The Delusional Nature of Women

In 2005 Paul Janka published an ebook called Getting Laid in NYC. TV appearances on Dr. Phil and The Today Show and an Excel spreadsheet of his conquests upset Jezebel and Gawker, but inspired men to emulate his style of daygame. Having grown his pick-up business and moved to London, he recently revealed that he will be getting married to his English fiancée next year. So why does a red pill man give up the game? Troy Francis caught up with Janka to talk pickup, the pitfalls of the playboy lifestyle, the manosphere, and marriage.

You’ve been very successful disseminating a method for cutting through societal crap like prolonged dating and getting sex quickly, but there were some negative voices early on, particularly from Jezebel and Gawker. Was that tough to deal with?

Not really. I redoubled my resolve against those voices. But I guess there was a reputational cost when I tried to move into normal society, which I’ve had to manage.

A lot of the criticism was from feminized, blue pill sources.

True, but more simply it was from women. And they weren’t our paying customers so in a way I didn’t give a shit. The comments on the blog for The Today Show were fascinating. Guys championing me, and the women being critical. For all the Disney-fication of modern America and playing nice, the sexes are highly antagonistic still and really couldn’t agree less.

It would be great to get some tips on game from you for readers who are just starting out or are looking to sharpen up. Your method is very simple: approach a high volume of women in the daytime, get their phone numbers quickly before ejecting, send out mass texts and then go for sex with those who are most responsive. But others recommend building rapport for longer after approaching by going on instant dates and so on.

My tactics emerged in a very pragmatic way. I would see a girl very quickly often in a transitory situation like a subway station but would have to be somewhere, so instant dates were never an option. If a guy steps out of his office for coffee, he doesn’t have time to hang around. I don’t think instant dates are an option for most gainfully employed men. So my game was about very quick conversations and bookmarking it for later by getting the phone number.

Also, in NYC you have very target-rich environments–thirty hot girls in Union Square, say. Because I had no idea which number would follow through, my goal was to get as many as possible. Every time you’re talking to one girl you’re not talking to the next one. There’s nothing more annoying than an even sexier one walking right past you. If you keep it short you have a better chance of covering ground.

Your writing is very red pill, for example: At its core, the “game” is really this dance – getting the milk without buying the cow . . . It’s plain that women have a much better system for getting what they want. They also have the support of a society that defends their agenda.

It’s a script women are handed from an early age. It’s not their fault. Although technology and modern dating culture has deteriorated that a bit. We live in a hook-up culture and now men have a sweet spot with technology. The smartphone is a savior—being able to access a lot of women on your terms with no cost is an incredible advantage. We’ve been able to scale our tomcatting, and women have few defenses as they don’t know if you’re sincere.

You have also written: The amount of fun sex you enjoy on your terms is directly proportional to your level of personal discipline. When I approach women and deal with them everyday, I engage them on my own terms. Of course, some don’t like it. That’s the discipline.

I was lucky because though somewhat inexperienced when I got into this, I had some female attention. A guy who comes into game with insecurities, the first time an attractive woman shows him attention and puts the bait out, he’s a goner—he’s like a dog. He’ll bite down and hang onto that thing forever and she’ll drag him through the mud. What I mean by personal discipline is being able to cut something that’s tantalizing knowing that there’ll be five more pieces behind it. Also to know that if she’s jerking you left then that’s not where it’s going to end—she’s also going to jerk you right. So you need to open your mouth and let the bait go. But guys operating from a place of insecurity won’t do that so they get fucking smashed.

Abundance is key to successful game.

Yes. And ironically it’s reinforcing. The less you care the more women will be attracted to you.

What would you say to the guy reading this who doesn’t have abundance though?

Fake it to make it. And in a big city like London, New York, even LA there’s so many women that if you work on your verbal rap and work through the embarrassment and failure in the beginning you’ll eventually achieve a critical mass that’ll teach you something. Then you’ll develop discipline.

You advise building up an inventory of phone numbers – say forty – and then mass texting and seeing what comes back.

Many guys start out wanting to fuck five women a week but there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. A good exercise is to realise that out of fifty numbers I might not fuck any of these girls, or only go on a couple of dates. Don’t get attached. You’re doing it to get into the vibe, and it might take six months. See them as throwaway numbers.


You’re famous for the statistic that 11% of numbers you got ended in sex.

Yes, people love that! It’s approximately one in nine. So if I get eighteen numbers in a day then that’s two confirmed fucks.

Some think it’s a high figure, others don’t, but one in nine from phone numbers then that sounds good to me. It’s interesting that Krauser’s 2013 results were nearly identical – 27 lays from 250 numbers is 10.8%!

There you go baby! Isn’t that crazy? The universal number. Let’s get nine girls here now: “one of you will be fucked by the end of the evening!”

Kinda like an Agatha Christie novel, but with game.

Sure. And given that it’s a verified statistic from several players, there’s no benefit to paying undue attention to any of the nine, because one will fuck and the other eight won’t no matter what I do.

It’s encouraging – if a guy goes out and approaches enough he will get results. But you’re tall, good-looking, well-educated and urbane. Also you operated in NYC, a great place for game. How would you counter guys who say that without your advantages they wouldn’t see the same success?

That’s fair thing. But I think the biggest advantage on that whole table is NYC—which is within reach of most guys if they make it a priority.  I’ve coached men in small towns and told them to move to New York. If it’s that important then make a life change. Anonymity within a big city is absolutely key. I grew up with guys who were equally good-looking – charismatic athletes, very popular, but all of them capped out at about 75 bangs and are now married. That’s partly because the settling down age is younger, but also because LA is just not as accessible and daygame friendly or anonymous as NYC.

The biggest hindrance to guys trying to get laid is that women don’t want to get judged by their friends. Read Joseph W. South, Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man. She’s not going to put her social standing in jeopardy. The anonymity of NYC allows women to take the shot and never make excuses. I’ve met girls on the subway, proper girls who would never want their friends to think they’re slutty, I’ve taken their number discreetly and we’ve had two or three sessions. I’m sure they’ve never told their friends they shagged some guy they hardly knew. You can only do that in a large anonymous city. So of all those attributes, living in a big city is replicable and my biggest advantage. Yeah, of course looks play a part, but even a guy below average can improve his results.

