Donald Trump And His Supporters Are Fighting A Rigged System

At the third debate, Donald Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election. Trump responded that he would have to look at the process to determine if everything was done fairly before he could accept it. The media went berserk claiming that Trump was undermining democracy. But is the US system really rigged? And if it is, can Trump overcome it?

Why rig the system?


The elite realize that their time is short.

Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Revelation 12:12

It is human nature to want to accumulate wealth. It is also human nature to want to keep what you have. One of the ways that the wealthy do that is through influencing the political process to ensure it is favorable to them. A democratic republic is particularly easy to influence. The wealthy elite can “buy” candidates through donations to them or to their superpacs. They can make voting patterns more favorable to them by changing the country’s demographics. Or they can influence voters through the supposedly unbiased news media that they control. In the US, the wealthy elite use every one of these levers to rig the system.

For example, liberal voters often favor a progressive tax system where high earners pay greater percentages than those who earn less. It sounds like a populist policy but it is not. Progressive taxation is put in place to prevent middle class people from rising into the ranks of the truly wealthy who have already accumulated their wealth and are taxed at the much lower capital gains rate. Progressive taxation keeps the rich on top and keeps the plebs down. That’s why no matter which political party is in power, we are still stuck with progressive taxation.

Everything goes well as long as both parties don’t rock the boat. But once you get a true wildcard like Trump, the system must spring into action to stop the threat to the established order. That’s what we are seeing now. The elite are using every tool in the arsenal of the rigged system to ensure Trump does not upset their gravy train. The elite sense their time is short.

Voter Fraud


The first way in which the election is rigged is through voter fraud. In his Gettysburg address, Trump outlined some of the ways in which this occurs:

According to Pew, there are 24 million voter registrations that in the US that are either invalid or significantly inaccurate. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote, and some of them are voting. I wonder how that happens? 2.8 million people are registered to vote in more than one state. These are numbers folks. These are numbers. 14% of noncitizens are registered to vote.

Liberals always object to any sort of voter identification requirement. They say that it negatively affects minority voters, who may not have any identification. But this is obvious nonsense. The real reason liberals oppose voter identification is because it would make voter fraud more difficult.

By raising concerns about voter fraud, Trump is firing a warning shot. He is saying that he will fight voter fraud, unlike prior GOP candidates who preferred defeat to calling out cheating by the other side. Simply putting the Democrats on notice may cause them to cheat less than they would have otherwise. The only question is whether Trump will be able to muster enough votes to overcome the amount of cheating that will take place.

The Lügenpresse


A second way that the system is rigged is through the legacy news media. These include the three oldest television news networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as the newer ones (CNN, MSNBC, Fox).  It also includes the remaining newspapers, especially the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Of these, the only ones that are reliably conservative are Fox and the WSJ, both of which are owned by Rupert Murdock. But even here, it is more accurate to call Fox and the WSJ “neoliberal” rather than conservative as they both push the globalist message of open borders and unenforced trade.

Trump is very media savvy. He’s been in the public eye since the 1980s and his philosophy has been that no publicity is bad publicity. Trump has used this to highlight his policies. By making controversial statements, he has been able to force the media to cover his positions. Still, the nonstop smear campaign has hurt Trump’s numbers particularly among older voters who still get their news from legacy sources.

New media outlets like Return of Kings, Breitbart, and Danger & Play have been more favorable to Trump but the most highly funded new media such as Daily Beast, Heat Street, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post all push the globalist message. The end result that Trump is fighting an ocean of disinformation with only a handful of allies by his side.

Voter Discouragement


Fivethirtyeight doing its best to discourage Trump voters.

Another way that that system is rigged is that the legacy media conspires to discourage Trump voters from going to the polls.  One way they do this is to over poll Democrats to make it look like Trump is losing. For example, one recent poll placed Hillary 12 points higher than Trump. But even Obama was only able to beat McCain by 7 points even though he was packing stadiums of 70,000 people. And Hillary doesn’t command the sort of adulation that Obama did in 2008.

There is a huge motivation gap between Trump and Clinton. Recently, Trump held a rally in Tampa where 28,000 people showed up. Some of these people waited in line for 12 hours for the chance to see Trump. A day later, Hillary hosted a rally in Florida where only 1000 people showed up. And some of those were likely paid plants. Her running mate Tim Kaine did even worse barely getting 30 people to show up for one of his events.


One day before the Brexit vote, polls showed Remain leading by 10 points. Leave ended up winning by 3.5 points.

Why does the legacy media report polls that show Trump losing by a landslide? Because it is designed to dishearten Trump voters.


Will Trump be able to overcome the rigged system? It will be a heroic achievement if he does. One thing is certain: This is not the time to give up but to fight with all of our might. The elites want us to be discouraged, to give up hope, to lie down and die. That is the one thing we will never do. Even if the host of hell rise up to oppose you, go to the ballot box on November 8th. Regardless of what you may hear otherwise, your life will be very different under President Trump than it will be under globalist pawn Hillary.

Win or lose, our battle to bring back the patriarchy will not end on November 8th. A Trump victory would give us breathing room to start restoring our society in the open. A Hillary victory, heaven forbid, would signal that our work will need to be underground. Either way, our battle is just beginning. In future columns I will outline the way forward for traditional men.

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305 thoughts on “Donald Trump And His Supporters Are Fighting A Rigged System”

  1. Apparently Hillary senses something has gone awry. The Clinton Foundation (aka – Clinton’s personal money laundering criminal organization) just did a huge 1.8 billion dollar money transfer to Qatar banks. Not “gave money to banks”, but rather, “moved her own money offshore”.
    Take this with a grain of salt however, until more confirmation rolls in (if it does).
    According to reports on the ground, Florida early voting thus far is showing Trump with a substantial lead. According to most early voting results in past elections, early voting heavily favors Democrats (it’s their prime-time corruption slot).
    I still have not seen more than two hands count worth of Hillary signs in central Ohio. Trump signs are everywhere to the point that it’s almost embarrassing. And yet we’re said to “be undecided, can go either way” by the BSM (bullshit media, fuck “mainstream”).

    1. Here in Southern California, I don’t see much signs of either candidates even though this state is heavily Democrats. I did see a Hillary for Prison 2016 shirt this guy got off InfoWars.

