How To Reduce Drama In Your Long-Term Relationships

Ah, a long-term relationship (LTR), where you have a women by your side who loves you (at least in the way women are capable of). The red pill teaches us that even if one locks down that unicorn or special snowflake, it is not the end of the game. One thing that a LTR brings with it is DRAMA. From my own experience of being in LTRs, while having red pill knowledge and mindset, I wish to share some of my tactics to handle and contain drama.

Lesson 1: Drama is inevitable

As the great CH noted:

…it’s only women who feel happier when drama reassures them that they are loved. Men do not need drama to feel loved.

So first thing is to know that there will be drama. Now that we know that there will be drama, it is time to see how we can reduce it. There is no nullifying it. Accept the inevitable.

Lesson 2: Good sex

I call this one “Preventive Medicine”. Maybe obvious, but still a good point to consider. Good sex reduces the drama, but what does good sex really mean? It’s when she releases emotions.

Make her feel extreme happiness, sadness or whatever. I highly recommend a good cry. A women who drains herself emotionally will not give you drama, as she still “recovers” from the release of her emotions. Orgasm is a bonus, but in order to reduce drama you need to make her cry or have any sort of emotional release. My method includes a combination of verbally encouraging her to let her emotions out, and spanking her.

Drama reduction technique that you didn’t consider

After the combination of pain, followed by emotional release, she needs a few days (48 hours at least) to come back to her “normal” state (i.e., regular chance of drama).

Lesson 3: Initiate drama

I call this one “Fighting fire with fire”. Chicks crave drama? Let’s give her some, on your own terms. Although it seems counterproductive, it is very efficient. My method is to choose a topic, which is meaningful to me, and initiate drama by starting a “semi-fight”. My preconditions are:

  1. Don’t start a fight on a big event that I’m invested in on in the very near future (e.g., going to a show which I was waiting for).
  2. I must be feeling well (well rested, relaxed and replete).
  3. There has been no drama for a while.

If those are met, and a trigger is pulled, I initiate drama. I may get tactically angry, call her on her behavior and even bring up patterns of her actions from the past. Yes, I flip the script. By doing this, you give her the drama she was craving, but on your own terms. Bonus is make up sex and re-establishing your hand.

Lesson 4: Be clam

I call this “Fighting fire with water”. The purpose of drama for girls is to make you lose control, or test your alphaness. So let’s stay calm, and let the storm pass. You still need to handle it, but it must be done from a place of confidence. What is the worst thing that could happen? She’ll leave? So what?

Being calm does not mean being indifferent. She may have a point to her drama. In this case you will need to address it. Just say “my bad” and fix it (if possible). But if it is not your fault, don’t reward the behavior. Tell her that there are better way to discuss it and do one of the following:

  1. Walk away or go ghost
  2. Look her in the eyes and don’t flinch
  3. Explain, using a combination of male and female logic (referring to her emotions) that it is uncalled for.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught in her emotional turmoil. If you feel that you are losing it, either get out or tell her “You have too much negative emotions, I can’t be here right now”. Even in the middle of a tantrum, those words hit hard and will make her start thinking about her “negative emotions”.

Lesson 5: Analyze

I call this “Mind over emotions”. You are a man. You have superior analytical powers. It is time to use them. The way to use them is to listen: is it a repeating pattern? What is she actually talking about? What was the drama trigger?

You acknowledge the problem and repeat it in your words. This shows her you “are making an effort”. Once you pass that, you start to apply your logic and guide her out. You always acknowledge her emotions, but maintain your frame about the problem, its origins and the solutions. By maintain frame, you start to pull her in to your frame. This is the place she wants to be, under your masculine guidance.

By analyzing it, with her, you move from the path of emotions to the path of logic.  Also, by shifting the focus to logic, she cannot “dispute” your claims. I’ve been called “a swindle” or “a con man” for that. Good. This is exactly what you want to be.

Lesson 6: Make her part of the solution

I know that I’m tasked with leading the LTR, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to do something. Some women are genuinely surprised when I tell them I want them to work for the relationship. Women just expect to show up. So by using the equality BS you can move them to do some actual work, in your favor.

This is done by pointing out her pattern and asking her why does she thinks it happens, and what can SHE DO ABOUT IT. This is a topic that has been covered before. Once you pass that initial: “What do you mean I have to do something? I’m here” and maintain your frame, she’ll find out the joy of doing things for her men (other than sexual things). Now that she is doing things for you, and focusing on that, the drama tends to wither down. This is one of the trickier parts. You will be faced with massive indignation and probably resentment at first. You must have “alpha credit” to pull this off.

Lesson 7: Be proactive

Drama is sometimes a sign of boredom. Even though your life is interesting enough, hers might not be. And who is that lightning rod that all emotions are turned to? YOU. In that case one should make some countermeasures in advance.

This is not about initiating drama, but about making the relationship interesting. If you have a schedule with your girlfriend, change it at least once a month (or more). You always hang out at the same places and do the same things? Don’t. Make a pool of hangout options and steer her towards trying new things. An 90-10 ratio is usually optimal—90% of the time you do the “routine” LTR activities, and in 10% of the time you “experiment”. Ratios may vary from girl to girl. Here are a few examples:

  • If you usually sleep at her place, once a month sleep at your place.
  • If you go to bars, go to a coffee shop.
  • If you hang out with the same friends, try meeting new people.

Some activities will turn out to be lame or worse. Frame it as an experience that failed and next time try other activities. For example, with one of my current LTRs, I once slept at her place. Big mistake. The bed was uncomfortable and this affected me the following day. Never again. But the girl was happy that we did something “new” and the drama was down for almost a month.


Drama is one of the downsides of a LTR. It is a sign that one needs to manage his woman in a more masculine way. From my experience, and I believe that the manosphere shares that view, drama is inevitable but can be reduced. I don’t like drama as much as the next guy, but I hope those lessons may be helpful. Be proactive, fight fire with fire and don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

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234 thoughts on “How To Reduce Drama In Your Long-Term Relationships”

    1. Like the magazine, but don’t go muzzling into Bob’s market now.
      As an aside, this past Saturday I didn’t pull anything. It happens. On the way home, I got the chance to eavesdrop on a nearby cuck and his thick but over the wall lady friend. Mid conversation he starts to blab on about what alphas do. How alphas can’t be friends because only one guy can be Alpha in any group. Then he starts to exclaim he is a proud Beta and his lady friend consoles him saying how she ‘loves his honesty’. Is this what’s ‘hot on the streets’ for cucks?

      1. How does that saying go “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”? Mr. Smith gave me a couple of tips yesterday so I tried to put them in action.
        Regarding your story, that’s just typical cuck behavior.

        1. I wish I were. I would have recorded it but as soon as I thought of it they got quieter and started to change subjects. Guess it made sense since the first move the lady did when she saw me look over at her and this cuck was to do a quick public make out. Strange times man.

