What Happened To Coming Of Age Movies For Boys?

“I knock,” Chris said.

What!” Teddy screamed, immediately forgetting all about Vern.” You friggin liar! You ain’t got no pat hand. I didn’t deal you no pat hand.”

Chris smirked, “Make your draw, shitheap.”

Teddy reached for the top card on the pile of Bikes. Chris reached for the Winstons on the ledge behind him. I bent over to pick up my detective magazine.

Vern Tessio said: “You guys wanna see a dead body?”

Everybody stopped.

From Stephen King’s, “The Body”

Most every culture in the world has some sort of ritual to signify a child’s passage into adulthood. The transition from childhood to adulthood might be one the most life-changing experiences a person can go through.

The transition from an innocent, wide-eyed child into a mature, sober adult is an incredibly significant period of time in a person’s life. Jewish folk have Bar Mitzvah’s for their boys, many cultures have ceremonies following a girl’s first menstruation. What is certain is that children — passing into adulthood — need guidance from their elders about how to mature into a fully-fleshed adult.

America does not that have that in a healthy way. We get movies — like Superbad — that show boys growing into adults without any guidance from neither their male relatives or female family members. Presently, we get these ridiculous tales about immature boys fumbling around, chasing women in immature ways, only to realize that they are each other’s bros. Sorry, that sounds like an inversion of chick flicks: women fighting over men, only to conclude that their friendship is more important than chasing cock.


It wasn’t always this way. Stephen King’s novella, The Body, was eventually adapted into a movie by Rob Reiner called Stand By Me; it stands in stark contrast with the childish posture of Superbad.

In Stand By Me, a group of young boys go searching for the body of a dead man – the body of a missing person in the community. The body is some miles away in a forest, right beside some train tracks. Their adventure over the course of two days shows a group of young boys — on the cusp of manhood — stridling both childhood and manhood. Their individual struggles are laid bare; their dreams for the future are sketched out. The tale is a retrospective, as we learn that none of their lives play out in ways they don’t expect – only the narrator achieves success in life.

It is a well told tale that has the honesty of a time gone by. The struggle wasn’t over pussy, money or friendship. Friendship was assumed and the needless preoccupation with chasing sex hadn’t taken hold. No, these were four boys who were worried about their future, their place in the world and the personal failings of their respective parents.

The narrator dealt with the death of his older brother, who was the star child. He was the star football player, the popular one in high school. He was killed in Vietnam and his family had never been the same since – it’s clear his parents are indifferent to him. His existential loneliness is matched by his best friend’s abusive, alcoholic father. He is trying to overcome the “white trash” label and achieve success beyond being a union man and addicted to the bottle like his father. His sole source of support is the narrator. The other two boys have stories, but they are not relevant here.

The boys supported one another — faults and all — not with the immature, self-absorbed preening we see in later coming of age movies. They truly support one another, despite all the hell they give each other. The ending isn’t some celebration of friendship, it is a lamentation of the author. He and the best friend study hard through high school and his best friend transcends everybody’s expectations for him, eventually going on to law school after undergraduate.

The narrator eventually learns that his old friend stepped between two men arguing at a McDonald’s – a knife gets pulled and he gets mortally wounded. The story ends with the narrator contemplating the fickleness of success in life and how the more things change, the more they stay the same. How true change is so very difficult. The movie concludes with Ben E. King’s song Stand By Me playing as the narrator goes out to his front yard and plays with his two sons.


The novella was penned in the late ’70’s, the movie came out in the 1980’s. In the 1990’s, a movie called American Pie got released. While it tries in vain to be thoughtful at the end, it seems the growth into adulthood for men had become something of a huge joke.

Admit it, you liked the movie. It was very funny with many memorable scenes and lines. The infantile posture of the movie is worn at the edges a good bit by the pursuit of love instead of sex with women. However, there are two issues here. One, is the fact that the height of a man’s experiences is heterosexual coitus.

Further, a boy becomes a man when he loses his virginity, presumably to a female.  The height of a man’s experiences in life are many, but to place sex at the apex is downright lunacy. The mastering of a craft, raising children into adulthood and inner peace are all more important than skirt chasing or a relationship with a woman. Now, this isn’t to say that those former two concepts are not important — they are — but the trick here is to get men to value them in a way that mirrors girl’s growth into adulthood.

Nowadays, as we see in American Pie, is that boys don’t become men because they went on a vision quest or spent great time and effort preparing for their Bar Mitzvah.

No, it’s when they first garner a woman’s approval through sexual congress. It isn’t getting married to a woman, it isn’t working hard through your teenage years to become the man you want to be. No, it is that a man can simply garner a woman’s sexual approval. The whole chasing love in American Pie is simply a poorly veiled smokescreen for a society that does not truly value love and relationships, but one that idolizes sex.

So, it isn’t of becoming a man when you get married and start a family, it shrinks back to simply to be able to say you can have sex with women. This isn’t progress, it is madness. Getting married already implies sexual access, but also the legitimization of a relationship that will result in children and involvement in the community. It is puerile nonsense, but we haven’t bottomed out yet.


Superbad was released in 2007, to great financial success and critical approval. I will assume you have watched the movie, but it involves a group of young men — the same age as the characters in American Pie — but something has changed. One main character (Jonah Hill) is extremely fat, the nebbish nerd (Michael Cera) is many steps back from his counterpart in American Pie (Finch) and the loser (McLovin) is a complete and utter goober. The loser gets laid for a few seconds before getting busted by the cops raiding the party. The other two main characters don’t get laid at all — so they don’t even reach the all-important goal of female sexual approval — but it is hinted at the ending when they might have a shot with their respective ladies.

What do we learn in Superbad? Friendship is important. Sex is something that a man might get. Nothing else. Unlike their counterparts in American Pie, who all actually get laid and make decisions about relationships — in Superbad, all we get are some losers attempting to woo women with being able to acquire booze.

The guys in American Pie tried to learn to eat women out, spread gossip about their cock size and other ways to garner female sexual approval while Superbad is about provisioning women with alcohol. Alcohol has gone from the substantial grease  of social interactions between men and women — by the time Superbad rolls around –to the common necessary heterosexual denominator.

All of this stands in astoundingly stark contrast with Stand By Me. First off, the maturation process begins at puberty, not some needlessly delayed state in late adolescence. Second, girls are something discussed, but not obsessed over. The boys in Stand By Me are worried about their parents, their future and what it means to be a man. Superbad doesn’t even entertain any existence outside of  chasing pussy; American Pie places vague emphasis on “the next step,” which is inextricably bound up in chasing said pussy.

Lastly, is the seriousness that accompanies the coming of age in Stand By Me. There are more than a few funny, chuckle-worthy scenes. However, there are more than a few scenes that make you think and feel things, instead of the pursuit of sheer hedonism and the all-important approval of women. In Superbad, we get a bunch of funny nonsense that relates nothing to becoming a man, but to the infantile fumblings that Hollywood knows these young men engage in. American Pie is marginally better, but the growth of a boy into a man is heralded by consummating a relationship with a woman; one man is shamed for seeking to take his girlfriend’s virginity above all else.

So what happened to boys’ coming of age movies? Clearly, it has descended into little more than boys — growing into men — tying their sense of self as a man into pussy. The more articulate point is that a man’s worth as a man is determined by his relationship with women – can he get laid? Who are the women he gets laid with? This relates to the general social concept that men need social approval of women to be seen as not a threat. Older men need a wife or girlfriend to voice approval, otherwise said man is a dead man walking in the court of social opinion.


