Forbes Confirms Men Still Create The Vast Majority Of Personal Wealth

From news to movies to documentaries to education, there is a constant drumbeat. Girls are now the equal of men as movers and shakers in the world. Girls are beating boys at school, a majority at university and touted as being the equal or superiors of men at making money. Lately the tempo seems to have increased. Some are even starting to claim that men are obsolete.

Most of these claims rest on a comparison of the sexes abilities at money making. However, the aim of any activity in the world of money is not to be working or to be in business or to be getting qualifications. The aim is to make money, to create wealth.


University drop out

Forbes magazine provides us with lists of the richest people. These are the true champions of wealth creation. Further, for the first time in 2014 their American list included a “self-made score” The score is a number from 1 to 10 with 1 meaning “Inherited fortune but not working to increase it” and 10, meaning “Self-made who not only grew up poor but also overcame significant obstacles.”

With this score, it is relatively easy to see who actually made the money and who just inherited it from someone who made it. Now for a bit of analysis of who is at the top, how they made their money, and how men and women compare.

America is still a land of opportunity

At the time of writing Forbes reports that 69% of the people on their list of the 400 richest Americans was self-made. That means that around 276 scored from 6-10 on their scale and can be said to “have truly made it on their own.” Meanwhile, the remaining 124 scored 1-5 and “inherited some or all of their fortune.” This group includes people who some might consider self-made, such as Donald Trump, who scores only 5 because he inherited a relatively small business.


Build buildings, build wealth

The first lesson from the list is that despite big government, high taxes, slow growth, all the problems and all the complaints, America is still a land of opportunity and reward for smart, hard workers. Most of the really rich people made their own money through their own effort.

The fact that some inherited their wealth simply shows that people who create exceptional wealth still get to decide what happens to that money and who it goes to when they die. This is all as it should be.

Of the richest Americans, 11% are women

The list shows that 44 of the richest people are women and 356 of them are men. One member of the list is a man who insists he is really a woman, known in some circles as transgender. Forbes chooses to support his pretence of being female, but here he is counted as his true sex, male. As might be expected of such an individual, he is not capable of being self-made and is classified by Forbes as class 1, inherited wealth.

At first glace it would seem that 11% of the top 400 wealth creators are women. It’s a small minority, but not an insignificant one. A closer look shows this to be an overstatement of women’s achievements.

Less then 3% of the richest self made Americans are women

This is where the new “self made score” comes in to show what is really happening. Using Forbes definition of self-made there are 276 self-made people, of whom 268 are men and 8 are women. That’s right—75% of the men on the list are self made, while only 18% of the women are.

So less than 3% of the self made Americans in the list are women. However, even this is probably an overestimate.

Of the eight self made women only four did it alone

A quick look at the biographical information of the so-called self-made women shows that four of them actually went into business with their husbands. There is no easy way to know what part of the contribution was actually from the women in these partnerships, but the breakdown of men and women in the overall list of wealth makers shows that skepticism is appropriate.

Men are the builders, innovators, inventors and creators

The advance of modern America is the same as the advance of historical America in this one feature. Men are still doing the vast majority of the advancing. The builders, innovators, and creators are almost exclusively male. There is little or no sign that is going to change.

What has changed is that women are now working and earning wages. However, with a very few laudable exceptions they are not the movers and shakers of the productive sphere. Think government generated jobs, dead-end drudgery, and non-productive work.

Lessons in this for men


Being second is not so bad

One of the negative features of the manosphere and the red pill generally is the victim mentality and culture of excuses often displayed. Some men, especially in the comments on ROK and other sites, make the claim that the world advantages women and is unfair on men to the point where no success is possible.

They claim that there are no opportunities and that robots will eliminate all jobs. They claim that raising children within a complete and rewarding family environment is impossible. They claim that all women are so horrible that casual sex and prostitutes are the only workable options.

Undoubtedly all these claims have a grain of truth. The world can be hard and sometimes it can be unfair. What is really happening though is that men are using these claimed difficulties and injustices as excuses to avoid taking hard decisions and expending effort. A quick look at the Forbes list shows that these men have made good on opportunities and become rich. Their biographies show that the vast majority of them have successful marriages and large families.

It is still possible to make it in America

The Forbes list shows that it is still possible to make it in America. There are money making opportunities in plenty. That doesn’t mean it is easy. That doesn’t mean that every man can be a billionaire or should aim to be a billionaire. It just means that the way is still clear for a man to take what he wants, if he has what it takes. So go to it chaps.

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  1. Yes, what C. Wright Mills calls the Power Elite or what Eisenhower referred to as the Military Industrial Complex is male dominated, for now… Muahahahahaha!!!

    1. good reference – the elites still rule, but its likely to be more complex than simply how much money you have in the bank, or even which companies you control. So many presidents and power-brokers have bohemian grove membership its difficult to imagine that the elites don’t govern through such fraternities or equivalent

  2. This article is total idolatry bullshit, it is the worship of America and Mammon and nothing more. When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may know that your society is doomed.

    1. Welcome to real life, buddy. The world doesn’t work according to some kind of ideal. It never has and it never will, because humans are imperfect beings. Corruption, graft, and pull has existed since the beginning of time, and it always will exist. Despite all that, many societies throughout history have managed to do some wonderful things.
      All societies fail eventually. Everybody knows this.
      If this article is such bullshit, then I’d love to see the amazing piece of erudition that you submit to ROK. There’s a “submissions” link at the bottom of the page.

      1. My erudition costs money. Why should I sweat and toil to bring enlightenment to an egalitarian socialist Trekkie? I am more of an arahant than a bodhisattva.

        1. Did you read the submissions page? You know you can get paid if they like your work.
          I’m not a socialist.

        2. Originally it was someone who had achieved moksha but was not concerned about the liberation of others from samsara. A boddhisattva on the other hand is one who has achieved liberation and out of compassion for the peasants chained to the wall in the cave (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) comes down from the mountain to bring enlightenment and break the chains that keep them bound to ignorance and desire.

        3. I lived in a Mahayana monestary for a while (Golden Pure Land tradition), and I think I remember arhats being portrayed in a negative light, which makes sense I suppose, at least from the average buddhist’s viewpoint

      1. Perfect video to show real world vs. academic posing!
        “Even though I taught at the business school, I told her what I tell all my students, that she shouldn’t go to business school, that it was a waste of time. Including opportunity costs, it would cost her or her parents more than a hundred thousand dollars, money better spent starting a business, which would succeed or fail, either of which would teach her more about business than would sitting in a classroom for two or three years listening to “learned professors” who had never run a business prate on about doing so.”
        Jim Rogers – Investment Biker

        1. I tend to agree but the only problem with starting a business and failing is that you have no plan B because employers would rather hire a successful student rather than a failed entrepreneur. (If you’re so smart, how come you aint rich?)

      2. Well done! Awesome scene puts everything into perspective! …and another thing Vonnegut!

    2. What are you talking about? In order to produce, you oftentimes have to deal with annoying bureaucracy, but other than that no one is stopping you.
      Yes, some people are rich yet produce nothing, and corruption often runs high, but the article acknowledged that and focused on those who do produce value (those who are self-made). Gates, Trump, and Buffet are all great examples of that.