      2. So basically he just auto-ejected straight into the Friend Zone, intentionally.
        Idiots gonna idiot.

        1. I was both appalled and amazed. Here he was, skinny as a pencil, looking exactly how (comic book reference) how Peter Parker was originally drawn before he was bitten by the spider, with glasses, saying all of the stuff we mention about betas online. Just actively stating ‘I am a Beta, hear me accept being a bitch.’

        2. If she’d been an actual attractive woman, which you say she wasn’t, that would have been the ideal time to just step in front of him, directly between them, and start chatting her up. If he protests, tell him to be quiet and enjoy his beta status that he so cherishes.

        3. I don’t understand why you’re so surprised. We have all seen behavior even worse than that.

        4. Something in the procalamation makes me uneasy. It is one thing to take someone’s girl, beat them up publicly, or see their behaviors play out, but to hear someone so actively proclaim this defeat publicly seems to be the new face of public victim acceptance. Like when a fat girl tells you no one finds her attractive as a backhanded attempt to get you to give her a compliment.

        5. If a fatty says no one finds her attractive, whether she agrees with it or not, she’s actually telling the truth. It is the same thing with that loser. He thinks that his honesty will make her appreciate him more.
          Turns out that honesty is rarely a good policy during the dating game. Even Heartiste said that irrational self-confidence is better than rational defeatism.

        6. you shoulda dropped a radioactive spider in his frappachino. couldnt hurt

        7. I’ve gotten more and more cruel towards the “proud to be a beta/omega” types as time passes. The normal beta who just doesn’t know, I’ll give a pass, but the ones out crowing how they are basically chicks with dicks, to hell with them.

        8. I’ve got zero tolerance for the guys who have been exposed to the Red Pill and refused to wake up. I know a guy through a friend of a friend who is a big feminist and regularly trash talks Red Pill topics as part of his weak beta game to ingratiate himself with women in the hopes they through him a mercy hand job or something. He also has one of those Zuckerberg faces that instinctively makes me want to punch him the moment I see him. I’m normally a very clam and laid back guy, but I have to actively avoid this manlet to make sure I stay clam and laid back.

        9. The celebration of mediocrity really aggravates me as well. If you’re not what you can be don’t kill yourself just yet, but for gods sake don’t wallow in it!!!

        10. Values aside, walking around looking like the Zuk is an invitation to a caved-in grill.
          Do not hesitate….

        11. Don’t sell the guy short. He’s basically the closest thing to a Bond villain America has ever produced.

      3. In his Critique of Judgment Kant specifically notes that one is able to tell genius from non genius by the fact that genius will inspire a pattern.

        1. Bless you for bringing up Kant. In my pre-red-pill days I read a feminist critique of Kant’s characterization of women as having no moral agency. Imagine my surprise when I found it impossible to agree with any of the author’s commentary…

        2. I have read many feminist critiques of the K man…also I have read many secondary sources written by women. With a single exemption (Béatrice Longuenesse) I really must say, as a Kant scholar, that women are not equipped to read, much less comment on and far much less critique Kant’s work. Women have really done a disservice to academia in general and philosophy specifically by basically arguing that formal methodology is meaningless. Sadly, a lot of men jump on board. When I say that ethics display subjective universality and are neither uniquely objective or subjective I really don’t fucking care what someone has to say about it who hasn’t had formal training. Feminists have created a world where expertise is meaningless and men of all stripes have jumped on board.
          Kant is a system philosophy…I would argue the greatest of the system philosophers, though there is room for debate here. The fact that he carefully lays out his terminology and his methodology before doing any actual work makes reading him a touch arduous. You can’t just pick up the Critique of Pure Reason and have yourself a read. It isn’t interview with a vampire. It isn’t difficult to read once you learn how to read philosophy and take time to learn how to properly read a philosophical system written by an 18th century Prussian but you have to put the work in on the front side. This isn’t something you can read without taking extensive notes and looking things up as you go along.
          Women have a different way of thinking from men. This isn’t good or bad or better or worse, just different. Women don’t have the mastery of absolute minutiae that men can have, the scientific attention to detail that reading Kant requires simply is not a trait found in the female mind. For this reason, feminist critiques on Kant often are based on single or multiple out of context quotes or possibly based on secondary or tertiary works and not the original source material because they were never able to properly read and understand it.
          I have yet to ever meet a woman in all my years inside or outside of academia who can correctly give an account of the most simple concepts in Kant like the categorical and hypothetical imperatives let alone more complicated things like his critiques of idealism or the resolution to the antinomies of freedom

        3. I have a problem with Kant and that’s the Categorical Imperative (that’s the term in English?) which basically is a christian morality without the christian dogma.
          Now that I think about, I’m a very problematic individual and have problems with a lot of people….lol
          Total agreement about woman, they are just not made for philosophy.

        4. Kant wanted to be able to get universally applied morality without an appeal to religion (despite being religious) or the state (despite being a fierce nationalist). I think he does it quite deftly. In the Critique of Pure Reason he shows that the condition for the possibility of consciousness is freedom giving rise to logical constraints like space, time, non-contradiction, number, etc. So these subjective conditions of consciousness come from the individual, yet can be assumed in all thinking subjects as they are conditions for consciousness so while they are subjective in that you give rise to them, they are universal in that knowing I am conscious in the same human way as you are you know I also give rise to the same subjective logical patters. It is impossible for you to sense things through your five senses outside the constraints of, say, space and time. I know this because you are conscious and that is a condition for the possibility of consciousness.
          In the CPrR he takes it a step further. Now you say you don’t like it because it is basically a Christian morality without the Christian dogma, but look at how savvy he is. Essentially, the categorical imperative says that an action which is committed which, when universalized, defies the law of non contradiction stands opposed to the conditions of conscious thought and thus denies the subject’s subjectivity and, in turn, his humanity.
          So take theft. If you had a categorical imperative of it universalized “Everyone Must Steal” that would cause a problem as in a world where stealing was a must for all people (the way breathing and shitting is) then there would be no concept of personal property and as such the theft that is categorically mandated would be impossible. By doing an action which cannot be universalized without falling into contradiction you deny your own humanity and will yourself as an exception to the laws which are responsible for your own consciousness.
          As a human subject why ought I treat another person with the dignity accorded to other humans when they are acting in a way that denies the very possibility of their existence qua humanity.
          That this corresponds to Christian morality is a win, not a coincidence. Further, it doesn’t necessarily avoid Christian dogma…it just shows another road to the same place. Kant is able to hold all peoples of all religions to what are essentially Christian standards and is able to make his argument based in math and logic. To me that is one of the coolest moves in the history of philosophy.
          I say this without the usually arrogance I put into stuff like this….reading your comments have chatting with you I think you would, if you really dove into it, find a lot to like in Kant including his ethics

        5. thanks! I still content that my intro students were better Kant scholars than most actual published Kant scholars seeing as 90% of Kant scholars totally fuck up Kant (and not accidently I would argue). Since Kant’s death and the continental/analytic split in philosophy people on all sides have been using Kant to move their own agenda and poor Manny K is sitting there with his brilliance untapped. One thing I point out often is that all English translations of all of his books translate the german “lust” “gefallen” and “vergnugen” as simply “pleasure” as if an exacting mind, a Prussian philosopher who was said to be so regular in his habits that you could set your watch by his afternoon walks would use three separate words to mean the exact same thing.
          Heidegger does him the greatest disservice and Henry Allison, who is one of the biggest Kant guys alive (assuming he is still alive) is so absurdly wrong that you wonder if he is kidding at times. The one person to give Kant a truly fair reading oddly enough is Derrida’s analysis of the Critique of Judgment.

