Ben Shapiro Is The Original Tradthot

There’s been plenty of talk about tradthots lately. This long video is particularly entertaining:

Tradthots have several characteristics. They preach they value of living a traditional life but do not practice what they preach. They are not innovators, preferring to let more daring thinkers articulate arguments before they echo those same points. They profit from the dissident right, and are better at profiting from it than those daring thinkers.

With all that in mind it should be blatantly obvious that the biggest and original tradthot is Ben Shapiro.

Ben’s Complete Lack of Masculinity

I always had a problem with Ben but couldn’t begin to explain why until I saw Mike Cernovich quickly answer a question about him in a video. Mike said, in essence, that he doesn’t want to associate with Ben.

Mike crystallized it: Ben is short, weak, prissy, and elitist. He looks frail and sickly. He doesn’t belong near a cultural movement that encourages men to be masculine, women to be feminine, and society to expect both of these. Ben is too androgynous for that.

Here’s a video of Ben trying to talk tough to a tranny. Notice Ben’s body language when the tranny responds to him with a threat.

Ben gets frightened by the guy altering his hormones to be more feminine. He can’t even make eye contact after that. I remember listening to an Adam Carolla podcast after this incident happened. Ben was the guest and said that he filed a battery charge for what you see above. He discusses this topic just one minute in:

For somebody who claims to be so anti-government, he sure ran fast to the government when a tranny threatened him. Is that who you want leading you?  Is that who you want representing your brand?

Ben Does Not Live A Traditional Life

Perhaps Ben has never claimed to be a traditional patriarch. If that’s the case, fair enough. But he certainly praises the nuclear family. And he certainly denounces leftist debauchery. He praises religion and Judeo-Christian (emphasis on Judeo) beliefs. He has become a champion of the traditional family whether or not he openly declared himself in those terms.

As for his nuclear family, he has mentioned many times that his wife his a doctor. Why is she a doctor? Ben makes enough money ripping-off Milo Yiannopoulos’ talking points. He can surely support a family.

And yet his wife is a doctor, one of the most time consuming jobs there is. Who is raising their kids? Why does Ben think her job as a doctor is more important than her job as a mother? Men have to work. It’s part of manhood. It’s not optional for us. It is a choice for women. Is it a Judeo-Christian belief that chasing money is more important than raising your children?

The truth is that Ben Shapiro wants money. And like all tradthots his profession is marketing the arguments of better men as his own. It is not necessary for him to believe or practice what he tells others.

Ben Shapiro Isn’t A Nationalist, He’s An Elitist

Leftist talking points are ridiculous. As such, they’re relatively easy to demolish in intellectual discussion. Ben, as a lawyer by trade, is good at arguing with leftists. He’s very good at the easy arguments.

At the hard arguments he’s a loser.

The biggest of example of this comes from his frequent denouncements of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Say what you want about Trump now, at the time he had a nationalist, patriarchal message. Ben didn’t like that message. He preferred the “conservative” message, the same message globalists want you to hear.

Whereas Trump denounced free-trade agreements as being bad for America, Shapiro loves them. It is more important to him that globalist institutions be able to increase profits than Americans be gainfully employed.

At these arguments he loses. Case-in-point: he bet on American’s continuing faith in the Republican party over Trump’s proud nationalism. He lost that bet. Arguing against snowflakes is easy. Arguing against patriots is difficult. And more importantly, why would you?

If Ben was the man he makes himself out to be he’d be less sickly. He’d hit the gym and do some heavy squats instead of manscaping his eye brows. But Ben has more in common with the tradthots profiting from beta men than he does with the men acknowledging the cultural decline. In the struggle to save America from degenerate globalism Ben Shapiro is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women I literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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188 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro Is The Original Tradthot”

  1. This kind of takes shows why the right is also divided.
    just because he’s Jewish doesn’t mean he’s automatically a bad one or an elite. YES. he was butthurt when Trump says there were good people on both sides during the Charlottesville events ( which I dont agree on Shapiro being offended …). but that doesnt mean you should disregards everything else he’s doing. he’s done some really great conferences in college campuses. and for the white guy here saying he is not masculine enough or a jew, atleast he’s vocal about his opinions. better than sitting down and crying about the bad shit in the world behind the screen.

    1. He is a jew so it is not hard for him to be vocal. A white man saying what he says would get fired from his Job immediately. He also doesn’t say anything that is too over the top, and he goes after low hanging fruit. Ben is the stereotypical cucked globalist piece of shit. People like Ben are a part of the problem.

      1. “A white man saying this would lose his job” so would Ben if he wasn’t a business owner, you sound butthurt

        1. a well-known white gentile conservative will be accepted in harvard in 2005? since he already are then. come on. it’s obviously a ((( privilege ))) thing

        1. “Are the ovens in Auschwitz still in operation?
          If not, my local Domino’s Pizza has a big enuff one.”
          ***LOL, this is not original, I read it somewhere***

    2. If we haven’t learnt by now that Jews are only in it for their (((tribe))) then we are like the beaten wife that keeps going back to the husband that mistreats us.
      Heh ‘Third world man’ shilling for The (((cause))) get the fuk outta here.

    3. Completely agree. Once I read the anti-Jew reference in the article, the rest just sounded like Charlie Brown’s parents talking…WONK WONK WONK….
      Not all guys will be power lifters and body builders. Some will miss the gym and instead sit in a darken office in the New Mexico desert quietly inventing the atomic bomb, or in a garage inventing the PC.

      1. Funny thing is, the writer talks like he’s such a masculine man or that his wife isn’t working (considering he’s married) but publishes no information about his personal life. Would love to see if mr hide behind a pseudonym is practicing what he presched. Also if we’re gonna attach “masculinity” to how much we lift well then let’s see a vid of you lifting some big ass weight Jared

      2. Funny thing is the PC wasn’t even invented in a garage. That’s just Hollywood mythology dumbfuck.
        Pick up a book sometime.
        Maybe Steve Job’s autobiography where he explicitly made it clear what did and did not happen in the garage.
        *palm to forehead*

        1. Thanks Bannedby ROK you made my day. I love it when dipshits like you sipping wine in your man panties think you know a little about your little Facebook appliance.
          So let me school you friend. Officially, the first Personal Computer was invented and sold as a kit (Altair 8080) in 1975. You had to put it together (Possibly in your garage since you also used a soldiering iron) and you had to have a little bit of electronics assembly knowledge put one together. I know because I had one. 1976, Steve Wozniak invented and assembled the motherboard PC that required that the buyer add a keyboard and power supply only, no other assembly required. That was called the Apple I. Apple II came out a year later, a Completed PC. NO OTHER company including HP or IBM offered a PC at that time (IBM came out in 1981). So yes, you moron, it was invented as we know it today in a garage. Lesson complete.

