40 Pictures That Show The Decline Of American Women

If you take a time machine back to the 1960s, this is what you would find:



















In only thirty years we traded all that in, for this:























Do you think men of the 1970’s realized at the time that they had the best American women? I doubt it.

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419 thoughts on “40 Pictures That Show The Decline Of American Women”

  1. As I scrolled down the old school girls, I smiled and felt a sense of warmth. Then my feelings suddenly turned to disgust and hate. I literally had to turn my head at the sight of those beasts.
    I’ve said this before on your other blog, but the only thing better with modern women is the trimmed bush. The ONLY thing.

    1. Hey, I am a young man and the bush (not excessive obviously) is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman, a shame our younger counterparts feel the need to try to imitate little prepubescent girls with their shaven pussy policy.

      1. lol that sounded like shaming. Do you trust the land whales and dirty chicks from today to clean the residue of her last fling out of that hair?

      2. Because looking very young is attractive to most guys. The legal age of consent might be 18, but by nature men are attracted to girls as young as 12 without being pedophiles. Men like youth. Youth = less body hair. That’s why shaving (legs, pussy, etc) has always been a thing since antiquity

    2. So you prefer little girls to full grown woman with actual working female parts? Because hair is what you get when you marry/date/fuck a WOMAN. If you want to have sex with bald prepubescent minors, you should rethink who is the real beast here.

      1. So by that shaming “logic” I should never shave my face no matter how long my beard gets since that would mean women want little boys? you’re not really that stupid are you?

      2. actually people shaving their privates is causing a huge decline in pubic lice infections, so there is a good thing going for it too. Plus getting pubs stuck between your teeth…lol

        1. Sadly though, shaving the privates is causing an increase in sexually communicable diseases. Pubic hair exists for a health reason, if not an aesthetic one — pubes greatly lower one’s risk of contracting viruses and bacteria. This is of course true for all genders.
          And every few years we hear a doctor proclaim that pubic lice are going away because of pubic shaving, and then we hear from infinitely more doctors that this is a persistent myth. Gynecologists still see pubes on shaved people!
          The spitting out of a pube between the teeth, well, everyone’s mileage will vary on that one!

      3. For sure I don’t get this comment. Hairy snatches remind me of my ex-wife. Every single beautiful girl I dated over the last half-decade was bald, several of them lasered to perfection. You have to be kidding me. Pubes are gross on women.

      4. What? The past several girls I have dated have all been bald and the current one is so bald down there that there is no clue of a single hair having ever made its presence known. Just a tiny sexy little slit. And that is how life is supposed to be. Young/thin/firm/smiley/loving/bald.
        Now go back to your Sarah McLachlan CDs and leave us alone.

    3. Hey, I’m glad at least you learned the very valuable lesson that girls aren’t yours to look at. Girls *actually* exist for their own reasons, not for the reason of giving you something to stare at and later bother with your presence.

      1. And men don’t exist to be disposable utilities for the useless sisterhood either, but yet all of you inherently view men as such. Ah, female solipsism. Every time a woman speaks, a Red Pill truth is confirmed.

      2. Of course they exist on their own, no sane person denies that, nonetheless I can enjoy or be disgusted by looking at any girl I want and there is nothing you can do about it. I exist on my own too and am not just a paycheck to support a woman or a taxpayer to support single moms and women studies departments. Although you yourself don’t fully believe in “existing on your own” otherwise you wouldn’t say (in another comment) that you’d like to get tattoos and dye your hair blue just to piss off men. Do you understand?

        1. MAN,
          No she doesn’t understand men and what we want. Her comments make that clear. She is conflating what women find attractive with what men do. She seems to think their Agency is/should be what we find attractive, because women love men that have their own Agency. However Men are not initially attracted to her mind, but to her body and that pisses her off. So she wants to rebel against it by getting fat and pierced. She doesn’t have the foresight to realize that if she did that, she would become invisible to the people that provide her the attention she craves. She even admitted that she wasn’t brave enough to actually carry through on her threat. I wonder why? hummmm maybe because Carrie is really a lot like her namesake in slutty in the city, she loves male attention and wants it, but is always scanning for the BBD.

      3. I am pretty sure that nature designed females to be attractive to males. And males are very visual in our attraction, so yes women are ours to look at and later enrich with our presence. If you don’t like it, become a shut in.

        Now that is plain ridiculous. Grow up and let go of that poisonous feminist twaddle.

  2. You’re joking right? You deliberately picked pretty women from the 60s-70s and vice versa for our times. I could do the same and you’ll find the exact opposite + another one on men. You’re an unattractive and cynical man. I bet all your frustrated 2-3 (on a beauty scale men who obviously can’t get decent girlfriends/relationships/one night stands) supporters will bash my entry haha.The other respectable lot will agree with me.

    1. Saw this, tempted to agree: “You’re joking right? You deliberately picked pretty women from the 60s-70s and vice versa for our times. I could do the same and you’ll find the exact opposite + another one on men.”
      Then you launched into a tirade starting with this: “You’re an unattractive and cynical man.”
      So I tuned you out as another hater.

      1. That, plus one thing to consider: I fuckin gaurentee that in the 60’s one could not find any women that would have come close to the 21st Century tatooed, STD ridden sacks of pig vomit monstrosities we are staring at today. Good God! Even if one was to consult with the most creative production houses of horror movies from Hollywood they could not come up with grotesque creations that come close to what now walks among us in everyday life. Somebody please post that Archies video here before I go blind from trauma.

      2. Nik is absolutely correct, those picture from the 60’s and 70’s WERE the sluts, with the mini skirts and kaleidoscope pantyhose. This IS an apples to apples comparison. You’d have to look pretttttty hard to find a fat chick in a mini skirt from the 60’s.

    2. While there are still attractive female options out there you have missed the point Anna. in the 60’s any group of girl on average looked like the above photos. Go in public today and attempt to not see one of the girls below. To find a group of girls attractive in the 2000’s who care about their physical well being and who don’t use duck face is about as easy to do as finding an un-corrupt politician.

      1. Few girls in the 60s, as now, matched those on display in Life Magazine 🙂
        Once you start relying on photos published in national mags, I honestly don’t think the standard has dropped much. Perhaps not all American, but the current crop of Victorias Secret girls can stand up to anyone, anytime, in the looks department. At least for their age.
        High school yearbook photos comparisons would possibly be a better comparison, but may overstate the beauty of today’s women by being taken just prior to their inevitable bloating period. College pics are problematic, since the female student pool was much less representative back then.
        Pics of diner waitresses or nurses would be by suggestion, but who knows where to find those.

    3. Most of the old-school pictures are from a high school on a normal day. These young women are not models and it’s not photoshop. In other words, lose the weight and attitude.

      1. I get a big thrill out of my Viet wife wearing underwear that reminds me of those wholesome bikini-clad gals of the 60s and 70s. And miniskirts around 1969-1970 were quite breathtaking. That trend was followed by the notorious “hot pants”, which were still displayed with a flair for freshness and innocence in comparison to today’s attempts at slutty provocation.
        The only downside for the 70s was the emergence of the “braless” look and the ever-popular “halter tops”, which was quite intriguing for us young fellows at the time but the effects of gravity had disastrous long-term consequences on young women’s perkiness.
        Also remember when I entered Army basic to get my head shaved the barber admonishing us about never having seen so many young men suffering from early baldness due to our lovely long locks of hair.

      2. I wouldn’t use the LIFE magazine photographs as a valid representation of American high school girls in the 1960s because they were taken of Beverly Hills High School students. The affluent will always be considerably thinner and more fashionable than the general populace. I’m sure pictures taken today would depict girls who look similar in terms of thinness and femininity albeit with a darker look due to the influx of Persian Jews in Beverly Hills.
        I might be nit-picking, however: I’m sure the contrast would still be stark if you had used pictures of students in more working-class neighborhoods.

      3. “The only downside for the 70s was the emergence of the “braless” look and the ever-popular “halter tops”, which was quite intriguing for us young fellows at the time but the effects of gravity had disastrous long-term consequences on young women’s perkiness.”
        Actually Uncle Elmer its the push up and underwire bras of today that result in more sagginess of the breast. Research it.

      4. “Also remember when I entered Army basic to get my head shaved the barber admonishing us about never having seen so many young men suffering from early baldness due to our lovely long locks of hair.”

    4. Yeah, anyone who disagrees with you must be unattractive. Let’s have a look at you, where’s your picture?

        1. …and where is yours oh dear Sara? You are quite the mouth piece on here. Let’s see you back it up.

    5. Anna: “I disagree with your thesis, so you must be unattractive!”
      Jesus, women are so predictable.

    6. I sort of thought the same thing, but, then I ask myself: did (morbid) obesity, freakization, tattoos, piercings, attention whoring, et al were anywhere near the levels of today? No. In the 60s/70s women did have worse teeth and I bet they smell better because of better colognes these days.
      But that’s just looks/appearance, feminism (or whatever in modern culture it is) also makes women want to want more from men; thus lots of men feel they’re on a threadmill. All that wouldn’t be so bad, if women would do the same and become more attractive to men too.
      Lots of the latter pics are unbangable, but #30 is my nightmare of a wife/gf. The sluttiness and emptiness is so over the top… why do this to yourself? (LoL @ 21)

      1. “. In the 60s/70s women did have worse teeth and I bet they smell better because of better colognes these days. ”
        colognes and perfumes are nausea inducing. the best smell is a clean body. not hard to get if you shower at least twice per day, morning and night.

  3. One can argue: “yeah, but we can do the same pictorial showing the degeneration of modern American men.” And I would answer:
    1) Writers and commenters in the manosphere routinely criticize all facets of modern American men.
    2) American men are endlessly bashed in the mainstream, while women get a free pass, because even the most mildly unflattering assessment of women is “misogynist” and “sexist.”
    So your post is bringing balance.

    1. Yes, agree. Men are constantly being told to ‘man up’ or improve while women get a ‘pass’ each and every day. Men are not allowed to speak out against women on any issue (even though many women do and should agree with the assessment – because it’s not socially acceptable). The media does a terrible job at being fair, neutral or balanced.
      Women have so much, today, yet they still constantly bitch about what they don’t have in life.

    2. Can you link me to any such places where men are routinely criticized? I would love to head on over and check even ONE instance of that out.

      1. No valid answers to your question, just the usual lies. I do not know how women remain so fucking patient with men.

        1. You are serious the biggest white knight beta on here.. I see all your comments and how weak they are. You are probably actually a female.

  4. @ Anna
    You are quite the profession shamer. Call a man unattractive and can’t get laid because he is criticizing women. You are woman #1345434424 to mention that in the sphere.
    Hope you enjoy the attention.

  5. I took note of this way back when I would look at my parent’s year books and photos of before I was born. The contrast always struck me.
    @Anna: It would have him taken him forever to find modern, non-slut, attractive women being feminine in everyday scenarios. In fact, if you tried, google images might blow up from the strain.