        6. That was hard to digest (I’m not a philosopher and english is not my first language)….and I understand your point about how he managed to arrive to what basically is (I insist) xtian morality through a different path. Yes, it is a cool move but my problem is not with the move but with the essence of the message.
          I usually don’t discuss religion in public, so let’s say that I share the point of view of Nietzsche’s Antichrist about xtianity…..
          Yeah, I know my knowledge of Kant is not deep, and he’s on my never ending reading list (btw, still at Oberon’s, I’m busy with something but the plan is still on, late but alive)…what book do you suggest to start reading Kant seriously?

        7. ahhhh the never ending reading list indeed.
          I am a purist at heart with regard to reading philosophy and I think the way to read it is fairly straight forward. You read the Critique of Pure Reason then the Critique of Practical Reason and Then the Critique of Judgment. After those three there are the smaller essays. There are some who will say that the way to do it is start with the smaller essays to get a feel for it, but I really think if you approach Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason with the scientific method that is used it won’t be bad. I have Howard Caygill’s Kant Dictionary which is an excellent dictionary for the Jargon. I am not sure if there is one in german but if there is it is worth having. Kant is INCREDIBLY specific when he uses words. He defines nearly every word that might even be a little ambiguous and stays consistent with those definitions. So, for instance, if kant says “experience” he specifically means something which is encountered by the mind through the five senses. He will never deviate. He will never talk about an “experience” of, say, love or happiness. Very early on he says that when he uses experience he means xyz and he stays consistent. However, this is over thousands of pages of multiple books with hundreds or even thousands of words he defines so having a handy guide is important. I read with a notebook and literaly wrote out every definition of his by hand. It took me years of reading before I was confident with his stuff. The nice part is that once you get it you get it and it becomes easy to navigate what to others may seem impossible waters.

        8. side note: the hard to digest comes from the language. I really do think you have the right mind for kant. He is incredibly orderly to the point where if you are an orderly thinker, which I believe you are, once you get the hang of him you will find yourself putting down the book and smiling and saying things like “holy shit that was cool”

        9. I am giving you brief replies, because I am carefully considering your wisdom. In my opinion, the perversion and (moreoften since the late 19th century) *subversion* of philosophy is the motherfucking taproot of everything that causes us individual pain in our daily lives. It dovetails precisely with all error in finance, culture, aesthetics, perception of identity, perception of value, and intergender dynamics. So, I absorb your words with a consideration born of gravity.
          The only other philosopher who takes quite the level of abuse that Kant takes is Descartes. The difference is that where Descartes is fraught with religious biases, The critique of pure reason offers us a roadmap for understanding essential components that make cognition and experience possible. Therefore, the smearing of Manny K is a strategic priority– he cannot be permitted to have valid views about anything.

        10. Added to the list, in that order.
          P.S. Even when I have some german blood, I’m not german; I was born in Colombia and spanish is my first language.

        11. Ah! I didn’t realize. Apologies. Same goes though, see if the Caygill Kant Dictionary has been translated to Spanish. It’s very helpful. As for translations, I don’t know but I have a friend who is at Salamanca in Spain and I can ask him if he recommends a good Spanish translation

        12. Thanks. I’m going to find it in english, of course it will be a little bit difficult but hey, no work no fun.

        13. P.S. Could you do me a favor? ask your friend about the best spanish translations of Kant’s works? I generally use Alianza Editorial or Tecnos if avalaible.

        14. I am kind of crashing but want to mention at least one thing before calling it a night. There are a lot of reasons Kant gets the shaft. As for Descartes, remember that Kant was the first one to really take a shit all over him lol.
          The contentnetal analytic divide created two very different philosophies and both wanted to ride the coat tails of Kant was was held in very high regard which means from day one after his death his works were being shoe horned to fit other people’s desired outcome.
          However, of the many ways that Kant gets treated poorly is the one you say. Now I would argue that many, if not most, feminist theorists simply are incapable of understanding him even in the groundwork let alone in the Critical project.
          However, Kant poses a huge problem for feminists. Feminists require truth to be subjective to get to their end results. If Kant merely argued objective truth he could be United by them (like Spinoza and Leibniz are just totally ignored) but Kant does something so subtle, so deft, so fucking brilliant that several centuries afterwards people are still struggling to see the massive scope of what he did. He is, in my opinion, the most important philisopher in the history of philosophy by such leaps and bounds it isn’t even a contest.
          What he has done is turn the antimony of subjectivity and objectivity on its head with his concept of subjective universality. The idea that yes, truth is subjective but that it is subjective as a condition for the possibility of consciousness in the ways in which humans are conscious means it is subjective truth that necessarily holds for all thinking subjects! It is a subjective truth that i can assume was the same subjective truth for any human being in any county at any time period in history and will be valid for all future humans….even though it is subjective
          Further, the argument for this is grounded through deductive logic in freaking mathematics and formal logical principles.
          That is such a fucking big thing it cannot be overstated.
          Is it wrong for man to steal. Well the answer is subjective. Of course the subjective answer is yes it is wrong to steal and holds for all human beings in all places for all time lol. Is it wrong to steal for a dog? An alien? Who knows. For Kant that is simply not a relevant question as we are bound by human epistemological constraints. Objective morality is fucking stupid, bush league, childish nonsense and Kant is the first person to know it without feeling that the only alternative is to say anything goes
          Is the statue of David beautiful. Answer is subjective. The answer is yes and all human beings who don’t acknowledge its beauty are simply wrong…even though the judgment of taste is subjective.
          I can talk about why this is a brilliant move all night but I leave that aside. I will say why it is such a dangerous thing for feminists.
          If he just argued for objectively valid morals they could say he is wrong. However, he is arguing that morality is subjectivity and that that subjectivity is logically prior to and a necessary condition of consciousness. So yes, morality is subjective…but the same subjective judgments are absolutely necessary for all conscious humans

        15. Lovely.
          Agreed on his import. He finished off mind-body dualism and set up linguistics with no contemporary support– and delivered his masterpieces at age 60+!
          Your lesson on his bulldozing subjectivity-ad-absurdum is uniquely argued. Never considered it in the light that you cast it. I’ll be digesting…
          As I am following you, the issue for Marxist feminism is that Kant outfoxes the sophistry endemic to natural female solipsism. The female mind is literally unable to conceptualize of intersubjective, non-culturally bound universals as you describe them– and it interprets them as nonsense from which they [women “at the intersection”] cannot profit.

