Why America Causes Men To Be Unnatural

“What are you drinking?” I ask the blonde to the left of me as I wait in line to order a drink at the bar. She blurbs vodka something, in one ear and out the other. I was just trying to gauge her interest. Her eyes dart around the room and she doesn’t seem that interested in me. I know better than to give up, so I reengage the conversation. She talks for a few minutes and then excuses herself to go find her friends. Oh well.

Turn to my right. Brunette this time, hooray for variety I guess. “What are you drinking?” This one is excited and tells me ginger ale and Jameson.  Sugary with a taste of slut. We chat it up and things are going well. More hand contact, first shoulder then side waist. She’s a fun girl and I’m enjoying my time with her. Maybe I should buy her a drink. Wait, no I can’t. I’m in America and that is a sign of weakness. Despite the fact that I genuinely don’t mind.

Won’t be able to fuck her tonight because the world is a cockblock, so I settle for her number. “Give me your number” I demand, because anything less than full confidence in assuming the sale can set off one of several fabricated yet indoctrinated alarms in her mind. She likes my assertiveness. Number collected.

Few days later text the numbers I collected, same text to all and see what bites. A few leads, including the brunette. Can’t use appropriate punctuation or a smiley face. I’m in America and that is a sign of weakness.

Date set with brunette. Go through my routine, and try to fuck her because it ensures the best chance of ever seeing her again. These days American girls have the attention span of a six-year old retard at the Willy Wonka factory. Funny thing is I wouldn’t even mind waiting another date, possibly two (but no more). But again, I’m in America and that’s a sign of weakness.

The Bizarro World

I have come to realize something lately. American men are forced to deviate from their natural and biological desires in order to achieve any perceived happiness with their counterparts of the opposite sex. Ironically, this has the unintended effect of pushing you away from happiness into a more morose state of being. American women are so damn backwards, it is a bit scary if you think about it. Girls here love to call us rapists and misogynists and little-dicked home-dwellers when all of our behavior is a direct result of their own misguided actions.

For ages, men have adapted as a means of solving problems by assessing a situation. Through experimentation, trial and error, and eventually wisdom from the elder and more experienced, we have figured out solutions to problems that face us in our everyday lives. “Game,” as we like to call it, is the same thing. It is a medium by which we adjust our actions, words, and beliefs in order to achieve our goals. Here, our goals — be it fornication with many girls or a relationship with a hopefully devout wife — require the use of a strategy that, to be honest, goes against our nature.

This is a broken record by now, but we all know the drawbacks of our western women. They take pride in not looking good, in not cooking or knowing how to cook, in not taking care of their men, in valuing work over beauty, in disregarding the value of their youth, in becoming the dominant male of the heterosexual relationship. They have become filthy animals who beg to be choked during sex. They mandate drama as a means of interaction given the endless “reality” shows they gorge upon on a daily basis.

I’ve created arguments with girls I’ve dated just because I know they need that drama to be entertained, or they will think I’m “boring.” I have to pretend their sexuality is not a turn on for me or risk being deemed a pervert because any overt act of kink displayed by a female causing a reaction in the observing male is indicative of someone who can’t get laid.

Take for example one girl I was banging a while back, relevant tweet embedded below. She sent me a video of her masturbating while yelling my name.  Likely fabricated, it was just attention whoring coupled with what she perceived to be something men want, to see a girl they are dating act in a pornographic way.

I know some men enjoy dirty texts, but since I’ve already banged her and I like the subtle sultriness more than the obvious displays, this did nothing for me. But let’s assume it actually did turn me on. Naturally, I would want to make a comment indicating both the level of attraction that it caused me, and also approve of her behavior to hopefully encourage more of the same.

Unfortunately by responding naturally, she would either think less of me or overvalue her sexuality’s effect on me. So as with other similar situations I responded in the way I did and after a few more angry texts (see drama discussion above), she warmed up as usual and we continued our physical relationship.

The Real World

Here at ROK it may seem like we sensationalize Eastern Europe, South America or Southeast Asia. But it is not exaggeration. They are places where men can act upon their natural and instinctive desires, and not be punished. If I buy a girl a drink in Russia, because I want to and believe in doing so, I am thought of as a good provider and a true man. If a girl likes me in Brazil, I know it within seconds and we can be kissing within minutes.

Across the sea if I have a question I want to ask via text, I can include the question mark without fear the girl may think the use of punctuation is too formal. There’s no rush to fucking a girl because you will likely see her again  She will kick you out of the kitchen if you attempt to cook, because that’s “her job.”

Until you actually visit and experience these places, it’s hard to understand why American/Western women bother us so much. But I think I’m understanding a new reason why. Maybe our annoyances, while seeded in their actions, actually result from the unrest we feel within ourselves because of how much we have to deviate from our instincts. Maybe our feelings of elation and satisfaction from traveling comes not from the women we bed, but from the ability to finally coincide our desires and thoughts with what evolution intended for us.

By no means am I trying to get spiritual or preachy here. But just as we are not meant as human beings to be tied indoors in an office for 40+ hours a week, men are not meant to act in these ways to have successful relationships with women. The sight of a beautiful women elicits an intense desire in me. Sex is one of the purest forms of nature, biologically based upon reproductive necessity yet carrying with it the utmost physical pleasure most will ever naturally experience. Yet, living in America, we are required to act unnatural in order to even feel the slightest bit natural in the end.

And it fucking sucks.

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178 thoughts on “Why America Causes Men To Be Unnatural”

  1. i been a longtime lurker of Roosh and his forums,
    i just want the readers to look at things differently, if you can game in america you can game anywhere i see people bashing all this western cities but you should be proud to been raised their because of that city you have higher game than any other place in the world, even roosh has an article stating that his losing his ability to bang women from U.S. because foreign women are easier, and its true, because his no longer living in a place where male competition is high, like in the U.S., going to foreign lands isn’t going to improve you or make you any less beta.

    1. You are clueless. You have no idea how miserable the female situation here is in these “western cities”. Im not proud to be raised here at all, And, anyway a man, alpha, beta, omega or whatever the fuck man – shouldnt have to stoop to games to engage women in conversation and start a relationship. The problem is men have zero value to women in the USA until the woman has exhausted her sexual current account by virtue of age, fatness, kids, disease etc. Only then does a man begin to have value to her.

      1. yes it can get bad, no doubt.
        what i was trying to say was that the U.S. is the mecca of game, and if your planning on living in a western country then i don’t recommend you learn game in a foreign land, take a vacation, no longer than a few months, come back. but if your planning on leaving forever then disregard what i just said.

    2. There is a bit of a contradiction here on ROK and in the manosphere in general w.r.t. American women. That contradiction is, American women are simultaneously the easiest lays, and they require the most game to lay.
      Someone with more experience please explain this to me.

      1. There’s a difference between getting laid and being happy with your sex life. You can get laid in the USA and you’re going to have a shitty time dealing with the women.

        1. THANK you. I cannot fathom why notch count is constantly equated to success with women here. If you want to rack up notches you can just pay a bunch of chicks. I don’t see what’s so hard about that.

      2. Simple – women in America are slutty and give it up quickly. This does not mean they require little skill to hook up with, it just means you can hook up with them faster. Women from more traditional cultures are raised on different values; they do not give it up as quickly and easily. The flip side to this is that American women generally have awful demeanor, morals, ethics, habits, and values. they are good for getting your nut and not a whole lot else. Women of other cultures offer value in different areas. The areas that the mansophere is concerned with: loyalty, selflessness, subservience, reservation, respect, respect, respect, devotion, the list goes on.

