5 Reasons Why Women In Army Ranger School Is Worse Than You Think

There is an old joke in the US Army: How many Rangers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three—one to screw it in, and two more to stand around and brag about how much harder it was back when they had to do it.

Any US Army private who ever spent a day in the infantry heard that joke at least once, and it rings true. Rangers seem to love bragging about how difficult it was to earn their tab and, of course, how easy the course gets with each succeeding year. Most of the lamenting by the old timers had little merit, but every once in a while there were changes to the course which made it slightly easier for the younger guys.

But only just slightly. The course got a bit shorter, the students got a little more food and a little more sleep, and they got rid of Desert Phase years ago.

Rangers Lead The Way

Rangers Lead The Way

Usually, the difficulty level did not decrease appreciably – Ranger school was always a brutal course, with only a 50% pass rate and 60% of the failures occurring during the first few days, called RAP week (Ranger Assessment Program). The fact that three women of any constitution passed RAP week is evidence the standards have dropped severely or been eliminated altogether.

The level of difficulty of Ranger school cannot be overstated. Students can expect to lose at least 15 pounds—most of it muscle—by the time they finish. Constant patrolling with a 60+ pound ruck sack, less than an hour of sleep a night during some portions, and barely anything to eat take tolls on men that no woman could realistically endure.

The sweat carries a strong reek of ammonia while the muscle burns away, as students struggle to stay awake and alert, especially when their turn for patrol leadership arises. Failing a patrol more than once almost always means the student will not graduate.

It is not some meaningless macho shit test over a mere cloth tab. Ranger school develops effective combat leaders and any man who’s ever served in an infantry unit can tell you the difference between a Ranger qualified officer and those who are not. Often times, a non-Ranger qualified infantry officer is a shitbag waiting to be exported to some easier assignment, as his career as an infantry line officer is less likely to move past Lieutenant Colonel if he failed Ranger school.

Of course, the SJWs have flipped this around to see Ranger school as a chance for a golden ticket long denied them out of sexism. Therefore, they must have it—along with being able to serve as infantry officers too, naturally. As it happens, the three females who “passed” RAP happen to be not just officers, but West Point Graduates. Small coincidence. Well, why is this such a big deal?

1. It is only the beginning

Breaking barriers is what it's all about, right?

Breaking barriers is what it’s all about, right?

It has been decided that there WILL be females wearing the Ranger tab, one way or another. Under pressure from the administration, the Army Chief of Staff is pushing for this, nobody in any position of expertise was consulted and unsolicited negative opinions will be met with letters of reprimand or worse.

But this will not be a limited experiment confined to something confined to a small corner of the combat arms. Once the mandated pass rates for women in Ranger school are fully in effect, doors to commanding Infantry units will swing wide open. Special Operations units will be next, beginning with the Ranger Regiment, where EVERY leader (officers down to junior NCOs) is expected to be Ranger qualified.

From there, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump before they are force-fed into other areas of Special Operations. Soon enough, women will very likely be wearing Green Berets, Special Forces tabs, and Navy SEAL Tridents within the next five years. So what’s the big deal, you ask?

2. Unlike those of other nations, the US military actually matters.

Nothing light about it.

Nothing light about it.

One of the loudest arguments made for allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military was that since so many other military forces allowed it, why doesn’t the US military allow homosexuals too? Even ignoring the silent failure of that experiment, allowing women into schools and units out of a demented sense of social justice isn’t just blue pill nonsense, it’s further erosion of national security.

The European military forces can have all the ludicrous policies they want, but the fact is America has been carrying their water since the end of World War 2. What happens when we jump into the same hammock as them can only be described as the inevitable breakdown of relative peace we enjoy in a first world cocoon.

Don’t like the idea of the US as world policemen? Neither do I, really – but can you think of anyone else you’d rather have in that role? Neither can I.

3. This is not limited to the military

No, he's not allowed to help you over the obstacle.

No, he’s not allowed to help you over the obstacle.

American society is already used to the idea of female cops and firemen, but again this is another quiet disaster. Most female firemen don’t actually fight any fires once hired, and female cops are so much physically weaker than their male counterparts they are far more likely to use their guns in situations where male cops would be able to use non violent (read: grappling and submission) tactics.

We live in such an entertainment-first world we’ve first sacrificed the very elements designed to protect us (fire, police and military) while preserving those designed to entertain us (NFL, NBA, MLB, et. al.) But how far off can it be before the mandates reach the entertainment enterprises, where a certain number of females are required for every football team?

We can already see the pre-conditioning of children with the foolish idea of girl quarterbacks in a new Nickelodeon program. Lest we forget, this is how gay acceptance got promoted, and how leftism has always worked.

4. Nobody actually wanted it, but it happened anyway

Nevermind the conspicuous absence of any consultation of actual Rangers, Ranger Instructors, Ranger veterans or anyone else qualified to weigh on the decision, there wasn’t even a demand for this change from most women, military or civilian alike.

Take a look at what most women actually pay attention to – Pinterest, Tinder, XOJane, etc. Not too much discussion there of how to get into Ranger school. One would think there’s a massive push not seen since the suffragette movement to get women graduates, but there were barely a dozen female volunteers.

This is manifestation of a classic Mao-inspired political principal: make the ideals of the party appear to be the ideals of the people. As long as a few lesbians and tough-mudder types want to do it, we’ll make sure they pass while the rest of the female population goes back to Tumblr.

5. Veterans and current servicemen are buying into it


The intoxicating power of wanting to be liked, the desire for approval and inclusion combined with the influence of ubiquitous social media and smartphone culture causes even the most unlikely converts to come out of their political closet. Long time conservatives lamely start parroting liberal ideas, with military matters being no exception.

The public thinks it’s a good idea, so some Ranger veterans will say anything for a chance at approval (or pussy), and so it begins. Current servicemen are more likely than ever to white knight for a chance of rancid, well-worn Army snatch from some 4 on their next deployment.

Giving social justice warriors what they want at every turn created creatures with the power of an adult but the responsibility level of a child. While this trend is traceable alongside the modernization of society, never before have the changes been so radical, nor come so quickly.

Decades after the draft ended and far from any war where most of the men did most of the fighting, the martial spirit of the country is already flaccid and weak. Throw in the effects of SJW-led social media and the radical changes will occur that much faster. What’s happening at the 4th Ranger Training Brigade at Ft. Benning is the canary in the cultural coal mine—but unlike a sensible coal miner, our leaders will fail to recognize the obvious warning.

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201 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Women In Army Ranger School Is Worse Than You Think”

    1. When the Germans were defeated, German women had no problem fucking the occupiers. Women are designed for survival, like all animals. They know they’re physically weak, and they’re programmed to be fickle and side with whomever is in control. It’s a survival strategy. The genes of women who fought for their own risked being killed. The genes of women who gladly took the throbbing cock of whomever was in power lived on. Female actions are easily explained via Natural Selection. There’s almost certainly a hard-wired psychological mechanism somewhere in their brain that triggers this behavior.
      See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome#Evolutionary_psychology_explanations

      1. It makes sense. But women still have no place in the army. How can I be sure that a female soldier wouldn’t shoot me and surrender to the enemy when she sees shit is about to hit the fan?
        Luckily, my country removed the mandatory military service in the beginning of 2008, so I never had to do that service. And then began the shaming by women and older men: “They would have made you a real man in the army”, “The young generation of men doesn’t know how difficult in the army is”, blah-blah. Of course, no one of my peers was so naive to listen to this bullshit and volunteer in the army.
        The military service used to be the way men earn they voting rights in the not so far away past. Then women got voting rights too without doing that service, thus making men disposable. Women, as a majority, vote and then men go and fight for what women voted for. This makes me sick in the guts. Luckily, this shit is over in many countries already.

        1. Luckily, my country removed the mandatory military service in the beginning of 2008, so I never had to do that service. And then began the shaming by women and older men: “They would have made you a real man in the army”,
          Coward. Older men were right, you little feminized pussy were wrong. Your attitude is carefully cultivated by the Left – to remove military service is one of their main goals. And you have the audacity to curse women for being weak. You are a product of your times. Now go play some more computer games.

        2. If one wants to become more masculine, it’s not necessary to do so in the army. Not wanting to fight for a country that doesn’t give a shit about me, and makes me disposable to women, doesn’t make me pussified.
          And yes, I will play computer games. You go sacrifice yourself for women who will never know you, but would gladly behead you and give your head to the enemy if that meant their survival.

        3. “The military service used to be the way men earn they voting rights in the not so far away past. Then women got voting rights too without doing that service”
          The got a privilege, not a right.

        4. “a privilege, not a right”
          said the government worshiper who believes that governments determine people’s rights and privileges

        5. Well, you are right, but that is exactly why voting rights should never have been given to the women.
          You must fight for what you own
          If you fight for it you have the right to decide what to do with it
          Therefore voting rights should go (primarily) to those who fight or belong to the category of those who fight (I include disabled men in this as well)
          Which means no voting for women.

        6. “said the government worshiper who believes that governments determine people’s rights and privileges”
          Orthodox theocratic patriarchal monarchy is everyone’s right from God. Some nations try to deny the people of this right, become enslaved to their own women, and go extinct.

      2. “When the Germans were defeated, German women had no problem fucking the occupiers.”
        Bullshit. The Germans were deliberately starved by the bombing of civilian infrastructure that Churchill started. (While Hitler advocated a worldwide ban on bombing civilians. The German air force was planned as artillery aiding the army, while the RAF was specifically designed to destroy German cities and “eliminate the German working class” “should she (Germany) ever become a threat again”.) The women and their families were starving to death. They were forced into sexual slavery. Other women, meanwhile, were killed by the Americans, French and British for laughs. And “our brave ally” Stalin, now that his long-cherished plans for invading Europe had gotten started with U.S. financing, unleashed the Asiatic hordes to rape millions of German women, and rape women all across Eastern Europe as well. But nice try rewriting history.

        1. Bullshit

          False dilemma. I’m not denying what you said happened on some level, as rape was common, but lots of women had no problem dating and fucking the occupiers. Lots of stories about this, including in this documentary. Women will fuck occupiers before they’ll fight them.

