How To Judge The Bad Sex You’re Having

Although most of us believe that pleasing a woman in bed is key, you’ve probably noticed that most women haven’t got the tiniest interest in pleasing us. The large majority of women believe that getting naked and allowing us to stab their insides with our manly part is pretty much all they have to do when it comes to having sex. Then they just judge the awkward sex that happened purely on our performance alone. Does that seem fair?

I think it’s only natural that we should also judge the sex we have with them as well. Judging is important because it allow us to understand exactly what it is that we want from a sexual encounter.

Because we all grade women’s looks on a scale from 1 to 10, I think it’s only natural that we should grade the sexual experience in the same manner. Over the years I’ve banged a lot of chicks but most, if not all of them, fall in the below 5 categories. This is a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) and it looks something like this:

1. The one that tries too much (aka The Disaster)


This girl has the potential to become the Pornstar (#5) but she hasn’t yet watched enough porn. Because she tries so hard, she moves out of sync; is sloppy; does a good job at taking your attention off the sex part and more to the “WTF is she doing” part; she has the highest percentage of male genitalia injury; breaks condoms; helps you lose your boner and gives you a genuinely bad sexual experience.

Chicks that fall into this category are inexperienced and believe that a man’s penis is made out of a rubber that has no pain receptors. Also, If they’ve been drinking, they would also fall into this category. That’s just one more reason to avoid “taking advantage” of heavily inebriated women.

2. The one that’s scared (aka The Virgin)


This girl doesn’t necessarily have to be a virgin because she can still act the part many years after she’s popped that priceless cherry. She will usually look at you with fear in her eyes as if she has no idea about what’s going to happen. She gently pushes you away as if she’s not ready for the event and when it does happen she continues to act like it’s the first time. She usually sits in some extremely awkward positions that make you give up and just go missionary. This girl will eventually bust your nut but she’ll surely leave you with a sense of disappointment and/or guilt.

3. The one that doesn’t move (aka The Starfish or The Doll)


The girl doesn’t know, doesn’t care or doesn’t like to do anything. As sad as that may seem, at least she doesn’t do anything that disrupts the actual lovemaking. Because of that, she will probably have many more orgasms than #1 and #2 simply because she lets the man do his thing. This is particularly true if the dude lives to please, in which case she’ll have a fantastic time.

But what about the guy? While this may be enough for many men, the ones that have sex more than a few times a year would probably like to see more. However, the overall sexual experience is average but quite acceptable for most of us.

This type of woman is by far the most common, usually under the age of 25 and really does go behind the belief that all a woman has to do in bed is to get naked and say YES.

4. The one that does something (aka The Girlfriend)


This chick has had at least one somewhat serious relationship in her life where she has witnessed that indeed, a man does want more than a starfish. While she may NOT be incredibly experienced in the art of lovemaking, she does go that little bit extra, enough to put a smile on our faces.

All girls can and will eventually become this girl, as long as they end up in a relationship with a dude that asks for it.

5. The one that knows (aka The Pornstar)


This is the girl that knows what she’s doing. I don’t know if it’s the porn she watched, the amount of sex she had or what it is but, you’ll know it when you see it. This is the girl dudes leave their wives for. This is the girl that was born to have sex and she knows it.

If you manage to land such a slampiece you’re one lucky bastard. Although you may constantly have the “feeling” that she’s either cheating on you, or there’s something about her past you don’t quite want to know, this girl is still going to blow your mind. She’s the type of girl you’ll give up crack for.

Note: With age, also comes experience. Generally, women below 25 don’t have a clue about what they want in a sexual partner; let alone what to do with one. Women over 25 start to have a good idea about what they want and start to make an effort towards their partners. Only after 30 do most women become “sexually liberated” and will be able to provide you with high quality sex. Of course there are exceptions but, this is generally true. Finally, if we were going through this scale purely by age, EXCLUDING all exceptions, it would look like this:

Under 25:  The Disaster, The virgin, The doll – very rare chance to find the Pornstar.