      1. This “if you have what it takes, you can make it in America!” is totally irrelevant, blue-pill nonsense. The majority of us can make it in decent paying keyboard jockey positions, sure. Many of us have what it takes to make it up to the higher end middle-management. But if you want to go further than that, you have to be part of a good ‘ole boy circle OR come up with the “next big thing.” The latter is only done by .000000000000000001(cubed)% of the population. This kind of “can do” inspirational nonsense is totally impractical for the majority of us, pursuing such mainstream advice only leads to a life of disappointment. Running the corporate rat race and buying as much worthless crap as we possibly can is not fulfilling. That’s why most of us who are here on ROK are here. The U.S. is severely lacking in what actually makes life fulfilling.

      2. also, I forgot to note.. Donald Trump?? A man who files for bankruptcy as a business strategy is productive?

      3. When a pair of young boys are stopped from shoveling other people’s driveways, or when a little girl is ordered to remove her lemonade stand, simply because they don’t have “business licenses”, you know you live in a warped society.
        Google these two incidents. They really happened, here in America, the land of the free.

    3. But even without such corruption men still create and women complain about what men create
      So there’s really no point there

  3. Well, whatever you do, don’t become a Federal Reserve banker. They have to turn over most of their profits to the U.S. Treasury every year. If a private corporation had to surrender something like 90 percent of its profits to the government every year, libertarians like the Pauls would consider that a travesty.

    1. If I could print off virtually unlimited amounts of money and have an absolute monopoly in doing so I would happily hand over 90%.

  4. Tumblr – created by male highschool dropout, sold to yahoo for $200 million
    Napster – created by male college dropout who grew up in a foster home
    Facebook – created by male college dropout
    Instagram – created by 2 men in their 20s (1 in a frat), now valued at $35 billion
    Tinder – created by 3 men while they were still in college (1 was in a frat)
    Whatsapp- created by 2 men, 1 of whom grew up in a single parent home and cleaned floors at a grocery store. Now both billionaires
    Literally all the technology women use to write against the patriarchy, was created by the patriarchy. Strange how women think of a million little forms of ‘oppression’, yet these men faced adversity or even lack of education and still prevailed.
    All of these are in an age where more women are in college and getting more degrees than men, yet men continue to dominate innovation. 95.6% of inventors are men. Even with more women in college, recent inventions are still achieved by men.
    College is little more than socialist indoctrination. The fact that women think having a degree makes you above someone is both arrogant and very naive.
    It’s absurdly stupid silicon valley is being forced to have more women on board of directors when the innovation is done by men.

    1. Women lag behind because of the hamster.
      Now, if feminism was more about women beating their own hamster instead of feeding it, then we would see more parity in wealth and innovation.
      But feminism is run by women. So no. Hamster.

      1. Funny you imply colleges are worthless because of leftist leanings but many of greatest wealth creators of this country leaned left, Apple, MSFT, Ebay, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Yahoo, and Facebook.

        1. They can afford a team of accountants to shelter them from paying taxes, so they can play the role of the generous rich guy and make big public displays of donating to charity, and pretend to be morally superior. They don’t have “leftist leanings”, that’s all for public image because the rich are always resented by the general public.

        2. Someone gets it. Machiavellianism is not evil, the public just hates the fact they suck at it and thus hate the rich.

        3. Warren Buffet bought up railway companies then lobbied to block keystone pipeline. This gives his railway exclusive control on shipping northern oil. He also inverted burger king to canada to pay a lower tax rate
          You are stupid if you can’t see how they are trying to buy political favors.
          Goldman Sachs CEO lloyd blankfein is a huge donor to Obama as well.

        4. Amazing how many people dont understand that. Don’t forget that Buffet’s insurance companies benefit GREATLY from the tax shelter of life insurance (no taxes) vs income (shit tons of taxes) so its no surprise that Buffett supports higher taxes while continuing to support 0 taxes for life insurance (that he sells)

        5. Someone gets it.
          Anyone who champions capitalism hasn’t thought about it properly. I studied economics and was swept up in the bullshit of profit maximisation and law of diminishing returns. Then I woke up. Economics is NOT built around happiness. There’s literally no happiness factor calculated into any of their graphs; just profits.
          And the problem there is monopolies. Monopolies are the only logical end result of a free market system. If left 100% unchecked for an indefinite amount of time everyone in the world will eventually be working for a handful of companies (or even just 1 company, theoretically).
          Already we’re feeling the harsh sting of profit maximisation with cheap, overseas labour (slave labour) taking away a lot of our jobs.
          Yeah, haters gonna hate. *slaps forehead*

        6. If I could give away an amount of my money equal to my taxes to avoid paying any taxes, I’d gladly do it. I’d love to see the money actually used on something I deemed useful.

    2. This is why engineering faculties are still curiously devoid of women. Because it’s a real education that teaches you how to contribute to society.

      1. Not going to lie, this is one of the main things that has attracted me to the engineering profession (that, and high employment rates, high starting salaries, and less geographic restrictions in comparison to other professions). I’ve worked in jobs before with majority female employees and it’s a fucking nightmare. The amount of gossiping, backstabbing, and just general stupidity is not worth putting up with.
        Feminists have tried to bring more women to engineering over the past few decades, luckily it hasn’t worked. I doubt it will work, they’re much more interesting in the liberal arts, nursing, and hair and beauty.
        Women are best for sex, blow jobs, taking care of the home, looking pretty, and making and raising babies. No amount government programs or Feminist propaganda is going to change that.

        1. Women are best for sex, blow jobs, taking care of the home, looking pretty, and making and raising babies. No amount government programs or Feminist propaganda is going to change that.


        2. I can’t remember where I read it, but there’s evidence that higher testosterone causes increased interest in the physical sciences

      2. I am an engineer, and way back when I was in college, we only had one female in the program. (it was a very small college anyhow). But here is what I started learning about women…..this female (Tiffany…I still remember her name) was the type that got A’s in most classes, or always did pretty well. Like a lot of girls, she was studious, always reading, studying, getting better grades than most guys. HOWEVER…when it came time for our senior design projects, she miserably failed. She simply could not design nor build anything. She ended up having to drop and then go back to school the following Fall to repeat senior design.
        That’s when I started realizing that although women can do well in school, absorb information, network, read, yap, share info with their girlfriends, etc….and get good grades and out perform guys on grades, they seem to lack creativity and innovation. Why? Women actually lack abstract thought ability/understanding in certain ways. That’s why women never made good comedians. (unless their lines are written for them). It takes abstract thought to invent new jokes. It takes abstract thought to create/innovate.
        As I have said before. If women were left by themselves as whole to live on an island starting from scratch, they would all starve to death. But if men as a whole were put on an island by themselves, they would collaborate, innovate, create, and build an infrastructure.
        So then the women would want to go live on the men’s island. And shortly thereafter, they would scream oppression and demand they have all the benefits and more on that island. So as the article above points out, MEN created our infrastructure. All the bricks in every building were placed by men. All the computer, jets, cars, materials, etc….all created by MAN. And yet feminism by law grants “do nothing” females greater access to financial success in society than men within the working class.

        1. This was on display when Survivor one year had the teams segregated by sex; one all female tribe and one all male tribe. The men quickly built a shelter, started a fire, and foraged for food and water. The women sat on their butts in the rain. Eventually they went and begged the men for food. Survivor never repeated that abject failure because women don’t want the truth rubbed in their faces; and women make up the majority of the TV viewership and 100% of the target for the advertisers.

    3. Why should women take risks with their own money and start a business, when they know they can just suck the cock of some man who has already made the money they want?

