5 Myths About Love

Romantic love is one of the most intense experiences you are ever likely to experience. But as with anything related to feelings, it has become exalted to moral and almost religious status in our over-feminized society.

A man should be aware of the power of love. He should not allow himself to be overpowered by it, losing all his mental faculties and common sense. Of all self improvement efforts, this can be the most difficult. Resistance training can be built up gradually over time, but love can hit like an unexpected freight train, knocking a fellow off his feet and leaving him floundering helplessly like a newborn baby. Young, inexperienced men seem most vulnerable to Cupid’s bow, but older gents are not immune to his spell, especially if the man is accomplished enough to win the attentions of a much younger woman. Understanding love may help a man to embrace its power without losing his direction.

Here are myths about love that you must recognize if you are to keep your head

1.  Love is the best thing that can happen to you


Love might be a wonderful thing, leading to cherished children, grandchildren, and a loyal partner to share your dotage. It might result in an immensely memorable holiday romance. Love might also blind you to the true nature of a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder—one who may try to take your money, your children or even your freedom. More likely, it will simply lead you to impregnate, marry, or cohabitate with the wrong person. Peruse these real life accounts of relationships on the rocks after the honeymoon is well and truly over. Not to be read at night while you’re home alone.

Love might not even be enjoyable. The sensation of losing control over one’s feelings and turning into a daydreaming zombie who keeps missing his train station might be cute for onlookers but can be uncomfortable for the poor sod experiencing this state. It is sometimes said that no two people’s experience of love are the same.

2.  Love justifies all


Since the High Middle Ages, Europe and its diaspora have fallen under the spell of courtly love. In this view, love is a transcendent experience that makes everything right and its absence makes everything wrong.

The reader will be familiar with common societal beliefs that stem from this moral view of romantic love: one should only marry for true love; a couple should break up if the woman says “I love you but I’m not in love with you”; and it’s okay (for a woman) to have an affair if it’s for love. Love outweighs all other considerations—duty, justice, faith—as the yardstick to measure one’s actions.

This is not a view shared in the greater part of the world. In other times and places, romantic love has been seen as a dangerous and humiliating sickness that ought to be avoided. The next time someone tells you that love justifies some recent outrage, ask them why. Ask if passionate emotion would also justify kicking a dog. No? Well, it’s clearly not everything then, is it?

3.  True love will last forever

Marriage: Bettings someone half your shit you'll love them forever.

Romantic love is like a rainbow. It can be lovely but it’s not a permanent feature of the landscape. The first flush of love can last for a long time—perhaps for years—but it will not last forever. Basing a marriage and stable child rearing on this emotion alone is likely to end in tears.

An enduring relationship must be grounded on more than romantic love. It might be based on a more sedate, familiar love born of mutual respect for each other’s roles and duties. This is the sort of love a man might experience when watching his wife breastfeed their baby. A relationship can also be based on commitment and the idea of being responsible to a community. Religion and culture have traditionally played an important part here.

In fact, it is possible to do away with romantic love altogether. Marriages in many places continue to be arranged by parents and are often quite successful, with the familiar love described gradually developing over the years spent together. Romantic love is more appropriate for girlfriends and flings.

They say that in ancient Rome, a servant would whisper in a triumphant, returned general’s ear: fame is fleeting. Before making a major life decision, whisper this gentle truth to yourself to maintain some rationality: love is transient.

4.  Women and men love the same way


You already know how men love.  Women’s love is more fickle.  While she may experience feelings even more deeply than a man, a woman’s love is not blind. It has an eagle’s vision and can immediately spot weakness, loss of status or other disappointments. A women will usually not know why her feelings have changed. She will merely notice that they have, and a once passionate attraction will vanish into the air quite as though it never was. This is why a woman will often abandon her man if he is sick, unemployed, or has otherwise fallen into a funk.

Do not despise women for their nature. They are adapted to seek out a strong partner just as surely as we are evolved to seek out a sexy one. But see their love for what it is and accept the requirements it lays upon you should you wish to retain your preeminence in her heart.

5.  Love is all there is


In Western culture children are led to believe that the point of being born is to grow up and to fall in love. Those who are not in love are thought to be incomplete as human beings. The dirty tramp with his wizened crone of a girlfriend is considered happier than the wealthy bachelor who enjoys the attentions of many women but favors none in particular. Clearly this is not right. I’ve been in love and I’ve been out of love. They’re both perfectly acceptable and bearable states for a person to experience.

There are various things that are just as important, if not more so, than being in love. Here are just a few: saving money, learning, caring for your family. You want more? Eating properly, exercise, hygiene, creativity and invention. Friendship. Adventure. Teaching another person what you know. Love can be great but it does not trump all.



Love can be a magnificent thing. It can be exhilarating. It can be miserable. It can raise a man up and inspire him to improve himself or it can muddy his mind and cause his ignominious disgrace.

When love strikes your heart and makes the colors of the world swirl before your face, it is difficult to maintain any reason amid this intense passion. But you must. Because you know better.

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365 thoughts on “5 Myths About Love”

  1. Love is only a feature of the superstructure that arises from the base formed by the means of production. Take away the means of production—efficiency in men and nurturing loyalty in women—and there can be no love.
    But the ancients understood this principle and reflected it in their traditional discipline long before Marx and Lenin came and started messing with the way people understand themselves and society.

  2. Love is a stupid concept which has simply replaced the word lust. And lust is not a basis for marriage or children. Real love is a careful and realistic evaluation of a potential mate’s value and contribution to forming a partnership. Partnerships have ups and downs and love will not get you through those. General attitude, drive, work ethic and communication skills should be your evaluation for love, not just getting a boner.

    1. I would call it more a bio-chemical reaction caused by proximity to a person who provides and experiences a corresponding reaction.

    2. Excellent post. Most modern relationships are just glorified friends with benefits.

    3. That attitude saved me a ton of lifelong failings with women. The simple thing I would think to myself was can I tolerate this woman after a year? Two years? Five, ten all of the way up to the rest of my life. Answer was more often than not a simple no.

    4. To me, the best illustration of this is the contrast between the way I feel about my wife versus the way I feel about my children. For my children, I feel true love. I have never felt that for my wife. I love her, to be sure, but I now recognize that much of that was actually “lust” at times, and “true friendship” at others. During trying times, I would describe it as “tolerance,” and it was driven by the actual love I felt for my children that I would tolerate her.

    1. There is a person on the net who discriminates between infatuation and being in love, describing infatuation as: Falling in love with oneself under the adoring gaze of another.

      1. Love is a dung hill, Betty, and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow.

        Archibald Cunningham.

    2. I “fell in love” for the last time 15 years ago. I learned my lesson and remember it vividly any time a woman tries to put a leash around my neck.

  3. “There are various things that are just as important, if not more so, than being in love. Here are just a few: saving money, learning, caring for your family. You want more? Eating properly, exercise, hygiene, creativity and invention. Friendship. Adventure. Teaching another person what you know. Love can be great but it does not trump all.”
    In a few words: Taking care of yourself.

    1. “teaching another person what you know”
      It’s not just taking care of yourself, but the joy we get from taking care of others. I have always considered teaching, and while I don’t think I’d want to get into a public school or university in society today, I do want to explore this desire, find some way of giving talks, or sharing my knowledge and experience with others.
      One can volunteer at a boy scout troop, church, civic event, charity, etc. I think the social returns I would get from sharing a skill or an awesome story with some school kids, or a teaching an English class to foreigners, or many other options would be far more rewarding than sharing some meals and trips and mediocre dates with a disposable broad.

      1. Honestly I´ve thinking the same.
        I would be more happy doing something productive than being in a marriage.

      1. I heard Andy Dick “thought it would be funny” if he got her back on blow. I also heard (less believable) than John Lovitz knocked him out for doing this after she killed Phil.
        Hollyweird- stay away

        1. From what I heard, Andy Dick told Lovitz he was placing the “Phil Hartman curse” on him and that he would be dead in six months. Lovitz proceeded to slam Dick’s face into the bar counter they were at.

        2. oh well, thats that then…I also heard the moon is an ancient abandoned death star

  4. Love implies two [persons]. Wherever there is a division, whether it is within you or without you, there is conflict. That relationship cannot last long.
    The relationship between a man and a woman is based on the images that the two create for themselves of each other. So, the actual relationship between the two individuals is a relationship between the two images. But your image keeps changing, and so does the other person’s. To keep the image constant is just not possible. So, when everything else fails, we use this final, last card in the pack, “love”, with all the marvelous and romantic ideas around it.
    Love is a four letter word.

  5. “It can raise a man up and inspire him to improve himself or it can muddy his mind and cause his ignominious disgrace.”
    Starting improving yourself out of luv is probably the worst way to start any self-improvement activity.

    1. Don’t know if this is universal or not, but knew a guy who was all motivated to get in shape and clean up etc. over a girl he was into. He worked really hard, I mean, impressively hard and met his goals.
      She rejected him. Bye bye progress, he was right back to his old bad habits and regained more weight than he lost plus his hair started thinning and the stress gave him break outs. Terrible to see.
      And that degree of perseverance and determination that men just seem to have if they can dig down far enough to uncover it is one of the thing women have been exploiting through our fanciful ideas of romantic love since forever.

        1. Sound advice.
          That’s why it was recorded in the Good Book.

      1. Sounds like what the Germania tribes did back when Rome was trying to push over the Rhine

    2. I agree….Build your empire then choose your women. Choosing a woman, then building your empire around her will lead to catastrophe.

      1. It’s like using an egg as a Lincoln Log. You can build a fabulous little structure on top of the egg, but it will go rotten and shatter.

  6. Love is a state of mind originating from, or leading to, all kinds of madness. It will teach you more about yourself, but there are many more effective ways to develop patterns of self-understanding…….

  7. Love is definitely something every man should experience a couple of times in his life (I mean the blinded, beta obsession and infatuation with a woman where you think she is the best thing ever, and you can’t stop thinking about her–not the reciprocal love a woman gives you, because they cannot truly do this). It’s a very “positive” experience while you are in the moment.
    However, in hindsight, not only were the women I was head over heels not “all that,” they were in fact flawed and deeply disturbed women. They were bad partners for me. Which shows that traditional marriage (an arrangement between the father of the bride and the father of the groom) is good not just for the woman, but also for the man.
    The point is, love poisons our minds and tricks us into doing things that the logical mind would reject. Basically, love makes you temporarily act like a woman (irrational, flighty, moody). I’m glad I experienced it a couple of times, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned from it, but I no longer seek it. If I’m having a bad day, I go play with my dog and give him a hug.

