Hanna Rosin Wants YOU To Become An MRA

I decided to read Hanna Rosin’s recent AMA since she’s our #5 feminist, plus I knew nothing about her nor ever considered her to be anything special.  My suppositions were correct.  She was asked hundreds of questions yet only responded to a few in detail, mainly the softballs.

Look at how bad she fumbles when attempting to answer even moderately challenging questions…

1. Society thinks men are weird and more men need to become MRA’s

When asked, “What should be done to help men,” this is the answer Rosin gave:

I think the general gist is, why, if women are doing so well, aren’t we reaching out and helping men? I think the answer is that we as a society think that’s weird. We have a hard time thinking of men as people who need help. So, for example, in my education chapter, I write about the open secret among admissions officers at private colleges that men get affirmative action, but also about how we are so squeamish about acknowledging that. So there are a ton of things we could do to help men but maybe men have to band together and advocate for some of those things, and not solely in the context of divorce and the law.

There you have it guys.  Until men rise up to the giant shit test that is feminism, society is just going to keep thinking you’re weird if you want help.  Better do something about that… you better become an men’s rights activist today.

2. The hookup culture is good for women, except that it’s not

I think it’s really easy to tune into the heartbreak of a 35 year old woman or man for whom a good relationship has been elusive. I think no matter what we say we all want to love and be loved. But if you think of the hook up culture as something that happens in college, the fact is, most college graduates end up married, and in stable and relatively happy marriages. So I don’t think there is much evidence that hook up culture leads to loneliness. One other thing: I don’t “endorse” it. I just get tired of hearing how it destroys women. Joan Didion once complained about certain strains of the feminist movement perpetuating a vision of women as “creatures too ‘tender’ for the abrasiveness of daily life, too fragile for the streets… too ‘sensitive’ for the difficulties and ambiguities of adult life.

So, yes, there is heartbreak but there is also a lot women gain from their independence.

So even if college girls piss away their best years as nothing more than sex objects, it’s cool because they’ll still be able to settle down with the man of their dreams so they can try to conceive before menopause.  Like this woman:

Formula 1 Grand Prix, Germany, Thursday

Lucky couple.  However, someone had the nerve to ask Hanna an interesting question about having lots of sex:

What do you think about the rising rates of single motherhood and fraction of babies born to unwed mothers? Considering that non-married families are far less symmetrical in child care than married ones, isn’t this a step backward for women? How do you see this trend affecting the balance between the genders?

Rosin responds,

I write about this in my book. I don’t think it’s great. The term studies use is “ambiguous independence” – meaning there is a certain degree of empowerment in going it alone, providing for your family, etc, but it’s far from ideal.

So is a promiscuous culture good or bad?  Apparently Rosin cannot draw the connection between out of wedlock sex and out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

While masses of college co-eds are slutting it up and producing no children, the women who contribute absolutely nothing to society breed without remorse. But I guess this is okay for Ms. Rosin. As long as someone marries these aging spinsters or takes care of their bastard children, promiscuity is not bad for young women.  Might suck for nearly everyone else (not for me) but at least women can have 10 years of fun.

3. The End of Men was written to help women understand men.

I don’t even know what prompted the Rosinator to write this response, but it is face-palm worthy:

I’m afraid to say anything about the men’s rights movement lest I inspire more rage but I will say that one of my aims in writing the book was to better understand the men who seemed out of work or resentful of their money making girlfriends or just plain lost.

By writing an entire book about how men are the losers of today’s society, Rosin is helping women understand men.  So if I wrote a book called The End of Gays detailing all of the shortcomings of their culture, I could avoid homophobic criticism by telling everyone “It was done to better understand fa – I mean, gays.”

I get it!

I can imagine what an American woman thought about men before reading The End of Men:

“Men! So frustrating! Why are they all so messed up? Why can’t they make me happy?”

And now the same woman after reading The End of Men:

“Men! They’re just a bunch of jealous losers because their patriarchy is collapsing under the weight of the glorious feminist revolution. Losers.”

Thanks for helping women understand, Hanna.

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39 thoughts on “Hanna Rosin Wants YOU To Become An MRA”

  1. What an awful title for a book, it’s just going to attract women who hate men or would like to and perhaps give them the means to.

  2. Who is the couple? Also it would be a good comparison to show what kind of wife (if any) the cad of the previous era ended up with

  3. This book was the tipping point for me. I knew something was fucking wrong with society, why were women in the media declaring men were dead and “sisters are doin’ it for themselves?” I spent weeks trying to find statistical evidence to prove this stuff was wrong. I was somewhat successful, but in the process of being able to sleep at night I found these sites, opened pandora’s box and swallowed the red pill. I guess I should thank Hanna Rosin.