      1. That’s be best we can hope for from blue zones. The lack of enthusiasm for this clearly corrupt and evil Witch is palpable. She’s her own campaign retardant. How in the hell the Dems, as stupid as they are, let her on the ticket is anybody’s guess. It’s like they’re purposefully trying to lose the election this time around.
        “No, really gang, just because she’s for all intents and purposes a felon and murderer, just get behind her and we can win! Yay!”
        Unbelievable stuff.

        1. Hillary For President cause she kills the competition.
          EDIT: Seriously. She does.

        2. What? Don’t you feel like committing suicide by shooting yourself twice in the back of the head?

        3. The truly worrying thing is that approx. half of the population will vote her! I mean whoever votes one candidate with so many blatant crimes for his own country should the very least have his political rights removed for the rest of his life!

        4. I don’t think it’s going to be half voting for her. As goes Ohio, so goes the nation when you average it out.
          She should be in jail, no question.

        5. I see many, many Trump signs here, even in areas I don’t expect. Drive into the country and you find the giant 4×8 ones. The gap in D vs. R enthusiasm is incredible. Do they even -have- a 4×8 hillary sign?

        6. Ann Coulter has made a couple of rhetorical points:
          1 The voting age should be raised to 26
          2 Women shouldn’t vote, though the should be able to stand for election.
          Clearly raising the voting age would get rid of naive voters. The elimination of female voters will dispose of the “welcome invaders” types.

      2. When I visited LA a few months back (during the primaries), all I saw were Bernie signs–everywhere. Not a single Hillary sign or bumper sticker. Bernie supporters, dumb as they are at times, despise Hillary Clinton. They will either sit this one out, vote green party, vote libertarian, or vote for Trump. Very few will vote Hillary.

    2. I live in the epicenter of libtardation. My neighborhood was 90% in favor of Obama in 08 and 12 (overall the district went over three quarters for him, but my specific neighborhood is very heavily liberal). In 08 and 12, you couldn’t walk five feet without seeing an Obama sign, sticker, t-shirt, something. These days, I still see Hillary signs, but they are few and far between. I would say I have noticed a dozen or so. And surprisingly, I have also noticed a Trump sign here or there, though far fewer than Hillary. This neighborhood will not go for Trump, though I suspect there is a surprising amount of secret support for him. But, I suspect that the turnout for Hillary is going to be far lower than it was for Obama. That’s one of the problems with all these polls showing her with a huge lead – they are assuming the same turnout without factoring in that people have no excitement at all to vote for her.
      In my district, that almost certainly won’t matter because she will still win with lower turnout. But where it really matters is in the suburbs that are not die-hard liberal hotbeds. Lots of these people got caught up in Hope and Change in the past couple of elections. But lots of them today are pissed off. If the suburbs flip, it will not matter what the city districts do.

      1. Say what you want about Obama and his policies, but at least he had the presence (plus he was black). At the very least he was a good showman. Hillary… not so.

        1. Yea too bad he is Hitlery’s Cronie…she has been lying for some 30 odd years he is a rookie lol

        2. I’m not arguing in his favor, just commenting on how separate they are in terms of personal image.

    3. NYT hinted a couple of weeks ago the Hitlery didn’t “need” Ohio to win. There were be still fraud, but it will no surmount the margin of support Trump has.

      1. Ohio has always been the “must have” state, due to our demographics mirroring public opinion across the nation. This has been a truism for nearly a century. Ohio starts going pro-Trump and suddenly the BSM declares us irrelevant.
        Nah man, we have a free press, it’s not a thing like Pravda used to be!

        1. Indeed. When TRUMP took a lead in OH the lame stream media and DNC suddenly said they didn’t really care about OH since after all it was pretty white.

    4. I really hope you are right, no matter what though, it will be a close call…
      I think that it will play like Brexit, at the last momment Brexit won narrowly, to the point that some brexiteers even accepted defeat! I speculate the same thing happening again.

    5. “The Clinton Foundation (aka – Clinton’s personal money laundering criminal organization) just did a huge 1.8 billion dollar money transfer to Qatar banks. Not “gave money to banks”, but rather, “moved her own money offshore”.
      Damn, imagine the epic headline the day after Trump wins.
      “Clinton attempts to flee the country, is promptly caught and put into custody. Dies of a heart attack shortly after. Video leaks on youtube and goes viral”.
      I get a boner just imagining that… despite how thinking of Shitlary is enough to make a man impotent. So that should tell you how happy I’d be if this happened.

      1. I’d take the day off and march through my neighborhood passing out glasses of champagne to all of my neighbors.

    6. Northwest Ohio. Today for the first time I saw about 15 different houses on two adjacent streets with Hillary Signs and only a few Trump signs. Guess where? Less than 1 mile from the local state University – the modern engine for Lefty indoctrination. Funny how stereotypical and cliche.
      Reminds me what I’ve always known, some stereotypes exist for a valid reason.

  2. You gotta love the way the media reports these polls every damn day like its gospel. If their ugly cunt is so winnable, they would not have to do that now would they?
    I’m a disenfranchised Ron Paul supporter who voted for Trump. If Trump does nothing else, exposing Team R for the turds they are and destroying them is a great result in and of itself. I really don’t want more efficient government and the military is already to big and expensive, but if Trump does a 1/4 of what he says without being assassinated, that would be an achievement.

    1. If she had such a commanding lead … they also wouldn’t be in complete hysterics about Trump and others raising concern over voter fraud.

  3. Even if Trump “loses” he should refuse to recognize Clinton as the next president and immediately call for her disqualification and a recount.

    1. Considering the amount of rampant fraud, I think he just cause to challenge and demand another election with a more accountable and auditable system.

      1. Hell, even if he loses fair and square he should refuse to stand by the election. A majority of Americans 1. Shouldn’t be allowed to vote 2. The media threw so many fabricated scandals at him that it was impossible for the average voter voter (with an IQ around 90) to make a rational decision.

        1. Cannot help about the stupid people, and oh boy.. the country is full of them, but non citizens, the dead, multiple votes cast, fraudulent voting machines, etc… that is illegal and grounds for rejecting the count especially if it effects overall outcome.

