The 4 Cardinal Virtues Of The True Womanhood Cult

As part of the required reading in literature courses throughout many liberal arts colleges, Barbara Welter’s 1966 essay “The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860” has become a staple academic source for feminist and deconstructionist literary critics.

The Cult of True Womanhood, a.k.a. The Cult of Domesticity, is a phrase that Welter uses to define the prevalent philosophy towards women in America during the mid-19th Century. The philosophy, which she portrays as a particular set of demands and expectations, is founded upon four tenets: Piety, Purity, Submission, and Domesticity.

I suggest you read the essay prior to going any further. It’s a short piece, and the diction is easily accessible to modern readers.

Before I delve into these four tenets, however, allow me to provide a context for this essay and how it pertains to contemporary discussions of gender and society.

It is imperative for participants in the manosphere to be aware of this essay, for it underpins much of what feminism has become today. It is frequently cited as evidence of patriarchal constructs: horrible creations of man that feminists would have us believe are behind everything that makes them uncomfortable.

Not human nature, not biological imperative, not healthy norms, but… patriarchal constructs.

Step aside, John Henry.

Step aside, John Henry.

This essay gives feminists the perception of authority they need to re-define natural, functional gender roles as incongruent demands being forced upon women by a dominant (white) male class. Consider when the essay was published: 1966, in the midst of the second-wave feminism movement.

Welter frames the issue by alluding to the consequences of violating this prevailing set of values, summed up in the following: “If anyone, male or female, dared to tamper with the complex of virtues that made up True Womanhood, he was damned immediately as the enemy of God, of civilization, and of the Republic.”

If you consider the above quote as the introduction, then it becomes clear that this essay is a focus upon the 19th-Century response to those transgressions, a focus which serves the underlying purpose of deconstructing the philosophy itself in order to render it problematic and obsolete in a Progressive™ 20th-century context.

Although Welter does not explicitly condemn the Cult—her essay is more informative than persuasive—she had to be aware of the political context in which she wrote.

She begins the essay by labeling Man as a “busy builder” and Woman as a “hostage.” These terms are not accidental. Furthermore, the assignment of the term “cult” to what is really a set of ancient norms and values allows Welter to subliminally present those norms as inane and excessive. It allows her readers to equate the brutality of the enforcement of the cult with brutality of the cult itself.

Having made that distinction, I will now illuminate the four cardinal virtues of the Cult of True Woman.

1. Piety

The virtue of religious devotion, which includes faith, prayer, and participation in church activities.

This trait, it seems, is the natural state of woman. Their brain is wired to believe in something they can’t see.

Women already knew this in the 19th Century. Elizabeth “Mrs. John” Sandford said in her book, Woman, in Her Social and Domestic Character, “Religion is just what woman needs. Without it she is ever restless or unhappy.”

When Welter mentions in her essay Sanford’s view that Piety is a virtue, she says it thus:

“Mrs. John Sanford, who had no very high opinion of her sex, agreed thoroughly.”

Emphasis is my own, in order to illustrate that Welter insists any woman’s opinion that differs from her own must be “no very high opinion.”

Solipsism? Welter, have a little faith in your elder sister!

2. Purity

True Woman Waits.

There is a biological imperative behind this value which ensures that women form stronger bonds to their husbands and as a result maintain healthier a family setting for their children.

Regardless of the aim of Purity during the 19th Century, modern research has shown that it is actually better for children to have their mothers maintain their chastity until the night of marriage to the father of those children.

The alternative? An Alpha Widow who accomplishes the following: she fails to form a proper bond with her husband, divorces him, then ostracizes him from the lives of her children.

No one wins.

Although Purity is easier to uphold for some than it is for others.

Although Purity is easier to uphold for some than it is for others.

3. Submission

A woman’s obedience to her man. A wife’s deference to the wisdom and worldly experience of her husband. A daughter’s respect towards her capable father.

The problem is not female submission to males, since it is a biological tendency common among mammals, but rather the abuse of power that natural feminine submission affords the stronger sex.

The abuse of gender roles by unrefined or lesser men does not constitute a delegitimization of the gender roles themselves. Individual men are the problem. Wrath is the evil, not power. Does gluttony make food evil? Does sloth make rest evil?

Is all sex evil because of the existence of lust? Is submission inherently bad just because it has gone wrong in the hands of the incompetent?

4. Domesticity

This virtue should be self-explanatory. It holds that a woman’s ideal place is in the home and the kitchen.

Woman, Welter states, was “hostage in a home,” but not so the man “work[ed] long hours in a materialistic society.” How is it that a man enslaved to employment is not a hostage?

Regardless, the woman had specific roles while assuming the realm of the domestic: nurse, cook, and child-care giver, among others.

Nowadays, instead of mother fulfilling these roles, we have the government and multi-national corporations deciding how to heal, feed, and raise our children instead of the mothers who bore them from their womb.

I say this: anyone who seriously challenges the notion that the domestic sphere pertains to the expertise of woman has got to have serious mental issues.

Dismemberment of the cult

The Cult of True Womanhood is really a description of beliefs and attitudes towards women that can not be confined to a mere 40 years of history.

Indeed, the tenets of Piety, Purity, Submission, and Domesticity have been guideposts for women throughout the ages, in nearly all parts of the world, and they continue to hold sway in many dominant cultures and sub-cultures across the globe.

So what allowed the initial breakdown of the notion of True Womanhood in America? One possibility I propose is that the Industrial Revolution changed the business of men.

Subsistence farming, trades, and artisanry steadily lose their effectiveness at sustaining families when the demands and pressures of society change.

Mercantilism, on a government level, and capitalism, on a corporate level, raise the level of the dollar’s importance not only for those actively seeking wealth but also for those passively living within the system.