      Sons of the U.S., the West, and all the other kindred souls entrapped within feminist cesspools of denigration….
      I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take the heart of me.
      A day may come, when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our manhood and break all bonds of fellowship.
      Decades of woe, and shattered hopes, when the Age of Men comes crashing down.
      By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I BID YOU STAND, Men of the West!

  6. 34: Honestly, she’s like a little kitten with a terminal illness. I just want to do the kind thing and put her out of her misery.
    35.36.37: There’s just something inherantly *wrong* here. I wouldn’t fuck these girls with your dick.
    38: Almost had a winner, then saw the tattoos and pointless facial mutilation. Possible.

    1. re # 38
      that and shes a whale.
      but ya…even if these are just “average high school kids” who knows how many hundreds of pictures the photographers took before selecting the best ones. still plenty of hot girls around today, they just seem to be much more materialistic, fake, and have feminism to comfort them and alleviate guilt for it. certainly, the girls have gotten fatter, trashier, and lost that alluring sense of innocence that elmer fudd was alluding to, but that is also why its so easy for us to score with them.

  7. Whoa, the guy in #9 looks uncannily like Jake Gylenhaal.
    And the Asian girl in two of the LIFE photos would be considered a 6 in an Asian country.

    1. I am guessing she is “Native American”. As a resident of the Southwest, I often see locals who could pass for Asians, and in SE Asia have often seen people who could pass for Native Americans.

  8. The number of men swallowing the red pill must be increasing exponentially. Hogs like this cannot run free without any man of normal intelligence will notice it. Look at snooki and her duck faced friend with attitude. Fine, they are celebs but the young women imitates them !
    To be a western man is now like being in hell. No more, no less. There is going to be some kind of explosion soon. You already see the beginning of it, those damn mas shootings.
    All committed by men driven insane by the modern society, read, the women in it. Yes women, you are responsible for mass shootings, and you are going to be responsible for a helluva lot more.
    All to satisfy you little ego feminist power trip and insatiable lust for attention whoring. Way to go.

    1. I realize your post was earlier than this incident but it was very prophetic – remember the recent killing spree by the guy in Miami who was distraught because of his relationships with women? you may have a good point there.

  9. The 60ties girls looks like EE girls looks now. Hope EE will not be like America anytime soon.

  10. 30 years? Set the DeLorean for even -10 years and you’ll see it wasn’t half as bad in 2002 as it is now. In my view the internet and smartphones have turned it all to shit. Jesus, even in the 80’s and 90’s chicks were OK.
    Luckily bourbon is delicious so, like, whatever…

    1. I agree this largely became a serious issue around the time when that girls volleyball team wore flip flops to the white house if you remember that.

  11. Slow news day? Such a moronic post, and this isn’t from a ‘hater’, its from someone who has standards on what he reads.

      1. Dude the post is empty. You took random pictures of attractive girls from another era and then compared them to pictures of ugly girls from our current time.
        What exactly are we supposed to take from this? I mean i literally have no idea what you are trying to say. There were attractive women in the 60’s who frolicked in the park and today there are fat whores who make funny faces in their pictures?
        You produce some awesome content, and I have no problem giving props for that. Crap like this is to get page hits.

    1. I actually think these posts singling out the decline of American women are some of the best. That topic is also one of my biggest grievances, so that helps..

      1. Ern,
        I agree. However this post does not do that.
        I could, in just as much time as it took Roosh, make a post saying the exact OPPOSITE, find a bunch of pictures of attractive women from today (SEC college campus anyone?) and then compare it to the nerds/outcasts from 30 years ago.
        Have standards guys. Don’t be afraid to tell the content providers they are being lazy and feeding you drivel. Demand high quality and you will get it. Or accept crap like this and waste 5 minutes of your day looking at pictures that tell no story.

      2. Demand high quality? This is a free site dumbass. You should consider yourself lucky that Roosh and people like him are offering you any of their knowledge and insight at no cost to you.

      1. chode is the stupidest term i’ve ever heard. it diminishes your point, rather than exemplifying mike’s stupidity in his comment

      2. Hold on, chode is a swear word in Urdu. Americans are using it now? What do they think it means? More cultural misappropriation?

  12. Hey, what’s wrong with #29?
    Come on guys… 60s may have had more feminine women but we have more slutty women. After all, could you take 4 different girls to your room in one week in the 60s?

    1. Personally I’m not interrested in “sluts”..I find them revolting. Esp the ones who thing they are pornstars in the bedroom, just totally turns me off.
      So would I prefer 1 real girl instead of 10 american slut pornstars wannabees ? Of course. Like asking me if I would prefer a gram of gold over a mountain of trash.

      1. Hahahaha. I like your post VagisBitch. I’d prefer a gram of gold over a mountain of trash any day, but sadly I see nothing but trash here in America.

    2. i think what Roosh was getting at is the general quality and femininity of women was higher. obviously nowadays its great to have a sport fuck and all, but for that femininity, affection side, you have to either move to eastern europe or go back in time.
      Two things a man requires from women: sex and affection (a function of their feminine nature)
      modern girls got the sex part, but miss the affection part

      1. Sex with modern girls are only easy if 1) you are in the social circle or 2) you learn game, ie you have transformed yourself into a sociopath (at least while dealing with women) in order to get laid. You cant be “yourself” anymore but need to be in the constant role of alpha or hipster or secret multimillionaire handyman or what the fuck ever. Yea, if you can do all that, sex is easy but you lose you fucking self over it and is mediocre pussy really worth all that ?
        I would prefer any day sweet girls that I met under normal and natural conditions. Would date perhaps 1 month before banging. So what ?
        That beats the hell out of turning yourself into a misogynistic sociopath who bangs 20 useless girls a yea.

        1. I wouldn’t have said it exactly the way you did but your points are well taken.

    3. this is where the current division between men exists today. some men like yourself see the easiness of women as a plus and enjoyment. that’s fine, but others, like myself, do not. I miss the courtship process and the ladylike demeanor women used to have – making you earn it. it made sex more exciting in anticipation and commitment was stronger because of the efforts involved. its hard to respect people who don’t respect themselves.

  13. I agree with external. There is a definite imbalance in the mainstream media. Men are portrayed as idiots that are incapable of performing the simplest of tasks until the cliche strong and independent female stereotype appears on screen and shows him the way. The fact that this trend has been allowed to continue only validates their already inflated egos. And if anyone on here disagrees with RooshV then check the obesity rates for the 1960’s and 1970’s and compare them to today and then try to defend your position. The fact is society, women included, are fatter and they shouldn’t be made to feel good about it. Anyone who enables this crap is hurting the people by telling them that there is nothing wrong with things like obesity, diabetes, and low self esteem. In short, you haters and enablers are only encouraging these people to slowly kill themselves.

    1. Portraying men as stupid fools who need women to save them while portraying women as powerful and independent is all part of the mainstream media’s sick feminist agenda.

    1. In fairness, Aretha is 70 years old. Even if she thin who would be looking at a 70 year old woman?

  14. Clearly the women here have gotten fatter. I would love to read some kind of exposition on why the hell they’ve become so unfriendly, too. I didn’t notice this until I moved to Europe and then moved back here. I’m not alone in this:
    “Perhaps the biggest difference between English and North American women is that English women just seem to laugh a lot more. Wherever I look in London, I see women throwing their heads back and roaring with laughter; it’s like some wonderful, Hogarthian pageant. In New York the women always looked uptight, their spirits as undernourished as their bodies.”

    1. And English girls are also terrible. IF you can call English girls friiendly you need to got to EE or Asia, I dont know what you will call those girls then lol.

      1. Amen. English girls are the worst. (more slaggy and jersey shore like the further north you go in the country)
        the south (richer areas) has some english rose type women (daughters of rich blokes looking for some bad boy type excitement) and some good foreign lasses (again eastern europe and to an extent other places)
        but by far and away our girls are much worse than your American girls.
        it’s like we got the ugly behaviour and uptightness without the easiness of sex. Unless you go north (and even then, post sex, half their face/appeal is on the pillows and sheets) too much fake tan everywhere

    2. “Wherever I look in London, I see women throwing their heads back and roaring with laughter; ”
      Wow, very feminine

  15. Yeah but there are obviously men out there who are attracted to the multiply pierced and multiply tattood gals. And they are men who have multiple tats and piericings themselves.
    Similarly, the fat women are mating with fat men.
    Water seeks its own level.

      1. point is, these women wouldn’t exist if men openly refused to give them any attention. i cant tell you how many times ive seen guys take ugly, easy girls like the ones pictured above home. men are rewarding this kind of behavior by having sex, even one night stands, with these monsters. they mutilate themselves because they have no dignity and figure all the tats make them look free-spirited and full of personality and some men buy into it. its like they have been eating shit for so long they have no appreciation for anything else anymore.
        also, my father would have disowned me if i shaved my head or dyed my hair green or got my nose pierced. the women pictured have a) absent fathers or b) doormats as fathers who never had the balls to discipline them.
        i’m not saying its men’s fault but many of them have been totally complacent in the transformation you see here. our culture is revolting.

        1. Fuck you. Fuck you with a horse Dick. I dye my hair because I like it. Get a tattoo because I want it. I will never change myself for anyone. You are fucking scum. Please destroy your computer and never touch the internet again. Get the fuck out of the gene pool.

        2. you are the perfect example of today’s deteriorating woman. there is no way you can honestly look in the mirror each morning and be happy about who you are.

        3. I understand that your comments are at least a year old but I wanted to take a moment to praise your demeanor in the face of other comments. It is a shame that the female commenters here cannot see that they are the embodiment of what this article is preaching. While individuality has merits, no one will take someone seriously if their only counter point is to curse up a storm and to attempt to belittle other commenters. Thank you again for your poised discourse.

      2. these women wouldn’t exist if men openly refused to give them any attention.
        Women criminalise the attention “non-alpha” men give women they deem “too good for them”.
        Ever heard of “relational aggression”?
        So the women create and prolong the problem.

  16. What’s wrong with #23? Just because she took a silly pic with a mustache drawn on her finger? She looks like a pretty enough woman who just happened to be goofing around a bit in that photo.
    Also, the fashion in pic #9 (and a few of the others, but that was the worst). I like the weird multicolored tights in #7, though.

    1. #23 its a tattoo is the point dude. a stupid retarded tatto that a woman put there because she thinks she needs to be witty.

        1. How fucking retarded are you people? Seriously, you’re all to old for the internet, go back to your nursing homes.

        2. Thanks for being up another bad thing about women today – all this insane swearing like a drunken male sailor. American women in general have no decorum or dignity.

