3 Places Where You Can Meet Girls During The Day

Simply defined, day game is the practice of meeting and attracting women anywhere that isn’t a night venue such as a bar or a club. This leaves a huge number of possibilities open, and I personally have met girls in coffee shops, bookstores, parks, on public transport and in gyms to name but a few. But each potential venue has its own strengths, weaknesses, and inherent problems. If you want to improve your dating life or meet a quality woman to enjoy a serious relationship with it is important that you are aware of these pros and cons and choose the right milieu in which to approach.

A couple of weeks back I wrote an article called How To Have Conversations With Women That Get Results. While the ability to talk to women effectively is undeniably key, you must bear in mind that you have to actually meet and engage with one in a suitable environment first before starting to chat.

In his seminal book on day game, Day Bang, Roosh analyzes coffee shops, the street, clothing stores, bookstores, public transportation and grocery stores in some detail, advising on the best way to operate in each. I discuss a few of these here, giving my take on what has worked well for me in each.

1. The Coffee Shop

girl coffee shop

These day most of us—and women especially, it seems—are caffeine addicts who think nothing of shelling out the best part of five dollars for a concoction composed of Peruvian beans, froth, and sugar on the way to work every morning. London, where I live, is bursting with coffee shops, from those well-known chains we all know to smaller, “boutique” shops with chalk boards advertising macchiatos and the like outside. If you are not visiting your local coffee shop at least once a day then you are seriously missing a trick as you will find loads of cute girls there both buying drinks and working as baristas. It shouldn’t be a problem getting to a coffee shop—if you have a full-time job then pop in before hitting the office, and if you work for yourself then aim to spend a few hours each day working from one on your laptop.

Roosh describes in great detail where best to position yourself if you are planning to spend some time in the coffee shop and includes a diagram of an example floor layout, showing you exactly the best place to sit to be in with the best chance of interacting with girls. One tip: it really helps if you are somewhere on the path to the restrooms, as that means you can interact with women on their way to and from these.

Another thing that many guys ask about is how best to pull that attractive barista who pours your latte every day. While under most circumstances my advice is always to strike while the iron’s hot and go in for the pull as soon as possible, if she works regularly at the store than you can afford to take your time a little and build up momentum over a few visits (although not too many) before asking for her number.

I pulled a very cute Italian barista from a coffee place in Kensington largely through sustained eye contact, which I maintained over about three visits. Holding her gaze  meant that I didn’t have to actually say very much—“extra cream” sounded suggestive enough for me not to have to bother with actually “gaming” her. By my fourth visit she would blush when I came in. At this point I simply said that it would be great for us to meet up sometime when she wasn’t working, and told her to write her number down on a receipt, which she did. Our first date—on a Sunday afternoon—ended up in my bedroom.

2. The Street

cute girl street

It is in the chapter entitled The Street in Day Bang that Roosh unveils his now infamous “pet shop” opener. This is an opening line designed to work in any city in the world, innocuous enough to begin a conversation from which you can start to throw out bait on which she will hopefully hook.

The street is a great place to meet women. If you hit any major high street on a weekend you will see thousands of girls going about their business, shopping for clothes and so on. So the opportunities are limitless. But the street is also a terrible place to meet women—it’s busy, crowded, chaotic, and girls tend often to be busy when they’re out and about, with pre-planned schedules to meet. Therefore trying to stop them to get a phone number can be a thankless task, and even if you do get a quick number in the daytime, the chances of it flaking are high unless you have managed to create a strong and positive enough impression.

The big debate about street day game is whether you should approach directly or indirectly. This is a topic I discussed here a few weeks back. Roosh comes down firmly on the side of indirect approaches, arguing that direct makes for a greater likelihood of blowout and that a longer conversation initiated indirectly makes it more likely that she will actually come out to meet you on a date, which is the endgame after all. I personally have had success with both (I have got lays by simply walking up to a girl in the street and telling her she’s beautiful) and tend to intersperse the two techniques depending on the girl and the situation. But whichever approach you lean towards it’s imperative that you have a strategy, especially at the beginning. This is where Day Bang comes in very useful.

3. Public Transport


Ages ago I wrote an article for ROK in which I extolled the benefits of approaching girls on the London Underground transport system. To my surprise, a good many commenters were skeptical that any good results could be achieved on the capital’s subway. But it remains the case that the London Underground is where I have had the most day game success.

The benefits of approaching women on a city’s transport network are that there are a lot of them there and they generally tend to be bored and therefore up for a little distraction. The downside is that trains and buses tend to be packed, and so you may have to make your approach in the earshot of other commuters. Also you will have limited time to run your game as she will be getting off at some point, and she may be wearing headphones or playing with her smartphone.

Roosh deals with all of these issues in the Public Transportation section of Day Bang, and includes a useful diagram suggesting where best to position yourself in a busy train carriage in order to get talking to girls without “scaring the cat.” He also suggests a number of openers and conversational gambits to initiate a conversation without coming off as weird or creepy.

As with street game, I have had success both with direct and indirect approaches on public transport. I once told a Russian girl that I liked her bag on the underground and ended up sleeping with her in her hotel room several hours later. Alternatively, if I’m pressed for time or the girl is about to get off, I will sometimes “go for broke” and just tell her that she’s cute, that I’d like to take her out, and give her my phone for her to put her number in.

As with any type of game there are an infinite number of variables at play and it’s always better to try something rather than nothing. At the same time, you should aim to go in with a strategy, and it is for developing one that Day Bang really comes into its own, as it is packed full with tips and advice for the venues discussed here plus a good many more.

Next week I will cover taking girls you’ve just met through day game out on so-called “instant dates.”


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208 thoughts on “3 Places Where You Can Meet Girls During The Day”

  1. Grocery line.
    Two days ago:
    Her, a medium length blonde, very nice build, about 26 or so, a good 7.5 give or take, steps into line behind me. Cashier is ringing my stuff up. She has two bottles of wine. Cold open without any preface or introduction.
    Me: “Well dang, looks like you brought the party with you!”
    Her: [smile, laugh] “I know right?!” [little bouncey thing young girls do that is so hot]
    Me: [Evil grin, wink] “When should I stop by?”
    Her: [laughs again, points to my phone and does a give it to me finger motion]: “Gimme!”
    Me: [chuckles] “Naw honey, I was just fooling with you. Have a good one! ”
    Her: [confused look]
    Cashier hands me my change, pick up the bags, leave.
    This shit ain’t rocket science guys. It’s not even a challenge any more. They’re begging to be paid attention to.
    Where to meet girls during the day? Any fucking where YOU choose. You’re the prize, you’re the king, you determine the time and place.

    1. You illustrate the importance of thinking on your feet. If you can do this, and speak easily without it sounding canned or forced, it is easy. My trick for this, which is admittedly easier since I am married, is to have zero expectations or investment in the outcome. It’s just like bullshitting with a random guy about something. Make an observation, preferably funny, and after that who cares what she says or doesn’t say?

      1. Married is “abundance mentality”. You already have something that’s yours, so your target’s response is literally the least important thing in the world. And as we all know, that kind of confidence just radiates like an aura that women seem to be able to instinctively perceive.
        And bullshitting like it’s a random guy is exactly the right frame of mind when opening.

