What The Smartest Women In The World Teach Us About Sex Roles

I endorse Roosh’s polemic against educating women beyond high school. Ask yourself a simple question next time you see a university girl: would her time be better spent studying and preparing for a job, or should she spend it as a mother and homemaker, hence allowing a suitable man to take her place at work? In 99% of cases, the answer is the latter; a girl fulfills her comparative advantage at home.

However, there is still that 1% hovering in the air as an open question. There are certain careers, of course, like teacher and nurse, that women naturally flood into, though one hardly needs a university degree to teach 10-year-olds or care for patients. It is, nonetheless, instructive to focus on the One Percenter woman: that rare bird who attains masculine heights of greatness, but only at great cost.

To make my case, I focus on four brilliant women: Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia, Phyllis Schafly, and Marie Curie. I choose these women on purpose, for they are truly exceptional. An attentive reader might ponder why I do not consider the cases of Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer; the answer is obvious. A competent man can easily replace these women. Yet the four I have chosen are exceptional.

Ann Coulter: Conservative Troll

ROK readers are reminded to be wary of so-called dissident right women – cute girls like Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone are useful in drawing attention to our cause, but they ultimately desire gaining attention for themselves, like many girls their age. Their brains are vessels that are only filled through the intellectual hard labour of men; you need only watch Southern’s YouTube channel to realize she repeats ideas of other men. Yet Ann Coulter transcends these vacuous women, bringing gusto, flair, and wit to the conservative movement.

Coulter is undoubtedly smart and well-read, easily out-debating liberal reprobates. She is also slim and attractive – women in their fifties should take a cue from her. Her take-down of The Young Turks’s Ana Kasparian, for instance, is a pleasure to watch. She exceeds most men’s mental and verbal abilities.

Yet Coulter is unmarried, having dated high-status men like Bob Guccione, Jr., Dinesh D’Souza, and Andrew Stein. She has no children. Women are drawn to men who are superior to themselves – for Coulter, that significantly dries the dating pool. I can only imagine that she lives a lonely life.

Camille Paglia: Lesbian Provocateur

A professor and self-identified feminist, Paglia is held in revulsion by the feminist establishment, for positing that the sexes are inherently different, and that men, not women, have built civilization and art. Her intellectual rigour is outstanding, and the depths of her arguments are sublime. Her 1991 article on date rape, for instance, makes many of Roosh’s same points, excoriating women for demanding sexual freedom, while refusing to take responsibility for it:

The only solution to date rape is female self-awareness and self-control. A woman’s No. 1 line of defense against rape is herself. When a real rape occurs, she should report it to the police. Complaining to college committees because the courts “take too long” is ridiculous.

Paglia is a lesbian and, like Coulter, has no children. She herself admits that her obsessiveness, a typical male trait, gives rise to her brilliance. Although she was red-pilling people long before the current SJW despotism, I suspect, based on her 1990 treatise Sexual Personae, that she completely sublimates her sexual energy into artistic and intellectual excellence.

Phyllis Schlafly: Common-Sense Catholic

Phyllis Schlafly, a socially conservative Catholic writer, was what most feminists could only aspire to be: a successful professional who nonetheless raised healthy, balanced children. Schlafly earned a BA and MA from Harvard, and a JD from Washington University in St. Louis. Married at twenty-five to a wealthy lawyer, she had six children, one of whom, Andrew, started Conservapedia. Clearly she was sensibly aware of her Sexual Marketplace Value; after all, she worked as a model in her twenties, and traded her looks for security with a high-SMV man.

Schlafly catapulted into notoriety for opposing the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would have enshrined equality between the sexes into the founding document. Rightly questioning the ambiguity of such an amendment, Schlafly was victorious, out-debating feminists on national television, and the ERA was never adopted.

Conservative girls might look to Schlafly as a beacon of aspiration, but Schlafly made tremendous sacrifices: she had no time to party or socialize in college, working nights in an ammunitions factory, while still attaining high grades. She only started her career after raising children, relying until then on her husband’s family affluence. In fact, she took thirty-three years, between her MA and JD, to be a homemaker. In 1985, she instituted the Homemaker Award, claiming she was most proud of that aspect of her life.

Most girls, let alone men, do not have such fortitude or intellectual ability. Schlafly had both, yet prioritized her family.

Marie Curie: Husband’s Assistant

Would not bang.

Feminists worship Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie as a godlike figure, extolling her as a role model for girls in STEM. While the French-Polish Curie was scientifically gifted and intellectually sharp, her achievements should be contextualized appropriately: she was an empiricist, who relied heavily on her husband Pierre.

Curie’s first Nobel Prize, in 1903, was due to her joint work with her husband, during which she was little more than a laboratory assistant. In 1906, Pierre died in a road accident, and Marie was offered his endowed position at the University of Paris. Armed with vast sums of money, Curie hired many lab assistants, soon discovering the elements polonium and radium, for which she was awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Whether this was directly her work, or that of her assistants, is an open question.

Furthermore, it is openly acknowledged among scientists that empiricists, those who work in a lab or with data, are mentally inferior to theorists, who actually amalgamate data into scientific concepts. Curie was, by no means, a theorist, and won the Nobel Prize for simply isolating elements.

As an aside, Marie Curie’s second Nobel was almost withheld, due to Curie scandalously having slept with her husband’s former student. This man, Paul Langevin, went on to become a famous physicist in his own right.

Upon reflection, then, Curie’s brilliance relied on her ability to convince the public that she was in fact brilliant. Her reliance on others is only too clear. Even if the standard Marie Curie narrative is true, most girls lack that level of scientific ability, or the work ethic to attain it.


If you are a girl reading this article, then stop at this juncture, and ask yourself an honest question: Am I truly brilliant, or can a man perform my job just as well?

If the answer is “No, a man can replace me,” then why do you want a career? If the answer is “Yes, I am awesome,” then ask yourself if you want a life like those brilliant women considered here. Given their daemonic sacrifices, you may need to gnaw on your second response. 

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  1. Why would an average woman want to go out and compete with men for jobs to be their equal.. when she is already unique by definition of her sex, and can do the one thing a man can never do: conceive a child.
    It makes no sense to me.

