Australian Schools Step Up Feminist Indoctrination Of Children

I had the pleasure of attending a rough-as-guts Australian state school at the peak of 1990s feminism. The dumpiest and grumpiest female teachers, apparently unconcerned about life-threatening peer violence against weaker boys, attempted to ideologically seduce the girls, succeeding in winning over a few gangly suck ups who obediently wore trousers (in the 1990s, gasp), and who took up science challenges in which they had no interest.

In the meantime, a thin, talkative pretty boy a year above me who was a little too popular with the cute girls was held down by some jealous classmates and had his mouth thoroughly smashed in with a brick. He spent a month in hospital. One perpetrator was expelled and the other fled. The incident, not atypical for our institution, attracted no other attention from school authorities and the police were not involved.

Instead, the feminist phenomenon reached its zenith at about the same time when the butch teachers organized girls-only self defense classes and held an assembly exclusively for female pupils (the content secret), and when the (male) Vice Principal thundered at the entire student body about how proactive and dedicated girls were and what awful losers boys were, thus ensuring that any boy who had been considering taking up an academic opportunity avoided doing so lest he be called a fag.

Feminist posters went up celebrating girls in non-traditional fields, warning them to focus on their career rather than marriage, and about the dangers of the male members of our shared species.

vice principal

Artist’s impression of Vice Principal.

I lived in terror amid this unpoliced chaos until I reached fifteen or so and was large enough to defend myself. Throughout, we were berated for being the cause of the world’s problems by the very adults who were supposed to be protecting us. Then we were gone, moving on to further study or prison in approximately equal numbers.

Recently, the sneering, severely shorn harridans of Australian secondary education have again emerged from their tree, pioneering a program to indoctrinate children in feminist ideology.

A hyperventilating ‘news’ piece in the once respectable paper, The Age, begins with a bossy, bitchy, sixteen-year-old feminist complaining that people call her a bossy bitch. It continues by explaining that a teacher and some of her students have begun a Feminist Collective which has subsequently turned into an elective class.

The girls, together with a tiny troupe of “boys,” receive political instruction in such feminist falsehoods as “systemic sexism” (illegal in Australia since 1984), the mythical hordes of wife-beating thugs, and the venerable wage gap.


Ferocious husbands.

The next section of the article is best quoted in excruciating detail, together with English translations.

The students were angry that good friends were falling victim to eating disorders . .

Yes, men made them do that. What red-blooded bloke doesn’t savor that bitter, bilious taste of kissing a bulimic?

. . . that white middle class men dominated their reading lists . . .

Drink! Around a third of the authors on the official reading list are female, and they make up half of the novelists.

“. . . that objectifying images of girls they knew were circulating on Facebook . . .”

Yes, and who put those images there? Did those rascally boys sneak into those girls’ bedrooms and secretly snap them in their knickers? Or, perhaps, did those girls put sexy selfies of themselves up there as they are hopelessly prone to do?


A woman posts a sexy selfie because of sexism.

The collective also faced opposition in the playground . . . Male students argued that they should form a “men’s rights collective” to protect themselves against the feminists.

What was most upsetting about that was, it was the cool boys who were trolling them so. The naughty recalcitrants won’t really turn into MRAs – they’re too busy having fun with prettier girls. It’s good to know the red pill has sunk so deeply into Australian society, however. I suspect some of those young hooligans are presently reading this very article. Nice work, lads.

Remember: your cheeky antics are making those spluttering, red-faced educators quite damp. You’ll get away with murder so long as you never, ever apologize. See: Trump.

It got increasingly aggressive . . . I tried to stay calm, but when I left, I just about to burst out into tears [sic], because these were a couple of my really good friends who had just yelled at me, for simply saying that I want rights.

I’m guessing no one was yelling except the young Kommissar. More sensible friends probably pointed out that she is denied not a single opportunity and that she enjoys a freer, safer, and more privileged existence than ninety-nine percent of the world’s population.

A word to the wise: you don’t get to run the world if you flee in hysterics when someone disagrees with you. Could you image Vladimir Putin doing that? Neither can anyone else, sweetheart. That’s why he’s got the job.