Over 25: The doll, The girlfriend. – will sometimes find the Pornstar.

Over 30: The girlfriend, The Pornstar. – your wife might already be a Pornstar.

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45 thoughts on “How To Judge The Bad Sex You’re Having”

  1. you missed out the pro…. if you want to calibrate your rating apparatus, you must visit a few pros until you find a good one…. (not all pros are loser crack whores, some are total nymphos that live for sex. A nympho pro is basically the female equivalent of the career player. She just loves sex, so it’s all she does.)
    a good pro serves you and knows what she’s doing, and is used to fat 50 year olds that cum in three minutes…. if you know what you’re doing with a woman and you act it out with a pro and treat her like a lady, like a friend with benefits that you slip a few bills to as a tip…. it can be the best $200 you ever spent….
    then you’ll get an idea of what a Long Term Girl friend or wife should be like in the bedroom….
    dolled up, sweetly perfumed, prepared with condoms, gel, wipes, etc., no demands, no unnecessary foreplay, gives you full body massages and head without you asking, rolls a condom on with her mouth, moves about at your command, knows how to get her self off, lets you in her ass, can deep throat…. has a few horny friends to call for three ways, knows how to squirt, doesn’t mind if you send a few friends her way,
    the good pro makes sex into a male fun park, and loves doing it. sure 50% are acting, another 25% genuinely hate what they are doing, but there are call girls that just love getting sexed up.
    if you approach them with absolute confidence, that there’s nothing wrong with paying for sex and you see her as just another interesting person you are having a sexual encounter with, you will blow away 99% of her previous clients, just on attitude alone.
    if you know how to pleasure a woman and you make a little effort half way through to make sure she really enjoyed herself, you talk to her like a human being, and don’t ask about her profession or her downgrade her….. pros can be great…..
    the whole player thing is about establishing your value, whereas visiting a pro is about establishing her value which she has obviously set very low. offer her a hand and bring her value up a little and she’ll even give you freebies.

  2. 3. The Starfish
    “While this may be enough for many men, the ones that have sex more than a few times a year would probably like to see more.”
    Haha damn straight.
    5. The one that knows
    “there’s something about her past you don’t quite want to know”
    Ahhhh this is a very unfortunate fact. The girl who shamelessly holds eye contact the entire time she’s giving you a blowjob. You know she’s learned that from somewhere.

    1. Yeah, it is a truly unfair expectation these days.
      Women are expected to be chaste, and men are all at once blamed, and simultaneously desired for their exploits of high status behavior bedding vast tracts of poosey whilst screaming “Banzai” atop the feminine mountain ranges.
      Alas, therein lies the rub. A woman is restricted from pleasing her “one and only” unless she has the unfortunate character traits that whores possess; and a man cannot be attractive to women until he has conquered enough vag to let Casanova roll a “player’s” certificate from his grave.
      Sadly for the rest they are merely settling for whatever they can find after their mind allows them to accept defeat. We no longer allow people to “discover themselves” unless they take the only “discovery” of oneself society now allows; feminist approval.
      Truly, unfortunate times make strange bedfellows; for it seems that assholes who bed too many women might be the dark knight that saves the world as the anti-hero, when the white knight was too busy using the bitch’s hanky to polish his armor rather than notice that his position had already been lost the moment he became smitten with the ice queen.
      Things need to change, if they have not always been this way. It is not a secret that men AND women desire sex. What is a mistake, is how our society seems to think it knows everything, and relentlessly refuses any reasonable argument to the contrary.
      Before it was a puritanical silencing of sexual gratification. Now, it is a silencing of normal sexual behavior. No matter what though, we are determined the world over not to allow normal sexual behavior between two people who care for one another to be without some sort of intervention.

    2. In Serbia most of the girls are like Pro’s. This is not from being particularly promiscuous but because of the mainstream nature of ‘soft-core’ highly passionate ‘love making’ type porn on regular TV which starts around 10pm!
      They practice a lot in front of the mirror and talk about PLEASING their men with each other a lot. I should mention that the numbers of women to men highly favor men here.

