How Anime Is Programming Men To Be Weak And Submissive

Last year, I decided to stay over at an old friend’s apartment, who had been my roommate back in college. A couple of weeks of residing there, every time I moved in and out of his room, my old buddy would be watching anime on his laptop. His door had a poster of his favorite anime, ‘Sword Art Online’.

He wasn’t an otaku or a dumb weeb, rather to simply put it, it was his pass time or a hobby, to relax from the stress that men face in the modern day world. I remember watching anime as a kid, and I admit, I enjoyed it…

But not anymore.

When he watched anime, he stared at the screen with fascination, as if he was a scientist waiting for the rocket to land on the moon. I was curious, so I asked him to recommend me some anime that he enjoyed. This is where I realized the ugly, misandric nature of anime that teens are exposed to.

The first anime I chose from the list, was about a teenage girl named Misaki, who joined an all boys school which recently opened to girls. She works as a maid to support her family as her father had abandoned them.

The “Does Not Like Men” Female Protagonist

A female protagonist that openly hates men

Misaki never trusts her male counterparts, and beats them up if they tried something she didn’t approve of. The whole show is centered on how girls can be better than boys, where she terrorizes men, and how these men are portrayed as nothing but pervs, violent, thirsty mindless jerks.

Usui, the male character, after being yelled at for no reason, is strangely drawn to her, and so are the other boys of the school. This hyper misandric woman deemed ‘attractive’ in the eyes of both anime characters and the male fans. This show is targeted towards girls who call it “one of the most romantic anime”.

I was extremely disgusted and had to quit watching within 10 episodes. I couldn’t have a place in my mind to understand how men watch shows like this and enjoy it.

This is a common formula used by anime and manga creators to depict a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man. Female superiority is rising within anime, and young may become some of those ‘nice guys’ who get used by women.

The common genre for anime girls called “tsundere“, which refers to a stubborn woman who is abusive to the man she likes, is very popular, shows like Sword Art Online, Bleach, Toradora, DBZ, etc. I could name a hundred more, but that would mean I would include almost every anime. And not just any people are influenced, but the most desperate men across the world. Men who have never had any luck with women are always attempting to fulfill a woman’s most dangerous desires just to keep her.

These shows are not only designed to destroy the male image and present it as inferior, but also to ruin their self confidence as human beings for being male. In dozens of anime, males are portrayed as either weak, or stupid, similar to how Daddy pig in the cartoon Peppa Pig is simply made to be laughed at, or how the main male cast of the Simpsons slowly degraded into ambition-less couch potatoes and the women becoming political figures.

Go-Girl-ism And Male Bashing

If you grew up watching TV in the 1990s, there is no way you escaped seeing at least a few episodes of Sailor Moon. It redefined the “magical girl” genre in its native Japan and its overseas influence has shown up in girl-power shows like The Powerpuff Girls and is the definition of a feminist anime. Haruka and Michiru, the series’ Sailor Uranus and Neptune, were a lesbian couple who helped girls around the world come to terms with their sexuality. The series also makes a point of commenting on how the less traditionally feminine girls have trouble coping with gender roles, like how Makoto learned to cook because she was teased for being a tomboy.

One of the most notable feminist anime works

The “girl power” concept is counter productive, but unfortunately it’s an inescapable void of entertainment, Charlies Angles, Steven Universe (where the male character is a boy who learns from women), Taylor Swift videos, etc. Australia’s national women’s soccer team the Matildas lose 7-0 to an under FIFTEENS boys’ side, we know that story.

I decided to look up on the internet for further research. Apparently many men have the same opinion. As I’ve read on an MGTOW (anti-feminist, red pill) site:

“…my friend’s been watching this anime called great teacher onizuka and it makes me fucking cringe. The women in that anime do terrible things to the main character. for instance, there’s a girl who lures him into a laundry mat promising sexual favors, but instead, she takes off her clothes, takes his shirt, puts in on, tears it up a bit, and makes him wear all these kinky things only to scream and call for the police claiming sexual assault. The teacher eventually just acts like it wasn’t a big deal. Also, there’s an episode where a female student of his runs into a building she knows is going to be bombed because she wanted to save a fucking piano.

“…today i witnessed something really disgusting in that anime. The students are on a field trip to a tropical island and one of the boys is kidnapped by three other female students. He’s a small, submissive type so he doesn’t fight back. They tie him up and blind fold him before leading him deep into the jungle. Basically, the leader of the three females wanted to leave him there to die because she hated how much of a loser/crybaby he is. She expressed disdain for how he just listened to whatever people told him to do (sounds familiar). Eventually, the girls realize they’re lost and start blaming the boy for everything. They tell him to man up and get them out of the situation and when he starts to take authority by telling them to remain calm… “

Male disposability in anime was the right word I was looking for. Naruto has plenty of scenes where he is beaten up by women. Not to forget, where I thought Gintama would be free of male bashing, where Shimura Tae, a smiley woman constantly beats up a ‘hairy’ man – simply for asking her out.

Is this supposed to be comedy?

There’s plenty of hentai anime, like Girls Bravo for example, a blue haired boy who is mocked for being short by his female school mates, he is bullied to the point where he’s even ‘allergic’ to women. (Imagine an anime where a girl was treated like trash because she was fat). In one scene of the first episode, the boy accident walks into the bathroom where his female neighbour was taking a shower. She screams and throws a tantrum, she brutally beats him up, where his nose begins to bleed, until he falls into a tub, where he is eventually woken up in a planet where there are only women, however, since he was the only male on the planet, he is sexually harassed constantly through out the episodes and women molest him.

Being an Hentai (porn/pervert/sexual) anime, aimed for men, abusing boys seems to be normalized. In most households of Japan, women control all the finances. I wonder if Japanese men get domestically violated by women the same way as in anime.

Low Birth Rates In Japan

Feminization of men is also an issue, perhaps the decline in population is simply because of this hidden feminism in Japan. In Btoom!, a hunger games styled anime, Himiko always carries a stun gun whenever she goes because she is afraid of being touched by men. Her fear of men stems her past experiences with men who attempted to rape her. Her trauma is so severe that she announces to Ryōta that every man on the island is her enemy. On two separate occasions when she is about to lose to a man, who is usually attempting to sexually assault her, she was willing to kill herself along with the enemy using a bomb. Almost every man in the anime attempts to assault her. The male protagonist of the story is a ‘wussy’ who simply allows her to treat him with distaste (yet another stereotypical main male character in anime).

While I was on my final anime, which I watched for research, Mirai Nikki, the female character Yuno will resort to cruel and usually violent methods, most of the time coming out of nowhere, that generally end in bloody deaths of anyone who tries to get in the path of the boy she likes, even if they are his close relatives, effectively making her a “Yandere“. The young girl seems to be having the “othello syndrome”, a type of delusional jealousy, marked by suspecting a faithful partner of infidelity, with accompanying jealousy, attempts at monitoring and control, and even violence. Many men often suffer when their wives who are extremely jealous, where as this “yandere” genre is particular that of a girl who stalks her lover, keeps him away from everyone he loves simply because she wants him as her property.

I also stumbled upon an incomplete game, about a playable Yandere girl, which had many references to Mirai Nikki, on starting the game I had a picture on what it was about. Your character is simply an emotionless teenage girl who harbors feelings for a guy who doesn’t even know she exists. Your mission is to stalk him, and try to eliminate “rivals”, so that she has him for herself. By eliminate meaning, to kill. The game would even include your crush’s sister, who has a chance of being a rival. (Think of a scenario where a boy would be stalking a girl, taking her belongings, sniffing or licking them to gain arousal, where he tries to keep her friends away from her, there would be a different response)

In the basement of the game, one would come across tape recording, when played, it reveals that your character’s mother (I assume) murdered everyone close to her crush, and tied him down onto a chair, forcing him to give in to her requests.

A wonderful game that encourages young girls to stalk and manipulate their crushes

Recently, I was informed that the developing team had added a tsundere character and a perverted teacher into the game, who would seduce him perhaps, I don’t feel the need to talk anymore about it.

A perverted female teacher who preys on a teenage boy’s sexuality. There’s plenty of harem (a anime with one guy and many female characters) where he is eventually mistreated by his female counterparts. Even many of Hayao Miyazaki’s films are centered on young “strong empowered” girls. When asked about it, he said:

“When we compare a man in action and a girl in action, I feel girls are more gallant. If a boy is walking with a long stride, I don’t think anything particular, but if a girl is walking gallantly, I feel ‘that’s cool’. Maybe that’s because I’m a man, and women may think it’s cool when they see a young man striding. At first, I thought ‘this is no longer the era of men‘.But after ten years, I grew tired of saying that. I just say ‘cause I like women’. They are more reality.”

All these point out why there are sites entirely dedicated to feminism in anime.

Yesterday, I decided to get in touch with my friend, to ask him about his life and job. He’s a stereotypical “nice guy” who remains friend zoned. He lets women pinch his cheeks and push him, when he just laughs it off. If a woman does something unfair to him, he simply sweeps it under the rug.

“I’m not interested in dating currently” he said when I asked him if he had a girlfriend. Either anime had terrorized him to protecting his virginity, or he’s simply happy being treated like a loser in a tsundere anime by his female co-workers, just like the great teacher Onizuka.

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341 thoughts on “How Anime Is Programming Men To Be Weak And Submissive”

  1. Sorry but I reject the premise of this article. There are lots of anime that would horrify feminists.
    And a question, have you ever seen a fat female anime character? I haven’t.

    1. Absolutely. There is plenty of anime out there that is super male dominated. Look at Fist of The North Star. Copious violence and tribal warfare, sex, women as slaves, etc.

        1. Yep, check out crying Freeman – womanising assassin.
          Other animes with strong males I’d argue are great teacher onizuka and berserk. Yes, most of anime is junk though i agree

        2. Agree, Great Teacher Onizuka is quite redpill and alpha. Onizuka was going against feminists and beta males using his streetwise skills.

        3. I’m not so sure about GTO, as women were always his kryptonite.
          A more “street”, non-religious version of Tim Tebow.

        4. I think Onizuka being a perv is just played for laughs like in a lot of other animes since the guy knows when to be serious like when the sexy nurse hustler was introduced he was no longer flirtatious and was pissed when he found out she promised to take some male students out on a “date” if they got good grades on their next test in some bet she made saying she can kids to learn.

        1. The line I still quote, Do not stand behind him, if you value your life.

        2. No! I never knew there was a live action show. It was trying enough finding the animations being generations removed from when it was produced. Thankfully finding it was easier than finding episodes of Fist of the North Star. The only live actions I heard of were Casshern, and the soon to be released Death Note. Usually the live action drops the ball, but Young Sonny Chiba was an amazing actor and martial artists. What was your impressions of it?