Vladimir Putin responds to his critics.

. . . a growing number of boys . . . support the collective.

Boys who will not lose their virginity until they either pay for it or stumble upon a site like this, whichever comes first.

I’m not at all opposed to high school kids learning about feminism. Let a hundred flowers bloom, as Mao briefly said. Students should be exposed to the classic feminist texts. They should also be exposed to anti-feminist views such as those put forward by articulate MRAs (they do exist), and to neomasculinist values promulgated on Return of Kings.

Having read widely and debated without the straightjacket of feminist censorship, would adolescents follow the example of their desperately sad, feminist teachers? Or would they notice who is happier and more successful among the peoples of the world?

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    1. Incorrect. Australia is moving north, will be in the northern hemisphere in 200 million years.

  1. I lived in terror amid this unpoliced chaos until I reached fifteen or so and was large enough to defend myself. Throughout, we were berated for being the cause of the world’s problems by the very adults who were supposed to be protecting us. Then we were gone, moving on to further study or prison in approximately equal numbers.

    ‘The world’s problems’ is a delusional term to distract people from the problems in their own lives. The world does not have problems. It just is. All there is is your life and what you want to do with it. There is no weird invisible entity called ‘mother society’ which is sick and needs medicine. There are just people who want to bully you into accomodating their interests. And they have to be fought. That is all there really is to it. So if a girl tells me I am responsible for the world’s problems, all I see is a weakling trying to demand me to be her slave in the name of that mysterious ‘society’ or ‘world’. And what do I do when a weakling tries to impose her will on me? That is right, I kick her teeth in or do the next best thing I can afford to do.
    My condolences for having spent time in that horrible place.
    This is a quote from the video in the article you linked, from that young girl:

    I believe that people should be equal in everything they do

    Guess where this comes from. It comes from this moronic democracy where everybody thinks that everybody at all times has to fucking agree on everything. Of course that leads to the logical conclusion that your voice should be equal to others … cause you think that all your personal decisions have to be put to a public vote. Well, girls and boys, they do not. It is your life. The only thing to be considered is not whether others want me to do something, but whether they can actually stop me.

    1. Agreed. I had fun with my ethics teacher who attempted to use the class as an attempt to spread feminist propaganda. It cost me points on my papers but it was never about my grades. It was always about the other classmates who possibly hadn’t heard the opposing view or evidence.

      1. This comment was interesting. I remember “back when” attending college if I ever had a black woman teaching a class I would drop the class…find another (different) teacher for the next semester teaching that same subject or class.
        The reason for it was these types of teachers (a woman, black) were the worst at teaching the actual subject. They constantly had this chip on their shoulder and it always came back to their personal “dealings” on different issues, their opinions, etc…versus the actual material. It’s similar to having a black woman as a boss or supervisor, today. If you were white and a man, forget about it. They would always appear to be fair in their dealings but you always ended up paying for their years of “inequality” or perceived inequality.
        Today, I just laugh at this shit because black women constantly benefit more in our society or receive a helping hand (one up) versus everyone else.
        Diversity is code for racism (it just sounds better and it’s accepted in our society).

  2. The Aussies are a crazy, quite degenerate bunch, but some of you seem to have some balls and not give a fuck, and I can sure as hell get on board with that.

  3. It’s obvious which lessons would be taken to heart by male students. Feminists hate the Manosphere with a passion and it’s why at every turn they’ve done nothing more than bash while being protected by their lapfags who perform at their bidding. Doing so much as expressing a different opinion makes their heads explode. Enjoy it and use every opportunity in the public sphere to fight them.

    1. “Enjoy it and use every opportunity in the public sphere to fight them.” I’m doing it as much as I can. Problem is, when they’re singled out, they don’t fight back. Did you notice that?

      1. Of course they do not. It is easy to cry at the government for more money. It is harder to stand in front of a big guy and tell him that you deserve his money.

        1. Took the words right out of my mouth. They’re the biggest bunch of cowards and the moment you stand up to them, their tails tuck between their legs. Before they run to get their orbiters.