      1. I have a friend from there, relatively famous, you might have known of him (I’m not telling, if I did, and you did know him, I would have you tell him that he is a fag and America is better; and to tell his sister she can’t poison me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA). Anyhow, he told me the same thing, and like him you friggin suck. I had to travel to East Europe to find reliably hot women (until they get past 45 and stop caring, sorry), who also liked to please their man. Greek women, if you can get past their damn stubbornness in being stuck up, are incredible in the bedroom!
        He told me stories about women in Serbia, and he had videos to prove it; friggin asshole.
        In the states, feminism has so poisoned there minds that a land whale slash walmart and ho ho queen can feel superior to you in her own mind despite her diabetic convulsions and hypertensive blood pressure battles. For the life of me, if I would not have to deal with their whiny behavior afterwords and a prison sentence I would kick one down off her tax payer funded electric fat-cart they piss me off so bad.
        I know, I know, they are just mad because they are hopelessly overweight, and blah balh balh, they can’t help it, and blah blah blah, they need to be this and that, and blah bliggity bllah blah.
        Yet, when I bring back a gorgeous, college educated, multilingual, dark haired hotty from overseas, all of a sudden I am interesting again. Blaghh! Even if I divorce, I will find an African or Asia or Latin or Eastern European chica and sire more offspring before I EVER go back to an Ameriskank. Oh, and I won’t marry again…ever!
        No thank you! Once you get the taste of something better, you never go back even if held by gun point.

    3. She probably learned it from watching porn, just like you learned to like that from watching porn, dipshit. Even when a woman is doing what you want you still have to find a way to bring her down.

  3. Had a #3 once. Ready, willing, but NO activity. Constant access was good but I finally gave up and moved on when I noticed for the 3rd time that she resembled a dead frog during sex.

  4. Pretty accurate. Me, I’d rate the Virgin lower than the Disaster. Women spend most of their day talking and a good portion of their talking is about how to be more sexually attractive. So its not shyness or unawareness, the virgin act is just a plain ol’ boring lie.
    100 years ago maybe that song and dance about “oh my, is that going inside me?” would have washed, but not today. How to give better head on prom night or try anal without wrecking the sheets is on the cover of every magazine in every checkout line in every city on the continent. So if a woman is going to give me a show I’m not paying for, I’ll just assume she’s more of a liar and a pain in the ass than I already assumed she was.
    …and that’s how women get left places.

    1. i’m sure your average housewife would become a raving deep throat anal queen if hugh grant or colin farel knocked on their front door…
      women are all about getting the most return for the least effort…
      men just have to demand more, set higher standards and expect them to put out…
      if all men required their girl friends to do deep throat and anal, they’d all be practicing with bananas in their spare time, instead of comparing makeup tips and shampoo secrets

      1. Have you seen the movies recently?
        Women are practicing with bananas, cucumbers, and reading books on the topic. Remember “Old School” the woman who played Will Ferrel’s ex-wife to be? Her and her friends were prepping her to deep throat whoever she would eventually leave her husband for. If your wife is not thinking it already, her girlfriends who are jealous by nature are most likely planting the seeds. If you ever get dissed by one of her friends, punish that bitch’s emotions with merciless impunity; even in front of her husband. If he does not get the hint to either control his cunt, or leave; fuck him. Have the cops drag his ass out after your done kicking his ass.
        A hundred years ago, the woman most likely had no clue what was happening to her when a man packed her meat packing plant for the first time. Now, she is so use to it from middle school on, she has no idea how to pretend to be the non-whore she wishes she was.
        Now there is “Progress” for ya!