  17. Something about one of the comments here brings to mind the phrase “Glorious Natural Pelt”.

  18. yeah the girls these days may be easier, but they are useless for anything other than a hate fuck and that feeling you get when you blow them off and put them in their place. even the hideous ones act like you arent worth their time (hahahaha).
    the ones from back in the day? even the least feminine of them in the pictures were still ladylike. i could just watch them and even if i never fuck them i could still enjoy being around them.
    granted gentlemen we all want to fuck. but there is something you cant put into words that you want with women other than sex. not love and all that. but some sort of quality or other you get from life where women are women. i dont know about you but that quality is worth the difficulty (if you can call it that) and lowered notch count. wouldnt you rather spend a week (or 2) on a girl and enjoy the whole thing? or would you rather spend a day or two on one and have too keep reminding yourself that theres a reward for having to put up with all this shit? these days we cant even think like that because most of us just assume the process that gets the ass is supposed to suck.
    roosh is right on with the femininity thing dude. even the 6s from back then were preferrable to 10s these days.

    1. exactly, there’s only so much appeal hate fucking has. affection and femininity are still the most long term desireable traits in a woman

    2. I think that quality you are wondering about is “grace”.
      Women would grace men with their politeness, thoughtfulness, mannerisms, and good conversation, like I see in my great grandma and grandmas and the old ladies in my apartment. Believe it or not they actually sought to please men, even if it wasn’t out of attraction.
      But the young bitches I see act like divas, are really trashy, and think that men are beneath them. They ignore men they consider useless to them and enjoy being abrasive. That’s because men are tools to them.

  19. The asian girl is really beautiful, but I cant believe that most american girls nowadays look like these ones (Im from France)

  20. There are a couple shots from the 1960s photos where at least one of the women has what appears to be a bandana on her leg. This was not fashion at the time, but I speculate it was in protest during the Vietnam conflict. I think it was men who protested by wearing the bandana on the arm.

  21. There are still plenty of attractive women in the US, especially in big cities, such as New York, San Francisco and Miami. Many of them are stuck up or too business/career orientated, but on a purely physical level – they are fit and put themselves together very well for work and after work. The above pictures show one ugly side of America but it applies more to trashy suburbs where girls are so bored out of their mind and are so confused by their only exposure to civilization – TV and MTV – that they adopt the the style and the behavior of their favorite reality TV stars.

    1. What the fuck is too business oriented? Too business orientated to cater to idiots like you? They aspire to be human? Wow, fucking mind blown.

    2. good point, there are still some very attractive women out there as you said but they are becoming a smaller pool of women you see on a regular basis and largely confined to the more cosmopolitan areas that you mentioned. a “beta” man’s best bet these days is to look internationally if it bothers him that much. why continue to struggle with something you can’t change right?

      1. you are bitter because the alphas don’t want to date you- why don’t you date someone on your level? pathetic. who owes you the world? nobody. that’s who.

    3. right, and those girls don’t want you bunch of uggos. they are not stuck up, it’s that you are not in their league- they date hot guys. water always finds its level.

      1. They don’t ‘date’ hot guys, they get ‘cumsponged and disposed of’ by hot guys… skank.

      2. Yep, and we all know how that works out for most of you….the cock carousel.
        Brought to you by: another Sex and the City moment.
        Someone show this bitch the door….men only room here.

    4. City girls are the grossest of them all: they’re all on Prozac, they all get shitfaced every other night, and they all want to ride the cock carousel until they’re 40, when they believe the Gray’s Anatomy doctors are going to rescue them from their miserable cubicles. See city girl below.

  22. It’s been remarked (originally by Baumeister) that young men will work to generate the bare minimum of resources necessary to attain sexual access. With sex now freely available, they have ceased to work for it, and are falling behind in society.
    Women can be looked at in the same way – they will invest the least amount of effort in youth and beauty possible to secure male attention. With economic independence, they no longer need to work to appear worthy of investment, because they don’t rely on marriage for survival.
    The general development of the past 50 years is quite simply that American women no longer need to appear marriageable – they only need to look good enough to fuck, and that bar is set fairly low for the overwhelming majority of men.

    1. young men will work to generate the bare minimum of resources necessary to attain sexual access WITH A WOMAN THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO. With sex now freely available, FOR THE MEN ATTRACTIVE TO MANY WOMEN, BETAS have ceased to work for it (as they will only be getting “second hand goods” and be on hook for alimony, and are falling behind in KEEPING THE STATUS QUO IN PLACE.
      Fixed that for you. No charge.

      1. Good gawd what utter nonsense. I see your use of MRA language hasn’t failed in its job of dumbing you down.

      2. I have said many times that the decline of the African American female has been on a much steeper slope, than the the decline of the American female in general. With the obesity rate off the charts, it is hard to find an African American female, who is even doable. African American manhood has virtually ceased to exist. What is left is a population of beta S.I.M.P.S. Can any sane person, really look at Snoop Dog as an example of desirable manliness. Snoop Dog and Monique typical what today’s African Americans call their best. So pathological !!!

      Ha ha, I may copy and paste this and just post it to random articles’ comment sections 😀

  23. Those “LIFE magazine” posts are fake. They were shot like last year and artistically styled to look like they’re from the 60s.

  24. It is a bit of the case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in terms of quality of women. Sure the the girls from the 60s on average were thinner and more attractive than today. What the pictures don’t really show are the modern day hotties which are very hot silicon tits, fake tans, cosmetic dentistry, the gym and hair extensions. You could probably add a few more things. One could argue that modern day hotties are much hotter, however they are put on a much higher pedestal. I think one of the downfalls came in the 90s when women stopped wearing hosery. One could even argue the same case for men, if one were to look at photos of soldiers or labourers from that era you could clearly see a lack of obesity and plenty of fit looking physiques.

    1. “which are very hot silicon tits, fake tans, cosmetic dentistry, the gym and hair extensions. ” these girls will NEVER date you (unless you pay them). you are not in their league- get over it- find someone on your OWN level and then even then they should reject you for your asinine attitude.

      1. If they won’t date, We have money so we can pay if we choose to. A $200 escort is cheaper than taking a girl out a few times to dinner and drinks. And after the escort leaves….peace and quiet with no hassle.

  25. If you go to YouTube and check out music videos where there is a live audience, you’ll see much the same difference in women — with the ladies of the ’80s sitting squarely between the two.
    The modern pics here were not cherry-picked. Sad to say.

  26. Roosh nailed it in language that few can equal:
    “What man of normal mental health and active libido wants to romantically woo and date, let alone marry, a beastly, waddling tatted mountain of pustulence with the issue of three other men barking and nipping at her cankles?”

    1. Better question: why do men walk around with their heads so far up their own asses that they actually think women want men to marry them? That women exist for men’s attention?? That women are doing a DAMNED thing to garner visual “upvotes” while minding her business walking down the sidewalk??
      No. women are just living comfortably, because we can! Attracting a man will more than likely disrupt a woman’s life comfort, and this *might* be why there are articles for women teaching us how to “pretty down” and stop getting bothered by entitled a-holes who think they’re doing us favors by coming over and talking to us.

      1. Because if men and women didn’t seek one another’s attention there wouldn’t be any men and women. Not everybody is asexual.

      1. potbellied, balding uggos can still score hot chicks in their 40s and 50s if they have enough status. nothing helps an uggo female like yourself at any age.

    1. I’m sure some random attractive woman on the internet will see your limp-wristed defense of all womynkind, backtrace your IP address, and show up at your house to fuck you like a pornstar. Or not. How has supplication been working out for you?

    2. no, we only hate women mascarading as pigs and punky men. or is the other way around?….

        1. I definitely think this is a contributing factor to this modern result. but regardless of all these complaints by the men on this board we still have the option of looking in other lands to suit our needs. I am currently researching that option for myself. so maybe both sides will eventually be happy. American women can continue to be “free” to be who they really are and act how they want to act and American men who are dissatisfied with the changes can look to be satisfied from alternative sources.

    3. no, we MISS women and hate seeing these modern substitutes masquerading as such.

  27. “Similarly, the fat women are mating with fat men.”
    I’ll bet it looks like a log-rolling contest when they do. Tons of fun.

  28. There are just as many ugly women as well as men now as there were in the 60’s. You can not honestly believe every woman was from planet babe back then. Its pretty obvious that the author of this found the absolute best pictures of women from the 60’s and the worst from the present day. You have to keep in mind as well that there are waaay more recent pictures easily accessible now partially due to the internet. You’re going to find a lot of “ugly” women, but you’ll also be able to find just as many “hot” ones.. though the way ive seen people post comments on here im sure no mortal woman could live up to the standards held by some of you men. to everyone moaning about how they wish they had a time machine i strongly encourage you to get the fuck over it because its not going to happen.. even if it did you would probably still be disappointed. The world has always sucked. Only a fool would romanticize the past like this.

    1. There were as many people born ugly in the 60s as there are now.
      But here’s what you don’t get: In the good old days, there was a far fewer percent disgustingly obese women. Lesbian/dyke trends like shaving your head and being a trashy whore was shunned by society. Back then most women had class.

      1. You’re a misogynistic asshole. Who the hell are you to say back then women had class?? Stop glorifying the past where racism was prevalent and women were treated as objects just as much as they are today. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your so called ‘lesbian/dyke trends’ (btw fuck you, you’re homophobic too? You must get ALL the ladies.) and there’s nothing wrong with women doing what they want with their bodies. This article is sexist & shitty. You’re an idiot if you think that women in the later photos didn’t exist as well in the ’60’s. Do me a favor: look up slut shaming. That’d be you.

        1. hahaha someone is upset. my guess is…your a 500 pound tatoo’d waste of life commenting on something you have absolutely no idea about. seriously stfu.

        2. our guess is that you possess the characteristics only a mother could love- from 500 miles away and with dark tint on the glasses.

    2. but I think we can at least agree that women were more ladylike and didn’t use the f word as much like you just did.

  29. Do a google image search for “douchebags” for contemporary images of men who are equally ignorant, disgusting and lacking in self-respect.
    Contast with the first image for “Harvard 1963”.

  30. Just a bunch of lonely men that have been turned down one too many times. you should all start a club. And truly, how the hell do you know???? Were you there roaming around, checking out all the hot 60’s ass? I think not! I’d like to think we have ALL evolved, but reading through the majority of these replys….hmmm

    1. yeah they’ve “evolved” alright, into the sickening beasts you see today. im wondering if your one of them, jealous much?

    2. i’m still searching for at least one woman responding to these posts without swearing like a sailor. i’ll keep looking while you try to convince everyone how women have “evolved”

      1. I know this is old, but I had to comment…
        Kudos to you BaldheadedFoo! (my Dad would love the Foo part of that!).,..
        The last man who wanted to date me (an American immigrant to my country ~ Australia) swore like a trooper, and I gather he expected the same of me … but I don’t. Where I come from ladies don’t speak that way, and even if we might let a curse slip when we’re on our own, we never do in public. The women who do are not thought of as ladies (no matter what the popular image of my fellow country-women might be — the women I know simply don’t swear like men, none of us do ~ because it’s considered ill-mannered, ignorant, uncouth, and most unladylike; and our menfolk don’t around us).
        So I don’t think he understood – at all – when I asked him to keep that kind of language for his mates at the pub, not for while he was with me; and I don’t think he understood how totally it blew his chances with me.
        How nice to see that not all American men are as ill-mannered as he was (especially seeing I’m now being courted by another! And I’m beginning to see why), and that there are still gentlemen who understand what a lady is, and that our sensibilities are *different*.
        And I could go further, but I think the point’s been made.