        2. I’m not disagreeing with you man, I’m just saying Trump has nothing to lose and everything to gain by challenging the result of a defeat.

        3. It really depends on how he does it. After Trump loses, and he is going to lose, he will have some options put before him with steps to take. If he actually cares about what he is saying and this isn’t just his latest reality tv show then he might actually be able to do some good by becoming an elder spokesman for a group with a marginalized voice. That said, he can’t do it if he acts like a total and utter buffoon after losing which is, judging by his history, exactly what he will do. It is going to be up to him whether he becomes someone who is remembered by history as a leader men who have been marginalized by modern governance or if he is remembered by history as an absurd orange cartoon character who ran for office despite being an ostentatious moron.
          His best luck would come if, like it did for Al Gore, the elections in certain swing states that go for Hillary are close enough to trigger automatic recounts. This way he can make a big deal of the recount without having to call for it. If he goes totally off the wall into his dipshit persona however you can be sure that his political future as well as the political relevance of his supporters will be deader than Hillary Clinton’s voters.

        4. If he loses, he should start a global cooling initiative. He can make hilarious commercials with Al in the spirit of the old Miller Lite ones (Its getting hotter! no, cooler! hotter! cooler!)
          Somehow, bob uecker needs to be worked into the mix

        5. It’s actually quite possible that by 2020, we’re going to go through a cooling period as the sun’s activity is going to drastically drop. This is normal and cyclical, but is going to cause havoc for the manmade global warming zealots.

        6. I don’t really follow any of that stuff but I will take your word for it. Donald Trump doing Pizza Hut commercials where he asks for a recount from a pizza delivery man……it’s in the mail my friend.

        7. I don’t, by the way, buy into any global catastrophe. Ever since the Mexicans let me down in 2012 when the Mexipocolypse fell through I have been cynical of all types of doomsday scenarios.

        8. I don’t buy into any of the supernatural or climate catastrophes. Weathermen can’t accurately predict the weather 4 days from now, yet I’m supposed to believe some scientist is going to predict the climate 100 years from now? Get outta here!

        9. right. I remember when we got hit by some huge storm (Nothing disastrous just the kind of thing that ruins a nice bbq) and the weather had been predicted to be nice. I remember sitting in my friends house, no BBQ, thinking “there are fucking airplanes flying all over the country…did not one of them see this thing coming”

        10. Well, to be fair, he will lose NYC. No question.
          The rest of the state of NY, as I hear tell anyway, has a larger number of Trump signs than you’d ever expect to see in NY. I don’t know that first hand, but it’s what I’ve heard people supposedly in NY say anyway.

        11. Different places have different things. There are places in western NY (where my family is from) for which gun rights are incredibly important. That said, we will see in a week or so. I am predicting he is going to get totally fucking creamed.
          That said, the larger point that I think we can agree on is, in the hypothetical situation where he loses, how he reacts to that loss will be very important. If he acts like a statesman he might be able to be a spokesman for a group of marginalized and successful people. If he acts like a total fucking buffoon then he will be written in the history books as a laughing stock and it will basically make not only his campaign but his supporters look ridiculous.
          Whatever happens, it is better for everyone if he doesn’t act like a total buffoon. The problem is, with him…….that is never assured (to say the very least)

        12. The biggest problem for me: these weather data only go back to the 1880s or so. There was no weather prior to this decade?

        13. I know that NYC (and thus, NY by proxy, although most of NY outside of NYC is red state) is a forgone conclusion to vote hard left. They are nothing if not consistent in their support of totalitarianism.
          And yet another example of why we need to neuter big cities at the federal level.

        14. Each county = exactly 1 vote in electoral college. Electors are pledged to vote how their county vote tally dictates. County lines are set exactly as they are today and cannot be modified or moved in any way.
          Big cities have no business setting the agenda for the rest of America. Their world is different and they are made up disproportionately of people who live on the system. And, to be blunt, Federal elections shouldn’t mean this much in the first place to *anybody*, but they do now, so this shit matters.
          It allows them to set their own local policies as they wish, but they cannot control the rest of the nation.

        15. Typical lie of omission- “We had the highest recorded temps on record last year”…a record that extends back only 130 years

  4. The discouragement thing is a huge deal. Retard defeatist “conservatives” staying home in droves is the reason Obama was re-elected. I don’t think it’s working as well this time around, though, for the simple fact that leftist media and various trolls are still working overtime to smear and besmirch.

    1. Actually voter fraud was the reason Obama was re-elected. It didn’t help that the GOP felt that running a Leftist East Coast Democrat with an “R” next to his name was a good idea either.
      That said, I’m pretty confident that this time around none of that factors against us. The energy level of the Trump supporters is through the roof, meanwhile the Witch can’t even motivate ten people nationwide to put out yard signs.

      1. Yeah Romney is a cunt. I never figured out how the architect of Mass. socialized healthcare (and the blueprint for Obamacare) was somehow running against Obama as the conservative choice.

        1. He was the quintessential Trans-Nationalist. He had no loyalties to anyone or any thing beyond compounding unearned wealth.

        2. I agree with you. Our only hope would be if his interests and loyalties coincided with our own.

        3. Exactly. That said, is it ever any different in life? Unless we are talking about some cucked slave who feels obliged to serve a particular person?

        4. Having unquestioning loyalty to a person is not slavery if its by choice. I’m told family works like this but I have no such experience.
          Marriage is SUPPOSED to be unconditional, but for too many out there it is anything but – as soon as conditions change or one party flakes out, the deal crumbles…

        5. Yeah right. The good ol free choice. Leaving out the fact that we are seldom informed enough to make a choice that’s valid for a week, much less for a lifetime.

        6. There is no such thing as an absolutely fully informed choice. That’s a canard and a false requirement. Free choices means that you use the information at hand and go with what you decide. Or, you can even research more if you like before making a decision.

        7. So you’re saying, by extension, that if I get tricked into making a decision by not being fully informed about the consequences, I have to stick with it? That seems very nonsensical to me.


  6. I saw another video like the one above a few weeks before this one was made (can’t recall the location) where the same thing happened. Zero people turned up to help campaign for Clinton.

      1. Why he’s running I cannot figure out. He fucked us over so hard during his tenure as governor I doubt even the dead will come out and rock the vote on his behalf.

