Why Women’s Natural Drive For Sexual Risk Is A Losing Proposition For The Nice Guy

A healthy, well-kept, financially stable and mild-mannered guy wants to find a female companion to care for, spend time and have regular sex with. She doesn’t have to be anything special, as long as she is not horribly disfigured, it will do.

This is the mating call of a generic Nice Guy. It echoes sadly through all his communication attempts with women he likes: his countless Facebook messages that nobody will respond to, his emails that won’t be read, and the likes he dispenses in spades that won’t be appreciated.

risk notification

Aaaand it’s my aunt wishing me happy birthday and a Candy Crush notification

Despite his apparent qualities, females not only ignore the Nice Guy, but absolutely despise him. They will go to any lengths to avoid giving the Nice Guy any attention whatsoever and actually consider him a completely non-sexual object, like a lamp or a nightstand. On the other hand, a tatted up gangster will be swimming in pussy without investing any effort, and will often have several women fighting over him.


$20 says the top one wins

To understand why this happens, we have to dissect the situation and take a dispassionate look at it. What the Nice Guy offers is his undying loyalty and endless love. In one word—security. And that’s the exact opposite of what women want and what turns them on sexually.

What women actually want out of romantic relationships is risk. Trying to be more dangerous when dealing with women and seeing it work is just like flicking a light switch on and finally being able to see the entire room, instead of stumbling around it in dark.

light switch on

Sexy time [ON]

A recent article published in New Scientist quotes Emily Nagoski, a Massachusetts sexologist, who states that 80% (probably higher) women feel no spontaneous sexual desire at all, compared to around 20% of men (probably lower) in the same situation. This spontaneous sexual desire is defined as an urge that arises on its own and demands to be satisfied, like hunger.

Women can definitely have sexual desire, it just doesn’t appear on its own, but always as a consequence of some outside factor. The implication of this is staggering—women literally cannot initiate anything sexual and unless the man does something. This is not just sex, but any kind of intimacy is completely out of the question.

blue moon

Women get horny too – once in a blue moon

A typical woman is driven by her desire for excitement and spontaneity, which leads her from one asshole to another. Just like a moth is attracted to the candle flame and circles it until finally flying straight into it and burning, so will a woman enter a badly thought out relationship that leaves her broken and defective. And then another and another. She won’t be able to explain to herself why she is doing it and she will know it’s bad, but she will do it nonetheless.

Of course, constantly taking risks is a strategy that gives diminishing returns and takes a tremendous toll on her body and psyche. Since that’s the only strategy a woman has, it can only provide a limited amount of butterflies and feels before her beauty finally deteriorates to the point where nobody desires her anymore. At that moment, she will suddenly remember all those men that she used to reject just a while ago— a.k.a. Nice Guys.

butterflies gone wild

Butterflies Gone Wild – Spring Edition

Nice Guys are actually cultivated by society on purpose. The reasoning behind this is that a woman must never suffer the consequences of her actions. Hence, there will always be a fresh batch of Nice Guys to cushion her fall and provide her with free meals, free housing, and a sperm donation. There is nothing wrong with Nice Guys as long as you are not one of them.

Getting out of the Nice Guy mindset can be quite a painful process, but there are ways to do it. If you’ve recognized yourself as not taking enough sexual risks, one simple method is to outright kiss every girl that you like. Without any introduction or explanation, just do it. Even if she slaps you or makes a scene, you will at least get her to acknowledge your advances and express her opinion of you publicly.


The end result will involve blowing in some fashion

As you use this method, you will lose the fear of rejection that was holding you back and just start doing with females whatever you desire. This kind of recklessness is exactly what attracts women and drives them insane. Having a woman that wants to submit herself completely to you is an ego booster like no other.


Actually, I could think of a couple exceptions

For men, the pinnacle of sexual development is having sexual security, which means the capability to get sex on demand. It’s not just going out and banging everything with a warm hole between her legs, but being able to target females you particularly like and being able to consistently seduce them with ease and without spending any money.

As with everything else, the secret lies in balance. Having a proper mix of sexual risk and security is the best possible long term strategy and results in a varied and stable sexual life well into the old age. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Grade A article. Quality, my friends, quality. The piece de rezistance is ,, It’s not just going out and banging everything with a warm hole between her legs, but being able to target females you particularly like and being able to consistently seduce them with ease and without spending any money. ” The part where the author mentions that it’s cost free simply makes me fucking happy! Hura ! Hura ! Hura ! And by the way – it’s true !

  2. haha they just started putting up “No Catcalling” signs in nyc.
    Next up:
    “No Farting”
    “No Judging”
    What else??

    1. No protests. No occupy wall street. Because leftists never understand that the very laws they pass come back to haunt them. Remove freedom of speech from one, remove it from all.

    2. Its not legally enforceable, no legal definition of catcalling. I don’t think catcalling is effective unless you look like a male model.

      1. yeah, I know, but it was funny- the chick heading whatever nonprofit that paid for this was hoping cops would ticket guys for this offense…

        1. I honestly wouldn’t really be surprised at this point if that could come to pass.
          YesMeansYes would have sounded absurd like ten years ago.

        2. Imagine? 2 female cops try to ticket a man for catcalling? that wouldnt end well…

        3. Lol “but it’s Halloween how was I sposed to know you were actually real cops!”

        4. “Stop frisking me like that ma’am. I told you 8x I’m not packing any heat besides what I was born with. Will you at least by me a drink first? Just one goddamn drink!”

        1. I guess my game was slightly higher than average. They aren’t easy per se, but it was always exciting to talk to a hot woman in NY, whatever the race. Only the woman who walked around like peacocks seemed to be colder. Still beats out having your pick up game being called catcalling.

        2. but this was in a club or bar, yes? Picking up a woman on the street during the day here is pretty much impossible

        3. The streets. Street game and day game was my bread and butter. Union Square was easily my favorite area. Second was the Dumbo district towards the R train in Downtown Brooklyn. Followed by 34th street, which is tough but in four rejections a day you can experience success relatively quickly. That might be why my success with the peacocking women were low. But I met some models on the streets of NYC. Club/bar game I stayed away from mostly. When I was there I was a bit more moral and worried about the married girl or deranged boyfriend coming after me.

        4. Oddly enough yeah! I started with this form of game in the late 90s and never really stopped. I haven’t been in New York for a few years, but up until when I left street game was where it was at. 34th street was always tough because people were moving too fast so it was hard to not appear thirsty. Same as 42nd street. But anyone was up for grabs. I once gamed a black woman, hard body 9.5, 38-24-38, with long flowing hair who wanted to sell me cologne. Instead I walked away with her number written on my palm in lipstick. She could have been a model for King Magazine. All this from being bold. I’m average height for a guy at 5’7 and didn’t find and problem with street game. I don’t like performing for women so bar and club game may take some getting used to.

  3. “Despite his apparent qualities, females not only ignore the Nice Guy, but absolutely despise him”
    This needs to be framed and put on every young man’s wall on Earth.
    Back in High School I was “in love” with a “nice girl” who took me for the ultimate in beta rides before blowing me out in spectacular fashion on our version of Prom night.
    Worst thing is, for 3 years I put this down as an outlier. It wasn’t until I was nearly 20 that I woke the fuck up and realised my ingrained beta-ness was going to send me to the grave alone and/or exploited to death.
    Co-incidentally, now in my early 30s I still see her occasionally.
    My advice for young men at school like I was – forget girls for the time being. Work on you! You you you!
    Unless you’re in the top 5% of jocks (I wasn’t back then by the way) then the odds are stacked horribly against you. You’re going to be forced into humiliating situations of practically begging girls who are not interested in you but take perverse pleasure in causing pain and embarrassment, and who are also basically speaking beneath you.
    Don’t kid yourself!! Life isn’t American Pie – Nardia the hot, Slovak beauty will not hook up with a skinny nerd this side of the heat death of the Universe.
    Cultivate body and mind. And be patient til you’ve acquired enough value to dictate terms. I know this is tough for teenage boys who are practically leaking semen through their skin, but those gym socks are going to have to continue take your future kids I’m afraid.
    Manage your frustration now – and smash the market place in a few years.
    Red Pill truth

    1. I got sweet fuck all action in University (meaning not much) for similar reasons. Then I backpacked across Latin America in my mid 20’s and shagged 22 different women in 18 months, including the fabled Medellin “9”.
      Learn the art of indifference, and you will get your comeuppance!

      1. Not in High School. Not for everyone.
        Outside the top 10% or so, High School males have almost no sexual value at all.
        When I was at school, all the hot 16 year old girls were dating 25 year old men.

        1. they were dating “college guys” meaning the soon to be college dropout..it was about attention, the girls in high school wanted attention so bringing a 25 year old to prom was cool, except for the 25 year old guy, who did it just to get a piece of 17 year old ass.

        2. A pal of mine (who was in the top 10%) was going out with a girl from the age of about 13 and when they were both 16 they lost their virginity together.
          A month later she dumped him and took up with a guy who owned a local garage. He used to pick her up at lunch time and shag her in the back of his Ford Fiesta XR2I.
          My pal was physically traumatised. I last spoke to him in 2008 (10 years after high school) and he still brought up the subject then.
          All those red pill moments around me and I was blind for years.

        3. we’ve all been there. Just be glad you or I or many on this site didn’t marry some of these girls that rejected us. Some of them that I knew are now hideous.

        4. Teenage females are mostly a joke, not to be taken seriously. Its a shame because sometimes they have the best bodies.

        5. There is the story of the Catholic school girl who came into my army mess. I liked her uniform; she liked my uniform. She was 16 and I was about 22.

        6. “Ford Fiesta XR2I” this had in in tears. That’s just a step up from a special edition Corsa with chrome rims.
          What a classy lady

        7. How hard is that to even accomplish? With so many young girls having no Dad around and then being taught worthless nonsense in school by other women, here’s an older man looking in their direction and sending his voice over, of course they’ll take the bait. They’re now getting a form of attention they’ve never had before and so long as he says just a few of the right things and dangles the carrot in the right way, easiest sale ever!

        8. I had to look up what a Fiesta was.
          I was expecting some kind of pickup truck or such, since I assume the vehicle was a ‘turn on’ to her.
          Imagine my surprise that an internet search showed a subcompact, hatchback.

        9. Just a bad boy car with loads of tuning done to impress…well…your mates and that 1 skanky bird!

        10. Its a hot hatch. In otherwords, the street version of a sports car used in rally driving in Europe.

        11. Very true. There were a few 8’s & 9’s i knew in university who just declined horribly when i saw them again 2 years after graduating & exposed to working life. I was just glad to be lucky enough to have experienced a couple of them in their prime before the decline started 🙂

    2. Lucas..that was exquisite, better than all the gaming bullshit articles on this site.

      1. I get a lot from here. Good to give back
        Keep up the anecdotes yourself! Those pics of the Latina and her meds made me cry laughing

    3. “My advice for young men at school like I was – forget girls for the time being. Work on you! You you you!”
      “Cultivate body and mind.”
      THIS! Every young man should be told this very early on. This is the secret sauce to having a fruitful adult life as a man. If you built it, they will come. Validation comes from within.