        2. What about the Japanese women who committed suicide by the thousands and took their children with them rather then be captured by the Americans? Last I hear there were many German women who fought until the bitter end in Berlin! I dont doubt at all that many women will and have done as you say. But to say that women are not loyal to their culture at all is an overstatement.

        3. Outcomes are not solely determined by genes, but by the interaction of the genes and the environment. As said, women will fuck the occupiers before they’ll fight them, but this is only after they’ve been conquered and peace is established. Prior to the conquerors arriving, the use of propaganda and fear-mongering may be used to create behaviors that seem to contradict what I wrote. It doesn’t, because there’s many different psychological mechanism vying for influence here. A big one being fear.
          Thousands is a relatively small number when you consider how many women there are in Japan. I’m not sure what your source is. There were also many German women who committed suicide shortly after their country surrendered, especially those who were married to Nazis. Magda Goebbels, for example, killed herself and her children. They were brainwashed to believed the world of the occupiers would be simply unbearable, and that suicide would prevent a more painful and terrible death.
          Women are wired for submission. Eventually, they will spread their legs to whomever is in power, even if perhaps in the chaos, confusion, and panic of war they might behave differently.
          Japanese women are no different than other women. According to Pew, in the USA more than 1 in 3 Asian women married outside their race in 2010, by far the highest demographic to do so. So much for loyalty.

      3. Sorry, no. They were raped by the communists who encouraged it and a few veterans of the allied forces have admitted they also did it.
        The German men continued to fight knowing they would be overrun until the last minute.

        1. Like the other guy, you’ve presented a false dilemma. After the war almost all the German men were dead. I don’t deny that lots of women were raped, so perhaps I should’ve been more clear. However, just because women were raped doesn’t disprove my point. Lots of women changed their allegiance to the occupiers, who were in power. Women will do what they have to do to survive, which was my point all along. Women will fuck before they’ll fight.
          The stories told by the people who actually lived it: https://youtu.be/y0FM_7_drf0?t=45m17s

      4. When a country is invaded, and shit starts dangerous, women will fuck the victors, to survive. And this includes the strong independent women who are allowed to serve in the military. Most women are wimps anyway.

      5. When the Netherlands was invaded in WW2, many Dutch women flirted with and fornicated with German soldiers. Then, Canadian soldiers came in late 1944. The Germans were already as good as defeated. The Canadian army came to finish off the last German resistance. It was no real battle. The local women jumped on the cocks of Canadian soldiers. So impressed they were with these Canadians who strewed chocolate and cigarettes
        After the liberation, the underground military forces shamed women who fornicated with German soldiers by calling them “kraut-whores” and shaved their heads balds as a form of degradation of their honor. A mild form of punishment if you ask me.
        Of course in a religious country the Netherlands was in the 1940’s the understanding that ten thousands of women jumped from German to Canadian cocks was disdained in all segments of the population. Nowadays I often see young blond girls with Moroccan thugs. It’s how women are. What society detests they (depending of their mental development) find attractive. There are (not surprising) enough of these women single mothers who have to hide for her aggressive exotic (ex)boyfriends. Revenge murders happen. Islamic men have a tendency to violence and abuse. But making that clear to a young Dutch woman is like talking to a brick wall. She probably call you a racist as well. That’s how good the socialist propaganda works here. They start young with Sesame street and promote egalitarian mindsets.
        picture: 1945. Shaving a woman’s head bald for fornication with a German or either collaborating with the Nationalist-socialist party. Probably the first one.

        1. “Nowadays I often see young blond girls with Moroccan thugs. It’s how women are. What society detests they (depending of their mental development) find attractive.”
          Females aren’t very bright, they can’t easily distinguish between alphas and faux-alphas. Too much “democracy” and “freedom of speech” is unsustainable, because it enables faux-alphas to tattoo themselves and prance around “rebelling” against society and get rewarded with reproductive success. All the female mind understands is that Moroccan thugs aren’t being killed or driven out of the country, therefore they must be stronger than the local men, therefore they should breed with Moroccan thugs.

        2. It is, mostly. Dutch Reformed, they call it. Maastricht and the southern area tends to be more Catholic but as a whole the country is protestant.

        3. But it were the Southern provinces where the Canadians came first to “liberate” the country (impregnate young girls)

        4. Democracy is a lie. Somebody that doesn’t contribute to a society shouldn’t have the right to vote. Like: criminals, non tax paying residents, people with an IQ below 100. I guess that your assessment is right. When certain behavior is not punished it’s implicitly permitted.
          The Dutch government, just like any other West- and Northern European country pursues a Marxist/Socialist agenda that undermines the safety of all Dutch inhabitants. The police rather evades thugs and is more likely to go for the easy targets that oppose no resistance and thus the police is elevating the social position criminals.

        5. I think that this is cyclical. A 2 or 3 phase mate selection cycle. Too many betas having even more beta children leading to the faux-alphas leading to a time when only the true alphas have any shot at all during the resulting civilization collapse.

        6. I think you mean “kraut-whore”, if I understand the Dutch correctly. “Kraut” is a derogatory term for a German in English, I think “mof” is equivalent in Dutch. So moffenhoeren = kraut-whores.

    2. Talked to a woman who had been in the U.S. Army. She said openly that she was just there for the college money. And if the U.S. was invaded she would never fight, she said. That would be incredibly stupid, she said. She would move to Canada right away. And if she had a son she would tell him not to fight and would bring him to Canada. I was dumbfounded, but she saw nothing shameful in what she said.
      She told a story of how during a break in an exercise, when she was sitting on the ground, a guy had leaned over her and looked down her cleavage. Another (male) soldier had seen that and told her. She told the officer. He brought all the men in the unit to a lecture hall, locked the door and screamed at them for an hour. “In today’s army…!” etc. This girl thought that was good. Real good for morale, eh? And this for a girl who blatantly stated she was there only for the money and would never fight for her country.
      However, the Daily Mail article above isn’t really applicable. It was France that declared war on Germany (because of a Jewish socialist prime minister), not the other way around. France had launched raids into German territory for a year before Germany finally struck back. Then French civilians were bombed by Britain for the rest of the war. Britain and the U.S. killed almost as many French civilians with their bombs as the number of British civilians killed by bombs. There was a widespread attitude in France that the should never have started that war against Germany in the first place. So naturally very few of them would join the resistance organizations, which were full of Jews, communists and Algerians, which most French didn’t like, to put it lightly. (Further trivia: after the war U.S. soldiers raped thousands of French women, and looted homes all over France. Something else we never hear about, along with the French cities destroyed by Britain. In French war museums, it is never, ever mentioned who dropped the bombs, so that visitors are led to believe it was the Germans – dropping bombs over a country they already occupied?)

        1. “It’s not only French women who did that. Here is another example about Norwegian women”
          Women are the prize the men fight wars over. Women know this instinctively. If a society is so weak as to fail female “shit tests” demanding the freedom to vote, murder their children, divorce their husbands, join the military, hold political office, then the females are downright eager to betray that society with suicidal policies that hasten the replacement of the weaklings who failed these “shit tests” with foreign men who will put them back in their place.

      1. Women can be in the military, say they don’t want to fight if their country is ever invaded, and feel no shame. That’s because, they don’t feel responsible for defending her country. On the other hand, if a man chickens out when his country is invaded he’ll experience shame for the rest of his life.
        This is men just being men and women just being women. That’s how they are genetically hardwired to behave.

      2. I can imagine a future battle hell, perhaps somewhere in Europe after the economic collapses turn into full-on collapses, where American troops are there to keep the peace during a drawn-out conflict in which there are no clear winners or losers …
        Enemy snipers will be checking the American troops for female officers because they’ll know that male American soldiers wouldn’t dare leave their BDU-Wearing Princesses out in the shit. (After all, they could receive reprimands that they didn’t “man up enough” or some other bollocks.)
        Why shoot an infantry man you might otherwise drink beers with after the conflict when you can bog down his entire platoon “saving Major Ryan”? After all, before the conflict, they probably thought well enough of most of the Americans they’d met, except for a few obvious exceptions.
        Insofar as running to Canada goes, that worked really well for the AWOL bunch that fled to Toronto during the summer of 2003 — they wound up being denied “refugee status” and were eventually deported back to their country of origin, the United States.
        The BDU-Wearing Princess you talked with might find that case rather illustrative of what she might expect if she tries to flee to the Socialist Justice State to the north of the American border …

      3. Ah America, land of the traitor bitches. No need for an outside force to invade, just say an invasion will start and all these traitor bitches start wearing maple leaves instead.

    3. “….if their country got invaded and occupied because of how weak it’s army is”
      That’s what I was thinking when I was reading this article. Allowing women in the army makes it weak, and one doesn’t have to be a genius to make this conclusion. Leaving mental capacity aside, no one can argue that the average woman is physically weaker than the average man. Even if men and woman both work out equally, the average man will always be stronger than the average woman. Men thus are more suited to serve in military, and women must never be admitted in the military until there is a shortage of men. That’s not sexism, that’s pure logic.
      Military, after all is not some elementary school teacher sort of job. It’s very crucial to a nation’s survival if it is invaded. Americans, today exist in a first world, comfortable bubble. They don’t realize that if a country is ever invaded, it’s the military forces who will be on the front line protecting it’s citizens, and we can’t just afford to weaken military by lowering it’s standards to accommodate women, so that women’s feelings are not hurt. Lives and safety of citizens in a crucial time are more important that someone’s feelings.