        1. if that was the case, then any one night stand would turn into a porno extravaganza…. and there’d be no such thing as an unhappy sexless marriage…..
          for women, sex is about how to market themselves… they don’t tend to look for the techniques for the sake of creating enjoyment and having fun. it’s largely just marketing…..
          once the investment is made by the man…. then they don’t bother…. a girl will spend 10 times the effort to ‘look’ good than she will to get good in bed…. and she’ll only wow in bed if she feels she needs to… even then she will rapidly start to hold out on that, and reduce things back to straight sex….
          a 45 year old milf might only be a 5 or 6, but to her husband she can be an 11, especially if she focuses on bedroom skills.
          women are all about the mating game… they want all this equality but they behave worse than animals.
          i read an article once about how chimpanzees can very likely speak, but they don’t because they are afraid we’ll put them to work….
          i think the same principal applies here…. if women in relationships let on that they are filthy sluts, then men will have them bent over a couple of times a day…. and as some porno stars are apt to say…. my ass is like a second pussy now….
          think of how gay man’s sex lives are…. if women want equality, they need to create sex lives like that…. it ought to be in the marriage certificate……

        2. Exactly. The change has been detrimental to us as they have been taught now from a young age not to be “pleasing” but to get pleased. Pleased=your wealth, earning potential, and financial bondage paperwork (read: kids as ransom) in tow. Then she is done with you, because now she owns you. Your pleas to be treated with humanity being dismissed with raucous laughter is to be expected.
          A master, does not ask their slave what they want; they tell it what to do and take its fucking complaints to someone who cares. Why anyone ever thought women would do other wise is a testament to how weak and beta many of our grandfathers really were. I don’t kick the pedestal from them, I crush it with a jack hammer while they watch.
          Not everyone could have had Frank Sinatra as an uncle or father. Yet even he got the divorce shaft way back in the day.
          Women rule the roost right now, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Social Physics 101 baby. Too bad Social Physics work in the century long process version and not immediately.

        3. this conversation makes me feel like joining the army… oh i forgot, that’s full of women now too… hahhahahahha….. ah… oil rig worker… no equal rights there… (no one in there right mind would want to do that, so it’s left to the men……)

        4. LOL.
          Speaking of Oil Rig work, have you done that?
          We had a catfish in a tank where I worked for a while overseas, and we fed it everything until it got to big. The owner dumped it in a river over there. A Mississippi catfish in a foreign land.
          Around the oil rigs by the Mississippi river delta, I have heard they get big like sharks?

        5. i trained as a mine engineer, and worked on some god awful projects… on my degree there were two girls out of 50 students…. after a couple of years breathing asbestos dust i quit…. but never had to take any fem attitude.. “:-)
          when you think into it logically, women want combat roles in the army so the self serving bitches can win a purple heart… but you never hear about them begging to work on mining or oil projects… in fact every road, dam, tunnel, bridge, office, school, apartment block all built by men.
          all the electrics, tarmac, plumbing, sewers, street lighting, telephone cables, electrical cables, and so forth… all installed by men.
          women have babies instead and they should stick with that…. the best place for a woman is flat on her back with her legs spread….

    2. What are you gents talking about?? The “Virgin” is the way to go – I don’t know many men who are even able to come unless the girl is scared and crying and trying to push us off – that’s where the fun is – showing the cunt who’s boss and using and dumping her ass.

      1. I dunno anything about that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never talked to ANY of my friends about: “say Joe, exactly what makes you cum anyway?”
        If she wants to play the Rape-Me Game, fun is fun, but you’re still walking a fine line. I’ve had lots (more and more recently it seems) of women who want to be choked, hit, slapped, tied up, tied down, bruised, beaten, and pseudo-raped; thats all fine, knot-tying can make for a fine hobby. But you gotta protect yourself; keep a solid number of her texts saying exactly what she wants you to do and try to get a text afterward saying she enjoyed…whatever you did. Pain in the ass but in the She-nited States of Femerica, if she decides she didn’t like it after all and makes one phone call, that’s you making small rocks outta big rocks for a long, long time.
        Like I said, the Virgin is way more of a pain in the ass than its worth. I’ll take a girl who is ok with wanting to be fucked and doesn’t have to tell herself she was raped to enjoy it.