      1. Very true – I wasted a lot of time when I was 18-25 trying to get girls and feeling cut up when it didn’t work out with some that I thought were “special”, I found that with making some money and keeping fit once I got to my late 20s though it just became easy, the fight was stopping them getting their claws into me when I knew I would want a different one the next weekend.
        When you’re 20 and all those hot girls in your class parade around like the world owes them a living just remember in 15 years they will be washed up and have no value, you will – if you work hard – be the one with power and be able to choose from women 18-28 with no biological clock ticking. Take your time and enjoy your life.

        1. Agreed! what a lot of men don’t realize is that everyday there are new 18 year-old females entering the market.

        2. So what you are saying is that you didn’t follow that bullshit advice and now you are swimming in women.

        3. No, you seem to have misunderstood. I wasted some time and energy when younger that could have been better used for career or developing myself. But despite that it came good in the end but who knows how much better off I might now be if I had worked even harder when younger and just not worried about the girls.
          And it certainly isn’t bullshit advice; you sound like a feminist saying that, it’s the inescapable truth about human beings, men hit their prime later.

        4. I sound like a feminist because I don’t believe in the fantasy that if you become the “perfect man” the ladies will come running? You must have bumped your head or something.
          My man, I know guys who did what you didn’t do and the result is, they don’t get laid. They are the guys being written about in the article – real nice guys, sensible, got their shit together. But they don’t get laid.
          I used my time and energy to get girls and also to better myself. I got degrees, a good job, great body, and excellent social skills. And you know what? The girls don’t give a single solitary fuck. All they care about is how I game them, whether I can make them laugh, excite them, etc. In my opinion, cutting your teeth by chasing girls in your teens is bettering yourself! This is how you learn. Not by running scared.

        5. Yes. This demonstrates the importance of fathers or older men who will give you the knowledge to understand that it is all about self-development. With that, all the good things will come your way. Too many young men never get this message.

        6. You’d be amazed how many 30+ year old women don’t seem to understand that either.

        7. Agreed
          If you make lots of money to get girls guess what they care about your money not yoy.

      2. Truth.
        The mantra seems to be “lift, lift, lift”.
        Fair enough, but read, read read. Learn a new language or musical instrument. Do SCUBA or skydiving or something. Make yourself interesting. Say “fuck it” and backpack though Nepal. Stop being a boy and be a man.

        1. could not agree with you more. Some women do like it when you stimulate their minds. You are demonstrating your level of intellect. And when you do, they feel intimidated, but also makes their pussy tingle too. In some way, you are showing/establishing your dominance. It’s up to her to rise to the level of your value. because she knows that if she doesn’t, she will be NEXTed!

        2. I remember we had the thread about clown game. Tongue in cheek I mentioned that knowing a love poem by rote is one clown manoeuver. I was not completely unserious. (My pick would be “Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson.)
          Being a walking Google won’t make them wet but it certainly moves the conversation along. I was hired to be an English teacher but it is all messed up here. They already have English teachers who teach them grammar and vocabulary. I did a few lessons on phonetics and pronunciation and then gave up on that to teach cultural miscellany. It’s just stupid shit like why we have the Easter Bunny or dissecting “The Rant” (“I AM CANADIAN”). Seriously, I do a 45 minute lecture on a beer commercial and I am some sort of hero. The other teachers sit in on my lectures and tell me how interesting they found it.
          While the students are verboten, the teachers are early to mid-20s girls. I have too many irons in the fire at the moment but I have thought about taking a poke at them.

        3. Definitely. Read your ass off when young and also later. Always. It serves two purposes;
          1. Knowledge (obv)
          2. It gives you an entire alternate life. You have two worlds to choose from. Like juggling plates. If the real world gives you any hint of crap, you can just fly the bird immediately and head to the other one via a Kindle or a library card.
          Some would argue that that’s ‘escapism’ or ‘ducking reality’ but I would say that losing yourself in Hemingway, McCarthy etc is actually way more real than dealing with all the idiots in the ‘real’ world. Fiction is more valid to me than ‘real-life’. There is more depth, more integrity. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting too.
          So the things you want to have for game; amused mastery, no fux given etc. come along a whole lot easier when you’re a reader. If people start to fuck with you then you can immediately say, “Fuck it” and go read your 50’s detective fiction somewhere with about four fingers of bourbon. It beats reality, day after day. It’s a blowout.

        4. Shitting where you sleep? Normally I’d say don’t but fuck it…. Go for it bro!

        5. Agreed.
          Oddly enough, years of enjoying the reading habit make it easier for me to cultivate an alternative personality for certain situations & even understanding the foreign languages I’m taking the effort to learn.
          I like the concept of sanctuary through reading that you touched on in your comment. I can relate to that on some of my worst days.

        6. The women who minds are open to stimulation tend to be the ones you don’t want. Bookish, average types. However, these will tend to be the ones who will judge you in a more sensible manner. They know the bad boys won’t be interested in them and they are willing to accept a less interesting man.

        7. Kinda-sorta. There is my home campus and then there is the main campus where I only go once a week. It’s the latter where the single teachers are.

        8. I don’t tend to read fiction, but old-school authors were not desperate single mothers writing about boy-wizards, not self-absorbed Gen-Xers. Hemingway lived in Paris, covered the Spanish Civil War, went on safari in Africa and maintained a permanent residence in Cuba. Rudyard Kipling was born in India but lived in both the USA and England, and travelled to South Africa. Go back further and you have guys like Robert Louis Stevenson. He didn’t just write about pirates and stuff but he was also a travel writer and lived in Scotland, France, America, the South Pacific including Australia. He died and is buried on Samoa.

      3. Every young man should ignore this bullshit advice.
        By all means work on youself but do not forget girls under any circumstances!
        This is your time when you pay dues, accumulating your battle scars and refining your technique. Do you expect to start talking to girls at age 30? 40? Or whenever you are “ready”? Terrible advice.
        I started talking to girls at age 15 and never stopped and now its pretty easy. Those years of getting dissed have been paying off for more than 10 years with pussy galore.
        And you seem to have completely reversed the objective of the article. If you build it, women will not give a shit. They will be fucking guys like me while you stand back admiring your new baseball field, inhabited only by the ghosts of your fevered imagination.

        1. Good for you. You do realize that monk mode is supposed to temporary anyway, don’t you? Still, considering the ROI on getting good with women, it’s not really a good investment of your time. By all means, become more ruthless and cunning, i.e. Machiavellian. That is something that will defend you against their attacks and further your career. A good example would be Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”. I’m not sure how that feeds back into better game, but imho learning to juggle people in general, rather than women in particular, is a better investment of one’s time. A difficult one, yes, but it is worth its while.

        2. Your analogy is invalid. ROI concerns measurable investment in industry as a mixture of debt and equity. Chasing girls is leisure time not business time. This is what a healthy young man does when he is not working, therefore there is no calculation of a “return on investment”. If chasing girls seems like work to you then maybe you need to reconsider if you even like girls.

      4. Nobody around to tell the young ones exactly that though. Who’s gonna do that? Surely, the effeminate teachers of today’s schools can’t do that. Coming of age movies nowadays are extremely gynocentric. The boy becomes a man through pounding the pussy. No cultivating of the mind and body. No seeking out challenges in life, finding your mission. No comraderie. Only the quest for some cheap pussy. This isn’t a lamentation, just an observation of facts. So it’s good we have the manosphere, but our relationship with it is kind of schizophrenic: On the one hand, we wish that the young men will learn the truth, on the other hand, we don’t want to talk about the “fight club” that is the manosphere/red pill.

    4. I have circulated these pics before but I think they are illustrative. Number one is me “just being myself”. Number 2 is when I unplugged.
      Along with the basic cosmetics I joined the military and trained with airborne for the summer. I could do 100 situps, 80 pushups and maybe 13 chins.

      1. You’re the type of guy who’s going to experience reverse culture shock from women when you return from asia to north america. Like throwing the car into reverse gear while driving 60 mph. You’re probably used to banging a different cutie every month in china, you don’t even need to practice approaching because they approach you. But in north america with half the female dating population being obese or feminist, the game is changed for an average guy.

        1. I have no game. I have no approach; not here nor in Canada. I do the serial monogamy thing. I spent 10 months with one lady and now I am on 4 months with another. I scored a couple of spectacular one-night-stands. Generally, I prefer quality over quantity. My stats in China are not too different from what I was doing in Toronto.
          It remains to be seen. If I do not wife up this year and improve my Chinese then I will be running day game at what is called “University Square”. If I go over to the dark side then I will start hitting on my students.
          Let me clarify: I have good internet game. I can’t use it here in Jinan. If I was in Shanghai I would have a new date every week. I can use internet game in Toronto to separate the wheat from the chaff.

        2. I have communicated with many single white male expats. In every case if they lasted more than a few days in another country when they returned home for a visit. they couldn’t stand the USA or the women (and the men). They went back where they had been living and said they did not ever want to go to the States again.
          I compare it to boiled cabbage. When I was a young man, we still had in my state a number of immigrants who ate a lot of cabbage. When you visited their house, the smell of boiled cabbage would “knock a dog off a gut wagon,” to use my brother’s statement about it.
          They couldn’t smell it. They were used to it.
          If they left for a length of time without boiled cabbage, it bothered them as well for a while.
          That is what happens to expats. Society hasn’t gotten worse while they were gone. They were away from it long enough they couldn’t stand it any more.

        3. When I was in law school we had the “Asian Law Club”. Almost all of its members were white guys that had gone overseas when they completed their bachelor degrees, and came back with an Asian wife in tow to attend law school.
          My three closest friends didn’t go overseas but rather they found their significant others in situ in Toronto: a Brazilian, a Chinese and a Mexican. Go figure.

        4. I love it. I have a second or third cousin I worked with before retirement. She is obese. Her two kids are horribly obese.
          The son went to Japan some years ago. He brought back a slim, trim and cute Japanese wife. Did i say he was horribly obese? Heh, heh.
          The young daughter is also slim, trim and cute as a bug’s ear.

        5. I don’t have stats for Japan but the average American woman has a BMI of 26 while the average Chinese girl is 22.

        6. Different sources give different numbers but the trend is the same. Great graphic, BTW.

      2. you need a few face tatts and a criminal record and you’ll do just fine back in Canada 🙂

        1. I have always kept my nose clean and have not defiled my body with tats. It was later when I reinvented myself into v.3.0 that things got really weird. I was ex-military, sported a shaved head and goatee, wore a leather jacket and such. The silly bitches were all but begging me to abuse them. Seriously, if I acted like the gentlemen I am they were completely perplexed. It just didn’t compute that I would not hate fuck them.

      3. In this day and age you will get soooo much poon if you look like in the 1st picture….well if you pair that with a flowery Tshirt and skinny jeans.

        1. I don’t know. I was completely invisible to girls as v1.0 I’ve never been much of a hippy.

        2. Nah, it’s a trend thing. It’s currently the look for the younger crowd. Although looking different has it’s benefits 🙂

        3. Haha, well maybe I am not an instructive example because I was born 30 years too early (or 20 years too late or something).

      4. did everyone look like howard stern and weird al yankovic back then?