    4. Most women are no more than opportunists at ROK it is known as “hypergamy” if hard times hit even for a short while an opportunistic women would ditch one man for a supposed better man quickly then come running back when the fortune wheel turns in the originals direction – Its at that moment the “dumped man” must refuse her return

  1. The “manned” military won’t make any sense in 2025 with advanced AI and cheap hybrid drones, it will make even less sense in 2030, 2035 and so on, until the idea of a manned military is just a historic relic.
    it will all be drones. Drones with tesla particle beams. I hear further, that they are working on literal invisibility, and at the same time, they are woking on nano technology
    So picture this, 1000 cheap replicable-on-3d-printer-invisible-nano-sized-drones with invisibility and the smartest AI with processors 100 times faster than the human brain
    Now, picture yourself pretending to be a soldier in 2025 lol

  2. It’s going to become even more darkly amusing once the trannies get into the act. Male soldiers will publicly announce that they’re actually female to get those extra brownie points before promotion boards, or to qualify for the watered down PT standards for females. But if a woman declares she’s a man, somehow they’ll figure out a way to make sure she doesn’t have to qualify as a man.

    1. Once trannies are let in I have a feeling you’re going to see gobs of these people joining so they can get sex-reassignment surgery done at taxpayer expense. Oh yeah, care to guess how often these freaks are going to use their VA benefits?

  3. Not living in the U.S. I did military service. As a kid I foolishly thought “Why not let women be in the military if they can handle it?” Not knowing the PC privileges the women always get. In high school I joined a volunteer military training organization, where we learned things like setting up camp, first aid, radio, patrolling, going to the firing range, etc. Then I saw the difference between the girls (about one third) and the boys. You could never trust the girls. Once it started raining they just said “I don’t want to leave the tent!”, “Why should we go on patrol, it’s not a real war anyway” and so forth. They shut down. The guys on the other hand clenched their teeth and kept working. The difference in attitude was enormous.
    Another difference was that the girls always joined in groups – and quit in groups. They saw the volunteer force as a way to socialize. Guys joined either with friends or individually, more often the latter. They were there for the military training, and meeting people was secondary.
    It wasn’t all girls doing this, and not all guys worked well in this volunteer force. But the majority of girls were bad, while only a minority of guys were bad. Among the girls it was acceptable to shut down – among the guys it wasn’t.
    One year we got a despicable youth leader in that volunteer force. He was 24-25, typical beta with no chance of getting a girlfriend. When we met for exercises one weekend he gave the girls a ride to the camp site while the guys had to walk. (And he didn’t help out setting out camp.) He did things like that for these high school girls all the time. But if anyone suggested it was favoritism his face would get red and he would start raging about sexism and prejudice.
    In the military service after high school, girls could join voluntarily. Even though men were forced to be there, women proportionally quit far more often than men. (And women could do it at any time; a guy who wanted to quit his service was usually denied.) The girls ALWAYS got the training for squad leader or platoon leader, even though they thankfully rarely led a squad or platoon. This was not official policy, and yet they always got that position – just another sign of the hidden privileges given to the “unprivileged”. They would often try to get away from difficult tasks. For example, a girl taking off her skis when she thought no one was looking, and walking across a rocky area to shorten the distance she had to ski – during an endurance test for future platoon leaders.
    With just a few girls in the company (about 105 people) they still had the showers to themselves. We had to wait while a handful of girls took their time in the shower room. They loved making the men wait.
    And so it goes. One positive thing from this: we talked openly about how crappy these girls were in the service and how they were given special treatment. Even the leftoids had to agree. Hope some of it stuck in their heads even after the service, though I expect they did their best to forget.

    1. But look at the women who fight isis in Kurdistan…what an example they are to everyone, both men and women. Fighting, killing and dying to defend and retake their homeland.

      1. anybody can pick up a gun. We’re not saying someone who does this to defend their country is worthless. but that is not the same as being a part of an elite combat rank.
        What your saying is ” hey these people can PLAY ” basketball , so why can’t they play in the NBA ” Point being just because you can bounce a ball and make shots, doesn’t mean you should play in the upper echelon because of it

        1. I say, if they think women can handle combat so well, why not have co-ed prisons?

      2. They are forced to fight. That is the difference. Indeed army’s have had women perform well on battlefield, the Russians but they where facing annihilation. We are not. We have tons of capable males and are not facing annihilation from the nazis. So it is mearly a statement a political stunt. Dooming it to failure. A proffsional all volunteer army brings out the best only men who want it. The standard can be placed extremely high for those men and they will not balk at all at it. Throwing in women forces the standard lower and messes with unit cohesion because all male units are totally different from integrated units. Such as streaking isnt a sex crime. Men In those units take their liberties serious. It is the whole reason to join a elite unit you get to fight uncovetional and act the same way. Throwing in a women who doesn’t even know what sex she is,Is dangerous. most of these women are hardcore lesbians that is till they get drunk then they really want the D.Then when they sober up you raped them. I bet all the money in the world that will happen.

        1. “They are forced to fight. That is the difference. Indeed army’s have had women perform well on battlefield, the Russians but they where facing annihilation. We are not. We have tons of capable males and are not facing annihilation from the nazis. So it is mearly a statement a political stunt. Dooming it to failure.”
          When it comes down to defend yourself and your people or accept certain genocide, then some women will step up, as we have seen in Syria and Novorussia (fighting against the US backed Nazi junta). Even then it is still a small minority of women and they aren’t as useful as men.

        2. pilots too. there were even two female aces in the VVS, one so deadly that the nazis specifically targeted her. lots of brave female medical staff in the red army too.
          credit where credit’s due, i say.

        3. What do women rebel soldiers do best……..? They hold beauty pageants!

        4. The two women who ordered the squadron died piloting a fast civil plane.The only cause by which they beat the nazis was their planes were too slow for nazi planes. Slow plane means lower reaction times needed. Male have faster reflex through all cultures and races on the world and nerve impulses cross the male nervous system in less time.
          Regardless of that I think women in army is a good because more testosteronic women will die without offspring

        5. they beat the nazis, in a life and death situation. that’s the important part. seems terribly disrespectful for an armchair general to question the valor of someone who actually flew combat missions in WW2, male or female.

        6. Wat??? Haha black chicks can beat u beta cracker hahah ur sister defeat u lolz u believe dat r spirdeman?? Haha lolz what a gay

        7. hey now. give me 10 minutes with your sister, and i’ll prove you wrong on the gay thing.

        8. I wrote a response in a different article which discussed this community’s embracement of “Putin-cuckery”.
          You qualify. Pozdravljaju vas tovarish!
          Novorossija is an occupied territory of Ukraine. Anyone who knows your history knows that you pulled the same shit in the baltics and Poland during soviet times, where they all ” begged ” you to come in and protect them. Pfft.
          If the internet existed back then, the people would have been reading the same BS.
          These Americans who gobble up all propaganda from Russia with such abandon just out of spite for Obama would have shamed their Cold War grandparents.

        9. Credit is not the point. You are merely pointing out exceptions that prove the rule.

        10. They completly miss the fact it was ww2 the nazis where a really good army and these countries where being overrun. We are not. We are completely on the offensive not defensive. No objections to female anything when the Chinese invade California. but when we invade Iraq for the third time, do we really really need female infantry men. The answer is no we do not. So why have them it is a pet project of some senator that’s why. And a total waist of tax dollars. You have to remodel the whole infantry school and build barracks for females and get female doctors and train female instructors. And how many women want to join the infantry, I know of zero. They are not exactly chomping at the bit, then you cannot have a unit with only one female there will be a minimum of at least two. Lots of sensitivty and sexual assault training. Time lost money lost all some senator can say she made it happen.

        11. And tankers, basically anywhere that had space restrictions and didn’t typically involve hand to hand combat.

        12. “A proffsional all volunteer army brings out the best only men who want it.” Kind of a different subject, but the “all volunteer army is more motivated” is a political myth put out as an excuse to end the draft in 1973.
          There is no such thing as a volunteer private on the second day of basic training – he can’t just up and quit if decides he doesn’t want to play anymore. In a draft army, draftees may not like the idea of serving, but they at least aren’t pissed about being lied to.
          Whether it’s a draft or volunteer army makes no difference once you get past the first couple of ranks – all senior officers and NCOs are lifers in either situation.

      3. ISIS soldiers kill because they want enter in the heaven where 70 virgins are waiting them. If you kill a women no heaven. That means ISIS soldiers doesn’t fight women and run away when they can

        1. Find that hard to believe there have been plenty of women killed in fighting or executed by ISIS. Secondly there are plenty of women in muslim countries executed or murdered every year.

        2. They kill women as death penalty in peacetime by their less ortodox or infidel lifestyle. Killed in fighting is a collateral damage that is allowed. Fight against children or women is explicitly banned by Islam. Enslave Muslim people is also prohibited

        3. Absolute rubbish the number of female Kurdish fighters that have either been killed fighting ISIS, executed afterward is easily into the hundreds if not the thousands add into that number of women killed by ISIS for no reason not a criminal offense is easily in the hundreds if not the thousands – you need to get your facts right

        4. And you need to learn about Islam. No one said Islam has sense. How do you know they aren’t executing them by their sins?? Favorite place to explode bomb for Islamic terrorist are mosques, thus if I merely follow what facts say I will conclude that Islamic terrorist hate Muslims and mosques. That’s faux. Islame terrorist hate idolatry and idolaters aka Shi’ism. Bombing mosques is far away from destroy Islam rather it is a ultra orthodox punishment. Your extreme reductionism towards
          the facts is absolutely inadequate. You know what they do but not what the are induced by. For any questions read the Koran. It is no just the book of a religion, it is a handbook to build civilisations. Koran has war laws, civil laws(also death penalty against women, children and men), regulations about taxes and dozens of rules for whatever.(including no paradise for those violate the sacred law dictated by God of kill only unbielebers and in war kill and fight only adult males).

      4. Theres a lot of difference in the attitude and performance of western women and women from other countries. Western women have an entitlement mentality – you are right western women only want equality where it suits them not in reality, and they “carry on” like spoilt little kids

      5. And look at the child soldiers in Africa, fighting and killing and dying. How wonderful this is.

        1. please give me a source for child soldiers in Germany in any time during the last few decades….in Africa it’s happening every year of every decade….stop using the negro race card..

        2. You brought up the race card mate. And while we’re at it, you also brought up the feminist card.
          What difference does it make which decade it occurred in? It happened. Logic is universal my friend. And you are delusional if you think they wouldn’t do it again if they needed to.