        3. It is pretty true to the anime, considering it is a movie, so they had to do some condensing and work from the idea that you were already familiar with the character.
          I bought it as part of this 6 movie set from 2007:
          The 4-film set from 2010 is worth it too.
          Here’s the trailer for Golgo 13, some people see it as humorous, some not, I thought the movie was good, but even better for fans:

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      1. As much as it pains me to admit it as a fan of the series would argue that behind the violence of the post-apocalyptic setting and general schadenfreude. Fist of the North Star is very gynocentric what with all the male-mother-need and self-sacrifice nonsense, the same can be said for Fist of the Blue Sky to a lesser degree as well.
        One Punch Man, Dragon Ball (plus sequels), Golgo 13 and even Baki are a few of the least feminist series around, while World’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi is one of the most feminist series if one looks past the fact that the main male character grows into a badass.

        1. Been a long time, but I feel like I remember Vegeta smacking the shit out of some woman in DBZ.

        2. I disagree with your assessment of much of your anime assessment ms. Dragon Ball Z, all the women beat up on Yamcha. No woman dare touch Goku or Vegeta. In History’s Strongest Disciple, when Kenichi finally fights serious opponents it is proven timelessly that none of these opponents could have been beaten by Miu, and it shown she stays away from fights to keep stretching the bar for Kenichi to improve.
          A bunch of other anime are also very manly like Berserk, Golgo 13, Cowboy Bebop, Grappler Baki, and the JoJo series. In fact the only female lead anime series I would recommend to any male would be Black Lagoon as it is a darker version of Cowboy Bebop.
          In short, if the men look like women, and the women are in the forefront of the story, typically the story will be gynocentric.

        3. Agree with you on your other anime choices as well as on Yamcha in Dragon Ball, yet how the likes of Chi Chi, Bulma and 18 are portrayed over the years would be familiar to many here in terms of female nature.

        4. HELL NO. He never slap his wife or any other female in the show. He only killed male opponents, and he lost against A18, The only female that he kill that it was shown in the Anime was when he destroy a planet full of insect people. A cockroach girl is turn into dust along with the planet in that scene, He was a genocidal maniac but never shown in the anime smacking, slapping or hurting any woman other than in the fight against A18 and he pathetically lost against her.

        5. Funny how even though the creator is gay, the one gay character is the biggest villain in the whole series. And aside from the main villain no one addresses sexuality outside of the legacy of JoJo and other protagonist being largely heterosexual. Hell, in the last released series, Diamonds are Unbreakable, the main JoJo is the son on a young mother and 60 plus year old man, supporting red pill truths about dominance.

        6. You mean this JOJO? I like Jojo´s bizarre adventure. But let´s call a spade a spade. Jojo is VERY VERY ultra VERY GAY. The first 3 manga series the Araki copied the style of another mangaka, Buronson, the guy who draw the very muscular kenshiro style characters, In part 4 Araki change the style for this tiny effeminate characters. Jojo is homosexuality in disguise, full of fashion glamorous characters. There is some of kind of a gag or joke in Anime, The manly homosexual. Pri Pri Prisioner from One Punch Man is a parody from that. It´s some kind of a joke, it´s weird, irrational and contradictory that is what make jojo great, Is it gay or not? they look like homos but they behave and act macho, WTF?

        7. Ugh…..never read the manga but that image looks gay as hell. The poses are very gay too which makes the creator being gay make sense. The characters, at least the heroes do not pursue anything gay within the story. Except for Dio. Thankfully.

        8. DIO´s real plan is revealed in part 6, He wanted to reset the universe to his specifications where he will be god, He wanted to make heaven on earth. But the old universe will be dead so his plan was to kill everything in this universe to create a new one.

        9. I would add to that legend of the galactic heroes and monster.
          That aside I wouldn’t recommend black lagoon.

      2. Fate/Zero is great and contains a scene where the ‘Badass’ woman in it gets it explained to her that she was a failure and she goes through this horrible realization that he is right.
        Also contains one of the greatest examples of leadership in a fictitious character.

      3. I suggest you check out Berserk. The main character , Guts is like the god of manliness and the story is dark , deep and realistic.

      4. That’s mostly 80s/early 90s material. Anime nowadays is the beta weeaboo garbage that should be avoided like cancer.

      5. Tbh this article is just as stupid as the articles that say games with damsels are sexist. I didn’t read most the article, i wish it was satire. Maybe it is, but i doubt it.

    2. No, I havent seen a fat animae character because I have too much self respect to watch FUCKING CARTOONS where people fuck octopusses.

      1. Lighten up, killer.
        It’s just blowing off steam watching something fun or adventurous. Or octopus fu**ing.

      2. Dude hentai is not the only thing in anime. Anime is, like other media, just another form of expression.
        If anything anime is vastly different from cartoons because most anime are not children friendly. They teach and portray concepts too mature compared to stuff like Ben 10 and Justice League.

    3. I think a lot of anime, even non-hentai, is based a little in common Japanese male fetishism. It is a cultural norm for women to be submissive in Japan, outwardly. This is why so many Japanese men are attracted to tall blonde dom females because it’s different. I have the inkling that many men in Japan hold submissive fantasies, and quite a bit of anime caters to that common fantasy. Although the main male protagonist in many Anime tends to be young, submissive, and takes abuse from women without the bat of an eye, I’ve noticed there are quite a few tall, strong male alphas in the background who never take a slap, who are never degraded. I think they represent what the main character will have to grow into someday. Bleach tends to show this rather well, with Ichigo taking quite a bit of crap from chicks, yet you never see the established male leaders ever doing so.

      1. Many Japanese men have fetishes towards tall blonde women.
        i.e. Even the Japanese cannibal killer Issei Sagawa (5 foot tall man) who killed a tall German girl and ate her body.

        1. His dad was wealthy who had connections. The dude also became a celebrity in Japan and was allowed to be a food tasting critique and was invited to various of shows in Japan. He is still living as free man in Japan.

        2. French declared him insane, and deported him back to Japan. Japan said he wasn’t insane, just a cold-blooded murderer, which actually got him freed because the Japanese couldn’t detain him for being crazy, and the French never pushed murder.

      2. Japan is a collectivist culture, which means the group, not the individual, is what takes the forefront. Their men are cultivated from birth to keep their heads down and not cause any trouble. Showing individuality is frowned upon in their culture and conformity is the only thing that matters in their society. As a result, it is not at all surprising that Japanese men have fantasies like that.
        Always bear this phrase in mind:
        “The nail that stands up is HAMMERED DOWN.”

        1. Very true.. Some of the things though that feminazis also don’t like is there is also a lot of rape in anime.

    4. Saying anime is like saying comics or cartoons, it’s huge and can mean good or bad.
      I’m not really an anime fan but Deth Note was the sh**.

        1. Psycho pass is seriously out there – and worth watching. As I recall Aurini did a vid on it as well.

      1. Agreed. Death Note is top notch. Also Berserk and Hellstar remina are also next level. I dont fuck around with any of that lame school girl romance shi, i don’t consider myself an anime fan at all but if the art and story is good then I’m game. No one irl knows that I occasionally enjoy it and I’ll probably keep it that way ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    5. There’s still a helluva lot of anime that isn’t masculine and encourages feminine behavior in men though. Most people that I know who watch anime are complete betas, but I guess its what you make of it.

      1. I just finished the Naruto series because it was on cartoon network when I was about 12. I liked it, so I decided to see what else there was out there. Turns out… nothing. No anime can hold my attention. That might not have been the case when I was a teenager, but nowadays all of it seems absolutely retarded.

    6. G Gundam is very masculine. So masculine that there’s only one female fighter who can measure up to the boys.

      1. That series, “Sakigake! Otokojuku” is a parody of far-right ultra-macho Japanese militarists and their militarism. These are the very same type of people who attacked China, Korea, and ultimately Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941.
        Momotaro and his crew, and especially Heihachi, Edajima are essentially Japanese Fascists. The school that Mamotarou and his friends go to is essentially a school to breed future Fascist thugs. Just to highlight this point further, their main drill instructor wore a Fascist uniform in the manga and this was censored in the anime adaptation.
        These people and their predecessors are responsible for the deaths of many people in Asia.
        This series is not something to laugh at.

        1. ” These people and their predecessors are responsible for the deaths of many people in Asia. ”
          So what ? This mindset you are trotting “it’s wrong to kill your enemies” is why we have the migrant mess in Sweden and Canada.
          ” This series is not something to laugh at. ”
          I agree, there is nothing to laught at, but there is much to learn. Camaraderie, brotherhood, strong character, discipline, morality and restraint. I will teach my future son these values and I will use this anime as an example of proper male behavior.
          If this what you call fascism, then we need more of it.

    7. Yep, anime runs the gamut of genres and tastes. Most Shounen stuff is aimed at younger kids, Seinen is for older viewers. And that first show mentioned in the article is “Maid Sama” which is Shoujo that is entirely aimed at female viewers.
      It’s more interesting to note what series get picked up for release, say in the US or other Western places, and the sub/dub compared to the direct translation of the original.
      Besides, with stuff like “Seikon no Qwaser” (the main character has to suck milk out of girls’ breasts to gain energy for his super power) or the Korean web-toon “Sperman” out there, we still have plenty of options that seem tailor-made to irk feminists.
      The manga (comic) that has them most in a tizzy right now is “Okusan” that features a young housewife who is extremely feminine and does everything in her life centered around her husband’s needs and desires.
      And there’s always the campy stuff like “Yakitate Japan” or even shows like “Haikyuu” around.

      1. Or they look like they belong on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island…there’s not much middle ground.

    8. Yeah the premise of this article makes sense if you skim over a lot of anime.
      Plus, saying anime makes men weak and submissive is kind of like saying video games cause violence.
      Could one particularly violent video game cause one particularly maladjusted kid to go off the deep end? Sure, but it’s not the norm. Most kids know “this is for fun, you don’t kill people in real life”. Likewise, a lot of guys understand that anime is just for fun/entertainment… and don’t take on the opinions/personalities of the characters in the shows they enjoy.
      Especially if they’ve already been exposed to red-pill thinking… you see through the fairy tales for what they are, and leave them in your imagination where they belong.

    9. Clannad is pretty horrifying to feminism. It’s pretty clearly pro-patriarchy and promotes traditional family life as basically the best thing that could ever happen to a man (who gives himself up for his family) or woman (who happily takes care of the home).