        1. Indeed. That’s why you should always have a chick (married or not). Makes you less “desperate” when talking to girls.
          And of course, one thing that is better than one chick is two chicks. That way you can maintain your abundance mentality with each chick you are currently with.

        2. my game was pretty bad when i was single, but now that i’m married and not trying, i get all kinds of IOIs.
          do you do more than just approach these girls? i get this feeling that i should be able to read between the lines, but subtlety is not a strength of mine. i stopped chatting up cute girls unless i’m winging for a friend because it’s frustrating how well it goes and i consider it a slippery slope.

      2. You illustrate a very effective frame here that seems to attract women more: “have zero expectations or investment in the outcome.” Since becoming more or less numb to the whole club scene in Oahu. I have been having an easier time picking up bishes and dropping them just the same.

      3. Sounds right on to me. Just shooting-the-shit with the girl with no appearance of anything else is what gets them to open up. Especially if you can be witty without overdoing it. Getting over their wall is the main thing.

    2. Couple years ago at the grocery store, solid 8 I had made eye contact with earlier is getting a carton of eggs as I stroll past her with my cart. She opens the carton to make sure none are cracked, then drops them on the floor, egg yoke everywhere. She’s mortified with embarrassment, I saw the whole thing. I say “I really appreciate your offer to cook me breakfast, but we CAN wait until tomorrow morning.” She has her hand covering her face and starts laughing hysterically. I wasn’t single and wasn’t serious, but that abundance mentality really makes you that much more attractive.

        1. GoJ, I hope you are getting a piece of the action from the spammers that are following you around like remoras on a shark.

      1. “egg yoke everywhere. She’s mortified with embarrassment, I saw the whole thing. I say “I really appreciate your offer to cook me breakfast, but we CAN wait until tomorrow morning.” She has her hand covering her face and starts laughing hysterically. I wasn’t single and wasn’t serious, but that abundance mentality really makes you that much more attractive”
        Dude… she was preoccupied with the broken carton of eggs so you dont know really if she was into you or not.

        1. “I don’t honestly know. Embrace rejection my friend.”
          Just don’t project success until it happens.

      2. I mean, she just broke a carton of eggs. She wouldn’t be paying attention to what you were saying. Even if she were paying attention, she would think you were making fun of her, so she’ll just think you’re being extremely rude. Laughing hysterically does not equal liking someone… If you aren’t going to help her clean up, at least don’t add on to her troubles…

    3. The most important thing is to just talk. Even if you can’t think of anything clever, just say anything, and keep talking. Whatever you have to say is more interesting than the hours she spends on her iphone playing candy crush. Look at it that way.

      1. The fun thing is, if you train yourself to be observant of the surroundings and of smaller details regarding women in general, you’ll always have a topic to discuss.
        One of my go to favorites is to comment on the necklace they’re wearing when they have a low cut top on. Let’s her know that I’m staring at her tits, and it always brings a smile.
        “Now that there’s just sweet hon; it looks like Our Lord Jesus is resting in a pretty little valley this evening.”
        “Can’t help notice all of the jade on your necklace. That piece right there (point directly to the lowest hanging one in her cleavage), why, that’s just fascinating me to distraction. You have that made somewhere?”
        Or whatever.
        Purses (patterns are a good thing to bounce off of), specific clothes, shoes, whatever, there’s always a topic. And if she has something in her hands, you’re getting a gift from the Gods of Setup.

        1. This is something that does not comes easy. It takes effort for me to just say something. But you are right, I find when I do it really is as easy as that. It all goes smooth if I don’t overthink it.

        2. What in the hell kind of comment does a dude make about a womans purse? Youre kidding right?
          Metrosexual alert….

        3. “why, that’s just fascinating me to distraction” …. are you fucking jiminy cricket ?? if I met you id think you were gay !

    4. Her: [laughs again, points to my phone and does a give it to me finger motion]: “Gimme!”
      Me: [chuckles] “Naw honey, I was just fooling with you. Have a good one! ”
      Her: [confused look]
      GG lmao

    5. “Me: [Evil grin, wink] “When should I stop by?”
      Her: [laughs again, points to my phone and does a give it to me finger motion]: “Gimme!”
      Me: [chuckles] “Naw honey, I was just fooling with you. Have a good one! ” 
      Her: [confused look]”
      Just to play devil’s advocate here, she might have simply given you the phone number of her ex. I’m glad you didn’t giver her your phone, because that nicely cut her down a bit.
      “This shit ain’t rocket science guys. It’s not even a challenge any more. They’re begging to be paid attention to.”
      Yes, they’re begging to be paid attention to. They’re begging for free drinks. They’re begging for free drugs. They’re begging for divorce money.
      Attention is like currency to a female, so what scag wouldn’t want attention? Respectfully GOF, I’m not trying to diss, but nothing there in that interaction either that makes me think she was interested.

    6. i agree…..well done……she came to you after the initial greeting…….that’s exactly how it works when you get it right

  2. Laundromat and DMV.
    Two places that I have not just met women, but actually pulled from. You can meet women anywhere there are women.

    1. Laundromat’s are great for that actually, if you hit it at the right time of day, especially near a college campus.

    2. Reminds me of that scene in 2 and a half men where Charlie sheen’s bitch brother gives up his ticket to the hottie at the dmv, screwing both himself and the guy next to him out of an opportunity.

    1. The quality of woman you’re bound to meet in any Protestant church is highly questionable at best. Unless you’re into a Born Again Virgin who rode 200 cocks in college, then found The Lord, and now feels that you have to pedestalize her and be chaste with her until marriage so that you can provide for her two bastard children. But hey, maybe she won’t be covered in tatts, so there is that.
      Catholic church, I dunno, I expect about the same, or you’re going to find one that wants to adopt ten babies who don’t belong to your ethnic group. No thanks.

      1. Thank God I didn’t raw dog the born again girl I banged. She was a horrible slut and I needed a fix.

      2. I didn’t mean quality, just quantity. Women that attend church never practice what they preach.

        1. What’s funny is how it’s sold entirely differently. The little beta schlubs in the pews coo and fuss over the ladies, are all blue balled and desperate, and the women couldn’t be happier. Then when Jesus isn’t looking, out they go with that “new guy” who just showed up. One assumes that they’re banging somewhere down in the basement where the Holy Water is blessed.

  3. ‘The street’ Yes. I don’t know how many times cunts or faggots tell me meeting women on the street is inappropriate. Get the fuck outta here. I always reply back, you should tell that to my ex gf, she apporached me.

        1. The feminist engine has some people so entrenched in the programming, they develop Asperger’s whenever a topic like this comes along. If the woman isn’t a childhood friend, found them sweet, they didn’t spend months getting to know them, or it was a person they met through common interests, they have no clue it even exists. Threesomes, interracial, having more than 6 sexual partners, having a one night stand, getting a phone number from a stranger, all breaks their Matrix coding.

    1. you are right. If you like a girl and the only way you can approach her is by going direct then go ahead and do it. But for the average man who isn’t part of the social establishment or doesn’t have top notch genetics, spam approaching women in the street is not good. Judging from your claim that your ex gf approached you, I can assume that you are part of the 20% of males in sexual market value.

      1. Once you’ve apporached enough average looking women with an ego bigger than the moon, it all becomes relative. Genetics and status absolutely play a role, but it doesn’t hurt to try (I say that loosely given how feminism ruined basic interactions between men and women). Trial and error is just part of being a guy. I don’t think I’m apart of the 20%, but I know what’s within my reach. It also helps that I’m not a blue pill simp falling for any and every woman I see.