      1. Yeah, you’d kind of have to jam your dick into her mouth after awhile just for a little break.

        1. What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam? You can’t peanut butter my dick in your mouth. Classic Pickup Lines 101

        2. I carry pliers in order to pull the teeth. Same as I have a shotgun and a fire extinguisher in my truck.

        3. Goddamn y’all are willing to go a long, long way to get a blow job for a really old, ugly lesbian.

        4. I prefer to think of it as unwilling throatrape. In the final analysis, a hole is a hole.

        5. $10 will get you a just as old and ugly homeless woman with a lot more experience. And for $5 extra bucks, she’ll pretend it’s rape, if that’s your thing.

        6. Yeah, but she won’t be a college professor. That’s the only way I can get off anymore.

        7. Wasn’t there talk of bill Cosby drugging Camille and Barbara Bush for an of the wall threesome?

        8. knowing Bill Cosby’s out there would encourage one NOT to drink, or at least keep your eye on said drink at all times.

        9. now that’s a fappening leak I would download. Together with a torrent of Annabelle: Creation to lighten the mood

        1. I’m of the firm belief that lesbians are just women who weren’t dicked hard enough.

        2. Join the club, homes. I “temporarily convert” lesbians from time to time, just because it amuses me. There are, in fact, a few fairly hot lesbians. But just a few.

  2. OT-bunch o blue collar guys talking about Orwell and erasing history on the breakfast line today- loudly. All about whitewashing history(mayor in nyc wants to get rid of everything he deems racist). women scowling at them, didnt say peep of course.
    I think this is gonna get very,very ugly…

    1. The more they hype, the more desperate they appear– which runs counter to what they are trying to achieve.

        1. Sorry. I was referring to the media harping about taking down monuments and such. Thought it tied into what the guys you heard were talking about.

      1. I dont follow. thats twice today, and Im already on my second iced coffee

        1. Seeing statues of American history and its great men get torn down by fucked up people should wake some of the blue-pill masses to the fact that this isn’t conventional politics anymore.

        2. They are so starved for pussy, both the betas and lezzies, they likely still aren’t awake yet.

        3. he wrote the lion’s share of the constitution, so I guess we need to get rid of that too

        4. Some verified Twithead I’d never heard of before said we need to get rid of many classic movies, as well.
          It’s a Scott Adams paradox. No matter how absurd you try to write these people, it always sounds like something they would do (and, often, they’ve beaten you to the punch).

        5. Different Adams. Scott is the author of Dilbert.
          He’s complained about his comic that, no matter how crazy he tries to make a scenario, it always seems like something that would actually happen. Sometimes his favorite boss moments – the most absolutely absurd ones – bring in “that happened in my department” emails.

        6. I think he means that this is a big dose of gas for those who want to see the world burn.

        7. I think it was originally Malcolm Muggeridge who put forward the idea that no matter how bizarre the scenario you might be thinking of, it’s happening somewhere.

        8. Might could be. Never heard that name before.
          …oh, he’s the one who started the fuss over Mother Theresa and Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. Never read his work, though, so I can’t exactly pass judgment.

        9. Hell, lots of idiots already believe the historical figures represented in the musical Hamilton were black. It’s not exactly impossible.

        10. a guy who was pro strong border enforcement and limited immigration…its like the playwirght just picked a prez at random

        11. Yeah, Muggeridge was quite the pedantic douchenozzle. Best coverage of that incident, IMO, is in Scorcese’s George Harrison documentary.

        12. Usually statues get torn down when there is a no-kididng regime change….so what the fuck happened??

        13. Just say it celebrates Sasquatchia Washington, the ought-to-be-famous black female something or another.

        14. Maybe they can just fuzz and bleep out the objectionable parts of the movies.
          The further the left goes with this the more they alienate regular people.

        15. I’m personally hoping for poorly edited dubs and censorship bars.
          “Frankly, my [angel], I [believe in equality].”
          “Say hello to [a symbol of patriarchal violence].”
          “It’s nothing personal, Mikey. It’s just [being evil men in a fascist totalitarian patriarchy].”

      2. The 911 memorial needs to come down.
        More than 50% of victims were white.
        That’s racist

  3. Forget Lauren southern, see: faith goldy. She may be married, but she’s probably still a bit of an attention whore herself.

  4. It is the same as it has always been, and unfortunately, even in this article, I would challenge the empiricism of the ladies stated intellectual capacity.
    In many tests, if the data were looked at properly, one can see IQ is solely based on two components, speed and accuracy. How quick you can recall information and how accurate you are with the information you can recall. Women have a natural ability to assimilate. It is what ensures many conquered women would be taken under the wing of a new culture even if their men were slaughtered brutally in a war. Expand that thought out into today’s market where women have a rare opportunity to capitalize on the lack of masculinity, or progressive action without safety nets, being used by men, to enter any field of their choosing.
    Fathers are supporting their daughters going away, which is fine because the market has ensured we need more producers. Women need only be marginally attractive to have men eager to trade all of their tools of the trade to bed them. Look at any woman who made a high success of herself, and you will find conservatives, intellectuals, business men, theorists, innovators, the bulk of whom are men. All of whom will freely inform this woman for no other reward other than she is a young attractive woman. To which she will not be expected to lead, but to dole out provocative statements which are almost always a grab of the best theories of the closest men she is either sleeping with or about to sleep with.
    This was a strong article to argue the contrary, but the five closest people rules applies to women more than anyone. Women have an extra edge here in that they can bed the person they wish to attain knowledge from, making the person even more willing to divulge information. Take the rating of 99% women and update it to 99.98% unless you feel middle management or being remembered a decade after your death remarkable.

      1. Heh! Women are the sum of the five people closest to them. Might expand that to the 20 closest men since betas orbit so well. Individually they are unable to accomplish much yet take the credit for everything.

    1. I always thought IQ tests were designed to measure abstract problem solving rather than memory recall.

  5. Phyllis is a winner. Even with all that intelligence, prestige and influence, she would probably shut her trap when told and with no argument. That’s called meekness.
    I only pray that I could find a modern day woman with an ounce of the value that was exhibited by Phyllis.

