The Decline In Testosterone Is Destroying The Basis Of Masculinity

Testosterone levels in men are declining worldwide alongside sperm counts. The hormone that makes men men is disappearing from the human world. As a result, men are becoming more feminine and choosing the paths of weakness, homosexuality, and cuckoldry. While it’s necessary to look at the ideological causes of leftism in men, the biological reasons must not be ignored, and that starts with an understanding of the testosterone crisis.

Cultural programming alone cannot explain why Western men are becoming so womanly and fragile. A man who receives blue pill and feminist propaganda through university education, the media, or entertainment will not fully accept that propaganda unless his biochemistry is compatible to it, in part from having low testosterone. His mind accepts more feminine ideas because he is more feminine. You cannot accept masculine truths if your biology lacks a healthy level of testosterone, the chemical building block of masculinity.

Whether or not you accept my proposition that a man with a low testosterone level is more likely to be receptive to liberal ideas, the facts bear out that testosterone levels are declining every year (alternate link).

…testosterone concentrations dropped about 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall, from 1987 to 2004. The downward trend was seen in both the population and in individuals over time.

The decline is consistent with other long-term trends in male reproductive health, including decreases in sperm quality and increases in testicular cancer, hypospadias and cryptorchidism.

The strongest association was observed in same-aged men from different sampling years. For example, a 65-year-old in 2002 had lower testosterone levels than a 65-year-old in 1987.

Approximately 1 in 4 men have low testosterone, but the scientific bodies that set the numerical standards, particularly the United Nation’s World Health Organization, have a blatant interest in promoting “toxic masculinity” and downplaying the testosterone crisis. This interest is made bare with the execution of an agenda to feminize defenseless boys, their promotion of the world’s most rabid man-haters, and their multi-million dollar sponsorship of vagina-worship through UN Women, which aims to make every man a collared dog of an empowered female office worker.

Sperm counts are dropping

The decrease is testosterone is coinciding with a decrease in sperm concentration. A French study showed that they are decreasing 1.9% per year.

Among a sample of 26 609 partners of totally infertile women undergoing an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures in the whole of France over a 17-year period, there was a continuous decrease in semen concentration of about 1.9% per year and a significant decrease in the percentage with morphologically normal forms but no global trend for motility.

Another study points to a worldwide decline.

In 1992, Carlsen et al. reported a large, global decline in sperm count for the period 1938-1990 based on 61 reports of sperm count from different countries around the world during that period. In 1997, Swan et al. reanalyzed the same data set using multivariate statistics. This reanalysis confirmed Carlsen et al., subject to constraints inherent in retrospective longitudinal studies of sperm count.

Testosterone is declining, sperm counts are declining, men are becoming infertile, and if a walk through my home town of Washington D.C. recently is a reliable indicator, they’re rapidly embracing homosexuality and transsexuality as normal lifestyles to live hopelessly sterile existences that are disconnected from their natural biological role, and one where they vote for feminist politicians like Hillary Clinton that want to usher us all into an androgynous hell where sex differences are eradicated.

Sperm counts are getting so bad that the anti-testosterone globalists at the World Health Organization have already lowered the normal standard. Otherwise, perhaps as many as 50% of Western men would be labeled clinically infertile. Imagine the news headline on that story.

Sperm count, or sperm concentration to avoid confusion with total sperm count, measures the concentration of sperm in a man’s ejaculate, distinguished from total sperm count, which is the sperm count multiplied with volume.[5] Over 15 million sperm per milliliter is considered normal, according to the WHO in 2010.[6] Older definitions state 20 million.[2][3]

Testosterone should not decline in healthy men

If you believe that testosterone should decrease as you age, you have been taught a falsehood. If you’re healthy, it should remain stubbornly constant, even into your elderly years.

Handelsman and his team, however, found that serum (blood) testosterone levels did not decline with increasing age in older men who reported being in excellent health with no symptoms to complain of.

“We had originally expected age to have an effect on serum testosterone, so the findings were a bit of a surprise,” Handelsman said.

If we can conclude from the above studies that testosterone is declining independent of age, it’s worth investigating the cause. Most of the current science points to endocrine disrupting agents.

EDCs are everywhere. They lurk inside your house, leaching from human products such as personal hygiene products, chemical cleansers, or contraceptive drugs. They also end up in your food and drinking water, causing you to unknowingly ingest them.

EDCs pose a threat to men’s health as they interfere with testosterone production, causing men to take on more feminine characteristics.

Here’s one proof: in a number of British rivers, 50 percent of male fish were found to produce eggs in their testes. According to EurekAlert, 3 EDCs have been entering rivers and other waterways through sewage systems for years, altering the biology of male fish. It was also found that fish species affected by EDCs had 76 percent reduction in their reproductive function.

Endocrine disrupting agents are mostly found in plastic products and cleaning chemicals. Considering that your home is essentially bathed in these agents, and that most of your food is prepared on them, you can see how pernicious this problem is, affecting both boys and men.

Animal and cellular studies have found that some phthalates block the effects of testosterone on the body’s organs and tissues. Researchers set out to examine whether these chemicals, which are widely used in flexible PVC plastics and personal care products, had a similar effect in humans.

“We found evidence reduced levels of circulating testosterone were associated with increased phthalate exposure in several key populations, including boys ages 6-12, and men and women ages 40-60,” said one of the study’s authors, John D. Meeker, MS, ScD, of the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, MI. “This may have important public health implications, since low testosterone levels in young boys can negatively impact reproductive development, and in middle age can impair sexual function, libido, energy, cognitive function and bone health in men and women.”

It’s important to know the signs of low testosterone. If you’re being exposed to harmful chemicals, your testosterone will likely see a chronic decrease over several years instead of experiencing a sudden drop that you can perceive. This is why it’s a good idea to get your testosterone level checked right now to establish a baseline count that can be compared to a future reading.

One of the most telling clinical symptoms of low testosterone is emotional changes that make you more moody, irritable, and depressed. In other words, having lot T turns you into a menstruating woman. Not only does the physiognomy of a male feminist degenerate into that of a soft, punchable mass of tissue, but he acts more like a woman, too. This is exactly why I believe that the increase in feminine behavior among men in the West is as due to biology as much as to culture. We simply cannot explain the rise of the cuckold through CNN, Hollywood, and universities alone.


The fact that testosterone is declining worldwide, and that it’s contributing to the rise of femininity in men, both in appearance and ideology, tells us that counter-propaganda and spreading red pills will not alone solve society’s leftward march. We can take over all major institutions today, and shower men with the truth, but their biology simply won’t be able to accept it because they have become more like women: cooperative, egalitarian, emotional, and socialist.

The next step we must take is to launch a scientific crusade to test the effects of all commercially used plastics on male testosterone levels, and to enact a ban of their use if a negative effect is found. If we can do it to the pesticide DDT, we can surely do it for any chemical that is destroying the very biological basis of masculinity.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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308 thoughts on “The Decline In Testosterone Is Destroying The Basis Of Masculinity”

  1. As Proverbs says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” The mental castration that Western boys undergo in its public education system shouldn’t be underemphasized.

    1. you aint kidding man…they mess young men up in the head in more ways than one.