This relates to coming of age movies, as the growth into manhood signified by puberty necessarily entails the concurrent sexual tension. Instead of seeking approval of the mother or female teacher, it becomes a pursuit of female approval in the sexual arena. As evidenced by Stand By Me, this pursuit was important, but simply one folder of issues to discuss. By American Pie it is the largest folder, by Superbad — outside of immature appeals to male camaraderie — it is the sole folder.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of sex, obviously. However, when sex revolves around the idea that boys become men via the elusive and ephemeral approval of women, it becomes toxic. Tying manhood to perceptions and approval of women is downright dangerous. All it results in are men with — at best — shifty self-concepts, if not outright low self-esteem and confusion over what it means to be a man. Notice the progression in the three movies: boys growing into men transcending their realities, boys growing into men treading water to boys tumbling down the rabbit hole of sheer insecurity.

Of course, boys are best served with having a strong male father in their life. Most will not be so lucky. A cheap, but positive, consolation prize would be to have positive renditions of boys understanding the growth into manhood in media. Not some mindless nonsense with booze, boobs and tomfoolery. I love all three of those, but those are terribly poor approximations for the growth a boy will have to make into adulthood. It must be tempered with the sober realities of adulthood, the real consequences of your actions when you are no longer considered a child.

Without a critical and honest valuation of one’s own life, a man can never truly life a full life, much less be an adult. Adolescence may be many things, but learning to transcend the infantile and self-absorbed habits of a newly biologically-minted adult is possibly the most crucial thing. When boys are shunted into nothing more than pursuing their base, deeply-rooted biological impulses, they exist as nothing more than caricatures of men – an all too easily mocked segment of society. They are prevented from fully shedding their boyhood and embracing manhood fully – they simply become approximations of manhood. They become the superfan at the Giants game who never bothered to carve out his own legacy as a man. Instead, he proudly wears the jersey of Eli Manning, vainly trying to own the accomplishments of another man.

white broads

Media doesn’t do men any favors — media revolves around white women. Any serious movie that tries to display the real growth from boyhood to manhood won’t succeed. Women might like it hypothetically, as it involves children – but there cannot be anything that truly documents a boy’s growth into manhood. King’s Stand By Me wisely only had a tiny bit about the actual future of the boys. Positive masculinity, proper manhood — however you want to characterize it — cannot be broadcast in wider media. Men simply existing without a preeminent level of female approval is absolutely abhorrent to the average female. Women consider it “progress,” but it is nothing but yet another negative yoke foisted on men.

Boys deserve better, we men deserved better. But, this is where we are. The bare shreds of masculinity we are gifted at the apparent expense of women at large are of little consolation for our lack of resources to grow into men. The lack of male role models coupled with the crippling need to chase female approval result in the men we have post Superbad. Soft men, frantically concerned over female approval, substituting pussy for personal growth.

This is what society wants from men. You could say it’s wrong, it’s foul, it’s whatever superlative you want to insert here. However, this what society wants from men. A gang of insecure, immature men who want nothing more than the singing approval of a woman.

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190 thoughts on “What Happened To Coming Of Age Movies For Boys?”

  1. Hollywood presents a completely mythical portrayal of male-female dynamics. For example, how many movies have you seen where the nerdy beta herb gets the girl over the alpha tough guy by professing his undying love for his “One”? Any man with even an elementary understanding of game knows that it never plays out like this in the real world, but hapless simps internalize these messages and start believing that acting like Michael Cera will land them their dream girl. Then they go out and spit this embarrassing game, raising bitch shields everywhere and making it harder for the rest us to get laid.

    1. I totally agree except for the part about beta simps making it hard to get laid. The establishment of biblical debt slavery makes it hard. They give women a free pass to turn off her survival instincts. All she has left is endless status optimizing with her reproductive instincts, and she can never find a stable #1, can never retreat with her expectations. You must be a lie that she believes fulfills the lies of rewards from The Narrative or she is not attracted to you. For the few men who are in truth all she could ever want per The Narrative, she by definition is not enough given the endless flow of pussy that can’t age or get bossy. Yah, I said bossy.

      1. Now, why aren’t hot chicks lining up for such an amazingly smart male like yourself, when you’re clearly intelligent and connected to reality?
        It’s a mystery.
        Btw, I get the sneaking suspicion you don’t look like a young Brad Pitt. Am I right?

        1. I’ll admit, ya’ll called it. It was somehow much more entertaining to see that feminist try and fail to get a rise out of people, only to be ignored. They don’t listen to our logic anyway; per the lingo I picked up they just keep spinning their hamster-circular and nonsense logic.

    2. 100% agree.
      Like an idiot, I bought into all the Hollywood/Disney bullshit (as a little kid, I thought that girls were like Princess Jazmine in ‘Aladdin’ and were turned off by masculinity and wanted men to be whimpering simps) and it wasn’t until I discovered Roosh and Roissy (via Counter-Currents) that it hit home how 180-degrees wrong this was.

      1. quote:”Like an idiot, I bought into all the Hollywood/Disney bullshit (as a little kid, I thought that girls were like Princess Jazmine in ‘Aladdin’ and were turned off by masculinity and wanted men to be whimpering simps) ”
        Count me among the duped as well.

        1. Nah man, Aladdin was probably one of the most g’d up disney males. Dude was a hero even if he did try to impress a woman in the meantime.

      2. I took a writing class in LA, and the instructor explained that the reason that the nerd gets the girl in the movies is because movies are written by nerds.
        Wise, that.

      3. Not sure how Disney failed you… Every Prince in a Disney movie is the following:
        1) Good looking.
        2) Good physique.
        3) Defeating a villain (in other words kick ass).
        4) Not an asshole.
        Who are the whimpering simps in Disney movies?
        If anything Aladdin and Jasmine bonded because they were both rebellious and kind of snarky.

    3. I can think of only one exception to this rule – Bad Teacher – where Cameron Diaz advises the fat geek that he stand zero chance of getting the hot girl he’s hankering after. She wasn’t being horrible. She simply told him how things work. In my book that makes her good teacher if not necessarily an inspiring one. it also make it exactly the opposite of what every movie tells us. So we have Hollywood lying to both boys and girls encouraging them to believe the exact opposite of what is the case. Escapism is nice, but it has to be grounded in some semblance of truth.

      1. Does anyone rmemeber the B-Movie called “Loverboy” ? Another example of some geek getting the super hot beatches… as if..

    4. What’s even scarier is all the movies that are coming out where the guys just imagines the perfect girl and she just appears and loves him. This is the next step. Cut out any attempt to show how the interaction of landing a date occurs and just have people fantasise about what a perfect date would be like and have these guys vicariously through soft porn and fast food.

  2. Fantastic article Wycked.
    Stand By Me was one of those films that really affected me, and largely due to River’s powerful performance (no doubt he would be the best actor alive were he still around). It is as you say, an ode to true masculinity – solving problems, coming face to face with mortality, and importantly championing friendship and bonds forged through testing times.
    What is pussy next to that?

    1. Oh I know.
      Pussy is nothing. That’s why males like you literally spend their entire lives obsessing over what women do, how we live, what we wear, what we say, how to get attention from us, how to trick us into thinking you have worth. It doesn’t bother you at all women ignore you, I can tell.
      Old movies are clearly much more important to you.

