Should Michael Sam Be Celebrated For Being Gay?

At the 2014 ESPY’s, Michael Sam received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. What did Michael Sam do to earn this prestigious award? Did he overcome shredding the ACL’s in both his knees and go on to compete at Wimbledon? Did he overcome stomach cancer and return to the Yankees? Did he escape poverty in a rural Madagascar and become the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars? No, he did none of those things. He received the award simply for being gay.

He gave a tearful acceptance speech, in which he spoke highly of his own bravery. The bravery of a being gay man in a homophobic society. He cited how much love and support has come his way since he decided to out himself in the lead-up to the NFL Combine. He invoked the banal quote of Arthur Ashe, “Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can,” to explain his internal struggle over his desire for his own flesh.

women in male locker rooms

It is beyond apparent that with the Richie Incognito debacle and now with Michael Sam, these stories are given the light of day to pierce the veil of male locker rooms. Female reporters have been pushing for decades to enter the place where men shower and dress and the fawning over Michael Sam is part of this drive. The preoccupation with his gayness and his teammates acceptance of that is a way of claiming control over male-only spaces. Female empowerment, stopping bullying and gay acceptance are all part of the same push to eradicate privacy and gave media even more control over the sporting world.

Those considerations aside, more troublesome is that hasn’t caught any hate or intolerance for being gay and ESPN passed on a more deserving man. Michael Sam said that his teammates accepted him, his coaches accepted him and he wasn’t subjected to verbal or physical assault. Most importantly, his parents accepted him and said they love him regardless. The story seems to be how much everybody loves Michael Sam. No one called him a fag and kicked him in the ballsack. He has suffered nothing for slashing swords with other dudes and, yet, I’m supposed to see him as this oppressed and brave man?

If anything, he has gained immensely from being gay. He is easily the most famous 7th-round draft ever who has never stepped onto the playing field. He most likely will get a book deal, will get numerous endorsement deals if he makes the Rams and will always be able to count on a team picking him up for politically correct reasons for the next couple years. Just by being born gay, he has already gained so much. He said himself he is surrounded by love and acceptance and given all the unearned privileges he has gotten from being gay, this man is not brave at all. He most likely has the inner steel of an insecure preschooler.


Yet, that isn’t the most offensive aspect of this public spectacle. ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott, has been battling cancer since 2007. Despite this, he has continued to work hard and has proven to be one of the best anchors on ESPN. He has made no excuses for himself and has comported himself like a true man: battling on despite the odds. In fact, Scott was unsure of his ability to attend this year’s ESPY’s because of the surgeries had earlier in the week.

Despite his clear acts of bravery, ESPN chose to hand the award to a mollycoddled homosexual 7th round draft pick. While ESPN did recognize Scott with an award, the ESPY’s clearly revolved around Sam and his power bottom boyfriend. Onlookers were supposed to awed with a gay man “bravely” coming out in 2014, when he knew everybody in his life approved and he had to know that he would valorized and praised in major media outlets for sucking dick. They passed on giving the bravery award to a man who has battled cancer for over half a decade and has done nothing but accept it and continue to work hard has a father, a husband and a working man.


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254 thoughts on “Should Michael Sam Be Celebrated For Being Gay?”

  1. I wanted to believe the story that him being gay was an open secret, and he went public just to control the manner it came out. He might have even honestly felt that at the time. But the gaystopo got to him (or perhaps he was always a part of it), and now he is just another one of their thugs trying to bully everybody into accepting his kind.
    I hope he doesn’t make the team, but he probably will because the football owners won’t think they will be able to handle the PR hit. So the Rams will just get a 4th round comp next year under the table because nobody understands how the comp system works anyway.

    1. He probably will make the team because they’ll lower the standards to qualify like what they now do for all women trying to do a man’s job.

      1. I don’t know if this is the case in every sport but in Formula One the guy who can bring in the most sponsors gets the seat (and the highest salary). With MS being obviously different from his peers a lot of hype could be created which *may* result in some additional sponsorship money coming to the team. Back to F1 the highest paid driver, Lewis Hamilton, has only 1 championship title & the current most successful driver, Sebastian Vettel, (4 championship titles) is the 5th highest paid. I can only assume that the drafting of MS is to gain sponsors, which is a shame because so many talented players have lost the opportunity.

      2. The team is in a no-win situation. The NFL is a business, and now they’ve shown the world how “inclusive” they are by drafting this guy. Whether he plays or not is no longer an issue – even if he stinks they’ll use him on special teams as a “diversity photo-op” There’s NO way this guys getting cut ’cause then he’s automatically being discriminated against. With every day I find a new reason to hasten my exit from this rapidly declining nation of ours.

        1. Maybe it will get better once Obama leaves. It has really ramped up over the last 6 years.

  2. SJWs believe that declaring one another “brave” and “courageous” can never get tired. The same as calling their opponents “privileged” and “racist”, these words are as common in their vocabulary as simple articles like “the”, “a”, and “an”.
    Soon they’ll be anointing porn star degenerates as “brave” and “courageous”. ….Wait. I’m too late:

    1. Soon they’ll be anointing porn star degenerates as “brave” and “courageous”….Wait. I’m too late

      How depraved Western culture has become is truly horrifying. As a compare and contrast, here’s what passed for Bravery circa 1945

      Now, compare that to what passes for “Bravery” today:

    1. wow. deliberately infect someone with AIDS and get off scott free? nice one Australia

        1. gays get it on purpose so they can get social security disability and lay about on the taxpayers expense. It also gives them time to be social jus us worriers.

        1. Let’s make sure we’re all on the same flight. Was thinking the same thing!

        2. No one wants to be the last straight white guy in the US, but someone has to turn out the lights.

    2. So in other words it’s unclear if there are in fact laws preventing the deliberate transmission of HIV once this one is repealed.
      I guess assault with a deadly weapon (yes, HIV is still deadly, especially if you don’t know you have it, which many don’t) takes a backseat to tolerance and non-discrimination.
      Sick, sick society.

      1. Assault with a deadly weapon would be soft charge. It probably violates part of a code for the UN under a biological warfare attack

      2. bug chasers want to get HIV for the social security disability. Then they can lay about all day, or make noise on the internet.

  3. this is stupid. its 2014, being gay isn’t a big deal and hasn’t been for many years, especially not since proper gay marriage was introduced. the fact they passed up the guy with cancer is pretty fucking sad.

    1. That’s not true, still 40% of Amercans think homosexuality should not be accepted, specially in states such as Texas where their concentration is biggers, so duh 😛

    2. Right. What someone should do (or should have done) was call out ESPN for their bad choice in giving away another ‘participation award’.
      This guy was picked in the 7th round of the draft (may do well in the NFL, we’ll see) but it is only because he is gay that he is getting so much attention.
      Meanwhile, a worthwhile man like Scott gets passed over for battling cancer and continuing to work.
      Good Morning America was all over Robin Roberts when she was going through her cancer treatments (I can’t believe they didn’t give her a trophy). She did get a big contract renewal, though.