        3. Africa and people who live there – and those that are the descendants of those that left – are the most violent people in the world. Just take a look at the crime figures in any country on any continent and you’ll find it’s one area where they lead the way.

        4. you have just shown up your utter incomprehension of statistics and averages….your inability to assess the whole picture….
          Blacks on average are more likely to commit crime…all the stats from many countries show this, and its beyond doubt…a black who is very nice and polite and commits no crime, or a white who is violent and commits many crimes does not alter the observation..
          Your intellect makes me despair and inadvertently lends credence to the fact that the typical/average (bob please look up the meanings of these words) black has the lowest IQ out all all the races.
          Now please don’t come back with an ‘outlying’ example of an Intelligent black (like the guy on The Chase) or a thick and stupid Far Eastern Asian.

        5. No my friend I just wanted to open the door to the China shop so you could barge in knocking China everywhere.
          I am simply illustrating the absurdity of applying statistics to human beings as if they were observations in a laboratory. They are not. Human beings think for themselves. Statistics merely (and inaccurately) tell you what happened with some arbitrarily chosen group of people in the past. You cannot make predictions based on them. Your statement “blacks… are more likely” is invalid since you cannot use your statistics to predict what any individual will do. Certainly they do not predict what I will do. There is no “percent chance” that I will commit a crime. Given that, how do you explain the fact that I do not have a criminal record and have significant academic qualifications (including statistics) and yet another black person on the other side of the planet languishes in jail? Tell me, what is the explanation for that?
          Your simplistic view of statistics simply cannot explain that. However I bet you I could come up with statistics proving (assuming your logic) that white people commit more crimes than black people.
          Only a socialist seeks to base their conclusions on statistics. It provides a faux rationalization of oppressive policy. It is the law of “what might be” instead “what is”.
          I have to say, based on your comments, you seem to be a rather ignorant combination of racist, socialist and feminist. Are you sure you’re on the right site?

    2. I’ve said it many times, women only want “equality” when it benefits them. That’s not equality, that’s privilege.

      1. It’s a well know fact that European armies have reduced their physical and psychometric requirements in order to allow women on the army. Spain army has different charts with the exigencies for males and other very indulgent for females.

        1. No it wont the females that die will be hailed as heroes to further the propaganda.

    3. We have to keep in mind here that the woman you describe are doing what they are supposed to do (i.e. have evolved to do). In other words, women have not evolved to go on patrol (read: hunt or ensure a perimeter secure from predators and hostile tribes), they have evolved to sit around the camp, in groups (for protection) to look after the children and feed them frequently as infants require. If, in pre-civilisation times the women had insisted on getting up and going on patrol, all the children would have died and we would not be here today.
      Following from this, we should actually encourage women to be women (be chatty, spend their time on Pinterest etc.) because this keeps them safe and out of our way. Its what makes them happy and ultimately that keeps us happy.
      If a woman says “oh! I want to do that too!” then follow this method: Agree, and ignore.
      In other words, give vocal agreement and then promptly forget about it. She will forget about it too but she will be happy that you “listened”.

  4. Reason No.6

    After more than half of last year’s female Marine recruits were unable to do at least three pull-ups, the Corps announced it will delay the new requirement for women to graduate boot camp.
    The Marine Corps announced in November that, starting on January 1, 2014, all women would need to perform three pull-ups as part of their physical fitness test – something male recruits are already required to do as a minimum. To collect data on potential success, female recruits in 2013 were given the option to do pull-ups during the test.
    However, about 55 percent of female recruits in training at Parris Island, South Carolina, were unable to meet the challenge, said Col. Sean Gibson, a spokesman for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.
    The Marines have “no intent to introduce a standard that would negatively affect the current status of female Marines or their ability to continue serving in the Marine Corps,” Gibson said in a statement.


    1. Note how that article is structured. First, it describes women’s ineptitude at Marine Corps boot camp. Then, about halfway down, it abruptly shifts to health issues among youth in general. This is a not-so-clever attempt at defraying the real issue.

    2. Even her chin up technique is poor. She should be making a V with her elbows coming inwards to the torso as she goes up & her shoulders braced. But I digress..

      1. A chin-up is easy compared to a pull-up. If you can’t at least do 10 chin-ups then you have a really bad fitness level. A pull-up is an even better test because it also addresses the back muscles, whereas a chin up focus more on biceps and shoulders if you ask me.
        There is a reason why women fail at this particular exercise. Because they are too weak to perform it correctly without months of training, whereas men can quickly improve their general strength.

  5. As a POG, position other than grunt, I can tell you that women don’t even belong in the service and support of the military. They are simply a mission liability, whether that mission is direct action or warehouse logistics or filing travel claims! They do not go into the asset column whenever you are planning.

    1. Single sex in any organization makes things simpler. Now with females in the military you have fucking bathroom issues , tampons, menstrual cycles on and on. A commander has to worry about this shit instead of fighting and winning wars

      1. I agree wholeheartedly- get rid of the men, let women take up all the slots.

      2. In single sex organizations people can focus at the task at hand. However if you put men and women together, then obviously there will be a lot of sexual frustration, and sex, and this will distract people from doing their primary job. This obviously becomes more dangerous in the military, because if they get distracted on their jobs, the consequences may be dangerous, both for them and for the nation.
        Moreover, given the entitlement of modern american women, pumping them in the military, will mean mind games aimed at male soldiers to the the point of fucking their minds, false rape accusations, false harassment accusations and other shit. Not to mention the fact that men will be treated like little children, and will be lectured by some cheeky feminist cunt telling them that it is wrong to rape and harass women. When grown men who are trusted to defend the nation are treated like children it will have a very negative effect on them . They’ll most likely lose their confidence and self esteem, and obviously will be made to feel like a worthless piece of shit. This could have keep them from performing their job at a full potential.
        No matter how you look at it, women in the military is probably the shittiest decision a nation can make.

        1. They want to make fake rape accusations, wait until they get captured behind enemy lines. They’ll know first hand what a real rape is.

      3. Any woman who gets anything out of the command- promotions, days off, temporary duties, special training, opportunities, anything, is automatically suspected of giving them sexual favors. And you wouldn’t believe how often it is actually true.

  6. diluting the food supply with gmo franken foods it is a wonder that anyone who eats such garbage can succeed at any physical contest. today.. that is why they have had to reduce the difficulty of the courses…

    1. So, anyway, this is about women in the military, not your pitch for your opinion on gene-modified food.
      By the way, all food, and all animals, have different genes, no two are alike. Yeah, we’re all mutants. Mutated food! It’s of the devil! Why should there be rice with more nutrients for those Asians?

      1. “So, anyway, this is about women in the military, not your pitch for your opinion on gene-modified food.
        “By the way, all food, and all animals, have different genes, no two are
        alike. Yeah, we’re all mutants. Mutated food! It’s of the devil! Why
        should there be rice with more nutrients for those Asians?”
        Russia has banned GMO.
        China is rejecting it as well.

        Why? Well, because GMO food does this:

        Tampering with the DNA of plants, animals, and people is all of part of the Beast system. It goes hand in hand with other rebellions against the natural order such as feminism, sodomy, etc.

  7. These women will be heroes after they need to be saved and get good men and white knights killed. Equality!

    1. Channeling the legendary Jessica Lynch. To her credit though, she wasn’t the one calling herself a hero so much as the mainstream media at the time selling that narrative.

  8. You can tell how safe your area is based on the number of female cops you see. I live in the St. Louis area and about 30 minutes away from the city where all the rich whites live its all 5’5″ white female cops. In the city it’s all men.

    1. Where’s the equality huh? Send em to die with the guys in the hoods too. Like that’ll happen.

      1. I mentioned this observation to a self avowed feminist and her response was “When do you normally go to the city?” I said when I go out to drink at night. She responds ” yeah, that’s when it’s most dangerous and scary.” I reply, “so you just admitted that you need the men in the most dangerous positions because its ‘scary’.” She didn’t want to talk about it after that.

    1. Funny how we don’t hear feminists protesting about this inequality. Why aren’t they out there thumping their chest/tits screaming for this privilege?

    2. “here, signup. It’s the law. It’s for your own good, you’ll get snacks. Sign now, or else.. sign bitch”
      Being Dutch this whole selective service ‘deal’ really looks like something from another planet.

    3. No. Women should not sign up for Selective Service, but then women should not be allowed in the military (Army and Marine Corps at least) at all. The draft used to be a rite of passage for men, especially if he went to war.
      The only change I would make to the SSS is that it should include men up to ages 35 or ‘maybe’ 40 like it did in WW1 and WW2, not just 18-25 year olds. Combat duty shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of only very young men like it did in Vietnam while men who turned 26 were let off scott free from serving their country, a common tactic of the rich to dodge the draft during Vietnam was to stay in college (studying Bachelors, then Masters, then maybe PhD) which would mean they were over 26 by the time they got out.
      You can enlist in the Army as an 11B (infantryman) up to age 35 and the average age of a Special Operator is late 20’s, and the average age of a highly paid private military contractor is even higher – some of the best men I served with joined up a little later, so don’t give me that horseshit that’s it’s strictly a “young man’s game”.

  9. I feel that America is becoming like Rome, and the collapse is imminent. I’m actually joining special forces (ANG combat controller) and this news is definitely a buzz kill.

    1. with juggs like that, you should be operating a jackhammer.

        1. Im outta pertinent anecdotes, stats, etc….Im pretty much here now to talk shit. Im still good at that.
          And I shoulda said operating a jackhammer in a wifebeater T.

  10. to be fair, a lot of soviet women were quite brave and performed very well in the red army in WW2. of course soviet women circa 1940 were a completely different breed from what we’ve got in the US in 2015.

    1. Not to mention, the Soviets were a little short on manpower, courtesy of Stalin’s purges, and other communist atrocities.

  11. I worked with the Rangers when I was on a JTF-6 op with the USMC on the Arizona-Mexico border back in the 1990s. Great guys, knew their shit, always squared away. Sad to see how the military seems to be going to hell because of all this social engineering bullshit. Makes me sick.

