Neil deGrasse Tyson’s 20 Greatest Musings On Love

Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist host of Cosmos, whose musings on science have made him a celebrity, recently landed himself in a public scandal when he misquoted—or entirely fabricated—a quote by President Bush during a public speech. Sean Davis of The Federalist called Tyson out in an article that began:

“I’m beginning to think this Neil deGrasse Tyson fellow is a serial fabricator of quotes.” — President Thomas Jefferson, “Stuff Jefferson Said: The Prequel,” Originally self-published at in 1573

After several other news sources were unable to verify the quote, Tyson replied with a non-apology on Facebook, stating essentially that the details of his speech don’t matter, because he was making a broader point. Although this might seem like an odd statement for a man of science, shortly after Tyson began appearing on social media with broader points on another controversial subject—the nature of love.

Perhaps surviving controversy has emboldened Tyson, and given him the freedom to speak honestly on the topic of intimate relationships. Whatever the reason, we thank him for sharing his wisdom. Here are Neil deGrasse Tyson’s twenty greatest musings on love:

1. Neil deGrasse Tyson on men and women:


2. Neil deGrasse Tyson on irrationality:


3. Neil deGrasse Tyson on confidence:


4. Neil deGrasse Tyson on how to love your woman:


5. Neil deGrasse Tyson on the nature of women:

"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Screening Event And Panel

6. Neil deGrasse Tyson on what women are attracted to:


7. Neil deGrasse Tyson on what women are not attracted to:


8. Neil deGrasse Tyson on the obesity epidemic:


9. Neil deGrasse Tyson on how picking up women is like space exploration:


10. Neil deGrasse Tyson on how science could save feminism:


11. Neil deGrasse Tyson on all-natural anti-aging remedies:

image (1)

12. Neil deGrasse Tyson on how technology will change love:


13. Neil deGrasse Tyson on marriage:

proxy (1)

14. Neil deGrasse Tyson on ethical non-monogamy:


15. Neil deGrasse Tyson on women’s non-verbal cues:


16. Neil deGrasse Tyson on honesty in relationships:


17. Neil deGrasse Tyson on evolutionary psychology:


18. Neil deGrasse Tyson on self-respect:


19. Neil deGrasse Tyson on picking the right wife:


20. Neil deGrasse Tyson on breaking a dry spell:


If you find more Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes or memes on love, please share them in the comments of this article and on Twitter under the hashtag #TysonOnLove.

Legal Disclaimer: Neil deGrasse Tyson did not actually say these quotes. They are sourced from the manosphere.

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100 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson’s 20 Greatest Musings On Love”

  1. This could potentially be a good way to get the Neil Degrasse Tyson spergy/fedora-d fanboy crowd to read Chateau Heartiste. Noticed that CH has been retweeting a lot of them. A+ work.

    1. Redpill right now is like house music in 1989… when this shit goes mainstream, the world will flip on it’s axis…..
      Think of the dumb ass glam rock bands in the late 80s… crap like Poison… that’s your beta male right there….. then along came house music….
      Even the most hardened feminist will just look like a dumb ass troll as women everywhere rush to the aloof redpill men, who are now as common as your average beta is today…..
      The most important things about redpill is it’s easy, it works and as more and more men try it more and more will try it…… and more feminists will cave…..

      1. At some point in the near future sugar daddy government is going to become the biggest “dead beat” in history. When that happens everything will change and change is like a snowball rolling down a hill. Will it become more red pill? Maybe. I tend to think beta males will go MGTOW in droves leaving a whole generation of thirty something sluts up shit creek. One thing is sure. If a thing cannot go one forever it will stop. The current system is not sustainable.

        1. While the social damage and collapse will be unfortunate, it will open opportunities for men who learned game and jumped the marriage trap.
          Imagine men in their 50s, who have been red pill for two decades, tapping the future spinters in their 30s.
          My greatest concern is that such may not be possible if the obesity epidemic in women is not stopped.

