The 5 Best Jobs For Men In College

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is recommending internships—either paid, or unpaid. As has already been said here on Return Of Kings, unpaid internships are a huge scam, and you should not accept them.

However, even paid internships often don’t offer you any real life experience, and they end up paying you a “stipend.” What this really means, is that you’ll be copying documents and organizing papers for often less than minimum wage.

For the young men here, I want the best for you. I want you to get college jobs that will not only earn you some decent cash, but that will also teach you about life, women, and happiness… while getting you some pretty nice perks along the way.

I am sharing this wisdom with you, because I want more men like us in power—men who are aware of the liberal machine and its curtain of deceit should be given more financial and social power. And what better way to do that than by starting in college?

1. Caddie


One of my mentors, who now owns a tech-startup company in Silicon Valley, said that being a caddie during his college years was one of the best decisions he ever made.

The key, however, is to choose the right club. There’s one right outside of Washington, D.C. known as the Burning Tree Club. This is the one that he worked at. He told me that the initiatory fee was $75,000, and in order to be a member an additional $500 per month fee was required. In other words, you’ll be getting tipped $50 per hour by rich old men who want to help out hard-working young lads such as yourselves. My mentor said that he even pulled $150 per hour on some occasions.

In addition to this, you get to spend time with wealthy, successful politicians and businessmen—just this alone makes being a caddie an invaluable job. Imagine being able to ask them for one piece of advice after every hole they play. You would surely gain countless pearls of wisdom in just a matter of months. And as if that isn’t enough, you’ll be working outside getting a tan. What more could a young boy want?

Caddies operate on a first come, first serve basis, and the bar is extremely low. Just find a wealthy country club near you, show up at 5:30AM, and tell them you want to caddie. For the first week they’ll probably make you follow around an experienced caddie, just so you can learn the ropes.

Once this learning phase is over, however, you can come in and work as often as you want—there’s no schedule and no minimum hours required of you. There’s also no age requirement which is nice; you just have to be strong enough to carry around one or two golf bags.

2. Uber Driver


Although I don’t personally have experience as a caddie, I do have experience as an Uber driver—and let me tell you, if you know what you’re doing, it’s very easy.

There are certain regulations depending on the state, but I got registered within a week and a half. The beauty of this job is that you can pretty much work whenever you want, and if you’re smart, you can net an easy $15-20 per hour after expenses while driving around, listening to audio-books or educational podcasts.

It’s best if you live near a major city (DC, Las Vegas, Boston, etc.) but even in small towns the payout can often be large. Expect to make $25-35 per hour during the morning commute and nighttime commute hours, and up to $100 per hour on busy events (St. Patrick’s Day, New Orleans, the Superbowl, etc.).

The key to doing Uber is to only accept the rides when the surge is 2.0 or above—anything less than that and it isn’t worth it in my opinion. Also be sure to learn the local hot spots in your area. For DC it’s Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, and Capitol Hill. The best times to drive, like I said before, are either 5-10AM on weekdays or 4-11PM Monday through Saturday.

3. Club Promoter


Being a club promoter is by far the best job that you can have if you’re trying to get laid and develop some really good social skills.

In a nutshell, the way that this job works, is that you get paid a flat rate (usually, but not always) like $10 per hour. It’s your job to get as many people to come to a specific night club as possible—so you’ll also get a commission per ticket that you sell. The job consists of putting up flyers, contacting local celebrities, repping the event on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This can easily add up to $1,000 a week if you put in the work, but the real benefits come from the connections you’ll make. When you’re repping a certain event, you never know who you’ll shake hands with. It could be an up and coming musician who invites you to an amazing after party, it could be the local coke dealer, or it could be a girl who’s willing to suck your dick in the bathroom if you give her and her friends VIP access.

Either way, this job is a win-win—not only does it pay pretty handsomely, but you’ll also score girls left and right.

Unfortunately, this only works if you live in a city that has a vibrant nightlife, but if you can get this opportunity I would highly recommend it. The bar is pretty low, although some experience in sales helps. I recommend meeting one on one with the club manager and handing him your resume personally.

Jobs that are based off of social skills and networking tend to only hire once they actually meet you – they care a lot less about your resume than they do your appearance and social skills. Be sure to dress well and make a good impression if you want to get this job.

4. Lifeguard


Although it isn’t very high paying, the perks are incredible. You get paid to sit outside in the nice weather, get a tan, and chat with sexy girls in bikinis all day. Seriously, what could be better?

All you have to do in order to get a job as a lifeguard is get certified in CPR (I did this in one night, it took me 4 hours) and be able to swim 200 meters or something like that (it changes depending on where you apply).

Regardless, it’s ridiculously easy to get a job being a lifeguard, and I guarantee if you work out you’ll meet tons of girls who want to fuck you so that they can brag to their friends about how they “slept with that cute lifeguard.”

5. Supplement Store Salesman


I actually had a job at a place called Max Muscle. which sells some extremely high quality supplements. This was good for several reasons. First off, I got a massive discount on supplements. In addition to this, I got to spend time with the amateur bodybuilders that worked there. They would always give me tips on specific exercises to do, the best meal plans, and other things.

But, perhaps the biggest benefit I got was developing relationships with the sexy fitness model chicks that would come in on a regular basis. Because I was in a position of authority (the guy recommending and selling them stuff), they were pretty attracted to me. I actually had quite a few girls invite me out to go get drinks.