        2. No dumbfuck, just coz a consumer assembles the product in his garage does not mean the computer was invented in the garage.
          If I build a wheel in my garage, does it logically follow that wheels were invented in garages?
          > implying Sumerians had garages. lol
          As I said, pick up the book before perpetuating dumbfuck Hollywood mythologies.
          Steve Jobs and Wozniak occasionally tested their final products in his garage. They invented nothing in the garage. I know, such nuanced distinctions are far too subtle and complex for simpletons in need of myths and heroes, real or imagined, but mostly the latter.

        3. Where did I say anything about inventing the computer in a garage? Turing invented the computer. All we hear from you is dumbfuck this and read a book that. Well school us by telling us how the PC PERSONAL COMPUTER business started. What was unique about the PC that was DIFFERENT than any computer that came before it. What factors did guys like Woz have to overcome to make the PC? If they are all the same, and no one did anything unique in the garage. Then WHY didn’t we have PC’s decades before? You really have nothing to add to this conversation because you really don’t know the difference between a computer that filled an entire room and the one in your hand. Why APPLE is able to patent any of the tech in an iPhone as a unique application of that tech.. Its all based on some thing that came before it. Because according to your logic, they didn’t invent anything just built phones from tech from the TVVideo industry and IC chips from various patents that came before. So before you jump in with some more childish “your a dumbfuck” sewage out of your vagina mouth, please “seriously” give us the benefit of you vast book learning and teach us how the PC came about, and why its different than anything that came before it.

      3. Or sitting in a IDF cubicle working hard spreading hasbara bullshit. CODENAME: Voxman.

        1. Or could be trolling not having a clue who Pearl Buck was, but thought…cool name like a “I live in a world called Star Wars” kind of way!
          Meanwhile as he looks up who Pearl Buck was…….he crafts a response based on recently acquired knowledge. But he’s a troll….so no reply needed….

    4. voxman
      agree with you. and the funny thing is that he is more american than these two “offended” fuckers….while they’re crying and bitching about how whites are deceived….at least there are actual people who are vocal about it. you HAVE bigger problems regarding the mental illness that is called liberals…..

      1. @TWMAN, indeed there are “few” offended, insecure, in-competent & but hurt fuckers here; always “ready” to blame, insult & denigrate other MEN.

        1. Ravi,
          sometimes I wonder, what is the real difference between them and the liberal sjw ? lol in term of the same principle they apply to be offended.

        Once again… Jews are NOT more American, in fact they are the least American of all immigrant classes in the USA because they do not assimilate and keep their communities exclusively Jewish all while poisoning Gentile communities.

    5. Just because he’s a Jew doesn’t automatically mean that he’s a bad one or an elite. And yet, the author of the article you are commenting on never made that argument. This is simply classic cuck rhetoric on your part. You feel compelled to blindly defend him precisely because he’s a Jew.
      Let’s look at a statement that actually separates the serious thinkers from the airheads and phonies, the real nationalists/patriots from the shills and traitors, and, as you would put it: the good ones from the bad ones.
      Just because an American is a hardcore Zionist doesn’t automatically mean he’s a bad one or an elite. Is this statement True or False?
      If you answered “True” you can’t be taken seriously in a conversation like this.

    6. Hes a Zionist. He criticizes white people for wanting racial homogeneity, but defends Israel’s nationalism to the death.
      Idc if a Jew is a nationalist, but it pisses me off when they are hypocritical about it.

      1. Israel’s interests are not identical to America’s. An American Israel-firster is traitor.

    7. THIRDWORLDMAN, it’s clear you are very ignorant about the Jewish issue, and I suspect you are either a closet liberal or some other goon who worships money. Most likely you are either of Anglo or French / Norman extraction, because only a fool would be so supportive and defensive of Jews in the manner you are. Not all Jews are part of the elite structure, and that makes them all the more dangerous. All Jews are liars and troublemakers to Non-Jews. The fact that you cannot realize that and defend a beta cuck and scumbag like Ben Shapiro speaks volumes about you.
      You are defending a jew who has connections and abilities to do the things he does, whereas an average White person would be slandered and disrupted a lot more.
      Shame on you, you Jew Sympathizer

  2. Not a huge fan of the guy but at least he will still give the “song and dance” while taking on feminists in the MSM. I’ve seen him give a good smack down to liberals and feminists on the news. Also create some chaos on college campuses. Fine by me. But yeah he is not completely with the movement. Just a guy who right now finds parroting such beliefs are good to pad his bank account.

    1. What do you expect he is full blown JOOISH! Just another Goldstein at it collecting his shekels!

    2. He’s great at showing the idiocy of most SJW positions. I enjoy it when he does exactly that, and yet, I also cringe because I see him as a leader of what has essentially become a deal between enemies of SJWs, Identity Politics, etc and Israel-First traitors: You can be politically incorrect, you can criticize feminists, gay activists, Black Lives Matters, etc. and we will not destroy you, BUT… here is the deal with the devil: You MUST support Israel, vocally and regularly.
      It’s sickening. And it almost makes one believe in some of the conspiracy theories which assert that the culture wars are supported by Zionists precisely to create this no-win choice for the Goyim.

    1. The difference between Milo and Ben is that Ben is fairly well-read, which becomes quite blatant when watching some of his debates. Milo strikes me as a gay guy who likes to stir the pot. As a Harvard law graduate, it’s needless to say that Ben is no stranger to pouring over documents and literature. All the ROK is doing here is speculating about his life, assuming he doesn’t work out and basing his assertiveness off a live debate where a tranny grabbed his neck. I’d like to note that he’s doing a hell of a lot more fighting against liberalism than any ROK author or commentor on here ever will.

      1. Milo is a good speaker but Ben is brilliant debater. I’ve rarely seen anyone who can come up with better improvised answers to questions than him.

        1. Are you kidding me…it is so easy to debate a liberal SJW if you just formulate a couple of analogies and or comebacks to what you know is going to be asked by the predictable leftist. That is literally all he does. He is nothing special.

        2. @Wes the Great
          Well he is special because I certainly don’t see a lot of other guys readily engaging in these debates on campuses, live television, etc.

        3. @Burton, that is because Ben gets lots of (((funding))) from trad-cons. He is also a Jew so he is still a part of the victim group. A straight white man saying anything like what he says would have his life destroyed, and that white dude definitly couldn’t depend on WHITE LIBERARIAN FAGGOTS to defend him. He also doesn’t say anything that remotely awesome. Plus, he supports banning abortion…which would be awesome if you wanted this country to be an overpopualted third world socialist shithole.
          There is nothing about Ben that is awesome or great. His trad-con thinking is why white man is losing his country, it is why white man cannot speak his opinion in his own country, it is why white man is a detriblized group of fucking cowards, and it is why we are about to start ww3 for Israel. GROW A FUCKING BRAIN DUDE.