  6. 4 important women of my youth:
    1.) Pam Anderson
    2.) Jennie McCarthy
    3.) Cyndi Crawford
    4.) Jenna Jameson
    They induced a lot of boner-rific moments back in their primes and hence made an important contribution at the top of their “field”.

    1. cindy crawford looks a lot like courtney cox now…who looks alot like bruce jenner…plastic surgery beyond a certain age results in a look like bruce’s..

    2. Those type of American women are a dying breed but even then all of them capitalized on thirsty men.

    3. Actually, they’re very smart girls because they got super rich with very little effort. Not many people would do that lol.

      1. Jameson formed/built a company, got it to the fortune 500 and sold it for quite a profit. I think there was more than a little business type effort involved.

        1. Yes, but she made her first money from porn, which is, let’s admit, not a great effort from her part.

        2. Building the company took effort, regardless of the way she got the initial funds. How many athletes, actors, celebrities in general make a ton of money and piss it all away. The ones that expand from that initial income to new businesses/ventures are a bit smarter- or at least more motivated.
          I’ll agree that Camille Paglia is very intelligent about culture, but she’s an economic illiterate as evidenced by her support for Bernie Sanders and his initiatives.

        1. Wait, please, maybe tomorrow or saturday I’ll write it. I’m a little busy now, sorry.

        2. If you are looking to get your ass kicked by a professional martial artist, please come to akingscastle.com. You’ll be a welcome guest.

      2. I know what you mean. I heard about this guy who was working in his father’s business and found out the old man was dying of cancer. He was at a financial planning seminar when he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He chatted with her a bit and told her he stood to inherent a business worth over 400 million dollars. She asked him for his card and a week later she was his stepmother. Women seem to be much better at financial planning than we are a lot of times…

    4. I always like Jane Seymour myself. Nothing would have made me happier than to have Dr. Quinn administer the cough test to me.

      1. That scene in “Live and Let Die” when she loses her virginity to James Bond, so vulnerable yet so sensual…

    5. You should do a transvestigation on those you listed (half joke/half serious). Are all these “women” starting to look like Bruce jenner because of plastic surgery or because they transitioned from possibly birth, living as living sacrifices to satan as the opposite sex?

    6. A lot of pornstars, and models including instagram so-called models have given up finding men and having kids.

    7. Women are just as “smart” as men across the board, but I’m talking about “book smart”. Offspring inherit their intelligence from their parents mostly. If women had low IQs, then that would pull down the intelligence of their offspring. Women are intelligent like men so that they can educate their children while the husband is away providing for the family. BUT, the reason why men are the creators and the inventors and women aren’t is because:
      1. Abstract thought capability. A sharp witted book smart individual can actually lack abstract thought capability. This is what prevents a female from being a true engineer or inventor. If you pay close enough attention to a female, they actually lack abstract thought capability. They don’t see shades of gray very well and they rarely form their own opinions. Their opinions are mainly formed by what they’ve been told to think (mainstream media, hollywood, good morning america, the view, modern family, tv, miley cyrus).
      2. Women’s brains are driven by emotion more than men’s. This leads to irrational decision making. A female would go on a date with a known serial killer if it meant she could have 5-minutes of fame. If a female is in a management position at a company, she would promote a person over another based on whether she thinks that person was popular in high school or not rather than by experience and merit.
      Given those two characteristics above, this is why any time women are at the helm, there is chaos and irrationality. Besides that, I have worked in the field of engineering for almost 20 years. This includes a corporation that employs mechanicals, electricals, and chemical engineering professions all in one building which includes plenty of females hired as engineers (EEO/affirmative action). I have never seen a female design anything at all. Never have. Any time I’ve seen a female have some involvement or claim to a development, they were helped by a male principal engineer of whom mentors them and has been tasked with enabling the female for promotion within the company. All of the design and development work I’ve seen was performed by men.
      If we are to believe in the bible, women were made for men’s enjoyment. This motivated men to produce. And it makes sense. That is why a woman’s body can be a work of art to look at combined with an animated bubbly personality. This is by design to cater to men. Women were never meant to be providers or work occupations. They were meant to be companions to men, bear children, educate children at home, and be homemakers.

      1. Super weird: my engineer boyfriend and I were having a debate about my own unhappiness, He said because I see shades of gray exclusively I can lie to myself, he sees only black and white. Abstract thinking is not necessarily an asset if it’s bogged down by emotion. Men have to trudge through emotion and see a problem rationally and get past it while women are allowed to wallow in it. That’s the big difference.

  7. It is interesting to note that all these women are well past their prime child rearing years. Could there be an inverse correlation between a women’s ability to reason and her ability to bear children, that when left untapped (failure to reproduce) leads to crazy cat lady syndrome?
    In other words, younger women realize men are attracted to them, but fail to understand why. As they zoom past menopause, they don’t simply notice the lack of attention, but also understand why this is due to improved reasoning abilities (possibly areas of the brain previously allocated to tasks associated with child rearing have now been repurposed for reasoning abilities). Back in the day, grandma would use this new found knowledge to guide her offspring to choose mates wisely, but in the present day, due to the lack of offspring, this knowledge is used instead to subvert young women with false ideologies such as feminism, etc..

    1. We were having such a pleasant conversation, and you had to bring up “rearing” children.
      Why did the Greek boy leave home? Because he didn’t like the way he was being reared.

    2. I think intelligence hurts fertility in both men and women tbh, at least in the present environment.

      1. Yeah, intelligent people are smart enough to realize that they can’t afford kids.

  8. If there were a test to determine whether someone, male or female, has the combination of intelligence and personalty to be a genius people would be saved much unhappiness.

  9. We can learn similar lessons from the other female icons.
    Amelia Earhart, for example, was essentially cargo on her “inspirational and empowering” trans-Atlantic voyage. The pilot and copilot did all the flying, and she was there when it happened, so of course she single-handedly flew across the ocean. When she tried to actually lead her own flight, she was never heard from again.
    The vast majority of women are exactly average, skill and intelligence wise. That’s not a knock on them – there are much fewer geniuses, but also much fewer mental retards among women. What it does mean is that, despite what many women want to believe, they’re not particularly smarter than anyone else, male or female – there are smarter guys, there are dumber guys, but most men and women are just as smart as they.
    There is no shame in being of average skill, intelligence, appearance, or other attribute. The danger is in assuming you are not as you are, for that brings your perceptions out of alignment with reality.

