determined to keep my frame in the future. I started out aloof and indifferent, which led to free booze and ass, but slipped, and her behavior changed accordingly. Fucking predictable and I know better. Live and learn.

        1. Some of these stories sound so ridiculous, not that I think you’re lying, but the sheer amount of effort you seem to have to put forth is fucking crazy and makes the women you’re with seem even crazier.
          Never have I ever gotten as far as hooking up/making out with a chick only to have her turn down anything else. Usually it’s the opposite, with them initiating more hanging out and taking things further. My god it sounds like hell.

        2. Yeah man, same thing happened to me when I hooked up with this hot Indian Chick… the first 4 months I pretty much could care less and she did every freaky thing with me she could come up with… the whole time this beta guy followed her around like her little lost puppy, doing any and everything to get with her. HILARIOUS…. point of the story is, moment I started falling for this chick was the beg of the end. So weird how that works… but there you go! Unless its real love (very real) on both ends, falling in love is the quickest way to become bitch made!

    3. CamelJockey is right man. This isn’t the type of girl you take out to dinner. This type of chick is only good for you to blow your load in/on/around. You had a good orgasm to dollar ratio, try to keep it that way.

    4. Making out with a bitch behind a bar is drunk teenager behaviour. You shouldn´t be proud of it my friend.
      By doing this you put yourself on the same low level as her.
      Your prescription for 2015:
      Practice self control, grow a spine and become a man.

      1. He tagged her for 6 weeks and got a really good dollar to bang ratio. Why slag him? Frankly id like to give him a high 5. How many other guys have been wanting to tag her?
        His mistake of asking her out to dinner wasnt even that bad. Fucked her for six weeks and liked it. Why not make it more regular? The problem is she was a high SMV girl and the only way those girls slow down a bit and become a regular is if they WANT to, as in use sex as a means of buying the man, but she didnt want to and only saw him as stress relief.

        1. Well, I´m not saying that he´s a pussy for making out with the girl.
          I´m just saying that men do stuff like that inside their houses or apartments.
          Making out and screwing around in public places (e.g. bars or toilets) is inappropriate behaviour and a huge lack of self control I personally would expect from women and teenagers only.
          That was my point.

    5. The reason she wouldn’t go out on a dinner ‘date’ was because you asked her. Women expect men to only want sex from them. I try to never disillusion them and their sad little mind frame

  7. Maybe=waste of time. If a woman really likes you there are no maybes. She is enthusiastic and can’t wait to see you.

  8. Even if she is “mildly interested”, no self respecting man should accept a maybe. Maybe is indecisive. Maybe is coward talk. Cut her loose, and move on. You have better things to do.

  9. “Nevermind. I was sorta looking for an excuse to hang out with (insert other female name here) I will just take her instead, no pressure.”
    Passive aggressive works both ways. It also makes her feel like a second choice, which will stem a lot of flaking as she desperately tries to wangle the top of the social pyramid out of it.

  10. This is why I don’t text girls. Girls can sit down and have full conversations over text for hours. I don’t have time for that. While she’s busy texting other guys, I’ll be the only one that actually calls. Simple way to differentiate yourself.
    When chatting with girls on Tinder, I’ll get their number and call them immediately. They always get caught off guard and say “wow that was fast” and I reply with “well I’ve got your number now so why would I keep texting?” Honestly it never fails

    1. I will use this on tinder. My first line is “when’s our date”.. It works 75% of the time.. I shall use your method and see what happens lol

      1. I actually use your line in addition to my method. Get the number, call her immediately, talk a bit, and then ask “so when are we going out?” I’ll either get girls that are down to meet up ASAP, or ones that will hesitate and say “I don’t know yet” and to those I’ll say “well you’ve got my number, call me when you’re free. Bye” Most of the time I get a call back

  11. There is ample room for Game optimization in the article. Sure – MAYBE in our times is as good as a NO. If she answered with maybe, then she is not hooked yet.
    Cinema dates and long inane text conversations are no way to go forward. In our times you need to escalate fast or you will lose her short attention span. Men nowadays have to be able to rather master the art of the bathroom pull than any kind of gentleman-like moves.