  4. I agree with your viewpoints author. I think one of the best topics you brought up that deals with outright hypocrisy is that women can enter a men’s locker room, but men cannot enter the women’s locker room. What would it be like if someone dude was there after WNBA games conducting interviews with these naked women? Or how about after the women won the world cup, why wasn’t a guy there conducting an interview with a naked Mia Hamm?
    A form of abuse, is to initiate force to push your way past the boundaries of other people. We can see it everywhere in our society. We are taxed, men are abused by invasive family laws, men are not able to keep the government out of their families.
    So what can a man do in a society that, by initiation of force, encourages single parent households and the pillaging of property from hard working men? Should any man get married? Should any man have children?

    1. And not a homosexual man either. A real live boner-popping, red-blooded heterosexual. Even better if old, farts when he bends over, and gross looking.

      1. Such a man would not set foot anywhere near a WNBA locker room. What I am thinking about it the girls volleyball locker rooms

      2. You are more heterosexual than I am if you want in on the WNBA locker room. You can have the Williams sisters also. I like women to be more feminine than Lebron James

        1. I don’t always think things all of the way through.
          I really meant to describe some other dirty old man, not myself.

    2. Agree. The locker room ‘invasion’ had nothing to do with equality and more to do with getting even (or even power grabbing).
      Could you actually see a man walking into a woman’s locker room? So where is the equality??

    3. This is how I feel about women in the military. The military is a constant unending men’s locker room, even if filled with educated married gentlemen, definitely when filled with enlisted proles. Women do not belong there, their presence is offensive to me and almost everyone else. They’re not invited and they need to just go away.

  5. Only in America could a guy that’s done nothing in the world of professional sports to date get an award for courage solely because he said he likes dicks rather than vaginas.
    I was actually on an instant date with a beautiful and feminine European girl during the ESPYs (pulled her earlier that day) as they were showing it in my pool hall. She asked me what all this fuss was about. I simply chuckled and told her that the new most important value my country held was the pursuit of gayness.
    It would be hilarious if we on the forum made a tumblr called “This Is Gay Privilege” don’t you think?

    1. It’s pretty sad that Sam didn’t have to ‘overcome’ any hostilities but was still given a trophy for participation. That’s what we’ve been doing wrong for awhile, now (giving everyone a trophy so they feel special versus actual competition).
      Stuart Scott is a good example and a good role model for men (and how to keep on going even against the odds). But, we hand Sam the highest ‘participation’ award while pretty much ignoring Scott.
      It really is sad.

    2. Remember that in the 21st century a man can get a Noble Prize for getting elected President.
      Actual accomplishment means so much less than riding the current wave of “what’s trending”.

      1. I peace prize for bombing the holy shit out of people and continuing a campaign of terror based on manufactured evidence from a former president.

    3. I joked about a gay that I knew that he was not gay but just lazy, that he realized he could just lay down on his belly and get sex without having to work for it

    4. Hollywood needs the blame for much of this, as they have wholly misrepresented ‘blue collar spaces’ as being the most hostile for gays, so when gays get in there, and then come out, it’s seen as the ultimate act of bravery. But if you look at the interviews his teammates have given, he was never in a hostile environment to being with. Most of his teammates had him pegged before he even came out and nobody gave a damn about it. It is actually far more ‘dangerous’ for a gay man to ‘invade’ a female-majority space, even something as lowly as waiting tables, because the females will view him as another female, as DIRECT competition, that they can’t use their feminine wiles to manipulate and also unattainable as a mate. Nobody in the western hemisphere loathes the gay male more than straight American womyn.

  6. I had a sense of deja vu when I read the title – wasn’t this covered before? – but actually its a very good article which highlights the incentive systems which are being in put in place for ‘coming out’ as gay, speaking out against ‘bullies’ and abusers both real and more to the point imaginary. I haven’t read his new book yet, but Ron Liddle makes the point that more often than not political correctness and supposedly ‘compassionate’ left-liberal politics disguises absolute (though obviously not ‘naked’) self interest. That’s to say the people who get their feel good points from supporting historic marginality, otherwise known as the new elites, are people who will also be doing very well out of the new culturally affirmed systems being put into place.
    The other thing I liked was the article’s focus on why particular attention is being given to these particular issues. Yes, its not really about gay men, its about feminism, and as the article demonstrates about encroaching on territory that has so far been closed to feminism. ‘Gay’ has evolved as a subset of feminism in its guise as arbiter and policeman for all things gender related. Women can’t get into male sport from within, for the simple reason that they are women, unfortunately so long as gay men are within the ‘gender camp’ then for feminism they will present the perfect opportunity for infiltration of those coveted male spaces.

  7. Fags are getting too much celebrated and now they are flexing their political muscle and attempting to make being gay to be ‘chic’ and demonizing heterosexual life.

    1. The problem is bug chasers get HIV on purpose, so they can get on social security disability, then they have nothing better to do than lay around on our tax dollars and be “social just us worriers”

  8. “He gave a tearful acceptance speech, in which he spoke highly of his own bravery. The bravery of a being gay man in a homophobic society. ”
    “He hasn’t caught any hate or intolerance for being gay and ESPN passed on a more deserving man. Michael Sam said that his teammates accepted him, his coaches accepted him and he wasn’t subjected to verbal or physical assault. Most importantly, his parents accepted him and said they love him regardless. The story seems to be how much everybody loves Michael Sam. No one called him a fag and kicked him in the ballsack. He has suffered nothing for slashing swords with other dudes and, yet, I’m supposed to see him as this oppressed and brave man?”
    you nailed it with this one.
    It’s sad to see this moral decline also in Europe. Take a look at the Eurovision Contest this year and you’ll understand.
    Hard work, sacrifices, moral duties, taking responsibilities,… is no longer something to be proud of in our western society. The only way to get recognition now is to be LGBT, feminist, left-wing, politically correct. If not, and you speak out against it, you get shunned for being a bigot…
    The best way I think to handle this is just not giving a fuck. Let them call me a bigot, I don’t care. If they don’t have the balls to speak out against their herd, I will…

    1. Isn’t it a criminal offense to not have politically correct thoughts about gays in the Western European countries?

      1. “Thoughts”, no. Any and all forms of public expression in many of those countries, yes. They can’t read minds (as of yet).

        1. The protests in France against gay marriage seem to point that way. These protests were not riots but peaceful demonstrations… but they still got into trouble with the police… Nuff said…
          It is not that repressive (yet) as it would be in communist regimes, but the largest part of Europe is indeed politically correct… Hence, conservative opinions about e.g. family, traditional gender roles etc. do not get much attention, but if it does, it is negative attention, since most media is left-wing. And when asked by those media about your opinion… well, be sure not to say anything that
          1) might be considered racist, homophobe, sexist etc… and pay extra close attention to words or sentences that might be placed out of context. It happens quite often where a whole interview of several pages long is completely ignored, except for that one sentence that is not PC. Then some guy posts this sentence on Twitter and let the games begin…
          2) is sarcastic, because yes, even sarcasm about minority groups is offending to most people since sarcasm = reality in their eyes…

    2. Agree. I’ll say whatever I want to say (I don’t really care if the left, feminists, etc.. tries to shun me).
      This is more of the same nonsense similar to back in 2001 (9/11) when everyone was putting a god damn flag on their car to show their support or to show their patriotism.
      When the hell did I stop being a patriot because of no flag on the car?
      Pure nonsense.