  31. I disagree with this entire article. You are really telling me “The 60s were the time man!”
    F*** the 60s. The girls there look like hippie tools (at least half of them). If you want to see real modern American women go to the 1940s or 50s. The girls in number 23 and 25 seem better than literally 80% of the photos you have from the 60s.
    Bell Bottom paints, john lennon glasses, clashing colours and hippy styles… Nostalgic Boomer Facepalm -_-

    1. So you’re saying.. if you want to see a “real American woman” you need to go back to when they were basically slaves?

  32. Man, before women’s lib, women were feminine and pleasant to be with, you could actually marry them they would make good mothers and wives. Today? They whore themselves through their 20s and they still expect men to treat them as you would treat a lady. They are also very unpleasant to be around and make terrible mothers and wives. No wonder men don’t want to marry.
    “Men” today are a bunch of pussies, quit being a bitch around women, stop catering to those women who are dysfunctional
    Please note that every rule has an exception, so don’t complain about my argument “generalizing women.”

      1. a lot of men share his view. there are plenty of other articles similar to this throughout the websphere.

        1. it’s because of your looks that you are not getting the hot bimbo stupid. try someone in your own league- guaranteed they have not had as much access as the bimbo. stop going out of your league- it’s causing you much bitterness

        2. apparently, you are the bitter one going to each male commenter and posting like we all hurt you personally or something. eat some bon bons, drink chai tea and fondle your cat.

    1. Food for thought; your opinion of woman isn’t as important as their right to free will. Maybe some woman aspire to more than pleasing you.

      1. that’s fine and dandy but don’t be surprised or get upset if many more American men start to marry globally to women who STILL care about their appearance and femininity.

        1. you are a fool, they only want your fat balding asses for a greencard. potbellies are only cute on animals, not men.

        2. For your information I may have lost almost all my hair but I am in great shape but i’m guessing you are likely not. BTW, at least I can get an attractive woman in some fashion (even if its for a green card) most American chicks cannot even bribe a desperate foreign man over here.

        3. So true! Men are still clamoring over marriage, as much as ever… but American women are not. So they now must spend many thousands of dollars to purchase a foreign bride, who will hand him sex a few times a year in exchange for the green card to live in the greatest country on earth. Yes, they are prostituting themselves 🙁 but if a year or two marriage on some other idiot’s dime is all it takes to live here and become an American woman, it is worth it, eh?
          Meanwhile, look at the [few] American women who still marry: older, heavier, less ‘conventionally’ attractive, yet their grooms are still wealthier, better looking, and are often younger than their brides now. What a surprise that some guys have to import a foreign bride if they can’t even score with American women they consider ‘beneath’ them.

        4. Thank you for endorsing prostitution. You illustrate perfectly that women fuck for money.
          “Yes, they are prostituting themselves 🙁 but if a year or two marriage on some other idiot’s dime is all it takes to live here and become an American woman, it is worth it, eh?”
          I love how you casually see marriage as a means to an end. A woman whoring herself out for a green card is the best women can do, yay feminism!

        5. That is not true at all. I’m in Colombia and have been dating various Colombian women for 6 months now. Many of them have been interested in a relationship with me, but none have begged me to take them back to the states.

      2. Then why bother commenting? If you don’t care if your appearance and personality is pleasant to men, what difference does it make?

        1. why don’t you make your appearance pleasant for women? most of you ugly bitter trolls are just that. too ugly and unwilling to do what it takes to become more attractive.

        2. lol…have you seen the majority of American women today? I’ll put males up against females any day in this country when it comes to eating right, exercising, etc….
          You’ll never hear a man complain about ‘it’s a woman’s fault that I’m not…..’
          Give me a fucking break.

        3. The reason,…….. the only reason this “woman” is on this site, reading this thread is:
          Because it’s the only way she will hear the opinion of men. She doesn’t date or even talk to men,..er,.. they don’t bother looking or even acknowledging her, much less engage in an adult converstaion.
          Starved for attention and clueless, as to how to change.

        4. All you chicks who complain about what these guys say have no idea what it truly is to be a woman. You aren’t supposed to look like like a fat, pin cushioned, slob! You’re supposed to keep yourself up, be a good homemaker, & nurture for your husband. Not be be a whore! Yes there is a double standard when it comes to men and women being promiscuous, but that’s the way it is. Get over it!! Take a little pride in yourselves and learn something if your gonna come here, I certainly have.

        5. Indeed. If some guy is “too promiscuous”, then ignore him.
          Everybody has the right be a fat slob. However, such people shouldn’t be disappointed when it fails to be taken on as a societal norm.

        6. You simply have no way of knowing that. You make conjecture on what you want reality to be. It’s easy to dismiss everyone here are Ulgy Trolls, but from the men I have seen pics of and talked with they are normal, some are pretty good looking men.
          However Men aren’t primarily judged on our looks. While a good looking man is a bonus for most women, most women want a man to have a job.
          Some of us are attractive to women, but have found that most girls are simply pyrite.

        7. Sorry, my comment was just too good to pass up. Total thumbs up on your devotion to me and my screen name though.
          Now scurry off and respond to all of the guys who upvoted their own comments now.
          (p.s. you know nothing of the female anatomy! I think you’re thinking of the guys who post on this site when you bring up back tits, toots. Ya really ought to get out more, experience the opposite sex for a change. Contrary to what they might be teachin’ in schools today, boys and girls aren’t the same! Gasp! All I’m sportin’ on my upper back are two well-defined scapulae!)

      3. You also seem skanky, but not as stupid as Sara… I might let you swallow my choad… keyword is “might”, so don’t beg.

        1. lol, you accidentally thought that was a guy…
          sorry, but since she’s female, you will have NO chance.

      4. Women aspire to more? Like always on their Iphones, watching reality TV, bitching about what they still don’t have in life (personally responsibility much?) and the fact that it’s always a man holding her down.
        When all else fails in life for a woman, the standard excuse is: blame it on a man. At what point will we actually see all of these “empowered” women take responsibility and accountability?
        Hell, you all can’t even get along with each other (just remove men from the equation and watch women tear each other apart).

      5. Women are realizing that men are starting to look outside of the USA when finding a mate. These bitches that are used up, and shot the fuck out by 40, are angry because men would rather be in Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, etc. fucking tight, young pussy. When you go overseas and eat, drink, fuck, and have an awesome time, I’m sure you tell people about your adventures. What happens, is that “Bill”, tells his wife “Nancy”, about your adventures. Of course she says, “What a disgusting pig, I hope he gets an STD.” Bill of course has to agree with Nancy, or else he will suffer even more than he already is, due to being married to her.. When in reality, Bill is living vicariously through you, and only dreams about your adventures. The problem is, Nancy realizes you hang around Bill, and doesn’t want you “corrupting him”, or “being a bad influence”, therefore trying to cut off any source of enjoyment Bill has in his life. They will do everything in their power to make you even more miserable, because they think they settled marrying you.. Their fat ass thinks they deserved a Fabio, galloping up on a white horse. Get the fuck out of here.

        1. Bill is a fucking beta blue-piller. He got sucker’d in by the promises of unlimited poontang, he bought into the American Dream. Only to realize that it’s a fucking lie, it’s total shit. He should kill Nancy and flee to the outer reaches of eastern Ukraine.

        2. “He should kill a woman and and start having sex with women in another country”. Typical speech for a misogynist. Gotta love when they don’t hide themselves… except for their identity of course!
          “Bill” should thank his lucky stars he even found an American woman willing to lower herself to marriage. And he’d better straighten the heck up if he doesn’t want to see how useless he is to the equation.

        3. What kind of dumb husband discusses his friends’ sexploits with his wife? That’s a prescription for disaster.

        4. A lot of husbands ? Guys that are fucking pussies and want to make themselves look like a good husband by trash talking on their “friends”, because in reality, are actually jealous as fuck.

        5. Why are you even on here ? Who gives a fuck if he loathes women ? He was referring to the fictional character Bill, killing his wife Nancy.. he also said Ukraine, not just some foreign country. Bill should be lucky he found an American wife ? Hahaha.. you are joking, right ? Women want marriage, not men.

        6. Great post by the Chimpster! Perhaps I will go to Thailand and enjoy all that tight young pussy with no drama or attitude that is so typical of most American women today… Hell, I may even bring back two hot young bi babes and let them live rent free and they can lick each other whenever they want as I join (enjoy) the show- I will be their “Master”. I like cooking, so I would not mind sharing my culinary cuisine with “the babes”. Also, they can do the laundry and keep the house nice and clean as I live happily ever after! (I wont need Viagra!)

    2. you are just bitter that you are so ugly you could not get laid in college. not everyone sleeps around, but the problem is you are unf$ckable, by ANYONE really, which is why you are so bitter.

      1. Love it, jump onto a blog that offends you and instantly tell people that they are ugly and that they can’t get laid, when you have never seen them before. Protip: you have no power here. Everyone sees what you are doing and it is pathetic. YOU are pathetic. Jump.

    3. Do you even KNOW what the ‘lib’ of women’s ‘lib’ means??? IT MEANS “LIBERATION”! “Liberation” from what? From MEN, that’s what, lol.
      Women are liberated from growing up to a life of certain dread (marriage/slavery), and now men act like *men* are walking away from marriage??? LOL! No, sweetcheeks, that was women who walked away from marriage, the hot minute women were able to start earning their own pay, buying their own homes and cars, affording their own lives.
      If you are nice and worthwhile to a woman, you may have a chance at a relationship, but don’t count on it. She doesn’t need a relationship, because she’s not a man…

      1. So you’ve walked. Well… walk. Why are you here? If it’s true you are free and liberated, and that all men here are just relics of a lost past, why are you so obsessed with their comments?

      2. Yes, women did walk on marriage as soon as a bigger better deal came along. But that Deal had some strings women didn’t see in that rush. You want the equality of men, now you have it. You can go work yourself to death from stress and get your pittance from your Corporate Husband. But eventually age will slow you down and you will wonder is this all there is? And at 40ish, you’ll realize you did want a relationship after all. These words may then haunt your dreams, because you will have an increasingly narrow window for that type of lifestyle and few men your own age will want you and the older men won’t be as appealing. So you settle or be alone. Again no one here cares which you do, that’s your choice. But life has a way of humbling you as you mature.

        1. I am a lithe, well-defined 132#. Now, since we’re getting to know each other, let’s keep it even: how small is your dick? Is it tiny, or micropenis? Remember, I was good enough to answer your question, so either keep up or drop out.
          Or, you can hint at how small it is by taking your time to respond. The longer you don’t respond will mean the smaller it is.

        2. You took time to edit photos to answer him ? You must really care about the comments section.

        3. Your insults are pretty fucking lame.. I would continue the conversation, but its not worth my time. You are obviously pretty salty.. whatever guy broke your heart, must have done a number on you.. go listen to some monster ballads and get your Shit straight..probably just a guy doing some trolling though.