      2. You’ll get blown out a lot being direct on the street, but you’ll immediately weed out all the time-wasting attention whores

  4. Veterinarian’s office: There is something about a man with a pet that he takes care off that warms a woman’s heart.

    1. Hehe there was a study about that. Dating profiles of guys with dogs are the bomb according to that study, that’s what I used to run, and I was swamped.

    2. I think barely a few days ago I read an article that explained what girls are pissed off by on Tinder and one of the girls literally said “Guys who pose with their cat because it’s obvious they are trying too hard to show how friendly they are”.

      1. Ewwwwww…..
        “So sweety, it’s assumed you’re not dating right now, how ’bout you and me beat feet out of this place and grab a beer?”

        1. I was thinking more the Widow, heh. But hey, the daughter would be great too, assuming she’s 18 or older.
          “Well hey howdy little girl, looks like you need a new father figure in your life, and wouldn’t you know it, boom, here I am! Let’s scoot out of this ice cream joint and find some trouble to get into!”

        2. When talking about pickup lines in a funeral home, awkward is assumed from the get go.
          “Dang, doll, this place is deader than a door nail, why do you come here when there are funner places to be? Let’s bust a move on over to that bar across the street!”

        3. I’d ask if you come here often, but I’m afraid you’ll say yes! So hush, don’t tell me, I just don’t want to know! Now how about you and me findin’ a place with better lighting, sugar?

        4. That guy passed out at the front can’t handle his booze. Hate dudes like that. Let’s blow this joint.

        5. Baby doll, I just gotta ask, when you’re in your mournin’ period, do you only date black men, or do I still have a chance?
          This is actually fun. If you can make up funny lines for funeral homes, well, the shit sells itself, heh.

        6. You two are overthinking this, you just hand her your hankie which has been laced with chloroform. Trick is to do this quickly before the fumes overpower you

        7. Dude’s slacking. Or in the front of the room laying on that slab.

        8. Like your style. Up front, direct, old school Film Noir-ish.

    1. Always shop Barnes N Nobles. They are never more than a few feet away from a local college. And every girl there is looking to expand their minds. Help them spread their thighs.

      1. Definitely enjoy gaming women at the remaining brick/mortar bookstores before that douchebag Jeff Bezos destroys what’s left of them.

  5. Just finished day bang yesterday as a matter of fact. What I like about indirect is that it’s low pressure. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, just means it’s not balls out from second 1 of the approach.

  6. Day Game has been a proverbial goldmine. I’ve done it at any time of the day. Mostly I play it by ear oscillating between direct and indirect game. I have had one night stands within minutes from meeting women for the first time on trains at 1am. Foreign women or local, it really makes no difference. Even met a woman who took my number and ensured we got a few dates from the meet up. Part of the fun of day game is it can be done anywhere, any time, any how. There is only one rule you need to apply, enjoy yourself. This is why I shoot direct. I rather a woman know I want to slay her and that my options are there than do too much small talk.

  7. Sort of related to the article. Day game involves, as NemisisEnforcer mentions, being able to think on your feet conversationally. How do you do this? Well, it’s easy once you figure it out, but really hard to fathom if you haven’t yet. Instead of giving you some spergy step by step list, instead I’m going to recommend the following.
    Go to a bar during the evening and night. Not a club, not a boom boom boom music place, not a pick up joint. Just a bar where normal people hang out, should be your goal. Think the village watering hole. Ensure that there’s a decent sized crowd otherwise this is pointless.
    Take a seat, order a drink, and pay attention. In a short amount of time there will arise “The Dude Who Can Ramble Humorously”. He will almost always be a Natural, and his conversational skills will be amazing. He talks to *everybody*. Watch how he opens, which is almost always with slow laid back humor. Observe how he interacts, his body language and also take note of when he walks away OR steps over the line and bombs. Ideally this man will remind you strongly of Ron White, in order for you to get a decent gauge on what kind of conversation level, and he’s never at a loss for words and jokes. Just get the cadence and pattern of his speech in your head, and how he flows easily from one topic to the next while naturally pulling others along.
    Then, study this guy. Dude is a fucking natural, and I don’t mean that in a comedic way only. He was married, came to Columbus Ohio and the women were lining up (I saw the show) for him. He cheated on his wife with at least one of them, he’s even said so in subsequent routines. I saw the girls surrounding him, not one of them was under an 8. Smooth as silk and charming as hell. Dude is ugly as fuck, but the way he talks and the charm he has overtakes that without problem.
    When you can get to this level of conversational skill in front of anybody, women are your oyster.

    1. Shit man, that’s absutely golden advice. Spending a few weekends drinking scotch and watching Ron White marathons is almost too easy. Internalize his speech patterns, his no fucks given attitude, and some scotch, and you’re there.
      Hell, I already get women, but I’m going to follow this advice myself, since it will powerfully improve anyone who does it.

      1. I watched it work its magic. The girl he banged here in my stompin’ grounds, he says, was a total smoke show. If she was any of the ones I saw talking to him, he’s right.

  8. sometimes im extremely successful with women other times i blow out big time.I’m still trying to figure out what the variable is. So far nothing more specific than i click with certain types.
    I do not mind i understand rejection is part of the game.
    however i feel alot of people on here talk a better game than they show in real life.
    A lot of bullshitters.Not all of course.

    1. Let’s entertain the idea that they/we are bullshitters, how does that have any bearing on your game and your actions?

      1. Do not make it a “we” situation if it does not apply to you.Also I clearly said not everyone was lying so speak for yourself.
        Why would it have any impact on my game or actions ?? I no where insinuated that.
        I do not like liars nor braggarts and i feel everyone is too accepting of each others tales on here especially considering almost no one has a real name or face picture. You can believe whatever you want from whoever you want. I just felt it needed to be said.

        1. I see. If you have time to lie on your actions, when no one can see or care about your existence you have more than a few issues to work on.

        2. Absolutely but people do it for the simple reason it is the only time they can get away with it. Never underestimate how sad people can be.

        3. You’re making a blanket statement (people) rather than singling out the alleged transgressor(s). In any case, It wouldn’t have an impact on your game/life–unless you let it. Thus, what would be the point of such statement in the first place? if indeed they are lies, it would appear to me that it would be a the lairs’ problem . In theory, you or anyone else on this site may provide an exponential amount of lies, however, I have the choice not to affect me in any way, shape or fashion. The fact that it “needed” to be said is arbitrary. Nevertheless, some of us can appreciate your public service announcement on the topic. Thank you.

    2. People will naturally share tales of their success, to demonstrate techniques. Sharing losses is fine if you’re trying to show what not to do. It’s all a matter of context and your message.

      1. Of course they will and its largely why i read the comment section. I just think some of the tales are made up is all. No offense meant to anyone who isn’t lying. Surely you don’t believe everything you hear in the anonymous comment section ???

        1. No, of course I don’t.
          Just to put this out there (to anybody, not you in specific), anybody wants to meet up with me and sniff me out, my emails in my profile, shoot me a line and we can head out to a few bars.

        2. Very generous of you and if i was in the same country i would most certainly take you up on the offer.I have a feeling we would do damage together !!