    1. I agree that movie dates are usually lame. Sitting in the dark not talking to or engaging each other for two hours is a waste of time, even more so given the drivel showing at most movie theaters. You can’t really escalate very far in a theater and then you have to stop anyway. (I’ll save for another day the story of me banging a girl in the back row of a theater, but that’s a rare thing.)

  12. This is basically why I double- and triple-book when it comes to hanging out.
    Here’s what you do: you schedule the date with the hottest chick at 9 pm. The next most attractive gets 9.15 and the next gets 9.30. If the first girl bails on you then it’s not a problem, you still have time to make your second date. And so on. If the first does meet up with you, send a quick text to cancel on the next two girls. You really can’t lose—unless they all flake. Which has definitely happened, but if that goes down then it’s only 9.30 and you can still meet up with your friends.
    It’s either that, or you just go out with your friends and text her to meet up later. If she does, great. If she doesn’t then you’re already out having fun with your friends. At the end of the day, it’s really about outcome independence & optionality.
    Sad, but that’s where we are now.

      1. I like his first idea. Make sure you schedule the hottest girl first and cancel on the others if they actually show.
        Think I’ll try that….

    1. Ok so the first girl shows and you cancel on the others. Now if things dont work out with the first girl, the others will probably not give you another chance because you cancelled last minute.

  13. The only thing you should ever offer is “Let’s go to…”
    If she says no then leave her where she stands. Don’t ever give her an option to alter your plans if you really want something. Be confident to say “Okay, see ya…”
    She’ll be incredibly pissed, since women hate men enjoying anything they’re not a part of, but that’s what you have to do.

  14. 98% of all people are indecisive and untrustworthy. It´s not a female thing only.

    1. I dont know any of my male friends that have ever said maybe to me when asked aboit the future. Most people’s lives are the same week after week. If she says maybe about plans in the next 48 hours, she’s not really interested

      1. A woman who is interested will move mountains to spend time with you. Even if she can’t meet that specific time or day, she’ll come back with a counter offer on the spot.
        Any other reply and she’s not interested or you’re becoming an “option” to her. Always approach and always look for this type of response. If (or when) you don’t receive it, then move on…don’t waste any more time.
        Trust me on this one. You’ll know if she’s interested.

  15. texting is simply a dumb way to connect…it should be avoided, like the plague. You want a date, be a man and make a phone call, get to the point, get off the phone…if she’s “in” fine, if she’s a “maybe,” she’s OUT, regardless. As you age, it becomes OUR world, they don’t like it, but that’s the way it is…thank Feminism, which is simply age old female bullshit.

    1. Except that calling shows way too much interest. Why should I “be a man” and call these hoes? 90% of these girls don’t deserve any calls or dates for that matter. If she ain’t coming to my house or if I ain’t going to hers…next.

  16. off topic, but turn into todays endless loop of Sportcenter.
    Nikki Minaj gets a segment to tout her album.
    Why has espn become a platform for things other than sports??

    1. It’s a dynamic that sites like ROK have been pointing out frequently. ESPN is a space that caters to masculine interests, sports. Feminized activism views things that cater to masculine interests, as well as masculine interests, as inherently unjust. ESPN is merely responding to the demands made by feminized activism.
      There is a reason why I use the term “feminized” activism rather than “feminism”. Feminism is not the only form of feminized activism. The civil rights movement falls in this category as well. The civil rights movement emerged from the Black church at a time when Black women were beginning to assert their control over the Black church. In fact, the civil rights movement was birthed while the progressive movement was gaining momentum. If you remember history, the women’s movement was also gaining its traction at that time.
      Your criticism of ESPN mirrors what I’ve read in reaxxion.com’s article on Star Wars as well as a central concept in the Gamergate controversy. A male space, particularly white male spaces, are being depicted as evil because of their inherent exclusivity. Feminized activism seeks to “integrate” because it views the act of self segregation as unjust. Black men could stand up and join the conflict against this dynamic but as I’ve said earlier, civil rights, a dogmatic orthodoxy that colors the entirety of popular Black culture, is part of the feminized activist superstructure.