    1. The military itself is one of the most egregious forms of social engineering. See my comment below…

    2. the “manned” military will be pointless in 10 years with nano-technology, invisibility, 3-d-printed strong AI robotics with tesla particle beams
      I wouldn’t want to be up against a swarm of 10,000 invisible super-intelligent 3-d-printed in under 20 seconds-ready drones with tesla particle beams

  12. The military is beta.
    It is made of followers who believe everything the politicians tell them. They only make ‘defense’ contractors richer. We would NOT have been speaking German, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.
    When was the last time the military actually defended anyone? (Answer: the 1700s)
    Read the truth about the corporate military from the head of the Marine Corps himself: Major General Smedley Butler. Google “War is a Racket”.
    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General.
    During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it.
    Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
    Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.
    During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honours, medals and promotion. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”.
    — General Smedley Butler, former US Marine Corps Commandant,1935

        1. FYI, only a small fraction of all the Southerners actually owned slaves.
          Of those who did, only a small fraction of those were the stereotypical plantation owners who owned hundreds of slaves.

        2. Northern states owned slaves for some time after the war, while Robert E Lee actually had freed all his slaves some time before the war began,
          This really wasn’t about slavery. It was a power grab on the part of the Noth.

        3. A slave back then cost about what a new 5 series BMW costs now.
          How many people in America can afford new 5 series Beamers without financing? What about back then? About 5% of southerners owned slaves and some of those slave owners were also black.
          History has been re-written for the benefit of the hive dwellers and to justify all sorts of new government programs and possibly pogroms against southern whites.
          The men who fought that war, just like most other wars, were poor working class men. Not the rich bastards who’s financial interests were being protected (re: War is a Racket).
          They fought for liberty. They viewed Northern troops (often immigrants) as foreign occupiers and rightly so.
          The Stars and Bars represents the same thing as the Gadsden flag: FUCK YOU government GET OFF MY LAWN.
          That’s what it means and that’s why they’re pushing hell bent for leather to re-write history and hide that flag.
          The truth is far more innocent people have been killed under the good old Stars and Stripes than were ever harmed under the Confederate flag.
          But we in the SJW nation never let facts get in the way of a good hate.

  13. That’s why I say that in Mass Effect, the very idea of a “Femshep” (Female Shepard) is completely preposterous.
    Commander Shepard is supposed to be an “N7”, the best of the best in all of humanities militaries; and yet the game-makers expect me to believe that a woman not only has an equal chance of reaching that science-fictional rank, but that she would also have an equal health meter, and equal melee damage output.
    Totally preposterous.

    1. Mass effect was made by Bioware which is a gay gaming company. They put gay material in Old Republic. Less than 1% of the population is gay and they think this was a great idea to their first expansion!

      1. I enjoyed the hell out of the first Mass Effect. Like many of Bioware series the franchise declined in quality. It’s as if they hired Tumblrs most popular users to write nonsense in the name of butt love.

    2. in video games it doesnt matter much….and the choice is nice.
      though i suppose we have consumed too much girl power media…..but eh I’d prefer my stories to have unrestricted chaotic freedom.

  14. So basically at least an 1/8 of people on this site now have bragging rights that they can beat the shit out of a US ranger. If the army actually thinks the label will make these women at par with men on a combat level, they are smoking crack

    1. True. Two men started brawling at a club. I grabbed my friend and muscled her out of harm’s way. The dirty look she initially have me (I’d cut short her flirt on) changed to alarm and gratitude when she saw what was going on. Two 200 pound plus pissed off booze-fueled belligerents injured themselves and several others before six cops with riot shields took them down. My friend had never before seen anything like that. Neither had I, but I knew better than to be in their way.

        1. Instinct – I saw them while she was distracted, plus there’s no gentle way to grab someone out of the way of a 6 foot human projectile. No one, man or woman (probably wisely) tried to stop them before the police arrived. My takeaway was that heroism is easy in one’s head, but hard in practice. “There’s no replacement for displacement” goes for motorcycles and humans. Fact is that almost no woman and few men can take down 400 plus pounds of drunken awesomeness.

  15. I’m reminded of the later days of the Roman army—-the final century or so before the collapse of the Western empire.
    You see, the Roman army was the most feared and most disciplined army in
    the world. One example: every single one of their camps—from Britain to Persia—was aligned and built exactly the same, so, if soldiers from Persia, for example, was transferred quickly to the Britain provinces, they could walk into the British camp and immediately know where the commanding officer was, where the mess was, etc.
    One little-known fact was that the Roman army brought all their training equipment with them wherever they went,and trained even on nightly breaks in battles.
    This equipment consisted of shields, swords, spears, etc. that were twice as heavy as the ones used in battle. (Think of a baseball player warming up with a weighted doughnut around his bat in the on-deck circle, or just weight training in general).
    And they trained hard. The expression went that “their exercises were bloodless battles and their battles bloody exercises.”
    But in the last century or so, the whining army complained about all the
    heavy equipment they brought with them and the general army life. So the Roman army ditched bringing their ultra-heavy training equipment, and even reduced the weight of the swords, shields, and armor the men wore—all to appease the complainers.
    The Roman army’s record thenceforth speaks for itself. Only it’s defeat of Atila the
    Hun—-using a lot of mercenaries to do so, btw, something unthinkable to previous generations of Romans—stands out as an actual real Roman victory during that time.
    Gird your loins boys. And find some survivalists to befriend.

  16. After being in the us navy for four years this is what I observed the U.S. millitary is doomed. It has become a haven for lesbians, sluts and men who are losers. And e1 can complain and get a e6 penalized. Making progress on a project is punished. I wouldn’t recommend joining to my enemies son. Crack open head poor in poop, close and bandage up. The millitary fails to understand the island concept, could you put a unit on an island and come back and the commanding officer still be in charge. Nope they would be someones wife becuase the army is pushing female officers like no other. I seriously think There is a plot to collapse America, no student of history could be that stupid.

  17. Today I read about that Caitlyn Jenner with ‘her’ speech for acceptance of transsexuals in the US army. So the US army is going to facilitate transsexuals and not treat them equally but give them even more privileges. Like they tend to do with all non-males in western armies. For instance: they are going to make the subs larger in the Netherlands in order to make it more comfortable for women serving on those submarines.
    The once so majestic US army now is a degenerate bunch of women, faggots and transsexuals. I pity you male soldiers. China and Russia can’t stop laughing.

    1. I agree with your post, but do yourself a favor and stop referring to Jenner as “her.” Jenner and the like are men pretending to be women. If we refer to them as “her” or “she”, then we’re accepting SJW language and thereby letting them win in the long run.

        1. “I actually prefer ‘it’, gender neutral.”
          He’s a he. He’ll always be a he, to call him an “it” is an insult to men who have had their junk shot off or chopped off against their will.

      1. I agree. It is an it now. Surely there is no penis anymore, but the DNA is male. Strange indeed. I think I didn’t think about writing “her” since I just typed it in English.

      2. S/he/it … not because of how it’s spelled, but because of how it’s pronounced

      3. Correct. That severely disturbed person, is a man. Born a man, and will die one. Just another example of her degenerate our society has become, that Bruce is not in a Psych ward.

      4. It’s a shim, or as I like to put it, a “she – he -it”, guess what the word becomes once you shorten it 🙂

      5. Yeah, I second that. Its the easiest way for us to protest this. Don’t refer to these freaks how they want you too. You have rights.

  18. Russia is going to totally destroy America if it’s a land battle troops vs troops! All the white knights not listening to orders to keep women soldiers safe on the battle field.
    Roman troops were undefended for a reason. Our troops are going to be the laughing stock of history for the next 10,000+ years!

    1. Every sane person across the world will be laughing at America’s army. They employ women do defend themselves? It’s like if a man is attacked by bullies and instead of fighting them with his own manly hands, he wimps out and calls his sister to defend him and fight the bullies for him.

      1. Since when has America used its armed forces to defend America?
        When we stationed troops on the southern border? When we shot down hijacked airliners headed for American cities?
        Oh yeah, that’s right those things didn’t happen. The USMIL doesn’t defend America. Rather, they occupy lots of other countries and influence the internal political dialogues in many of those countries.
        Because maximum profit. For somebody but damn sure not the average American.
        Please refer to the excellent book by 2 time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Major General Smedley Butler, called “War is a Racket”.
        US troops defending our freedom? What a joke.
        If they were, DC would be under siege right now and there would be arrest orders for the traitors who have attacked the US Constitution; namely the President, CONgress, and heads of just about every UN-Constitutional government agency, starting with the BATFE, DEA, CIA, FBI, DHS, DOE, IRS, and on an on.
        Because that is not happening, and because the domestic enemies of liberty and the Constitution are allowed to run amok, while all of our uniformed heroes violate their Oaths to ‘defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC” should be all the evidence a thinking man needs to know that our freedom has nothing to do with missions tasked to the USMIL.
        Not a god damned thing.
        I hope that changes in the future but I’m not holding my breath.
        More likely the whole thing will collapse from within due to its UMCJ courts being clogged with sexual harrassment and false rape cases, or have its glass jaw exposed when the fem/trans/beta brigade surrenders before firing a shot in its first encounter with a real enemy.

  19. All these people who want change never consider that we may be on the rooftop of success and can go no further only fall.

  20. “Unlike those of other nations, the US military actually matters.”
    Stupid Americans. Waiting for the day your green notes stop being valid and stop fueling the muslim goatfuckers.

    1. Well, it does matter…. To prevent the angry American men doing a second successful revolution.

      1. “To prevent the angry American men doing a second successful revolution.”
        Waiting for that day.

  21. Mission first, last, and always. This does nothing to enhance the Ranger or infantry mission to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver, and/or repel an assault through fire and close-quarters combat.
    Absolutely nothing is improved my this “policy” decision.