        16. The funny thing about women is that it is ok for them not to understand intersubjectivity. The problem isn’t their inability to understand it, the problem is that they shouldn’t be in a position where anyone asked them in the first place.
          As for my reading, it isn’t really unique but it is different in that I am one of the people who takes the critique of judgment very seriously and feels that it not just caps off, but is a necessary part of the critical system. I don’t think that CPR and CPrR can properly be understood without CJ and that it is widely ignored by scholars because they want to make the other two books say things to push their own agendas that are impossible with the CJ.
          If the CPR is the brains of the project and CPrR is the soul then the CJ is certainly its heart and I don’t think Kant can truly be understood until the CJ is internalized

        17. Is your comment’s opinion an universal truth or just a subjective universal truth?
          Seriously though, having philosophy as a subject matter as an undergrad actually discouraged me from reading further, but I may give it a try now that I know many interpretations of philosophical texts are bullshit.

      4. Do you think it was desperation? Or do you think he was giving up and trying to convince himself (and her) that giving up is the right choice? I think his premise is off. That you can’t be an “alpha” personality and be able to socialize with other “alphas” that might be more successful than them. It is interesting that he has heard of these terms though. Either that means he’s frequented Red Pill circles, or the Feminazi circles are discussing those terms.

        1. I don’t think it is desperation but a new way to spin the term to make oneself the hero. Grouping Donald Trump with the Alt Right put the manosphere directly in the feminazi/cuck crosshairs. Many of our talking points can’t be refuted. Many of the ists screamers are burned out since Trump ensures they will be doing this for 4 years. They are essentially where the manosphere was four years back trying to find a way to categorize and arm themselves to attack us, since they failed so miserably in November 2016. Make no mistake, they are doing their best to study up on us.
          Fairly soon a feminist is supposed to be releasing a documentary of her journey into the red pill and almost adopting the red pill herself. Not sure on the date it will be released either but assume it was a piece originally made to debase the manosphere.

    2. The Cuckold’s Digest…ha! You gotta start somewhere, and you have started (good on you). I would suggest centering the type or going hard flush-left with it, while making the number of characters on each line of each caption, approximately the same length. That way it looks more like an actual magazine cover. (But that’s a fine start, Champ…)
      To center the titles, use the “A” tool (titling tool) in Paint. Determine approximately where the center point will occur, to make the blurb look balanced on the mag cover. For example, “Creme Fraiche! The Guide To Eating Creamed Pussy”. Just to the right of “Guide” would be the centerpoint. So centered, it would look something like this:
      Creme Fraiche! The Guide
      to Eating Creamed Pussy
      You can achieve that with the titling tool (“A”). Put the entire blurb into the caption space. Then, put your cursor just to the right of “Guide”. Then, hit the return key. If it’s off by a character or two of being centered, you can fix it by putting the cursor just to the left of the offending, non-centered line of type, and hitting the space key a couple of times…
      What about a meme now, huh…a cartoon meme of some sort…

      1. I would put forward the idea that the amount of black on white cuckoldry is actually very small promoted by porn sites as much more common than it actually is…….

        1. I would posit that cucks are actively the large base still keeping the casual hook up section alive on craigslist.
          Haven’t seen it in real life, since it is pretty gay, but there has not been a shortage of ladies I was unable to game with boyfriends in the vicinity.

        2. I can see where you’re coming from. The hipster/millennial generation brought up on a diet of feminism, wage gap, fag marriage, etc., think this is what wimmin want when in fact they want their sexuality under control……

        3. Swinging…the last stop before divorce.
          My last class reunion I attended many years ago, I ran into one of the guys I used to hang around with in my teens. He seemed to have it all— own business, little blond trophy wife, kids, etc…
          Standing behind the hall having a smoke, he told me swinging “saved his marriage.” I didn’t say anything and he started trying to double down on his statement and was cut short when someone else came outside.
          I just heard the news he shot himself last month. Divorce was finalized a couple of years ago and he lost everything.

        4. Damn….should always obey the golden rule. The relationship and all it encompasses are on your terms. Your rules. Not her. Don’t accept anything to make her happy when it costs you your’s.

        5. Shit, I’m sorry to hear that. Letting someone else fuck your wife will absolutely not end well.
          I read a story on Reddit about a guy who tried out swinging. Needless to say, that too ended horribly. I’ll post the link if I can.
          EDIT: The link to the story is gone. But you should find many other similar horror stories if you want.

        6. “Nothing makes a marriage stronger than having someone else fuk your wife….”
          yeah I really don’t get that. I know a similar guy, said the same thing…

        7. didnt swingin become a thing in the 1970s? maybe that lead to the wave of divorces back then, moreso than no fault divorce?

        8. Earlier than that. The 1950’s were famous for wife swapping parties.

        9. really? our golden decade had a dark side? I guess it was a suburbs thing more than a city one>

        10. It was actually in a different framework. The men were literally treating their wives like property and doing some horse trading deals, from what I understand. Which if it weren’t for “my wife gets fucked by some other dude” actually sounds rather alpha in a way.
          My golden decade, btw, is the 1880’s (or 1830’s). The 1950’s saw taxes way too high and it was just a smidge too conformist for my comfort, despite that I am myself a traditionalist in most respects.

        11. Dude, there is nothing, literally nothing, cooler than drifting into a town on horse back with your guns hanging from your belt.
          When I go to South Dakota and walk around open carrying the looks I get, usually fear OR happy surprise by men, and open nearly primal lust (you know the look) from women, confirm to me that the sexiest decades in history contained cowboys. Heh.
          Now granted, your rate of locomotion was rather feeble compared to the 1950’s, and I do love me those big fin 1950’s tanks with a passion.

        12. that seems insane to me…however, there is some like thing at the very heart of it….I find that a relationship is never so strong as when the woman has some small transgression that is livable but that she feels guilty about.
          Was your woman 20 minutes late? Do you like her enough to let her have a pass? Can you make sure she feels sufficiently bad without seeming like you are milking it? Guess who is going to have the soul sucked out of him later.

        13. Now tell me that every woman who is sane (in a woman way) doesn’t masturbate furiously at least once a week to that kind of fantasy. Because if you do, I’ll be wont to call you a liar. Heh.

