The Next James Bond Is Rumored To Be Black

That’s it. One more symbol soon defiled, just a few to go. After attacking numerous European figures in film and series, twisting the history of the Ancient Greeks, Romans and insulting Nordic folklore and Medieval Britain, our favourite tribe of innocent Vietnamese peddlers decided that it was time to tear down one of the last remnants of white masculinity, the charismatic, blue-eyed James Bond.

Idris Elba lately tweeted a picture of himself captioned “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba” as a nod to a rumour that has been gooing on for months.

The name is Bond, Bail Bond.

Although it is not confirmed, I believe Elba has been given the green light by his hand-rubbing masters to taunt us about the programmed death of that inspiring, objectively White character.

The sky is green and the sun is cold

Heimdall VS Heimdall: Enriched

Elba is not just any black actor. He has been a useful stick chosen by the treacherous Finns to poke European culture in the eye, particularly when he portrayed the guardian god Heimdall in Thor, the Hollywood parody of Viking mythology.

A sketch of James Bond, as commissioned by Ian Fleming

James Bond, being the son of a Scotsman and a Swiss woman was not, and never will be, Black. James Bond is, as its creator described:

“…slim built; with a three-inch long, thin vertical scar on his right cheek; blue-grey eyes; a “cruel” mouth; short, black hair, a comma of which falls on his forehead”

It is all so tiresome

I can’t wait for the sequel of Schindler’s list, starring Woody Allen as the SS officer and Dolph Lundgren as Itshak Stern but something tells me it will not happen anytime soon.

I find the directors of this future Bond film extremely intolerant. Indeed, they think that a Black man has to fit in the role of an oppressive White devil, instead of having his own version of Bond in Wakanda, for example.

In addition, Bond will be depicted as an evil heteronormative, able-bodied membre of the patriarchy. We need a transexual midget male-to-female Bond and we need it now!  #NotAllBonds!

At least the friendly film purveyors, in their eternal arrogance, stopped being subtle and even the simplest mind can clearly see the motives behind the decision.

Let’s hope that the crowd behind James Gunn’s removal will find a way to torpedo Elba or his handlers.

Bond is everything they fear and hate

It was really too much for them to endure this problematic figure of the cool and unapologetically masculine European hero that inspired and keeps inspiring millions of young men to seek their inner alpha.

Hence why he must not only be destroyed, but replaced. Although I am certain that his love interests will not suddenly become “exotic”. On the contrary, those women will have even fairer traits than before, thanks to the thoughtful Quechua recruiters in charge of the project.


I can hardly wait for the realistic scenes where Idris T’challa Bondatrius the Third tries to sneak into a Siberian nuclear plant, fooling the guards by giving the password with a perfect Russian accent. Because We Wuz Russians, wuzn’t we?

No, my esteemed colleague. The reactor is THAT way!

I have no idea how the puppet masters will spin the plot without the audience worldwide bursting in laughter at the sight of a Black James Bond, trying to be believable.

White guilt does not work everywhere

If they go ahead and fund the film, and I sincerely hope they do this mistake, they will fail and sink the franchise, just like with Solo, Ghostbusters, and other PC failures. In the event of this farce to take place, I would obviously invite ROK readers to boycott it, as they did with the last Star Wars. The amount of Kemetic screeching it will cause shall be pleasant. It is the only language they understand.

Instead make yourself some vodka martinis and watch again the classic James Bonds for some instant, raw alpha attitude. Let them unveil their master plan to all, for this bait is this time to big to take.

Fumiers de marchands, vous êtes démasqués !

We should fight fire with fire and start our own crowd-funded movie project. Why not an adventure-packed biopic with Roosh to portray Martin Luther King, where he would team up with Nelson Mandela (myself) and travel back in time to discover why it is always the same small group of Bosnian market dwellers that keeps being kicked out of countries? I think we have a blockbuster right there.

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193 thoughts on “The Next James Bond Is Rumored To Be Black”

  1. Can’t wait to see James Bond shuckin’ and jivin’ and twerkin’. Instead of a martini he’ll order a Colt 45 malt liquor, warm. Too ridiculous for words. But, we will always have Sean Connery!

      1. There’s the stiff upper lip you Brits are famous for.
        “My entire nation has been cucked into ruins by a tribe of hostile parasites and nobody has the stones to stop it, but at least Tottenham is doing well!”

        1. No, but when we hear about the upcoming all female black lesbian version of “The Godfather” that’s when we know things are absolutely fucked up.

      2. You know Hellywood is itching for a woman or a queer. Because, God forbid you would make a movie about a straight white male

    1. No one will ever see this movie. Everyone will be too busy swiping their smart-phones to pay attention to anything on the screen.

    2. Can’t wait until they push a MUSLIM Bond 007 or a Sihk turban wearing one, don’t cha know. God forbid they do a Former Russian spy 007 double agent turned….whatever nonsense. But yeah, mostly just waiting for the mulatto [email protected] tranny Bond 007 that never went to the Bond alma mater and got pushed through because of some twisted sense of “white guilt” so Eton and then Oxford gave it/her a pass….
      The movies will of course bomb badly if made, so they will only make that mistake just once….

      1. Hate to be that guy…but don’t lump Sikhs in with the Mudslimes. Sikhs are actually pretty good people, not particularly out of line with Western values & morality. Sikh neighbors are good neighbors. Better than white junkies, that’s for sure.
        That said, I agree, we should not be cool with a Sikh James Bond.

        1. Generally true. Sikhs have an honorable history but nowadays in Canada you get Beeba Boys, corrupt Punjabi business people, Air India, and various identity politics power plays about wearing turbans and carrying kirpans under inappropriate circumstances.