Welter herself mentions that in America “the fathers, alas, were too busy chasing the dollar.” As if the majority of them made a conscious choice to abandon their families for the sake of satisfying their own greed.

Rising materialism demands men to work as wage slaves, and these men carry their weariness and incongruency of spirit into the domestic sphere.

Rather than note, however, the threat that industrialization and materialism pose to the family unit, Welter and feminists in general look to deconstructing a core set of values that have served the survival and advancement of our species for thousands of years.

That is to say, rather than examine a more probable cause of unhappiness, they have decided to examine a side effect of the original cause (whatever that may be) and use that as an opportunity to demonize the age-old definitions of femininity, utilizing such terms as “cult,” “hostage,” and “patriarchy” in order to achieve their selfish goals.



Ideally, men work, build, learn, and discover, while women keep it all together at home. Life is demanding for men, and it is demanding for women. But what receives very little mention in today’s gender dialogue is that the expectations placed on men have changed very little in the past century.

We are still expected to study, to pursue a career, to provide, to be resilient, and to stand up for the weak and defenseless.

In addition, however, we are also now expected to be sensitive, to listen, to share domestic duties, and, most offensively, to ignore our natural inclinations and standards toward beauty, which are driven by biological urges to mate with healthy, viable potential mothers.

But if you want to bed attractive, quality women, you are expected to be fit, wealthy, witty, charming, and a combination of other qualities. There is nothing wrong with demanding excellence, but why does it apply to only one sex nowadays?

Hardcore feminists will try to convince us that it is backwards to uphold that women are delicate, gentle, and best suited to service. On the other hand, a message that men are brutish and given to violent tendencies gives feminism a reason to attack men and masculinity. A philosophy towards women that regulates their nature does not serve the aims of feminism, while a philosophy towards men that regulates their nature does.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you encounter someone citing “Cult of True Womanhood” as evidence of patriarchal constructs. Remind them that it is nothing more than a feminist tactic to demonize the aspects of human nature which they consider to be inconvenient.

I originally intended to end this article by posing a question about the existence of a Cult of True Manhood, but then I realized that the very idea is as preposterous as a Cult of True Womanhood. Instead, I’ll end with a brief anecdote.

At work today, my supervisor (a woman), was on her way to get a fork so she could sample the birthday cake that another woman brought for the business owner (male, in case it matters).

I asked her to grab a fork for me as well, and she scoffed, saying, “I don’t even serve my own husband.”

“Really?” I asked in disbelief. “You don’t serve your husband?”

“Absolutely not,” she huffed, walking past me towards the cake.

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151 thoughts on “The 4 Cardinal Virtues Of The True Womanhood Cult”

    1. feminism is a form of warfare.
      If you want to break a chain you do not attack the strongest link. You go for the weakest.
      If you want to bring down a great country or society you do not attack the tanks. You go for the children and women.
      The Nazi germans lost the war. No german soldier set foot on US soil. But the frankfurt (a city in germany) shool of marxism is now in every american household.
      Dont believe me? Wait 50 years and you will understand.

      1. If you want to break a chain you do not attack the strongest link. You go for the weakest. You go for the children and women.

        Except that women are not the victims. Women are the main source of feminism. Women are the war criminals.

        feminism is a form of warfare

        Yes, a war BY women against men. I find this image too harsh, but you get my point:

        1. I think The White Knights, Betas and Male Feminists are worst. The Female Feminists are annoying but it’s the white knights, betas and Male feminists that enable and break at the knees whenever the feminists start screaming for “Rights”. Iran in the mid 1960’s was becoming very Liberated for women and was making lot’s of progress up till the 1990’s, then political Islam took over and the Men removed all the women’s rights in Iran, the reverse can be said for western society where men of weak character broke and allowed women rights. My point is that Men Enable women their rights in society.If Efforts are directed at converting Male feminists, betas, and white knights to Red pill beliefs and doing so gets all Men on the same Page, then Feminism would dead in the water.

  1. Great article, the notion of womanhood has been obliterated by pseudo-intellectual Jewish cultural Marxists, white knight enablers, totalitarian governments and The garbage that Hollywood and cable tv shits out. Woman have always been a reflection of men and the environment that they live in. We have failed as men in deluding women that they can be like men and aspire to be like men. The man leads and the woman follows. For better or for worse.

    1. Quite right. A quick google search will tell you that white people are projected to be a minority in America in less than 30 yrs due to the rapid decline of traditional family values, cultural and economic decay and the promotion of immigration and assimilation… “but girls just wanna have fun”

    2. Totalitarian governments in the West along with Hollywood and cable TV are also largely run by the Jewish elite. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. 😉

    1. Can you just see her online dating profile: “Two time divorced lesbian with 5 children seeks. . .”

        1. I think Rosie is alpha lez. She seems to have the most money while her partners are better looking than her (man POV).

      1. ….25 yo brunette, 5’7″ and up, slender, never married, no kids only please…thxsomuch….

  2. “I asked her to grab a fork for me as well, and she scoffed, saying, “I don’t even serve my own husband.”
    This is one of the rare moments of truth. A chance where you can measure your freedom.
    The beta male who needs his job to survive will keep his mouth shut. Maybe wondering in disbelieve. He swallows.
    The free man will act. He will act quick and cruel.
    “Who’s bitch is this! She refused to grab a fork when a man asked her. Who’s bitch is this? This brat needs some serious training!”
    And i mean it. You shout that out loud for all to hear. Yes i know it will have consequences but the free man does not care because he does not need job, goverment, or loans. He is free.
    Most people are not. They just lie to themselfs. And swallow.