And without meaning to denigrate him, Krauser is probably less classically good-looking than you, and yet his results come out the same. And the girls he hooks up with are beautiful.

There you go. And actually frame, masculinity and good rap—controlling the situation verbally—are more important than looks. A below-average guy with frame and very good control of language, and most importantly a plan, can crush it. Confidence is fundamentally built on having a game plan. The reason it falls away is the guy doesn’t know what to do next, but if you have a system you’ve done a hundred times that’s got you laid then no matter who the girl is you know exactly what to do next, and that’s what turns her on.

janka pick up

Mojo, or state, is really important too. You write: ‘There is something unique to the attitude and body language of a player – he’s cocky, self-assured and unflappable. He can talk to women in a way that indirectly (or, if he chooses, directly) makes the interaction sexual. He takes liberties that others may find offensive, or at least objectionable. But, women take off their wet panties for him.’ How can guys acquire this?

Internet porn, commingled with actual sexual exploits allowed me to see each curvaceous young woman as a totally sexual being and she could feel that energy. Also caffeine, and walking outdoors and the visual stimuli of New York helped—I think they were all intertwined. But the answer is to just practice—you’ll find moments when you’re inspired but also moments when you’re flat.

And you have to become hardened to rejection—you say somewhere that the more a man is getting laid, the more rejections he will have had along the way.

For a lot of new guys that sounds paradoxical, but you’re not getting laid a lot unless you’re also getting a lot of women pissed off at you! Men have can have a false belief that women are these attractive, uniform beings but they’re distinct like men are—some are bitches, some are poor communicators, some are hung up. There’s a hundred reasons why she was a bitch on the street and a guy who sees a failed interaction as a direct reflection of him or his game is wrong. One day I would crush it and the next I’d be drawing blanks as the same guy.

Do you have a view on the so-called manosphere?

I think it’s great that women have been taking gender studies for a long time and now men en masse are too under this guise. It’s valuable knowledge. If there’s any Achilles heel it’s that men have to be aware of life stages, and how they’re different. I think there’s sometimes a sense of inevitability—all women are going to lead you down this path—and universalism—all men face this—that I don’t agree with. I think there are a series of different outcomes and I don’t think that’s always allowed for enough.

janka paris

On relationships you have said: The big ruse of monogamous relationships is that women have succeeded in convincing us to voluntarily enter into a situation in which we have no sexual alternatives. Think about that. The way the institution is set up, men willing agree to forgo all the other sexual options so that their woman is happy. If that’s not evidence of a woman’s agenda and her control of the situation, then I don’t know what else is. Of course, given our biology, monogamy is a much easier concession (generally speaking) for women than for men, who are designed to spread their seed.

And unless you’ve experienced the opposite—a lot of different sexual partners—then you don’t really know what you’re giving up. So it’s good to have that first so you can really quantify both sides.

But you recently announced your engagement.

Yes—in the face of all this evidence!

Many readers will wonder why – you had a honed method and a life of sexual abundance that could have continued.

Regarding the manosphere, while I commend everyone for grappling with these big questions, a lot of men want offspring. Aside from the mini-relationship, there hasn’t really been a good alternative structure proposed. Chasing girls is fun when you have a core group of guys and continuity in your life. When you’re looking at women as disposable sexual objects then there’s so much churn and no one follows your life with any interest.

My parents will age and eventually die and most of our other male friends who follow the social script disappear into the suburbs and then take limited or circumscribed interest in us. So in my thirties all my running mates in NYC who provided support and had an interest in my narrative started to fall away. If we don’t have a witness to our lives it’s quite meaningless. You feel that really profoundly in NYC, where my pack of wolves became increasingly motley, as most “quality” guys got locked down into marriage.

As I started to make more money I realized I’d run the pattern of having sex with hot young women enough and I knew what it looked like. I wanted to travel, have unique experiences. If I take a wonderful trip with someone, I want to be able to reference that trip in five years with that same person. If you’re going to invest in someone, it has to be someone with long-term potential, not just some booty call. Finally, I met a girl whose character was in many ways superior to mine and I said wow, I want to hitch my horse to this cart.

I don’t think there’s a party line on marriage per se in the manosphere. I think actually a lot of guys would love the happy ending we were all brought up to believe possible, if the prospects with Western women didn’t appear so bleak. The issue is with hypergamy, divorce rate, alimony and child support and so on. And 70% of divorces are initiated by women.

Why would they voluntarily release themselves back into the sexual marketplace after their expiration date?

Well, now we have the mythology of the cougar. It’s delusional thinking inculcated by the culture.

Game teaches men to screen for sluttiness in women to find girls who are going to give us a blowjob in the next 45 minutes, but you need another filter to screen for character for marriage and for the mother of your children. The screening techniques of game are antithetical for screening for a mate.

There are romantic notions of women in partnerships and pragmatic ones. It’s very easy to get beguiled by a damaged or dangerous woman, and I think the manosphere is fixated on the idea that relationships are supposed to be passionate, but there’s a whole other side. The idea of a pragmatic union of people who can bring certain skills to the table so together their skillbase is sufficient to provide a home and education for young children. Marriage was a practical union prior to the 1940s. Pickup and game sites deal with the front-end: I don’t know if this other side has been considered sufficiently.

Many believe that sex with hot young women in their twenties is the only form of congress that should be of interest to men, and there are a lot of jokes about girls hitting the wall after a certain age.

Think about it this way: many of us have loving, affectionate relationships with our mothers, but our mothers are old and their tits are sagging. Should they be dragged off somewhere? No, their opinions are still important to us and we want their validation. And I think for a man to be successful at life he should recognise his youthful erotic nature, but as he ages he should transition into a more respectful relationship with a woman that perhaps resembles more what he has with his mother. Men who fail to do that might be cut off at the knees.

Finally, has having a fiancée affected your work, given the line of business you’re in?

All my material on pick-up is timeless, but going forward I would like to transition the business. Our list of customers is also growing older, and they may be interested in more functional relationship material and so on.

To find out more about Paul click here.

