Media Calls For Restraint After San Bernardino Shootings Because The Suspects Aren’t White Men

Of all the potential hate crimes you could think of, gunnning down 14 people and severely injuring many others at a center for the disabled is amongst the worst. Yet this is exactly what several Muslim-Americans, including the now dead Syed Farook and his female lover Tashfeen Malik, are alleged to have done in San Bernardino, California.

However, we are not meant to see them as Muslims. That kind of group linkage is apparently only for paler people whose non-leftist views the media despise.

Whereas Elliot Rodger (ironically half-Asian) and Dylann Roof were almost immediately castigated for somehow representing angry misogynistic or racist young white men, media commentators and outlets have been very rapid in explicitly or implicitly ordering the public to remain nonjudgmental after this newest incident. “Disassociate the suspects from the Muslim community!” is the kind of mantra you can expect to hear repeatedly over the coming days.

“He’s not white?! We better run the ‘don’t rush to judgment’ piece then.”

The Los Angeles Times was one of countless outlets quickly spinning the “remain calm” and judge-not-by-creed-or-race narrative:

Outrage depends on the perpetrator’s “privilege”

Dylann Roof was a young white man, so after just 2.3 seconds media generalizations erupted about young men, whites and anyone with a Confederate flag.

All in all, proper channels of inquiry are important. But it beggars belief that the media can help unleash spectacular generalizations about Rodger and Roof’s status as young white or white-enough males with anger issues but demand more thought and deliberation when the alleged perpetrators are Muslims.

And not only were the deceased Farook and Malik supposedly murdering innocents at a disability center, they were doing so in tactical attire. I wonder how restrained the media would have been about matters of race, religion or gender if Dylann Roof had arrived in San Bernardino to kill, as outfitted as a SWAT team member and with a Confederate flag draped over the hood of his car.

Forgetting that whites are the majority of the US population and mass shootings over five people are only part of the overall homicide rate, the media is charmed by stories and opinion pieces exploring America’s apparently white racist and sexist underbelly. We don’t hear about as many Muslim-perpetrated shootings because Muslims are a small minority and white shootings are more politically salient for news outlets, maintaining the veneer of Caucasian privilege and obsessive racism towards minorities.

San Bernardino will probably continue to be turned upside down to promote an agenda of calling out Middle America’s “prejudices” against Muslims, instead of asking deeper questions and focusing on the victims. The San Bernardino tragedy is also interesting as the media dashed to humanize Farook’s relatives and, by proxy, Muslim-Americans in general. They rolled out his brother-in-law, for example.

This gesture was meticulously avoided with Dylann Roof’s family, even though Roof’s sister was so instrumental in having her brother taken into custody after identifying him to authorities. Farook and Mailk’s family may be fine and upright individuals but there is nothing to suggest they are any more fine and upright than the relatives of Dylann Roof.

News stories aren’t simply about reporting the news

The majority of Elliott Rodger’s victims were actually male but the Isla Vista killings were deliberately re-rendered as misogyny.

Focus is oftentimes a cheap reality. Media outlets have a clear choice about what they air or publish. It is impossible to convey every detail of the authorities’ responses, show every person fleeing from the disability center or speak to every concerned relative. These are understandable issues but what crosses the line is an obsession with mixing facts with very selective and pre-planned political roadsigns for readers and viewers.

Like a “turn left” or “turn right” on your car’s Tomtom, the decision of a major newspaper to focus on quotes like “Please do not implicate Islam or Muslims” is designed to lead you to a chosen destination. In this case, it’s a very politically correct one. Conversely, when a young Dylann Roof has the finger pointed at him, the roadsigns take you to a rundown suburb called “Fuck White and Male America”.

Restraint only makes sense if you don’t apply it selectively

Imagine the furore if Syed Farook had been Thomas Wilson or James Anderson.

Fact-based investigations, with enough room for healthy questioning, should be a hallmark of all official and public reactions to alleged crimes. This is a theme Return of Kings has dedicated itself to for its entire existence, especially in relation to allegations of rape and the need to avoid witch-hunts.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to the Muslim community only makes sense if the same courtesy is afforded to all groups, no matter what their so-called historical or privileged status is. But expect that advice to fall on deaf ears so the 24-hour news cycles can have another dig at the rape-loving, minority-hating white men of America.

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339 thoughts on “Media Calls For Restraint After San Bernardino Shootings Because The Suspects Aren’t White Men”

  1. I like how LATimes thinks that being born in the US makes you an American. I’m sorry, but if you were born here but never left your little islamic ghetto, went to islamic school and work with other muslims who go to the same mosque than you, you’re not an American. I’m not saying that Farook did that, I’m just saying that when you live in a country that doesn’t properly naturalise and assimilate its immigrants, you will have some parts of America that look more like Mexico, Pakistan, China, India, etc…

        1. My family and I have made many trips to MohammedWorld Amusement Park over in Mecca. Great family fun, and who can’t help but laugh at the whimsical trademark cartoon character Johnny Jihad!?!

        2. Ohh man please tell me you guys went to “Johnny Jihad’s Amazing Kebab of Judgment in 4D”.. it’s a great ride! You know.. right in front of the Aloha SnackBar in CaliphateLand (in the north sector of MohammedWorld), besides the big Tree of Rape in front of the “It has nothing to do with Islam®” retail store. But just watch your calendar because the ride closes at Ramadan and that sucks, man.. word.

    1. Technically, he is American, just like people whose parents came from Britain or Germany.
      The question is whether we really want certain kinds of people to be granted the title.

    2. Black people in europe as an example refer to the indigenous population as “white” brits, swedes, french etc. Wtf, brits are white, ethnicity and nationality is one and the same here.

  2. If you look at the photo they’re showing of Islamic Douchebag in the Leftist media they’re whitening him up something powerful, to the point that he appears to be whiter than my pale genetically English-Scottish arse. I mean I get a sunburn by simply typing the word “sun” (ouch!) yet the stock photo being shown is both blurry AND has him bleached out like Wonder Bread in ways that make me appear to be from the Caribbean. Fucking MSM.
    I was listening to the whole thing going down on an internet police scanner site (highly cool) and then watching Leftists and the MSM comment online. They were shitting their pants in glee at reports of “three white men, in cammo and body armor, with long guns”. The hate was ratcheted up to unbelievable levels, along with the snarks and outright bile. The suspects become Islamic fantatics and they at first tried to keep up the “redneck white dudes” narrative, then eventually went silent once that could no longer float.
    I also notice that reports since yesterday almost entirely omit his wife from the narrative. She’s occasionally mentioned, but all we’re seeing is his face and hearing his story, it’s like she wasn’t even there participating. Fucking cunt was a direct import from an Islamic nation full of nutbars, she was perfectly happy to abandon her 6 month old daughter to her own fate, and she gunned down women who threw her a baby shower only months earlier; mainstream Leftists media…..crickets.
    Leftists moan and gnash their teeth about Pinochet, but never stop to consider that it’s their own feral, rabid actions and philosophy that make men like him possible AND popular.
    Scanner site for internet eavesdropping, for anybody interested during future events:

    1. And there is only one way to turn things around: Wait, do nothing, and let thousands of shitlibs be murdered until even the most timid rabbit wants them out. A while after that point is reached, it may be time to act. The only argument that works on them is direct physical violence.

    2. Yeah, isn’t it odd how the “empowered” woman in this story, along with her activity that day, are being suppressed.
      Will it surprise anyone when we hear, she was doing what he “forced” her to? The penis made her pull the trigger…right.

        1. I loved Giuliani’s take on it last night.
          He pretty much said this was 99.9% the result and fault of political correctness, and not simply that we have leaders unwilling to call it what it is, but that there were people “uncomfortable” with the idea of reporting these terrorists prior suspicious behavior/activities because they didn’t want to be demonized as racist.
          They were trying to cut him off and say we have to go to commercial break, but he just barreled ahead with what needed said, it was great. More people need to recognize worthwhile traits in great leaders like this and seek it in who they vote for.

        2. I don’t know but what she was merely being signaled the time was running out to go to commercial, could be and likely was, and considering who the anchor was she likely did agree with him.
          I simply like that he just wasn’t having any of it and finished his point because he knew it was too important to be over-ridden by time constraints. Sort of like I prefer a person running for office to finish the point during debates (not that we actually have real debates anymore), than to pull up short. Seems like being half-assed about it more than anything else to me.

        3. Right…unless the attackers were white men. Then, fuck the commercials…they can wait until we hear from more people on why these evil white men gunned down these poor people.
          You have to love the MSM. One (CNN, MSNBC, etc..) of their new slogans should be:
          Always in the fight if there is ever a white.

      1. I agree on the empowered woman being cast aside (no spotlight).
        The double down on this one is the empowered woman of Islam (need to keep that one really quite, can’t let that get out…it would ruin everything). They did nothing but focus on the man, cut to his brother in law, talked about how he was an “American” – born here…but kept the Islam thing on the hush hush.
        The woman…..the poor innocent woman was just waiting in the car for him.
        You just have to shake your fucking head.

      1. No problem. It’s a great resource to have when news is breaking like this, it really puts a light on how the media crafts their narrative in a very hard and twisted manner when you’re listening to the same broadcasts that they are and come away saying “what the fuck?”