  2. Yea okay, but how do we increase our T level?. besides gym and 8hs sleep, i don’t know what else i can do (without spending money) to increase my antibitch level.
    Besides we have xenostrogens in basically everything we use, from tap water, our shampoo, soaps, and basically everything that contains plastic.

    1. you worry too much about things you cant control…dont worry so much about the smaller things.
      as far as sleep…i think its overrated. the 8 hour sleep night is as new as the 8 hour work day. ancient tribes usually only sleep 5-6 hours. even in the bible we see the concept of not sleeping too much.
      proverbs 6:
      9 How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?
      10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:
      11 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.

      1. Great Scripture quote, “Goku”.
        I hope you know Lord Jesus Christ as *SAVIOUR* too. Amen.

  3. Simple ways to increase testosterone: (Yeah, it’s all CAPS, that’s how important this shit is)
    If you can think of anything else, let me know.


        1. “Yes! Testosterone is a mindset too!”
          I’m very inclined to agree with you, good sir. I have a friend who is a urologist and he told me that there are additional factors in determining sex drive. Case in point: he knew of one male patient whose testosterone level was normal but was having difficulty performing. As well he knew another patient whose testosterone level was low, but this same patient had no problem fucking. So with regards to fucking, the equation seems not so simple.

        2. I believe that a man’s sexual performance is an inverse relation to how comfortable his life is.
          I’ve been very comfortable for the last year, in every way possible. While that’s great, I can also feel sexual hunger decreasing slightly as a result. On the other hand, on the occasions when I’ve been struggling to survive, then T shoots through the roof, and I’m a beagle out for the hunt.
          Solution: To fuck more and fuck better, mess up your life once in a while.

        3. “As well he knew another patient whose testosterone level was low, but this same patient had no problem fucking. ”
          That would be me. I have all the symptoms of low-T but I have an insatiable sex drive.

        4. “That would be me. I have all the symptoms of low-T but I have an insatiable sex drive”
          No problem getting hard? Cool. What is your secret?

        5. I don’t know, it just happens as soon as I think of what I want to do to an attractive girl.

      1. If I were a congressman, I would introduce a bill mandating that for every hour a man spends watching a sport, he must then spend another hour **playing** that sport.

        1. Right on jammy, it might not be constitutional but like bem said it’s the right spirit. When any of my coworkers or acquaintances start in about sports I cut them off with “We can talk about shooting, motorcycling or weightlifting because those are sports I participate in.” I could add primitive archery and knife throwing, but those are too far out there for most men in my sphere. Wood splitting might not be a “sport” per se, but spend just a couple of hours getting intimate with my 12 lb. monster maul and 16 lb. sledge and get back to me the workout you got.

        2. I’ve always loved archery and would love to practice it more. Wood splitting is a ferocious compound exercise. I’ve done some in the past, and it’s no joke. It gets abs, triceps, and every back muscle all at once.

        3. jammy – I picked up a beautiful Herters laminated recurve bow in a pawn shop for $20.00. It’s probably from the late sixties. I’d rather shoot that than my compound bow. There’s something really satisfying about being able to hit the target consistently with no sights. The string peep and fibre optic posts on my Parker almost seem like cheating. I also throw a tomahawk as well as a knife. I’m no expert, but I can pretty much stick either one in the end of a cut off log I use for a target when I try. Believe it or not it’s pretty good exercise too.
          As far as splitting wood goes, I thought about buying a hydraulic splitter, but this little voice inside my head told me “don’t be a pussy.” I knew a man back in Virginia in his late seventies still out cutting, splitting and stacking every season. Needless to say, he didn’t have a gut on him and most young men would have thought twice about messing with him.

        4. Knife throwing is great fun, useful, badass, and great mental work too.
          Judging the distance and strength you need to use in respect to the type of knife you have is not simple nor does it come easily.
          But its worth it.

        5. My dad taught me to throw knives when I was a kid. Later on I moved to other sharp objects like hatchets, tomahawks and ice picks. I bounced an ice pick off the side of our shed one time and stuck right in the back of my hand. That was my first experience with puncture wounds and I haven’t forgotten to be sure. I even had a 12″ cold chisel I sharpened down to point. That thing has some serious mass and will really stick. I’ll bet it would go all the way through a “soft target.” Ha, I’ll have to dig that out and practice with it the next time we’re throwing. Thanks Chip, you jogged the old man’s memory! LOL

      2. Since I was totally unproductive during the last 4 weeks I made a plan for my days that I will use from tomorrow on:
        7-9am: showering, reading messages and mails, reading ROK and other news
        9am-4pm: working on my bachelor thesis
        4-5pm: weightlifting (split)
        5-8pm: eat, relax, meditate
        8-11pm: reading a book

        1. Save email and news and browsing for midafternoon break. Work first thing in the morning.

        1. that would be alpha as fuck; but awfully our authorities punish harshly those who bring down a tree; except of course if you do it illegally and bribe them; then its fine.

        2. depends on where you live. I take the family up to get firewood every year. Every now and then, I will make some 4″ thick planks or something for outdoor purposes. I tell you, few things are more satisfying than felling a 4′ diameter or bigger tree.

        3. Me and my buddies made an Alaskan mill, you ever hear of it ? I just did and it’s the only way to go for some stuff.

    2. Is Rum okay?
      There are 6000 vitamin blends on radios ads to boost T levels. Are any of them effective or are they all just vitamins and placebos?

      1. The hard liquors don’t have estrogens in them that I know of. Vodka would be a good one to drink. Russian vodka even better.

        1. “The hard liquors don’t have estrogens in them that I know of. Vodka would be a good one to drink. Russian vodka even better”
          What about red wine?

        2. dry red wine….that way you avoid the sugars. cabernet is a great choice 🙂

        3. Red wine has so many benefits it should be called a health food. Drink two glasses a day for optimum health.

        4. “Drink two glasses a day for optimum health.”
          That’s too much for me, but I’ll try 🙂

        5. I don’t know, I think it effects your memory, right @bem why that one time I took a wine making course I forgot how to drive.

      2. Both, most pills for that are junk and you’re better off injecting real T into yourself. When you take pills they have extra fillers and other crap in them that taxes your kidneys and liver whereas a shot of medical grade T is straight into the muscle. More bang for your buck.

        1. I was talking about those vitamin supplements that are supposed to free up natural T in your body. They’re all over the radio, advertised as GNC supplements etc etc..

    3. If you do drink beer, German and Belgium styles are ok. (Low or no hops)

      1. i like a good heineken….its not overhopped like these modern day hipster IPA’s. and its non-gmo 🙂

        1. the majority of craft beers are IPAs and they are crammed full of hops. thats why they are so bitter.


      1. I’ve read that green tea can convert to estrogens in the body. Let me know if I got that right or not.

        1. Not sure about that, I heard its healthy as, Japs drink it they are healthiest people in the world. Gives you zen like buzz

        2. Japs are skinny little bastards who hide in their rooms and couldn’t fuck a chick even if he tried. They are having huge problems with fertility in Japan.

        3. some of you guys worry too much about that stuff….avoid processed food but dont fret over the smaller things.

        4. well the japanese men arent exactly the most manly men around these days LOL.
          perhaps drink some vodka like the russians?

        5. This. There shouldn’t be worrying about green tea if two hours later you eat some processed crapfood like so many people do.