        4. Thanks for enjoying my favorite pastime of
          laughing at lesser beings. I’ve always enjoyed your work on Seinfeld, Koko.
          Sorry to hear about the guy(s) who broke your heart though. I hope they at least left you with a face full of memories. I can’t say I’ve had your bad luck with men. Next time choose better caliber like I did.
          Toodles, Koko. Or, “ooh ooh, ahh ahh”?

      3. Carrie, enough is enough. We get it. You have no clue! You are so warped, twisted, (totally fucked up is more like it!) American women finally got what they wanted and they are still not happy! Fuck off! You are the reason American women are so retarded these days. Your cry over being beautiful? The Lib thing is played out. Men have caught on to your “scams” The party is over. Shouldn’t you be eating Oreo’s by the carton by now? Pierce your lips nose face clit whatever! Get the tramp stamp you always wanted. Remember this: the 60’s women had class and liked to fuck! You hater types just want to “dry out”. Men will leave you alone- NO PROBLEMA! Get the fuck outta here!!!

        1. Lemme guess — you grew up in one of those single mother households, right? I mean, I always hear what dismal failures get cranked out by single mothers, so you must be the product of that, right?
          Take your impotent little butthurt insults and see if you can’t trade them in for something useful. Maybe some Windex, as it seems your bitter little psychosis-induced screed was shrieked out at your mirror, but it’s so filthy that you couldn’t tell you were yelling at yourself.

        2. Shut the fuck up El Guesto. You must be just as miserable as Carrie. The lib thing is played out. Get a clue. Clean your dirty house.

        3. The “Lib” thing, or “Libertarian” as intelligent people call it, might be played out for morons who need this circle-jerk of a website, but for the rest of the world’s citizens the Libertarian thing is just starting. Get used to it.
          My house is clean, but I suspect that’s your guilty projection again.

        4. Actually the “Lib” means: Liberation. True there are way too many laws, and that is another topic for libertarians. I am not stupid. The point that you simply do not understand is that most American women are simply not very happy in general (direct result of liberation movement) You see, the more independant women become, the more miserable they are…The tattoo thing is a perfect example or the pierced face- disgusting! That shit was not around in60s 50s etc… Finally after they get done using many men (and women) they hit 40 and realize the game is over. They take their “husband” to court and cry a river. Or they never even gave a man a chance (too busy on the cock wagon) and now their fat, ugly and cant even get a date with the janitor. ha ha How is that Lib thing working out for you???

        5. Oh Christ. Thanks for the laughs, and the shudders. I used to think like you do and once I snapped out of it I never felt better. Discharge the pointless hatred and you won’t feel like such shit anymore. And don’t try telling anyone you don’t feel like shit. Happy people don’t think like you, act like you, or go off on cringe worthy tangents like you.
          Remember that YOU are the architect to your own happiness. You can focus on the shit you think is happening (which it isn’t, but that’s ok) and feel all miserable over it, OR you can wise the fuck up and get off the Return of KKKings bandwagon and see that you’ve been lied to for fun. Your choice, keep hating or wise up. You can’t do both.

    4. No need to apologize for your argument. I can’t even tell what it is you’re trying to communicate about men in the middle paragraph.

  33. It must have been a lot of work to hunt down the best pictures from the 60s and the worst ones from today. Kudos on all your hard work, you ass.

    1. lol, not really. just go outside and do your own survey. you are the ass by the way.

    1. Just as “gay” became redefined to mean people attracted to the same gender, “misogyny,” by use and association, is now code for “the truth.” For instance,
      Women abuse children at a higher rate than men. “That’s misogynistic!”
      Women on OkCupid rated 80% of men less than average looking, defying statistical reality “That’s misogynistic!”
      Women file for 72% of divorces. “That’s misogynistic!”
      Women have less attraction to men who share equally in chores. “That’s misogynistic!”
      Nevermind all of these are proven with vigorous studies. It makes womyn somewhere feel bad, and that’s all “misogyny” means anymore.

      1. “Women on OkCupid rated 80% of men less than average looking, defying statistical reality”
        — I read this factoid before, and it’s all the more hilarious when you peruse the *ahem* “quality of female specimens” on said website…

      2. Or it could be that the sample of men in the said site really are below the average of the population.

  34. lol is this a joke? Where am I? The Onion? (Because fat people didn’t exist in the 60s and no one ever got drunk)

      1. If you weren’t a stupid fuck yourself, you’d have the brains to at least credit this.

      2. you poor ugly creature. cant get laid with the blonde bimbo and you are so hard up that you have to pull stats to make yourself feel better. you would think in this day and age of “fat ugly chicks” as you put it, someone as gross as you could find someone.

    1. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that to be the case but you have to admit women were more likely to care about their appearance before 2000s than today. somewhere down the line American women just quit caring.

  35. All of the first section was of pictures from fucking magazines, and the ones from this era are just random people’s photos. I don’t care what era you’re in, there’s gonna be a difference ffs.

  36. The “funny” thing is, apart from what many of the commenters already pointed out is wrong with this collection, the very women from the 60ties and 70ties you post here got the same echo from media and society today’s women get. They were bashed for dressing like long haired hippies and not like ladies, protest culture and not staying at home like they should anymore, wether it was true in the individual case or not, having become difficult, having no class, not knowing anymore how to take care of a man, bla bla bla… for the way they let their hair down, they were called filthy because they didn’t look like women 30 years earlier, insulted and generalized as sluts just the way today’s women are in this piece… You know… you’re not even original. There’s always a part of the population that will indulge in this reflex. The base line is always: “I have problems with women. I don’t like them. They should do more to appeal to my personal taste.” The trick in this one: “I wouldn’t have had problems with women 30 years ago, so it can’t be me, right?”

    1. I see your point. Personally I thought women looked best in the 80s and early 90s – they had their own mind but still had dignity about their appearance. But I SERIOUSLY doubt anyone will look back on this current time and say “man, I miss the good ole days of tatted, plus-size women with a dozen piercings and all their mental disorders”

  37. This is so disgusting. You realize that women aren’t created for your pleasure? It’s none of your business what clothes we wear, what our hair looks like, our piercings, our body shape, our politics, or anything else. And, please, explain to me how wearing revealing clothes is such a bad thing when some of your “ideal” pictures of women has girls in their bikinis. And women drank alchohol, and had short hair, etc back then. Also, the protest march. Do you think women didn’t go to protest marches back then? Because I can assure you, they did. This is just the most vile thing I have seen, and I am almost ashamed to be an American because of this.

    1. And men were’nt created to be accessories to drag around like the latest purse then discarded when it’s convenient, or you have a mood swing, nor were they created to be walking ATM machines.
      The funny thing is, you don’t realize you and your ilk are going to be an extinct breed soon. I am enjoying watching every second of the American woman’s downfall, and you can take your smug, self-righteous attitudes with you.
      Even funnier is that you don’t even seem to know or care what is happening.
      Annoying little facts like 50% of all marriages of American men will soon be to foreign women. And the fact that your deathstyles (oppostite of lifestyles) mean that there won’t be many of you around in the next generation. (Check Western birth rates if you doubt it.)

      1. ” 50% of all marriages of American men will soon be to foreign women.” they want you for your green card- once again you are over evaluating the worth of your fat balding self.

        1. Ahahaha. No, once again you pasty girls are over-evaluating the value of your bleached blonde, burned up hair, orangeade caked on makeup and self tans, pallid skin, cellulite, muffin tops, de facto sterility, and mannish, rude, unladylike behavior.
          Don’t you get it? A fast-growing number of men don’t want you anymore, and you’re quickly being replaced demographically by more viable women and their offspring.
          Foreign women are light years ahead of Anglo girls. And, marriages of American men to foreign women have a success rate of over 80%. Sorry to disappoint your hamster with some facts.

        2. Sara, Are you saying you are all whores? I’m sure a lot of the foreign women like living in the USA and are loyal to their groom. Your mentality naturally has a problem with that scenario. Grow up and clean up your Fem act. You keep getting nastier (full of hate) FACE IT. THE GAME IS OVER! YOU LOSE!

        3. Ah you poor dear!
          If my “American GI” wants me he’s going to have to leave the place — because there is no way I’d move there.
          So keep believing that, won’t you? Right over a cliff…

      2. And men were’nt created to be accessories to drag around like the latest
        purse then discarded when it’s convenient, or you have a mood swing,
        nor were they created to be walking, talking ATM machines…
        Well said. Sad, but so true! Most all men have figured it out, and it is so obvious the decline of American women. As a matter of fact, today’s American females should be downright embarrassed! Clean up your act already!

    2. It is our business. It’s your business too if you want to attract us. If you think you’re going to attract a high value man such as myself with that attitude, the immodest dress, ugly tattoos etc. then you’re sorely mistaken.

  38. Wow, this is great! Why are modern women so intent on uglifying themselves? It’s not just the fatness, it’s all the piercings and tattoos. Women one generation ago did not do that to themselves, even if they weren’t beautiful. And they didn’t wear pajama pants in public either.

    1. Are there no ~modern men~ possessing similar “degrading” qualities?
      tsk, tsk, when will modern American women LEARN…?!!?!1!
      ** ** *sigh**woe is me** * *** *

      1. Hey, “personwithbrain”:
        People with brains are not allowed to post on returnofkings. Please kindly never post here again, as you will raise the collective IQ of our boards, at which point we will lose our government grants for employing the developmentally disabled.
        Also, coming to MRA boards will for a fact sap you of intelligence, so for your own safety and sanity, stop hurting yourself by coming here.

    2. It’s a form of attention seeking. They’re not getting the attention they want or think they deserve (because feminism has brainwashed them into thinking no matter what you look like…you should be accepted and are entitled to attention). A woman who simply eats right, takes care of herself (through exercise and is constantly improving herself will get my attention.
      Why? because it’s what I do with myself, constantly. I’m not going to take care of myself and date someone who thinks it’s acceptable to sit on the couch, watch bad TV and eat a bag of chips.
      It’s your right, you can do it…but you wont’ be getting my attention.

      1. oh no, such a loss for womankind- so sad to see your insecure ass voluntarilty removing themselves from the genepool

    3. Why on earth do you think women exist just to be visually approved by men? Women don’t wake up every day hoping to catch the eye of men, yet men wake up every day demanding that we do! Men wake up every day, so entitled, wondering why women aren’t kowtowing to men’s sexual preferences. You’re out of your mind.
      I wish I had the nerve to gain weight, get tattoos, and wear purple hair. Even without makeup and with my hair in a sloppy ponytail, you entitled jerks come sidle up to me and start your pickup lines. Here’s a hint: if a woman is in sweats, leave her alone.