    10. I’ve only seen 2, and for one of them, the entire premise of the show was that she lost a bunch of weight (Favorite anime charecter dies, and she has a mental break down for several days, and the stress/nit eating causes her to loose what looks like 40+ pounds), and now all the dudes that she kept shipping with each other now all want to date her, even though she’s more interested in imagining about the dudes dating each other.
      The other one was from Please Tell Me Galiko Chan, which was actually pretty entertaining.

    11. The question is what anime is most prominent and popular. Anime that horrify feminists are hard to find.

  2. The female worship in Japan is odd, to say the least. I think what it ultimately stems from is the more dominant Asian female in that culture. Those mothers WILL dominate their boys and make them feel worthless. Unless they have a good male role model, they will go effeminate. American men watching anime makes sense since so many are raised by single Moms who… drum roll please… treat their sons like shit and the kid mistakes it for “love.” There is Samurai culture and a strong masculine ethos to adhere to (work like a slave for the boss), but if you are not in the elite circles, and find yourself like many young American boys out of the cool/alpha social circle, I think Japanese boys have far less masculine resources to draw on. Is there a Japan version of ROK? That… would be interesting to research if someone knows anything I don’t.

    1. Im no anime scholar, but it seems it started to become feminist in the early 2000s, starting with “Spirited Away”- I thought it was a great film, but EVERY movie that director has made since is all about girl power

      1. Yup… I would agree with that without having to confirm it. Japan is a US vassal state. I remember reading an article once where the Japanese government was going to literally pay… big bucks… for the old boy corps to hire some women in more senior level positions. Not one corp did. The government of Japan will try to push feminism, it may convert a lot of females, but the entrenched male class there that will ALWAYS be in power will never allow it to get into their ranks. It is sad what is happening to the middle and lower classes though. I mean, I also read Japan has a death cult problem where young kids are getting together in groups to off themselves. A beautiful country and people but in many ways… a canary in the coal mine culturally. I think they will survive because of their complete monoculture… Japan for Japanese… but it won’t be what it once was.

      2. Spirited Away is a masterpiece, lead female character or not.
        But you’re right that was around the time anime stopped being a fresh art form and started to get commercialized.

    2. Japan and rest of Asian countries do not function by western individualism. So even if a man wants to be free of himself, he cannot act on his own without the approval of his collective peers or he will be shunned by the society. That is why they lack the initiative and are not assertive.

  3. It depends on the anime honestly. Look at ‘Berserk’, the main protaginist is a charcter/anti hero named Guts who goes through the most horrific shit possible and brutally destroys his opponent. Although he is cucked into protecting a female, he struggles in his mind daily to leave her for dead and get revenge on an old friend turned fo.
    Dragonball Z is definitely masculine, most 80s and 90s anime is pretty masculine (Ninja Scroll, Fist of the North Star, Wicked City, Devil Man).
    Todays anime is kind of agenda pushed though, JoJos Bizarre Adventure promotes Trannies, FullMetal Alchemist promotes ‘science is God’, Sword Art Online obviously, Death Note has heroes who look feminine and so fourth.
    There is some alright anime out there, but they are getting harder to find, as where in the past watching a show like Devilman, you just knew it was going to be ruthless as fuck.

    1. DN is great, one of the few anime that even nonanime watchers love. They’re only thin cuz it takes place in Japan and most Japanese are thin. It isn’t a feminist show at all. One outs and Kaiji are also good, even if you don’t like anime, which requires viewer intelligence. These so called masculine shows are mainly predictable powerup shows, no thought required.

      1. That is a good anime as well. Most of the old school Samurai anime is good. Perseverance, discipline and manliness are usually the themes. Like i said, usually the ones prior to 2000 promoted more patriarchy and masculinity. Baki The Grappler is another. But there is some anti white propaganda in some of them. Hajime No Ippo is another one, but they portray americans with blonde hair as the enemy in ww2. Dragonball Z seems to resemble the aryan philosophy before Hitler co opted and coined the term. Proud saiyans, from a seperate planet, who gain Godlike abilities when their hair turns blonde with green eyes…. No anti white propaganda there. And the main charcters dont even resemble Japanese. I would make the same claim with Berserk. The charcters resemble more mid evil european.

    2. you totally misunderstood Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note.
      Fullmetal make a reflection on the nature of power and the human being, the theme of God is merely used as an analogy to the absolute power, not to promote atheism or Scientific absolutism. On the contrary, all shit is magic based and the characters itself sometimes make very religious statments.
      No hero look feminine in Death Note, only vilains (they are heroes if you consider that the protagonist is the vilain, but whatever). All of them are based on japanese urban fashions, and it is something that is made with the purpose of making the characters unique and remarkable. In cartoons, you are very limited when it comes to character design, people’s faces are very similar, and body language is extremaly limited, so they have to resort to more extravagant ways of making the characters seem unique. The decision of the designs of these characters is simply the way the author found them to create unique designs that fit the story atmosphere as well as be identifiable to the target audience.
      The Japanese would not familiarize themselves with the ideas of male aesthetics that we have in the West and that would not cling to the atmosphere of the anime, since it happens in Japan.

    3. What you are describing primarily stems from Japan’s economic crash in 1990. Their country has been in a recession for over 25 YEARS and it has taken a major toll on their society financially and emotionally. Men there are usually in a permanent state of under or unemployment because there is little job growth and job creation. Successive Japanese governments have been completely incompetent and unable to fix the problem. Combine this also with a rigid and inflexible corporate culture and you have a recipe for economic and societal stagnation.
      During the Bubble Economy of the 1980s, men were able to lead relatively normal lives where they were working, making money, and on occasion, enjoying themselves. The machismo you see in anime made before 1990 is a direct result of that economic time.
      From 1990 onwards, anime has been basically marketed towards the basement dwellers and losers of Japanese society, the victims of their 1990 economic collapse.
      If you don’t believe me, look it up.

      1. I’ll have to check it out. I find dudes like Kentaro Miura, who writes Berserk pretty fascinating. He started writing the manga in the times you are speaking of and the story is ongoing. Anime and manga of the 80s and early 90s puts most of any of that shit to shame.

  4. Thank you for that “Mr Miyagi in a Sailor Moon outift” pic. Thanks a bunch

    1. Takes the whole “wax on, wax off” thing to a whole creepy new level. And as much as I did like the original Karate Kid movies, I still found the Mr Miyagi/Daniel Larusso relationship a bit weird, even as a kid, so this takes it up a notch.

        1. What the fuck are you talking about? The chinaman is not the issue here, Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

        2. hv, this is not a guy that was building railroads here… this is a guy.. who mentored a NJ guido while wearing a Sailor Moon costume!

  5. This author is reaching. The Dragon Ball /Z/Super may be the least feminist fiction series ever.
    As recently as a week ago they asked Trunks whether he wanted his mom to have a boy or girl. He stated a boy so he could train with a little brother. Gohan told him a little sister would also be nice so that Trunks would have someone to protect. It was not even considered that the girl could fight when she grows up by ANY character. This happened in march 2017! If I had a son Dragon Ball would be his first show.

    1. Dragonball is all about strength, courage, the stages of life, and self-improvement.
      If your sons don’t like Dragonball Z, then you know something is wrong with them.

        1. could be…..I understand there are a few gems in the media, but not worth wading through the crap.

        2. Is it all just hard to follow action and fight scenes? Shit is worse than a Transformers movie.

      1. Dragon Ball Z is white supremacy, plain and simple. Unless they are an albino, you won’t find naturally occurring blonde Asians with cyan colored eyes. Subsequently, they are the “Most Powerful Race” in the universe.
        I don’t care if the creator is Japanese, the Japanese aligned their selves with the Axis Powers. What this is, is a portrayal of the Nazi ideology of the Übermensch.
        There is nothing wrong with me for not liking it.

        1. I liked DBZ since before I made that connection but yeah I think you’re right.
          Goku becomes an Aryan God.

        2. Honestly, the Saiyan race could also be just as easily linked with black society if you wish to be analogous. They were all given tails and called as a slur, monkeys. They maintained no sovereignty over themselves and were employed by a sole foreign entity to farm planets for him. When they fought back they were just as easily wiped out of existence save for a few who either were not known to exist or pledged loyalty to Frieza.
          Originally, the blond hair was not supposed to have been the transition. It was simply to be an aura change but due to pallets, Akira Toriyama had no way for the audience to tell the difference for Goku and Super Saiyan Goku conclusively. So the aura and hair that stuck up went from white to yellow and his eyes went from black to green. It wasn’t until the blond hair came up that the Ubermensch and Axis past of the Japanese came up.

        3. Fair enough. Now I’d like the explanation for the big, black lipped characters, please. I’ll disregard Mr. Popo because he’s not human.

        4. I can understand that logic. I’m not implying you’re racist. The show is what it is and will be interpreted differently by its viewers.

        5. I suppose you also want an explanation on why Krillin don’t have a nose. And he is white.
          This shit is called character design, and it has everything to do with aesthetic and nothing to do with racism.
          And I’m also black so don’t come at me with racist assumptions.

        6. “Dragon Ball Z is white supremacy, plain and simple. Unless they are an albino, you won’t find naturally occurring blonde Asians with cyan colored eyes. Subsequently, they are the “Most Powerful Race” in the universe. ”
          You have to be kidding me. the Saiyans and subsequent Super Saiyan transformation are based on gods /ascended beings in Japanese/Eastern mythology and Buddhism; especially the whole flying, screaming, muscles auras and ki, energy blasts, etc. Even the monkey aspects are at least references to Sun Wukong (Son Goku?) How could you even think it was racist?

          “”What this is, is a portrayal of the Nazi ideology of the Übermensch.”
          And man being achieveing god like status isn’t racist or in any other wise new in either eastern or western mythologies. Nazi’s being racist=Yes. this however is nowhere near racist. And is a quite a common anime/manga trope.

        7. “Dragon Ball Z is white supremacy, plain and simple. Unless they are an albino, you won’t find naturally occurring blonde Asians with cyan colored eyes. Subsequently, they are the “Most Powerful Race” in the universe. ”
          You have to be kidding me. the Saiyans and subsequent Super Saiyan transformation are based on gods /ascended beings in Japanese/Eastern mythology and Buddhism; especially the whole flying, screaming, muscles auras and ki, energy blasts, etc. Even the monkey aspects are at least references to Sun Wukong (Son Goku?) How could you even think it was racist?

          “”What this is, is a portrayal of the Nazi ideology of the Übermensch.”
          And man being achieveing god like status isn’t racist or in any other wise new in either eastern or western mythologies. Nazi’s being racist=Yes. this however is nowhere near racist. And is a quite a common anime/manga trope.