      2. no coffee? you can drink coffee,just drink it like a man… nothing is more manly than a cup of strong black coffee. itll put hair on your chest. my grandfather would always stop to have coffee when he was working on a project at home and got to a point where he was stumped. he would say “lets go have a cup of coffee and think about this…”

        1. This issue with coffee is not the sugar and bullshit. Even if you drink it black it can spike cortisol levels. So you need to have only a cup. The typical cup size at Starbucks is way too much. 12 oz is plenty.

        2. There plenty of research (and still growing fast) showing coffee is one of the very best ergogenics there is!

        3. ive also read its packed with antioxidants…
          plus,when the mainstream media demonizes something-red meat,coffee,saturated fat,etc…i figure that probably means i should be consuming more of it. lol.

        4. I am mindful of Theodore Roosevelt telling his doctor “Doctor, I am going to do the exact opposite of everything you just told me”.
          I do exactly the same… I never bought the “fat is bad for you, meat is bad for you, coffee is bad for you” BS and I know literally (Hitler) nobody my age who looks as fit physically or is as healthy as I am…

        5. This is actually good advice. Never do what the doctor says. Once I did what the doctor said and I did the Lasik and now my dim light vision is fucked.
          Never again will I make this mistake.
          Iatrogenics is the third most fatal disease in US of A, btw.
          Here in germany every year 60,000 people die because of doctor mistakes and hospital bacterias. My grandmother died two weeks ago because the doctors gave her blood-thinning medication before the surgery.
          God damn doctors are freakin’ useless.
          When I had jeep drivers disease my doctor told me that I need a surgery asap because otherwise my shit would flow out of the hole in my butt. Then I asked a specialist and he laughed his ass off. It was total nonsense. Doctors are clueless pieces of shit.

        6. The never ‘might’ be too extreme (or maybe not!), but I can 100% endorse the ‘do your own research and research the shit out of it!’ approach!
          Never before in history has the information been so accessible, and it’s all out there if you are motivated to find it.
          It is shocking how much BS is peddled by mainstream culture – not just in eating and exercise and The hormone that makes Men Men (Testosterone), but everywhere.
          Become your own Doctor 😉

        7. I always hear this “Starbucks is for fags” stuff on ROK but I don’t get it. Where I live, If you’re out and about and you want some coffee, it’s either Starbucks or gas station/Mcdonald’s swill. And yes, most of what Starbucks does is serve giant containers of ice cream and sugar to fat women and they pretend it’s coffee. But they also serve actual coffee.
          And if you ever meet somebody for coffee, there aren’t many coffee ships besides Starbucks. Where I live, the non-Starbucks coffee shops are the *really* gay ones. They brew your coffee in front of you by manually pouring the hot water (“pour over”) and it takes ten minutes to make it, it costs $5, and it basically comes in a shot glass.

        8. i think its more that starbucks is pretty much a gay fundraiser that sells coffee.

        9. and where im from if you meet somebody for coffee its usually at a diner and they serve drip brewed coffee that likely just folgers or something lol.

        10. Consuming all of that with moderation is they key. Enjoying tasty, satisfying food is part of a healthy life.

        11. Starbucks supports gender bending and rapefugees. Don’t give them your cash.

        12. I’m not sure moderation *is* the key… I think perhaps *knowing what you are doing* is the key. For example I’ve spent periods eating *only* steak and eggs, literally (Hitler) nothing else, but for a specific period and for a specificly sought result. Moderate? No! Effective? Yes!

        13. “Never do what the doctor says. ”
          So smoking is healthy? Because most if not all doctors say you should stop it.

    5. Don’t hit the gym too hard. Overtraining KILLS your test.
      Lower cortisol levels. Be careful with coffee. A 16oz black coffee is enough to spike cortisol very high. Green tea is much better.** edit: actually green tea might not be so great after all. Google it.
      Get sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is not only common but is nearly UNIVERSAL in the West. That kills test.
      Quit porn. There is no scientific basis for this YET, but it seems like porn addiction can really screw up your androgen receptors. When I quit jerking off I could lift way heavier weights.
      Lose weight. Obesity is a much more common cause of low T epidemic than endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens. Lots of visceral fat is a result of and CAUSE OF low T.
      Cruciferous vegetables.
      No soy.
      No hot tub, cold showers better than hot. Even if you don’t believe in that cold shower mumbo jumbo, at least don’t take hot showers. Just take warm ones. You know how hut tubs kill your sperm count? Well, if they damage your balls that much then there might be damage to test production as well.
      And for all the people who think that meditating is just some hippie bullshit, it’s not. Victor Nor is right. Just relaxing and doing deep breathing through your diaphragm and clearing your mind of anxious thoughts can really help lower cortisol.
      Fix your sleep schedule. It’s not enough to get 8 hours of sleep. You need to get 8 hours at the right time so that you can get good REM sleep. It’s all about circadian rhythm. Ideally you should fall asleep by 11.
      Don’t do steady state cardio unless you are really out of shape. 20-30 minutes on the treadmill won’t hurt too much if you need to get some cardio conditioning but it will probably lower your test. HIIT gets you cardio conditioning in less time and it doesn’t kill your test.

      1. That’s a great addition to the list. Yeah, porn is a killer. It fucks with the mind too. I had a huge porn collection last year but I deleted it all. Vitamin D means getting some sun. Don’t fear the propaganda media shit about sun being harmful.

        1. Sun kills, ask australians, melanoma kills so many of them, only abbo skin can resist harsh UV rays, whites with fair skin, one that can’t get tanned, are royaly screwd down under.
          Sun will age you faster than smoking and booze, Asians walk with umbrellas everywhere they go

        2. Excess sun is a problem but I live in Ohio where it’s nearly impossible to get too much sun unless you’re a landscaper or something. Just about everyone here needs more sun. Just don’t get sunburned and you’ll be fine.

        3. Good dude. I also deleted it all after watching this:

          It makes sense. We all know that you have way less energy after ejaculation. You get sleepy. It’s better to go out and hit on girls with that energy.

        4. I’m confused about all that cause I’ve seen reports now that say the chemicals in the sunscreen is what causes the cancer and I knew someone who worked at a dermatologist clinic helping slicing off pieces of skin cancer and a lot of spots were places that never got sun. I’m not disagreeing with too much sun cause my mother is a pale redhead and even though I’m not I can’t be out in the sun long before I’m blistered up. But I always wondered about how harmful the sun actually is considering people are afraid of too much and now everybody is vitamin D deficient.

        5. I used to run a parasail boat in Miami for years. You can’t have any kind of awning, you have to look at the parachute.
          We were out there ROASTING in the sun from ten in the morning till dark every single day. Never used a drop of sunscreen. I was darker than many “black” people.
          I’ve never had any kind of melanoma or anything. Of course, if I’m going to, the damage has already been done.

      2. How come my libido is higher and my testicles become gigantic when I hardly had any sleep then. I’m talking like only 2 hours of sleep


      Fixed that for you.

        1. Yes, indeed, there are books out there that are poison. I usually only read philosophy, universal classics like Shakespeare and Greek/Roman classics.

        2. Scoobie Doo – totally feminist – the useless gorky stoner that’s best friends with a dog. The ugly smart chick (lesbo) with glasses that’s all serious and gets shit done. The blond guy that’s there to be a door mat (male BFF fag), and the gorgeous chick that offers almost nothing (apart from a nice ass) but can because she’s a woman.