      1. I was showcasing recent examples with young guys, because it has been an era where more women are in college and are being ‘taught’ to be as successful as men, yet they dont achieve on the same scale.
        Any time I mention inventions, feminists retort ‘well thats because women were forced to be in the kitchen!’, so then I show recent examples in the past 10 years and they dont have an answer.

    1. Jobs dropped out of college. He was a fucked up hippie who took acid and traveled around india. He got thrown out of offices because he smelled so bad. He always believed he was the smartest man in the room, so he didn’t care. Irrational self confidence.

      1. Really? So he’s another “no college degree” guy who became a billionaire. Add him to the list. Need to read his biography or see that movie. I think I read something years back that 50%+ of the fortune 500 companies were ran or founded by non college graduates..

        1. If you’re not college grad, you start your own company because nobody else is going to hire you.

        2. According to Wikipedia, Sam Walton finished high school and graduated from college with a bachelors degree in Economics.

        3. of course people with degrees have started companies, but he’s saying there are many exceptions where dropouts have dominated. Hence, the idea that someone with a college degree is somehow smarer isnt really true

        4. I’m not arguing with that, but my point is that its simply factually incorrect to say Sam Walton didn’t finish high school.

        5. He also died very early from a form of cancer that had a 95% survival rate using surgery. He was so much smarter than the doctors that he elected to forego their strongly recommended surgery. So sometimes hating ‘book learnin” will get you killed. I think the “Fuck yeah. Don’t study between ages 18-22!” Rallying cry is being a wee bit overplayed. The expense is a concern though. The initial stages of the software era (in human history) would provide some great success stories but a strong major and decent STEM professors isn’t the total fuck-off that it’s being played up as sometimes.

        6. Jobs believed he was always the smartest person in the room, that includes doctors. He thought he could beat cancer with vegetarianism. Irrational self confidence can make you wildly successful or it can kill you, make you run into a hail of machine gun fire.

    2. He dropped out of Reed College but the dean let him hang out and go to classes that interested him. He went to a calligraphy class and that’s what led to Apple computers being the standard for publishing and graphic design…among other things.

  5. Women inherit or marry their money. That’s totally congruent with hypergamy. Acquire wealth through men, not from what they accomplish.

  6. The women Entrepreneurs who Did it themselves generally become Wealthy selling little Girls Nic Nacs and Female accessories on QVC, and that is good for them. The true advancements in society are created by Men.

    1. I read a study once about female entrepreneurs. They are less likely to go bankrupt. Either A) they are smarter and more capable than men (doubtful) or B) they are risk averse which tends to limit their upside.

  7. Women don’t accumulate wealth. Back in my single days I dated a woman that made 3 times what I was making and she was 2 years older than me to boot. I had 15 times her net worth. Unbelievable really.

    1. Women spend it. That’s why they want to date the man with shiny black 2 door mercedes convertible, wearing the $1000 suit. That’s like chick crack.

        1. They don’t need those websites now. Bitches are selling themselves for $10,000 per night on instagram. Look for the pics of hot babes getting on a private jet, or yacht. They will travel to entertain if the price is right.

        2. If those girls have pics in Dubai, then there’s a good chance she got shit on by some rich arab sheikh (100% serious)

        3. I can see the future having a lot more of that. I mean, any 9 will just choose to cash in big-time. Imagine a 9 who just took a paid weekender to Europe to bang her own ‘Shades of Grey’ fantasy guy, then she comes home to a normal American guy wetting his pants in her presence. Obesity is infiltrating South America as we speak. Even Asians are getting fatter here and there. As women get fatter, men grow more beta and one day, thin women and loaded dudes (multi-millionaire) will just be off in their Alpha playland somewhere. Grim.

        4. Western women allow themselves to used as toilets by arabs. They justify it by saying they’re “sex positive feminists”. After her notch count surpasses 100 men, why not get paid for it?

        5. If she’s whoring herself out, she deserves to be shit on. Imagine the poor sucker that marries her once she hits the wall and cleans the shit stains

      1. Yup. That’s the side of wealth that people don’t discuss much–spending it like an idiot. If a man makes a million a year then most guys look at that guy and are like, “Yeah, man. Good job. Early financial security, babes, top-shelf single malt, Cubans. I tip my hat.” What they’re not realizing is how much cash has to leak from that guy’s account each month on sheer profligate garbage to maintain trim that is commensurate with his wealth. He can’t be worth 10 mill with the appropriate arm candy without flaunting it (spending it). I mean, some dude who is quietly worth 20 mill doesn’t get the bitches by being frugal and understated. Actually he would if he’s smart but a lot of ‘rich’ guys getting bitches are hemorrhaging money. That’s my take. I don’t run in those circles but that’s my impression. But who cares?

    2. The average net worth of all black women in the US (which includes the multi billionaire, Oprah) is $5. Note that the cause of this is that over 70% of black women are single. I can’t recall the average net worth of single white women in the US but it was not substantially above that of black women.

      1. Sadly, 99% of the time women’s secrets are only about men they’ve fucked. For the common american shrew, their entire life is about who is fucking them. The whole mysterious woman trope is no more than a facade necessary for hiding her many secret s; eg, how many guys have been inside them

  8. as I wait for the 10 oclock news, I just saw the end of Glee, where a woman says “I am a great educator, just like Mao”- maybe its time we start watching these shows?
    That line truly disturbed me…

  9. It’s because most women are not in fields that pay a lot (e.g STEM fields, business, etc.), rarely take risks, and make their man pay for them.

    1. Anybody capable of showing up to work on time, and ready to do work can accumulate a million dollars. It has nothing to do with the degree they get and everything to do with attitude.
      Now the big money comes with taking big risk. It takes stones to give up a decent paying job and open up your own business.

      1. Risk is the big thing. There is an element of luck involved that successful people, and those who worship them, rarely acknowledge.

        1. Yes and no. When you say luck you seem to be implying long odds, or at least worse then 50/50. When success can be as high as say rolling a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 on a 6-sided dice.
          So sure its lucky I didn’t roll a 1, but it is also lucky I haven’t been frivorced by my wife (a less than 3% chance based on eduction & income levels, our christian status, and her lack of carousel riding prior to marriage).

        2. There is the risk-return tradeoff. Higher return means higher risk. Even if you don’t roll a “1” your first year out, pushing the envelope for higher returns creates that risk. Over time, some will dodge the bullet, but many won’t. Roll 4 dice in a row and you are looking at about 50/50. Roll something like 27 dice and about only 1% of the time can you dodge the bullet all the way through.
          Marrying decision and divorce rate are a bit different.

        3. Well in year two its not the same dice. In year 2 it might only be a 10% chance of failing instead of 17%. And in year 3 its 5% and year 4 its 3%. And then maybe a recession happens and it goes up to 12% in year 5.
          The thing is there is almost always something you can do. So you aren’t just sitting on the sidelines watching the dice roll.
          One of the things I learned to do from my first failure to my second success was figuring out how to market. This went a long way in reducing my risk of failure the second time around.

        4. The percentages change but it still holds fundamentally true. As the risk goes down you are no longer maximizing your return. Good choices can allow you to minimize risk but you can never avoid it completely nor should you because then potential returns fall. It’s basic fundamental analysis and business valuation theory.