        4. I’m not saying he is a great think, but that I’ve often been struck by how incisive his replies are. Someone mentioned his legal training, and it shows: he is able to hone in on exactly the point of weakness in his opponent. Beyond that I’m not claiming any great insight or virtue

        5. @wes
          Yep if it were an alt right white guy debating the same topics the media would rip him apart but because Ben is a (((chosenite))) and is most likely a controlled opposition plant he is allowed free reign.

        6. @ Wes tear it up then man, put yourself out there, start debating, practice what you preach… you’re not just an online tradthot are you?

        7. when you listen to some of the shit Ben says, its really backwards. He has a good delivery of “Thats a dumb idea, because X” Like when he argued for free trade. His argument was that those dollars come back to America no matter what, which is pretty effin stupid because they come back in the form of Bonds from the Japanese and Chinese. So the money is coming back, but we are going to have to pay it back again with interest.

  3. Ben Shapiro is also a J3w. Look at his Israehell support and his Turkish face. Fucking lowlife J3w plant.

    1. This why we are doomed the constant jew bashing. Its tiring. There are also sorts of jews Ive met many good ones. Man up and stop blaming jews for your problems.

    2. 6 Million, a very low life jew at that. The way he talks you can tell he is a typical pragmatic fast talking jew. Not to be trusted. Jews play on both sides, so you do not see they only stand on one side. That’s why they created the Left / Right dichotomy.
      Right Wingers still have covert agendas of their own, they are just far better at hiding it and preserving injustices that don’t immediately appear to the eye as with Liberals and Democrats.

  4. He’s a smart guy and while I certainly wouldn’t consider him an ROK fellow traveller, he’s definitely not one of our adversaries either.
    However, I do personally despise (((Shapiro’s))) smugness, high horse attitude, and his rapid-fire speech delivery like he’s constantly auditioning for some (((Aaron Sorkin))) movie to prove just how right he is.
    Slow…….DOWN. And try and be a bit more humble.

      1. Ben Shapiro is a lot of things, but smug is not one of them.
        Just coz u don’t like the way someone talks, a standard deviation above your IQ, does not make someone smug.
        Protip: look up smug in the dictionary
        Cathy Newman, Hillary Clinton are examples of smugness.

        1. Every comment I’ve made about him acknowledges hist intelligence. As for his appearance he has a profoundly smug face. I said he is smug. By that I mean only that this is how he comes across. I am not commenting about the inner recesses of his heart, but his smug face. Personally I don’t mind the guy particularly, but his position re. Trump was retarded

    1. lol, I actually appreciate his smugness. Especially when retaliating with rude Leftists.

    2. Why do people even listen to the guy? He brings nothing new to the table and he’s not entertaining. He just regurgitates talking points in a robotic voice.

    3. Ben’s rapid speech is a surefire sign common among Jews, Witches and Psychopaths that they lack true empathy and low activity in the frontal cortex of their brain. The words come out kind of like “sludge” and the words are just bunched up together. These manipulators are able to get people to believe anything at will on a whim, because they are able to speak so rapidly and juggle a bunch of concepts at once to distract the listener of their ability to fully think anything out. Of course, Jews always mix in a little bit of truth with their lies. But never trust a fast speaker! And ALL JEWS are Liars and DANGEROUS.

  5. While Ben is totally a fag (homoest voice ) I’m not Gonna fault the guy for his wife being a doctor. That’s actually a great thing. His kids will be better equipped to be successful down the road. They’ll hire nannies and tutors and see their parents as hardworking adults to look up to

    1. Do you think that the Jew will care for you? The J3w is using Trump to rally white American men to fight world war 3 for Israhell!

      1. Are you a scared of chit Russkie phagboy? Isrealis dont need us they have attacked Syria many times without our help. Just last weekend and the Russians did nothing. No retaliation no sending Russian jets to confront. The Russians are scared to take on Isreal and they are scared to take on the USA. No WW3 the Russians have a weak military compared to USA.

    2. That’s retarded. Even if a maid raises their kids, who’s gonna raise the maid’s children??
      Somewhere down the line it’s gonna bite you in the ass.
      Women belong in the kitchen.
      White cucks really need to get that through their thick feminine brains.

  6. Ben Shapiro is definitely someone I would have bullied and marginalized when I was in school. Beta Male to the extreme.

    1. So you’re some ghetto rat who picked on the white kids you were secretly jealous of? Duly noted.

      1. Ben Shapiro is a Jew. His loyalty does not lie with white people but if Jews. Cucked white men need to get that through their head.

        1. Jews are a religion – there are blond blue eyed jews, dark skinned ones from ME and Arabia, even black ones. And yes the “American” Seinfeld version – white but dark hair and eyes. Jews are not monolithic

        2. @ (((Whitepride)))
          Jews are race and religion and they will happily switch and morph between the two as defence or for strategic advantage.
          J3ws conduct DNA testing on people claiming J3wish heritage attempting to become citizens of Israel. J3wish scientists like (((Jarrod Diamond))) have claimed scientific proof that J3ws are an individual race.
          Go make another provocative named account pretending to be white you slimey shill.

    2. So he is the archetype kid you bullied. Today the archetype is usually banging the hottest babe and slapping her silly while she gets off. He is a success and wields power. You on the other hand, she wont give you the time of day. I guess its like “Revenge of the Nerds Part …”

    1. Jew really believe that – oy vey!

  7. Many criticisms of Ben are valid, but who else is on TV every single day taking the fight to the Goliaths who control the media narrative? Only one I can think of is Tucker Carlson, or maybe Pat Buchanan (more on the fringes nowadays). They aren’t so masculine or high-T either. Can you point to one square-jawed, swole traditionalist in the mainstream who is taking the fight to the enemy?

    1. It’s surreal to think that Tucker Carlson was an anchor with CNN back in the 2000s. Mind you the network was way less blatantly leftist 10-15 years ago.
      He’s one of a handful of major figures, along with Jordan Peterson, who are actually getting any mainstream attention involving the plight of straight men.

    2. this swole square jawed bro meme has to die, I’m sick of the manosphere parroting this fnatasy like morons ! Lifters are too busy checking themselves 10 times a day in the mirror or posting on RoK.

  8. “Ben is short, weak, prissy, and elitist. He looks frail and sickly. He doesn’t belong near a cultural movement that encourages men to be masculine, women to be feminine, and society to expect both of these. Ben is too androgynous for that.” Replace the name with “Obama” and you get the stupid, gay and Islamic version. But no where near the intellect of Ben, the proof of attending law school, the undeniable and strong way he defends his opinions, loves women, takes a stand towards Gods word, has a sense of humor, doesn’t rely on the media to shield or defend him and takes no prisoners. So, why is your definition of being a man limited to bench pressing more than your own body weight? What a retarded comparison and conclusion.
    Money? You demonizing money? That’s a stretch. Apparently he has a successful relationship with his doctor wife and they are successfully raising some sprats. Since his personal life is of no concern and interest to me I won’t speculate. (Like the author did.)
    I actually respect the fact that he disagrees with Trump. If a party purposefully arrests itself from thoughtful introspection- like the tyrannical leaning Democrats, or shall I say, Communists, then it becomes just like Will Rogers defined the Democrats. “A circular firing squad.”
    Ben does chat rather fast, but is smart as a whip, (Read his background.) and I’ve witnessed him fillet leftist ideologues less equipped to defend their indefensible natures of their ugly belief system. Piers Morgan lost the discussion and his show to this snot-nosed academic. Elitist? I’m from Missouri, show me.
    Either this shoddy hit piece was formulated with a People magazine style in mind, was a poorly researched assignment, meant to spur discussion or obviously biased. Regardless, you get the cheap stuffed animal for the effort. ooh-rah.

