One Man Can Change The World

Athanasius of Alexandria (296-98? – 373) is held in esteem by all Christian churches. His stout defense of the dogma of the Holy Trinity earned him the title of “The Father of Orthodoxy.” To this day, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches venerate him as a saint.

Athanasius’s career took place in a time when most of the Christian world was consumed by heresy, with many bishops and priests teaching rank error. The Roman government sided with the heretics and Athanasius was surrounded by a world that despised and persecuted him for holding to the truth.

For that reason, his life and character offer lessons for the 21st century man who is similarly immersed in heresy, whether he counts himself a believing Christian or not.

The Man


Little is known of Athanasius’s early life. Historians speculate that he was born in to a noble family that could afford him the education he displayed in his eloquent letters. Tradition holds that Bishop Alexander of Alexandria noticed that the boy Athanasius and his friends were play-acting as priests celebrating the sacraments.

Alexander declared that the baptisms they administered were in fact valid and encouraged them to pursue priestly vocations. Athanasius proved an apt pupil, writing the great treatises On The Incarnation and Against The Gentiles at age 20. After being ordained a deacon, Athanasius became a secretary and adviser to the bishop, accompanying him to the first ecumenical council in Christian history at Nicaea in 325. It was there Athanasius began the great struggle of his life.

The Heretic


The priest Arius (250-256? – 336) was of Libyan and possibly Berber origin. Reconstructing his life and teachings is difficult as all of his original writings were suppressed and they only survive in quotations by hostile orthodox critics. Essentially, Arius taught that Jesus Christ was only figuratively the Son of God.

According to Arianism, Christ was the greatest of God’s creations but there was a time when he did not exist and only God the Father existed. The First Council of Nicaea was called by the Emperor Constantine to resolve the disputes between the Arians and the orthodox position, which were shaking the entire Christian Church, then the official religion of the Roman Empire.

The council coined the term homoousios as a way to explain that Jesus Christ is God the Son and of one substance with God the Father, the watchword of orthodoxy ever since. Although Arianism was formally condemned, the struggle was not over.

Heretics Always Lie

The more things change...

The more things change…

After his patron Alexander died, Athanasius was named his successor as Bishop of Alexandria by popular acclaim, a position he would hold for the next 47 years. He learned that the strength of Arianism was not in its philosophical or theological reasoning, but in its political influence.

Athanasius was banished into exile on five occasions by four different Roman emperors. The Arians worked mightily to manufacture charges against Athanasius to publicly shame him, which should sound familiar to veterans of the manosphere. At the council of Tyre in 335, Arian bishops bribed a harlot to accuse Athanasius of immorality. One quick thinking priest stood up and said, “Do you really mean to accuse me of this?” She replied, “Of course,” proving that she had no idea what Athanasius actually looked like.

The bishop was accused of murdering and amputating the hand of Bishop Arsenius of Hypsele for use in black magic rituals. Athanasius calmly introduced the bishop to the council, alive and intact, sardonically commenting, “You see, he has two hands. Where is the third which I cut off? God has created men with two hands only.”

Rome’s Most Wanted

The tl;dr version of orthodox theology

The tl;dr version of orthodox theology

Athanasius spent 17 years of his bishopric in exile, evading the authorities and continuing to preach the orthodox position in defiance of their heresy. The secular modern reader may dismiss these disputes as mere theological hair splitting, but to the Christians of the time these issues were of paramount importance, which would determine doctrines of salvation.

Bishop contended against bishop, and orthodox lay people were frequently evicted from their own churches. Christian readers in the 21st century can surely sympathize as we often contend with Churchianity, the faith infected with feminism. Athanasius wrote to his people:

May God console you! … What saddens you … is the fact that others have occupied the churches by violence, while during this time you are on the outside. It is a fact that they have the premises – but you have the Apostolic Faith. They can occupy our churches, but they are outside the true Faith. You remain outside the places of worship, but the Faith dwells within you. Let us consider: what is more important, the place or the Faith? The true Faith, obviously. Who has lost and who has won in the struggle – the one who keeps the premises or the one who keeps the Faith? True, the premises are good when the Apostolic Faith is preached there; they are holy if everything takes place there in a holy way …

The Lessons

During his life, the bishop was nicknamed “Athanasius Contra Mundum:” Athanasius against the world. In a splendid way, he demonstrated the virtues of courage and fortitude. He challenged the reigning heresy of his day, enduring unpopularity among society’s elite, unjust exiles from his position as bishop, slanders and libels against his character, and threats against his life from the government.