      1. Self-segregation would not work in the proletariat the feminized activists seek to create.
        Don’t be a prole

  17. Initiating a date through text or social media is WEAK. Get the woman’s number and call, fellas. A man has got to have standards and a quality woman has got to have them as well.
    When I was single I never accepted invites by text or through social media. If a guy didn’t have the dignity to call (or ask in person) he got an immediate and direct no.
    And I agree that for most women, maybe usually means no and can sometimes mean ‘convince me.’ But typically it’s a a weak way of saying no. I personally believe men deserve a direct answer because I’m not into wasting time, mine or that of others. So definitely if the woman is giving you maybes, move on.

    1. Congratulations. You’re in the top 1% of women who responds to phone calls and conversation like a human being. This article is for guys who have to deal with the other 99%.

      1. I’m not interested in the other 99% and really have no idea why a man would want to hang out with a woman who doesn’t even want to talk to him.
        Women get to set the social standard unimpeded because they are allowed to, by men. Getting better behaviour from women doesn’t start with the woman in the club, it starts with the man in the mirror.
        If you’re willing to pay top shelf prices for Thunderbird, then Thunderbird is all you will ever be offered.

        1. Agree. Men have to up their standards. A man should always see himself as the “prize” and not waste any time on many of these women. Set standards, set personal goals and make her meet your level.
          If she doesn’t meet it, then walk away.

      2. We as individuals set our own standards of what is or is not acceptable and reinforce that with our behavior. If you don’t like “the other 99%” don’t give them the time of day.

      3. Truth. Call a woman now and she answers, there’s a bizarre drawn-out pause, then she finally says “Hellooooo?” is this suspicious-sounding voice, like how dare you interrupt her selfie-taking time and preoccupy her phone by calling her when she had the camera app open.

    2. Most girls will think think of you as a “creep” if you call them, because answering a call requires your full attention span, and girls nowadays are just not capable of that…

      1. If she finds you creepy for calling you can confidently rule her out. A lady appreciates etiquette.

        1. There are no ladies in this current american era. Etiquette will get a man shoved into the friend zone beta male back up category.

        2. It’s true that immature women friend zone gentlemen because they’re too foolish to value them, but saying there are no ladies left in America is too great a generalization.

        3. Not really, Delores. You just keep on arguing NAWALT every time you’re in here with a sample size of one and no current experience in dating or the wider world since by your own admissions you’ve been married for some time and neither you or your husband were “promiscuous” before marriage. So really you are in no position to offer comment on this.

        4. Of course he’s generalizing. But the societal trend is one of increasing narcissism – not the truly awful personality disorder, but a sort of learned narcissism spawned by social media – and in that state women are reverting to the alpha-male centric casual sex mating behavior and are more inclined to shove gentlemen into the attention provider mode – friendzone – instead of dedicating themselves.
          Men are learning and responding, and seem to be polarizing into two groups: “Alpha” males only interested in casual relationships and “Omegas” that retreat entirely in disgust.

        5. I agree about the narcissism. But I disagree with the “male centric casual sex mating behavior” portion of your comment.
          A male member of your site put it into perfect perspectve when he said:
          “Let me get this straight: Y’all create an entire lifestyle to get yourselves laid, and then bash women who fall for it?”
          “If you truly think female virginity is so valuable, you shouldn’t be actively pursuing sex and how best to obtain it.”
          Why are there few virginal women and why are women supposedly so sexual? Perhaps one of the reasons is…MEN. So thank your brothers here for misleading the young and naive girl that they pumped and dumped
          And regarding your claim that “men are learning and responding” to this supposedly new behavior is fallible. Male promiscuity is nothing new and women have been giving into it for some time.

        6. “Why are there few virginal women and why are women supposedly so sexual? Perhaps one of the reasons is…MEN.”
          I was wondering when you’d get round to the standard misandry of blaming men for women’s weak wills and seeming inability to keep their legs from forming right angles.