    1. It is not love, but the unconditional dedication of a dog is something every man should experience.

        1. I read some psychopath’s page who claimed that his natural manipulative skill allowed him to take a dog’s loyalty away even from a professional dog trainer.

        2. I believe dogs will absolutely switch loyalties, but that comes only after building a relationship of trust and confidence with them, not by force. I have some acquaintances who rescued a Rott after he bit its abusive and neglectful owner’s face. That dog ended up needing seven surgeries after it fought of a charging muskox when they were out hiking. That’s ridiculous loyalty.

        3. Ha. What giant load of bullshit. Psychopath? More like delusional narcissist.

        4. “Everyone look at me, I’m a psychopath, and I’m so very special and edgy”. Attention whore.

        5. One, the general tone of the article (and the author’s comments) just scream look how cool I am! Two, his proof is one unnamed book that he claims aligned with how he acted with his neighbor’s dog. As somebody into dog training I read and watch a lot on it, there are thousands of different theories out there.
          Finally, he talks about taking over as “pack leader” which means nothing. Pack leader in the Cesar Milan terms has a lot of Cesar’s theory behind it. I train weekly with people whose dogs I can have total control over because they are well trained. I’m talking take them hunting and point and retrieve birds control. If I was to start a fight with person, who do you think the dog would attack?
          This author fancies himself some badass psychopath special snowflake. Fuck him.

        6. I don’t know man. I read quite a bit of his stuff and most of it – including his comments – is eerily neutral in tone. I guess you could fake it, but what’s the point? Some of his readers literally insult him and question him and he just stays completely cool and factual, like a robot. That is not what a narcissist would react like. For example, I left an unwelcome comment on Krauser’s page and he insulted me and told me to fuck off.
          As for the accuracy of the article, I can’t judge it. Just read it and thought it interesting enough to throw it in for discussion.

        7. That’s a weird dude. “A dog doesn’t know what a psychopath is so he can’t sense me” is quite erroneous logic. A dog doesn’t know what Alpo is either, but they eat it when I feed it to them. He also claims dogs don’t know what evil is, but CAN sense evil people, but then uses this same argument as a reason they CAN’T detect psychopaths. That said, the dude DOES seem crazy…

        8. Well, his reasoning is that malicious intent manifests through odor and body language or something like that – which seems reasonable to me. If a psychopath does not have such strong emotions, it seems plausible that dogs would not sense it. I have long thought the concept of “evil” to be a rather inaccurate abstraction hiding some more Machiavellian truths underneath. That is, I think it ends up being an emotional matter and that is where the manipulation comes in. We humans rationalize these emotional interactions into morals and that is why things confuse us. We want to think of psychopaths as bad or evil, but that is an emotional reaction of our minds.
          And, more importantly, we are only scared of the concept of psychopaths, are scared of being marionettes. But the truth is that the best psychopaths are likely those who seem least like it. Hence why people eat them up. Hence why they end up at the top of the food chain. Cause they appear like the exact opposite of evil – which makes them so scary I guess. Look at politicians etc. Or look at Ted Bundy and all the girl-fans he has…

        9. It’s interesting, but I don’t buy it. As I said, becoming “pack leader” literally means nothing without a lot more context. If somebody calls my dog, he is likely to go to that person because that person is new and interesting, but more so because I have trained him to have top notch obedience. I am going to be able to call him back. Hell, last night somebody else blew a whistle and he broke point and returned to me. Then somebody else whoa’d their dog and he froze up.
          However, only one person has spent hundreds of hours training him. Only one person sat with him in their lap holding his chew stick when he was teething. Only two people (the wife) use him as a dog blanket watching Netflix. My not so to the point because I like talking about my dog point is that temporary attention or control does not equal loyalty.

        10. There’s something in your post that calls to my subconscious. It rings true to me.
          I have earned the (at least temporary) respect of dozens of animals. Dogs, cats, rats, horses, cows, what ever – they respond to some aspect of fearlessness and control. If they throw shit tests your way (kittens love this), you deflect them – it’s easy as that.
          However, I only know of two or three animals that ever paid me total loyalty. The first was the little terrier that helped raise me and my sisters (I still think of him as a big brother), and the other two were rats that I raised from the moment their eyes opened.

        11. Obviously the dude’s primary source of dog information is Cesar based on his discussion of “energy” and I do agree with him that dogs feed off energy. My dog has never shown any aggressive tendencies, all he wants to do is play or hunt (which is a form of play). He grew up with a 5 lbs chihuahua and is super gentle. He’s been attacked by other dogs and still has never shown fear or aggression towards strange dogs afterwards. Didn’t even phase him. Never growled at another human being, except one time, when I was walking him on his daily 5 a.m. hike in the park and some creepy, likely drugged out dude started walking towards us and asked if I had a smoke. I saw the dude coming and got in defensive mode with my hand on the knife in my pocket. When the dude got within ten yards, dog circled him, got in between us and growled. Guy left and dog went back to running around like a fool. I was very proud of him that morning.

        12. Well said. Most animals seem to be pretty submissive to humans if you show a modicum of control, but they will test you. I have a few friends who are pretty crappy dog owners and don’t put in the time or know what they are doing. When I dog sit or go over to hang out, I can get their dogs to do the basic commands just by knowing how to do it (it’s amazing how many people can’t even get their dog to lay down and stay there). Doesn’t mean they are loyal to me.

        13. Actually, that’s exactly what a psychopath, or narcissist really, would do. Negative attention is the goal.

        14. He died when I was starting Middle School, so I don’t have enough true stories to use. I just remember loving the heck out of the dumb mutt, and him always “checking in” on us when we seemed down.

        15. Right, then we should call these people narcissists, not psychopaths. Psychopaths wouldn’t write shit like that for any reason, except maybe as a means of gaining power over other people.

        16. I have also seen a Facebook page of a psyvhopath who wrote about becoming a member in a psychopathy group with many other members and posts and then working himself up in thr hierarchy, earning people’s trust, just to end up deleting everything in there. He ended that story with an innocent joyful “I am so glad to have been part of this great adventure. Thanks to all.”
          It must be so fun to livd without guilt and shame.

        17. My cousin had Alzheimer’s. He took his dog for a walk to the mail box (mountain country so mailbox was a hike) and neither came back. They found my cousin’s body three days later. He had died of exposure. The dog was still sitting beside him. Think about that; three days with no food or water. That is loyalty.

    2. This comment of yours. Just resonated with me after my experience a couple days ago. The mind knows & yet the heart dooms us all.
      I’m glad you shared. Thanks.

    3. I agree that every man should experience it the same way every man should get vaccinated. I don’t say this from a point of bitterness, just objective observation. You are completely right that being “in love” makes us irrational, moody, and completely at the mercy of the woman. The only problem is after the breakup, there is rarely any “counseling” for the guy to help him learn from his mistake. Usually his dudebros will tell him to go find another woman and repeat the process ad infinitum.

      1. Funny, the “bang other chicks” advice is fundamental red pill wisdom. “There are other fish in the sea.” It’s what natural alphas told betas in the days before anyone figured out the red pill thing. Innately, alphas know that chicks are interchangeable.

        1. I think Unabashed was referring to the encouragement to “find another girl, your true soulmate” (hence “and repeat the process ad infinitum.”) and not “a girl is a girl: bang a hoe and forget the whole thing”. First one is BS, the second one is helpful.

    4. ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

      Alfred Lord Tennyson

    5. This is exactly what happened to me recently. Fell for this pretty, pretty pretty EE chick. She caught me right after I had broken up with another girl (flawed and disturbed also). Turned out the girl has (in my opinion) either Borderline Personality Disorder or psychosis.

      1. Pretty much any modern Disney movie. Except Lion King. Don’t fuck with Lion King.

        1. I actually watched Snow White with my girls the other day. I was pretty impressed:
          1) Snow White is a mild-mannered woman who is happy to cook and clean without even needing to be asked.
          2) The only evil character in the movie is the wicked queen who is driven my vanity.
          3) Snow White’s life is spared by the huntsman who, risked his own life to trick the queen and let Snow White flee into hiding.
          4) The 7 Dwarves, while comical, are hardworking, pleasant, and protective of Snow White.
          5) In the end, the Prince saves the day by awakening Snow White from her sleep. Snow White doesn’t really do anything besides cook, clean, and be pleasant.

        2. None of the women at the college I go to are like that. At least none I have met.

        3. By all accounts (that I can see), Snow White is a perfect example of a Unicorn. I’ve yet to see a better example in any other Disney film. I was watching it and thinking, if I wasn’t already married and she were real, I’d snatch her up in a heartbeat.

        4. There’s japan’s reply to Frozen. But the unicorn video was very informational.

        5. I just watched this in the lobby of the college I’m helping to remodel. As soon as I pressed play, a field trip full of elementary school kids was going by. Managed to turn it off in time. At least with porn I could have made a more coherent explanation.

        6. As films, I appreciate some modern Disney movies with less-than-excellent morals:
          1. Aladdin, because I love Robin Williams
          2. Beauty and the Beast, because it had the gall to hide the villain from kids (the townspeople and groupthink are the villain) and is gorgeous
          3. Lilo and Stitch, because it was funny and dark simultaneously
          4. Hunchback of Notre Dame, because you can’t beat that score
          5. Lion King, because even though Timon and Pumbaa should be considered villains for the shit they fed Simba, it’s a great story
          Of course, the majority of the works from Walt’s era are solid by themselves. I can admire a man who refused to do sequels because that was boring.

        7. I think characters like Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid are great examples of the standard, though:
          – They ignore wise advice and fuck everything up
          – They let feels get in the way of reason
          – They lean hard on strong men to fix what they destroyed
          I have no idea why so many women see them as role models, though. Nothing the princesses do helps anyone.

        8. Honestly, I’m not convinced she was in enough of the movie to get a really good judgment. She seems Snow White-ish from what we do see, though.
          Fun fact: the mice have more screen time than any other character in the film, including the title character.

        9. They see them as role models because it reflects their reality: I can fuck up anything I feel like because a man will come along to fix it.

        10. Because they were rewarded despite their idiotic decisions. At least in the Disney versions that I know of.

        11. There’s potential, but she seems more pushy about increasing her status and marrying a prince. Snow White was literally thrust into her situation on the threat of impending doom. Cinderella wanted out of her current living arrangement. I can’t say I blame her. Her living arrangements would be considered abusive by today’s standards. My only point of contention is her insanely high level of hypergamy. It wasn’t enough to try and marry a local butcher, baker, etc and live a quiet, modest life. She went directly for the prince.

        12. I had really thought they were going to do something with some guts with that film Enchanted, but no, just more of the same.

        13. So would I. They’ve outright completely changed some of the stories and only used the names. The one example I know for sure was the Little Mermaid. Maddox breaks it down pretty well in his Youtube video.