        1. The dem bench is not that deep as it was in the 90’s and he is probably the best they had for his name recognition.

        2. But fortunately for him, his first name isn’t Dick. Otherwise he’d get the Celeste treatment. Remember that from the 1980’s? “Dick Celeste, before he dicks you!”

        3. Celeste was another Cleveland shit weasel. The really should put a fence around that city and not let anyone out.

        4. I’ve proposed in the past annexing them off to Canada, but I fear that this might provoke war with Canada (“We don’t want this shit?!? What the fuck?!? Eh?!?).

        5. At one point, slightly after prehistory, I dated a woman from the real Miami University (the one in Ohio). She always said Cincinnati was just Cleveland without the glitter.

        6. Eh, dunno. Cincy is usually pretty strong GOP. Cleveland is the exact opposite.

        7. Heeeey im from Cleveland and i approve of your message. Probably the most liberal place in ohio

    1. In Ohio no less.
      And of course now we’re “irrelevant”. Because…reasons.

    2. Would be interesting to show Trump offices for a comparison, tho. I am always sceptical of videos … she didn’t show any church clock either in the video, so who’s to tell she didn’t appear after the event or something.

      1. This is from Ohio. Trump had a rally here last week that my wife went to. Thousands showed up. Clinton on the other hand is doing good to break 100-200 people here. Kaine (her running mate) drew 50 (!).

  7. The system does seem to be rigged. We know for an absolute fact that the media is rigged – at best it is an echo chamber; at worst they literally write what they’re told. Best thing we can hope for is that the elites like to play “surprise!” and that the election is rigged against expectations. Seems unlikely though, and I can’t see how the potential voter fraud as described above could do other than disadvantage Trump and the Republicans.
    If Trump does win though, the argument will be made that the system ain’t broke, it’s the electorate. Lets hope we get to the point when that argument is possible

  8. Regardless of what the news says I somehow think,more than ever,that Trump might win.
    Yeah,these scandals might have hurt him but they would have absolutely destroyed someone else.
    It’s like these allegations only stick for only as long as the media keeps covering them but as we know that the news cycle is rapidly changing so it really doesn’t have a chance to stick unless Trump supposedly “raped” 50 chicks.
    And who believes the media when they sacrificed the last shred of credibility they have left trying to destroy this man?

    1. The media’s reputation is spent, but the dems pull the same tricks out of their bag every election. Keep talking about “serious allegations” and the character of the GOP candidate instead of the issues. People are getting wise to it and have actual bigger problems then Trump supposedly grabbing some chicks cooch 20 years ago.

      1. People getting wise is most likely due to the ubiquity of smartphones to the masses. Social media and internet has been a very effective medium to combat the mind control MSM. Also the ease of accessing foriegn news covering the US elections not controlled by Western news organizations help reveal the truth. We see the same event from a different angle and come up with our own conclusions.

  9. “Progressive taxation is put in place to prevent middle class people from rising into the ranks of the truly wealthy ”
    I don’t really buy this. Taxes are somewhat high in the US, but it’s still one of the easiest countries in the world to make a 6 figure income in. Plus, once you get into that area, it’s very very easy to have an extremely low effective tax right, due to all the deductions and loopholes in the tax code.
    Both political parties, and perhaps more importantly, the legislature and the entire machinery of government, is controlled by elites. It has nothing to do with how many Rs or Ds there are.
    If you think the rigging is so that we can have progressivism over conservatism you’re really missing the picture.

      1. How about keeping irrelevant personal comments to yourself and stick to the topic of taxes and elitist control. Unless one also feels like “Going Galt” from any sort of intellectual contribution to our forum completely.
        The majority of taxpayers pay more in payroll taxes than personal income tax. There are a substantial number of taxpayers (near a majority) that do not pay personal income tax, and yes, it includes some poor, but it also includes people like Donald Trump. It’s relatively easy to do if you have your own business. The personal income tax is small potatoes in the big picture. It does raise a lot of money from corporate wage slaves, however. Anyway, compared to most modern liberal democracies, the US tax system is rather beneficial to people moving upwards financially.
        But the bigger point is the elites give not one shit whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. A Constitutionalist or a Communist Revolutionary. They do not care. They co-opt and control two parties and funnel all political activity into one of the two, and give the people the illusion of choice and self-determination, which is a lie.

        1. Now your shifting Goal Posts.
          “It’s relatively easy to do if you have your own Business”
          Most don’t, so your $100k example is going to get many deductions.
          “The personal income tax is small potatoes in the big picture.”
          Not for those who have to live on it on top paying, state, munical, FICA, etc…

    1. I believe you are missing the point. The disparity between the capital gains tax and income tax is why the progressive tax system promotes hegemony. If you are wealthy and put that money to work your effective tax rate is very small compared to the average middle class American.

      1. In other words, the American system overvalues capital at the expense of labor? I wholeheartedly agree.

        1. In a way yes. Its more about keeping the average person from getting to a point of having substantial capital.

        1. It is an American idiom meaning continually doing something pointlessly.

        2. Well it stops being funny after all this explanation.
          The effeminate nature of seeing global conspiracies to cover up for ones own lack of ability, drive or success that we see in Black Lives Matters Folks, Feminists, SJWs, Homosexuals and White Nationalists always strikes me as weak, sad and an all together ineffective way to be a man.

        3. This is one of my favorite kind of statements. So absolutely ludicrous that there is no way to tell if it is true or not.
          When I used to teach I used to love to work “facts” into my lectures. I used to think of them as time bombs. For instance
          1) I told my students that corned beef is made by strangling the cow. It is in the strangulation process that the lactic acid give the meat its distinctive texture.
          2) I told my students that in Ireland there is no set drinking age and that anyone who has reached puberty can legally drink. This is why they call the bars “Pubs” Because they are places you can only go if you’ve reached puberty
          3) I told them that the etymological root of woman is “womb”
          Oh, many and more things. So much fun. I like to think that somewhere out there some dipshit is repeating one of these “facts” and fighting vociferously for the truth of it.