  4. Gotta ask – did you read even the book?
    I did, and it was probably originally titled ‘women adapt well to making money – men not so enthusiastic about housework’ But of course that would have earned HR about $13 instead of the gazillion $$$ she ended up with.
    Marketing skills…a talent some of you guys could use.

  5. Did she cite any romcoms to back up her assertions about men? Hollywood epics are a major source of scientific data for feminist writers.

    1. “A character played by George Clooney is called too old to be attractive by his younger female colleague and is later rejected by an older woman whom he falls in love with after she sleeps with him—and who turns out to be married. George Clooney! If the sexiest man alive can get twice rejected (and sexually played) in a movie, what hope is there for anyone else?”
      Roissy’s reply- “Yo, Hanna Montana, it’s a movie. You’re not making the point you think you’re making here. In real life, aging George Clooney smartly avoids marriage and boffs a steady stream of hot young babes.”

  6. I went into Waterstones to find a new book about talented Roman Generals and their strategies. Her piece of shit book was there, it annoyed me, I tried to look for some anti-feminism books, none in sight.

    1. Your Bollywood dance extravaganzas are awesome! Is that what everyday life in India is like?

      1. No Uncle Elmer, but it is a very festive culture with lots of holidays. However it is traditional and socially conservative so you will rarely if ever see males and females dancing together, even at weddings. Females dance with females and males dance with males.

  7. Something has gotta give, feminists and liberals supposedly believe in freedom and equality yet they fuel the creation of countless institutions in our society that oppress everyone who is not a woman or minority.

    1. Noone whose plans for society includes making more laws believes in freedom. Liberals and feminists believe in taking stuff from others and handing it to themselves; and in forcing others to do what they want. That’s all there is to every facet pf progressivism; using laws (aka coercion by tax feeders and sleazy, privileged lawyer scum) to “guide” (aka force) the behavior of “society” (aka others who don’t agree with me). Identifying any of it with something positive, like freedom, is pure folly. The only appropriate way to deal with any of it, is the good old fashioned blow it all up and burn it all down. Without any exceptions whatsoever.

  8. Since this site is dedicated to masculinity, could we kindly refrain from posts that concern what some screwed up feminists thinks about something? These women have worms in their heads, and the only reason that the writers are submitting such entries is simply to create viewing traffic and angry replies from these cows.

      1. Not only that, but this is a humor piece. Sometimes men just want to have a good laugh. Hanna Rosin is stupid, or at least severely confused, which makes for an easy target.

    1. I disagree, these articles raise awareness of how entrenched anti-male ideas are in the mainstream media and world in general.

  9. “Men who seemed to be out of work”
    How the hell does somebody “seem” to not have job?
    “Resentful of their money-making girlfriends”
    Gee, I wonder why?
    “Or just plain lost”
    Apparently, that is her catch-all for men who don’t “seem” to be employed or who can’t handle a strong, empowered women as a co-mate.

  10. “While masses of college co-eds are slutting it up and producing no children, the women who contribute absolutely nothing to society breed without remorse. ”
    What do you mean by “contribute to society”. Baby mamas also work, they also pay taxes.
    This “contributing to society” meme is overrated. Who amongst any of us actually contributes anything positive to the planet? We are all polluting it while working ordinary jobs and paying taxes.
    There are very few special snowflakes amongst us.

    1. It’s called not being a net drain. That’s the only “contribution” expected of you, but even that is far too challenging for the average fat, lazy, dumb piece of shit who creates problems that other people have to pay for.

      1. Net drain on what? And why is that a bad thing? Also, A being fat and lazy does not mean B “have to pay for” them. Heck, it is virtually never the case that B pays A at all. Instead, A is simply being used as an excuse by C to extract money from B; and some fraction of the money collected by C is then used to bribe A in exchange for support for a charade of a “system” where C gets to sit on top and lord over all others.
        In other words, fat lazy people are not the problem. The problem are those that take your money. Whether they spend it on bribing fat, lazy people; or on bombing decent people; on building monuments to themselves; on demonizing and then at great expense to you incarcerating people; is irrelevant. They are taking your money. So called fat, lazy people are not, they’re just too lazy.
        Hence, the important goal is to weaken/shrink/diminish/eradicate/destroy/exterminate those that directly take from you. Instead of making excuses for them; or go along with them when they claim they “have to do it” because of the fat people, the lazy people, the evil people or whatnot. If someone attempts to take your money, or force you to do something against your will, the appropriate response is to shoot them, kill them, douse them in gas and burn them, slaughter them…….. Regardless of the excuse they may drum up for why it is somehow appropriate for them to rob you or force you to do stuff.
        Being gullible enough to fall for the scam that it is somehow a positive to support the thieving thugs; which is all paying more in taxes to them than you extract in resources from them really is, makes one a real problem. Those that contribute to bleeding the beast, meaning costing the oppressors more than they contribute to them, are the ones on the right side of decency. Those who do the reverse, are simply (often unwitting, but ignorance is a poor excuse) inadvertently propping up the exact thug band they so loudly claim to be opposed to.