        14. Do I sense a hint of resistance against the concept of hypergamy? 🙂
          I liked the way she kept her spirit despite her abusive stepmother, how she did not grow bitter and angry despite the treatment she received. This was the most pleasing and probably also the most unrealistic component of the film. As for her going for the prince, I liked it as a sign of confidence. But despite this confidence, she was still submissive towards the prince. The confidence was more about her being certain about being lovable and I think that is a good thing for both sexes.

        15. That’s why they can’t ever get Hans Christian Anderson’s work right.
          – “Frozen” would have been about a heartless, wicked woman who saw only evil in the world and corrupted an innocent young man to see the same. The only salvation would come at the hands of his only female friend, who basically f**ks his heart warm again.
          – “The Little Mermaid” would have been about how Ariel traded everything for a man who didn’t love her. She would have been forced to try to kill him to save herself, failed, and died forever.
          Disney doesn’t have the stones for that. Walt might have given it a try, but today there’s no way.

        16. I’ve seen his videos. They’re pretty funny. Here’s a good punisher fan film.

        17. Bygone era, ner to return.
          The golden age of modern history.

        18. First Disney flick my kids got to watch was “Bambi” and my wife was a bit perplexed (especially when Bambi’s mom gets whacked). She asked me why did the inlcude such harsh scenes and she hated my response. “Because the flick was made in 1942 and life is tough. Walt was keeping it real.”

        19. Going against the grain here, but I like Disney (to an extent), largely because I love traditional animation. Like them or hate them, Disney was the master of that art form. I remember when the Princess and the Frog came out. I was in middle school at the time. I didn’t even care that it was a princess movie, I was ecstatic because it was the first honest-to God hand-drawn Disney movie in years. Even now, post red-pill, I probably would have gone to see it if it had been made today. However, since it looks like Disney has abandoned 2D once again, they can go bust for all I care.

        20. Pixar kicked their ass 20 years ago or more.

        21. Pixar was the only studio that could do CGI animation well. They were every bit the equal of Disney in its golden age up until a few years ago.

        22. I bought strictly for the villain. I would love to see the good doctor, and Ursula sing a duet.

        23. They’ve been seen as ‘role models’ since the books were written. Use to, children’s books didn’t really exist; most books in Europe in time’s past are written for adults.
          The Grimm fairy tales was actually a great book for children. It was fantastical enough to hold a child’s attention, but was still interlaced with themes that adults spoke of. The Disney versions are watered down, but the themes remain in most. (The Little Mermaid ends in the allusion she got killed in a fishing net or even eaten for sport, this is absent in Disney’s version.)
          Generally as far as women, it speaks against vanity, disobeying one’s parents, lying, and other topics.
          Beauty and the Beast, the lady saves her father from the beast. It’s not a fairy tale, though, it’s based off a play.

        24. The story is Cinderella had a very loving father who married a wicked step-mother who felt jealousy toward the attention the king lavished on his only daughter. The sisters are daughters only through marriage, they too feel jealousy. The king dies early, leaving Cinderella in the care of her step-family. After his death, the wicked queen keeps Cinderella locked away within the castle walls dressed in rags functioning as no more than a servant. She cannot meet the breadbaker as she is not allowed.
          The Disney version shows the animals creating a dress that was later torn off, other versions explain she took one of her step-sister’s old dresses. One version explains the step-mother cruelly suggested Cinderella borrow one of the step-sister’s dresses and attend the ball as the invitation said ‘all women’. When Cinderella steps out in the dress, the owner of the dress rips it apart out of rage to the amusement of the step-mother.
          Then all that happens with a fairy Godmother and the glass slipper. The important part is that the prince, upon finding Cinderella, still finds her beautiful even though at this point she is dressed in rags. The idea is much like Snow White, that a pleasant disposition will gain more reward then vanity and ill feelings.

        25. She asked me to treat her like a princess. So, I married her off to the second son of the king of Poland to strengthen our military ties.

        1. Agreed, for the most part. My favorite is that opening song that has fuck all to do with the musical and story themes of the film.
          The harmonics weren’t bad, but it somehow feels extremely basic. I sang pieces of the score as a capella arrangements, and there was nothing of Alan Menken’s genius present.

        2. The whole movie feels like they mashed about six jigsaw puzzles together.
          The prince’s face-heel turn is the most blatant – it’s like they said “Oh, shit! We can’t let the Ice Queen be the villain, because feminism. Quick, draw one of the male characters’ names out of this hat – we’ll shoehorn that in somehow.”

        3. Indeed. Making Hans the surprise villain seemed very forced. There was no indication of him being evil throughout the entire movie until the plot twist. Even his smile after taking a dunk in the river was one of warmth and affection. Why would he be smiling like that if he wasn’t truly smitten by Anna? There was no one around to see him if he wanted to smile wickedly and cackle a bit. “BWAHAHAHAHA!”

        4. To some degree, I think using Hans as the villain satisfied some militant feminists on the production staff.
          “Girls, don’t let yourselves fall in love with any man, because inside they’re all scumbags. Kristof is scum because he’s a weirdo, and the prince is just a sadistic f**k.”
          It makes no sense in the context of his character or the film as written and animated, but who ever accused feminism of making sense?

        5. You missed absolutely nothing. In fact, you earned back valuable life that would have been utterly wasted.
          I’m saying that the ending is not very good. Did that come across?

    1. On old teacher of mine said something to the effect that “In love” is a stupid way to say “horny.”
      We need to copy the Greeks and start using different words for different things. There’s “science”, for one – split it into scientody (the philosophical discipline of science), scientistry (the profession of science), and scientage (the knowledge derived from scientody) as a start.
      Love is another one. There’s the love between brothers-in-arms (comradery), love for one’s fellow man (charity), love born from empathy, and love born in the loins (lust). Enough with this equivocation bullshit.

      1. It truly is amazing that we have so many words in the English language to denote nuanced differences, but we only use a handful of them.
        “I LOVE pizza!”
        “I LOVE going skiing!”
        “I LOVE my family!
        Makes it sound like you feel as much affection towards a pizza or outdoor hobby as you do you flesh and blood.

        1. I like my truck (I like my truck)
          I like my girlfriend (I like my girlfriend)
          I like to take her out to dinner
          I like a movie now and then
          But I love this bar

      2. One of my sisters was going on about how she was ‘in love’ with some boy at school. My older sister just looked at her and said, ‘You’re not in love you’re just in heat, wring out your shorts and shut up.’

      3. That is a good point. One thing have noticed in common among friends and family that have been married for several decades or actually were together til death did them part, is that it wasn’t “love” that got them there. It was Comradery. It was the couples that realized that they were institutionally imprisoned together for the sake of having a strong stable family, children and life together. I think the reason so many marriages fail is because, they are based on lust and a little bit of fairy tale, and when the shiny wears off, they start treating each other like guards and wardens. It is the couples that realize that they are in fact cell mates, that make it to the end with the fewest regrets. (Notice I said fewest because there will always be times where one, the other, or both think or say, “Why the fuck am I stuck to this motherfucker?”)

    2. “I love you but I’m not in love with you…”
      I can’t even translate that sentence in my language.

      1. Forgive the god-awful Google Translation, but probably something like this:
        Je vous aime comme un ami, mais vous n’êtes pas attrayant.

        1. Oh ok, I get it, but that’s very far from the original words.
          It seems that your use of the word “love” allows an ambiguity, which the female can use for friendzone purpose.

      2. Je t’adore mais Je n’ai pas de amour pour toi?
        God, you’re right: you really can’t say it without sounding odd.

    3. Not an uncommon statement though for a depressive. If you ever think you’ve encountered one I highly recommend- “Depression Fallout’ by Anne Sheffield (depressionfallout.org). It will go a long way in helping you avoid getting sucked down into the vortex of despair with them as you assist someone else struggling with it.

        1. Actually, ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’. Sheffield has a chapter ‘I love you, I love you not.’ which goes into it in detail.

    4. On the lines of (and just as bad as), “I love you… like a friend.”

    5. Any girl who says I love you but I’m not in love with you is basically saying she’s not sexually turned on by you. She loves you like a brother.

  8. “All you need is love….. everybody now, love is all you need, love is all you need……” a line from the big Beatles hit record, coincidently released during The Summer of Love (1967). Wonder what Lennon & McCartney were thinking when they penned that tune almost 50 years ago!

    1. “Gee, John, that little Japanese number you’ve been eyeing certainly seems delightful.”
      “Thanks Paul, I just knew you fellows would like her.”
      “I don’t know…” (Both): “Shut it Ringo, ya wanker!”

    2. “Fuck dude, I’m tripping balls!” Or whatever Brits say when they’re high on LSD.

      1. I think both of them were buzzed. Quite obvious on many of the songs from the Sgt. Peppers album that same year & the White Album in ’68!

        1. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Strawberry Fields Forever. I call bullshit on them being sober.

        2. Also, the album “Magical Mystery Tour” in late ’67. And the song “A Day in the Life” which many US stations refused to play in mid ’67!

        3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD
          An old Hippie tipped me off on that one in the 80s.

    3. I am a big fan of how Brian Fallon steals lyrics. Dude writes great scorned songs:
      And they say such foolish things, like “Love, love, love, love is all you need”
      But everything inside is saying ‘Danger, baby, love’s gonna leave’
      So I played your sympathy, have mercy on me
      Cause I been hurt, I been stung, by the good name of love, ’til I threw my own heart in the sea…
      Among other foolish things
      “Among Other Foolish Things” off Painkillers

      1. Hmmm. This may stem from her son being gay. She may be of the thought that men love men and she is trolling here to make herself feel better while waiting to discover her husbands gay lover?
        Women always start off with “I’m happy” to make what they say next have some semblance of being logical… it never works. lol

        1. I also can’t help but notice her choice of an avatar; Android 18 from DBZ. A cold, aloof, sadistic murderer. That being put aside, she chose a close up shot of her scowling face looking down on you. Have I psychoanalyzed this enough?

        2. A cry to seem formidable? One thing I do know, happy people don’t go searching for hostile environments to talk shit. That’s for sure. — Im no Dr. but did stay at a Holiday inn express last night. soo.. 🙂

      2. Whoa, my sarcasm may have some truth.. she looks like she is proud that her son doesn’t “stick his dick in female bodies”.. I guess she is glad she wont ever be called grandma? yikes

        1. But, by her own logic, wouldn’t her son be doubly miserable since he himself is a guy and he would be hanging around other guys? After all, MEN are the cause of her woes, not hetero relationships. She should be upset that her son is gay and should be pushing him to marry a woman asap.