        3. And it’s all snarky bitchy comedy. The Disney shit is scary, they all act like weird sissy adults.

        4. Titty bars, SMOKEY titty bars with jive talkin’ informants were the norm.

        5. As a kid I always thought Fred went off with Daphne to dick her down somewhere while Scooby, Shaggy and dikey Thelma went off to face the ghost/monster/real estate agent in a mask. Sometimes Thelma would join Fred and Daphne because they were freaky like that.

        1. I just finished listening to it…. one word only:
          …And by that I do not mean the Greek thriller by the same name…
          Also i forgot to add here Rammstein:

        2. Yes but it is because the rapefugees are more masculine than German men.

        3. Or maybe they are sick and tired of all the liberal shit and “white guilt” that is pushed onto them, hell I knew a German girl who said that German primary school focused on holocaust too much.Fun fact Joseph Stalin and red Russia killed 7.000.000 people in the Ukraine by creating a mass femine. That is not including the Great Purge that was rumored to kill 10.000.000 people and Japan also indulged in mass killings. Perhaps the victors had something against the Germans?

        4. Excluding the rapefugees, I do not know as I was born, raised and lived all my life in Greece. What though I believe with conviction is that in Germany a resurgence will not be expected, it will appear as sudden as Germans lack, in my mind, the habit of announcing everything that they like, wish or want to do and do.

        5. That is what I like about them they are a wise people. The Teutonic bloodline should survive.

        6. The problem is that German men were once masculine and they had it PC’d out of them quickly after the war.
          Thanks, I know about Holodomor since 25% of my time is spent in Ukraine.

        1. Never liked that band. I’m more into black, death, blacktrash, and related:

        2. Diocletian, Teitanblood, Tetragammacide, Black Witchery, Deiphago, Heresiarch and of course Revenge.

        3. Of those, I only know Black Witchery and Revenge. I’m going to search the rest.
          Do you know these:

        4. idk! I saw them play in Knoxville a couple years ago with Opeth on the Blood Mountain tour and they kicked major, major ass.

    7. get a manly career…sawmill,mechanic,any kind of construction,policeman,factory worker,etc…nothing is as emasculating as sitting at a desk for 8-12 hours.

        1. Exactly. And status too. I find that all those “manly man” jobs are very low class and I’d rather make passive income from investments or making other people work than be the wage slave, no matter how manly that would allegedly make me.
          EDIT: As far as the military or police, those are working to uphold the Matriarchy.

      Dude, I for one appreciate your list of suggestions, but the beer? Not even the occasional glass now and then? What about red wine?

        1. yeah…because manhood is based on how much hard liquor you drink. give me a break.
          dont forget the men who won the crusades were wine drinkers.

    9. the plastic one is a bit ridiculous. if you just run say 2 miles a day and actually have testicles, you can drink all the bottled water you want and still look like a G.I. Joe

    10. You can also add avoid strain drugs. Testosterone is made from cholesterol. When you inhibit your liver from making cholesterol, you lower your T levels as well. Of course, they make a pill Viagra to get you in the mood.

      1. I bought his paints and instructional dvds a few years ago and can totally paint like that now. His method really works. Bro.

    11. shoot guns, go hunting, kill animals, go out in nature, sleep in nature, brave the cold and rain regularly – one reason i hate the gym is because it’s hunting and hiking for lab rats – sterile.

    12. Eating fresh game and fucking without rubbers. Just my two cents. Also, Develop the habit of doing something immediately and with urgency when you feel like putting it off. No television or mainstream movies. Also, reject and refuse things that are unacceptable to you, say no.

    13. What do you mean with “HIIT 5x for 3 days a week”? 15 exercise sessions per week?

    14. Great list above, hanging around other masculine men is probably the strongest fix above to help with testosterone levels, if I can add I would say get into HUNTING (kill something and eat it – its a very satisfying feeling) fishing, and shooting, take COLD SHOWERS (or jump in a cold creek on occasion – I do it and you feel euphoric when you get out), get SUN EXPOSURE (you can google this but its a definite testosterone booster via boosting in naturally body produced Vitamin D), combat style sports are a great way to compete (your easy game of drunk softball or ultimate frisbee with the hipsters from downtown won’t cut it like a real sparring match or grappling match with a buddy will do)

    15. Hanging out with real men? That alone seems to be an achievement these days. Currently, I have no real associates, just acquaintances who are quite on the girly side.

    16. Might need a whole other article on fasting and benefits also how to combine with physical exercise? Any resources or experiences on this?

    17. yeah, i can think of something else: start pinning test enth, sustanon, and tren. problem solved. you’ll start putting on muscle, lose fat, lose the anxiety, and despise liberalism like there’s no tomorrow.the downside is in today’s society, a lot of women will be aghast at your barbaric outlook on politics and life. So a good woman will be harder to find. but when you find her, it will be the real deal. Word of caution: don’t juice if you’re under 25 years of age. It will screw with your not fully developed serotonin system, and you could end up with roid rage syndrome.

    18. Yes real men who have manly qualities.
      Not the passive aggressive, gossip spreading and whiny pathetic “men”.
      Real men who takes care of business and are blunt and not politically correct.

  4. What about food we eat? How many chemicals, additives and preservatives is added to everything we eat, even plain bread you buy in supermarket has 27 ingredients and we know you only need 3 or 4 to make it, water, flour,salt,yeast.
    Chicken is full of growth hormones and antibiotics, red meat is not like it used to be 50 years ago, they give all sorts of stuff to cows and sheeps to make them grow bigger and faster. Its pretty much all food is contaminated by chemicals to some degree and I believe it is one of the main reason behind all the mental and physical illnesses in the west, including general degeneracy of men and women

      1. organic food is a scam…they use pesticides too. dont waste your money. unless you grew it yourself from heirloom seeds,its not truly organic.

  5. Many plastics are a major issue because they are thermally reactive. Just one gram of burning PVC can kill. On the other hand HPDE 4 & 7 can be melted and reshaped again and again with no toxic fumes. You can find this plastic as your standard milk jug.

  6. One easy thing you can do is drink out of glass, not plastic. It’s still the world’s best material for liquids. And when you heat up food in the microwave, do it on ceramic plates, not plastic containers. I also cook on cast-iron whenever possible.

    1. I am under the impression both too little and too much iron has negative effects on T.
      Went to give blood once, and they couldn’t draw any because it was too thick. Turns out using cast-iron “whenever possible” was probably over-doing it, a bit.

    2. Yet, I’m over 60 and still banging away.
      At 30 it was 2x a month (married in UK), 40 it was 2x a month (married in UK), 50 it was 5x a day (single in Thailand), at 60 3-4x a week (married in Thailand).
      Acquired a 30 year old Filipino girlfriend while on holiday for 8 days last year, instantly back to 5x a day.
      Used microwave and plastic all my life …… more to do with the availability, attractiveness, youth and skills of the woman I’m doing it with, than my testosterone levels IMHO.

  7. After reading many articles about this topic, I started taking a testosterone booster a few weeks ago. It’s all natural, pill form. Can’t say it’s really had an enormous effect, at least not yet.