    3. Maaaaaann it just keeps getting better fo us!
      We out here Makin moves, from Wakanda to Buckingham Palace!
      I think i’m finna celebrate tonight by putting my big black ‘pp7 silencer’ in a white woman’s mouth.
      She will bow to the next Bond.
      Meanwhile Lil dick whiteboys keep getting humiliated and DLV’d in popula culture lol
      Yall crackas keep cryin!
      N***a we made it!

        1. Meaning that black guys only get the fat bitches, thus the more women become obese = the more women for black guys

    4. Blacks already have ‘Shaft’ they dont need Bond – this is like whites wanting to be like Shaft; total joke

    5. Vodka Martini. Shaken not stirred.
      On Second thought… make it Purple Drank with some ripple mofucka. Nome sayin?

    6. Word has it youtube has a Terminator movie redone WITH NO men it…. WTF? People go to watch it just to see what complete idiocy and delusion looks like.

  2. And good riddance. It’s been the wrong symbol of masculinity.
    Do you know what OPJB stands for?
    Operation James Bond
    The book was written by John Ainsworth-Davis, who used the pen name ‘Christopher Creighton’.
    James Bond was the name of the MI6 operation for rescuing of Hitler’s second hand Martin Bormann. The British secret services rescuied a German Nazi. What does that mean?

    1. Is it! Then what is correct symbol of feminity !?
      Getting tattooed !? Being a slut/whore/hooker !? Sleeping with ‘n’ number of MEN but still moaning “where are the good MEN” !? Marching bare chested !?
      You creatures are so shameless, filthy and “ungrateful” that you can’t even be compared to “pile of shit” !!

      1. James Bond was an ornithologist who wrote “Birds of the West Indies” and was a friend of Fleming. 007 was named for him.

  3. Realistically Idris is the best option.
    More fly than any white guy in Hollywood out there today
    White guys have lost their badness. Even the good looking ones look like soyboys
    Only remotely alpha dudes are Dan Bilzerian, Trump and Connor McGregor. None of them are available to play Bond
    I think Idris is the right choice

    1. You don’t need James Bond. You need me! Moses and Yahweh needed 10 commandments to rule their men. I need only 8. I eat eat fops like Bond for breakfast and shit Idris out for lunch.

    2. Nope! MEN in general and white MEN in particular were never actually “soy” !! Just remove the gender biased laws favoring the weak & inferior pussies and you will see tbe Power of (white) MASCULINITY.
      I guarantee that you literally “piss” in your pants and suddenly discover your “right place” !!

  4. Why are you guys always trying to make it about race . There are many minorities that come to this website for advice etc. no wonder women was able to collectively outsmart men for centuries because they made it about women issues vs men’s . When will you retards learn smh .

    1. Maybe we’ll learn when SJWs and ((()))s like you stop coming here and trying to keep us from saying what we think and steering the talk away from some topics.

    2. You come to this site for advice on HOW TO POACH WHITE WOMEN. And for that, you can get fuct!
      If you were staying in your own league and dating your own women, you wouldn’t need any advice because they are all fat ugly slobs who would fuck anything.

    3. I don’t like that they’re making Bond black but Steve does have a point. This site is supposed to be about masculinity which is something all men regardless of race have.
      Leave the race stuff to other sites.

      1. This falls under politics, and the white-washing that’s currently going on is indeed an attack on white men. Stop being a cuck and just see things for what they are. Just because RoK brings this up, it does not automatically make them the scary “nazi, white supremacist” We should all be able to call a spade a spade, no matter what race we are.

      2. @HAL “supposed to be about masculinity”…Oh; so getting colonized by failed and ugly races of men who rape; destroy; and insult everything about your culture; history; and tribe….ya; that has nothing to do with masculinity. I am sure masculine men of the past were just fine with that type of shit; because we all know masculinity has nothing to do with protecting your tribe or anything right? Masculinity to you must mean going to bars; getting shitface; fucking whores; and having zero point to life.

      3. I’m half cast and I would burn black bond film posters.
        Lets see them ‘do’ me for fricking racism.
        …but the racists on this site kill it.
        Goodness, but they are boring though.

    4. @Steve, sorry to say that this is not an “race” issue. You said MEN must be United. If that is correct, then the Actor (non white; doesn’t matter black, brown, yellow etc) should politely REFUSE to act as James Bond.
      Honestly, I am a brown & I can NEVER ever imagine a non-white James Bond; even if you offer me Billion $$$ !!

    5. Steve, YOU are a retard, and YOU make it about race. We don’t mind black people, we mind the ones who control all of us, using blacks to destroy white culture.

      1. It’s never been a matter of ‘hate.’ I don’t hate termites, rather I understand the nature of the creature and don’t want them in my home to destroy it, same goes for blacks.

          I see what you mean, but you may want to tweak your analogy a bit: what do people eventually do to termites that they find in their home? They call Orkin. Let us not forget what the Nazis did to their “termites” in the 1930s and what happened to the “termites” in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1900s. It looks like separation may be the only real answer. The country’s big enough. Put one racial group over here, the others over there, the junkies and hippies over here, and the fruits, nuts, and Bruce Jenners over there.

        2. @Ajax
          Once whites seperate from blacks and cut off any assistance to them. Blacks will be doomed just the same as calling Orkin.

    6. Eton never graduated a Bond that says “N*gga , Please!”. Haven’t seen a Bond movie yet. But with this next installment, Bond won’t be chasing married chicks but instead tranny strippers and tattoed and pierced wamaloes…Being they are going to go full stupid SJW style. Bond never chased section 8 housing brave and glorious single mumwhores…just saying.