Rather than indulge in self-pity, Athanasius spent his time in exile continuing to preach and write treatises in defense of the truth. The common people of his diocese loved him until the end for his holiness and commitment to teaching true doctrine. Cardinal John Henry Newman wrote that Athanasius, after the Apostles, was the most responsible for ensuring the orthodox Christian faith was passed down to subsequent generations.

He was willing to pay the price for holding to the truth. All men should similarly be willing to go to the wall in defense of the truth, no matter if the whole world stands against him.

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  1. There is also a substantial chance that Athanasius had his doctrinal arch-rival Arius assassinated by poisoning. (see When Jesus Became God, by Richard Rubinstein) The quarrels within the early Church were not entirely a matter of learned men debating over coffee and cakes. These little tidbits sometimes get lost in the doctrinal-ecclesiastical shuffle.

  2. “The whole world is against you!”
    “Then it is Athanasius against the world.”

  3. I can see the whole scenario of the whore blaming Athanasius of immorality playing out a lot differently in our modern world.
    Probably would go something like this:
    Whore falsely accuses Neo-Masculine Blogger of rape
    Another blogger stands up and asks if she seriously wants to accuse him of this crime to which she responds yes. Thus exposing her as a fraud and liar.
    A Jezebel blogger stands up and proclaims she still believes her because the Neo-Masculine Blogger most likely raped a woman at some point in his life and her lie has brought attention to a greater societal problem.
    Then they burn the cisgendered white privileged scum at the stake.

    1. People defying traditional roles,values of the family system,shaming masculinity are all examples of theological failures.Today being a gay or trans is celebrated but a man who wants to achieve sex,be an entrepreneur or a boy who wants to play basketball are considered defected.Being obese or having terrible eating disorders is perfectly all right but a man who picks up weights and stays fit is labeled sexist.A man wearing a skirt or some other feminine attire is fashion(kanye west) or courage(bruce jenner) but a man wearing a t-shirt is misogynistic(Mark Zuckerberg).Wise men need to realize the truth and pursue masculinity relentlessly otherwise beta culture,leftism and feminism will devour the world created by brave and orthodox men.Today all men are Athanasius but not enough are wise like him.

      1. I’m guessing you’re a Hindu Indian from your name? Always good to see one of us on ROK, we’re pretty rare on this site haha

        1. Yes, indeed I have. Starting from a young age, my alpha male but also deeply conservative and religious father used to spend some time each week and try to teach me the knowledge and philosophy that the Gita contained. When I was younger, I used to hate it and think it was boring. But now, I can say that it definitely played a huge role in shaping my view on life and making me into the man I am today.

        2. Yea I’ve read it too very interesting book that can teach some valuable life lessons.

        3. The Bhavagad gita is a tough read. Any suggestions on books breaking it down for dummies.

  4. We live in a world gone mad. I hope it comes to war soon so we can rid the planet of these pathetic fucking limp wristed pussies.

  5. Yeah – I disagree with the author who unilaterally claims that Arius was automatically a liar. Arius only claimed that Jesus was a saint and that many others could achieve his state of consciousness.
    But no – the church absolutely had to make him into an unattainable God.
    Also – generally one man can make a change, if he has significant impact very high up in the food chain, but not in the lower strata of society.

    1. So you say Jesus was a man and not god, but no man from the lower strata of society can make a change. Jesus was a carpenter from Nazareth. A carpenter was a lowly job, and Nazareth was considered a lowly place to come from in Hebrew second temple culture. He couldn’t really have come from a lower place. Yet his word has been spread further than any man in history.
      Plus Arius believed in the divinity of Jesus, just that it came from the father. His argument was that Jesus was created from the father.