I also learned the ins and outs of the supplement industry—what’s bullshit, what works, and what doesn’t. I learned what ingredients make a pre-workout effective, why you should buy cold processed whey protein powder, and how literally 95% of “natural” fitness models are actually on steroids.

In short, it was a great job. I also got paid a 5% commission (most supplement stores do the same), and seeing that you can often sell $200 worth of product every hour, this adds up to roughly $27 per hour including minimum wage.

Not bad for a job where you get to hang out with bodybuilder bros, flirt with sexy fitness chicks, and learn about the most effective supplements.

BONUS: Scams to Avoid

There’s a lot of scams out there, especially when it comes to college students. Unfortunately, a lot of fucking losers try to make their money by pushing false hope and promises onto college students desperate for money. Here are three scams to avoid:

1. Amway

I had a brief stint in Amway, because my boss at the time pressured me to go to a meeting. Afraid I would lose my job if I didn’t, I caved.

However, I quit as soon as I found a different job—Amway is a cult filled with weirdos who think that they’re going to make a million dollars a day in passive income by recommending shit quality overpriced products. Do not fall for the hype or listen to the people who claim that they’re making money with this—it’s a scam, plain and simple.

2. Vector


Vector is the distribution network of Cutco (a company that manufactures knives). I actually made $100 per hour in commission with them, but even with this huge wage I do not recommend it. All of the money is commissions based, so if you aren’t a good salesman you won’t make a dime (after you factor in gas money).

Their environment is extremely condescending and their corporate culture is based off of lies and false promises. My boss was extremely manipulative, and upon talking with other people who worked for Vector they said the same about their bosses. They also pay you to give them your phone contacts so that they can pester your friends with promises of “make $20 per hour or more!”

The reality is that 99% of people who worked with me didn’t make shit. The only reason I made $100 per hour was because I’m naturally a great salesman, but even then I walked away from it, because the company was highly unethical and took advantage of young, desperate college kids.

3. Anything Where You Make More Money By Recruiting

Generally speaking, even if they aren’t technically pyramid schemes, if you make more money by recruiting people than you do by actually working, it’s a pyramid scheme.

Avoid working for companies like Herbalife, ACN, Mary Kay, or Shaklee. You can make money with these companies, yes, but only if you spent over a decade hustling your ass off 80 hours a week duping friends and family into selling products for you.

Also any flyers you see offering “$12 per hour for college students!” or “$15 per hour per base appointment!” is almost indefinitely a scam. They make you spend hours cold calling people setting up appointments to sell their garbage, telling you even if you don’t sell anything you’re guaranteed $15 per appointment. In reality, this works out to being like $3 per hour once you factor in gas, driving time, and calling time.

Stay safe, get good jobs, and become financially empowered, so that when the US economy starts to crumble we will be the ones with the power to rebuild it.

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129 thoughts on “The 5 Best Jobs For Men In College”

  1. #1 Don’t get huge debts at all. And start your own business instead.

    1. “Start your own business” is such a cliche phrase that I always cringe at whenever I hear it. It’s such a vague piece of advice. Also whenever I hear people say “I own my own business”, and just leave it at that, instead of explaining what the business is. That’s like asking someone what do they do and they simply say “I have a job”.

      1. Boohooo and thats the typical answer of the passive losers.
        How about you take some responsibility and do some fucking research?
        Instead of crying daily how bad your job/life is you could research what alternatives there are. And what these guys could mean with “Starting your own business”?
        But using Google is a hard job, right?
        I realized with 18 years that I don’t want to work 40+ years as an employee for a shitty 1,500€/month wage.
        So what did I do? Crying and hoping someone random appears and helps me?
        No, I started researching and looking for answers. And I found one. I discovered Online Marketing (Affiliate Marketing, E-Mail Marketing). I’ve probably read over 150+ Books about and bought many products from experts. And all this with my little pocket money and my money that I earned working in a gas station.
        I invested 90€ to build everything up, then I invested another 150€ for PPC (Adv.). From this point I started making money and I reinvested nearly every penny from it.
        Now 2 years later I’m making about 8k-9k€/month (And it rises every day). While my friends from school are wasting their time for useless college degrees.
        So a 18 year old boy managed to start his own business with 240€ Investment. Don’t dare to tell me that it is too hard or even impossible.

        1. good to know you an still make money in affiliate and email marketing

        2. No. Everyone in an E-Mail List has to opt-in for it. In Germany you have to use “Double Opt-Ins” anyway.
          So you have to type in your E-Mail on my Website + Confirm it.

  2. The best job in college is the one which is really flexible with hours, so if it happens to be one of the above then good for you. The main objective is obviously school with something on the side to pay bills and have some disposable income, so if its a boring retail gig then so be it.

  3. Would Herbalife be one to avoid as well?
    Edit: Finally read the rest of the article and the author mentioned it.

    1. Don’t know them, but almost any sales role which requires you to purchase products is a scam.
      Essential oils, Kangan water filters, energy drinks, knives, whatever. The company survives primarily on their “employees.”