        2. If collapse comes obesity will take care of itself. Sadly obese women like sluts are permanently damaged

        3. Not really. Young Gen y betas don’t have the money to make the mistakes Gen x did.
          MGTOW is dead for people under 30, because marriage was never a real option any way.

        4. Yea don’t get too excited. Many Gen y girls will continue to fuck guys without money in their own generation until 40. The same trend of beta bucks you anticipate is not going to happen with younger females.
          My generation, sadly, isn’t concerned with the long term.
          They much prefer to live in packs and pretend it’s their sophomore year in college every weekend.

        5. I would argue that the gen y betas are subconciously making an economic decision to say “fuck it” and pass on being productive. Men will slave until they drop to be Ward Cleaver, not so much to be Homer Simpson married to a post wall slut that has seen more cock than a Bankok whore.

        6. I have two gen y step brothers in their mid twenties, high betas … Tall, good looking, guitar player hipsters.
          They don’t have real jobs and get tons of pussy.
          It’s not the same world past generations grew up in. Plenty of girls will give it up to guys with no money … Hook ups.

        7. I think we are not in agreement on the definition of MGTOW. You are focusing on the extreme version of having nothing to do with women at at. I am looking at the looser definition where men are minimalist largely unproductive and spend there time doing things that they enjoy. If pussy falls in there lap… Well sure why not, but they arent going to be productive to support a gash let alone a family.

        8. Meanwhile, Latino immigrants flow in by the thousands, reproducing large families… Married or not they’re fairly traditional and simply are replacing whites (many seem to think and act like they’re married after making a few babies together). Ahhh well, the Southwest will return to Mexico. Edt: by the millions.

      2. House music wasn’t the antidote to glam rock. Thrash metal was (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth etc…)

      3. FUCKIN’ A. “Redpill right now is like house music in 1989… when this shit goes mainstream, the world will flip on it’s axis…. ”
        I’ve had this feeling.

    2. well they ignore Tesla’s lamentations on feminism… Because he was a misunderstood nerd like them, kept down by a system…like them.

  2. “Legal Disclaimer: Neil deGrasse Tyson did not actually say these quotes. They are sourced from the manosphere.”
    At “Squirting Orgasams” I knew it was all BS — Nice one

    1. Certainly not Shawn Knowles-Carter (Jay-Z). Ultimate bitch move.
      At least 1000 times worse than your wife hyphenating her name with yours.

    2. Trust me the AA community does not idolize Kanye but certain basketball players do idolize Lebron.

      1. They aim to be entertainers more than anything else. If their culture would begin valuing education and/or diligence more they wouldn’t have the failure rates they have now. Instead their ambitions are basically athlete, musician, or drug dealer.

        1. You know why that is right?
          It’s amusing too, the only AA who’s a billionaire I believe is Oprah Winfrey. All the others are African (I think only about 9 total).
          AA hate Africans, when they should be taking pointers from them.

  3. I honestly thing there should be the disclaimer at the bottom of the article crediting the blog they hail from. Those quotes don’t come from the manosphere but from god of Game, the mighty Chateau Heartiste.

  4. I’d be extremely impressed if one of you gents could name the original source of each quote, or as many as possible (without first looking it up, course).
    The only one I’ll take a stab at is No. 4: Courtesy of Christian McQueen, I believe.

  5. Here’s a real world quote about Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I hope people also read the expose` by TheFederalist at the start of this article (which I just glazed over, initially.)

    1. Well he is at least a popular promote for science… if only he wasn’t the icon for retarded teenage girls pretending to be interested in science

        1. Seems like he grasps and demonstrates the concepts fairly well not just on TV but live speaking Q & A he is spot on.

        2. He’s a moron who just repeats things other people have said or done.
          He’s a voice over /host.

        3. Yeah he got his PHD in Astrophysics from Columbia University by being a “moron”
          BTW which of his many scientific publications did you peer review to reach this conclusion… and how many citations do you have?
          Here’s maybe where you should start:
          (1993). “On the Possibility of a Major Impact on Uranus… Astronomy & Astrophysics
          And be sure and let us all know who he “repeated and voiced over” for, say,
          Radial velocity distribution and line strengths of 33 carbon stars in the Galactic bulge

          Plenty more where that came from. But do show us all your published scientific studies…. if you don’t have them and he’s a moron I guess that would make you a glass of mud.