      3. It works like this: 20 percent of men are having 80 percent of the sex. If you’re in that top 20 percent, it’s extremely easy to get laid. Women spend their teens and twenties sleeping with as many of those twenty percenters as they can. Hence, they rack up a huge notch count. But if you’re in the bottom 80 percent, it’s incredibly hard to get laid. Those guys need a large amount of game to get any play. Hence, the meme about American women being extremely slutty (with 20 percent of guys), but also being incredibly hard to get (for the other 80 percent of have no game).
        YMMV, but that’s been my observation….

    3. Dumb said. We wouldnt need “game” if things were in order. Game is something one learn because it is necessary. Everyone fucking hates it.

  2. For sure.
    When I read Bang Poland I fell in love with Polish chicks. The way Roosh described them, so sweet and open and vulnerable… It’s so much different than around here when half the time you have to be a bigger hardass than she is. Like you, I’ve come to accept it and even embrace it at times, but it can get old.

    1. So true. When i was over there in 2010, the behavior was night and day. The women there love their men, love to serve, love to cook, simply EMBRACE being women pleasing men. The way they move, dress, smile and interact. Everyone dresses to the nines just to go grab groceries. This in turn evokes the natural tendencies of men to act in the manner that pleases the women (a manner which would disgust feminists, benevolent sexism and alpha chauvinism turns European women on).
      It really must be something in the water tho. Most of my interactions with Polish chicks here (I’m a polski living in Toronto myself) shows me they become ‘infected’ once they step ‘off the boat’. There is no sense of duty to family, to partner. Only to self.
      Perhaps they simply embrace the selfishness that North American life offers in spades. Individualism rather than family rules the day on this continent. A dangerous thing to offer a naturally solipsistic mind coupled to a hypergamic soul.

  3. In those countries women are women and men are men. In the US women are men and men are women. Thats why so many teenage boys like dressing up like girls and are rushing to get their dicks surgically removed so they can realize “be who they really are”. Because female mind trapped in male body and all. They are the biggest losses to society. Instead of being men and learning things and doing things, creating and inventing things they want to paint their toenails pink and play with Hello KItty purses. Holy shit what the fuck is wrong with people these days.

      1. “Who are these young men running off to get their cocks cut off? ”
        Read this:
        Note the key passage: “Autogynephilia is defined as a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused
        by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia that is
        theorized to underlie transvestism and some forms of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism. …..Nearly 3% of men in Western countries may experience autogynephilia; its
        most severe manifestation, MtF transsexualism, is rare but ***increasing***
        in prevalence.”
        Why is this madness increasing? Because it is being pushed on several fronts.
        now read this:
        and this:
        and this (entitled: SheZow: Transvestite Superhero Cartoon)


        and this:
        BPA plastics chemical found to feminize males
        and this if you get a chance:
        This shit is positively horrifying and we need to put an end to it right now.

        1. He she want to be…
          Body and soul just don’t agree..
          There’s an answer, got to go,
          for a Tijuana tuck n’ roll..
          He she just got a zipper job.

        2. Are… are you fucking serious? Are you actually implying that people transition for a fetish, or because they’re pressured to? Do you even REALIZE how many transgender people are beaten and killed from hate crimes for being how they are? Do you really think people would risk their lives to get off and not even have the respect to acknowledge that they don’t identify with a gender they’re labeled as? Are you going to say that non-binaries are ‘robots’ too while you’re at it?
          People are being murdered in Russia right now because people like you who shame them and treat them as ‘unnatural’, just because you don’t like people who are different than how you choose to view things. They transition because it’s what they identify as; not because it’s a fetish. Stop dehumanizing people for things they cannot help. They can’t help being trans anymore than you can’t help being straight and identifying as a male. Stop spreading your transphobia and bigoted hate.

      2. Who? All I know is that YouTube has hundreds and hundreds of them, transitioning males to females, discussing their hormone treatments and upcoming sexual reassignment surgeries with glee, in the pink fairy underwear – all seeking each others support and confirming to each other that they should be the “real woman” that they are.
        Their fathers must be so proud.
        Pathetic fucking men we have become. Bring a son into this world that wants to be a girl.
        Fuck all women that have wrought this. I blame this entirely on them.
        And their pathetic, disgusting fathers, feeble excuses of men.

        1. When i discuss this with women in real life they, in private, get offended and bent out of shape and bare their fangs while the hot ones laugh and lay in the reality: They’re not a woman.
          There are many things that inspire me to become a better man and having a child (probably without MY consent) is one of the biggest driving forces. If my kid decides to be a tranny, then i have failed as a father, a man, and a progenitor, but i can understand, due to distorted gender roles and lack of power, in a strange way.

        2. I have an experiment for you.
          Open two seperate tabs in your browser. Go to Youtube on both of ’em.
          Then, search “mtf transition” on one tab and “ftm transition” on the other.
          Check out the search results. Now, count how many of those videos have 100,000 views or more for the next five pages.
          Last time I checked the score was
          MTF : 20
          FTM : 6
          I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from there.

    1. And men will eventually get so sick of Western women that they will stoop to having relationships with these altered men (trannies). The perfect match for them – mind of a guy, body of a woman, with a fuckhole to boot. So this is how I see Western society evolving. Gays, guys with trannies and robotic sex dolls, and millions of lonely asexuals, and a very small fraction of extremely attractive men and women that still hook up.
      Nice job you fucking women did on society.
      Enjoy the decline.

      1. “And men will eventually get so sick of Western women that they will stoop to having relationships with these altered men (trannies). The perfect match for them – mind of a guy, body of a woman, with a fuckhole to boot. ”
        I agree. When I was a kid, t-girls were freaks of nature. They were poked and laughed at by just about every male ninja my age or older.
        But just in these past ten years alone, I have seen a radical surge in the popularity of the t-girls.
        And straight men are becoming their most enthusiastic supporters. And I can’t say that I blame them.

      2. Reminds me of that “turning Japanese” song.
        Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate, because the links and pics will be … not good.

      3. Sex bots in Japan. Barbarossssa hit the nail on the head with his piece on Herbivore Men on yt.

    2. “In the US women are men and men are women. Thats why so many teenage boys like dressing up like girls and are rushing to get their dicks surgically removed so they can realize “be who they really are”. Because female mind trapped in male body and all”
      It’s true, the gender role reversals are a factor but it goes a little deeper than that.
      In the West, men are considered worthless while women are valued. And our boys our raised their entire lives with this paradigm.
      So, it really should be to no one’s surprise when a number of our boys grows up and think to themselves, “How can I become a better person, how can I become more valuable? Why, become a woman, of course! This is my destiny!”
      And so it goes.

    3. Thats why so many teenage boys like dressing up like girls and are rushing to get their dicks surgically removed so they can realize “be who they really are”.
      Is this for real?

      1. The homophobia really exploded here. As a hetero male, I find it bizarre that so many men are so threatened by men who do not share their sexual preferences. Who the fuck cares if another guy thinks he will be more happy after sexual reassignment surgery? It doesn’t hurt me in any way, and maybe it’ll make that guy happier with his life.
        This tranny paranoia is just hurting my head. Society is falling apart because a few people are sharing their desire to be a different gender on youtube? Next thing they’ll be talking about gays causing hurricanes and earthquakes with their sins. Shut the fuck up you retards.

        1. I agree. The true nature of masculinity is that nothing rocks your boat. You may be doing a business start-up. Or maybe you’re doing the “lonely planet” thing around South East Asia. No matter what you do, the actions and choices of others are totally irrelevant with regards to your personal and professional goals in life. Hence, nothing rocks your boat. The people in here, as common to much of the so-called MRA as a whole, seem to have some form of insecurity with regards to people who are not like them. This is not masculinity. This borders on delusional paranoia.
          The family courts are biased against men. So is the education system. The MRA is good to work to correct these things. However, much of the MRA goes way beyond simply pursuing balance within these social systems. For one, many people here seem to have an entitlement complex that is little different from that of the feminists. In this case, they feel that the are entitled to “owning” a woman. The second problem with the MRA is that this entitlement mentality appears to be a part of a larger “illiberal” world-view that is being promulgated by much of the MRA. Illiberal being defined in the Lockean classical definition of liberal. Such “illiberal” worldviews are way over the top and have no legitimacy in a modern technological society. They are obsolete.