        1. Haha, pretty much. It just didn’t play well with the girls until I went more Duran Duran.

    5. Excellent post. Women hit their peak aged 18-23 and after that it is all downhill every single year. Men hit their peak – assuming they work out, work hard, cultivate themselves – much later and over a longer period, some hit their stride at 24, others 30 some 38… and when you get there and have that confidence suddenly pretty young things are all over you, ignoring the nice guys in their class.
      Women generally seem imprisoned by their biology in ways that men aren’t. It is probably why nearly all great art and all great scientific advances are by men and not women, men challenge themselves and the world.
      But don’t use it as an excuse to slack. A fat 34 year old man gets no attention unless he is super rich. You need to dedicate yourself, work out and study but the odds are stacked in your favour as a man as your value goes up with time at least until probably mid 40s, whereas for women it is brief and very time limited (although very powerful when they are under 23). There’s no need to rush as a man. A friend of mine in his mid 30s has now gone back to study in preparation for a new career, even though he is now a “student” he gets many girls.
      Just wish someone had got this through to me when I was 18!

    6. Back when I was in high school I had a crush on a girl for sometime. I really had no self confidence back and then did the worst thing you could possible do in getting a girl’s attention. Sent her a secret note that I didn’t even have the guts to put my name on. Eventually she found it was from me (and not the guy she thought it was from) and went bat-shit crazy on me. She made my high school experience a terrible ordeal and relentless teased and mocked me whenever she could. I was such a wuss back then I never stood up to myself and thus made it worse year after year. She eventually got knocked up by said jock and had her first baby right out of high school. I went on to bigger and better things in my life. They now have 4 kids together. While she did eventually apologize to me years later via facebook (after she had looked me up), the damage she had done to my self esteem and confidence had already been done. She had told me that I was a loser, joke, a pest, and that no woman would ever want me. It is true what they say that a teenage girl can be one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Those words haunted me for a very long time and it took years of self improvement to get over them.

      1. She looked you up after a few years with Mr. Jock and regretted giving you shit knowing the outcome could have been different.
        You won and learned a few things.

      2. That’s a fucked up load of shit she laid on you.
        I feel for you, Bro.
        But you win in the end!

      3. Women always bring up the fact that there are men who physically assault and are violent against women… even though this is a very small percentage of men. But nobody ever brings up the very damaging ways in which a female can destroy a man’s soul and confidence and ego in the way you were wounded by this teen bitch. I think someone once put it this way.. sure sometimes a man might get physically abusive sometimes and push a woman out of the way or slap her.. but most women can and do wound a man’s soul and crush his confidence and destroy him.. without laying a finger on him and in far worse and permanent ways than some push or slap. The problem is the former is considered the worst thing possible and men are castigated for it.. while women are never criticized or castigated for the many real ways they wound men’s souls and destroy his ego.

        1. The whole physical abuse thing is bullshit. Physical abuse is when a woman slaps a man in the face and she expects him to sit their and take it. Physical abuse is when woman purposely antagonize men who they already know have issues then hit those men and get surprised when those men attempt to restrain them or hit them back.

        2. Women bring up this fact because they want to “disarm”
          you ! Their(females) primary weapon is their mouth. Our society wants to try to keep you from using your primary weapon-FORCE. Yes a woman can cut a man to the bone.
          Especially if you pay heed to it. I don’t advocate you do what i do. I force their mouth shut. I am taking chances i know.
          Classic case- a woman decides that the whole bar is hers.
          There were a bunch of empty seats at the bar on either side
          of my seat where my drink was. She was sitting,knees in my seat turned towards the bar ordering her drink with her friend next to her( also a female) . I told her to please give me my seat back. She refused. I asked her whether she wanted to go home alive. She turned to her boyfriend and he was not going to do shit (he was intelligent like that). I guess they could have complained and the bouncer could have kicked me out. Of course i would have been waiting for her when she left the bar. Whether she had an escort or a boyfriend or not. Simple but crude and risky.

        3. This is so true. Girls have razor-sharp radar that senses the devoted “nice guy” and then they lead him on only to unleash missiles of ego & emotional destruction later.
          Society never cares for the psychological damage that is inflicted upon these poor souls. Girls should instead just appreciate the love and if they don’t feel any love towards him in return, then they should let the guy down gently so he can move on.

        4. Not that I particularly disagree, however, you must recognize that civilization is based on a set of commonly recognized rules. Attempting to break those rules WILL inevitably land you in prison sooner or later. I’m not going to try and appeal to your morality here, god knows I don’t give all too many fucks about that either. But rationally think about all the risks your exposing yourself to. Sooner or later you will end up having assault charges on your plate, possibly resulting in prison time (with the nice possibility of butt-rape). I will not deny, however, that man has a killing instinct and that suppressing it without any outlet whatsoever is damaging in the long run. I would, however, suggest to find other means of mitigating those damaging consequences, such as sparring during a martial arts lesson. I, myself, am not innocent of engaging in acts that could most definitely seen as assault and I was simply lucky that I haven’t been charged with anything yet. But I’m not proud of that and I see it as a reckless behaviour that has no long-term benefits for me. In a way, applying force is an act of breaking frame. It shows that you in one way or another actually validate an insult/action against you. Imho the stoic approach is the better one here (or call it “amused mastery” if you will). Again, I totally agree that the power of force has been taken away from us, but you’ll just have to accept that as it is. Or bear the consequences of rebelling against that.

        1. Yes she was a real piece of work. Made it impossible for me trying to ask out any other girl at the school cause she spread rumors that I was an obsessive creep. When I went to my prom I had to invite a girl from another high school cause none would give me the time of day.
          Her boyfriend would often try to get a rise out of me by bragging about how he was banging her in graphic detail whenever I was nearby.
          If I could go back and time I would’ve concentrated more on my grades and starting working out at a younger age. I wouldn’t have given her the time of day. Age hasn’t been kind to her as of late.

        2. wait until something like that happens to her kids….fuck her..You should post her facebook so we all can taunt her now.

        3. Hell yeah, you and me both. But it’s never too late. And that’s what she gets, really.

      4. Just look at like it was a challenge for a growing brain. Don’t worry about it. You wanted stress at that age to make your brain grow. It was lucky in the long term. The dullest guys on the planet are old jocks who were sexually jaded by age 16. Silver dollar nips for a 14 year old boy can really stunt a growing brain. Not always, but often enough.
        Look at it as a boot camp for your brain. The strain, struggle and workload gave you more capacity to use lifelong. You didn’t need to be happy and content with yourself right out of the chute. Just like an old soldier has memories of hellish boot camps–not going off to basic and drinking on the beach.

      5. what a fucking bitch..somebody will do that to one of her kids one day…and then the pain will be twice as hard on her.

      6. post her facebook..so I can give her a piece of my mind…we should all shame her ..what a satanic fucking bitch,

        1. Just let her wallow in fatness. She might figure out that Neocene is still bothered by it (which he isn’t necessarily, just because we swap old tales here to make points) and she might get some amusement over it or something. Though she was apologetic.

        2. As I said she apologized and I’ve put it past me. This article brought up those memories and I felt that it was a good place to share what happen to me with the readership.
          What sucked that during that time, the girl’s best friend would be the one that initiate her behavior towards me. Always pointing me out and then talking shit about me. I later learned after graduation was that her bestie had a crush on me.
          As I mentioned above if I had had more confidence in myself I would’ve confronted her about all this behavior and stood up for myself. But I had that “nice guy” mentality that I didn’t want to upset her and blamed myself for not being good enough for her in the first place. Rest assure I know a lot better these days.

        3. her best friend had a crush on you … and was the trigger of all the shit you had gone through… ?!
          fucking destructive and insane teen female logic.. she really deserves a shitstorm retalation for that. really.

        4. Yah it sucked all through high school. Very glad it’s just a distant memory now. Her bestie was actually pretty cute and works for major hair companies now. But she turned into an uptight vegan-yogie with no sense of humor.
          I don’t have any bad feelings toward them anymore. If I never saw either of them again it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

        5. No, Neocene’s story was horrendous. I understand it’s too late to enact revenge and he’s forgiven her anyways

        6. Here in Mexico 15 years ago a little girl, aged around 2 or 3, ran across the street and hugged me as high as she could, around my knees and called me (more or less) Grandpa. All these years she still calls me grandpa. Her parents and her grandparents also view me as her third grandpa. she is to this day very affectionate.
          When she was 12 and just entering puberty, I told her we could never be alone together, because small villages are hotbeds of gossip.
          When she was 16, after never being alone with her for four years, my own niece started nasty lies and gossips about us. One dad, (wouldn’t you know a self-righteous Christian) pulled his daughters out of my free English classes.
          A lot of people knew about the gossip. Most of them told me I was well known and they did not believe it.
          But, I knew something and happily told them. When a woman makes gossip about a man with another women, she is thinking about him for herself. I have a niece who wants me. Hee, hee.
          So, yes, her best friend wanted you for herself.
          That is what we used to call a “no-brainer.”

      7. All that matters is you didn’t become some loser who shot up his school & himself. This has- been chick is a non event now. You took your hits like a champ and you won in the end. These are the real life happy endings i enjoy hearing & reading about.

      8. There is only one person who can damage your self-esteem and that is you. You made the choice to let this person hurt you.

        1. You’re of the brutal persuasion of mentors. Like the guy who was dropping coconuts on Van Damme’s stomach from tree tops in Kickboxer. It’s the harsh ‘inner game’ concept that underpins all emotional pain. Save for the rarefied few, however, teenaged boys aren’t rock solid to know it.

        2. You are right. In my view, molly codling does not make a strong man. For my own part I had plenty of people who tried to make me feel bad when I was growing up. My response was to fight them not sit around feeling sorry for myself. He should have beat that boyfriend’s ass and slapped that bitch figuratively or literally. His problems would have ended there.
          And yes I did slap multiple bitches at school.

        3. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to struggle a lot but never enjoyed it. Although it was thrilling to get one over on another now and then, I look back and think it was a bit pointless. I do admire people who can be decisive and really stand their ground on an issue, not letting others walk all over them. Often, it’s just more about assertiveness, which comes to those who are used to battling. The only problem I’ve seen with that approach, when taken to the extreme, however, is that those men who are still trying to fight their corner over the slightest petty insult, are going around with a persecution complex, and are belligerent. To the point of it spoiling their outlook in life. There is a value in being able to let things go, and being aloof and uncaring. Which game teaches very well. Agree and amplify to diffuse an AMOG scenario, etc.

    7. That’s why I believe, feminism, and the modern harassment laws are just a gigantic shit test. These laws tend to control a man’s sexuality, and any man who doesn’t let the laws control him will be considered interesting by woman. It’s like the typical shit test, where a woman deliberately creates obstacles for men to access her, and any man who passes the them will be considered the winner, because he has proved himself worthy.

      1. The only reason there are harassment laws is because of men being forced to accept females into male space. If men and women weren’t forced together, the urge to express oneself sexually would not occur in inappropriate places.

    8. This is the trouble when fathers can no longer choose their future son-in-law. Obviously a father would choose a nice guy and his daughter would accept it. Now, due to the influence of the State, men have been removed from their responsibility of being the primary decision makers in their family.