      1. There is some evidence that Jesus may have been preaching the way of the Christ, one of the paths of enlightenment that was bastardized by the Egyptians into their pantheon of gods.
        Yet it doesn’t matter what you believe in so long as you are a good person.

        1. “It doesn’t matter what you believe in so long as you are a good person”
          A good person who unapologetically sins can’t possibly be considered a good person.
          Understand that they thought it was good and right to sacrifice babies to Baal in ancient Carthage; they were not good people.

        2. What is good is defined relatively by society, however, absolute good may be defined by the realization intelligent life is rare, thus out to be preserved.
          To recognize that others believed they were doing good is important in order to prevent ourselves from following the same path. All because you know someone’s reasoning does not mean you agree with them.
          It is easy to judge others from the safety of one’s own century. Poor decisions were made due to a lack of information and developed minds. Now, we have the potential to do better.

        3. To be fair, the Egyptians were insistent that “God from God, man from man, but never man from God or God from man’. You’ll find the story in Herodotus. If any thing, Egyptians tended to be Monophysites.

      2. Back then there were many directions of Christianity. The Gnostics were contrary to popular opinion not some kind of cannibalistic child-sacrificing psychopaths, but were actually highly spiritual, but claiming that Jesus had achieved a higher state of consciousness and we could do so too.
        As far as lower strata men having an impact – what I meant is that, yes – men who had achieved great things – spiritually, intellectually or financially had moved themselves to higher strata by my definition. Just like with humble individuals like St. Francis of Assissi, they have attained a high place and can have great impact on the world. Spiritual and intellectual giants can impact the world and their actions can snowball into something else.

        1. Gnostics were the “new Agers” of their time, their set of beliefs were antisocial (some varieties forbid marriage completely By the way, there are records even going to the II century that mainstream Christianity regarded Jesus Christ as God.
          Even a reading of the Gospels (that were written in the I century) shows that Jesus Himself declared implicitly and explicitly that He was God (this was according to the Gospels one of the reasons he was condemned to death). In order to say otherwise you either have to: deform the Scriptures or reject the inconvenient texts altogether (Islam).

        2. “Gnostics were the ‘new Agers’ of their time, their set of beliefs were antisocial (some varieties forbid marriage completely”
          Gnostics were the same type of “Christians” as the modern ones who say the Lord was a sodomite or that He was married to the whore Mary Magdalene. They usually broke into two different camps, sexual debauchery (“free love”) or banning sex/marriage altogether.

        3. “Just like with humble individuals like St. Francis of Assissi, they have attained a high place and can have great impact on the world. Spiritual and intellectual giants can impact the world and their actions can snowball into something else.”
          Francis is considered by Orthodox saints to be a textbook case of prelest (spiritual delusion). He made great shows of piety such as having somebody whip him while he went around shouting at everyone “I ate meat! You all think I’m so holy but I ate meat” Orthodoxy doesn’t consider that true humility, that’s “Hey, everybody look at how saintly I am for being so remorseful over such a trivial thing. Everyone see how holy/special I am?” And then there’s recorded in his “Life” how God the Father supposedly looked down upon Francis and for a moment wasn’t sure which to favor, his Only Begotten Son or his son by adoption, Francis.
          Francis was what only 200 something years after Rome falling from Orthodoxy? Already by that time they’d lost the ability to distinguish between emotions and spirituality.

      3. The word of Christ spread like wildfire across the globe, except in the Western Hemisphere which was cut off from the Eastern. In the West during the 19th century, Mormonism explained that Christ had appeared after his crucifixion in central America. The Mormon doctrine then took off and spread like wildfire as well, and at a time when there were no shortage of churches or options for faith groups to join. In other words, there wasn’t even much of a market to start a new church. Unlike the 1960’s and 70’s with pop groups springing up everywhere, there was a hunger for alternative faiths. Still Mormonism in the 1830’s came out of thin air, was Christ based, filled a ‘gap’ or missing link in the chronologies of scripture and then grew very rapidly.