        2. Lied to me? Lied to me about what? About MRA being :illiberal? Please don’t tell me you are actually trying to justify illiberal world-views.
          BTW, you do understand my usage of the word “liberal”, don’t you? Liberal in my context means classical liberalism, not the liberal-left which is really Marxism (which is illiberal by my definition).

        3. I ought to rephrase that (and apologize for the provocative nature of that comment). What I meant was: what gave you the idea that ROK as a whole identifies as the MRA? As far as I am aware we are by no means activists; this is simply a website for self-improvement and for those of whom see feminism and mainstream media for what it really is — hence the red pill metaphor. However, I can understand that this may have been misunderstood due to the ‘quantity over quality’ direction the site has apparently now taken.
          In addition, “nothing [rocking] your boat” is not necessarily masculine as while you present it as inner peace, it may also imply passivity. Perhaps on an emotional level, I agree, but otherwise I believe it is one’s responsibility to take a stand against injustice and inhumanity for the sake of a better society.

        4. The people who run ROK clearly identify with the MRA. That’s why I consider it a part of the MRA.
          In addition, “nothing [rocking] your boat” is not necessarily masculine as while you present it as inner peace, it may also imply passivity.
          What I meant is that involvement in “cause-based” politics over issues that does not affect one’s life and future personally is an act of stupidity. I direct this at both the right and the left. The left has all kinds of political causes that are asinine (everything from animal rights to global warming). However, the right also has its stupidity as well. For example, the abortion issue or same sex marriage. None of these issues affects me and my long term future personally. Thus, I don’t give a rat’s ass about them and I think people who do are silly.
          One thing I find irritating about the who “man-oriented” blog scene is that many of its adherents subscribe to conservatism as some separate and distinct from libertarianism. Conservatism as something separate and distinct from libertarianism is a null concept.

        5. I’ll be honest with you, I’m much too young of age to have a solid opinion regarding politics. However, I do not see the necessity of categorizing groups of people through political parties that appear to have little more than general boundaries of values and beliefs. It is based upon a continuum, correct? Therefore, seeing the world as one political party or another seems to me to be an oversimplification. Then again, I probably have no idea what I am talking about…
          Nonetheless, I agree with you on the point of voluntarily involving yourself in an issue that has nothing to do with you, e.g. being offended on behalf of a minority of which you are not a part.

        6. There is only one minority and that is the individual. A minority of one. Hence, individualism and individual liberty is the only true basis of minority rights. Where feminism goes off the rails is its promulgation of group rights. Group rights do not exist. In reality, the promulgation of group rights is the actual promulgation of the rights of some people over others. If you are to oppose feminism, you must start with the philosophical root of it, which is collectivism. Much of the MRA fails to comprehend this point as they seem to be pushing another version of collectivism.

        7. I am very passionate about my life and my dreams and goals, about what I need to do in order to secure an indefinitely open future for myself. To disregard political issues that I deem superfluous to my long term life objectives is not passivity. It is rationality.

        8. A society that encourages females to be manly and boys to become females is a society that is falling apart. And it is detriment to the development and continuity of a healthy society.
          So, you have basically the “enjoy the decline” attitude.
          We do not tolerate poor behavior from women,
          why should we tolerate poor behavior from our young boys?
          You shut the fuck up retard.

        9. Collectivism definition “emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity”
          So “collectivism” or to define it better ” the female collective and their sympathizers, are what in an effort to being “equality” to THEIR COLLECTIVE, have brought inequality to men. Women are favored in education, for the awards of scholarships, in the world of business, to meet diversity quotas, in Courts they receive reduced sentences for similar crimes committed by men, they receive billions of dollars to research breast cancer with a fraction going to research prostate cancer.
          I say fight fire with fire. If we need “collectivism” to bring things back into balance – since obviously things have swung way to far – then so be it.
          As the other poster mentioned nobody on this site is talking about “owning women” or is associated with MRA or MGTOW, but many of us care about the future of Man.
          You, on the other hand only care about yourself.
          And fine. Fair enough. Just dont slam people here because they do care about the slow disintegration of the modern male in todays society, while talking up your own book of masculinity.
          That just dont fly pal.

        10. “”The homophobia really exploded here. As a hetero male, I find it bizarre that so many men are so threatened by men who do not share their sexual preferences.””
          I find it bizarre a hetero male actually uses the word “homophobia”
          Soooo threatened.

  4. Good article. Current state of sexual market forces men to go against their nature e.g. to be assholes.

  5. America is a worthless feminist pisshole. It will be a Muslim caliphate in less than 200 years unless we repeal the 19th idiotic fucking amendment.

  6. This is true, and it becomes somewhat of a paradox. I’m at my best game when it just flows out naturally. That is why a lot of guys that are good with women are referred to as “naturals.” There is something very straightforward and instinctual about them that it’s hard to explain from a logical point of view. But in this current environment you cannot just rely on your instincts, so you have to use your logical side more than necessary which ends up in you overthinking and over complicating things when they should be simpler. But then I think to myself, what if this is some kind of evolutionary selection where the newer generation of men who are gonna be better adapted are the ones that learn how to use both. That is just a theory but who knows exactly.

  7. “Maybe our feelings of elation and satisfaction from traveling comes not from the women we bed, but from the ability to finally coincide our desires and thoughts with what evolution intended for us.”

  8. As an American male with two younger sisters I can tell you the most unnatural thing for me to do is the realization that American women are the enemy. I feel like I am playing a spy game or something every time I go out. It’s disturbing when you really think about it.

    1. Are your sisters screwed up like thr majority of American ? If so, how do you deal with their mental disposition seeing they are kin? This is something I struggle with with regards to my family.

      1. One is in medical school and isn’t too bad. The younger one is in a nursing program and is better looking so she is naturally pretty terrible. I try telling them to not waste their best years messing around on attention-whoring but they don’t listen to me. People naturally don’t appreciate things until they lose it.

  9. Fantastic article, as usual. Love your writing Law Dog.
    It’s a very realistic perspective and it IS sad. We live in a culture high on “progressive” values where young women are brought up with this unfounded sense of entitlement. A society where the push for individualism, financial and professional success, and the ultra selfish, lazy, quick-fix lifestyle is extremely glorified.

  10. I was on Facebook and clicked a link to the riveting story “28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013”. So I don’t leave you in suspense, it was pretty shit, but I did have a poke around. One of the big differences I see, compared to this site, is that here, there are always articles on self improvement. Physical, mental and social self improvement and you could argue it’s one of the key messages that is portrayed in sites like this. On this Feminist site the message seemed to be don’t do anything, society should think you’re beautiful, don’t invest the slightest bit of effort in yourself, mentally or physically, society will eventually come around to see that you really are a special snowflake. To me that mindset is incredibly ignorant and self serving. Any feminist lurkers care to rebut?

      1. Plus we already know the Feminists answer to his question. They are “just fine they way they are”, and we all have small dicks and live in Mom’s basement.

        1. Couple of things-
          —Piss on the feminists.
          —Right with message at Law Dogger—–
          ??????????????????????????????????looking now how dose it work here on the vein of self-improvement what can men do to better themselves psychologically??? ??? ???
          WIth all the damage society and lousy American culture give us-we need better ways to repair than binge drinking and bitching.

      2. “Women and homosexuals are not allowed to comment here”
        Yet they are the only ones who do comment here.

    1. What you stated is the fundamental difference between the psyche of the conservative and socialist mindset. To paraphrase Thomas Sowell and a few others. A conservative views that they are flawed from birth and that their life is a continual journey of self improvement where they may fail or succeed and the individual shall learn from those life lessons-basically life’s unfair. While the Socialist believes that the system is failed and that both woman and man are perfect but for the failings of the system and therefore it is upon us to change the system- basically the system is unfair. So you can see how that shows in the material.