  3. An injury had left me in a condition that even the top medical textbooks said would cause permanent damage, yet I’m living proof that some truths are still too well hidden. Why? It’s because one man CHOSE to sacrifice it all to prove the textbooks were wrong. It’s because of this man that I’m able to communicate again and walk normally. So much is possible, but it takes a great man like doctor mentioned in this video http://wp.me/p3P5mL-oo to challenge the ‘truths’ that are widely accepted. This is how the world is changed. The Perception Management Industry has an unlimited funding source. Your reader has chosen to believe that it is about the money for this industry. It is NOT about profit, it is about influence. Your reader should pay attention to out of print books from 100+ years ago. Why? That’s simple: Gain full understanding that this was all planned before our Grandparents were born. What happened? Boys become older boys that work fake ‘9 to 5’ jobs rather than earning leadership and power in the movie industry here around ‘Hollywood’ and taking the helm of the realms that fund this near perfect science. Science? Yes, the stuff we create here is more advanced than your reader is willing to believe. It has perfected the art of changing the course of global events. Your reader should know that his job, in most cases outside of the medical field, is a fake job that should be eliminated or outsourced soon. He should consider creating INFLUENCE by learning about the PMI which is beyond the comprehension level of those that have believed they are well educated. GREAT POST by the way… but just remember, it’s NOT ABOUT “What happened to…?” … It’s about you and anyone else that can stop being obsessed with the screen on the wall and the screen in his hand… then, related to your post, get out here and join me in CREATING the content that changes the course of global events. Unlimited funding exists for it, but your reader is too busy working for money instead of his true purpose.

  4. Go Galt guys, nothing to see here, move along.
    Men are not welcomed in the current culture, so might as well start living on your own terms and take a piss on society.

    1. I love hearing myself in someone else’s voice from someone else’s mind. I knew I wasn’t crazy. It’s just so damn rare I can relate to an outside opinion of societal relevance.

      1. There are two possible answers to this:
        -1:We are both crazy in the same way.
        -2:Great minds think alike. (meaning, there is only one optimal logical conlusion for every situation.)

        1. Or, how about:
          1. You’re both fat, ugly losers that nobody wants to fuck
          2. You don’t want to take responsibility for your failures, since males lack for nothing in the world
          When you snap, don’t go on a shooting spree at your local elementary school. Start with yourself. Thanks, bye.

        2. Optimal for whom? I know what you mean, but I put it out there. Ultimately, what is optimal for producers is what matters, and I think free men are the most productive. Thus, since production must be greater than consumption, in the long run, longer than our lives, there is an optimal among finite evolutionary choices working in small next steps. I reject the idea of crazy as opinion antithetical to the plurality of societal power, certainly during decline.

        3. dude your comment position about gave me a heart attack! i thought i wouldn’ see your insightful posts anymore.

    2. Oh, thank goodness you pointed out this basic truth!
      There was a study done and it found that males only have 70% of speaking parts in movies, and only write/direct 82% of movies. Not only that, they’re only 74% of Oscar voters!
      Males are so unwelcome that they suffer from lack of visibility in this way. Thank goodness brave souls like you get on the internet and point these things out!
      Above all, it’s not your fault nobody wants to fuck you. Go Galt! That will show all those bitches that reject you. It’s not your fault.

    3. Ironically for a forum about game, in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged novel, “going Galt” apparently means going without sex like the adult virgin John Galt. Then Galt gets lucky, if you could call it that, with a woman in her 30’s.
      In Rand’s other big novel, The Fountainhead, the adult virgin hero Howard Roark has to rape his employer’s hot daughter to punch his V card.
      At least the young male hero in Rand’s Anthem gets to shag a pretty teenage girl who has fallen in love with him; he has a developmentally appropriate first sexual relationship, in other words.
      But in general, given Rand’s portrayal of sexually unappreciated but worthy heroes, I can see why her novels appeal to geeky guys.

      1. You might also look at it as Roark and Galt being exceptional men, and knowing it, and not settling for just any piece of ass that came along.
        Don’t sell Rand short on this on such a narrow reading. After all, look at what she says about women. The positive women, no matter how accomplished or capable they may be, desire a strong, masculine man they can submit to and respect. The negative examples are all as shrill, manipulative, delusional, rationalizing, narcissistic, etc. as any manosphere writer might describe real, contemporary females.
        Heaven knows she ain’t perfect as a writer, philosopher, or human being, but she did get a hell of a lot of things spot-on right.

        1. Fair enough. I suppose you could argue that Rand portrayed assortative mating in an age when the successful white collar men often married their mentally mediocre secretaries instead of seeking more accomplished women for their wives.

        2. You made a great point about feminism being packaged inside the Objectivism; and seeing all she got right is still very important.
          I like to think that the occasional woman of Jewish ethnicity is a capable and reliable philosopher, very rarely, as with Ayn Rand and Esther Vilar, so long as it is IN THEORY. In their personal lives, AWALT, all women let their instinct-ruled emotions fuel the hamster and do the stupid destructive thing. Rand wore the pants in her marriage, enough to go outside of it sexually. No doubt Dagny Taggart in her sexual scenes was a projection of Ayn Rand the emotional woman not the detached philosopher. Even women who are towering intellectuals can NOT be objective in their own lives.
          I notice that James Woods, with maxed out IQ, goes for having a steady under-25 blonde girlfriend rather than getting hitched to a towering female intellectual. For personal use, in personal affairs, AWALT. Even though some very rare women are capable of professional praise, in personal dealings, AWALT, unless and until evolution makes a fundament change eons from now. That’s my public service message, and I approve of it. If elected, I will serve myself like usual.

      2. Hard as I tried, I could make it halfway through that boring pile of shit book Atlas Shrugged.

        1. Try reading it as science fiction.
          Oh, and skipping Galt’s Speech…you’ve already heard it a couple of times anyway if you’ve gotten that far.

      3. Wow, a male virgin who has to rape because women don’t want him?
        Strange why loser males would relate to that.

    4. No, you need to at least engage the system or the other side wins. There is a next generation of boys coming up and we have some responsibility to them. Even a smart-ass Facebook post about “ban bossy” is striking a blow. The way to Go Galt is not to buy their products but to make sure to trash them as loudly as possible, which is what I do.

      1. well said, there’s more than one way to fight the system, but if you’re outside, dropping out, or otherwise acting all alienated, you may end up having increasingly little influence on anything. Subvert, subvert, subvert

        1. Opting out is subversion. The system is not viable unless a large plurality of men completely buy into it.

        2. I would say MGTOW or not buying into the system is closer to non-cooperation. That’s been a quite successful tactic in its own right (e.g. Gandhi etc) so I’m not knocking it. But if you want to collapse a system through non-cooperation / non-engagement or whatever then that’s only going to work if that system is dependent on it. I’ve heard people say ‘don’t go to university’ on RoK – well that might be very sound advice, but universities could function perfectly well with only female staff / students – the science departments would be third-rate but they’d function just as well, and be just as influential. Feminism has the power it has because it laid siege to EVERY institution that it considered important.
          Every point must be fought. And most of those points will need to be won within those systems, unless we know those systems need men to function

        3. “And most of those points will need to be won within those systems, unless we know those systems need men to function”
          I disagree with this. Cultural institutions are ephemeral. They require constant tending and renewal or they collapse.
          The lynchpin in this system is men’s participation. Buy in. Investment of our energy, our innovation, our resources.
          If these are withdrawn, the system implodes. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen.
          And it will be glorious.

        4. I hope you are right. My point was that it may depend upon the system in question (as opposed to THE system). There are lots of female dominated professions for example – aren’t these systems even if they are part of an ecology / a chain of dependencies? Withdrawal, non-cooperation etc is not dissimilar to the general strikes, syndicalism etc of 20th century socialism – indeed feminism is not unlike those things itself. Also men tend to be the prime movers behind systems, but beyond that they often easy to maintain.
          The devil will always be in the detail

        5. My two cents. You can’t look a college in isolation. Men are necessary for societal relationships period. But to fight against the system directly and plainly is foolish, like taking a bus head on. Absolutely, getting out of the way is a good thing, but riding the bus if you can make it serve you is even better. The more freeloading the sooner the collapse. Get yours while you can. You want to be supplied and position for when the music stops, and anyway, enjoy the ride for itself. You only live once.