  4. Feminists shame and blame beta males for their unhappiness in life while masturbating for alpha males. All those valuable life lessons you learned in school.

  5. why would anyone listen to the opinion of a 16 year old girl? or even give her a platform?
    every point in the article is muh feelings

    1. Frankly, though, in this system of indoctrination, you actually gotta appreciate a mind that has not yet went all the way through the machinery of make-me-stupid. The knowledge of a kid that has not been beaten too much is, in a way, freer than any other.

    2. Good point. But I don’t think it’s about the girls.
      It’s about the bitches that have the authority to indoctrinate them in that way.

    3. The 3 women behind the 16 year old complaining about objectifying the female form are who would listen.

    4. The complaint is about the insane ones we call feminists intentionally putting her there in the first place.
      A ditsy 16 year old girl is easy enough to ignore. But that’s not the point. The point is that feminists need to indoctrinate, and they are using this foolish girl to promote their brand of brainwashing.
      So the real question to ask is why is the general public listening and not throwing these ideologues to the genetic dust bin of history immediately? Let alone giving them the keys to power?

  6. I don’t necessarily see this as an inherently bad thing. Sure, feminism and its offshoots are complete bullshit and have more holes than Swiss cheese, but promoting this propaganda at school gives me the opportunity at home to discuss this with my future kids and introduce to them the concept of propaganda, not to unquestionly trust a government and also the counter concepts of neomasculinity to both boys and girls.
    Too many parents want the government and schools to raise their kids for them. If you’re going to be lazy, either don’t have kids or don’t complain when they introduce things to kids you don’t want them to learn. Expose your kids to as many ideas as possible and as varied as possible, then discuss these concepts with them. Hopefully you will create an independent, self-reflecting, mature, well-rounded, critical and free-thinking adult.

    1. I agree. The problem is for those kids who get the same at home.
      If I could go back to that time and give myself advice, it would be:
      Don’t ignore your crazy old curmudgeonly grandfather like everyone else does. If someone has survived the Depression living off their wits and the odd bit of edible wildlife, been through the horrors of the Pacific War and raised a large family of happy, competent adults, this is a person whom you ought to take seriously, whatever his faults may be.

      1. Nikolai, I’m a Melbourne resident I was kid in the ’70’s and a teen in the ’80’s. My Parents are immigrants like yours. The fathers and uncles of my generation were by today’s standards hard livin’ and big drinkers. They were hyper masculine, my Dad and many of his mates had been Boxers, and some still had the physical appearance of the athletes they once were. Men that looked like Hugh Jackman while not common place were relatively easy to find. Most of these blokes were Amature Aussie rules players, these blokes were so tough they’d drink full strength beer stubbies at half time to replenish they liquids they lost playing Footy. Fights behind play were common place and reporting it meant you were a bloody girl and a disgrace to the game.
        At the professional level guys like “Hooker Harrison” and “Captain Blood” had only just retired. Real dominant men were easy to find, both locally and abroad. You had Nigel Mansel and Ayrton Senna racing each other in the pit lane at over 300kph, Comando, Rambo, and Rocky were in the cinema. We even had a Prime Minister who was known for his drinking and womanizing. Australia was a very different place.
        Then it all started to change, for me ground zero for this change was the all in brawl involving “Lethal Leigh Matthews” in front of the Queen, at an AFL (then VFL) Grand Final. It was then that the Bullshit started, anti male propaganda, quotas, and a minister for women.
        At the other end, the unrestrained Masculinity resulted in drink driving deaths, divorce and unemployment, the implosion of Hawkes Prime Ministership, and recession from financial risk taking a hallmark of Masculine thinking.
        Flash forward 20 years and here we are a Nation of Appologisers and AFL players who seem more conscerned with Haircuts and posing in callenders than playing the game. Stories read to children where Princess’ rescue Prince’s and other such Bullshit. We have a generation of women who are quite simply lost I know a lot of women in their 30’s never married, I know a couple of women in their early 40’s who have just got engaged for the first time. One has a kid, the other doesn’t. All due to feminist lies. I wish this Country would go back to what it used to be, one ruled by strong dominate masculine men. Instead of the sad whining fairies and wimps we are today. For those who remember what we used to be, all we can do is mourne. Oh and P.S. Good Article

