ROK Now Has A Little Brother:

As I wrote on my blog yesterday, I’m proud to announce the official launch of a new video game site called Reaxxion. It is based on the ROK model where articles are submitted by weekly columnists and guest posters.


To understand why I opened this site, take a look at Welcome To Reaxxion. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m starting a video game site even though I haven’t played video games seriously since the year 2000 (Starcraft was my jam). I don’t even play mobile games. I won’t blow smoke up your ass by pretending I’m a gamer or have a deep commitment in furthering game technology. My only commitment is with helping men.

I aim to protect the interests of heterosexual Western males, a category I’m in. The far-left is trying to censor and criminalize masculine behaviors that are normal. They want to relabel consensual sex as “rape” and relabel innocent flirting as “harassment,” and as I learned with #gamergate, they’ve successfully infected the gaming industry and gaming journalist sites by damaging the very nature of gaming development to fit their extreme political agenda. So while I don’t play video games, the idea of starting a pro-#gamergate site is compatible with my overall mission.

You can see from the the 480 comments on that post that the site was already attacked by feminists and SJW’s. Here’s a video I did which includes examples of their hysterical response:

My plan is to get the site on firm footing for the first three months and then pass editor duties to an experienced gamer who knows much more about the industry than I do. In the meantime, here is a small sampling of articles we published so far:

If you have a friend who plays video games, please spread the word. I hope that Reaxxion will serve the needs of men who enjoy video games but don’t want to be manipulated by the far left, and if they are ever ready to dive into the red pill, we will happily welcome them.

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82 thoughts on “ROK Now Has A Little Brother:”

  1. The SJW’s (Social Justice Weenies) are out in force on that initial thread Roosh. To the point that I had to stop reading after a few pages of women and manginas whining.
    As somebody on that thread said, it’s good insofar as they’ll provide free advertising, but damn, the signal to noise ration in that specific comments section was low, to say the least.

    1. “damn, the signal to noise ration in that specific comments section was low, to say the least.”
      ROK has the same problem lately. Always some attention whore coming out of the woodwork to pollute the comment section.

      1. Agreed. I was under the impression that posting to females was verboten, but that rule seems to have lapsed. Is it a lack of moderators, or a lack of time, or a change of heart? No idea. What I do know is that the moment a contentious female or SJW shows up, the threads explode with:
        Man: “Reasoned statement”
        Her: “Me me me me me me! Mysogynist! Hater! Me me me me me”
        For twenty friggin’ pages. Meh.
        Will follow the new site for a bit to see where it goes though.

        1. Action is required if you ask me. There are always pretty decent comments, but now they get buried under a pile of emotional diarrhea.

        2. I actually don’t understand the guys that try to have reasoned arguments with them. You cannot and an argument is exactly what they are looking for. One or two well thought-out comments that put them in their place and its job done.

        3. Neither do I Bob. In fact, I’m not entirely certain why they feel compelled to respond to them at all in the first place.

        1. Suppose you have a hundred comments, and some feminist responds to each and everyone of them, effectively waiting for some fool to take the bait (which some inevitably do). It’s a considerable annoyance on ROK.

        2. i think leftists in general derive some kind of recreational pleasure from whining
          it’s the only explanation why they devote so much time to it

    2. Should Roosh drop the banhammer on all the faggots?
      It would only be about as much censorship as the average feminist site. They just use excuses that never amount to anything more than “ur mean and make me uncomfortable”. That’s how they manage to maintain thousands of left wing echo chambers and breed more radicals for their agenda
      We should do the same

      1. Not really a question of should, so much as he stated the rule. If that rule has been rescinded, that’s fine, I was just curious as to the status on this site. On Reaxxion, I have no idea what the rule is.

      2. I dont like censorship at all but when someone tries to tone policy us with their faggotry then well…this time they have no pussy clown in any rank of authority so well… let them cry for censorship on our site… Roosh will not listen i bet 😀

        1. ROK was meant as a space specifically for heterosexual males. The rules are stated clearly. Keeping the comment sections clean hardly qualifies as censorship.

