China Is Poised To Surpass The United States As The World’s Biggest Superpower

China is set to take over from the United States as the world’s largest economy. Military strength is built ultimately upon economic strength so if current trends continue, China will become the world’s second superpower, alongside the US, and perhaps eventually the world’s sole superpower.

They already have 1.4 billion people, nuclear weapons, and easily the world’s largest standing army with 2.3 million soldiers. This is probably not great news for those of us who like the rule of law, democracy, free speech, due process and, you know, not being slaves.

To understand the Chinese, we need to understand what they refer to as the “century of humiliation.” Between 1839 and 1949, the Western powers and Japan meddled in China with impunity, killing tens of millions of Chinese.

Understandably, this is a source of great anger and shame and the ruling Chinese Communist Party has built itself upon the pledge that such humiliation will never be repeated. Unfortunately for the West and Japan, it may soon be payback time. Let’s look at the five most likely scenarios for the rise of the world’s next superpower.

1. China enjoys a gradual rise

This is easily the best of a bad bunch of options. Thankfully, it is also the most likely. In this scenario, China continues to develop and in about a century from now it will be a fully-fledged first world nation with the largest middle class on earth. These billion or so middle-class Chinese are going to consume a lot of stuff which will hopefully keep the world economy ticking over. This much consumption on a finite planet will require some serious technological innovations so as not to destroy the earth. Get thinking, people.

In this scenario, China will gradually expand its influence in the Pacific and the US will gracefully withdraw. Japan, Philippines, Australia: you are now on your own.

Whether the Chinese Communist Party will survive is anyone’s guess. Economically they have already abandoned Communism in all but name. If the CCP does retain power then the increased wealth will enable it to shift from its current 1984 Room 101 totalitarianism to more of a control through pleasure and apathy Brave New World totalitarianism.

Think one billion overweight Chinese on the couch watching virtual-reality reality-TV. The latter option will be more fun for the Chinese people but will also make the CCP harder to overthrow.

2. China enjoys a rapid rise

This is the “tipping point” scenario and it has less to do with China and more to do with the US. If the US declines rapidly over the next few decades then China will be able to expand its influence into the Pacific more quickly than originally planned.

Can China’s economy survive without the current US export market? Probably. If they’re smart, and they are, then they have already planned their pivot away from the US market.

3. China collapses

Some experts predict that China is an economic and social house of cards that will soon collapse. Economic depression, revolution, civil war: take your pick. A population of 1.4 billion is a lot of people so if things do go bad they will go really bad. People will be eating each other. This could be the worst humanitarian crisis in history.

It may seem like an ideal outcome for those of us in the West but, as all hunters know, beware the injured beast with nuclear weapons. And if China’s economy goes down the rest of the world will likely be in for a nasty depression.

4. A Chinese Empire

Scenario 4 is a Chinese Empire. But haven’t we learned from the collapse of the European empires? Aren’t empires too costly to build and maintain? Well, yeah. We can call in the translators and explain that to the Chinese all we want, but ultimately the decision will be up to them. Maybe they can make it work.

Most likely they will not need to conquer and occupy countries militarily. They will simply use a combination of hard and soft power to establish client states and one-sided trade relationships. Maybe they will occupy Japan. China doesn’t like Japan.

5. World War 3

Doomsday preppers, rejoice! It’s time to start hoarding food, making bullets, and digging bunkers. In this final scenario (literally), the US has not withdrawn gracefully (did anyone really think they would?) and the two nations are throwing nukes at one another. Or maybe it’s China vs India or China vs Russia. China doesn’t really get along with anyone.

It doesn’t matter who is firing nuclear missiles at whom, we’re all screwed. Duck and cover, get out your sleeping bag and prepare for nuclear winter.


Let’s all hope for scenario one and start learning some Chinese language and history. It really will come in useful.

At the end of the day China will only respect strength. If the West cannot remain as world police then we must at least maintain our defensive military capacity and make things difficult for China if they choose the path of aggression. It’s probably not a bad idea to stock up on canned food and bottled water too. Gānbēi!