    1. It’s a stab at least. I, for one, plan to drink from metal or glass henceforth.

      1. The test booster is mostly a preventative, since I’m over 40. I figure it can’t hurt.

  8. This explains it pretty clearly: Your endocrine systems are being completely destroyed.
    Add fluoride, pesticides and birth control and you have the sudden drop in T

  9. I read the UN paper and they draw focus to men taking on more financial & domestic responsibilities at home. The problem is men already do.
    Programs that feature couples house hunting show the woman choosing homes farther from his job, closer to her parents, over budget, and commonly stated by the female, “He’s the cook”.
    I consistently hear in my work environment the female of a couple lament the desire to stay home before or after birth. So she can care for the kids? No, she’s tired of working.
    Social time? The married ones with or without children get drunk, urinate in the streets or throw their soiled underwear into someone’s yard. Yet they have this consuming belief their VM(vaginameat, thanks Roosh) is primo and gives them an authority of higher standing that they call the shots.
    My educated conclusion…gross.
    Live healthy, make it a lifestyle, pass it on to your sons and friends to keep power within.

    1. “He’s the cook.” Lasy stupid women, you have no excuses. It takes me two hands, a half hour, and basic reading comprehension and math to follow a recipe I can get on my phone in like a minute. I told my Grandma I found a good one once. Her sole response was, “Can she cook?” So, because of my Grandfather’s wife, it’s a solid priority. Men should obviously know how to prepare food, but a woman must.

  10. Get on that TRT and hit the weights. Get your bench to 315, squat to 405 and deadlift to 500 at a minimum. Compete in a powerlifting competition. Do some jiujitsu and MMA. Drink whiskey. Shoot guns. Slay bitches. The end.

      1. Of course, but the article is making the case that even men who are trying to live an un-cucked life are still getting lowered T from chemicals, known or unknown. If you are an older male over 35 and educate yourself well on the subject it can be done very safely and beneficially.

      1. Beer is acceptable if drank out of a giant boot shaped mug. Red wine only if you’re with female company and you use the bottle to loosen up her anus.

      2. I love beer, but sadly it stimulates the production of estrogen in the body. Red wine is OK but kinda girly.
        The safest choices (from a health point of view) in alcohol are Gin and Vodka.

        1. Bad joke. White Zinfindell is a girly-ass wine, on par with wine coolers and Fallopian tubes.

        2. Dude, I’m not american, sometimes I get lost in this cultural references.

        3. how is red wine girly? idk where this idea that wine is girly started…especially dry wine. Jesus,and all the apostles drank wine. all the jews in the old testament drank wine. all the orthodox Christians and catholics drink wine.

        4. perhaps not… but i cant help but get frustrated that everything is “girly” to some guys. its like people base manhood on some kind of westerns they watched on tv. men in many cultures have drank wine as a very popular drink. dont forget it was the wine drinking Christians who won the crusades.

        5. And before the Christian the Roman Legionaries were fond of wine, etc. In fact, alcohol consumption is in the history of mankind since always. However, the times change and now wine is culturally associated girls, grandmothers and skinny lowT pricks. I’m not a expert but I like a good red wine, but I’m not going to invite a girl to my flat to ‘eat french cheese and drink wine’.
          Now, check this:

        6. Red wine ain’t girly. It is a little dago, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        7. nor do i drink wine with french cheese or whatever…. but a glass of cabernet with my spaghetti or my steak? heaven.
          a good lager beer with my cheeseburger? or a beer after a long day at work,or when im tinkering in the garage?
          a mead when im listening to some celitc music?
          however…im not a fan of hard liquor personally due in big part to my religious and philosophical beliefs. so “scotch on the rocks” is not for me.

        8. My jokes aside, I’ve always tired of that myself. I saw that way too much in the military. I came across plenty of random ocks who were insecure wannabe tough guys, always drinking the same shitty beer everywhere we went and trying to put down anyone who drank something different as “faggy” or unmanly.
          One day we were all out on port call and this scrawny, loudmouth grease monkey type tried to pull this on a much larger guy who was usually real chill and soft spoken. He was drinking a white russian, and he calmly sets his drink down, looks the guy square in the eye and says “I could be drinking a cosmo, be wearing high heels and a skirt, and I’d still kick your fucking ass all the way across this room.” The other guy didn’t say a word, just dick tucked and walked away.
          I never thought about “manly” drinks the same way again. If you’re badass enough whatever you touch then becomes manly.

        9. Yeah, I think those guys just don’t want to be seen drinking from a stem glass. Personally, I use stemless wine glasses. It looks more masculine.

        10. I’m thinking that the SS and Wehrmacht guys in the 1940’s were drinking lots of beer and didn’t seem to be at a deficit of T.
          Not saying you should go out and be a drunk, but something doesn’t gel with me regarding beer and “feminine”. Hops have been in beer for centuries, and Sam Adams, a fiery *way too violent* and high T man, drank beer by the barrel.

        11. Stop it.
          It’s fine to like wine, but it’s also fine to have standards of masculinity. Take the wad out of your panties.

        12. Mad Dog, is the Wine of Manly Gods.

        13. Happy to drink anything with an alcohol content.
          I will admit to selecting on an Alcohol level + price basis.
          No point paying too much to get drunk.
          I like cheese too!

        14. Where I live wine is not readily available, it’s wine coolers or nothing….. But Full Moon Dark Red tastes good, 7.5% and less than $1 a bottle.

        15. SS/Wehrmacht fuck yeah!
          Joke aside, a friend is a M.D. I asked him about the relationship between beer (and alcohol in general) and the production of estrogen in men. It is true that alcohol, and especially beer in great quantities stimulate somehow the production of the hormone, but it is hard to know if that increase is relevant or affects behavior.
          Personally speaking, I only touch alcohol each Saturday. I love German and Belgian beers (Erdinger, Paulaner, Duvel, etc); single malts (Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Dalwhinnie, Macallan, etc), Irish whisky (Powers, Jameson, Bushmills), Bourbon (here I only get Jack, Jim and WT), the only blends I tolerate are Chivas and Black Label; love Gin (Gordons) and Vodka (Ciroc/GreyGoose are OK now and then, but I prefer the traditional ones).

        16. Totally forgot: whites are better metabolizing alcohol than other races. Basically, our bodies are designed to drink heavy quantities and tolerate them. So basically alcohol is in our genes!

        17. Md2020!!!!!
          Now THATS a motherfucking drink!
          Its fun to give a pint of md to a foreigner.

        18. Alcohol beez rayciss.
          So beez milk, with your lactose tolerant privilege n sheeit.

        19. There never was anything but wine, mead, and beer for most of the history of the world. Distilled booze is a new invention.
          Invented by a White man, of course.

        20. They probably use tons of hops in cheap beer. A peek at the public during super bowl events will make it obvious.

        21. Can’t believe a whole discussion on what alcoholic drinks are manly and girly started up.
          Next it’s going to be about what cars you drive that determine your masculinity. Touching the handle of a Prius will turn you into a ballet fairy

  11. Good point Roosh. Typically men who go to the gym and lift tend to be stronger physically, and are less likely to be faggy liberals / progressives.
    Would not surprise me if lefties wanted to start regulating excercise regiments and limit the total amount of the free weights in a gym.