        2. Nobody is being a pussy, Thomas. Roosh made the rule, he posted the rule, it was being inquired into, as its status seems on the wane.
          When you can get insta banned for replying to women on a site, and men start doing it and are not insta banned, the wise man inquires into the status of the rule. Respecting property rights and all that kind of thing.
          Rational men can live perfectly well under an established and well laid out hierarchy. Where we fail is when everything is gray, enforced by whim, and subjective, since that is the feminine mindset.

        3. I know Jefferson. I just meant that the SJW who accidently run on the site can cry around and nobody will take them seriously 😉
          My english at times guys… censorship comes from the SJWs i know.

    3. They’ve gotten bored after the first few posts. Reaxxion is up to 20 posts, and the later ones are mostly SJW-free.

      1. Good. Social Justice Weenies give me a mild headache.
        And yes, I’m attempting to remove “warrior” from their meme. They’re weenies, the “w” in “weenie” also means we won’t have to restructure the well known acronym. It’s all thought out and ready for prime time!

        1. ” Social Justice Weenies”! This is too good, thanks Ghost!
          Men, let us begin the ultimate “Weenie Roast”!

      2. Of course they did (just like many articles on here regarding philosophy, economics, etc…)…it’s just way over their head.
        Women only want to talk about themselves, shoes, tats or the latest reality TV show (that’s it). The rest of the articles or discussion are way to fucking deep for them.

  2. Girls fixated on the phones, boys fixated on their games controllers. No social skills, no spontaneous physical contact. No wonder, they need a site to teach them seduction.
    Roosh, you are a clever businessman, you spotted a potentially huge market.

    1. I generally don’t game, but it’s not correct that video games are anti-social. The VOIP stuff that goes on with most young men’s games is straight out social communication verbally expressed, usually in the same form as men have always talked to each other: friendly insults, cursing, barking strategies, etc. It’s not the same thing as posting a picture of what you had for dinner and saying “foodie!” and sitting back waiting for the “Likes” to roll in.

      1. Yep, VOIP (Ventrilio – example) is now the new male only spaces (minus the booze, cigars, etc..of course).
        We could work on that, though? I’ll think of something…get back to you.

      2. Agreed. Game controllers were and are the tools with which boys fight monsters, solve puzzles, out-think their competition and gain a sense of accomplishment, a need which modern life tries desperately to stifle. Girls use their phones to validate their emotional landscape and feed the hamster.
        It’s somewhat facile and lazy thinking in this day and age to pronounce “Gamer = nerd = socially inept.” I have played games since the 80’s, both video games and pen ‘n paper RPGs. Part of the attraction is escapism, but the greater part for me was the sense of excitement and achievement that piddling around in a state education system designed by feminised socialists sorely failed to provide.

    2. When I played video games as a kid there was a lot of spontaneous physical contact.
      By that I mean fighting, because someone would try to turn off the console after I kicked their ass in-game.

    3. I was able to figure out that being a bit of a dick, but a fun and nonthreatening dick, was enough to get by.

      1. I learned that when someone is being a dick the appropriate response ist to shoot them in the face with a semi-auto shotgun.

    4. Hello. I write for reaxxion. In regards to “no social skills”, I politely disagree. MMO’s are becoming the trend, and even single player games are increasingly being turned into co op games, AC4 as a prime example. Additionally you have large conventions and forums set up by gamers.
      The internet has allowed people with similar interests to congregate like never before, I would argue gamers are far more socially adept than what you take them for.

    5. Girls fixated on the phones…

      Just slap her in the face with your cock. That’ll get her attention.

    6. The Iphone Game on 360, PS or other platform.
      Guys would gather up Iphones (as many as they can) and throw them at women to get their attention. Of course, when they get hit with a mobile smartphone they are going to look up…I mean, it’s a smartphone (come on).
      Sign me up…I’ll play.

    1. I wait for a review and analysis of Squad Leader in ways you could not imagine, especially with the Iron Cross expansion.

      1. I had to google that. Before my time. Looks cool. I remember playing a military strategy hex based game on Nintendo. I’ve wanted to get into the Warhammer games for a while now as it combines my love of models and strategy games, but I don’t have the time or desire to make that commitment to nerdom quite yet.

        1. I and my group of high school buddies could spend an entire Sunday from morning until night playing a campaign. These things are important in snow bound states with long winters, heh.