    1. cultural deconstruction time. Our culture is poisoned… It needs to be given fresh blood if it is to survive, and the old blood purged.

    2. One can only dream…would be cool if some alpha dude that was independently wealthy would be around to put that skank in her place. How about just being decent and bring back a fucking fork??

    3. Ehh…too deep. The author’s article is quite good and insightful. Protecting one’s job is a price those who work must do and that typically involves silence although we don’t know what he said in reply. Now if it was me I would’ve said, “Huh, cake is fattening anyway, deliciously fattening. I’ll grab some in just a bit”

    4. Unless she is a CEO she serves a man all day long. Thats the thing feminists dont understand. They deny their husband love and submission so they can “you go girl” down to a shitty office building at 7am every morning and serve their male boss. Nurses serve doctors, teachers serve and obey the principal’s demands, and secretaries serve up to 10 men in an office. Any man but the one devoting his life to making her life as comfortable as possible; that would be patriarchy.

      1. Good point, Brock.
        No, she is not the CEO.
        Yes, she does serve the interests and financial goals of the man in charge of where we work.
        It’s not a question of whether or not to serve a man, but rather which one?

    5. I’ll be silent and make a note to myself to NOT trust this woman with anything. And, if possible, in the future, change my job or just the sector I am.
      Maybe I would say a little joke like “Now you know why I’m single”, but USA looks so crazy to the bystanders (I’m from Brazil btw) that I don’t know if it would be treated as sexual harassment or not.
      You are only free when you have choices. I don’t feel the Americans are free to shove down a job just to make a point. Not nowadays.

  3. Feminists judge women far more than us evil white straight males. In fact women in general seem to judge women worse than men. Feminists claim they are about women’s choice but they will criticize an even abuse a woman who chooses to do something feminists don’t approve of like being a stay at home mum or not riding the carousel. Feminism isn’t about giving women options, It judges an shames women.

      1. Exactly, women have to do what feminists say or they get judged an shamed for their choices. Hence that women against feminism movement.

        1. The only thing feminists despise more than a really masculine man is a really feminine woman.

        2. Feminism’s goal is to destroy the family. It makes sense that they would shame anyone who doesn’t buy into their bullshit.

  4. yeah, I get the point- women are out of control.
    Anyway, Im shocked to find out rand paul just won the cpac straw poll- what say you? Is this a good thing? I honestly thought Jeb was a slam dunk, but he brought up the rear in 5th place…

    1. I think it’s a good thing, though Rand’s dad was in politics there isn’t the dynasty there like the bush’s / clinton’s. I don’t like families rotating out of the white house, reminds me to much of a Monarchy.

    2. It’s cpac. Of course RP will win. He’s won before. It’s not the primary and certainly not the general, and doesn’t mean all that much, especially when you consider that, for every committed, energetic, “informed”, kahki-pants-wearing conservative at that conference there are 10,000x as many brainwashed, brain dead, propagandized walking sacks of wasted meat, some of whom may also vote (esp. In a presidential election year) and offset the votes of the cpac drones.

  5. The lady not bringing you a fork is just plain rude. A simple act of bringing you a fork becomes some cryptic act of oppression by the patriarchy. It is a sad state that everything is such a big fucking deal and that the PEOPLE can’t do simple acts of kindness without it being a political statement. Thank you feminists…

    1. Feminism is conflict-oriented in a number of ways:
      1) It promotes a view of gender relationships as inherently antagonistic (men v women).
      2) Feminists use Marxist non-sense about “men as a class” is a fancy way of attributing guilt by association. Even if a guy is polite, respectful, and has never mistreated a woman, he’s still part of the problem.
      3) Feminism comes from Marxism, which is rooted in economics. Hence, feminists bring all sort of economic ideas and language into their worldview of gender relations. However, economics are inherently conflict-oriented, because people in economic activities try to maximize their returns while minimizing their investments.

  6. When you asked her to grab you a fork, did you say please? We might be men but we should still use manners. Manners get you far in life.

    1. do you think a woman who answers like this would do what you like if you just say “please”

  7. This is utter bullshit. And it’s bullshit because it completely negates the fact that women, shockingly, much like men, have their own interests, vocations and skills, and that the entirety of their being is not limited to their reproductive capabilities. Women, contrary to some of the nonsense posted on this site, are indeed capable of intellectual and creative curiosity, and want to spend their lives, or at least a fair amount of it, pursuing these passions and interests, rather than ‘at home, in the kitchen.’
    If you haven’t met women like this, you’re hanging around the wrong places.

    1. Male-to-female ratio in STEM proves otherwise
      Women do not have their own vocations and skills LOL

    2. “Women, contrary to some of the nonsense posted on this site, are indeed capable of intellectual and creative curiosity, and want to spend their lives, or at least a fair amount of it, pursuing these passions and interests, rather than ‘at home, in the kitchen.’”
      ‘Capable’ is an amusing term to choose. It’s sort of in the same sphere as the word ‘potential’, and specifically in the same area as “Johnny has great potential — and always will.”
      ‘Do’ or ‘done’ are the more revealing ones when it comes to women generally, especially when you look at which gender in modern society devotes itself to lifetimes of intellectual and creative curiosity, resulting in advances that propel society forward. One need not even resort to the past two thousand years or so of history, one can look at the current percentages of women in STEM fields as opposed to meaningless and subjective areas of study such as “arts” or “Gender Studies”. Across the board, it’s men who do the thinking, the inventing, and the heavy lifting, while women ride on their backs. It has nothing to do with discrimination or discouragement – it’s what women want to do.
      It’s also interesting that Ms. Waffle omits any mention of children. Therefore she is asserting that women would rather spend their lives on their own egos rather than spend any meaningful time on their kids. On the other hand, that, too, is consistent with radical feminism: demonisation of the woman who makes motherhood her craft and profession, because a housewife of her own free will is the proof against all the posturings of feminism at large.