        1. Hey, if that’s what it takes for you to, well, not rape anyone so be it.
          If you want to remind us that < 100% of the men sitting in prison for rape actually committed it, good for you. Let me in turn point out that significantly < 100% of the men who both actually committed rape *and* were accused of it ever see the inside of a jail cell (or the outside of a rockpile for that matter).
          I’m guessing none of your female friends, relatives, co-workers, etc., were raped *and* willing to tell you about it. Otherwise they would have mentioned things like police questioning, having rape kits used on them, talking with prosecutors…and of course going through the trial itself.
          Not perfect by any means, but it’s a forum where if you’re accused, whatever case she makes against you has to be done in front of you and your lawyer, your lawyer gets to cross-examine her and any other witnesses against you, you get to tell your own side of the story including any witnesses, etc., etc., etc., with the proceedings run by an independent judge, and the decision of guilt or innocence made either by the judge or by an impartial jury of your peers. Either way, *every necessary element* of the crime – including her lack of consent – has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
          So maybe in the She-nited States of Femerica, or any other dystopia of your choice, one phone call is anything close to all it takes to send you to the Big House. In the United States of America, it’s a wee bit more complicated.

      2. I don’t know if this is a troll, a parody or the real thing.
        How would you feel if one of the men you knew who can only come if “the girl is scared and crying and trying to push [him] off” was describing your own daughter? Or sister? Or, if you have any female friends, one of those?
        Maybe like such a scumbag belonged in prison?

  5. Until men can tell even the pornstar to pound sand (read: Beat It/get lost), it won’t matter. I am the pornstar in my marriage, and I have had the great pleasure of training my wife. I learned the hard way that a sexual “veteran” is not to be trifled with outside of a hard unforgettable pussy punishment, and then left to the curb where she belongs.
    I went on a date with a highly attractive 11 out of ten once. She met me at the beach in Hawaii, and dudes who I never had a desire to be my wing man were begging me to take them out just from one look at her. She had been watching me play for an hour before she went back to sun bathe. She looked like she had no kids, and was in some of the most unbelievable shape. 5’11, huge DD’s, wore that two piece swimsuit like a sports illustrated poster, and had long flowing brunette hair, and looked like Julia Roberts (somewhat, not quite).
    Basically, a lesser man would have jizzed himself from looking at her.
    Me, I had just finished kicking ass on the volleyball courts, and was going my usual route of swimming to the buoy out in the ocean and coming back before I played again (the sand burns the hell outta your feet). I am 6’5, dark hair, olive colored skin, dark eyes, and back then I was ripped.
    I noticed her pretending not to be noticing me as I approached the surf. She had her designer glasses on, and was hoping I would not notice ( I read body language really well), so I left her without even acknowledging her existence, and swam to the buoy. As I got out, I started walking out of the water, and she got in and dove underneath without taking off her shades. She was too busy gawking at me to notice that she left them on.
    ME: “You know, most people remove their shades before they get in the water.”
    HER: (she stops looking at me, and then it dawned on her I got her and she quietly bit her lip and whispered) “Oh shit!.”
    ME: “Name?”
    HER: “her name here”
    ME: “Nice, I am going to play again, I will talk to you when I get back.”
    HER: “OK!”
    I went, I kicked ass, and I came back an hour later.
    We went out to the buoy together, and let’s say I got to discover her very well from the buoy and reef to the waves pushing us onto the shore.
    Towards the end of the weekend I found out the reason why she was getting so flaky; she was married with three effin kids! You could not tell from the looks of her. Maybe she had work done? Supposedly she owned three business herself.
    Either way, I could not tell when I was having my way with her on the beach.
    I figured her behavior out, and she tried to tell me some BS excuse. I was mad that I had some bitch use me to darken the future of her own offspring.
    I literally told her to kick rocks.
    The subsequent blowing up of my cell phone that weekend led her husband to call me after going over the bills in the state she was visiting Hawaii from. I felt for the guy, as I did not intentionally cause him harm. I wish I could say I did him a favor, but I doubt it, that bitch probably raped him in the courts following a divorce.
    For anyone who thinks they know women, and does not believe in their solipsistic behavior, let this story inform you. Experienced bitches are like high profile NFL players past their prime; good, but used up and will probably be forced to leave with in a season or two. Best to use them to train your rookies, and leave on good terms, or not if necessary; I can do that too! 🙂 Sure they know how to play, and lead the team. But I like the Draft Approach when picking my long term senoritas. An outdated “sexual veteran” has too many emotional injuries for me to spend on. I want a solid up and cummer to train personally, and then she knows what to do.
    Perhaps not everyone’s choice, but certainly mine as I hate personal baggage.