        4. Rofl. Reminds me of the first year at school I had latin. I loved it endlessly, and predictably, I was by far the best in it.
          When we had translation exams, I used to write two translations, one which was my own and one which used synonyms.
          There was this clause in there which went something like “mons altus” (not sure anymore how it went exactly). Mons translates as “Mountain” or “range of mountains”. “altus” translates as “high” or “deep”.
          For my own translation, I used “high mountain”. For the cheatsheet for others, I used “deep range of mountains” (in German: Tiefes Gebirge). It sounded not too bad in my head actually.
          Funny thing was, though, when we got back the results, the teacher said: Now guys, here’s something to laugh. One guy actually translated this as “deep range of mountains”.
          Guess who laughed most.

        5. I had an ex-girlfriend seek me out just to bitch at me for teaching her years earlier that oregano was high in fat. That gem sat around for years before she repeated it in front of her family and got laughed out of the room.

        6. My elementary teacher taught us “sometimes Y and W”. That bitch. I’ve been looking for the W my entire life, and your post just made me realize she purposefully misinstructed the entire class.

        7. Oh that is fucking beautiful! You know, the trick is that when they balk and wonder if you are full of shit you really have to hard press into mocking them for not knowing it. “seriously? you didn’t know oregano was high in fat? Jesus, what did they teach you at (insert whichever school she went to)”

        8. It’s all about the exotic material Tommo like that gold blonde jewess from NH who slipped through my fingers same years ago.

        9. This chick didn’t need much convincing. The original remark was made very casually, we were cooking a meal together, slipped in while giving her instructions, definitely glossed over and not dwelled on.. Something like, “Okay, now we’re going to add some oregano to this, not too much, it’s high in fat, now grab the parsley and garlic, too …”

        10. I’da ripped a prof like you in half in class if he’d try that on me. I was a hellion in college, nearly a 4.0 but I was defiant of anything that smelled like bullshit that I could prove wrong. Got into a hell of a lot of after class discussions with profs and TA over not sitting down and shutting up when I was supposed to nod and agree (these were all, not surprisingly, “social science” classes. Never had it happen in calculus or even, humorously enough, philosophy).

        11. Just don’t do it to your kids, unless it’s *really* farcical and easy to disprove (to teach them critical thinking skills).

        12. yeah but I don’t think you would have. I had students who caught on and they always got the joke and didn’t call me on it because they had as much fun watching the dip shits eat it up like candy as I did. I remember one student raised his hand and I knew I was going to get called out on bullshit so I called on some girl who asked some asinine question and I never lost eye contact with the kid while giving her the most ludicrous fucking answer possible. I could see this kids soul laughing.
          I never got into many disputes because my classes were 90% text analysis and 10% me telling them that corned beef comes from strangled cow. I left opinions out of it which is why I think my students liked me. Reading philosophy isn’t like reading a novel. There is a methodology and learning to do it is no different than learning to do algebra or learning a foreign language and I treated it that way. A fortunate part of my particular area of concentration was it was all about how to dissect philosophical works….learning how to read critically. Some of my students didn’t know how to do that and learned. Some of them did know how to do it and got better. Most of the smart students realized that I had an actual skill that I had worked on for a decade and was willing to teach it to them and were appreciative. All of the smarter students enjoyed me being a total fucking troll.

        13. I have raised many children and my policy was to lie to them often. You start with really outrageous lies. Then they realize that can’t be true and start to question everything. As they age the lies become more difficult to disprove. When they go out and do their own research and rebut my lies then my job is done. Every parent should instill a deep distrust of authority in every child starting at a very young age. None of my children accept anything they are told with out a lot of scrutiny.

        14. When I taught freshman statistics courses I had two t-shirts I would wear. On said, “5 out of 4 students have trouble with Statistics.” The other said, “I am right 97% of the time, and who cares about the other 4%.” I stopped wearing them because they made me too depressed. None of the students got it, or called me on them.

        15. @ghostofjefferson:disqus is a really smart guy, so I’m both shocked and proud I was able to fool him on this one. As this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m holding onto this little trophy for dear life.

        16. That is actually possible.
          Another truth is the 50/50/90 rule. When given a 50/50 choice, people will pick the wrong answer 90% of the time.

        17. Done. See above. One I used with my younger children was telling them that my second oldest son and I were the same age because we have the same birthday. My son went along with it. Eventually they faced me down and said, “No way, different years.” I replied, “Well I guess we can’t fool you.”

        18. lol. wow. Hey, did you ever show them that book “How to Lie With Statistics” Or something like that. Such a cool book

        19. After many children I have found the answer to the whys. When asked why, sit the youngster down and give a long, detailed, explanation. Start with, “The earth slowly cooled, then…” A couple of those sessions and they stop asking you why. Hopefully they go out and find out why for themselves.

        20. Mine was buffalo wings. My daughter heard about buffalo wings from regular culture, so during a zoo visit I asked her if she could see the wings on the buffaloes in the exhibit (“look real close sweety, they’re really, really small!”)
          Cruel, yes. Fun, absolutely. Figured out bullshit as a result? Yeppers.

        21. this is right up there with putting a piece of duct tape on the sink hose trigger and pointing it in such a way that when the old lady turns on the water she gets hosed down or, and I Have done this one many times, filling a hair dryer will baby powder and then waiting for hilarity ton ensue

        22. Cigarette loads in my mother’s cigarettes.
          Turns out, it wasn’t considered comedy gold in our household. Lost all of the fireworks I had in my room that year.

        23. As a yoot, i did the sink hose one so many times, people were terrified to use the sink. Good times.

        24. It’s an expression, an idiom for expending useless efforts/words on something futile, lost, or already achieved.
          Sie verschwenden Ihre Zeit.

        25. She learned that trick from philosophy professor who banged her a few times because she got his humour.

        26. Yeah, but how can you know he didn’t gaslight you and get me to ‘randomly’ reinforce his bullshit? I even added the German as perhaps a cherry on top of the bullshit pie…

        27. Good question –
          But how does he know that we didn’t get together to gaslight him in some sophisticated non-linear entrapment that his NY state of mind can’t countermeasure…

        28. Ah, but we KNOW we all (all of unenlightened humanity) gaslight ourselves to give the illusion of free choice, disunity and strife and obscure the true unity, dependence and one-ness of all.

        29. We don’t, but there’s an expert in analytic philosophy on here who could help us understand, but only if we could be sure he and his minions aren’t gaslighting us.