        1. Mormonism didn’t come out of thin air. Its rituals are stolen from Freemasonry by the false prophet and black magician named Joseph Smith. Mormonism is not Christ based, it fundamentally teaches Satanism, luring souls to destruction the same as Eve was lured, with the promise of godhood.

        2. The mainstream LDS is heavily Romans 13 and very little John 3:16. It is crawling with statist drones that will rat out their own. The only appeal is the illusion of patriarchy and the polygamy which falls under the category of full circle total patriarchy. Islamic states have similar illusions of patriarchy with their male genital mutilation (circumcision) which renders the men as subservient to their imams and the men become BITCHES OF THE STATE ultimately. They have chattel control of their personal women yes, but the men are still SOMEONE ELSE’S BITCH. They’re punk ass bitches of the theocratic state, a fate worse than a boy who has a dominant lesbo mom. . eeek.
          Within mainstream LDS, the poly’s are shunned nowadays and are driven into the closet moreso than if they resided in a cosmo or metero sexual tolerant area. Poly’s leave the areas controlled by the mainstream church due to harassment. Mainstream LDS groupthink suffers from ‘mormon guilt’ overcompensating for past persecutions against their poly roots. They’ve become pathetically weak state ass kissers. So now they excessively bitch slap their own poly members out to try to sanitize their image for their national ad and missionary recruiting and evangelizing campaign. They’re timidly afraid of ‘not looking good’ for their new pc image. The extreme patriarchal poly clans were the only redeeming quality the church ever had and they throw it into the toilet. To hell with the statist pc sell outs and chickenshits.
          Unfortunately for many poly families living in mainstream communities like SLC, a poly dad must sneak around town keeping up with and visiting his respective wives and children. Not many ‘long houses’ in town anymore. The tourist friendly image they’re hell bent on making has left the mainstream church without substance and pretty worthless by sacrificing their poly culture. A poly family is stronger than a monogamous one and is the best hedge against state intrusion and disruption of the nuclear family. A faith based poly clan can remain solid in the wilderness or can govern in a small town or community in its own right but in a large community, the poly clans pose a threat to state control and nothing more. Screw the state.

      4. “A carpenter was a lowly job..” Wrong, actually carpentry was a very middle class, guild protected occupation. Not anyone could just “pick up a hammer & saw” and start making furniture. You would be fined and arrested or worse. You had to BUY into a guild and apprentice for years, you could even be blackballed out by the local carpentry community. Carpentry was a solidly middle class profession.

    2. “Arius only claimed that Jesus was a saint and that many others could achieve his state of consciousness.”
      Arians were closer to Jehovah Witnesses whose “Jesus” was not YHWH (Yahweh) but an angel. Nobody believed “Jesus was a saint and that many other could achieve his state of consciousness” except the fringest of fringers.

    1. This really pisses me off more than I have words to express.
      Little girl in East Ukraine crying because Fascist troops bomb her house and her neighborhood. MSM ignores it completely. Every time I try to bring this situation to people’s attention, I get banned from blogs or told to shut up.

      Filthy Faggot Fuck poolboy for the Kardashians gets dick lobbed off and breast implants and cries because trans people have it so bad. Bad? Really? Nobody bombed you out of your home you fuck! MSM laps it up and treats it like a social revolution or something.
      Hint: Trans is a choice. Getting your house bombed isn’t.
      Congratulations feminazis. Hope you feel proud of yourselves now.

      1. the MSM caters to the type of people who think the freak show is some sort of hero but plug the ears when it comes to the real problems of the world.

      2. The media has no interest in a suffering soul, however, they love raging egos that are charading as souls.

    2. There have been gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in the music industry for years. Elton John, Boy George, Freddy Mercury, K.D.Lang, Melissa Etheridge, to name a few, and yet these people never bothered me in the slightest. I never gave their sexuality a second thought. They had musical talent, they worked hard and they turned out great acts. They were all interesting characters in their own way.
      Why is it then that I get such a rage seeing this freakshow? Ever since gay marriage became a topic (nobody was talking about it 5 years ago) and Conchita Wurst won Eurovision, now everyone wants to become “trans”, WTF???