    3. You are spot on which is why most guys go to night clubs and only talk to their friends and get drunk. I know because I was that guy for most of my 20’s. Game is not easy, if it were there’d be no game sites.

  9. Me and my buddy Bronson, long ago realised Gay Bars and Clubs always have hot girls. But how do you get them. If you go in as straight men their is no hope.
    So we decided to pretend to be Gay and dressed the part. Daisy Duke Shorts and T-Shirts cut short above the waste or tied in a bow. Hair with a touch of Spray Color and a pose and walk that went with it.
    The plan was to get talking to the hot girls, be their gay friend and then set the challenge for them to convert us to being straight.
    So we went to this Gay Bar in the City and start to drink at the bar. Well time passes by and no girls are in early. So we keep on drinking. And drinking. A gang of butch truckers started to talk with us and buy us drinks. And drinking. Well by the first time the first hot girls come into the bar we’re as drunk as Hobo’s who have come across a case of wine.
    Anyway’s, to cut a long story short. We end up drunk as skunks and passed out in the bar. We end up being pushed out in a taxi cab and back home we go. Not successful, so we determine next time we would lay off the alcohol and get there later.
    So the next weekend we head back. But this time the bar is crowded and everyone whistles and cheers as we come in. A few guys also offer us drinks and shots.
    Well sometimes they have picture shows in the back room. But obviously these movies are for Gay Men and Adult. They beckon us to come and see the movie that night.
    So to fit in, we think we better had go and see it – at least for a few minutes or so.
    As we used the curtain aside, and the screen came into view we were both shocked. On screen was me and Bronson in 69 position surrounded by the truckers who were buying us drinks the week before. They obviously led us into it.
    Lesson: Never try Gay Game to get girls.

    1. That is undoubtedly the gayest of the gay posts ever, rapingly gay. Thanks for the warning!

    2. Pretend to be gay to meet women? Too much work and if someone who knows you professionally sees you, well that could get awkward

  10. I completely abandoned my day game when I started using Tinder. It’s just too easy to get a hookup digitally nowadays that it’s not even worth scouting the real world anymore for ONS prospects.

  11. In the USA, women are cold and have bitch shields so these don’t work in most cases unless you are 1% of the tall rich good looking men or thugs that American women crave.

    1. I’m neither this tall fantasy, white guy, you think all women crave, nor the thug. I can pull off the alpha dominance vibe but that is mainly because I saw a lot of shit, and refuse to take any shit from anyone. I found my success increased ten fold when I stopped making excuses for why any woman would or wouldn’t date me. What helped with that? Getting blown up as a teen in day game. Some woman once told me she was too good for me after 2 minutes of mediocre to bad game. I saw the same woman, she was 22, an easy 7 or so years older than me, working the cashier at Macy’s. Too good for me not better than minimum wage? Okay. Create your own worth and the world will match your claim.

      1. I’m not white either but from personal experience I mainly see white and black guys game chicks of all caliber. Now that definitely varies depending on the situation. I rarely see men outside of black and white guys do that.

        1. Interesting point. Until you stated it, I wouldn’t have noticed. I have seen some Asian men date women of other races, but it was mostly social circle game, and always long term. And even then it was always taking someone’s woman. There may be something to both phenomena.

    2. In Western Europe it’s the same problem. I’m only 5’7″ and many girls are at least that height or more. It’s depressing af.

      1. Don’t feel bad, I am even shorter at 5’6″ and if I never did thousands of cold approaches in past 30 years I would never score. However, I do well in Latin America since I speak Spanish and women are better anyways there. FSU women don’t care about height either so another option to learn Russian.

        1. I have been to most: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay. My favorite was Argentina. Best steak and wine and dirt cheap. Great cafe culture. Women super hot. I scored with a few super hot blonde (8-9) Argentine babes while I was there and banged her all month long hours a day. Was fun! If you like steak, wine and Italian food and good coffee with European style and blonde tall women it is a great place. Roosh did not like Argentina but my experience was different. If you have to rush it in a week that is different than go to Colombia or Brazil.

        2. Ah when I think of a Latina I mean brown girls, also I dislike blondes and steak so I guess Argentina is out. Peru seems OK.

        3. You would also like Dominican Republic if brown ladies are to your liking plus nice beaches and cheap.

        4. Ugh, Ive been reading your posts, I encourage anyone else to do the same. You couldnt possibly have a real job or title to be worried about with how open you are about your obsession with having sex with teenagers.
          Your opinions aside, you have revealed yourself as a 40 year old small dicked, bald sex tourist….. Is it any co-incidence :
          “In Bolivia, the average age of entry into prostitution is 16” ??
          are you after that olive skin and long black hair you post about… looking for countries where its OK to fuck 16 year olds, and going there ?? creepy as fuck. Who are you? What are you doing with yourself ??
          I hope someone manic person stalks you for all your openness and pride you take in your red pill ness.

        5. You’re the kind of hag that makes me look for girls elsewhere. Go away feminazi witch.

        6. Hey Femihag, if you think you can “creep shame” me by pointing out that Bolivia’s AOC is 16 you’ll be in for a disappointment: in my own country it is actually 15. I just don’t like western femicunts like you. I detest neon-haired, pierced & tattooed degenerate feminazi sluts. I also find it hilarious how you femiwitches love to deride men’s sexual organs (there was even a TV show where a bunch of degenerate leftist hags laughed about a man whose penis was chopped off) but would go on a media rampage if a man dared criticise a woman’s tits. Heck a man lost his job just for wearing a “sexist” T-shirt.

        7. You red pillers fail to grasp that your female equivalent is in fact that dyed hair, often overweight, feminazi , lonely masturbating, tatted chick;
          You and her (or it) are both resentful people who see the opposite sex, its sexuality and its advantages in society as a major threat and the eternal root of all your problems.
          While everyone is inconvenienced in some shape or form, red pillers and neon hair feminazis both craft sad, online approval-based platforms, reduced to a monastic online career of celebrating the plight of your being stuck in a cheese dust-y lined hole you dig yourself, like another feminazi Fran,
          mad at your mommy or mad at daddy. Wah wah.
          Take care of yourself.
          Make friends with some lonely 30 something, 40 year old soul like yourself, might be better for you than what a child prostitute in another country can give you, and you save money on plane tickets!!!
          Maybe you can do a trip with another adult one day?

  12. I hate articles like these, I find it surprising that such articles are published on a supposedly redpilled website, this shit belongs to corny/scammy/commerical PUA websites, not here. Why?
    Because for the average man, this way of meeting women is the least efficient/effective, they are purely a numbers game. Its a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re sexual market value is not top notch, cold approaching in the street and starting conversations in buses are not norms, and most (if not all) of your attempts will be rejected.
    The most efficient and effective way of getting laid is developing your social skills, increasing your sexual market value, and hitting on women who you already have common grounds with (i.e. neighbors, work, school, social clubs, etc.) or in places where hitting on women is normal.

    1. “Because for the average man, this way of meeting women is the least efficient/effective, they are purely a numbers game. Its a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re sexual market value is not top notch, cold approaching in the street and starting conversations in buses are not norms, and most (if not all) of your attempts will be rejected.”
      Fair point. If you’re turning Womens heads in your presence or making them blush on eye contact like Troy here I highly doubt its because of conversational skills. When the visual tingles in a woman have been triggered any verbal diarrhea that exits your mouth will make her swoon.