        1. I remember and it’s a damn shame. America has “fallen down” as well and we need to get back up again. A good start was the manosphere (online) being born and men coming together, again, to discuss issues (similar to the old locker rooms, bars, country clubs – men only).
          Men need to have discussions where only men are present. Women can fuck things up in a hurry (as we’ve seen in society). Back when, you found men so easily because you didn’t have this nonstop attack “on men” from every angle. Some men (like Trump, Putin or Russian society, men) are showing how it is to just “be a man”, not apologize and go about your business. Don’t let anyone shame you, own it and tell people to mind their god damn business…especially if you know it will piss them off.
          Here is to men being men once more.

    2. My life could have been very different if for a parent like you. Where I grew up, nobody even mentioned the idea to question our school teachings. I must say that reading this solves some little knot in me that goes a little like ‘do not question what school teachers tell you. They know what they do. It is their job’.

    3. The danger is that it become the only education someone gets. My dad on paper was a success, but in his heart he bleeds beta. I feel like the advice he gave me was either none or of dubious quality. I had to go through much unnecessary suffering to find the truth. In another age I may have never found the truth.

      1. Suffering brings about understanding. All the knowledge, education, schooling, technical training, philosophy etc. etc. cannot make one understand like suffering has the ability to do. But I hear you. How much further would I be ahead today if my parents were not telling me to do well in school and listen to the teacher/social change agent/government employee with a room temperature IQ.

        1. I agree there is value in suffering-or maybe suffering gives a lesson value. When I worked as a tutor I usually was always giving leading questions that brought students slowly to the solution. Students were always amazed that they had in fact just made the equation that they had hated so much. And now they understood where it came from, in fact it was theirs. I think its good for things to be hard, but when you make things near impossible, you eliminate a wide swath of students. Imagine if instead of being taught a language, logic, etc you were raised by wolves then introduced into society. Where would you be, who would you be? We stand on the shoulders of the giants before us.

  7. “we were berated for being the cause of the world’s problems by the very adults who were supposed to be protecting us”
    I understand discrimination and all, but applying it to children is beyond reprehensible. These people should not only be hanged, they should be hanged, their corpses put in jail and then throw away the key. How did we as a society get here? How the fuck is this even conceivable?

  8. Yep, fuck the education system. Homeschool your kids if you’re brave enough to bring them into this shit hole in the first place. I’m at a business school right now and they just recently had a women’s only day where they basically teach girls how to get a leg up on the guys in workplace, they saw nothing sexist about this.

    1. That’s terrible… Going STEM is the only way to avoid indoctrination. In my general ed liberal arts classes[which were a joke], I always noticed the students that disagreed with the teachers on ideologies ALWAYS got lower marks. In the scientific fields, you can say whatever the fuck you want as long as you can objectively prove it.

  9. Also our favorite whackjob feminist, Clementine Ford, recently got a man sacked from his job for calling her a slut on Facebook. This quickly morphed into another pointless Twitter campaign called #endviolenceagainstwomen which aims to ‘hold’ (male) offenders accountable despite Ford calling people including other women much worse than ‘slut’.

  10. Yeah the problem with having pro anti male/ anti race groups which at the core is feminism in school is the brainwashing that everything in school is right.

    1. A real man will break a feminist like a wild mustang. The only problem is there are so few feminists worth the breaking.

  11. The day someone is able to insert the concept of toxic femininity into the discourse will be a happy day for me. What a bunch of loser psychos, does any modern women actually want to do an honest days work anymore? Bunch of scum sucking man hating parasites.
    I kept telling people that they are letting teenage girls control everything and that they are starting to sound like teenage girls, that the discourse would descend into a pit of girly teenage hormonal nonsensical crap, no one believed me.
    So much violent rhetoric against men in Australia everyday, never ever a word about female behaviour, NEVER.
    Did a FB post about male suicide in Australia, after having put up with a whole years of man hating hysterical vortex nonsense, crickets!
    Also did a fun little experiment in last 2 weeks, anyone on my FB feed that was posting anti white, anti male, pro immigration, feminist leftist garbage was deleted from my feed.
    If they had a history of posting this stuff they were deleted.
    Am taking the time to message them and tell them how racist and sexist they all are.