    3. One of the reasons why the controlled media does not want to talk about terrorism in accordance to this terrorist attack is because of the political ties between the US and Pakistan. Pakistan has been a puppet state for the US since it’s inception. When the Taliban could no longer be controlled due to Pakistani influence and interests within Afghanistan, the US up and bombed the shit out of Afghanistan and installed their own puppet regime which still stands today.
      Pakistan was and still is a giant cauldron of terrorism and terrorists. It is there where the CIA and Pakistani intelligence (oxymoron?) worked together over the years to create the Taliban. During the late 70’s and 80’s, several thousand religious schools taught a perverted form of religion, brainwashing the children into believing blowing themselves up was a gateway to some sort of heaven. The Taliban was originally created to infiltrate and occupy Afghanistan while civil war was raging after the Soviet defeat. A few decades later we now have tens of thousands of indoctrinated-from-birth soldiers who will strap bombs on themselves and gladly blow themselves up. These are your tax dollars hard at work.

      1. “several thousand religious schools taught a perverted form of religion, brainwashing the children into believing blowing themselves up was a gateway to some sort of heaven…”
        You don’t need to “pervert” Islam to get suicide attacks.
        In the Philippines the Moro Muslims are reported to have engaged in suicide attacks against enemies as early as 16th century. Those who performed suicide attacks were called mag-sabil, and the suicide attacks were known as Parang-sabil. The Spanish called them juramentado. The idea of the juramentado was considered part of jihad in the Moros’ Islamic religion. During an attack, a Juramentado would throw himself at his targets and kill them with bladed weapons such as barongs and kris until he himself was killed. The Moros performed juramentado suicide attacks against the Spanish in the Spanish–Moro conflict of the 16th to the 19th centuries, against the Americans in the Moro Rebellion (1899–1913), and against the Japanese in World War II.[4] The Moro Juramentados aimed their attacks specifically against their enemies, and not against non-Muslims in general. They launched suicide attacks on the Japanese, Spanish, Americans and Filipinos, but did not attack the non-Muslim Chinese as the Chinese were not considered enemies of the Moro people.[5][6][7][8][9] The Japanese responded to these suicide attacks by massacring all the relatives of the attacker.[10]
        The origins of modern Istishhadi attacks lie among the Shia in Iran during the Iran–Iraq War of 1980–1988. Mohammed Hossein Fahmideh,a 13-year-old boy who fought in the war, is said to be the first Muslim to have participated in such an attack in contemporary history. He strapped rocket-propelled grenades to his chest and blew himself up under an Iraqi tank in November 1980. Ayatollah Khomeini declared Fahmideh a national hero and inspiration for further volunteers for martyrdom.[11][12] Other Iranian basij volunteers ran through minefields to detonate buried landmines and clear a safe battlefield path for following soldiers.

      2. Good points. The U.S. will gladly look the other direction when we are talking about nations like: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc…because we have much to gain from these countries. These are countries that support terrorism, have terrorist training grounds, support Sharia law, etc… Politicians of this country will gladly send any U.S. citizen to their death but will not destroy the cozy relationship that this country has with known terrorist countries. Many of our military service men saw that, first hand, when they served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They knew the score on the ground, they knew what was going on and it’s why many got out after they served.
        Any person (the woman, terrorist in this attack) flying in from a country known to support terrorism should be on a list or should be questioned. They are coming here, usually, to do harm (not get away).

  3. “Please do not implicate Islam or Muslims.”
    Well, if you read a bit of Islamic scripture its hard to do anything but implicate Islam. There’s more where this came from:
    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
    Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”
    Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”
    Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”
    Muslim (1:33) – the Messenger of Allah said: “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

    1. Anyone that doesn’t believe Muslim extremists pose a threat to modern society is delusional. Yeah, some of it is induced by shitty foreign policy practices, but lots of it is undeniably their religious fanaticism. And that transcends the usual libtard talking points like socioeconomic factors as nearly all terrorist cell leaders are educated and wealthy.

    1. do you have a link? i assume it’s been taken down now, but if not i’d like to check that out.

  4. From what i’ve seen as a relatively outside observer, I’m 100% certain that the hatred white liberals have for normal whites is FAR greater than any hatred between minorities and whites
    Like I said, nobody hates white people like white people – you’re not gonna get any kind of fair shake from leftist media because favoritism for minorities is the first symptom of pathological empathy
    It just has to be defeated, not reasoned with

    1. It just has to be defeated, not reasoned with
      This is correct, the problem is breaking the resistance to this among the Right. They still seem to think that if you just present enough factually correct arguments that the Left will gasp and say “Gosh, you’re right, whatever were we thinking?” Not going to happen, ever. You can’t reason the roaches out of your home, you deal with them directly at the source.

      1. Do you remember how Sledge Hammer dealt with a sniper on top of a building? The show is corny humor, but the point is the same. It is no different from when a doctor removes the healthy cell around a tumor either. For our young cubs who don’t remember Sledge Hammer! it is the same as when Alfred tells Batman how they dealt with the Bandits in Burma. You burn the forest down.

        1. I only vaguely recall the title, and don’t remember watching that show, in all honesty.

        2. That no good yogurt eating creep! Real life laugh!
          I really need that bumper sticker.

        3. It is an 80’s comedy about a cop who is very, very fond of firearms. When a sniper is on a building taking shots at civilians he uses a bazooka to bring down the building. He uses a similar technique on ATM Machines that don’t work, the Amish, breaking up protests, etc, etc.
          I thought it was funny but that was 30 years ago. It was probably pretty campy.

        4. Well, a LAW rocket anyway. Heh.
          Sounds like I’m going to have to find this show in archives, if there are any, I really enjoyed that clip.

        5. It is worth it. It is basically a Dirty Harry spoof show. His blow dryer was a .357 magnum.

        6. I think I may have single handedly caused a revival in this shows popularity.

        7. I seem to recall him being called in to help with talking someone down from a ledge who was going to jump. His solution was to shoot at him until he jumped into the window.

        8. oh and sorry about the misunderstanding about types of heavy weaponry.

        9. It’s ok, if you weren’t in the military you’d probably not know. I fired way more of those ding dang diggity things than I care to remember. Not that I don’t like rockets, but I’m more of a machine gun man, personally.

        10. I wonder if there is a place I can go to (legally) shoot some of these things. I am big city fag…I would love to play Rambo for a weekend.

        11. I honestly believe that this show is what inspired Denis Leary’s early (No Cure For Cancer era) style. You know, back when Denis Leary was funny and not a whiney faggot.

        12. Most things people think are illegal, aren’t, it’s just the perception due to the culture being so hammed up stupid.
          I don’t know the legal status of LAW rockets and ownership however. I do know there are several annual events where you can show up and fire just about any kind of full auto you want. Also, and I doubt NY has this, in many states (mine included) you can rent a full auto SMG on the range, or even have full auto SMG’s AND machine guns rented for special events and catered to your event. Great fun.

        13. I am going to have to look into this for next summer. My best (closest) bet is probably Pennsylvania.
          Last summer I tried to find a place that would let me drive a Monster truck, but no luck.

        14. PA is always a question for me, they seem to try to rather poorly combine east coast mentality and midwest mentality. Their gun laws are a mess, although far better than NY. If you have to get as far over as Ohio, let me know, I can take you to several shops in my local vicinity where you can full auto to your heart’s content.

        15. Come spring I might take you up on it. I am thinking about getting myself a triumph Bonneville and doing a road trip with it when the weather gets nice and even if I don’t….I can always rent a car.

        16. I only think of PA, btw, because that is where I go to get fireworks for my nieces and nephews for the 4th of july. NYS only allows shit like sparklers and I think it is every kids god given right to blow some fucking shit up and light the sky on the 4th

        17. Typically, the more rural you can go, the more you can get away with. Me and some of my old redneck friends had a field out in the middle of nowhere that we’d go shoot and play paintball at. We’d shoot with any gun we could get a hold of and shot propane and Freon tanks with tracer rounds. Actually got the propane tank to ignite. Was a lot of fun, but then we had to go stomp out the fire.

        18. Great clip. I almost spit my coffee out when he hit the signs at the first just because he fucking could.

        19. Yup. And I don’t care what modern guns that I shot in the military. My dick will always crave a good ole fashion civil war gatling gun that I shot at a gun show once. Just something about pumping a crank and seeing the barrel spin to give you the goose bumps.

        20. What I’ve noticed (especially from my mom’s liberal girlfriends) is simply
          “i just don’t like guns”
          No reasoning, no explanation, no understanding of the fact that the state (that they think can / will protect them) DOES SO WITH GUNS.
          Guns are triggering, i guess. No pun intended.

        21. Press any woman on an issue that goes against logic and it will boil down to just that: “I just don’t…” I’ve done the same to my wife on multiple occasions and when she gets to that point, I stop her right there and say, “then you must concede the argument, because you’ve openly admitted your opinion is not based in reality.” Oooo they REALLY hate that.

        22. Excellent. I refuse to debate women, however, because when they inevitably lose, as you said they reaaaally don’t like that. Actually, they REAALLY don’t like YOU for pointing that out.

        23. Yeah, but the only times a woman’s opinion on guns has mattered to me are when:
          1) she agrees with me
          2) When I was scouting for a wife. Saying “I just don’t like guns” was a first class ticket to the Next Express Train.

        24. “Would you stop trying to use logic and reason on everything!” I’ve had told to me by women.

        25. Yes, in 99% of cases it’s pointless trying to reason with a woman. Women have many qualities and some women can be intelligent. However even intelligent ones lack almost any rationality or logic. It’s astonishing that everyone knows it, including most self-aware women, but we are supposed to pretend it away or else be accused of a thought/hate-cime.
          We saw it this summer with Merkel and her absurd and emotion-driven reaction to that photo of a drowned child. Never mind that her reaction would cause more drowned children, never mind the long term damage to Europe, she couldn’t get away from her emotional response.
          I say it not to criticise women. That natural way with caring and nurturing means they are nearly always better than men at raising children. Women are however unsuited to politics but I fear western civilisation will collapse before the mistake is understood and their right to vote taken away.