        1. Except the message then was “Men don’t wear dresses. Look how funny I am wearing a dress”. Drag queens didn’t exist outside the theater.
          Conchita Wurst’s message was “Drag queens are normal”. As in, men should wear dresses when they want to. Let’s forget our true gender and pretend we’re what we’re not.
          Wait until the next tranny rapes a child. See how the media react then.

        2. I’m not aware of any point at which Conchita has said men should dress as that character does. I doubt many men would be able to squeeze into those dresses, certainly not if they also had to walk.
          As for the wider point, trousers and the puritanical mode of male dress are a very modern invention. Louis XIV conquered half of Europe in high heels. Rameses II ruled Egypt in a skirt. Washington wore stockings and a powdered wig. Were these not real men?
          Not sure how it’s relevant whether a child rapist is wearing a dress or not, care to explain?

        3. i’m not knowledgeable on the subject, but i don’t think drag queens typically have full beards. the beard with the otherwise feminine features is what makes his appearance so unnerving.
          i wonder if the SJWs will think pissing off the russians with conchita was such a good idea in a few years when the ICBMs are raining down.

        4. Most don’t, some do. George Harris was doing it back in the 1960s. I agree the performer’s bone structure is certainly very striking, probably why they’ve done rather well in the profession.
          I think the Ruskies have enough trouble making sure the poorly paid conscripts aren’t siphoning off and selling the rocket fuel to start sabre rattling.

        5. putin has already made several statements about readying their nuclear arsenal. russian friends of mine who’ve been home recently say that the place is in full paranoia mode about a US-led NATO invasion. but yeah, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

        6. i think conchita’s main message was “let’s piss off those homophobic russians. they think western culture is degenerate? we’ll show ’em degenerate.” i don’t claim to get eurovision at all. when i lived in ukraine i thought maybe it would be good for a laugh, in a so-bad-it’s-good sort of way that you can enjoy mocking but no, it’s just unwatchable no matter how i approach it. that said, i doubt conchita would have been austria’s choice if things were going better between the russia and the EU.

  6. It’s not just a matter of doctrine, it’s also about money and power. Christianity became an official religion even though Constantine continues to worship Mars because the Empire was running out of money once its conquests and new slaves ended. What claims it have to virtue was gone. So he need a new source of respect and cash and Christianity offer both. Its organization also made it easier to eliminate competiting religious claims to men’s loyalty, increasing the power of Caesar. For money, a man can lose his property the state by dying without testament or by criminal conviction. So the Empire made it easier to steal property by declaring many pagan practices illegal and declaring certain Christian belief heretical. The legal thievery really got underway after a more reserved Constantine died.

    1. Constantine did not make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. It was his mother, Helena, who introduced him to this religion – she was a Christian for years.
      All Constantine did was make it a legalised religion – not all religions were given freedom to practice in the Roman Empire and Christianity was illegal until Constantine changed that.
      As for money and power, it had none other than loyal united adherents and because of their unity, unlike paganism, for Constantine, this unity meant that he could curry favour with the Church and ensure the survival of a fractured empire.
      This is why he called a council to deal with the Arian heresy – it would be a serious problem for him and his Empire if members of, by then, one of the largest religions in the Empire, were to start bickering and tearing apart themselves over theological arguments.
      He personally was in favour of the Arian position but was willing to accept whatever the Council of Nicea agreed upon – they didn’t support his views and Arianism was thrown into the trashbin of heresy.
      Of course, his family was not happy with the result and once he passed away, his sons and his wife would go on to not only support the Arian cause but go on the rampage against Catholic Orthodox bishops and priests, who again had to go back in hiding.
      This went for years – there was a lull when Justin the Apostate became Emperor and all Christians, whether they be Arians or Catholic Orthodox were hunted down – until the Emperor Theodosius in 380AD finally made Nicene Christianity or the Catholic Orthodox Christianity the state religion of the Empire and then made all the pagan faiths illegal.