    9. This is untrue. I was never a jock and never begged a girl for a damn thing. Was it hard? Yeah but I never gave up. My kill ratio was low but I kept going regardless.
      If you wait until you are ready you will never be ready.
      This is an excuse for weak men to avoid pain. Don’t be weak brother. Embrace pain.

        1. So what? I can’t turn back time. I hit a player stage at 20 and now I’m a family guy. So it’s irrelevant… mostly
          I have reason to believe my experience wasn’t untypical for a young beta male
          If you were swimming in pussy then good for you. Sincerely

        2. No need to get defensive man no ones trying to make you feel ashamed.
          I don’t know about being a beta male I just never let the rejections stop me. Was I humiliated at times? Sure. But this is an important rite passage for a man and telling the youngsters to wait until they are “ready” is an invitation to failure.
          Did you stop lifting because it made your muscles sore? Of course not. You got to develop a bullet proof mentality for this shit and you won’t get it by avoiding pain.

        3. That’s cool. I love your positive outlook Bob.
          But a lot of young males out there are still shy, scientific and introverted.

        4. That actually made me realize the smarty pants nerd typea are the kinds that indoctrunate their exam papers in real life so they dread answering every question wrong and have to perfect it before answering just with that they fear saying the wron thing or doing the wrong thing in front of girls

    10. >>Co-incidentally, now in my early 30s I still see her occasionally.
      So, ahem, draw us a word picture for our entertainment. Heh, heh.

      1. I can’t believe you’re the first guy to ask that
        Still decent decent. But way beneath me

        1. Thanks for answer. It was not hard to assume that you realize her dumping you saved you from a terrible fate. But, I am a curious person and wanted to make sure I understood your meaning.
          I think most of us, even men as beta as I am, now realize that women we thought were above us in high school would have been a disaster.

  4. These bitches pass up “nice guys” and get knocked up by bad boys who fly the coop once she gets preggers. Then other nice guys have to listen to their damn problems and offer them insincere sympathy as single moms. You reap what you sow ladies!

      1. whoa- can you filter them out on these sites? Is there a check box for no kids?

  5. Excellent post. The Honest Courtesan has mentioned this on her blog — that she’s this way sexually. This is an idea that needs to be spread but is sure to enrage the gender-equalist idiots who think women and men are identical sexually.

  6. Ok guys so I have gotten much better with women in the past year only from reading red pill and putting some things into practice, my confidence has also come a long way.
    My current problem is “going for it”, despite all the signs of this girl touching me, hugging me, wanting to be around me, making sexual comments, I still find myself stuck not being able to go for that damn kiss, I mean jesus we have held hands, she has put her head on my lap, what other signs do I need right?
    I think this comes from my lack of experience and possibly a fear of rejection, mostly the experience though, I mean if I just grab and kiss her, what can happen? She reciprocates or pushes me away, not the end of the world, when Im with her though I get “stuck”, I find myself not thinking about the kiss, I find myself thinking about what to say, later on I will kick myself saying “what a dummy that was the perfect opportunity….”
    So yea that is my current situation, I gotta say red pill opened my eye a lot, the man I was 2 years ago I would laugh at now but I still have a lot to learn.

    1. He’s a trick I used to pull – mildly insult her. Not horribly – not “How’s your dead Dad smelling these days?” Don’t go psycho!
      But comment that her dress is a bit last season, tongue in cheek. It acts as a tension reliever.
      I used to tell girls their hair had potential if a stylist got hold of it. Or that she’s really pretty for a short lass. That kind of thing

      1. Yeah being silly and taking the pressure off is solid.
        Sometimes I say to girls I meet “Hey so I’m free Saturday let’s go out and have a really bad time. We can go out dancing and just have no fun.” Or something along those lines.
        It takes away the pressure and the ‘job interview’ vibe of a date.

    2. You fear rejection, so you fail to act, and thus you experience….rejection anyway. Be brave, young man!

    3. I hear ya! I’ve been working on getting over the fear of rejection. Yes, you will get rejected, no doubt, but it is only temporary. You will build a “callus” to the point where it won’t even phase you. and when you do get rejected, always be indifferent, don’t over react. Move on to the next!

    4. If she’s holding hands and putting her head in your lap that’s a green light. You can kiss her anytime you want, try not to do it in public at first. That’s not red pill or blue pill. Just your lack of experience.

      1. Yea she always touches me in some kind of way, I just dont know how to go about it, like as we are sitting somewhere I just grab her and kiss her?

        1. I make it a point to go for the kiss at the end of every first date. Sometimes I get the pull back, I laugh and try again. If she pulls away twice just ask her direct to her face what’s wrong, you must like me or you wouldn’t be spending time with me? If she’s just bored and wants to get out of the house, and wants a friend, then downgrade her status, keep the channels of communication open, but invest your time and money with someone else.

        2. Another thing I did not mention is that I might be in the friendzone, one day I sent the girl in question a bunch of texts, I just decided to be bold and tell her that I want to kiss her, bite her lips etc, she responded very quickly to every text and in the end asked if I “liked her more than a friend”, when I saw her again she said “she likes me as a real good friend and because she has a man”, I told her I cant be friends and walked away with her calling me, she was mad at me for a couple days and I got the “that is messed up, im so mad, I thought you were a friend, was sad” etc.
          since then we still talk and hang out but she still keeps throwing these signs, the touching, comments, etc, hell the first day I saw her she gave me a hug and said “I missed you as if nothing happened”, we briefly talked about it and I said I was drunk.
          I guess the only real way to find out if im in the friendzone is if I go for the kiss right? I have a sneaking suspicion she likes me but wants me to make the move, probably wondering why im being such a pussy….
          I admit I am probably focusing way too much on this one girl but its like I cant help myself…

        3. If she told you she had a boyfriend, but still values you as a “friend” then maybe she want’s you for something on the side now and then? FWB type situation? Just ask her. If you already have a bf, and you still like hanging out and being together with me, do you want to make out? If she uses her bf, real or imagined, as a reason not to make out just politely but firmly tell her you need to invest your time and emotional energy with a girl who is willing to reciprocate that. Then its her fault, you’ve done nothing wrong. Stop over analyzing, or you get paralysis by analysis.

        4. Yea she definitely has a bf, trust me I know by how she ignores him every time we are together.
          You are right I am definitely over analyzing this all and I know what I need to do, go for the make out and that will tell me all I need to know, lol right now I am debating in my head whether I should text her because its been 2 days since we have seen each other, im definitely more invested but at least I can see that and fix the issue.
          like I said my 2 major flaws are 1.not going for it and 2.coming up with slick shit to say (shit tests), its like I realize things when I get home and tell myself “damn why didnt I say this or that??” I have my moments though.
          btw she is 20 and me 23 if it matters.

        5. Hmmm, I read through the bulk of what you said. Let’s talk for a second you and I. You like this girl clearly. Now, I’ll break down some of what I got. She has baited you well. You are ‘infatuated’ with her. To you, you are deciding your feelings. To me she has set you up as a good branch to swing to for her validation when all is said and done with her boyfriend. With all of her signs of interest, whose dick is inside of her at the end of the day?
          First you aren’t over analyzing. You are caught in her web, trapped with visions of her naked in your head. Add more women to your circle and this will shift because she isn’t that important. Second, you met her already. You have no business texting her things you wish to do with her in person unless you have no plans to do them in person. Logistically speaking, getting her turned on from a distance charges her sexually but unless you broached this already or can convince her having any sexual relations with you is sweeter than any other piece she might run into, you are wasting your time and energy just getting her ego inflated.
          The reason you didn’t go for it, and may take a while to, is you are scared. You’re scared to expose yourself. When I was about your age, I had to overcome this as well. I was an alpha before my time but viewing some fucked up stuff in life, created a beta ‘why must life be like this’ undertone. With one woman, who liked me and I started to like, I brought her to a pizzeria told her I wanted to thank her, stood her up, held her hands, drew her in, and went for a kiss. I was thinking kiss on the cheek but close to mouth. She was thinking kiss on mouth. 60/40 rule won out and I made out with her for 15 minutes. Kiss close solved and I later took her virginity.
          What you should take away is you’ll need to be unsafe. Your words can’t be your end all be all for starting an action. You must brave some form of rejection. If she likes she’ll let it rock. If she doesn’t she’ll bolt. But know this, even with a female friend I crushed on, I got to fondle her on a subway train (she had double D’s) and kiss her, only to be later told she sees me as a friend. Got what I wanted either way. You can too.

        6. Honestly, the more I think about the whole situation the more I get mad, not because she does not “like me like that” but because how much of a pussy I have been.
          I mean looking back I had so many fucking opportunities with this girl to make things known, instead of hanging out having lunch and talking I should have been on her and making things known physically, instead of acting like a dork when grabs my arm or touches my face I should have recipocated in a manly/sexual way, you touch me, cool just know I will touch you too.
          So yea at this point I am not sure what kind of attitude to adopt here, if I stop talking to her and become more cold I will come across as bitter which is NOT a good look.
          Then I have the option of talking to her as I usually do, let her touch me and what not but reciprocate with with a new frame, touch her differently, talk differently, let her really know that I mean business, not trying to be your “friend”, see how she reacts, if she is with it then cool, if not then cool too, I made me intentions clear and its time to move on.
          What is your advice? How should I go on from here and any advice on getting over that “fear”?
          Just as I type this she just texted me…

        7. I mean sometimes I’ll sit here and think about her, think about the touching and being around her, I will go on the internet and look up “signs a girl likes you”, “how to get out of friendzone”, shit like that, I will question what I did wrong, I will wonder if I still have a chance.
          Then afterwords I get mad at myself, I mean even typing that hurts, its like I can see what a little bitch I am being but I do it anyway.
          I will tell myself I will not play into this girls game, either she is with it or not, no “friends”, later on that day I am sitting with laughing and cuddling knowing damn well she is probably texting her man or some shit.
          Worst part of all I called her the other day to tell her something and after a quick conversation she had to let me go because she was with her boyfriend, ouch….that hurts, not because I like her and she said that but because I am allowing this shit.
          How do I have this shit slapping me in the face yet I keep taking it over and over? Talk about some beta shit…
          Like I said it hurts even typing this shit, if I was reading this about some other guy I would be like
          “dude man the fuck up!”
          Funny huh?