    2. Exactly. If I were to even remotely try to hit on a girl on public transport or on the street I’m pretty sure she immediately thinks “Oh no not another creep”.

  13. Women nowadays are caught completely off guard when you day approach–they aren’t used to it. Thus, they are overcome with anxiety and are probably more nervous than you are (I get pretty nervous when I approach in the day). Some fumble their words, I usually keep eye contact and a smile until they recover. Sure, I get rejected many times, but no problem, bid them good day and walk away with your head up high. The worse thing than getting rejected is not approaching and wondering, “what if.”

    1. See my friend that has the ring of truth about it. And i admire the attitude,it is one i adopt for the most part. I couldn’t agree more with the women not being used to it and getting nervous. For me the biggest thing is having a legitimate reason to talk to them other than cold approaching them and it being obviously sexual. Once i have cause to talk to them i find it easy and i can make sexual if i want.

      1. Then don’t find a lie to hide what you desire. You want to have sex with her. Not sure about you, but while I would have sex with a bunch of women I find hot, a sexy personality and interest in the world go a long way to building up how badly, if at all, do I want to sleep with her. Just think of a question that you generally have an interest for and ask her. If you travel ask about it. If you play games, dissect what about those games hold your interests and bring that to the conversation. If you are well read this is a major help in having conversations. I once started a conversation by asking for a picture to prove to a friend how hot American women are. And off to the races it went. There is no real reason to hide what you want. Just make sure she is sane enough to deserve it.

        1. Maybe its that we live in different countries i don’t know but i do not think you get my point.
          But women by and large don’t like to be cold approached where i am from. They are immediately on guard.
          However i had a job before on the streets where i had to approach people so i had a reason to start the conversation.Once i had an opener and they knew why i was talking to them initially at least i found it easy and could steer the conversation whatever way i want. It is the easiest thing in the world to make it sexual with a woman.
          Now maybe abit of it is my own personality or quirks i do not know.I appreciate the advise though

      2. Thank you. I feel that legitimate reasons provide me with the extra motivation to approach with quality. However, every now and then I will approach for the heck of it. this is done to desensitize myself to rejection. Also, it allows me to grow comfortable in uncomfortable situations, thus, allowing me to think on the fly.

    2. Someone commented on another game article by Troy about a year ago; it went something along the lines of this: hold your head high, never feel shame. It truly is a success whether you get the results or not, because every time you fail you conquer a bit of yourself.

    3. ” The worse thing than getting rejected is not approaching and wondering, “what if.”
      Rejection is worse for me, wrecks the already low confidence.

  14. Troy Francis… Legend.
    On the texting I took your advice and made things sexual as soon as possible. I found that many chicks would instantly stop texting. At first I was thinking “Troy WTF!” But then it hit me. One thing getting sexual does is weed out the bitches who are just texting for attention. The serious ones carry on. In other words, it saves you time. And one resource we all need more of is time.

    1. That is one area I could seriously use work on. It is probably one of many reasons why my Tinder game sucks. In person, I can usually slay when I don’t get in my own way.

      1. My text game is steadily improving mainly because this is pretty much the only way you can talk to girls these days. And I have to say, I do not have time for phone calls so texting works great.

        1. That is great man! On the texting habit, I’m noticing that myself. The number and texting are very easy steps to start. I’d probably have an 80% success rate or better if I fixed this. What material has helped or what is your mindset when you text? My goal is phone call and secure date, or make it sexual quickly to secure the date. But the girls who I can get on the phone, I would lose through text, and some of the ones who have issues communicating on the phone entirely, would be one day lays with ease.

        2. and some of the ones who have issues communicating on the phone entirely
          What a sad, sad statement this is. Basic verbal communication: Too harrrdzzz!

        3. It truly is! Talking on the phone would easily be a chance to gauge where I wish to place the girl and if all goes well, can be a mini date in and of itself. A few of the ladies who converted into first day lays were women I had talked to on the phone at least once. By the time the date came, it was like they knew me and just had to spend more time. If you can talk on the phone, end the conversation right before it reaches a close and the date is a guarantee you will also meet in her bedroom.

        4. It’s hard for me to convey value digitally. My tangible qualities that make girls go all swooney are physical and in person. Height, physique, the way I carry myself, eye contact, and my voice and accent, people in my social circles rushing up to back slap me (social proof), all of these are meaningless on a digital screen where they are just “stats” instead of “OMG, he’s standing right next to me….swoon”. If I ever get into dating again it will not be electronic, I’ll tell you that much for free.

        5. I used Troy’s texting guide. Very helpful. But practice is the key, and also recognizing you’re going to lose some chicks along the way. Don’t let this frustrate you. I have lost out on some very, very sexy chicks when I started on the “sexting” game but I realized its them not me.
          I actually never speak to girls on the phone any more…

        6. Yep, me, too. I do much better when I’m “three dimensional”, so I don’t bother with Tinder or whatever.

        7. My text game has steadily improved over the last 2 years, it was a joke before. But like 3 years before that, when I was still young and didn’t even have to think about game to pull lots of girls, my texting was fine. That abundance mentality shows through even there.

        8. Me too most of my appeal seems to come from how I carry myself. I’m very lean but the way I walk and dress makes it unnoticeable. In photos though,I can sometimes look like a bit of a stick

        9. A lot of girls I txt with don’t speak English very well.
          It’s a lot easier if they write it down, and gives you a chance to work out a reply.

    2. Bingo. That’s why you should be direct in your approaches as well. Indirect game will leave you with a lot of your time wasted on attention whores, more often than not. You want to quickly weed out women who aren’t down to fuck, and you do that by always being direct

      1. Direct ftw, I agree. I’ve actually had this work. Knew the girl but hadn’t talked to her yet at the bar. Willowy little thing with a tight bod and nice long hair, all 5’4″ of her.
        “Well hey there sweety, what’s going on in your little world? Daaang, that skirt you’re wearing is doing every kind of good thing to me that it can. What say we head out of here and find something more interesting to do?”
        In. First paragraph, in. It helped that she knew me, but we hadn’t dated before or even suggested as much previously. Not sure that would work with a stranger on the corner though, heh.
        I could have instead chose to ask her if she knew where the restroom was, but that shit never work(ed) for me.

    3. I absolutely hate texting just as much as I hate talking on the phone. But I guess it has its advantages.

  15. What I am about to write will not be of much use to 99% of us anymore, but it is one of the most odd observations I have made when it comes to meeting women.
    If you’re younger (like me and probably a lot of us), then use wherever you are taking the SATs to meet gorgeous girls. Simple as that.
    Women from ALL over the place go to those. And what’s funny is that, even though it’ll be first thing in the morning, they all still look really good. Why? Because that’s the society that we live in. No eighteen-year-old eights and nines will ever leave the house out of place, whether they are wearing their pajamas (which, at the SATs, they most likely will be), their swimsuits, or anything in between.
    When I took my SATs, I found that some of the most gorgeous women that I had ever seen were there. Take the time before or after the test to talk to some. Hell, even if you don’t get any results, it’s good practice. And you never know if you have mutual friends with some of them.