      1. I am a Marxist and I believe in both things. People must be in ” a continual journey of self improvement where they may fail or succeed and the individual shall learn from those life lessons” and they are subjected to “the failings of the system and therefore it is upon us to change the system”.
        What do you make of that?

        1. I would suggest that you are unusual for a present day marxist but in the past you would have fitted in just fine with the Soviet Space Programme or the volunteers for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

        2. A few years ago, I was forced by my school to read quite a lot of Marx – from his notes to the Grundrisse to Kapital and Manifesto. For the most part, I agreed with him, but I realized that he warned about several things which could happen if people didn’t understand him. One being eliminating private property without alienation: the end is that all property belongs to the state, people included, so that everyone is a slave. That happened in USSR. There are several other things he mentioned like this, but I think it’s safe to say that any social change starts with change at the individual level. A true Marxist society can be made, but I see several points blocking this (and for that reason, I like capitalism – because it is really better than most of the alternatives): 1)(modern) women need men with high social status. In a world without private property/alienation social status is not defined the same way it is now (money). Therefore a lot of (powerful) men will lose sexual value if this happen (and hypergamistic instincts will be confused). 2)Capitalism is one of the few things keeping evolutions influences on humanity: if we provide for everyone, no one will need to be fit to survive. 3) Capitalism provides motives for technological improvement. If somehow all of the world becomes Marxist except for a small piece which remains capitalist, we know who’ll rule the world the next century. 4) Men’s actions define them. While under Marxism, those will tend to self-actualization, there will be little to make masculinity stand out as important to men, as masculinity was previously (through evolution) defined by necessity. Elimination of necessity will cause the decline of masculinity. For these reasons, I think capitalism should remain here for as long as this planet holds life. Marxism may be a stable socio-economic organizational structure, but it is one which encourages weakness in our species, and the universe does not tolerate the weak. Failed Marxism is much, much worse, and that is what feminists are promoting. Personally, I’d like some form of anarcho-capitalist society which rewards the strong but has a slight safety-net for the weak (provided by those who pity them). I believe such a society would better encourage men and women to fulfill their natural roles.

        3. As someone else once said, “If you reach a conclusion that’s clearly wrong, using impeccable logic, check your premises.”
          You believe the ‘system’ is perfectible. Conservatives know it is not; there are too many variables at play. You suffer from the too-common hubris “we can fix this”, and hence are doomed to be disappointed and angry. Unfortunately, most in your position take that anger out on others, with BS like ‘rape culture’, and ‘white privilege’ and “religion of peace’, etc.
          Learn the Tao. Life is like a great river. You cannot change its course, only your position within it. You can go against the current, and with superhuman strength and will, prevail for a short time, or you can go with the current, and move far more quickly. Marxism, because it denies human nature, moves against the current, which is why it ALWAYS fails.

        4. I second that philosophical synthesis, that we are flawed and that the system has failed us, but I’m no Marxist. We need to work on ourselves, as no one can do it for us, and we need a better system as the one we have has failed us…on purpose.

    2. “On this Feminist site the message seemed to be don’t do anything, society should think you’re beautiful, don’t invest the slightest bit of effort in yourself, mentally or physically, society will eventually come around to see that you really are a special snowflake.”
      Uh…pretty sure that was a fake article or something…
      Real women don’t think/act that way.. But okay. You keep being narrow minded and thinking that.
      All humans need to work on themselves. Always. There is no such thing as “Okay, I’ve succeeded! I lost 2 pounds, which was my goal! Now I can quit”. No. A new goal has to be put into place after that. There is no “end goal”. It’s constant self-improvement till the day we fucking die.
      But it’s not fair to say women shouldn’t have the same equal rights as men. We can’t rely on men to take care of us, so we have no choice but to be independent and strong, in order to support ourselves….But being independent and strong doesn’t mean we emasculate men. It’s give and take on both ends.
      Don’t be selfish assholes.
      There are plenty of lovely women in the Western world who would make you feel like men, while still being strong themselves.
      Canada has plenty, that I know for a fact.

      1. Spot on. My GF is a lawyer, and she’s smart, strong, and independent. But she’s still a woman, and still needs my arms around her at night, just as I need hers. She never has a need to emasculate me, and I never see her as a castrating bitch. I don’t need to denigrate her to make myself feel good, and she never sees me as a manipulative uncaring asshole. We believe the Chinese ‘yin/yang’ symbol describes us perfectly: equal and opposite, with each of us having a seed of the other within, and because we form a wheel together, we roll through life.

  11. The natural Alpha male does not feel these urges the author describes. He does not yearn to connect with a woman emotionally, he is not content to wait for the 2nd or 3rd date to fuck. He naturally negs/insults women casually, he doesn’t have to think about doing it, its just the only way he knows how to navigate reality, it is how he has always done it.
    So, what the author is really saying is that the contemporty American sexual marketplace (indeed the entire Anglosphere sexual marketplace) forces men who are not natural alpha males to act like them/become them in order to attain emotional, romantic and sexual fulfillment.
    But, problem being with that is that, deep down, we all know that Alpha males are no good. They are bad people. Bad insomuch as they are bad for society. They are bad for civilisation. And that’s how moral codes developed, they developed to enable civilisation.
    Indeed it may well be that the empowerment of the Beta male was the catalyst which made the entire civilisation project possible in the first place. It was the imposition of checks and restraints upon female sexuality by Patriarchy which enabled civilisation to be built.
    Now, I don’t believe in morality, so I’m not going to call Alpha males immoral, but lets look at them. They are sociopathic, they are unaltruistic, they are violent and domineering, narcisistic and machiavellian. They are not nice people (and I don’t even mean “nice” as in “nice guy”, I mean nice in the true sense). All of these attributes are poisonous to civil order and social unity in large doses.
    Thus, civilisation requires beta males to comprise the bulk of the population, but, because of the dynamics of the modern sexual market place, caused by the rise of feminism and the decline of christianity, Beta male behaviour is strongly disincentivised, and Alpha male traits are strong incentivised.
    So, I guess what the author is really trying to say is that, for those of us who have been raised to value civilisation, and are proud of the acheivements of our civilisation, it really is a shame now to be put into a situation whereby we have to renounce those types of behaviours that are good for civilisation, and engage in anti-social type behaviours that, when they become widespread, will undermine the strength of our society and destroy our civilisation.
    For me I guess the message just has to be, revert to nature. Revert to a natural state of behaviour that would have existed before civilisation. It is a shame, but don’t mourn the decline and death of our civilisation. When things reach their peak, they begin to decline, it is the Way of nature. Return to our nature, embrace our natural Alpha-maleness. From creation is born destruction, and then from destruction will be born creation.

    1. “Now, I don’t believe in morality, so I’m not going to call Alpha males
      immoral, but lets look at them. They are sociopathic, they are
      unaltruistic, they are violent and domineering, narcisistic and
      machiavellian. They are not nice people (and I don’t even mean “nice” as
      in “nice guy”, I mean nice in the true sense)”
      I don’t think you actually understand what alpha males are. True alpha males are not domineering, narcissistic pricks. True alpha males lead in a way that they feel is best for everyone and provide value. They DOMINATE their realities, meaning that they move constantly and continuously towards their goals. Domineering people don’t. Domineering people are too damn worried about controlling everyone else.

      1. “True alpha males lead in a way that they feel is best for everyone and
        provide value. They DOMINATE their realities, meaning that they move
        constantly and continuously towards their goals.”
        Sure, SOME Alpha males act like this, but not most in my opinion, definitely not all.
        In fact, I think the majority are afflicted by the dark triad: narcissism, sociopathy and Machiavellianism. Heartiste tends to back me up here: http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/the-naturals-dilemma/

      2. But OP is talking about ‘alpha’ in the sense that what women like is alpha. And women most definitely like the dark triad traits. A psychopath gives them the tingles more than an average boring business owner.