      2. Stages of Saiyans
        Goku = care free Alpha male
        Vegeta = Aggressive, proud, arrogant Alpha male
        Broly = Apex Alpha Male (Apex predator)

    2. And 2 months later, they managed to add FOUR female saiyans, 2 of which are considered stronger than every other male that isn’t Goku or Vegeta…Not to mention the fact that Vegeta basically tells us that saiyans like “strong women”.
      All cultures that are more “western” have embraced the “strong womyns”lifestyle.

      1. They’re weaker than Goku vegeta gohan and even goten and trunks. Maybe they’re stronger than cabba, but I doubt even that.

  6. i think u looking to much into it mate, anime is made for kids, teens and 20 yo dudes, the fact that the chicks don’t have boyfriends is cus guys don’t like watching shows about chicks with boyfriends, it is kinda like being friends with a chick who has a boyfriend is pointless and emasculating. i imagine its just fun to watch cute anime chicks that act like dudes and get up to crazy stuff. its also a cartoon so it ain’t real is it.
    i would be more concerned about how adverts/tv shows/ movies in western countries always portray white men as emasculated dumb weaklings and always pair up white women with black and muslim men, that has a far more profound and worse effect on youth and people. this has not reached the far east yet, but i know somewhere down the line (((they))) will do it to asian countries too.

    1. GODDAMN IT!!!
      They didnt used to have cartoons for “20 yo men” and I am appalled this is even a thing!

    2. “i would be more concerned about how adverts/tv shows/ movies in western
      countries always portray white men as emasculated dumb weaklings and
      always pair up white women with black and muslim men”
      this. finally a word of wisdom . I’m a bit fed up about those anime fans defending those favorites manga shows here. Seems a lot of guys here stick to their introvert/nerd/computer sciencist/anime fan old egos.

      1. Seems a lot of guys here stick to their introvert/nerd/computer sciencist/anime fan old egos.

        So you (and others) are total purists and have unplugged completely from cable, the Internet, movies, and entertainment in general?

        1. yes. Except internet, because i can choose what i see or read,
          I weed out all other (((media/hollywood movies/entertainment))) if they promote degeneracy, unmanliness, feminism and go girlism. And that was the point of the author of this article, imo.

        2. I weed out all other (((media/hollywood movies/entertainment))) if they promote degeneracy, unmanliness, feminism and go girlism.

          As do I. I’ve even given up stuff, while not blue-pilled in nature, is made by converged companies.

          And that was the point of the author of this article, imo.

          Seems like a lot of commenters know what is blue-pilled and what is not.

  7. Anime is a tool for weak men to project themselves on to characters who receive rewards without merit.
    For example in a harem anime, a weak male lead is desired by 5 or 6 different attractive women (by anime standards). The male main character usually has no traits that would attract any female to him, but in this fake escapism world, he is the prized possession of an entire cast of females.
    Even in many shounen action animes, our main protagonist receives the power to overcome his obstacles through means outside of his effort. I used to be a big fan of Naruto. Whenever he would get in a fight with someone, he would always lose for the fight half of the fight. in the second half he would get bailed out by his poorly explained “9 tails demon powers” that would allow him to overwhelm his enemies. It got so bad, that towards the end of the show, the writers just started dumping powers on him so he could beat enemies that were way stronger than him.
    However, this is the kind of stuff I ate up in High School. Whenever I couldn’t actually land girls in real life, I could watch a show and pretend to be the all consuming desire of 10,000 women. When I was too afraid to actually fight someone (verbally or physically), I could pretend to be a cool ninja that could kill anyone with cool ninja powers.
    Now, I just wished I had put that time that I wasted on anime into something useful like lifting weights, or mastering the guitar. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.

    1. you hit the nail on the head buddy, but as i used to watch anime i was still playing guitar and lifting weights lol.
      multitask mate.

      1. You are correct. A good amount of fiction is just a waste of time that could have been better spent learning useful things. I get that some fiction is so well written that it enlightens us and moves us to action is some way and that’s fine. I also get that reading a good novel or watching a movie as a break from work, is a fine thing to do.
        I just think that anime is more addictive and more time consuming than other forms of media.

    2. For example in a harem anime, a weak male lead is desired by 5 or 6
      different attractive women (by anime standards). The male main character
      usually has no traits that would attract any female to him…

      This does not seem accurate to me, as the harem “trope” is that there’s a main male character who has traits that attract women in spades, he’s just too oblivious to their “indicators of Interest” to capitalize on it.

  8. there seems to be some connection between Dungeons & Dragons, anime, pokeman, and several of those weird card games. It is some electronic counter culture.

    1. All those nerd activities are related. I play table top games so am in the comic shop quite often. It’s no longer so much counter culture as it is straight up culture nowadays.

      1. There is a neighbor kid into all of that stuff. Last fall, I invited him to go shooting with us. His single mother was all for it, I thought he would be for it, him dedicating hours to “Call of Duty” video game. Nope, never shot a gun, never wants to. Meanwhile his little brother is good friends with my 12 YO son, I took him out and we all went through the hunter’s safety course together.

        1. Nice. I have noticed that for most people there isn’t much of a crossover between video game players and that activity in real life. I always liked the Tony Hawk games because I used to skateboard. I guess I am the weird one.
          I think many of those “nerd” hobbies can be fun and even somewhat beneficial if done in moderation. I spend many winter hours painting tiny plastic sci fi soldiers, but I work out, hike, hunt, and when summer comes, I am outside all the time. Obsessing about it/using it as escapism to the detriment of your social life is a problem.

    2. DandD isnt a card game. Its where nerds sit at a table, bulshitting and passing reefer around.
      Not terribly compelling.

      1. Really? In our neck of the woods we call those card games poker. Less reefer and more Dos XX, but you catch my drift.

    3. Nah, Some anime is pretty awesome, check out Berserk.. By far the best fantasy storytelling I have ever seen/read

    4. Add Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Underworld, Resident Evil, and all the gay vampire movies.

  9. There’s a lot of anime where the dudes are chick magnets.
    Sword Art Online in particular has the main character as a badass who cannot lose and continually saves the day while the females characters watch in awe.
    Is it ridiculous?
    But there’s really an anime for whatever you’re trying to find.

  10. I would say that this is unfortunately true for a lot of the anime that is popular today. When you think about the masculine stuff it’s all from the 80s and 90s.

  11. Japanese manga is insane…we have this feminist crap and at the same time, we have hentai, with super mega dicks from God knows who, penetrating all the women on sight. I do not know Japanese society because i never been there, but, i believe it represents another shit test…Men seem to be quite passive and slaves to conformity and women want more dominance and control. Assuming all the hentai crazy shit is made by men..then, its all a frustrated desire to dominate women, something they do not have the balls to do on real life.

  12. That picture of the fatty in the red shirt and p-whipped boy with the stringy hair gives me the chills. Poor kid looks completely emasculated, probably physically and verbally abused by her.

  13. Fuck anime, tinder, sluts, boring shaved pussy and all that other commercially designed fat girl bullshit. Play day and night game – weed out the losers, settle down and make babies with your own kind.
    Ain’t that goddamn complicated!

    1. Ah yes. Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips. Up there with Der Fuehrers Face starring Donald Duck. Classics.

      1. You forgot Blitz wolf.
        Not to mention Popeye the Sailor (who worked on a whaler).

    2. For sure! I remember the Saturday mornings watching Bugs!
      The one anime I did watch was also back at the time was Star Blazers, which is a classic and was solely men fighting men. Nova back at the time was the one hot chick that they brought along on their mission to save Earth. Of course in a remake movie from a few years ago, they made Nova into an ace pilot with a bad attitude, the ship’s doctor into a woman instead of a funny old fat guy (that drank “soy milk”), a crew of half women, and there you have it… Half of the men stayed home.
      Anyway, the original English series 1 and 2 are on DVD and worth seeing (produced in the mid-1970s and aired here in the U.S. 1981-82). In fact you’ll see lines, concepts and artwork that were later used in following Star Wars and Star Trek.

  14. I would want to say “not all anime” but in all honesty as much as I like anime finding one without the dreaded tsundere among other feminist BS is a rare find.
    That said, If I remember the show correctly, Gurren Lagann was pretty good. There were a few blue pill things, but overall very red pill. (If you do watch, skip episodes 6 and 16, both are basically just recap episodes.)

  15. TBH, the only one I watch is One Punch Man, which spoofs the genre. The hero’s motivation is looking for the ultimate challenge The main female character is merely tolerated because of her powers (she is rather annoying otherwise). And OPM gives no shits about offending her.
    He’s really just an “Average Joe” with enhanced physical capabilities.

  16. Next to his towering jealous wife that Steve Wood guy from the daily mail article looks like a terrified chihuahua.

  17. Don’t let this article fool you. There is anime out there that is better than any of the shit TV shows we have in the West.
    The author is cherry picking the gay shit.

    1. Yes. There is some good stuff out there even if the above are nauseating.

    2. Yeah better to find old anime gems rather than get brainwashed with every new feminist show like the Santa Clara diet.

  18. Reading about anime makes me want to hang myself. Definitely kind of a nerd here, but anime is a bridge too far on the dorkiness-scale.

  19. Haven’t watched much anime in recent years, but I do keep up with Macross for nostalgia’s sake — the last two Macross series have featured fey-looking male protagonists (part of a larger trend in anime) who also seem to me to be less masculine than the main male characters of the Macross series up to Macross Zero. Some confusion/stupidity/wishywashiness is to be expected in order to make the love triangles plausible, I suppose, but even while they love flying and are committed to flying they don’t seem to have their act together in other areas. The male protagonists of Macross: Frontier and Macross Delta do not have supportive fathers in their lives — the Macross Frontier has a father who disapproves of him while the Macross Delta character has no father at all as his father died in a war when he was young, so maybe their lack of character is supposed to make some sense..

    1. Did Macross become Robotech here in the States? I remember watching that as a kid. Looking back it it now Rick Hunter was kind of a beta male chasing after Lin Minmei that entire time. She friendszoned him hard and started hooking up with her alcoholic, abusive cousin.

  20. Damn, all the anime loving readers of RoK are coming out of the woodwork. Not I. Im aware of what a lot of them are but haven’t spent time watching much.
    Akira: Didnt like it
    Ghost in the Shell: Stopped watching midway through.
    These anime plots doddle along too slowly for me to enjoy.

  21. If you watch the dumb ones that revolve around harem and slice of life yea. FMA, Naruto, Death Note, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan are great anime. Besides Anime is just that, anime.

  22. This is complete baby goo- utterly infantile cartoonist tom foolery without a good line. What type of men fill up their souls watching this type Papier-mâché big macs that give one mental indigestion of the lowest order? Yawn, yawn….