      1. They should be looking at Samuel L Jackson as possible next Bond. Oh wait..they already did Unbreakable and Mr Glass movies….my bad.

      2. Bro; trust me; this black bond will fuck more sexy white women; Virgin white women; than the white bonds EVER fucked. I am sure they will even throw in the cucked white boy. The whole point of leftist is to insult; degrade; and demoralize white men. A black Bond is already full SJW. And the libertarians SLURP IT UP.

    7. It’s the forces of evil that make it about race and sex when they want to take straight, white, male icons and remake them into something else. Then pushback is a surprise?
      There is all this shit today about “cultural appropriation” by the same people who do this.
      You can’t even depict history properly any more. I think it was the movie Dunkirk that caught flak for not being diverse or inclusive enough. Sorry snowflakes but there weren’t any significant Black’s, women, (openly) gay guys or trannies involved in that tale.

  5. You don’t have to hate blacks to boycott this movie. You only need to love the Bond franchise. Black Panther was hyped and all black teens went to the cinema. For a Bond-movie to succeed you need white males in your theater or it will fail. If this goes trough, it will be a flop and the end of the franchise.

  6. 90%+ mixed shanty town USA 50 years from now will praise 00KANG as a classic masterpiece much like whites of nowadays fondly remember the original 007 movies from easier times.

  7. Maybe it won’t be a martini but a beer – a Negroni beer.
    He will probably also have super powers like flying. Maybe if we are lucky he will “beat box” for us.
    And Hollywood wonders why no one wants to watch their movies….

    1. He could have a big ass afro where he pulls out all kinds of weapons like the super globetrotters, if anyone remembers them. LOL!

  8. I think the producers of the film are counting on the type of publicity that articles like this provide to bolster ticket sales. Guilty White Liberals will lay down their hard-earned money – or someone else’s – as soon as Elba is confirmed.

  9. They already made four movies with a gay Bond. This is the next logical atwp in dismantling the franchise. After the absolte trainwreck of “Spectre,” I’m never seeing another one anyway. Much more fun to watch Moore, Connery, and Dalton anyway.

  10. I agree, Especially since the Creator of this website is NOT a White Man. Just one that LOVES White Women… Alot. So I dont understand the need for all the race baiting articles. I bet as much as 50% of the site readers are NON-White. And even the white readers I doubt all agree either. I never got where the assumption was that this was soley a white Natio’nalist site. Cant see anything good that will come out of that that will get this site shut down faster than trying to become Another Storm’Front.
    With that being said Idris Elba is a great actor who was born in London. He could even play a spy. But he is NOT JAMES BOND! Ian Fleming depicted him as a White Englishman & Thats it! I dont think they should change his race or gender in the quest for diversity. They should instead create NEW charactors Not Recast Old ones that have been already established. Thats it! No racism needed to get that point across.

    1. Roosh is caucasian. Having very dark hair, eyebrows, and beard does not make a person non-white. Kid, you need to study up a little more on racial characteristics and clues as to what major race a person is fully or mostly connected to.

      1. RIIIIIGHT…….. About as White as Osam’a Bi’n La’den.. Ever think of putting a Turbi’n on his head & see how close he looks. Daryus’h Valizade’h is just about as White as ole Bob Smith down the corner…. Keep telling yourself that buddy! By the way Sean Connery Also has Dark hair & eyebrows & wears a beard sometimes….(Indys Father) No mistake ever givin there.. I think everyone understand Sean Connery was white. Your Anology was silly old guy. I agree with the poster who said Tom Hardy would be a good match by the way. And I was being Generous when I said Idris was a good actor… Hes a Okish.. actor

        1. @ Cavalier: exactly. We don’t need turd worlders muddying the waters, we have plenty of diversity within our own race.

        2. GOD, you are just a moron. Roosh’s skin looks lighter than mine, and I have pure northern and western Euro genetics, blue eyes, and we have traced birth and baptismal records to centuries ago in Scandinavia and Brit Isles.
          He has a Euro high IQ, is wise about the j’s, and is not afraid to write or print articles about the folly of diversity and where our white societies are heading. And there is quite a bit of caucasian blood in the middle east but often it has been corrupted by Islam and inbreeding.
          If he ain’t white, then he’s one of the best crusaders for our cause I’ve ever seen.

        3. God, You can definitely criticise the bond franchise if they subvert the story with a black actor. Bond aside(as with a black Heimdal in the Thor movies) I rate Idris as an awesome actor, when given a good role. Have you watched The Wire, or Luther? I always thought he was American, until I started watching him in English TV roles. He has a real, genuine, old school masculine presence that is sadly lacking in many soy boy male actors of today. British blacks are culturally very English in their outlook, not primarily uneducated, violent gang bangers like in the States.
          Admittedly Christian Bale or Tom Hardy would really fit the bill perfectly as Bond. Bond needs to stay white or he is irrelevant.
          Blacks or any other minority should start up their own movie franchises. Black Bond = less profit for the franchise, a bad financial decision.

        4. “Blacks or any other minority should start up their own movie franchises.”
          The only thing blacks can start up is the cars they steal.

      2. I’ve always agreed with that. Even though he has quite the persecution complex and a lot of paranoia regarding WNs, which leads to some unfounded antagonism, Roosh is basically an Aryan, and if not he’s honorary in my book.