        6. Right, but I think you are still grossly understating the importance of men’s continued participation to the status quo.
          Everything, literally everthing, women, children and incapacitated men do is dependent on assent of men. Their very existence rides on men’s application or non-application of violence. Militaries, paramilitaries, cops, enforcers: white knights.
          Cultural institutions, man-created artifices, are even more vulnerable. Without male participation, they eventually become irrelevant and die off.
          Ever wonder why feminists are so fascinated with “patriarchy?” They instinctually recognize and fear this condition of innate existential helplessness. (Only the cleverer ones, like Camille Paglia, are able to articulate it, however. The rest simply spew resentful, toxic garbage.)
          Women, like children, do not have power. Instead, they rely on powerful men to willingly ally themeselves by creating and enforcing social conventions.
          When conditions change, social conventions change. And, like in any complex system, there’s no guarantee this process will be linear or well-ordered.

        7. I’m not questioning our centrality to things or doubting that things would fall apart if collectively we dropped out, shut down, or otherwise put a spanner in the works. But I do think trying to do that prematurely, in the wrong way, and particularly in an insufficiently planned or focussed way will be counter-productive. One of the big themes in the manosphere is the white knight, the male quislings, but not only the feminist patrons and protectors but also those men are simply in bed with the system, or happily jogging along without really caring one way or another (presumably because they haven’t been sufficiently shafted yet).
          Those men, who are the vast majority at the moment, are not on board, and more than many are of course actively mis-aligned with us. If we withdraw or drop out, they or women will take our places, and in doing so will consolidate their positions further. In that scenario – insofar as ‘we’ represent ‘men’s interests – our position is arguably weakened and the system continues having purged itself of discontents.
          The basic analysis then is fine – men are the lynchpins – we both agree. But the ‘how’ is another story. if the metaphor were one of ‘going on strike’ then these men – the patrons, protectors & supporters of feminism – would always be scabs.
          Alternatively – since we’re a bit off topic – we might consider how we were to relate to a film industry that is producing films that we don’t like. For a start we can boycott those films, or the studios that make them (pretty conventional tactics). We could also finance films we think should get made (e.g. crowd-sourcing etc). Or we could make films ourselves, and offer them as alternatives. All those options are valid, but still in many ways the simplest thing to do is simply to get inside hollywood through whichever means in exactly the same way that those persky vultural marxists have done. That is compete.
          i think this is about the ‘how’ than anything else

        8. “You want to be supplied and position for when the music stops”
          Sounds pretty sensible. A little way to go though

        9. Feminists never admit anything though. They can run on empty…feminism is a perpetual motion machine of victimhood and bad science

        10. “But I do think trying to do that prematurely, in the wrong way, and
          particularly in an insufficiently planned or focussed way will be
          Let’s not kid ourselves. You and I have no control over this situation. We are drops in a maelstrom.
          What is clear to me is that the rug has been pulled out from under the prevailing social contract. Atomize the family, alienate the assenters, and you usher in an era of creative destruction. This is where we are. The decision tree has branched, there is no backtracking to find the “right way,” as you put it.
          Instead, there is an very interesting future to look forward to.
          The MGTOW ethos is simply recognizing this and preparing for it to the best of one’s abilities.
          The question of art is interesting. It seems that certain works are touchstones or catalysts for regime change. For whatever reason, they capture the zeitgest and resonate, twisting and shaking its structure. How this happens is a mystery to me. But I don’t think it requires much money. How much did Das Kapital cost?

        11. What we can’t change are the underlying economic realities, namely the expansion of the labour force and widening of the consumer base that feminism, and much so called progressivism reflects. However to even say that smacks of the kind of historical determinism / historical materialism of Marx, which you refer to, perhaps not coincidentally.
          What we can change may depend on the above – I often think that that MGTOW pessimism, if it can be called that, is based upon the same kind of deterministic outlook that casts ‘change’ etc as ‘progressive’. Even neo-reactionarism is happy to define itself against progressivism, accepting its terms even as it seeks to resist. And when it comes to the ‘hidden hand’ theories, these are the most disabling of all, regardless of their basis in reality.
          I do think the zeitgeist is fickle, not a straightforward expression of the underlying productive forces or whatever. I don’t think we are necessarily as helpless as
          you think. If there is a runaway train, there are lot of things that can be done: you can climb into the cabin, cosh the driver and take over; you can slam the breaks on, switch tracks (with help) or maybe increase throttle and jump the rails. It may not be necessary or desirable to buy up the train company.
          Personally I favour increasing speed rather seeking to reverse course, which may be physically and psychologically impossible. Since the internet things happen fast. It just takes an idea to get hold, go viral, and do its work, and what seems impossible now may be very achievable. Viral ideas / campaigns, combined with elective non-co-operation / secession – e.g. not dating american women, while focussing fire on the white knight betas may be very effective ‘depending on how they are done’. Feminism in particular is almost entirely dependent upon effectively policing what can be legitimately said within public discourse. What we say here could not be said within academic discourse for instance. Break through that, and you have a revolution in itself, because it would enter the media and the legal system
          Re. the rug being pulled out from under the prevailing social contract … I agree, but I notice also how carefully you’ve phrased that.

        12. Where you see a runaway train, I see a stalled airliner disintegrating and tumbling to meet the earth.
          I don’t perceive this outlook as being fatalistic, as you suggest, but rather as an anticipation of the natural consequence of building an unprecedentedly top-heavy, fragile society… then radically, cooercively altering its core foundational incentives.
          Failure is inevitable. Exactly how it fails is anyone’s guess, but you certainly don’t want to get crushed under the falling debris.
          What comes next is very ugly.
          At that point, the “Cathedral” and “cultural marxism” will be about as relevant to everyday people’s lives as the Ancient Hanseatic Guild or the Inti Cult.
          “Who are they? Righto. I’ll trade you my sister for a lighter.”

      2. That Ban Bossy thing is off the charts absurd. I think their will be some blowback on this. I read the comments on Ban Bossy YOUTube vid and nearly all were negative and mocking it. Lots of folks were on the free speech don’t ban speech angle…

    5. I think to myself, what is it I want from life. What are the things that make me happy and content. What challenges my spirit, my soul, my body and mind.
      It doesnt have a hole between its legs. Or need a diaper.

      1. Unfortunately your mother has a hole between her legs, and unfortunately, you came out of it.
        I hope she’s ashamed of what she’s done.

  5. My favorite coming of age stories were by S.E Hinton. ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘Rumble Fish’ were great books that I read multiple times when I was growing up. Movies were pretty good too with ‘Rumble Fish’ being the better of the two.
    As for a modern film that I thought is pretty good, I’d go with ‘Almost Famous’ which is based on Cameron Crowe’s teenage gig with Rolling Stone. Shows the journey of a naïve kid covering his idols of rockstars and attractive women with him ultimately scratching below the glossy surface to expose these worshiped beings inner flaws.

    1. SE Hinton was a woman.
      FFS. Males are getting fucking stupider and stupider, aren’t they? You’re so deluded you literally have disconnected from all of reality. Then we wonder why the world is so messed up.

    2. I dimly remember ‘the outsider’. I seem to recall disliking all the ‘pony boy’ angst. There was something quite feminine about it.