    2. Yup. Edward Gibbons in one short paragraph. Now I don’t have to read that damn book. Thanks.

  7. A most excellent article. Perhaps we can take heart in seeing such stark similarities in times past to the wildly insane attack on truth and reality we are experiencing today.
    Every red pill man must ask himself…
    How much is the truth worth for me?
    Worth dying for?
    Worth killing for?
    Worth suffering for?
    If one was born into riches and the entitlements if this world, would he esteem the truth or would he have a vested interest in suppressing it and maintaining the status quo?
    Make no mistake, if you hold to the truth and do not falter the whole fucking circus of this world is going to come after you.

    1. I agree. Because it can’t stand to see a man self-sufficient, able to provide for himself, possessing that unique fortitude to foster a self-sustaining family, and spiritually and emotionally content with himself.
      It literally spins their mental yarns further into insanity. Thus prompting the fallacious feminist cat in their mind to torture their rationalization hamster to ever greater feats of hatred.
      Be thankful these self-proclaimed non-men are not half the men they claim they are to public. Just merely a woman.
      If they were even equal to what they think men are, we would all be dead.

  8. Beefy, these are incredible articles you are writing here. I definitely should take notes.

  9. Could you stop using the picture of that ugly feminist on every damn article? Thanks.

    1. I see your point, but you have to admit she’s the perfect stock photo of the angry feminazi.

      1. True. I doubt it bothers her. Even if it does, I get tired of her ugly face, and even worse, her ugly character and ideological hatred of men.
        In that photo, she literally was videoed singing JT “Cry me a river” about men and suicide. Amongst other things. All whilst telling them all to STFU!
        If anything else, she is the epitome of Sarkeesians flaws as a compassionate human being and Fatty-McPhats Futrelle’s ideological delusions of grandeur’s love child.
        All without evena fraction of the intelligence.
        Which leads me to now be thankful that the slow children at play in elementary school can grow up to afford white jackets at Goodwill before going ideology hazing. All before she had to be back to pre-school for remedial lessons in basic courtesy.

  10. Great article with a great point. Even if the whole world is against you, you can still win it all by persevering, which is worth more than anything else.

    1. They may get you fired, but still you should refuse to give in. If you do, you’ll still lose your job and your dignity besides.

  11. When it comes to Patristics, what texts are you guys reading? I’ve always read Classics of Western Spirituality, a great series. I just ordered their edition of Athanasius.

  12. The antics that the state manginas or ‘whores of the state’ used to try to frame the righteous Athanasius weren’t too well thought out. Their cat-brained tactics were SOOO STUPID that you’d swear a reckless and wrathful PMS’ing woman had thought them up. The ‘missing hand’ set up and the ‘paid whore’ were antics that a ding-bat woman in power or a mangina ‘whore of the state’ would pull. The arians didn’t even think or ‘man plan’ a successful smear.
    Like stupid women who fling false rape accusations, manginas of the state ARE ALSO just like stupid females, only with authority. The indiscriminate shit-slingers both male and female are ALL BASICALLY FEMALE, and the bad side of female at that. The burning crotch of HELL can make a cunt out of a man or woman alike. State whores are the STATE’S BITCH. They FUCK THE STATE!!
    The manginas of the state are especially dangerous to all and need to be stripped of their power whenever they reveal themselves, whenever they sling cat shit and try to defame someone with hair brained female thought out plotting. If the VAginas or MANginas are allowed to continue their course wielding any authority, they’ll only cause untold havoc for others down the road. They should all be stopped. Burqas for the ‘va’ginas and whip cracking wage slavery (work for food) if they’re lucky for the ‘man’ginas.