        7. It is not up to men to ensure virginity. That is her job. Virginity’s value comes from the woman that doesn’t screw around that is why she is valuable.
          What is amazing is your comments show that you have no agency at all. And men have adjusted. men no longer see women as worthy of commitment and that is a correct assessment. Your comments says it is not your job not to be a slut whore. “Those guys shouldn’t have 3 wholed me at that party” “I’m not a slut those are bad men.” “I ‘m still marriage and mother material. See how I don’t take responsibility for my actions. “

        8. Isn’t that the fucking truth. It’s more blaming men on their problems.
          A woman can’t stay a virgin because of men? It’s too fucking hilarious.
          At what point are we supposed to hold women accountable or responsible for their own actions?

        9. Never. This is the beauty of today’s society in their eyes. They’re never responsible for anything they do.
          It’s kind of funny, but the average male has more faith in women than women and feminists do.
          We think women can and should be responsible for themselves. That they can deal with adversity and plow on. That they can make decisions and should take responsibility for their choices.
          Women think women are pathetic and can’t do anything without a crutch, training wheels, or someone to blame in case things don’t work out.

        10. Men will value women just as much as women value themselves.
          Women devalued themselves in the name of empowerment.
          Blaming men for women throwing away their best asset is absurd. You and the girls need to talk less about empowerment and being strong, and start taking responsibility for yourselves.

        11. Right….be we are all equal (lol). The funniest part of all.
          They want to sit at the grown ups table but still think like 10 year olds. Women want to be adults but don’t want the responsibility or accountability that comes with the role.

        12. Okay, so do The Republic a favor and clone yourself a billion times over so we can all have that litter sliver of hope that’s all but gone. Thanks.

    3. Most women, including my wife, are not like you 😉 Most women couldn’t give a direct answer if the fate of every person and panda on the planet were on the line (bit of an exaggeration, but not by much)

      1. Aw, come on now. Every person has draw backs, men included. If your wife can tolerate yours I’m sure you can tolerate hers 😉

        1. Husbands tolerate their wives because he has to by family law. Especially if he is a father. I think you knew that

    4. I think it depends on why one would prefer to text versus calling.
      Often, people don’t want to talk – they have other things going on, they don’t want to be tied to a conversation for god knows how long. So texting can actually work better, because it doesn’t demand immediate reply.
      If the man is afraid to talk on the phone, that is of course weak.
      But here’s the reason I often do not want to talk on the phone. It’s because talking on the phone generates a lot of anxiety, for most people, and women screw up the interaction. They could be perfectly wonderful face to face, and just fine in the emotionally distant world of text messages, but when I listen to them talk on the phone I get turned off. They sound like they have peanut butter stuck in their throats.
      So I actually find it advantageous to avoid the phone, but not for the assumed reasons. What I will do is, if the text exchange is going on too long – something we could straighten out quickly in voice, I’ll tell her to call me RIGHT NOW. That kind of puts a little humor on it, and they relax.

  18. This post brings back an experience from my blue-pill days in high school. I had a severe case of oneitis over a girl who was in my class. After months of being a total pussy and not approaching her or making her think of me in a sexual context, I asked her out. She said “I’ll think about it” and I naively said that I would wait for her response. The next few days she started to show a passive-aggresive behaviour towards me, she would ignore me to the point of not even greeting me, and if I got anywhere near her she would suddenly dissappear with her friends because she had “something to do”. Eventually I isolated her to call her out on her bullshit and she said she’d rather not go out with me, and that she was ignoring me because she didn’t want to “hurt my feelings”.
    I told her “Don’t worry, I’ve got better options” and walked away.
    And that was the beginning of my red-pill transformation…

    1. she was ignoring me because she didn’t want to “hurt my feelings”.
      ^That makes complete sense.^
      If you are crazy.

  19. The format/exchange of that text immediately places her in the driver seat. Of course it will end up with a maybe.
    Instead :” I’m headed to the movies to see the matrix, you’re welcome to join me. I’ll pick you up @ 900. Call me. .” 9 out if 10 times that will generate an immediate yes.