        26. Merkel. Die blöde alte Dame ohne Kinder und Verstand.
          So now that Germany is drowning in male muzzies whats next? Ha. The taxpayers know.

      2. Yup. Over the last few years I’ve come to realize that you can’t reason with leftist maggots. They need to be destroyed, not reasoned with. They absolutely will never stop unless they are completely defeated.

      3. It’s because liberals have built a coalition of people who depend on the government to keep a grip on government, they’ve built a coalition of blacks and other racial minorities, of homosexuals, of militant feminists and of welfare recipients of all races. And the givernment is the only protection that stands between the liberals and the rough of the heterosexual white males that they’ve treated with contempt for the past 60 years and theyre afraid that if they ever lose their coalition, they will be finished. What could a liberal do to escape retribution for what they’ve done to our society. Where could he hide where the Lynch mobs wouldn’t find him

      4. They repeat the same things over and over, and even if you inform them hundreds of times, it’s like they’re goldfish, and they simply forget it after about 3 seconds!

    2. I’m not so sure. I think you are painting with a broad brush. I think only someone with an intense sensitivity would believe this.

      1. Your opinion changed my mind. Sometimes it comes off that liberals hate white people and maybe they do, but I think it is closer to something long stated by minorities that liberal whites have caught wind of, whites in America express no culture.
        This is what the liberals attack. As a minority most should realize, they’re considered the exotic fruit. What do you eat? Why do you have rituals or close ties with your family? Like an oddity newly noticed by a child, many white people noticed they are not passed down much aside from how their culture conquered another. Then meeting individuals some have learned to have empathy and true openness to other sides of the race.
        It is a war between whites who express culture and those who don’t. On the plus there is a hunger to find all kinds of ways by the right to show liberal whites that it is okay to be white. However, the minority degradation has skewed their ability to fight back aptly so those without any are simply showing their true stripes when calling for destruction of their brethren.
        Good luck in your culture is all I can say to my white brethren. You will need it as you are fighting a beast of your own making. The world eagerly awaits your responses.

    3. I would agree. The old addage was that “non-liberals think liberals are stupid and liberals think those not like them are evil.” One can live with the former, but not the latter.
      “..nobody hates white people like white People”
      I think it’s universal. Reading a few bits what happened in Asia in the recent years (Cambodia, Nanking, etc…) it could still get alot worse.

    4. The only (legal) way I see of defeating leftism is to have as many kids as we can and raise them to be libertarian (as per a previous article) and then hope we can start outvoting these morons, assuming we still have a country left.
      I still am trying to figure out a more immediate way of legally dealing with this, if there are still any left.

        1. Yeah, and a lot of times companies that seem okay on first blush are owned by, sister companies of, or in partnership with ones that aren’t.
          I was amazed for instance how interwoven General Electric and Time/Warner, etc. are throughout our business communities.
          Not to mention the slew of ads recently promoting social agenda over trying to convince me that their product was of superior quality, pricing, or reliability. I’m supposed to want to eat Campbell’s soup because two gay guys quip a Darth Vader line while serving a bowl to the little adopted boy? Or get insurance from a company that claims women as superior drivers to men in the most misandrist way imaginable? Buy a truck because tough women (who can do anything a man does only better) might drive it? Really?

        2. I was actually using lists of businesses provided by Democrats, and then avoid those as much as I could.

        3. A lot of rather large businesses, i.e., Target, Walmart, Comcast, etc. tend to play both sides, when they’re not in the left’s back pocket.

        4. It’d be great if RedPillAds could write an article on good businesses to support that aren’t sucking the SJW tit.

        5. It’s getting to the point where you have to avoid almost all these US companies, since they are all tongue punching SJW asshole.

        1. Foolishness for several reasons that I won’t even get into.
          Use the time wisely to prepare for the day of disaster (physically, mentally, spiritually, culturally).

      1. “The only (legal) way I see of defeating leftism is to have as many kids
        as we can and raise them to be libertarian (as per a previous article)
        and then hope we can start outvoting these morons, assuming we still
        have a country left.”
        A libertarian is just an early stage of Leftism. The world is going “Back to the Future” with theocratic monarchy.
        So take me away, I don’t mind
        But you better promise me, I’ll be back in time
        Gotta get back in time
        Gotta get back in time
        Get me back in time
        Gotta get back in time
        Gotta get back in time
        Get back, get back

      2. Libertarianism is horrible as well. Traditional Nationalist Christianity is the gold standard.

    5. The University of Vermont just had a 3 Day Retreat where you could confront your “White Guilt.”
      As this situation unfolded, I was stunned at the media waiting for sources to corroborate before releasing anything.
      Amazing … considering the second a cunt falsely accuses a guy of rape, the media is far too happy to publish the innocent guy’s name and mug relentlessly. And when the “rape” proves to be false … the same leftist media routinely screams, “We don’t care if it’s not true! It’s highlighting an epidemic.” Bare in mind this epidemic is one they’ve manufactured.

    6. It just has to be defeated, not reasoned with
      The NYPD can’t conduct surveillance of ANY sort on muslims anymore. It appears it is the muslims who do not intend reasoning, but defeating the west

    7. “Like I said, nobody hates white people like white people….”
      A good point. This is due to years (I believe) of programming (the media, news, movies, TV, etc..) and help from politicians. It’s a shame, really, but the best move today is to take care of yourself, your family, your community..first.
      Anyone trying to sell people on Islam being a peaceful religion (especially after all of the evidence) needs to jump off of a fucking thanks, no sale.

      1. For decades the media has been projecting White’s behavior as that of blacks and vice versa.

    8. White people don’t hate white people. Only those at the lower end (gays, trannies, omega males, ugly girls, sluts etc.) try to shame mainstream whites because they are jealous.
      But well that goes for other races as well. An ugly Black girl will try to shame NBA basketball stars fo preferring pretty girls. If some of the girls are mix-raced or “worse” non black at all, she will say that the guy is a “self-hating n**”.

  5. Of course this is the leftist media narrative now that the identities of the shooters are known.
    When the shootings first happened, many in the leftist media were throwing out the assumption that this was the work of “White Men”, “the KKK” or other faux-conservative bogeymen.
    The left still believes that the Colorado Springs shooting was the work of “Christian terrorists.”

  6. I noticed this attempt to label and judge the shooters as white as well, the outlets pushing that narrative should not be allowed to gloss-over what they were attempting. Write their advertisers, fill their email, and comments sections to call them out on it. As has been said recently by our “dear leader”, enough really is enough. This time it should cost them, and not just credibility among those of us who already knew they didn’t have any, but financially. They are proven existential threats to our country and should be treated as such in every facet of our lives.
    As for the political left, I especially love how despite California being one of the strictest gun-control places (sort of like Chicago), we’re still being fed this lie from the White House in order to trick us into allowing citizens disarmament. Maybe “determined” means something else to these morons, but when someone is bent on destroying something or someone making it a “bit more challenging” to get a weapon is no obstacle at all. At best, it only benefits the black market, which is how most criminals get guns and being criminals they don’t care much for laws anyway.
    Not only are there other much more horrific means one could employ in lieu of firearms, but these aren’t spur of the moment crimes of passion where they just grabbed the nearest implement and acted without thinking, and the guns are not beckoning to anyone (save the occasional lunatic) to take them up and use them violently, these are premeditated planned attacks by people who are no longer content with wishing our destruction, but have chosen to attempt to carry it out. But then Obama and the dopes know this already, they are quite familiar with being determined to destroy something.

  7. This article is almost juvenile with its defensiveness and sensitivity to merely the idea that this may not be a organised terror attack but that the fact that the perpetrators are Muslim could be incidental.
    “Its not fair!!!” It screams. When my group commits mass murder we don’t get this special treatment.
    Maybe, maybe not. Time to grow up.

    1. Bunch of Islamic (or perhaps better stated, Arabic looking) men show up at midnight several nights, as seen by neighbors, delivering packages to their garage. Garage searched after event, contain weapons, ammo and fabricated explosives. Some guns used by the two Muslims were not bought by them, but by others. IED’s and pipebombs, pre-fabricated, used during the attack, so it wasn’t random workplace violence but rather pre-meditated. Wife joins in on the “fun”, which is something seen 0.0% of the time in workplace violence attacks and really not even in mass murder attacks since at least Charles Manson. Parents abandon their own child to the wind without a care in the world and commit suicide by cop. Male is noted as highly “devout” Muslim who recently memorized the Koran and intelligence sources are now saying is showing signs from his previous activities of being radicalized.
      Why do you have such a vested interest in continually upholding the multi-cult line, Bob? It’s clear this wasn’t some random event of a one off workplace violence ordeal. Any man with common sense can easily connect the dots now, and investigations are already starting to show that the dot connecting is correct.
      Can I go out on a limb here and speculate that you think the Paris attack was just some random nutbags out on a lark with no particular agenda?

      1. Were the Special Forces of LA doing some sort of drill?If they did, then you know the answer and the reasons behind this attack!
        Hey they might even find the passports and a picture of Assad in their wallets.
        Time to bomb somebody, right?

      2. I said nothing about multiculturalism Ghost.
        On Paris. We don’t even know what really happened on 9/11 Ghost. Think about that.

        1. You gave me no answer about Paris.
          Paris is a well known and documented thing. They know who did it and why. Are you denying then even that this was an example of why people would justifiably have some concerns?

        2. I didn’t think you were serious with your question about Paris.
          But again on Paris. The security forces of the United States orchestrated an attack on Pearl Harbour and killed an American President. Do you think they are above stage managing an attack on French civilians that directly benefits them?