  4. Learn a stem skill that employers use as a task role, not a project role.

    1. Well said. Projects come and go, but tasks will always be around.
      Degree-wise, engineering degrees are usually the best STEM majors. They tend to provide a broad base of knowledge while instilling a problem-solving mindset that lends itself well to individual tasks.
      Degree-independent, I would recommend any and all of the following skills for technical work:
      1. Task breakdown (reducing a complex task into a bunch of trivial tasks)
      2. Language-independent programming fundamentals
      3. Online security principles
      4. Professional communication skills (effective presentations, emails, etc.)
      5. Two or more task-related programming languages (e.g. PHP and SQL for online work, C and Awk for firmware, etc).
      6. Database management principles
      7. General purpose certifications (A+, CISSP, etc)
      8. LAMP stack management (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl)
      9. Principles of Quality
      The more tools in your belt, and the more mastery you demonstrate, the more likely it is that you will be relevant to the company when the project is done.

      1. While I mean this in the most respectful fashion, I would recommend people focus on the 2nd part of your post. My experience has been that engineering degrees have become closet IQ tests in the 40 years following griggs v duke power.
        If you are a grinder who barely passes engineering, you may be in big trouble.

        1. I want in to this field but wasn’t forward thinking when I was younger. Any advice for anyone looking to enter the field as a second career?

      1. Interesting. Where did you get that info from? Not being sarcastic, I am serious. Do you have a source/link?

        1. I recalled in your past posts you mentioned you’re a nurse or maybe work in healthcare so you would be familiar with the condition known as fatty liver disease. It is from either too much alcohol (aka beer gut) or too much fructose.
          Goose liver pate is made the same way by force feeding geese so their livers get fatty, which make a tasty, liverwurst like spread.

        2. Good memory. Thank you. I just never heard of it making a person tubed shaped. I have a fatty liver due to hereditary elevated cholesterol. This info. is from my MD and not something I just made up. It’s a bitch to get the cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels to normal. The battle to get HDL up and LDL down is never ending. I avoid excess sugar and salt and keep processed food consumption low. I guess I now know why getting the belly under control has been so difficult. I must do a bit better research.

        3. I can provide you with some advice if you’re willing to listen. It will be contradictory to what your MD tells you. Remember, a doctor needs you to be perpetually sick so you keep coming back on a regular basis. You being healthy is bad business for him. Without further ado…
          First and foremost, cholesterol is not what causes heart disease and strokes. Big pharma puts this scare into us and is lowering the level so that YOU will take these drugs for the rest of your life. These statins causes other side effects which they gladly sell you a different pill to treat. And that one causes something else and then a different pill for that. You only need to be concerned about getting high HDL and low triglycerides. LDL is typically calculated, not directly measured.
          Your liver makes cholesterol. It also takes the excess glucose in your blood with the help of insulin and converts them into triglycerides. They store in the liver and on visceral organs giving you that gut. You will need to eliminate sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and starches. Keep the carbs to a minimum only from leafy veggies and nuts. Cut the fruits out if you can. Avoid alochol completely. Exercise by walking, some cardio, but don’t need to over do cardio. No bread, pasta, grain products like corn and rice.
          Here is a video that can help. Look up Eric Berg on YouTube for other videos.

        4. Thank you for the info. especially the a video. Cutting out everything is extremely difficult. I just moved back to the US and I am gob smacked at the amount of processed food. The insta-meals and snack food is completely crazy. My roomie eats constantly and her kid does the same. I make salad and cut up some veggies for the kid’s lunch box because the kid asked. I can’t believe the continuous eating and garbage people load in their grocery carts. Mindboggling.

  5. Worked in the cafeteria, both lunch & dinner during college. Earned enough $$$ to take care of one semester’s tuition & books plus a year’s worth of spending cash. Didn’t pay for board since the meals were included. The best part, they weren’t the institutional crap served to the students but restaurant style entrees prepared for the faculty, guests & the university’s banquet service. Graduated from a very fine private university (at the time) debt free well over 40 years ago. By the way, it will cost about $50k a year to attend in 2016!

    1. The cost of college these days is too damn high!
      My dad was able to get through debt-free with a job at the local typewriter distributor. Now, an engineer like me almost can’t cover living expenses and a semester of college at the same time.
      The combination of the laws inhibiting employment tests, the media asserting that college is mandatory, and the government subsidizing both the universities and the student’s loans allows the colleges to ramp the costs up year after year. 60% of my tuition went into the Federal Assistance grant, and something like 20% went to support the faculty and “charitable” contributions of the various departments of Social Justice Bullshit.
      If I didn’t wrangle a full-ride scholarship, I wouldn’t have gone at all.

      1. You’re right, it’s bullshit. In the late 60’s scholarships were only given out for either academics or athletics. Also, it was still very difficult to get into a lot of the better universities. The GI Bill in ’46 & the National Defense Student Loan program in ’57 brought the Feds into higher education, big time. It has been a giant clusterfuck since then. Wouldn’t waste my time going to college in 2016, save for majoring in some branch of engineering or spending 8+ years in the system to get a Ph.D in one of the physical sciences. Just not worth it. Too many grads now waiting tables & working for temp agencies. If you’re an Aryan male, learn a trade & be happy you’ll never have a high 5 figure student loan debt!
        Best wishes for a long, happy & prosperous life.