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72 thoughts on “China Is Poised To Surpass The United States As The World’s Biggest Superpower”

  1. They already have 1.4 billion people, nuclear weapons, and easily the world’s largest standing army with 2.3 million soldiers. This is probably not great news for those of us who like the rule of law, democracy, free speech, due process and, you know, not being slaves.

    It’s possible the USA will end up more authoritarian than China, if the response to Charlottesville is any indication. It will come down to choosing between Kodos or Kang. They both hate us.

    1. Commoner: “I’m going to vote third party!”
      Kodos: “HAHAHA! Go ahead! Throw away your vote!”

    2. However they don’t have any kind of decent Navy or Air force which is what really counts in war. They may be a regional power but they have no capability to project their force anywhere. It’s the same reason the Japanese had to surrender in WW2 despite having a almost 100% strength army.

      1. Can’t Exocet missiles hit aircraft carriers? Aren’t huge ships kind of like big sitting ducks?

        1. This is what I have believed for a long time…
          Exocets may be a little bit too old, but ICBM with multiple warheads definitely can.

        2. Yes, the Exocet was what Argentina used against the HMS Sheffield in the Falkland Islands War 30+ years ago. I’m sure whatever hypersonic missile that flies 10 ft above the water’s surface could take out any ship. I don’t think there is protection against a few missiles flying at Mach 5 10 ft above the water’s surface. Or the Russians developed supercavitating torpedoes that can travel very fast underwater by generating their own bubble of air.

      2. The Chinese have:
        1) Population, to put boots on the ground.
        2) Lots of time due to lots of population.
        These people play long-term.

  2. China has several growing financial bubbles including an urban planning bubble that involves several cities that were supposed to house hundreds of thousands of people that either have 30% occupation or are complete ghost towns.
    China has a problem with a growing epidemic of its youth addicted to video games. So severe is the problem that there are several rehabilitation centers just for gamers.
    What technology does China possess that it hasn’t stolen or received as “gifts” from Obama and the rest of our bureaucratic clowns?

    1. it does not matter where they got it or how but they have it. Its not obama who gave them tech but the whole set up of outsourcing software and tech manufacturing to asia was not set just for profit but a more sinister agenda to create an alternative to USA BY VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE
      Since the 80s there was always been a plan by Globalist to modernize china and get it ready the big picture is that 200million solders at the battle of Armageddon will most likely be Chinese

    2. If you speak to the Chinese they’ll tell you that they invented all the tech that the West has.

      1. Is the other way around buddy, it is the whites in the USA that say they invented 90% of the world technology

    1. They will round us off, straight to hell. Or at least straighten our eyes in the future, literally Hitler.

  3. Most of us would be dead from their highly lethal diet within months before the rest of this stuff starts to bother anyone lol.

  4. The real problem facing the west is that it has given up on freedom. This is a natural result of success. As a civilization succeeds, its men grow soft. As rhey grow soft, the prefer to take the indulgent shortcuts rather than continue the stoic virtues that made them strong.
    For example, its easier to be a cuckservative who doesnt make waves, then to be a Ron Paul who insists the private entity known as the “Federal Reserve” be shut down,
    Its easier to be a Roosevelt that confiscates all the privately held gold during an economic depression, or a Bush who uses publicly money to prop up bad business, than to be a president who insists that in a time of depression the government do absolutely nothing precisely because private businesses that screwed up need to be destroyed for the long term good of the economy (yes this happened, i just dont remember who it was)
    The point is, the US has a tremendous virtue known as Freedom. Over the years this virtue has been chipped away by both the Right and the Left. Either expanded to cover things it shouldnt (such as pornography) or contracted to save us from things we dont need saving from (such as the entire “war on drugs”).
    A return to that virtue is what you really need. A return to State sovereignty, decentralization, respecting all property rights, including the semi-ownership of women known as marriage 1.0, fathers rights of possession over their children, land property rights, removal of the entire corpus of nureacratic laws that choke the life out of the public, etc.
    Im not saying you dont need OSHA, but there is a body of laws such as those protecting spotted owls that need to go and fast.

  5. China has pretty much overhauled the U.S. and the rest of the world in the development game.
    Just remains to be seen whether ‘development’ itself is evolution or devolution. Nature only cares about the survival of the fittest.