    3. No, this isn’t “utter bullshit.” You can argue it’s somewhat bullshit.. for the reasons your outline.. but certainly not “utter bullshit.”
      The question still remains: even if women have their own interests, vocations and skills, are these really more important than cultivating long-lasting relationships, encouraging marriage and raising a family? Moderns and liberals value individual autonomy, sexual freedom and promiscuity, material goods and career over love, relationships, family, community and children… and certainly the former values have their benefits .. but where is it written that those values are more important and take precedent over the latter, traditional values? Despite Western cultural hegemony, there are still plenty of other societies and cultures that have a different value system.. and it is nowhere written the Western way is the only way, or even one that can be sustained in the long-term. Patriarchal and traditional cultures may be scoffed at by moderns and liberals but these societies and cultures have lasted hundreds of years. Modern Western liberal and feminist culture and society is a flash in the pan compared to those societies and cultures. Given that feminism and sexual freedom for women has pretty much resulted in a demographic dead end, and that the only way feminist societies can sustain their populations is through immigration from cultures that are necessarily patriarchal and traditional because that seems to be the only way to keep women in line and to guarantee the average man has a decent shot at marriage and children, I would argue the onus is really on you to prove your way and value system is actually “better,” sustainable and must be one every society and culture must adopt.

    4. List of male geniuses v. female. Disparity. Huge.
      This speaks of generalities. Men are more intellectually curious.

    5. I have met plenty of women like this, precisely *because* I was hanging around in the wrong places.
      I fucked every one of them. I’m no longer with any of them.

  8. Women that enter the workplace do the same caretaking tasks as a housewife, except they do it for strangers. Look at the jobs with the most women working in them:
    Nurses, secretaries, maids, cooks, assistants, and teachers. These are all the daily responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom but instead of doing them for her family with love and nurture, she does them for other people for little more than minimum wage. It makes zero sense.
    Instead of teaching her daughter how to be a woman (cook, clean, dress feminine, behave with manners, sew, etc.) she goes into a school and teaches other people’s children how to do algebra. Instead of taking care of her home she gets a job being paid $10 an hour to maintain some asshole boss’s office space.
    Feminists will berate a stay-at-home mom for doing the exact same thing as working women. Anything to destroy the greatest acheivement humans can obtain: a healthy, stable, nuclear family.

    1. In Sweden, women drop their kids off at a daycare center so they can go to their jobs at . . . a daycare center.
      And I’ve started to develop a flat spot on my forehead.

    2. They bake assorted fat pills for an office of strangers while refusing to cook for their own families.

      1. Doesn”t matter. Her husband is getting a box lunch from the office assistant.

    3. Women that enter the workplace do the same caretaking tasks as a housewife, except they do it for strangers

      Look at the jobs with the most women working in them: Nurses, secretaries, maids, cooks, assistants, and teachers

      They forgot prostitutes.

      1. This is one of the best definitions / explanations of feminism I’ve ever come across — thanks for posting it.

      2. yea maybe , but at the end of the day it is their choice.
        maybe you should respect their choice as humans.

    4. sitting in the same house all your life cooking a cleaning, women do not become more intelligent, and they are not slaves in a job , and they can become housewifes if they want.
      cleaning their whole lifes for men will not make them more powerful or stronger.
      a career moves up and pays money, and allows women motherhood as well.
      being a housewife means you are dependent on somene giving someone power over you.
      seeing career path compared to providing a single man with goods and services for all their lifes as a bad thing is a selfish and misoginistic ideea.
      try to replace “woman should be” with “woman will choose to be” and try to view the difference.

      1. But if we look at Sweden and other countries like it we see the most gender equal countries on the planet are also the most gender polarized in the workplace.
        So when women are given the choice they mostly choose to be carers etc. Those countries even had to mandate 40% women in boardrooms to get the numbers up.
        The very fact other than caring they chose to want jobs in the boardroom and point out that only 5% of women are ceo’s of fortune 500 companies is in and of itself a clue to how ingrained the feeling of entitlement is among women.
        Ceo of fortune 500 companies are literally the pinnacle of the jobs market that if we were to split 50/50 mean 250 jobs for each gender.
        And the boardroom is also at the top end of the jobs market.
        So the feminists idea of equality is one of women in the royalty and nobility of the jobs market that comprise of a tiny fraction of a % of jobs men do.
        Where are the mandates for sewerage workers, garbage collectors, construction workers, miners, oil rig workers and all the other jobs that the vast majority of men do virtually exclusively?
        Women HAVE CHOSEN TO BE only the carers or if not demand to be the leaders leaving all the dirty, smelly, dangerous and hardworking jobs to the men.
        It is understandable if we look at humanity from the beginning as men provided for and protected women and as such women looked for good providers and protectors and evolution selected for those traits in each gender.
        So after 200,000 – 250,000 years of those roles being needed due to the environment etc and men working and building civilization after civilization while providing for women men finally created civilization’s we call “first world countries”.
        These “first world countries” had no wilderness to tame and with governments that created social benefits and support a grocery on every corner etc living was no longer a struggle.
        So it is no coincidence that women chose to become “strong and independent” right at the point they no longer actually needed to be.
        Or that the feminists try to paint a existence prior to that point as being oppressed rather than privileged, while ignoring the fact that even now their sense of entitlement color’s their idea of equality to the point they focus on areas like the workplace in government or top level ceo/boardroom jobs.
        Personally i would rather have those in government and high level positions with a evolved trait of being a provider and protector than one of entitlement and need to be protected.
        Mainly because the latter leads to laws based on paranoia and social engineering exactly as we are already seeing, women are the most protected class in society now even above children yet all we hear are comments about “rape culture” along with laws that are gender biased towards women.