        1. The only conceivable value is if you get one from the ‘right’ school, just by virtue of who it puts you in contact with. ACCESS is everything.

        2. The best “business education” you can get is available for free. There’s a podcast called the 5-minute MBA that packs all the useful tidbits into about 2.5 minutes (the rest is intro, outro, and ads).
          If kids took the money they spent on school and spent it on four years of trying to start and run businesses, they’d come out the other side with the skills and knowledge required to be businessmen and women. The economy would benefit tremendously; the academic world would have to adjust to match.

        3. And similarly I’d like to see Business Loans dolled out with the same abandon as student loans….

        4. Or, start and run numerous businesses. The lessons delivered are hard and swift.

        5. not in blue states. rents too damn high. my local haunt is gonna shut down, rent has doubled in 12 years, so has the property taxes on the building he rents in-went from $50k/yr to $92k…

        6. Estimate that a liberal arts or business degree costs $100k (not exactly a stretch). That’s enough to invest $20k in five businesses, apiece, which would buy each of them some inventory and storage, a fancy website, and maybe even a rented storefront. If four fail and one succeeds, they have future employment.
          For that kind of money, an artist can afford to create all day and live comfortably anywhere in the US for four-plus years, regardless of their medium, as well. They can even pay other artists for training and still live comfortably.

        7. They are rewriting history, try to google inventors, and all you see is black dudes, soon they will say that it was a black dude behind Edison inventions and that Edison stole ideas from black women.

        8. It wasn’t victory, but I know what you are referring. That odor that seems to be concentrated between the cafeteria, toliets and janitors closet?

        9. Been working for a company on a joint-academic project throughout this summer and the lack of efficiency and strategic thinking from the academic side is pissing both me and my managers off.
          Dumb shit like revealing the project to clients before it is fully complete for presentation and sales pitch.

        10. It’s always interesting to look into the vaunted Black inventors and see the stories behind their inventions.
          For example, a black man is credited with inventing the guitar in the 1800’s (despite guitars existing for centuries prior). He filed and was granted a patent for a guitar, and nothing more.
          Another particularly interesting example is the man who “invented the long lasting lightbulb.” What actually happened is that he was a drafting agent for the man who DID invent a stronger filament, and while his boss patented the bulb the black fellow patented the machine that produced them.

          This does not go to show that Black people cannot invent, but rather that the “inventors” celebrated by many are rather poor examples.

        11. That shit is common in industry, as well. You’d be amazed how many products are revealed before the minimum viable product (MVP) is finished.

        12. Communication breakdown (all hail Led Zep). I know of a (now defunct) software company in the UK that once had the press come to the corporate HQ to do a grand roll out of their new software just to have the R&D team annouce it wasn’t ready for market. The media had a field day with that one, but the roll out eventually did happen– 2 years later.

        13. The pandering celebration of these questionable ‘inventors’ belies the true racism of the left: THEY in fact find it incredible that “those people” who “need us to tell them how to live” can actually invent things! Just like Real People!!!!

        14. Whats going on with the rents up your way is going to forever alter that place – and I dont think its for the better…

        15. A bit sickening, isn’t it? If we were to celebrate the whole host of inventors in the United States, we’d find all sorts of folks who merit admiration, and from that list you could always pick and choose your arbitrary favorites.
          Celebrate the Black guy who patented the Super Soaker, the white-and-Asian teams of Bell Labs for their creations (including *NIX operating systems, the C programming language, the awk scripting languages, etc), the white guy who invented the integrated circuit, the Indian guy who invented the insulated gate bipolar transistor, the white woman who invented the modern compiler.
          Put them all together that we might see their accomplishments and be inspired to do likewise.

        16. I learned a lot from watching his content. One of the few youtubers I can say that is red pill.

        17. $100K, lost in business ventures, is less than the dingleberries on the asshole of a dead mule.
          And when your mule dies, you cain’t plow no more.

        18. I read somewhere that black people invented the cell phone… I had a decently good laugh at that.
          One thing the blackies should get around to inventing or plagiarizing is civility, it’s been 500+ years out of Africa, and they can’t wrap their heads around how it works.

        19. I just did a google image for “famous inventors”
          In order
          Einstein (again)
          Some broad I don’t know
          Edison again
          Charles Drew
          Edison again
          Some bald guy I don’t know
          Edison again
          Franklin again
          Einstein again
          Da Vinci
          The guy who played Einstein in a movie
          Marie cutie
          I went 4 more rows before finding “6 famous black inventors”
          Maybe you are spending too much time being butt hurt about google image results and not enough time being, ya know, useful.
          Are you an inventor? Have you invented anything? I mean if you googled useless douchecunt and only found black people and didn’t find you I would understand why you have a personal beef but are oh also an inventor?

        20. Ok so you googled American inventors. I googled famous inventors. You are totally right. Being a useless crying twat is totally appropriate lol
          Go invent something
          Every one of those black guys is better than you

        21. Gotta give credit where credit is due- George Washington Carver was brilliant and a master of making do with what he had. Sad thing is that most blacks I know have no idea who he was.

        22. Try again with the search “American Inventors” and you will find at the top recommendations for many black inventors.
          Now, some of that has to do with SEO. Many of these inventors are not just Americans but “African Americans” (a fact repeated quite often), and so the search term “American” predisposes them toward appearing at the top. A search for “United States Inventors” produces a list more similar to the one you provided.
          It is not unreasonable to challenge Google on the subject, though. If nothing else, it should encourage them to adapt their algorithms such that “American” and “United States” align more closely (considering the general sense of ubiquity between the two terms).

        23. Some African centrist type was here recently telling me that black people invented music and pretty much all musical instruments and we just stole it all from them.

        24. It is true that several Black people have been involved and credited with advancements in particular technologies in the arena of mobile devices, and that is worthy of consideration.
          Praise people for what they have done, though, and not for what you imagine them to have done. Use them as inspiration, not as rhetorical bludgeons.