      3. I am happy
        And the reason for my happiness is not having men in my life(except for my son).
        All my friends are female and I’m a lesbian

        1. You’re not happy otherwise you wouldn’t be here being all aggressive and all.
          And your son will shit himself by 30 because you raised him as a sodomite. Bad mother.

        2. My God!, Lesbian with all female friends and a gay son? No wonder you need to come here to blow off steam.. Please.. carry on. Don’t leave on our account. We will make a dick rider of you yet, don’t worry, just stick around awhile.

        3. Its ok man, she comes here for a taste of testosterone. Its like her dipping her toes in the pool before she jumps in. It all makes sense now.

        4. Absolutely ZERO chance this chick weighs less than 300 lbs, has hair longer than her chin, or has less than 5 piercings.

        5. I have short hair but I’ll shave it soon,I have 10 piercings,I have a lot of body hair(legs, armpits and arms).

        6. Same here.
          “And the reason for my happiness is not having men in my life(except for my son).”
          How oxymoronic. She is definitely in bi-polar territory. Feel sorry for her son.

        7. Her son will grow up genderqueer and dying his hair in rainbow colors and wearing makeup. And then he will crash bone crunchingly into the brick wall of the reality of getting a job. So he won’t, and he/she/it will hang out at raves and trendy clubs and will have HIV by 19, and probably his first attention call suicide attempt soon before or after, followed by a few more and then a real one and it works.
          I have seen the results of this garbage in person.

        8. I deleted my last paragraph. “He will be giving blow-jobs to strange men in public toilets before he is 21 and will have HIV before 30.”
          I base this on a similiar acquianted “son” with a dyke mom. Homosexuals ruin children.

        9. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to be around several of these people who ended their lives successfully. Mostly when they hit 30s.
          I’m thinking its when they feel the real pang for children. And they realize they are nothing but useless wurstcontainers and everyone sees them as such.
          I’m now a family man so I don’t spend time with degenerates any more.

        10. Were you inseminated or is there a father for this young man? I’m willing to bet the latter. So I’ll just say that bitterness over a failed relationship, no matter who caused the failure, will not make you a better woman or person. Your son will be a man one day, how will he feel knowing that you hate his gender?

      4. I thought this was supposed to be a man. Or did we agree on ‘sniveling cunt’ earlier?

        1. Happy lesbian. Close contender with ‘happy feminist’ for the ultimate description of an oxymoron

    1. Yes, that’s why men manipulate women into spending money on them, because they don’t love women. Women are so desperate for male attention that they’ll let men just sleep with them, just so they can requite their love.

    2. No, it’s the only truth. Women do not love men. Ever. They merely employ them.

  9. I blame the german romantics (Goethe, Novalis, Holderlin) and Shakespeare for all the misconceptions about love. They talked very beautifully and very convincingly about a sentiment that simply (and sadly) does not exist in real world.
    It does not exist because the nature of women. Lets be clear about it, women are a pure example of narcissistic and borderline personality disorder blended together, and one of the characteristics of both disorders is that they are incapable to love, in the german romantic sense of the word.
    There are Gretchens/Juliets/whatever out there? No.
    Stop thinking like Goethe and be realistic: love is nothing more than good poetry.

    1. Then again:
      Prevalence of lifetime NPD was 6.2%, with rates greater for men (7.7%) than for women (4.8%).
      In 2008, the first-ever large-scale, community study of personality disorders found a lifetime prevalence of 5.9 percent (18 million people) for BPD, with no significant difference in the rate of prevalence in men (5.6 percent) compared with women (6.2 percent)

    2. I wouldn’t classify Goethe as a romantic.
      Eddit : In fact he is classified as a romantic, didn’t know that one.

  10. I’ve seen too many guys who had all sorts of potential fall in love, get engaged after a few months, and get married within the first year, all while they’re still sparkly-eyed. Then reality finally hits home. They’ve both gained weight. She’s a nagging cunt. He’s a fat slob working a soul-sucking job. Sometimes they make a baby thinking it will fix things (it doesn’t), other times they go through a soul-crushing divorce only to wind up lost in a haze and completely unsure of who they are and how they got there. If you want a marriage and family, evaluate your partner in a logical manner. If she shows signs of being flaky, disloyal, devious, etc., then you know she’s not wife material.
    Ask any couple who has been together for several decades and they will tell you that the spark came and went, flaring on occasion, and there were times they didn’t necessarily like each other. What kept them together was their ability to communicate and work together to solve any problems they faced in addition to their loyalty to one another. It’s difficult to find a woman who will give you that (especially in the West), which is why evaluating them logically, not emotionally, will save you heartache and help you protect all that you have worked for.

      1. Unfortunately, in some ways a more intense experience with greater assurance of loyalty but regrettably short in terms of the difference in lifespans.

        1. True but the world is full of loyal dogs, women are fewer in those terms.

        2. Regrettable on multiple levels in fact. Dogs die too quickly, and a woman’s mouth might run for decades.

        3. I advocate getting a wife that approaches pet status, small and not able to communicate other than through you.
          Like learn pygmee, or some obscure SE Asian dialect or an Amazon tribes language.

        4. I read somewhere that men who married foreign women and didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about were happier. But once they learned the wife’s language things turned to shit. Makes sense in a way.

        1. Not at all, I just said that you do no better than the 30 years old single woman with her 5 cats.
          If there is one thing that feminism is trying to push it’s the destruction of the traditional family. Being a loner with his dog, banging a few chicks here and now isn’t the solution.
          Starting a family and having 6+ children would do better.

        2. Outbreeding the idiots could work. And nowadays 30yr old singles are not seen as past the wall, other than for 6+ kids…
          It’s not age as much as history. I’d say a healthy slim fit 30yo single who is a virgin or max 1 would be a pretty good alternative.
          But if she has cats take em out back and blast’em, you can’t have that bacteria around. Toxoplasmosis or whatever it’s called.

        3. Hahah, Toxoplasmosis! Yes, her history is more important than her age, but still I would only chose a woman in her prime time 18-22, with a clean history of course.

        4. “I’d say a healthy slim fit 30yo single who is a virgin or max 1 would be a pretty good alternative.”
          I doubt you will find this in North America. This would have to be done abroad..

        5. Why do you always assume the mantel of the defeated? Even the defeated should be defiant.

        6. I’m not even depressed about it. I just simply don’t give a fuck anymore. Too much time reading lolknee.

        7. That seems like somewhat of a cop out. Every man needs to decide for themselves and realistically assess whether they can be oldschool Alphas (GoJ) or neo-alphas (lolknee). Since on ROK those two both typify those classifications. If you genuinely don’t want a family or to be an oldschool alpha provider then don’t, but decisions made due to this senescent apathy that can overtake us, the red-pill enlightened, when we dwell on how crappily the deck is stacked against us are defeatist and counter-productive. In ideal circumstances, I believe the alpha provider role is the more fulfilling, and if that is what one desires, it should be worked towards. If circumstances do not permit and you remain the narcissistic jerkboy neo-alpha then so be it, there are far worse ways to live your life.

        8. I have assessed the current dating market in my area, and have realized that it is absolute shit-tier for the most part. Unless the economy improves over the next few years, my odds of relocating anywhere, abroad or domestic, are slim. As such for the time being I am MGTOW. Maybe things will improve over the next few years. But I know better than to get my hopes up. As I said, I’m not saying this out of sadness or depression. I just simply DO NOT GIVE A FUCK anymore. If the future has nothing of value in store for me, let me eat, drink and be merry while I still can. Let the world burn. It’s done a pretty damn good job so far.

        9. Be careful not to get pessimism and realism confused, it can be a very thin line.

        10. “In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill.”. Though I don’t suppose we shall see peace in our time.

        11. Stay away from American women past 23 who’re still virgins. Mental illness to the max, and you don’t know how bad it is untill you’ve popped that cherry.

        12. Man, I dealth with that for awhile. The Taoist call it “the thaw” when you start waking up and see reality. The whole mask and fantasy life’s been built on disappears and things suck. But just get a little farther and you realize it’s a whole new world of opporutnities.

        13. They’re herd animals. When they get wind of what American women get away with, like from t.v. shows or immersion, their real selves come out. Society and parenting only go so far, but they’re female human nature comes out. I’ve seen that too.

      2. A dog will always be happy when you come home and just as happy being fed scraps.

        1. Doesn’t matter if you left for 5 minutes or 2 years. The level of excitement is the same.

    1. Love is great when two people discover it for the first time:
      Kissing the other person for the first time, seeing the other person naked for the first time, conquer the other person’s body for the first time…Fantastic!
      Ever wondered why Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love story? Because their desire is never fulfilled…
      Shakespeare knew how to end a good story! We know what would have happened if their desire had been fulfilled, don’t we?

      1. Legend has it that the piece was as much a cautionary tale as anything.
        “Here are two kids in heat. Over the next week, they’ll fall in love, start a huge number of fights, and commit suicide.”

    2. There are NO “wife-material” girls out there. And even if you would find one, you should NOT marry her.
      Why the fuck should you do something that stupid? What benefits do you have from it as a man? Zero.
      Only marry if you are broke and the girl is a millionaire’s daughter. Thats the only time it makes sense.

      1. There are plenty of men who want to start a family, and the healthiest thing for kids is a two parent home. I agree that getting married through the state serves no purpose but to ultimately fuck you, but having a union recognized through the church is still a safe option for men who want that.
        There are still traditional women out there who were raised by real men. They are becoming a dying breed in the West, but some still exist. Women who’ve ridden the carousel, have mental health issues, and who were raised by limp-wristed men will fuck you over at some point, no matter how well you maintain frame. They are wild animals that cannot be domesticated.

        1. You can still live together with her and be in a relationship with her, but marrying is not just senseless, it is borderline retarded.
          I’m not talking about a christian marry or an islamic or whatever religious one. I’m talking about signing a contract with the government that can and probably will destroy your life.

        2. Agreed. A man gains nothing by signing a marriage license, but sets himself up to lose everything.

        3. It’s a completely stupid thing for men to do these days. You’re basically turning over control of your emotional, social, and financial life to someone who’s functionally and 3 year old. You cannot maintain frame forever when faced by a constant bombardment of female game and shit-tests, and then you have to divorce them. So why bother?
          Living with one, yeah. And note to the guys who live with a chick for awhile and think she’s ok to marry: It’s a fucking game: no matter what her situation or appearance, if she moves in with you it’s because it’s part of a long-term strategy. No matter how great she is now, once you’re married the real bitch comes out. First, the live-in arrangement was to get you socialized to her and put up with her behavior, so that marriage is an ease-in. Second, the facade she puts on is a pain in the ass, and escacerbates her underlying mental issues. As your wife, she’s going to take a lot of anger and revenge out on you as payment for the trouble she went through to get married.