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286 thoughts on “The Delusional Nature of Women”

  1. “This is, essentially, an irrational affair, and until she approaches middle age, men will continue to give her that extreme power, no matter how she conducts herself. ”
    In the States even when she gets old and fat, STD riddled, saggy titted, and varicose veined, she’ll still have her fair share of desperate slobs willing to stand in line to fuck her or marry her, or just be there at her disposal. This of course adds to their delusional psychosis.

    1. Especially in this day when they can hop on Tinder, OKStupid, Match, etc… and get flooded with thirsty men no matter their age or weight.

    2. Even in Eastern Europe (where I’m currently residing anyway) I know from a few women around 40 (quite good looking for their age, but certainly well past their prime) that their online dating profiles still get flooded with offers from guys anywhere from age 20 to 60+.
      Thirsty men are everywhere – and so is social media, unless you live in a hut in the jungle. And they probably have an internet cafe in the nearest village.

  2. An interesting thought. Women having nothing over men without their capital derived strictly from their sexuality. Remove, or more likely, sharply reduce that capital from your world and almost all women will become nothing to you. Their emotions become nothing, their ideas become nothing and their world become nothing. What possibility awaits you in return for any ambitious, thinking man?
    Then, and only then might you decide if they have any capital left in which you find worthwhile.

  3. The reason women can act crazy and irrational is simple. As the late Sam Kinison once said, “she’s got the pussy.” In the animal world that’s the trump card. See Parental Investment theory. Imagine if she didn’t have the pussy, would you put up with any of her shit? HELL NO. If you were on a board you’d throw her overboard without a life jacket. When you don’t have a pussy (i.e. men) you actually have to provide some sort of other value. You actually have to be intelligent, logical, strong, etc. etc. etc.
    Even mainstream sources are calling women out on their bullshit. Here’s one: “Another fallacy on which modern feminism is based is that men have more power than women. Among mammals, the female always has more power than the male, and humans are no exception. It is true that, in all human societies, men largely control all the money, politics, and prestige. They do, because they have to, in order to impress women. Women don’t control these resources, because they don’t have to. What do women control? Men.”

    1. “The reason women can act crazy and irrational is simple. As the late Sam Kinison once said, “she’s got the pussy.” ”
      I noticed something strange these: that the best wisdom today is being dished up not by professors nor philosophers, but rather by stand up comedians like Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Chris Rock and others.

      1. Tosh and Bill Burr have got away with alot in the age of feminism.comedy most notably satire is one of the few bastions of free speech( thats permeated through time)where one can say what they feel( granted you make people laugh).Because if you laugh you are tacitly agreeing. So people flippantly throw it away as crass humor without reading too far into it. Further Very few demonise comedy because really comedy is something that is strictly male and in many cases done to impress women. Read Christopher hitchens “why women are not funny”- men are biologically driven to try and make girls laugh and a guy would in many cases rather be told he looks like a donkeys ass than told he lacks a sense of humor.

      2. You are absolutely right. It seems the comedians are the only ones brave enough to speak truth instead of politically correct lies. Oh, don’t forget Patrice, may he rest in peace!

        1. Patrice O’neal is the best by leaps and bounds.
          Just listen to Black Philip Show on YouTube

      3. What’s often not appreciated by people today is that the Greek philosophers actually did have a sense of humor. Plato’s symposium is set at a drinking party, and humor is used throughout! Perhaps the ancient philosophers were not unlike a sort of ancient stand up comedian. Democritus was known as the laughing philosopher or “the mocker.”

        1. Well of course. The Symposium is a work of fiction. It’s construction was to put forward unpopular ideas at the time. Socrates last words were a cryptic joke or at least as how they were conveyed. What’s more likely is that Socrates never existed and was the alter ego through which Plato voiced opinions that would have resulted in him losing his head.

        2. Yes, I’ve been consistently amazed at my college professors, who would tell me that Plato’s Gorgias is “tongue in cheek” and “not to be taken seriously,” but the obviously humorous Symposium represents his mature and real thoughts on love and sexuality.

      4. I was just watching Kick-Ass 2 and was Amazed at how much Hidden Red Pill Gems and Quotable’s they had slipped into the dialog. It’s amazing how I had the ability to catch it. For any Red Pill thinker who haven’t seen it yet, definitely a must. Its loaded with satire And a hilarious movie overall.

        1. You lost me when you said Kick Ass 2. That movie was complete garbage, and a blight on the greatness of the original.

    2. Yes the honorable Mr Kennison is known for some very great words of wisdom. Like why we can’t have a woman for president. Because could you imagine that – EVERY MONTH right on the dot, they would have the sirens and bullhorns out on the front lawn of the white house shouting ”misses president, PLEASE GET OFF the roof of the white house. PUT DOWN the rocket launcher. We can negotiate the treaty. We have Hussein on the telephone. He wishes you a happy mothers day. He is sending you some chocolates.” . . . .

      1. Among my favorite Kinison routine was his solution for the starving people of Africa: his suggestion was to send them U-hauls, NOT food. Why? Because that way then can all relocate WHERE THE FUCKIN’ FOOD IS !!!!! YOU LIVE IN A DESERT !!!!!! AGH AGH AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!

  4. Women run pure animal instinct and self-serving emotional feelings and feel that the entire world and everyone in it exist solely to serve their every whim and desire. In her narrow mind if the world fails to live up to her expectations then something must be wrong with the world itself and has to be changed. In reality it is her delusional expectations of what she thinks the world ‘should be’ that is causing her so much grief. Which is why arguing with one is a complete waste of time. You might as well argue with a barking dog or a brick wall because you will always get the same response “It’s your fault because *insert bullshit hamster rationalization here* “.

    1. Agree…I’ve done it a couple of times in the past.
      In the end I just told her “you can’t argue with crazy…you’ll never win” …and then walked away from her.

      1. I feel like saying ‘women are crazy’ removes them from personal responsibility and justifies what is actually herd-thinking and delusional self-worth

  5. I have this fantasy where we just allow feminism globally for 1 year to the fullest extent. We say do whatever it takes. All men agree to abide by whatever the feminist charter is for a year or death by fire.I feel that by day 9 it will be begging for the Holy Ghost that is the patriarchy

    1. No men to risk their lives to protect them from criminals. No men to fight on the front lines in war to protect them from Muslims. No men to build bridges and buildings. No men to repair the bridges and buildings. And no men to rescue them from one of those bridges and buildings if they catch fire.
      If only.