        3. Ah, right, Americans did (or orchestrated) Paris. I see. You won’t believe your own lying eyes, but you’ll buy into conspiracy theories in order to protect the multicult. Got it.
          Tell me again about reason and logic, Bob.

        4. Not what I said. Put down the crack pipe before you wind up like Charlie Sheen. I’m just pointing out that it’s curious how these attacks feed right into the hands of our rulers -just like Pearl Harbour. Also curious how many of these terrorists are known to the security forces.

    2. Don’t think that’s the point of the article. Not even close actually.
      The fact is that an agenda-pushing media was beginning to paint this one way predicated more on their own wishful thinking narrative (that all straight, white, Christian males are supremacists and terrorists-in-waiting) than the facts coming out which are showing this to be nothing more than fabrication.
      It isn’t even complaining about the fair treatment between radical groups. The fact that it was so intentionally joyous when they thought they’d get the chance to prove their bullshit, finally, after decades of telling people see it’s coming this is it, is the problem. And now that the narrative is collapsing, they are calling for understanding (which is never called for in any circumstance involving their usual go-to boogeyman). May just be an American thing, but we’re getting a bit fed up with it.

      1. I can give you a similar example that happened in sweden: when two swedish people were butchered with a kitchen knife by an eritrean asylum seeker in an ikea store, our prime minister remained completely silent, and our media didn’t bother to mention the ethnicity of the perpetrator. When the young swedish guy who went to a school and killed one somali and one kurd, the media went nuts about it painting him out as a nazi terrorist, our prime minister travelled across the whole nation to hold a speech in the town it happened in, even though as he was in the same town as where the ikea murders occured he didn’t bother to even mention it on his lunch break.
        Its all about wich narrative to play on and the agenda is as clear as day.

      2. Its very common for people to see the media as pushing the opposite agenda to the one you want to see. Speak to Muslims and they will tell you (with some justification in my view) that the media pushes the view that they are all terrorists in waiting, or at least collectively responsible for all attacks where a Muslim is involved.
        People like to feel they are under attack. It is a primitive emotion that makes people feel important.
        Of course, the people in the media know this and the government knows this. And you have fallen for the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

        1. That’s sad Bob, I generally try to give you the benefit of the doubt where rationality is concerned, but at this juncture it seems you are reaching for excuses.
          Yes, people do have persecution complexes develop and yes that can be exploited, but that is clearly not all that is going on here, and trust me when I say if it overwhelms even my skepticism then there’s something more worth considering.

        2. They found the passports of the suicide bombers. No blood and guts yet they found documents. Get me one of those lava, explosive and jet fuel melting proof documents.
          The huge Muslim population is Frances problem, really. The muslims are a mix of ghettoism, bad education, little opportunity and the SECRET SERVICES allowing hate preachers to dictate bullshit when other get locked up for similar “offences” with no evidence.
          The parents of these muslims cunty idiots, lived in peace (relatively in small numbers) and were westernised. Their kids, who seem themselves as Muslim,are nothing more than creations of a state with a weakening economy that feels the need to wash the shame of WW2 by bombing a somewhat secular country (Syria). These cunts were that breath of fresh air.

        3. My friend, just this morning on the radio they had Muslims on defending themselves against charges that they are innately evil. For years, it has been in “the media” that “perhaps” there is a issue with Islam leading to attacks.
          And you, and others parrot the same line while claiming the media defends Muslims! How complete is the indoctrination and the mental manipulation?
          And so you, like the media are suggesting there is an issue with Muslims that essentially means we must wipe them out. Forgotten is the fact that we have been bombing the Middle-East and directly interfering in their countries for decades! You probably think that most Muslims are Arabic. But do you never question why virtually all of the attackers come from the Middle-East and not Indonesia or China?
          Open your eyes brother!

        4. So you’re saying yes then?
          It’s not propaganda if it’s true, Bob. And what propaganda purposes, the stupid white people in Paris get together and light candles and snivel on about being all multikulti, so if there was any propaganda saying “Um, this is bad, mmmmkay” it certainly wasn’t broadcast in many places.

    3. I notice that englishbob quickly resorts to insults and attacks whenever someone says anything negative about muslimes or these imported men.
      The article is completely accurate, but you don’t give a $hit because you’re just anti-white. Now I understand why you threw such a $hitfit over my comments regarding the raping of 1000’s of little white girls at Rotherham, Oxford and across England, at the hands of the muslimes imported.

        1. How do you relate to African immigrants in UK? Im not pulling your leg, just really curious.

        2. There is a “black thing” that creates a warmth across cultural boundaries. We recognise our shared heritage. That said, the cultural differences can present some barriers. West African women are completely nuts for example.

        3. I see, and I never felt a “white thing” across the cultures. Whites are as divided as never before.

        4. It comes down to money. Between Russia and the West you have a battle over resources. Within the West you have the battle between ideologies. Collectivism and Individualism.

        1. He may mean in the States. And they do, here. If white people even hinted at rioting like in Ferguson or Boston we’d be gassed and shot and repelled without hesitation. Blacks in those cities instead got the “Stand back and give them some room” treatment, explicitly stated as such by the mayor of Boston even.
          They also get a pass when it comes to shooting each other, which is tragic because it’s so self defeating. White guy shoots a black guy it’s national news, black guy shoots a white guy it’s “justifiable anger” and black guy shoots a black guy and it’s buried and not even reported.

        2. Not sure about that. To my reading, Ferguson is a classic example of overbearing police action.
          If they are giving them room, that is not a good thing. That means they don’t give a shit about the neighbourhood and they are content to let rioters destroy people’s property.
          As for blacks shooting blacks. That’s been a major issue for as long as I can remember. If they don’t report it now, its probably because people are bored of hearing it.

        3. No, Ferguson is not. The kid robbed a store and was walking down the middle of the street. An APB was put out on him already, and when the officer told him to get out of the street, the kid got violent and tried to disarm the cop. You don’t get to rob a place and walk down the middle of the street like King of Harlem and then beat up on a cop who tells you to get on the sidewalk.
          If they are giving them room, that is not a good thing.
          They are, and it was specifically stated as such by local government officials at the time. The only places that didn’t get burned down or looted had armed people standing out front of them.
          Nobody is “bored of” hearing about black on black crime because WE DON’T HEAR ABOUT IT IN THE MEDIA. That is precisely my point. It’s covered up…but God forbid a white guy defend himself against a black man, then we need us a good old fashioned riot!

        4. It blows my mind how the fact that the kid strong-arm robbed a convenience store, attacked a policeman and tried to take his gun, then tried to charge him, yet people want to claim that he didn’t deserve to get shot. He absolutely deserved to get shot and my opinion on this stands regardless of race. Everything HE did before that point led to him getting shot.

        5. And his deserving to get shot had *zero* to do with a policeman. If I were in the same situation, and those circumstances occurred and he was beating on me and bullrushing me I’d be well within my rights to take him down under current law.

        6. Nobody is “bored of” hearing about black on black crime because WE DON’T HEAR ABOUT IT IN THE MEDIA

          Same here. I’m amazed that someone could even say otherwise. Hell we also rarely ever hear of the black on white crime here. Yet every fucking time there is a white on black crime (which is far more common) they turn it into a race issue and make sure to beat it to death in the media.

  8. This happends anywhere all the time :
    ¨Luka Rocco Magnotta (Born Eric Clinton Newman le 24th of July 1982 in Scarborough, Ontario)

  9. By the way, these aren’t ‘radical’ Muslims, they’re DEVOUT Muslims. Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization. I call for a long over due moratorium on ALL immigration from Muslim countries.

    1. Absolutely. When MultiCultists start sneering at me about violent Christians, I note the following:
      When a Christian is violent, he is acting in direct opposition to the teachings of Christianity
      When a Muslim is violent he is working in direct agreement to the teachings of Islam.

      1. “When a Christian is violent, he is acting in direct opposition to the teachings of Christianity”
        “When a Muslim is violent he is working in direct agreement to the teachings of Islam.”
        Yes, as long as that violence is directed at infidels/heretics with the intention of bringing them under the rule of Islam or the correct version of it.

        1. This is what feminists and Islam have in common.
          Both attack white men because (rationalize) both are trying to bring these “infidels” under control or get rid of them.
          It’s why so many of us see what these two have in common (until the two meet in a dark alley one night).

    2. Can you imagine that only 50 years ago or so there were almost zero Muslims in the West. But the Libs really wanted their diversity.

    3. Steve Crowder did a good video on why “moderate Islam” doesn’t really exist.
      Also, Roosh would be great on Crowder’s show; we should push to make that happen.

  10. The best part was all the Christians on my FB feed calling for tolerance and an end to Islamophobia. Top kek.

    1. Unabashed recommends new Christian friends….not bad. Better yet, scrap facebook.

    2. Many Christians, unfortunately, are the worst collaborators in the demise of the West. Unlike, Russian Orthodox ones for example, who are not shy to use brutal force when necessary.

      1. “Many Christians, unfortunately, are the worst collaborators in the
        demise of the West. Unlike, Russian Orthodox ones for example, who are not shy to use brutal force when necessary.”
        You gotta be
        Cruel to be kind in the right measure
        Cruel to be kind it’s a very good sign
        Cruel to be kind means that I love you
        Baby, you gotta be cruel to be kind
        Otherwise, you can’t even parent your own children:

    3. The neighbour of these islam moonbats thought there was suspicious activity but didn’t call the authorities because they didn’t want to be labelled a racist or accused of racial profiling.

    4. Many of those calling for tolerance will be the first ones killed (for being stupid or being too weak).
      If a bear or lion is close by, you don’t go over and try to pet it. You know from experience, knowledge, facts or stats that it’s dangerous and you could be killed.

