Is FEMEN Promoting Female Degeneracy Under The Guise Of Feminism?

(Warning: Most of the images and links in this article are NSFW, so exercise caution)

We’ve noticed, discussed, and known how feminism has slowly spread (or is spreading) throughout the world after its rise in the West five decades back. Men who’ve traveled abroad to find feminine women in traditional societies have also sometimes discovered the slow influx of feminism, and sometimes the appalling rise of feminist activism in those societies. One such example of feminist activism is that of FEMEN.



FEMEN is a feminist protest group whose slogan is Sextremism. It was founded in Ukraine in 2008, and is now based in Paris. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests (ranging from from public group urination to softcore street theatre) against “sex tourism,” religious institutions, sexism, homophobia and other social, national, and international topics.

In October 2013 FEMEN had its largest membership in France, with international branches in Poland, Turkey, Israel,  Brazil, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Tunisia. A Quebec-based FEMEN is also active, founded by Ukraine-born Xenia Chernyshova. In October 2012 the organization claimed it had about 40 activists in Ukraine, and another 100 who had joined their protests abroad, as well as twenty thousand supporters via the social network Vkontakte.

It’s founder is supposedly Anna Hutsol, who was born in Russia but moved to Ukraine with her parents in 1991.


An economist and a former assistant to singer Tina Karol, she supposedly founded FEMEN in 2008 after she became attuned to the sad stories of Ukrainian women duped by false promises from abroad:

I set up FEMEN because I realized that there was a lack of women activists in our society; Ukraine is male-oriented and women take a passive role. – Anna Hutsol

Other notable “front-women” include Alexandra Shevchenko, Irina Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko, and in recent times, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.

The FEMEN office in their native Kiev was closed and the organization’s leadership left Ukraine (“Fearing for their lives and freedom”) in August 2013. FEMEN now focus their activities in other parts of the world, to become an “international movement.”

Fiercely anti-religion, FEMEN describes itself as “radical feminism”and it claims to be “fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations – sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship, and religion.” FEMEN has pledged to fight the sex industry and marriage agencies, the Church and its pro-life beliefs and patriarchal society, as well as those who oppose gay marriage.

On its official website FEMEN states: “FEMEN – is sextremism serving to protect women’s rights, democracy watchdogs attacking patriarchy, in all its forms: the dictatorship, the church, the sex industry.” Their protests  often have a slutty feel to them, with activists engaging in provocative actions to garner attention. However, sometimes women too, including models, haven’t taken their provocative demonstrations (disruptions) with amusement.

The hypocritical ironies of FEMENism

The hypocritical ironies in what FEMEN preaches, and what it actually does are so glaring. Look at the sample slogans which FEMEN preaches, as mentioned in an article which appears biased in FEMEN’s favor (the nsfw version is here) and explored behind the scenes of a FEMEN sextremist training session:

The following day, I was invited to one of Femen’s weekly sextremist training sessions. As I walked in, the 11 gathered girls – most of them wearing jean shorts and Femen tank-tops – were standing in a circle furiously screaming their mottos: “Go rape yourself!”, “Nudity is freedom!”, “Fuck your church!”, “Fuck your morals!”, “Not a sex toy!”, “In gay we trust!”, “Homohobes dégage! [Homophobes get out of the way]” and “Where is Amina? Free Amina!” in support of their Tunisian sister.

And furthermore:

A new recruit to the group was then asked to demonstrate what she had learned during her inaugural training session at the headquarters the previous week. In front of everyone present, she got into position and started screaming the slogans at the top of her lungs. Inna told her she’d done well, but that her arms went a little slack as she was screaming, before going over the technical aspects of the Femen pose: legs in a wide stance and holding the sign high, arms straight and held a little behind the ears. “We’re not promoting yoghurt or beer, we’re reclaiming our bodies. This is aggressive nudity – we’re ready to attack!” Inna told her.

Is aggressive nudity, femininity or feminism? Which is worse – whoredom or attention whoredom?


A propaganda of evil degeneracy under the name of feminism—that’s the thought which comes to mind.  These girls, as will be shown below, possibly suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.

The girls even practiced being walked on, as is often the outcome at their protests. Pauline, a full-time French Femen activist, told me that women’s bodies are a lot more resistant to pain than you’d think. “We’re taught early on that we are frail, but we’re not! We’re probably more pain resistant than men. I’ve been beaten up during my six months as a Femen and I’m amazed at how much violence I can be exposed to and still be able to get back up and continue the action.

These are “strong” words from FEMEN activists whom the “patriarch” of FEMEN calls as “weak girls” or even “bitches,” which will be seen below.

The real face behind FEMEN

Last year, 28-year-old Australian filmmaker Kitty Green, had “outed” Victor Svyatski (a “consultant” to the movement) as the mastermind behind the group, in the documentary film “Ukraine is not a Brothel”.

Wiktor Swjatsk

He was badly beaten up by the secret services in Ukraine last summer because of his activities on behalf of the group.

Green reveals that Svyatski is not simply a supporter of FEMEN but its founder and éminence grise.

It’s his movement and he hand-picked the girls. He hand-picked the prettiest girls because the prettiest girls sell more papers. The prettiest girls get on the front page… that became their image, that became the way they sold the brand – Kitty Green

The article also mentions:

It was a big moral thing for me because I realised how this organisation was run. He (Svyatski) was quite horrible with the girls. He would scream at them and call them bitches. – Kitty Green

The patriarch—of a “sextremist anti-patriarchy feminist” organization of “weak girls” having a female figurehead as a founder—claims to be a positive influence on the group while calling them “bitches.” Ironic, isn’t it?

When the Femen founder finally spoke to Ms Green, he sought to justify his role within the organisation and  acknowledged the paradox of being a “patriarch” running a feminist protest group. “These girls are weak,” he says in the film.

They don’t have the strength of character. They don’t even have the desire to be strong. Instead, they show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.

Riight. Weak girls exposing (or brainwashed to expose) titties in public, and acting like remote controlled zombies of degeneracy.


Does the poor girl at the back even know that she is holding the placard upside down?

Finally it appears, FEMEN is nothing but instead a feminist farce of actual exploitation of women, which they hypocritically claim to be fighting against.

One of the Femen campaigners talks of the relationship between the women and the movement’s founder as being akin to “Stockholm syndrome”, in which hostages feel sympathy for their captors.

“We are psychologically dependent on him and even if we know and understand that we could do this by ourselves without his help, its psychological dependence,” she says.

One can’t help but wonder whether the above point actually sheds the actual light on the reality of the strings behind FEMEN. Are these girls hostages to the ones who run FEMEN, with the apt reference to the Stockholm Syndrome—commonly found in women who are abused (e.g. prostitutes)?

Nevertheless, the fallout in the wake of the documentary’s expose on Svyatski was full of comical hypocritical apologetic “rebuttals” by FEMEN and Svyatski. Svyatski says in this interview:

The director Kitty Green came from Australia. Together we planned how we could make her film more interesting. Kitty suggested to me: ‘Victor, in the film you are the tyrant, and the girls fear you.’ At the end, the girls would then free themselves from me. That’s how it was filmed in the end as well. But I am not as bad as in this plot.