      1. Love it! I’ve been saying that for years. I’m tapped out. I don’t give a damn about these worthless cunts.

        1. Clearly you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting. You’ve just bought a ticket to ride the bitter train, and are conversing with the other poor bastards on said train drowning in their sorrows. Think of it this way, your mother was a woman, wasn’t she? Was she a vile, worthless cunt creature? You got an answer for me, moron?

  6. Pretty sure this article only applies to the most materialistic states in the U.S. Canada isn’t perfect but it is rare that I examine these behaviors in the city that I live in, within my community or social circle.

  7. The problem that most American men are having a hard time coming to grip with, is the fundamental shift in the mentality of American women from years past. The type of behavior that is written about in this article, the cuntishness or bit&#ness, the general disdain for men, conscious use or manipulation of their sexual marketplace value, are all characteristics of the psychological profile shown by Whores. And I mean literal Whores, and not the cliched insult that is thrown around flippantly these days. So, American men must realize that, “you can’t treat a whore like a housewife”. You have to treat a whore like a whore, not like your mother, or sister, because she is not your mother or your sister. But you must treat her as she treats herself. And she’ll love you for it!

  8. This is why I am all for prostitutes, you get the all the perks with none of the cons.
    I mean let’s face it, women’s only few good qualities are their pussies, butts and tits, thats all.

    1. Yea, it saves an enormous amount of time and energy. Dudes will run around bars chasing 7s and 8s, try to say something witty, try to impress her friends, try to organize logistics, make sure to text something short and funny….its all a joke. You can buy sex with a 9+ and go about your day not wasting time thinking about girls its wonderful

  9. Great article, although I don’t advocate mocking women when they start their crazy bullshit. A classic tool of female manipulation is playing the victim, and many women will use anything negative you say as a red herring to elicit sympathy and divert criticism in the future — i.e. they will use your mockery to conjure more bullshit.
    I find it useful to keep in mind that all people are fundamentally only quasi-rational. Some, like experienced full-grown men, are more rational. Others, like children and many women, are mostly irrational. Children and women benefit from rational explanations, but only as supplements to Pavlovian conditioning,
    The best way I’ve found to deal with bullshit is to simply reward good behavior and not reward bad behavior. If a woman does something cunty, it’s because she’s been conditioned — her cunty behavior has been rewarded by idiot parents, feminists, betas, etc. Firstly, don’t provide the expected reward for cunty behavior. Secondly, do not provide attention or comfort if and when she acts hurt or offended. Instead, provide attention and comfort (reward) if and when she performs desired behaviors.

    1. Agreed. Most of the time there’s nothing to be gained by talking, even in a mocking or derisive manner, to someone who simply refuses to respond in a reasonable or logical manner.
      Turn around, walk away, give them nothing. Problem solved on both ends.

      1. Yep. Females are the experts at playing relational Games. Not males.
        Removing your presence from female power, control, authority, and drama is the ONLY tactic that’s effective; everything else is right up their vaginal allleys. Yep even DREAD Game! lol

    2. Cuntish behavior should be punished immediately, every time. Good behavior should be rewarded immediately, intermittently.

    3. “Great article, although I don’t advocate mocking Jews when they start
      their crazy bullshit. A classic tool of Jewish manipulation is playing
      the victim, and many Jews will use anything negative you say as a red
      herring to elicit sympathy and divert criticism in the future — i.e.
      they will use your mockery to conjure more bullshit.”
      Fixed it for ya 🙂

  10. One of my favorite responses I read on RV Forum once:”You don’t look good enough to act that way.” .. a nuke statement, gets ’em every time.
    “Women, whether they are stunners or corpulent slobs, need a reason to hate other women, and though it’s claimed that the new girl isn’t a “team player,” the real problem is that she is prettier than this or that Americunt who isn’t receiving a comparable amount of male attention, and hence validation.” << the workplace has become so feminized that men (little girls really) are doing this very same thing. This is exactly why the last 24 months my #1 goal has been to remove myself from as much corporate exposure as possible, and avoid working for medium to large sized companies ever again.

    1. “You aren’t good looking enough to be this big of a bitch.”
      Line my friend would use on girls that upset them every time.

    2. I once told a girlfriend, who was requesting “Things”, this: “If you are going to be expensive, you need to look expensive”.
      To her credit, she did clean up after that and started to look better and dress more feminine. Most women I would have expected to give me some line of “accept me the way I am” feminist shit (while being “herself” – a fat cuntasaurus or something) and then leave.

    3. I think it was Daniel Tosh who made the joke ugly women are like men, they are going to have to work for it.

    4. Works the same way with attractive men who don’t give workplace ho’s the attention they thin they deserve. The ho’s get angry and freeze him out because he is popular with women who aren’t them

  11. Pair this lack of accountability with the fact that they really don’t understand what motivates their own behaviour and what you see is what you get.
    I get the impression that life for a woman is this weird dreamlike state.
    Kinda like being high on a tranquilizer all day or something.

  12. Great article. As some of the other comments below, the only response is to this is to reward good and punish the bad behaviours. A sort of Pavlovian dog response training. I would add that the recent article on “strong independant women” chimes in here at the same time, as in my experiences, from low end to high end, uneducated to highly educated, its all the same……non-logical nonsense. Actually easier to handle when shes uneducated because it can be quite cute at times.
    Currently trying out an ex-church mormon. Hard worker, strong values and direction, not because of a morally thought out life process, but only because she was “trained” that way her whole life. Like all the work has been done for me 🙂 . She quit the church after rebelling against her gestapo like father, and hopefully the instilled fear of god keeps her in a 10-20% deviation range which she acts out in bed with me only. Anyway, we’ll see how that works out…..

  13. “I feel disgusted by my desire to have sex with her”
    That’s the great conflict though, isn’t it? All the advice on game, or ways of managing an attractive woman’s intolerable behavior, doesn’t overcome the fact that you despise her. How is a man to maintain any self-respect when he lets himself be touched, or be intimate with, a woman he has no love or respect for? Why chase at all in that case, it’s little better than giving in to drug addiction.