        8. This is a situation where you’ll have to reverse engineer yourself a bit. In other words go macro to resolve the micro.
          On the macro level you will need to be unsafe with other women. A good way I resolved this was by using David DeAngelo’s cocky funny shtick. It got me a bunch of laughs while maintaining a sexual vibe. It also resolved my fear of expressing sexuality and being labeled a creep, pervert,etc. Not sure if your fear investment is due to any social repercussions for expressing sexuality but this might resolve some of your unsafe traits. Doing this on a macro level will also cement internally that you are creating new rules, rules that work for you and that you will enjoy using long term irrespective of whatever else you choose to add on to your character.
          Now for the micro. She has you in a solid web man. If you could see the web like I can from a distance, you might be able to rip some of the silk threads down and force her to build a new web, one to your liking. Now that you know some aspects of game from watching, you must learn to adopt indifference. You should also accept this other truth, you will fail here. I repeat YOU WILL FAIL WITH THIS WOMAN. Add whatever asterisks and hash tags to make this sink in.
          Your best shot is boldness. Start small with boldness, but it must be in person. Talk and let her touch you or whatever it is she will do. What I will say will be the boldest move you can make but this is based on my persona of fanning a flame. Do something deliberately that may create a physical environment. Cooking is always great. The minute she gets close, happy, go lucky, but close enough that logistically you could cum on her, you look down and stare at her. Or up, not sure of the heights in question. Then you draw in close as if to kiss her. This is where you adopt those primal instincts buried in you and you pay attention to everything. If she leans up into you, she is foaming at the mouth to fuck you, but you don’t give in at this moment. Differ until later that day to kiss her. If she doesn’t lean up and is more staring doe eyed, you lean in close and say something bold. You want to switch the vibe from being her girlfriend to being a guy friend (or later penis mate). Broaching her space and saying something akin to, “Stop being so chicken and make out with me already. How long do you think a guy like me will be single?” And sit back and pretend like nothing happened.
          Some of the best ways to get what I’m saying might be to look at older films. Here’s a clip to start with. Adopt the truths here as best as possible.

        9. Man up is an ill advised term because everything can be deferred back to that. However, with so much experience available and no one telling you anything to learn from, you get less of a man up image and more of ‘let me dictate your behaviors and define your core value as a man’. This is no different than letting someone live for you and the path to self hatred. The people telling you to man up may not even be solid men themselves. Every day you life is defined by what you push the envelope on and how you use that push to enrich your life going forward.
          There is only one thing you did wrong, you allowed her to be the only woman you think about. What if you thought of only apples? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. They taste great and can be used in apple sauce, pie, cake, pastry, and morning dishes. Some people even put apples on eggs, as an applesauce spread. Starting to get weird right? What about all the other health benefits you would get from eating other items? Oranges, broccoli, spinach, fish, etc. You don’t know because of that apple. What of the seasons where apples don’t grow well? You might be pissed and get bottled apples, applesauce, or import your apples but you might then notice there are better seasons for your apples than others. Now you are pissed at your favorite fruit and god forbid someone talk bad about your apples. You might start a fight. With a well rounded diet you would be healthier and more cultured and even find a more enriching balance for yourself but as long as you focus on just apples you’ll be damned to one linear fate.
          This is the core of putting a woman on a pedestal. Women never do this for a man unless if she sees other women place said man on a pedestal as well. Social approval and such.
          The only two ways out is hit on and date a good looking woman, preferably more than one, and to push her until she shits or gets off the pot.
          Don’t be mad about what you don’t know. Be mad about where you take things now that you do know.

        10. Thanks man, what I got from that is a belief that I have always carried around but somehow lost sight in this situation, balance.
          I have always felt that balance is key to most things, too much of anything is a bad thing, keep things in the middle, why am I only focusing on this girl when there are so many others out there? Why am I letting all my thoughts be about this one damn girl as if she is the only one out there?
          I will talk to this girl, I am not gonna be a cold robot all of a sudden but I will let it be known what I want through my actions, if you dont like it then too bad, Im not gonna cry for you, I’ll move on to the various other girls with a smile on my face.
          Beyond that I should be focusing on bigger more important things in my life anyway, career and self improvement are two things I have been neglecting as of late and I need to correct this.
          That last line, it is so true, if I continue in this enless cycle, its not her or anyone elses fault it is MINE, I am the only in control here, it is my life and I will determine where I want to be and what is right and wrong for me.
          I have decided that being “friends” with a girl I want to fuck is wrong for me, if that upsets you then too bad, next!

    5. The way this are going with the whole “yes means yes” shit is that you have to put your cards on the table. Not at the beginning, mind you, and not always.
      I am new to RPT and to “game” such as it is. I have my own system I call Zen Sex. Enjoy the moment and she will come to you. Once she does, you pounce! Several years back I was with a girl and we had a nice lunch at a good restaurant; then we went back to her house to relax. I laid on the couch and after a few minutes she joined me and started to cuddle.
      I said to her: “Do you want to make love, fuck or be dominated?” She chose door number 3 and much debauchery was had.
      My point here is that if you want it, then ask for it. The worst that can happen is that they say “no”. I don’t buy into all the red pill shit completely. Sometimes you have to take it, sometimes you ask.

      1. The secret sauce is still indifference. If you ask or if you assume, the indifference let’s women feel unpressured and allows many to ease into sex with you. And it is simply because you can leave the situation satisfied no matter the end result.

        1. I do what I call Zen Sex. I have fun and enjoy my time with a woman and usually she will initiate and escalate. This technique might become more important given the legal climate.

    6. 1) Don’t think about or plan to kiss.
      2) If she has her face in front of yours, and there’s nobody else around, do it.

    1. I finished reading “The Rational Male” a couple months ago. Now I’m on “The way of men” and will probably read “No More Mr. Nice Guy” next. Very insightful.

    2. No More Mr. Nice Guy is a phenomenal book. It should be required reading for all men, at least once per year.

        1. who invented the camera? Its all his fault, he started this shit back in the 1800s

        2. I don’t fuck with facebook much, I’m about ready to shut mine down, but I NEVER like bitches pictures. Leave that for the simps/orbiters.

        3. Yeah, fuck that guy. And those damned Wright brothers for getting the airplane off of the ground.
          Just kidding. 🙂

      1. a friend of mine showed me her messages from OKCupid. the beta chump she was chatting with refereed to her as “your highness.”

        1. That one got a chuckle out of me. Probably carries around one of those little toilets he can stick his head in.

    1. Exactly! In general, “nice guys” mean well. but they live in a fairy tale. Like any other mammal/creature, the nice guy must adapt in order to survive.

      1. That’s the saddest thing, after all of the ruination of feminism…that you can’t simply say, “Hey. I’m out of the game. I just want to quietly live my life. Don’t include me in the war.” That used to work. Now, they will target you for that exclusively.

    2. Yes. I recently worked with a bunch of millenial females. I’m mid forties. I could tell at the outset that we wouldn’t be friends at all. No big deal. Just different worlds. So I was mostly quiet around them. Always polite, just to have a decent working environment. You’d think they could respect that, but no. They began to loathe me to the point that they wouldn’t say hello at all. Nothing had happened. So my ‘niceness’ just set them off into a world of speculation, hatred and irritation (I think when you act nice, they are bothered with themselves a little bit for how much they hate you). Finally a girl just asked me once, “Who ARE you?” Like I was some kind of former serial killer because I was a decent man who treated people well. It was all pure comedy just watching them fit the bill of millenial cunts point by point. My quiet and decent demeanor spurred them into thinking that I was a ‘creep’ for sure, exactly as you say. The gossip would have been hilarious. The lesson is be a jerk always, always be a jerk. If not to get laid then to simply protect your right to work and be a respected citizen. I didn’t miss a day of work, had no complaints and wasn’t considered for rehire at the end of my one year contract because the sisterhood had manufactured me into some kind of total creep, I’m sure. Amazing.
      Be a jerk always,
      Always be a jerk.

      1. I’m sure the company you worked for wish they had you back now since those females probably call in sick a few times per week, proliferate their drama daily, and getting nothing done at the end of the day.

        1. Ha ha. True. They called in sick CONSTANTLY. Last I saw of it, they were taking a big group selfie, all together, celebrating the ‘last day’ which was unplanned. They closed it down. Failed and lost enrollment. They didn’t even realize that they had failed and took a jovial, smiling selfie celebrating the ‘last day.’ True story. Their millenial female brains couldn’t make the connection that they fucked it up.

      2. Female dominated workplaces are dysfunctional by nature. They aren’t even good places for women to work.

        1. It was a disaster. All kinds of drama, sick days, and a general emotional mess. It really was. A shitshow of manufactured emotion.

        2. You didn’t eat lunch with your female boss once a week and talk about things on oprah. She interpreted that as someone who was a threat to her credibility.

        3. I visited my old lab yesterday and those chicks seemed miserable (the lab is 8 girls + 1 male prof).
          My old prof was excited to see me but I split within 5 seconds. I could practically taste the estrogen in the air. Women don’t know how to cooperate in the workplace the same way men do.
          Men see it as group vs. outgroup. Women see it as pussy vs pussy.

        4. I’ve been much happier since I started doing physical, dangerous work. No females at all, seeing as how it actually requires effort.

        5. I’m glad my profession is still dominated by men after reading these experiences.

        6. This is absolutely true. I spent 15 years in healthcare, which is completely female-dominated; especially the business offices.
          The businesses were all struggling, I couldn’t get anything done. Simple tasks took months to complete. It was not a good experience.

      3. You need them to fear you in that situation.
        Bully or be bullied.
        I experienced that scenario back in 02

        1. I guess you’re right. It still amazes me that being twenty years older and acting decently wasn’t nearly enough for those assholes to leave me alone. What a bunch of absolute trash they have become.

        2. It is a poor situation.
          I recognise exactly the scenario you describe. A pal of mine worked in an office with two 19 year olds and in the end he was reduced to reducING one of them to tears every day
          Sounds harsh but she was a vile bully who’d torment guys to death.
          My tactics in such situations. Be loud. Correct them all the time. Mock their world view. Divide and conquer – often one will be basically ok but they default to the lowest common denominator
          Harsh. Especially if you’re naturally a quiet guy. But it’s the only way

      4. Women judge every person/situation from a sexual point of view, in other words, women place too much emphasis on SMV.
        One thing is certain: sexually, women are still in the cave right next to the draft of the first wheel.
        Working with women=flirthing with women. If you have game it will take you far.

        1. You can take the polar opposite approach, as I do. Female co-workers are just floating, talking heads; nothing exists below the neck. Look right through them when speaking to them, with a cold, emotionless gaze. Be firm and direct. When done speaking, turn on your heel and walk away. Never say a word to them outside of business-relevant conversation, not even hello/goodbye.
          You’ll be regarded as that “mysterious-jerk-scary guy”, who’s kinda hawt.

      5. This is why I try to tease / game girls at work even if I have no intention of fucking them. If I can’t do that, I just ignore them entirely. It’s the only way to protect yourself, as you said.

        1. It’s like they have to be stimulated by you in SOME way in order to not feel the constant need to vilify you. If you’re just there, not on their radar at all, that’s below contemptible in their eyes. They will squabble among themselves about how creepy you are by default unless they find you attractive. There simply isn’t room for the introverted nice guy anywhere, anymore.

        2. Pure narcissism. If you dont bring some value (narcissistic supply) to their life you are a loser, and losers deserve contempt. They only pretend to be respectful around people that they can get something from. Everyone else are 2 dimensional cardboard cutouts they can walk all over. They have no time for respect or honor, either competing for your attention or looking down their nose at you.
          “Women are either under your boot or at your throat”

      6. Your problem was not that you were a “nice guy”.. but that you were quiet and didn’t try to talk to them or socialize with them.. and maybe not the “hawt” type of guy they find attractive. Women despise unattractive guys.. especially those who are quiet and introverted. Since most women are incapable of quiet contemplation and always need to be prattling away and talking about the most banal subjects with their equally vapid female friends, they regard any quiet and introverted type of man with great deal of suspicion and hostility… especially if he’s unattractive to them. These are the type of men women find “creepy.”