        25. The key word is American, the algorithm is programed to give preference to African American, when you type the word American, Try google like this
          “American Inventors -African -black” when you type the symbol minus behind a word it exclude that word from the search so you get a better result

        26. He wasn’t the first to invent many of his most prominent inventions (though many could be more appropriately called “recipes” than inventions). Even so, the man was creative and rediscovered lost ideas like peanut butter.

        27. Again? Grow the fuck up. What have you done with your life other than google shit and get mad about it?

        28. That’s fair enough.
          Now what? You have figured out that Sundar Pichai is a liberal and is using his huge amount of resources to be liberal with it.
          I mean really? Why not say beef is yummy or blowjobs are nice?

        29. Because that is not, at present, the topic of discussion. Is there inaccuracy in my analysis or hypothesis which you would like to bring to the table, or would you like to tell me how I feel about things some more?

        30. Sky wench=stewardess and now I’m a rascist fuck, Mary. See how that all came full circle?

        31. No. We don’t need any more stupid small businesses like pet grooming shops or shitty pizza parlors or snobby microbreweries.
          You think the average American is Edison. In reality, the average American can only come up with a dog washing business.

        32. Will it work with “American Future” – marxism and American genocide?…
          when you type the symbol minus behind a word it exclude that word from the search so you get a better result, too?

        33. Nobody inclined to aim for USEFUL inventions…..Like an infrared remote control adjustable WENCH with an oversized MUTE button and pleasant disposition….

        34. That’s for sure! (Clock Boy is the Muslim kid who dismantled a clock and put it in a little case to look like a bomb and brought it to school; sister also had made bomb threats; celebrated by Obama and the media.)
          The peace sign is ironic what with the bomb association. A lot of high tech firms sent him valuable free equipment, so he could continue his ‘inventing’.
          I like the Clock Boy story as it shows how ridiculous the PC crowd is.
          I think someone at Google is trolling us.

        35. “Every one of those black guys is better than you”
          Do you even know who they are? Who is the shirtless inventor?
          Or are you just saying blacks are superior?

        36. No! Only someone with a sub 60 IQ would think that race could possible connote superiority
          I don’t know shirtless either. What I was saying, hyperbolically, is that a black inventor beats a white faggot crybaby every day of the week and twice on Sunday

        37. Okay, but those search results are really strange. I know for sure ‘Clock Boy’, the kid with the glasses is a media-promoted fraud.

        38. Yeah, Jessie Jackson invented the shakedown. I guess Clock Boy was just trying to perfect it.

        39. nah, they don´t call it Marxism they call it progress. The use Orwell´s Plus plus good words.

        40. He went much further than that with research on crop rotations and pest control.

        41. Lots of stuff is strange. The words flammable and inflammable mean the exact same thing ffs. Great. Now what? How much money you make today?

        42. Well, yeah, if God made Amelia instead Armondo, he’d have been a ‘steward.’

        43. Box94f

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        44. Nation96h

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        45. In Edison’s specific case, that wouldn’t be a bit surprising, especially the “stole” part (after they did all the work and got it working).

        46. The white dude just ‘jacked the UN children’s starvation-relief food-bucket from the village, those darker-complected fellows are Policemen arresting that brigand.

        47. But the parents can’t brag about putting their kids through college if they go that route!

      1. Easy, there. I have met some stewardesses who could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose.

      2. She was giving the pilot and co-pilot head to stave off the boredom.
        Kinda like a motorcycle ho’.

    1. “Amelia Earhart, for example, was essentially cargo on her “inspirational and empowering” trans-Atlantic voyage. The pilot and copilot did all the flying, and she was there when it happened, so of course she single-handedly flew across the ocean.”
      Got a source for this? Interested to learn more, Wikipedia/Google don’t really provide details.

      1. Here’s the Infogalactic entry on Earhart. Citations provided attached to the “1928 Transatlantic Flight” section.

        After Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic
        in 1927, Amy Phipps Guest (1873–1959) expressed interest in being the
        first woman to fly (or be flown) across the Atlantic Ocean. After
        deciding the trip was too perilous for her to undertake, she offered to
        sponsor the project, suggesting they find “another girl with the right
        image.” While at work one afternoon in April 1928, Earhart got a phone
        call from Capt. Hilton H. Railey, who asked her, “Would you like to fly
        the Atlantic?”
        The project coordinators (including book publisher and publicist George P. Putnam) interviewed Earhart and asked her to accompany pilot Wilmer Stultz
        and copilot/mechanic Louis Gordon on the flight, nominally as a
        passenger, but with the added duty of keeping the flight log. The team
        departed Trepassey Harbor, Newfoundland in a Fokker F.VIIb/3m on June 17, 1928, landing at Burry Port (near Llanelli), Wales, United Kingdom, exactly 20 hours and 40 minutes later.[50]
        Since most of the flight was on “instruments” and Earhart had no
        training for this type of flying, she did not pilot the aircraft. When
        interviewed after landing, she said, “Stultz did all the flying—had to. I
        was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes.” She added, “…maybe
        someday I’ll try it alone.”[51]
        While in England, Earhart is reported as receiving a rousing welcome on June 19, 1928, when landing at Woolston in Southampton, England.[52] She flew the Avro Avian 594 Avian III, SN: R3/AV/101 owned by Lady Mary Heath
        and later purchased the aircraft and had it shipped back to the United
        States (where it was assigned “unlicensed aircraft identification mark”
        When the Stultz, Gordon and Earhart flight crew returned to the United States, they were greeted with a ticker-tape parade in New York followed by a reception with President Calvin Coolidge at the White House.

        1. That’s exactly the same entry as the wikipedia page. The solo flight she is credited took place in 1932 and you’re banging on about some footnote that happened four years earlier. Pathetic.

      2. Revisionist sites like Wikipedia/Google don’t really provide details, they can’t it messes up their programmed rewrite history narrative and brainwashing.