        1. One note: I’d generally keep it to Masters or below. Most of the STEM Ph.D’s I know are having as much trouble finding work as the bachelors of their scientific fields, and THEY get a chance at academic research posts.
          My rule of thumb: if you can’t get a job with the bachelor’s degree, find another degree. Don’t push on toward Masters unless you want to teach, or you’re in Psychology (Masters is required for entry-level psychology positions, for some reason).

  6. You missed Aaron Clarey’s favorite: security.
    Campus security, in particular, usually consists of sitting behind the desk at the dorm, doing your homework or playing Starcraft. My buddies used to sleep all morning, take their classes in the afternoon, and do their homework at the desk after midnight. At $12/hr, it was borderline theft.
    It’s also not a bad job post-college. Night shift security exists to make sure none of the security alarms are triggered, not to actually protect the building from intruders. The role usually consists of being in the monitor room and occasionally walking the grounds. The rest of your time can be spent learning a new skill, programming, writing, or consulting.

    1. At least one author – who I no longer read as I’m boycotting Tor and since he’s outed himself as semi-SJW – wrote his first book while doing night security work.

  7. I’m thinking about becoming a self employed restroom attendant in the women’s restroom at Target.

    1. I’m sure they’ll require a complete & thorough physical examination before you begin employment. Just hope you pass!

      1. ROK writer.
        “It’s a safe space for an ROK writer. You will be protected from any harsh criticisms thrown at you by those bad, bad evil commenters with their superior wit and intelligence. You will be just as a babe to the teet. Ever so safe. And if those commenters should ever gain support in odds against you, they will be banned, never to be heard from again. Join us and be safe. Fairy’s and flutes await you…”

    2. Careful…. nowadays you don’t really know whose going to be going to the right restroom….

    3. sounds nice – taking away all of the farts and shit and piss out of the discussion, sounds solid !

    4. It is immoral to work for a low amount of money. A promise of a future is not fair (or timely, present) compensation. Unfair means not enough to support a stay at home wife, the children, and cover the mortgage leaving yourself a bit of money to play with. If the post-menopausal woman director of it or engineering is holding you back, leave her to hire and lead muslims, foreigners, homosexuals, and other women to do the work.
      You do not need to compete for misery.

    5. You’re just like your Uncle Vito. Soap, lotions all in the right place.
      Hey, he’s my idol.

  8. I have experience with a couple of these.
    1) Vector Co. – This was a huge waste of time for me… Unless you’re naturally into sales, it’s difficult to convince relatives and friends to buy these expensive knives. You have to be middle-upper class already to know the people who can afford this shit. This is not cold-calling or door-to-door sales. Very likely you’ll just get ripped off the initial investment.
    2) Caddie – Fun job and you’ll make some cash, meet some wealthy people. Not a bad gig. Especially if you’re like me and you’re just happy to be in the sun.
    3) Lifeguard – Fun for a while, recognized job, and there are chicks around if you find a good pool to work at. Kinda boring after a while. Security by comparison lets you study while you work.
    4) Club Promoter – Pros: Hot women, club connections, free concerts. Cons: Up all night fucking up your schedule, shady people and local crime. I made the most consistent money doing this kinda work, and it can lead into other club gigs like bartending/barbacking.
    My recommendations:
    1) Find a summer gig doing landscaping. Solid skills development, outdoors, decent money.
    2) Find a university professor that is hiring on Research Assistants. Decent money and actually helps your career. If no one is hiring, volunteer for the prof that gets the most grants in general, money will likely show up eventually and you’re getting good recommendation letters.

    1. There were only two success stories of all my Vector employed friends:
      The first was a success only because he refused to quit (and he was still getting room-and-board from his dad). After a few years he made enough to become a recruiter, where the real money lives.
      The second was only a success because he was a long-time regular at a high-end golf course, and he sold knives to the doctors he played. They had money and liked him, so it was easier. Even so, he quit fairly quickly and is now an engineer, making better and more consistent money.

    2. Definitely recommend the RA route – learn some coding beforehand to make yourself more valuable, and make sure to learn every piece of software the organization your RAing for uses inside and out. Prioritize learning open source, otherwise you may lose access after you leave.

    3. ,,4) Club Promoter – Pros: Hot women, club connections, free concerts. Cons: Up all night fucking up your schedule, shady people and local crime. I made the most consistent money doing this kinda work, and it can lead into other club gigs like bartending/barbacking.”
      This… go to any night club and the organized crime is right there partying next to you. Sounds fun !

    4. Landscaping?? Man, you must really like the outdoors that much, and you’re certainly a much braver soul than me! No way I’m cut out for Manuel labor!

    5. Sup Clark, sent you another mail on your throwaway. Let me know if you get it.

  9. I’m thinking dog sitter/walker would be a good. The pay is shit but you could meet women walking their dogs in areas designated for dog walking. The dog being the attention piece.

    1. So long as the supplies are provided and the animal doesn’t get to wreck your house, pet-sitting is great. All the perks of having a pet without draining your wallet.
      It’s supplemental income, though. I made a few bucks taking care of pets over weekends while the art students were partying, but it’s not enough by itself.
      Now babysitting would be great money, if anyone trusted men with their kids. I knew girls making money hand over fist when the kids didn’t even like them.

      1. That’s because the babysitters were getting hush money for not telling what they did for the kids’ dads on the way home.