        30. Exactly.
          I like your blog very much, by the way, I read most of it at once because I found it so interesting.
          Keep up your way, you will get to who you are and where is good.

        31. I stole it myself. I think men have been doing this since the Romans invented indoor plumbing

      1. is the point you’re making is that there’s no overwhelming Jewish influence in the media?

        1. I think the idea of a single and unified purpose behind a “Jewish influence” is something people bitch about in the same way that faggots and feminists bitch about “patriarchy” and blacks talk about “duh man who be keepin’ him down”
          I think people who go down this particular road ought to be publicly shamed just like gays SJWs BLM and fat women

        2. I agree with what you said to some extend, yes, problems whites are facing are of their own making. However, I dont see anything wrong with exposing the element that has been working tiresly against white interests for centures. Enemy shall be named. If a person is a cuck, call him a cuck. If majority of the anti-white media are Jewish controlled – point that out. All the Leftist groups should be identified and denounced.

        3. I agree and I am not saying that their aren’t some blood sucking savage hebes out there — there are. But the idea that there is a hive mind collective working in unison strikes me as more boogie man creation
          Call people out (like Soros) for their individual evil. I refuse to give group credit or group blame.

      2. Setting himself up for long term Musculoskeletal Disorder with that poor dead horse beating technique of his. He needs to engage his core.

  10. Interesting article and some valid points about the machinations of the US political scene. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to use the same political tactics while accusing each other of using them. But never underestimate the populace. Clinton’s recent attempt at smearing Trump, by highlighting his apparent mistreatment of women in the past to pick up undecided or moderate conservative votes, was completely see through to even the most naive and gullible person.

  11. Fivethirtyeight’s methodology is sound: they aggregate polls and use historical indicators (such as the economy).
    While most writers there are obviously liberal, I have seen no evidence they are collaborating with the Clinton campaign. And their accuracy has been the best, or among the best for all elections (including mid terms) since 2008.
    In fact, they give Trump a higher chance of winning than most sites, and they are critical of people prematurely calling the election for Clinton.

  12. Does anyone else wonder that one of the reasons these polls keep coming out that show illary leading by huge margins, is so that when she does lose her team can suggest voter fraud AGAINST her? They could then use the poll numbers as an example and say “there must be something illegal going on; the numbers show we were clearly winning up until November 8th”.

    1. That’s my guess. They’ll blame it on “Russian hackers hacking the e-machines”. Guaranteed.

      1. Yes that old whory chestnut…. the Russians and coming! The Russians are coming! Why did they not ask the Democratic candidate in the debate whether she would respect the result of the election? The fact they didn’t pose that question says enough.

    2. She will anyway. It’s the tactic of the Left. Accuse your enemies of the same exact thing you’re guilty of.
      Edit: An example is when a woman accuses you of cheating when she’s doing it herself.

  13. Over this side of the Atlantic a betting shop called Paddy Power supposedly paid out on Clinton already. I think this is interesting. They paid back around 1 million euro in placed bets. Reading more into this I think they are paying everyone back as they would loose too much with a Trump win so they are taking their ball and going home.

    1. So they’re canceling bets is what you’re saying?

        1. How is that even legal? Granted I don’t know Irish law, but it seems to me that once you place a bet, the house doesn’t get to cancel because suddenly the house appears to be about to take a big loss?!? That’s fucked up.
          OTOH, I’m glad that they’re recognizing reality.

        2. Yea well they use it as a “Get out of jail free card”…… if they don’t like the playing field they just pay back the bets and go home….. funny thing about bookies over here is they are averse to risk…..

        3. I think you can get your money back up until the start of the race. There was a case over here of a particular group of people involved in a lot of crime in Europe. They had a lot of punts (old Irish money) on their hands around the time of the switch over to the Euro. They could not declare their ill gotten gains. So what could they do? They placed an old nag in a horse race a few days before the switch over to the new currency. Bets were put on the nag all over the country in many different bookies. Just before the race the horse was pulled and all bets were off. They waited for the switch over and then got all their bets refunded in….. Euro’s. They are scum but smart scum…….

        4. Casinos/bookies don’t gamble. The have the house percentage or they don’t bet. They make their money off half the people betting one way and half the other while they take their cut from both.

    2. Are you sure. I have bets with them and they allow you to cancel some bets including for the presidency for a fee. They still make money on the latter. I imagine also the amount you can get back will change depending on the updated odds.
      Are you sure its paddy power cancelling rather than the punters changing their minds and cutting their losses?

      1. Kind of like surrendering when you have a 16 and the dealer is showing a ten in Blackjack.

    1. If Hillary is going to run on the “I have a vagina” platform I think she should be forced to prove it.

    2. Ha. Yea. The Diane Rehm types so ecstatic over a Vagina in the Oral Office.
      Those types are also feminists who refuse to move past the 60’s.

    3. Sad to say my own dear old grandma said basically this. “Give a woman a chance and she’ll work twice as hard!”

      1. And yet only accomplish about a quarter of the work.
        Is how I would have answered it. But then, my grandmother was so truly against feminism it would have made your head spin. She’d probably have made me a batch of cookies for uttering such a thing.

      1. Women all whitewash and ignore and excuse Hillary’s corruption and fakeness. “Oh she made some mistakes but give her another chance”, “Hillary’s got her issues but Trump is a racist/misogynist blah blah blah”. I only know one girl who is voting for Trump, incidentally she’s also one of the only women my own age who I’d consider banging, fit and hot. Not that I’m that old but by my age most women are fat, washed up, and have 5 kids by 10 different guys. I made sure to let her know what a rare gem she is, she’s totally against the idea of a female president. Smart woman.

        1. Oh yes, yes they do. I know plenty of women who overlook what she has done, and a lot of them went to Ivy League schools…I dont waste my time with them…these women like Hill, but they LOVE Liz Warren, the woman who made $400,000-plus a yr teaching at Harvard Law School while teaching ONE CLASS A TERM. Shit, thats better than being a wall street-er!