  6. And then you got the
    6. Pleasing is oppression
    This is the strong and independent woman, crawling the bars, usually ending up with the drunk boys, either because drunk is sexy, or because drunk is safe (i.e. the confidence is not acquired through hard work, or he is not an ueberplayer not needing booze), or because drunk is familiar etc.
    This strong and independent woman sees pleasuring a man as a chore, as oppression, as an insult to her strength, independence and sexual emancipation.
    She does please someone, but who.
    Recently a friend of mine, a man with options told of the Starfish that he told to leave when she showed no movement in bed, let along willingness to enter a mutual pleasuring activity. She was wet, and she was lying there as if dead.
    He was like “What the fuck. I am hard and ready, doing this and that, she is wet and flowing, but lying there like a dead donkey”
    I had to explain him:
    She is strong, she is independent, she is sexual.
    She does not need to please you, because you were ready at attention.
    But if you were drunk, if you were unable to get it up, let alone remember your own name, she would be working your dick like a pro, your balls like a thai stage performer.
    She would please you to get you functioning, that is all.
    Since you were functioning, you need no pleasing.
    Sounds bitter? Gin & Tonic, beats any sweet chemical concoction. Add lime to my bitterness please.
    Now I remember:
    A friend dancing with a strong independent sexually emancipated western woman. She is grinding her ass on his crotch, and he gets hard. She looks at him, shouts “Pervert” and leaves.
    Another one:
    Sexually emancipated western woman going home with a man who cannot even speak out his own name. Reason given: When he leaves in the morning, she will not feel bad about being used since with him sex would mean nothing.
    Same night, confident, quality, charming men left home alone with this good catch because sex would be meaningful.
    Even the king of hamsters needs to take Prozac nowadays.

    1. #6? dont be absurd. its #0. i have met these types. that feel that any attempt to please you is belittling to them and their independent womanhood.
      like overhearing a woman say “sorry guys, but i dont suck dick.” ok sweetheart you just made yourself less valuable as a partner and limited your options. learn to suck dick.
      of course, most of them do suck dick really. most of them do attempt to please their partners. just not you. if they dont attempt to please you because “a real woman doesnt do that” or whatever it means that they dont value you. they probably value someone else. time to step it up.
      when i find myself interacting with a female that is like this i either end the interaction as soon as i see it coming or if she seems like one of those that just doesnt want to do it for me but its worth the effort i just get to fucking and then act like i can do whatever i want to her like i dont even notice her reservations. she will value me after that.

  7. I’ve never really had the problem of bad sex. Some has definitely been better than others, but any girl that is longer than a ONS always does her best to please me. ONS’s suck for the most part anyways because you are a usually drunk.
    I guess this is where dread game comes in. All my women know that if they ever refuse sex and/or do not learn to love all my kinks I will drop them in 5 seconds flat.

  8. If a woman is Caucasian or Hispanic (or black but “acts white”) and she went to college in America by 21 she is a porn star. I regularly go to college night and dub step parties and pick up 7-8’s who fuck on the first meet(not date I am saying you just met them) within 5 hours and they do it all! A typical college girl in America has at least made out with a girl, seen a significant amount of porn, had a one night stand, uses a vibrator, drinks excessively and/or engaged in hard drug use. I have had first meet anal and threesomes and that shit never used happen before 2002. Porn stars are more abundant in college towns and big cities in the 20-22 age group than this article lets on.