    2. I thought colored gals done that whole moon shot deal. That’s what it said on the television.

      1. By all accounts, one was an absolute mathematical whiz. It’s not unheard of among women – my mother and several other women I’ve known have been very good at this sort of thing. There have been women at NASA doing programming and math work for a long time, and likely will continue to do so.
        I have found, though, that one does not need to be extraordinarily intelligent to be good with numbers. If you have the right sort of mind, it just makes sense to you and you can get the job done. The same, honestly, is true of many endeavors from programming to business.
        It is not uncommon to conflate skill with intelligence. Intelligence is a universal attribute, while a skill is a particularized attribute. You can be of average intelligence and amazingly skilled, or of high intelligence and amazingly unskilled.

    3. “When she tried to actually lead her own flight, she was never heard from again.” Awesome.

    4. Nobels and dumb-bells as they say. It is our great privilege to be nature’s gender for genetic experimentation.

    5. Come to think of it, that reminds me of George Wallace’s ex. She was much younger and quite good looking. After he was shot and paralyzed she filed for divorce and ran for Governor of Alabama. She was soundly defeated.

    6. But most women are brainwashed to believe they are special snowflakes without having to prove it.

    7. She disappeared during an espionage mission which the CIA (or I guess the OSS as it was called back then) asked her to spy on the Japanese during WW2. Bad idea.
      Some people claim she was abducted by aliens and an episode of Star Trek: Voyager actually paid credence to this ridiculous idea. More credible sources claim that she was captured by the Japanese in the Marshall Islands after she crashed there. According to eyewitnesses, she was later executed.

  10. Men and Women should be known first as Father and Mother. Careers don’t define you as an individual. It is rather the community we build as humans that define us. And we should always begin at FAMILY.
    Everything else is a bonus.

  11. Quote–Yet Coulter is unmarried, having dated high-status men like Bob Guccione, Jr., Dinesh D’Souza, and Andrew Stein. She has no children. Women are drawn to men who are superior to themselves – for Coulter, that significantly dries the dating pool. I can only imagine that she lives a lonely life.–
    That’s it. You can add that the corollary is powerful men now make modern harems of high achieving career women (examples at every investment bank or Big Law firm). So the lesson here is female careerism sells a bill of goods to women. It is actually anti-woman. Most women realize this in their thirties but by then it is too late.

        1. I kind of agree with number 4, some of them scheme and backstab and steal with the best of the vagina owners…..then again, kinda hard to call them “men” too….

  12. No, there are -some- women who are smart and exceptional. Just not as many as are being promoted as being great at the moment.
    Such as:
    Margaret Thatcher
    Rosalind Franklin (DNA)
    Ayn Rand (economist)
    Ada Lovelace (computing)

    1. I’d go with Grace Hopper over Ada Lovelace, as a rule. She goes back far enough that there is some question whether she actually created the first Babbage algorithms on her own, while Hopper is known for her achievements (including the first compiler – no small feat, as compilers are tricky devils).
      Apparently she was a fairly impressive speaker, as well. A former teacher of mine still boasts of the time he met her in the airport and asked her to show him her “nanosecond” (an approximately foot-long rod detailing the length an electrical impulse can travel in a nanosecond).

    2. Rosalind Franklin was nothing special. Watson and Crick just happened to choose her method from several equally viable ones.
      Ayn Rand was so full of shit she squeaked going around corners. Her “philosophy” is recycled antinomianism.
      Ada Lovelace’s contributions are overrated. If anyone can claim to have “invented” the modern PC, it’s Claude Shannon.

  13. “Women are drawn to men who are superior to themselves – for Coulter, that significantly dries the dating pool.”
    That explains why Ann Coulter no longer dates Bill Maher.

    1. I’m a little slow and don’t get it but, I would still give Britney a

      1. Just something that popped into my mind vaguely relevant to the article. It was one of those early internet sensations, back when a somewhat clever website would get mentioned in print media. It’s darn near 20 years old, this Britney-semiconductor thing.
        The juxtaposition of a highly technical math intensive field of scientific study with a vapid pop culture entertainer is what most people found amusing, I’d imagine.

  14. Not all women are fit to become mothers. I couldn’t wait for a article like this to appear to tell everyone what happened today in my country: a fucking crazy woman killed herself and her 3 little children (3 girls with ages between 2 and 10 years old)+ the child that she was pregnant with, by throwing herself+ her children in front of a train. The murderous/suicidal “mother” was also married but both she and her husband belong to a religious cult that forbade the woman to abort her fourth child. She then got mad and did what she did. So, stop saying that all women should become mothers, please, a lot of woman are really unfit to become mothers (they’re either crazy or super aggressive/neglect with their children (even the ones who are married and not divorced). I think the women who want to become mothers should pass a test to deem them fit to have children. If not, they should not be allowed to have children, otherwise they’ll end up killing their children or turn them into future losers/killers. My opinion. Nothing is more worse than a fucking crazy/obsessive/psychotic mother.

  15. “What The Smartest Women In The World Teach Us About Sex Roles” is the bar is set very very low and nonexistent when outside of their biological skillsets…

  16. Marie Curie got the prizes thanks to a combination of two factors: she could use the laboratory built by her husband, and she used it to study radioactivity, when this was a new topic ignored by almost everybody and that only later turned out to be very important. Her husband was doing more traditional research, apparently she took the initiative to pursue a new field where new people (even if not very smart) could make great discoveries. She got 2 Nobel prizes: this shows that discrimination against women has never been a issue for good women.

  17. Women should be educated enough to either home-school their children, or supplement their lessons from a more mainstream schooling. If society were to ever recognize that the life paths/life cycles of men and women are different, rather than forcing them into the identical “HS–college–career–maybe kids–retirement” template, we could make a sort of “slow-track” education/ job training available to women. So: High School heavy on home economics and childhood education, followed by marriage and children upon graduation…then 20-30 years of slow, correspondence/online education…enter the work force in middle age, after kids are grown…in fields that can be worked part-time or low-demands (you know, the kinds of jobs women tend to take anyway, contributing to the pay-gap myth)…the now middle aged women can keep themselves busy once menopause hits and children are no longer possible…and support themselves in the event their husband succumbs to the shorter lifespan of men.
    To all things there is a season…and the seasons of men and women are not the same.