        2. Honestly I wish Hilldog would have picked Liz for her VP, might as well go all-in with the pussy pass. I guarantee she searched high and low for the faggiest statesman she could find, to show that look a strong woman and a subservient faggy lapdog mangina for VP. So much vomit if these pukes get in

        3. Tried to explain to them its intellectually dishonest to take all men’s earnings, divide that back into total men(same for women) and get this wage gap. Women spend 75-80% of the money in this country, so that means:
          They spend their money
          They spend his money
          If its still not enough, they slap the rest on the credit card
          They simply wont(cant?) process the information.

  14. If you look at certain numbers in terms of viewership, you’ll see when Trump does any kind of live feed, there’s a couple hundred thousand people watching, while only 20k for Hillary. This made me believe that they are indeed trying to discourage voters from going to the voting booths and pulling the Trump lever

  15. This is a battle that not just Trump and his supporters can’t afford to lose but the entire country as a whole otherwise America will descend deeper into hell with no hope of crawling out of it. These bastards have done everything in their power to make sure that cunt Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency beyond anything that I have seen in any election. Paying off the mainstream media to make up false stories and accusations against Trump,having that old prick George Soros rig the voting machines(especially in the key battleground states) which has happened recently in States like Texas and many others during early voting,hiring and paying off random nobodies to start fights and riots at Trump rallies and then turn around and blame the chaos on his supporters, and having the mainstream media making up stories about how Hillary “already won” the election which is nothing more than a cheap tactic to discourage Trump voters to not go out and place their votes, (don’t fall for that bullshit the media is full of it.) This is fucking pathetic that they went to these lengths and that is why I have no respect for Hillary Clinton or her sheep supporters because they have no sense of honor at all taking pride in trying to gain victory in this fashion. Borderline fucking pathetic. This is why important for his supporters to not buy into the media faggotry and still vote anyway but make sure the vote is valid and they don’t fuck your vote over by switching it to Hillary like they have done in Texas take a picture or video tape your vote as proof. It’s time to start fighting back against these bastards the time for being nice is fucking over.

    1. In theory it’s against the law to photo your ballot, but I say, do it anyway. There is legislation that’s trying to be rushed through the Statehouse even now invalidating this law here in Ohio (iow, making it legal to photograph your ballot).

  16. Win or lose, our battle to bring back the patriarchy will not end on November 8th.

    We need to plan to play a long game here. We didn’t get feminism, racial equality, open immigration and the normalization of sexual degeneracy thrust upon us as independent projects that just happened around the same time through some mysterious accident, mistake or coincidence. They all derive from the same underlying world view, dating back to the Radical Enlightenment in the 18th Century, which denies the tragedy of the human condition.
    We need to frame our message along the lines of:
    “Modernity” doesn’t work.
    “Social progress” can’t happen because human nature doesn’t change.
    And politics can’t make the tragedy of the human condition go away. We have patriarchy, inequality and hierarchy because of the nature of things, not because of the alleged evil in white men’s hearts.

    1. “normalization of sexual degeneracy thrust upon us ”
      It is Halloween weekend. I am going to thrust sexual degeneracy on as many young women as I can.

  17. High voted turnout typically favors Democrats because Republicans typically are voting seriously whereas if Democrats are not excited about a candidate, tons of them will not vote. Especially poorer people. Voter turnout will be pretty low in this election so I don’t see Hillary winning despite the polls showing this nonsense.

  18. I was going over my calculations and realized that the 2016 election results is within the margin of error for my 2017 prediction of a progressive globalist policy victory. On the positive side: Drexler effect will come to fruition within the next two decades.

  19. Kaine just canceled his Florida rally. The last time he had one, just a few days ago, he had 50 people show up. Heh.
    Clinton is lucky to get a couple of hundred most of the time.
    These two apparently can’t even draw flies.

    1. “These two apparently can’t even draw flies.”
      Except for that one time 😀

  20. I’m sick of all the posturing and virtue-signaling every time Trump is mentioned in daily conversation. People just have to exaggeratedly go out of their way about how much they hate him (which makes me like him even more). It’s so fake and forced, and they all hate him for reasons that aren’t even accurate. It’s like watching zombies trying to out-vomit each other.
    On November 9th, the level of butthurt will be epic and I will revel in it.

  21. very much rigged. I believe at this point hillary wins not because she gets the most votes but in the bigger urban towns ; she has hired the ghetto to stack the votes. Its why right now she isn’t worried. Most polls have them even and under most circumstances that would cause worry. Not in this case.
    For me, I stop engaging after the election with liberals -on all levels. That means all liberal tv gets shut off including the NFL, baseball and any talk shows that pandered to her during this cycle. I am done with these evil people. They can go f themselves.
    No sane person believes adding millions of illegals to this country is good for anyone. If people can’t see it; than engaging with these knuckleheads isn’t worth the effort.

  22. I don’t believe in early voting. This election especially, it’s the tradition of waiting in line, seeing all the people. 2008 my district definitely was 60%ish+ Democrat. Up here it’s the damn unions that get in these fool’s heads. Maybe the unions check, who knows, but I’d swear. Almost all the poll workers were Democrat. In fact, what really pissed me off, is they made a point of revealing I was Republican by screwing up searching my name on 2-3 lists. I don’t trust a single poll worker, I think they’re shady POSs.

  23. Trump just shifted gears in Toledo speech today from “If I win.. no, WHEN I win ..” the crowd pressured him to say so. Nice.

  24. Regardless of what goes on behind the scenes we can only assume . At a glance it would appear that Hillary is playing the hero role and Trump is playing the villain. Trump is a clear supporter of masculinity, but he contradicts himself too much. If Hillary wins and there’s a third war, it would be as a result of opposition. If Trump wins Masculinity will come back to an all time high and along with it probably human extinction. Some people out there aren’t as bright as you Gentlemen, and to see such character as a role model would give these people permission to violence. If trump wins there would probably not be a third war but the Country would light a match on its own floor. For the well informed such as yourselves his character might represent leadership, strength, and masculinity, but for the easily impressed it’s a simple pass for racism, anarchy, and recklessness. I don’t support Hillary or the idea of a female president but to me it’s all just a process of evolution, even though it seems evolution is taking a bizarre turn.