Which is contradicted  most evidently by the blatantly apologetic and comical-at-times response by Inna Shevchenko who said that “Femen let Victor Svyatski take over because we didn’t know how to fight it”. “Strong” women who partake in aggressive nudity don’t know how to fight? Seems like men are needed after all even by feminists. Who is telling the truth – Shevchenko or Svyatski?

Shevchenko then calls Svyatski as “sexism, male domination, and oppression against women personified.” LOL. Was she hibernating all along when he was in charge?


From that moment on, I realised that the patriarchy was not somewhere outside. It was right in front of us, in Femen’s office. And our global fight with patriarchy started with the fight in our own private life. This is when I decided to leave Ukraine for France to build a new Femen.

Are these statements supposed to be even taken seriously? According to the translation of this Ukrainian news article, FEMEN activists actually fled Ukraine in 2013 after having been summoned for questioning. Is Shevchenko thus trying to apologetically disguise FEMEN fleeing from Ukraine, as instead being a quest to build a new FEMEN elsewhere in the name of a farcical disgust against Svyatski’s “oppressive patriarchy”?


More questions: FEMEN by day, whore by night?

In 2012, french articles on Eloise Bouton (more NSFW articles in french here: 1, 2), a radical member of FEMEN France, began to surface on the web, which showed stark pictorial resemblances to an online independent French call girl called Alise Lizaziz. The similarities in the nsfw pictures raised questions about the background of the activists, and possibly the real nature of the movement.


Eloise Bouton supposedly went through the feminist movement Oser, formerly led by Caroline de Haas. She declared similarity of view with the NPNS French movement –Ni putes ni soumises (Neither Whores Nor Submissive).




The credentials of NPNS are well known: They supposedly oppose prostitution which they consider to be the “exploitation of women,” the objectification of the female body for the sole benefit of “domineering and exploitative” men. So Eloise cannot be an escort—which would be incoherent to the ideologies of NPNS as well as FEMEN. But then who is Alise (or Lizaliz or Luka) – who bears striking similarities to Eloise, as seen in the pictures? 

If you connect the dots from the above two stories, you actually begin to wonder whether is FEMEN is a hypocritical farcical organization promoting degeneracy, by actually trying to recruit young women in the name of feminism to make them into attention and possibly real whores. Or possibly provide a cover for real whores to attention whore in public. If Eloise is indeed Alise, then 800 € a night leads to 24K € per month. So, it pays to be a feminist (or possibly run an organization of such women clandestinely indulging in such activities).

What or who funds FEMEN? A FEMEN activist is supposedly paid $1000/month and gets to fly around Europe, a pretty decent gig for a poor girl from Ukraine, if she’d choose to be an aggressive exhibitionist in public (and possibly a whore at night). Are these girls being lured into prostitution under the lure of feminism? Or are these girls already whores, who’re further being used to promote degeneracy to traditional women worldwide under the lure of feminism?


We’re always been told that “Do not judge who is speaking, but rather judge what is being said.” Sometimes, it’s better to first note the histories of the people in view to understand their motives. The ambiguous background of these activists and the nature of feminist organizations like FEMEN does raise questions about their actual motives. Are they really in favor of women, or actually promoting degeneracy to women instead through the aggressive nudity of possibly delusional, misandrist, victimized or brainwashed women who could already have dubious backgrounds?


The standard slogan reply from them would instead be: “Fuck your morals!”

Seems to be that FEMENists have agreed that morals don’t exist for them at all—as seen above.

It’s often said: “Corrupt the women first – to weaken the men then – to decay the society”. The more you see the real picture of feminist ideology, the more you realize is how feminists are actually the real enemies of women. In the end, the endgame of feminism is to absolve women from their decisions in life, no matter how wrong their choices might be.

The scourge of feminism which rose in the west five decades back now seeks to corrupt women in traditional societies to destroy femininity and pollute the few pools of relationship-worthy women left in today’s world. Feminist misery loves company. Some women have however already taken steps to reject feminism in modern societies, thus feminism now has decided to look to infect women elsewhere in the world.

FEMEN has already failed in Ukraine, but is now seeking to infect women elsewhere with its poisonous feminist ideology of hypocritical godless immoral degenerate sextremism. Even if it means by promotion of exhibitionist attention whoring in public—under the name of protesting for equal rights, or promoting degeneracy to fellow women in the name of liberalism—to destroy the last bastions of traditionalism and femininity.

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        It’s similar to progressives in San Francisco standing in line for an hour to buy cupcakes. Because they are made from flour “grown organically”, harvested “sustainably” and “locally”, and baked in a 19th century wood fired oven by the great grand daughter of an Italian immigrant baker. In a bakery in an old Victorian mansion lovingly restored……….. blah, blah
        Instead of just; you know; because they like cupcakes!

        1. I feel like I’ve seen this posted before? Am I having deja-vu or did you quote something?

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        5. Didn’t quote anything, but if you’ve ever read anything pertaining to contemporary marketing by invoking good feelings, backstories etc., I’m sure you’ve seen similar examples. It’s not something I just made up.
          It’s true, though. Particularly wrt food, in order to sell to “San Franciscans” everywhere, you’re pretty much better off pushing any other button than that it simply tastes good.

        6. In the West, one has to be a whore for the “right” reasons; like being liberated, empowered, in charge of one’s body, blah, blah. It’s not OK to be a whore simply because one is broke and figure one can make a buck the way whores make bucks.

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      As long as rap is still a popular genre, I see no hope for anything intelligent.

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        1. Rap is as fake as it gets. Watch 50cent pitch a ball. Listen to 2pacs early videos on women. Watch the Boondocks on this. There is a reason that other rappers call out these guys for being gay. Such as the Game with 50cent. It’s a show of smoke and mirrors.

        2. I always thought of you as one of the most articulate and fearless posters on this or any other message board. However, we will definitely part company on this issue. I come from a dysfunctional background but my family was unorthodox and eccentric. They embraced “diversity” before it became a hallowed PC buzzword. I grew up listening to all kinds of jazz and being encouraged to seek the good and the talented beyond my own horizon. Now I read you, an obviously at the far end of the bell curve mind embracing Mahler and rap. That’s like embracing an exquisite gourmet meal and someone’s puke on the rug. You can keep your portfolio and I’ll keep mine.

      4. it has a redeeming quality. Just that one. But yes it is co-opted by progressives. But that is just more evidence they dont offer a coherent world with rap music, islamists and feminists occupying the same banner but rather they are simply after the abolition of tradition and civilization.
        White civilization currently but I doubt it will stop there.

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      1. Thank you, rap is not red pill. Rap is not about self improvement in any way. They will kill their brothers and fathers over a few hundred dollars. Their hatred for women is nothing more than an extension of their self hatred.

    5. Mozart.
      Debussy. Bizet……..
      Kanye West. 50 cents…
      Now this is “progress”. This is “hope”. Way to go humanity !

    6. Now you are not showing any kind of intelligible rebuttal here, Jamalius Bawnd. You instead insult a random stranger’s mother instead of trying to attack his argument like Lance did below. I give Lance some credit, but I’ve heard manlier songs in something as seemingly-beta as video game soundtracks than I have coming out of the hate-fueled ghetto and the MDMA-induced club scene in the modern day sense. Rap garbage induces women to act like carousel-riding whores even more so. I diversify my musical portfolio literally by taking in music from other countries, and listening to it as a purist.
      Now for Fake Bond, what you should say is that as long as men are still allowed to smack their women when they get out of line, then you still would have hope for this world, at least Connery would agree there.