    1. I like Matt Forneys articles but when I see his pic/videos it’s hard to believe that this guy gets laid alot.

      1. I find him very handsome, flamboyant and full of manly rugged charisma.

        1. He wrote a stunning flamboyant masterpiece about his glorious manly adventures in the Philippines.

        2. He will go down in history for having single handedly destroyed a once pussy paradise by encouraging every virgin nerd to go to the Philippines.

  10. Hihi basically add anything in tourism. And yes being a lifeguard does get you pussy. Club promoter does get you pussy but not money usually, you get free drinks and perks but no cold hard cash.

    1. Apparently u have to stay in ur development or they’ll start to come after u with taxes, my friend used to cut lawns in his development and then got talked up and would randomly do others and got a note in the mail essentially stay in that area or u will be fined, but a grrat way to make money

  11. Lifeguard – a lot of places require a red cross lifeguard course as well. My community pool did growing up, and the one here – different state – does as well.
    Internships – these days is “barely paid errand boy” or “slave” most places, but some are still good. Google – if you can stomach them – paid $25/hr plus housing for the summer to a friends son for interning. And he did real programming work. A local architect takes on High School interns and pays them.
    The entertainment biz is notorious for ripping off interns. I know, I know – a bunch of “minimum wage” liberals

    1. Being a lifeguard isn’t as easy as this article is making it seem. You need to be a above average swimmer and the course is three weeks of swimming many laps and various other physical tests you have to do like treading water holding a weight, ect. And this is just to become a pool lifeguard. To be a beach lifeguard the training is far more grueling, you have to be at the level of a competitive swimmer to pass the swim test just to get into the course. I’ve done both. Pool lifeguards don’t make much money, however, beach lifeguards can make some serious bread.

    2. The entertainment industry is pure evil, without even getting into the casting couch issues…

    1. I’ve never been a caddie, but I know a bit about golf. I’m sure it’s not a requirement to know what you’re doing out there, but think about it. When you’re bullshitting with the guy as he plays, and then he turns to you and says, “what do you think? Should I go with a 6 or 7 iron?” You can bet your ass that your response will have some impact on your tip. If you say, “uhh, I don’t know,” then he won’t be too impressed. On the other hand, if you help him judge the distance, make a remark about the wind, tell him something about the slope on the green or whatever (since you’ve obviously studied the course) and then recommend a club based on his past performance, then he would most likely remember your assistance when the game is finished (especially if your advice has been helpful rather than bullshit).
      I’d guess that you should practically be handing the guy clubs before he even asks while making adjustments on the fly as he requests–observing all the while his distance and propensity to slice/hook, etc. You should also know a little something about keeping score, the proper way to take turns with other players, and replacing divots… not to mention how to compose yourself when someone is lining up for a shot (be a ghost). I’ve never used the ball-washer, but I imagine if you did it for your player without him asking, then he’d be pleased even if he ends up telling you to cut the crap and just give him the ball.
      Again, I don’t say this from experience, it just seems like obvious advice with regard to your question.
      Haha, I couldn’t resist sharing this; I still think it’s hilarious. I dug it up a year ago when I was cleaning house; it’s really juvenile but for some reason I still find it hilarious that I actually turned this in for an assignment in high school. The back story is that we had a quiz for our “golf and bowling” class in high school (about 17 years ago) and the final question was, “What does the game of golf mean to you?”
      My response:
      “The game of golf is more than a game to me; it’s a way of life. If golf wasn’t a part of my life, then I would not be complete, or have a reason to come to school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. To show my love of golf, I wrote a little poem. Here it is:
      I pull my cart out of the stalls
      I put on my glove and wash my balls
      I pull out my club and grab my shaft
      These clubs are of the finest craft
      As a I whack the balls as hard as I can
      I know that I am the man
      I position my shaft between the legs
      I know that this hole is [Craig’s]
      I strike the ball and my shaft bends
      In this game it is I that transcends
      The ball explodes, I think it’s dead
      When I’m alone I clean my head
      It is then I know that I am the best
      And that Fred’s golf class is a true test

      1. Epic poem, man! Sorry about the dumb question, but now you see just how little I know about golf 😀

  12. I bartended at a country club for a little over $16 an hour through college (18+ to serve alcohol, no tips except for some weddings/random events, and commission on certain liquor/wine sales). The club always hired hot girls to lifeguard or serve drinks during the summer, and the pool area, which had a bar, was filled with both hot moms and girls my age. Needless to say, I got paid while enjoying the view. Plus sometimes my managers would let me take a bottle or two home. It’ll be hard to find a gig with those kind of perks, but if you do, don’t let it slip away.
    Security is another good job that’s low stress (depending on the location) where you should get paid between $10-13 an hour. Don’t work for companies who pay less. Some may pay even more. Interviews for these jobs will be the easiest you’ll ever have. They need warm bodies to fill the vacant spots created by massive turnover, and as long as you haven’t gone to prison for murdering somebody, you’ll probably get hired.

  13. Anyone know anything about valet parking as a job?
    When the economy “starts” to crumble? Starts? You think it’s hard now, wait until there’s a $15 minimum wage. That will be the final shovel full of dirt on America’s grave.