  11. And just look back through the archives of “breaking news” while the shooting was happening and the immediate aftermath. Almost every news outlet went to strains to report that they were “white men” with “automatic rifles” dressed in “body armor”. You could actually see reporters creaming their pants at using all these phrases together. Turned out automatic rifles were just plain old rifles. Body armor was camo purchased from the local army navy store and white men were Muslims on Jihad. Funny how now the media is only still calling the rifles used “automatic weapons” since the Klinton is talking about gun control.

    1. I was particularly fond of their constant use of “long rifle”. It didn’t make sense at first, until I realized that this connotation is meant to convey “redneck”, who will often use the words “long rifle”.

      1. “long gun” or “long rifle” is the proper industry term to describe an “assault weapon”. I was surprised when the sheriff was using the actual technical term. But, yeah, could have just easily been because they were hell bent on that it was a bunch of racist rednecks shooting up well meaning government workers that were innocent, blah blah blah.

        1. Right, I get if somebody in the know uses it. When reporters use it en masse, who routinely get things absolutely wrong, then I think “agenda”.

        2. I have always thought is was just conspiracy up until these shootings started getting almost identical coverage after 2012, but a friend of mine swears he once saw his news director boss opening up a safe that had a stack of sealed envelopes. In those envelopes were “the narrative” for any given particular scenario. Verbage, spin, pundits to get on, everything. Your all out PR game plan. Just open it up and push it out to the news staff. Once 4-5 major news outlets start using the same coverage strategy others will mimic just as a matter of fact.
          If our news coverage has it that amount of bias and coordinated conspiracy we are done.

  12. From my personal experience, white Liberals are eager to get offended on behalf of other groups they dont belong to.
    For example, in Canada, natives is the most crime prone demographics which is confirmed by the official statistics like their percentage of the overall state prison population. Yet, when you mention such a fact, some Liberal nearby will turn green and immediately attack you for being racist.
    Part of their brain responsible for reasoning and logic is just absent. I dont argue with them anymore, because I always feel like introducing my boot to their face.

  13. Watching CNN. Reporter says the SB massacre was “inspired” by ISIS but there is no direct “radicalization” by ISIS.
    Our Government wants to bring more migrants in the country. How smart is that?
    I’m so glad RoK is here to expose the truth.

    1. Meanwhile, a known apolitical, non-religious nut bag white guy shoots up random people in Planned Parenthood, none of whom are employees, and the immediate connection was made in the media, repeatedly, that he was a right wing Christian evangelical out to murder.
      You gotta laugh, if it just weren’t so freaking dangerous.

      1. The second I heard about the PP shooting I said white mentally ill guy. Smokes comes out of my ears when I hear “terrorism” to describe someone who is mentally ill. It is an excuse to remove civil liberties under the disguise of keeping us safe.
        For you GoJ……

        1. bullshit. A mentally ill individual can terrorize people and a community, however, to lump common garden variety crazies in with true muslim terrorists allows the Gooberment to remove civil liberties by creating neat smoke and mirrors to disguise their agenda to control every aspect of our lives.
          How about not importing migrants and using money to help the mentally ill?

        2. We had a near ban on immigration from the 1920’s through 1964 actually. Worked a treat. To get in you had to have a huge amount of value. That needs reinstated at least for a couple of decades so that we can sort through this mess.

        3. As mentally as deranged as he may have been, you still need to look at his motives. WHY did he choose to shoot up a PP building? Why not a grocery store or some other location?
          Agree with you though on no longer importing migrants and use the money to help our people here.

        4. He may not have chose is specifically at all for a reason other than “hey, that building is close”. He started shooting *before* he fled to the building, as I recall being reported. I strongly suspect that if it was a gas station instead, he’d have still fled to there for cover. The only source of “he chose PP” is an *ANONYMOUS* witness saying he mumbled about baby parts, which seems odd given as he’s been reported as apolitical and non-religious by everybody who knew him, including family.

        5. We will never have an answer as to why it was PP. He doesn’t even know. People with MI will become focused and obsessed with one thing and then spin out of control. The factors for the PP shooter is not receiving care and/or not taking psych medications.
          Understand I am not giving this guy a walk.

        6. Absolutely. Borders should have been closed after 9/11. I was working in the US during 9/11 and I had to pay hundreds of dollar$ for special piece of paper for Homeland security because white, Christian nurses flew those planes 😉

        7. Understood and agree. What I’m getting at is MI or not, people should still be labeled as what they are; terrorists, killers, whatever. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing someone go in and kill a bunch of people, then try to get an insanity plea.

        8. Or an insanity plea and then getting out on day pass after six months because they are stabilized from being forced to take their meds and follow treatment orders.
          There were two significant cases here in Canada where that happened.

        9. If you think about it, the British considered our Founding Fathers to be “terrorists” while we see (or saw) them as patriots (for liberating us).
          It’s all about the narrative. If Americans are holding fast (holding to the Constitution) then no one can paint them as a terrorist. Anyone trying to remove these rights should be arrest, on trial, jailed (or hung) for treason.

      2. Right away, the question was: How close is the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic and is the shooter white? Why?
        Because the whole terrorist, Islam thing with brown people would ruin the narrative. Damn.

    2. They like to say that 99.9% of these “refugees” are just innocent people trying to find a better life. Yeah? Well 99.9% of the people flying on 9/11 were just innocent people too, but that 0.1% killed 3000 people. That 0.1% killed over 100 people in France.
      There’s an old saying, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”

  14. Im not even a US citizen. But what amazes and disturbes me is the fact that the clown that is sitting at the white house cannot call things by it´s name. RADICAL ISLAM, I concurr is uncompatible with Christian values, multiculturalism and globalization are metastasic cancers that one way or the other, sooner or later will be cut out by a powerful medicine called nationalism. The problem is that nationalism comes in high doses (like Adolf, Franco and Putin.)
    The US has become a mock among foreign nations. You don´t even know the kind of conversations we have about your country. I remember my dad used to have a great respect for the united states… Now you are just simply known as the country with an enormous military budget, who spends the money you dont have, a craddle of godless homosexuals and transvestites, who instead of projecting power, projects political correctness and rainbows on the white house.
    DO SOMETHING!! OR you will end up like Rome among the Visigoths and the Huns.

    1. *ahem*…And Western Europe is doing what again?

      1. Western Europe is a reflection of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
        I am from Mexico my friend. No space for political correctness here, we have a heavy drug trafficking problem.

        1. Each European nation makes its own choices, they are not forced to allow McDonalds and bad Hollywood movies into their realms. I absolve them of no responsibility, and to be clear, socialism was born and incubated in Europe and has only spread here in the last century.
          I agree, no space for political correctness, and I don’t disagree with your observations about how outsiders see us. Our saving grace is that the majority here do NOT endorse these “values” and most of us are armed, so we have options that Europeans do not.

        2. There are many problems in Mexico, political correctness not being one of them thank God.
          On a side note, I was surprised to see so many gays in DF district of Santa Rosa.

        3. DF, is a liberal city, there is a lot of gay people around the zona rosa. But they not dare come out to the outer provinces, because they always get their faces punched in or end up in car trunks.

        4. Actually, our wonderful leftist politicians are trying to model the US after European political systems. They are trying to make us a socialist country which originated in Europe, not here.

        5. All western nations are basically following the same destructive formula, and people are afraid of the globalists as its some kind of future scenario.

        6. “Zona Rosa” sorry, also I had no idea there were so many Jews in DF. I saw their huge mansions and businesses. How they ended up there?

        7. Turkey is way too big and homogeneous to be scared about the parades. They only happened in Istanbul. I suspect that they only allowed it is to make themselves look like one of a kind Muslim majority state which allows gay to parade to give the impression of a possible EU candidate.
          They only used water cannons on the parade because the left wing (which is huge in Istanbul) chose to parade on Ramadan.

        8. A lot of Jews, along with lebanese people came to Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. They saw business oportunity, they came, they saw, they conquered. LOL.
          But it´s kinda true actually.

        9. Turks are a stubborn people, even though they have a nation and an ethnostate that nobody can question they have had no problem to bring all their conflicts and problems in to europe and they play out those dramas shamelessly.
          I have met very nice turkish individuals but their behaviour here is starting to rub a lot of people in the wrong way.

        10. They sure did solve their Armenian Christian problem (times about 2 million), enabling them to become, as you say, an ethnostate.
          Because it was Christians getting murdered, it didn’t count. Only holocausts of certain tribes matter, all others do not.
          Especially if Peace Prize wants to be friends with the Turks, he cannot acknowledge their genocide against the Armenians.
          With friends like Turkey, who needs enemies.
          Disclaimer: when i was in college, there was this one Turkish grad student chick who was quite attractive, but also racist as hell.

        11. They took byzantium and genocided the armenians now lets give them free movement in europe and bring them in to the eu.
          I am to angry to be talking about these entitled non europeans that are destroying my country and making all these transgressions towards my people.
          This is my hometown, why the hell should i care about these idiots:

        12. I agree. If the EU lets Turkey in, then they should consider letting in Nazi Germany (of the past) along with the former Soviet Union (runner up). But, on the other hand, letting in Turkey would probably speed up the process of the EU splitting up.

  15. The question I’ve been asking myself is what can be done to end tnis system? I want to see the day when the establishment and the media will pay for what they’ve inflicted upon us.

    1. The establishment and the medias own creations will ultiametely lead to their own destruction i believe, my concern is what is best for me and my people under any circumstances.
      I also wish for revenge and justice i admit but i dont think those sentiments are the most constructive.

    2. As MSM becomes more and more irrelevant and ludicrous, people with switch to getting their info from websites such as this. Eventually the MSM monster will starve and die, or at least be severely weakened. I no longer contribute money to the cable channels that support this garbage. I only have Netflix which, to my knowledge, gives no money to MSM because why would they?