      3. the phrase Caucasian clusters the european subrace + caucasian, some indo-iranian and even north african subraces into one Caucasian/white race term
        most commonly relating to ‘european’ whites

    2. As a man originally from a similar part of the world with a similar complexion to Roosh, and similar views on things, let me say, Roosh is very different in mentality from a Southern European man of a similar complexion.
      Admittedly, he clearly favors traditional western culture and has a lot of sympathy for the white man.
      But his blood is Middle Eastern. His father is Muslim. You can’t erase that.
      He has said before he enjoys his swarthy, hairy, sex obsessed “rapefugee genetics” (direct quote from one of his livestreams)
      There is a reason he lives in Poland. Because Poland is known to be great for brown men. He knows what he is.
      Nothing sinister in it, but white guys needn’t be fooled in thinking that his mentality is the same as a swarthy Southern European guy.
      I have been called ‘white’ or ‘European’ by brown, black, white and Asian people, but in my soul I have always been brown. I enjoy the privileges of looking Caucasian to both Asian, Indian and black girls.
      I also enjoy looking like a swarthy guy to the Anglo Caucasian girls.
      To Roosh’s credit, he has never tried to deceive anyone of what race he identifies with, or his intentions.
      He has helped men of all races

      1. Roosh, like Tiger Woods, has the mind of a white man but the SOUL of a black man.
        The brotha has SOUL
        Where do you think he gets his stinky armpits (that he needs baking soda for) and big Persian dick from?
        He is descended perhaps 30% from the slaves of Persia, stolen from Ethiopia
        Roosh is an Ethiopian KANG
        He is quietly helping the black man bum the white woman
        I Salut you BROTHER Roosh, under cover brother, covert KANG

  11. I had read a couple of years ago that they were exploring the idea of a woman 007. Well they realized that all the other in your face feminist movies flopped so they will go with this instead. I won’t watch it. Never.

  12. I used to hate blacks, now I don’t as long as I can keep them out of my life.
    Can’t stand the way they look, talk or dress, their music, their culture etc. basically everything hence I try to deal with them as least as possible.
    Thanks God in the country I live, provided you steer clear of a couple of nightlife hotspots, you won’t basically bump into any person of African descent.
    When it comes to entertainment, as a rule in order not to be be submerged with Bantus on screen I skip American products. Korean dramas and movies are generally compelling and fun enough and, not surprisingly, no blacks are hired even as extras, praised be the Lord.

    1. “Thanks God in the country I live, provided you steer clear of a couple of nightlife hotspots, you won’t basically bump into any person of African descent. ”
      You are a very lucky man. Most are a net drain on a society’s resources and are amazingly gifted at ruining anything they touch. Whether it’s a neighborhood or an entire country.

    2. You retarded fool. It took other races this long to take the red pill when black men was the pioneers of it . We were aware of women’s nature way longer than you lil dick motherfuckers . I see cacuasian men still getting married in the masses . Black culture is the blue print for most of the Mgtow and red pill sites . Most white men are blue pillers

  13. Funny fact – Dusan Popov, the Serbian (then yugoslavian) secret agent, who worked as a triple agent for MI6, Abwehr and Yugoslavian secret service, also served as Ian Fleming’s primary inspiration for the character of James Bond.
    ”The assignments given to him were of great value to the British in assessing enemy plans and thinking.His most important deception was convincing the Germans that the D-Day landings would be in Calais, not Normandy, and was able to report back to MI6 that they fell for this deception, which corroborated Bletchley Park’s decryption of Lorenz cipher machine messages. Popov was famous for his playboy lifestyle, while carrying out perilous wartime missions for the British.”×450.jpg
    and hollywood can fuck right off

  14. Fuck James Bond. It’s douch-bags like him that got us into our current predicament. Bond is an asshole, you would not want to hang around with him, he’s a loner. He will fuck your woman, fuck up your plans and fuck up your shit(personal property); all with a license, a get-out-of-jail-free-card, he can’t be held accountable for sinking your yacht, killing your dogs and employees(henchmen) and murdering your wife and children. He is also an orphan raised by the state to be loyal to (((them))) no matter what. His very existence is predicated on serving (((The System))) and without that system he is absolutely nothing more than a cold blooded psychopathic killer. (((Their))) enemies are his enemies. What would an extremely aggressive and violent man like Bond be doing if he was not “employed” and shielded (from consequences which every reader here must face every day of their lives) by MI6/governmentmilitarylawenforcement? He would be a criminal because stealing/blowing up shit/murder/hypergamy/etc. is considered unethical,immoral and criminal. Unless of course they are done in furtherance of (((state))) and not +++personal+++ objectives. In the end its just a stupid fictional character in a stupid fictional Hollyweird movie. So they want to put perfume on a pig, who cares? (((They))) are always casting their pearls before swines…

  15. RIIIIIGHT…….. About as White as Osam’a Bi’n La’den.. Ever think of putting a Turbi’n on his head & see how close he looks. Daryus’h Valizade’h is just about as White as ole Bob Smith…. Keep telling yourself that buddy! By the way Sean Connery Also has Dark hair & eyebrows…. No mistake ever givin there..

  16. It’s pretty simple, bring Idris on and then look at the $ return. Personally I think the guy is a crap actor but he has a massive physical presence making him good in action films…Think Stallone etc.
    Bond is action but it’s more, more character, more presence, more intelligence than Idris could realistically deliver as an actor. Big plus…. He’s too old.
    Personally I think that Tom Hardy would fit.

    1. Hardy was great in Bronson and Warrior but maybe he’s a bit too rough and working class and his face a bit too intense and dramatic for escapist fantasies like the 007 franchise.
      Albeit it would be definitely an interesting choice.