    1. I remember this age in my life. I was getting next to no love from girls at my own high school, but when I went to these Kaplan program for SAT prep, I was getting every girl I thought was hot. Even the ones with boyfriends. Mind you this was about 3 girls but for 12 weeks, it was well worth. A different location makes a world of difference when looking to date.
      Good advice for any high schoolers who may be on this site.

    2. This advice applies beyond the SAT. MCAT, GRE, USLME, LSAT or any other test prep course will have loads of attractive girls present, especially in bigger cities. Just remember to be on top of your game on the subject you are studying for.

    3. Funny, now you mentioned it, I recall back in my high school going to college days – there were a good amount of hot girls at those prep clasess

    4. why would you hit on girls when you’re sitting for the SAT???
      You’re supposed to be focused on your gao ku exam round eye. Why not sniff out that puss like a hound dog in heat ANY OTHER time? It’s like hitting on girls during a baptism? What’s wrong with you?

  16. If you want “game” please ignore this post. If you take life much too seriously to play around, maybe what I write is for you, or not.
    Try your parents, and whichever nosy busybody matchmaker you think knows you well.
    I picked my first wife, and my parents told me she was bad news. 2 years later she’s doing one of my friends and that marriage which was awful from night one ended. Never had kids with her, no alimony, clean break. So when I got home, being busy with a 30 hour job and medical school (u Miami) AND getting ready for my advanced license as an Xray tech (I was a lower level basic tech), I told my parents to go find me a wife. First 4 got vetoed immediately. Then they brought my current wife of 37 years. When I met her I had not bathed in 3 weeks because I was taking time off work to study. I also got in an argument with my mother over how many holes I was punching into the walls of the house in anger, and proceeded to try and demonstrate that I did not really hit that hard by punching an oak panel which cracked down the middle from ceiling to floor. I then admitted that maybe I am a little angry and left. I was 22yo, if you think I’m intense now…
    She was 18yo and terrified, never ever wanted to sea me again. She married me 5 months later. She was abused by her family, including sexually by a lesbian cousin and a family “friend” with her mother turning a blind eye to the abuse for the sake of appearances. She saw in me a beast, and like the movie by Disney “Beauty and the Beast” which still makes me cry to see, subconsciously she knew I was the beast she needed to free and protect her. I have NEVER laid a hand in anger on her, nor cursed at her, but treat her like the Queen of my home that she is: but her family’s abuse of her came to an immediate stop. She would pretend to be horrified at the way I would ferociously defend her from them, but she was glad of it. I raised her, because she was so repressed (I would have to buy her Kotex because she was too ashamed, taught her to cook and do laundry ect.) and now she is a strong woman who has a career and can do without my protection. But she remains very grateful to me, her beast, as do my children.
    There are few women out there now who appreciate a man, and many of those hang around traditional places like very conservative Churches or at their parent’s home. Your parents, the local “church lady” might know some shy woman who is desperately in need of a beast to open her up, affirm her femininity and clear all the bullshit this world teaches out of her head.

    1. Nobody wants to read your dysfunctional life story in the comments section of an article about where to pick up women. And advice should never be taken from a man who goes three weeks without bathing

      1. if you broke an oak door down the middle with a punch you need to find the builder who built that house. That my friend wasnt oak.

        1. Delusions of grandeur and a shocking lack of personal hygiene should never be presented as paths to success

  17. Someone’s probably mentioned this, but please don’t count work as a place to pick up broads. The risks are very real, can be crippling to your career, and definitely far outweigh the rewards. The warm wet holes you can find most anywhere else will function almost exactly the same as the ones in your workplace, and handling them properly isn’t going to cost you money, power or respect. You may think you have the perfect chance to knock the boots of a work skank, but just don’t do it. Duh.

    1. I agree, work is simply the worst place to get lays or get into a “relationship” with a woman for at least a hundred different reasons, period. Young guys, but particularly older guys who generally have the most to lose: don’t fucking date women from your workplace! You are smarter than that…. Right?

      1. I bet we could put together an interesting list of euphemisms like that, warning dudes to keep it in their pants at the office.

    2. This. I remind myself almost everyday of the risks when I see the cute 20-something HR rep at the coffee machine at work. She’s just my type too. Skinny. Small B-cups. Tight little butt. Kinda goofy. Lol. I just repeat to myself….’don’t get fired. Don’t get fired.’

  18. I can vouch for #3. Public transportation is great for game, especially if you’re around the 16 to 20 age range.

    1. If you ride motorcycles, you’re actually not far off. Gas stations in South Dakota around Sturgis time are packed with people, heh.

      1. I’d rather hit on women who drive than women who take public transportation, any day.
        I just got to reading the comments. Your top comment is also great. Grocery stores always have women.

        1. Trader Joe’s does have its selection of hotties, even if some are clearly, for lack of a better word, wacky.

        2. I prefer public transportation in Mexico. Damn converted school buses do get packed. And it’s funny, but every now and then you get a woman who will rub against you or even pinch you.

  19. There was a cute Persian teller at my local bank and we exchanged glances more than a few times when I needed to withdraw lots of cash to pay for my car. However as of now, I have no legitimate reason to ever go to the bank, as I pay all my bills electronically, and cash up to $500 can always be taken out of the ATM. Wouldn’t want to go into the bank for no reason and seem pervy/creepy. Plus, I hate going to the bank.

  20. Two years ago aged 44 I spend an enjoyable summer day gaming in London and the south east, mainly on the street. My stats were awful, getting only 2 lays in 1000 approaches. But it is worth doing once in your life just for a laugh.
    I got spoken to by the police twice. So now I know that if the cops talk to me a third time, I’m due to get laid 😉

    1. They “spoke” to you? Wtf (pardon my language)?! Because you decided to socialize with strangers?

      1. Yep.
        Here’s the audio from the second one (I happened to be recording my interactions on my phone):

  21. I have tremendous luck with sitting next to attractive young women on airplanes. it’s easy as fuck to strike up a conversation because it’s completely random that you are sitting next to her in the first place.
    I’ve been on planes with 200 old, fat unattractive people and the single hot girl is sitting next to me. God blesses me or something.

    1. lol this seems like a page from my diary. The best one ever was a recent flight from Prag to Milano, Malpensa. Fui davvero trasportato per Dio.

  22. The beach. If gym is your religion and your body is a temple then this is a prime spot. Its pretty much the only place you can walk around without a shirt on and not look like a complete tosser. I walk down the beach and pass couples. Men grab there girlfriends/wives tighter, its funny as hell.
    I’ll often just be carrying my car keys. I’ll approach a couple of hotties sun baking, and ask if they can watch my keys while I take a swim. Don’t wait for their answer, just drop your keys and walk down, take a swim and take your time.
    When you come back you will know straight away if they are into you or not.
    Bonus points if you own a flash car with the logo on the key.

      1. Not a problem when your apartment is 1 block from the beach. No but seriously, If you cant tell the difference between a 8/10 HBB and a car thief, well you need to reconsider your place of residence.

        1. ” If you cant tell the difference between a 8/10 HBB and a car thief, well you need to reconsider your place of residence”
          Dude, put down the crack pipe. You are making a connection to female beauty and whether or not she would steal your car? What’s the logic… the prettier she is the less likey she is to steal from you or fuck you up some way? You need to reconsider that. Maybe one of those scags you leave your keys with has a drug dealer boyfriend and she turns the key over to him and off they go.