        1. Sorros? The Sorros? The old rich jerky who can’t figure out that tight Brazilian pussy is only interested in his money and not his dried hickory stick. Sad.

        2. His attack on Western Civilization has been so successful that he must now go to the former Soviet Union to wipe our the few remaining memes that survived underground there.

    1. Behind feminism there’s a man too but RoK does not go deep down the rabbit hole.

        1. Jewish multi-millionaire Jed Sunden is alleged to bankroll them. He is also likely an agent of Soros trying to spread agit-prop against countries targeted for regime change by the US. Ever wonder why Femen don’t protest Judaism or Israel? Now you know.

        1. “Racist” is a meaningless term because of liberals. Essentially it now means “disliked by liberals”.

        2. Liberals believe women and non-whites are inferior. That’s why they’re always claiming those persons need help.

      1. It’s funny, as all their best legislation is written and enforced by men. Not surprised FEMEN is apparently no different.

      2. YES…. interesting article….. deep down the rabbit hole is evil alphas, pimping out women with feminism….
        feminism completely devalue women’s roles of child bearing,
        home making, child raising, supporting the husband etc. in favor of getting her to do mundane corporate work in the guise of a ‘career’…. AND once you defeminize women you also harden them to the emotional ramifications of sex, which makes them perfect whores and in that sexually frustrated state you can promote all kinds of
        you also feminize the men, so that women completely control sexual pleasure as a non emotional commodity for sale thus creating hoards of betas and clown alphas…

    2. sounds like a cult group, only instead of a religious focus, they have a communist focus (no surprise it came from Eastern Europe) –
      but at the end you have a man running it and pimping out the women…
      if you’ll get your tits out to make a point, why not spread your pussy to fund it ? – much like Lennin and Stalin… violence was not part of the doctrine, but the ends justified the means….

    3. Perhaps his motivation was his homosexuality.
      Why else would this movement be pro-homosexuality.
      It also explains his hatred (“…bitches…”) of women, as well as the degrading way he chooses to objectify them.

  3. The older feminists have no hope of ever finding a provider. They are invested in the system to the end. . They are miserable and want to have company in there misery by corrupting younger girls to follow the same mistakes they did.

    1. Although feminists hate men, they end up doing the most damage to impressionable young women. They turn quality girls into making shit decisions into they hit the wall, the party’s over and they have no family to show for it. Youre right older lonely feminists only hope to ruin more young attractive girls from having their own happy families.
      Women flat out hate other women who are hotter than they are. Convincing them to be home wreckers just spreads their misery.

      1. Of course, women cant even genuinely support their own daughters because of jealousy and spite for her youthful beauty. Its the only explanation for why a woman would want the female body to be treated the same as the male body. Its human nature to compete for mates, but these women are trying to rig the game so that no women are judged by their looks. Fuck biology and natural instincts, everyone should be judged by their “personality” according to these cunts and we all know they dont even have that.

  4. Femen is nothing but a bunch of lost little girls playing at being protesters and throwing tantrums to get attention–and the only reason they get any attention at all is the nudity. Take away the boobs and they would no longer get the “pussy pass” (or at least as much) and they’d be carted off to jail, or more likely an asylum.
    Femen is the “modern art” of protest: a bunch of shit thrown up against a wall and then exploited in order to fool the viewer–and also the artist, to the extent he thinks he actually produced art.
    The only redeeming quality they have is that, unlike Western liberal idiots, they also call out the Muslims on their bullshit, too.
    À bientôt,

    1. Interesting that you compare FEMEN’s activities to performance art. I wonder if that is what it really is – attempted open-air art masquerading as politics?

      1. Well actually, I compared it to modern art, but it can also be compared to “performance” art. And now that FEMEN has relocated it’s HQ to France, expect it to become more corrosive and otherwise worse in all ways. Criticism of Islam will disappear, b/c that might “look bad” for “brown people” and it will become more steeped in man-hate, in the same way that 1st and 2nd wave feminism gave way to the Andrea Dworkins and Catherine MacKinnions and other awful shrieking harpies of 3rd wave feminism. It is the nature of western SJW movements.
        À bientôt,

    2. Its just like the porn industry. Poor, lost, abused little girls having their minds and bodies exploited for money and attention. All with a pimp-like patriarch treating them like shit. The hypocrisy of feminism is so mind boggling I cant do anything but just laugh and carry on. I just cant even. They dont even have a goal like most social justice organizations, they just want attention and imaginary buzzwords like freedom, equality, and empowerment.
      I cant wait to see how things end for these women. I want to live until I’m 99 just to see it all takes its course.

      1. they’ll creep off when they hit their 30s and flash their tits to some hungry beta husband…

      2. I view the men on this website the same way you view porn stars. I guess in a way it’s made me understand the problems with feminism – and why people hate it so much. People who play the victim are sooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking annoying it’s not even funny. I never perceived men as being whiny or entitled until I found this website and I’m so glad that I did. The very thing men hate about feminists is the same reason I hate this website; and it’s fucking funny as SHIT. It is interesting seeing the white man play the victim. While feminism may not have a clear and cut goal, I don’t think this website does either. Just seems like a website dedicated to playing the victim and being blind to the hypocrisy of it’s existence. You guys aren’t the opposite of feminism – you’re just the male version of it.

        1. This is the only place many men have to let their emotions out. Everyone hates a victim, especially when that victim is a man. Nobody cares when a man complains, it just makes him look weak, even if he has a legitimate reason. This website is a safe place for men to let out alot of pent up anger and frustration and inform other men about the consequences of certain actions.
          Feminists want the world to change to suit their insecurities, ignoring biological, evolutionary, and instinctual factors. This site tells men to improve themselves to get the most out of life and learn the true nature of humans to dominate social arenas (be the alpha male)
          While many of the men do cry wolf often, the premise of the site is education and self improvement.

        2. Oh, I get it – men are jealous that they can’t complain and women can. So while you want to criticize feminists for objecting to the current social constraints, you make yourself look hypocritical by turning men into the victim and providing an example of how social constraints work against males. So fuck social constraints. If you want to complain, then go ahead an complain – complaining is wonderful. But don’t do it at the cost of others, or by dehumanizing and entire subset of other people. This site would look as if it actually had a purpose without the self-victimizing bullshit. I would like to hear more about the flaws with feminism, though (the scientific side of it), so please, do go on.

        3. You go grrrrl. How’re the financial markets today? How’s ISIS doing? We’re gonna take a vacation and fuck bitches for sport for the next decade, so you and your grrrrl friends take care of civilization while we’re off. Try not to starve or get killed.
          You can start by changing that light bulb. It’s all about teamwork, and everyone wins, so don’t give up.

    3. I have to believe that this is all attention whoring in it’s finest form. It’s a great gig with easy money and a lot of attention….do they really care whatever message is behind it? Probably not.

    4. yeah on face value……BUT if there is a man running the show and telling them…. ‘we need more money to support the cause…. so go sell your pussy to the patriarchy scum… it’s a sacrifice you have to make….. ‘
      what you have now is a quite a sinister pimping / prostitution ring with power maintained by a cult type leadership / belief system.
      follow the money trail it will always tell you the truth…. who pays all this and who profits from it ? is there a man in charge banking some millions for himself ?