      2. “Anybody capable of showing up to work on time, and ready to do work can accumulate a million dollars.”
        HaHa! Tell this to the guys at Burger King next time you´re there.
        Besides, what would I do with a million dollars once
        I´m 70? Handing it down to my greedy family, making them happy about my death? Fuck this!
        I wanna have fun with my money myself. That´s why I need it when I´m still young (under 50).
        With most jobs you can´t accumulate a million dollars before 50.

        1. The guys working at Burger King who demonstrate they can show up on time and do their job will be at a factory pulling down $20/hr in a few years.
          Its this nonsensical fallacy that people stay in their current job forever. Then again you being 70 means you grew up in a time when that was the norm. Its not anymore. Even in STEM jobs. In order to get a decent pay raise anymore you have to switch jobs every 3-4 years, because while your current employer is going to give you 2-3% your next employer will give you a 30% initial bump before pulling the same 2-3% @#[email protected]

        2. If you´re capable of doing this, consequently, from ages 18-50 you were either born with a silver spoon in your mouth (e.g. daddy paid everything) or you´re pretty well off yourself from the very beginning (which is very unlikely for 18 year olds).
          Your wife is a woman…they´re selling their vaginas and looks for money from an early age. They will always find somebody supporting them financially.
          As I already mentioned, having a million dollars is great once you´re young. Having it when you´re old is great for your offspring or other relatives because they will get everything after you´re dead. And if you really worked hard for your money you will have health issues with 50 anyways.
          1 million dollars for 30 years of saving and taking risks on the stock market isn´t that great of a deal.

        3. No, it just illustrates how easy it is to do. The guy in the story had an extra 20+ years of compounding which made his 8 million all the more possible.
          Most single guys should have a good sized amount of savings if they were making 30-40k by they time they are 35 if they didn’t waste it all away. On the otherhand, thats what pays me my dividends.

        4. The guy in the story is just another example of how wrong capitalism works. He probably didn´t spend the money because he was too old to do so. Young people need money for realizing their dreams or for financing their ideas. Old people can´t do that anymore.
          What´s an old man supposed to do with millions? Diapers ain´t that expensive.

        5. But paying somebody to wipe your ass after you shit yourself is.
          And if it buys me a couple years with Anna Nicole Smith at the end all the better.

  10. Sure you can make it big in America. You can get a white collar office job that pays very well, and work your way up the corporate ladder. That’s still possible. Even with EOE laws, white men can still make a pretty good living. But my question is, for what? What’s the point of doing all that? Just so you can get a house in the suburbs and a BMW? It’s this kind of mentality that has resulted in the U.S. being the most unhealthy, socially absent, depressed, and disgusting culture in the world. It’s a culture molded by big marketing. Go to the most prestigious college you can get into, get the highest paying corporate job you can, buy the biggest house in the suburbs and the most luxurious car that the creditors will let you buy.. This is the supposed “pursuit of happiness” in the U.S. What do all these things have in common? Going into as much debt as possible just to get as many material possessions you possibly can to achieve status, all well never doing anything that actually makes you content with life. The reason most of us conglomerate here on ROK is not because we can’t get decent jobs, it’s because we’re dissatisfied with the degeneracy of western culture that as taken so many of us down the road that led to our dissatisfaction in the first place. We’re not on here because we want motivational “can do” nonsense about becoming a billionaire. This article, with the exception of its title, would have been more appropriate for a mainstream venue like the Huffington Post.

    1. After living overseas for 2 months I’ve realized how mundane life in America. People work 40+ hours a week in order to buy shit they don’t need, to buy the big house in the neighborhood where they’ll never even talk to their neighbor.
      I was recently on vacation in Palestine, and in our town everyone knows everyone. People visit each other all the time. People aren’t glued to their phones, they actually go out and socialize with each other. If you want to see someone, you just go to his house and say you came to drink a coffee with him.

      1. I like to console myself with a certain level of patriotism and nostalgia for a pre-modern technology period in the US which I briefly experienced. By some accounts, urban life in the US wasn’t nearly as isolated pre-social media as it is now.

      2. If I was running a pirate ship, I’d ask if you wanted to join my crew.
        Alas I do not have a pirate ship

      3. The socio-cultural conditions in the Mediterranian countries are also changing gradually. Maybe they lag one generation (20-30 years) behind countries like Canada and Sweden (a.k.a. Feminist Hell).

    2. Your life is what you make of it.
      Nobody is forcing you to spend to your absolute limit or go into debt for luxury cars.
      Define “decent job.” A “decent job” is one that pays for all your needs, leaves you some to save, and some to blow for fun. Depending on how you choose to live, $40-45k a year can easily be more than enough. If your grandparents grew up during the Depression, you’d really understand that.
      My maternal grandmother grew up during the Depression, and had six kids. Grandpa died early, when three were still at home. She raised those remaining three on a Navy pension and a part-time job; she was a royal cheapskate, saved and invested her money wisely, and now near the end of her life has a little over half a million in the bank. Not too shabby. She enjoyed her life.
      So whats the point? She never got sucked into the BUYBUYBUYSPENDSPENDSPEND mentality because she had her own fucking mind. If an involuntarily single mother with no more than a high school education can do it, you as a man sure as hell can also. To this day I’ve never heard a single word of bitching or whining out of her. Yeah, women today are different, but what the fuck are you? Another whiner complaining about how everything sucks today? Guess what, life is rough.
      Make your own choices. If you’re depressed because of the consumer attitude prevalent in the US then its your own goddamn fault. Nobody ever forced you to buy a McMansion, an iPhone, or any other piece of shit that gets advertised on TV.

      1. I’m guessing you’re either one of these two people, you’ve never been in the U.S. or you have never LEFT the U.S. I’m guessing the latter. “oh just quit bitching, we have it so easy here.” We have it easy if you’re content with being a beta provider/sheep. Anyone with average intelligence can be such.
        Fewer than 1% of Americans are living within their means. It’s our culture. No, nobody is forced to do it, but you’ll be ostracized for not being part of it. That’s the point I’m trying to make. The U.S. is the most materialistic/consumerist culture on the planet. Plus, plenty of other cultures have a much better social atmosphere than the United States. There’s no sense in “sticking it on” and “not complaining” when you live in a degenerate culture.

        1. “I’m guessing you’re either one of these two people, you’ve never been in the U.S. or you have never LEFT the U.S.”
          Both of your guesses are incorrect.
          “No, nobody is forced to do it, but you’ll be ostracized for not being part of it.”
          I haven’t noticed that, but if you ARE being ostracized for not spending all your money then maybe you should try associating with different people.
          “Plus, plenty of other cultures have a much better social atmosphere than the United States.”
          And you are perfectly free to go and live in those places. I like the US quite a lot despite its faults, so I think I’ll continue to live here. I like my guns, and I probably wouldn’t be able to pursue that hobby in most other countries to the extent that I can here. The craft beer from California and Colorado is great as well.

        2. Agreed. Amerixans , even somewhat intelligent Americans, are afraid to rock the boat. Above all, Americans rely on denial to get through the day. We’ve had it so good for so long that lies, half truths, and idealistic nonsense are taken as gospel. Pay your bills, pay your taxes, get married, have kids, retire…and never question anything, so long as you have two pennies to rub together. I have been ostracized by a few old friends simply because I point out that ‘equality’ is exactly what the Soviets promised Russia, and that social engineering is a real thing. They don’t want to hear it, not when the TV awaits. I have seen Americas demise in the portents and omens; the fools will greedily consume their bread and circuses until their freedoms have been squashed. Only then will they wonder what happened to the america that symbolized freedom and opportunity to the entire world…and even then, they will deny any responsibility, since they were just following orders

      2. How ya doing Frankly Slavic? The Ol’ New Handle super trick! Tell us again how we need to “MAN UP!” You’re the kind of guy who would sit there when someone is taking a dump on your head and say “Oh well. That’s okay. Might as well make a shit sandwich!”