        2. Yeah I actually had a friend who thought he got an easy lay when a girl followed him home but the strategy was to leave a window open somewhere so her mate could burgle the house on some other day. (or maybe it was even while they were fucking, I don’t remember the details)

        3. The rule of thumb is that if one runs into a female and she is all “lovey dovey” and flirty, there has got to be a reason. Women could care less if men live or die, so if the bitch seems interested in a man, most likely she is merely acting as a distracting so her crack addict ex-con boyfriend can mug him:

      2. “Either that or you’re walking home”
        Was thinking the exact same thing. Best option for this is to use bogus keys, as well simply buy the posh key ring with logo at a sports car dealership.

  23. The picture of the subway is the L train at the Bedford stop. I read and commented on this article while on the L train… At the Bedford stop.

  24. I agree with the locales, but the attractiveness of the females shown in the photos is not realistic whatsoever.

  25. While I agree with all these locations, the easiest way to meet women is through a well built social circle. That’s how most people meet. Billy knows Steve. Steve is dating Megan who’s friends with Carol who has a single friend Emily. Let’s face it. Must guys are terrified to talk to a strange attractive woman. Game is a rare skill.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s a rare skill as much as it is learnable like riding a bicycle. A first timer on a bike will fall down but they don’t give a shit. A kid straddles his feet at first and walks the bike and is determined to conquer that bitch. There’s a little give required on his part to get used to the fact that he has to synch with the pecularities of the bike. He has to get a hnadle on it and straddle it but it’s made to ‘fit’ his feet, his butt and his hands. One two three. I think social circle girls are like three wheelers that get handed to you by invite or they’re like bikes with training wheels. A lone gamer who learned the two wheeler on his own has a great edge when he finds himself accepted within a social circle. There’s three wheelers everywhere and he’s a bike snatcher. A lone gamer can be dangerous in there and can wreck the place. Have some respect and don’t let on too much. Plates of hors deurves laid out for you and you can game the best.

    2. I don’t know many guys prepared to take a giant shit on their social circle.
      It’s as risky as hitting on girls at work, or in your church.
      This story is about day game aka pump and dump, not about finding a wife.

  26. I can vouch for the coffee spot — gold mine. There’s almost always a couple women going there to do exactly the same thing you’re doing, no doubts.
    The following anecdote of day game was ultimately a miss, but the backstory is one of the better ones I’ve had in this location:
    Two Saturdays ago I’m on the bench along the outer wall of my neighborhood cafe, because the cafe itself is packed. I have familiarity and a friendly knowledge of regulars/staff in this place. Due to the local demographics, picking up women here is tricky but definitely not impossible. It’s a very warm day and there is an old sleepy dog stretched out trying to cool itself on the sidewalk next to me. The dog, looking slightly piqued, is tethered to a downspout, and the lead was left too short to allow it to fully lie down. For a moment it felt like I was in the wrong spot, b/c even the owner of this dog was inside, left his best friend on a hitching post and was probably positioned better than I would ever be out here on empty pavement. Things looked futile so I shifted my perspective, decided to just stretch out on the bench a bit, soak up some sun rays, sip a fine coffee and pet this sweaty, sleepy elderly dog a minute or two. Eventually I was joined by an increasing overflow of customers from the cafe who came around the corner and either passed by or rested near this bench. At first it’s a high school couple who decides to sit down next to me. They are smart, good-tempered, funny and draw me into their conversation for a moment or two, and we have solid small talk even though I’m 10+ years out of college. The bench is suddenly magnetic — policemen begin arriving for coffee break and are in very good moods, and they enjoy the sight of us here near the bench, with the old dog. Joggers jog in place right behind them, staring in our general direction. A jocular pensioner and his wife want to be part of the scene here too, and it’s turning into the Canterbury Tales. 10-15 minutes later the entire ephemeral scene clears out and the high school kids are the last to depart just as 3 gorgeous, well put-together and obviously available women aged 20-24 roll around the corner, coffees in hand…they stop on the corner, then rotate to catch the sight of an old sleepy dog lying on the ground next to a sun-soaked bench. They were going to walk away, but have now decided to drink the coffees right here. They set themselves up so that I’m almost in their shadow. I like the closeness — they must not be from around here. The dog’s owner is nowhere to be seen, and I act on an earlier impulse by walking over and adjust the dog’s tether so that it’s longer and looser around the neck, which the dog finds comforting. It shows me affection before finally dozing off, having had enough slack to lie prone. The hottest girl in their bunch is also the quietest, but she comes right up to the dog after I sit back down on the bench. She’s been watching me. I stare off in to the distance as if nothing just happened. She’s gaga over the dog, the sun is baking her flawless legs, and she’s no longer going to be the quietest among her friends. I slowly turn to watch only because she is petting the dog for a very long time (it was different, maybe a signal), and then yeah, basics, she says to me “What’s his name?” She opens up an Inspector Clouseau moment for me to just drop it: “I have no idea, that’s not my dog…” Now we’re both sort-of quietly laughing at the same time and I’m thinking “ohhh shit, here we go, that worked.” I’m not about to ignore the parallel with how she feels about the dog and what she’s telegraphing, but maybe she’s just one of those girls who flirts to simply collect adulation from random dudes. I don’t want to be part of a snobby ego trip, because bitches will do this at the cafe for their own entertainment. Now there’s a lot of eye contact, she’s ignoring her friends, and I realize from the non-verbal I’m going to see what she’s up to and get a number. Very unexpected moment, right then, when it hits you. Her friends complicate matters, she has plans with them all day, and is a visitor from another country no less (Asian, but metropolitan and hotter than she thinks she is). I said “yeah but you like the idea?” and she goes “I like the idea.” Big smiles. I nod, she’s got to go so that’s it. Small talk was effervescent. Her friends are acting like this happens all the time — posing, hypergamy in motion while they clock you, you can smell the chaos (lol). I’m faced with the inscrutability of this botched opportunity but you know, just trying to relax and smile about the randomness. So that’s the end of it, it’s over, but you see? That is game. It doesn’t always look like it but it is. Kindness to an aging canine opened me up to game that day, in a spontaneous way. In my experience, game is all sorts of unexpected things, and often does not require any preparation.
    Some people say the problem with cafe, sidewalk (street) and transport game is the sheer # of lost options who are zoned-out on the phone — zero eye contact opportunity b/c they’re too busy with tech. Don’t blame the phone. Sometimes I’ll just bust right in on their phone time, they’ll stop and look for a second. A mellow eye contact gets the corners of their mouths to turn up. Verily, they realize something more interesting than the phone is nearby. Her phone, as a social object, is used for war and delight. I like to defuse the phone as her enabler and remind her never to pull that thing out for no good reason when we’re out for dinner.

  27. Meh, I’ve found that parks with hiking and biking trails are best. You have a better chance of meeting a fit girl instead of a fatty in parks. Coffee shops don’t work for me, I hate coffee, and also didn’t Roosh say to avoid them because they push the phaggot agenda? My city is not walkable due to its layout and climate. Public transit here is also only for poor/ghetto/hood rat type people.