      1. Here’s a hint: when you blow up like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man, don’t wonder why men aren’t interested. Women have been bitching for years about how the “male gaze” has hurt them, as if men don’t have a right to find certain women more attractive than others, but it’s OK for women to have their “high and noble” standards, which are for men to be wealthy, attractive, attentive, emotionally weak and hung like an ox. If you do pork out, get tattoos and wear purple hair, that’s your right, but it’s also my right (as an oppressive, white male, right?) to not find you attractive and to want nothing to do with you. Enjoy your lonely, bitter life.

        1. Sad thing is, the thirst is real.. Here in USA, these fat, pierced hipster girls have cock thrown at them for days.. these singles sites like “OkCupid” or “Plentyoffish” (More like plenty of carp) have filled these women with all the attention they need.. Carrie is right.. Women here can wear sweats, have matted hair, be homeless for Christs sake, and guys would still want to bone her. Here in the Ukraine however, she would be exiled to a gulag near Chernobyl, for looking like such Shit.

        2. What’s EVEN worse is that there are websites dedicated to fat and even obese women, and the men who want to marry them. And there are MORE MEN on these marry-a-fatty websites than there are fat women. Guys with PhD’s, guys with big incomes and bigger houses, nice cars, the kind of guy we think would only go after a young hottie.
          There’s a show called Bridezillas and it shows terrible, ugly, and sometimes even obese women who are marrying guys who easily make more money than God. I don’t get it. Fat women have no shortage of high caliber guys to choose from.
          But try it with fat GUYS? Never see the equality for men will we.

        3. You are correct.. you have to compete with guys who have loads of money, just to even attempt your hand at a morbidly obese woman. This is America. We can’t win. You can only look out for yourself.. 1. Don’t get married 2. Don’t have children.. you are setting yourself up for failure by doing so, and playing right into the hands of feminazis. You are voluntarily signing away your freedom, paycheck, etc. The biggest scam: Marriage

        4. CG
          Are you perma gaming in UA yet?
          Which city has the least ugliest chicks on the San Andreas fault line?
          And POF aka plenty of carp lol
          OK Cupid ok aka OK HR Carrie Bradshaw club
          Much Love Ian/ Cedric/Tyrone Sentient being of the Cosmos my Central Valley Amigo Red Pill Brother

        5. i just think its v sad that you compare women refusing to kowtow to male preconceptions of innate female worth to men to assuming a life without some sad fucker who cares if someone has tattoos is a life worth mourning. Like , you can demonise women all you want. Assume they’re ‘obese’ feminazis (as if concentrating on women’s physical appearance is somehow disproving the idea that men objectify women), why does that matter to you so much? Just admit you only hate fat women because it allows you to justify men are a bit deeper than prioritsing some girl theyve no right to feel so atached to an otherwise too-thick-for-general-convo who they then try and put down.

      2. Sunshinemary just asked a question and you answered with all kinds of accusations, female supremacism, calling names an hate speech topped with the usual “I’m so hot men hit on me all the time”. So much anger is not healthy. When was the last time you saw your shrink?

      3. I will tell you why many men hit on you. you are probably height weight proportional and have hair long enough to put in a ponytail. Congrats you made it past the first round. However you fail to see that the attention you get now will dry up eventually (around 40). And with the attitude you have toward men that find you attractive, once your beauty fades with age you will be wondering why men are so hard to come by, unless they just cum then bye.
        By all means get fat, and make yourself more unattractive, you will be forgotten as you are nothing special, just a temporary pretty TC vessel with limited utility. Meanwhile new 21yo’s are minted every day for those of us that want a better quality woman that wants to understand and love us. And even if we never find that person, we can easily get sex from your “sisters” and not have to wife you up for it.

        1. imagine being so shallow and vapid that you think the wole reason women exist is for male sexual pleasure. You think its actually bad news to a woman that past a certain age, men cant help but prioritise their dick over their mind.

        2. Ok, I’ll bite….other than sex what role does a woman serve in a man’s life that can not be handled by friends or some service industry? Because without sexual desire modern women are generally a burden or risk with little to no return.

      4. Hoping to catch the eye of men is exactly why women dress the way they so often do. And you set up a false argument, when you added the word “just”.
        As for you “wishing you had the nerve”, we both know that’s a lie. No one *wants* to be fat! If that were some lofty goal, then you’d be trying to attain it! And that means that you know it’s not, which means that you know it’s a false argument, which means you don’t mind promoting lies to further the feminazi agenda.
        Problem: When your worldview has to rely on lies, it means that it’s not based on truths. If it were, then you wouldn’t need to use lies. Common sense!
        Btw, I wouldn’t be calling the guys “entitled”, when you’re the one (like the other feminazis) who thinks that women should be able to get fat, tatted up, with purple hair and still be taken seriously as women by men.

        1. All I can do about your attempt at a response is LOL — yes, that post made me actually laugh out loud.
          Looking into your other posts, it displays your inherent need (for whatever reason) to tell people they don’t realllllly think the way they claim to think, but rather they reallllly think the way you magically somehow know they think. Then you try to deconstruct their thoughts/opinions and insert fully extrinsic nonsense that can only have come from your own sad place.
          That sounds like a pervasive mental issue you’ve got going on. Delusion of grandeur, maybe? I’m really not a professional in that field, so my guess would only be as wildly impotent and fully foolish as yours is. But keep going with that. You sound so very truly in love with your own opinion, and I genuinely hope the two of you are laughed at and pointed at wherever you go happy together for eternity.
          Now wake up a bit and realize that your worldview apparently relies upon falsehoods and that a quick lesson on your own entitlement might be the best medicine ever for you.

      5. I’ve been to Siberia.
        Today, most American women aren’t shit.
        Nothing but weak, scared, spoiled zombies. Looking for an easy way out.
        A man is better off whacking himself off to porn and buying a dog. Or a plane ticket if he is so inclined.

        1. Well, as an intelligent person, I cannot agree with any of your assessments except for your final paragraph. Even though you clumsily put “whacking off to porn” and “buying a dog” in the same sentence…

      6. Who upvoted this bullshit??? This is one ugly chick who does not want to look good, because SHE can’t.

        1. Well actually I don’t know what you look like, But I assume that since you hate women who like to look good for men, or just women who look good/care about their looks…..that you are on the unattractive side of things. Also, I may be a lot of things, but Micro penis IS not one of them. At least so I have been told thru the years.

        2. You assume based on something I never said nor claimed to do. I don’t hate women, whether they like to look good for men or not, but what you chose to build your faulty assumption on was that I showed no negativity toward women who don’t desperately build their lives around what random men think of them.
          If logic or rationale was something you were good at, you might instead have come to the correct conclusion that I was better looking than most and pretty goddamned weighed down on a daily basis by the unasked-for opinions of men who for some unknown reason like to foist their unbidden compliments on my appearance — even when I wear gym clothes, no makeup, and have my hair up. I fully respect anyone who puts on weight, dyes her hair crazily, gets tattoos, or dons ugly clothes if that’s WTF it takes to instruct men to stop believing their un-asked-for compliments are welcome. But those options are not for me; I have a family and professional career I must maintain.
          As for women telling guys they are under-sized… well, anyone with the gift of logic or rationale would tell you that when confronted with eensy weenies, women coo over how eensy they aren’t. Even to the point of claiming they hurt during sex, lol. Men’s egos are more fragile than their testicles, dontcha know.

        3. the word woman is in your screen name twice and your avatar once. It’s safe to say that you’re a geeky, effeminate, leftist loser of boy-man.

        4. No. It would actually not be safe to say any of that.
          Oh, wait… it actually would be safe to say all of that if – and only if – you were competing for World’s Safest Bad Guesser, in which case you’d be wearing a tiara and getting two dozen roses handed to you by Steve Harvey right about now, no doubt weeping and pissing down both legs as you blow kisses to the rest of the RoK readership.
          I changed my disqus moniker and avatar a couple of weeks ago, primarily to mock some orange-haired chimp who’s doing his best to ruin the GOP by running as their Presidential candidate this year. It also serves to mock the chimp’s somehow-even-less-bright fanboys. And before you try to compete in The Universe’s Safest Bad Guessing Pageant, I am not voting for Clinton. I’m merrily throwing my vote away on Gary Johnson.

      7. Darling, What your hubris, does not allow you to contemplate, is that your suicidal, emasculated husband is the stupidest man alive, since he is married to you. After all what self-respecting intelligent man would like to marry a woman that does not respect him and calls him stupid? This does not speak highly of you, since I assume he did get a second date. This is simple logic and common sense.
        I know, It’s been two years since your comment, but I just read it, got to love the internet since it immortalises our communications.

        1. Oh, how adorable! It thinks I called my husband stupid and that we don’t respect each other! It even called my husband names! It probably stomped its little feet as it typed too.
          Look, if I were to address your attempt at a reply after removing the wild imagination and the profound lack of logic… well, if I removed both of those then there’d really be no post to respond to…
          Fingers crossed that some day it will figure out that its *own* communications have been so immortalized as well, for all the world to laugh at and feel superior to.

      8. I have to say this guy has a pretty ugly idea of the opposite sex and is not in tune with how man has never gotten it right. He is not going to get a lot of men that agree. Only the type that comment. Many good ones don’t speak. Women are not a plaything for men. We are not all idiots like this group of gods fuck ups.

    4. The piercings, the tattoos, the behavior, and speech so vulgar it would embarrass the landlady of a seaside boarding house.

    5. imagine, just imagine – an alien concept for someone as a self obssessed and entitlted as yourself- where female expression didnt solely focus itself on mainstream male sexual preferences

  39. One thing I like to say….. These Modern women will soon choose their hell

  40. Wow…this is really disgusting. sadly this is what I see almost everytime I step out of my house. I consider myself a gentleman, and its no big secret that things have gotten worse. the 40’s and 50’s were probably the best with womens modest, cute clothing and dresses. sure some of the 60’s styles were silly and perhaps got a bit too hippy for my taste (pocohantas girl lol) but it was by and large still a far more well dressed time and girls were still dressing like girls and femininity was still around a big deal I mean how else will a woman attrat a man if shes not being feminine? ironicall it was the 60’s itself that brought about the whole bra burning, stupidly misguided feminist movement and the world was forever changed and no for the better. every decade up till now has had some form of feminine dress. girls and even grown women now tend to dress like men, and behave even WORSE then men do. these photo’s show the pigs of today, they uglify themselves with piercing, tramp stamps (tattoos), disgusting mens clothes and bad attitudes. not to mention slutting around and bad haircuts. its all really bad today, there is no denying this. there HAS to be a return to modesty and feminity and a serious bashing and denial of shows like sex and the city which turns young women into sluts.

  41. you can’t use a bunch of stock photos from the 60s an compare it to random internet pictures its not a equal playing field

    1. Sure you can. They’re both a representation of the culture at the time. Professional photographer or smartphone, doesn’t matter in my book.

  42. I think it’s because woman have these things called personalities which dictate (when they’re not being oppressed of course), how they behave. And it has very little to do with penises and whether or not men like it. If your surprised by this; you need to take a reign check on sexuality; because you’re not ready.