        1. Who the hell is Frankly Slavic? I’m Irish and Italian. I chose that name from a random selection of consonants and vowels, but looking at it yes it does sound Slavic.
          Was Frankly Slavic barred from commenting here? If this person tried to return here, couldn’t the site owners simply bar that person again?

      3. Your grandmother lived during a time when housing was affordable. As late as the 1920’s, someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house in the U.S. would most likelyl get a short-term balloon mortgage. Typical terms: 50 percent down, and five years to pay off the other 50 percent. At the end of the five years, it was common to re-finance into another five-year loan.
        As housing prices increased, and to make it easier for people to buy, the 30 year mortgage was introduced in the 1940s. What a great idea! After 30 years you’ll own your own home, after paying twice the price in interest.

        1. But at the same time, other things such as food and clothing cost quite a lot more then than they do now.
          Here’s a good example of extreme saving: my grandmother, being the child of Italian immigrants, ate snails quite often. Many Europeans ate them, I’m not sure if they still do. Guess what her daughter–my mother–often ate for dinner…….garden snails. You take them, stick them in a bucket with a some cornmeal for a couple days to plump them up, and then cook them. Practically free protein.

    3. The “white-collar office job” is a delusional pipe dream for millennials and most of Gen-X. Even the most competitive jobs requiring top law or business degrees pay low six figures. Those in corporate, how many late 30’s/early 40’s do you see in upper management? The corporate ladder climbed by the boomers was created with a dearth of post-war males and a male-only workforce. Gen X is in middle-management limbo at best. Gen Y is mostly underemployed or very entry-level positions. If you’re a Gen Y past middle management, submit your name to Forbes because you have a good shot at the 30 under 30 list.
      Some C-suite boomers are retiring but Gen X will have to compete with the middle-management Boomers who’ve had their 401ks wiped out with poor luck or bad decisions. Only the upper half of Gen X will ever be able to retire in the US. Millennials just don’t fit into the corporate picture.
      Speaking for my age group, making it in America involves either creating a business or generating large amounts of revenue for another business.

    4. HYPERBOLE: “the U.S. being the most unhealthy, socially absent, depressed, and disgusting culture in the world.”
      Nah, the globe is crowded with shitholes. Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, lots of Asia. Most countries on these continents are depressing, ugly, disgusting. Because people are this way, mainly.

    1. God, why do guys that rich get married anyway? Maybe getting world class trim just gets old and the blue pill fantasies of ‘the one’ come along. The blue pill narrative is strong.

    2. Dias Griffin is also asking a judge to throw out her prenuptial agreement, which she says entitles her to only 1 percent of her husband’s estimated $5 billion estate -– or around $50 million. She says she signed the document under duress the day before the couple’s 2003 wedding in Chicago.

      1. Well at this point IF men are this stupid, this self destructive to get married… if you’re going to play Russian roulette you are fucking dumb brother! God help you and your dick.
        There WAS a time when we could have sympathy for men and understand they believed the lies of women and society that the old traditional roles and marriage were still honored and something to aspire to.
        2015! Now? Marriage has been made into a mockery of what it once represented and it is little more than a racket benefiting lawyers, the courts and immoral women.

  11. And water is wet, women arent meant to build businesses they’re meant to work in them; preferably as secretaries

  12. And Patricia Arquette can suck it. Even your average guy racks up 25-40% more earnings than your average woman.
    If you aren’t successful it isn’t because women are holding you back, it’s because other guys are out performing you.

  13. In private banking it’s well known that most women make the big bucks on their knees and on their backs. If it’s in the form of being someone’s ex-wife or widow, then it’s more honorable, but let’s not kid ourselves that women are going to be entrepreneurs on par with men. That will simply never ever happen, because women hate to take risks aside from other characteristics that make it unlikely. Focusing on their BJ-skill is a better way to get great wealth.

    1. Women aren’t strong or intelligent; it’s much more appropriate for them to earn their place at a man’s feet than it is to pretend they belong at the table with the rest of us.

        1. Exactly. Besides it’s not as if there’s thousands of years of history and tradition from around the world where women fulfil those roles and never complained. No matter what job I work I always convince the girls in the teams to go get me food and coffee; good training for the future.

  14. Why work like a dog for 18 hours a day to build a business, when you can just suck rich cocks and marry into financial security.

    1. Pride is a male emotion; its why most men would never bend over and let themselves be fucked, or sloppily suck a dick just to ‘feel sexy’. It takes a special kind of broken to be willing to blow an old man just because you want his money. But hey, that’s empowerment rite there, nothing pathetic about it….if you have no pride

  15. At the risk of boring those who have seen it before, this seems a good point to re-post this;
    I got into a debate with a SIW regarding female economic contributions
    She posted this link;
    From it;
    “In the U.S., an estimated 8.6 million women-owned businesses contribute $1.3 trillion to the economy and employ 7.7 million Americans, according to an April report commissioned by American Express OPEN, the credit card giant’s small business division. What’s more, the number of women-owned firms with $10 million or more in annual sales has increased 57 percent over the past decade.”
    Sounds great doesn’t it?
    The latest figures from the World Bank puts the annual GDP of the US economy at 16.8 trillion dollars. The link celebrates that female owned businesses are contributing 1.3 trillion dollars or 7.7% of this.
    The latest figures from the US Department of Labor puts the number of civilians employed at a whisker under 144 million. The link trumpets that female owned businesses employ 7.7 million or 5.3% of this.
    This is all that women, as a group, can bring to the table after 50 years of ‘equal’ opportunity, affirmative action in education, huge amounts of legislation to tilt the playing field in their favour and the complete re-tooling of the working world to suit their needs? 7.7% of GDP? After 50 years?
    Christ, after WW2 it took men only 20 years to rebuild the whole of Europe.
    But that’s not the worst of it;
    Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends found that in 2012, 49% of men and 61% of women had ever received payments from at least one the big six entitlement programs. The same report revealed that more women receive multiple benefits than do men, so the actual value of the benefits paid by sex will inevitably show a greater disparity. This figure is never published (wonder why!) but let’s say that by value, the benefits paid splits 35% male 65% female. The President’s FY 2013 budget allocated just around 1.7 trillion dollars to these programs, which means women are receiving approx. 1.1 trillion dollars.
    If we assume that female owned businesses in the link are paying 20% of their 7.7% of GDP to Big Daddy Government as tax (they’re not, female run businesses are significantly smaller and less profitable than male ones, but indulge me) then they are paying in about 260 billion dollars.Or about 850 billion dollars less than what women, as a group, are taking out of the pot.
    Women, as a group, are not even close to paying their way, let alone able to produce a surplus for anyone else.
    But it gets even worse.
    Whilst women, as a group, are being subsidized by men, as a group, to the tune of 850 billion dollars a year, every year, we are all supposed to be chanting the mantra that women are men’s equals, that they must be respected like men, that they can perform and deliver like men.
    It’s simply not sustainable. Men, as a group, and BDG’s credit card, are tapped out. What can’t continue, won’t.
    We are into the end-game of feminism. It will not go quietly. The next fewy ears are likely to get nasty. Stay strong. Feminism will eat itself.
    Help it along where you can, but mostly don’t get in the way of their self destruction.