        1. women focusing on higher positions as compared to men, are really deserving of praise. in many countries women begin to have the same rights as men.
          women are indeed protected by law against violence and harassment, because they are more likely to be victims of it and that masculinity is associated with treating women badly and hiding emotions, in society in general ( look at the statistics )
          the fact that women have held a certain place in society for a very long time is no argument that they should keep it against their will , for example, slavery was around for a very long time and that does not make it good ( for the slaves I mean not for the masters ).
          indeed the men were the protectors and providers of women, because women were never given the opportunity to be independent of them and make their own decisions, and more importantly they did not have access to education.
          being privileged is not exactly the same thing as being a maintained individual to serve another person’s needs ( in this case the men ).
          indeed there is one thing men have that we do not which is violence, that men used to give women a place that they did not choose, but was chosen for them.
          as I said before people are given the equal right to apply and attain positions everywhere, so don’t blame women for men being in shitty jobs.
          I am sorry but not a single word in your comment is a valid argument as far as I can see.
          What I believe you do not notice is that you cannot like a women being around you unless she is inferior to you, when what she wants ( most of the time ) is just to be your equal.
          If you do not want women as leaders think that if they would have been in power instead of men , there surely would not have been any world wars and the countries would have cooperated with eachother because women are not violent and challenge themselves in different ways. ( read the statistics, criminality rates based on sex etc. )
          I think you give your own gender too much praise for feeding and clothing a family.
          What the feminists actually want is to lift the barriers and and make the world see that women and men are just humans, and there is nothing more to say.
          PS: let the obscene remarks flow 🙂 after all I am a woman what the hell am I doing out of the kitchen XD

        2. I looked at the statistics and in the western world women are the most protected and least likely to be physically assaulted, men are the most likely to be physically assaulted and least protected.
          So you think that men who tamed the slenderness and built every civilization WHILE providing for and protecting women should have done it for nothing?
          If women wanted to be independent they should have picked up some tools and learned to use them just like men had to, then built themselves a house and what ever else was required.
          Most men had no access to education for the majority of human history but they still got by.
          Serve another’s needs?
          You mean like feeding them, clothing them putting a roof over their heads and raising and supporting their children?
          AGAIN womans innate feeling of being entitled to the benefits of others work without earning them rears its ugly head.
          Women are guilty of as much domestic violence as men if not more its just that men do not report it as much.
          Men do shitty jobs because they need doing to keep the world going tick tock, women do not do those jobs because they feel entitled to better and they can always get a man to support them rather than do them as well.
          I have no interest in having a woman around me unless its for sex because i have better things to do with my free time than spend it doing things i do not like but she does.
          Welcome to actual equality.
          Women manipulate others into doing the violence for them and are the CAUSE of most fights between men.
          No world wars if women had been in charge?, you must be kidding if women had been in charge we would ether be dead or still in caves.
          What feminists want is female supremacy.
          No thanks i do not want you or any other woman in my kitchen, send me a photo and a price per hour and il see if you are worth it.

      2. Well honey, given how well you ‘readin and ‘riting you best stick to scrubbin floors and drainin’ balz

      3. “being a housewife means you are dependent on somene giving someone power over you.”
        The university degree to a “career that moves up” is exactly that-giving a corporation/boss/shareholders power over you. If you read the article from a few days back about women not creating wealth, combine it with statistics and common sense, you’ll see that women haven’t backed up their careerist ideals with business creation.
        99% of women (and men) who elect to pursue a “career that moves up” won’t ever sniff the C-level. Most of the women I’ve seen in the workplace have bounced around as recruiters or client services clowns for shit pay and ended up 45 year old middle managers at best. The media deceits women by shamelessly parading the .01% of female corporate glory stories. Women also tend to look at careers altruistically, not knowing that their liberating job will be axed as soon as the company gets a bad quarterly report.
        1999 in film: Office Space, American Beauty, and Fight club show exactly how the majority of men view corporate: a hellish and soul-sucking way to pay a mortgage and build a 401k until we retire.
        I predict the hyper-individualist women’s career movement will last another 10 years or so and start to equalize the amount of women in senior positions. Once the women who have their nose stuck in excel spreadsheets all day don’t have the patriarchy bogeyman to blame for their stagnation, most of them will realize that the movement wasn’t worth it.

        1. sorry there is no point of all this research of yours because the reationship between a wife and her husband, and a man and woman and her employer are two completely different things. it is das because it is funny

        2. Adela….poor lost hypocrital soul that doesnt, and won’t get it.
          you are that future 40 year old divorcee living with cats cursing men as evil swine.

        3. funny, because if I were the ideal of the submissive women dependent on someone else, I would end up pretty much the same .

        4. so acting completely different and doing things completely different would put you in the same place? dat logic…..

    5. the moment men created the tools to build first world countries and as such made living easy with a grocery store on every corner and a government that has social benefit systems and support along with courts to redistribute wealth AND BINGO it was at that point women chose to become “strong and independent”.
      For 250,000 years of struggle where “strong and independent” would have been what was required women were content to let men provide and protect and then after men built civilization after civilization they finally tamed the wilderness and built one that made living easy……

    6. Feminism does not look down on stay at home mums, they simply state that they should not be forced in that role.
      If a man loves a woman, he will support her in what she wants to achieve, and not push her down.

  9. I have mentioned that I am not opposed to marriage, and this is the time to say it:
    Who even cares if your woman really likes you?
    I mean, really, there is something worse than having a nagging wife- genetic death.