      1. “They do that already. Its called planet fitness”
        What exactly are they regulating there?

  12. Most of the world’s potable water supplies are heavily fluoridated.
    Fluoride is an endocrine chemical.

      1. yes, that’s what I meant. I’m not sure why that should be though, if the endocrine disruptors in everyday products cause oestregen-mimicking

        1. Exactly. That’s what confuses me. I think that psychology plays a larger role than chemicals. Sure, chemicals can alter you, but why are women getting more butch and men more girly, and further, why hasn’t de-masculization happened across, say, the biker groups where you can smell T in the air? We all drink, eat and otherwise live in the same world here, right?

        2. I’m inclined to agree with you. I did a very basic search on the matter and came up with a few result, including one article that seem inclined to think that chemicals might be harming women’s fertility, increasing chances of endometriosis etc., but it’s fairly inconclusive – and doesn’t cover more politically sensitive topics such as the likelihood of spontaneously bulldykery etc.

          The fact is chemical factors are just one group of variables amongst a great many that can and are being manipulated to produce gender mayhem. To the extent it’s deliberate as opposed to accidental, and IMO it’s deliberate but mostly under the radar social engineering, it is the moral equivalent to a plastic surgeon spiking somebody’s drink in order to perform radical surgery on a comatose body.

  13. should be an article on convincing a beta father to bestow the rightful inheritance to the son, I have 2 sisters set to inherit $1,000,000 worth of real estate, that is property that will not belong to our family anymore if given to a daughter. my best bet is to pick up a couple of used lincoln navigators and spruce them up with bullshit like rims and tinted windows, and show up to the reading of the will ready to make a deal, the impulsive nature of women might play into my hands.

    1. I thought alpha men like yourself were supposed to protect and care for their sisters. You know, instead of trying to trick them into giving up their inheritance.

  14. “…testosterone concentrations dropped about 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall, from 1987 to 2004.”

    ..and at the same time….

    “Prostate cancer incidence declined at an estimated −19.6% APC beginning May 2011…”

    It would be interesting to see something on this site (and others like it) about Prostate Cancer…and how by increasing your Testosterone levels you may be actually increasing your chances of developing Prostate Cancer….what about it Roosh?
    Here is some basic info:
    *Prostate Cancer Kills AS MANY Men every year as Breast Cancer kills Women.
    *Prostate Cancer Research receives LESS THAN HALF of Government Funds than what breast Cancer research receives..around the Westerns World.
    *Your chances of having prostate Cancer after you turn 50….is 50%. and it increases by more than 1% for every additional year.
    So before anyone starts thinking about boosting their Testosterone levels….learn about Prostate Cancer….EVERY MAN on the planet will get is just a question of when.

    1. good point…i chalk it up to this… when you get older,your testosterone is SUPPOSED to lower. just like older women are SUPPOSED to have trouble bearing children. its how we were designed. people want to get old without actually aging. thats just not how it works. most healthy people i see that are old actually look old. look at helio gracie. guy was 90+ years old and still doing bjj,but he looked every bit of 90. bet he wasnt taking testosterone replacement therapy.

    “dont sleep with a pillow”
    “dont drink coffee, it will boost cortisol”
    “refuse to talk to your girlfriend unless you are penetrating her at the moment”
    “dont drink out of plastic bottles or youll basically grow ovaries”
    if a guy screams chicken little and looks exactly the fucking same as every other miserable slob, I’m going to throw him alongside CNN and Buzzfeed..sorry not sorry

  16. Isn’t it time for Return of Kings to do a series of articles on the *most realistic* way for Men to bring their Testosterone levels back up to where they should be?
    Or maybe take a further step and do some non-BS articles on Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids?
    I bet plenty of readers here would find a non-judgemental, unbiased approach without the mainstream *hysteria* absolutely fascinating.

    1. The biggest risk on TRT is there’s a (needs confirmation) 1-3% of men that simply immediately become sterile and their body shuts down testosterone production after starting the cycle.
      There’s no way of telling if you’re one or not. Juicers like Arnold and Barry Bonds have fleet of children but there are plenty of other pro athletes not as lucky.
      That is a HUGE problem. If you for whatever reason can’t afford or new legislation prevents you from re-upping you could be fucked for life.
      But it’s a weird situation because TRT and exercise is our really only solution

      1. Yes, there is a minuscule risk, although it has been massively overstated in the mainstream hype about endogenous Testosterone.
        Nobody gives a second thought to women being prescribed their own hormones, whether for hormone replacement or fertility control, but the media goes totally fucking crazy above t the notion of giving testosterone to men!
        In your specific case, natural T suppression may almost always be countered by administering HMB and/or HcG btw…

    2. It’s physical exercise and a good diet (which might be a slightly lower cal diet, but not outright fast). Every time I go to the gym, I get HUGE erections that night. Some nights are better than others, some nights nothing, but there IS a difference, especially when I stop or miss the gym for more than a week. Movement… is key to testosterone and our society is simply too sedentary now. Get up, get moving and you will have more T, guaranteed.

      1. Oh I couldn’t agree more! I do all of these things also.
        Just stating an absolutely foolproof technique to counter the modern T decline, including negative environmental factors (which you can no longer entirely avoid) and bring levels up to, or even beyond, previous generations ‘normal’ is by exogenous administration…

      2. “Every time I go to the gym, I get HUGE erections that night.”
        When I tell my gf that I’m heading out the gym to lift, her eyes light up. She knows what that means later.

      3. It runs in the Maximus family, indeed I have noticed the same thing. After some hard deadlift sessions, it hurts in the morning, can’t even sleep at night.

  17. Soy has phytoestrogens and is in a lot of processed food. Eat real food, including meat and eggs.
    But the absolute worst – and the greens won’t mention it – is the Birth Control Pill
    Even married couples simply trying to put off children. This is more demonstrable than climate change but no one will suggest cutting off Sandra Fluke that apparently can’t live without having sex.

    1. i say its time we move away from hormonal birth control… its bad for women,screws their hormones up and it makes them crazier than they would be naturally. there are SO many more methods that dont get as much attention. the copper IUD for example…and god forbid-condoms(they arent that damn bad people)

        1. i hope that was sarcasm… pills may prevent pregnancy,but they wont keep your dick from falling off from sleeping with nasty whores.

        2. plus i mentioned the copper IUD….more effective than the pill,no hormones,lasts 7 years,and you can still “dump loads” into her.

        3. I am not 100% sure but I think the IUD also has hormones in it. The one thing I can’t abide is the ring. I had one girl about a year ago who had the implant. That was great.

        4. not sarcasm. You can keep your dick from falling off by exercising discernment in taste.

        5. also, heterosexual STD and STI frequency is second only after being a fag in shit that is dramatized to know end by the media while in reality being very, very rare.

  18. The assault on men and masculinity is in full swing.
    Quit media, including video games.
    Watch what you eat, make it your new hobby.
    Exercise, anyway you can
    Embrace the natural world, get camping and hiking.
    Learn a masculine skill,….fish, hunt, ride a dirt bike, repair an engine
    Fight back with full on shitlordery! Be proud to be male and let every motherfucker know it.