    1. So you’re admitting their personalities are dysfunctional and the cause of this terrible behavior. Got it.

  43. 40 pictures (and more!) that show the decline of American men, just one click away all you have to do is searc into google ‘men 2013 drunk and fat’

  44. I’m glad someone is bringing this topic to the light. I have recently explored dating again after my recent divorce and have yet to see anyone in real life or online that I find appealing. WAY too many are full-figured or close to it (and I live in Austin, supposively the fitness capital) or they obviously have mental issues. I am 42 now and last dated other women in the late 90s when I believe the rapid deterioration of American women began. I noticed the changes starting to happen then but didn’t care since I was dating my ex at the time. I feel completely unmotivated based on what I have seen and am seriously considering international choices. I think the single American men with the best deal of their particular time were in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s IMO when women were still feminine and took pride in their appearance.

  45. Okay, first off- most of the photos from the 70’s were taken by a ‘LIFE’ magazine photographer. While I am in TOTAL agreement that today’s society overexposes themselves via instagram or Facebook, posting photos like the latter ones, you have to acknowledge the comparison of the pool of photos presented is a bit unfair. If you look at http://www.sartorialist.com you will see lots of examples women dressing beautifully and presenting themselves in a classy way.

    1. you’re joking right? all i saw on the first page was a bunch of hipster
      try-hards with a sense of dress only a homeless woman could love. AGAIN, buying clothes from the thrift shop, or dressing to be intentionally cynical is not feminine or sexy. it’s just try-hard ironic and pathetic.

    1. Roosh has been defiling beautiful broads all across Europe for years… so I doubt I could pay him enough to throat-fuck your ugly yap-trap…

  46. Yes they have gottn ugly, I think it is the black thing, everyone wants to look like a loser gangsta, look at Miley, she is one butt ugly gangsta wannabe, UGLY! Let’s go back to the pretty white girls of the 70’s!

    1. Um, I doubt it. Look at the pictures of Black women in the 50’s-70’s.
      They were gorgeous and that you CANNOT DENY.

  47. how very pathetic that women have become these days. then again, when were they ever normal to begin with.

  48. Wow. I must say. I am very disgusted with the way modern American women are. It’s not only sad, but it’s even pathetic! Delusionalized, trashy, dirty whores is what the majority of American women have become. Go foreign gentlemen! Foreign women still carry the traditions American women used to have back in the 1960’s.

    1. The 60s was the beginning of the sexual revolution dummy. They burned their bras, used the pill, make love not war. Those women were the pioneers, and men like you we’re still complaining “waah, who’s going to take care of meeeee” grow the fuck up, women owe you nothing, not their bodies, their attention, or your acceptance.

    1. Oops, my first thought, or response was to ‘laugh it up”.
      However, as I begin to scroll through the modern day horrors of today once again…a sadness crept over me.

  49. In 1960s you didnt need technology to get laid with atleast one woman in a party, because there was hardly any and confidence is enough. Nowadays if you aint carrying a expensive smart phone along with expensive car, you aint getting any poon. Simple as that.

  50. #28 shouldn’t be here. It’s just some girls baking cupcakes for fuck’s sake. They don’t deserve to be included in this indictment.

  51. These bitches better learn it now, the financial collapse is coming soon and If they misbehave after that, we’re going to sell them to the niggers.

  52. Gosh just terrible the women of today…They were so different in the past…feminine and sweet looking. My mom showed me pictures of her days…in the late 60’s/early70’s…what a difference from what you see today. They do still exist but much harder to find. I’m from Montreal, Canada and I am a rare breed of feminine, lady like woman, always take excellent care of my appearance, always well dressed and never cheap/slutty looking, well mannered and spoken, soft and kind…I feel like an outcast when I go out :S…like something is wrong with me! I see women here go out Friday night in flip flops, messy hair, fat rolls popping everywhere because of too tight outfits, g-strings coming out of jeans, over the top makeup and slutty clothes that a streetwalker could wear, lots of tattoos and piercings, cussing/loud mouths/vulgar and just generally looking cheap… It’s not a pretty sight…Girls dance on bars and rub themselves like cats in heat on a bunch of strangers on the dance floor…just nauseating to witness. Sometimes I watch from distance and think to myself “We should throw those animals back in the wild…away from civilization “.

    1. So you admit you go to all of the same places as the low-cless women you claim to dislike? And lol, you accidentally tried to pass as female on the Internet… and failed!

  53. I recognize the last one. She is from shakespearessister, remember her having beef with a video game and saying anyone who liked it is an pig.

  54. Oh, the FASHIONS. The HAIR. The STYLES. I LOVE how women looked prior to the 1970’s. I enjoy telling younger women how, when I went to college classes in the ’80s, I actually took the time to do my makeup, do my hair, and pick out sundresses to wear to class. The astonished looks on their faces are worth it. If any college-aged girl asked me now how she could go about meeting more men, I’d tell her to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and fix herself up instead of wearing pajama pants (ugh) and dirty hair out in public.

  55. Pic 23 wasn’t SO bad……..you are correct Roosh, ladylike looks, grooming and behavior seem to no longer be fashionable…….which is a tragedy.

  56. #39 WTF???!!! Who the fuck would think a ugly black star on the face??!! is a good idea?? It’s like vandalism!

  57. Scathing…. and basically true. American women are a joke compared to foreign, and the US government has further ensured that there is absolutely ZERO INCENTIVE for a man to want to marry in AmeriKa anymore. Unless bankruptcy, anxiety, and a plague of locusts sounds “fun” to you…..
    American men are by and large selfish cowards with a national identity crisis. The corporate 501c3 churches only adding fuel to the fire of the modern SPINELESS EMASCULATED “feminized” male.

  58. So basically, the women turned into ugly feminazis and the men turned into feminine manginas.
    what a society…

  59. Lack of competition. America needs a migration from Russia/Eastern Europe (beautiful, athletic, and classy people) and the average America (women, men) will start to go to gym, again.

  60. SOOOO many people don’t even look like this today. For the 70’s pictures they showed 17, 18 year old girls. For now they either showed older women who have lost there figure, fat people, and people with millions of piercings and blue hair… I mean c’mon… Nobody, there are some, but almost nobody looks like the pictures the showed.

  61. As a woman I feel like the feminist movement has corrupted womanhood, not empowered it. We live with the myth that women were treated poorly 60 years ago but that is not the case. The movement sought to take power away from men and put it in the hands of a soulless government. This allows for more rampant abuse of women and men are afraid to be the alpha male of yesterday because they’re afraid of being called chauvinist. The real chauvinists were the feminists who put all of women kind in a vulnerable position.

  62. I am an American woman and all I can say is WOW! I look at my mothers old pictures of her and my dad and theirs friends and it’s crazy how much more put together and attractive they were compared to the youth of today.

  63. Jesus fucking Christ, I literally can not stand some of the comments on here.
    Before you say anymore, consider the following.
    1) I hate to burst your bubble, but women don’t exist to please you. You can sit there and blog and comment all you want about how upset you are that women don’t live up to your fantasies but the reality of it is that nobody gives a fuck. Think about what you’re saying.
    2) Who the fuck do you think you are to police women around like they’re little animations you can fool around with on your computer screen? Who. The. Fuck. Do. You. Think. You. Are.
    3) Consider where the 60’s photos were taken. Most of them were taken near schools to be published in Life magazine. None of the images that are shown here fully encompass all the crazy shit (good and bad) that went on in the 60’s. I mean, come on, it was the sexual revolution for Chrissakes.
    4) Do you get pleasure out of being such a misogynistic, close-minded prick?
    5) “It’s okay to shame women because men are equally oppressed.” *DING* I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one, buddy. Women are NOWHERE near being as “oppressed” as men. Ain’t no fuckin’ ballpark, neither. Do your research before you spew your ignorance. Women still get paid less than men for performing the same service. Porn is still targeted at men and portray women as sex objects. 1 out of 6 women are victims of attempted or completed rape. Now I’m not trying to say that men are not oppressed at all. Male oppression does exist, but there’s one important think you have to remember. Males, in some parts of the world, have societal and economic power over females. Until gender equality is reached, males must be sensitive of their positions.
    6) “Why should I have to be sensitive of my position as a male? It’s not like women have it that hard!” You can shut right the fuck up. With all of the world’s adverts focused on policing women into the perfect molds, women get no fucking breaks. Day in and day out, 24/7, for the rest of their lives, women will be preyed upon by assholes like you who think it’s their job to shape women into who their ideal types are. You have no idea what you are saying. You have no fucking idea what the fuck you’re saying.

    1. Whoa, who left the door to the fucking henhouse open? Seriously why is this garbage being allowed?

    2. Only one of these questions needs a response:
      ” Who the fuck do you think you are to police women around like they’re little animations you can fool around with on your computer screen? Who. The. Fuck. Do. You. Think. You. Are.”
      Who the Fuck We Are: the gender that protects you from military attack, takes your garbage, serves your food in restaurants, creates your birth control pills, builds your offices, designs your computers, hosts your Facebook page, keeps your Facebook page running, provides you with a judicial system, takes down and locks up people who want to hurt you (male or female), allows you to vote, allows you to comment, and permits you to legally take half our shit in a divorce. We built this shit, we maintain it, and we allow you to participate in it. So sit the fuck down, or go make us another sandwich — your choice. That choice being a privilege that we men permit you to have.

  64. hey homie-
    For starters, the same obnoxious photo set could be conducted for men, as well as women, as well for any socially constructed groupings of people. I could easily put together a photographic series of men who have similar qualities to these women, and then slap some uneducated, attention-grabbing text over it saying “the demise of the male” or whatever else I feel is appropriate (although I would most likely never do or say such thing). But in any case, the”women of the 70’s” still contribute to the female population today… maybe some of them are in your “now” section. I don’t understand how you are able to construct “the women of the past” or “the modern American woman” with so few photographs. In the context of your article, there would be much overlap. Needless to say, your argument/point is incredibly weak. I’m sorry to say that I have gained nothing intellectual from this read. Isn’t intellect important to you? ;p
    However, there is no reason for hate- all of these articles sound like they’re just coming from several insecure, aging white men who are trying to blame those (young and old) striving for social equality, in fear of their power being disseminated. People will change themselves if they feel they want to or have to, but in the meantime why can people not express themselves in the ways in which they feel are right? Also here is something very important I thought I should leave here: Women are not here on earth solely to please men. If some would like to, then sure. There’s nothing wrong with people doing what they want, and I don’t think there is a universal “right” or “wrong” way for women to live (especially according from some irrelevant man). You sound silly, and honestly undesirable. I’m sure plenty of “pretty girls” would agree with me. :
    Suggestion: affiliate YOURSELF with the people YOU want to be around. Can you not do so without popularizing hatred toward others? (particularly women and gays, according to this blog)

    1. Attention; Person with Brain, The decline in today’s foul mouthed American women is all around us. Get a clue! Dressing like a tramp is not expressing yourself. Also, imagine what its gonna be like when all these chicks with tattoos show up as an old lady with wrinkled worn out tattoos everywhere. DISGUSTING!!!
      -Hate all you want, but don’t try to fool us!