      1. Netflix has to pay a fee to the content supplier every time you play a movie or show. Indirectly you’re supporting the MSM.

        1. True, but the amount is miniscule. I pay $8/month for Netflix. Netflix takes its cut, then they pay royalties for the movies/shows, who then pay royalties to the MSM base. In essence, I’d be surprised if they got more than $3/month from me. Compare that to $100 cable bill.

      2. I havent had a TV in over a decade, just internet. I get all my news from the alternative sources like you mentioned. This battle for the minds will be a long one. But I can see the flickering light already.

    3. Don’t think about revenge. Think about how you and your family can take advantage of what’s coming. There is a lot of opportunity in the future collapse.

        1. I have 40 acres (but no mule!) out in the country. If a collapse comes there will be *strict* ideological screening protocols as well as fitness and marksmanship requirements if you want to move onto my land.

        2. Indiddly do, it would. Self defense is everybody’s business individually, and as a community, imho. The idea of traditional militias appeals heavily to me.

        3. If a skill has value and can be used to defend the community in some manner, that always helps.

        4. Funny you mention that. Just the other day I was looking into joining a militia in SC.

        5. Nah, modern Russians are decent people, generally.

        6. I don’t know about the fitness and marksmanship but I know how to cook, clean, sew and take care of the sick.

        7. Try to think like the psychopaths running the show right now. If you were to be one of them, what would you do.. because you know, and this is important: Whoever was fucked before, will be fucked after..That will give you some answers…

  16. They need to call it what it was, a terrorist attack. Why are no media outlets doing so? They followed radical islamic groups on facebook for crying out loud. How can the motive possibly be unclear?

    1. Because it’s not white males. The motive is always clear then, even though it’s invented in 98% of the events: White Christian Terrorist Gun Nut. If you’re not white, you get a Fog of War blanket thrown across your motives by default.

      1. It blows my mind that the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of Canada can both, with straight faces no less, stand up in front of the people they are supposed to be leading and tell us that we have nothing to fear from mass Islamic migration. That they can tell us after these attacks that we should reduce our gun rights and rights to self defense. Our leaders are completely out of touch with the reality of what the world is really like.

    2. Seems the wife was the catalyst. I pegged that one from the beginning because she was was a fresh import from Pakistan. Of course we initially heard that she must have been a victim because “she only weighed about 98lbs. and couldn’t have carried a heavy gun”.

      1. Automatic rifles, not very heavy at all. Of course a five second Google search could’ve told that reporter everything he needed to know, but journalists are incredibly lazy and ‘on message’ rather than actually reporting fact.

    3. Because it goes against the leftist narrative that ISIS is contained and that we have nothing to worry about.
      The Fort Hood shootings were officially classified as “workplace violence” for the same reasons, and it looks as if 0bama is pulling in the same direction here.

      1. How can that be? After two major organized attacks in the past month, how is it possible to not connect the dots. I get that the media has a left leaning but at some point the facts become so self evident that the left interpretation has to seem far fetched to even the most devout Marxist.

        1. … but at some point the facts become so self evident that the left interpretation has to seem far fetched to even the most devout Marxist.

          I agree with you 100%.
          Unfortunately, you have described the “mainstream” of the unamerican left.

    1. I still have my doubts whether he will be able to “trump” Hillary come election time.

    2. Donald Trump is a genius at cutting deals and weaseling his way out of bankruptcy. He’d be great at consultancy stuff. But he can’t run operations worth a damn, and presidency involves, well, running an incredibly complex operation.
      Still, he’s made a mockery of the elections and that’s always good.

      1. Being POTUS means appointing a lot of people to run things and making decisions only after they’ve managed their own areas. The President “runs” very few things in reality, he simply delegates like a mofo, makes a few calls here or there, and signs/doesn’t sign legislation. The office is not a dictatorship, contrary to popular belief (and even Obama’s belief).

    3. I was going to vote for him if he was the nominee…or Cruz..but no one else. However as a registered Independent I could not vote for him in the Republican primary. His comments to the Republican Jewish Coalition this week convinced me to change party affiliation so I can vote for him in the primary. He essentially told them to go f**k themselves because they couldnt buy him therefore they wouldnt support him.

  17. Sometimes I think: maybe we should just let Islam take over. As masculine men, all we’d have to do is grow a beard and pray 5 times a day. No more feminism, no more gay rights, no more leftism. Women will firmly know their place, and perhaps we’d be able to solve the Jewish problem once and for all.
    Of course, the thing is if Islam takes over, everything good that Christian civilization ever did will be destroyed. It’s a thorny problem, and it seems there’s no easy solution in sight.

    1. I have this thing about wanting space travel and scientific progress, and I’m also particularly fond of not having to kowtow to religious police lest they “suspect” something about me and behead me in the public square. Last, I have this thing for being a follower of Christ that informs me “Nah, not gonna go there”.

      1. I agree. I am a Christian and I will always be Christian, but I can’t help but have the thought pass through my head every now and then. I could go on about where I think scientific progress is headed, but that’s a discussion for another time. I just don’t know what to do. Three of my closest friends are muslims, and though they say they’re not religious (one of them eats bacon on a regular basis), I can’t help but fear that it’s just a matter of time before things happen where we will have to turn on one another.

        1. When the bloodshed begins, we all go tribal. And always will. The choices will be made for you. Eg. Plenty of Yugoslavians lived for generations together… and then something happened.

        2. You’re probably right, and I truly hope that we can avoid that. However, keep in mind that Roosh himself is Persian. I always find it strange that we have so many white and Christian centric articles and discussions on websites created by a man from an Islamic background.

      2. Tech seems to be going in the direction of ‘capturing’ the mind of man electronically, ‘crunching’ and profiling it all and then I would assume controlling it completely. Talk of external discovery falls on deaf ears in most institutions that have a grip on any sizeable group of people. Churches, schools focus on policing and probing inward on the group or the self and not outward.

    2. Can’t we just bring back patriarchy ourselves? We’re a sorry goddamn bunch if we can’t do that much. Do we need Islam to do it for us? That’s like saying we need government assistance to eat. Broken sorry useless eaters need help to wipe their ass like that. The ‘Muslim’ patriarchs, how strong ‘patriarchs’ are they really? They were born into a system where patriarchal order was spoon fed to them. They had a silver spoon of it you might say. But how strong is their might and spirit? I admit we in the west are shit stupid with judeo dick whack princess tribe marching orders, but the Islamists seem pretty watered down and unoriginal. Dumb brown zombies that make easier wind up toys than that confederate poet from Militiagan that patsied for OKC. The strongest and most longstanding order of patriarchy is one that WE BUILD. From our inner resources and spirit WE build that and it is OURS. But think twice to signing anything offered by snake eyed evangelists who stand with a barren land behind them with mudprints everywhere.

  18. Loretta Lynch our current US attorney General is suggesting that she will make any criticism of Islam a prosecutable offense in response to SB terror attack. This is an attack on our 1st amendment rights.
    The enemies of the people are shrinking the box they already have patriotic American citizens sitting in. They must keep total control of the narrative and not allow for alternative views or reporting that is not state sponsored.
    Blogs such as this and others will soon become a liability to publish, write for and eventually read.
    The lines are being drawn, enemies of the State are being designated. Prepare yourselves accordingly, adopt masculinity and laugh in the face of those who would label you racist, islamaphobe or anything that flies in the face of American exceptionalism.

      1. currently being talked about on Rush limbaugh, also Breitbart had an article yesterday. cant provide a link at the moment but will come back soon and look for one.
        EDIT: link as requested, but a simple google search for her name is bringing this topic up as first hits. She is hedging her language with: “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.”
        Who determines what edges it towards violence? How is that standard applied?
        SCENARIO: Several muslim terrorists attack a soft target, before the attack they mention on social media that the website ROK triggered them, media shifts blame from the action of the terrorists to the rhetoric of ROK, ROK is then prosecuted because “Islam is a religion of peace” and these terrorists were provoked.
        First google hit:

        1. This concept would then make drill sargeants in the military corp criminals for being verbally abusive to the cadets. The cadets could snap and become violent.

        2. The other side of it:
          What is Lynch (and her department) doing about all of the hate speech leading to violence going on towards men (especially white Christian men)?
          Here is a woman (public official) who is working for you (us) – tax paying Americans who has just threaten us (prosecute us) when certain speech is used (a violation of the 1st Amendment). And, why is it only after something like this happens…why don’t white Christian men get the same treatment from the DOJ?

      1. The tyrants will get what’s coming down the pike. In all my scenarios I can visualize, the worst frets I have are of tyrants, both the petty local tyrants AND the big king pin ones, and the numerous traitors slithering and fleeing. My worst fear is that they get away, go offshore with our absconded treasure, or that they put on nose and glasses and continue residing in our communities. I’m sure millions of persecuted and terrorized victims have massive shit lists of people who they’d gladly hoist the ropes of justice to if ‘shit’ hits the fan. Millions of divorce raped men represent at least just as many bitch system hacks and anti family legal system activists. Millions of foreclosed family farms represent as many banksters and schuysters. Shit lists galore. It isn’t hard to be pro culture. Just choose a career that doesn’t leave you with blood on your hands as a culture destroyer when the culture revives itself and begins throwing off the pesky cancers that infest it.

    1. My 2nd Amendment right says that I get to keep my 1st Amendment right.

    2. Lynch is revealing more about the administration than anything else. More “huff & puff.” How many mosques were torched and muslims hanged after 9/11 in the US? None.