      1. anti-semitism is damn ugly, and not the way forward (kadima?) but it might be helpful for some jewish movement against ‘progressivism’ to spring up to counterbalance the strong (if not universal) jewish bent towards leftist ideology. I am a great admirer of jewish people and their culture, but some at least of that culture, and not a small part, seems to be very critical of every kind of traditional western culture? There are no doubt lots of jewish guys who visit these pages for whom insinuations about jewish influence may be unpleasant (although freedom of expression is hugely important surely?) but perhaps also there are things that ‘progressive’ dissenting jews could do counter the impressions that many people seem to be getting. Youre right that ROK is about masculine solidarity and self-improvement, but its also a forum for the free play of ideas, so occasionally commenter’s are going to touch upon uncomfortable subjects and say things that might seem beyond the pale

        1. thanks for the link. There is definitely a connection between much modern (and not so modern) progressivism and jewish mysticism, but that link seems to be a quite complex one. From reading around the issue the sabbateans may well have had some influence in secularizing jewish messianism ( in opposition to jewish orthodoxy. Its worth noting that in this Zevi seems to have been influenced by Lurianic kabbalism amongst other things, which seems to be at the heart of much modern progressivism, but perhaps not necessarily directly through Zevi. To me in itself that’s perfectly fine – everything has a genealogy. What’s perhaps more significant though – and more troubling – is the fact that Sabbateanism was driven underground on account of persecution, meaning that its influence, in the tradition of the conversos / marranos of old became a subterranean and cryptic one. This is one unfortunate legacy of anti-semitism / religious persecution, namely that the play of ideas, including the political play of ideas, may continue to function beneath the surface, even after ’emancipation’ and even potentially after the danger of any real persecution has passed. The converso and the assimilated jew may in a sense share the same ego-defence mechanism (and here I am conjuring a deliberately freudian image) that protects against and pre-empts anti-semitic attack at a cryptic / unconscious level. The irony is that the orthodox jewish law-abiding jew can fight against possible anti-semitism in the open, and has a healthier sense of self-hood as a result. His ego is out and proud, and in a world that in every formal sense at least has been fully emancipated for the jew for a very long time, there should be no need for the kind of subterranean shenanigans that have pretty much given birth to modern conspiracy theory. To reprise what I said earlier, I think its time that out and proud jews considered the damage that these kabbalists and sabbateans (very interesting bunch that they are) may be doing in perpetuating the psyche of the old jewish ghetto. Does the modern jew need such ego defence mechanisms as have given rise to progressive messianic politics

        2. Good point. But plenty of Jews are conservative. Sephardic Jews, Israelis and recent immigrants for example.
          It’s the over educated, secular, 6th generation, professional populations living in coastal cities who are more liberal. Like most other overeducated, secular, 6th generation professionals in coastal cities.

        3. I am sure that is true, but the liberal bent may also reflect how socialism was ‘sold’ in terms of safety, emancipation, a homeland (in the case of zionist socialism) etc.
          Incidentally could you explain the term ‘6th generation’ please? I am not familiar with it – possibly because I am not jewish or american

      2. Holy titty fucking christ, enough with the Jews. Ashkenazi have 1 standard deviation higher IQ (115 mean). Compounded over 5,000 years of selective breeding and restricted professions has led to their financial dominance. It’s fucking evolution.
        Stop bitching and moaning about conspiracy theories and pick up a fucking book [1]. I’m so fucking tired of single digit IQ motherfuckers spouting this bullshit everywhere on the manosphere.

    1. More government apologia. On a supposed Red pill site.
      Just stay the heck out of the way when the sons of women who aren’t so trashy inevitably wrest control over France, and stone the whores….. Cheap, simple, effective and time proven. And with no need to glorify and submit to some ex KGB Commie.
      Governments is useful for one thing, after all: Target practice.

      1. What are you talking about? In a ‘free’ stateless society the oligarchy would simply take over and you are back to square one. A slave/serv to an oligarch’s private mini state.
        Why do you think the Koch put hundreds of millions into the promotion of libertarianism.

        1. In a free stateless society, noone own any more than one can first build, create, or steal. And then protect on ones own. Not much room for an oligarchy there.
          Look at tribal Afghanistan, which is the most long running example of a relatively state free society. Yet, no oligarchy I’m aware of. Not particularly feminist either.
          You only make room for an oligarchy when formerly free men concede to give up their weapons. Because they are stupid enough to believe those few who doesn’t, will somehow protect and care for them. Instead of simply robbing and enslaving them, which is what happens in reality.

        2. 1) There is already an existing oligarchy. They would just take over an anarchist society.
          2) A brand new society with no oligarchy would evolve just like we already evolved. From tribes to primitive societies all the way to democracy.

        3. 1)The Oligarchy has tried conquering the Afghans since who knows when. Never have they succeeded, no matter how much they have thrown at doing so.
          And it’s not because simply being born in Afghanistan makes one some sort of superman. They simply have a culture where people don’t roll over. Never gave up their weapons. Never fell for the fairytale of progressivism, but instead realized that unless you defend yourself and yours while you can, and make sure you have enough blood relatives who will do so when you no longer are able, you won’t be defended when you are robbed, maimed, jailed and killed.
          While women realize if they don’t remain worth wile for their husband, they’re on their own. And ditto if they don’t crank out enough healthy offspring while they still can. Some FEMEN idiot would last about 10 minutes in a place like that before being gangraped and then stoned by her rapists for being such a whore. While having no husband willing to dtand up for her, since she’s a whore. So, women there choose more productive ways to spend their lives. Works like a charm, just like it always has in societies free from the scourge that is government.
          2) Again, not every society has. And by now, you’d expect at least self proclaimed red pillers to have figured out how the world works; and hence won’t ever give up any weapon they can ever get their hands on in the future. The average progressively indoctrinated monkey probably never will, but those apes are expendable anyway, and hardly much of a loss once they do get displaced by better men and women.

  5. Sickening. They should throw these skags in jail. Sadly, some loser down the line will be captain save a ho and wife one of these whores.

    1. “They should……” never did work, did it?
      The strategy that did and does work, is “They should NOT throw anyone in jail.” Even when said anyone stones those skags. That is a proven solution to the problem of skags.
      Bending over and begging “them” to “do something mean” to “someone else”, never solved a single thing, ever.

  6. You know what i think. Another degenerate pedophile is the mastermind behind that bullshit to get certain groups in society to push forward their gender agenda with sex positiveness for children. And if it´s not a pedobear it´s some retard with a retarded idea and here is why and it goes like that. The FEMEN yells, hey asshole my butt is mine please fuck it to fight the patriarchy… the idiot does that not knowing this slut has some bad desease, smells like fish or sues him for rape afterwards. The clever guy just thinks, yeah whatever!
    FEMEN is just another tool for the marquise de sage advocates to creep into the minds of the average consumer! It´s so disgusting. It´s toilet sex in public to get attention.

  7. Lol. Why don’t these tough FEMEN bitches protest naked in front of fanatical ISIS followers? Then we’ll see the real fun begin! I’ll be taking out the popcorn and beer when that happens.

    1. Let’s see how the Israelis handle this, and can we at this point keep blaming the Jews for the spread of this garbage in America and Europe when they tolerate this in their very own state? Outside of Orthodox Jews, who are basically a separate people outside of Israeli citizens, both Jews and Arabs, feminism is alive and well in Israel. Although the marital laws are completely different, meaning a wife cannot divorce her husband without his authorisation.