      1. same as with the Belgian soccer team in Brazil… The fact the team entered the WC in Brazil and could make it to the quarter finals sparked a huge amount of ‘Belgian nationalism’ hysteria. Flags in and on their cars, out of their windows, on their faces, on their hats, on their shirts, you name it….
        Suddenly nationalism unites us all since the left-wing media was all about ‘how we all feel Belgians now, how soccer unites us all’ and some more of that PC crap, while that same media is shunning Flemish nationalism for being harsh, neonazi, hateful, racist, etc… as if nationalism has 2 different definitions according to these hypocrites.
        Their ‘how we all feel Belgians now’ argument (where they were interviewing foreign people supporting the Belgian team) is also quite funny, since some of those same foreign people were responsible for the riots when Belgium played against Turkey 3 years ago…

  9. Wow. Just wow. The anti-gay venom being spewed in this comments section is stunning. Michael Sam showed tremendous courage by openly telling the world who he is. Sure he didn’t need to make out with his boyfriend on ESPN when he was drafted but as a Gay Rights Advocate i’m glad he wasn’t discriminated against by anti-gay bigots like you commenters.

    1. This isn’t a pro gay sight man if you are looking for that go to any other sight

    2. Have you been cottaging recently? It is part of your “culture” after all…..yumma yumma yumma…..

    3. It isn’t courage, it’s called social conditioning. It’s just another typical use of mass media to force conformity.

    4. You actually wrote “wow just wow”. You’re such a fem /wimpy pussy. Gays are the most self centered , narcissistic community on the planet. You don’t want acceptance you want adoration. You think the world revolves around your buttholes.

      1. Yeah, I sorta noticed that that’s the first expression fags and other leftists always use. “Wow, just Wow”. It’s getting to the point where you can just tell a fag-carrying commie by the word ‘Wow’.

    5. Are you retarded? In this day when there’s countless articles supporting being gay, all these idiots posting on facebook and making petitions supporting it… and someone saying they are gay is ‘courageous’.. no. A while ago there was uproar about the boyscouts not letting gays be leaders, and I read an article where they actually said “the boyscouts are cowards for not allowing gays to lead”… actually it is exactly the opposite, they stood up in front of all that opposition and said “no”.. which is exactly the opposite of cowards. Unfortunately though I think they gave in eventually. :Z

      1. right now having a job, paying taxes, and not having tattoos is the fringe thing to do.

    6. lol and the libtard even put a “wow. Just wow” in it’s post.

  10. Oh damn it looks as if there is no way to stop the sodomization of this once alpha country. Now that the nfl has fallen I think rok is the last place to lament this unlubed travesty.

  11. Sadly, this has far reaching consequences. We are supposed be able to succeed on merit alone. The moment you believe yourself a victim (whether it be because of race, gender or sexual orientation) it always becomes someone else’s fault you didn’t succeed. You limit yourself for life, you stop trying and you no longer are free to accomplish what you want in life. You rely on the government who will only perpetuate this mentality and you are forever a victim. What a sad way to live your life. You’ll never be free.

    1. You know, the Muslims don’t reward victimhood. They don’t pretend the weak have special virtues the strong don’t have. They don’t pretend that the strong won’t contribute more to society than the lazy and the pathetic.
      Maybe instead of being so obsessed with promoting men who enjoy having anal sex with other men, we ought to be concerned about other things now. Maybe we should go back to rewarding people based upon achievement rather than ‘bravery’ or ‘effort’. Who knows, in 30 years or so it could be kind of a big deal…

      1. Freaky progressive liberalism ticks us off as sick and unhealthy, freaky progressive liberalism ticks muslims off as sick and unhealthy… anyone (beside freaky progressive liberals) not seeing the issue here?

  12. It’s much easier to “come out” now than it was for guys like James Whale back in the 20’s, so no, Sam doesn’t deserve a collective pat on his back, or sore backside. I’m asexual at this point in life, but hardly anyone aside from people who read my posts online know it. That’s because I don’t feel any overt need to constantly throw it in people’s faces the way gays seem to. People were a lot more modest and traditional back in Whale’s day; we could use more of that.

  13. I’m old enough to remember when all the sodomites wanted was to be left alone. Now they expect society to approve and even celebrate their perversion. And there are legions of SWPL chicks willing to oblige them. I’m not sure how they’d enforce it, but we’re moving toward the point where failure to approve of sodomy is going to be a criminal offense.

    1. It already is a criminal offense in some way. Even though you respect them as a person, if you disagree with their lifestyle, you’re full of hate, no matter what, or no matter how well-founded your arguments for your disapproval are. The Twitter-inquisition will shame you anyway or file a complaint at some politically correct organisation for your ‘bigotry’.
      This is what Guido Barilla (and Poetin) had to understand last year.

    2. I’m old enough to remember when all the sodomites wanted was to be left alone. Now they expect society to approve and even celebrate their perversion.

      The entire gay movement is an effort to ratify the sodomist’s guilty conscience through the forced compliance of propaganda. Pro-sodomists now take the van of “progress,” which is actually the regressive restoration of something not too remote from an ancient pagan order.

      I’m not sure how they’d enforce it, but we’re moving toward the point where failure to approve of sodomy is going to be a criminal offense.

      The gay Gestapo is already enforcing it. Just ask Mozilla’s (former) CEO:

      Brendan Eich, the well-known techie who has gotten swept up in a controversy about his support of California’s anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8, is resigning as CEO of for-profit Mozilla Corporation and also from the board of the nonprofit foundation which wholly owns it.

        1. pardon the irrelevance, but if possible, please see afford a correction (that will likely never take): ‘puritan’ is a neologism of sorts, attributing ‘pure’ to a name of people with the implication in our political climate of being radical and bad (it is itself a political correctness tool).
          but this is not the actual historical truth. here, relevant history starts with the catholics (britania/england) who said no divorce or else you’re excommunicated from god. then came a king who needed sons, but his wives kept having daughters. since the king got his authority from the catholic church and the church said you can’t divorce, the king needed to retain divine regency and leave the catholic church. thus the king made his own church, the protestants, and declared all in britania to follow or die. many chose to die, bloody marry killing irish catholics, etc, fracturing the kingdom. along came the puritans, who sought rejoining the old catholic church and the ‘purification’ (in the sense of removing divorce, bloodshed, and excommunication) from the anglican/protestant church. eventually, the unifier puritans lost some of their followers to a radical offshoot, the pilgrims, which sought to remake the catholic church’s image far beyond just returning to no divorce. these radical fundamentalists are responsible for the mayflower, as well as salem, providing both the best and worst memories of pride and persecution in usa historical record.
          so remember: pilgrim = radical persecutor founders, puritan = democrat big tent failures, protestant/anglicans = we love divorce so long as we get sons but oh wait that founding king still didn’t get any lasting heirs shit somuchforthatone, and catholics = just stop killing us irishmen plskthnx.
          in all, a batshit crazy history. but the puritans were anti-persecutors, contrary to the sounding pronunciation of their name.
          thank you for reading this puritanical argument.