        1. I actually did try to talk and engage them at first. I’ve always come away from work environments with friends for life. Every time. I see co-workers as new friends more often than not. So I wasn’t some hermit at first. But these were 27 and unders, who I’ve never dealt with. They simply were not going to be swayed from their brainwashed conviction that a clean cut white male is to be loathed. So I didn’t come in and hide in the corner. I was just an adult, happy to know them at first but I quickly realized that no one would respond when I spoke etc. Actually, the fact that I would really attempt to discuss actual topics and add thoughts to scenarios etc really threw them off. Their conversation was simply them discussing their plans in turn. They never discussed an actual topic, just took turns making statements about themselves. The fuck if am going to ever work and pay taxes to prop up the lives of such outright enemies. Fuck it. Asia for life.

        1. They were all westerners working here in Asia. I couldn’t have been bothered to make any kind of play at those pigs as long as Asia girls were everywhere chirping like birds while those Western a-holes heavy footed around like loggers.

    3. Yah a nice guy is a guy that will never admit to a woman his true intentions. I learned that the hard way growing up. Now if/when I ask a girl out I’m pretty much straight with her what I want. If she blew me off or doesn’t return my text I pretty much “next” her and never speak to her again.

  7. It’s been about 25 years and I am completely past this except as a didactic narrative. I was with my first serious girlfriend for 3-1/2 years. She wanted me to commit but I would not. So she dumped me and now lives in New England with her hubby and two gorgeous daughters. I have a pic below. I think it is from the last few years so keep in mind that she is pushing 50!
    My life has been on a long, fucking arc since then and now it looks like I will play house with a Chinese girl who is half my age. Bear with me: I write science fiction. Sometimes I wonder what sort of life path I would have gone down if I had taken the plunge back then.
    What is more mind bending is the thought of not fucking the dozens of women I did since I left her. How would that change me as a person?
    Back in those days I was a “nice guy”. She was sweeter than strawberry pie with a nasty streak just wide enough to make life interesting.
    Maybe there is no lesson here. There is no alpha or beta shit, there is no game. There is no hypergamy or AWALT or anything. However, if you are – say – 23 years old and staring down this barrel, think really fucking hard before you commit or balk.

  8. A good article. Of course the downside to it all is that the current animalistic sexual free-for-all means that those nice guys who fit this descrition:
    A healthy, well-kept, financially stable and mild-mannered guy
    Lose out and therefore society loses out. I think most here enjoy this, I will confess that I do and have and continue to enjoy flings with young girls that men a couple of generations ago couldn’t get without being married to them.
    But being realistic, it is rotting away at society and is a large part of the reason feminism destroys settled societies. The 19 year old girls we all like to bed will sleep with other players… and then 10 years later find they will likely never get that love and devotion and marriage for life they suddenly decide they wanted after all. So we have divorces, unhappy marriages, unwed mothers, fathers deserting children; all these becomes a vicious circle.
    Feminism has meant the end of chivalry, love and loyalty. So yes, we should take that red pill and enjoy life because if we don’t some other guy will be pumping and dumping her while she is fresh and young before she decides to marry a “nice guy” later. These days for example in colleges it is often presented that everyone is havign sex; not true – it’s 10% of the guys with 90% of the girls, as the girls are at their prime, most men aren’t until much later. Those girls get to have fun but will likely never find true love.
    But not long ago in western societies “nice guys” usually did get the young virgins, they married them and spent lives devoted to them, allowing those women to lead fulfilling lives raising a family. Now they ride the carousel, work in a call centre and get divorced aged 45. It will lead to a generation of fatherless children who won’t work hard, won’t learn, won’t sacrifice.
    Men and women are so different and women can’t really understand sexual desire. As written here, their desire is only ever in response to that from men. And for us, the prize of a young woman’s body, especially a virgin, is incredible. What real man can honestly say he doesn’t love sleeping with a beautiful 18 year old? So for those of us who have taken the red pill these days are glory days, and some other beta male will marry her when she is 35. But my god it’s a downward spiral for society as a whole. Ultimately young women make stupid decisions, in the past their fathers, brothers, mothers, schools, society itself protected them, controlled their sexuality and pushed them to remain virgins until marriage. And virtually every woman aged 40, looking after her children, devoted to her husband would understand that it had been for her own good and be grateful. Instead we now give a damn about the opinions of 18 year olds, as no serious society should, who of course, can’t think things through properly so just follow their instincts. Great for us alphas, a tragedy for society.

      1. Haha, it has to be that way, the rot is so deep in the west, the choice is have great sex with the 19 year olds or marry the 35 year old non-virgin… Yep, can’t beat ’em, join ’em, take the red pill.

    1. Excellent post.
      This bit:
      “So for those of us who have taken the red pill these days are glory days, and some other beta male will marry her when she is 35. But my god it’s a downward spiral for society as a whole.”
      Anytime I visit a supermarket in town I bump into past conquests with their beta husbands and 2.4 kids.
      They look depressed and old. Sure, I had fun, but as you say, it does no favours to society at a macro level

      1. “Old age is a woman’s hell.” – Ninon de L’Enclos
        For me the pivotal moment didn’t come until I was in my mid-to-late 20s, probably around 27, I left the army and went back to study medicine at university. I admit I was not an alpha when younger, part of why I joined the army to get tough.
        I suddenly found myself having dirty weekends away with 18 year old blondes. At the same time, I got to meet other “mature students” in their late 20s up to late 30s… and suddenly I realised that those women held no appeal for me. (Actually one was nice, a sweet girl, a Christian saving herself for marriage and I realised from her the value of virginity, we dated but she would never do more than kiss and is now married and settled with a devoted husband – If a woman saves herself she maintains her value for many extra years.) The rest were feminists and had rode the carousel. They were exactly the girls who would have ignored me when I was 18 and then I realised – I didn’t want them any more but they suddenly wanted to spend time with me. For a while I would listen to them, they didn’t want sex but to talk about how they are now ready to settle down – now their looks were fading. It didn’t take long for me to realise I could just have fun with the younger ones aged 18-21 and every year I was there another year arrived, fresh young 18 year olds ready to have fun with any alpha male.
        To finally see the power situation reverse like that was for me the real moment I took the red pill.

        1. I have a client that is based in a university campus. Every time I go there I can’t help noticing how fat, tatted-up, pierced, ugly and sour-faced the 18-21 year-old girls are compared to my days at uni.

    2. The funny thing is that they(feminist and society in general)have this delusional thinking that they are making a better world, demolishing the “patriarchy” and those “machistas” ideas.
      Yesterday I was called a “victim of the patriarchal culture” for speaking my opinions about what is called “femicide” and “gender violence”, you know when a woman is killed or harmed(ex husband killed a teacher in my city yesterday).
      I said that there was no need to put a new title on a murder just because is a woman. So, in just a few hours time I was called machista, ignorant, victim of the patriarchal culture, xenophobe(for saying we lived in an effeminate and feminist culture). Then another one said that the culture we live in says that women should dress properly, not walk alone, not go through certain places and she didn’t like that because it made her and other women be raised and live with fear(?). For her society should instead teach men not to abuse and kill women….
      So even in a former traditional country like Argentina this horrible people are ruining it, day by day. And it will only get worse.

      1. I’ve never heard of the term “femicide” but I would assume that means the systematic killing of a bunch of women, because they are women. For example, a waring tribe killing ALL of the women of an enemy. Like genocide, only concentrating on women only. Being murdered by your spouse, whether male or female, is domestic violence/murder.

        1. In the UK they are pushing this new word quite hard, a fair few politicians, large law firms, big state-funded “charities” and the mainstream media are going for it. Despite the fact that the majority of murder victims are men they have decided that women who are murdered are the only victims worth mentioning.
          They essentially want to politicise murder, they want it to be said that murder is a part of “sexism”, this in turn allows them to suggest anyone who disagrees with feminism is tainted by association with murderers. It’s very silly but they have been worming their way into our institutions for decades now and are really going hard after the whole “defining the official truth” and “resetting the official definition of words” agenda. It’s one of the reasons they got so obsessed with homosexual “marriage”, it allowed them to demonstrate the state controlling the meaning of language.

        2. It’s not just systematic killing of women Alex. It’s when a man kills one woman. The “law” on that was sancioned two years ago or last year, I don’t remember.
          So to them, any man killing a woman is because he hates her by virtue of her being a woman.
          By thinking that way, these people further the idea that we men hate women…

        3. That’s wrong. Not you, the concept you describe. It places a value judgement on a man murdering a woman vs. a woman murdering a man. As though the former is somehow worse than the other. Infanticide generally refers to a mother (and more rarely a father) killing their own child. Not that killing babies is ever condoned, but clearly a parent killing their own is particularly horrific. Hence why it has it’s own descriptor. This is, in my mind, putting the same slant on a murder of a woman at the hands of a man.

    3. These 6 paragraphs speak more truth than the tens of thousands of mainstream media articles extolling the wizdom and virtue of feral women’s’ “decisions”.

    1. Fuck that. I’m not getting inked just to impress some carousel riding whore.

      1. I added “hideous” to my post just to make sure nobody actually follows my advice 🙂

        1. I almost got my family crest as a tattoo. Sounds cool on paper, but probably wouldnt look cool on my arm.

        2. Everobody with tattoos convince themselves theirs are “special” when in fact its just ugly doodle scrawl messing up the natural beauty of the human body.
          If you want to honor your ancestors wich i for one definetely encourage, make an altar or a flag/banner in your home based on your family crest instead.

        3. Thats not a bad idea. Aut Pax Aut Bellum belongs on a banner, not my arm…

    2. Apparently this is what a lot of women think now. No wonder there’s so many miserable twats out there, if they’re this goddamn petty and shallow!:

        1. Who gives a fuck what these cunts want? They don’t deserve a goddamn thing! They think they have any right to be picky and entitled based on such trivialities like that, well, let me know how that works after the big 4-0 and you’ve more or less curdled, bitch!

    3. believe it or not…men like this are beta as fuck…true story. problems arise when women see them as alphas and they aren’t….then the real games begin.

      1. very solid point. … and he wasted thousands of dollars, lots of time, and job rejections all to impress a woman he had no game with from time = 0 seconds.

    4. I do believe Rachel Green is in for a loooooong life of disappointment. No sympathy here!

  9. “one simple method is to outright kiss every girl that you like”
    This is not true. Women with class and manners will definitely not like this. You can be a 10/10 handsome guy, but she will reject you if you show this kind of behavior.
    Only trashy and slutty girls like this animalistic behavior. Most of them are black women and masculine women (=majority of white/western women). I understand your frustration. White women are very arrogant and picky, even the ones that are disgusting as fuck. They are also very masculine, that’s why they like tough guys.
    But believe me, in the rest of the world the women are more feminine and just want a nice guy with a good job.

    1. And how do you know this? Where are you from? your name sounds Indian… are you Indian ?

  10. “Nice Guys are actually cultivated by society on purpose”
    I think it goes back way further than that.
    The nice guy was formed, at least in part, by the sexual selection of women.