      1. And I seem to remember it was my vaguely feminist lady teacher who chose the novel too.

  6. Very thoughtful post. This part struck me:
    “When boys are shunted herded into nothing more than pursuing their base,
    deeply-rooted biological impulses but stripped of violent masculine agency to counter violent feminine agency, they exist as nothing more than
    caricatures of men – an all too easily mocked segment of society.”
    I don’t think it is possible for a man to rape his wife. To wrongly assault with or without sex, sure, but not of the sex itself. That is all a woman has to justify her eating and taking up space in a man’s world, the societal world he creates despite her nature.
    Along that line of thought, since we men don’t have our own patriarch or institution of marriage, I don’t think extracting the only female value certain to a man to recover compensation (inevitably only partially, as a man is productive and a woman is virtually never) or even to make use of a hostile resource is rape. My point is that men are never raped by women unless they are subjugated and raped by other men, an alien patriarchy, that delegates power to women to do their bidding.
    There is no such violation called rape without law and order, but I don’t give my consent on the inside to be raped per a law and order alien to my welfare. Many of us did, not knowing, having been brainwashed as boys. We had to unplug as men.
    What the original post alludes to is wanton rape, starting with rape of the noble masculine mind (that builds a man’s world above the animals) while it is defenseless and forming to learn itself. Fundamental first rape on boys en masse is an act of war. The women conditioning by young experience to do it are calibration hardened and no good for voluntary interaction. Rape is only a crime in one direction or the other as governance can enforce. Conquest is the foundation of building.
    For me PUAs means Patriarchs United Again. There is and will forever be just around the corner a time and a place for everything. Remember the pain of having your value stripped from you and you will know what to do and when to do it. If there is ever a vacuum of law and order, it is not illegal to fill it with your masculinity and to create a constructive order of brotherly love. Those who are a cancer to voluntary cooperation among productive individuals are a disease once not an evolutionary throwback to more primitive times. I am better than that. Are you?

  7. The Perception Management Industry has an unlimited funding source.
    Your reader has chosen to believe that it is about the money for this
    industry. It is NOT about profit, it is about influence. This has
    blinded him to the fact that money is in UNLIMITED supply, it’s coming
    from somewhere to fund projects that lose money.

    Does this explain why teh Pr0n on teh Interwebz is widely available for free, yet is still being produced on a daily basis? Is the entire Pr0n industry being propped up by those who wish to influence society with their unlimited supply of $?

  8. Another movie that could qualify as a good coming of age tale for men and boys, would be “October Sky.” Movies like these are indeed too rare.

    1. Yes, I wish males would be given a voice in movies. We just don’t see them anywhere.
      I will whine about this until women pay attention and want to fuck me. That should work.

  9. If you’re looking to modern American entertainment as a way to model yourself in becoming a man after a rite of passage, I have got news for you: It’s the entertainment industry; Hollywood does not care about creating movies that help boys become men. They care about making money based on the value of the entertainment. Take modern television, movies, and books for what it is worth: A few hours of entertainment. Learn your true life lessons from your own personal experiences, experiences of close friends and family. Or even go out and find a mentor from those who have lived in an era where picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving on after you’ve accepted your consequences was seen as the norm and not another comeback story that America tries to portray as a rags to riches tearjerker.

    1. That’s funny since 80% of directors are male. Who do you have to blame, dear?

    2. 100% agree. It’s not a complete hopeless situation. One of the best ways to do this is to take up an active competitive sport, look at past role models to emulate, train in traditional martial arts, and/or to immerse oneself in historical stories of past great men in the fields of politics, war, art and science. However, the first thing to do is disconnect from the Hollywood nonsense and social conditioning garbage out there.

  10. If ‘The Sandlot’ were made today, the scene at the pool would end with Squints being taken to jail for the sexual assault of Wendy Peffercorn,

  11. the last movie over the last 20 years I can think of that was about a boy becoming a man and not a a joke of one is “Secondhand Lions”. I should note that both “Secondhand” and Stand by Me” are set in time periods when the definition of what a man was had not yet been obliterated by both the media and the law.

  12. Very good article, Wickulus. Hollywood now wants to cater to the feminine audience, or to other demographics. Exploring real male coming of age or development is not not permitted. Masculininty, by its very nature, challenges the androgynous orthodoxy that they want to cram down our throats.

        1. Seconded. I don’t approve of banning rank-and-file men from doing anything for institutional order when that order could simply delete any offensive comments. Lame that the she-troll has been able to deposit so much crap with eye-catching success. Anyway, I believe there are funded trolls. It is that egregious at times. Why does not common sense not lead to its summary deletion?

      1. Taking care of it, though of course said troll could create a new account and come right on back.
        Just keep calm and carry on, remember the sites rules; Do Not Reply To Women, even if it’s most likely a mangina G.I.R.L. (guy in real life).

    1. TV series are even worse. The only manly TV series allowed nowadays seem to be those where the men are damaged (Breaking Bad, True Detective).

    2. This isn’t a coming of age film. It was made in the 40’s and looks like it takes place in the 30’s but it shows that pussy whipped henpecked pyjama boys have always been around and what usually happens to them. There was censorship in films so they had to be subtle about things but the girl, who is pretty hot, was apparently a model but is now some sort of prostitute since she fell in love with the thug (of course lol) who is a pimp type. Even in these old fashioned films you can see that nothing is new in the world and betas have always been around. Watch it and learn some game :o)

  13. Fellow readers, there is a girl at work who is pretty but looks unapproachable and weird. If I weren’t so busy pursuing other girls, I would talk to her more to see where things would lead. What do you guys think of her? Fun? Approachable? Worth the time? No sugar coating, we here at ROK are against that.

    1. >If I weren’t so busy pursuing other girls, I would talk to her more to see where things would lead.
      Just do it. The fact that you took the time to write this post tells me you’re a faggot.

      1. My Troll Radar is sending off strong signals on this clown. Two similar posts over two days with pics of girls.
        I think we are being trolled. Dont respond to this douche anymore.

        1. I am not trolling. I would like to know if the wise folks of ROK deem this girl worthy of pursuing. That is all. Calm down.

        2. Just put your cock inside her. That is my wisdom for you. Fuck her and then think about it after.

    2. Come on Dylan. Did you really just post pics of some chick your into on ROK comment section for approval from other men? Do you really need validation from people you will never see or meet? Do what you want to do. Don’t waste your time or mine with this kind of insecure bullshit.
      I assume you are still a pup, agewise. I’m telling you kindly because I am sure you are too young and naive to know the difference. I’m sure others will probably rip your ass and call you a beta simp omega white knight whatever the fuck.
      Dude just be independent and make your own decisions.

    3. you clearly don’t get what return of kings is all about. focus on yourself. this girl farts, craps, picks her nose and is as gross as anything you’ve done. by even asking this question about this mediocre girl, you don’t get it yet. you’re time should be focused on other things. this girl and all others will fall before you after you get your shit together. by focusing on crap like this it gives her power, not you

    4. Yeah I’m sure you’re “busy pursuing other girls.” Is that what we’re calling porn addiction nowadays?
      Go ahead and do it. She’ll reject you like all other women do, and it’s your fault it happens because you’re a loser.

    5. 1. This post is SOOO BETA
      2. I’d do her
      3. I’d approach her cuz most times I don’t care what women think about me(as I am a man) so I don’t care about getting rejected. The only woman I ever take seriously is my mother. If you get rejected, most guys aren’t gonna hate on you cuz at least you tried.
      4. I’m black so any attractive white woman to me is approachable cuz u know they kind of expect it.
      5. I’d say she’s worth the time, if she is single that is.
      6. If you are even thinking about her, chances are you are not pursuing other girls so no need to lie to the ROK community.