        2. i meant only to paint a very large picture and show the puritans as trying to reunify, while the pilgrims were the radical separatists that everyone thinks of. i am not partial to any of them. only to meaning of the word.

        3. Puritan actually refers to divisions between the Anglican communion and Catholic Church. Misinformed people always believe that because Puritian come from the root “pure” and pure is often used in reference to morality that Puritan refers to a supporter of traditional morality.

    3. It’s just the next stepping stone on the right for homosexual supremacy and institutionalized pedophilia.

      1. Well, former homosexual rights poster boy, and current homosexual postage stamp model Harvey Milk certainly agreed with you.
        I, however, think you’re both wrong. I think there will be an intervening step of polyamory. I’ve already seen previews for two ‘reality’ shows dealing with the subject. I expect that soon we will see every sit-com has very wise and compassionate polyamorous characters setting the poor bumbling heterosexual males straight in 43 minutes or less once per week.
        We may see bestiality before pedophilia. That race is too close for me to call at this point.

        1. We already have institutionalized Bestiality… It may be hidden, but if you have any connections to the ‘Furry’ movement you would realize that it is EXTREMELY widespread… Sure, it’s hidden behind ‘lesbian hentai catgirls’, but that’s a shield for a widespread institution that few ever even realize is there.
          I don’t consider Polyamory to be an intervening step… it has already come and gone.

        2. Well, I have not yet seen a polyandry or polygamy pride parade. I do think I’ll see one.
          We’re not quite to the point where the poly crowd is demanding marriage yet.
          We’re not quite at the point where we recognize a household with 4 husbands and two wives as being the equivalent of a real household for the purpose of stranger adoption.
          I do think these things are all coming, and that they will get her before pedophilia is mainstreamed.

        3. I can’t wait for “Poly Divorce Court” where one woman wants to divorce one man and the other three gang up on her and get all the property and no alimony. Can you imagine a custody battle from 4 or more “parents.” Talk about a kid’s head spinning!

        4. Gold digging will soon require a PhD. Merely having bodacious tatas and being able to cry on demand will soon not pay the way it usta.

        5. Interesting. I guess that test baloon didn’t fly when Springer did it.
          I’m just glad they lost their momentum before they started having pride parades.

      2. They will legalize marriage to horses next that way they can say that 18yo is too old for an age of consent.

    4. I’m at the point in my life where I pretty much say what I want to say. I don’t let anyone’s opinion sway me one way or another. In the end, it’s my opinion.
      If we’re truly striving for equality, then everyone should be treated the same (that means no trophies for the Michael Sams just because he’s gay).

    5. They have gay bars, hotels, saunas etc… already, which they have voluntarily established.

  14. This article is more or less correct on the relative lack of courage for Michael Sam to come out in this accepting age rather than in some past era.
    But this part is just unfounded paranoia:
    “The preoccupation with his gayness and his teammates acceptance of that is a way of claiming control over male-only spaces. Female empowerment, stopping bullying and gay acceptance are all part of the same push to eradicate privacy and gave media even more control over the sporting world.”
    Bullying is pointless bitchy behavior and so is homophobia, and they have nothing to do with preserving male only spaces. In fact, by making many males feel unwelcome (not just gays) bullying actually imperils male only spaces.

    1. There’s no such thing as homophobia. It’s a word used to shame others (men) into accepting homosexuality as “normal.”
      Bullying is also a popular feminist talking point. Sure, bullying can get out of hand when taken to extremes, but that distinction isn’t important to those who construct arguments around it to demonize any and all forms of masculinity.
      Bullying can teach important lessons in life, especially to men. I was bullied in grade school by a guy larger than myself. Finally, he caught me on the wrong day and I tried to kill him.
      He ended up getting the better of me since it was so lopsided, but we actually became friends afterward. He respected my willingness to fight back and also said I caught him with a punch that “woke him up.”

    2. The male space is indeed under attack. It is a quantifiable objective fact that wherever women enter, men are limited. Their girly calendars are taken down, their language is strictly policed, their dirty break room habits are brought up in endless nagging complaints.

  15. It’s funny watching all the faggity pundits on TV sports shows cheer Sam on….these are the same asswipes who sucked at sports and went into journalism so they could worship the heterosexual male Adonis athlete. The flip side is when they ask real flesh and blood pro athletes or former pros on the panel about Sam, their responses are faked support, hollow, nervousness and PC crapola. You can tell they just want it to go away.
    Watch closely.

        1. Leftists… they’ll replace it with the New Socialist Man or something, if there are any people left by that point.

        2. If by “benefit” you mean self-annihilation, then you are thinking of the self-annihilators. The fools who say in their heart there is no God and are given over to their lusts and earn the penalty here and in forever.

    1. its difficult to make out what’s going on in the background in 2023 but it seems that horses don’t lie down even when their participating in an orgy.

    2. why are the people the first two pictures asian?
      doesn’t matter, anyways, because they destroyed the asian nuclear family as well along with the white nuclear family
      good luck if you think that destroying the nuclear asian family won’t have consequences on the world

      1. Babes. There is a difference between a dog and a man marrying and two consenting adults…

        1. For now… I have lost hope that people are sensible enough to avoid extremes.

        2. there’s a handful of people that have legally married their horses, actually. Marriage is actually legal in a majority of states, it’s the consummation that gets them in trouble.

    3. Nice! I teach rhetoric and formal logic to college freshmen. This is a brilliant example of what we call the “slippery slope” fallacy– definitely using next semester.

      1. I pity the quality of teaching your college freshmen receive. The fallacious form of the “slippery slope” is an informal fallacy, not a formal one.

  16. I don’t follow basketball, but I don’t imagine he’ll be getting a lot of locker room congratulations for this “achievement”

  17. Any straight man (90% of men) with even a touch of testosterone finds the photo of those two to be sickening.
    In particular, that feminized white boy that acts as a vagina is especially disgusting.
    They may be enjoying the limelight now, but as we all know, homosexual relationships are based on mental illness and they do not last. The little white boy with the butt hole turned into hamburger meat will one day be reviled be society. He’s allowed himself to be used and will eventually regret all of his public appearances and photo opps.

      1. Less than 3 if the CDC is to be believed. I’m not sure why they thought surveying people’s sexuality was a good idea, but their numbers were REALLY low, so low that even I am suspicious.