  13. I am not sure where I stand on the Arius vs Athanisius debate. I read from Rudolf Steiner that the failing of that conference was the failure to create a synthesis of this either-or view.
    I feel more comfortable with the concept that they are one in the same, but the concept of “of same essence” is also appealing.
    I generally attend the Eastern Orthodox church and think they have it right for a lot of things.
    But I actually think about this debate a lot. It is a credit to this site that the issue is even discussed, regardless of the point of view.
    Doubt you will find such a topic of importance on Radfem Hub. Or other feminist intelllectual ghettoes

    1. I’m a practicing Catholic so I don’t claim to be a disinterested observer here, but I don’t believe you can synthesize two contradictory propositions. Either Christ was a created being as the Arians said or he was not as orthodox Christians say.

  14. “You see, he has two hands. Where is the third which I cut off? God has created men with two hands only.”
    I am three–hand–kin and am triggered.

  15. Wonderful article, many thanks! These types of articles are why I come back.
    Still though:
    “The First Council of Nicaea was called by the Emperor Constantine to
    resolve the disputes between the Arians and the orthodox position, which
    were shaking the entire Christian Church, then the official religion of
    the Roman Empire.”
    Is not correct. Christianity didn’t become the official religion until 380 ad, 55 years later.

    1. So many have no idea that Constantine merely made the religion legal.
      He never made it the state religion – that was Emperor Theodosius

  16. Please. A straight reading of the New Testament is essentially what Arius was teaching. It was guys like Athanasius ladling on all the extra crap that now makes up much of extra-Biblical dogma. Arius called ’em as he read ’em. It was the Trinitarians that were the equivalent of the Supreme Court, pulling stuff out of their ass and declaring “It is so!”. Arius was all but certainly murdered by Trinitarian enemies.

  17. A wonderful article as is a habit for you, Levinson. Athanasius was a great man with many lessons to teach the defenders of orthodoxy and truth who carry his torch today.

  18. One traveler came across a saint in the middle of the desert and asked him: Antoninus- where have you been hiding- have you turned your back on the world? The saint said—I have been in the same place- but the world has left ME behind.

  19. Arians as the feminist SJWs of the ancient world. Damn, the Manosphere has gone off the deep end.

  20. Athanasius cursed Christianity with an unreasonable faith which is incomprehensible. Trinitarianism is logically incoherent. This of course is seen as a plus by trinitarians who handwave away such comments by claiming anything divine is impossible to comprehend. Imagine if Arius’ view had won, as it almost did. Islam would never have swept the world as it did if there was already a monotheistic universal faith that made logical sense.
    Also the Arians did believe Jesus was the literal son of God, but that he was the first creation of God and a separate being. They didn’t accept this three headed monster called trinity which is somehow one being despite having three personalities. Isaac Newton, who was a theological genius as well as a scientific one, agreed with Arius.

  21. “One man and God can overturn the universe.” – John Brown. I would have thought this site would favor defending a natural order of the universe, which the usual suspects are trying to overturn.

  22. Athanasius was also known as “the black dwarf.” He was Berber, dark skinned Moorish and very short (probably not a true dwarf).

  23. Wrong. Wrong. All wrong. Constantine was a pagan. He made a deal with the early high priests of various Christian sects, which at the time were all warring with each other. He converted to Christianity as a political move, and gave power to the high priests in exchange for consolidating power and unifying Christianity under one universal doctrine. Even in the beginning of Christianity no one could agree on what it was, or even whether Jesus was an actual deity or just a flesh and blood man(prophet) roughly 50% of the council of nicea disagreed that Christ was actually a deity. Constantine put them all in a room and told them to decide which scriptures would make the final cut and be included in the bible and which a scriptures would be burned as heresy. Many Gnostics at the time believed the church itself was evil and created to distract people from the actual truth. Those people and scriptures were burned for heresy. Especially texts referencing reincarnation. Along with many others. Much like anyone who spoke out in communist Russia would just disappear. Anyway, since the initial inception the canonical bible has gone through many revisons, books added and subtracted… Seriously poster… Comparing arius to sjw liberals is ignorance at its worst. Since the people who controlled the production of the bible are the same people in power today. You know, the ones influencing media to turn everyone into nasty blue haired lesbians? Same club bro.

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