  12. This is why I never bought into the movie Pacific Rim. Australia having giant robot/s?? People there are too laid back and now this article makes them out to be stupid.

    1. …the movie features interdimensional creatures coming through a rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the best idea we can come up with as a species is to build giant robots to fight them, and the fact Australia had some of them is THE ONLY REASON YOU DIDN’T BUY INTO THE MOVIE????

    2. There’s no need to make us look stupid…we are stupid. We are in the midst of the biggest property boom ever. When the last one collapsed it’s destruction reached as far as Paris and London. Parents were burning their infant children in Steel Tubs because they could afford to keep them. We have vast reserves of Natural Gas and Oil, yet the Government continues to let Private Industry import Oil from Singapore! Thereby forcing us into price parity with Singapore. In 2013 we had a diesel fuel shortage because of this stupidity the country almost ground to a halt and the problem still hasn’t been fixed. To fix the refining capacity problem will only cost the Government $3 Billion. We are still the only country that lets Chinese tycoons buy up large amounts of residential property, the U.S. has stopped them, and even the Canadian’s have stopped them, and they just elected a Male feminist as Prime Minister!
      Mate we are stupid and what’s more worrying is that we worship stupidity.

  13. feminist indoctrination of young girls is basically a pick up routine by fat / aspiring / political lesbians and should be seen as such. Society gets worked up about the male PUA community seducing an occasional hottie, but feminism itself is an organised, systematic and poisonous seduction of young women motivated in part by eroticized resentiment if not outright eroticised hate, so why isn’t society responding to turf out these perverts as one would the outed neighbourhood paedophile?

  14. This Putin personality cult is getting absurd.
    Helen Clark (NZ ex-PM) collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.

    1. That’s interesting. But he was a commie KGB agent back then
      This is the only thing I could find on the above – maybe its the same source?
      “In Wellington, the go-between for Helen Clark and Vladimir Putin was a female activist. Her diary was found by her father in 1982 and was read by two people (including an area Party leader), before being passedon and passed off as burnt. (I think I bought his car.) The diary contained arrangements for Helen Clark and MargaretWilson’s clandestine early-hour meetings with Vladimir ‘Alexia’ Putin atWharf No. 3; to the agreed plan to remove white males out of positions of power which served both factions, the lesbians and the communists; and the sexual data and drug habits of politicians on both sides of Parliament.”,%20low%20res.%2016.7.08/NZ%20A%20Blackmailer's%20Guide-%20C2-%20Nuclear%20New%20Zealand-%2016.7.08.pdf
      PS – aren’t the super-rich making New Zealand their bolt-hole of choice?

      1. I’m NOT on the Putin Bandwagon
        To equate the New World Order with Zionism is incorrect. Zionism is just one pincer in the NWO. The other is Opposition-to-Zionism, represented by Russia’s Putin and Iran’s Ahmadinejad. The Rothschilds control them both through MI-6.
        This dialectic succeeds the Nazi- Communist one of WW2. You can’t have a Third World War unless you have two sides. This time round, Putin and Ahmadinejad have been cast as defenders of Nation and Religion. But don’t be fooled. This is the Rothschild Modus Operandi. They routinely simulate the opposition or pretend to fight themselves. (Read Protocols 12 and 17 for examples.)This way they can initiate profitable conflicts and orchestrate the outcome. Wars keep us off balance and unable to address the real problem-them. Meanwhile the idealistic plebes fight and die for a “cause.”
        How do I support this view of Putin? To begin with, his body language. Putin doesn’t have the gravitas to be anything more than a front man. He lacks chest hair. Have you seen how comfortable he is with George W. ? They are both veterans from central casting. If Putin were for real, he wouldn’t be able to stand W’s presence.