    1. You can’t be a masculine man if you barely have any testosterone flowing through your veins like he does. Hormones do play a serious role in our thoughts and behaviors.

    2. Reads like you have a figure-four liplock on Benny’s jock. Get off of it and take a breath, will ya?

    3. The only comment I’ve read on this so far that doesn’t sound like it was written by a butthurt help desk worker that thinks he’s a masculine guy cause he reads ROK

  9. Here we go again, eating our own. We are losing this fight. Badly. Got that? Am I a big fanboy of Ben? No, but he does have a formidable intellect and believe me he wins his debates with the snowflakes, usually by a knockout sometimes on points. Yeah I know he’s a Jew and with it comes his love of Israel. I grew up with Jews a long time ago so I don’t have the across the board hatred some of you do. I hate leftists and fellow travelers and am willing to take allies where ever I can find them. Like I said we are losing by a big margin. One more thing. So his wife is a doctor. Now his kids have two intelligent parents to emulate and believe me they will probably end up winners no matter what happens to the rest of us.

    1. The Jew always puts the tribe above all else. You know the (((tribe))) that has inflicted most of these ills we suffer today. So no it is not eating our own it is being extremely cautious of a people that have a long history of fuking us every which way from Sunday repeatedly.

      1. Cautious is fine, but let’s not fillet someone whom is currently helping.

      2. Who in their right mind doesn’t put their own tribe first? Why should devout Jews be different?

    2. lol, I agree. Still kind of new to this website and was surprised by the Shapiro-hate. I’m like…who’s your champion, ROK? Point him out. Some guy with a beard no one outside of this website’s ever heard of? Right now, the right is constantly being villified as a bunch of supremacists, homophobic, racists. Having someone like Ben to stand up and combat those stereotypes should be a good thing. Unless…dare I say people in league with ROK really are said stereotypes and are fighting to keep it that way?

      1. Basically, if any person has a single drop of blood in their veins that can be traced back to Isaac and Jacob, ROK condemns them. I wish they would cut that shit out.
        If they are left-wingers who have recanted their faith, and chose to worship Satan and money, ROK uses them as proof that “all Jews are bad”.
        If they are right-wingers who put liberal assholes in their place, ROK immediately claims they are closet-traitors and again condemns them.

    3. Look, you’ve lost the plot entirely. The fact that he’s a Jew isn’t the point, and you focusing on his Jewishness is fallacious. Many eloquent Jewish voices are anti-Zionist. Ben, alas, is not one of them. You’re right that we are losing badly–but it is precisely to the Zionists that we are losing to the worst, as they give America its marching orders when it comes to foreign policy. If you are an American and an Israel-firster, you are a traitor, plain and simple. We are now closer to WWIII than ever before according to many experts because America is Israel’s bitch. We are a Everything else, bas as it might be, is subordinate to that issue. We are a vassal state, and that is humiliatingly unacceptable.
      And as far as the fact that we are losing badly to the special interests, you can thanks some Jews for that, too. See Kevin McDonald’s brilliant scholarship on how some Jews have waged a cultural war against Western Christian culture for a long time, invented Cultural Marxism, and so on. Though in many ways, Ben does not seem to be a part of this particular cabal of Jews, he does say things like “racists” should be rooted out and forced out of their jobs, etc. He’s a great debater, and he crushes SJWs, but you know what? Fuck him.

      1. I’m a patriot and I support Isreal so what. Isreal doesn’t want or need US troops like south Korea what about Germany italy UK we have bases and troops there. Isreal fights and wins on their own. They’ve attacked Syria before and the Russians did squat.dudnt they destroy the nume ant in Iraq in 1981 on their own? No our foreign policy is our self interest. As to when that is a Russian disinformation campaign to scare cucks like you. The Russians brag but their conventional military is weak. He’ll, the Russians ran away from the port in tsrtus when the USNavy got close. Ww3? Only the language if cucks,leftists and Russian trolls…

      2. You should have written this article. Because the article was stupid. You on the other hand gave a much more cogent response on why to be anti-Ben S. Mainly the fact that he supports ruining, “racists.” But, I do think this needs to be taken to the next level of inspection.
        Is he saying this to gain acceptance, or is he actually a part of any witch hunt for racists or anti-semites? Is there evidence that he supported the downfall of any man based on politically incorrect statements or actions? If so, maybe he deserves the disdain.
        Also, I do think most patriots would disagree with his more Zionist tendencies. But I don’t blame him for having them. He’s just playing the game to his advantage as most people do.

    4. (((He))) is not one of our own. He is a NWO infiltrator. They deploy their agents into every movement to undermine, commandeer and crash all white male self-determination into the side of a mountain.

      1. Got any actual proof, other than his heritage?
        You seem more like a Jesuit agent than he does an “NWO infiltrator”.
        I know plenty of non-Jews who are hell-bent on destroying what’s left of western society, and bringing about Revelations.

    5. Amen.
      But you’d be surprised at the sheer number of Jews who have recanted their faith and embraced left-wing doctrine which includes praising Islam and condemning Israel, condemning God and worshipping money.
      Ben even has a video condemning any-and-all Jews who have done that; I think it’s still on YouTube, unless it got censored along with countless other Right-wing videos.

  10. Yet another one from the “TRIBE” even Mike Cernovich is from the TRIBE there like the AIDS virus you just can’t get away from them

      1. Cernoich is part Jewish as he admits is this Youtube vid. Here what he says in the very beginning he has many many many Jewish friends. 3/4 away through he admits is has Jewish in him.

        1. It looks like in the future, being part Jew might be worse than being a mixed white/black person. Israel won’t accept you if you’re under a certain percentage Jewish, but when the shit hits the fan, they’re going to be marginalized or worse for being even 1% Jew outside of Israel.
          I do think this is going to happen to. The “anti-semitism” really seems to be rising online, whether deserved or not, it’s creeping up.

      2. Maybe not. But he’s an idiot. Inherited himself rich and talks about thinking right. And that whiny, whimpy voice of his. Shapiro is short….wtf. Sounds like female shaming language to me.