    1. I had that realization when I listened to a girl I just banged mock some guy for having oneitis for her.
      In my head I’m like… “You just let me raw-dog you, let me call you a slut to your face, you swallowed down my cum no hesitation… for free… and I’m offering you absolutely nothing… No commitment at all… You might never even see me again… And this other guy who would actually offer you something decent in life is a loser??? He’s only a loser because you made him a loser.”
      I think slutty women know they aren’t worth a man’s commitment so when a guy offers her that… in her eyes he must appear a clueless idiot.

      1. I had that realization when I listened to a girl I just banged mock some guy for having oneitis for her.
        Don’t lie, You were that guy lol

      2. That’s exactly it. How can a woman respect a man who places her on a pedestal when she knows what she is, deep down inside

        1. Right?
          If a woman told me that she wanted to commit to me because I’m the greatest soccer player that ever lived I’d be like uuuuuuhhhhh….. are you retarded?

    2. ” How is a man to maintain any self-respect when he lets himself be touched, or be intimate with, a woman he has no love or respect for? Why chase at all in that case, it’s little better than giving in to drug addiction.”
      I hear what your saying, but a man still needs to dump his load, and jerking off simply doesn’t suffice.

    3. This is something many guys don’t get. They waste countless hours and money reading up on “Game”, going to the gym, approaching worthless women (sluts). All for a number…or a STD-ridden kiss with cum flavour.
      Go see a high class escort (preferably one that is not older than 23) and don’t waste your time on more expensive sluts.

  14. The biggest awakening in your life will be the realisation that women in fact are NOT beautiful REGARDLESS of their age.
    It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct. One would be more justified in calling them the unaesthetic sex than the beautiful.

  15. Social conservatives understand women’s mental inadequacies, though they don’t always openly identify them. When you “liberate” women from having to marry men, and from having to submit to their authority out of natural necessity, women don’t mysteriously become “strong” enough to make it on their own. They still need what men have to offer: material support, social status, and most especially, the benefits of men’s relatively stronger self-discipline and rationality for running a life that makes sense and keeps you out of trouble.
    When women reject these things from men in marriage, they still need them nonetheless, so they turn to the state as a kind of substitute husband. Yet given women’s defective judgment, they tend to vote for defective politicians who have good game. And therefore the management of the country under feminism and women’s suffrage begins a long decline as the new order of affairs consumes more and more of the society’s capital built up and saved during the preceding age of patriarchy.
    So that explains why social conservatives want to roll back women’s sexual freedom. They think like economists, and they realize that this freedom has costs in terms of political and economic freedoms which over the long run have more value.

    1. >> So that explains why social conservatives want to roll back women’s sexual freedom. <<
      Who are those social conservatives you speak of? I don’t know of a single party which even discusses the issue behind close doors.
      Otherwise, great commentary!

      1. I didn’t imagine these people. Don’t you remember the controversy surrounding Rick Santorum’s view of contraception when he ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012? You don’t need Catholic indoctrination like Santorum’s to see the damage caused by a culture which encourages and celebrates women’s promiscuity.

    2. Social Conservatives used to do that. They haven’t consistently done so for about 125 years. They stopped trying completely in the Sixties. Most people who fancy themselves conservatives (because so-called economic conservatives are either classical liberals or low-tax marxists) aren’t conserving anything. Certainly not the wisdom of the ages. They’re only interested in maintaining the world of their youth 30,40,50 years ago, by which time society had already been fundamentally altered.

      1. The Neoreactionaries seem to come closer to what I have in mind. I think a lot of our problems go back to the way the do-gooders in the Enlightenment failed to distinguish between supernatural beliefs and social beliefs. They stood on strong empirical and logical grounds when they critiqued the woo-woo aspects of christian doctrines. But they didn’t see that traditional social beliefs, like the existence of natural hierarchies in human societies and how women ruin themselves for stable marriages and family formation when they whore around early, don’t come from superstition, but rather from generations of experience with observable human behavior and its consequences.
        As I like to tell progressives these days, their “equality” doctrine derives from 18th Century pseudoscience.

    3. The “social conservatives” have fucked the dog on these matters just as much as any other group. True social conservatism recognized that it was all up to the men and their conduct and not in regulating the conduct of women by some law or decree (that’s a progressive approach).
      It was the rise of the “Law Uber Alles” conservatism, statist at the core, that has brought the family courts and prison industrial complex to the level that it’s at now.

    4. Categorically untrue. You were just griping in a previous article about how father’s need to start remanding their daughters from seeking advanced degrees and lucrative careers. We unequivocally aren’t tethered to men financially at this juncture in history. As I’ve stated previously, I keep seeing it reiterated on this site that all relationships necessitate someone bending over (per se) and “taking it” as a pure submissive. What’s the rationale behind this being the only way to solidify a union? Who pray tell would stand for being constantly strong armed? Does it defy logic that that role sounds as equally unpleasant to most women as it does to most men? Is there no room for just being mutually supportive and respectful without one party having to denigrate or diminish the agency and autonomy of the other? You know it’s a farce to say that women aren’t earning livable wages in droves. I know you aren’t partial to this fact of life – but it is undeniable and unalterable, bar the utter unlikelihood of some major societal upheaval. You will not so much as make the slightest dent in women’s capacity to attain any vocation in our cross-hairs.
      Being so flagrantly bravado-riddled and power obsessed in an
      interpersonal relationship is only going to engender strong disfavor in any
      partner you purportedly are partial to male or female. All this site does is diminish the value of men – if this is your sum total collective expectation of what women should be allowed in society – then welcome to the mass exodus of FGTOW. Why would anyone relinquish their identity, agency and autonomy in their entirety to another person? Why would
      anyone want be willing to only live vicariously through the accomplishments of their partner? Everyone desires an intriguing, well-versed and experiential existence. I assure you, you really won’t be able to turn back the clock on this one. No one’s looking to be an obedient simp anymore be they male or female. Men shouldn’t be disregarded in their partnerships and neither should women. I’m in a blissful egalitarian relationship with an amazing man who I respect infinitely. It really does work nicely when applied correctly. But I guess my hamster dances a little faster than most since I’m in my first year of medical school and I dare anyone to pry my scalpel from my cold, dead, teaching cadaver.