        1. So you think that an MI6 agent would be fair about a KGB agent? You also believe that the Red Socks would be honest about the Yankees, right? you also believe in the tooth fairy, right?
          Anyway, at the end of the article, he stated atthe end of the article that What is known is that “Vladimir Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemasonry member”.

        2. Interesting but on the paranoid side. The Puppet masters may well play both sides, as masters of the dialectic, of both good and evil, driving history forward as their own little project but still its important not to go beyond the evidence, or to mistake a campaign strategy, however brilliantly for ab reality on the ground. Puttin is no doubt many things, and he may well be, or have been a mason but its dangerous to assume this or that similarly the complicity of ahmedinejad etc because to do so actually produces in the first instance a sense of helplessness (wouldn’t ‘ they’ want you to feel controlled?) and in the second it it is typically unverifiable. If you look at the Tomlinson stuff it all becomes increasingly fantastic. Almost certainly there will be truth mixed in with the lies and disinformation but the key bombshell there is the revelation that Mi6 planted a nuclear bomb under the sea bed and caused the 2005 tsunami. Asserting something so silly effectively booby traps all the revelations made therein.
          You’re right though there is a system in play. Putin is part of it even as he tests and challenges it. Just look at what went on when Jacob Rothschild tried to rescue khodorkovsky’s gas stake a few years back. It’s complex

        3. You’re right these agents have been brain washed and deconstructed so sometimes they are not sure themselves what’s real and what’s fantasy. But there’s grain of truth there.
          The fact that Putin has been tolerated for so long and kept in power means that they’re holding discrediting evidences against him, which are usually used to control agent elivated in power (example Hitler). It’s called “the wood”.
          When and if Putin steps over the line these evidences will be revealed all over the mainstream media.

        4. “MI6 and KGB were not arch-enemies. KGB was the Russian branch of the British Secret Service.”
          Where do you get that from? I used to have a few acquaintances in the intelligence world myself. However, I’ve neer heard of that.
          As far as I know, in most countries, the intelligence system is divided in two branches:
          – “soft” information gathering (NSA, Russian GRU, etc.)
          – “action-oriented” information gathering (CIA, MI6, FSB/KGB, etc)

        5. I’m not that familiar with what Tomlinson claims or quite what to think of him. He clearly had a bitter dispute with Mi6, but whether that document reflects what he actually believes, is an attempt to cast them in an unfavourable light, or is in part deliberate fantasy I couldn’t say. I have no doubt that ‘mind control’ may have been studied / practised in some shape or form, but I’m reserving judgement on the whole MK ultra thing etc. What we do know is that belief and opinion shaping, at both the individual and wider public level is central to what human intelligence (HUMINT), but equally the whole Jason Bourne / monarch / MKultra thing may even be part of that: it all works to present the intelligence services as fantasy puppett masters, real rather than aspiring magicians. What we need to bear in mind in all of this is ‘what is being done’ in any given instance of communication / persuasion: most of this I imagine is disinformation. The tsunami nuke thing (even if were true – which it isn’t) serves as I say to discredit any previously made allegations. Here though the timing of the information is just as important. Putin for instance could be all things under the sun, but why did he suddenly become Hitler (a couple of years ago); why do revelations like this suddenly appear just as people are coming to see him as a saviour of the West. It could be because they are true, or because some would puncture is lustrous image. Even if there are some trying to promote WW3 by playing both sides, there’s no reason to think that attacks on Putin aren’t real.
          As for ‘them’ having something on Putin, I think its simpler than that: all of these governments have nasty shit on all the others. Look at how Putin revealed what turkey’s motives were, and how america was effectively helping to fund ISIS or whatever. Do you think he couldn’t have said a whole lot more if he wanted to. As we both agree, Putin is a part of the system, but having said that there does appear to be a real enough ‘civil-war’ taking place. Even if WW3 is taking place I guess it would be important for all sides to ensure that the system didn’t break completely – and that would be the case even if its purpose wasn’t the NWO