        1. They like dark triad traits because they perceive those traits as alpha, even while the exhibiter may be functionally poor. There’s an age/phase when young girls are excited by a man in uniform. They think most any uniform signifies status (except those they already know do not — a fast food uniform, for example.) As they develop along, they *might* learn that uniforms they once swooned for are actually rather low-paying order-following jobs, the bloom fades. Likewise with traits. A man with things “going on” and handling a lot responsibility has a lot on his mind and when bothered or distracted will deliver the dark triad. Meanwhile, another can act that way with nothing to back it (and she hasn’t noticed that. Yet.) A.K.A. “All hat, no cattle.”

        2. Unfortunately, many girls have lost their beauty by the time they’ve wised up.
          ORRRR, they may still be beautiful but now may have a whole litter of illegitimate children their “alpha” boyfriend(s) have dumped them with.
          And guess who’s gonna pick up the slack now? That’s right, their Nice Guy beta boy. And guess who’s still gonna be stuck with his hand?
          Uh-huh. And that nice guy better not think of pressing the issue, or it’s Family Court for him.

      3. You’re in love with the alpha ideal. If this was true, society would be in a better place. We live in a majorly effed-up world. The more intelligent (not necessarily correct) bloggers on this site sum it up as ‘women rule, and are ruining the world, don’t waste your time trying to fix it, go out and bang women and take advantage as they are…enjoy the decline.’

      1. I speak in generalisations. Why? Because it allows you to deal with “big-picture” type of concepts. I think it is a very leftist type of cowardly ploy to pull people up on these so-called “fallacies”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies
        If you ask me, these fallacies are all themselves a big fallacy.

    2. “I don’t believe in morality”. What do you believe in, then? Might makes right? Because there’s always someone mightier, you’re a self-professed beta.

      1. I read a Chapter of The 48 Laws of Power every single day. I continually try to implement the principles to gain power and status and influence in every facet of my life.
        Yes I am a self-professed beta: I grew up as the only son of a single mother with three sisters. We went to church twice or three times a week, and I went to a Christian school. I wasn’t allowed to play rugby when I was a kid, which I really wanted to, because the games were played on Sundays. That I became a beta was inevitable.
        But every day I strive to overcome my upbringing and gain power and influence and status.
        In other words, to become an alpha male.

  12. I hate the victim game which is rampant among American women and most pussy men.
    Real strong men of grit never ever think or would say that person or thing makes me have to do something that I don’t want to do.
    I live life on my terms and fuck anyone else who doesn’t like it.
    Live your life as a take it or leave it way of attitude
    Doesn’t mean you are an ass but win or fail on anything it’s on your terms and you’re in control
    If I want to bang I put that out there, if I don’t then I don’t
    Fear is no longer the way I think, I don’t fear if I say something then she will not agree. There’s a shitload of women out there who will.
    When I see anything written about men fearing something or crying about acting against your norm it’s no better than fat feminists crying about not accepting their fat and how they don’t have equal rights or blacks who complain about the man always keeping them down.
    Victim-hood and helpless attitude will guarantee you will be a loser in life.
    Nobody owes you anything, you either take it or fade away
    Be a winner not a loser and let the losers worry about doing or not doing things and take it yourself

    1. Hmmm… I see… (slowly dawning) Hold the responsible party… responsible! I love it! haha
      (I’m with you TS. The deceit of those posing as victims is quite evil.)

  13. I hate that I have to go for sex as soon as possible. I want to see a woman again, but sometimes I really do want to take it slow. Sadly this is too much of a risk to take with women, as they won’t give you another chance if its not now, now now. Glad you wrote this article. I wish posts like this went viral, but that reality is not one which I will ever see in America.

    1. You’re still treating it as something you have to deal with. You need to be more assertive. If anything, tell her straight up you aren’t going to bang, whether she wants to or not, she will then see that as something she wants but can’t have, and then she’ll want it more.
      Basically, you are giving up to her by allowing her to have what she wants, be it sex on the first date, or free drinks, or marriage.
      YOU need to call all the shots, don’t let her make any decisions. Remember, this is all she really wants of you, she wants to know if this or that behaviour is acceptable, she wants to know if those clothes are acceptable to your taste, she wants you to decide for her what movies are good, or what music is best. Think about it, “Does this dress make me look fat?” = “Do you like my clothing choice?” and you need to always be straightforward about it, or she will see you as complacent, allowing her to run shit like a drunk maniac.

    2. you date a woman when you want to get laid period.
      once you bang her you can get to know her more in depth (you won’t find any depth I guarantee it)

      1. What experience is informing this? Are you saying you can’t find a woman of depth any place…or just at bars…with pickup?

        1. I think you know the answer to that question. Men with no depth can’t even recognize when a woman has depth, much less look in the right places to find them.

        2. If there is one iota of feminist in her, the only depth you see is actually a fog you plunge through until you hit the feminist in her. Since there are an infinitesimally small number of genuinely non feminist women left in America, finding depth is highly unlikely. Although some are good at putting up the appearance of it.
          The unnatural, twisted ideology has taken over her mind, her emotional centers are in full rage all of the time, her every thought is conditioned by it, driving all depth from her. It only takes a small drop of the poison to accomplish this.

    3. Might as well not even carry a phone with you so you can do some of that “Apocalypse Game” — didn’t G Manifesto do that a while back with decent results?

  14. “If I buy a girl a drink in Russia, because I want to and believe in doing so, I am thought of as a good provider and a true man.’
    Nope,you are not.You are thought as a softy beta provider,a golden mine to exploit.
    In russian there is a word for the process of making betas to buy drinks.It’s called “dynamo” and the verb is “dinamit’ “. Girl doing it is called “dinamshhitsa”.

    1. As an EE man myself, I gotta say I agree with this comment. The hotter the bitch the higher the chances she’s out looking for a sponsor.
      Gotta lean more heavily on the passive attraction and dhv, or you’ll be cleaned out rather quickly.

      1. If a russian girl finds you alpha and attracted to you she will either buy you a drink herself or will buy a round.or at least will try to buy a round.
        If she is very shy she may say/do nothing if you keep buying her drinks (and she still finds you alpha).BUT
        -she will order the cheapest drink on the menu
        -she will never order ahead of you
        Some old and used up russian women tend to be solid in “man pays for everything” believe.Most of alpha russians guys usually know how to avoid this disgusting type.Problem is: there are really few alphas in the russian society.It’s the society of betas,matriarchy and pussy worshipping.

        1. everything you said sounds perfectly reasonable, thanks for the insight! unfortunately no one but a Russian can truly talk about the dating scene over there. there are too many small customs that would go unnoticed by a foreigner, yet they speak volumes about the interaction

        2. and i´ll say you can probably apply this to many other slavic women as well. if the girl expects you to buy her drinks, food, stuff, whatever no matter how feminine, pretty etc she is, she´s most likely a gold digger. if she tries to share the cost with you, she probably enjoys your company rather than your money, therefore she´ll try to make you feel good as well. and finally, if the same girl doesn´t find you interesting at all, not even for conversation, there´s a reasonable possibility that she´ll turn down your drinks and company immediately…honestly, reading some texts and comments i have a feeling that there are a lot of misconceptions about EE and SA women (and people in general), if you apply your own cultural models in those regions, you might fail and end up being disappointed and bitter. just saying…

        3. Your President is definitely alpha.
          Unless the spineless cretin we have in charge in the UK (David Cameron) and that glorified autocue reading affirmative action beneficiary Obomber.