        14. I believe you. The only god women worship are the Almighty Cocks of their dominators:
          Examples: BDSM, Gorean subculture, psychopaths, Genghis Khans, Attila the Huns etc…

        15. I always wanted to manage an all-girl band. Call them, “June Cleaver and the Beavers.” Not now, because nobody would get it. Back then.

        16. I read his obitury over the weekend and it was two sentences. Seems they will bury him back in our hometown in Ohio, so his parents must still be alive.
          It appears he had a couple of scrapes with the law after she divorced raped him. I remember he introducing me to his wife. Cute, insecure and an obsolute gold digger.
          RIP Dave

        17. From what I understood, it was wife swapping as well but yeah…. watching another guy plow your wife is automaic marriage termination. Better to be free of that toxic relationship.

        18. Complete agreement.
          I can only speak for myself, and may be other married posters relate, but early on in the marriage I was upfront with the wife. If you want to fuck another guy just tell me. Let me get out of the way and we’ll make a clean break. I don’t care why. Once you are willing to fuck him, the marriage is already over so don’t delude yourself.

      2. This is off topic but I have to ask. Uncle Bob you said you have asthma a while back. I have it too and I was wondering what sort of foods you eat and lifestyle changes you made to control it.

        1. I eat fruit and fish, and make that the centerpiece of my diet. Five or six days a week, that’s all I eat. Any type of fish is fair game. For fruit, I go with berries pretty much exclusively. Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries. Pineapple sometimes. Studies have shown that such a diet eliminates and/or alleviates asthma. My asthma symptoms are essentially gone since I started this diet.
          Here’s a link to a study regarding this topic –

          This diet is rich in protein as well as being high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also makes you feel really good (at least in my case). My head is much clearer and I have a lot of energy all day long, possibly due to the fact I ingest virtually no chemicals or additives of any kind (except on binge days, which are becoming fewer and fewer), many of which will not only make you fat, but make you crave more food – like MSG (monosodium glutamate; this is found in all sorts of food additives like corn oil and other ingredients, which they cleverly mask by incorporating high percentages of it in many common additives with benign-sounding names) and high-fructose corn syrup (which wages absolute and total war on a person’s body).
          Toss in the following make-at-home tonic to improve your circulation, kill bacteria and viruses, and basically keep yourself in tip-top shape; use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to make the tonic, it is available at most grocery stores, and use rubber gloves when you make it –

          Hope this helps…

        2. This is food for thought (pun intended). You’re obviously doing something right for your age, so I gotta take this diet seriously. Mine is already pretty good, but I may do the fish and berry thing harder. Right now it’s fish one meal every other day, and enough fruit but maybe less apples and bananas and more berries.

        3. Thanks man. Because this fluctuating weather in Tennessee stirs my allergies up. And when my allergies stir up my asthma starts acting up

        4. One cool thing about the fish-and-berry diet (among many), is that it boosts your metabolism up to dizzying heights. After you are on it for a month or so, if you binge and fall of the wagon, you just burn up whatever you ingest. I can only imagine what this diet could do for all you younger guys. (Yikes – “Superman Returns”, the 3D movie.) I highly recommend that tonic, also, above anything else. It tastes like crap but it does incredible stuff to the brain and body.

        5. Make that tonic as well, dude. Use rubber gloves because the ginger root and the horseradish root are potent as fuck, and if you rub your eyes inadvertently with bare skin, you’ll regret it. But it will increase blood circulation and lung function in massive ways…try it out.

        6. What kind of fish do you recommend for economy and nutrition? Younger guy asking.

        7. I order a lot of my fish online at – now it’s a little on the expensive side, but I like the Alaskan Cod, the Wild Caught Salmon and the Orange Roughy. They also sell a mixed-berry blend of frozen fruit that is tasty. And they deliver it right to your door. They operate in most U.S. states, I think. You get bonus points for each order, so after a while, you can get a whole bunch of shit for free.
          If you want economy, I would just eat whatever the local grocer offers in packs, frozen. Sometimes I get pollock from Kroger – $4 for like 3 pounds. Shrimp and shellfish are fair game, too. Also…tuna. I eat albacore frequently in a can. You can find deals on that at the grocery.
          Try that diet out for like a month. You’ll experience some minor carb-deprivation initially, but after a week or so, you should feel extreme clarity of mind and a sense of feeling great, and you’ll get enough carbs in the berries to make it all work.
          The most impressive thing, as I mentioned, is the effect on metabolism. Shit, I can go out and drink 15 beers, eat a cheeseburger and fries and binge all day long, and order a pizza the next day, and my waist line doesn’t budge. (I fall off the wagon an average of once a week.) That’s due to not only the diet, but the tonic – if you don’t want to make the tonic, just get some Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and drink a shot of that after every meal. Put it in tomato juice if you don’t like the taste, or V8. That shit burns through fat like a stripper burns through money…

        8. Good call. Lemme know how it works out…asthma sucks. A chick I was friends with died from an asthma attack about 15 months ago. She was only 34. (SMH.)

        9. It’s funny you mention the apple cider vinegar. My family uses that as a remedy for almost all ailments and imbalances. God knows a shot of that will annihilate your sinuses if you’re ever sick.

        10. Bob, I’ve gone from red wine vinegar to Bragg’s on my salads too. It’s every bit as good. I’m doing a lot of meat (mostly lamb, which I raise and grass fed beef), some chicken, salads or just raw broccoli, raw walnuts & almonds, red wine and a little fruit. Fish every once in a while. No binge days anymore, I don’t even care about junk food now. I do have one square of 90% cocoa dark chocolate each day. At 57 my waist is down to 32″ and I hover right at 180 now. Just two fairly intense whole body weight training sessions a week. I was shooting for a six pack by July and I’m almost there already. This primal / paleo thing works like a charm for me. Have you ever heard of the blood type diet / lifestyle?