        6. why did he suddenly become Hitler
          Because they are quite similar, indeed . Hitler was a British agent and played the good guy for a while before they pushed him into a war with Russia.
          You base your opinions on what you’ve read on the internet but there are a lot of books out there which go into much more detail and the evidences are overwhelming.
          Plus if you speak to some retired agents you’d be shocked at the stories they tell. They match with some of the craziest thing you’ll find on the subject.
          Problem is, discussion of secret societies is something like a minefield, because it so easily invites ridicule. It is very difficult for the general public to accept, that the super rich leaders of their western world, can possibly be as mad and deranged as they actually are.

        7. I’m all for going back to the primary literature / checking facts but when it comes to conspiracy literature one needs to keep it at arms length in order to keep oneself from drowning psychologically. The mindgames are real enough all right though

        8. I agree; Putin gets way too much credit from the ROK crowd. The Russian culture is naturally resilient and fiercely masculine regardless of who is in power. In the end, every politician that accepts donations is a puppet, and nothing more.

      2. I’m seeing how that can make sense…I was thinking Australia but the refugees can still try to sail to shore for the welfare bennies…New Zealand there is nothing close enough for refugee boat people when inevitable overpopulation/famine drives people to move.

        1. I think the naturist David de Rothschild has re-located there amongst others. Either they’re Lord of the Rings enthusiasts or they feel safer being as far as way as possible from the plebs.

    2. I have two questions:
      – What are your sources?
      – How does any of that goes against Putin personality cult?

  15. Feminist posters went up celebrating girls in non-traditional fields, warning them to focus on their career rather than marriage.
    This is why western and European countries are in a population decline and “need”
    migrant’s. Without this insanity we would not need migrants or illegal aliens.

  16. The education system teaches the young neither critical thinking or practical life survival skills, like knowing how to live off the land in harsh environments if our society went belly up in the morning.
    It’s hard to call such a system “educational” if it omits such important skills.

  17. Education in Australia is fucked. I found out recently that my old school has introduced “women’s studies” for Year 8 students. They used to run ethics/civics, and before that, they ran religious studies. Now they have women’s studies. In Year 8.
    But this is hardly an isolated issue. Most “history” classes before Year 11 and 12 spend an inordinate amount of time looking at how great the Aborigines are and how evil Australians are. Propaganda indeed.
    More fundamentally, though, we’ve got a dysfunctional interface between schools and universities. Most high-school graduates are barely literate, barely numerate, and bereft of skills that might otherwise prepare them for the sorts of jobs for which they are suited. Why did we get rid of technical high-schools? I read recently that only 13 or 14% of science and commerce degree programmes at Australian universities require students to have completed intermediate maths or better at school. Why? Because if they had prerequisites, the programmes would be nearly empty. Why? Because we have an education system that wants to scale down content for better minds to the level of the common mind.
    What we need is a system that offers content for the common mind at levels appropriate for the common mind, and content for better minds at levels appropriate for better minds. Frankly, although the propaganda is atrocious, at least that’s something that conscientious parents can counter with a casual chat to their children. Our education system is fundamentally shoddy and the real worry is that, with a few exceptions (kids who are very smart, and kids with parents who care a lot about education), we are producing generations of know-nothings – more qualified but worse educated than their parents and grandparents.
    What’s the bet that whoever’s responsible for the feminism and native-worship is also responsible for the one-size-fits-all egalitarianist curriculum?

    1. You know why most schools in the western world got rid of vocational schools? Most industry is in China and India

      1. This explains why I see so many Chinese and Indian plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, etc..
        Except, of course, that I don’t. Hmm.

  18. Feminism was born out of the Womens Suffrage Movement. The Womens Suffrage Movement was born out of the Abolitionist Movement. So in effect by freeing the slaves and making them our “equals” we in essence sowed the seeds for the tangled, bitter crop that we are today harvesting and being forced to consume. How many hopelessly confused Anti-Feminist/Pro Racial Equality “Red Pillers” post here I wonder?