    1. Back in a different era before the birth control pill, no fault divorce laws, and smart phone hook-up apps, the beta male was more valued by women as a stable provider. That’s congruent with the OP.

      1. Before men created a society rich enough to afford a “welfare state”, which will of course eventually collapse as female voters push it to far, as they have already in many countries. (including the US)
        But I was actually referring to evolution via sexual selection in my previous post.

        1. Indeed, it seems every society eventually dies or falls under the weight of its own contradictions. All that is good in western civilisation, all the political achievements, legal systems, technology, culture was all created by men and not women. And one result was the technology allowing women to organise as feminists. Look at how they have taken to the net, punching far above their weight – yet no woman ever could have invented a computer or the internet, or made the discoveries the maths and science that went behind it, nor created the legal systems that allowed a free society to flourish. If it was up to women we would still be living in caves.
          Yet those same women pushing the poison of feminism cause the breakdown of society, fatherless families, worship at the cult of “equality” – all things that undermine society and learning and discipline and family life – those things that gave rise to their freedom in the first place… Those children raised without discipline won’t likely make great scientists, those who waste their time on “gender studies” won’t advance society and furthermore the breakdown of moral restrictions on behaviour leads to the law of the jungle where women will be treated far worse. And they have brought it all upon themselves.
          It’s similar to their attitude to immigration; see how the feminazis in Sweden are determined to turn the country Muslim even though it will mean they lose all their rights.
          Women have many qualities but on the whole they lack logic on even the most basic level.

        2. My mother says…nobody can build a strong home like a woman can, however, nobody can destroy a home like a woman can.

        3. Yep feminists pushing mass immigration of Muslism an defending Muslims at every chance is the greatest contradiction feminists push. All the things they accuse the evil white patriarchy of doing Muslims actually do, yet they hate white men an Western society but it’s in Western societies that they are treated the best. They are in for a rude shock when Islam spreads enough in The West.

      2. The more a woman is “empowered” the more of an ass-hole of a man she will be attracted too.
        A normal woman that isn’t empowered (foreign woman) will settle for a ‘nice guy,’ cause he is still more powerful than her. In a westernised world a man has to be an ass-hole (alpha) in order to get laid regularly.
        “A woman will NEVER be attracted to a man that isn’t more dominate than her… period!!”

  11. Great writing Derek. This: “What women actually want out of romantic relationships is risk.” << Glad you wrote this, it really is what it boils down to. Also, the moth flying into the flame is a spot-on analogy which explains their behavior tendencies very well. They’ll just keep getting burnt until they’re dead.

    1. Girls that get knocked up at least reproduce. IMO the real losers are the ones that ride the Feminazi train into Catland.

  12. Men, this great in theory, but just a friendly reminder that we live in a litigious society and the majority of (American) women will view a mans advances as sexual harassment since they have been conditioned to fear masculine men & embrace gays instead.
    Pick your women with care & tread carefully.

    1. This is weak frame. Only betas get called to the HR office. Remember, there are 2 sets of rules.

      1. Do what you want, but I ain’t bettin’ my million dollar career on some bitch…..
        Especially when I can go outside of work & get one just as easily.

      2. the Indian girl I fucked at work never brought up the issue with anyone after we severed all sexual ties.

        1. Lucky you. I had to walk because one indian girl let me know I made her uncomfortable because I didn’t call her.

        2. no fucking way…I sent mine a text the next day everyday after a night of fucking..maybe the texts made her feel special 🙂

  13. “Nice Guys are actually cultivated by society on purpose……Hence, there will always be a fresh batch of Nice Guys to cushion her fall and provide her with free meals, free housing, and a sperm donation.”
    Nice Guys are there to do the stuff I don’t want to. I know a guy who will always help women carry their baby strollers down stairs, no matter how much of a hurry he’s in. He does other random acts of kindness, but this one stands out to me the most because 1) He’s not doing it for sex, and 2) In my opinion any woman with someone else’s kid is damaged goods/invisible to me.
    So while he’s taking his time to help someone out of the goodness of his heart without any chance of reward, I’m walking right past them and catching my train. I hate on blue pillers/nice guys a lot, but honestly they do the dirty social jobs that no one with self-respect wants to do.

  14. women want and lust after the ‘bad boy’ but once he knocks her up, losses his job, and goes to jail…she’ll be sniffing around like a basset hound for the guy that has his sh*t together. this makes me think of Aaron Hernandez, bad boy image and top of the line NFL star…now he lost everything and will be reenacting The Longest Yard film, except w/o pay and will be sharing a cell with Bubba for the rest of his life.

    1. So, you can play the Nice Guy™ card; fuck ’em and chuck ’em like the Bad Boy automatically does. Single moms are great for a quickie. The look on their faces when you dump them (and they thought you were a Nice Guy™) is priceless.

  15. Does anyone keep getting logged off from disqus and forgets his password??

  16. we spend our first 9 months of life fighting to get the fuck out of a pussy and the rest of our lives trying to get back into one…forgot who said that.

  17. From a biological stand point view. Women have no direct control over their own genetic survival. A man can lay 100 women in a year and impregnate 100 women a year and have 100 babies in a year. This is a successful reproductive strategy. A woman can suck 100 cocks a year but have no more than 1 child in ayear. This uses incredible resources and risk for very little reward. On top of them if you bang 100 men, good luck getting the father, if you can figure which of the 100 is the father, to committ and supply resorces.
    Hence females don’t control their own reproductive success directly. So what can appear to be bizarre behaviour from men’s view is logical from a cunts view. Women are cunts, they literally have a hole in their crotch designed for penetration. They are meant to be dominated by design. The only way for a woman to compete genetically is to marry or fuck a player. Even if it is just one night stand with an alpha male like Will smith, its worth more than 50 beta cocks.
    Why? Because if a woman gets that alpha cock, her son will (“hopefully” in the woman’s view) inherit those alpha genes. Its no secret that a man who is good with women can teach his son to be good with women. A man who is charismatic is more likely to have a charismatic son than a man who is a total bore. This may not be scientific per se, but this is at least the practical view of it.
    Thus, a woman who has an alpha son who carries half of her genes, can have her genes live on through 100 grand child, if the alpha son goes and bangs 100 women. That is the most effective reproductive strategy a female can employ. Compare this to a female who marries a beta man, with a beta child. Beta boy might not marry or might just have 2-3 kids. Which female is more successful, the bigger tribes in history have generally won the wars. And this is still true today. The most powerful tribes around today are America, Uk, france, China, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Germany etc. In every region we found their is power in numbers. Rarely do under populated areas grow to be very powerful. There are some exceptions but it is rare.
    This theory also explains why “pre-selection” – the game term for having a girl will make other girls want you- works. Women want the man who can fuck the most girls, PERIOD. If he cheats, they still don’t care, on the one hand they are angry about cheating, but secretly, they want the cheater even MORE.
    All of this is subconscious.
    Further women also desire to please men. freud was right woman want to fuck their fathers. Most women want to please their fathers to an extent. They seek male approval. A nice guy seeks a female approval often. Women’s father give them instructions, they don’t ask them permission, they tell them what to do, women do it, the father is pleased and the daughter is pleased she won the man’s approval.
    What nice guy’s do is give approval before approval is warranted. It is like giving a dog a bone before he has rolled over and done a few tricks. You gave the dog the bone already, why would he roll over, sit and stand on his hind legs? Nothing is in it for the dog. Nice guys deny women the opportunity to GAIN approval.
    What bad boys do is withold approval to females, they make females prove themselves as good enough. Same thing as the father does.
    Don’t believe me, why do women find being asked if the man can kiss, touch fuck etc her a turnoff? It is because their fathers don’t ask permission when they do things to them, they just do whatever it is without asking. Does the father ask the child can I hug you or can you come sit in my lap, of course not, they just do it.
    The best strategy for women is to treat them poorly. The worse you treat them, the better they will treat you and the harder they will try to gain your approval.
    Women want it all, and they want excitement from men because they are too boring and lame to find it anywhere else. Where even a beta might go jump out a plane a woman wouldn’t do it unless a man took her.
    American and anglo women read garbage romance pornographic harlquin books. They expect men to act like the fools in there.
    Nice guys lose out because there are no nice guys in these pornos.

    1. ” A woman can suck 100 cocks a year but have no more than 1 child in ayear.” Uh, has someone NOT explained to you which orifice is used to get a woman pregnant?

      1. He clearly stated (and you can logically come to the conclusion) that women can only have one child per year (9-10 months if you want to continue being a dick) where as men can have hundreds of offspring (biologically speaking).
        Apologies if you’re only trolling for a laugh, otherwise, you deserve a glove slap across the face.

        1. Of course it was for a laugh; how could you possibly read that any other way? Maybe you should switch to decaf.

        2. It’s the internet. I’ve read some dumb shit in my time to find out it was 100% serious too. Hence the double check and apology at the end 🙂

        3. Fair enough. I’m sticking by my decaf recommendation, though. It has improved vastly over the years. It’ll change your life 😀

  18. Once again we’re not looking at the source. I know its a tall order but having a real present masculine father figure is the deal maker/ breaker. Girls that grow up with a good father and have good self esteem usually keeps girls from slutting around. Boys that have a strong alpha type father usually end up developing alpha traits themselves and dont have problems with putting up with shitty trashy women. I know its a tall order especially in this wal mart ghetto culture we live in. If you didnt have the luxury of good parents ,then reinvent yourself.Theres a shit ton of info online and supplements out there on becoming alpha and becoming the douche that girls freely part their legs for.

  19. ” one simple method is to outright kiss every girl that you like” sounds like a quick way to get to jail

  20. Women go through a cycle: asshole-niceguy-asshole-niceguy-asshole and so on and so forth. After she was used as a cum bucket and dumped like a piece of shit by Mr Asshole, she finds the urge to look for a nice guy to comfort herself and remind the hopeless romantic inside her that there are still some good men in this world. Truth is once she has cut the balls of Mr Boring Nice Guy, break his heart, tell him all the stupid bullshit about how awesome he is and how he deserves to find a nice girl one day (but yet won’t fuck with him once), she jumps right back into the cycle of finding Mr Asshole Badboy to remind herself how good the emotional rollercoaster feels to her. At the end of the day women still dare to say that they will never find a good man. Logic anyone? Absolutely NONE. Women are irrational, they can’t even make a decision between a blue or red dress so you can imagine for the rest.
    Women hate Mr Nice Guy, so stop believing the bullshit you have been told since your childhood about respecting women and treating them like a princess. They don’t want this at all, they want a guy who can manhandle them, throw them around the bed, spank that booty and fuck the shit out of their vagina so hard that it hurts. They want a real MAN, a guy that leads, that tells them to shut the fuck up, a guy who isn’t afraid of bending them over the kitchen table. They don’t want Mr Nice Guy asking “can I please have sex with you tonight sweetheart?”

    1. I know this may sound typical coming from a female by why cant we have it all. Is there no man that does all the things you list in your last paragraph but ALSO has his shit together and is ready to settle down. Why must we have to choose between Mr beat the shit out of you and Mr bore the shit out of you.

      1. “Having it all” is a marketing slogan, and for too many women, is a moving target resulting in permanent discontent.
        In your opinion, what is having it all?