      1. well, from what I understand with high intermarriage rates and their women often spending too much time in college to get married Jews may end up going extinct in two generations (outside of orthodox I guess).
        Whites are not doing much better if we keep up multiculturalism but it goes to show that if Jews are doing it on purpose, they did not think it through.

        1. Yeah I agree that a lot of working class Jews are getting screwed by these “progressive” movements as well.
          Jewish culture has a very traditional family values mentality but that can come apart over time in progressive states just like any other group. I see quite a few Jewish men I know not shacking up with other Jews… generally preferring Asian women who tend to appreciate beta-male providers. My Jewish male friends sometimes acknowledge that Jewish chicks can be ball-busting bitches who get fat. I think Jewish chicks can be great fun… As Uncle Elmer put it, they can provide “hours of snappy repartee” and they can be pretty RedPill as well. But oftentimes they can be spoilt princesses… With professional level nagging once their looks cease to command armies of stiff-lipped private erections.
          The governing elites on the other hand will work to maintain their tight knit social structures. The passing down of such power will hold the allure of a lot of intelligent women raised by powerful intelligent families. It is everyone else distracted by the grind of working class life that are aimlessly trying to satiate their unmet urges and confusions with sex, violence, and self-medication. And then, the other people that do realize they’re getting played make the choice to go with the flow… enjoying whatever comforts they can… until its too late… and they forget what it is they thought was worth fighting for.
          My point? Expect to see some Chewish chicks in the future.

        2. Thanks for this post. I was mostly riffing here but it gave shape to what I was thinking about. And Max Weber might be an interesting philosopher to check out. Two lines stuck out to me the most…
          “The threat from feminists, gay militants and pan-sexualists is real, but it is only alarming because of the intrinsic fragility of the entity at which it is aimed.”
          “After all, if the patriarchy were a bad thing, the very rich wouldnʼt keep it jealously to themselves, but would distribute it to the poor and themselves split up into small nuclear families. If they do precisely the opposite, it is because they know what they are doing.”
          I see this breakdown in the family unit around me and it is not a good thing. People get atomized in a consumerist culture so they spend money on women’s insatiable consumer spirit. Civilian patriarchies from the government’s point of view are mafias…. and of course they do not want to distribute power to people with agendas apart from their own.

      2. Small correction, Lance: IF two Jews got married according to Jewish Religious law, THEN the husband is the only one who can agree to the divorce. But, many seculars do a civil marriage outside of Israel and don’t have to deal with that, AND the civil ‘family’ court system in Israel will assrape the man so hard that it’s almost impossible for most men to use that religious ‘advantage’.

        1. You’re right. The first time I heard of some married Rothschild heiress fucking and funding some New Orleans rapper living in London, I called bullshit until read it in the dailymail. I then read that this a very long secret history amongst Rothschild baronesses and heiresses. If this wealthy Jewish beta can get bitched by his Rothschild heiress then I call BS on this world-wide Jewish conspiracy.

        2. It’s worse than you think, this is a cult of weird sexual depravity, going back to 1666 (really), with a Jewish “false messiah” – Shabtai Tzvi, who got many Jews to follow him, until the Turkish Sultan force converted him to Islam and put him in his harem(!).
          The main theological idea of Shabtai Tzvi was that the Divine Redemption of mankind could only take place when ALL of mankind was either totally virtuous or totally corrupt.
          Naturally, everyone knows how impossible it is for everyone to be virtuous, therefore, lead the masses into depravity, and then God will step in to save the world. (Seriously, these guys were hardcore, they violated all the big sins, incest, adultery, pederasty, homosexuality, bestiality, etc.)
          This cult survived through a ‘disciple’ named Frank (whose adherents are called ‘Frankists’).
          Many prominent, influential and well publicised, ‘Jews’ were practicing ‘Frankists’, and we all eat the dung from these scum to this day (as well as from other dirtbag cults like Skull and Bones, etc.)

        3. You’re well-aware that “666” was literally the year Rome self-destructed by its own volition, correct?
          That biblical reference is a political message about certain Roman politicians of the 7th Century.

        4. Lance, since the whole anti-Semitic conspiracy is nothing more than a red herring to British Imperialism, consider the following:
          *Arthurian England*: 6th-8th Century
          Yes, I do believe it’s real, especially when tombstones were found. I actually empathize to the 13 clans who were accused of being the “Illuminati”, especially when they’re being set up into the “Knights of the Round Table” of the 3rd Millennium of the Gregorian Calendar; let’s not ignore the ongoing notion The Church of England shall Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) as its first-EVER saint.

          It’s a theory I have been carrying since accessing this website.
          *Viking Conquest of England*: 8th Century-11th Century
          *The Crusades*: 11th Century-15th Century
          *The Tudors*: 15th Century-16th Century
          *Elizabethan England* 16th Century (Keep in mind the rumors she’s a guy all along.)
          Even though I’m not that adept towards English history overall, I strongly believe the Arthurian era has the single most important impact, directly pertaining to women.

    2. Given his hatred of russia, his pro-eu /anti-russia stance on ukraine, and his controversial and always political funding patterns regarding his “open democracy” organisation it would make perfect sense if Soros really did fund femen (and pussy riot). Time was when actual investigative journalists would be looking into notions like this to either corroborate or debunk

      1. Assuming they don’t, probably because synagogues are privately owned and they’d get expelled for doing so? Pretty fucking simple, no?

    3. There’s “some” jews inside FEMEN, and FEMEN is in Israel (like in many other countries), therefore let us blame and persecute all jews for this; even the ones that could be with us! Terbelis, you sound like a typical Stormfront user

      1. Enough with the “stormfront hurr durr” BS whenever someone mentions the tribes recurring involvement. That sh!t doesn’t fly here, you sound like an idiot. I suspect most posters here have an IQ over a hundred and the cognitive ability for pattern recognition.

  8. Hilarious how there is a man behind it all. I thought that perhaps this is why feminists are so angry, because they know deep down that their fight is hopeless. Male domination is biological destiny, and is completely inevitable and immutable.

  9. Feminism is simply another degeneracy made possible by near universal submission to government. As long as even self proclaimed red pillers willingly submit to and support government as the final arbiter of outcomes, government will protect these kinds degenerates. Simply to shift otherwise more threatening people’s attention away from where the real problem lies.
    Men getting ahead by being assholes, have the same underlying reason:Non-assholes cannot do anything about it. Only government can. While non-whores, and those who disapprove of FEMEN type trashiness, can’t do anything about that, either. Only government can.
    Remove government, and slutty women simply gets stoned. Assholes simply shot. Or, at a minimum, both kinds of less-than-zero-contributors gets kicked out of town/society, to be left to die in the wilderness on their own. In either case, ensuring society stays both polite and chaste. Meaning, good. And sustainable.
    There is no other way that works. No “we have decided; because we have divine ancestry, blue blood, or a bunch of indoctrinated voters cheering for us; that you must…..” nonsense. No valid government ideology. Just get rid of then shit altogether, and things will sort themselves out on their own. Like they always have, and again will, with or without Western participation.

    1. Except some governments would rape and kill them. Which is why the protest where they protest. You wanna rethink your position?