  22. Not only is women in Ranger School a “gateway accommodation” to other intrusions of women into combat arms, it’s worse than just a career booster.
    Combat Arms is one of a few areas where raw effectiveness matters. Adding women to this does not increase effectiveness for a variety of reasons. The overall physical and aggresive competency required to succeed may be approximated but is not captured in schooling environments, but will play out on an actual battlefield with real stakes. The cultural impacts of integration are generally understood if poorly quantified, but are likely to be significant. Further, the military incurs significant opportunity costs by doing this. Raw start/finish numbers indicate that women are a bit less than half as likely to pass Ranger School if all three remaining pass. If we include the pre-Ranger selection rates, they’re about 1/8 as likely, if all three remaining women pass. If fewer pass, then the ratio adjusts accordingly. Bottom line is that sending women through is significantly more inefficient when those slots could be occupied by equally (or better) able men. And we’re not an Israel; we don’t have to put women through in order to field a competent military.
    Missed also in this discussion is the fact that it’s simply not the same course. For all the talk about how women are meeting the same standards, that only holds if the course is identical. It is not. The ladies (and no disrespect to them – I have respect for people challenging themselves to achieve, even if on a macro level the command decision to put them there is a poor one) get their own restroom facilities, etc (or so I’ve read… obviously I can’t personally verify this from a distance). Anyone standing in the morning rush to take a shit at Dahlonega knows that this is a perk that men don’t get. While this is a small example, I’d be curious to know (and verify) whether the ladies are getting rotated through Assistant Gunner positions and the other extra duties like RTO. Without those things, the course is simply not the same.
    Anyway, as stated, good for them for getting after it. But the decision to put them through was not done for the correct reasons, and will have negative repercussions that outweigh the (if any) positive effects.

    1. i agree. these women are getting pipelined to the detriment of many more capable men. there are now 3 guys “on the sideline” who couldnt get orders or slotted at Ranger school because we have to watch this spectacle unfold.

  23. It’s all fun and games until invaders and unrestricted immigrants are raping your children.

  24. Females fuck up anything that is meant for male environment. I would be terrified of giving females a gun because they are prone to emotional behavior. What if I”m in a war and I expect a female soldier to get my back. What if she shoots me from behind “accidentally”? I just can’t trust them.

  25. The U.S. is a joke and is worse and worse to live in as we speak. My dad graduated from one of the U.S.’s primary military academies back in the late 60s/Vietnam era, went to Ranger school and was pretty alpha back in the day well before the idiotic idea of allowing vaginas to play soldier was the prevailing trend. Now, in his old age he supports the idea, a total 180, after his beta-izing marriage and God knows what else. Whatever, let’s just have all trannie/female/gay combat brigades and see how it works out when we get sucked into a conflict with Russia or something.

    1. My father was in combat in Vietnam and wouldn’t support any of this communist horseshit as far as you could throw it. Nor my combat veteran grandfather. That’s the difference. You can be “pretty alpha” but if you’ve never been in the shit, you don’t know.

  26. Let’s see now, we have to time our military invasions around the woman’s period. God forbid she gets her heaviest flow on THAT day!
    “Commander. We’ll have to postpone our invasion until next week instead because…you know…”

  27. “Unlike those of other nations, the US military actually matters.”
    Bold words considering the US military has always had vastly inferior manpower to the rest of the developed world. Pretty much every aspect of their training has to deal with the fact that a good chunk of their recruits arrive barely literate and suffering from at least some chemically induced brain damage.
    But then when you need a military force to plant all over the world as part of some bizarre game to try and rule a world that is for the most part just mystified by your incessant failures when faced with anything resembling opposition, I guess you need a lot of manpower.

  28. The dropping of standards in the police force has already filtered through to bottom line take a look at the Victoria Police in Australia under its political appointment Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon the standards were dropped so more female recruits could pass; hows that worked out well when the going gets tough lets see female cops are more likely to lock themselves in police cars if it looks to tough, female police officers have been reprimanded because they have refused to assist their male counterparts to break up all in brawls and the classic that happened in early 2015 two female police officers went running to the general public for help when a car tried to run them over yep you read right they went running to the general public for help I mean what did they expect the public to do if somebody with guns, batons and pepper spray couldn’t do.

    1. I found this from 2008:
      “There are too many females who put male members at risk out on the street,” one said.
      “I have been injured three times in the past 12 months fighting drunken
      idiots and getting no backup from my female partner, who is too small or
      too scared to help.”
      The solution? Hire more female officers!

    2. I have a couple friends in the US and Europe and hear of samiliar stories. Worst one was the male officer exchaning gun fire with two guys and his chick partner running and locking herself in the patrol car. She didn’t radio for back up either.
      As for the US military, I am glad I did my hitch and got out before Clinton got elected. He laid the ground work for all of this.

      1. Clinton was also the same person who gave China “most favoured nation” status which ended up exporting American jobs and technology.

        1. We shouldn’t forget the Republicans cheering for NAFTA and also allowing the MFN status.
          They’re all on another team and don’t play for the interests of working Americans (ie not independently wealthy or on the dole).
          The core policies of the United States government:
          1. currency debasement
          2. free trade globalism
          3. growing government/shrinking liberty
          4. Militarism/ imperialism — endless war/MIC
          5. deficit spending
          have not changed in over 40 years regardless if a R or a D was President, or which party controlled congress (and by extension the purse strings).
          Try to be objective when thinking about US politics and look at what they do, not what they say on TV.

  29. Of course, this article is slowly but surely getting a few Eurosmugs crying about the notion that they are utterly dependent on the US military.
    Word of advice, Eurosmugs: We don’t want to be the world police. But let’s face facts-after World War Two (which, like the first World War, you begged us to get involved in), you all pulled out of your colonies and shunted the burden of empire onto us (while we certainly were imperialists before then, you had more people and territory under your dominion). This, of course enabled you to create your glorious socialist utopias that you constantly brag about.
    Several of the Cold War-era regimes we installed were done at your behest (Iran=British Petroleum, Congo=French and Belgian mining companies, Iraq=a shitload of European countries sold arms to them, not just us, etc.)
    You couldn’t even handle Serbia during the Yugoslav wars without us.
    You were aided immensely by us during the overthrow of Qadaffi, which of course benefits you predominantly, considering that Europe is by far the biggest importer of Libyan oil (by the way, how is that Libyan Revolution working out?)
    75% of NATO’s funding and manpower comes from the United States. Every other country combined makes the remaining 25% (Despite the fact that the European Union is, when taken collectively, the wealthiest entity on Earth)
    You heavily depend upon the United States navy to keep shipping lanes open.
    Whenever big bad Putin rattles his saber, you come crying to us, like how you demanded that we make a show of force to “protect Ukraine” (ie: protect your natural gas interests)
    And that’s not even getting into the fact the way France and Britain buttfucked the Middle East after World War 1, which, probably more than anything else, is why the place is so dysfunctional today.
    So in conclusion, to any Eurofaggots who want to complain about the 2nd tenet in this article, kindly go fuck yourself.

    1. I’m an Asian. With regards to your rant, no one wants you now. You can go. Thank you, goodbye.

      1. Yeah, because it’s not like the US is obligated to defend several Asian countries (off the top of my head, I can think of Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines), those same countries come crying to America whenever China or North Korea starts waving its penis around, and the US signs free trade agreements with those countries (and many other countries in other continents) that cause us to have a 700 billion dollar trade deficit…
        Oh wait, we do all those things.
        And that’s why I, along with most Americans that don’t have their heads up their asses, want the American Empire to die: because it is literally the only empire in the history of the world that benefits other people instead of itself.
        When America falls, a lot of people in the world are going to have an “Oh, Shit!” moment.

    2. My knowledge of history is a little patchy, but I seem to recall that US involvement in the European theatre of WW2 was actually paid for by the UK. The payments finishing only a few years ago.

  30. Number 6:
    It is a lose-lose situation, anyway. Because women either ruin the military or the military ruins their femininity. You either get the female soldier that can’t climb over an obstacle and that everyone pokes fun at in the newest girlfail video – or you’ll get a masculine testosterone broad. A woman who succeeds in the military is way worse than a woman who fails there.
    Number 2 is crap, tho. The US Military is basically a terrorist organization and the rest of the world is fed up with all your “love wins drone terrorist, we just do it to protect our freeeeedoms” bullshit and wants you out off their countries.

  31. As an Infantry vet, I can’t even begin to tell you how goddamn happy I am that I got out. It pains me to my core to see what my old M.O.S. is becoming. It is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever seen. If women are allowed in we will lose our standing as a military superpower and all the money in the world won’t help that. The most terrifying outcome for SOF soldiers is that good men will die because some fat, stupid, liberal arts land beast can feel a tingley sensation in her snatch.
    This isn’t about muh-soj-iny or the boys club. The fact that our culture is willing to let men die simply because we don’t want to make it unfair for the weaker, smaller, and less emotionally stable sex is nothing short of a tragedy.

    1. Well said, extremely well put. One point though, if I were an editor, I would move the term ‘goddamn’ down right before ‘land whale’. I’m just saying, no offense, but I used to sprinkle my writing with ‘goddamn’ and the term is powerful. Sometimes I misplaced the term and I learned the hard way that it must be used for something that is ‘truly damnable in the eyes of god’. In other words, I now think twice if the term is placed on target. It’s like a gun pointed so you wouldn’t say for example: ”I need a goddamn better paying job to pay the debt collector”. Instead, I’d say ”I need a gravy job to pay the ‘goddamn’ debt collector. That way you’ve just nixed the sumbitch debt collector and not your job. Just sayin’ bro.

      1. Duly noted. However, in my eyes the idea of good men dying for some ridiculous agenda, which in the grand scheme of things is less than meaningless is absolutely worthy of a G-D. These are men who have volunteered to sacrifice everything for something they hold sacred. Wasting their lives because “we gotta let the girls play too!” Is the lowest blow we could deal them.