  23. In all my life I have only watched 4 anime series:
    As a child: DragonBall, Saint Seiya. They were OK back then, but my favorite animation was not anime: G.I Joe A Real American Hero.
    As adult: Evangelion, Attack on Titan. The first one is a weird farrago of existentialism and jewish themes; the second one was meh.
    To be honest, I will never understand this strange fascination with anime.

  24. Jeez-a-lu!!!
    That old goat in the skirt!
    How do you go from Kamikazes to that thing in 70 years???

  25. Maybe New School anime, but Old School anime like DBZ, Berserk and Hajime no Ippo are pretty bad ass

    1. New school anime is generally pretty gay. But every so often you find one or two gems. The last two series I saw that were worth a watch were Kekkai Sensen and Parasyte. Other than that, they are few and far in between and vastly overrun by female centered shows or Shonen Jump rip offs.

      1. Parasyte is based on a very old manga. Haven’t seen the anime but the manga was good

        1. I heard the same. It won many awards back in the 80s I believe. I try to learn from good story crafters to get why they chose the moments they chose to reveal certain things and the effect it has on me as a viewer.
          Another manga which was an amazing cult classic but fell from grace would have to have been Guyver, the BioBoosted Armor. It still irks me the lack of plot. But a lot could be said for it’s focus on consumerism and the effect it has on society. Even the popularization of Zoanoids amongst humans can be an interesting study when you draw relations to transexuals. Same freaks but once the media got their spin suddenly they were trendy and all of their ills were absolved.

        2. Nice, I’ll have to look into it. Turned to reading 80s and 90s manga/watching anime for entertainment because of the increasing junk put out by Hollywood – either ever increasing explosions to cover up the lack of plot or the “you go guurl” mechanics where the male is some emotional/vulnerable caricature. Funny that a “cartoon” is more true to life than those bs shows/movies. Unfortunately it seems like most of recent anime has gone down the same route.

  26. It seems that anime is following the tendency of our societies: it starts to become degenerate.
    Anime itself is not degenerate per se, you need to watch the good stuff.
    I am not showing the kind of crap mentioned in this article to my kids, I show them good 70-80 anime.
    I have showed them Heidi, tom sawyer, nobody’s boy: remi…
    Now I am showing to my son Capitain Harlock/Albator , a very red pilled anime.
    It is about a guy who has taken the few sane people of a degenerate society in his spaceship, he fights against an approaching alien invasion, and is made a criminal by his own people who refuse to see that they are about to be exterminated by the aliens.

    We won’t see anything like this on TV anymore…

  27. In reference to the case involving the Woods couple – she hasn’t got a disorder or illness, she is just a right fucking bitch!

  28. I never understood how any men were into anime. I never understood the appeal of it and when I tried to watch it, it bored me to tears.
    Now bring me some Judo Gi or take me to nice rifle range. Some Masculine activities.

  29. I think there is some clarification needed. New Anime (after 2000s) you are right it’s mostly trash, the forces behind the Japanese suicide culture seem to have been poured into the whole enterprise and like a camel they have shat all over the floor. There is barely any piece of anime untouched. There are some exceptions (Vampire Hunter D, FMA, Planetes, GIT partially, Darker than Black, Psycho-pass, etc.) but most anime nowadays fits your description.
    In the 90 and 80s anime was created by a different generation, a generation that had survived the horrors of the post-war period, hence classics like Akira, Fist of the North Star, Jojos, etc. were created, anime like that nowadays could never be created (Jojos is animated nowadays but the manga is pretty old).

    Today’s anime and manga writers are like the mangina scum the author referred to.

  30. How in the hell can a grown man……how in the hell can any male over about twelve watch this stuff? If you sit around watching this stuff enough to know all the different characters or different styles or for that matter the names of any of these series, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life…….damn. If you don’t have anything better to do than watch television at least watch something manly. John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movies would be a good start even Looney Toons would be better than that anime girly man shit. (The old Looney Toons from 40s-50s)

    1. Because the medium does have stuff that matches and even surpasses in some cases the movies you mentioned. Stop being so close minded and taking things at face value. That’s never a good outlook to have in life.
      A man’s time is his time. He can do whatever he wants and as long as he has priorities and fundamental in line, it’s never an issue.

      1. You can certainly do what you want, it’s still a free country. If you want to be the weird old guy sitting around in his pajamas whacking off to anime, feel free.

  31. idk man, i fucking love anime. Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, Deadman Wonderland, Berserk, Gurren Laggan, Drifters….I can go on for days. There are thousands of anime, of course some are catered towards young girls, or teens that have that fetish of being that strong independent girl but aching to find a stronger guy (like the anime Maid-sama picture you posted). There are also anime geared towards teen boys, like Gundam, or Outlaw Star. So, yeah, this article is retarded. I would attribute reality shows and vapid live action shows to make people more retarded than anime. At least anime there are normally extremely complicated plots, underlying messages, and expansive character development.

  32. It’s half and half I’d say. Like many people have already commented, the old shit is masculine as fuck and I would love my future kids to grow up on that. As for new anime, yes, most of it is VERY feminized. I would like to hear your opinion of a new anime on Netflix “Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad.” The first ep is mostly about the protagonist’s father who was a war hero and shows a very positive father-son relationship. Then right away the protagonist’s royally embarrasses a princess that the antagonist is fully cucked to. There are like 3 series relating to this Sinbad guy on Netflix and in the last series towards the end of it he is pretty much god-mode that does whatever the fuck he wants.
    Also, my favorite anime that I have found none similar to is “Death Note.” The protagonist pretty much is playing the role of a god by killing everyone that is evil by writing their names in a notebook while avoiding being caught by the police. Insanely strategic. Also in the anime, he pretty much manipulates this girl that is gaga over him and easily disposes of her when he no longer needs her. RP asf

  33. “I just say ‘cause I like women’.”
    Well, sure, that’s hardly a revolutionary sentiment . . .
    “They are more reality.”
    Jeysus jumped-up Christ. This is beyond pedastalization, it’s making women superhuman. If it’s true that ‘this is no longer the era of men‘, simpering, thirsty shit like this is the reason.

  34. This whole article is completely stupid. The misandrism in anime is portrayed AS A NEGATIVE, not a positive. If anything, misandry in anime is showing us how females aren’t perfect, and that women can be just as bad, if not worse than men when it comes to domestic abuse or even hunger for power. I mean, just watch Kill la Kill and take one good look at Ragyo Kiryuin. Perfect example of a power-mad bitch. There’s also the fact that even non-villainous women being “bitchy” is portrayed as a negative. For example, Chi-Chi from DBZ, who keeps trying to pull Gohan from the fighting and turn him into a scholar/family man. The result? When Freeza returns via the Dragon Balls in DB Super, Gohan is hopelessly outmatched by first-form Freeza, when a while ago he was capable of fighting Super Buu on a face-to-face battle. Even “empowered” female characters like Emma Sheen from Gundam come to horrible ends when they try to play with the big boys and end up dying just like men do.
    Point being, anime is one of the most red-pilled forms of entertainment out there. It is far from a form of entertainment that programs men to be weak or submissive. Most anime tries to get boys to seize the day, rewarding them with powers and women for doing so. Patriarchal values like manliness and standing up for yourself are common themes in anime, and many animes I’ve seen like Mobile Fighter G Gundam have such memetic depictions of manhood that it’s hilarious and empowering at the same time. At the same length, they also show examples of femininity in women being a good thing, like how Videl was faithful to Gohan in DB Super, or how Rain was faithful to Domon in G Gundam. If there ever was a form of entertainment not invaded by SJW annoyances, it would be anime.
    And let’s not forget the copious mountains of anime porn that treats women like whores and sluts and even has men (or sadistic lesbian women) dominating them like they’re worthless fuck-toys.

  35. Sorry man, but you’ve cherry picked yourself into a blue pill haze here and simply surrendered yet another relatively positive male dominated space to feminists and social justice warriors.
    Like any other male space it is under blistering assault by progressives for a reason.
    It’s a complicated genre, but it’s safe to say patriarchy has thrived longer in Anime than lots of other spaces.
    It’s very sad to see some of it start to represent some of the male decline such as herbivore men, and weaboos in some of the examples here. But I think it’s important not to blame the genre. I mean, I don’t blame football for all the gay athletes coming out of the closet.

    1. Even though football has plenty of implied gayness. Just note the fact that they have positions such as tight ends, wide receivers, and you can, quote, sack the quarterback. Also, they tend to be drama queens, like Colin Kapernick.

  36. Your anime review has all the credibility of an Anita Sarkeesian review of video games. For example, a nosebleed is an anime trope indicating male arousal.

    1. Welp, looks like we can expect a scam kickstarter video series talking about how men are misunderstood in anime pretty soon.

  37. Anime girls are really attractive (idealized) and feminine. Gender roles are pretty traditional in anime. It’s nothing like American media.

  38. I’m so glad I didn’t grow up watching anime. Pretty much everyone I know who is into anime is a massive faggot.

  39. Clearly you haven’t seen Ranma 1/2. True, he does turn into a woman when he gets splashed with cold water (which he clearly despises, even if he does use it to his advantage at times), but still retains his male persona. And he can whoop the females easily even as a woman.
    I still watch some of the old school anime I watched growing up, but it’s now and then, and not something I take seriously. It’s more entertaining than that PC American crap that was churned out the conservative Reagan 80s, such as Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and yes, GI Joe. And you blame anime for this. Pfft.

  40. The autor taked a small part of the anime world and then condemned all the anime industry because of it.
    Animes has strengthened the male instinct in boys since its emergence. Works like Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, among several battle animes that are produced until today, are totally based on the most primitive masculine instincts of violence / martial arts, friendship and adventure.
    Just to quote some of the good effects of anime on people: In third world countries, like mine, where desordened economic growth has made families usually unstructured, and many boys grew up whitout any father reference, animes has served as a moral guide, the kind of which women are not able to teach. I had several friends who took lessons of life from the animes, such as the importance of hard work, the value and nature of friendship, the necessity of bravery and sometimes even the nature of manhood and its necessity in society.
    The most popular genres in the anime industry have always been these kind of anime.
    Also, you can’t pick animes specificaly targeted for girls and complain it is not manly. Of course it will not be.
    Ironicaly, these same anime for girls usually falls on hypocrisy, as the heroines usually fall in love with exacly the same alpha and dominant guys they claim to despise.
    You coudn’t be more wrong about the achetype “tsundere”. This archetype is what best represents the aforementioned statment, that these women, despiste being empowered and stubborn, fall in love to the guys they claim to despise.
    This archetype is entirely based on the struggle of men to breack through a girl’s bullshit and claim her heart. It has nothing to do with actual female empowerement, and everything to do with a man’s ability to destroy woman’s nonsense.
    But yes, there is an emergent problem in the anime industry called MOE, which is anime about cute girls doing cute things, the kind of which should appeal to little girls… the problem is that the audience of this type of anime are not little girls, but adult men.
    This kind of anime is a reflection of the effeminate and weak behavior that a part of the community has acquired lately. But make no mistake, this does not represent the whole anime community, not even the majority.
    I’m sure there are plenty of anime the autor of this article would be amazed to watch.