        4. I am not a fan of N deGT. Did you pick those two articles for the same reason that I noticed them? Both titles made laugh. N deGT isn’t a voice over or moron, of course. He is too eager for fame and the spotlight as a science populizer. But then, I don’t like TED videos either…

    2. Even if this is true, does it make what he is saying factually incorrect? Does it take away from the credit he is due for making hard science accessible to the average man?
      What Tyson does particularly well is COMMUNICATE science and dispel myth. He brings a subject that was, for many of us, taught in a dry and uninteresting manner and breathes life into it. And because he is both charismatic and able to translate impenetrable formulas into understandable concepts his words are being brought to millions of students world wide.
      Tyson might not create science, but he does CREATE SCIENTISTS.

  6. Don’t quote me:
    A woman’s trust in a man is directly proportional to his strength. The way of strength – this is the way of cutting off negative thoughts. And even deeper: this is the way of perceiving their roots.

    1. For some time now they have been claiming that his mere pronouncements makes people’s heads explode.
      Google(“Neil DeGrasse Tyson heads explode”);
      Personally I think he is the kindly black pharmacist who’s mug I see at every grocery store and drug mart.

  7. Thanks to #8, I shall no longer fear fat chicks that walk by me. Truly, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my guardian angel protecting me from the fatties…Shai Hulud!

  8. Neil deGrasse Tyson did not actually say these quotes.
    Oh, come on! Why did you have to ruin it for me? I was laughing my ass off the whole time.
    Why do I think about sand and Coriolis storms when I read number 8?

    1. Those little details don’t really matter. He said something like them. Really, I am pretty sure I heard him say something like it some time. Let’s go with it.

      1. “Some people think the universe don’t be like it is, but it do.”
        Actual quote from this talking monkey Tyson.

    2. It is by tits alone I set my dick in motion.
      It is by the juice of balls that thoughts acquire speed, her lips acquire sperm, the lips become a warning,
      It is by tits alone I set my dick in motion.

      1. I must not fear pussy. Pussy is the mind-killer. Pussy is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

  9. Look black leddit science guy memes aren’t fucking redpill knowledge this article is PURE SHIT fuck yourself runsonmagic you’re really in for it now.

  10. Evidently a lot of guys who comment here aren’t paying attention to what’s going on with young men 22 to 30. You really think these men are MGTOW… laughs! The whole beta bucks provider … that’s so Gen x. You guys got a chance to be bitter and figure out an alternative to marriage or kids.
    I (23 y old) went to an upper middle class private high school and catholic college (cost of degree is 65k x 4 years). Of my friends who are pretty smart most have jobs, but if I was going to extend that circle to young men I went to school with in general, most are either in huge debt, underemployed, or being supported by mommy and daddy.
    Most of these guys aren’t going to choose to be MGTOW at 30, they will be forced into it, if they aren’t back living with their parents.

    1. Well said, Orange. I had to live with my fucking parents (whom I love, dont get me wrong) until 20 goddamn years old and then I was killing it at my apprenticeship, and Im currently making huge money but working shitty hours. People (including even myself) have no idea how lucky I got. Most guys are exactly like you described: Uni debt, unemployed, underemployed etc.

      1. So you did a trade? Wish I had, corporate work sucks … Much healthier to use your body when you are young.
        Then go to college at 35 or 40.
        Work neck down under 40, neck up after.

        1. Yes. Electricians apprenticeship. Ive been brushing up on complex maths and physics, however, so that I may pursue electrical engineering at some point. Yeah, “work” now(21-50something) and then “play” until Im bones.