  14. If you’re into bicycling, operating a bicycle taxi is good exercise where you get paid to pedal. It beats working out in a gym where you pay membership. These bike cabs on the boardwalk in Atlantic City make $20 just to start the ride. Tips are extra. I talked to one who said he was an owner operator. All you need is a ‘peddler’s’ permit. That bike caddie guy camped down south of the beach during good weather and was one contented and well paid beach bum.
    Working that gig, you might get a chance to meet the Don someday, or one of his sexy groupies.
    Most towns only require a ‘peddler’s’ permit so it’s not as restrictive as a motorized cab. You’re freelance. Bike cabs special order can be expensive but there are many ways to convert a bike into a cab. A three wheeler clunker can easily be converted. If you’re proficient with a stick welder, you can turn a couple of scrap bikes into a stretch limo. This one is a nice custom build.
    Despite the ‘beta mule’ connotations in the pic, the guy is pulling dough, in his wallet and in the back seat as well. Imagine how he rakes in when parked outside of clubs during closing.

    1. Holy shit. First with all this transgenderism stuff and now with the Tuk-Tuk’s, I fear America is turning into Thailand. LOL

    2. Peddler’s permit?
      Yeah, “land of the free” and “free market capitalism”, America, sure.

      1. Hey man, cheers.
        I was wandering, there’s a guy on ROK ( iBOOB ) that’s yapping around saying lolknee got banned ? Said something about you getting banned as well…Any idea what’s that about ?

        1. I’m not banned as far as I know, heh. Lolknee was banned, I’m not certain of the status he’s in right now. In theory reinstated but he still can’t post, at least last that I heard.

        2. Good. Hey man, don’t mind me asking, but do you have a throwaway e-mail that you can chat with less-fortunate males, like your’s truly ?

        3. Sure, it’s listed in my profile, just hover over my picture and you’ll see it, or click on my user name and it should take you to my Disqus page.

  15. “being a caddie during his college years was one of the best decisions he ever made.”,
    So, I tell them I’m a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald… striking. So, I’m on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one – big hitter, the Lama – long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me. And I say, “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

  16. I drove a garbage truck. Made enough money in three months to pay for my entire yearly tuition

  17. 6. Bartender
    7. Liquor Shop assistant
    8. Tutor.
    9. Personal Trainer
    10. Photographer
    You’re welcome.

  18. How can you possibly leave out Bartender? Great tips, easy hours, meet all the girls you could ever want. If you are in a hot bar in a college town then the world is your oyster. Just stay off the sauce. Make it a habit never to drink on the job and don’t hang out at the place when you are not working.
    I did the Lifeguard gig in Hawaii and it was well worth the time, but, you pretty much had to be a competitive swimmer, like I was at the time, to make it. The beach job took too much dedication to fitness to leave any time to date all the girls I met. The drinking age in Honolulu was still 18 and all the HS graduates came over to party for their graduations. It was epic.
    I then got a job as a bartender on the sundeck of the Sports Club LA the next summer and sold drinks to the starlets sunning themselves. $500 tips a day in 1989.
    During Law School, I hit pay dirt. I applied to sell life insurance as an independent broker (had to get an insurance license but it was pretty easy) for MassMutual and several others. I used a mailing service to send cards out to all new mortgage holders. If they returned a postage prepaid card to me then I would call them, set up appointments and sell them enough term life to cover the mortgage. Before I knew it I was leading the office and they didn’t even know I was in law school. I think I did better financially than some starting lawyers.
    Law sucked as it’s filled with A**Holes that think because they are somewhat smart and have a law degree that they can wreak ruin on people’s lives and businesses.
    I switched to real estate development as I can touch it and feel it and know I can build some nice projects and make a difference. This is now dying too after overregulation from every direction.
    I probably should have stayed with the independent insurance gig.
    I’m 49 now, been married for 8 years to a hot Russian woman, and I don’t even look at American women, let alone talk to the purple haired harpies.
    My best advice to the younger guys is to learn sales, even if you are terrible at it or it causes you overwhelming anxiety. Put in the time to become as effective as you can be in sales. I was not a natural salesman at first, but, just like approaching girls, the more you do it the better you get at it. Eventually it just becomes second nature and you will find that you will always seem to be the natural leader in groups because you are simply better at “selling your ideas”. This leads to higher status, more responsibility, more money, better women, and basically a better life.
    Selling is hard. Selling involves risk and everyone is naturally risk averse. Selling involves overcoming rejection and keeping a strong attitude and positive self image without a safe space to which retreat is possible. Selling means learning how to be polite and have intelligent conversations with people of all walks of life. Selling teaches you how to view the sale from your target’s point of view and responding accordingly. Selling means never giving up on yourself.
    If you become effective at sales then you will effectively be able to write your own ticket.
    $0.02 from a middle aged guy. I love this site and the whole movement. I guess I just naturally lived my life pretty close to the principals of neo-masculinity as I’ve read on this site. It’s probably attributable to my step-father who was an honest to goodness cowboy who didn’t take any shit.
    I see hope for the young men of this country.

    1. I also concur with your advice about learning sales.
      I used to be pretty shy when I was an 18 year old kid, but working as a salesman (thought the salary was terrible) taught me a lot of social skills, which I use pretty much everyday.

    2. Everybody should have one sales job, even if it’s not a career. It teaches so much.

  19. I worked behind the counter of the hottest beer/wine/cigar warehouse in town. We knew where everything was going down, and everyone welcomed us to their functions. Plus, when the profs came in we were able to create rapport….Outstanding job.