  11. Although I agree with a couple points this guy makes, this article is as gay as old Par-ee.
    First of all, why do you need a political commentator like Shapiro to be a ripped, testosterone-dripping hulk? Does he NEED to be a gym rat in order to make political & policy arguments? Take a look at the following video. What percentage of RoK’s actual readership do you think could do 6 or 7 real fast clap-pushups? Many of us can….but definitely not all. I’d bet it’s as low as 50 or 60%. Don’t forget, for many men, this is a place where they come to learn how to get better.
    Here’s another wack ass YouTube video of young Been playing the violin at what is apparently some kind of Elders of Zion meetup. You may not consider this “masculine,” but many (including me) certainly do, as it implicitly speaks to hundreds of hours of intense, single-minded, distraction-free practice and dedication to a skill. I wouldn’t care if it was the goddam flute, I respect the shit out of any real musicians, even when they’re 12, bc at least they’re not playing Pokemon or Minecraft or something.
    But mostly, you are free to disagree with Shapiro as much as you wish. I certainly have many many divergent viewpoints. But you also need to seriously think about just how many people are getting their very first red pills from Dr. Ben. I know dozens of progressive-defectees who got their very first taste of cognitive dissonance via Been Shapiro…and that number is only going to keep growing over the coming years. He may not have all the policy answers I prefer, and he may be a little too pro-Israel for me. But he’s starting thousands and thousands of people down that crucial road of critical thinking that so many leftists will never find. And even if I disagreed with 99% of what he says, for that alone I think he deserves some credit.

    1. Exactly. Most of the posters–and probably article submitters as well–are Walter Mittys who see themselves as John Wayne and Hugh Hefner all rolled up in one.

      1. When I began reading ROK in 2014 I was thrilled. Slowly, but surely, I saw it as more and more blue pill. The few times I come back out of curiosity I see that I haven’t missed anything. It’s a web page for simple minds who need a simple way of looking at life and straight lines to walk through it. That’s ok. It’s like Islam for some (other) people: some people just need to hear rules that say that it’s not smart to f*** dogs because they just don’t understand it. I recommend looking other places in the manosphere, especially outside of the PUA. Shapiro’s left pinky finger has more intelligence than a whole archive of ROK’s articles.

        1. Where do you recommend. ROK has gone downhill in my view as well. Especially the comments.

  12. When you begin an article by insulting someone’s physical appearance and short stature, which are the results of genetics and NOT lifestyle choices, it works in favor of those you are opposing.
    As far as him contacting the police for a threat to his physical well-being: I would like to see what the author of this article would do if he were threatened by someone and was looking to maintain dignity by not engaging in physical violence.
    Also, i do not see Ben being in sorry of anti government groups. His videos and the like send the opposite message to me

    1. The guy who writes this listens to advice from Mike Cernovich. I knew almost nothing about Cernovich when I bought his book “Gorilla thinking” or whatever it’s title is. It was the worst superficial form of self help or philosophy I have EVER read. Absolute garbage. It was stuff a teenager could have written in a couple of weeks.

      1. The guy who writes this does not listen to advice from Mike Cernovich. The guy who writes this does not listen to advice from Mike Cernovich because he is smart enough to use google to gather information about aforementioned Mike Cernovich before even considering buying his book. The guy who writes this also immediately learns that Mike Cernovich is an “alt-right social media personality, writer, and conspiracy theorist” and decides to not heed advice from Mike Cernovich.
        On the other hand, the guy who writes the comment above decides to go and ahead and purchase the book. So, if we are going to base intelligence on our purchases, I would like to declare myself the winner. If you would like to take things a step further and base our merit on our ability to research before posting a comment, your impulsive book purchase does not do you much justice.

  13. I dislike the guy, but didn’t see anything wrong in his reaction to the tranny touching him and threatening him. What should he have done, stood up and challenged this much larger and stronger man in a dress to a fight on live tv?
    He’s a hardcore neocon shill, and yeah the rapid fire speech and smugness are a huge turnoff. He’s not thoughtful or particularly intelligent, but he is good at verbal argument the same way many women are. The telltale sign is the lack of a thoughtful pause when a point or argument is made, but instead immediately rattling off words just like your insane ex-gf always did.
    Shapiro goes after the easy targets.. fat feminists, trannies, black lives matter freaks. Anyone with the courage to put himself in the public eye can do that. But where do these movements come from? Who enables and supports them? And who does Shapiro unquestioningly support, every. single. time. ????
    It’s like rooting for Milo because he was good at attacking degenerates–except unlike Milo this guy openly supports and defends the root causes of all these problems, while picking and choosing easy targets to toy with on tv for ratings. It’s disingenuous and audacious.
    I don’t know about a tradthot, but hes a tradcon through and through. He’s part of the swamp and he needs to go.

    1. Yeah, he did the perfect reaction to provide fuel. He’s weak and small, and that “woman” was not. So by having the “woman” physically intimidate Benny-Boy, it slaps you in the face just how far from a woman this tranny really is.

  14. Good Article. I think Shapiro is a smart dude and I value his commentary but I always find it amusing that he’s become one of the rights spokesmen for masculinity. The dude has the most effminte nasaly voice and otherwise a complete lack of masculine characteristic.
    Same goes for Peterson. Great ideas and a man worth listening to, but he sounds like Kermit the Frog and he’s always crying.

    1. They are leading on the right because they are libertarian cucks like most white men. They make white man feel safe and secure, because we all know that violence is never the answer, especially when your freedoms are being taken away and your race is being intentionally destroyed through third world colonization.
      Peterson is worthless, about the only thing he says is that white men just need to improve themselves. His arguments essentially boils down to this: “hey white boy, don’t organize and defeat the people fucking you in the ass, just be an individual loser and take it in the ass with an optomistic attitude…go out there and work hard so that you can pay for all the third world losers flooding into your country, improve yourself so that you can look in the mirror and be proud of your individualism”. Like I said many times on ROK….. LIBERTARIANISM is the problem with the west. Ben Shapiro and Peterson are living proof of it. The only reason Trump won was because he began tapping into nationalism. Unfortunately, he seems to be cucking himself to Jews, but he is still 100x better than Hilary.

  15. I’m not a huge Shapiro fan, but when you want to take down some libtard in a debate he’s the man for the job. Yeah, his rapid talking bothers me a bit but that’s a nitpick.
    As for the article’s line “Ben is short, weak, prissy, and elitist. He looks frail and sickly.” Really? Who made you the arbiter of what constitutes masculinity? Physical height isn’t something one can choose. As for being weak, he looks healthy to me and is certainly far from being gaunt or malnourished. Not every guy has the desire and/or time to look like some bullneck gym rat. Prissy? Compared to who? Ben isn’t even close to Milo on the priss-o-meter. Elitist is only bad when it becomes arrogance, and Shapiro doesn’t come across as arrogant at all.