  19. I noticed starting in the 90’s when my daughter passed through a prominent public school system in Northern Virginia outside DC (Wealthy area, best public schools in the country, all the kids make it to VPI, UVA and beyond), the teachers are all women. ALL of them. No more shop classes, no mandatory phys-ed, no auto mechanics. No men from K-12th grade. All women. So what does anyone expect? They aren’t as aggressively anti-male as the Aussies (many people are heavily politically connected including yours truly, they have to be careful which kids to mess with or abuse). Glad I have a daughter. Glad she married fresh out of her computer science degree at 22, too. Bad time for dopey women if they’re dopey, but it is a bad, bad time for young men.
    The entire generation, the millennial kiddies, most of the men are fucked, the women entitled, selfish and never going to marry until they wish they could and cannot. Soft, weak, few men will change and they’re content to jerk to porn for the rest of their lives because most of the women are no good or don’t want them anyway.
    Lost generation in a lot of ways, the millennials. Likely the first generation to drop below, way below, replacement birth-rates, too. The women are too corrupted by feminism, the men are too soft and weak and fed up with the face-full of bad attitude feminism has instilled in most of the women for these men to want lead a family even if they wanted to. Add in divorce-rape and most of these kids will never consider marriage. I hope the women are happy.

  20. Why is the Author of this article a self proclaimed communist? He manages a site called Soviet Men and believes in the resurrection of the USSR! This site seems to be becoming very confused in its core beliefs.

      1. Ah, yes the Soviets always called their space boys- cosmonauts- we called them astronauts. I prefer the word “Cosmonaut”- has a better ring to it!

  21. The USSR was a manly institution. Poor Putin. A Christian man, forced into the Godless Communist system, fights his way through to seeing the old Soviets into the Russian, Christian era. What’s at the other end? A country, the United States, 40-year opponent of the old Soviets, formerly a Christian Nation, now ruled by a Muslim President who commands the liberal body politic that has erased Christianity from the landscape and has defended to the hilt, embraced even, Islamic Terror.
    The liberals, happy because at least in many cases and at long last, Christians were killed by Muslims, but at least they had something the liberals could defend and support and emigrate and apologize for Muslims and Islamic terror, a couple of liberals’ favorite things.. To liberals, feminists and Democrats at large, certainly Obama and the Clintons and select Republicans, Christians being destroyed by Muslims is the preferred path. And THIS United States, is the country Putin is faced with all these many years later.
    He must be PISSED. And sensing opportunity.

  22. From an early age women learn to use their bodies to get ahead, to make money, or to attain status by showing off their bodies. The entire reason we have industries like porn, strip clubs and prostitution is because men want to see, touch and f_ck women and are willing to pay money to do so. Women use their bodies and then complain about being objectified…never mind that seeing men as sperm donors and ATMs objectifies US.

  23. Just commenting since the recent adoption of the term “neomasculinity” there has been some slight confusion as to its usage.
    The adjective should be “neomasculine” I believe (instead of neomasculinist) , just as masculinity would translate into “masculine”.

  24. it’s bad enough we have white females on feminism steroids. It’s even worse and cringeworthy to see minority females tagging along to this bullshit. Shouldn’t Aussies be more worried about Muslim Lebanese immigrants and Vietnamese drug gangs in their country than this?

  25. Australia is not as far gone as the U.S when it comes to feminism for one simple reason: we are a conservative nation that does not particularly tolerate extremes. The feminist card didn’t even work for that bitch ex-prime minister Gillard. There is also no equivalent of Jessica Valenti in this country either.
    Moreover, there is far more tolerance for the idea that boys are falling behind in education here. When I was doing my teacher training, this problem came up a lot and I went to schools where female teachers were happy that men who were not pansies were interested in being English teachers.
    I do fear things are getting worse though because Australian men are such pussies nowadays and let women control them. Nearly every Aussie guy I know in a relationship has no balls and their wives/girlfriends walk all over them, even the fat ones.
    Australian women are really insufferable cunts for the most part and I’m incredibly thankful to be working in a company run by foreigners where they can be easily avoided.

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