    1. You could not be more right.
      When I was a child and I saw Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, Digimon, Pokemon and more I learned many things about family value, friendship and perseverance. In the same way one can do it by watching stories from movies or books.
      The world of the anime is very extensive, there are great things and others that are disgusting, but it is a matter of being selective. The same applies to anime fandom (some are normal, other creepy).
      That’s it.

    2. ^This comment basically.
      The cherrypicking in the article was insane. This kind of short sighted offense taking is what the other camp is famous for.

  41. Mmm… many animes precisely parodies various aspects of real life. Day by day we see girls who behave aggressively and submissive men, and the anime simply represents that in a way that many find it funny (of course, not all who see it). There are several genres of anime that include little or none of the aforementioned elements.
    In the case of the “Go-Girl-ism” in the anime could not say much … at least the female characters do not encourage girls to be a tomboy (depending on which).
    The low rates of birth in Japan it’s a complicated phenomenon. Otakus (in the Japanese sense of the word) are much to blame, but they are not the only factor.

  42. have never seen anime, so i have no dog in this fight
    EDIT: just saw Angry Historians post, i saw 1 or 2 Dragon Ball Z episodes when i was a school boy, but still have no dog in this fight.

  43. This is by far the worst article on this website. Everything taken out of context and making it appealing for MGTOW.
    Anime has many genres and subgenres. Just because you are too lazy to look for decent masculine stories it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.
    Try something from the list I have put under and stay away from mainstream shit.
    Black Lagoon
    Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
    Fate Zero
    Death Note
    movies by Mamoru Hosoda
    Dragon Ball
    Fist of the Northstar
    Code Geass
    One Punch Man
    Mob Psycho
    C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
    movies by Makoto Shinkai
    Chaos Head
    Steins Gate
    Chaos Child
    Robotics Notes
    Ghost in the Shell

    1. what Hunter X Hunter isn’t good enough for you? or Hajime no Ippo? also RWBY is shit.

  44. I came here just to laugh at the author because he has no fucking idea what the hell he’s talking about.
    In your first anime (titled Kaichou wa Maid-sama or my president is a maid) if anything it’s hidden misogyny or chauvinism. The male protagonist Usui Takumi saves the girl COUNTLESS times unless you’ve been drunk during those 10 episodes.
    Also when Sword Art Online recently released its movie, many SJW retards on Facebook were making noise because of just one story arc where the main lead’s girlfriend was reduced to waiting for rescue in a cage. Not to mention how the main lead is always seen as overpowered and getting all the girls.
    Please don’t pass off your lack of understanding as truth and do your fucking research first.
    Also, I’m an anime fan. Suck on it, bitch. You can do us guys proud by first getting your shit together.

    1. Yeah, completely wrong ……. but not an entirely wasted story ….. I laughed at cuck Steve 30, how desperate is he to fuck Ms. fat 42 under any conditions!
      Steve Wood engaged to Debbie Wood …… WTF, cousins or brother/sister?

  45. Up skirt Anime, Great Teacher OniZuka

    I quite enjoy GTO.
    Watching it with French subtitles makes it educational.

  46. Ghost In The Shell always came off pretty red pill to me. Talks about a lot of the issues we discuss on ROK daily-a future populace controlled by technology, the effects of globalism, the nature of consciousness, the deep state, etc.

    1. Most of the stuff by Oshii is pretty good. That guy is a master of atmosphere.

  47. Violent Jack, “Macross – Do you rember love?” are two different animes that surely don’t go after feminist naratve. In Violent Jack womans are sold as prostitute slaves, some brutally murdered. In Macross, they talk about gender war between alien species, and it points out that woman and man should live in harmony. Is not totally red pill anime, but there one of the lead characters give a speech how a real man act brave, to win his girl, and a real girl must learn the ability sometimes to say her man is right, even when he is wrong. I am sure there are other red pill animes. But one thing i agree, and that is mainstream animes i see certanly promote violence against man as something funny, or the main hero is just plain baby face mangina.

  48. I had the opportunity to see some anime growing up. Back then there were certain shows that were popular with boys. Inuyasha was number one favorite, but I hated it. My personal favorite back then was YuYu Hakusho. I really liked the characters and the development.
    I also tried to watch Slayers, which while not bad never captivated me as much as YuYu , especially later seasons. I also remember a cool show about a high school guy solving puzzles left by a team of 3 villains. I don’t remember the name of the show, but it was my first grown-up anime. The talks of bombs and strychnine were really fascinating for a kid like me. I also remember a weird anime that was not good but had a lot of racist jokes and had something to do with demons. I also remember catching an anime with really dark tones about people in mech suits fighting an alien invasion of earth. It was very dark, I didn’t really watch but I caught a part where a dude started groping a girl’s boobs, and that scene was somewhat disturbing.
    By the time I stopped watching anime, the newer generation picked up. Based on my discussion Naruto and Bleach were everyone’s favorites. Personally I never liked either shows.
    Recently I noticed a disturbing trend with girls watching Yaoi anime.
    Overall anime is a medium. 99% is oriented towards some niche and offers the mental equivalent of bubblegum with fan service. Also, lot of duplicate shows. How many shows about girls going to high-school doing school stuff ? Way too many.
    Also, lots of tropes that repeat, but as long as done masterfully who cares.
    Basically you just have to select good ones. Separate the wheat from the chaff. In a vast medium as anime, there is no way you won’t find something that appeals to you, but there will also be a lot of gay shit obviously.

    1. Naruto and Bleach are called shonen and are basically kid stuff and more main stream. Mature animes aka Senin are for an older audience and just on a different level. Some animes like Monster and Berserk are must watch for anyone.

      1. Any other shows you could recommend. Was thinking about maybe going into it again.

        1. Sure. I religiously started about two years ago so consumed a lot. Can separate separate great from good now. I would really love to see your feedback once you watched some from the below list 😀
          Easier to watch/Starters
          – Death Note(As an intro to good animes)
          – Code Geass (If you watched ^DN then this is the next logical thing to watch. Just watch it for its ending)
          – Attack on Titan (Faster paced and pretty new)
          – One punch man (Well done comical parody of regular superhero animes)
          Now the real deal. The actual thought proviking/Really legit animes:
          – Berserk (Watch the movies if you want better production values. In fact if you have to watch just one anime from the entire list, this should be the one)
          – Monster (Perhaps one of the greatest most thrilling piece of media ever created. The premise itself is just so chilling)
          – Technolyse (It’s very very very nihlistic. Would be a pain to watch beacuse of the strength of its content. Interesting if you want something like that)
          – Cowboy Bebop (Now I am yet to see it but it’s considered the very best by many people so I guess should be worth checking out)

        2. Cowboy Bebop is one of the most beginner friendly Animes to watch. The pacing is good, the dub is good, and the music is great.
          I got to see Maximum The Horamone live. That’s convinced me to Watch Deathnote.

    2. +9000 for yu yu hakusho. My favourite anime from back in the day. Really loved how it transitioned from high school comedy to thriller to horror. Excellent character development – learning from their mistakes. Didn’t take 10 episodes to move the story forward. Tbh didn’t find another one that i liked as much – apart from GTO – that’s another golden one

        1. Great Teacher Onizuka – more of a comedy, doesn’t contain any magic/fantasy elements but does have a common kind of male lead as YuYu Hakusho where he is a bit of a delinquent and great fighter.

  49. How about someone post an article about good anime shows, or arguments as to why anime can be masculine, positive, interesting, cultivating, etc. ?
    We need to hear other voices as well.

      1. GTO is one of the best.
        It’s about a buff 22 year old male school teacher perving on his teen female high school students.I have to laugh because when I was very young and working in a 6th form college (with my wife circa mid 1970s) nearly all the younger single male teachers were banging the female students.

    1. To the author and all the fuckers here saying Anime is for kids , pussies etc I dare you to watch this video (some scenes from “Berserk”) and tell me how this is not the most masculine shit ever. Nowadays I watch Anime only (the gems , not the mainstream crap) and refuse to watch anything Western-produced , for good reasons.

      1. Beserk has got to be the most pointless crap I have ever viewed.
        Teen heavy metal heads only. Firmly ‘young adult’.
        Oiled muscles and big swords …… hmmmmmm ….

        1. Your taste in Anime is as poor as your country of origin.
          Learn to differentiate between ‘masculine’ and ‘slightly gay’.

  50. The funny thing about all the older masculine dudes bashing anime (much respect to ya’ll) is that I can tell it’s mainly because of the fact of it being an animated medium. Some people are stuck in the frame of mind that if something is animated (whether anime or western cartoons) then it is automatically not suitable for mature audiences which is bullshit. Much of the anime mentioned in the comments would be considered well worth watching for the great story-telling and masculine content if not for that mental block. As men we should be critical of our own assumptions just as well as we are of the direction our societies are headed towards. Focus not on the medium itself, but the content. Just as an example, me and my father were bonding together over watching the new season of Samurai Jack that came out…”we need more shit like this on t.v.”

    1. true. though i do have to say that the average shounen has gotten pretty boring imo. Senein is my thing now.

      1. I’m inclined to agree with you on that. Shounen has certainly lost its appeal to me.

  51. I would implore the regulars to ignore this article or atleast not take this seriously because the author has zero clue about the creative medium he is talking about.
    Anime is a wonderful medium with established tropes. Tsunedere is a character archetype quite famous and it’s not that sjw in nature. It’s basically follows the theme of wimmen acting tough but being/wanting to be feminine inside.
    There are really good anime like Monster, Berserek, Lain, Technolyze that actually challenge and stimulate you. There are animes for every types of audiences, just like books, music and games. Cherrypicking few to paint the medium(already misunderstood) in a bad light is just plain lazy writing. Lots of in 20s members here will be more frequent watcher of animes, so this kind of writing is just unnecessary.
    We are about improving men. You can watch animes and still get chicks regularly, it’s not like it’s a deterrent or it’s counter-productive. Lets not make it out to be something its not. The otakus and weaboos who are shut in are shut in because of their surrounding society and fundamental problems in their game. Anime is just a creative medium, just because they gravitate towards a part of it doesnt mean that’s the entire medium.
    Great Teacher Onizuka is all about Onizuka puting lots of misbehaving students(girls and boys) in line. The student trying to bait him into sexual harassment and how he gets out of it is an interesting bit. Three mean girls bullying an effeminate kid is understandable. What other ways do you think girls bully? This was pretty normal.
    Finally, Sword Art Online is the most retarded pos anime to be created. Analyzing it is similar to analyzing Ser Wiseau’s performance in The Room and using it to draw conclusion for films as a medium.