        1. Having it all = Mr Grey. The marketing slogan behind 50SOG is what made its success, providing the “have-it-all-man-package” to women. No wonder why nowadays women’s standards about men are completely unrealistic.

        2. Having it all for me is having an amazing education, a great career and a guy I can talk to and laugh with. I’ve got three of those boxes ticked. Why do you guys think we’re the devil? Who damaged you?

      2. At least you have the option of chosing, for us men not much of choices are left expect the slut, the divorced one, the single mom, the pscyho one, oh yeah and I forgot the triple digit cock record one.
        Life would be really great and fucking awesome if we could all have everything we want, right? Unfortunately it’s not that easy, you can’t have it all.

        1. So, there are only five types of women? Are you on drugs, dude? What happened to you to make you hate us so much?

      3. Yes it’s typical. That’s the only part of your statement which is correct. Let’s start in high school . Guys are virgins girls are virgins. Decent guys from decent homes want a girlfriend they can build a relationship on. Girls want the football jock or drug dealer who is the “hot” guy and the girls fight over him . Girls also try to land the guy from the rich parents and when they can’t extract his love with pussy they go on to more losers again passing over the average guy. In the meantime The nice decent guy is focused on success but then develops the attitudes that we display . Fast forward 10 years later and we are the ones getting laid and doing whatever we want while you’re depressed because you couldn’t have it all. It all started with you the female . now bugger off back to elite daily or Jezebel

      4. Damn honey that comment was something. You are definitely a woman. Good law abiding guys turn out to be boring just he way it is. To feel the way you do usually passes after you start working to pay your own bills to take care of yourself on your own. Adulthood is what they call it.

    2. Um, have you actually got this information from a woman? What are you basing this absolute tripe on? Do you have any friends that are girls? What on earth is going on in this place? I am dumbfounded by the shit that’s spouted here. What would your parents think?

    1. Millennial females, the daughter sharing boyfriends 10 inch cock with mom. While beta male father / hubby is being used as ATM to pay the bills for the cunts living under his roof. Sex positive feminists chasing alpha.

      1. Just wait til the feminist come out and call her a hero for sharing her sexually liberated life style with her daughter and her friends.

        1. Sadly, you’d be viewed as a pedophile for it. If only you were a woman. Then it would be you were embracing your sexuality.

      2. Fucked ex in front of mom on several occasions. Not to where I saw her watching me balls deep in her baby girl but all she had to was look up. Even fucked daughter on her bed, in her home. You aren’t wrong with your opinion.
        Edit: I just read the article. That wasn’t even the first time the boyfriend had sex with the mom. Same night as she had another teen balls deep in her. I guess, I have to step my game up. Preselection, meet feminism.

  21. i just read an article that somebody else linked to attacking sites like this.. i would just like to say, what came first, the chicken or the egg? all the behaviour the female writer complained about is a natural reaction to feminism.. men are sick of it. women decided they hated kind, loyal, provider types, but they love to fuck guys that treat them like shit. most of the men on these sites say how much they wish they didn’t have to be a jerk to pick up women, but from what I have seen it is hard to deny the proof in what ROK etc say, and that is an aloof, arrogant approach tends to go down better with women than being a nice guy, no matter what feminists might say.. in fact, it is truly amazing how well feminists respond sexually to putting them in their place.. unlike women, men are practical. and we all want to fuck women. so if we see being a nice guy doesn’t work, but being an aloof player with no respect for women does, we are going to start acting like the latter… deal with it feminists, this is the world you created!

    1. today, for the past 2 hours, while playing co-ed pickup soccer, I stole the ball from a girl and she came running at me and said: “I hate you!” I replied “That means you like me” … she said: “You got your sweat all over me” I said “Are you turned on?” She said: “ewww” I said :”you’re a perv!” .. she said: “Yes I am sometimes.” I said: ” I will kick you next time” she said” what did you say, uh no way” and proceeded to stay with me and play against me the rest of the 2 hours and never left my side.; she kept smiling at me..

      1. unfuvking real- did you pull her hair too? Kindergarten game!

        1. it’s fucking sad I have to act that way at age 41. I think she’s 28 too. I’ve never talked to her because I thought she was a bitch. Apparently ignoring her also turned her on. She has some tatted up roidelli meathead who follows her around and he barely ever plays any soccer. When she leaves so does he. I am pretty sure he’s in the friend zone.

    2. “i would just like to say, what came first, the chicken or the egg?” As long as the guy came at all, who cares?

    3. Watch this. He demolishes her arguments and you can tell from her face and body language that she’s getting turned on by him …

  22. The above article proves to me that women should be under the supervision of their fathers all the way to the point when they are ready to be married off. IT WORKS!. Women are dull witted to actually make rational decisions about getting a man, so it was usually up to her family to pick her mate. Been called ‘cute’ many times, to me that means, your physically attractive enough, but you dont provide the gina tingles and excitement i crave. Im convinced that getting rid of birth control would reset the sexual marketplace to what it was before feminism began degrading society. Women would then resort to seeking a man that can BOTH provide (beta) and protect and fight off danger (alpha).
    One more point, Only pampered women who have never done anything hard in their lives seek ‘excitement’ and ‘dangerous men’. I doubt the daughter of Mr mohammed in Afghanistan seeks excitement and badboys. Most likely she would want a man that would protect her from getting gang raped by the neighbouring tribesmen and to keep her from starving to death.

    1. You’d have to go a step further, because while she has big daddy government to support her kids, woman will still run around with or without BC

  23. I find breaking out of the nice guy mindset to be very diffuclt. I’m not sure where to start. I got a date on Sunday and right now I’m trying to cultivate the right mindset. O want to become outcome independent and aloof. I don’t want to come off and nice but since I’ve always been nice I’m afraid anyway I act will come off as try hard. Any tips?

    1. Dont worry about being a “nice guy” that just leaves you swinging between two different poles that are both fake, instead focus on your integrity, assertiveness self respect and strength, then however it goes you didnt submit to any unnatural expectations of what you should be ie. nice guy/bad boy paradigm, two binary false mind constructs anyway, find your natural self’s equilibrium instead.

    2. make sure you lie … a lot…. have a few drinks to loosen you up and you won’t give a shit about the outcome because you’ll be feeling too good to give a shit. Eventually you can drop the drinking completely and not give a shit.

      1. He should make sure he doesn’t talk to much. Because they will always find something to be unattractive. Just ask the questions, look like you are interested, show your boundaries and expectations. Tom Leykis always says: “dating equals porking”. well, you should push for the physical. And always remember the 3 date limit. No sex within 3 dates = out. That is a good protection mechanism.

    3. Just understand regardless of how your date goes, she’s getting laid that night. The question is are you?

      1. Damn!!! That’s one swift ass punch to his Adam’s apple. Even I’m coughing!!

  24. “Natural drive for sexual risk” ? Not sure.
    Women of ages gone past would not throw themselves so blatantly at bad boys, since the higher probability their own lives would swiftly end (directly or not) as an outcome of those situations. Not so much now.

    1. a divorced woman living in an American middle class neighborhood during the 1950s would be the equivalent of a leper.

      1. Not as bad as a leper, she’d be able to work and have friends, but she’d be lonley old maid.

  25. I don’t think that this counts as “sexual risk,” but there’s a British chick photographer who has burned numerous rolls of film to document cam girls. Yes, that’s just what this world needs: more portraits of pasty, British land whales in the altogether. Her site is here: http://www.katepeters.co.uk/project/cam-girls/#1.
    My God, they’re uglier than a bucket full of assholes; I simply cannot conceive of anyone paying to see these bipedal manatees with piercings diddle themselves. It just amazes me what some people would rather have than money.

  26. Females in merica are turning this place into idiocracy(watch this movie if you haven’t done so already) by having broods to these dumb thugs and and so called garbage “bad boys”. This is a falling, flailing empire and in my opinion can’t end quick enough. I knew plenty of males that banged any sleazy bar and club skank and had the audacity to call themselves pick up “artists”. What a fucking joke! Have fun on welfare motherfuckers!

  27. Young men (15-30) really just should focus on developing their skill-set and education. When women get a sniff of your possible future success, they will present themselves fast enough to buy in to your later expected successful life. Your strategy of course is to enjoy them but not give in to rewarding them with security (cohabitation, marriage, children etc.) Women have it all planned out, it’s a scam. The return on investment is bad for you.
    Being beta isn’t all that bad when you’re young. Just do your homework and workout and you will end on top.
    Reminds me of this famous comic:

  28. This was posted by a fellow redpill guy on a different forum, I will post it here since its so relevant to the top comment regarding working on yourself right now (early 20’s).
    I see more and more posts about men saying they hate the fact that they missed out in high school and college. It’s such a toxic thought and it’s absolutely bullshit.
    You should not give a fuck about your past experiences. There is more then pussy and sex. This is not just me saying that to make virgins feel better, it’s because it true.
    Don’t put sex on such a pedestal that it is life-defining. It’s not. It’s what virgins think. When I was a virgin I thought sex was the endgame. Fuck no.
    I was a virgin up until 21 (I am 23 now), played video games every day, a lot. Never had any experience except for kissing and a little bit of grinding/dancing.
    From the outside people would probably think: “Damn, what a low life”. But the competition, the thrill of playing a video game on a high level of competition (eSports) gave me the biggest highs of my life. I still think back about it and I sometimes literally wish I could go back to that time. I wasn’t particularly addicted to the game, I was addicted to the thrill of playing in a team, working towards a goal. It gave me a more intense feeling of accomplishment then fucking a 20 year old HB9.
    Most people don’t even know about these experiences and will never experience them. To them I would say: “You missed out”. But did they really? They probably had their own experiences while I was video gaming. Maybe they were banging hot girls, working on their career, producing music, whatever the fuck.
    Now that I have become more red pill I feel like: “Shit man, I should’ve gamed a lot more women in that time”. But the truth is, I didn’t give a fuck about girls back then, I didn’t give a fuck about sex. It’s how I was. Sometimes you forget your own mindset in that time. You have grown. Your values have changed and you look through those glasses at your past life. It’s unfair to yourself and self-defeating.
    The growth made it possible for you to be more attractive to women. And the growth made you look at the world differently. When I look back on how blue pill/omega I was it’s a miracle I found The Red Pill and I am grateful. You should be grateful. This is how men are born, through struggle and pain.
    The high school/college alpha’s, yes they probably had a lot of sex. Were overall happier with their life at that time. But to them it was normal. They never had to have the self awareness. Which makes life a lot easier but also more bland. When you are self aware, it’s probably the greatest feeling, it’s real control.

  29. As Heartiste once said “Nice Guys finish last, and jerkboys finish on her face”

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  31. We’ve all been rejected but the dude who wrote this (probs seeing himself as a nice guy) never got over it. Read the other stuff on Return of Kings about developing a strong sense of self and not depending on women to validate yourself mate.

  32. “If you’ve recognized yourself as not taking enough sexual risks, one simple method is to outright kiss every girl that you like. Without any introduction or explanation, just do it.” Worst advice ever, I hope no guys listen to this bull or some poor women are gonna get a terrible shock.

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