    1. First night threesomes, anals, , and oral OH MY!
      You patriarchal, heathenesque woman hater! How dare you do all that to those poor little wallflowers? Those precious princesses the whole lot of them I’m sure.
      I love it, make sure you pound the hell outta of it so bad they can’t walk or shit right for a week or I don’t respect you by five points. Really break them in for their “one and only” who will marry them later; you glorius degenerate bastard! And I just gave you a hundred by the way; OH, and I effin hate you.

  9. Do not assume in any way a linear distribution of these sexual types among women. As with all distributions in samples of traits among women there is fairly typical bell curve to be seen. That means that the majority of the population of values will be close to the average, 65% within 1 standard deviation, 95% within two standard deviations. This is true of all bell curves, but the important thing to consider with women is that the standard deviation from average will be a smaller value (consider it similar to averages of the (value – average), so something like the average difference, statistically, what is probability a value will X given the population of samples). This predicts a fairly rapid slope of the bell curve, with very few values lying out in the endpoints of the curve. This is true of attractiveness, weight, intellect, drive, success, etc.
    And it is very very true of sexual capability.
    And the sad thing is that the average sexual capability of women is ridiculously low. On one hand, for women, it is sort of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t proposition”. If they are competent then they are maligned for being so, probably worse than being incompetent.
    But be that as it may, the average woman is near useless, absolutely ignorant of even basic technique. And all shift responsibility in all facets for her sexual enjoyment onto the man. And also shifts the blame for her lack of enjoyment onto the man.
    I can remember reading these preliminary books back in the 70s about these poor poor women who finally took it upon themselves to “find” orgasm after their pigs, loser, disappointments of husbands were unable to satisfy them. One book spoke of the sheer “liberation” a middle aged women felt after “discovering” orgasm in the bathtub when she let the water running out of the faucet splash against her clitoris. It certainly was :fault” of her husband that she was one of the 2/3 of women that are unable to have orgasm during coitus.
    During the play “The Vagina Monologues” where women were “waxing” on about the wonderousness of their vaginas, my penis was completely “monologueless”. The poor fellow has experienced the disgusting and disappointing reality of those “wonderous” vaginas firsthand. And I am sure if I had checked, the good fellow would have had an expression that made the famous look from “Kayla is not impressed” appear as if she was ecstatic in comparison, because the good fellow definitely “was not impressed” with the nonsense he was hearing.
    So to me, the basis of this reoccurring disappointment on the basis of players with much much experience and sexual success with women, is the discovery that, ( to steal from Gertrude Stein when asked “What is there in Philadelphia?”) “There is no ‘there’ there”.
    So the population of the 1st standard deviation of the sexual capability of women is “worthless fuck”., the 2nd is “barely competent to functional”, and 1%, the 3rd standard deviation is “good”,
    Roseanne Barr had a spiel from her stand up monologue, “My husband asks me during sex ‘What do you want?’ What I want is a chocolate milkshake.” Most men with a great body of experience with most women begin to feel the same way about them.
    They are remarkably similar to Japanese cars, “Under the hood, they are all the same”.

    1. Not surprised, feminists argue by creating strawmen then labeling them “misogynist”, etc.

      1. The whole manboobz site is a joke. A bunch of ugly fat warpigs sitting around nodding their head and fistbumping each other to every castrated snarky opinion made by the writer. It’s an omega male running his harem of omega females convincing themselves that out of reach grapes are probably sour anyway.

  10. A good way to counter the Starfish is to ask her what she is going to do with you before you’re having sex or when are about to. Engage her in all the activities. Make her aware that love making is a two way street.

  11. You just admitted to rape. Please turn yourself in to the nearest police station you disgusting freak,

  12. Pretty good analysis.
    Given my age, I’m very into the 40+ y/o divorcee. A lot of them come out of passionless marriages – guys have a similar rating scale too and apparently, there are a lot of real dud married guys out there.
    Most of the women have a high libido driving them along (probably the “last chance” hormonal surge.} They have habits and usually want the new but have an endearing aura of wanting to be taken but not certain about going about it. Their best approach is to flirt and submit – allows me to take control of the classroom, so to speak.
    Good love’em – I do my best to make them happy, open their eyes to the joy of sex, and have a great time myself.