        11. Good for you – yes, it works wonders. I have not heard of the blood type diet/lifestyle…would like to know more.

        12. The author is one Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and the two books of his I’ve read on the subject are “Eat Right 4 Your Type” and “Live Right 4 Your Type” (the 4 symbolizing the four different blood types). The basic premise is our blood types are adaptations to our environment. Type O being the oldest hunter gather blood type, A & B are newer and based on agrarian and nomadic / herder lifestyles and finally type AB which is relatively new (IIRC about 900 years old). There are foods that we absolutely should and should not eat based on this theory. There is a lot of real world experience and research that back this up. I’d recommend the first book (recently revised and updated) and then if it seems like a good fit for you, dig deeper. I’ve also picked up a lot of good stuff on roguehealthandfitness dot com from P.D. Mangan (he’s in his early 60’s so in my age group) and the primal stuff from Mark Sisson over at marksdailyapple dot com. You may want to check them out too. Based on Mangan’s work, I’m down to 2 workouts a week 30 – 40 minutes long and it’s working great. My new chiropractor’s twenty something assistant (a solid 7 without makeup) commented on how lean I am and that I had “a lot of muscle.” When she was setting me up for x-rays I apparently needed a lot of hands on repositioning, lol. She thanked me for being so patient, apologized for “getting in [my] bubble” and and said she owed me a big ol’ hug. Needless to say I collected. 😏

        13. Thanks for all that great info, Boothe…I am going to delve into this in more detail.

      3. Thanks for the tips, Mr. Smith! I actually found it to be quite a nuisance editing the text in MS Paint. Even if I highlight the caption bar, I can’t rewrite the text without undoing the whole thing. I admit this is very rough cover. I’ll keep practicing to make the next one something you’ll be proud of!
        Maybe Photoshop will be a better tool for the job.

        1. No prob, my man…you can get the titling thing down. It’s a pain in the ass at first, but you can copy and paste the text you want into that rectangle, then center it with practice.

      4. Bob, you hoser. 🙂 Did I miss it or did you ever report back on your hotel maid exploit??

        1. I plowed the taco last Wednesday night. It went really well. So I had her “clean my room” early Saturday morning – she left her maid cart in front of my door while she “cleaned it” (heh).. So I think I’ll have her “clean my room” a few more times, at least…but yeah it’s all good so far.

        2. Did you have to add some Texas Pete, or was she already properly spiced?

        3. Man, she was spiced – with perfume. She told me how her pussy walls were strong? She wasn’t lying. Heh. The next day (Thurs. morning) she comes by the pool, and through the fence she whispers, “Hey, ese, is your cock as sore as my pussy?” HA. Oh man…she’s funny as fuck.

        4. Thanks. Hey even old guys gotta bang the available pussy every now and again (that was my first married piece of ass; well, meaning I knew she was married before I banged her)…so I popped my cherry there.

    3. Issue 2
      Choosing the right strap on for your wife
      20 different ways to apologize to your wife!

  1. give her something to bitch about that you can fix easy, rather than have her go look for something else that might not be so easy to fix. Just like cops, job inspectors, or a nasty boss. Yeah it sucks but so does hangovers, blue balls and taxes.

    1. Like those incredibly obscene scenes which filmmakers add in for the sole purpose of having them get cut by the censors later (the theory being that the outright obscene scenes will distract the censors from the less obscene but still rather racy scenes that the filmmakers really want kept in)?

  2. Sounds like an useful guide to a woman with histrionic personality disorder. I know some and I guess it could work on them.

    1. All women have a high potential for drama. Even that cool, laid back, devil may care chick that you think might actually be a unicorn.

      1. I don’t think a woman is ever happy if she doesn’t have something to bitch about to her girlfriends

        1. Let her freely bitch about to her girlfriend, unless she bitches about to you :-).

      2. Definitely agree… Statistically, there’s a larger prevalence of HPV among women (contrary to NPD which is more typical for men, f. i.).
        Anyway, Dawn Pine is my favourite author here on ROK. Despite of his high manly (dominant, rational and somewhat utilitary) aproach to women I don’t feel any hatred behind his attitude. Hope I didn’t mistaken.
        As usual, sorry for my English.

  3. seems good ideas.
    Most important – and what I am lacking, is having choices – get away…dread game.
    Are there women that don’t engage in drama?

    1. Yeah, the ones that are like “I just don’t get why all my friends are so dramatic, I’m just different….”

    2. I don’t like drama (doesn’t meen I don’t have other faults; even the Sun has spots, you know). But still, I have to agree that most of women tend to drama. I am very gratefull for my two best girl-friends who don’t. Doesn’t meen that I don’t friend with those who do have some dramatic/histrionic traits :-), but I can’t see them so often (for the sake of my mental health).

  4. Lesson 3 is a mistake.
    Do NOT let yourself be dragged down into that form of “communication”.

    1. I can think it has some merit. There’s a chapter or something in “Best of Roosh” that talks about giving a girl a dose of “controlled anger” or something like that.

    1. Lol! Right? Why not instead be some other kind of mollusk?

        1. babe, Im hung like a mollusk, I would love to see your clam

  5. OT, but “who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?”

        1. Absolutely. Did you know they did all their own stunts? Truly amazing.

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  6. I would also add that if you’re having a fight she will more than likely be the first to leave the room, slamming doors, etc.
    Never ever follow her. Her hive mind poisoned with Hollyweird, Cosmo, etc., have convinced her she is a princess and she will expect you to follow and tell her you’re sorry you hurt her fweelings……fuck that. Get some bros and go drinking.

    1. Never. Ever. Apologise. Well, I should qualify that-only when you’re logically and legitimately in the wrong. Otherwise don’t ever say ‘sorry’ otherwise you’re done. I never have and even where in the wrong I always preface apologies.

      1. Exactly, say “perhaps I made a mistake” if you are really off side….. if you’ve been caught with your dick in another woman unless she’s there in the room, deny, deny, deny……
        A masterclass in not saying sorry…. Carrie Fisher when she was hot…. and alive…. and Dan Akyroyd when he wasn’t fat…..

        1. That is THE finest stream of consciousness diatribe of excuses in cinematic history…..

        2. One of the greatest scenes of that entire movie, and that movie was chock full of legendary scenes, lol.

      2. agree.
        last time I told her to “fuck off – go rent your cunt out for free”
        some weeks later when we began to speak again, I initially said
        “perhaps you are taking it out of context”.
        then later I made an “apology” speech:
        “I am man enough to admit, and apologize when I am wrong”.
        eyes widen…
        “And we can both agree that presently I am not in the wrong”.

        1. My favorite is doing something demonstrably wrong, careless,incorrect, or stupid and magnanimously declaring:
          “well let’s just BOTH admit we’re wrong here…”

      3. “Never apologize mister, it’s a sign of weakness.”
        John Wayne, ‘She Wore A Yellow Ribbon’

    2. I have a 13 yr old that tries to pull this shit. She once pouted in silence for an entire month before she realized I wasn’t going to beg her to forgive me.

  7. Speaking of unnecessary drama, I’m having a bit of an existential crisis this morning. I’m ready to declare war on a local bakery, but first I need to be sure public opinion is on my side.
    What I need to know is do caraway seeds come under the category of ‘everything’ in the context of an everything bagel?

    1. That is STRAIGHT bullshit. Caraway seeds are not within the pantheon of everything, bagel-wise.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.
        I’ll frame it as a civil rights issue, claim oppression by rich white bread bakers, and I’ll have ten thousand protestors there in no time. The only thing left is to come up with some catchy slogans to shout and draw on posters.