    1. Very well put. I can attest to getting laid as regularly as I watch anime. Most wouldn’t even know I watch it that often. Funny enough, a majority of the girls I get involved with aren’t huge fans of the medium either. (Great Teacher Onizuka is a favorite of mine as well btw, that mention was much appreciated.)

      1. Mine too man, I even watched the live action.
        That was my point too. Been here for quite some time, developed a healthy lifestyle, good on all fronts. Confident enough to get chicks without being ashamed of who I am. Sure if I am with a girl, I wouldn’t bore you with what I love because I really dont care if you like it too. It’s for me to enjoy. I am talking to le fuck her not le didyouwatchcodegeassending her.
        This is the same, ‘video games is making our kids violent’ talk that makes us roll our eyes.

        1. I agree 100%. The article is very similar to content put out by Anita Sarkeesian in regards to video games (someone else mentioned this in the comments as well). Also, Code Geass is another favorite. Very dope portrayal of a character on the Machiavellian side of things. Never saw the live action of GTO though I knew of its existence…worth watching?

        2. Yeah, it’s not as great as the source but is a really fun watch. They got Onizuka right.
          You should check it out, the humor is spot on.

        3. Awesome, I’ll have to give it a shot after I finish rewatching the series with a friend of mine. Thanks for the input man.

      1. Thanks man, wasn’t aware of him. will check his work out.
        Also in return, I would recommend Junji Ito’s Uzumaki if you haven’t come across it already.

    2. In Japanese culture, telling Japanese people that you are an anime fan is social suicide. Anime fandom is considered among the lowest, if not the lowest, rungs in their society. Anime fans in Japan themselves are usually creeps, weirdoes, and perverts who everyone else avoids like the plague.

      1. Interesting point. Yet, Anime is to them what celebrity status is to us. You can find anime references, restaurants, and other paraphernalia everywhere. And it comes on television regularly. I imagine watching it in passing as a part of a balanced life, is much different than spending years swearing how these fictional characters are real.

      2. “In Western culture, telling general people that you are a gamer/reader
        is social suicide. It’s considered among the lowest, if not
        the lowest, rungs in their society. The fans themselves are
        usually creeps, weirdoes, and perverts who everyone else avoids like the
        Marginalizing/hating a group based on an assumption of how they are perceived by some other person isn’t going to do us any good. Sure if you dress up in a school girl outfit with a body pillow and then try to talk to chicks/people, then of course people will consider you weird, that’s common sense.
        The whole point is that you can like anime without caring what people assume about you. If you got your fundamentals down and have a clear philosophy, it really doesnt matter.and people gravitate towards you even more since they assume you’re the exception to thestereotype and must be special.
        The gripe people have with this article is that it is looking for an issue when it isn’t actually there.

  52. Damn, anime sure went down hill since Astro-Boy, Speed Racer, and Galaxy Express 999.

  53. Anime is specifically geared towards certain groups. There are anime for girls, boys, adults, teens, pre teens, etc. The are like a zillion young male centered action anime with big chested women and muscular dudes. The problem is western men who are so emotionally immature that they watch anime written for young girls and don’t even realize it. ‘anime’ is like saying ‘movies’ or ‘visual media’, there is a huge spectrum that covers basically every demographic.

  54. Never watched it (outside of Samurai Jack, which I don’t think counts since it’s made in America by Americans and seems to have a much more broad and masculine message to it), and never will. I don’t even watch cartoons that I grew up with and like any more, nor the ones that I “screened-watched” with my kids when they were little. I’ll quote Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck all the live long day, but I don’t sit down and watch them any longer, because I’m an adult and there comes a time to put away childish things.
    Ditto comic books…er..wait they’re “graphic novels” now because that doesn’t sound so juvenile.
    So…I’m not entirely certain why I’m commenting on this article, heh.
    Now if y’all will excuse me, I’m going to meet up with a former commenter on ROK who is in town for a few drinks. Y’all have a good one!

    1. Hey Ghost,
      Man I understand where you’re coming from. To specifically answer why, I’ll just say that the alternative option of not watching it at all, sounds real boring to me. I am sure there might have been films that you love a lot. Piece of work that either gave you an enjoyable experience or you gain something from them, whatever that maybe.
      Now if someone, whose journey/growth you care about, was to dismiss films as a medium just based on watching movies like the new Ghostbuster movie or the Transformers series. Wouldn’t you atleast wan’t them to watch some actual good work before giving up and closing off too fast?
      It’s the same as if someone who was new to comedy would reject the work of Patrice, Bill Burr, Carlin and comedy as a medium after only watching Amy Eewmers Netflix special.

  55. This article is dumb. There are actually a lot of good reasons not to watch anime, just like sports, Hollywood films, porn, etc. It wastes your time when you could be doing something productive. But trying to breakdown actual plot points and trying to show anime is “misandrous” is SJW tier.

  56. yeah this is true. Older series were good like Robotech and did not have the same level of crap. I did like Bleach the fight scenes were awesome!

      1. It’s called “Spice and Wolf”. One of my favorite anime, as it takes a more pragmatic approach to fantasy. It is subtle and the lead characters’ banter is charming. Even a few redpill tidbits in it (le gasp!).
        Unfortunately the anime only got through 4/18 books it was based on.

  57. Fucking weebos.
    Weeboos, Furries and Bronies are the worst of the worst, They are below beta, they are Omega

  58. ‘. I’m human, the real deal, right down to the fuckin’ marrow of my bones. Don’t lump me together with you faggot-ass monsters.’

    ‘If you’re always worried about crushing the ants beneath you… you won’t be able to walk.’ – Guts ‘Berserk’
    Greatest manga ever made.

  59. No male role models
    What the fuck is up with that guy in that school girl outfit above? The fuck man?
    I see this shit play out on all counts in a very subtle way and its disturbing. Real subtle too and whats worse is the little boys are following suit behind this
    They are kids. They don’t understand the abstract views on life yet. How is this shit being planted in their shows when they are suppose to be in a developing stage still?
    This is what made me realize that they start with the kids early and have the seeds planted so it would grow into a “Pussy tree” later on
    Crazy. Manage the TV husbands as best as you can or teach them this is just a cartoon. Never take this abuse from any women unless you pay for it and that’s your “Kink”. Your bedroom whatever but, just know if its not paid for by some Mistress in a dungeon or whatever that your wife will start to take those bedroom antics out of the bedroom and into your daily life.
    Whats pleasurable now may be your new pain in the future

  60. Talk about selection bias, lets pick of bunch of shitty anime and claim its against men…Anime is one of the last bastions of masculine ideals left, period. Lets see some typical anime tropes that most feminists hate:
    Strong men
    hot women
    women are supportive
    guys often fight it out
    guys often have harems
    shows mostly revolve around males
    girls rarely the hero
    girl value almost exculisvely based on how hot and loyal she is

  61. A lot of the otaku you see in Japan are weak. I tried to ask them about how they would get a girl and every single one of them were too afraid to talk. Now if it was a discussion on porn, they’d know it from their back of their heads.
    It’s quite sad cause there are a lot of pretty women in Japan.

  62. Two of my current faves are more mini series then long term.
    “Last Exile”, an awesome sci-fi with an O Henry twist in the last two minutes.
    “Samurai Seven”, an extended anime remake of the classic Seven Samurai movie.
    Obviously it’s been awhile since I’ve watched any anime, and I tend to be picky and choosy about what I watched.

  63. I wish ROK would get some editorial consistency on some of these issues. Some posts hail anime as the last bastion against third wave feminism, and this poster is saying just the opposite. Which is it ROK? Look, I know this is a diverse group with varying opinions, but too much of the time we were “for things before we were against them” it seems. That hurts our credibility.

    1. ROK is a medium for voicing different opinions.
      It’s nice that posters can disagree with the author.
      We have 2 camps : anime and fiction are escapism, and the 2nd camp says some anime is ok. Both valid positions. There is no need to force consensus.

  64. I had a former manigina friend who watched allot of this shit ,he always tried to get me into anime but I never really liked it and he was always dumbfounded why I would never watch any thing with girl power in it. He was always was saying that I’m paranoid about what I watch ,I never can relax and just watch it I have to see propaganda in every show ,his problem is he wanted not to see .Outright propaganda in tv movies ,I could show him the facts but he never wanted to listen ,he’s liberal cuck boy plain and simple brothers.

  65. Another clickbait. Well, scumbag, I have an ad block installed.
    You looked at one subset and decided to paint whole medium based on that subset. No, actually even worse – you went looking for pieces to support your shitty thesis.
    It’s like saying – all books are made by Nazis because Hitler wrote mein kampf, or that all movies are made by cucks because there is a shitton of rom coms.
    Well, here’s a list for you which will drive your testosterone to 11 –
    Fist of the north star (Hokuto no Ken)
    Dragonball series.
    Armored Trooper Votoms series.
    New Getter Robo
    To name a few. Anime is a medium, not a genre.

  66. The anime fanboys will come out the woodworks for this one. Thanks to this article, ROK can now identify the edgelord, neo reactionaries who think they’re alpha badasses. Go back to making homoerotic jokes about your lord Milo.

    1. you think animes is shit, but there is anime and ANIME.
      take a look at berserk, hellsing, claymore, monster then come again.

  67. The only “anime” styled cartoon I ever watched (not actual anime since it wasn’t produced in Japan) was the “Boondocks”. Aaron Mcgruder the comic and creator was a smart guy. Constantly poked fun at the dindus

  68. Japan is quite a submissive nation; which it has been since it had 2 nukes dropped on it, which explains some of the cuckoldry in it’s entertainment
    There is a slight difference between anime and western culture
    Japan hasn’t got the kike infestation in all of it’s media pushing these narratives and as a few others have pointed out; the things in this article do not apply to all of their shit

  69. This is retarded and you are doing exactly the same shit as feminists do, talking about something from total ignorance, you should be ashamed

  70. Bullshit. Anime is literally the least toxic of all widely popular forms of pop culture, and it’s sure as hell better than (((Hollywood))). The problem with Japan is way bigger than some stuff on TV. The real problem is that America tried converting a hierarchical warrior culture to an egalitarian merchant culture at gunpoint and at the drop of a hat. The change never really took, and now that what Japan was like before the war has pretty much dropped out of living memory, the bad consequences of this failure are finally becoming undeniable.