    6. Well your first mistake is thinking you would like to talk to her more to “see where things would lead.”. Never let a woman determine the outcome. ASSUME the sale, and don’t hinge it on what SHE does. Where it leads is up to YOU. If she doesn’t want to join, shrug it off as no problem and find another one who will.
      When you “talk” to them, most women are a grave disappointment. I walked up to a girl once, said nothing, held out my hand, she took it…. we went to the dance floor and were making out within 60 seconds. No words exchanged. Also got a bj in an elevator once. Never spoke a word to them.
      If you want it to lead to sex, you don’t “talk” to women or take them to “restaurants”….. you put your dick in them.

    7. Why even fucking bother? She’s has that cunty look about her. Why do this to yourself? If the approach is to strictly hit it and quit it, then yeah, but a HELL TO THE NO in terms of a long term relationship with her. RoK pretty much has an unspoken rule which you are about to encroach upon, which is to test the waters with American woman. Not even first generation but an American woman! A no go son.

    8. if she passes the proverbial Roosh boner test, then the only thing you need to discover about this woman is how good she is in bed… and you can only do that by getting her in bed…. once you’ve done that the game (at least for a short time) is all on your side…. within 1-2 months of sleeping with her, her long con game will kick in and then you’ll be best to bail…

    9. Dylan, don’t waste your time. This one looks like a miserable cunt who will hit the wall sooner than most women do. Look at her eyes, she’s miserable to the core. Nice cosmetic application, there. Probably has skin drier than the Sahara desert.. Look at those teeth, she should see a dentist asap. Her eyes tell me that she has an ugly spirit, dude. Your best bet is to fuck her and run like a hyena. This one is a soul drainer. You know ’em when you see ’em.

  14. Great piece! Would it help if we followed it up with a list of first-rate coming-of-age films for boys?
    The ’80s was a great time for this. The “Brighton Beach” trilogy, “The Flamingo Kid,” “The Karate Kid,” “Back to School” (don’t laugh, it has a message), “The Last American Virgin,” “Diner” (sort of), “Footloose,” “Can’t Buy Me Love…” And let’s not forget TV’s great “Wonder Years.”

  15. Stand By Me is a great movie, I remember watching it as a 10-12 year old, definitely a very good movie for that age group.
    There was also the TV series Wonder Years, which was pretty good and healthy.
    Television isn’t going to make anyone a man though. The problem is that there is no masculine activities going on with most men. What does the current man do? He goes to work as a cubicle slave, drinks beers and watches pro-sports, if he is even worse then he is a hipster.
    In the past, rite of passage things could include being invited to go on a hunting trip with his male relatives which would do ten times more for a boy, learning about death, how food actually comes around, camping in the wilderness, observing men being men without women around, being part of an all male group etc.
    Or it could be spending your sunday afternoons fixing the car or motorcycle with your dad.
    Going to work with dad in a real job, watching him flirt with women, how he takes pride in work ethic and his identity as a professional.
    Joining a high school sports team is probably the best rite of passage for a young man now.

    1. “Joining a high school sports team is probably the best rite of passage for a young man now.”
      Note the growing trend in defunding (title IX) or sex integrating men’s high school and college teams. It’s not just sports. All settings conducive to normal male socialization are sought out and eliminated through “equalist” appeals and moral panic.

    1. Is that a real ad campaign? I am in favor of Universal Health Insurance (what in the rest of the world we call… “Health Insurance”), but this campaign is idiocy of the highest level. What Douglas Adams would think of these ad people? Far away from “Mad Men”, it seems.

  16. “height of a man’s experience is heterosexual coitus”
    which is why it’s nonsensical that fems shriek about wanting to be valued fr their skills or brains (hah!) but when men stand up for themselves to these harpies they say “that’s why you ain’t gettin no pussy.”
    why is a man’s value hinged upon women’s sexual attraction to him?

    1. “Why is a man’s value hinged upon women’s sexual attraction to him?”
      It isn’t. It’s just what they want you to think.
      As soon as you realize that it isn’t, you can point and laugh in their face

      The problem with women who want to be “valued for their skills and brains” is they have no concept of what that even means. I could tear it apart and break it down for an hour, but the FIRST problem with that, is that they don’t have skills or brains, and don’t even value other people who do.

      1. I am nearly the contrarion on this one. The short version: a man’s value does not hinge on female attraction, but female attraction does gauge the feral masculine attributes, and the possession of political empowerment by adequate analogy, very well indeed.
        Women is the perfect gauge of man on what I call lower masculinity. Women detect men who lack agency on a very tight and harsh curve, but they are damn great at it. That does not mean we kiss their inferior asses, but they do correctly rate the foundational strength of character and emotion necessary for a man to be masculine and more than a woman, whether as bad boys or civilized men. Post-modern beta builders of masta’s civilization are inferior to the lowly women they pedastalize by conditioned consent. That much is accurate. If men hinge their value on women, they are lower by definition. It is the men that hinge and order societal relationships. Only men are cultural beings.

        1. While it’s true woman THINKS she can sniff out a “good man”… or the “right man”, or a “alpha/beta”…. they are wrong and make terrible choices more than they are RIGHT.
          While I am (personally) not the example, I have made women do a total about-face and stagger in disbelief when I hammer something out on a piano, or start talking to someone in another language …… after they think they “know” me.
          A man can quite easily dupe women because none is easier to manipulate than a manipulator. And that’s what “game” sort of is (just like the video above deconstructs). It’s a beta putting on Alpha gear and hoping a woman spreads for it. But it also works in reverse, where I might just sit down and play 16 bars of Rachmaninov and their pussies are wet with zero effort.
          So it really doesn’t matter, because when all is said and done they are “great” at nothing…. and I’ve consistently been more right about THEM then they have been about ME, I can tell you that.

        1. Right up there the top ten. But it’s important to note that one mustn’t discount “game” entirely. There is a difference between “playing games” and playing THE game. THE game can be fun and brings some spice and humor and back and forth to an otherwise drab and uninteresting interaction.
          Sadly, flirting is a lost art and women have become complete shit at it. But thats an essay for another day.
          While I was never a David DeAngelo fan (or endorser), there are a handful of useful tidbits I recall reading. Heartiste is also enjoyable to read. But fundamentally – down to it’s core – this video sums it up beautifully.

        2. ” flirting is a lost art and women have become complete shit at it” – thank god people are waking up to this. It’s so sad to see one of life’s pleasures go down the tubes like it has.

    2. Hey kid, don’t worry about women especially if you’re attractive. Pussy comes to those who don’t seek it, but instead seek money. You’re young, focus on yourself! Graduate college (major in a STEM subject preferably engineering), get a job and/or go to grad school. Fuck game, what use is game if you don’t have any assets? Do you want to be a broke motherfucker wasting his time pursuing used pussy? Worry about number 1 first and foremost. Women move quick because they have to, because they have a short time to land a top dog, their time is roughly from 15-30 and our nanny state government has already docked them three years of their prime in the marketplace. Men have a much longer period on top from roughly 21-55. Brad Pitt can walk into any fucking bar in the world at 50 years old and slay 18 year olds all day, Madonna? Only if she paid. Worry about yourself first.

  17. when women have out of wedlock births at 40% (average all races. much higher in particular races), over 50% divorce rate how many young men do you think were raised by men now? we’ve given women so much power it’s denigrated men into nothing more than a wallet through alimony, child support, or taxes to pay for women’s failures. that’s what’s happened to boys. started in the 70s with no fault divorce, no shaming of women being sluts and getting knocked up without marriage and sucking off men’s work. the boys and other kids just became a pay check for women to continue to act like over grown children and continues to this day. no responsibility for anything and that’s what’s happened. men are lost and conditioned to be white knights to work for women’s failures. Time to teach young men their single or divorced mothers may not or have ever grown up or know what in the hell they’re doing or talking about.