  16. These are just Jews that want the Goy to be a good goy and accept globalism and Jewish rule…anything even remotely resembling an awaking of white men from being a cucked libertarian individual loser to a proud nationalist willing to organize and sacrifice oneself for his tribe is ABSOLUTELY a no-no for these Jews. Now, one can argue that their fear of white nationalism is justifiable, but people like Ben, Bill Krystal, and the other Jews in the right wing can give you a glimpse of how Jews take over entire nations. Jews don’t strap bombs onto themselves, declare you their enemy, and then scream “god is great” before they kill you, like Low IQ Muslims. Jews take over by subverting every institution, they take complete control over every political party to make sure there is no competition to the Jewish agenda (Zionism), they take over the media, and they do all of this through white holocaust guilt (even though white people liberated the camps), nepotism, favoritism, corrupt lobbying (AIPAC) etc etc.

    1. Just look at the Syrian situation, the medias response to it, and Israels involvement.

    2. Absolutely on point Wes. Keep preaching brother, Don’t let the shills and cuks on this site bring you down.

  17. So because ben isnt masculine looking enough, he isnt a true conservative? This isnt even an argument. This article is weak as fuck, and it honestly sounds like a liberal wrote it as some sort of weird satire.

  18. You all know that Ben was a virgin until his wedding night, right? That’s not beta, that’s omega. Plus, he’s a chicken hawk. Never met a war he didn’t like, so long as he wasn’t doing any of the fighting.

  19. “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves”
    For mother Israel (((Ben Shapiro))) cannot be trusted. We’re so desperate for a voice in this tyranny that they know they can throw a few scraps of encouragement our way and we will follow the pied piper.

    1. Actually, for some reason my posts poped up….I guess it is just slow sometimes.

      1. It is monitored, I’ve noticed a delay when I touched on controversial buzzwords, and hence presumably censored.

        1. They probably have certain words and phrases that have to be accepted by the monitor before they can be posted, which I can kind of understand, but whatever.

    2. ROK gets super butthurt over certain ( ( ( themes ) ) ) and words.
      This is the point at which ROK breaks left.
      Censorship is the divider of the overton window.
      Men deal with any idea upon merit and logic–that’s the far right
      Women have to censor things coz they’re image conscious–the cuck left

      1. Yep….seems my comment from a couple of days ago about Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner breaking little Ben like a boy bent someone’s nose out of joint.
        Oh well….fuck em.

  20. True as what’s being said about Ben may be, what I mainly take from the second video is; Zoey acts “ladylike” or manly, when it suits him. And that is a typicality among transgenders.

  21. Ben Shapiro is thinking of running for President. He could be the most mega-Alpha pro-American candidate of all time, and he still wouldn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning. There are too many anti-Semites on the left and right to allow it. Especially Jewish ones. Though if he wasn’t Jewish he still wouldn’t win. Too short.

    1. Stfu cuck.
      Anti-semitism is not a problem.
      semitism is the problem.
      Just check who owns ur media, and too which back-stabbing country muh taxes are going.
      Dumb cuckboy

      1. BannedThugLyfe- Same result though. And Ben’s still too short, so don’t worry. And your name is a cuck name cuckboy.

  22. I like Ben, he says exactly what he thinks and even when that tranny threatened him I thought he handled it well. He is a nerd to be sure but so what, their are lots of nerds out there. Do we discount them as men just because they read a lot and think and haven’t got any muscle?

  23. I disagree with this article. Most of the great intellectuals pretelevision era were book authors and no one cared what they looked like. Read Shapiro’s “Prime Time Propaganda” and listen to Milo’s Breitbart era podcasts in particular “Episode Thirty Seven – Feminism & Islam: The Unholy Alliance.”
    Christopher Hitchens.
    Salman Rushdie.
    Robert Greene.
    Milo Yiannopolous.
    Ben Shapiro.
    Some men don’t need to go to the gym, be straight or appear alpha. Some men are icons on sheer intellect alone. In case you haven’t seen it, the rising star is Canadian Jordan Petersen. In this 30 minute take down of intersectional feminism, he establishes himself as quite possibly the greatest social thinker of our generation.

    1. Jordon Peterson gets smarter every time I see him.
      He btfos feminists, cucks, and liberals each time they open their dumb mouths.
      He’s a serial debate rapist.
      feminists watch out.
      Such levels of pwned shouldn’t even be possible.
      At home he can be found with pixel sunglasses, joint in mouth and snoop dog playing in the background.

  24. Remember….that (pre-op) tranny that intimidated Ben was the 1976 Olympic Gold-Medalist in the Decathlon…….and could still, even in a dress, break Ben in half like a little boy. Ben is a pussy. Caitlin(Still can’t wrap my mind around that)/Bruce Jenner was the greatest athlete in the world. No. Fucking. Contest. JS

  25. If you’re a nationalist and against free trade then you’re retarded, and you will burn your own country to the ground. I should’ve stopped reading by the time you called Shapiro a free trade anti-nationalist, as if that could be an insult.

    1. Yeah, understandable (((Isaac)))
      Now go fuck off to the promised land,
      I ain’t subsidizing jews to kvetch all day.

  26. So let me get this straight,
    >Ben Shapiro’s wife doctor
    >Ben Shapiro btfo!
    lol How will the alt-right recover?
    And who gives a fuck about originality?
    No one gets butthurt on Newton’s behalf every time someone integrates or differentiates a function.
    Ideas are evaluated on their validity, not the faggot who espouses them.

  27. Why would we idolize these people from the beginning. They just produce these childish memes, videos and books of triggering liberals or talking about feminism. They are not doing any action what so ever they are not confronting governments or trying to change systems very passive. The alt light and conservatives are controlled opposition and they will never ever do anything of utility to defend us.

  28. Just another neocon Zionist pandering to boomers who use the internet.

  29. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. Ben’s not perfect, but he pisses off leftists and goes right into their dens to do it, so he’s OK. He’s not masculine, traditional or Christian, he’s a dweeby jew. He is what he is, and definitely not an enemy.