        4. Putin is not alpha.He is a typical beta rat,who made his career through kissing other peoples asses.He has carried the bag after the ex mayor of SPb,he has carried papers after people in Kremlin.He sucked the dicks of oligarchs,and when the time to go for Eltsin came-oligarchs suggested Putin as a substitution.Simply because Putin was a manageable,soft,flexible beta nobody was intimidated by. After that he switched his alliance with other oligarchs (Abramovich) meanwhile purged the old mates (like Berezovsky).
          Typical sneaky beta rat game.
          He has created some sort of a state mob,where he is very dependent on people of his surrounding.
          He is not able to express his thoughts clearly,not able to speak up his mind,is very scared of open discussions and generally is a perfect example of a beta man.
          Actually Cameron is tenfold more alpha than Putin.Cameron’s body language is more alpha,he speaks more alpha,he is more sure in himself.The problem is that Cameron operates in an environment of constitutional monarchy,and he is not free to do whatever he pleases to do. Putin on the other hand operates in the environment of pure dictatorship,thus often makes decisions himself.It may seems that this is alpha,but its just plain stupid.
          Putin is pretty much like an african dictator.He is getting older,slowly loosing his mind and his greed just growth further and further.
          If you want to check russian politician who is alpha,check A.Navalny. Putin is not even beta,I d say he is somewhere from the omega spectrum.

        5. 80 years of Communist/Marxist rule and ideology will do that to you.
          We Americans are following loyally on the path blazed by the stalwart Communists of the FSU.
          Hell, we’ve got them beat in some ways already and our propaganda machine’s efficacy is something they could only dream of.

      2. You said you are from EE. Quite a stupid term to use,leave it for americans.
        Where r u from exactly?If you speak russian check this video,this guy is very good,here he speaks on the subject of russian women not paying for their drinks and how to avoid this plague:

        1. hehe well I used the geographical term – eastern europe. Sadly i dont speak russian so i cant watch the video, thanks anyway.

  15. It’s funny.Russian red pillers are complaining and writing about this terrible situation when men are made to buy stuff for women and provide for them.And get nothing in return.
    And here we have guys who are voluntarily ready to do it because they think they will be perceived as a “true man”.And they also call themselves redpillers.
    You are hilarious in your simple naivety.

    1. nah it’s not naivety. they’re just looking for shortcuts into some fsu chick’s pants and since they have money to spend they see it as a way of getting to their goal quicker. can’t say I blame them, it does work on all but the highest tiers of women..

      1. Oh well I am actually saving money for Latin america now.
        I am looking for some shortcuts myself).

    2. hey Russian, out of curiosity: would you say that this type of thinking is reserved for the big cities, or are the women of smaller cities whores as well? I hope that women in smaller cities are more traditional…

      1. Women in smaller towns are actually bigger whores,as experience shows.
        It’s just they are less demanding and easier to be “amazed”.
        In large cities (Moscow in Russia,Kyiv in Ukraine) the most whorish and dangerous women are actually the provincial girls who moved to the city recently.It’s common sense to avoid those. 9 of 10 though will be a case.
        The moscovite girls of 2-3 generation are like any other european women.

        1. I understood.Smaller cities-bigger whores,less morals.
          Remember: Russia and Ukraine (except rural west Ukraine) do not have any “traditional society”.Usual logic of thinking ,applicable to anywhere in the world, suggests that smaller rural towns often have more traditional values retained.
          Russia and other FSU countries are exceptions because the fabric of traditional society was violently destroyed by communism in the 20s and the rural parts of the country were actually hit more than cities.
          In smaller towns of Russia you get even more fucked up women than in large cities.

        2. Goddamn. What a crappy situation. Do you think there are regions of the former soviet union where family values are still found? I realise there are no guarantees anywhere, but where would you say that the girls are less whore-ish on average? The asian part of russia? Ukraine? Belarus? Moldova? Appreciate your input, man.

        3. They are pretty much uni-formally the same everywhere in the FSU,with little correlation to the economic situation.Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan stay apart (since they are purely asian) and Caucasus is living in a stone-age somewhere too.
          It’s counter intuitive but less whorish women actually live in larger ,richer cities,like Moscow or SPb.Its hard to answer this question anyways.Its all the same really,its your luck.
          But if you want my advice- forget about women from FSU,don;t waste your time and resources.If you still like Eastern European women-go to Poland or Czech republic, these countries are rich (therefore women are less inclined to exploit men and are guided purely by the attraction),more traditional,especially the catholic Poland.All the couples with a Polish woman I know are usually happy stable couples.All the couple with a Russian or Ukrainian-are unhappy,tragic,violent and never last more than 5 years.

        4. Yes, we are all still looking for this. I don’t think anyone has found it yet.
          North Korea is very much like this, but it will corrupt quickly after the dictatorship fizzles out.

        5. Zdravstvuyte
          Mogli bi vi napravit menya k etim ruskim “red pill” internet-soobshestvam?

    3. You cannot take the Red Pill in russia. Russians do not know what the Red Pill is about. You have to have grown up in the West to know about that.

  16. The more you guys at ROK post the more you sound like hypocrites. I mean almost a decade ago when so called “loser” beta wimps were trying to tell you that things in this article were already happening you laughed at these guys but now you complain that there are no good women left. Yet the irony is that because of guys like you who comstantly go after these women and inflate their ego you have helped to create the downward spiral of our women. Think about it. The MGTOW’s, betas, simps, manginas and nice guys aren’t hooking up with these women but guys like you are so you have no one to blame but yourself and guys like you for our fucked up women. Even though todays women are tatted up, pierced up, overweight, foul mouthed, masculine, unwed single moms you still reward them with attention and sex and yet you wonder why they refuse to change.

    1. Thank you.
      You saved me writing I happened to read this as I was typing up exactly the same thing.
      Except I was going to say LD’s “Routine” sucks. carpet bombing texts to disinterested girls.
      VK said it best. Sniper game, not shotgun game. I cringe every time I hear a sawed off go off.

    2. You wrote; “Even though todays women are tatted up, pierced up, overweight, foul
      mouthed, masculine, unwed single moms you still reward them with
      attention and sex”
      No we dont.
      Did you miss Fat Shaming Week?

      1. Fat Shaming Week aside, you directly contribute to the demise of traditional womanhood through your repeated attempts to pump them and dump them…by blaming them when they do not give in or by chastising them when they do give in.

        1. So you’re saying we created you-go-girlism?
          You say we destroy traditional women..? Are you unaware of what feminism is?

    3. “.tatted up, pierced up, overweight, foul mouthed, masculine, unwed single moms ”
      I have never in my life banged any of those (OK a few had a few tattoos, like a rose on the ankle, or maybe a nose ring). I avoid those traits like the plague they are.
      “betas, simps, manginas and nice guys” bang those, maybe, I could care less
      Who you talking to here?

  17. “Her eyes dart around the room and she doesn’t seem that interested in me. I know better than to give up, so I reengage the conversation. She talks for a few minutes and then excuses herself to go find her friends. Oh well. ”
    I hope the above excerpt was fictional, but even if it was not the reaction from the female as you describe it is all too commonplace today in the States. What’s worse is the notion of “I know better then to give up” which comes from PUA boot camp basic training. There comes a point where pua training and game have a pragmatism, but then once the line is crossed one has to ask themselves what is the value of one’s dignity and self respect, because it is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick.

  18. The sickest part is that if these women really wanted men to behave like they say they want them to behave, all they have to do is stop giving sex to men who aren’t buying them nice things and complimenting their personalities/intelligence. But in reality, they’re the most screwed up. They all want to be raped and abused, which is why they can’t shut up about it. It’s always been women who control how men treat them. Which is why this whole situation of the feminists getting upset about these articles is such a joke. If they were serious about it, instead of just attention whoring, they would stop having sex with guys treat them like garbage. I’m not even a man, and it makes me sick.