        1. percentage of gay men and lesbian women in the total population by the CDC poll was about 1.7%. Another 0.9% were counted as bisexual. Total “gay” community less than 3%.

      1. I know, I would have said “Asshole”. Geez, what are men coming to today when they are sacrificing good old fashioned profanity for G rated terms even in a male space?
        Hmm, maybe ‘turning his asshole into a fan belt’?

        1. If you are lucky you have never seen ‘goatse’…which is what happens to homosexuals who regularly indulge in sodomy.

        2. It is a rare thing when I wish a new word could be removed from my lexicon, and a sight could be unseen.

        3. My curious nature got the better of me. I am beginning to see how it kills cats, or at least drives them to commit suicide.
          If you haven’t eaten in a while, let me add one to your vocabulary. Look up ‘Santorum’ as in Rick. During his last election cycle the sweet, warm, charming, kind, witty homosexuals decided to create a web page assigning his name to a byproduct of their ‘love’ making. They then deliberately drove traffic to that page in order to move it up in the search engine rankings.
          Nothing tells me more about the true nature of homosexual ‘activist’ than this story. It is probably the most vile political dirty trick I’ve ever come across. It will make your stomach run in reverse if you spend any time at all thinking about it.

        4. meh, the pictures posted to this stream alone were pretty vile and stomach-churning.

        5. But they don’t always act that way. Here are some pics of homosexual activists, in their best Sunday clothes, on their best behavior, visiting our White House recently.
          Clearly they know how to whip up a batch of ‘Santorum’ on Saturday night, and class it up for Sunday afternoon.

        6. Dan “The Extortionist” Savage offered to take the site down if Santorum paid $5,000,000.
          I guess homosexuals are exempted from laws dealing with extortion.

    1. actually Sam’s boyfriend had done porn where he was just the one to do the screwing with black guys. So Sam is the girl in it.

  18. We are now reaching the pinnacle of human achievement……by doing absolutely “bugger” all you are hailed as a hero….I don’t think he’s catching however… the little white bitch boy’s ass is gonna sting….. haemorrhoids ahoy!

  19. Gay men are heroes and deserve awards for quite a simple reason. They act like modern women. They are heroes simply because they exist.

  20. Homosexuality is actually from birth so it’s not a “pro-choice” thing.
    Being homosexual is nothing that affects the manosphere and thus should not be celebrated and not hated.

    1. You’re wrong. Homosexuality is something that affects our entire society. It’s a sign of the decline of a civilization. If we can’t protect the institutions that ensure the future of civilization then it is bound to fall. Homosexuality is exactly the same as pedophilia. It’s a mental illness and should be treated as such. We don’t have pride parades for psychopaths, do we?

      1. You must be an American from a Christian community (no it’s not an insult, sir).
        Read psychology and biology so you understand that homosexuality is natural and it is to protect overpopulation. There’s also homosexual penguins and other mammals.

        1. There are. And? Animals do not form civilizations, have higher learning, or sophisticated culture.
          Homosexuality is benign by itself. When it is politically charged, as it currently is, it becomes hostile. Homosexuality defines itself in opposition to the dominant heterosexual culture. It wishes to subvert the dominant culture to make it more permissive to homosexual values. Hence, Gays are the new “minority” and must have their “civil rights” protected. Steve Sailer illuminates this in his World War G/T outline.

        2. It’s cool to talk about how we create civilizations like other animals don’t but when it comes to being alpha we talk about how we’re primal.
          If we agree that human sexuality, regardless of age, gender or culture is primal, then primal anomalies cannot be rejected and we have to accept that there are gay men.
          I want to point out that I am not homosexual and I am a big fan of the manosphere, I just dislike bullshit.

        3. Sodomites exist. They are also less than 1% of the population. There concerns aren’t valid to the healthy maintenance of a functioning society. Yet, for some reason, the homosexual issue is tabled in a way that is dividing the West and distracting it from real issues. If you dislike bullshit you’d see the homosexual putsch on Western culture exactly as it is. Let the homosexuals do as they wish behind their doors. The prancing, preening, and banging on trashcan lids for attention and equal rights is the gay version of female narcissism and validation seeking. As readers of ROK we know we should ignore or tactfully condemn such behaviors.

        4. There are not homosexual animals. There are animals that engage in sexual activity that resembles human homosexuality, but these animals also engage in fruitful procreative activity. Animals do not march around and get gay married and then demand that all the other animals respect their penguin rights.
          Also, you should not advocate homosexuality on the basis of what animals do. Primates supposedly closely related to humans engage in sex acts with pre-pubescents, kill their young– and other animals not closely related engage in murderous sexual activities, like post-coital cannibalization.

        5. Well both yes and no. I was raised as a Christian but I’m an atheist nowadays. That’s irrelevant. Everyone should realize that homosexuality is dangerous. It has nothing to do with the bible.
          Evolution would never lead to anything that would “protect from overpopulation” as that is the very goal of living beings – to procreate as much as possible so that you can create as much offspring as possible.By that very definition homosexuality is a mental illness.
          Until very recently in human history, less than 100 years, you could count on most of your children dying before the age of 10. If you were lucky you’d have two or three out of 15 who made it into adulthood. Overpopulation was never an issue.
          Furthermore, doctors agree that pedophilia is “natural” in the same way. It cannot be cured. A person either is or isn’t a pedophile. Does that make pedophilia somehow more OK? No it doesn’t.
          Gay Rights lobbyists around the world have been known to have close connections to pedophile-rights groups such as the North American Man/Boy love lobbyist organization. These ties were cut in the 80ies for political reasons but I don’t believe for a second that there isn’t something going on under the table.

        6. Yes it does exist in nature and it seems to be primarily an act of dominance and aggression.

    2. That’s debatable about the ” gays are born that way” theory. Some may be “born gay” but alot are “made gay” by molestation, estrogen exposure (either in-utero or enviromental) and lack of male/hetero role models ( e.g single mommery) . I don’t think homos are immoral but I do think that homosexuality is an aberration. It ( gayness/homosexuality) is the outlier beyond the Bell curve just like midgets, geniuses and 7ft 4inch tall people. At minimum homosexuality is certainly “not biologic”. Nature /biology is king here. A species will perish if it doesn’t replicate itself and hence homosexuality is anti biologic/ anti nature.

      1. Outline beyond bell curve? You need to go back to statistics 101 man…
        And back to biology 101 explaining nature from a Darwinist point of view where natural anomalies are not same as anti-nature.
        Grab a book other than BANG! and educate yourself.

        1. I don’t think they are born queer. I’m betting this homo glorification we have in the West has turned many a hapless horny omega ejaculating into another mans asshole.
          If they are born queer, doesn’t it stand to reason there would be men who are born to be physically repulsed by it?
          shitlibs: Everything is a social construct…Except faggotry

        2. Why is it the left believes in evolution being able to do anything but human IQ?

    3. Very bizarre comment; you make a very confident scientific claim that is not supported by the scientific community in any way and then attack everyone else relentlessly as “fundamentalist anti-science bigots.” I am not religious, but I am quite annoyed by junk science guys like yourself that make up “science” as you go along. If you actually had a case, you would have pasted some peer-reviewed scientific studies and let the evidence do the talking. You’re not going to convince anyone without evidence, facts, or logic liberal boy. All pseudo-science please exit the building now.