      1. Governments, at least “democratic” ones, would only kill them if they weren’t reliably voting for and supporting them. Where do you think FEMEN “women” will go if some Muslim Brotherhood supporter does to them what he is supposed to do? They’ll run to the government. Just like all useless degenerates. Which is why government does it’s best to produce as many useless degenerates as it can.
        Non useless, non degenerate people, don’t need a government. Hence are an actual threat, as opposed to women, children, the useless and degenerates.

    2. Reduction of state influence via the power of decentralizing technologies is the antidote to virtually all strains of shadow rot plaguing us today.
      Or: a Bitcoin a day keeps the government away. Believe in the blockchain 😉

  10. Sick.
    Although, there is one good thing about all of this. If we sufficiently record this crisis and get out of it we can always reference it whenever Cultural Marxism rears its head again.
    That has to be the goal.

  11. _Exhibitionism: they use any excuse to justify their exhibitionism to not feel bad for their lack of morality and weak character. Sex is manipulation, so it is natural for them to use their sex as a tool to get attention.
    _False morality: to evade guilt and responsibility. This is how many women can do very nasty things. Emulated morality, to justify their behaviour. Basically, they avoid reality .

    Pauline, a full-time French Femen activist, told me that women’s bodies are a lot more resistant to pain than you’d think. “We’re taught early on that we are frail, but we’re not! We’re probably more pain resistant than men.

    NOT resistant, I know women feel less pain and pleasure. Their bodies are less sensible because their pain threshold is higher, but their resistance is lower.

  12. How exactly are these people paying these women $1000 per month? How do they make money? Who is funding this? Wouldn’t be surprised if this was funded by governments under the table.

  13. It seems that the reason ISIS is striking fear into American hearts goes beyond their methods of killing or tactics, which are standard fare in the sandbox. Their brand of terror resonates because they are master attention whores, with their beheading videos and Twitter accounts. They are a different flavor then FEMEN, but cut from the same cloth.

  14. Feminism is civilisational AIDS. It simply cannot be lived with, while most modern soft western men may believe Putin has been too hard on FEMEN and other degenerate movements in his country, I don’t believe he’s done enough. These bitches are primarily funded by the U.S. government the same way Gloria Steinem was funded by the CIA. The same way emigre German Jews withdrew their support of Nazi Germany for obvious reasons, those who possess American/British passports must withdraw all support of their governments. The policy towards FEMEN in the Rus’ must be completely exterminationist. If it was good enough for the world not to tolerate the so-called evils of Nazi Germany, then any man in the West and East must not tolerate the evils of feminism. It must be exterminated root, stem and branch. Also the funding of ISIS by CIA is another reason to dispossess yourself of loyalty to the US Gov.

    1. “Feminism is civilisational AIDS.”
      One of the best lines ever said in a comment thread. Brilliant, Lance.

    2. I think 99% of German Jews were forced to give over their german citizenship, unlike Albert Einstein perhaps, but good point anyway.

    3. ISIS, Al Queada, Muslim Brotherhood, blah-blah-blah. Love how no one stops to think how the fuck these groups are funded…. Even “terrorists” have to eat – someone is paying them. I can’t stand watching the news present the situation in the Middle East like it’s a fucking garbage Hollywood action movie with huge plot holes no one is supposed to notice. They just show clips of generic looking Arabz beheading someone and give the group a sinister name and that’s all they need to bomb whoever the fuck they want, no questions asked from the taxpayers funding the bombing. I’m not saying it’s as simple as peace or war but god damn people are stupid.

      1. The funniest thing, is the stupidity of the average American. First of all, these dumb fucks really believe some rag-tag group of Islamic militants with Soviet Era AK-47’s and RPGs riding in what for it… look a like FORD trucks can somehow pose a threat to US interests. I’d even go so far as to say the Waffen SS would have tore these fuckers a new asshole with WWII technology just based on superior fighting tactics alone. Now, the United States of America announced on LIVE television that it was going to attack ISIS and ISIL, and not only that showed on LIVE television which fucking facilities and targets they were going to bomb! Now the average fat-arse sloppy dorito eating American will look at this and think wow ‘we’re at war again’.
        The guy with an IQ of at least 110 will think… ‘how much of a fucking idiot do these people take me for’? The element of surprise is one of the most important stratagems of warfare in any century. Secondly, why do these people have the same trucks, of the same model of the same year by one American company? Who announces weeks in advance that they’re going to attack specific targets and become ‘surprised’ when those buildings are empty? Lastly, all the whole of the Middle East is threatened by ISIS/ISIL except for America’s two biggest allies in the region (Israel and Saudi Arabia)? Yeah… BULL FUCKING SHIT. Follow the money. ISIS and ISIL are as Islamic as fried bacon on Easter Sunday.

        1. Lance, simple answer to at least one question: Those fleets of Fords and other US goodies all come from the ‘brave Iraqis’ trained by the US to defend Iraq who fled like pussies when they heard the dreaded IS-(ISIS/ISIL) was coming, and left that stuff behind.
          Max estimate on entire IS force strength <30,000 (some estimates as low as 3,000).
          ANY trained army with standard military tactics would wipe their asses with IS in about 3 days. Throw in some air cover and armour, it would take a day.
          Regarding Israel, unfortunately the shitheads leading that country wouldn’t be smart enough or have the balls to pull that off these days (ie, IS setup). They tried that with establishing Hamas (local Gaza branch of Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood) as a counterbalance to ‘secular’ Fatah(PLO), and ate plenty of shit for that, as is well known.

        2. The bigger point is that ISIS/ISIL was assembled and is being allowed to survive with US cash and are being used for US/Israeli/Saudi interests. What better to destabilise the Middle East and Israel/America’s enemies without the domestic/international backlash of another conventional war? They aren’t even trying to hide it.

        3. Agreed, except, you assume:
          1) that US/Israeli/Saudi interests are identical/very close
          2) The US pays to act in the interests of anybody but the US [corpocracy] (whether Israel, Saudi, or any other country else).
          That’s your error, in my opinion.

        4. Nevertheless the central most logical premise remains: That ISIS/ISIL does the bidding of all the aforementioned parties. If we had to vote on the issue, our vote would be identical, the rest are minor details and mere child’s play.

        5. You are right about this. The US armed forces traditionally doesn’t do well against a guerilla insurgence force but ISIS is fighting like a regular army now. And history had shown that the US armed forces can easily take on any enemy that stupidly decides to attack it in a head on confrontation.

        6. the CIA has been funding insurgent groups around the world for more than 1/2 a century…. instability and chaos creates a distraction that hides a huge profit potential and political advantage…. IS = US.
          we create a vacuum, then we fill that vacuum, as war advances, peace seems closer.
          who benefits most from IS ?
          Israel, Saudis, US, UK.
          Who loses ?
          Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, China
          follow the power trail….. IS is like the Chinese funding the Vietcong….. and then also sending Chinese troops to fight against them……

        7. Exactly, and the US military, say even just the Marines alone, would be like using a sledgehammer to smash an ant in this case.
          Any well-trained army in the area that won’t flee when the SHTF, like the Jordanians, would get the job done (they’re equivalent to good British infantry, that’s their training, and they are almost as hard as Gurkhas).