  20. I’m usually a huge free markets/law of the jungle kind of guy, but something really needs to be done to reign in all the MLM pyramid schemes like Amway, Vemma, et al. These people are scumbags who purposefully target desperate college students and homemakers with cult-like brainwashing techniques.
    Security is a decent stopgap sort of job for a young man. I remember just sitting in an empty office building’s lobby doing homework for more than minimum wage, but should have cashed it in for a better gig sooner than I did. In the long run I was at a disadvantage against peers who had done relevant internships.
    Anything beats the service industry though. The apologizing for things that aren’t your fault and subservience fuck up a young man’s ego.

    1. Nothing “needs to be done”, word of mouth works just fine. Who doesn’t know that MLM is stupid? Young idiots? Well, let them learn and within a month or two they’ll be educated just like the rest of us. We have to stop taking away learning opportunities from people. Sure they’ll get scammed for a bit, then they get pissed and drop out and we then have another person who actually understands caveat emptor.

  21. I wouldn’t categorize Amway as being full of “cultists and weirdos”, although one line of sponsorship can be vastly different from another. However I’d advise anyone to steer clear of anything that tells you, “make $$$ per month, absolutely NO selling!!!” or some other kind of sales scheme based on purely self-consumption. These days Amway falls into this category, along with just about ever other network marketing gig out there. These schemes rely on “recruitment marketing”, which means rather than selling products, you’re trying to recruit people into the scheme, by “selling” the business to your family, co-workers, acquaintances, and then perfect strangers. It’s a pyramid scheme in all but name (in spite of what the various companies tell you), since it relies of recruiting ever-growing numbers of people under your line of sponsorship to generate any kind of income.
    These businesses all have the following hallmarks:
    1. Most (>99%) of participants make no money at all, aside from “discounts” from mandatory purchasing of (overpriced) products per month. In the end they drop out, making a horrible turnover rate;
    2. The remaining 1% of participants draw the lion’s share of income, generally the ones who got in early;
    3. Participants are strongly advised to partake of the in-house “education system” to “learn how to succeed” in the business, usually consisting of buying monthly books, audio recordings, and rallies. This can add up to $1,000’s per annum;
    4. Telling participants the success rate of not being in this education system is literally 0%;
    5. Most of the income in the businesses, especially for the higher-ups, is generated not by moving product, but profiting from the “mandatory” education tools.
    I’m not saying it’s impossible to make money in Amway and the others.. it’s made quite a few millionaires.. just be wary that to make decent money (i.e. to make a living), you’ll be engaging in tactics and practices which might not gel with your conscience.

    1. Yes, the way to do Amway, and other marketing schemes is to start one yourself, just like The Donald recommends. Then you are at the top of the pyramid, let the suckers below you make you rich!!

  22. I think the caddie gig would be the best decision based on the author’s reasons.
    Uber Driver? Kinda risky – chance of someone puking in your car, or something like what happened to this dude:

    1. She was an intern at a local hospital. She was suspended and then got the boot. No pussy pass.

      1. Thank God. But nonethless being an uber driver one still can have similar things happen.

        1. Depends. I was driving for SUV and Black with a Denali. Problem is I had lease with it weekly which killed me. Nonetheless you meet more professional people and “upper class”. Tips were pretty great and some customers would want you for regulars and I would charge them good fares. And lot of customer service experience.

    2. I spoke to a retired gentleman who does Uber driving. He doesn’t do the late nights so drunk patrons are not an issue for him.

      1. Mr Trump is part of everything. He’s is in the sky and sea. He’s in the dreams of children at night. He is all that there is. Forever.

    1. More and more victims are coming forward about Donald Trump. Expect major media coverage about the explosive new charges against this insatiable carnivore :

  23. This list should include Parking Lot Guard. You sit in a booth and do your homework while making money. You get A’s in all your classes, and meet babes too.

  24. I wrote essays for Saudi students in university. Charged them 10 dollars per 100 words. A 3000 word essay got me 300 dollars. They were satisfied with a pass (which equates to 60%).
    After a couple papers word got around and I was suddenly writing 2 essays per day. Eventually I had to outsource the outsourced work to other students to stay on top. It was hard work but it paid okay and got me through school after I was fired from my minimum wage job at a pharmacy.
    The Saudi international students have lots of money… their government pays them handsomely to study abroad. I imagine all sorts of international students with poor English and deep pockets are fair game.

    1. Lol funny same here at ASU. Bunch of guys from the Emirates here driving around in American muscle cars revving the shit out the engine in a 1 mile road to the next light. These guys are idiots I knew guy was doing an entire class for for one guy for 5k over the summer.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I looked into it to see what it was about. I still need to do a bit more research, but using it for supplemental income seems attractive. I’ve written a number of articles and research papers that are just sitting around doing nothing, and my professional skills could certainly be tapped (although not for $5).
      Do you write original articles for people on there, or what? I’m just trying to get an idea for how you use it and what to expect. In the end, I’ll probably just need to try it for myself to see what’s up.

      1. I do mainly proofreading. It’s more labor intensive than some other gigs you can do. I would suggest doing a few active gigs and some passive ones as well that require only 5-10 min of work. Damian at writes a lot about fiverr.