        2. Electrical engineering has almost nothing to do with being an electrician. I have done a little dabbling in both fields. If you decide to study engineering, your social life will suffer.
          EE is about as exciting as watching the grass grow. Most electricians I know are pretty happy guys though. Good pay … Some make over 100k. And no health problems like plumbers and carpenters.

        3. As a graduated EE I couldn’t let this one go. It is true that being electrician and electrical engineer are two different professions but any good EE can easily become an electrician. The great thing about EE is that it is such a vast field that it fits in almost any industry. I currently do PLC programming and do find it exiting because I like working with logic and the challanges posed by different machinery but yea the knowledge and concentration demanded will not leave much in the way of social life.

        4. “Electrical engineering has almost nothing to do with being an electrician.”
          I didnt say it did, Orange. It was coincidence of conversation (train of thought) that I said them together.
          I just want to be greater than an electrician, you know?
          I hate complacency. Im smarter and better than just an electrician. Thats my reasoning despite the truth youve told me (engi’s are often depressed, not well payed, uninspired etc.)

        5. EE certainly does not have its praise sung anywhere, ha.
          You may already know this, engi’s have a regular joke. A common anecdote between my engi friends they say to me is this: “I thought I knew about isolation from the opposite sex before entering engi school….
          I didnt.
          Its so much worse now.”
          Alas, not really a joke but comical all the same.

        6. I’ve met some extremely smart electricians, guys that could be engineers if they were so inclined.
          These particular guys tend to move into higher level positions like superintendent, etc (some don’t because they like what they do already).
          It’s all about doing what you like most. Being an engineer doesn’t make you smarter or better than someone who isn’t. A high-paid engineer will be working his ass off like most highly paid professionals, even an electrician.

        7. I concur with what youre saying.
          However, you have to understand that the majority of tradesmen (electricians included) are as sharp as an obtuse angle.
          Seriously though, engi’s are predominantly far greater in intelligence of all kinds (spatial, abstract thought etc.) than tradesmen like electricians.
          The men you have mentioned (as well as myself, as I am quite smart and only an electrician) are the exception, not the rule.

      2. They don’t want to get their hands dirty. Most guys want office jobs for status and exposure to women, even if they’re making less money.

        1. That is true.
          And women will usually prefer that which is further down the “white collar” end of the work spectrum.
          Not that I give a shit.
          Bitches aint shit! Seriously though, guys who dont want to get their hands dirty? Damn…

    2. I find this whole situation absolutely fascinating.
      I’m almost 28 and though I have zero debt and decent savings… I have absolutely no intention of getting married anytime soon.
      I haven’t landed a real job that even gives me a decently comfortable lifestyle yet… how could I even imagine supporting kids and wife? It is a ludicrous idea.
      Rewind 5-10 years… Early 20s I took for granted the idea that after getting a university education I would just continue on with life… you know… get a good job… start a family at some point (though I’d always projected this for myself in the mid-30s)… But yeah… economic times are rough and I agree with you that that is the main cause of MGTOW.
      Now… I picture getting married to be like a bumblebee attempting to pollinate a venus fly-trap. I’ve wised up… and a whole generation of men made it past their most romantic and wide-eyed age where they’d be more than willing to marry the woman of their dreams… Now in their late 20s, having banged a few sluts… and having realized how coldly they will use men for their pointless materialistic gains… some men are choosing to go their own way.
      I think MGTOW is driven economically, psychologically, and culturally (the laws and misandry has basically emasculated a generation of men). I really don’t know how this is going to play itself out… Pretty sure the beta male white-knightery will bail the women out in the end.. even at their own expense.
      Btw random question are you in Canada?

      1. No I’m from Boston.
        Don’t feel bad about not landing a real job… you seem like a top 5 percent IQ guy … You were just lied to about the value of an education. I was a Chem major and figured out right before junior year it was leading to no job (after hearing from a cousin), so I switched to engineering .. Made out okay, but I have debt.
        Money matters, I can’t lie. It effects your health and happiness.
        Contrary to some “alpha” advice, quality women still expect a man to hold it down financially. You can’t chase (high quality) if you don’t have resources. Okay may be you can chase and bang, but you can’t keep them.