        4. Yeah, but it’s got to be money that she’ll never find out about. So during the whole marriage you have to be adjusted to not relying on it or using it. So what’s the point?

        5. Exactly. Especially before marriage, she will be awesome. I mean like. She will cook everyday your favorite meals. She will stop doing shit you dont like. Maybe she is a club skank, she will then say that she doesn’t want to go clubbing anymore. She will suck you d*** without asking. The sex will be just fucking awesome. She will change herself (temporary) to be “the perfect women” for you.
          Typical blue pill guy will run to the next store and buy the most expensive ring and propose as fast as possible because they can’t afford to lose such a good girl and good sex.
          And even some redpill guys overthink their thoughts and think “if this is how my life will be after I marry her, it’s probably worth the risks”.
          Of course everything will change after marriage/honeymoon. She will then show her real face. Then she can stop acting. She will start bitching again, sex won’t be as awesome as before and become really rare. She will probably even gain weight. She will go clubbing again and every other thing you did not like about her, again.

        6. Almost every married guy I know says the same thing. Fun fact: The Catholic Church allows annulments on those grounds. I got one. Most guys just think they’re stuck because annulments are so hard to get. But when you go to your priest and tell him about this flip flop, it’ pisses them off and some will actually recommend an annulment. (They counsel the couple and spend an outrageous amount of time on you before marriage, and they realize the women lied to them and made a laugh of their efforts, so imagine.)

        7. I have known guys who died and the families flipped out when the money was revealed. Perfect scenario. On the other hand, if you get divorced you need to play it up that you’re revealing all you’ve got, and not have it on tax returns. You can have separate returns for your business, that she might not be able to figure out. (Which is why most women’s lawyers demand the husband’s company be liquidated.) And then fucking drop out of sight for a couple of years untill she stops stalking and hounding you and your family.
          And believe me, an ex-wife will follow you and detail your life for God damned YEARS after the divorce. Even when she’s moved on to another sucker, she’ll be obsessed with your business. And if she finds out you’ve got some money she’ll call that lawyer up again. And those guys are happy to get paid to make your life miserable.

      2. kids. if you want kids you should marry. they need a mom and dad who live together in a traditional household. i’d go as far as to say you’re an awful person if you intentionally get a woman pregnant without marrying her.
        i married a devoutly catholic latina girl who believed her priest when he told her before the wedding to “remember that feminism is the work of the devil and is not a good basis for family life.” it’s great. but yeah, marrying your average, godless western woman is not something i’d advise either.

        1. I dont know the laws in America but here in Germany you can marry without signing a Contract with the gov.
          So you just marry in the church. The laws of a normal marriage do not work then. And After a divorce you wont get raped.

        2. do they have common-law marriage in germany? most countries have it. basically, if you live with a woman for a certain amount of time, as little as two months in some countries, you’re legally married. so, choose wisely if you choose to live with a woman because whether or not you had a ceremony and walked down the aisle together, you’re probably legally married and she has full rights to your stuff.

        3. No, thats something different. Thats a pretty new law that was created in 2009. Before you had to go to the registry office. If you did not sign an official contract no church would marry you. This changed in 2009. For the government you are still just gf and bf.
          The other law you mentioned is kinda true. You have to pay some months of support. Worst case a year. But it’s not the same as it would be with a normal marriage. You don’t have to give her half of your stuff and money. No alimony.
          If you ask me all this stuff is unnecessary but some people really want that whole ceremony stuff to make if “official”.

      3. Definitely! Modern women have no healthy, rational conception of what being a wife or life partner means. And they’ve had too much control ovrer public discourse about it for generations.
        Once that ring’s on their finger, you meet a totally different person you don’t know, and she’s gonna make things hell for a long time. Even if you get a pre-nup, the toll it takes on you psychologically isn’t worth it. When a man makes a big step into a life-commitment like marriage, he’s bound and determined. Women say they are, but in reality they’re going to engage in every behavior to drag everything down.

    3. I’ll second this.
      I’m not, nor have I ever, been married. But as a kid, I remember seeing how miserable my grand dad (grandparents raised me, sorry I’m always bringing them up, I know I talk about them a lot ha) was in the context of a family.
      Every morning he would get up earlier than he had to so he could drop my sister and I off at class before he then headed off to work. I swear he never missed a day. He always looked so worn down and miserable. At home, he’d argue with my grandma about my aunts and uncles and all the mistakes they’d made despite his best efforts to try and raise them to be responsible, civil people. The guilt continues to eat him up to this day.
      It was all a lot for a kid to take in. Don’t get me wrong… they never mistreated or hurt me (he was tough as nails on me, but only because his father was the same way). I always felt so bad seeing him treated like the piggy bank that it made me wonder “is a marriage really worth it? are KIDS even worth it?”
      From there, I’d often ask married men I worked with or happened to be friends with if they felt they made a good choice getting married. Most of the time, the answer was flat out “no… biggest mistake ever” or “no, most expensive mistake ever”, and even the guys that did legitimately love their wife would tell me “she’s great, but if I could take it all back, I’d have stayed single”.
      I’ve never felt an over-whelming urge to put a ring on any woman.

      1. State licenced marriage is an invention of the bureaucracy. It sounds like your grandad came from a generation that patronized the state and its institutions. I’m sure he did his best but media and school brainwashing and the insideous invention of ‘the generation gap’ accelarated the rebellion of youth in social peer groups and it also diminished the control of fathers and parents in general. These progressive ‘generation gaps’ that were touted in the slick psycho babble periodicals during the 50’s and 60’s were another big lie of the spin doctors. Your ancestors are the same as you. Different model cars back then as compared to now but the people are the same fundimentally. No difference, no gap. No difference genetically and no difference psychologically at the base state. The propaganda is the problem. That’s a big booger I just picked out of the borg’s arsenal. Every day more gets picked and called out. The borg will crumble soon.

        1. “I’m sure he did his best but media and school brainwashing and the insideous invention of ‘the generation gap’ accelarated the rebellion of youth in social peer groups and it also diminished the control of fathers and parents in general”
          Hit the nail on the head.
          My great grandad was a well known YMCA coach and community organizer. He was always organizing youth leagues and was a big advocate for getting kids up and active, and keeping them involved in sports or other extracurriculars to keep them away from some of the darker things society has to offer.
          My grandfather tried to follow in those foot steps, and for a while… he did. But the “fuck you dad” generation soon took over, and that’s really when his misery started to set in.

      2. Uh, most of guys who tell me they made the best choice and are happily married. . .Man. I just watch they and their wives and they’re the most hen pecked and beaten up of men. They’re only deluding themselves into thinking they’re happy. They say they are only because they assume if their wife was there they’d be expected to. Like they’re afraid she’s standing there right over their shoulder. Put a bullet in the wife’s head and they’d fall apart because they’re non-people, not capable of surviving without a slave master beating them down.

    4. They can be found in the west, I’m seeing a christian girl now who is 100% wife material. she loves to cook, clean, take car of me, and makes a point to stay in incredible shape for her man. She believes in patriarchy, rejects modern feminism, and does not drink.
      Only problem is me, having come out of a 5 year relationship less than a year ago, and only being 23, I really don’t want to settle down again.
      Point being they are out there, if you smart enough to know where to look. Hopefully you’ll be mature enough to wife them up (unlike me…)

      1. Just out of curiosity, where did you find her and where do you reckon others can find similar girls?

      2. She could be unicorn material. If you’re not ready for a unicorn, they’re an endangered resource in the west so leave her be and for the time being, trash a ho instead. Save her for barter to a good RP friend. Like keep the unicorn under your wing and pass her off, relay her to a buddy who hasn’t had his balls or torseau crushed by the hoof of a she beast. You reserve or ‘save’ the good find for a good bro. But by all means since balls are too a muscle that need exercised, find a ho and trash it. And the unicorn, save her for your bro.
        ”trash-a-ho . . save her for your bro” . . hey it rhymes . . snap your fingers . .
        ”save her for your bro, and go trash-a-ho”

      3. Feels weird how the average marriage age used to be close to in the teens…

      4. Only 23, huh? Be careful dude. It might just be part of her female game. They’ll often behave great; the way you describe. But it’s only a mask to get you drawn in. Coming out of a long-term relationship you’re prime game for women looking to use a guy. And when you say “Christian” as in Born Again or Evangelical, forget about it. It’s all manipulation. Those girls pretend to adore the patriarchy, but it’s just to suck in men they know they can catch and kennel like dogs.

    5. I think I’ve worked out why arranged marriages are generally more successful than love marriages. A couple who marries for love will expect everything to be perfect and will be crushingly disappointed when problems inevitably arise. A couple whose marriage is arranged will expect their marriage to be mediocre at best and will be pleasantly surprised if they turn out to be somewhat compatible.

      1. That, and the fact that the countries in which arranged marriage is practiced are third world shit holes. The woman, having little prospect for wealth and prosperity is happy to be married off to a secure man, and the Indian chode beta is happy to have a guaranteed piece of pussy for the rest of his life.

        1. Interesting point. Arranged marriages are also practiced by the desi diaspora here in the UK. I’d be interested in stats comparing ‘like-for-like’: that is, arranged vs love marriages in the UK.

      2. There’s a lot of truth there. When the couple meets and marries on their own, it’s the woman who runs things and constantly manipulates and shit tests the man. Allowing women choices and say in marriage is two mistakes. First, you’re giving control to a person who’s functionally a 3 years old. Second, because she has a job, can drive a car, and people seem to trust her with responsibilities, men are cajoled and fooled into thinking they’re dealing with an honest and rational person. Then it’s a nightmare for him when he finds out what he’s gotten into. Then, all during the marriage, he’s got to be responsible for dealing with and controlling his own emotions and reactions, and at the same time trying to deal with her nonsense that’s creating all the problems.

    1. Absolutely. As I get older I realize that being broke has put more of a dent than not being in love. I am already a confident guy without it but with thick rubber bands in my pocket that self-confidence amplifies on nitro spray. Any woman is approachable because your logistics are all covered ten fold. Im 25, single and no kids. Broke as hell and drive a black 2002 bettle with the roof paint peeling off. I live in my dads house in Tijuana. He lets me stay there as long as I take care of the maintenance. I live alone. My neighborhood non corporated gym is up my hill, two blocks to the left. $15/month. You can say that my only focus is on my well being as a growing man and economic situation. The rest is secondary.