    1. Careful – you’re attacking the Deweyian education paradigm, so heavily protected.
      All men are not equal. All women are not equal. All women are not equal to all men. These basic premises are necessary to understand the realities of the world and build effective systems.
      If we continue to mandate schooling, it is of benefit to tailor that schooling to benefit the schooled. This means, first and foremost, that only those skills required to succeed in life should be mandated – oikonomia (“the running of the house” – finances, cleaning, basic maintenance, cooking), literacy (the ability to store and retrieve information from the written word), ethics and basic philosophy. Any skills required to gain these skills are also necessary, and so should remain mandated.
      Beyond this, all teaching should be tailored to the skills and development paths of individual students. I, for example, struggle to memorize and retain large quantities of definitions and rote information (necessary to master fields like history and biology) but am adept at problem-solving and computer science concepts. It is of greater benefit to me and, by extension, to society for me to focus on programming and other engineering topics than biology or history.

  18. Speaking of inventions- has anyone seen the commercial about the water gun looking thing that shoots salt to kill flies? I didn’t really pay much attention at first because I thought it was a joke….but evidently there’s a market out there for such.

    1. You can probably get the same result with a water pistol containing a solution of water and dish soap (most insects suffer under dish soap), but it’s an interesting idea.

    2. My daughter and son-in-law have one, they have a lot of fun with it. Basically it’s a shotgun for flies. Works well, they’re pretty accurate with it.

  19. “There are certain careers, of course, like teacher and nurse, that women naturally flood into, though one hardly needs a university degree to teach 10-year-olds or care for patients.”
    Such a statement is idiotic at least in regards towards nurses. Ask yourself if you’d want to be in the care of a Nurse without a university degree and Nursing school if you had gotten Cancer or needed surgery.
    Didn’t think so.
    Nursing is no longer just about making beds or taking blood pressure.

    1. I think there should be levels of delineation in education and medicine where, at present, they are not.
      A “nurse” should be a general care specialist. You shouldn’t need more than a nurse for common ailments or general checkups, and they should be required to receive only as much training as necessary to fulfill such roles. I also think there should be specialty training opportunities for nurses to take on heavier roles for hospital work and the like.
      A “doctor” should be essentially like unto a nurse with a bit more training in identifying less-common or more-dangerous ailments and prescribing the proper treatments. They should not require nearly so much schooling as a specialist (oncologist, surgeon, etc.), and frankly I doubt it should require much more than six or eight years of study and residency to attain such status.
      For education, it seems entirely unnecessary to require university degrees and certifications (combined) to educate the young. Certainly, certifications should be available to ensure basic competency and teaching ability, but even a high school student could teach elementary biology, math, and English literacy.

      1. This already exists, to some degree. You can become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), which doesn’t require a degree, just a certification, all they up to a Nurse Practitioner, which requires an advanced degree. I don’t know why someone would go through medical school just to become a PCP, seems like a waste. A NP or PA essentially do the same work and have the same responsibilities with much less school and debt.

        1. Good. I like it when you can get a certification attesting to a degree of useful training, and you can then use that certification to justify your ability in various roles.
          Specialization is key. No one can master everything, and no one should be expected to. That’s part of the reason I don’t take nutrition advice from heart surgeons.

  20. sorry ann coulter is not hot, smart but not hot. and i really don’t understand this hate on people like southern, we need young people like her to help draw in the younger crowd

  21. I would add Ayn Rand to this list. If anything, her work was a huge red pill for me, as far as understanding the virtues of rational selfishness and dangers of collectivism.

  22. Modern sex roles perhaps, but prior to feminism(enabled by males) women of merit existed and society didn’t burden them with trying to attain career goals and family which is an impossible pipedream for most(There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and you’re shorting someone usually the kid.)

  23. Sigh. Here we go again. Fucking Ann Coulter. If she really wanted to set a good example she would have married a good white fella a long time ago and have given him half a dozen babies. But no. Now she looks like the same feminists she hates. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a genius in one way. She does have her legion of white knights, such as the fella who wrote this.
    Also, attractive? I suppose if you like the Walking Dead type of look.

  24. “though one hardly needs a university degree to teach 10-year-olds or care for patients” Of course not, because only giving 1/10th of a cc of the wrong insulin can kill a person. Come on, get up to date on the science required to give life-saving medications/chemicals as well as those that have the potential to kill or maim someone for life. What a uneducated comment.

  25. – She did not “win” the Nobel, nobody considered her. Only his husband was…… Her husband had to convince the jury, based on the idea that it would be more artistic if her wife was included… so she got 1/4 of the prize…………….. At that time there was a study that revealed that women did not belong to universities, they suck at it, and it showed that it was not due to discrimination as it was the same in “oppressed countries” vs non “oppressed” ones…
    – Radiation affected him more, wonder why…
    – Her second prize, was undeserved too. The guy she slept with was married, etc.
    – There is an old film in youtube that shows her as an assistant…..
    – She did not discover…
    – …
    ( Oh why bother…)
    > No female geniuses, not one.. “Science” = macho = penis. Women in science = penis envy…. etc,etc

  26. When, exactly, was Phyllis Schlafly a full-time mother? According to Wikipedia, while raising children Schlafly ran for public office repeatedly, was a delegate to the Republican convention, wrote books, and engaged in other political activities.

  27. To your question: why would a woman do a job even if she can be replaced by a man? As a woman I can give you a simple answer: I want intellectual challenges and I want to have an influence on this world. Sitting at home and looking after the kids and doing the dishes is simply not enough, I’m demanding more of life, like most of the women I know. I read some of your articles on this website and I just see selfishness and ignoring of the needs of women. And I don’t want to hear naturalistic, pseudo scientific arguments claiming that the women was made for being at home. How about listening to women a bit more and start acknowledging that we are one have of the population and you can’t design your dream society without asking us. Btw, in the place where I come from, I experienced a lot of successful women (doctors, lawyers and so on) having supportive husbands with which they raised perfectly healthy kids. No bigger problems and they mostly are happier and more fulfilled than the stay at home moms I know.