  20. I’ve been taking the “maybe” as a shit test lately and just straight out tell em that it means “yes” in my book and ignore everything else they could say, in this case I would’ve pretended I didn’t read the “maybe” part, sometimes is just a shit test to see how you react to her not showing up but that also depends on the attraction you’ve built and the type of girl it is. I just wouldn’t be so negative the maybe response just my 2cents

  21. They do worse than saying maybe for a no. They sometime just don’t fucking reply or answer. It is passive-aggresive. They don’t want to hurt the feeling but in my book it hurt even more. They are stupid and the mass media encourage them to be that way.
    Woman in western civilization are simple evil. I do believe that the devil is a woman. They have more power than man. Do I hate woman? No because we need them to repopulate but the problem is that the mass media is making them evil. Something tell me that not in my lifetime I will see that diabolic influence on woman going away. I decided to be MGTOW.

    1. To a certain extent they are more powerful over men…after all who gave them power? was it not us?

  22. Had a girl i use to work with play me out for a few months with told me i could take her out once she turned 18. Flirted with me like crazy (kisses on the neck, eye fucking for days and etc. She quit so i got her info and Girl would like everything i posted on social media but couldn’t get back to me via text. Finally hit her with the ultimatum either we go out or i just get rid of you. She scheduled coffee and ended up canceling 2 hours before. So i just told her to fuck off which she didnt take kindly too hahah. Even if it’s certain it can still be no

  23. Problem is even if she indeed jumps at the chance, the likelihood of the event actually coming off is often no more than 50%. All too often, “yes” is code for “unless something better comes along”.
    This can frequently result in a major up front cash expenditure on the man’s part that has to be eaten.

  24. I tend to stay away from women that are socially inclined on a public entity (Facebook, Twitter etc).. This means her head is stuck up her ass and thinks she’s hot shit— thanks to all these Beta’s and white-knights that butter them up (by liking and commenting on all their photos).

  25. It seems that words do not have the same meaning, according to the speaker’s gender. For a woman, “Yes” means “Yes”, “Maybe” means “No”, and “No” means “No”, and sometimes, “Maybe”!

  26. Regardless of how good or shitty your game is. If a girl gives you “maybe. I’ll let you know.” you stop right there and walk away. Period. No “Okay, there’s a screening at 9pm. I’ll be in touch.”. No. Nothing. That kind of “maybe” is just a straight awful, disrespectful “no”, where she doesn’t even have the decency to say “no”, and thus should be treated as any other insult. Sometimes they’ll feel self conscious about you not validating their “maybes” with further puppy dog chases that they’ll come back looking for more attention. But you have to take a stand at being bullshitted and show some self respect.

  27. Are you saying “Western” because this phenomenon is common in all Western countries and no non-Western countries, or because you think you sound worldly and intellectual by using the term?

  28. ‘There’s a girl you’ve actively pursued for weeks’, thus spake the author lmao. If she’s truly interested, the max time you’d wait would be 2-3 days and 3 days is pushing it. If you are chasing a chick beyond 3 days, move on. She’s not interested. Don’t waste your time. You are saying two things to yourself when you do that, 1.) Pussy is more important than my time and 2.) Pussy is more important than money. This behaviour also leads to pedastilisation and onetis.

  29. Western female to beta male:
    * yes means maybe
    * maybe means no
    * no means she’s got a lawyer on speed dial on her phone

  30. I have always thought this when interacting with women and beta men. My friends used to try to justify that ‘maybe’ could mean just that, but experience will teach you that ‘maybe’ really means, ‘I am too afraid to express how I truly feel about the subject.’
    Don’t even waste your time on people with poor expression.

  31. Life’s gotten to where if one of my male friends texts me, especially one of my really close ones (such as the four that I’ve been a groomsman for), I make it a point to text them back right away, post-haste. Even to an extent with the few good platonic female friends I have that were never a romantic prospect either way and thus never got (wait for it! Here comes the platitude of the day, ready?) awkward.
    Now if it’s a girl I do want to bang, or have been banging steadily, or have zero interest in getting romantic/emotional with for a myriad of reasons of my own deciding factors, I might wait up to 24 hours to text back, based on what my perceived immediate needs are for that day.
    Just following the precedent they all set for us. Meeting energy with the exact same amount of energy, on the level. Simple as that.

  32. This article makes a good point. For many guys ‘maybe’ means “I’d like to, let me check my schedule”. Therefore, guys that don’t understand the language difference between women and men may view ‘maybe’ as a positive. If a girl says ‘maybe’ then there is a 99.99% you aren’t hooking up. Ever.

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