    1. “Who even cares if your woman really likes you?”
      really? you know, life mostly isnt fun, its fight and struggle and annoying and you have, compared to that, relatively few good times where you can lean back. that place where you can lean back should be your home. now imagine there is someone bitching and complaining and making your life even more complicated. why do you care about genetic death? what did your lineage accomplish so far, why shouldnt it just disappear? the most peple are sheep with no outstanding talents, no one gives a shit if they die out. there is absolutely no point inviting a dragon to your home just to pass your average genes on.

      1. The game required to sack the woman in the first place won’t carry over to the new challenges of taming her dragon once you’ve opted not to dump. Then there are ever ascending levels of game necessary to then turn the dragon into the unicorn that you can ride at will and soar the eros. Then is the domestic service and nurturing of offspring, all of which should come naturally.
        A woman is driven by POSITIVE life energy when she exhibits her instinct to give herself over to selfless service to her species – to her offspring and to undying and selfless service to HER MASTER. But the resistant self determined woman represents death to her species. With the male the opposite is true.
        Much has been popularized about the initial game to spread the legs of the woman or get her ass up but the game graduates to whole new levels with these bizarrely wired creatures as their security alarms make simple DNA handover into the most psychotic theater of unpredictability and espionage.
        If a dragon woman requires such advanced levels of game therapy to keep her docile and submissive to her man and subservient to the needs of her family, then she should be exorcised out of the breeding pool. Unless you believe in soulmates and piddling around with some infertile old boss bitch and making paddy cakes into your older years, then so be it. Let the infidels make the paddy cakes and die out, and let the naturals make the progeny for our future. If she’s too hard a dragon to break, you’ll go broke even trying.

        1. If or when you ever find yourself cornered by a firebreather, the system is no ally. They come with gasoline to finish the job. It is good to have some tools in your bag to deal with the monster.

  10. A women’s job is to nurture her home, not wage slave her life away with cats.
    The bible had it right but everyone bashes religion (Christianity) in here for no reason. (Shrugs)

    1. “More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.
      Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” ~
      Alexander Solzhenitsyn
      Men caught up in samsara always balk and chafe at God’s authority. They truly are “of this world.”

  11. Does this “boss” also “do” her hubby? He needs to slap her rear and grab her a hair in the sack and show her who is boss.

  12. The ‘I don’t even serve my own husband’ boss bitches have gone full circle feminazi and have forever left the human camp. Let them rot. Feel no empathy for them when the elements react upon their decaying shipwrecked hulls. Our pure women we keep pure by enforcing strict apartheid against any contact with the filthy and damned throngs of the feminist zombie apocalypse.

  13. Thanks Vic.
    Your arrogant supervisor — who is far too Special and Entitled and Empowered to serve her husband (much less to grab a fork for you) — truly is the sludge trail left intact after a century of the snail-slime ‘progress’ of feminism. Can’t risk falling in the Hive Bracketology by being seen helping an Evil Subordinate Male get a fork! What a zombie horde.
    She’s an excellent example why females should never have authority over post-adolescent men. Such authority inevitably leads to the abuses-of-power, petty vengeances, and horrors I’ve witnessed since the mid-Seventies, when women began taking over education and the academies.

  14. Like it’s some outrageous imposition to pick up two forks instead of one…that’s a bad attitude bordering on mental illness. God help you, bro.

  15. women who pursue their own interests and the fruit it bears are on display at

  16. I’ll just leave this right here…
    “Girls are supposed to be in the custody of their father when they are children, women must be under the custody of their husband when married and under the custody of her son as widows. In no circumstances is she allowed to assert herself independently.”
    This is from the ancient Hindu Code of Manu. Admittedly, there are some weird ones that I don’t feel still apply in a modern world, but if you read through them you can see why ancient India was an advanced and flourishing civilization in its time. Men ran the show and women were there to support them. Same as it ever was for every other empire that’s ever existed.
    The unchecked female id is the greatest destructive force known to mankind and has been responsible for the downfall of many a civilization, including ours. Allowing women to do whatever they want whenever they want with no restrictions and refraining from shaming them for their bad behavior results in…well, it results in 2015 America.

    1. The irony is that that stricture also exists in nearly every philosophy text that deals with females, and every religious doctrine from ancient history. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Confuscianism, and almost every pantheistic text with any rules for dealing with humans whatsoever, all warn of the havoc, destruction, and chaos resulting from treating females as if they have Agency. They may all want to kill each other, but on this point they all agree.
      It’s almost like… you know… men a couple of thousand years ago weren’t complete idiots.

      1. Men of times since past, knew the destructive capabilities of women with power. Thats why the “patriarchy” exists/existed; to maintain order in society.

        1. Patriarchy literally means ‘Fatherhood’.
          Fathers are the only ones that could do it. They were the only ones that cared about their daughters enough to control them, and teach them to control themselves. That’s why there’s so much effort spent on destroying fatherhood.

        2. My vision of the ideal patriach, is a man who is strict and takes no shit, but is also a caring father.

    2. Thanks for sharing that, some great insights there:
      Women, true to their class character, are capable of leading astray men in this world, not only a fool but even a learned and wise man. Both become slaves of desire.
      Wise people should avoid sitting alone with one’s mother, daughter or sister. Since carnal desire is always strong, it can lead to temptation.
      Wise men should not marry women who do not have a brother and whose parents are not socially well known.
      One should not accept meals from a woman who has extra marital relations; nor from a family exclusively dominated/managed by women or a family whose 10 days of impurity because of death have not passed.
      It is the duty of all husbands to exert total control over their wives. Even physically weak husbands must strive to control their wives.