  30. You’re gonna use Cernovich as a measuring stick? Cernovich – and I like him – is a fatty with a stutter, skin problems and, worst of all, a voice that makes Shapiro’s sound like Darth Vader. Cernovich can hang or not hang with whoever he does or doesn’t want to.
    Ripping off Milo? If Milo could keep his mind off Black dick for more than 5 seconds, then maybe. But, no one has a monopoly on common sense to begin with.
    If we’re gonna talk traditional fatherhood roles, please understand that tradition doesn’t begin and end with the 1950s. There was a time when fathers were close to home and interacted with their kids. All throughout the era of agriculture, fathers would usually tend the fields/farms/ranches with their kids especially their sons. THAT was the tradition for many centuries in peacetime. *Fathers leaving the home* became the standard in the industrial era. You could almost pinpoint the roots of the decline in civilization to that era. FATHERS LEAVING THE HOME. Shapiro gets to make very good money while being home. He gets to call the shots as to how his kids condone themselves. That’s some old school real tradition, not that shit you grew up watching on TV.
    Then, you’re gonna pull the overrated “eye-contact” bs. With a tranny?! Eye contact is overrated. Spin it all you want, I don’t buy it. Most people aren’t worth it. I’m not gonna look into your eyes to fall in love, change someone’s feeble mind or become a wage-slave. And I certainly would not give eye-contact to some tranny. Ain’t no way I’m looking a self-destructive freak in the face and risk catching their ailment. He wasn’t afraid – he was disgusted.
    I’ll concede that he’s an elitist. I’ll concede that he’s walking a fine line that probably won’t end well for him. Roosh wrote an article on his own blog about becoming what you fight and I think inevitably, that concern will ring true with Shapiro to some degree.
    But beyond that, this article sucked. There are comments from after the Disqus screwjob, that are way better than this article. Jared Trueheart didn’t even do research for the relevant stuff all for an article that didn’t really matter at all.
    And no, I can’t stand to listen to Shapiro for reasons listed in the comments strictly. But more over because it’s standard fare. He talks so fast, 2 minutes of content will fill you up for a good while, so I never really listen to his podcast or whatever the hell he pitches. Just the clips uploaded by other random channels on YT.

  31. “Men have to work. It’s part of manhood. It’s not optional for us. It is a choice for women.” Best part of the Article! Without this mentality in the proper context as pointed out why live at all? Would anyone rather have it another way? It’s just life and that’s how it goes.
    Although Shapiro lives a less then ideal lifestyle and might have the wrong motives,
    in it does take some guts to go into a room and discus what one wants to a group that hates that one especially when you have a few progressives (regressive more like it) doing their trademark Mr. Grumpy tough guy acts (stroking sleeves with frowning faces) and keep talking.
    The tougher you get the easier it is to forget that well meaning people (or somewhat in this case) are not on level yet and need training to get there. But again, don’t take Shapiro as a good example to live your life.

  32. Ben Shapiro has been doing the Republican fact spitting since he was 16 or 17 I think, I remember when he first came on the talk radio scene. Notice how Democrats pull together and get things done even though they may have tangential disagreements, that’s why they’ve dominated for most of our lifetimes. The Republicans can’t move the ball with both the legislature and the White House, could it be that purity tests and dick measuring contests are counterproductive?

  33. I have my mixed feelings on Ben. On one hand, I think he is a genius if purely on an iq level.
    However he does spout neocon (cuck) and Warhawk rhetoric.
    On a broader topic of tradthots with xx chromosomes – the only good job they do is weed out the beta orbiter edgelords that we know not to associate with.

  34. Wow. It’s articles like this that make me wonder why I even read ROK. You don’t have to love everyone, and I certainly disagree with Shapiro at times, but this article is nothing more than horribly researched friendly fire. smh. Even as just a casual Shapiro listener myself, it’s very clear that the Author is largely unfamiliar with his work. I’m hoping that Ben see’s this article somehow and responds accordingly.
    Additionally, I love how everyone gets all up in arms when the left blindly labels individuals who disagree with them as “misogynistic”, “homophobes”, “bigots”, “racists” ect.
    but then anyone who disagrees with us, even people ON OUR SIDE. are now automatically called pussy “beta” “cucks” who can’t squat and bench 600lbs at the same time….
    Then you guys wonder why nothing ever gets done… While literally blaming the people like Mr. Shapiro who are actually out there trying to make change happen …
    fuckin morons

    1. “Shapiro who are actually out there trying to make change happen …
      fuckin morons”
      If you’re not some J3wish shill and legitimately just a regular goy bro stuck in this quagmire with the rest of us I want you to listen…. You have been warned of the nefarious activities of J3wish Zionism, you have seen its fruits yet you still choose to ignore it and follow the path of least resistance.
      In 20 odd years or so I want you to look around at our world and remember your thoughts here today, and all the times you ignored Zionists and scoffed at the thought of them holding such power or evil intentions. If you’re truly honest with yourself and don’t retreat to some cognitive dissonance you will see that pussified phaggots like yourself enabled and let them destroy us without a whimper. You betrayed your brothers that tried to warn you who you repeatedly shat on because of your foolish arrogance. God help us.

  35. Ben is all about conservative values, but because he is a scary jew, he is hated. That’s ok. The cyclical nature of RoK lately mean we will probably see a pro Shapiro article in a few weeks.

    1. Lol tru dat.
      3 weeks from now:
      5 Reasons Why Ben Shapiro is the Supreme Alpha Male.

  36. Mike Cernowich is a complete dumbass..he pushes this idea that all men must be neanderthal like brutes and if they are not he will have nothing to do with them..I bet even the neanderthals weren’t all like that. Fuck him there are more ways to be a man than what he dictates…Ben Shapiro is ok in my book.

  37. I never paid too much attention to Ben Shapiro, though I did read some of his stuff at Breitbart. I had also heard about his speeches at college campuses which I thought was admirable. Then he decided to be the ultimate white night and support Michelle Fields in her bogus claims of assault against one Corey Lewandowski. Video was released and showed no assault happened. Shapiro, however rode that steed all the way, even quitting Breitbart in protest. That completely turned me off to the guy.

  38. I’ve never like him or Milo for these reasons. I could never understand why men on “our” side would follow such a pair of complete pansies.

  39. Ben was an armchair warrior during the Iraq war. He could have signed up for battle anytime but did not. Another elitist globalist cuck. And there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian. Total BS! This article is spot on with Ben’s duplicity. I don’t even consider him an American worth defending if it came down to it.

  40. You guys are so fucking full of shit. There’s nothing wrong with Ben. He must be doing something right, you assholes are all talking about him.

  41. Typical low IQ in the 90s working class white jealous of someone more educated. Maybe you should have spent more time studying in high school so you wouldn’t have ended up in community college and now cleaning carpets and hoping to bang 3/10 working class white whores in rural Indiana.

  42. This article is bullshit. It’s perfectly fine if he didn’t support Trump during the election. He praises Trump when he does good things, and bashes him when he does bad. That seems perfectly fine to me.
    And this comment section seems to be filled with anti-Semites and sissies who judge a person’s masculinity based on his voice.
    Pitiful and disappointing.

  43. This absolutely absurd notion that we need to keep women in the kitchens, taking care of children, is why you people fail to comprehend a traditionalism fit for modern times. A man should be the leader and protector of the family, but the fact that people like you think that it’s crazy that a wife could find something fulfilling and suitable to her talents outside of childcare is ridiculous.

  44. In my regard, Ben is just controlled opposition.
    Happens all the time : the elite creates an issue, and at the same time delivers one of the most outspoken opponents. The population, being a flock of sheeple, follows any leader that emerges seemingly defending their cause, but does not realise that this “leader” never mentions the real cause of the issue (globalists, war for oil, war for debt, etc).
    Classic strategy to control the masses.