    1. i think the real rot started after WW2, because so many women were left without husbands that being a single mom became acceptable by default… that was never corrected so here we are nearly 100 years later still trying to fix the problem…..
      now it goes so deep that marriage, family even a basic LTR is so stifling and tedious that it barely counts as a sensible option, unless you have a corporate lobotomy and dream of coming home to some fat ugly wife and unruly kids.

  18. Mud was damn good. This site could actually use a couple of articles based off of what it says.

    1. Mud? Beside the bit about the kid being a raging white knight who rushed to defend the fair maiden no less than 3? times.

    1. Another “hetero white taxpayer sacrifices himself for a minority” movie? *YAWN*
      How bout no.

    2. Clint got completely screwed for Best Actor on that one. Who won it that year (2008)? Oh, right, Sean Penn for playing a pederast faggot in “Milk”. Gotta love the “PC” crowd…

      1. Oh yeah he did. Just like Al Pacino got screwed a couple of times too. Hollywood prides itself on giving awards to anti-establishment and anti-hetero films.

        1. Technically speaking, they’re not anti-establishment, given as the establishment is anti-male.

        2. Yes. And Pacino not winning for either “The Godfather” 1 or 2, “Serpico” or “Dog Day Afternoon” were thefts, period.

  19. men are being infantalised by this society, so why would there be any kind of coming of age movies for boys, when we are not supposed to come of age. The trend is towards matriarchy, and as such the operative metaphor will become mother and son in terms of relations between the sexes. As such we can expect our culture to increasingly teach us how to be good sensitive boys, whose sexuality will be arrested through encouragement of masturbatory rather than genuinely goal-oriented pursuits. Our first kill will be in call of duty, and our first lay will be in porn.

    1. The matriarchy forces you to play Call of Duty and watch porn!
      It’s not your fault. Please, call up the female-controlled Congress, White House, media, and international governments and express your dismay.
      It’s not your fault. Nothing is your fault! Feminists force you to be a loser virgin that jerks off to porn and plays video games.
      If you work really hard, maybe one day there will be a male president. Or maybe one day women will have rights in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Smash the matriarchy!

  20. Indiana Jones movies would totally FAIL today.
    30 years ago, Harrison Ford was as a huge movie star and his characters were a real “hero” in every sense of the word. Today the feminist / Hollywood machine would never even allow a man to be PORTRAYED that way. The
    Ever seen this commercial:

    Carefully constructed to cast fugly, nerdy , geeky and stupid men for the purpose of trying to make Jennifer Anniston more attractive. Take away her hair, and she would look like Chinnifer Manniston, but they DELIBERATELY pick the biggest cultural rejects , herbs, and betas to make her “sexy”.
    She even sells this product by kicking one of them in the balls for laughs. Nerdy guy walks up to her and says” Jennifer Anniston oh my God, I have been in love with you since…..” and she hoofs him in the crotch , he falls to the ground, and this violence is what that over-the-hill cunt uses to endorse a product??
    Ever see a beer commercial where a woman gets kicked in the tits?
    What the fuck did he even do wrong anyway? He told her he was in love with her and that’s an acceptable reaction from a woman?

    1. Have you seen the recent AT&T commercial with the four women realtors; the female sales person and the one cowering “man” in the background?
      It is sickening to watch.

      1. I haven’t and don’t rwant to. I see right through that crap, called up Time Warner and told them exactly why I don’t want their piece of shit service anymore. Cancelled TV years ago, and absolutely refuse to give them A DIME of my money.
        When they call every 3-6 months to try and sell me a cable TV package or upgrade, I actually tell them to fuck off directly. “No. And never fucking call me again. When I want your shitty service I will call you. Which will be fucking never. ” Click. It’s awesome. I recommend every guy speaks to big businesses like that.
        But please post the link for others…..

    2. Another brilliant comment, tom. Just saw the whole video commercial. Women culturally having license to kick men in the nuts, let’s just say I would beat a woman and face to cops before accepting that treatment.
      I will never buy smartwater (stupid name). What I want people to understand is that money is not the sole motive here. Power is the motive. These companies are de facto part of a trust with a political brainwashing agenda. The money is spread around to prop up the propaganda and profits where they like. I surmise the numerous institutions: government, NGOs, corporations, schools, charities—effectively a giant trust like what Rockefeller and railroad barons did during the Gilded Age. It works like the world’s fiat money all inflate in harmony via the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights ‘currency’. Smart those ethnic bean counters.

      1. You can sell a woman anything – even fucking WATER if you can convince her she will be “smarter” if she drinks it – and if you belittle a man in the process, they will run out and buy a case of it. Shape the bottle like a penis? Even wetter.

    3. Awesome comment as always, Tom. One of the first eassys that turned me on to red pill knowledge and the manosphere was ‘The Misandry Bubble’. It also brought to attention how much masculine role models have been eroded nowadays. For anyone who missed it, this essay is a must read:
      Good old Indiana Jones. I loved those movies as a kid. You are right, men nowadays can only be portrayed as maladapted losers, or total scum.

        1. Thanks. Made it myself. 15 mins in Photoshop. Im doing a HD desktop, iPhone, iPad complete set of them. Cracking myself up.

        2. Now all I have to do is email that to the SmartWater® cunts and that should put the word “misandry” in the fucking dick-tionary.

  21. I completely agree with you. “Stand By Me” was an excellent coming-of-age movie, and there isn’t anything out there like it. Everything from commercials to TV shows to movies portrays men as weak and women as superior. In fact, that “Salt” movie with AJP was completely preposterous. A 95 pound woman beating up men and being thrown into walls and not being injured at all? Give me a break.

    1. Of course Salt was originally written with a male protagonist in mind, and Tom Cruise was supposed to play the part. I think it says a great deal about the androgyny of modern characterisation that when he messed around, they simply took that part and gave it to a woman. It begs the questions whether our heroes / heroines are really supposed to be gendered in any real way if they can be viewed as interchangible in this way.
      Its interesting also that Hollywood often prefers to put females in male parts (e.g. Starbucks became a woman in Battlestar Galactica) rather than creating something new for whichever sex

  22. Remember in Superbad the portrayal of the females the nerds were chasing? Think it was Emma Stone . So the dudes were portrayed as off the chart dorks and of course the gals were together, cool, smart and “normal”….

  23. i admit i fell for this bs and resulted in me being an adult virgin which led me to roosh. we treat sex like a dopamine rush of a toy instead of doing whats important. its no wonder were not considered men but guys.

  24. “Manhattan Story” directed by and starring DeNiro is a great coming of age flick.
    Also check out all films directed by Sam Peckinpaugh e.g The Getaway , Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Wild Bunch….. Peckinpaugh was an uber alpha in the old school…

  25. QUOTE: “This is what society wants from men. You could say it’s wrong, it’s foul, it’s whatever superlative you want to insert here. However, this what society wants from men. A gang of insecure, immature men who want nothing more than the singing approval of a woman.”
    Sums up perfectly what happens to young boys growing up in today’s gynocracy. Ecellent article.

  26. Interesting argument, but I think you are comparing apples-to-oranges. First, as a counterpoint to your thesis, watch “Mud”, released, I think last year. Similar to “Stand by me” in attitude, or anyhow, a world apart from “Superbad”.
    Superbad btw, is far more comparable to “Porky’s” than “Stand by me” — as it focuses on nerdy dudes trying hard to get laid…
    That said, there is little doubt that much of current TV/film is PC, and feminist in tone. Though comparing “Stand by me” w/ “Superbad” does not seem to work.