        1. Right. I’d be ‘friggin” happy to get out of that damn mess. That’s a positive.

  32. I have to repeat this again and again and again and again.
    We are living in a secular humanist satanic society ruled by a cabal that owns and controls the central banking systems of western civilization of which is the engine to finance and enforce all of their policies.
    Satanism is the reverse of God’s natural law. God’s natural law designates men as the patriarchy of which have been given the power to dominate and rule over women. It has to be that way. Satan hates God. He wants to turn civilization into a matriarchy, which is the reverse of what God wants. That is why we are seeing all of these feminist policies being shoved in our faces.
    Women as whole CANNOT accomplish anything. The only way a female can be made to look successful and “equal” is if you pepper them in amongst men. For example, if WWII was fought against Germany using ONLY 100% females, the US, Britain, and Russia would have lost WWII in a minute. Women can only be made to appear successful if you pepper them amongst men. But women as whole, cannot defeat a 100% male army. Therefore, women are NOT equal and have no business in the military nor should they even be allowed to have jobs in society. Men should be the gatekeepers and owners of all jobs in society. Women should only be allowed to marry, reproduce, and raise children. They should not be allowed to vote. They will vote for socialism/communism as a whole every time. Women should never be given any power in society, because eventually over time that society will cir-cum to satanic forces which will lead to genocide of humans. Ever since women were given the right to vote, look at all the wars and genocides that followed. Women are evil, and they will vote for evil every time. It’s a fact. They would vote for the anti-christ, because the anti-christ love socialism and communism. That’s exactly what a female would vote for.

    1. solid post that I feel will get lost on the general Godless reader of this site.

  33. It’s a well know fact that European armies have reduced their physical and psychometric requirements in order to allow women on the army. In Spain army there are charts with the exigencies for males and other for females.

    1. Frankly, ALL Western militaries have either reduced their physical standards for women or ‘gender normed’ the standards (lowered them so both women and weak men can pass). The US is no different.
      U.S. Army Airborne school used to be of the hardest and thus most respected schools in the military until the 1980s, no woman and many men could not hack it, standards were lowered so women could serve in previously elite units like the 82nd Airborne Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade in POG jobs. This is where I respect the Brits. In the British Army women can not serve in the Parachute Regiment, but they can serve in CS roles (like engineers and artillery) but to serve in support of the Paras they have to pass the rigorous P-Company course like the grunts before they can qualify as parachutists, they did not reduce standards, not a single woman could pass.
      Many European militaries as well as the Canadians, New Zealanders and now the Australians allow women in the combat arms, though, which means the standards must be reduced.
      Just wait until you have to fight a real war again..

  34. What are you whining for exactly? It’s all good for the manosphere. The more women in the armed forces, the weaker they will become.
    Without a strong army, the US are nothing. Russia and China will take over and we will get back to a red pill world sooner than expected.

  35. If women get the Trident it was because it was Given to them, and not Earned on their own, for women falsely wearing the Trident, a great name for them would be “Pseudo Seals”.

  36. “What’s happening at the 4th Ranger Training Brigade at Ft. Benning is the canary in the cultural coal mine—but unlike a sensible coal miner, our leaders will fail to recognize the obvious warning.”
    In the not too distant future drones will be doing nearly all the fighting.
    The Cathedral knows this.
    OR they wouldn’t dream of insisting on full military integration would they?
    When the day comes that a soldier can kill people without so much as breaking a nail, females will be doing the killing.
    The Cathedral is very keen to do away with us now that shoulders are becoming obsolete.

  37. The European military forces can have all the ludicrous policies they want, but the fact is America has been carrying their water since the end of World War 2.

    I think it would be more accurate to say that the US has been carrying its own water and if the European caught a few drops that was purely incidental.

  38. Let the Bull Dikes play with the big boys, whats all the butt hurt about. If they can keep up, let them tag along. Its what they want, then they’re going to get it

    1. https://www.mca-marines.org/gazette/blog/2012/07/05/get-over-it-we-are-not-all-created-equal
      Women like Capt. Kate Petronio are finding combat tours in the more demanding POG military occupational specialties such as combat engineers (which they’re not allowed to do in the US Army, only in the Marines) etc are breaking their bodies and leaving them with an abundance of health issues, which may I remind you, the American taxpayer has to compensate for.
      Frankly, even the combat loads in those jobs are nothing compared the Infantry or SOF.

      1. ….is a citation really needed? If so, how about starting with the different APFT standards in the first place? If they were truly capable, there would not be two sets of standards.

  39. I copied this from another website and pasted it here because I thought it was worth sharing. From “Nighon Libertine”:
    The most athletic/motivated female specimens can either barely pass or simply not pass the standards that are set by the gender neutral performance standards already in place. Placing them into the combat arms will not fix the fact that overall they are vastly inferior to men in virtually every metric associated with combat performance.
    The women who pass are at the absolute top tier of elite athleticism- for a female- whereas the men are average: for a man. The average male body adapts by virtue of having at least 8-12 times the primary muscle protein synthesizing hormone that the average woman has; with minimal/maximum stimulation the muscle both heals and develops. Women subjected to the same stimulation simply cannot heal sufficiently to adapt and/or get stronger. The men after any given time of training respond to both exercise and/or the combat equivalent thereof eventually becoming superior to their former i.e. initial training level selves. They are in the low male performance tier when beginning training with no where to go but up- all other things being equal.
    Men have denser bones, much larger joints with longer limbs, more massive torsos to height with much larger lungs/hearts with subsequently greater increase in leverage: hence the saying by Archimedes
    “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”.
    Women are gimped from the get go by having much wider hips designed exclusively for child bearing- and having a huge disadvantage for everything else. Much slower walking and especially running speed with at least 4 times the injury rate due to increased stress on the knee versus the male body. The women athletes who can run fast(er) have extremely narrow hips atypical for females- their hips would have to be broken and surgically re-set or their knees would have to be redesigned like hooved quadrupeds have- with over sized bulging joints; yet if the wide hips were retained they would still have vastly reduced running and walking efficiency. That walk women have- that men find so fascinating is due to the admiration of our opposite being that is supremely tailored for bearing young – yet quite inferior for virtually everything else associated with athleticism. Women are not merely smaller versions of men.
    Most women cannot lose body fat sufficient to be even generally lean which- in addition to inferior strength disallows them to manipulate their own body weight at all (e.g. women Marines may train for many months- yet only 40% who were specifically given the extra training time are even capable of doing 3 pull ups), never mind doing it at speed like men with their superior strength to weight ratio. When I was in the Corps- I thought the 20 pull ups standard was a joke: I did it slow, with no appreciable momentum and could way beyond 20 with no specific training when I first entered boot camp. Perhaps a third fellow (male) recruits were in the same tier.
    People who make the statements that you do simply do not acknowledge the vastly superior (human) male body versus the female one in regard to combat/athletics. People are not fictional super-heroes like those commonly depicted e.g. cute/beautiful/tiny females clobbering huge hulking males. Simply “placing” women in combat- after the same standard of male training will not result in anything other than catastrophically inferior performance. Women would have to be redesigned- in effect turning them into men. Of course you could keep their original female DNA intact and dose them like female to male transsexuals who may for some reason elect to keep their original genitalia yet you would still have to deal with the existing problem of generally smaller pores on average than males have (which helps males to cool off faster) and a host of other problems e.g. inferior sized joints- much smaller torsos reflecting much smaller hearts/lungs for their height et al..

    1. Great post. Indeed, you’d have to redesign women to be men. Who the fuck wants to be redesigned other than people unhappy with themselves? You see its psychological issues and a huge misplaced ego that has the military going down this messed up path.

    2. “Men have denser bones,….”
      Unfortunately, this isn’t even as true as it once was. The male American youth of today have 20% less bone mass than those of just 20 years ago. Less exercise, crappy diets and low protein while growing up are all contributing factors. Just imagine what’s happened to the female bone mass under the same circumstances – if anything they are less able to make the grade than they could have been, not more.

  40. With all the bitching and moaning about the U.S. being world police we are the first
    to respond and the last to leave in the event of a disaster.
    Ever U.S. soldier should be allowed to carry a weapon that is what they are trained to
    do fight, not close the blinds and sit in the corner in the event another Muslim shoots at them.

  41. So, while on some field train at “The Basic School” (Officer training USMC), which was sadly coed. Our SPC decided to simulate a casualty, one MAN down. I recall carrying 8 or so M16s and pack and a radio while others carried the wounded man and up and down we went for several terrain features (Quantico has some nice steep hills to fuck with you). It was a long time ago, but, picture someone obnoxiously overloaded with military gear and that was my contribution to the wounded man exercise. We had three females in our squad and they did fucking zero! Oh yeah, that was me carrying their shit, because they were suppose to be switching out carrying the wounded man. Ahem, they didn’t. Why, because they just couldn’t. I did help out with the wounded duty and I kept my rifle slung unlike other snowflakes. I think I’ll write a female military story every time we discuss this subject on ROK. In the previous article I told the one about a force march at OCS where the females couldn’t make it and a male heat casualty suffered as a direct result. Got plenty more.

    1. Frankly, there should be no women in the USMC at all, or the Army. Not even in CS or CSS roles, let alone as grunts. If they must, leave them in the Navy and Air Force.
      The USMC has a long, illustrious history of fighting through hellish conditions against fanatical enemies, often while outnumbered yet still prevailing. Iwo Jima, Peleliu, Tarawa, Saipan, Guadalcanal, Inchon, Chosin Reservoir, Khe Sanh, Fallujah, etc. All male. Not a single ‘gruntess’ needed.
      I mean, could you imagine a woman carrying out feats like John Basilone in WW2
      Capt. William E Barber in Korea
      Or John Ripley in Vietnam
      Neither can I..

  42. I suppose a woman can finish Ranger school if she trains hard enough for it. While difficult, the school is far from impossible. I think maybe you are a bit too quick to put it in the realm of impossibility.
    My only concern is the culture in most combat arms units and how females will adapt to it. I’m not sure how the Rangers will handle it, but I can tell you that in the regular Army it is the unit that is told to change in order to accommodate female Soldiers.
    I remember getting smoked once for having an “inappropriate” image an anime girl in a bikini on the inside of the door on my wall locker. I was told that this poster was disrespectful to women (like my team leader who was an anime fan as well. She thought the poster was awesome, ironically, it was the male Soldier that was offended on her behalf). Yes, this was at a real unit, not training.
    I’ve only encountered Rangers a few times while I was deployed, but I can only imagine how they would react to that.
    TL; DR: I am not against the idea of females in combat arms units (including Ranger, SF, etc) so long as they can fit in and do the job. Aside from a few shitbags (shitbags are equal opportunity after all) they serve well.