  25. I’m in Alabama, and a friend and I are going to Florida to volunteer for the Trump campaign in the days before the election.
    I don’t know if I can live with myself if I don’t do everything humanly possible to see to it that he’s elected POTUS. If you’re in a battleground state, please go poll watching or help to get out the vote.
    Many people like to complain about women, but considering the media onslaught against Trump, there are some real gems of women who are sticking with Trump, so maybe you’ll even meet some woman (when you volunteer) who isn’t damaged goods. If not, then at least you’ll do your part to see to that the bleeding stops, or at least slows down.

  26. If they announce Hillary as the winner come Nov 8, it will be another false event that dwarfs 9-11. Maybe that’s what the system is trying to do, ultimately testing the people to instigate a blowback. They want unrest so they can roll out the heavy hand. They’re drooling and salivating to impliment martial law. They can’t wait to suspend the elected government and have their field marshalls presiding over the FEMA districts.

    1. Iraq and Afghanistan were already slated for world bankster occupation and Gore wasn’t the best pick with his radical anti population in favor of Earth rights philosophy. Bush’s role was perfectly cut out for him as he stood on the Twin Towers rubble and spoke. Gore would have made issue about the smoke and asbestos in the air.
      With Trump vs Clinton 2016, there’s a timeline to make America insolvent and Hillary is the shoe in for that. Trump will give us time but will cost the elitists time.

  27. If Trump wins, lefties may flair up, something like a gay man’s hemorrhoids, then it will taper off. Now there may be some BLM b.s. that carries on, but I for one believe Obama and Hillary supremely divided this country the worst it’s been in decades, yes including racism, and agitating terrorism. They’re doing it for the elites to control us.
    You lift the suppression, you lift social anxiety with it. I haven’t liked a president since Reagan personally. 3 double term assholes I can’t stand. The economic rush during Clinton in the 90s would have happend with or without him in office. To coin a term no one uses, THAT was the Technological Revolution, markedly pushed ahead solely on the basis of 1) the Internet, and 2) Operating Systems like Windows 98, Milennia, and 2000 with the NTFS, allowing multiple windows and multiple “programs” to run simultaneously. From there it was cell phones and down hill. World Trade Act was great for some, but annihilated those who were average workin stiffs.
    Bush Sr. was just blah.. so that’s 28 years of waste, misdirection, and extreme immorality in office in my opinion. I’m all for an arrogant bastard with a business mind in office. Hell, we haven’t tried that yet, why not? I will leave with this: ever notice how most leaders in the country are actually the opposite of how they come across during the election once in office? Maybe it’s the system that clips their wings. Compared to Obama and Bush, if Trump does 2, ONLY 2 things of the 7-10 points he plans to address, he’s already 100% better in achievement than the last 2 presidents. It doesn’t matter which 2, any 2 will do, and we’re net positive in leadership of the nation.
    However, I think what many readers here should be aware of, is if Trump wins, it’s really just the beginning of a hardcore battle to change things, and the real work will be very aggressively kicking ass for 8 years in office to significantly sway things away from the elitists. So the band aide affect some are speaking of, is the likely result, unless we keep the fight going hard for 8 years constant, and intense.

    Aside from the skewed polls and the media whitewash, a little heard voice makes a very bold statement.
    Jill Stein – – who is she? She’s the Green Party candidate for POTUS. The Green Party is the swing accessory to the Dems kind of like what the Alt Right is to the Neocucks. Stein is to Hillary what Jim Johnson is to Trump. They’re both like minor ‘moons’ encircling both larger entities whilst picking up stray debris.
    But get this, Stein favors Trump over Clinton! Why? Because “Hillary will start a nuclear war with Russia” she proclaims, and Trump will not.
    She’s also the ‘PRO POT’ candidate and is popular with ‘heads’ primarily for her advocating universal legalization of all schedule substances. Her campaign button has a big pot leaf.

    An old hippie yes, she’s a 1990’s folk singer, a cross between Janice Joplin and Cheryl Crow, vegan, anti elitist, wide open borders and free love. Her and Michael Moore would be perfect together exept for the vegan part. Moore once protested PETA headquarters with a donkey, several chickens and goats all wearing signs that read “You’re wasting your lives PETA” and then Moore did a speech glorifying meat eating. He must have eaten some of Stein’s pot brownies. But Stein’s words favoring Trump over Clinton speak louder than a million cherry picked voices polled amid the slanted and skewed MSM gerrymandered poll reports. Thanks Jill.
    ** I would never support a woman ruling over men due to the fact that I have patriarchy in my bones. Sorry Jill. But you’re still right about Hillary. Any woman ruling for that matter. Our species living under bitch rule spells death for our Homosapien colony here on Earth. Under bitch rule, the male energies of the architect, builder and engineer are supressed and we become like animals living in a quite inconciliate quandry, no longer atop the food chain but part of it. Being a hybrid species we find ourselves somewhat compromised. We cannot compete one-on-one with the forces and wild beasts of this orb. We must master them under the vision, guidance and graceful rule of the patriarch. Stand in your sandals Jill and raise ye arms and say “HAIL THE PATRIARCHY”. Thank you. Sweet. I don’t know your stand on KRATOM but I hope you put out a recipe book for delicious kratom brownies soon. You should look into kratom.

  29. the arguments against Voter ID laws are laughable. Who are these people who don’t have a single picture ID in their posession?
    Am I the only who’s noticed that you have to show ID to buy allergy medicine but you don’t need to show any ID to vote?

  30. Oh geez. Do we populists really have to bring back the patriarchy? Really? I don’t think so.

  31. If you all are banking on a(ny) presidential candidate to solve your problems, fears, and insecurities, you’ve got bigger problems than Hillary or a rigged election. You are no better, and just as weak, as the “cucks” you all love to criticize.
    Anyone, on either side, that is this passionate about politics has pretty much surrendered any real identity and built it around political ideologies. Counting on any government to save you shows ignorance and complete disregard for how politicians, throughout history, from all sides, have fucked us for their own interests.
    In short, being entertained by this circus of an election is one thing. Being passionate or taking it seriously makes you a fucking idiot.

  32. Or it could be that Trump generates heavy enthusiasm from a pretty small band of supporters nationwide, whereas Hillary’s lead comes from a much larger number of voters who nonetheless can’t be bothered to go to the rallies.
    They might be voting for her unenthusiastically, but they’re still voting, whereas all of Trump’s support means squat since his supporters can only vote once (not for a lack of trying on their part though.)

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