      1. Yeah. Right.
        And how many guys got in your pants faster than this dude you supposedly respect soooo much?
        Seriously bitch. Stop the pretense that “equality” is what either you or women in the general seek in a mate. You simply found a sucker who would put up with your past sluttiness.
        And by the the whole fucking economy is dependent on redistribution of male wealth to females. So please spare me the women aren’t tethered to men economically bullshit. You whores won’t even pay for your own abortion.
        Suck my dick!

        1. 1. don’t reply to women.
          often, you’ll miss their point. all too easy. because you can’t read this or make sense out of it like you would if you wrote it. it’s all imitation speech, a delusional imitation world imitating the dance of attractive male-success without actual men or attraction or success. see article.
          2. don’t worry.
          it got to it’s confession of craziness at the end, it just didn’t like the brief transient slap of self-awareness of crazy. ‘blissful…elgalitarian…relationship’, ‘medical first year’, ‘pry scalpel from cold dead cadaver’. all a hyper-linguistic lizardry list of adjectives without sentences or meaningful connection between them: bliss not sex, twisted resource extraction relationship not sex, status dropping by name medical first year bone-ified not applied skill/profit/actual success, pry scalpel from a dead cadaver (trivial, easy, already dead) not pry scalpel from living hand (not nearly as easy, the whole point of getting the expression right, which it didn’t). and on and on it goes.
          it’s hamster does, in fact, dance a little faster than most. still a hamster, still going in circles, any work voided by far too much anti-work. and all in response to an article about the divine short-sighted having no long-term insight because their divinity absolves responsibility and fallibility.
          be amused, not surprised. sluts troll men, don’t feed the trolls. status whores troll men too, definitely don’t feed these feminists displaying 50-shades-of-grey syndrome: preoccupied with power difference, always acting to ensure they’ll be on the wrong side of it, of course getting even less desirable, totally unaware it’s all their fault, and blaming you more each time. ugly.

        2. your contempt for women says everything there is that’s worth knowing about you. i sincerely hope you never reproduce.

        3. Their own abortion, or their own birth control. That is OUR responsibility, for whatever fucked up reason they’ve cooked up this time.
          There should be a poster campaign in schools, “It’s better to paint a picture than plant a seed”. Why do my taxes have to pay for some sluts BC just because

      2. I agree a million times over. Just look at their responses to your comment. While you have presented a well constructed, rational contribution, youngexecutive has allowed his unregulated emotions to take hold and throw an embarrassing tantrum that adds absolutely nothing of substance to the conversation. I know this because responding to a woman’s comment on this forum is not allowed, so the response shows a great lack of self-control regarding the rules of this “alpha’s” own domain.
        Keep doing what you’re doing, these men are clearly jealous. After all, they live on a self-help blog. You might have to be mindful of their delicate feelings.

        1. I’m certainly not trying to fuck with anyone nor disrupt the vibe of the site. This is just an unexpectedly intriguing hotbed of firebrand debate. Almost all interactions I’ve had here have been very cogent and spiked with clever, irreverent humor. While I may vehemently disagree with a decent deal of what gets espoused. I’ve never been hit up with anything less than quality banter. I’m surprised by the emotional screed bellow.

        2. What does being in medical school prove ? I just graduated medical school and matched to my residency of choice i.e. Plastic surgery. The minority male in a class of 72% females. And your obsession and sense of grandiosity by being in medical school is exactly what i experienced with females colleagues of my class. And guess what they ended up matching to ? Family medicine and psychiatry. Hot titties and jiggling asses and their accomplishments ? Family medicine.
          Thank Lord i took the red pill in the beginning years of my education and i realized i had to fight the feminist driven matching committees in plastic surgery programs and i was able to do it with not just my accomplishments but my good looks and gamer bespoke with the ladies. And who does not love banging junior female medical students ? Perks of being an alpha male rarity as a senior medical student,

        3. There wasn’t even a modicum of obsession or self aggrandizing in my response to Advanced Atheist, which was prompted per his quote:
          >>>>>”When you “liberate” women from having to marry men, and from having to submit to their authority out of natural necessity, women don’t mysteriously become “strong” enough to make it on their own. They still
          need what men have to offer: material support, social status, and most especially, the benefits of men’s relatively stronger self-discipline and rationality for running a life that makes sense and keeps you out of trouble.”
          My livelihood is scarcely dependent on anything other than my own industriousness as evidenced by my career trajectory. I’m scholarship laden and have ample opps for loan forgiveness and wholly anticipate being in the black post residency — i.e. my fiscal dependency is contingent on my status quo of hard work and strategic planning (thus my reason for dropping the med school reference in my previous post). I’m thriving in my program and am beyond enthralled with what I’m doing. The only abject braggadocio is all on you my friend. While not specialties that I personally am drawn towards, why disparage internists and psychs? You don’t find those gigs reasonably utilitarian? Will those women somehow not earn a stable enough living to support themselves, thus proofing Advance Atheist’s quote?
          Kudos on landing your dream specialty. What did you think I would begrudge you that? I’m vying for a surgical specialty too. That’s awesome you’re having fun and interweaving a social life into your medical milieu. I’m happily off in way coupled up land and live with my partner, so I’m oblivious to the amorous interactions of those in my academic suffering posse. Sheesh tamp down the flagrant disgust with half the human population – we’re not the enemy man.

        4. I once read an article on ROK about how to remove genital warts from your own penis. I would have to respectfully decline the offer to put your scabbed over member anywhere near my mouth.
          I encourage you to continue responding. You’re only allowing me to exercise my control over a “men’s only” forum by engaging me in a conversation. When you break the rules put in place by the creator’s of this website, you give me the power to render those rules obsolete. In a sense, my trollish comments are far more powerful than the code that this website operates on, and the proof is in your willingness to disregard those rules to respond to my obvious trolling.
          Tempus.fugit has also surrendered a significant amount of power to me. He indirectly responded to me in a comment addressed to you. Is this not in violation of the very first sentence of his long, poorly edited list of do’s and don’ts? Lecturing you not to respond to women? He does that very thing at the end of his lofty speech.
          As much as you would all like to deny it, those among you who run purely on emotion and find offense in any basic insult posted by a female, contribute to the loss of your power as a group. Two of you blatantly handed it over to me, and there is a good chance that many more of you will. You can’t even follow your own rules. What does it take to dismantle the foundation of the ROK forum? Just be a woman, give your opinion, and watch it all fall apart.