    1. I’m skeptical of that data. When they talk about women entrepreneurs, they are probably using data for jobs like real estate agents, who are considered independent contractors and self employed.

      1. Agreed. And as Hesse mentions in this article, it is impossible to tease out ‘women owned businesses’ that are, in reality, set up and driven by husbands / male partners. There are a lot of state funding / incentives / preferential supplier status for business defined as ‘female owned’. I’m sure there are plenty of men gaming the system by putting women in as the nominal ‘head’. But we can’t find this data so I have assumed all ‘female owned’ businesses are what they say they are.
        So the REAL wealth generated by women in the workforce is likely to be even lower than I speculate.
        Which jives with the reality we live in. If female ‘talent’ in the workplace were of real value, we should have seen an industrial revolution scale of improvement in the human condition. Instead we see huge amounts of debt.
        Working women are a net loss to the economy. One we can no longer afford.

        1. cadders thanks for that link about wealth created by women.
          I remember reading that in an old thread but couldnt remember who posted it
          edit: your link from says ‘page not found’. do you have another link to that data?

        2. Here you go;
          Opening at it again, I took a closer look at some of these paragons of female entrepreneurship and wealth creation. This is just stuff I found on the web, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy, but it does give a feel for how much spin MSM has to put into promoting ‘female entrepreneurship’
          “No. 1: Shazi Visram, Happy Family in New York, N.Y.
          Launched in 2006, Happy Family makes packaged organic meals and snacks for all age groups. It reported gross revenues of $63 million last year.”
          Visram founded this company and sold it to Danone last year. This economic titan employs (employed?) 70. And is now part of an evil patriarchal corporation.
          “No. 2: Kathy Mills, Strategic Communications in Louisville, Ky. Strategic Communications provides communication and IT services to business and government clients. Between 2010 and 2012, its gross revenues grew 80 percent to $42 million.”
          Strategic Communications was founded in 1994 – I can’t find out by whom, but all web sources say Mills ‘leads’ the company (she is CEO), so it is unlikely she founded it (if she did, she has taken 20 years to find ‘stellar’ growth). The biggest single client is the government, so no surprises that Strategic grew between 2010 and 2012 – right at the time government was flooding preferred suppliers with QE money. Mills seems quite proud (rightly so) to have increased staff numbers last year 40% though.
          From 31. To 42.
          Enough said.
          “No. 3: Shelly Sun, BrightStar Franchising LLC in Gurnee, Ill. The health-care staffing franchisor was founded in 2002 and now counts over 250locations across the U.S. and $212 million in gross revenues.”
          Sun co-founded BrightStar with her husband. So, this actually isn’t a business founded by a Strong Independent Woman then? Next…..
          “No. 4: Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resourcesin Greensboro, N.C. Intellect Resources provides consulting, recruiting and hiring solutions for businesses in the health-care IT market. Its gross revenues climbed from $1.5 million in 2010 to $30 million last year.”
          At last! A story that most people would regard as a serious business started and run by a woman. Around 320 employees and growing – respect. What’s more she is married with a couple of kids.
          “No. 5: June Ressler, Cenergy International Services LLC in Houston, Texas. Founded by Ressler in 1996, Cenergy provides workforce solutions such as consulting and logistics management to clients in the oil and gas industry. It reported nearly $250 million in gross revenues in 2012.”
          Interesting one this. June also goes by the names June Coldren and June Coldren Ressler. I found this on the web; ‘Five Almost Painless Ways to Make a Career Change’ By Perri Capell. From it; ‘After relocating to New Orleans for her husband’s career 1997, attorney June Coldren needed to pass the state’s bar exam before she could practice. Meanwhile, she helped her husband set up and run a consulting firm serving oil-and-gas companies.
          After she passed the bar, Ms. Coldren did pro bono work to learn more about the law field in Louisiana and explore whether to join a firm or start her own firm. Meanwhile, she helped with the paperwork for her husband’s company at night. When her husband accepted a full-time job, he urged her to continue with the consulting business.
          Ms. Coldren decided to take his advice and learned the oil-and-gas industry from the ground up. Ten years later, her firm, Cenergy Corp., has logistics services and consulting arms that contract out rig and wellhead supervisors, geophysicists and other exploration-and-drilling professionals.’
          So hardly something she started from scratch. But for my purposes I’ll give her a pass. Even with her husband setting it up at the start, clearly it has been her talent and drive that has turned it into (as far as I can tell), a $200 million, 250 employee company. If the sexes were reversed, I’d have no trouble crediting the man in this situation.
          “No. 6: Sue Bhatia, Rose International Inc. in Chesterfield, Mo. Rose International, an IT professional services and consulting firm, was founded in 1993. Between 2010 and 2012, its gross revenues grew more than 50 percent to $360 million.”
          Bhatia co-founded Rose with her husband, an electrical engineer and MBA. Rose has 5000 employees – seriously impressive. But touting this as a ‘woman owned business’ is dis-ingenuous to say the least. We should be lauding their success as entrepreneurial couple, not because vagina.
          “No. 7: Anita Emoff, Boost Technologies in Dayton, Ohio Specializing in employee wellness, recognition and awards, Boost Technologies reported $17 million in gross revenues last year, up from less than $1 million in 2008.”
          Ok. Boost is a subsidiary of parent company Shumsky. The owner and CEO of Shumsky is Michael Emoff….who is Anita’s husband. Emoff started in sales with Shumsky, working with her husband and helping brand the Boost Rewards division. Her taking the reins at Boost allows her husband to focus on other facets of the business.
          So basically, they built Boost together and now she is left running Boost whilst he is off doing more interesting stuff.
          “No. 8: Kathleen Croddick, Suite K of South Brunswick, N.J.
          Founded and run by Croddick, Suite K Value Added Services LLC manufactures beauty products such as fragrances, creams and lotions. Its gross revenues grew more than 150 percent between 2010 and 2012 to $13 million.”
          I did not have much success getting details on this one. It appears that Crodick (aka Kathleen Crodick Molyneux) did indeed found and runs this company. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $10 to $20 million and employs a staff of approximately 5 to 9. If this is true I’m not sure what to say. This is tiny. There must be individual MacDonald franchises that are bigger than this.
          Such a contrast to…..
          “No. 9: Lani Hay, Lanmark Technology in Vienna, Va. Lanmark Technology provides professional services such as IT and administrative support to clients in the government and commercial sectors. It reported gross revenues of $35 million in 2012.”
          Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $92 million and employs a staff of approximately 90. Hay appears to be a bona fide female entrepreneur – entered the Navy at 17, rose up the ranks, honourable service, degree in mathematics, started Lanmark in 2000 and has run it ever since. This is the sort of women people think about when they hear the term ‘female entrepreneur’.
          “No. 10: Ranjini Poddar, Artech Information Systems LLC in Cedar Knolls, N.J. With gross revenues of nearly $350 million, Artech is the largest women-owned IT staffing company in the U.S., according to WPO.”
          Artech is a serious multi-national company that employs a staff of approximately 5000. Poddar is credited as the co-founder. However, it would appear that it was started by the other co-founder, Ajay Poddar… guessed it….her husband.
          From the web; ‘Ajay Poddar had been working in the IT industry when he pooled together $200,000 from friends and family to get Artech off the ground. At the time, Ranjini was attending Yale University Law School, but she still managed to devote between 10 to 20 hours a week helping her husband grow the fledgling company.’
          All of these women deserve credit for the success they’ve achieved. They’ve all achieved more than most men have (or likely ever will). Good for them. But that’s not the point.
          The issue is that they are being presented as some kind of world-class, patriarchy-busting, strong independent businesswomen doing it for themselves. When in reality only Tiffany Crenshaw and Lani Hay meet this criteria. One of the others sold out (nothing wrong with that, but to hold her up as an on-going example of female entrepreneurship is dis-ingenuous), one of them seems to have created a business smaller than a burger joint and half of them were not founders, they were co-founders (in some cases I don’t how much actual ‘founding’ they really did).
          Worse yet for the cheerleaders of feminism, every one of those women who co-founded a business did so with….her husband! It would seem that marriage isn’t slavery for women after all.
          Only one of the two true entrepreneurs (Tiffany Crenshaw) managed to ‘have it all’; true business success, husband and kids. For the other one, Lani Hay, it has come at a price, at 39(ish) she has had two divorces, no children and has frozen eggs on ice (she clearly wants children). She is an attractive women about to hit the wall. Honestly she’s like a feminist’s wet dream and a monosphere cliché. She does want to run for President though. So there’s that.
          If women really were as naturally entrepreneurial as men,
          we wouldn’t need all this spin and bluster. I suspect we will see ever more extreme claims for women’s entrepreneurial skills as their failure to actually deliver at a meaningful scale becomes ever clearer.