  17. Great article. At this point it’s obvious that “they” are trolling us, taunting us, antagonizing us on purpose. They WANT us to rise up and start attacking them so they can call in their attack dogs and really have at it. There is only one way to take down this machine and they are deathly afraid of it. For hints, read Siege.
    If you are still even considering seeing ANY Hollywood movie, for free or otherwise, you are still pretty beta and blue-pilled. After you fully understand how this shit works you can never watch another major film again – it becomes incredibly tiresome and boring and predictable.
    The beast is pushing, poking, and prodding at us. They won’t be satisfied until we are in full warfare. Everyone has been saying it for years so you better start listening – work out, amass firearms and ammo, detach yourself from mainstream life, and get ready to rock and roll.

    1. “amass firearms and ammo”? Even the Social Security Administration and the National Weather Service are buying millions of rounds of ammo. You really think you stand a snowballs chance? There is no bigger, more well funded, better trained, better equipped and more technologically advanced organization anywhere in the world than the U.S. Department of Defense. And some weight lifting guys with a few guns, very little common sense and absolutely no social or financial support is going to take on the beast? Every revolution requires money. Who funded the American Revolution? (((They))) did. Who is going to fund your revolution? (((They))) will. Just like they did with the Bolsheviks and the Nazis.
      They are perfecting their extermination methods on the Muslims presently and when the time is right they will go through all the dissidents in America – keyboard warriors because there is really little else – like crap through a goose. You won’t get a chance to die on feet like a man, both guns blazing, because they will snatch you while your taking a crap or shopping for groceries or by drone strike from 1/2 a mile away. You will be labeled a domestic terrorist and all your family and friends will immediately denounce you in horror on the 6 o’clock news to save their own skins, just like they did in Russia and China. Get with the program dude, we’re screwed, blued and tattooed. Optimism is cowardice.

        1. Blind Ignorant Optimism = High Morale. Interesting “thinking” and “strategy” you got there.

  18. I think Russel Crow would be the perfect Bond.
    Has age, and depth – action veteran, also can put on the English-Posh/cynic(calibrated as required) a la “A good Year”.
    however, not in the cards for the new agenda of whitey replacement…

      1. @Automatic Slim Jesus H. Christ… I wouldn’t make it through that movie alive if someone forced me to watch it–I’d have beaten myself to death with the nearest solid object.

    1. Not Aunt Jemima for Christ’s sake!
      How about Mrs. Butterworth?
      She has an ass as flat as a pancake!

      1. It was actually Harriet Tubman. The picture they were going to use looked like Aunt Jemima. Not the new PC version seen in stores today. A fat black woman with a kerchief around her head. It was Obongo that signed off on the change but Trump reversed it. I would never have had in my possession a 20 dollar bill thereafter.

  19. 1. For a major motion picture (as opposed to some art house thing like Ladybird) to succeed these days, it needs to attract young “urban” (i.e. black) males. Common knowledge in Hollywood. Hence the “diverse” casts in Star Wars. Hence a black Bond.
    2. Who cares about James Bond these days? That was a character that was relevant from the days of beehive hairdos and miniskirts to the days of mood rings and flare pants. The Bond franchise should have been euthanized after Man With a Golden Gun (1974). But it’s a broken down old cow that’s still being milked because Hollywood lost its creativity long ago.

  20. Can’t these SJW’s invent their own characters?
    In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a James Bond fan. I don’t watch the films, new or old. It does not interest me and I couldn’t care less if the Bond character was retired completely.
    However, changing James Bond to a black man makes no sense since his character is based entirely on a white British guy.
    For comparison: Think back to “The Karate Kid,” a classic from 1984. The entire film revolved around the concept of two people (Daniel and Myagi) who were from entirely different cultures, different generations, and had *nothing* in common. Their bond started with karate and grew much deeper. It’s a good story for that reason. If Myagi was a 17 year old white surfer dude from Van Nuys, the plot has a major setback.
    This is a case of casting a film with a black guy simply to make a statement, and a rather dumb one. The only statement being made when this is all said and done, is a poor box office showing–think along the lines of the recent “Ghostbusters” numbers.

    1. “Can’t these SJW’s invent their own characters?” No, they can’t. To create a powerful character with whom the audience can identify, you first have to hold profound moral values and aspire to a heoric mode of being. SJWs lothe the idea that something is more valuable than other things. All must be equal, therefore nothing and no one can be special. Well, that destroys a potential hero right there… SJWs are also incredibly racist, because they only look at someone skin-deep. They think the color of someone’s skin (and not their character and actions) define who that person is. It’s really hard to create a new type of hero who doesn’t try to rise above others (because of mandatory equality), who doesn’t pursue chicks (because that is sexist), who isn’t male (because all men are evil), who is a permanent victim (because otherwise he’d be an oppressor and therefore evil), but who is badass enough to inspire all the SJWs to rebel against the establishment. Mental gridlock.

  21. “Why not an adventure-packed biopic with ROOSH to portray Martin Luther King”
    Hilarious! The reaction of “others” will be more than Hilarious !!

    1. Better idea. Have someone WHITE to play MLK. Too bad Paul Lynde or Slim Pickens are no longer with us. Either would have been perfect for the part.

      1. Naw, wouldn’t be realistic. Lynde and Pickens wouldn’t make good drunk, commie, womanizing “reverends.”

  22. Don’t care that much who plays him. Care more about the fact that now seeing the film means having anti-white and anti-white male subject matter spewn throughout the film in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Not paying money to be lectured and insulted so forget seeing this crap.

  23. This is very bad and I will never watch any of these movies. I was watching “Goldfinger” last night and that was James Bond.

  24. Casino Royale and From Russia with love are the best in my opinion. Shit like this makes me hate (((them))) that much more.