  19. Wow guys, I’m just watching 3sat (german TV channel) they are showing a documentary with the title Eine Welt ohne Männer (A World without men).
    They look at how the world would look like without men and how beautiful and (((progressive))) it would be. No words about engineers, IT workers and construction workers. LOL
    Just reverse the genders and this documentary would be banned and the producer would go to jail for 15 years.
    German TV is the biggest cancer on earth. Just unbearable.
    Now the documentary ended and the next documentary begins on the topic ‘Tod des Feminismus’ (Death of feminism) on Trump, Putin and ‘other regressive sexists’.
    This is a total disgrace.
    Just your average evening in germany.
    Now you may ask ‘why do you watch it?’
    Well; I’m eating pizza right now, got nothing better to do.
    And now I can’t turn it off. This propaganda is so entertaining.

    1. Now they have three german leftist professors (two female professors for gender studies; one cucked psychology professor) on the show and they are talking about the suppression of german women by f*cking german nazi white males.
      I didn’t know it was THAT bad.

    2. Just reverse the genders and this documentary would be banned
      Or, equivalently, keep the premise ‘A World Without Men’, but this time tell the truth. Say, perhaps, they managed to found a basic civilization and feed everyone, but wars would be longer, more frequent, and more violent.

    3. A world without women? what incentive would you give the beta boys to work their asses? Well No I´m wrong They need work their asses because women spend alot in shit. Hahaha yeah a world without women will function until all men become old. I world without men will end in months 90% of women will die and small groups will survive living like in stone age level of civilization in huts in lucky places with good weather and easy access to resources, near a river or lake. Civilization will devolve to the dark ages in few months and devolve to stone age in few years. Matriarch societies does not work when you surpass a few dozens of people.

      1. Im still waiting for the movie…been working on it for years…

        1. They tried an episode of Survivor with all the men on one island and all the women on another.
          Look it up, it’s hysterical. Turns out just like you’d expect.

    4. Sometimes i think id be best if germany and sweden were truly overrun and turned into caliphate.
      Most people dont learn until its too late.
      Plus, it would be a great lesson and give people something (fun?) to do : go to germany and sweden and kill all thise fuckers

    5. I feel for you man. This will all end up very badly, there’s no way around it. The natural order will be back eventually, not without catastrophy and blood.

  20. Men who allow themselves to be put off in fucking, because they don’t want to be pests, often take care of things with a solo flight in the shower. This reduces testosterone. Fucking raises levels. Fucking less makes us fat, and makes us sleep less restfully, which lowers test. Working too hard, and sleeping too little also lowers test, making us fat which… See a bad circular pattern here? Advice to young married men: Turn quarrels into make-up fucks. Get out and run the next morning. Come home on time and fuck some more. She will complain at first, but she’ll get used to it, to the point that she will wonder what’s wrong if you let up The question of marital rape is a sticky one, but she did agree at least in principle, to fuck you. Wooing is not begging. Even when she is “not in the mood” she can be talked into it, with persistence and humor. Four times a week sounds like some guys’ fantasy, but it ought to become the low end of normal. Yes, lay off the junk food, take zinc and fish oil and nuts, run, bike or swim, play sports instead of watching them, stay skinny, It all really feeds on itself. A wife may lose interest at menopause, but that is a subject not yet settled. Until then, Frequent fucking prevents weight gain, Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, and the medicines for all of those drive down test, add to weight and ultimately, the very problems that they purport to alleviate.It is not just the plastic in the water bottles. We might not be able to avoid those. However, frequent fucks, more movement, fewer carbs and less television, and the bottles can be overcome.(And thus, the battles won)The problem is not environmental. It is cultural. We are much more likely to be harmed by the junk we have been taught than the junk in o ur diets.

    1. I figure that for a lot of husbands, the wives have little care, knowledge and understanding for the proper care and feeding for their husband. In response specifically to all that fucking that you talk about, I find a wife, even being a 9, a bit of a buzz kill when one hears, “Today is a leg shaving day (so get it over with).” “Okay great!”

      1. So, carry her into the shower, start some really passionate kissing, fuck her against the wall, try to draw it out so that she comes, in spite of her affected low level of attraction/interest. When the jizz is dripping down her leg, step out, dry off, leave her to her leg shaving, if she is still interested, and can still stand up. More fucking means more passion, leading to better fucks, for you and for her. If she complains, fuck her again. The ED drugs are famous for shortening recovery time. Pop a Cialis on the way home from work. Bad moods turned into make-up fucks are the route to marital harmony. Indifference to her feelings may mark us as insensitive, but who wants to be that “Sensitive New Age Guy”? (A dopey song from the early 80’s.) Frequent fucks heighten her mind-pussy connection, make her come sooner. Just don’t be a fuck-machine. Let the passion build. Look at the pictures on the covers of paper back romances, and BE THAT GUY! Foreplay is not just a way to try to build her arousal. It adds to our pleasure, too. Kissing, on the mouth or on the pussy, feels great. In that shower fuck, the soapy bodies rubbing together are arousing to each other. Whatever her attitude of the moment, she is hot, to you, or she once was. She has been down to fuck in the past, and can be again. If none of this works, get a lawyer on it, preferably before you beget kids on her.
        There is no rule that says you can’t also be friends, buddies, even fuck-buddies. Just don’t hold back the animal nature, or pretend that you are more interested in higher things.
        The marriage license is a license to fuck. Driving home from a party or movie or whatever, start stroking her inner thigh, moving up to the crotch; make her come with your fingers, before you ever arrive. The main thing is, we usually want more than she wants to give. Gently but firmly take charge, and move things forward. The PUA types talk about this all the time, with women you hardly know. Why should “I do” mean “I don’t, any more”?

  21. I’m getting testosterone/HGH therapy in Tijuana now.
    What has been interesting is that since Trump’s inauguration, lines to go into Mexico have longer than the lines into USA. This is why we shouldn’t want the wall built. It would eventually be used to keep us in when Soros gets his president in the white house.

    1. Wait, How do you get that in tijuana, I´m living in Baja California. Polleros (guy who charge you for helping crossing the border) are charging more money. So the number of immigrants crossing the border illegally is in the lowest in 5 years. Of course walls work, ask Israel, even the idea of a the wall is working.

    2. How long you’ve been on HGH and how are you finding it?
      And how many i.u. p.d. ?

    3. I have been saying that ever since Ted Cruz first started talking about a wall a couple years ago. It ain’t to keep the Mexicans out, it’s to keep us in.

  22. This isn’t too much of a surprise given the “Low T” commercials they air, like, all the time.

  23. I’m in my 40’s & been on TRT for a little over a month now, gained 15 lbs and increased weight on all lifts. Total test range was less than 300 when I had it checked. Felt like crap all the time, mental fog, concentration problems, aching joints, no longer responding to weight training, all of the low T symptoms. Did a ton of research before I took the plunge & I’m extremely glad I did.
    The amount of the injections is usually around 100 mg – 200 mg, which is no where near the levels pro bodybuilders or athletes use. After my first 4 weeks I was retested and my less than 300 level was in the 600 range. I not only feel amazing but my mental acuity is back on point. There’s a lot of other factors a good doctor will check to ensure your body is using the testosterone properly (total test, free test, estrogen, cholesterol, vitamin D, etc) and tweaks that can be used to keep your hormones in balance. They want me to be in the 700 – 900 range so my dosage was upped by 10 mg, we’ll check levels again in 4 weeks. So far no negative side effects except a little body acne.
    I wasn’t excited about relying on something I need to inject every week but in my experience it’s definitely worth it & wish I had done it sooner. There’s plenty of websites that can help educate you before taking the plunge. I’ve shared this one before, because they also have forums dedicated to TRT & you can get a lot of help there.