      2. Strong disagree. Poppy and sesame without caraway is like Peter and Paul without Mary.

  8. At the beginning of the relationship, just tell them that you only have one rule – “Don’t ever bring trouble to my door, or I will teach you the waking, screaming definition of the word.” And mean it when you say it. I have used that one with absolute and total success. They want their badass daddy, so give it to them. Drop some references to mob connections you have, along the way (real or imaginary), to scare the shit out of them further. That will always do the trick if you sell it correctly.

  9. I am amazed at how many men who aren’t married (read: have no legal reason to put up with shit) will put up with shit. Whenever I am out to dinner I will inevitably see a guy siting at a table with a woman who I can tell he simply doesn’t want to be there with.
    I can’t imagine the mentality of someone who will not only waste a Friday evening spending time with someone who annoys them or makes them feel like shit…but they fucking PAY for the privilege.
    Not too long ago I was watching a guy sit at a table with a woman he had obviously been dating for a while…no sign that they were married. She was just such a cunt and he had this look like he was praying the food was poisoned. Now this is not a cheap place with apps ranging 20-30 and mains going 30-50 and judging by what these two were wearing they were not out of their league with the money, but likewise not so wealthy that it didn’t matter at all.
    When this guy took the check and dropped his card in it he looked so happy like the dinner was finally at an end. Mind you, I was just sitting there watching this from the bar area. I thought to myself, how can a man go to a place he doesn’t want to go to with a person he doesn’t want to be with and do something which only causes happiness in that it is finally over AND FUCKING PAY FOR THE PRIVLIAGE ! How! How is this possible.!
    If there is a gentleman out there that has a girlfriend and is just going through the paces and hates being with her, just fucking break up with her. Just have it over with.
    Take a tip from the pro and just do it like this

    1. Yeah, seriously. Single = no legal reason, not one, to stay with somebody that you find either boring or annoying. And there is no case to made for it to be a moral question or something regarding virtue, fuck that, if she’s dragging you down into the mud and consuming your soul, and you’re not married, then freaking eject her to the curb. And if the moment dawns on you while you’re in the middle of a meal, that is, suddenly you find her hatefully annoying, then start openly ignoring her and hit on the waitress (if she’s cute) or just excuse yourself, get up, pay your bill and dash.

      1. It really is nuts to me. It is like people think that infidelity or some other equally bad betrayal is the only reason to leave someone when in reality not wanting to be with that person is enough of a reason to not be with them.

        1. The problem is the beta male mindset. He thinks that it was so much work to get a woman finally, that he’s scared to become alone again. That’s the issue. Oneitis for a beta male.

    2. Marriage is doing that for the rest of your life. And any minute you want to bail you are going to get divorce raped or go to prison.

      1. Right. This is why I made the caveat that I don’t understand why people who aren’t married and not legal reason to stay do…

    3. I prefer eating at places where you can throw the odd french fry to a chipmunk or sparrow, e.g., the Dancing Crane cafe at the Central Park Zoo, the cafe at the Brooklyn Zoo, a park bench … you get the idea. No fag waiter interrupting my smooth game every 5 minutes with his irritating obsequiousness.

      1. this is why you are a miserable sad sack who complains about not getting women and I am happy and banging 9s

        1. that is why I separated them out….I am happy AND banging 9s not happy because I am banging 9s. I still have hope for you pabst. You are the Eliza Doolittle of miserable fucks and I will take you out and teach you to enjoy life.

      2. No need for the derogatory slur, unless you are the kind of person who has to shit on others to build up your own saggy little ego. And why are you so scared of waiters, other than the fact that they could piss in your food and you would never know 🙂

  10. A great way to get a steady sidepiece who won’t give you any shit, and might turn into something more than just a fuck, involves the following: Tell every single girl you pick up for a one-nighter (only if you want to fuck them again) that you have a girlfriend, so she will never mean anything to you other than a fuck. (Tell her this the next day, obviously, after you fuck her.) Tell her that if she’s okay with that arrangement, you will call her whenever you require her ass – but if she ever protests, if she ever tries to give you shit or if she ever whines about the parameters of the relationship, you will drop her like a sack of shit and never talk to her again.
    This one works really well, especially with sexually submissive women. Spot the sub (you can see it in their eyes), give her your “A” game in bed, then drop those lines on her. I’ve used that one to the point where women have actually tried to find me many years after I left the city where I was banging them.
    It’s a case of a female with low self-esteem (is there any other kind?), confronting a man who sees through her shit and has zero concern for her. Women always want what they can’t have. So be inaccessible except on your terms. If you fuck her good enough and sell it with conviction, she’ll wait patiently for an encore.

  11. Gentlemen, bookmark and save this article. There is literally gold in here. Some of the best advice I think I have ever seen on RoK regarding LTRs and drama.

  12. One woman, two or more women. One is singular, the other plural. Why is that so difficult to comprehend and implement?

    1. Hey! He’s being clam, bro! Chill!

        1. Just reading that post by Robert here got my dander up, so I had to make me a nice protein powder shake. But don’t worry, oyster my drinks up properly, so it’s all good.

        2. Off topic but now I am going to be thinking of this great drink that they make at a place I like to have brunch at downtown where it has gin, eggwhite, clamato, hot sauce and fresh oysters. Yum!

        3. Oysters, clams and most mollusks make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Never developed a taste for them, even when I was stationed out in Frisco and had access to same-day-caught seafood.
          As to mixed drinks, I honestly cannot recall the last time I had one. The closest I come is maybe 8+ years ago when I was taking up mixing sub-zero degree vodka martinis. Maybe.

        4. I am not much on mixed drinks but I love a bloody mary and if you put oysters in it all the better…same with this gin drink> Great brunch drinking. I love oysters, clams, mussels and all thigns from the sea either raw or cooked. You grew up too far from the water to form the taste for them I suppose. Shame, some good eating there.

        5. Raw oysters on a half shell, dash of tobasco with brown bread and a pint of guiness. Glorious. Galway oyster festival hooked me.
          Love seafood, but never tasted the real stuff until leaving the midwest.

        6. Yup. I replace the guiness with ice cold martini and the tobacco with Mignonette but there is no way that it is bad with the dash of tobacco either. I can just eat them all day.

        7. Going to Madrid and Barcelona next month on business and already picked the restaurants. The offerings of meat and seafood there is superb.

        8. There is nothing that says “not a jew” like Spanish food. I swear there is shellfish and pork in their water. God I love the eating habits of the Spaniards. Dinner reservation at 11 pm. Excellent.

        9. Ah. You’ve been.
          My first project in Madrid (ages ago), I was invited out by the MD to dinner and was asked what time was convenient. Told him I would want to eat late, so could we reserve for 8 PM.
          He just stared at me in silence for a few seconds. “John, the restaurant doesn’t open until 9.”
          I love Spain.