    2. Contributing to society and being positive for “the planet” are two different things. But you knew that, right?

  11. i’ve gotten to the point where i get no bigger laugh than to fuck with fem-bot’s. young, VERY attractive, fuckable women- ages 18-16 will READILY admit to guys needing more game. every damn divorced woman i encounter tells me the same, “i just got tired of being in charge of everything. he was so assertive before we got married…blah, blah, blah.”
    i LOVE getting a fem-bot worked up, letting her rant, then saying, “ok” shrug my shoulder and walk away. you can feel them seething. nothing pisses them off more than not engaging them. and if i find out she’s single, i’ll tell her, “well sounds like that philosophy is working out for you.” then walk away. lol.

    1. This is funny! I do this too. I do it because women who drone on about this have too much testosterone to deal with. It gets tiring. Who is gonna hitch themselves to THAT?

  12. “We have a hard time thinking of men as people who need help.”
    This confirms a long-held suspicion of mine – in many ways feminism was a great compliment to men.
    I was all about women imitating almost everything about men, and trying to make the path of their lives follow a more masculine arc.
    The greatest success in feminism is to be indistinguishable from a man, at least to hear the feminists tell it.
    The second compliment is revealed in Rosin’s statement about the presumed invulnerability of men. It taxes their brains to the nth degree imagining that men don’t have it all figured out (allowing for the apex fallacy of course).
    If there is a great religious or cosmic accounting some day, I think that many female souls will be horrified to see the carnage they have created in their childish pursuit of power and pleasure.
    It is easy for us to imagine their action as the gleeful murder of the male spirit.
    In reality, it is more like second degree vehicular manslaughter, as they lay waste to lives and families, drunk on the liquor of female privilege and high on the crack cocaine of female unaccountability (a male subsidized social benefit if there ever was one).
    I’m reminded of a story a woman told me about how when she was very young she repeatedly dropped a small kitten on the floor until it stopped moving. She didn’t realize she killed it – she thought she was just playing. she says it still haunts her that she did it, even though it was done in ignorance.
    I’m all about forcing women to view the bloody corpse of our culture, that they themselves are responsible for.
    Did a woman actually murder Thomas James Ball? (http://thomasjamesball.com/) Or did she (along with her collaborators) create a world designed to push him over the edge?

  13. Watch this interview with Hanna Rosin, where her husband (awkwardly) is the interviewer. This is from Sep 2012 and was filmed at the Sixth and I Synagogue here in DC.
    Her opinions and viewpoints are so completely biased it borders on the absurd. However, what I found interesting was seeing the husband-wife dynamic and listening to her discuss their two young sons. She talked a bit about how her two boys reacted to the title of her book (they hated it and called her a “meany”). Rosin just laughs it all off in a completely insensitive and unmotherly way…
    Honestly, I feel sorry for her husband. Poor bastard — having to live her.

    1. I’d love to see what happens to these kids when they grow up. Lou Reed was purportedly the product of such a mother.

  14. Can the men of this world agree to give up Greenland or Madagascar to these smarter, stronger, wiser, braver than-men types? It can be their Themyscira. Men will not dwell on their island, allowing Woman to build the perfect utopian society from which a real-life Wonder Woman will come forth to save the horrible patriarchal world of men from our useless, stupid, warring selves.
    Let’s give them a Centruy without men (but with the cats they desire) to prove themselves as they see themselves. Until then, I’ll just dream that women were more like Linda Carter in that costume — it’s all my inferior mind is good for anyway.

  15. the guy in the picture is Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 world champion and Indy 500 winner, with his French ex wife (he was also engaged to Danii Minogue. Some would criticize his driving but he is definitely not a ‘beta herb’.

  16. I’ve seen “men need to band together” alot in discussions about the problems men face. In the same discussions i also see calls that feminism aren’t the problem and that it helps both genders. If feminism helps both gender than why would men need to band together ?

  17. To me she is nothing but a feminist pig. Only a matriarchal society would cheer her on conducting seminars of bold faced abusive & emasculating bullshit.
    She can’t even respect her own son. I feel sorry for the male vagina she married.

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