  6. NEO (made a few cool thousands off of investing a few hundred in this interesting little crypto), virtually mono-racial environment (have to admit, like it or not, less ethnic strife forms a stronger nation), far more attractive women, and a strong work ethic (along with Machievellian tendenices being openly rewarded rather than shamed; that strong work ethic isn’t always about working hard) make China a superpower on the ascent.
    Had a great time there. The living standards aren’t the best, but I’d say that China turned my life around for the better, even if I am sans-Feng now.

  7. China will fall victim of its own success as any other strong nation before them. Because advanced civilizations are inherently materialistic i.e. feminine. They provide comfort, security and protection. The more develop the civilization the more sexually liberated it is and the weaker the men are.

  8. 1.4 billion…..that’s a lot of Chinky winkies. They wouldn’t miss a crew hundred million if they emigrated in the morning. “May you live in interesting times.” It’s a curse by the way….

  9. The USA has become to the Poz what the USSR was to communism…a malignant and expanding force for evil and chaos. Its overthrow as the prime power will aid in the effort to liberate the west (and the USA) from the globohomo hegemony.

  10. China’s a third world country masquerading as a 1st world country, on a side note, the chink army hasn’t been tested properly on the world stage but like Stalin said quantity is its own advantage so you never know

    1. This. There’s only so much numbers can do if you outnumber the enemy and hope you can blitz them before they can mow your troops down. Most armies practice warfare as if they were outnumbered and handicapped in other ways (for instance, the U.S. army loves to practice without air cover or allow grunts to practice with calling in artillery). Only China knows what it’s military capabilities are but even then it’s unlikely they’ve practiced for the possible scenario where they’re defending against an alliance of various militaries with their own unique capabilities

    1. “to pronounce it correctly i would have to pull out your tongue”
      Who said this???

  11. You went too far and too early, my dear Author !!
    “This is probably not great news for those of us who like the rule of law, democracy, free speech, due process and, you know, not being slaves.”
    Really ! So you mean people (in general) and MEN (in particular) have democracy, free speech and due process !!?? Do you even know whats going on in this Country !?
    Listen guys, we have free speech and due process !
    We can’t speak out or express our opinions in the pretext of “politically correct”, we often get accused of being “sexist, creepy and misogynist”, BUT we have “free speech” !!
    We have to face false harassment and rape cases with one-sided/gender biased laws, BUT we have “due process” !!
    And now about “democracy”;
    Pussies can parade bare chested in the name of “equality”, do slut walks, pink saturdays !
    MEN can NOT discuss, group and/or setup conferences about their own problems !
    “Minorities” can do violent protests and shame, blame & attack the “Majority”; and there’s hardly ever any rebuke or punishment ! Is this democracy or “hypocrisy” !?
    Worry about the females who are becoming un-feminine & ungrateful, worry about the “victim card” tactics of females & so called “minority”, worry about the leftists and vested interests, worry about the mass/illegal immigration, worry about the parasites (you know them !) leeching out Tax Payers Money, worry about the fucking media’s (especially “those four”) dirty tricks, worry about the FUTURE of young BOYS, worry about the DECREASING number of baby BOYS, etc. etc.
    Your article reminds me of a popular saying (back Home) that roughly translates to:
    Oh, the sky is full of clouds and it MIGHT rain, so I will EMPTY my bucket !!!

  12. they are supposedly watching this Cal-exit stuff intently- Cali has the most chinese nationals of any state…

  13. You should have mentioned just how different are the cultures between China and the West. In China, you have parents going to parks with photos and brochures of their children trying to find them spouses. In America, parents demand their 5 year old children be allowed to transition and be pumped full of hormones of the opposite sex.

  14. While America MARINATES in homosexuality and quibbles over how many genders can dance on the head of a pin, the Chinese continue their Long March.

  15. The land of the brave and a bit slower thinkers.
    China has surpassed you already.
    They defined the rules under which the USA can or can not act against NK.
    You’ve been Jewed.

  16. The Chinese empire will be accomplished without firing a shot: they simply export their people. Western countries import them as “hard working industrious immigrants.” Chinese people buy up the real estate, obtain the top positions, become the professors at all universities, and soon they are in control of a nation of dispossessed Western peasants.