    3. Good point. This woman (and the JTTF) is similar to the old KGB of the former Soviet Union). The difference is we are not Soviets and they’ll have their hands full trying to label tax paying, working class Americans as terrorists.
      Too many of us love this country, the Constitution, our rights and freedoms. If she is drawing the line in the sand with Americans, then she may have her hands full.

  19. Does anyone else get the feeling the all seeing, all knowing US surveillance state is a fraud? Is it, perhaps, nothing more than a way for govt contractors to pad their bottom lines at the expense of the taxpayer?
    Remember MacAfee talking about the fraud concerning the creation of the ACA website? Hundreds of millions(billions?) down the drain for that joke of a website- he said it could’ve built it for a million or two.
    What if the same thing is happening in the surveillance sector? Doesnt matter if youre software works…money keeps flowing if you have the proper contacts.

    1. nothing more than a way for govt contractors to pad their bottom lines at the expense of the taxpayer?
      I don’t hate the government because I think it’s some machiavellian epicenter of evil out to target me specifically. I hate it because it is a malovent uncontrolled force made up millions of useless eaters, all going around destroying things in their wake for the sake of personal power. This sometimes results in coordinated agendas, no question and I think we can point to quite a few of them and these agendas coordinate organically if a dominant philosophy is in place in the culture (socialism, feminism, etc), but on the whole the government, all governments, are inherently incompetent and inept. They only win wars because whomever they’re fighting has an even more bumbling government.

      1. That is mostly the reason why I joined the gov.
        EDIT: I did not join the go v, that was a typo, which my intent meant DID NOT.

  20. Cancel your cable, all lefty newspapers. The spinelessness and stupidity of the mainstream media is breathtaking!

    1. You can also bleed certain companies that are a drain on society. One thing I’ve heard of doing is taking the credit card applications they send to you in the mail and mailing it back to them without filling it out. That way they pay for double postage! Bwahahahaha….hah…..heh…..It’s Friday and my goofy side has come out.

  21. A good article. It’s the same old thing – the best defence is a good offence. The left love to go on the offence. They claim, without substance, that the media try to paint non-whites as part of something wider and excuse white society for the actions of white killers. The exact opposite is true. Yet, to avoid people pointing it out, they lash out in advance.
    Just like Obama with gun crime, he immediately politicises every mass shooting to try to push his agenda, yet then attacks any others who make political points. Make the first attack and it puts the opponent on the back foot.
    So while the media immediately jumped on the chance to smear white people, the south and their flag after Roof’s murder spree they will do no such thing in this latest case and with the symbols of Islam.
    The post 1960s left is a cancer rotting away at western civilisation from inside.

    1. well jimmy I lived and worked with the white folks down south.their history is written in black folks blood stop trying to revise history. they are not cool with black folks.

      1. It sounds like you’re living in the past actually. Times change and things move on.
        But I do like the way you rather proved my point – instead of addressing any of the subject matter you tried to put me on the back foot, where I had to start by defending decent men and women from your cheap smear. Rather like an opening question of “so when did you stop beating your wife”.
        The fact remains that the media and political elite exploited the fact that one killer used the confederate flag to demonise many decent people who fly the flag. By contrast those same people insist that one must not associate any of the symbols of Islam with Moslem killers who act in a way they claim is inspired by their understanding of Islam. If you can’t see the problem there then that doesn’t reflect well on you.

    2. Obama will have the same luck removing guns as George Bush did with touching social security…it ain’t happening. Most Americans will see any gun grab as a violation of Constitutional rights and treason.
      If I know anything, I know there are a few issues that will start a civil war in this country.

  22. Black guy kills–>Don’t be so racist. Arab guy kills–>don’t be islamophobic. White guy kills–>GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL!

    1. they’re calling for gun control even with this attack. they actually think gun control will stop muslim terrorism. why don’t they just outlaw terrorism then? I am outraged that NO ONE in the House or Senate is talking about common-sense laws to ban terrorism.

  23. Muslim newlyweds slaughter co-workers who gave them baby shower.
    Clearly the problem is insensitive americans must try harder to integrate these marginalized minorities into society. How can the narrative be wrong? Answer the question, obamabots.

    1. We…*sob*…we’re just far too intolerant….*sob*….those poor suffering shooters, my God….*sob*…why did we drive them to this…*sob*

      1. You and me both. I studied history in college, specifically soviet russia, communist china, and Latin America throught the 20th c. I can say that the US is headed in a very dangerous direction. In less than 5 to 10 years I would not be suprise to hear od “disappearences” being a common day to day occurance. The really sad part of this is when I tell people I know that we are on a dangerous path, most simply say, eh, that can’t happen her because of x,y,z. But, the truth is that mentality is ripe for slaughter.

        1. If you observe the polls regarding the confidence of government and the sales of fireams in the US (this Black Friday hit all time high of 185,345 sold in 24 hours according to the FBI background checks), it would indicate the American people are preparing for war.

    1. Wherever they are, Muslims always end up being the source of disruption to the social fabric, a cancer left to run free. How can a group, less than 1% of the population have the run of public discourse and policy?
      Now CAIR, comes out with a statement saying they fear “backlash” against them, and the docile population just nods and lays flowers!
      Bowing to Islam, even in minor issues, history has taught us, equates to submitting your head for decapitation.

      1. Went out for lunch, open carried my Colt Series 80 .45 ACP. Got a lot more “Thank you” conversations from people today in the restaurant than I normally do.
        First time in history the FBI “finished collecting all evidence” in less than 48 hours. This entire event stinks to high heaven, probably leading directly to the DOJ, and then POTUS.
        How do they have a run of the public discourse? Because the administration loves Islam. Even if the conspiracy theories are wrong about Obama being a Muslim, he clearly grew up surrounded by them and openly and fiercely admires them in his writings and speeches. They are the Protected Children here, and they know it.

        1. Makes one almost want to cry. He even said muslims have “always” being a part of American society.
          Now we’re chums with Saudi Arabia, despise Russia, suck up to Turkey, pick up fights with Israel, grovel before Iran.
          What next, tell us to try out islamic law for size cos this shit doesn’t go down in Muslim nations?
          They’re the protected kids, they know it, and are running riot in a 300 yr old carefully tended garden.

  24. fuck Dylan roof, how dare you try some liberal picking on him bullshit.that motherfucker killed old women praying in church .that piece of shit is what his actions and own words told us he is, a racist redneck white guy. Elliot Rodgers was another fucking fool crying about black men are reaching with some big time bullshit here.

        1. Actions have consequences. Giving a pseudo pass, because the terrorist is muslim is disgraceful.

        2. look their are some fucked up people out here and the media is part of the problem .this shit these guys did was fucked up and blaming the media for reporting how fucking stupid they were is weak

        3. the planned parenthood guy was a terrorist too,he did the same thing .what is the difference?

        4. No, actually he wasn’t. Terrorism is very specific in definition. It is violence taken to scare the population in order to achieve specific political goals. The man was apolitical and non-religious and nobody can confirm that he said anything at all that some *anonymous* source said he mumbled. That’s not terrorism, it’s rather a mad man.

        5. Yeah, you can tell he’s crazy just by the look in his eyes. San Bernardino was a couple whose religion justifies extreme violence.

    1. Dylan Roof is irrelevant to what happened in San Bernardino. It’s called a Red Herring. Liberals basically want to make everything about white men, even when the only role white men played in S.B. were either the victims or heroes.

      1. I agree with your first sentence ,but cats crying about liberals is corny. you know some not all white males paint others with all kinds of fucked up labels daily, so do not get mad when others do the same.

        1. No, the goal of the Left is to change the subject from the problem of Islamic terrorism to “white men are evil too!” What it really boils down to is that every time terrorists strike it makes the Left’s “tolerance and multiculturalism” propaganda look more and more ridiculous and unrealistic. Sensing a shift in public opinion to the Right, they’re doing everything possible to try to make Islamic terrorists look like less of a threat, and suggest the real problem are white men. It’s propaganda, pure and simple.

    2. Looks like you missed the entire point of the article. Attend more to your reading comprehension next time.

        1. The point with him was that he was horrific, yes, and was called out immediately without any call to “not denigrate all Southerners” and the minute they found a picture of him with a Confederate flag then ban ban ban across the nation. No waiting, no understanding, no appeals to try and see the view point of those who owned ConFlags, nothing. Sheer vile hatred in short order.
          Throw a Muslim in the same situation, and there is now an ISIS connection, and we’re told to be still, not assume anything, don’t jump to conclusions, don’t judge anybody, and by golly, maybe we should prosecute people who speak out against Islam (Lynch suggested that today, you know, the head of the DOJ).
          So yeah, anyway…

        2. doj is not going to do shit .let me ask you a question how come folks think the arabs would roll over and bite the pillow ? I knew the Iraq invasion would cause us greif sooner or later.ISIS is the sunni Iraqis at the core

        3. I just read your posting history in your profile.
          Needless to say, you are not worth my time now that I know your views and agenda.

        4. we don’t like your kind ’round here. go back to Israel.
          better yet, go back to the Nazi ovens.

  25. At least somebody at the San Bernardino PD is a good shot. Photos gets progressively more gory.

  26. Every time the media pushes “the narrative” it pisses me off to no end. It’s like hey, if it looks like a terrorist, kills like a terrorist, pledges allegiance to ISIS, and “allahu akbars” like a terrorist, then it’s probably a terrorist. But the media would never say that.
    I don’t presume to tell ROK what to do, but I think web-based video news might be the way to go. Rebel Media’s doing pretty good, Gavin McInnes is doing well, Steve Crowder’s got success, and so is Sargon. This might be the next level ROK has to take it up to in order to attack “the narrative” and get the neomasculine message out there.
    Roosh’s videos are great to watch and I can’t speak for any other readers on ROK but I’d be willing to support something like a ROK video news network if it came to fruition.