        5. Wow. You are one crazy dumb bitch.
          1. If anyone actually cared… you’d be banned.
          2. You make a great example of a crazy dumb bitch to all the novices.
          3. What’s one more wart to you?
          Yeah. You seem so powerful….

        6. And just to add to my comment: you can’t really ban me. My comment might be deleted, and the fake email address that I used to secure this username may be banned, but I can continue to post as much as I want under whatever name I want.
          The only way you might be able to truly ban me is to remove the variety of login options offered. I would highly encourage ROK to do so. I would love to see popular venues of communication destroyed and publicity deteriorate over a handful of trolls.
          For you to truly ban me would mean severely hindering your accessibility as a website. So…trolololol.

      3. Most men here won’t argue that women advancing in their chosen careers is getting “rolled back” anytime soon. What they are saying is, women in positions of power and authority in most organizations — including government — contributes to the weakening of those institutions and society as a side-effect.

      4. A woman, harping about power-obsession? How silly.
        Women are more aware of power dynamics than most men are. They’re just not good at being the one’s in power; having a flighty mind, little honor, and no sense of justice will do that.
        Some women are exceptions, but to pretend that men are enforcing power dynamics on women who only want equality…while billions of women prove daily that they are only truly interested in powerful men…shows the truth of the matter. It is womens right to choose powerful males, but it is also indicitive of their submissive nature

    5. Fatassed American conservatives are simply the right-hand of the Fem-State. They have zero will or gonads to roll back womanpower, as the past forty years have proven without question. When they dominate the Executive/Legislative, they roll back nada, but instead further entrench the matriarchy, typically to their own financial profit and psychological comfyness. They’re interested in their Investments and in acquiring a new riding mower for their stupid prideful lawns. The only thing they ‘conserve’ is American gynarchy.

  16. Was watching a graduation of junior highs. Awards were handed out for the top five students in a variety of subjects… math, sciences, English, etc. In every group of awards, four of the five recipients were girls. The criteria for selection? Grades, attitude and cooperation. The teachers on stage were all women, the principal and vice-principal were women. When diplomas were being handed out the students had to greet a line of the staff, the top tier (attractive) boys all received long eye contact, big smiles and a double handed handshake with their congratulations. The remaining boys got little eye contact, weak smiles and a quick handshake.
    Moms in the audience had a steady stream of “Oh he’s really a strapping boy now…” “He looks gorgeous.” If the husbands had been saying similar about the girls graduating (many wearing Vegas stage dresses), they’d have been shunned. The whole thing was stunning to watch.

    1. Grades, attitude and cooperation, it all boils down to the same thing in the modern school system: conformism. Don’t stand out, and by the love of God, don’t express anything that resembles a novel, independent thought.
      Making women the primary proprietors of a boy’s education is a mistake of colossal proportions. How many boys have yet to be sacrificed on the altar of the feminized school system before something changes? How many souls have yet to be poisoned before the whole system comes crashing down and something new and better can rise from the ashes?

      1. That conformism was part of my post. Once they announced the criteria for selecting the winners, I knew how it was going to go. What was really seismic was the look of the female teachers and administrators (late 30s to early 50s) on stage when they were doing the double-hand shakes with the boys. There was almost a Jethro Tull “Aqualung” expression on their faces.

      2. And look at the results of this massive investment in females as the ascendant gender. It’s a catered, red carpet ride for tens of millions of female college grads. But the lack of innovation coming from them has been beyond disappointing, beyond problematic and to the point where it is outright mind boggling. Fatherless 15 year old boys who can’t sit still are being ridden out of the culture yet a lot of them are geniuses. Instead, Sally is right there doing her homework, being groomed to sit at a cubicle with drawers stuffed full of chocolate, who will never come up with an original idea. She’s never had to.

        1. Mind-boggling indeed. We’ve been giving the little ladies two hands up for forty years, yet none of these overeducated, indoctrinated cunts has managed to create anything of real value of profundity. They are herd creatures, and feel like graduating college is in itself their great accomplishment, as if graduating the modern american college (filled with female liberal professors who ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ every other female’s bowel movement as if it were a work of art) is anything but a feminist joke

    2. Girls find the “top tier” boys immediately fuckable in their natural state, and in their teens. When parents see that their sons fall into the “rest of the boys” category, they give these boys the well-meaning but unhelpful advice that they have to develop themselves and wait, and then girls will see their value and want to bang them, possibly some time in their 20’s. I know this happens because I heard this crap from my mother.
      I see so many things wrong with this situation, and I don’t where to start.
      One, developing yourself has value independently from making yourself more fuckable; in other words, it doesn’t necessarily increase your SMV. Suppose you turn 25 and have your act together – college degree, good job, paying down college loans, building up savings and wealth – but young women still find you sexually yucky? What do you tell this young man then – develop himself some more, and wait another decade?
      YouTube used to have a video of psychologist Brian Gilmartin, the guy who wrote that flawed book back in the 1980’s about “love shyness,” where he says that parents shouldn’t treat their teen boys’ problems with finding girlfriends and having sexual relationships as a “passing phase.” Life itself is a “passing phase,” Gilmartin says, and for some boys this phase could last until they pass out of existence.
      Second, the top tier boys usually have their own talents and ambitions, and they have continued to develop themselves as well, adding to their natural advantages. The rest of the boys in their 20’s still have to compete with them for sexual opportunities, with the additional disadvantage that they lack the adult man’s skill set for dealing with women that the top tier boys developed and exercised early.
      And notice that parents who can see that they have a top tier son don’t give him any nonsensical advice about developing himself and waiting for sex. As long as the top tier boys don’t knock up any girls, their fathers, especially, probably feel some pride from seeing that girls want to bang their sons, early and often. Fathers tend to feel differently about their sons whom the girls don’t value sexually. I can just imagine what Peter Rodger really felt about Elliot before his adult virginal son went postal.
      And three, look at what has happened to the girls in the meantime. They want to put out for the top tier boys as often as they can, and they have shaped their expectations about optimal sexual experiences from doing so. They only turn to the rest of the boys in their 20’s when they realize they’ve hit The Wall, and they have far fewer choices than they enjoyed a decade earlier. So they will marry one of the grown up rest of the boys as Mr. He’ll Have to Do, but you have the impression that they do so without any passion or enthusiasm.
      So, yeah, life can suck for the rest of the boys starting in middle school, when they see that they don’t measure up to girls’ standards.