      1. Indeed. Very intellectually dishonest. Watch braindead liberal shill boy respond with anger and no facts. Welcome to the internet guys!!!

        1. Here we have literally one of the stupidest comments in the history of the manosphere:
          1. A strong claim is made with no evidence. You should try looking at the facts before drawing your conclusions.
          2. Ad hominem attacks are thrown about at detractors.
          3. Evidence is asked for, upon which the guy with the burden of proof replies, “Where is your proof?” (would definitely fail a logic 101 class with fallacies like that)
          4. No peer-reviewed scientific evidence is given, just a link to a book (which brings up 30 or 40 book reviews listing it as pseudo-science) we are asked to buy.
          This is why I rarely comment here; as usual, the blue pill 80 IQ moron believes what he wants to believe because it makes him feels good. He has zero scientific evidence, incorrectly claims science is on his side, and attacks others tirelessly for their “lack of knowledge.”

        2. Maybe this is your first time on the internet and/or you’re just a very stupid guy, but you have a burden of proof here, and no one else does. You’ve failed at this and only proven how utterly braindead and unscientific your blue pill liberal posse is.

  21. I’m only going to say this once…It’s NOT ok to be gay. I repeat. It’s NOT ok to be gay. The last time I personally checked (a few hours ago), penis needs to be stuck into a woman’s orifice for pleasure and/or procreative purposes. If you are gay that means you like to stick your penis into mens orifices for pleasure only. You know what is the only other thing in this world that’s even similar to this kind of pleasure without the purpose of procreation? Pedophilia. That’s right you mentally ill deluded people. Pedophiles have sex with children not for procreation but for pleasure just like homosexuals have sex with men for pleasure. Heterosexual relationships (prior to feminism and all other liberal fuck shit) has been the cornerstone of the progression of our species. Without the male inseminating the female…there will be no lineage…there will be no children…there will be no human life. END OF STORY. I do not hate you pedos/homos/sickos…but I will say this. Being what you are is NO measure of health and certainly makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I am a heterosexual male and these aren’t my opinions…these are simple facts. Go ahead and hide behind the protection of your politically correct wall and attack me for being “mean.” You know I’m right.

    1. I’m only going to say this once…It’s NOT ok to be gay. I repeat. It’s NOT ok to be gay.
      Lolololololololol, fucking idiot, how do you even manage to turn on your PC/laptop/whatever?

      1. Easily. he presses the fucking button. Which perhaps you should have done before you decided to reply, dickhead.

        1. I don’t even give a fuck about them plugging each other’s assholes. They can do that to each other all day and night for all I care. Just don’t be getting up all in my face about it. Getting awards for “coming out.” What’s next getting awards for marrying and plugging animals?

        2. I’m pretty sure he realized why I said to him what I did, unlike yourself, dickhead. Pro tip it had nothing to do with with him pointing out gay is not okay.

        3. I understand you were riding him for his presumably unintentional and somewhat histrionic and alliterative self-contradiction.
          Bitch move. If you are a bitch, this is not a bitch friendly place. If not, jumping down his throat for a minor misuse of a figure of speech is unworthy of a man.

        4. Exactly, this isn’t a place for bitches. Therefore if you say something stupid, expect other people to notice it and point out. You can either accept it and move on, or go full on emo about it like you’re doing right now. Long story short, spare me your hamstering.
          By the way, telling other men what’s worthy or unworthy of a man is a classic bitch behavior. Hell, female magazines are all about that.

  22. Yes, Michael Sam should be celebrated for being gay. That doesn’t mean with a parade, but with a bullet to the back of his AIDS-infested faggot ass skull. Another no talent hack using a 15 penis of fame moment to suck up to the American media. Fuck outta here queer. Shoot on sight. I repeat: all snipers spray up this cumswapper on sight.

      1. A gay I work with said that he was called a bigot for not wanting to have sex with a guy he knew was HIV+.

    1. These were the best gay pics you can find? Come back when you get a little more creative.

    2. The good news is the illegals of the border Children’s Crusade are bringing Chagas and drug resistant Tuberculosis into the cities with lots of gays. Look up how chagas will work out with your AIDS. Seattle has over 100 TB cases in its school during summer school. Denver CO had 3 cases of Bubonic Plague last week. Enjoy the greater dieversity. You should be mad at Mayor Nanny Bloomberg for letting the meningitis outbreak in NYC from a bathhouse get out of hand after Sandy, not us.

    3. You are the bigot. People should be allowed to think what they want free of brainwashing. You don’t like what most people think so you slur them with insults. Bigoted behavior. Oh and you are a supremacist. Face it homosexualism has proven to be all the things it said it was against.

    4. Looks like two people that didn’t have father’s in their lives or can’t distiguish between platonic friendship and sexual behavior. Seriously, human evolution made males and females. It seems to have worked. Nature is not a social construct.

  23. With homos of this nature, there is no value
    produced, no intelligent idea worth considering, no happiness created
    out of thin air. Just filth, diseases, and the destruction of society.

    1. Yes, homos are sometimes a service to society. They can be very smart and creative and they have more time than familymen to serve others. They just need to be kept quiet about their disorder and permitted to work quietly and keep to themselves. Their sexuality needs to be strictly banned, like child-porn. They have a very life-destroying personal/spiritual disorder and I feel sorry for them, and they should be given the chance to heal and work out their salvation, but they cannot be permitted a bullhorn or even a chance to talk about sexuality.

      1. Serve others? When has anyone on the left served others without being paid for it? You are wrong about how they use their time. Bug chasers get HIV on purpose, so they can get on social security disability, then they have nothing better to do than lay around on our tax dollars and be “social just us worriers”

  24. Woo hoo!…way to show what homosexual acts involve…. this is what homosexuals want the rest of the population to accept as “normal”, “natural”, behaviour! Ooooohhhhh Matron!!

  25. This is just the beginning. There will be, very soon, gay affirmative action. It will start with the soft threats of “Geez, I just didn’t see many other LGBTs here in the Front Office (of XYZ Co.), then the lawsuits will pile up, a cottage industry of attorneys, etc..then mandatory quotas. Then, as white women did with A/A, you will see almost ALL OF THE “LGBT” affirmative action spots (esp the top spots) go to white lesbians.
    Bank on it.

    1. There is a big lack of gays in straight porn. Although oddly not in pediatric nursing.

  26. No matter what the propaganda line is when someone admits to being gay the normal human reaction is for those hearing the news is to imagine in their minds’ eye the spectacle of that individual engaged in naked butt sex. And that very image causes one to lose some respect for that person’s masculinity, its instinctual, no matter what PC lectures we receive that person is now and forever comical.