  28. My godmother is pretty much an aspiration: She is a well-off teacher and pedagogian with a good job in the biggest university of northern Brazil, two bright children, VERY intelligent, very well-preserved for her age, a VERY charitable person, funny and witty etc. She is like a mother to me.
    Then again, she only started a career later in her life, she was a housewife and then she got a diploma, which is what saved her when she and her husband divorced.
    If I ever met and married a woman that is 1/4 of the person she is, I would be set for life.
    Fun fact: She is partly amerindian.
    Honestly I have no idea how she never married again. Perhaps she never met a equal to her.

  29. ann coulter also thinks women should not have the right to vote, and women should be homemakers
    else should not get married…

  30. I am a girl. Thank you for this article, it was simply wonderful. The problem in many countries is that with absolutely everyone getting college degrees, it became almost impossible to get an agreeable salary with a high school diploma, so we all go to college, making it catch 22. Unfortunately, in countries like mine, one income per family is not enough at all. Also if the woman for example is on minimum wage due to not having a college degree, it will definitely cause financial problems.

  31. I always thought ‘women studies’ at college was teaching women to be a great house wife. Ball was I dead wrong…
    All it does is poison their souls with Feminism so they CAN’T be wife/mother material and turn them into dirty brainwashed sluts that no man want to marry expect beta loser men who end up getting divorced raped cause these hoes can’t stand just one cock. Specially a weak beta one!

  32. ‘Paglia is a lesbian and, like Coulter, has no children.’
    Lies or ignorance?
    Have you never heard of ‘wikipedia’?
    She is your every day liberal, perverted, determined twisted **tch.
    ‘For more than a decade, Paglia was the partner of artist Alison Maddex.[14][15] Paglia legally adopted Maddex’s son (who was born in 2002).[16] In 2007, the couple separated[17] but remained “harmonious co-parents,” in Paglia’s words, who lived two miles apart.[5]’
    …and a child abuser.
    HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW she told some poor child she was his mother/parent as well as his sexually perverted real mother ??
    What a nightmare for him.
    Don’t be fooled by the suggestion Eusebius Erasmus makes that she can think or write.
    It’s no achievement to identify the destructive behaviours of promiscuous women.
    Her writing is as substantive as her character.
    She writes like a beat poet who has been on a feminism course and is trying out prose.
    She’s is rather like ‘Milo’ in that she is a sexual pervert some feel they can present as ‘acceptable’ because they say something sane every now and again.
    Horrible woman.
    Terrible article.

    1. You need to distinguish between your approval of her lifestyle (and I accept it probably wasn’t pleasant for a “son” to have Paglia as a mother etc), and her intellectual abilities. Sexual Personae is a very well written book, and however much it might owe to other writers, it’s still a tour de force that introduced fresh ideas into the debates on gender, but from a fairly right wing perspective

      1. A spirited defence of appreciating a ‘fractured’ writer.
        Thanks ‘mm1’.
        Anything to do with children and the homosexual agenda makes me see red.
        As a teacher I have sadly seen the effect homosexual ‘parents’ have on innocent offspring.
        I’ve seen the real distress and anguish in a child’s eyes at this horror.
        Those who inflict this on children, in the name of their perverted lusts and craving for ‘normality’; are the scum of the Earth,to me.
        I can’t see around that, not even to view competent prose.
        I maintain there is nothing these folk can offer that a normal healthy person cannot also offer (Coulter?).

        1. I too believe that a child is ideally brought up with a mother and a father. Today that is often not the case, and indeed is increasingly the exception. Children are vulnerable, but they are also often quite resilient, and can adapt to different circumstances. I very much doubt Paglia is a maternal (or paternal?) type, but having said that there are probably worse situations a child can be in. I get where you’re coming from though

        2. Agreed.
          Yes, there will always be worse.
          Difference with the homosexual agenda is that it is a deliberately contrived situation that places the child beneath the selfish desires of ‘intrinsically disordered’ people.
          They are using children as a weapon in their war against reality.
          They are trying to create a cadre of ‘supporters’ via the ‘material’ of children’s lives.
          The bastards.
          ‘Adults Raised by Gay Couples Speak Out Against Gay ‘Marriage’ in Federal Court
          By Lauretta Brown | January 23, 2015 ‘
          As if that will make any difference…..

        3. I don’t have an issue with homosexuality per se. I believe children should ideally be brought up in by two opposite sex parents within marriage. That’s very far from the norm, and I think we have to accept that that, including perhaps for the children who live in a real world that doesn’t measure up to that idea. I do think the feedback from children brought up in different circumstances is important, but it’s probably going to take some time for that feedback to get through all the propaganda. Sure gayness and gay parenting has been weaponised. I actually blame elites and marxists for that more than I blame gay people. But it’s worth remembering there are some plenty of bad straight parents too. Culturally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to have a debate about what the nature of parenting should be, even if kids lose out in the meantime. I think if given a choice children will always prefer having two opposite sex parents, within in a stable secure environment, but it can be complacent to assume the one automatically leads to the other

        4. ‘ Sure gayness and gay parenting has been weaponised. I actually blame elites and marxists for that more than I blame gay people.’
          Yes, correct, we should remember that.

        5. There is no normal homosexual sex….I’m not sure if there are any ‘normal’ Oxford Academics any longer.
          I highly doubt it.
          Can you imagine heterosexual ‘bug chasers’?

          If you are unaware what that is, don’t find out while eating.

  33. I’m a traditional Catholic as was Phyllis Schlafly (a good egg).
    It seems this writer misunderstands her as well.
    I’ve not read his paragraphs on her as I see no point after the serious omission/distortion with the other woman that I detail below.
    Suffice to say Schlafly is a TRADITIONALIST and that means; loving slavery for men in marriage.
    This is impossible in a Welfare Sate with a legal infrastructure that attacks men.

  34. True observation about many “conservative” female commentators nowadays. I suspect the vast majority of the young & hot ones are only doing it because of marketability. There’s just too much competition on the left, so why not ape a few concepts from the right, make a youtube channel and a twitter account and call yourself a pundit?

  35. A very very interesting article about female exceptions which confirming the rules. I didn’t know Phyllis Sch. before I read your text! Thank you very much!

  36. The 11-year old British prodigy girl who wrote an opera is also a conservative who only wears dresses.

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