        1. Cheers mate you seem like an intelligent dude yourself.
          I don’t think women measure value ONLY in money. And different women will weight different characteristics based on their own personal dispositions.
          Social capital, lifestyle capital, genetic capital, personality capital, etc…. They’re looking at all of it…
          But I agree with you, you wont be able to hold onto a quality girl for long if your logistics and finances are fucked. Maybe the apex-alphas can do it but those guys are the exceptions. More than likely they’ll make up the alpha-fucks side of the alpha-fucks beta-bux equation.

        2. Women cheat on basically anybody. The whole alpha male keeping his woman in check doesn’t work so well anymore because the state has taken away his power. Most women are having their cake and eating it.
          I constantly see women behave as if they’re not married or otherwise in an exclusive relationship when the “right” guy shows up. If they’re with a broke alpha they’ll fuck a loaded beta, at least temporarily.
          It’s just one big party for them at the moment.

  11. All hail the “one strike and youre out” ruling.
    GF: Im keeping my maiden name.
    BF: No, youre not. Youre taking my surname.
    GF: No, I wont. You cant tell me what to do!
    BF: Grab your shit, and get out. Now.

  12. The more i think about it, no way de Grasse Tyson could have said those quotes. Reason being because he is African American he is SJW (Social Justice Warrior) approved as well he fits in the category for some in the SWPL (stuff white people like) among the politically correct.
    But he is also a man, and I assume heterosexual which can count against him under certain circumstances, like for example, should he make such statements highlighted in this article. Nobody who has a cushy life and career is going to rock the boat and piss off the liberal elite currently running things.

    1. A Black man that rocks the boat too much and proclaims himself a proudly heterosexual man that wants to bang hot chicks would likely draw the ire of both White supremacists that don’t want Black men to have access to hot chicks and the liberals that say that “Black men should understand as fellow oppressed people” and should walk lock step in a struggle against White Male Patriarchy which doesn’t really exist.
      I wrote about it here:

  13. I FURKIN LURV SANS U GUISE!11 I wish the internet would stop collectively licking this guy’s balls. He’s likable enough and a good story teller. I’m glad he’s talking science and a generation of dummies are listening.
    That being said, he certainly isn’t a scientist on the level of some of his peers… William Shockley for example.
    The fact is Neil is only well known because he’s a “black astrophysicist.” I think many are genuinely surprised to see a reasonable intelligent black man speak about scientific subjects, and this is a major driving force behind his notoriety.
    I can’t comment as to his credentials. But I can say hearing the double digit (IQ) crowd drone on and on about what a “GENIUS HE IS U GUISE FULL SRS” in an attempt to appear relevant drives me fucking nuts.
    I say attempt to appear relevant. As the world gets harsher and the west continues its decline into moral degeneracy and economic collapse, the marxist brigade can’t hide the fact that the dummies are parasites and that that bright men are the ones keeping the world running.
    Double digits are being left behind. And so, the mainstream media is marketing yet another manufactured identity to allow the drones to feel like they fit in. THE BIG BANG THEORY U GUISE OMG OMG LOL LOL LOL and I FRACJRING LURFFF SCINES and ZOMG NEAL PARETICK DEGRAY MIKE TYSON are just the latest fads in a long line of drone distraction programs.
    In conclusion…
    “You’re not a nerd, geeks aren’t sexy and you don’t “fucking love” science.”

  14. Are these quotes for real, or were they made decades before the liberal groups placed him on a pedestal?

  15. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the sexiest black dude around. I would bang him like its no tomorrow!

  16. Even though he never actually said any of these things, I still read all of them in his voice. It sounds every bit as majestic as I’d hope it does.

  17. WTF??? You’re attributing cunt-faced quotes to NDT that he never said?
    I guess your goal is just to piss off.
    I hope you do…
    Or that he sues you. Lame.

  18. It doesn’t make much sense to me that this site would have something featuring a scientist. Every article on this site consists solely of unsubstantiated nonsense.

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