    1. When people talk about shoving anything in their colon for good times, someone cringes. Men shoving things in a woman’s colon at least has the patina that it is a private dominating erotic activity associated with the capacity of normal healthy mating. However, when it comes to gay men, they have no such cover of normality or confidentiality, and it is just plain bizarre and disgusting- some kind of pointless mental disorder taken to a public extreme and used as a life-defining attribute.

  27. Tell me, why is it that if a man comes out as gay he’s a “hero,” but if a woman comes out as a lesbian, nobody really cares?
    Seems like a bit of a double standard to me. Maybe it’s because gay men eliminate more of the “enemy” for the Jezebel-ites.

  28. gay people should not be hated, as they are here by most of you people, but they should not be “celebrated” either.

    1. True, but how many of them actually want to keep it relatively private? Most of them leech attention like women.

    2. Back in the late 1990s in the Philippines, even gay men are earning their keep in Filipino society, just like everybody else.
      But, in an English-rooted society like the USA, I personally notice that gay men have become substitutes to feminine companionship, to the point the American SWF sees of a gay man as “competition”.

  29. His dumb ass should be celebrated for playing ball well (if he can do that) not that he just happens to like men… can heteros get an Arthur Ashe award just for being straight?

    1. SEC player of the year but a fucking 7th rounder not even guaranteed to make the team, and he’s winning a main sports award.

  30. Who gives a shit? ‘Coming out’ is a sure way to double your fan club overnight. I see no courage; rather, intelligent marketing.

    1. Double? Most people outside of SEC football wouldn’t know this clowns name. He should give up the fucking award and make a speech about how it shouldn’t be such a big deal to be gay, he’d like to be private about it and thank you very much.

      1. I feel as if the age of privacy is dead. I’m completely convinced 50% of snapchat consists of dick pics.

    2. It takes bravery to come out given the hatred that exists towards homosexuals as if evident in some of the comments here.

      1. No, it doesn’t. Our culture magnifies and champions homosexuality, especially within entertainment circles. Hatred of homosexuals, like homosexuality itself, is exaggerated to help maintain precious ‘victim’ status. What the hell does your orientation have to do with sports, anyway?

        1. I would venture to say that the hateful comments on here, are just that – hateful.
          Here is an example of what Michael has been referred to in these comments alone: bent homosexual faggot, faggot asshole, perverse, depraved and twisted, vile shit, and dumb ass.
          What does that sound like to you?
          Gay people that are in high-profile positions, such as sport stars, can make a difference in the lives of other gay people, including our young. They can inspire others to be open about being gay, without shame, despite the hatred that exists towards gay people.
          I believe that most anger is rooted in fear. There are a lot of angry people on here. The bigger question is why is expression of sexual orientation is so scary for some people.

        2. It’s similar to the hate I encounter on Jezebel and other progressive websites. Irrational bullshit that, admittedly, most sane liberals don’t believe. (All sex is rape; people should stop reproducing; men are evil, stupid pigs; etc.)
          I don’t make generalizations about a movements’ members by cherry-picking statements that fit the profile of a “hate-filled” community. Don’t try to classify my position as bigoted because Billybloger107 said blah blah blah about gay people. There are smart motherfuckers here and dumb ones, but morons aren’t the majority. All of the glorious shit you just typed applies to our lowest rung on the mental totem pole. We get pissed because you intellectually stigmatize us, and assign fairy-tale feelings of insecurity and anger to mostly indifferent minds!
          You assume we perceive this as scary when we SIMPLY DON’T CARE! Can you handle the fact that we find sexual orientation to be superfluous information,its inflated representation in the media more annoying than threatening? Just because you’re not FOR something doesn’t mean you support the other SIDE, and I really hope that’s something you can grasp. Talk to me, not Mike. (Sorry Mike!)
          I argue that favoritism and fascination surround the gay lifestyle. People should NOT be inspired to “speak out” about their gayness because it makes the egotistical assumption that your orientation is actual news. I don’t broadcast my tendency to suck a girl’s toes during sex because I find feet to be hot, do I? See how comfortable that was? WHY is it something that should be spoken in the first place? Perhaps I’d rather hear something about his WORK. It’s your work that lasts, not your name. The fact that the percentage of gays is higher in Hollywood and political circles means that gays probably don’t need your help. The horror!

        3. Well said. Females are all about their “FEELINGS” not logical discourse.

        4. How is this for logical discourse: if all females are all about “feelings” not logical discourse, it takes only one instance of a female that doesn’t fit this definition to completely refute your argument.
          Also, anger is a feeling and clearly many people that have commented on this blog post are angry and most are males, what does that say about the logic in your argument?

        5. I am not familiar with the Jezebel website so I am not qualified to make a statement about it. I know that I don’t believe all sex is rape, people should stop reproducing, men are evil, etc.
          Just to be clear, I do not mean to make a generalization about your movements’ members. In fact, there is a lot about your movement that resonates with me.
          I am making a statement based on what I’ve read in response to this blog post.
          I understand that it’s possible that those comments made that are hateful are representative of your “lowest rung on the mental totem pole,” but that lowest rung also exists in society outside of this blog post. It’s because of hate from this lowest rung that is geared towards gay people that Michael’s decision to come out is brave.
          Of course, compared to other countries in the world, such as Muslim countries, the consequences of publicly coming out are generally speaking not as severe.
          I don’t agree that most people “simply don’t care,” maybe in the general population, but I don’t think that’s an accurate statement of the people, generally speaking, that have responded to this article.

        6. They care about the glorification of gay lifestyle and not the lifestyle itself. Some people DO hate homosexuals here; rather than attribute racist emotions and mindsets to them, I’d rather ask *why* their *hate* exists. And if they hate, so what? What does highlighting their hatred do? They don’t give a shit about enlightenment. Let them be prejudiced, so long as none of them start shooting. I’ve read comments here expressing my opinion in an articulate and insightful manner. Perhaps it’s more productive to address those.
          The lowest rung ( outright hatred) has little influence on society and boasts zero social clout. Call someone a fag in public in most middle-class and nearly all upper-class cities and you’re getting the shit kicked out of you. I’ve seen it happen.
          The level of threat faced by coming out is correlated to your social circles. Michael Sam’s cohorts don’t seem like bigoted types. Indeed, you’ll face widespread derision by expressing disapprove of the gay lifestyle. Could you imagine a famous athlete announcing that? He wouldn’t be able to join The Dolphins as a water boy.
          Weigh the hate he faces with the praise. Which one is honestly higher?

        7. I’ve been reminded that this website prohibits women from participating in discussions (as well as homosexuals) and that I will be banned from the website.
          Men that respond to my comments will also be banned.
          I will respect the guidelines of this website, although I think that both sexes could benefit from participating in discussions on this website.
          I’ve enjoyed our discourse and admire your ability and willingness to think critically about issues.

        8. Michael Sam is a nobody 7th round draft pick who’s not even guaranteed a spot on the Rams and he just won ESPN’s whateverHero of the year. Put up on a pedestal because of his sexuality.