  28. Good article. Day game is really the way to go, IMHO. Being an older guy, I can tell you that I was using game long before game was even a thing. In my 20’s, when I wasn’t being an actual gigolo, I had full-blown harems. (And I don’t mean “being a gigolo” like those tards on Showtime in that fake TV series; I mean the classical definition of the word gigolo, as in, I had women who paid for my entire existence in return for exclusive, live-in sex.) Well, here I am, pushing 60, and I’ve banged women, and lived with women, whom most of you would cut off your left nuts to get near. But I can’t develop a lasting relationship at this point to save my life, there’s just no way in hell. And I admit it.
    So I think a word to the wise is in order here – if you want to be a player, by all means, commit yourself to it and get what you want. But it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you succeed, you’re going to eventually turn into the male equivalent of the chick with the high notch count who collects cats. Except instead of collecting cats, you’ll collect memories of all that hot pussy you had in your younger days. The point is, it’s all a trade-off. And you need to choose wisely. And thinking you won’t hit your own wall at some point, thinking you won’t experience low SMV at some point, is ludicrous – because you will. It’s a mathematical certainty, if you live long enough. If you have money, true, you can always get laid – but that’s the only thing any women will want you for at that point, after you hit the male wall. And you most likely won’t be able to develop a strong relationship with a woman if you are a player for most of your life. Makes sense if you stop to think about it.
    I often read this quote at ROK, “Never wife up a whore”, or words to that effect. And that’s sound wisdom. But if you are a player, you’re a whore, too, and whores usually end up alone – male and female alike. So just be aware of what the probable trade-off is here, that’s all I’m saying. (And, no, I wouldn’t trade my decades of experiences as a player for one good, lasting relationship, if I could go back and do it all over again. Mostly because I don’t believe a good, lasting relationship exists, except in fairy tales…but they just might, so food for thought here.)

    1. “I often read this quote at ROK, “Never wife up a whore””
      There’s plenty of advice on RoK, given by single unmarried guys with no children so I’m not entirely sure that advice is worth much of anything.
      As all women are whores, to never wife one up means you get to stay single and childless …….. enjoy that life folks.
      Now if you prefer advice from someone with nearly 40 years of experience as a husband and father, my advice would be,
      “Never marry a woman with access to the western legal system”
      “Inform your potential partners, right at the start, that you ALWAYS DNA test your children”

  29. The coffee shop I go to is next door to a Yoga school and the girls come in in Yoga pants all the time. I figure never to try because they’re conscious of the looks and exposing themselves. However, coffee shops where they’re studying or hanging out are better. On the street I always check out their pace and facial expressions.

    1. Take a yoga class yourself. You will be the only guy there – pussy paradise. Just make clear you are straight or they auto-assume you as gay.
      Oh and dont tell your buddies about it.

  30. Crosswalk, Seattle Washington. Picked up a cute, drunk girl and banged her in my roommate’s room because my girlfriend was snoozing in my room.

  31. Taxis are good places. The number of times I’ve got into a cab with a group of girls and come away with at least one phone number is shocking. It’s even worse in the Caribbean where women openly ogle you and make suggestive remarks. If she offers you “Some Coco” say yes, guys

  32. “Roosh describes in great detail where best to position yourself”
    Advice from a grey bearded, 40 year old, male Arab immigrant, with no children on women, sex, family life and how to keep looking youthful.
    I’ll be sure to pay attention to that then.

    1. He does need to get rid of that stupid beard. He looks like Moses. A guys best is youth and vigor. If he exercises hard- which I doubt- that beard would be gone and he would get lean and mean.
      On his behalf- No children or woman is a pure blue pill idea-“man up” feminist matrix idea in your head. This is a red pill site. Any idiot can stick it in some fat mean queen slob and sign her up for the potential cash and prizes. Woman are only useful for having a kid- the rest is a mental fantasy-of which you are attached to.. I enjoy my kid to watch something grow in my life- a goal on my bucket list- not because some woman is tied to it…. If I had to do it over,I would get a surrogate mother or adopt because the cash and prizes paid out to my worthless x isn’t close to the cost of these other options.
      All the article is sayn is day game- which is an option and how to do it. Much ado about nothing depending what you want out of life.

  33. “3. Public Transport”
    Cool thing today in many major cities in Europe this can work if one pretends to be a muzzie migrant. One should dress the part – do not speak english, and instead learn a few arabic phrases. White european females are mudsharking big time.

    1. Well, the agenda is definitely working.
      Take as example:
      Quinton Tellis

      This criminal (in and out of the prison system) specimen
      was married to a black woman Chikita Jackson AND in a sexual live-in relationship with a Chinese woman Meing-Chen Hsiao, whom he stabbed to
      death AND a white woman Jessica Chambers, whom he burned to death.
      Thisone ugly black guy was in sexual relationships with at least 3 women at the same time. Now imagine how a slightly less hideous specimen would do.
      Steve Hoca is right: a lot of men, particularly white men, are living TFL / incel.
      So when you’re sitting at home alone Friday nights wondering why you don’t have a woman in your life, now you know.

      1. “So when you’re sitting at home alone Friday nights wondering why you don’t have a woman in your life, now you know”
        Exactly. One just need to do is toss his morals out the window and become a certified piece-of-shit. Trouble with that is most men have a conscience – but I definitely get your point.

  34. Something about French was cool in Japan. I met my wife at a party at a French consulate for students of French. (In Japan, only girls study French.)
    It helped to be an American in Japan. But much more to be French. I did not even have to approach girls when I sat in a coffee shop reading a French newspaper. A girl ALWAYS walked up and said, in a soft voice,
    FRANSUJIN DESU KA ? (Are you French ?).
    I miss being a young man in Japan. It was an effortless ticket to lower middle class income (great for singles, possibble for family even with the worst English teaching jobs.).
    I imagine it is still like that for the women. Probably a little less so for the cash, though.
    But need both cash AND women. Sitting at home broke whacking off on porn just never quite did it for me. The French newspaper thing was great though (and yes, I do speak French.)
    I love reading about politcs, but enjoyed even more having my reading interrupted by a hot babe.

  35. How about anywhere you go? Always be on the look out.
    Frankly I hate these “self help” things. They are so limited in scope and try to tie everything up in a neat little package.

  36. Sunday at the grocery store in the city is a great place. So is finding out when the neighborhood yoga place evening weekday class lets out. Staging yourself in a coffee shop, sandwich stop, bar, etc. is a great strategy too.
    But, and seriously asking, is night game even still a thing? With the rise of social media it seems to me that most women are not out at night to meet men. They have already “met” the men they are out with online. Also, at least in my area, most of the clubs have either closed or are now just AA dominated. I haven’t actually been to a club in maybe 3-4 years because there was little to no chance of meeting women. Bars, aside from neighborhood dives, are pretty much the same. It is probably better though as not going out at night has saved me a lot of cash.

    1. What is AA dominated mean? Alcoholics Anonymous? African American? Too many coons for ya tastes boy?

  37. You guys still don’t fucking get it: they’re not interested in you!
    Stop with this scheming. It’s just sad. SAD!

  38. yeah the womenz are just begging for guys to talk to them: that’s why they wear earbuds and bury their noses in their snapchats. Women don’t want your advances bro

    1. Women generally like a man who is willing to go after them, “bro.”
      I recommend you stop projecting your lack of masculinity and confidence. It’s quite telling.

  39. I work with this 5/10 28 year old single mom who goes on a different Tinder date everyday. The other day she was bragging about hooking up with some guy she just met. She just stays on her phone talking to guys on Tinder. She’s not attractive at all, but she gets flooded with messages everyday.

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