  25. Aw come on you know how much stuff gets white washed in Hollywood!? Death note, the last avatar, Dragon ball z movie, Prince of Persia, iron fists, God’s of Egypt and many more. The few films that minorities get over a white actor and some white people lose their mind. Calm down people it’s just a couple bond films I’m sure the next 50 bonds films will be as white as the Jonas brothers holding a concert in Antarctica.

  26. Does it depress you even a little bit that Idris Elba is rich as fuck and can get any woman he wants while all of you are depressing fat losers typing out these sad little comments from ur parents basements?? Jw

  27. A black guy can play Bond. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the actor will be used in order to make films where masculinity and especially white western male masculinity will be trashed and condemned. Why pay to go see something that is basically making you sit for 2 hours to have insults thrown at you? No thanks.

  28. I’m OK with a black James Bond. Bond would still be a male. There was talk about a year or so ago of the actress who placed Scully in “The X Files” playing a female “Jane” Bond. The franchise would definitely not have survived that move.

  29. Bond is dead. He saw the writing on the wall and got out of the business after Spectre. The PC Panderers could at least give their new faux Bond-ish poser a new name and number. Anything less is a blow to any hint of credibility.

  30. You can bet your 401k that the james bond theme/score will produced by future, migos, or some other hip hop asshole.

  31. If (((they))) defile white culture, then we should defile their icons.
    For example, how about a Chinese Golem of Prague, with a Cherokee as the rabbi who summons it?
    Make them learn that you reap what you sow! Newton’s Third Law, gentlemen!

    1. Another idea: minorities and women as the villains in all kind of stories. I mean, don’t they want diversity? If minorities and women are demanded as heroes, then they should also be villains! Now that’s real diversity!

  32. Im not a fan of blackwashing …like im not a fan of white washing. Leave it alone-If they must diversify, I dont understand why they cant just include another character into the James bond universe. I have no problem with a black MI6 character….but he cannot be thee “James Bond”. He doesnt have to compete with James Bond either . Doesn’t matter even if the character is fictional. The UK, is majority white country whose colonial legacy and great wealth drew the diversity it has.But its still known for being white, so i don’t expect characters to change colors.
    btw……IM, Black with some,interestingly enough, 13%+-(British Isles)/11%+-Japanese ancestry according to a dna test. Great grandmother’s surname was”jergensen”. but I digress. They should leave the character WHITE, coming from a malt liquor drinking boy from the hood. Don’t pander to me or liberals

  33. “My name is Bondevious. J-Marquise Bondevious.”
    Can’t wait to see the reboots!
    “Dr. No He Didn’t”
    “From Inglewood With Love”
    “Diamonds Are Fo’ Real”
    “The Welfare is Not Enough”
    “The Man With the Golden Grill n Sheeit”
    “License To Steal”

    1. Ghetto Royale
      Abort and Let Die
      Hymens ain’t Forever
      From Africa with AIDS
      Dr Sheeeit
      For Muh Dik Only
      The Cop Who Shot Me
      On Her Majesty’s Welfare
      You Only Cook Ice
      The Man with the Stolen Gun
      License to Deal
      A View to Steal
      Muh Niggah Never Tries
      Quantum of Welfare

    2. Ghetto Royale
      Abort and Let Die
      Hymens ain’t Forever
      From Africa with AIDS
      Dr Sheeeit
      For Muh Dik Only
      The Cop Who Shot Me
      On Her Majesty’s Welfare
      You Only Cook Ice
      The Man with the Stolen Gun
      License to Deal
      A View to Steal
      Muh Nigģăh Never Tries
      Quantum of Welfare

  34. Black guy here ,
    I don’t want a black guy playing James Bond . Bond is a white guy and I dont think it’s appropriate for a black guy to be cast in his role . Just like I would never want to see a black Batman .
    Also, I think casting Idris as 007 is just lazy story telling .
    Instead of having a black “James Bond movie” why don’t they give Idris his own spin-off or character in the series . Call him 009 or something. That would be even better for long term story telling than “black bond “.
    While I’m not in favor of a black 007 I think it would be great to have a 009 (or whatever number character) Straight, clean cut, Masculine alpha personality portrayed for black men on screen . Black men are portrayed as weak beta males in the media. (Rightfully so, as 90% of black males are weak, and female minded because they were raised with no father in the home)
    Just my 2 cents.

  35. Why the Oligarchy is promoting global race mixing ?
    search online for: KALERGI PLAN
    …but not on Wikipedia, as they removed it

  36. I’ve heard of sex change. But race change?
    I didn’t see Spectre. And I haven’t watched a movie since Borne Legacy. Truth is, I have no further time to waste with the shit Hollywood or, in the case of Bond, Pinewood spews.
    I am sigma. Movies, television shows, professional or colleciate sports, concerts; all that shit is for time-wasters who have no life.
    Fuck James Bond. The books are boring as hell too.

  37. All you fools can seay what you want but black men are the true pioneers of the red pill / mgtow. We were aware of women’s nature way before cacuasian men . White men are the most blue pill men in society . Their economic prosperity blinds them of women’s true nature . Black masculinity is the blue print for everyone of these websites . Get upset if you want but black men were the first to fight back against feminism

    1. I’m white and spent my younger days cold approaching these stinky pussies…Trust me, not going to prison and having a job are more important to white men then stinky pussy! White women and any non-black women in the West are too unpredictable!
      I asked for a phone number from a waitress…After asking, she cried and got upset and ran to the back of the kitchen to get the manager! This guy was irate at first and confronted me in the parking lot…I got him to calm down after I explicitly told him that I just asked for her phone number.
      Black men go after white women because black females are fat, ugly, nasty and manly as f%&#!
      Its a lot harder to get white females because they can pick and choose from thousands of men within 10 miles of her address on dating apps. A white guy in his 20’s with huge muscles, washboard abs, thug tatts, wide brimmed hats, with hair shaved to a 1 or zero on the back and sides and any blacks/Hispanics that act just as thuggish are more appealing to her then a pasty nobody w/ a job!
      White women are attracted to someone who dresses and acts like they’re 12 years old! This is how society is today! It sucks and it will take a couple hundred nukes to start all over again! In 10 years, women might not date you unless you tattoo your face.