      1. So don’t let them treat you that way, the moment they misbehave, correct them immediately, don’t be afraid to put your foot down.
        Don’t let them get away with the smallest infraction, if there is even a small thing you perceive as rude, you need to put her in her place right then and there, otherwise she will escalate her shit to see how far she can abuse you.

  19. Buy a girl a drink in Russia? More like buy a bottle and challenge her to a drink-for-drink match! But unlike western girls, they’ll do it while maintaining their utmost femininity.

  20. I just wanted to say that this article is probably the best I’ve ever read on ROK. If someone more articulate than I, was to put the thoughts in my head down onto paper (or a computer screen, in this case) this article is exactly the form that they would take. This is EXACTLY how I feel trying to interact with American women. I’ve learned game. I know what to say and how to act in order to get their attention. But I hate it. And being forced to behave that way causes me to hate THEM. I’m not a pussy. I have no problem leading or standing up for myself when it comes to women. But being forced to use bad punctuation in my texts, not being able to buy a girl a drink, having to push hard for sex on the first date, etc is just ridiculous. It’s been said before, and I’m sure it will be said again, but American women are COMPLETELY fucked up…

    1. I’m still stumped by the bad punctuation thing, though I take you guys’ word for it since it crops up frequently in these discussions. Personally to deliberately write badly would be totally against my instinct. Where I live (Mediterranean) I usually get compliments for writing correctly even in informal chats. If anything it’s a plus point, at least to women who are well read themselves. The concept that sounding like an uncultured oaf actually gives better results, is really strange to me.

      1. I also hold correct language to a high importance, although I have rarely extended this to informal writings, especiallynot in text messages. In those situations I tend to prioritize efficiency through simplification — not by mindlessly abbreviating everything, mind you, though there is certainly a time and place for abbreviations — to the point where it does not significantly hinder interpretation. Recently, however, I have been working toward reducing my own language laziness, both verbally and in written communication.
        In my personal experience, complete correctness is frowned upon, especially when correcting someone else, unless it is done with not a single trace of condescension. This is of course hard when people actively look for any justification to take offense so that they may be validated and absolved of their error or lack of awareness.

    2. Agreed. Getting turned down for second dates by girls *every* time I didn’t push for sex is outrageous. Seriously–I should have the freedom to meet a cute girl, have fun, and let sex happen later. I shouldn’t be forced to constantly be pushing to have sex immediately. Yet I am.

  21. not to drag out tried tropes, but its all r/K select.
    america is the land of rabbits, with plentiful grass. whether beta supplication or alpha aloofness, these mating strategies are still defined by the r-selected paradigm and thus are unnatural.
    the reason roosh, others extoll eastern europe & other less “developed” countries is that natural law/K-select still applies to some extent which serves to bolster the more traditionally desirable traits of each sex (female femininity, male strength/dominance tempered by prudence)

  22. once you realize a woman is not your friend, nor a lover but simply a female looking for a free meal ticket or a boyfriend “accessory” on her arms you stop treating them like adults who deserves respect.
    for me I see them as sex toys and temporary companionship, nothing more.
    the moment they start nagging is the moment you should leave them.
    ever notice how a new girl always gives you the best bj’s and sex on demand with no strings attached? don’t you want that feeling all the time? I know my ex is looking better than ever now and blowing a guy while he doesn’t have to please her!

  23. Excellent piece, just what I’ve been thinking. To be fair, men are responsible for the sad state of affairs in America today. Until men stop enabling women’s atrocious behavior and call them on it, we can’t expect change. This includes shaming Betas and white knights. It’s understandable that men who can’t or won’t travel abroad, adapt to conditions on the ground, but for those of us who’ve done it, there’s no going back. International travel is a key component of taking the red pill.

      1. Not to get bogged down in semantics, but:
        responsibility – the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone
        complicity – the state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing
        Beta males/male feminists have been complicit, Alpha males failed in their duty.

        1. It doesn’t work Nick; prefacing your unfair idea (“men are responsible for the sad state of affairs”) with “to be fair” and prefacing boggy semantics with “not to get bogged down in semantics”. You then continue on to describe something, which is the epitome of a beta role (assume you have “control over someone”) as actually being your idea of ‘alpha’. No. The enabler is complicit but may choose to stop any time (see MGTOW, or “red pill”), but they do not originate the bad behavior. The originator is responsible party. No one else and nothing ‘boggy’ about it. Just the originator is responsible. However the originator would certainly love for *someone* to come along a take the blame, bear that responsibility — or “man up” as they say and absolve them of their responsibility. Calling all simps! Haha. Or perhaps I’m completely wrong and just don’t understand that, as always, “it’s a mans fault” and I should go shopping for a nice pink dress, even while being the shameful man that I am for neglecting my “duty” as you prescribe it for me.

  24. Oh well. Reading this makes me sad. Maybe cause I am an eastern European girl living in a European country of beta males or maybe since I completely agree to this although it seems I am the only one in this country. It is rather funny to me to see that you complain of not being able to act as what I believe a man should be. Cause I am sitting in this place being sad that men are not like this.

    1. I am an Estonian who was born in Australia and have been unable to return to Estonia due to financial reasons. I understand your pain.
      Treating woman politely and being nice does not work here. I have had to suppress my natural instinct to protect woman and instead am forced to treat woman like trash in order to get any respect from woman.
      Anglo-Saxon woman are trash, recently I met a girl from Croatia and she seems ‘normal’ despite the corroding effect of Western Civilization.

      1. You have supressed not you “instinct to protect women” but the betaness indoctrinated into you by your parents since childhood.Nobody has an instinct to protect strange women.
        We have instinct to fuck women though.
        Treating women nice does not work ANYWHERE.

        1. Good answer, I think I have very high levels of oxytocin
          ” There is some evidence that oxytocin promotes ethnocentric behavior, incorporating the trust and empathy of in-groups with their suspicion and rejection of outsiders.[3] Furthermore, genetic differences in the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) have been associated with maladaptive social traits such as aggressive behaviour.[4]”
          I believe you are correct and I need to act more aggressively towards females of my ‘in-group’ ie White woman and reject the indoctrination and lies we are all told.
          Thanks for the feedback.

    2. I am ready to bet any money now that if asked what do you believe a real man should be you would start describing us (like any other ee woman) a perfect beta.
      I think you don’t understand what beta really is.It is not the guy who would drive across the city at 2am because you asked him.It’s the guy who comes when he pleases,f*cks the shit out of you and disappears for week.
      Since the usual for EE brainwashing of men (“a real man must…”) does not work in the West, you have no leverage at all and this frustrates you greatly.

  25. The women too. The few feminine women that are left, are giving up into feminism. A sad thing I’ve witnessed lately. Beautiful, submissive women, giving attitude and bitchy remarks to their husbands. Really, there aren’t many good examples of true femininity in north america. I try, but the few good girls I know are succumbing to the dark side..

  26. The problem is not the US itself, but the abundance of resources the corporations control and redistribute to the people in exchange for meaningless, soul-crushing and health-deteriorating work / mass-produced garbage.
    Corporations are turning the Americans into their disposable and re-usable office clerks. In order to achieve this goal, corporations break down their employees and customers, which is easy given that most of them are addicted to alcohol, sugar, tobacco, status and power.
    An unhealthy body is always at war with a healthy mind. Peace becomes hard to find.

      1. Oh, my bad. Did I hurt your human feelings?
        You have to come to terms with the fact that a corporate employee is a high-status slave.
        But you have never experienced individual freedom, so I do not expect you to understand this.
        After you lose your job and your class privileges please come back to ROK. We will do our best to make you feel home.

        1. Hurt my feelings? Ha!
          I was just letting you know what a tool you are. Are you a F.A.G., too? I bet you can tell me what Tim Robbins hair smells like.
          And don’t worry about me losing my job. I’ll sit in my corporation building, being all corporationy, and I’ll make money.