        3. Crikey – I didn’t look for more recent pictures. She didn’t so much hit the wall as eat it. And for her, the wall was made of cake.

    2. Wow. Worse than I thought. Imagine if you factored in the expense of educating all those females too…A mind-blowing negative return.

      1. Good point. And taking it even further, we have the opportunity cost of women devoting their best years to the greater glory of the corporation when they could have been devoting that time to raising decent children and building solid families. Instead, feminism teaches women that their ‘career’ (it’s a job really; most people – men and women – don’t have a career) should be their focus. And the herd goes along with it.
        So increasingly women end up with no children at all, too exhausted to raise them properly or blowing up their families when they rise up the career path or the stress of it all becomes too much.
        We already know that children raised outside of the traditional family are far more likely to suffer significantly worse life outcomes. The social pathologies they cause cost us untold billions in an (ultimately fruitless) attempt to ‘fix’ things.
        And now we are on the cusp of a spinster epidemic (google ‘spinster blog’ – more seem to appear everyday). If you think the cost of supporting single mothers, affirmative action, female entitlements etc is overwhelming now, just wait until the current crop of ’empowered’ women start aging out of their ‘beauty years’ and are no longer able to leverage their sexuality to get what they want. The clamor for more government freebies will become ever more deafening as more and more such women become ‘invisible’ not just to men, but to society in general.
        But the government won’t be able to provide what they want – it already spent the treasure trying to make them ’empowered’ in the first place.
        Even with everything handed to them on a plate, women still couldn’t manage to be men.
        The ROI of empowering women is deeply in the red.

        1. When this current generation hits the wall, our economy will collapse. It will be like a bunch of 18 year old who just got kicked out of mommy’s house, and are forced to rely on character and willpower to get off the street. Lacking those qualities, the weak will demand more wealth from a broke and broken government, while the empowered middle managers will be dropping to their knees faster than a backstage whore at a jay z show

    3. One of the best comments I’ve ever read on ROK, and there’s a lot of clever bastards around here. How long must we keep pretending that women are just men with cunts and tits? When will we accept that biology is king, and no amount of self-deception will change it? It is the sheer arrogance that bothers me; wimmin come up with their scheme to grab power after the men have done all the work, and men just agree with whatever gobbledygook they say…as if a handful of lesbians and their commie handlers have finally discovered the Truth; women are just victimized men, and every single culture throughout all of human history was wrong. Only in safe, isolated america could such a turd be polished to so blinding a sheen.

    4. Thoroughly researched and well said! Best thing we as men can do now is to keep dosing others with the red pill and to continue mastering ourselves… NEVER, I say, NEVER stop mastering ourselves as this is the main key to everything else!

  16. Whichever country is the first to completely call bullshit on feminism and then gear its schools and universities to best accommodate the MALE mind and allow it space to flourish is going to absolutely dominate the next 100 years. My money is on China and their brutal practicality.
    When a country dedicates its entire educational system, legal system, media, pop culture and family structure to the glory of one gender for a full 50 years and gets a 2% patent representation rate in return and an overall ROI deep in the red then maybe it’s time to tinker with things a bit, no? First country that invests exclusively in its males is going to run the globe over. It could be French Guiana or Sri Lanka or anywhere. That is how extreme male supremacy is when it comes to ingenuity. Hell, I wish it weren’t true. I wish women were superior. Men have come up with a plastic handheld box that allows you to talk in real time with someone overseas by shooting your voice to an outer space satellite and down again in a milli-second. If women were smarter the inventions would be beyond our imagination. I wish women were smarter so I’m not just some asshole on the internet. Why wouldn’t I want them to be geniuses? They’re just not and a 50 year trial is long enough. They came up with jackshit, unfortunately. Show’s over (or should be).

    1. This experiment has been done already, in the late 1800’s. The brutal competition between men created the wealthiest individuals the world has ever seen and spawned industries that made America a powerhouse. We are still riding on that 30 years or so of our history.

  17. you know if the majority of the superrich are men, and they control the media, politics etc, then feminism ends when it ceases to be useful to them i.e. because of the extra tax dollars, cheaper wages etc. One way that that eventuality could be accelerated is if feminism turns on ‘them’, on the hand that feeds them. The proof that feminism remains useful (and profitable) to them is the fact that wealth is increasingly concentrated in their hands, indeed the 1% – almost exclusively male – is getting richer and richer. Feminism is scorpion like: it will attack because it is in its nature to attack. Manoeuvre feminists to attack the hand that feeds them and see what happens
    Ladies, if you’re strong and independent, attack the 1%, occupy wall street again or something like that

    1. “occupy wall street again”
      Remember your iPhones and Starbucks though! This isn’t the middle ages, you shouldn’t have to be bored or de-caffeinated.

  18. There is nothing more motivating to a man than pussy. I’m not talking about getting one piece of ass but the ability to getting just about any piece of ass that you want. We all grew up seeing the “rich guy” with the hot girl. That’s why we create, build and learn to push ourselves to be better than the other guy (or at least we should). As a man you have to earn everything in life, nothing is given. Women do not have that kind of motivation unless it’s to protect or raise her children and in today’s culture most women can fall back on a safety net, ie husband, father, or big daddy government.

      1. In a subconscious way, no doubt. Male creativity evolved as a mechanism for impressing women…but the FEMS say that’s not impressing, but oppressing. Because the masters always want to give their slaves whatever their fickle hearts desire

    1. No, there is nothing more motivating to a man than power. Getting endless pussy is just a sign of that.

  19. In the not too distant future, the evidence will be clear and available to all that the 3 men pictured in this article are some of the most evil / destructive / demonic men the world has ever known. And that about sums it up about men: we are the creators on this planet, but also the destroyers; the producers, but also the cannibals; the spark of inspiration, but also the demons that extinguish light. We are at the top and bottom of essentially every metric: the highest achievers and the most substandard of humanity. Women pale in scope and breadth.