  38. Wasn’t going to see it anyway. There’s too many damn remakes and sequels to the same stories that have been rehashed for ages. Why bother going to the movies it’s all the same 4 movies when you think about it.

  39. How do you go from a suave, lean 6’2′ Atlanto Mediterranean British Isles agent (Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, and Brosnan) to a geriatric (Roger Moore, though he did great work in TSWLM and FYEO) by the time Octopussy debuted to a East Baltic Putin musclebound mid 2000’s thug clone? Dalton and Connery will always be what Ian Flemings described.
    The black actor they want is already too old for the part. Just don’t pay to see it! It will make box office millions though!

  40. You Fukin Morons are still here arguing weather your leader is White or Not ? I thought this post was about Idris who we All agreed was a bad choice for Bond or Any other Non hite for that matter that wasnt from Great Britian. What Only a White Nat’ionalist can come to that conclusion ? @ SgtHulka You can suck My Balls! He agrees to Alot of things a White Nat’ionalist might agree too but he will Never be acepted as one & he has mentioned Numerous times that he is NOT White. End of story! I even threw in a little video for good humour!

  41. Bond is faggotry. SHAME ON YOU for falling for such WANK as the ‘james bond’ stories.
    they are just ‘tin-tin’ for bedwetting mummies boys and servile stateists.
    Bond is a U.K. government agent so in real life he would be gay like all the mi5 and mi6 coprophiles.
    Get this straight, the mi5 and mi6 that ‘bond’ is supposed to represent are NOT ‘heroes’, they are NOT ‘warriors’, they are NOT ‘masculine’ , they are STASI.
    Nasty, creeping, cowardly little vermin STASI.
    These filthy, perverted, nebbishy nathaniels and joshuas, mummies boys and bedwetting little shits SERVE the monsterous ZOG state that pushes LGBTQP and all kinds of sickness in the schools and media.
    They are NOT anything like these movies , they are STASI.
    Bond works for, SERVES the sick gay, zionist, userous, LBGTQP promoting, aristocratic parasite class that farms the rest of us like free range tax slaves and have an army of uniformed order folowers to ‘police’ us.
    Bond is a character invented by a homosexual british stasi agent to promote a false mythical narrative that the british stasi are ‘real men’ and not boy-f*cking, perfume wearing, cocktail sipping faggotsm who SERVE the most evil , grasping bunch of chosenites whio have wormed thier way into ‘society’ and keep the rest of us in servitude while they teach our kids to be vain, shallow, fashion obsessed sodomites.
    Shame on you. i sh!t on bond and anyone who likes this disgusting crap.

  42. I predict it will flop and the media will sensationalize it as “Alt right nazis attack black Bond”

  43. … You Fukin Morons are still here arguing weather your leader is White or Not ? I thought this post was about Idris who we All agreed was a bad choice for Bond or Any other Non hite for that matter that wasnt from Great Britian. What Only a White Nat’ionalist can come to that conclusion ? @ SgtHulka You can suck My Balls! He agrees to Alot of things a White Nat’ionalist might agree too but he will Never be acepted as one & he has mentioned Numerous times that he is NOT White. End of story! I even threw in a little video for good humour!


  44. The author is racist.
    “I have no idea how the puppet masters will spin the plot without the audience worldwide bursting in laughter at the sight of a Black James Bond, trying to be believable.”

  45. I’m writing this comment for the slim chance that someone else with a reasonable head sees this and knows he’s not the only sane person in a room full of lunatics.
    ROK used to be dope (~2014). Somehow over the years it morphed into Stormfront’s inbred cousin—never mind the fact that the site’s leader is fucking Persian.
    Taking to the internet to collectively grieve about a fictional story’s casting choices has got to be the gayest shit anyone can do.
    I’ll throw you a bone. Libs do the same thing. “There’s not enough [insert minority] in this movie/show/commercial! We demand quotas be met!” O hate that shit too. Stop complaining by words. If you care that much, go make your own fucking movie and include all the club-footed black trannies you can source.
    Plot twist—your bitching is the same as theirs.
    I’m not white. I don’t like most white people. Tribalism is real—we tend to get along with people that are like us. That’s why I liked ROK before. It espoused tribalism without favoring one specific tribe. I used to be sympathetic to your zero-sum problems: more diversity means actively selecting against white guys, even if they’re more qualified. I stood up for you. I don’t believe in being chosen just because I’m not white.
    But this shit is disgusting. Crying and lamenting that they’re “stealing” your heroes. Your hero isn’t even real. He’s made up. He was conceived from a pencil making love to a piece of paper.
    Many of the comments here are straight up racist. I use the word “n—-” all the time (“Don’t act like a fucking n—-“). When I say it, I don’t attach race to it. “N—-” is a poverty mindset. But I don’t hate black people just because they’re black. The more I see racist comments by white people here, the more I’m inclined to say, “Well, fuck you too.”
    ROK wasn’t about race before. And if it was, it was backed by reason and sound arguments. Now it’s devolved into “The only things black people can steal are cars.” That’s not a masculine guy behind a screen typing that. That’s a fucking child.
    PS: They turned Jesus white. He was an actual hero. I never saw a commenter here pushing to turn him dark again. I thought fair is fair?