        8. For isis to benefit the U.S. like you are suggesting, the primary
          benefits would be destroying Assad who wants to sell energy to Russia, and ISIS eventually attacking Iran.
          Both those scenarios give clear incentive for the CIA to fund ISIS
          However I have a hard time believing the Obama administration has that type of resolve or cleverness to even approve such a plan especially when it hits democrats in the polls.

      2. The Militant Muslims are the fools taking western money to play the bad guys. There is plenty of information that we fund coups, revolutions and actively destabilize governments predominately for *corporate and banking interests.* (Thanks to the Dulles Brothers, the Bush Family and their ilk) Ideology simply being a tool to align people to do the dirty work. Their are plenty of fools, radicals and sellouts to support the madmen at the top, they likely too stupid to realize they are pawns in power play they can’t understand. The basic flaw of a fanatic is that they have a need for belonging, security and being right. The real war is against moderate, rational people. If you can radicalize someone they’ll do the grunt work. Meanwhile the real perpetrators at the top are never looked at. Find the fools, follow the money and you’ll find the source of all of our grief.
        Yes, this seriously looks like a poorly written script for GI Joe versus Cobra that was pulled from a waste basket at Warner Bros. The plot is loosely tied together for simpletons to follow.
        If our Bankers, Financiers and Politicians can’t find an enemy they’ll create them. Terrorism isn’t the enemy of our government, it seems we are.

  15. I already knew something was up when I saw the pics before I read the article (I am a guy, cut me some slack). No way would a feminist movement ran by women have so many attractive girls in one spot.

  16. Good Article.
    I pretty much just lost all interest in women except of sex.The state of modern “Women”.

  17. Great, except for the title-
    Feminism is not a “guise” under which female degeneracy lies hidden. Feminism IS female degeneracy.

  18. Why promote, or better yet WHO would promote feminism in the Ukrane of all places, one of the last remaining pools of traditional wifey caucasian women left on the planet. It seres the same ends as labor revolt or rabble rousing would to oust the ruling elite. Only with the town wives pitted against the traditional family thread. It is subversive against the patriarchy and in the larger scheme is targeted population control against a specific group.

    1. Andrea Dworkin as Femen activist could probably stop the spread of Ebola to the West

  19. The girls in many FEMEN events are whores, not feminists. This is obvious because they are feminine: pretty, long hair, nice bodies, not fat, etc. Thanks for exposing the organization and the people behind it.

  20. i never cared about this group. This group complains about first world problems as if there is some advocacy group advancing first world problems. The problem is this group isnt the only one that pulls this crap.

  21. I always enjoy Femen, because I know when I hear there was another Femen protest, I’m about to see pictures of some hot, thin, naturally breasted, mostly tattoo-free Eastern European women with long hair.
    I’ve never visited the Soviet area, so this is all wild speculation, but I would point out that I never heard of anything like this happening prior to the Soviet collapse; I would say this movement has a lot to do with the westernization of the Soviet bloc, and the depravity it has brought.
    I think the powers that be (whom I am no fan of) make huge mistakes when they take this group seriously and send police in to physically put them down and arrest them. This simply gives Femen more attention and makes the powers that be guilty of exactly what Femen is accusing them of… being a strong arm male dominated group of force. Most of these women could point to absolutely nothing in their lives where this is true… until the jackboots show up and tackle them or force them to the ground. I would have loved to see when the group of women rushed Putin, for the security guys to not panic or scramble, but just hold an arm out. No woman is going to knock down a man, much less a security guard, and especially not these thin 90 pound Ukranian chicks. I’d love for Putin to have completely ignored them, held a hand out, and kept walking along. Don’t arrest them and treat them as a real threat to security.. treat them as the equivalent of a rain shower.. you duck and perhaps cover your head and continue on your way, not giving it a second thought.

  22. FEMEN differs greatly from NOW or the assortment of various other women’s groups in that it is stocked with high SMV females and a clinton-esque alpha wolf founder, and is much unlike the run of the mill feminist groups full of man-hating dykes and fugly jewess pundits. So what is FEMEN’s purpose? Think about it for a moment. They’re trying to bag THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. The group of high SMV females that don’t fall for the feminist sweep. Women who typically do not enjoy or need the company of the fat angry lesbian losers. The 8+ girls are the last frontier, the last stumbling block to pan-feminia.
    The bottom line: There isn’t a damn thing that the steinem – abzug – friedan – or even valerie solonas could inspire a high SMV anglo woman to be more like a Barbarella or Electra, or dominatrix with a whip. Old school jewess inspired feminism caters to the fugly and relies on mangina maintenance men. FEMEN seems harem-like and can be pulled off by some traitor alpha wolf. But he’s a traitor the same, like a warlock who hangs with witches.

  23. Ok, I get it now. Victor Svyatski founded it as technique to getting into the pants of all the 8-10s he wants. Very canny. Gotta give him his props. Aside from the beating, it is probably working out great for him.

  24. With all these off shoot fucking weird feminist groups they are losing respect among the mainstream. You only need to look to the pathetic attempt to win over the masses with regards to the embarrassing speech Emma Watson gave to the United Nations to realize the feminists are starting to worry. This culture is definitely in decline but I still think when anyone with even base level intelligence comes across these movements the words “crackpots”, “weirdos”, “fruit cake” etc. will come to mind.
    Maybe I have too much faith in the rationality of my fellow nationals though?

    1. Yeah, don’t be so sure. Normal people are repulsed by feminism. However, the govt is not about to abandon feminism any time soon. After all, what good is the govt if it’s not dividing people?

      1. Modern people still hold feminist beliefs they are only horrified that those feminists are going too fast and extreme which makes them look like fruitcakes.

  25. look, I know this is not gonna be a popular one, but I figured out a pretty quick way to completely derail their protests.
    just have the most psychotic asshole pin one of them down, it just simply rape them. It would make them think twice about their entire, “naked is freedom” platform.
    I personally never want to have that happen because in some degree it reaffirms what they’re arguing about, but at the same time why the hell give the access? that’s like complaining about Grand Theft Auto and you left your keys in your car. Let’s not make it any easier for them then it already is.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far, but they sure as hell don’t deserve their own police escort for protection if they are going to take that kind of unusual risk. The police have better things to do, like protecting society from them.

      1. I don’t know. All these stupid bitches we’re actively convinced the wandering around in the middle of a street topless all at the beck and call of a man. They’re protesting against the patriarchy for a member of the patriarchy.I feel like nothing short of a brick to the head, a gunshot to the ass, or dick down there throat to make them realize that what they’re doing is incredibly fucking stupid.

  26. I read an article in a local newspaper about how older women in the western world can’t conceive anymore so now “heartbreakingly” have to resort to surrogacy.
    One 45 year old woman was even crying about how she tried for several years to conceive despite so called “teenage mothers” being able to just “go out on a night in town and conceive”.
    I feel for the poor beta husband who has to deal with these hags.

  27. Those girls have a natural inclination for such socially useful, meaningful activities as modeling, stripping onstage, and working in brothels. It’s a shame to see them waste their youth and beauty like this.

  28. …yeah get naked and shove this rubber dick down your throat, take back your independence!