    1. i say it’s obama fault, i think he had a project for them and made abe weaken them.

  71. Maid Sama (the fist anime he talks about), is absolutly nothing like that. The only reason those guys (who tried to do something to her in an alley, after finding out that she worked as a maid), only fell for her after having their minds changed by the male lead, who eventualy causes the main female charecter to fall in love with him.
    Most of the series is just her and the lead charecter interacting with one another. With one of the standard things being that Usui’s always better than she is, regardless of how hard she tries to become better than him.
    Side notes:
    The main lead charecter’s reason for who he’s drawn to her is explained. His motivations are cliche as all hell, but they’re explained (it’s because she’s the one girl who doesn’t just like him because he’s a fabulous hunk of man meat that everyone wants a piece of).
    She doesn’t go to an all boy school. It was an all boy school, that’d recently become coed.
    Her hatred of men stems from the fact that her dad left her and the rest of her family, hence why she works in a maid cafe.
    Pretty much all of the charecters in that show are a romantic anime stereotype, regardless of gender.

  72. >I also stumbled upon an incomplete game, about a playable Yandere girl, which had many references to Mirai Nikki
    Why did author not give title? Even incomplete games usually have a VNDB profile.

  73. This is what keeps me from really being an anime fan. Yeah, you have the classics like Hokuto no Ken, Berserk and Devilman that are more masculine. But most shows are all just some variation of the same basic setup of wimpy male characters. And I don’t think DB is best example like others are bitching; Goku and Vegeta are grown ass men with the power to destroy planets, and yet they still cower before their powerless human wives.

    1. Vegeta is not powerless to Bulma in any way. Literally the opposite of Goku.

  74. One could easily write an article describing the masculine tenets of anime. Ever heard of Berserk?

  75. anime is a medium not a genre, feminists wants to ban it because of the fanservice anime that “promotes sexual harassment” and you are against it because it has strong females and weak guys…again, anime is a medium

  76. Entertainment does not shape people.
    People shape entertainment.
    Anime is now about pathetic, worthless men and powerful women because that is what the effeminate Japanese people want to consume.

  77. Uh, did you really use Mirai Nikki and Yandere simulator as an example of misandrist anime? You know, Mirai Nikki, the anime with the girlfriend who will literally kill other people for you to protect you? How the *fuck* is that misandry?
    Jesus fuck, all the series you could use and you use YandereSim and Mirai Nikki. Look up the creator of YandereSim, hes not a misandrist or an SJW. His game pisses off SJWs for several reasons.
    Also, how the fuck is Sailor Moon missndrist? It may be a feminist anime but i dont remember any misandry in that anime or anti-male bashing.

  78. There’s plenty of anime with powerful main male characters… well until a female appears.
    Especially the kind where a woman does something that makes a guy physically interact with a woman.
    At which point this guy, who was doing nothing wrong, is suddenly called a pervert because of the actions of a woman.
    Now. He could be the most powerful personal in the universe. He could have just saved a load of people’s lives. He may have just got out of a Mecha after destroying the invading aliens. But as soon as a woman calls him a pervert, he is suddenly unable to defend himself and no one else will point out that it wasn’t his fault.
    To the point of this guy, who I shall say again didn’t do anything wrong, could be ostracised from society. Because a woman is doing something to him and refuses to accept that it was them that caused the problems not him.
    A lot of anime in recent seasons has had things like this happen. There have been anime that do it within 5 minutes of watching the first episode and it’s impossible to watch. As they introduced this stupid stereotype into the anime and it’s obvious what garbage it’s gonna be.
    There’s plenty of anime with strong female characters. But these female characters don’t just immediately say a guy is a pervert, they have actually got intelligence and will accept responsibility instead of just crying and blaming others for their actions that embarrassed themselves.

  79. Feminism is cancer, don’t get me wrong, but anime comes from a different culture which has been filled with more submissive males. Anime isn’t to blame for this though and I enjoy the current stance on males in certain anime. Why? Because it’s a funny trope that helps bring comedic relief. I also see things in anime which would make feminists cry blood.

  80. I dont think this is a good analysis. Anime, and how it has evolved to its current trends, cannot be explained like this. This analysis seems to me simplistic and reductionist. It is not much better than saying that violent games are programming people to be violent. Remember when there was a rape in Game of Thrones and there was a huge outrage about it? Are we really going to be like that?
    Like all art forms, the eye of the viewer changes the meaning. What it means to you does not mean the same to someone else. In the classic scene when the girl beats up the boy for doing something cheeky, you could interpret that as: “It is okay to beat up boys, they are scum, that is what they deserve”. But you could also interpret it as: “go ahead and be cheeky to girls, the worst that can happen is that you get a slap from her, it is not a big deal”. Or also: “if a boy gets cheeky with you, the appropiate answer to that is slap him silly, not to report him to school authorities so he gets expelled”. So depending on eye of the viewer, they can find a reason to be outraged. Lets not be like this.

    1. This being said, I do not deny that anime nowdays is full of scenes in which weak men are abused by strong, assertive women. I have seen in the comments that a lot of people are citing examples of old school anime as examples of manliness. The author of this article is talking about modern anime, the one that is being consumed now, not the old anime you remember and you grew up with. What I am not comfortable with is with the reaction and the interpretation given to it. It reminds me too much to our feminist complaining about anything shown in media that does not support their ideas.

  81. Modern mange-anime are becoming more and more politically correct and pathetic, especially the ones aimed at young audiences. Though some genres like seinen are still good. The old ones are good.
    Because the people most interested in manga-anime are otaku, m-a are increasingly made to appeal to the taste of those people – which is pathetic and perverted.
    Harem ecchi is kind of dangerous when it makes you think by being a meek nice guy (beta) you will get girls.
    Actually hentai is the genre where ‘alpha-males’ appear most frequently. It’s probably not feminist – since you would see a masochistic female sub more often than a dominatrix.

  82. Watch Berserk, Gurren Laggan, Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans to restore any lost manliness from watching little b**** anime.

  83. Stop applying feminist reasoning.
    The tsundere exist because psycho women exist, and those women have kids, friends who have to put up with it.
    It gives the character you want your audience to empathize with an issue the reader can empathize with, in this case a control freak abusive woman they can’t do a thing about.

  84. It sickens me that feminists use Sailor Moon as a symbol. While I fully acknowledge the story has some bullshit feminist elements, the original manga has FAR less of that bullshit than the anime it spawned. The worst offenses the manga has is just Sailor Uranus who is the very mildly “butch” lesbian, and the author not really giving the male lead very much to do making him seem ineffectual for much of the story(but he’s never really treated that way, the female characters still respect him). Some parts of the story that never made it to the anime are even downright anti-feminist ( ). Their super powers are all based on magic and not physicality, so it’s pretty easy to skim over the bullshit and just enjoy it as a story…but it has been around for over 20 years now, and each new iteration of the story becomes increasingly feminist leaning. It’s very sad.

  85. This entire article was fucking hilarious from start to finish. Like, get over it.

  86. Return Of the Cucke strikes again.
    you’re pretty much feminists now, congrats.

  87. WOW gone full SJW here eh.. Im sure keijo is super full of misandry too. Nice to see you found something “useful” (lmfao) to do with your social sciences degree.

  88. Yeah, yeah. Anime is bad, anime is amoral, we know the song. Any form of moral authority already attacked anime and it’s have already been ostracized of every social circle. So what exactly make you think we give a shit about your opinion?
    You’re just another name in the long list of moral busybody who should keep their nose where it belong.

  89. is it just me or do pua’s, like feminists, hate anything and everything that’s even remotely enjoyable.
    video games: evil, porn: evil, music: evil, anime: evil.
    god damn those pesky jews, why did they have to invent all the things that us common folk enjoy.

  90. I could go on a rant, but there’s no point when I could say this and it would suffice: the fucktard who wrote this article obviously hasn’t seen Gurren Lagann.
    Seriously dude, get fucking real. You’re looking at an entire medium and making a judgement. That’s like saying all movies are feminist. Or all books are female erotic fantasy after reading just Twilight. Dumbass.

  91. I don’t think you’re giving Great Teacher Onizuka a fair rep, the summaries of the show in the article make Onizuka look like some bluepilled beta male when is far from it. He was a delinquent that used to be in a well respected biker gang, he works out alot and is a black belt in karate. He is very sociable to the point that he has friends and connections almost anywhere which helps him get out of predicaments he is in. He uses his street smarts, charisma and excellent social skills to win over people you’d think would never give in to him.
    Onizuka doesn’t brush things off just because they’re girls, he does it for the boys as well because they’re kids and his students whom he is trying to form a bond with and guide into being good adults instead of just calling them a lost cause like all the other teachers. The male students have done some messed up stuff to Onizuka as well like photoshopping his face into some really freaky sex acts and putting the pictures all over the school and remember this was done in a time when photoshop wasn’t very well known and they were very well made edits so almost everyone thought they were real.
    He does seek revenge on these kids though, like the bully girls used in your example he followed them to a karaoke bar and then tied them up and spanked them, he also had the boy they were bullying with him and had him spank them and take humiliating pictures of them as blackmail. In another episode he has the boy fake his suicide and haunt them when they kick him out of a hotel room they’re suppose to be sharing. The girl who lures Onizuka in with sex, he has an episode with her where he learns more about her and they’re riding on a motorcycle, the girl says life is pointless so he decides to humor her and take the motorcycle to an unfinished overpass and speeds up, he actually rides the motorcycle off the edge of the overpass and scares the living shit out of her. They off course land into a safety net that was not visible until they feel a couple of feet down. Remember this girl has psychopathic qualities and he out freaked her.
    Also by this point in the story Onizuka has won over and earned the respect of most of the kids so he has these kids aiding him and calling the other girls out on their shit.
    To be fair though considering all the crap that happens in GTO most of the cast should be in prison/fired for the things they’ve done if it was more realistic.

  92. You need to open your horizon there is plenty of masculine/redpill and intelligent animes and mangas such as Redline, Afro Samurai, Hellsing, Drifters, Berserk, Trigun, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist Of The North Star, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Outlaw Star, Gurren Lagann, GunGrave, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Parasyte, Death Parade, Casshern Sins, Vampire Hunter D, Devilman, Saint Seiya, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Deadman Wonderland, Gantz, Cyborg 009, Gangsta, Kaiji, Black Lagoon, One Punch Man, Kingdom, Kekkaishi, Riding Bean, and etc.
    I do agree that a lot of anime in recent times has mostly been shit and caters to more bluepill audiences. This has to do with otakus taking over the industry and not knowing what makes the anime listed above so great. They mostly just create shitty harem power fantasies that don’t have any stimulating plot or thought provoking themes.

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