    1. where can you get t injections or is it drug dealer only. I can only find 1 company that sells it in pill form… I am not sure that is best option.

    2. I bought all the supplementel booster recommended stuff- most don’t don’t work…. but going to a doc ..not sure they are going to give me something that isn’t expensive or whatever excuses they come up with.I want good results. Upper 40’s – so I understand the deal.
      I have 1 company that seems to make it pill form. . Has Androstene. Taking other stuff that seems to be working… Not gonna give the medical community one nickel unless I have to.

      1. I understand your hesitance. I went to 3 different doctors before I found a place that was willing to work with me, take the time to answer all my questions, share all of the lab results & information with me, took my insurance, & I’m comfortable with the people that work there. I’ve been working out since my teens, always taken good care of myself, pretty good diet 98% of the time, regular exercise. I look a lot younger than I am, which is why one of the doctors refused to help me. Nothing gives the results actual testosterone does. Like anything else it’s all about not overdoing it.
        For me this is really about my overall quality of life, not trying to look like the most jacked guy in the gym (but the increased size & strength has been good for the confidence). I have a young child & the last couple years it’s been a shock to go to the park & not be able to run around & play, needing to rest after a bike ride like an old man. Right now I can’t wait for the Summer to be able to spend quality active time with my kid like I always planned.

        1. I’m an old man (61) and cycle 25Km a day, I also have a 5 year old son. No need for drugs. Not to mention it’s ‘summer’ out here 12 months a year.

        2. I wish I knew so I could take appropriate steps to rectify the problem. Other people on here have mentioned numerous possibilities (birth control in water supply, plastics, etc). All my blood tests have showed estrogen levels in acceptable range, but low T overall. I wish I didn’t need to be on TRT but so far the results are amazing & I’m happy to share my experience with others that can benefit from it as well.

    3. You feel like this already – you’re in for a treat…. It just keeps getting better!
      Maybe time to look into HGH next? 😉

    4. Thanks for the link. There is so much info available, having it concentrated on one site is useful.

  24. Stopping masturbation is also key to increasing testosterone. You want to be docile? Just jerk of 3,4 times a week. All the real energy to go and approach women will be gone then. Also, most men just exercise to little. Get out of that stupid car and cycle. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
    And lots of this:

    1. Fuckin’ A man, great post. And that is one hardcore lifting and/or battle song right there.

  25. How come no one mentions beer? Hops are the female flowers of the hop plant. Many beers are made with corn, artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup most of which are GMO’s.
    Men should drink wine, women should drink beer.

      1. Bullshit. Read what the science says. You’d have to consume crazy amounts. Just breathing perfume would lower your T these days.

    1. Actually domestic US beers like Bud, Busch, Coors, and Miller et al are made from rice.
      Used to work around the rice industry in Louisiana… all of our broken rice, ie not suitable for sale in grocery stores, went to Anheuser Busch.

  26. Encouraging men to lift weights helps. Not bullshit situps and curls for girls, but powerlifts like bench, squats, and deads

  27. Clearly true and demonstrated with statistics.
    But…why is it only affecting some guys and not others? Even with Millenials, there are some weight lifting scary ass big dudes out throwing their dicks into a hundred girls a week, and in GenX we’re almost auto-raped by younger girls. You’d think that at some point the estrogen in the water supply (and let’s not kid, it’s all because of The Pill, plastic is marginal as a contributor) would affect all men. Or, maybe it’s just evolution at play?

    1. The only to get any kind of answer to get the big guys you mentioned and find out about their diet, exposure to social media (including television), their general lifestyle, education, what kind of family upbringing they had, etc and compare the answers to low testosterone guys. I don’t think we can blame it entirely on what we eat or drink. We also need to look at geography. It’s more likely the boys raised in small towns have higher T levels than those raised in large cities.

  28. I always assumed drops in testosterone and fertility problems was due to hormones in the drinking water and food supply. Could never decide if it was womans wee (from taking the pill) or growth hormones from farm animals wee or eating meat from animals injected with growth hormones. But we are subjected to lots of unnatural hormones from a variety of sources these days in both our drinking water and our food.

    1. Not to repeat my post below, but why “my post below”? I’m not denying the estrogen theory, more wondering how it isn’t messing with all men?

      1. Men’s testosterone levels vary wildly (genetic?), but there is a cut off level where everything stops working. It’s probably affecting us all, but not to the level where we all notice a lack in performance.

        1. I’ve considered that, but this would mean that me, my entire male family, including my son, uncles and nephews would all be the scary mass murdering types. But our previous history doesn’t really suggest that was the normal path for our males.
          I actually rather think that this estrogen in the water supply idea has traction, the exceptions make me scratch my head though.

        2. One would be assuming one of the ‘mass murder types’ didn’t slip you (or your father) into the family line. Paternity is probably less certain than most of us would like to think.
          Fathers, uncles, nephews, brothers, sons …… one can never be entirely sure without DNA testing.

        3. Actually, my family line is pretty well documented and for a much longer period than most people, and we all have similar looks, so I’m pretty sure we’re all good on that count.

    2. Nothing in the pill decreases testosterone, nothing in growth hormones decrease testosterone.

  29. Great Article! A very important subject with so many facets.
    – Stay Physically Active – GET OFF YOUR ASS! Turn off the TV and Video Games! No matter where you live, or what you do for a living, find a way to become more active. High Intensity Weight Training works great. If you own a home, learn how to landscape your yard, repair a toilet, replace a faulty circuit breaker.
    If you own a car or motorcycle, learn how to properly detail and maintain your ride.
    – Source the highest quality food available. Avoid processed foods. Don’t be afraid of some saturated fat and some carbs (based on your goals of course). Learn to cook for yourself.
    – Get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep each night – no exceptions. If you have a hard time going to sleep, try Herbal Tea, Melatonin or ZMA. If you need a snack before bed try a little banana, cottage cheese, raw nuts or turkey breast.
    – Watch your Alcohol consumption.
    – Don’t be afraid of taking (Calculated) Risks – Start a Business. Nothing builds balls of steel quite like being your own boss.
    – Learn the difference between Stress and Distress.
    I’ll probably lose a few with the following statement, but fuck it…
    – Rescue a dog from the shelter and volunteer your time to help somebody less fortunate. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, and what it’s like to be a Real Man (A PROVIDER).

  30. An important men’s health issue, and thus an important social issue. What color should the ribbon be? I think light blue is for prostate cancer. How many women would be willing to wear a ribbon for lowering T-levels?

  31. Its not just testosterone its general cell health. You see plenty of older men who take test and there is zero change. And keep cell phones away from your nuts it kills sperm and damages dna.

  32. I don’t know about testosterone, but what I know for sure is that Kratom levels in your blood should be constant at all times.

  33. Never thouhgt I’d complained about tits but one thing I’ve noticed is the epidemic of man boobs ! Even on young skinny kids. WTF ?

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