      1. The problem is when other men (police, government) step in and stop you.

    3. Ahhhh… The Code of Manu! Real Men must read it Chapter and Verse! Preach on Samson! Preach on!
      P.S. Love the locks!

    1. “Women should do as they told by the fathers, husbands.”
      words of wisdom

  17. “social construct” is code for painful truths that equalists cannot withstand, and thus the term was created so they can take shelter in relativism
    Which is ironic because equality itself is the biggest social construct of all – it’s almost as retarded as believing in Santa Claus

  18. Apologies for the off-topic, but I’m familiar with a few posters (You’ll know who you are) on the comment section and just wondered if you’re on the ROF forum as well.

    1. Hey there Tim.
      When you say “the ROF forum” do you mean the “Roosh V” forum or something else ?

  19. It is very shocking to see men simply do not believe that a woman’s goal in life is not be their house servant.
    Really is that so hard to believe?
    Is it hard to think that a woman should be treated like a human being?
    If you ask any girl even if she is a teenager, nobody will tell you that what they want to do in life is clean and cook for you, no, women are intelligent and they want to achieve amazing things, and are doing so every day.

    1. You are so right! Women have had the vote for 100 years (20th Century) which was the bloodiest century in the history of mankind. And all the incredible works of art they have produced since their liberation make Michael Angelo look like a finger painter! The great musical compositions make Mozart look like a child, the amazing scientific progress they have made makes Tesla look utterly foolish, the social stability they have brought to the table with their egalitarian prattle makes Lycurgus seem like a simpleton. America is in such better shape than when I was a lad back in the 60’s & 70’s, when we could just leave our door unlocked and wide open and go shopping without any fear. Yes, America is soooo much better after 100 years of womens suffrage and womens liberation of the 60’s!
      The fight against racism and social inequality has pushed more than 1 BILLION people into early graves since 1900. All the revolutions since the French Revolution have been about equality and they have all ended bloody! The term terrorism was originally coined to describe the original state-sponsored terrorism called The Red Terror!
      Nature abhors a vacuum and when you kill God He must be replaced with something else. This is always the state. The state is deified and we get our new prophet Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Reagan, Obama, etc. ad nauseum…
      The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism.
      Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.
      “I know that since the women started out on their crusade they have scored in every project they undertook against unjust laws. I would like to see them help make the laws and those who are to enforce them. I would like to see the whiplash in women’s hands.” ~ Mark Twain – quoted in The New York Times, January 21, 1901.
      Voting is an act of weakness, a form of complicity with a corrupt regime. Universal suffrage is the most refined manifestation of the political charlatanism of the state. It is the surest means of making the masses co-operate in the building of their own prison. So thanks a million for contributing to the incredible society that I find myself living in…

      1. yea, you expect women to have the same accomplishments as men in history as they have not had that much time to have them, and society still has a very hard time accepting women as equals, and wants desperatley to push them back into slavery( and saying that all women should be housewifes is just that ) .
        yes, and people have died and will keep dying for freedom.
        women are and will keep making laws, and have an active participation in political life now a lot more that they have had in the past.
        you neglect the fact that this women who are absurd enough to escape the ideal image that men formed in their head about them, needed time and courage to enter a once dominted male enviroment of very strong sexism ( such as you can see on this web-site ) .
        there are so many examples: hilary clinton, angela merkel, margaret tatcher etc. , the llist goes on. ( queen elisabeth the 1st )
        Do women make laws ? they deffinetley do.
        Saying women lack accomplishments is a huge lie , and yes maybe some were not recognized as geniuses but that does not diminish their contributions to society and the world in general.
        you seem to have a very strong belief that a woman’s place in society should be men’s decision, and I am sure you are sure you are in every way superior to them.
        think about this for a change : the most horrible that exist and have existed in the history of mankind have been caused by men.
        what makes you supperior to women is the abuse you are capable of and your efforts to strip them of their rights, and the fact that men have been in power longer than women which gives you the advantage of not being seen as inappropriate.
        the power to vote, is really the only political power the average man holds, and what a corrupt regime is is subject to opinion.

        1. congratulations , you just insulted me :D! I wonder how many more likes you are about to get. That is the way to do it, verbally abuse women!!

        2. Listen here you feminist bitch, this website is not for YOU, it is for Men. Do you crave a little abuse so you can PROVE your feminist points of view or are you just a masochist? We don’t go over to your bullshit feminazi websites and hang out starting trouble, at least I don’t. Yet you bitches come traipsing into hostile territory and start slinging your shit bombs. The only reason feminism has had the impact it has is because it was birthed after the industrial age and set in a very “soft” period of history. Without technology it would be hard drudgery and a womans place in the kitchen would NOT be questioned. You need a good bitch slap about 1000 times, like most men receive in their lives from parents and government. No one coddles us, we are meat for the grinder and you bitches want YOUR hands on the handle. I may forgive you your feminist bullshit if you get down on your knees and beg, and while you are down there suck my dick while you’re at it.

        3. Well we can’t do it physically, which is what you want, need and would enjoy. Then you really could be the “victim”.

        4. Hopefully , your husband or some other dude will find the time to spank you properly for speaking in public.
          That way you`ll get more than just “verbal abuse”, but a good, proper spanking for your insolence.

        5. Congratulations, You have stuck around long enough to validate this article with your dumb posts.
          Youve been asked to leave…if not for us for your own sake…you’re embarassing your gender———————–>

        6. “they have not had that much time to have them”
          what are women waiting for? Young male dropouts have created much of social media and silicon valley startups. And this is in the age where more women are getting college degrees.
          Highly educated women should be making contributions to innovation, yet it is men doing all the innovation.