  65. This is one of the greatest reality bomb posts I’ve ever seen. Clear and Concise. it really shows how bad things have gotten.

  66. Few women are truly ugly on their own. It’s usually something they do to themselves, like a bad haircut, too much makeup, trashy tattoos, weight, et cetera.

  67. It’s fucking pathetic.. this is a great article, showing how the first pictures can bring you a sense of happiness, or a nostalgic feeling. As you scroll down, the feelings of pleasantry start turning into a black sludge of despair, ready to be spewed all over your computer monitor. It not only makes me sick, but genuinely makes me sad. If there was a big fat red nuke button in front of me, which would wipe out mankind, I would probably seriously question pushing it. However, there are still places that hold on to some of these values (Ukraine). I still get that feeling while over there, but the disease is spreading, and fast. Poland has been consumed, and western Ukraine is already changing. It’s only a matter of time before everyone, and everything is consumed. Eat and drink the good stuff boys, because tomorrow, you will be at the trough.. and the only thing that is being served, is shit. It’s going to be dumpster diving for everyone.

  68. What struck me even more was the radiance & the feminine girly smiles of those college girls in the 1960s. That seems to be an even greater loss than the current epidemic of deluded sluts covered with layers of fat and toxic ink. The men are better looking than ever while the women have gone several points down.

    1. That is because they lost the sense of femininity. Their expressions are an androgynous pathetic spectacle. How many young girls are out doing selfies sticking their tongues out like Miley Cyrus?

  69. Don’t write these pieces! It’s too depressing. It’s amazing how modern women try to make themselves ugly and then demand men conform.

  70. The slutty & i’ll-sleep-in-my-own-vomit ones are just trash, no point even discussing them. But the funny thing about the fat, ugly ones is that they DO have high standards in men. Most women can make themselves look at least moderately attractive if they put some effort in it, unless they have some severely deformed features. These modern women simply refuse to take some time or discipline themselves a little, they’ll try to stupidly attract attention by making themselves look like clowns, and yet they all want a tall, handsome, young, educated guy with a good financial status, etc. He should also frequent the gym, buy them stuff and be loyal. Then they complain that all guys like that refuse them and the only guys that hit on them are ugly, average jerks and victimize themselves for “always attracting the bad guys”. lol

    1. Am I reading this right? A woman that agrees with this article? Oh wait you’re not American judging by your name, no wonder. For that I still give you a thumbs up (seriously, I mean it). Ochen horosho!

  71. I propose that “back then” there were many girls that looked just as ridiculous YET smartphones, Drop Box, Instagram, the internet itself etc didn’t exist so there just is not much of a record. Many of those top pics are obviously professional and semi-posed photos taken for Life magazine and the latter ones are far more real and intimate. Almost all the earlier pics (or at least 50%-70% of them) seem to be at the same event or school.
    It’s SO tiring hearing people say “oh life was more civilized back then” when that’s not true…it’s just that pictures where far more expensive and complicated so there weren’t millions of instant-publish cameras (like our smartphones) around so you just don’t see it. Even if you lived back then the same situation applies and you just didn’t realize it was going on for the same reason.

  72. I know this is probably purposely exaggerated(at least, for anyone who doesn’t frequent clubs/parties) but if you glance at a lot of magazines, they still have vintage styles like the first 20 quite often.

  73. Hey.. not all American women are like that.. I see some slender, classy , well mannered women as well. I am not American woman btw.. but some that I know they are very decent !

  74. “Hear this word, you cows of Bashan on Mount Samaria,
    you women who oppress the poor and crush the needy
    and say to your husbands, ‘Bring us some drinks!’
    The Sovereign Lord has sworn by his holiness:
    ‘The time will surely come
    when you will be taken away with hooks,
    the last of you with fishhooks.
    You will each go straight out
    through breaches in the wall,
    and you will be cast out toward Harmon,’
    declares the Lord.”
    -Amos 4:1-3 (NIV)
    So, yeah, not the first time this has happened.

    1. [“Hear this word, you cows of Bashan on Mount Samaria,
      you women who oppress the poor and crush the needy
      and say to your husbands, ‘Bring us some drinks!’
      The Sovereign Lord has sworn by his holiness:
      ‘The time will surely come
      when you will be taken away with hooks,
      the last of you with fishhooks.
      You will each go straight out
      through breaches in the wall,
      and you will be cast out toward Harmon,’
      declares the Lord.”
      -Amos 4:1-3 (NIV)
      So, yeah, not the first time this has happened.]
      I just Googled that, and it’s a real Bible quote!!!
      Damnnnnnn, son, you got me thinking about becoming a Christian, ROFLOLMAO, cuz that quote is dopeee!

  75. This process is all over the western world. I’m completely identified, and It’s very sad.

  76. Feminists scream “We are people not Sex objects”. The modern Woman has sexually objectified herself. Is there anything other than sex that the modern women in those pictures are good for?

  77. I’m not even going to begin to address most of the problems with this article. I’m just going to point out that you are comparing photographs that are mostly from ads, professionally taken photos of professional models that are intended to look good, and comparing them to mostly selfies, photos random people took just because they felt like it. Your comparison isn’t even valid.

    1. In order to test your assertion, you will need to go and assemble 30 photographs of women in mainstream 1970s society openly sporting an array of tattoos, nose piercings, nipple piercings, G-strings on display in public, purple hair (or any other neon shade of your choice), and breasts openly on display. Oh, and a solid selection of fat 1970s women, which is going to be a lot tougher for you to find since the CDC itself confirms the obesity epidemic in women postdates the 1970s.
      Go on. I’ll wait.

  78. Oh Lord in Heaven. Stumbled across this and should have passed it up. The “modern woman” is one seriously nasty freak.

  79. This article is:
    1: boring
    2: wrong
    RooshV: why don’t you create a Stepford Wife for yourself and take yourself off the market? Please?

  80. Go female supremacy..I mean feminazis..I mean..feminism..whatever..I give up.
    Bunch of women who will never be happy, never see facts as facts and will always have a combination of superiority and victim complex..making them the most difficult things to argue with

  81. Hey, I’ll hear nothing bad against #23.. she’s doing the Movember thing.
    But #11 turned my stony heart to jelly 😉

  82. oh no i, a whiny pissbaby, do not personally find these women attractive, whatever will i do, be reminded that women don’t exist solely for men?

    1. That’s exactly the attitude that gets one of these very same women a miserable, lonely life.

      1. ??????????????? wtf are you talking about?????? all i said was that women don’t exist for men?

        1. What I am talking about is the following: Your implying that the author is “a whiny pissbaby” and implying that if a man is does not find a woman attractive that somehow the fault lies with him. Which is does not.
          This hostility and negativity is a common trait in women who are miserable. Happy, emotionally ok women don’t behave that way.

        2. I am a man? that is exactly how i identify, first of all, second of all i never implied that it was the author’s fault for not finding the women attractive, it is his fault for expecting all women to fit his standards

        3. “that is exactly how I identify”….smh
          how you were born is how you are identified, you are a crazy person.

  83. It wasn’t until I was stationed in Europe, and ran into American women (yuck) over there, that I knew just how fucked up they were.

  84. There used to be a really fantastic website (or Tumblr blog, actually, I think) called _The Sorrows of Gin_. Just sort of a John Cheever-ish pictorial meditation on some really classic, classy things. Tons of truly beautiful women on there. The first photos here remind me of some of that.
    At any rate, I agree, the colored hair and basic degeneracy of American women three decades later leaves much to be desired. There’s so little depth or mystery or intrigue to so many of these girls now. You just get it all done on the first date and there’s honestly very little more of interest. Clearly internet/cell phones/messaging etc. have changed some basic human interactions for the worse.

  85. Today’s women may look like freaks, but then again, today’s males are not much better. I think the honest assessment is PEOPLE have declined. With the LGBT communities and all the flap made, (especially the Bruce Jenners who want to change their sex and become females), humanity got turned upside down. These people have spread their dung everywhere. It is no wonder females hate males. The females have the same outlook…Males only need to look clean and good enough to screw, and they are not really needed for anything else. As for the comments about younger women being better…Personally, I’d take a secure, seasoned middle aged gal any day.

  86. Jesus Christ #34… and I do remember a time, a while ago, when in school, there were NO fat or really ugly women. Some wore thick glasses and ugly skirts but.. that’s it. Gym classes was an exercise about keeping one’s erection under control.

  87. That which has been seen cannot be unseen. This article should have an eye bleach alert midway through!

  88. There was a thing I read, on Huffpo, naturally, about a married woman going away for a long weekend with the girls, and leaving her 3, or maybe 4 kids with the husband to care for. The letter she wrote him with instructions and tips was truly disgusting, littered with obscenities and almost describing the children as endless whiners and predicting tantrums and hissy fits if they didn’t get what they wanted, when they wanted it. Included was a pic of her, I assume, headed out the door, luggage rolling along beside her, one middle finger raised in the air. Very sad.

  89. What these pictures show me is a decline in morality. Granted, people have let them selves go, and are a bunch of overweight slobs. But what caused that? I hear the, “I am fabulous, I can get laid any time I want” mantra in colleges. You know what? I can stick some peanut butter on my nuts and have a dog lick it off any time I want. It doesn’t mean that I am attractive. Fat is not fabulous, neither is tattoos, blue hair, a bitchy attitude, or being “entitled”.

  90. Nice way to show pictures that support your false judgements. We still have the best looking women. Always will. They are everywhere and from every place on earth. All colors! All sizes! I see nothing true in your claim other then sexism in a very straight forward way. Women are so much smarter then men. What have men done so wonderful? Wars are the way of men. Simple minds with few places to fit other ideas. Women are not as strong. They would be in charge if they were. We should be protecting them and allowing them to lead. Men are not so great. All kinds of animal type behavior. Rape and child molestation. It’s the I need to release, so I can victimize thinking. Always has been true. Look at fucking Pakistan. Women are objects you keep at home. 90% of young boys are rape victims. 8 of 10 men have openly raped young boys. Nobody can stop it and it’s all men. Your way of devaluing females is not right. You are a simple man with poor judgement and a narrow scope of the real world. You will surely end up in hell with all the men like you. Real men are not like this. Women are the best of us. All us men should step aside and allow them the right to lead or be themselves without this idea they are not as good. You sir are a true to god bag of rotting shit.

  91. Right wing bullshit! Left wing bullshit! Keep up this shit and we all pay. Women are not here just for a place to put your dick. In this guy’s case, your brain. Left wingers are just as dumb as rightwingers. Difference is big however. Who can support the kind of female bashing here? Our enemy is on both sides and in control. Small minded people like this guy. That’s the enemy. Hateful people who attack particular people. In this case women. I hope this is a small group of thinking. Wow. Amazingly narrow minded group to scapegoat. Sack of shit

  92. time has come to redo the american woman and make her feminine again if possible and redo american men so they act like gentlemen instead of sex craved assholes

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