        1. Thank you for the recommendations. Editing struck me as a viable option.
          I’m about to check out that site now.

  25. Drone operator/pilot seemed to have a lot of upside- I even found a school for it. Sadly, the FAA had to meddle, you need to get pilot’s license first, big bucks, then go to school to learn how to fly drones…

  26. Learn to play poker. No boss and you pick your own hours. Anybody should be able to crush the low limit games in any casino for a decent win rate with a few months of practice and study.

      1. Obviously not everyone is a winning player. In fact, 80-90 percent of players lose in the long run. The reason people can win is there’s a big supply of degenerates and recreational players whose strategies can easily be exploited. If you’re a smart guy who actually belongs in college (probably a STEM major), then taking some drunk blue collar guys money who likes to play on the weekend should be easy. Of course, if you’re a STEM major, you probably won’t end up turning poker into a long term thing.

  27. Landscaping/yardwork is the Number One for money, women, and your own wellbeing. Its 1. Its physically demanding, 2. outdoors, highly visible, 3. Women love watching you work, 4. decent money during the season, 5. CASH, and 6. Lonely housewives!!

    1. A woman I chat with told me that she ended up sleeping with a 16 yr old dude that would come over and do her pool and yard work on the weekends. Also he was her niece’s boyfriend.

  28. Actually I *would* recommend stuff like Vector marketing. I never did it, but did go to their interview (they have very secretive marketing.. place these ads saying part time summer work $20 / hour and up and don’t tell you what they actually do). The whole process really turned me off and of course you shouldn’t make a career out of it, but if you do this in college or for a summer, you can make some good money.
    Yes, you are selling knives and accessories to people. However, more importantly you are practicing being a salesman. You are practicing reading people, chatting people up, elderly game, holding frame, etc. These are invaluable skills for a man to have when dealing with women, and in the workforce in general. These skills will help you out in your future. So try it, learn how to sell some cheesy knives, and at the end of it you would have a lot of good experience chatting up strangers and talking them into things. After that approaching strange women and getting their numbers should be a breeze.

  29. Here is the states avoid painting job scams.
    Also, where is bartender? That is a classic college job. You get some good tip money especially on the weekend, girls are always talking to you, the staff usually drinks for free after the bar closes, and you get to know all the other night wait staff in the area so clubs and bars comp you cover and drinks.

  30. I was a caddie in high school and for some years on an off in college. Minimum tip for double bags was $40 but the typical tip was $60 but sometimes $80-100 (esp if your guys won their bets), but mind you this was about twenty years ago and not in D.C. or the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. Since each round was *at least* four hours, broken down it was only about $10 at minimum or $15 dollars an hour on average, but min wage then was still $4.75 and gas was somewhere between $0.70 and $1.10/gal depending on which side of the 1997 ASEAN financial crisis we’re talking. $50/hr is roughly a $200 tip, maybe places like Burning Tree or Augusta were paying that then, I don’t know, as the author doesn’t specify a time frame.
    Oh, and fuck Vector.

  31. Just a point of fact. Pyramid schemes are illegal and you can go to jail. Amway and others are network marketing. But avoid them all the same.
    You can make decent college money and get girls just by working in clothing stores at the mall (best are the ones that sell men’s and women’s clothes). You will meet the other women working in the mall, socialise with and screw them.

  32. I worked at a golf course…all the free beer and cigars I wanted. The rest of my college career I was lucky enough to find work in the actual profession I was majoring in close by.

  33. Army reserve is a fantastic job for a student. Free phys, free food. Life skills, discipline and some cash

  34. I got a holiday job as a pimp once ten years ago. (Prostitution is legal here in NZ). Looking back I started to get my first real red pill moments after years of pedestalizing pussy. I understood how poor women’s insight is, how they are not as into sex as they pretend, how shamelessly they lie to their partners (“he thinks I work in a call centre!”) and how very much of a mixed bag working girls are. And I got $200 per shift cash and never had to beat a single Joe. Got fired when one of the girls asked if she could fuck me and I didn’t say no. She was a plant. I learned something there also!

  35. Dude, bartender. Its hard as hell to get the gig if you don’t have tits, but any decent manager knows that you have male bartenders to sling serious drinks and chicken-tenders (chick bartenders) to stand around and look hot while they check their phones. If you can learn liquors and run halfway decent conversation, you could turn it intoca career if you want.

  36. As for club promoter (I live in NYC): the best places to work are image only venues. You don’t make hourly wage. You make per head (vagina) and they have to be up to a certain standard – as I said, “image” aka models. I have access to these image only venues, but make sure when you work there to make the right deal. An ongoing arrangement with the owner; some promoters make nearly a few grand a month just for showing up 3 times a night with beautiful women and complimentary champagne and spirits. I know, I’m at the tables too! One thing is correct in the article – dress appropriately and make sure you have your Rolodex ready.
    As for vector marketing: I also made money from my time there because I had a solid sales approach and good network, but beware, you must file those taxes!

  37. Caddie and Club Promoter: Both great to make contacts and network. That’s what you need these days to get ahead, because just getting your degree isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  38. Fuck this.
    These are jobs for clowns or little boys.
    Be a man. Go fight fires in the wilderness. Sign up for the Marines. Mow lawns. Do something physical and manly.
    Club promoter??? Did I seriously just fucking read that? Dude… man card… revoked.

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