        7. You no smart. Many angry badass men here. They no like silly inferior woman who open mouth and shriek like harpie. Woman need to stay home and make babies. Preferably man child. Men here punch, kick, bite, claw each other. Also teach, inform, support each other. Many testosterone here. Not all Spartan like all Spartan but respect all Spartan. At end of day fortune cookie say ~ “Picture Worth 1000 Words.” Now we all gang 肏你祖宗十八代

        8. Really? My opinion is null then?
          I don’t see a lot of women here, is it because you bullied them away?
          If so you truly are a joke , a women hating one that is.
          Don’t lie to yourself for not being a misogynist if this is the case.
          If you would find my opinions ridiculous you would not want me gone so bad, because I don’t even come close to as ridiculous as most of the people here are.
          Why so threatened ?
          ( be sure to write some abuse to get some likes 😉 )

        9. Maybe you should seek some serious help.
          I do not hate men, while you clearly hate women.
          For speaking out, you have just:
          1. Verbally abused me
          2. Threatened me with physical harm
          I do not succumb to physical threats, after all it is what true misogynists want.
          If you do not care for women’s opinions than you clearly are a woman hater, and that makes no sense at all when all the worst things in the world were caused by men.
          Keep writing abuse if you like but dwell a little bit on this comment.
          Hate is not healthy.
          Go ahead with the abusive comments if you like.

        10. Logic is all that is necessary for likes. Not insults. You do enough insulting on your own. You’re a female. Logic exceeds you.

        11. “I do not succumb to physical threats,”
          men stronger than women….so yeah you do succumb.

      2. Yea, I did reply to this one but the post was deleted.
        I humbly suggest that you make some female friends and realise that they are people.
        I am ready to chat if you like 🙂

    2. You make life for yourself and other women so much more difficult than it has to be. Women with brains despise you.
      Beat it dummy——————>

        1. Well my Brother, at least you got the Fire of your Spirit to keep you warm.
          Here it is still wind and rain. Did you have a good day?

        2. Just a lazy Sunday trying to recharge for the upcoming week. Did you have a good weekend?

        3. Yes Brother, thank you.
          Lazy Sunday here to. Eating and and chilling on the couch.
          Just had to check out what you guys were up to.
          My internet conection keeps falling out so my late replies are due to that.
          It`s the only downside to living on a secluded island. Internet is unstable to say the least.

    3. Okey then, Adela:
      Go make your husband, your brother or your father an *amazing* snack of some kind.
      Something truly astonishing.
      Go ahead, surprise him with an *amazing* dish.

    4. You know Adela, there are a lot more women out there that in their soul really want to be the woman in the relationship. These are the types of women that men with any thinking abilities want. They’re out there trust me. My ex had “feminist” tendencies for about a year, and was truly miserable, she just didn’t know why. When I finally broker her of it, she submitted to me and became much happier and relaxed. Really, a lot of women today are so confused and lost because women like you tell them they should be out chasing careers and excelling, when in all truth they want to be held by strong and confident arms.

      1. submitted to you? that shit sounds scarry.
        I don’t believe she would agree with your post 1st of all.
        Yea, you are right women want to be held by confident and strong arms but that has no correlation with submissiveness.
        Really nobody wants to be someone’s house servant.
        All women want to have achievements and someone to love them at the same time, and no the achievement is not being a housewife, you are really kidding yourself if you say that they don’t want to go out there and make their own money and see the world.
        I don’t think that lady you dated gave up her feminist tendencies when she was with you because that would mean giving up the idea that she would be equal to you, I really doubt she wanted to be in a relationship when she was inferior….

        1. You can make all the assumptions about her from your computer that you want. I’m telling you from six years of experience how it was.

  20. A female friend of mine recently died of cancer.
    When I visited her as she laid dying at the hospital, 2 days before she passed, guess what she dreamed of and guess who she wanted to be around ?
    1: She dreamed of going home.
    She did not dream of going to work or getting a career.
    She did not dream about going out to “self-realize” her self.
    No, she dreamed of going home and hoped she would be able to die at home and not in the hospital.
    2: Who did she want around? She wanted her children, family and friends to be around.
    Not her boss. Not her co-workers or collegues she had worked with.
    No. She wanted her children there, her family there, and her friends.
    THAT was the wishes of a dying woman:
    So “feminism”, which is The WHore of Babylon, can go fuck itself with a chainsaw.
    In the end, when this woman died, there was not a single word uttered about co-workers, career or Glass ceilings.
    God bless The Patriarchy.

    1. What about her husband/father of her children? Any care for him in her dying breath? Just askin’.

  21. Great article, Vic! Thank you very, very much!
    The essay referred to in the article, called “The Cult of True Womanhood ” provides us with a great recipe for how women should be and how society should work.
    If you, my Brothers of ROK, haven`t read it already, then take the time to read it now.
    It basically puts into words what we all know deep inside and it provides us with a pathway back to the days when women where not whores.
    It also clarifies how pre-hooker society was and it puts into words what it is that we
    really want and expect of women. Here, read it if you haven`t already:
    Also, if you ever consider getting a wife, give it to her and say “Here, this is what I expect from you, woman. If you agree to act and think as described in the essay, then heres the wedding-ring.
    If not – here`s the door ———————–>”

  22. A virtue is not made evil by the existence of vices tangent to it. Excellent point.

  23. The article just forget to say a truth: women are the first cause of men’s poverty.
    And there’s absolutely no justification for all the money wifes get from their men during marriage and after divorce. Chores? Ha!
    Since I’m divorced I live alone and I discovered chores requires a ridicolous amount of time, and are very light: wifes whining about chores they perform is just a big scam. A wife working two hours per day less than her husband should do ALL chores and be happy. An housewife is like a compound between a princess and a parasite.

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