  27. A legitimate boy’s coming of age movie that doesn’t end in gayness, transsexuality or super-feminine househusbandry would be hard pressed to run the gauntlet of the social matrix today. Anything indicating that there is value in the development of masculine values and virtues as defined classically goes completely against the narrative.
    The only way it would pass today is for the characters to start and finish as a caricature of Woody Allen. You know, minus the accusations.

  28. Straight white gentiles following traditions and transitional periods into manhood. Producing actual MEN? Hah silly goyim.
    We’ll make movies teaching women how to be better men before we let that happen.

    1. On a personal note, I even had this weird nightmare where I accidentally found Hitler’s lair in Hell and saw him, gloating and poking fun at your ilk’s expense, “Sure, I didn’t kill them, but I managed to get them acting like me.”
      Nevermind the fact that England taught the rest of Mainland Europe anti-Semitism, the “Blood Libel” false accusation as per King Stephen, went Medieval on your ilk during The Crusades, appeased Hitler, declared the media as its “Fourth Estate”, and used two World Wars as political leverage to continue Palestine’s real status as a British colony, to name a few.
      PS: Mastema wants to say “Hi”.

  29. It’s true there isn’t much media today that shows a healthy perspective on what it means to be a man. I think the last TV show that really did a good job of that and drilling home the importance of “actions have consequences” and the importance of responsibility and self-sacrifice was Babylon 5. There’s some damn fine performance in that show. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

    That last video above to me stands in stark contrast to the everyday interactions men and women seem to have in media these days. It probably shouldn’t be a shock that the actress isn’t from this country but Eastern Europe. It’s actually rather interesting to watch the show again now that I’ve been reading the manosphere for the past year now. I see certain things in a different light now.
    Probably the best part of the show was that the writer hated college and took shots at academia and the news media whenever he could (he was a journalist before he was a writer). The show was ahead of its time, and in a lot of ways the events in the show mirror what’s been gradually happening in the US today.

  30. I grew up in a some what similar fashion as the story-line depicts. We lived in a suburb bordered by hills in Northern California. We would fill backpacks full of food and water to last a summer day in 80-100 degree heat. We rarely had a plan, we just went. No video games, phones or I-Pads. Snakes, frogs, creeks, fish, cows, bulls, naps in tall green grass, trees, springs and being with your best friends.
    The next day we might play baseball, then back up in the hills.

  31. Only Boomers were able to make real films because they were still brought up in a real world. Even if the film maker was older you can still see the Boomer influence in the good films. The so called ‘greatest generation’ (just a term some newsman made up in the 80’s and people repeated) were a bunch of betas. Most of you are just too young to know them or if you did it was your grandpappy when he was old and had changed from his young self in to some mellow old man; and also just the fact that kids will always rebel against their parents and think they suck. You’re just ignorant of the facts. It was that “greatest generation” who were brought up during the 30’s depression and when communism, Marxism, and socialism were big. Many of those agitators in the 60’s were older people (Boomers were barely teens then) and besides Boomers were from the Cold War anti-commie period.
    Here’s a song from Boomer Cat Stevens from when he was young and his mangina daddy at the beginning of the song is giving him crap advice about getting married and settling down and sort of forgetting his dreams. By the end of the song he just sings he has to go away and forget all of this omega crap his father is trying to brainwash him with. So think a Boomer for any freedom you have today and obviously don’t appreciate and are too much of a pyjama boy to pass on.

    1. I was watching that video again and was thinking that Cat Stevens was one of these sensitive guys at the time but by today’s wimpy standards he’d be like a macho alpha man lol

    2. And let’s note that Boomers gave us great classics such as EXORCIST, GODFATHER and GODFATHER PART II, STRAW DOGS, WILD BUNCH, and other great films from the 70s and 80s. While I do believe that the Golden Age of Hollywood is indeed the Golden Age, and I do have favorites of the modern era which I consider truly great (THE DARK KNIGHT, INCEPTION and the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy), the New Hollywood era and the early blockbusters (STAR WARS, JAWS, EXORCIST, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) could be considered the Second Golden Age of Hollywood.

  32. Seriously, if you want ar$e badly, there is always some available slag to put out. There are so many other things in this life than being a slave to your cock. A true alpha gets on with his life, interests, career etc.. and never ever gets into a muddle over some piece. Most Woman are like buses, you miss the 8.45am, the next one is at 9.00am, and so on.

  33. Women and today’s media won’t permit a real boys to men movie?
    So what?
    Make one and put it on the web.
    Today’s media is already dead.

  34. Hollywood is built 100% on lies, leftism, feminism and all out Marxism. Now there are some gems like “True Detective” but these are a needle in a haystack. The ridiculousness of it all is too much to bare at times. “The attractive girl in her prime leaves the rich guy for the begging beta simp.” “The mom is the sole breadwinner and is perfectly happy that her husband is a stay at home dad, and they have great and meaningful sex.” “An attractive woman basing her attraction to a guy’s open big liberal heart instead of his wallet, looks, character and dick.” “Men getting slapped by their bitch wives and doing nothing about it, and thus normalizing that behavior amongst the audiences.” Maybe out of consideration for the egos of women, does Hollywood hide truth. I mean if women saw their real behavior on the silver screen, what woman wouldn’t feel even the slightest shame for having been a woman? But Hollywood has an agenda, and it’s agenda doesn’t involve you or me.

  35. “However, this what society wants from men. A gang of insecure, immature men who want nothing more than the singing approval of a woman.”
    Look what Society freely chose (twice) for its leaders. Obama and Biden, males who never became men. Can’t become men. The most powerful political male on the planet had no dad present, and knows nothing in life except submission to females, individually and collectively.
    A good article.

  36. So, this is just another reason to iCulture. Sometimes it takes an article of faith…but, you men have to believe me, this media apparatus is already a dinosaur, indeed, its a real life zombie. I think people are so wound-up in their addictions (media being one of them) and that’s why they’re having trouble making this inevitable and logical next step. But, its there, and if the MM wants to start making significant change then iCulture and, thanks to snl and others, as we continue to go mainstream, someone will start making “Stand by me” type movies again. You say…impossible. I say, stop thinking in the past. You don’t need multi-million dollar studio’s to produce commercial grade content, heck, “The Blair Witch Project” budget is estimated as low as $20,000 and that was in 1999. Moreover, “Stand by me” are four boys walking in the woods? Editing, cameras, soundtracks…etc…come on people, its not that hard.

  37. if this site had/has a greatest posts section, I’d nominate this one to be in the top catagory

  38. My personal favorite “coming of age” movies:
    1. Batman Begins
    2.The Last Samurai
    3. Training Day
    4. Jarhead
    5.Taxi Driver

  39. American History X I think is the best film that I can think of that shows a teenager growing into a man (Furlong’s character) but also how a man is willing to change and to become a better man (Norton’s characters). A much more recent film is The Spectacular Now which is basically about a teenager coming to grips with his absentee father, his own alcohol abuse and to stop pushing away those that love him. But yeah, I agree….overall, the ‘coming of age’ genre has become a parody of what it used to be with a real message of personal growth…

  40. I agree with this entire post. Boys need to learn that manhood is not something that can be so easily obtained. Where is s the movie that shows the joy of a traditional family with a father, mother, and children? Where is the movie that shows the beautiful idea of a man and a woman making the agreement to sacrifice their own personal enjoyment in order to contribute to their society through a life of parenting and work? Where are the movies that show our little boys and girls that they will get much more long term satisfaction from planning and working towards their futures as teenagers rather than squandering their free time on Facebook and video games? We need positive role models for our kids so that we don’t end up with a nation of useless, lazy boys and useless, slutty girls.

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