  13. Only after 30 do most women become “sexually liberated”
    I did not know you were a feminist..

  14. Lol there was one of those “Pornstar” types in my college, a popular favorite given her blowjob and overall sex abilities.
    “Note: With age, also comes experience.
    Generally, women below 25 don’t have a clue about what they want in a
    sexual partner; let alone what to do with one. Women over 25 start to
    have a good idea about what they want and start to make an effort
    towards their partners. Only after 30 do most women become “sexually
    liberated” and will be able to provide you with high quality sex. Of
    course there are exceptions but, this is generally true. ”
    Unfortunately, do you really WANT sex from a woman above 25? Or a woman above 30?
    Work on your Value, gentlemen. Because when your Value is high enough, that 19 hot 19 year old who acts like a Starfish to most guys will be your dirty personal cumslut.

  15. I was married to the “5. The one that knows” for five years we were together ten. She was orgasmic and a screamer (for real) and I always felt like she was cheating on me – but in a sick way that was exciting. It was nice to make a women scream with my penis and not the usual in my life. But of course, in the end is was a disaster and a huge mistake. To marry a woman for her great sex never turns out well. She has been married twice again and is now a single mom lonely and miserable. I toyed with her few times – payback is a bitch – Allah Akbar!

  16. I randomly found this article while looking up work out tips.. this is very interesting. I am a white woman, of european decent. I was born in germany, raised in the U.S. A prevailing attitude in my house growing up, and to this day, is TAKE CARE OF YOUR MAN. If I dont take care of him, how can I expect him to take care of me? That meaning: breakfast every morning before he goes to work. Dinner and a beer every night when he comes home. A clean house. I would NEVER expact or want man to cook or clean. Thats just weird. I also EXPECT to have sex every night.
    Most American men have been ruined by American women. Whoever made the point that the “independant American woman” expects everything while giving nothing was exactly right. Which leaves women like me to sift through the rubble of destroyed men. Its a sad situation indeed. American men are confused because the women here emasculate them, dont take care of them, and think they can act however they want. All the while getting fat and disgusting and tricking men into staying with them for whatever reason. I really do feel bad for all the men out there. I feel even worse that the modern man doesnt even know what to do when he has a REAL woman. And its also a shame that the woman that wants to please her man and take care of him in all the ways he needs it is also deemed a “porn star”. Go to Europe, that behavior is standard there, mostly because sex isnt taught to be a dirty thing, its a normal healthy part of life in which a woman is not negatively viewed for participating in.
    So sorry to all of you American men, And sorry to the European women who have to live here and deal with this bullshit.
    The end.

  17. Tell me about it. I would regularly bring home 9’s or 10’s and after the first initial fuck(which of course is always exciting even if it isnt that great), if you end up seeing the girl regularly, it just gets old. Not all hot women do nothing, but man, it sure feels like 3/4s of them feel no need to. I’ve fucked the hottest girl in the room before only to fake an orgasm because i’m too bored to continue.
    I honestly would have to rank doing nothing as bad. It might be acceptable if you haven’t gotten any in a while, but if the girl doesn’t even move, sometimes i will just stop and even if it’s bad enough fake nutting inside her just for it to be over. its at the point where if a woman doesn’t give me something back, no matter how hot she is, i turn into a complete asshole. I get angry and throw her out. Accepting bad sex is another one of these societal rules that men feel compelled to do because we “got lucky”. No. fuck that. if i put in work to fuck a girl and i dont get anything worthwhile, she can walk the fuck home. I’m not going to spend half an hour working you up, eating your cunt, kissing you all over just so you can lay there. Uh, no.
    May sound harsh, but the more bullshit you put up with, the more it keeps coming. In the past i was patient with women when i was younger, but now nearly hitting 30 has me edgy and annoyed easily.

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