        2. I spent many hours playing Risk and D&D growing up. The GF and me cook dinner and host game night every Sunday and play games (mostly Catan with a few randos thrown in).
          I don’t mind video games and used to play them, but as I prefer the tactile feel of receiving a letter from a friend instead of an email, I prefer board games to video.

  3. Lol. So rosh is a guy who profit from sjw and sex wars. Not much difference from the tipical feminist.

    1. I have visited the site and see him offering no “expert opinions” on video games. So no, it’s not like what feminists do. What he’s doing is akin to a wealthy patron sponsoring a young man in his boxing career. The patron does not have to know a lot about boxing to understand that the boxer is a good investment in time and commitment.
      Try a better troll next time, I give this one only a 4/10, mostly because it contained multiple sentences and several correctly spelled words.

      1. yes, he is not an expert, but saving people from the boogieman is enought isnt it? the hypocresy. I really hate feminist, but I dont see the difference in this case. He said it himself, so dont come up telling me I am trolling.

        1. So in your estimation, if I fear for my gun rights, I should not establish an organization to defend them? You know, boogiemen needing saved from, all that?
          Every feminist site I see has pontificating landwhales regaling us with their expert wisdom on whatever the topic du hour is. This doesn’t seem to be the same case.
          Explain why setting up a space for young men to talk about video games, away from SWJ’s and femi-weenies, is so bad? Would you have said the same thing if a random person and not Roosh had done it? I honestly don’t see your objection of hypocrisy here. In what, precisely, is he being hypocritical about?

        2. Nah, I have respect for roosh and his things, but this one just sound like a thing a feminist will do, how is being away from swj an USP?

        3. But I am not, see, how do you think the feminist BS started, cuz every girl started supporting every thing their leadders did, no matter how little sense it make. Let video games for people who are really into video games, girls or guys, dont become a male version of feminism.

        4. getting rid of political correctness is hardly a male version of feminists. If you realy think so then your hope for society is so low I even couldnt imagine. Why dont you visit the site and read “about”… its pretty easy to understand 😉

    2. You say profit like it’s a bad thing
      He provides a platform for bashing feminists, he gets paid for it. Sounds fair to me
      Also: Feminists don’t know how to monetize their writing for shit. They need some trust fund white kid to start activist campaigns on their behalf

  4. Roosh, I watched the video.. I’m not a gamer, but man you are doing a service to the world 🙂 Snuff out this overused dysfunctional politics giving every slightly weaker party or minority way too much press.. Man you’re just like the folks who were burnt in the middle ages for asserting the world was round.. hope it works out and ignore the haters 🙂

  5. Great idea, but pulling Gamer Gate traffic away from the mainstream infiltrated sites is going to be tough.
    I still play games now and then during the winter months when I have a lot of downtime. Sometimes grabbing a BFG and blasting the shit out of people is a great stress reliever. Since it’s in everyone’s interests to keep this activity on a screen instead of meat space, I can deal with that.
    The main value of gaming sites is their backstage access with major game developers. getting reviews of new games pre release is mostly why anyone gives them page views.

  6. Hey Roosh, thanks for this. You’re reasons are righteous. I’ll be visiting a few times a week.

  7. Most people don’t realize that by going online in a video game and competing among experienced competition you have to be very good just to get an average score, scientists figured out that this raises IQ, so much so that they are now trying to develop videogames for cognitive decline in the aged. What does this mean? We have essentially been training our brains without knowing it and video games are not a waste of time at all. Stress relief + cognitive training. Knowing this, when i’m doing too well for too long in a game, i’ll mess around with the controls and make it harder , because the truth is, you’re growing brain cells.

  8. I will agree with most of the other comments that since the wide spread use of the internet and the introduction of MMO’s and other various forms of video games that give you the ability to play with other people in real time has allowed usually unsociable people to work on their skills. I disagree that this way in which they work on them is appropriate for most real world applications other than talking shit amongst you and your buddies, i compare it to playing a game of football for older generations. The anonymity of the internet provides a safe haven for people with poor social skills to interact, yes, but it is usually with other people who also have poor socials skills which creates a problem.

  9. For some reason, I cannot access to Reaxxion today. But I could yesterday. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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