      1. As I get older…. I’m 25… I nearly spit my popcorn right there. Sorry son, but you ain’t getting “older” for a good while.
        But on the other points you are dead on the money ;). Nothing makes you feel free and like the world is your oyster than having enough cash in your pocket to do anything you can think of.
        Beware that girls can smell it if your confidence is just because of the greenbacks in your pocket. Especially if you flash it of course.
        Always try to incorporate being frugal into your frame, don’t take a cab if you can grab a bus conveniently etc. Choose nice but not overtly fancy places, you know what I mean.
        At 25 hell yea work out, that is going to get a lot harder to reshape when you get older. But also go get some random pussy, or any action with females. You need to build your “old wolf” status now, and you are in prime pussyslaying by technique age for learning. Cut them notches boy! Hehehe.
        When you actually get older and I mean like forty+ you will have a much harder time if you didn’t build shape through working out, and you didn’t build confidence when you can approach easy.
        By approach easy I mean if a 25yr old guy asks a 21yr old girl out in a goofy way and is rejected, it’s play. If a 45yr old guy approaches a 21yr old and is rejected its easily creepy or something like that.
        That 21yr old pussy is still going to be calling when you are 65 ;-).

        1. I can say that Im a bit more in tuned with this cold reality as to when I was 20. Perhaps I been through some trials in the last 5 years but you are correct I still got more paving to do. Theres levels to this, I agree. Maybe I did potray some immaturity with my cash /confidence arguement. If money wasnt a factor in my case. I would pick her up in my beater beetle and after 2-3 “dates” just pull out the Lexus one day. Confidence has to extract orginality and not scream out flash like individuals who post pictures on social media about their brand new cars or etc. Anyway, yeah my man I been still learning about being a good conversationalist with the girl and throw some smooth alpha black wolf attitude in the mix. Sometimes I jump languages from English to Spanish depends if I am dealing with a girl from MX or from CA. Just the other night, this homegirl/fuck buddy Ive had in the backburner for half a decade now, mentioned how she respected and liked the fact that I dont text her very much or call just strictly to set logistics at my place to catch up and have a good time with a bottle or three. I guess she likes the fact that I walk in and out of her life every season. I just replied with a young Robert De Niro smile ” I got things to do” she smiled back. Its all a learning process that never stops.

  11. Romantic love? I thought I had this thing figured out myself. But eventually lost frame recently, a couple days ago. A recognition of simple errors I would have made a decade ago & that I’d thought I’d sidestepped over time.
    Need to accept the loss & keep on marching. Though the sting…

    1. Whenever a woman gets me down (even though I’m married now) I listen to this track, one of my all time faves.

  12. I’m in love with reading all these comments about how money is more important, blah blah blah..lol. “Game”, gents, is a way to weed threw the BS females to find the one to have a family with.. don’t get it twisted or whore your “edgy” replies for respect around here.. smh.

  13. Hoping this article gets some feminist attention so they can label us all grumpy, unloved loner neckbeards.

    1. I’m grumpy, unloved and a loner. Clean shaven though

        1. I’m OCD like Felix but far more likely to have a late night with the Pigeon sisters

        2. It’s strange because we’re both hybrids of both personalities. I would imagine you’re more particular about cleanliness and dressing your best, but live more of an Oscar (that his name?) lifestyle. I probably live more of a Felix lifestyle, but am more prone to smoke cigars and dress down, just not to the level of slobbery that he did.

        3. Are you suggesting a fight club esq version of the odd couple? Felix Durden?

        4. 3 tins of tuna and 6 hard boiled eggs with 2 cups of raw veggies lol.
          Make we are like bo and Luke from the under appreciated show they came from outer space.
          Tell me if you cum tomorrow around 1030

    2. You forgot my personal favorite, “You’re just gonna grow to be a bitter old man who dies alone!” Every time me some woman (always is) says that, I laugh as arrogantly as I can and in the smarmiest of tones I say, “Projection much?” Hahahahaha or my second favorite “That’s why you’re (pick an age) and still single! Hahahaha That shit is comedy gold for me.

      1. Same here, my wife is going to outlive me by a decade at least probably. People I interact with in real life though are either colleagues, or guys like me, so I only get that online.

      1. hey if you dont like this post, please let know- just say so-ho

        1. Nah, I agree Huey Lewis was full of shit. Just never been a fan of most 80’s music.

    1. cheesy sure. but still a good catchy tune from one of my favourite 80s flicks, Back to the Future.

  14. Love isn’t something you feel, love is something you give. Sure you can feel attached emotionally or romantically to someone, but that isn’t “love” it’s a feeling of attachment.

  15. I recently watched Top Gun. This movie is excellent modern day myth: sexy as hell, full of action and danger and romance. And underneath all of this gloss, it subtly demonstrates the nature of women’s love for a man. Kelly McGillis’s character at first has no interest in Mavrick. Then suddenly she learns he has something she wants–boom: interest. Then she realizes how damn hot Alpha Sexy he is and falls “truly in love” with him. But watch the story arch closely: the minute he falls on hard times (which were found not to be his fault) she is out the door and on to bigger and better hunting grounds. At the very end she does return, once he has become a true famous ass-kicking, save the day pilot. She only returns after his strength does.

    1. A natural alpha can be homeless , or even imprisoned and get laid,
      Also, this does not explain why in colleges there is alot of sex when men do not have ANY money and are usually in debt and not even started their careers are still very attractive to women, sure they atttracted to the naive ambition and testosterone of youth, as ignorance is still bliss at that time and you have alot of energy and excitement for life which is attractive
      Your value is your character, if you are a natural alpha, then they will love you for your future potential and strength and see through your current low-status
      sure, after a couple years they move on, but that gives you enough time to find a replacement anyway? and if you aren’t going to get married then it would go nowhere after that anyway

    2. amazing what you remember from that flick- all chicks remember is the beefcake volleyball scene

      1. Ha. I watched that movie the first time with a bunch of girls. After seeing them foam at the mouth during that scene I decided to start hitting the gym. I never quit. I guess I should thank them for that.

    3. Kelly McGillis was hot in the film, but turned into a pack of fugly as she aged. I blame her lesbianism.

  16. If women loved like men NOTHING would get done, We would probably not even have a civilization ….it needs to function, sitting in bed all day with your unicorn would have us all in ruins,
    If women loved us on our level.. Women would be screwed as the men would have their carrot-on-a-stick and not be so sophisticated building such a prosperous environment for them, so it is to their detriment to LOVE men with the same passion , i think a lot of our technology and hard work is a result of the rejection of women, and has hidden pragmatic evolutionary purposes, though on the surface it can seem disappointing that “love” coincidentally
    …..results in the greatest financial sacking known to mankind
    …..results in the greatest despair known to mankind( possibly related to financial sacking, that never feels good)
    ….should be avoided, and is essentially behind “red pill” the red pill you don’t want to swallow…it’s red as that is the symbol of love, you want to understand the dynamic of that pill, but you do not want to swallow it.
    One of the purposes of love is to turn you into a beta, to give another male a chance at reproduction with the same female, for example. Its an evolutionary beta-tization, natures “brain surgeon” this is why even a very intelligent PHD or super athlete can get married, despite it being such a terrible idea
    for the sake of civilization, anyone who has been in serious LOVE, knows it would be a bad thing and is not sustainable’ and that it makes you lame and stupid
    We do not as a society currently have the advanced capabilities or enough knowledge/ emotional sophistication in 2016 to make love succeed, and it should be avoided by emotionally mature and responsible males and there is no excuse especially when you have red-pill knowledge
    if you bite the apple you are being WEAK and deserve to have a woman control your mind, women have a naturally tyrannical spirit, so enjoy the “love”
    -i aint looking for nothing in noones eyes

  17. I gave up on the idea of marriage when I realized most of the wives who lived on my street were riding the cock carousel, behind their unsuspecting husbands backs downtown at weekends. Just to make it an even bitter red pill to swallow, it was my live in girlfriend that tipped me off about it all.

    1. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I always view women as overgrown children (essentially what they are). Like little children, they constantly need to be amused and entertained. Marriage is boredom and stagnation to them.

  18. “Love is enough” has been the back-up motto of pro-gay marriage whenever they’re presented with the facts on how destructive gay marriage is.

  19. In English the concept of love is confusing because it could mean many different things. In Greek, we hare 4 different words to describe love:
    1. Αγάπη (agape) which is the sacrificial love. Agape is not only a feeling,
    it is also a rational choice. You can love someone without even like him/her. It is the unconditional love, the most powerfull of all.
    2. Έρως (eros) which is being in love. The πάθος (pathos) – lust that men and women feel for each other when there in love. There is also platonic eros which is being in love without physical attraction.
    3. Φιλία (Philia) which is the brotherly love. Friendship between men. It is a dispassionate virtuous love
    4. Στοργή (Storge) which is the affectionate love of parents and children. This the natural empathy, like that felt by parents for their offspring, or grandparents for their grandchildren etc

    1. Classicist. Can confirm. We desperately need linguistic reform to this end.

    2. Thank you for the information on ‘Storge’, I have only been aware of/found the first 3.
      (I have long wondered if parental or familial love was separate by the Greeks.)

      1. Yes, parental or familiar love is a district feeling which is described by the word Storge.
        There is also συμπάθεια (Sympathy: from the Greek words syn “together” and pathos “feeling” which means “fellow-feeling”) which is an empathy for the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another human being. Sympathy feeling helps in developing agape or philia for someone but it is not associated with eros. When someone says i sympathize you, it means i like/understand you in a deeper emotional level.

        1. It’s different in meaning then the English sympathy?
          I’ve always been explained to that sympathy and empathy are two different concepts related, but not the same: sympathy being a feeling of negativity offered in respect to another’s situation without actually understanding the situation, and empathy being able to say one understands the feelings another is feeling and relates entirely, having gone through the situation themselves.
          (A man who is married but lost a parent may tell a friend who lost their wife, “I feel sympathy for you,” as they cannot actually understand losing a wife. However, if the friend’s parent died, the man can say, “I empathize with you,” as both parties have experienced the same situation.)
          Did the Greeks not separate the two? I’ve always thought empathy a tier above sympathy.

        2. You are right about the meaning of the words sympathy and empathy in English. In Greek, these words have different (completely opposite) meaning:
          Εμπάθεια (Empathy): originally (in ancient times) it meant having strong emotions. Today it has a negative meaning,i.e having negative emotions for someone because of something (Prejudice etc).
          Συμπάθεια (Sympathy): means the exact opposite as i described above.

      1. At the same time, there is an unnatural abuse of foreignness in neologisms, even when equivalent words are available in the mother tongue.
        Are this occultation of our linguistic legacy and this permanent, unnecessary exoticism the path to “newspeack”?