  27. Its extremely frustrating to explain to my retarded millennial friends that Islam is inherently murderous and evil, that we have no responsibility for their desire to kill us (they’ve been murdering for 1,000 years in the name of the pedo), and that it is in no way a small minority of extremists. Watch below if you want to learn why:

  28. The obamabots are preoccupied with prosecuting hate speech instead of profiling terrorists. They have brought IS to america.

    1. My dad is a liberal, and when I pointed this out to him (that the Obama administration has helped and armed ISIS and continues to do so, in order to try and overthrow Bashar al-Assad), he insisted that Assad was just as bad as ISIS. This is how liberals really think, although they will not admit it. They want ISIS to be legitimized as a state.

      1. “My dad is a liberal, and when I pointed this out to him (that the Obama administration has helped and armed ISIS and continues to do so, in order to try and overthrow Bashar al-Assad), he insisted that Assad was just as bad as ISIS..”
        How would he explain Obama violently overthrowing the government of the Ukraine with Nazis?

        I wonder what the reply would be? “The previous government was just as bad as the Nazis, because they took a better deal from Russia than the EU. So yeah, there you go, that couldn’t be tolerated. Obama HAD to respond by putting Nazis into power and starting a genocidal civil war against Russian ethnics.”

  29. As a black man. Are you serious ?
    White suspects:
    James Holmes – kills 12, injures 58, taken alive
    Dylann Roof – kills 9, taken alive
    Craig Stephen Hicks – kills 3, taken alive
    Robert Lewis Dear – kills 3, injures 9, taken alive
    Eric Rudolph – kills 2, injures 150, taken alive
    Wade Michael Page – kills 6, commits suicide
    Black suspects:
    Henry Louis Wallace – kills 11, taken alive
    Laquan McDonald – kills 0, gunned down
    Corey Jones – kills 0, gunned down
    Tamir Rice – kills 0, gunned down
    John Crawford – kills 0, gunned down
    Sam Dubose – kills 0, gunned down
    Walter Scott – kills 0, gunned down
    Michael Brown – kills 0, gunned down
    Jonathan Ferrell – kills 0, gunned down
    Alan Blueford – kills 0, gunned down
    Ramarley Graham – kills 0, gunned down
    Kimani Gray – kills 0, gunned down
    Kenneth Chamberlain – kills 0, gunned down
    Sean Bell – kills 0, gunned down
    Those are just the ones I have done posts on.
    Dylan Roof. He who goes into an all black church (Were he was welcomed with open arms) and kills nine people. Yet on his arrest, the police give him strait jacket, walk him out, like he just robbed a pack of bacon from walmart and took him to Burger King when he told them he was hungry.
    Want more ? Ever heard of Robert Lewis Dear (Google him) he was White American “lone gunman” who shot 12 people, killing three, at a Planned Parenthood health. Among his victims, he shot six police officers, killing one.
    The police, instead of “fearing for their lives” and quickly gunning him down, as they do with Black males as young as 12, talked him into surrendering after a five hour stand-off. They took him alive.

    1. Points well taken Sir. However, let’s address the deafening silence with black on black crime such as 9 yo. Tyshawn Lee in Chicago.

      1. More black people killed by black people than by white people ?
        But guess what ?
        That would have been true a 100 years ago. That would have been true under apartheid in South Africa. That would have been true under Jim Crow segregation in the USA.
        Why ? Because those are the people you live around.
        But black people should not have worried about some thing as trivial as Apartheid or Jim Crow or Hangings and Lynchings by the KKK and got there own house in order. Right ?
        The “Black On Black Crime” argument is like telling Breast Cancer Support Groups not to bother with that cancer and focus on Lung Cancer because that is the biggest cancer killer.
        When ISIS killed whites in Paris you did not hear “Well, more white people kill white people, than muslims””
        That would have been just as true.
        But to you white life is unconditional were as black life is conditional (On Good Behaviour)
        Finally the police are held to a higher standard. That’s why police killings of black people cause the commotion that they do. Because if you have the power to kill me, then you better believe I’m gonna hold you to a higher standard.
        It’s the same way a teacher can’t be late often for their class and then turn around and say “Well some of you are late too”
        Also this 2015 the age of the I-Phone, CCTV. How many black people were killed in the 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s, 60s, 70s and 80’s and 90’s by the Police ? Thousands.

        1. So how about Tyshawn Lee in Chicago?
          Let’s talk about now and why blacks are killing each other. Start holding yourselves to a higher standard. You still in the cotton fields? There is a black man in the White House. I will bet you had more privilege than I ever did. Time to evolve.

        2. Dude. Face it – You have lost. I’ve just slapped down your silly ‘Black On Black’ crime argument and because you know you’ve lost you simply repeat your main point as if you did not lose at all.

        3. O. Please. You are a joke and guess what ? That broke ass white bum in that pic, as low as he is, he would not swap places with a black dude, hell, he would not swap places with a black dude, who has shit together and is rich. Pointing out broke white people to me, is stupid as tryna argue that Walmart makes no money because they throw lots of food, and then me point to the stacks of food they throw out, as if I’m making some kinda point

  30. What the media and our leader is tripping over themselves trying not to report is that 2 muslim cowards murdered 14 people at a Christmas party. Calling it workplace violence has to be the new high bar for “spin”.

    1. I agree. Make no mistake…if white men burned down a mosque during a Muslim holiday it would be spelled out in the news (for weeks) to get full effect, coverage and ratings.
      But, when Muslims gun down people in America during a Christmas party or around Christmas time and it’s “watered down” to hide the details.
      This is why people should be concerned – for their safety – when the media and politicians are trying to sell you on the fact that Islam is a peaceful religion. It’s peaceful as long as they get their way (Sharia law) but even then they are violent (look at their history in their own countries).

      1. Those eyebrows are killing me. She needs the full veil treatment. Of course she “may” have been suffering from postpartum depression.

        1. Postpartum depression, PMS, menopause, and all that nonsense is NO excuse or justification for her actions. Women have been using this from accepting any accountability.
          Knowing this, why would ANYONE vote a female into the office of the President of the United States who has the power to give the order for nuclear annihilation?

  31. I’m not sure where the restraint is. White shooters are always called mentally disturbed, while Muslim shooters are always called terrorists. The previous white mass shooters were never called terrorists.

    1. The white guys are now called terrorists. Muslim shooters carrying out Jihad are terrorists. Of course you have to be a couple of halal pork chops short of a full meal to want to mass murder people.

    2. Two shooters acting together makes it impossible they were both mentally ill, even if autopsy isn’t possible.

  32. If anybody wants to kill me, I don’t think race is the thing that pops up in my head at that time. I think this is with just anybody. I don’t think average man says…”I wonder what race he is” when a killer with a gun starts shooting at people. The first thing you would do is run or hide or seek safe space and get the fuck out of there. The sociopath liberal media swines are excited to find out about the race of the killer rather than to sympathize for the actual victims.

  33. These guys are like the martians in “Mars Attacks” where the martians have a loud speaker saying “Don’t run, we are your friends!” as they are shooting them.

  34. The theme now is “They were radicalized” kind of like “They caught the measles” or “They contracted polio and are unable to walk now”
    It’s not their fault that “they were radicalized” you see. No, it’s that they had to endure the conservatives on TV. They had to endure the blatant insensitive displays of Christmas all over the place. All of this insensitive assault on their sensibilities caused them to become radicalized.
    So, the press using that theme, is a subconscious, tricky mind fuck way of them trying to get people to believe that , it wasn’t the shooters’ fault…but the fault of the environment which, of course, would have caused anyone who was just minding their business to “become radicalized” against their will.

  35. I really think it’s the death of subscription that has caused this; arguably this is the second coming of Yellow Journalism. With any luck it will spawn a general disgust and a retrenchment of paid media, who will not have any incentive to troll you and every incentive to be excellent.

  36. This is a BS article. The complete opposite occurs here int he states, if he’s white have restraint. This pretty much sums it up:

    1. It isn’t BS. It is accurate, and this has happened repeatedly after news events covered in the media. I have witnessed it with my own eyes.
      If you want to defend those who push propaganda and attempt to downplay Islamic terrorism, you are in the wrong place.

      1. If you want to defend those who push propaganda and attempt to downplay Islamic terrorism, you are in the wrong place.
        Yea, that’s exactly what you’re doing. When ever white people start shooting shit up. Every one is quick to say he’s disturbed and had a trouble past. I think your in the wrong place

        1. That comment doesn’t make any sense.
          If you’re going to attempt to be clever and invert someone’s comment, at least have some valid point to make.

  37. What they’re not telling you is that White men were the first to be blamed for San Bernadino

  38. You know when the son of one of the members of the Gambino family has declared that the Mob is willing to take ISIS head on means that there can’t be restraint on these terrorists. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zetas started chopping heads if ISIS dared to step foot around Catholic Mexico. After all, Mexicans are descendants of the same conquistadors who earlier kicked the Moors out of Spain.

  39. This type of shit is why I loath my country, being a white male everyone points at you and calls you the bad guy. I might as well be Cersei and the SJW walk behind me yelling SHAME! SHAME!

  40. Islam had little to do with this. This is simply blowback. He got a foreign bride who probably made him feel loved, wanted and accepted for the first time in his life.
    Westernized women cannot comprehend how much they have royally fucked up. It’s not just western men who are sick of them; they consume 80% of the world’s resources and give nothing back. There is no doubt in my mind women were thinking of turning the refugees into wage slave dildos when they let them in. Everyone hates western women. They are getting what they deserve.

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