  17. B-b-but…how can China be more powerful than the USA? They are not diverse and we are.
    Don’t the Chinese know that diversity is strength? If they were smart they’d become less Chinese and begin importing millions of Somalis, Guatemalans and Africans right away. Inducting huge numbers of regular and trans women into their armed forces etc.
    Fortified with diversity-is-strength they’d be unstoppable!

    1. Trust in our secret weapon: the wise, all-knowing Black Man. In our darkest hour, right when it looks like China will defeat us, HE will emerge and save the day. LOL

      1. I thought it would be an empowered single mother. Deftly balancing her day job as a kindergarten teacher for LGBTQTARDS and minority children in an urban city and her night job as a trained CIA assassin with a special set of abilities that only she possesses. And somehow all the evil Chinese politicians will be white men.

    2. China is incredibly diverse. They have many different ethnic groups and religions including Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity and Islam.

      1. But one dominant ethnic group (the Han). Just go ahead and ask if the other groups are treated fairly or have a shot in life (beyond being mere labourers…)

  18. China sends close to 500,000 students to study in the US each year. Plus many, many more to Australia, UK, Canada, etc.

    1. And the US tells those students to go back rather than use those skills to contribute to America meanwhile the MSM is going apeshit about illegal Hispanics.

      1. We don’t need any of them. Not the Chinese, not the Indians on H1Bs, and certainly not the 3rd world migrants.
        End the H1B visa program and watch the number of American STEM majors skyrocket.
        End 3rd world immigration along with welfare, food stamps, public housing, medicaid and head start and see how many are BEGGING to do the jobs “Americans don’t want to do”.

    1. Don’t be so ridiculous with your facts. Facts don’t get traffic. Hyperbolic Americans who feel threatened about no longer being number one and global bullies get traffic.

  19. Terrific piece. One should bear in mind, though, what Niall Ferguson refers to as Chimerica, the Chinese-American intertwined economic (hence cultural and political) situation. Thus for Beijing to attack Washington would largely be to attack themselves. There is not gonna be a war between China and the US within the next two decades or so, at least.

    1. America will fall apart by then as evidenced by the increasingly divided politics.

    1. True America is full of morons and is falling down hard. Get used to China running things.

  20. Interesting article. Doesn’t take into account their miserable demographic problem. Their birthrate is like 1.5 per woman, well below replacement, and has been for nearly 40 years. And, their one child policy – now gone, mixed with their culture produced a huge imbalance of dudes – 120 per every 100 women. That post in this thread about the heroic parents trying to find spouses isn’t because traditional culture as much as it is the dearth of wife material.
    Their aged population is headed for 25% in the next ten years or so. The’ll get old long before they get rich. But a heavy population of dudes with no hope of a female in sight is always trouble.

  21. haven’t much recently about the economic quake that would be set off by the yuan getting special drawing rights reserve currency status. Damp squib or is there still something brewing? I find it difficult to cut through all the bullshit about china.

  22. That 2 million man army will be sitting ducks without air cover so would their inadequate navy.
    They have a powerful ground force they just don’t have any way to move them anywhere.
    I don’t see the Chinese taking over the world just yet, they still have people farming with draft animals, nobody does that here unless they just want to.

  23. If they could stop wanking we’ll be in trouble. Good thing their internet censorship keeps them away from the NOFAP movement.

  24. You forgot number 6. China shuts it’s door from the world.
    If you have read Chinese history it has been historical common for Chinese Empires to close off borders from the world. They kick out foreign people and traders, ban ideas and technology, close down markets and arrest traders and look towards traditionalism. Read the history of Ming dynasty, and the Qing dynasty . Both start off open to new ideas and modernizing, only to eventually either open rebellion or new emperor that see the corruption and wish to reverse it.

    1. Yeah, they have a history of “cultural onanism” where they spend the next few centuries gazing at their collective navels until someone rewards their stupidity kicking their teeth (and deservedly so).

  25. Almost everyone has eaten from a cheap Chinese takeout place.
    Just think how sugary and greasy that food is. Even the stuff that is supposed to be “spicy” is loaded with sugar.
    Perhaps that is how China is taking us out?
    With diabetes and heart disease?

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