      2. There is a movement, to remove Logic as well… the reason, because it was the invention of “white men” and does not speak for every race. This is the truth and advocated by some university professors. I can not remember the exact professors, but it seems that they are with George Washington University… Irony?

  20. The only woman worthy of romantical love is the beautiful rich one you managed to seduce while pretending to be unemployed and a homeless person.

  21. I’ve never felt love, only lust, for any woman. Americunts aren’t worth it…

  22. On number 4. If ever there was a reason to improve yourself as a man, physically, psychologically, monetarily and spiritually this is the reason. You will not find the answers to life’s predicament in a woman. You will make your way on your own with the help of family and your tribe. A good woman will give you the foundation to build your empire, a home, children and support in times of danger.
    A kunt will usurp your material wealth, keep you from your children, try to turn them against you, and ridicule you in front of family and friends.
    Choose wisely……..

  23. “Love is a dung hill, Betty, and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow.”

  24. I would add women are not romantic. Men produce romance, women consume it. Just as the book reader is not a writer, no matter how much they whine and beg and plead and threaten the author to write more books because they aren’t haaaaapy.

    1. Shakespeare wrote stories that have stood the test of time. Women have given us Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey.

  25. Николай, скажите, пожалуйста, сколько Вам лет? Вы живёте в России?

  26. I jest. I think this generation has just been poisoned by modern idiots. Real love takes work, and most are not willing to tend the initial fickle fire into a bed of hot, lasting coals. Were usually around people with 6 second attention spans who have been told their (insert anything here) is the more important than anyone else’s, and they should drop anything that causes them any kind of adversity or hardship. They expect (women in this case) to be loved and accepted for everything and anything, even if its toxic to the relationship. There’s not many good role models of marriage left to see in person, just shitbags on social media that try to tell you the ideal mate will want to sit on a couch with you while you wear a baggy t-shirt in a ratty hair tie and scarf down a bag of family sized chex mix when you haven’t shaved anything in a week. They can’t find love because real men won’t deal with their shit show, and deep down none of them want the beta that will put up with it. It seems to just get worse, the potential romantic landscape for our generations children makes me very nervous.

    1. This generation? What one is that? Because last time I checked, the last 3 have all had these problems.

      1. I’m talking about the early twenties group. I never said the others didn’t, I’m just saying the sjws have never had a bigger platform with “social media” garbage than they do now.

  27. Love is an illusion.
    You know why women “love” their children? Because they are wired to. They are also wired to manipulate men because they can’t haul water or hunt large animals.
    A man can love a woman for many reasons, but you know what, it’s even possible for a woman to make a man hate her. I know from experience. Few would know how twisting this is, and consider them lucky.
    The one thing nobody here should ever forget is this: your woman will fuck and marry the invading soldier who killed you.
    And that’s the human race.

    1. “..your woman will fuck and marry the invading soldier who killed you.”
      That is the harsh truth.

    2. If you’re dead what difference does it make? Not to mention that’s how natural selection works.
      I would aim to make sure to kill the invader rather than ponder over what the bitch does should I lose.

  28. I would say that there is a kind of rather passionate love that grows only for a very good wife.
    The rest is just being horny and in a way a chemically induced lie also for men. I spent my life mostly in LTR’s and they were all sorta good, until it wasn’t. But there was no wife like commitment or something like that either.

  29. A store has just opened in New York City that offered free husbands.
    When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions
    at the entrance:
    “You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!
    There are 6 floors to choose from. You may choose any item from a
    particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you
    CANNOT go back down except to exit the building!
    So, a woman goes to the store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 – These men Have Jobs
    The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 – These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.
    The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids and are extremely Good Looking.
    “Wow,” she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the 4th floor and sign reads:
    Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help With Housework.
    “Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims. “I can hardly stand it!” Still, she goes to the 5th floor and sign reads:
    Floor 5 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, help with Housework and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.
    She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the 6th floor and the Sign reads:
    Floor 6 – You are visitor 71,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on
    this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that you are impossible to
    Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.
    To avoid gender bias charges, the store’s owner opened a Wife Store just across the street.
    The 1st first floor has wives that love sex.
    The 2nd floor has wives that love sex and doesn’t nag.
    The 3rd through 6th floors have never been visited….

  30. I think the Everly Brothers said it best in their song “Love Hurts:”
    “Some fools rave of happiness, blissfulness, togetherness/
    Some fools fool themselves I guess/But they’re not fooling me/
    I know it isn’t true/know it isn’t true/
    Love is just a lie made to make you blue/
    Love hurts.”

  31. It seems to me that western people tend to misunderstood passion with love. Correct me if I’m wrong, but It seems that in english these words have the same meaning, with the only difference that love is stronger than passion, but they are both feelings.
    In portuguese these words are very different:
    “Paixão” (passion) – A feeling that is just like described on this article. A spontaneous romantic feeling so strong that can overcome logic and take control of your mind. Passion is selfish, is fleeting, and like any feeling is something that is beyond your absolute control.
    “Amor” (love) – Is a choice, the choice to live for something you consider more important than your feelings. Like any choice, love is logical and can be streamlined. Romantic love is selflessness, is commitment, a promise that every husband and every wife should remember every day. To live for Love means also to live stuck to a promise, not to a feeling. The feeling is a consequence of the fruits of that promise, love begets passion, and that’s why people can stay married until death and still feel passion with each other.
    That’s why true love does not exist outside marriage. What exists outside marriage is passion. What keep people married is not passion, is not feelings, is love, and love is commitment.
    I think people nowadays have forgotten that promises are important and have to be kept. A man should honor his votes, that’s what my father told me, and his father before him, and that’s why they both never divorced, they have each one a single woman since their youth, because they chose to love their wives even in hard times, even with all the problems, even when their wives become old and ugly.
    I’ll follow the same steps because that is what romantic love means to me.

    1. I don’t think that’s the issue, but the words in English are not the same. Nor close really, although love is usually portrayed as accompanied by passion.
      The issue is what people think love is, or rather they confuse infatuation with love.
      Infatuation is the butterflies in your stomach, can’t concentrate etc, which so often is confused on purpose almost, with love.
      In the west the mate selection process is backwards, you start with sex, then slowly getting to know eachother, children, then maybe marriage, and by the time you know them you realize you don’t like the other person anymore and split up.
      The way it should be done is first you establish if what you both want is the same. If so you proceed to getting to know each other. Then parents meeting, ask for her hand, marry her. And then sex and children.

      1. Well, if what you’re saying is correct, then it not surprise me that has so many divorces in west.
        How could people invert the order of relationship in such a way?

  32. Hmmm, seems pretty much correct. Then again, the OP calls himself a “Socialist” and as rabid “lover” (if you will) of Freedom and Liberty, and knowing that socialism and communism has failed everywhere it has ever been tried, I have to wonder if his ideas about love are somewhat colored by that ideological bias.

    1. Communism is very different from Socialism. Also, Socialism can be very successful. SNCF, BBC, NASA, RSCSA/Roscosmos/RSA/Soviet Space Program, Gazprom/Transneft, and I could think of many more. State run industry can work very well if used sparingly and only on certain industries.

      1. Balony. Lennin himself said that the purpose of Socialism is Communism… but that is not the point. Neither one works. Ever. And that is as it should be because such a system is flawed from it’s core because it fails to recognize the fact of Liberty and Freedom – in fact trys to crush those values. But real human beings cannot (and this one WILL NOT) live without them. State Run Industry? It’s a concept without a truth. There is no “Entity” known as the “State” not really. There are elites that run things and call themselves “The State” and they always do everything poorly, and for themselves. Always. That is human nature.
        Those who would submit to Socialism or Communism, deserver everything they get – which is not much!

        1. “Lennin himself said that the purpose of Socialism is Communism” You are taking that out of context. Communists use socialism to try to work towards communism. That does not mean Socialism is working towards communism. Social simply means the state owns (certain) industry. It is an adjective to describe function of an economic system, whether macro or micro. An example of Socialism is the CONSTITUTIONALLY FOUNDED United States Postal Service. Another example is the French rail service, SNCF. Another example is the Interstate Highway system. Basically, all those examples I gave in my last comment are Socialist Industries, but on the scale of individual corporations and industries rather than a Soviet style broad ownership and control over all industries.
          “Ever.” So explain why every one of those examples I gave you are excepted from being part of “ever”…
          “And that is as it should be because such a system is flawed from it’s core because it fails to recognize the fact of Liberty and Freedom – in fact trys to crush those values.” Which freedom or Liberty do you speak of in particular? In fact, I would point out that I support the idea of private competition against state run industries, such as in medical care.
          “There are elites that run things and call themselves ‘The State’ and they always do everything poorly, and for themselves. Always.” Okay. So look at the list (which I will post at the bottom of this comment) pull me out some examples within there of state industries failing because of this problem you speak of.
          “Those who would submit to Socialism or Communism” This is the problem. You think of Socialism as macro economic systems apposed to capitalism. This is really not the case. A system with Socialism doesn’t necessarily mean the whole system is Socialist, there can still be private competition and investment separate or even against the socialistic venture. The United States has the postal service, but that does not mean private industries cannot do the same thing. Socialism should be used to complement Capitalism, not to destroy it.

        2. Some of your commentary here is certainly valid. I was looking at Socialism and Communism as a complete system such as Lennin, Marx, and Stalin imagined it – not the hybrid you explain here – and perhaps that is because I have a particular bias adopted from friends who escaped from the hell-holes those three (and many others) created all around the world.
          Nevertheless, I am a laissez faire capitalist and think that private ownership in a law abiding society (that is key) is the best possible world. Unfortunately when capitalism is corrupted by unlawfulness in the power structures, we end up with hybrids, excessive regulation, ever growing government, basically what we have here.

        3. “perhaps that is because I have a particular bias adopted from friends who escaped from the hell-holes those three (and many others) created all around the world.” It’s not really a bais, it’s just a misunderstanding, a lot of people misunderstand what socialism is…
          “Unfortunately when capitalism is corrupted by unlawfulness in the power structures, we end up with hybrids, excessive regulation, ever growing government, basically what we have here.” Here is my take on this. Over time, societies grow and become more and more complex. Economically, Culturally, Technologically, pretty much in every way. As this happens, the government will also inevitably grow. Trying to stop government growth for the sake of stopping government growth is counterproductive and stupid. Societies should look at potential government reforms and ask a few questions – How will this reform affect the economy? How will this reform effect our society? How will this reform interact with other institutions and reforms? Dogmatism like Libertarianism or hard core socialism are foolish and never work.