  27. Speak your mind to all women. The ones who can handle it, fuck. The ones who freak out or can’t handle it, fuck later. It is our world not theirs. The wool has been pulled over men’s eyes. We have let ourselves be deceived. Women do not have a place of power in a man’s world. The are submissive to us. it is in their nature to be so to strong men. In the past as well as now, men have never cared what women thought of us (I said men, not boys). We live our lives as we choose to. Women care immensely what we think of them. Their utmost want and desire is for us. never forget that. Men control women, never the other way around.
    Why do you think a man can have many wives but a woman only one husband. Why do you think pimps pimp whores, no whore ere pimped a pimp. Act accordingly

  28. Law Dogger, have you taken note of how horribly the MSM in the U.S. treats women with traditional values? take for example Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin and the nuclear fall out on that for weeks afterward. Shall I go on? Yeah I shall, Megan Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow watch the youtube footage of RM trashing MK disgraceful, and the MSM spin of Carrie Prejean’s pro traditional marriage stance, once again beyond disgraceful. There is hope for fining a “real” woman in the U.S. although we are an endangered species

  29. I demand, because anything less than full confidence in assuming the
    sale can set off one of several fabricated yet indoctrinated alarms in
    her mind
    That sentence doesn’t even make sense. Lawyer? hahaha

  30. “Unfortunately by responding naturally, she would either think less of me
    or overvalue her sexuality’s effect on me.”
    And…. after a few more angry texts, she would warm up as usual and you would continue your physical relationship.
    “So as with other similar
    situations I responded in the way I did and after a few more angry texts
    (see drama discussion above), she warmed up as usual and we continued
    our physical relationship.”
    So what? Would have happened anyway. See above.

    1. “Unfortunately by responding naturally, she would either think less of me
      or overvalue her sexuality’s effect on me.”

      And…. after a few more angry texts, she would warm up as usual and you would continue your physical relationship.
      You apparently have no clue how women think and feel. If she’s thinking less of him, there would be no angry texts. Instead there would be ego-stroking “thank you! :)” kind of thing, followed by boredom, then… the end.

  31. I think that to an extent this article takes the emasculation effect of America in the opposite direction. The authors attempt NOT to be emasculated by a woman in our culture or “show a sign of weakness” when he’s looking for a woman in an incredibly traditional setting for random hookups with empowered sluts. If true masculinity is about spreading a man’s seed as far as possible, then it would be equally dependent on ensuring that it is HIS offspring that survives, not another males. Therefore the female slut should not be a real man’s target even for random hookups or actual dating. Find a woman in ANY setting that isn’t a bar or a club. Somewhere where she isn’t dick hungry and see if she acts in the same ridiculous fashion described in this article.

  32. I’ve given up trying to get any women because of this. I am no good at bluffing, acting, and lying, so I cannot execute the requisite actions required to fulfill this need, so I go without. I’ve never been successful in really any way. I just can’t justify the time and effort for failure after repeated failure, the expectations, and the let downs.
    It’s like when you fail to get past level one in a game for a week’s attempt, then get past level one the next week, only to die and be forced to start over again. A month or two of this and most PC/console gamers I know would thrown in the towel. I am so disgusted at the game, I believe I will be a perma-John buying the pussy down the road. So far I have even resisted wasting money in that manner.

    1. Don’t give up hope brother. Never ever fucking surrender. Do what needs to be done to escape… if the escape plan takes you to Eastern Europe or Latin America, so be it. Your life depends on it. (incels committing suicide? incels committing suicide.).
      Yes I practice what I preach. All my bills are paid (effin student loan left), getting ready to hit the eject button, and I’m trying to get a job in Western Europe so I can hop more easily to Eastern Europe for holidays.
      As I’m waiting for my time to be done, I’m practicing what little game knowledge I have (awkward/shitty to say the least) & working out so that I can at least be socially competent/somewhat sexually attractive when I go to Eastern Europe/Balkans/Baltics/FSU.

  33. ” Go through my routine, and try to fuck her because it ensures the best chance of ever seeing her again”
    I’ve heard American women do it on the first date because it ensures the best chance of ever seeing an American man again.
    True or false?
    Even you said by the 3rd date or bust…. ” I wouldn’t even mind waiting another date, possibly two (but no more). ”
    “In every corner of the world and in every epoch of history, the men and women of every culture deserve each other.”
    Spengler’s Universal Law

    1. Ill keep my thoughts towards Western women extremely negative…because that’s what they deserve. Could also use a much simpler saying “call a spade a spade”.
      All this eastern philosophy..forget about it. Use logic instead.

  34. The saddest thing is that American women behave the way they were taught to behave. Mostly by older women – directly or through the media. Older women have input (or control in some cases) over the media.
    The worst thing a young woman can do is follow the advice (and in America, the example) of an older women. Older women (35 plus) are generally bitter. They wasted their youth and now can’t get what their souls crave from life. But the thing about women is that they want to share the misery. When an older woman sees a younger woman, the older woman wants her to be miserable like her – if not today, eventually.
    The interesting thing is that I do not think men are like that. I have almost always gotten good advice from older men throughout my life. Even if it wasn’t the best advice, it was always well intended. Older men seem to genuinely not want to see younger men make the same mistakes they made. And, in fact, they don’t want to see young women make the mistakes they have seen women their age make, but what younger woman is going to listen to an older man? The media has instructed them to never, ever do that.
    The growing body of wisdom passed on from older men to younger men these days is that marriage is not worth it. It’s too risky. American women are like black widows that try to kill you in the end. The Violence Against Women Act and false rape allegation culture have stacked the deck hopelessly against a happy union between a man and a woman. And so on.
    None of these things happen in most foreign countries. Older women generally counsel younger women with wisdom. Older men are sought out by everyone for their wisdom, by both men and women.
    I have the sense that this sad state of affairs in America will somehow be self-correcting. But, then again, there are societies with very destructive aspects that seem to endure. So, maybe it is hopeless. In any case, I am not waiting around for the change to come. We only have this one life.

  35. Nice article, but there is academically accepted evolutionary, psychological, and social research to support the idea of women being driven in their 30s to abandon their families… You may not like these women, but they are, in fact, acting perfectly naturally.

  36. I see your point, but it’s a two way street. It really is. When I am attracted to a guy, I have to make sure not to show it too much, because this will give him an ego boost or cause him to precieve me as “easy”. You feel that your own kindness will make girls think you’re weak but it’s the same thing for me. As a girl, I have to be really careful. I am a naturally very sweet and freindly person but often find myself having to tone this down artificially. Also, if a guy bought be a drink, I would not see this as weak at all! I would really appreciate the gesture, and see this as a sign of dominance actually. Also, I don’t see emoticons as a sign of weakness either. So really, I think both genders are just too suspicious of eachother these days, and both need to lighten up!!

    1. The funny thing about being easy part: If you make it known that you like us in a clear way, we beta guys respond VERY WELL TO IT.
      But most women think us Betas are just humanoid tools to assist in their lives and sometimes our Alpha brothers.
      I get it, i’m a red-piller, i won’t harp because I know how this operates now… but understand: You liking us is IN NO WAY MAKING YOU EASY OR A SLUT IN OUR EYES.
      What makes you or any woman a slut is banging somebody in the toilet 5 minutes after you meet them! Essentially, riding the cock-carousel is what makes women slutty, not flirty laughing.
      Laughing and enjoying our company is not slutty behavior!

  37. Also, you talk about how you feel the need to stifle your desires in the presense of an attractive woman. Women have to stifle their own desires too, though!! When a girl puts out early for a guy, this makes her vulnerable to being labeled as “easy”. LIke I said, I totally get what you are saying, but it’s a two way street.

  38. Fucking great piece. America, for all its greatness, has been fucked up by decades of cultural Marxism cloaked as feminism.

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