    1. The only error I made was the amount of weight lost during Ranger school – it’s actually closer to 25 pounds of muscle, not 15. Women ***cannot*** pass the fitness test to enter that school, let alone graduate, when held to the same standards as men. I qualify this to what the school has always been, not what it may have turned into today.
      The fact that you have never been in a combat unit and thus cannot understand everything from the shared sacrifice to the brotherhood that keeps it all together explains why you parrot the “as long as they can do it” mantra, which is no more than a throwaway line. But it isn’t your fault – you just do not know. Coed CS and CSS units are incapable of enforcing the discipline of an all male combat arms unit – your douchebag “leader” who smoked you for being politically incorrect is testament to this reality.
      Sadly, it won’t be to long before a young American man cannot find a military unit where he can experience and appreciate the appropriate level of cohesion. As stated, this isn’t about some macho boys club, it’s about preserving the secure cocoon which enables idiotic ideas of “equality” to fester. Once they’re forcibly wrapped up in niquabs and burkas, perhaps then western women will realize what they’ve instigated with their childish demands on the military, as will the white knight asswipes who enabled it all to happen.

      1. I suppose you may be right about an all male combat-arms units. I can’t speak of the standards of Ranger indoc past or present, since I’ve never been to the course. In my limited interactions with Ranger and Special Forces Soldiers I was always very impressed with their discipline and morale. After 30+ hours without sleep, taking fire on and off for the last 5, most of us wanted a break. The Rangers always just wanted more ammo.
        I did, however, serve with the Engineers clearing routes in Afghanistan (that is, we searched for IEDs on the roads). The unit was majority male by a large number, but there were a fair amount of females as well. While technically combat support, it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. We worked hard, and knew that lowering our standards could lead to instant death. Even when adhering to our standards, some still died.
        I will grant you that a lot of the female Soldiers is our unit opted out of patrolling, choosing instead to take on the supporting roles (and a hilariously high number of female Soldiers got pregnant right before deploying in order to avoid Afghanistan altogether). Those that did fight, however, fought well. I am proud to have served with these Soldiers.
        When I say something along the lines of “as long as they can do the job” I don’t mean if female Soldiers can merely pass a fitness test or fire a rifle. You know better than I do that there is much more to being a Ranger than that. I am also saying “if they can handle the stress. If they can embrace the suck. If they are disciplined enough. If they can fit in with the unit.” Basically the same physical and mental standard that would be expected of any Soldier in combat arms.
        I am not a fan of a unit’s culture changing to accommodate anyone, especially if it’s shown to produce extremely effective fighting units. In that, I am 100% in agreement with you. I do believe some female Soldiers could serve with the elite of our Army, however. While they are fewer in number to the male Soldiers that meet this criteria, it is perhaps premature to assume that none could.

  43. As a former Apache pilot, I have a lot of respect for anyone who went through Infantry school, let alone Ranger and Special Forces, because there’s nothing like jumping out of a plane with these guys and finding out that you’re just a fat monkey who’s only use in life is being behind a flight stick. When I went to Iraq, I went in thinking I’m going to be the Dragon in the Sky, and technically I was. But, the more I talked with infantrymen and Rangers, the more I just wanted to be their close air support, helping those guys do their job, watching for the enemy, and giving them fire where they needed it.
    I once did a mission for a squad of Rangers in Mosul that lasted more than three days. I flew fifteen hour missions, coming back to get eight hours of sleep, but those guys didn’t get any sleep at all. Each day I went out and they were there, driving vehicles, marching, and driving again, diving into buildings day in and day out, non-stop. We had given them Apache support the whole time, but those guys were moving heaven and earth round the clock to get the job done, to be the spearhead (literally) for mechanized units to go in and secure areas. I was in awe, and I never forgot it. I was able to meet some of those guys, shake their hands, and hang out with them. Though I did outrank them all, I had more respect for them and what they could do, because even in the best of shape I doubt I could hang with those guys on the ground on a mission.
    What I’m afraid of is if they allow women into their units they’ll lose their sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. They were awesome, and the most politically incorrect dudes short of Navy SEALs that I ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I fear they will lose that for fear of a sexual harassment case ending a great career or two.

    1. Yes, agreed. There’s no better infantrymen out there than the Rangers, with the Marines and Airborne a tied second.
      The great thing about the 75th is that not that it’s damned hard to earn your place in the Regiment, but every Ranger must earn his right to stay there. Those who reveal themselves to be shitbirds or can’t continue to cut the mustard are rotated out into other units. Every soldier, NCO and Officer there is a first class warrior, most earn the Ranger Tab as a bare minimum, although Ranger School actually has little to do with the 75th, it’s a combat leadership course.
      Women have no place in the 75th whatsoever.

  44. The latest PC stunt/craze of allowing women in the combat arms is sad to see, but absolutely no one should be surprised. This was inevitably going to happen, guys.
    Ever since the late 1970’s when they abolished separate male and female services, and integrated women into the main US military, they’ve gradually been opening up MOS fields that used to be male exclusive, starting with CS and CSS roles such as admin, supply, technical/engineering roles, military police, line medics etc. then combat aviation and allowing women to serve aboard Navy warships and, recently, subs.
    It was inevitable with the amount of liberal/feminist propaganda and half truth stories about glorious “women in combat” in Iraq and Afghanistan – from female supply truck drivers many yards away from an IED attack or potshot to embellished stories about FET/CST teams serving alongside infantry and SOF collecting intel from Iraqi/Afghan women, the grunts and SOF operators that served with the women in FET/CST have confirmed they were nothing but liabilities and that the “intel” that was collected was next to worthless. Strangely enough, the last country that carried out a feminist campaign of this level about mighty woman warriors was the Soviet Union during and after WW2..
    The result? The brainwashed public and PC upper echelons are pushing the agenda that women can serve in SOF, Infantry, Cavalry, Armor and Field Artillery.
    Even if the services elect to maintain the ban on SOF and infantry, field artillery, cavalry and armor will almost certainly be opened up to women.
    Yeah, just wait until the United States has to fight a real war (not glorified police actions like Afghanistan and Iraq where the US has the full edge against turd world Muslim guerillas with nothing but IEDs, AK’s and RPGs) again, against a competent enemy and the body bag numbers and wounded lists are huge, and look at the public reaction when many of those bodybags have women in them.. the outcry will be huge and the military will pull women out of the service at the speed of 1,000 gazelles.

  45. Outstanding article Justin. Since you story was published in July, the past week (Aug 22) we have been bombarded with the two Ranger girls. I cannot believe how many officers are jumping for joy that the two women (allegedly) passed assessment. When you question whether they received preferential treatment you labeled a hater. Thanks for writing this and best of luck down the road.

    1. Thanks. But I really, truly, wish I did not have to write it. I am also not surprised one bit about the officers lining up to suck politically correct cock in order to further their ticket punching careers. Absolutely disgusting, but alas, predictable.

  46. SEAL training to get the badge is well over a year long. BUDS is 27 weeks,then advanced training for six more months afterward. It takes 6X more time to qualify as a SEAL. Only 10% make it through BUDS, and another 10% of that group is still dropped during the advanced training stages. The teams modify those numbers because they only count students who “class up”, rather than everyone who gets orders (who shows up and has qualified physically). A lot of people drop prior because the prep phase makes it clear that this course will be mean. Only SEALs can be instructors. Not just “tabbed” people, but men actually coming from, and going back to, SEAL Teams. You cannot be a SEAL instructor unless you have compled multiple deployments at least a SEAL Team.
    The Army pumps thousands of soldiers through Ranger School. They qualify the same number of individuals annually that make up the entire manning of the SEAL Teams. BUDS graduates a few hundred.
    I respect Rangers. It I a very rough light infantry leadership course, but it is not a closed loop indoctrination/ selection course. It is not mean spirited. It is rugged… BUDS is mean spirited. They are actively trying to make everyone quit. There have been classes where they have not graduated a single trainee.
    If women make it through BUDS they will go to the Teams. That process takes over a year of training. The standards are much higher. The duration is much longer. You have to pass a dive physical. 20/20 vision, for example. You have to qualify in free fall parachuting, diving, small arms, demolition on land as well as underwater.
    Anyone who looks objectively at the standards, duration, job description, and compensation would not be able to say these two courses are equal. Ranger school and SEAL qualification is not even remotely the same animal. SEALs make a lot more money than Rangers do as well. They get every special pay, and the re enlistment bonuses are much higher. It is not, the same animal. Not at all.
    I know that Rangers like to argue that their training is as hard as BUDS, but it simply is not. Not on paper, and not in practice.

  47. I’ve glazed over the last 40 comments. Most of you are unimpressive men reaching for fractured logic to prove women are less than men. There is an average statistical shift that women are weaker and unsuited for combat, but the fact that some women are capable should not shatter your universe. Its just a proven fact, if you can’t deal with it you have something wrong with you. I am an “elite” soldier, and have spoken with guys in the class with the ladies that made it- they are for real. If you don’t believe it ask people who where there. Now to address some of the other points in the article- we have many males available for quality service- that is bullshit as any operator knows. A true warrior will actively(even desperately) seek quality wherever it can be had; for example an attachment we used had a transvestite (gay guy mostly) that was the best lead driver, and was valued to us on night infiltration. We busted its balls but respected it. Far more than some blustery internet blogger who has never seen true war. The culture here is rightfully disrespected by the world. You guys have sexual inadequacy issues, change if you want to be taken seriously, because serious professional soldiers don’t converse like this.

  48. Where are they now? Send all those female grads to battle ISIS make them point man or number one in the stack and see were it goes. If they comeback great they put their money where there mouth is and at least for those few we can call them brother. If they don’t there is your social answer.

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