  45. I do agree on the point that he comes off as an elitist. Or, at the very least, living in a comfort bubble.
    I remember him talking about a survey from before Trump was president about how a majority of Americans think they are worse off now than 10 years ago. He went on to talk about all these great technological advances and how he could order food from around the world and have it delivered to him and everything was so convenient.
    Yeah, if you have a lot of money to enjoy all the modern creature comforts, then of course life is great. If you’re some working class shlub who cant afford high priced international food or the latest in techno-gadgets or automobiles because wages had stagnated or you were working two part-time jobs and could barely afford a place to live, then those achievements don’t matter a plugged nickel to you personally.
    It’s the same how liberal elitists push the electric car as so advanced and that we all need to drive one when some of us are struggling to keep our old beaters up and running.

  46. FFS, when are most of you going to realize that Jews are NOT the friend of non Jews and especially whites. I could destroy the BS merchant Ben Shapiro in a couple of seconds. He has stated numerous times that he is a staunch “orthodox Jew” and his whole life is guided the the teachings of the “Talmud, Torah and Kabbalah”. His entire education was through the Jewish school system. Bens beliefs through the Talmud especially are that non Jews especially whites are “Goyim” or what we would call slave cattle. We are only on this earth to serve Jews and our lives are worthless. They hate Jesus and Christians, our women can be raped and that includes our babies and children (boys and girls) “up to 3 years and a day”. Tbey even believe “the best of the Goyim should be killed”. Jews think that oneday they will rule the world each Jew will get 3000 Goyim slaves each and everyone else will be killed and while they sit around raping our women and children all day we will work as slaves for them. There’s much more like all this but you get the picture.
    Now Jews have kept all this quiet, because they own all the media, all the printing and publishing and everything else. Jews are the ones behind flooding western civilization with 3rd world country savages, tbey are the ones behind feminism, they are behind Communism, they are the ones behind Cultural Marxism, they behind destroying the family unit. Please wake the fuck up, they aren’t your friend.
    Karl Marx was a Jew and the Bolsheviks were almost exclusively Jewish. The Bolsheviks murdered over 50 million white Christians including 15 million white Christians Ukrainians in just a year in 1932/1933. The young Turks were a Jewish movement they weren’t fucking Muslims, they were Jewish and they murdered 3 million Christian Armenians and Greeks. They are the ones playing Christians against Muslims (not that I like Muslims). They are playing all of us against each other because that how it’s prophesied they will take over the world. Who do you think did 9/11? Now I don’t want to hurt Jews I just dont want anything to do with them. It’s this sort of underhanded subversion that has seen Jews expelled from at least 109 (mainly Christian) countries since 250AD. This is why in most countries until 100 years ago they couldn’t own land, be part of the monetary systems, couldn’t hold positions in governments and so on. Wake up, thats who is destroying us from within. They own both sides of politics in the west and they own all propaganda outlets including people like Alex Jones.

  47. More anti Semitic bs…You know damn well it’s because he’s a Jew That this article was made..And the stuff about only handsome men with muscles should be part of the movement?.. It doesn’t make the author any better than the freak tranny who attacked Ben.

    1. Amen to all that.
      First, Ben was reacting with non-violent disgust towards the freak touching him.
      Second, I’ve seen him go toe-to-toe against the most vile, trashy feminists I’ve ever had to listen to, (all were white), and his counter-arguments were NOT ripoffs (telling the truth is NEVER ripping off), and his engagements against villains like them are almost never the “easy ones”.
      Third, it’s hypocrisy of ROK to attack Ben while being just fine with the fag known as Milo. And speaking of Milo, Ben has also been banned from left-wing “universities”.
      You can tell a lot about a person from who his enemies are.

  48. No one’s perfect mate. All these guys have good points to make. Other times, they’re quite wrong. The important thing is that we don’t worship them and treat their statements as gospel.
    The biggest problem all these guys have (Ben, Milo, Cernovich, JB Peterson) is that they refuse to talk about race. They say “Identity politics is bad” like some kind of mantra which they dare not question. It’s classic alt-light vs alt-right. They all believe in ‘civic nationalism’ – the idea that the America (or the West) is just an ‘idea’. But for all practical intents and purposes, we are on the same side at this moment in time.

  49. So Ben Shapiro makes bad ideological arguments because he’s a manlet? That doesn’t seem like sound logic. It’s not his fault that his genetics gave him the body of a 12 year old boy. There’s not much that he can do about it with his body type. And it certainly doesn’t mean that his arguments are wrong.
    Oh and he’s a Jew… What ROK posters are failing to realize is that having members of the leftist SJW victim olympics openly advocate for male patriarchal values is a tremendous asset! Having a Jew support the return of the patriarchy takes away the ability of SJW’s to dismiss him as a ‘nazi’!

  50. Theres a bit of an issue with thinking only classic looking men can be manly, sure it helps but Prince was a fruity looking pebble and an absolute badass boss of a man. Dominant in ways most people dream of yet sounded like a dog squeaky toy. Look into the guy, he didn’t put up with shit.

    1. By alienating men with smaller physiques, the author makes himself no better than the overweight moon-face bitches who state that they don’t date men under 6 feet tall.

  51. Height and assumptions on squats numbers are now the standards we use to determine who is an ally against cultural and economic Marxism?
    This is the worst article I’ve read on ROK. Use something other than “JOOOO!!” and bullshit internet diagnoses of low-T to make an argument.
    That said, Cernovich’s voice is more similar to Gilbert Gottfried than James Earl Jones. Does that make his arguments less valid?

  52. Ben was NOT acting frightened; he was disgusted, like I would be. Getting physically touched by that freak.

    1. ben look frightened to me. he should have just broke his hand over the bridge of her/his nose real fast and ended it. doubt the tranny was as tough as he tried to seem. bet hes on roids also!

  53. I like ben shapiro overall and I think he’s pretty sharp, knows his stuff. but there are sometimes he says shit that just pisses me off like when he tweeted that he didn’t care about the “browning of America” when someone accused him of racism or some shit. like come on, he deliberately made himself sound like a cuck there.
    also, i don’t see why Ben didn’t just sucker punch that transmutant freak right in its fucking face. i know a bunch of little guys who can fight. guess ben cant? idk.

  54. The number of things wrong with this article outweighs my motivation to break it down in a comment. It would be tl;dr anyway.
    I will say, though, that it reads like it was written by a feminist who is trying to masquerade as an “alt-righter” in a weak attempt to create division.

  55. You realize that Tranny he was assaulted by was an EX NAVY SEAL who was also a combat veteran and not only physically twice his size but also a TRAINED KILLER?? See its easy to say what someone should do until you are in their shoes. Ben charged him with assault and won but the Judge a LEFTIST refused to hold the tranny accountable for his actions this making the win more ceremonial.

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