        4. Government boils down to some incompetent fool who has never done a thing himself, trying to tell me how it “must be done” – case in point government regulation of gasoline cans in the US : they essentially enforced a new gas tube with all this fancy crap that was supposed to make it safer but has shown to do the opposite, and put a large gasoline can producer out of business in the process. I just cut those useless things off of any new can I buy and use the spouts designed for water cans. The government gets in the way because it is inevitable composed of incompetent idiots.

        5. “Government boils down to some incompetent fool who has never done a thing himself, trying to tell me how it ‘must be done’” Everyone who says this all have one thing in common: they live in the United States. Do you know what significance that has? You see, the United States is an oligarchy without popular (or democratic) accountability. Government never ever works without popular accountability, it is necessary to stop harmful or unnecessary laws.
          “case in point government regulation of gasoline cans in the US : they essentially enforced a new gas tube with all this fancy crap that was supposed to make it safer but has shown to do the opposite,” Point proven.
          “and put a large gasoline can producer out of business in the process.” The Bankruptcy of Blitz USA is a bit more complicated than that.
          “The government gets in the way because it is inevitable composed of incompetent idiots.”No it isn’t. Government without popular accountability are composed of corrupt and/or unqualified individuals. I assume you don’t travel much, but these are non issues in countries that don’t do have oligarchical political systems. Like I said, the public needs the ability to actually strike down these laws, and the US just has them pile on and on because there is now way to fix anything.

        6. Well it turns out the portable gas can regulations weren’t even from “EPA bureaucrats”, it was congressional legislation. Which again, further proves my point about the US government being run my unqualified people.

        7. “Government without popular accountability are composed of corrupt and/or unqualified individuals.” – these fall under the rubric of “Incompetent idiots” however I agree with your point about accountability. And yes, I suppose I could have been more specific to “US Government”, however the corruption of governments in general is a world-wide and historical event in most cases.

        8. “And yes, I suppose I could have been more specific to ‘US Government’” Well you just conceded that all of my statements are true – the US’s problems come from it’s bad system, and not that all government is inherently somehow bad.
          “however the corruption of governments in general is a world-wide and historical event in most cases.” Corruption is a much bigger problem in countries like the US than in say, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, etc.

  33. This is all it’s ever been, is and will be. Nothing more:
    (Dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin)
    The rest is delirious imagination at work.

  34. Ilsa played Rick from beginning to end. It was a master class in female manipulation “You’ll have to do the thinking for both of us…” She knew exactly who was getting on that plane before Rick did.

  35. Women are robots – nothing more, nothing less. Slaves to their hard-wired nature. And each of them possesses an emotional on/off switch which men simply do not have. For example, they constantly say things to you like, “You’re the best lover I ever had; nobody can satisfy me like you can; all my girlfriends are jealous; I would never cheat on you”; etc., and then, “Oh, there’s a guy who has a bigger dick and more money than you have” – and, CLICK – they turn that emotional on/off switch to the off position, and off they go for greener pastures. That’s just how it works. Fuck ’em and chuck ’em. Hump ’em and dump ’em. Use ’em and lose ’em. All while improving your own skills and making yourself a better man. That’s all there is. There isn’t any more.

  36. Women are robots – nothing more, nothing less. Slaves to their hard-wired nature. And each of them possesses an emotional on/off switch which men simply do not have. For example, they constantly say things to their man such as, “You’re the best lover I ever had; nobody can satisfy me like you can; all my girlfriends are jealous; I would never cheat on you”; etc., and then, “Oh, there’s a guy who has a bigger dick and more money than you have” – and, CLICK – they turn that emotional on/off switch to the off position, and off they go for greener pastures. That’s just how it works. Fuck ’em and chuck ’em. Hump ’em and dump ’em. Use ’em and lose ’em. All while improving your own skills and making yourself a better man. That’s all there is. There isn’t any more.

    1. As a woman I would like to tell you that size of dick doesn’t matter. Money also.
      Matter how you treat your woman. Women never leave men who love them and treat well.
      But it is my point of view. There are different men and women. But while you think in negative way you will meet exactly such kind of women you describe ( if you are single).

      1. 123 – Don’t tell me what you think;; tell me about the guy who you last fucked and ask yourself if those ideals matched up…. thought so. And the guy you dumped – Thought so. Its why women don’t belong on this site- they are speaking with “emotional logic verbal connectors” like you need to preserve the chumps as your civic duty. Don’t worry there are plenty of chumps being brought into the world.

        1. 1. First I didn’t tell you anything.
          2. I can tell whatever I want.
          3 you are full of anger as most people on this forum.
          4. I have my own opinion. It is my right.
          5. I wish you happiness and love.

        2. You have no right to your opinion because your not capable of a “rational opinion”. This is a mans site not a feminist woman’s cuckhold enabling site.. Also you gave an opinion- not based on your own facts of your own reality and because it wasn’t your reality – its a stupid illogical opinion .. . Its why men need to kick your type out of this site and from infecting the male society. …and call your shit out that comes forth spewing out of your mouth.. You state- “Women do not care about money or a the size of a dick?” then have you recently married a homeless, penniless man who cut his dick off?
          Than quit your delusional bullshit. Your a fucking liar and as good as the next one.

        3. Wow. Just fucking wow…..
          Dude, you are so bitter & fucked up…. I’m sure you probably get asked this a lot, but just how long has it been, since you last got laid…?
          123 has as much right to her opinion, as you have to yours. You know nothing about her, or her life. You look like a fucking idiot, when you make assumptions about her personal relationships…and assuming that she has some dangerous agenda for being here…. WTF are “emotional logic verbal connectors”…?
          She even stated in her first post …that it’s just her ‘point of view’. She was simply making a statement about herself. How is 123’s opinion not ‘rational’..? Because it doesn’t correspond with your twisted angry mindset, that paints all women with the same brush?
          Fucken dickhead. Get some pussy.

        4. Iam sorry for you. You are full of anger and hate. Wish you happiness and love.

      2. This is exactly the type of brainwashing that creates what OP is warning against.

      3. Was good up until you claimed women don’t like money… Why do ugly, fat, old, millionaires and billionaires have such good looking wives then?

        1. There is nothing bad in money. If man has money – perfect. If he can provide a family -perfect. Why not? But not all men have money and not all women get married only with billionaires.

        2. “There is nothing bad in money.” Never said there was, in fact, you are the one who claimed women don’t care about money. So what is it? Do women want money or not?
          “and not all women get married only with billionaires.” No shit. So why do these highly attractive women, who could get ANY man they want, go after money? Not go after a nice guy, or who is good with kids, or etc. they go after money?

        3. Ask those women, not me. I have written my point of view. I am not responsible for actions of all women.

        4. Please note I didn’t claimed women don’t like money. Everybody likes it. Also men like it. I was talking about other things but maybe you will not understand me. If you had bad experience with woman , doesn’t mean all are bad or don’t appreciate good men.

        5. you are incapable of independent thought so you have no point of view. You act 1 way and do another and call it independent. Your a liar thinking you can scam your feminist pussy thinking into this site.

      4. “Matter how you treat your woman. Women never leave men who love them and treat well.”
        thanks for the comedy gold. Sure, that’s why so many men have been heartbroken and left by women for not being “ambitious” enough.. hot enough.. rich enough.. or just because she got bored and found someone more alpha and handsome and wanted to trade-up. It doesn’t matter how well he treats her.. how much he loves her.. and many men can testify to this.
        Women are cruel, shallow, calculating, hypergamous creatures. They aren’t interested in loving a man for what he is.. but rather what he can provide. and how high his status is. They will not love a man when he’s building himself up because her base nature and hypergamous instincts tell her he isn’t good enough for; women will only be interested in a man after he’s established and has built himself up. In that case, why should a man bother with such a shallow creature and believe she will be there for him in good times and bad? It used to be the culture constrained this ugly, calculating and hypergamous nature of women by encouraging women to marry early and help build a life together. Today’s women is free of all such constraints, and her true vicious, hypergamous nature is open for all to see.

        1. Bravo HV. This 123 feminist bitch thinks she is on a site with a bunch of blue pill beta boys who will buy her vanity fair..

    2. Women don’t care that much about penis size. Anyways, by the time they know that another guy has a bigger penis than you, they have already have made a decision to cheat on you, so that REALLY isn’t what causes women to cheat.

    1. One of my wife’s friends is completely depicted here. In college, she was a total flirt, had guys calling on her constantly. Now, she is 40, single and can’t get a date. I kind of feel bad for her, but nature has a sense of justice.

  37. “Do not despise women for their nature.”
    That is just about the best advice a man can give or receive. In my younger, blue pill days, I was forever in a negative state due to the nature of women and the shit they put men through because of it. More precisely, that I had a rose-coloured glasses view of women set me up for constant emotional damage. It was only once I took the Red Pill that I began to realise that women don’t plan to be a bane on the lives of men, their very nature compels them to do this. Most men who battle with women don’t understand this basic concept and as a result, end up hating women because they don’t understand women or know how to deal with them. Once a man accepts that women can’t help the end result of their nature any more than a dog can help his, it becomes quite hard to harbour a dislike of women. If anything, since I became Red Pill, I tend to pity women for their nature as it makes them generally unsuitable for a man’s love. In addition, once you realise that the overwhelming majority of women have the exact same nature, it makes it easier to develop strategies to deal with them.
    Generally speaking, men who despise women would do better to accept women for what they are and not what they would like women to be.

  38. And in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

    1. The problem is, it means different things to different people. It wasn’t until the night we got engaged that I told my wife I loved her. To me, love means a deep commitment. On the other hand, others will throw it around as a tool to manipulate.

  39. Women CAN’T love. Love is a word abused for so long that humans have lost track of it’s meaning. Love involves thinking, control, the ability to discern, etc., etc. For generations now women have been able to coerce the world into believing that it’s just a trite emotion, but still so freakin’ valuable that only they, women, can be in control of it. Bullshit. Women aren’t capable of the true thinking and moderation of behavior and emotions that constitute true loving.
    Sure, women are capable of getting emotional and falling emotionally in love, but those emotions and the drive come from twisted machinations and female game that make life and reality an illusion to them. How many single moms, 3 kids, 3 dads, who are chasing their 4th guy out of “love,” but it’s really just unconscious game to get at their wallets and party/fuck as much as they can.
    First thing to consider when taking the Red Pill is that women don’t love, and when they talk about it, you know that they’re delusional enough to trick into sex.

  40. Pretty balanced article I thought. Perhaps though It’s not so much love itself that’s the problem as much as the superficial understanding of it pushed by Hollywood. Too many people don’t have the maturity to realize that any kind of relationship has It’s ugly side whether It’s for bussiness or pleasure. This stride for perfection and adversion to confrontation is what is ending so many modern mariages. The love that is really important is the love parents have for their children. This should be the basis of a marriage.

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