    1. Gates didn’t become evil until after FedGov forced him out of Microsoft. When he was obsessed with standardizing the platform everybody used and providing the best office suite available his company made a nickle for every $100 of productivity it created. And god bless him for that.
      Then he went and became a philanthropist and is engaging in all sorts of evil busywork, like common core, and pushing unqualified minorities into positions they will fail wasting their valuable time and destroying their lives in some quest to prove equality, oh and then there is his stated goal of reducing the population of the planet by 10-15%.

      1. Bill Gates is still increasing Africa’s population which will hit 4 billilon+ by 2010. I suppose when Bill says “Reducing the world’s population” he really means “White population”.

        1. Remember that Bill’s cash came from someone else’s genius. Sometimes I think people who get a windfall of money are able to so much more easily become irrational liberal saviors.

        2. That’s a grim irony about this saving the Third World stuff. Hate to say it, really because it is sad thinking of all the innocent little babies, but if these masses of people are cured of herd culling disease and given an easier time to breed, well what’s going to happen? They’ll what, just start having vastly less babies like Western Europeans, white Americans and the Japanese? Seriously doubt that. They’ll just become more civilized, responsible with their fucking…?

        3. Birthrates are going down pretty much everywhere in the world, even in places where they are relatively high such as Africa and the Middle East.

        4. Not nearly enough, imo. Still the population is blooming in places like Nigeria and around Africa and various Third World shitholes, which isn’t a good thing.

    2. Because of The Hamster, women either cannot or will not distinguish between the different kinds of men that there are.
      To feminists, ALL men are evil rapist oppressors and must be “overcome”, i.e., killed (see quotes from powerful feminsts such as Andrea Dworkin).
      To the majority of women, a man is “evil” only if he is not rich/powerful, handsome, ‘charming’, ‘exciting’ (gives them ‘da Tingles’), or unwilling or unable to be an ATM and doormat for them. To these same women, a man is “good” only if he is of some utility to them or their female/feminist imperative; if he is not willing to be any of these, he is disposable, if not ‘deserving’ of extermination.

    3. The only way to remove evil is extinguish humanity; aggression is part of what the human race is, and why it has been so successful in evolution.

  20. This is a very accurate analysis that needed to be said. Men being the actual creators of wealth is statistically masked by political correctness but is completely obvious when you objectively look at an economic system of innovative capitalism.
    I hate anectodal examples but political correctness has made it difficult to find gender-based statistics of profitable business owners. I’ve worked for a number years in a combination of marketing, sales, and lead-generation roles. Throughout my experience with thousands of multimillion dollar, multiple employee companies, only a few handful have been female owned.
    Wage suppression is inevitable with women’s mass-entry into the workforce. Women don’t create jobs, they only take them. They are essentially the parasitic class within the productive class.
    If we as a society continue with a dual gender workforce, we must train men as entrepreneurs and innovators. Women seek stability through traditional education and employment. Men must opt out of this path and continue to create jobs for women.
    I don’t fully subscribe to the theory that women are incapable in the workplace. Female success in academics and traditional work environments is because of their ability to follow instructions, regurgitate information and play “by the book.” The innovators, builders, and motivators in the workforce are men.

    1. The concept of “wealth creation” and that rich people are job creators is denied by the left. If they believed those concepts they might realize that there is a problem with giving women half the jobs when they don’t create any jobs. The think that wealth already exists and is distributed unequally.

      1. The whole concept of “job creation” is economically bogus to begin with. It treats jobs as a commodity which there is a certain amount of, like bricks or bars of gold or cars or squeaky dog toys.
        Labor is a commodity that can either be used for some purpose or not be. A “job” is just a temporary assignment of this commodity. There’s always uses for labor. I’d employ a servant if I could get one for $1 per day.

        1. Everyone knows that. Entrepreneurs increase the demand for labor. So policies that create incentives for people with capital to loan it, invest it, or start a business with it increase the demand for labor. People refer to that as “job creation” which is apt even if it isn’t completely accurate, unless you are a fag who likes to argue semantics online.

  21. Women can make a ton of cash..By sugar dating. It’s becoming more and more popular in the States through websites such as

  22. It isn’t a good Idea to neuter yourself with victim mentality and never will be. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

  23. Yeah! No excuses fuck everybody. Im gonna make all the money! Who is Warren Buffet? Bitch better have my money! I want all the money so all the women come to me with their pwoblems. No excuses. The man with the most money is the biggest “oppressor”. Im buying the Federal Reserve! Then Im buying Ben Bernanke.

  24. What incentives do women have to make their own money when they can just steal it from men with alimony, child support, paternity fraud, divorce rape, and gubbment handouts?

  25. Of course all of you realize that this will just be cited as an example of men depriving females of opportunity.
    That patriarchy ™ is holding them back.

  26. With young women earning the most degrees, you would think their record entrance into the workforce these women would want smaller government with fewer safety nets, so these smart young women could reap the rewards of their paycheck.
    Yet none of them can even make that fucking connection, its like deep down they plan to get married and quit their job anyways. Taxes are for men to pay.

    1. If one day women do out-earn men, and consequently pay more taxes in total, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d start resenting how they (supposedly) are funding the MGTOW lifestyle through their taxes. The new pay gap.

    2. True But if more women are earning more degrees then men, which should mean they go into more higher paying jobs why then aren’t there more self made women.

  27. Women have always been net takers of wealth, and men have always been net builders. It’s the basic foundation of our relationship with each other.
    We build things, provide resources, and create wealth, they bear the children. Men trade excess labor capacity and productivity in exchange for reproductive rights with women.
    Political correctness may try to cover this up or obfuscate it, but if/when society collapses, it will become clear to everyone once again which gender builds societies and wealth.

  28. Women are attracted to successful men. Men are attracted to beautiful women. Therefore, there’s a biological incentive for men to be more successful, and there’s a biological incentive for women to be more beautiful. Women do not gain any kind of reproductive advantage by becoming powerful, successful businesswomen. It’s just not something that men find attractive in women because at no point in our evolution did men rely on women as resource providers.
    Men, on the other hand, greatly benefit from achieving that kind of success. Men are naturally more competitive and more likely to take risks, and that’s because we have much higher rates of testosterone, which influences these behaviors. Therefore, men will ALWAYS be more successful than women. It’s not evidence of discrimination against women, it’s a sign that men and women are wired up DIFFERENT. Conversely, men do not spend nearly as much time on their beauty as women do. Why would men? Men do not benefit as greatly as women do from being beautiful.

  29. This is something I’d noticed myself too. On the lists of richest women in the world, there’s a disproportionate number of heirs and divorce raiders. Good that someone put it into numbers.
    The article could have made do with a bit less Republican propaganda though. The main finding that rich women are disproportionately heirs does in no way require it. Particularly propagandistic is the assertion that if someone starts poor and becomes wealthy it follows that he has actually created all that wealth, i.e. added new wealth to the economy, rather than appropriated it from the rest of it.

  30. Bill Gates is a beta male, his wife has total control over him and his money. They both preach the feminazi propaganda.

  31. There was this female reporter interviewing Warren Buffett he made the comment ” some men like reading playboy, he liked reading company reports” – the look on the female reporters face when Warren mentioned reading Playboy was priceless.

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