  31. “He invoked the banal quote of Arthur Ashe, ”
    And remember: there’s no ‘banal’ without …

  32. The tenor of normalcy extended to this vile shit is something I continue to find remarkable, considering how until very recently, it was still regarded with a requisite degree of contempt by the general public. At 25, I find these changes pretty unsettling (on a macro-level). Can’t imagine what you older gents must feel like. Must be like an alien world.

  33. Hilariously enough, this topic reminds me of the time when Riley from The Boondocks was being thankful to gay guys, because under his logic, “less competition and more bitches”. Yes, it was from an actual comic book strip, not the Sony cartoon.

  34. The gay agenda is a product of the decline of our civilization.
    The economic collapse, high unemployment, rise of the metrosexual hipster and trophy husband, the masculinity of women and feminisation of men, the decline and rejection of religion and morality, and now the gay agenda and poltical correctness being shoved in our faces- all correlate and proves we are now approaching the end of our civilization.

    1. Your analysis is completely correct – we have lost all social discipline and descended into what in any other time (including the future) will or would be looked at a social anarchy and corrosive decadence.

  35. We live in a world where a US president gets a Nobel Peace Prize for stuff he said he was gonna do (and for being black, a liberal, and not George Bush). In that context, Michael Sam being given that award is not surprising and further proof that all systems are running smoothly in our hyper PC world. Liberal types always love to talk about how brave they are, speaking truth to power, even though they control our government, our media, and our educational institutions. Now that he’s out, if anybody even looks at Michael Sam the wrong way they will be demonized and probably lose their job. That’s not exactly what I call bravery.

  36. And on top of all of that.. Incognito was treated way worse than Mike Sam ever will be. He did’t even do anything to warrant what happened to him.

  37. I posted this on another post, I think it may belong over here. Here goes: If you do not think that the lgbt movement is finished, you are
    mistaken. They will not stop until even the most depraved and twisted
    behaviors are accepted and promoted. I just heard on a radio show that
    MTV is promoting a new show. In this show, a girl unknowingly makes out
    with a guy who turns out to be her brother. See where this is going?
    They want to make incest acceptable and condoned. How many already sick
    young girls are going to watch this and rationalize this behavior? If
    this is not proof of our societies pending doom, I do not know what is.
    Maybe the Muslims and Islam were on to something from the get go? I
    remember when MTV was just videos?

    1. MTV is a satanic channel that promotes everything that is wrong about society. If they promote satanism, gays, incest, they will probably promote pedophilia in the future.
      Fuck this world. When will Jesus return?

    2. Eww, incest. Just look at various European royalties that were byproducts of that method.

  38. This reminds me of the South Park episode where Mr. Garrison gets the Museum of Tolerance award for being “soo courageous” for being a perverse, depraved queen with Mr. Slave.
    I can tell you that, hands down, being gay is not only not a liability, it is a huge asset to advancement. If you live in any major city then you are automatically coddled. Of course, the biggest threats to a gay man in the professional world are other gay men and especially women.
    Gay men are able to get away with things in the workplace that heterosexual men would be fired on the spot.

  39. Im still thinking the guy is a fraud: Callin himself gay to attract attention. He wouldve never been this famous had he been “Straight” so he calls himself “Gay”

  40. Society used to be so full of shame for the downfall of it — AKA family unit destruction. How and why did these special snowflakes become so accepted? The only thing worse than this is those who are “mis-gendered.” It’s gotten to the point where you have to identify yourself as cis.

    1. How? That’s easy. The corporate controlled media has had a gay agenda for awhile now. Why? To destroy the traditional family of course!

  41. WARNING:
    Returns of Kings has been hijacked by bent homosexual faggots. There is an article in the lifestyle section (the first article) where a faggot asshole is posting pictures of gay porn. The moderators have done nothing so far to remove them.
    Our masculinity is being attacked by the fags.

  42. I honestly never knew Stuart Scott had cancer until i read this article.
    Talk about a major difference. One throws it in your face and demands respect….one does not.

    1. Thank you. Not only is it not a fact, it’s an impossibility, as anyone even moderately academically conversant in the brute force of evolution understands. The phobic desire NOT to engage in procreative sex is a pretty lousy trait to bet on over the long haul, so if homosexuality were a genetic marker it would have died out long ago.
      Nope, we’re making homosexuals. Not sure exactly how but it’s clearly very early in life, much like pedophilia. Don’t look to the psychiatric & academic communities to investigate this, though; they’ve been completely captured and this kind of prima facie observation has been banned in the public square. Just look at the progressive classifications of homosexuality in DSM I thru DSM V: (Wikipedia)
      DSM-1952, “sociopathic personality disturbance”
      DSM-1968, “mental disorder”.
      DSM-1974, “sexual orientation disturbance”.
      DSM-1980, “ego-dystonic”.
      DSM-1987, “sexual disorder not otherwise specified”
      DSM-2013, “gender dysphoria”

  43. These days taking it in the behind makes you a saintly hero, didn’t you evil male sexist oppressors know that?

    1. The sad thing is, gays can come off as assholes to women which is why they like gays. Take these 2 scenarios for example
      Scenario 1 – Woman : “I think im getting a bit fat” Beta Male: “Dont say that. Your body is perfect”
      Scenario 2 – Woman: “I think im getting a bit fat” Gay Male: “Well I didnt wanna say anything. But now that you mention it..”
      I knew this gay dude in school who was a complete asshole and many girls talked to him. Most men in my school were scared of women anyway.

  44. My god you guys are fuckin prejudice as fuck. he has more courage in his one gay nut that all of you have for posting anonymously on a thread, including myself.

  45. Michael Sam should absolutely be celebrated being gay, in fact he should have a bed-in with former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.
    Maybe *that* would be the trigger point we’ve all been waiting for to finally turn this fetid tide back in the other direction.

  46. Refuse to watch NFL. Refuse to look a gay person in the face except when exerting primordial dominance as nature dictates for a predator to do in the face of squeamish prey. Refuse to call this trash “sports.” If I wanted to watch something sporting, I’d go to Latin America and pay big bucks to watch the live death matches between men of different cartels, or go back to school to finish my doctorate’s in Mechanical Engineering and Physics so that I could construct a time machine to go back to the days of the Thraex Murmillo and Hoplomachus and watch the greatest spectacle man ever performed for man.

  47. I do have to wonder how anyone who thinks being gay should be cause for social exclusion, verbal abuse or violence could possibly think it doesn’t take guts to admit to being gay.
    Personally I don’t care if someone else is gay or straight. It matters not one jot to me.
    In my opinion it would take all of you lot not caring about him being gay for your complaints regarding him being called brave to be worth a damn.
    Stop giving a fuck

  48. Reminds me of the awards for “courage” that the Soviet Union used to bestow on people who stood up and said publically in meetings in the USSR that they supported comrade Stalin. Yes, very courageous indeed.

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