        10. I drove across spain when I lived in France. It was so fucking cool. I was young, broke and with a bunch of guys my own age (early 20’s). God I put my dick in so many interesting things and ate so much good food and drank so much good wine.

        1. mmmm clams casino…man, there is nothing like a clam oregano with the addition of bacon to make me happy as a…..well….clam.

  13. I dunno… way of dealing with women when drama arrives; is to maintain frame and leave.
    No form of communication at all until they get their act together, and if that doesn’t happen then I’ll be doing something else that won’t involve her.
    (I even do this to my female family members and friends)

  14. I can say that, after spending WAY too much time in a relationship Borderline Personality monster of a GF that, innitiating drama like getting good and pissed proactively about something and putting her on the defensive FUCKING WORKS!!
    In the end, I just called the Law offices of Ditcher, Quick and Hyde. Just leave. She isn’t worth it.

  15. I blame fathers that saw their daughters as precious to blame for patriarchy. And no patriarchy is not the opposite of a feminist state, patriarchy is also pro-feminism, it’s like a milder feminism that was established by white knight men (some beta some alpha).
    Here’s an example of an undisciplined daughter with a enabling father.

    Discipline your daughters if you have any stop coddling them or they’ll become feminist, SJW and LGBT with a foul mouth and no logic at a young age.

    1. Just the idea that a child would say “shut up” to an adult, to me, is unfathomable. Or call an adult by their first name. Sickening.
      Gen X did a horrible job of raising their children.
      I am on the older range of the Gen X cusp. I don’t like kids and am very grateful to not have them.

  16. You can keep this kind of LTR. It sounds like someone is picking women with issues, and may in fact, be part of the issue themselves.

    1. You seem to run under the rather laughable delusion that there are women without issues. Sure, and we call them “5 year olds”.

      1. Sure all women have issues. But there are issues and there are red flag, do not pass go, do not collect $100 issues.

  17. I’ve always had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this nonsense. There is absolutely no place for this behavior in a personal or business setting. Any man that succumbs to this behavior has nobody to blame but himself.
    Lay down the rules upfront, they don’t like it – hit the bricks. Your time is far too valuable!

    1. Agreed. I simply don’t tolerate it. If my wife has a problem with that, she can find another meal ticket.

    2. These things happen because there are men who tolerate them. I also have tolerance zero on these behaviors.

  18. I wifed up a girl 36 years ago, and this article is dead-nuts-on compared to my experience with her drama. Some of these tips I wish I’d have had a long time ago to help reduce some of the inevitable drama. If you decided to reproduce, the drama goes up considerably because of her protective nature toward her (and your) offspring, and with mothering instinct fully engaged, emotion is through the bloody roof. It’s part of what you have to put up with if you want progeny.

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  20. If drama is inevitable, why look at it as a downside? It’s fun, once you understand the male and female roles. Partaking in the female role is what drives most men crazy and vic versa.

  21. Lol… This is a joke, right? Several of these tips are guaranteed to START drama, not prevent it, and a few sound like you’re coaching men on how to be abusive. Which is… Even more drama.
    But I’ve been with men like that in the past (emphasis on past… I left them because they were only interested in playing games or abusing me)
    My boyfriend just does this radical thing where he listens to me, empathizes with my feelings, and we find a solution together. No drama, no fighting, no emotional abuse. Yet it’s so simple.

  22. I need advice, I am in a long term relationship with my bf almost 7 months…he doesn’t seem interested in having sex as much as me and I get so damn angry that I have to be the one to bring sex… What can I do please I am going crazy

    1. You are a troll. Good news is, its feeding time!
      Well first; 7 months hardly qualifies as long time relationship.
      Second a girl with a body like the one in your avatar should have 0.0 problems finding all the sex she wants.
      Last but not least something interesting. Did you know there are 3 types of people when it comes to sex drive?
      Low sex drive people: They cant understand whats the big deal with sex. If they get sex 1/month they are perfectly happy. Everything more than once every 2 weeks is testing their limits. Work, the next giants game, their grand cousins birthday – everything is more important than a nice bang. They often label people with higher sex drive as “like animals”.
      Sadly the older we get, more and more people end in this dark zone.
      Average sex drive people: They think about sex frequently but not every day. If they do it 1/week they are happy. 2 months without makes them a bit itchy but no big deal. Most people you know are found here.
      High sex drive persons. They want sex 2-3 times a week (or more, some every day or even multiple times a day). About 15% are HSD people.
      A HSD person thinks about sex every day and they consider sex one of the top priorities in life. If they are without sex for 2 weeks this would be totaly unacceptable.
      A HSD person should only consider LTRs with a HSD mate.
      The other 2 mix a bit better but even then same drive couples match way better.

      1. “High sex drive persons. They want sex 2-3 times a week (or more, some
        every day or even multiple times a day). About 15% are HSD people.”
        Wanting sex 2 to 3 times a week is a high sex drive?
        Are you kidding here?
        That, IMO, would be low-average.
        Average would be wanting sex at least every other day.
        High-average every day.
        High would be more than once a day.
        Have to believe all males, except the “Nicola Tesla” types, think about sex every day. Probably every hour. Even several times an hour.

        1. Sex drive changes with age and supply.
          If you are a 18 year old stud you will want sex more often than a 48 year old overweight office worker.
          If you have been with one (or many) girls for a couple of years and you had sex 2-3 times a week, every month, every year, your wants will change.
          The above data does not come from thin air; Source: “The Kinsey Institute’s 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior of men and women.”
          I quote: “Only 2% of single men between the ages of 18 and 24 had sex 4 or more times per week” -> Thats the age group with the most sex by the way.
          I quote: “Just under half of married men between the ages of 25 and 49 had sex a few times per month to weekly. This was the highest rate in this age category. ”
          Now you be your own judge where you stand compared to the average american.

        2. “Only 2% of single men between the ages of 18 and 24 had sex 4 or more times per week”
          2%??? And the other 98% guys have girlfriends too?
          Jeez, that sucks. I always figured guys with girlfriends get sex all the time.

  23. It’s either Real Men Don’t Proofread, or Spelling Is For Sissies, because I’ve seen a lot of basic spelling and grammar errors on this website. Sometimes – as in this case – the mistakes are more entertaining than the articles.

  24. 1. Tell or encourage her to change her behavior.
    2. Leave her and move on with a woman who is easy to get along.

  25. Just wanted to thank the men folk here for introducing me to the work of the wonderful Dr Jordan Peterson. I’m sure grateful. All Postmodern Feminazis should be in cages, underground, let out for an hour a day.

  26. The #1 way to Reduce Drama In Your Long-Term Relationships (aside from being Clam), do not have Long-Term Relationships.

  27. You know this site is exclusively for losers who can’t get a girlfriend, right?

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