  29. Before they moved to France the girls used to meet at the Kupidon Bar, Pushkinskaya 1 in Kiev. I lived at Pushkinskaya 2 and drank there. The owner, Fyodor, gave the girls a wall to post their stuff. Naked pictures attract attention – mine anyhow – and I followed them. Here’s what I note.
    The girls seemed to me to be in charge. The only men I recall were in the background, beta males.
    For all their superficial good looks, the girls were not very appealing. The leaders looked pretty hardboiled. Some of the followers were a bit softer, but they didn’t show much personality.
    Nobody in Kiev could figure out the problem your author grapples with. What are they up to? Calling attention to themselves, yes. But they don’t seem to make cohesive political points.
    With regard to “Kiev the brothel,” it has cleaned itself up quite a bit in seven years. The worst of the girlie clubs, notably the River Palace, have been shuttered. They were anachronisms. There do not seem to be large brothels. Just as in the US, the Internet has disintermediated this kind of business. There is still a market – I can’t judge its size – but it appears to be more direct, between willing buyers and sellers. FEMEN is totally irrelevant.
    The marriage agencies are hit and miss. A horny, lonely guy from a rich country is simply too fat of a target. Even the women to whom you are introduced by the more ethical agencies will take you for a ride. Roosh V’s “Bang Ukraine” is a better guide. My advice would be simply to come here and look around. Especially now that Russia has imposed a 40% discount by depressing the exchange rate, and scared away most foreigners. Marriage is a market everyplace in the world. Recognize that, and today’s Kiev is as much of a buyers market as one will ever find.

  30. I am no prude, but I would not disgrace myself as these women have. If one wants rights and liberties than learn the law and take the moral high ground by acting with dignity and respect towards yourself and others, and stand up for your liberties and rights. This movement is obviously Tribe sponsored to validate treating women like sluts!!!!!!!!!

  31. So the femmis are protesting muslim scum. Dammit, how can I disagree to that?

    1. They really don’t. Just those whores from Femen apparenty are criticizing Teh Muslamics

  32. If World War III ever breaks out between the liberal Western democracies versus the totalitarian conservatives countries like, say, Iran and Russia, my prediction is that you will see American conservative GOP teebaggers side with their hero Adolf Putin…
    …all because they saw him naked riding a horse.
    Go figure.

    1. Riding a bear actually.
      Don’t you worry about Conservatives. (Western) Liberalism goes perfectly well with Third world conservatism

  33. Does anyone else look at this nonsense and just imagine a group of children throwing a temper tantrum? Just petulant children pissed off at the world. They’re not sure why or how, but they’re pissed nonetheless. If you sat them down for one second and asked them a rational question, “What’s wrong? What do you want to change and how would you change it?”
    $100 says they’d look at you with blank stares. Maybe one or two would mutter “patriarchy” or “misogyny” or some other cocktail party word their feminist studies professor used in that class they dropped out of.
    This is standard attention whoring. Plain and simple. LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME DAMMIT!! PAY ATTENTION TO MY SITUATION!!!
    The same as any child’s temper tantrum.
    the remedy: turn your back and ignore it.

  34. This is a really awesome movement, a bunch of really fine thin girls getting naked in public, I don’t see anything wrong with this at all.
    Also the interesting part:
    If in the video above where the girls in the church were protesting didn’t try to grab the sign and kick them out and instead sat there and just watched them or even better, just went home and left them standing there yelling at the air…..that would be more effective because they would be forced to face the fact that no one gives a fuck.

  35. God, the writers for this website are whiny. Who cares? Let them do their thing. Everyone believes in something…just like it’s cute that you believed that your article was worth reading ^_^. They’re not technically harming anyone, so who gives a shit? Because they’re naked their “movement” or political stance or whatever doesn’t deserve respect? It’s so stupid – the second a chick gets naked, a whiny douche cries, “I CAN’T RESPECT HER OR THE THINGS SHE SAYS” wah wah wah.

  36. The author remains on the surface. FEMEN is funded by Jed Sunden Jewish-American oligarch. Start from here. The rabbit hole is deep, Suckers.

  37. Tsk, tsk, tsk, it was the loss of morals that led to women being viewed as objects.
    The Bible does indeed tell the Woman to submit to her Husband, as he is the head of the Family.
    But it also says that the Man must love his Wife as much as he loves himself, and much as Christ loved His church. Christ allowed Himself to be murdered for his church.
    What does that tell you?

  38. This hit the spot. Women sometimes are too shallow minded to think about the bigger picture. They only focus on the part of the picture that concerns their desires. I see it all the time. Some women actually have sense but there is a growing percentage that is being engulfed by this “feminist” movement.

  39. Roosh and other contributors: I’d love to see some articles and discussion on the horrible problem of Human Trafficing and Sex Slavery. Real men (and Oath Keepers) are going to take a stand and fight for individual freedom and liberty for all people (even the FEMEN).

        1. You are old bitch… i lost interest… Damn lady, hide your face. Make the men to fantasize about arguing with a really hot young chick.
          Fuck off now femiSwine

  40. Almost puked after seeing these pictures. I guess the only way for them to be heard is by degrading themselves in public. Who in there right mind would see this movement as something positive?

  41. This is too funny.
    They get turned on by exposing their tits because they are exibishonists.
    Thus they are plain and simple whores, aching for cock, but think their intentions are hidden because they sport a couple of political slogans on their tits.
    Very funny.

  42. FEMEN was created a jewish russian billionaire to undermine Putin, the women of the FEMEN are hired Call Girls.
    Jews understand the value social manipulation, all modern ideological movements have their fingertips.

  43. um…yeah, didn’t know anything about this feminist group until today. I think the topic needs to be discussed even more profoundly. Weird as shit ! I actually don’t have a constructive comment to say to this. Wtf ?!

  44. I was taken a back by this article. This just amazes me that these women can be so naive to think holding up signs naked and screaming at the top of there lungs is going to make a difference or to have your voice heard.
    Strong minded women know that they don’t have to take their clothes off to make difference or get there point across. I’m not into the whole “feminism” thing. Why would I be after seeing this on the news and in articles? It’s a shame really.
    And it raises the question. If you don’t want to be objectified by a man, looked at like a “slut” and or “sex toy” why stand butt ass naked in the middle of a crowded street? Simple. Attention.

  45. The author is another one of those men who cannot deal with the fact that women are not here solely for his pleasure.
    So, wonder how much he pays those Asian hookers to like him?

  46. “The scourge of feminism which rose in the west five decades back now seeks to corrupt women in traditional societies to destroy femininity and pollute the few pools of relationship-worthy women left in today’s world. ”
    Couldn’t we say the same about porn? This type of protesting just looks like porn to me. What is the difference between porn and this type of feminist protesting. I’m confused, what these women are doing makes no sense.

  47. This movement is a joke. If they wanted to protest against prostitution, why the fucking hell are they protesting naked outside? ‘Aggressive Nudity,’ what the fuck does that mean?! Most men (until they are gay) are sexually aroused looking at the nude female body. They are just asking to get beat up and raped. Not to mention the fact, that they are committing acts of public indecency while doing so. These girls are hypocrites. As for objectifying them, I’d bang the girl in red shorts. She has a nice, slim body with perfect size tits despite the tattoo in her arm. These girls are at least a 5 on my scale, better looking than the fatties in the US. Plus, they’re whores after all.
    She is hotter than a lot of fat, German, feminist slobs.

  48. this group’s name and the member’s pics reminds me and makes me do the Flehmen

  49. Population extermination through satanisation as paramasonic agenda.

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