  46. I heard rumor a new Terminator is being made with an all female terminator cast and the next Batman is supposed to be a woman. Can’t wait to see these flop.

  47. Idris Elba is the black they go to when they want one that’s “good-looking” or isn’t “ghetto”. He as James Bond will be awful of course, but not because he’s black, but because the film will be very similar to the other terrible “Bond” movies with Daniel Craig. I’ve been boycotting Hollywood for years. You idiots have only just started to notice the bias and subliminal themes in media because they’re getting bolder and it’s easier for imbeciles like you to notice it.

  48. Now RoK gives a shit about white people? Could have fooled me, what with all the “white woman suck so go down to South America or East Asia and get a woman to mix your genes with so white people disappear” articles.

  49. I don’t see anything wrong with a black man playing a role originally created for a white male. It’s called creative license. The difference between a white man and a black man is only skin deep and maybe culture too. If it was a woman, then I would understand the doubt. Idris Elba is a helluva actor. He’d make a great James Bond. What makes Bond isn’t the color of his skin but the masculine ideals his character lives up to. This is an ideal that any man of any race can aspire to. Just because you don’t think a black man should be Bond doesn’t mean you need to convince other people. It’s a matter of personal taste.

  50. I have an outstanding proposal for you all: don’t pay to watch this film, and that’s all there ever is to it.

  51. AFAIK, Bond was not originally Scottish and Flemming objected to Connery being cast because he didn’t look the part as described in the novels. That was until Flemming saw Connery’s performance and then ret-conned Bond’s Scottish ancestry.
    Daniel Craig as the “Blonde Bond” was a further departure. I think he has done a good job but at the possible expense of passing over other possibilities whose ship may have sailed on the role: Clive Owen, Gerard Butler or Liam Nesson.
    IIRC, “Never Say Never Again” and “Casino Royals” gave a face-lift to CIA agent Felix Letter which is a bit more believable (although I wonder how many black dudes are actually named Felix. . . ever).
    I can tolerate fictional supporting characters with an unlikely casting (ever notice how every Crusades-era flick has a Saracen amongst our merry band of heroes?) or even playing with a major character in an ensemble cast as part of a “re-imagining” (Starbuck and Boomer in Battlestar Galactica), but race/gender/whatever mashing an iconic protagonist who is the primary focus (or wholesale changes as with Ghostbusters) for no apparent reason other than politically correct pandering is just not on.
    The problem is that Hollywood is notoriously uncreative. They rely too heavily on pre-existing material and characters rather their than taking a chance on original characters in an original screenplay. So to get their SJW fix they gender bend and/or give a race lift to successful straight white male characters rather than creating new and interesting characters who by design are not SWM. That would actually take work and talented writers.
    For every Ripley or Sarah Connor there are a number of female action roles that end up as B-movies that can’t create a movie franchise, but seem to find some legs on the small screen: Alias, Nikita, Blind Spot etc.
    For blacks, they seem to have to buy into a stereotype (Shaft) or turn a stereotype on its head (Black Panther – keeping in mind that the wealth and technology of Wakanda is analagous to the riches of Arabian oil shield, but done right).
    The most basic problem is that the American viewing audience doesn’t really want these sorts of identity reboots. More broadly, both men and women simply prefer to see male actors in action roles and in leading roles generally which is why the top male actors are paid more than the top females. Somewhat similarly, minority leads are generally not as popular as white leads for the exact sale reason that SJWs crow about how we need more visible minorities, gays and now trannies: people want to see characters they can identify with. North America is still majority white and overwhelmingly cis-gendered. It is no more racist or [whatever]-phobic for straight whites to prefer straight white protagonists than it is equally racist and cis-phobic for SJWs to demand more “diversity”.

  52. Personally, I think Mr. Elba may make a great “Bond.” I say this because he possesses the qualities of James Bond at his best: Suave, classiness, charisma — not to mention that he can physically handle himself in dangerous situations.
    The only problem with Idris Elba is that he’s black (a British black at that!). Of course, I do understand THE James Bond character at his essence is Scottish. I can definitely see why many commenters have a problem with the aforementioned playing the character. I get it: when it comes to race we draw hardline in the sand. Trust me, I get it.
    For the record, I’m black (actually, I’m mixed with Asian and Latin blood, but I’m sure most people just deem me black, which is fine by me). But, more importantly, I’m a man. As a man, I tend to salute other men both figuratively and literally, in real life as well as in the world of entertainment (fictionalized life).
    My favorite Bonds are Sean and Daniel. If I had to choose a favorite, it will always be Sean, simply because he (at least in my opinion) made Bond both manly and classy.
    Other actors who played Bond (again, in my opinion) expressed Bond’s classy qualities more than his manly qualities. Daniel PROVED that Bond could be 60% manly and 40% classy.
    Idris can definitely add value to the Bond universe. And I personally don’t believe that this is some Hollywood/SocialJustice move on behalf of the decision-makers and Elba. Of course, I can’t speak for Idris or Hollywood movers and shakers. But, I can say that, as a “black” man, I have nothing but love for the Bond that both Sean and Daniel portrayed on screen. And, of course, naturally, I’m interested Idris’s portrayal of Bond. Putting race aside, I am certain that Idris will only add to the manly qualities of James Bond, on screen.

  53. There are 8 other numbers to choose from. The Bourne Legacy was done (basically) without Matt Damon or Jason Bourne. Apparently, 006 is open (given that SEAN BEAN MUST DIE) so why not make spin-off movies? Roughly 90% of the movie dynamics – tropes – don’t have to change but it gives the opportunity to explore a Bond-like character without mere re-booting and re-tweaking 007 and his portrayal.

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