    3. concurrently sexualize everything yet continue to put pressure and control on male sexuality. Now junior high school kids are young and we no longer live in the age (in the Western World) where you marry off 13 year olds, but you make a good point. Is there anything wrong with an adult male saying something along the lines of “she is becoming a beautiful young woman.” No. But try saying that in today’s “all males are rapists” society.
      (whether 18 is the right age of consent or whether it should be lower is another debate for another day and that would be a good article to have, especially in light of our hypocritical hypersexualized society that simultaneously attempts to punish male sexuality.)

  17. Fantastic essay Captain, thank you for this.
    I’m sure many of you have seen some South Park episodes. That cartoon is red pill as fuck. I love this episode, where Cartman’s mom brings in ‘the dog whisperer’ to try to instill some discipline into him. Great red pill insight into human nature, parenting, dominance, and his mum’s failure as a single mother. Incidentally the dog whisperer’s dominance strategy is pretty much the attitude you want to have to put attention whores in line .. haha

    1. South Park is not red pill in the sense women are less. It might be red pill in the ‘unplugging’ and showing what reality is i.e. BP oil company and Honey Boo-Boo. But it definitely does not make men look amazing, Randy Marsh is a perfect example.

      1. Hmm depends on how you look at it maybe? This particular episode does show quite a few red pill truths about women too, like Cartman’s soul crushing words to the nanny about her being a lonely spinster cos no one wanted to marry her, and his mother’s failure to be a strong parent for him in the absence of a father.
        Other than that, let’s be honest here: we certainly can’t claim that all men nowadays are paragons of virtue and masculinity, so showing typical men’s failures is part of red pill truth as well. While typical mainstream media portrays women as saints and men as scumbags, it would still be unrealistic to portray the opposite extreme. I see it in this light anyway 🙂

        1. I agree with that episode and being red pill. However South Park does not except BS from either sex. It calls it out which is why I still enjoy the show. It has surpassed every other adult cartoon in every way.

  18. No one describes the nature of women better than A. Schopenhauer:
    A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone. Therefore it lies in woman’s nature to look upon everything only as a means
    for winning man, and her interest in anything else is always a simulated one, a
    mere roundabout way to gain her ends, consisting of coquetry and pretence.

  19. Everything written in this article was precisely the woman I was and as a result I lost a loving relationship. It is a fallacy to not see the rotten fruit that is produced by exuding insufferable behavior but sadly so many choose the easy route and would rather not take responsibility for their mistakes, as it would deter their ability to triumphantly move on unscathed, never maturing from the experience and repeating the same actions all over again onto another innocent life. As a result we have people with a grandiose complex wandering around and on the other hand broken humans, a dichotomy that will never be able to coexist properly in this world.
    Thank you so much for this post. While I don’t agree with everything on this site (which is fine) I’d like for more people to become vigilant to what is occurring and without sites like this it wouldn’t be possible.

    1. So wise. : )
      Perhaps it is the existence of sites like this that can bring attention to a BIG problem, however, I think it will more or less just prove a rallying point for all the broken people to spew their bitter hatred. For every person who comes across stuff like this and shakes their head (like You, Me, and select others) and decides to be motivated to actually change things, there’s countless more who just express their dismay and make worse an already festering wound.

  20. What strikes me most about your article is “Why should I care about being flaked on by some 23 year old Americunt who barely knows whether she is coming or going?”
    The part of the man:
    This is a fundamental cornerstone of masculinity. The essence of a high value male is the active and firm belief in not being a thirsty bitch. Nothing dry’s up more vaginal canals than a man who can’t control his own emotions. The flaking and all sorts of rude behavior is apart of the shit testing. The more of a stunner she is the more she will shit test you. She may not even realize it but inherently what she is doing with her shit tests is trying to find the most masculine man she can. A man uses practical knowledge and time tested principles (void of couldy emotional crap) to understand the inherent meaning behind a woman’s behavior and actions. Every move he makes is calculated and premeditated. He is a hunter. Patient but not waiting, assertive but not angry, strong but also knows how to apply finesse. Even after displaying all these qualities and traits to her the man is still not entitled to anything unless he sows the deep seeds of sexual attraction through escalation. After demonstrating his value as someone who can take a punch or two emotionally and spiritually, he must begin to sexually escalate with the teasing and aggressive yet refined touching. He must lead this entire interaction all the way until sexual intercourse. At any moment you drop the act, she will up leave. Nobody has to say a thing because the attraction is no longer there. No words are needed to describe when things go cold. This is how men, more or less, find mates in the western kingdoms.
    The part of the woman:
    Show up, be thin and get ready to shit test a bunch of men. That’s it. No mental gymnastics needed, no need to try to relate to people and understand them as human beings and certainly no need to understand anything outside of her own world. This is inherently not even her fault. It’s just the state of affairs this day and age. If you had a shit ton of options, wouldn’t you behave in a similar manner if you didn’t understand what it was like to be on the opposite side of the fence?

    1. And it’s sad, because the poetic instinct men once had for worthy women has been lost as the bitches become ever more undesirable. I’ve aklways felt men were actually more caopable of emotion than women, which is why all the world’s great poets, writers and artists have always been men. But living in a society of ungrateful sluts drys up our poetic instinct as quickly as overemotional men dry up pussies

      1. Men are typically better at romance as well, because they have to be. We have to blast through mountains emotionally just to get through to a decent woman and even that isn’t good enough most of the time. Face rejection hundreds of times and keep rolling with the punches. Not show any emotion, but also provide women with love they think they deserve without any reciprocation.
        That and the fact that they say men are losers (many are, I wont lie) but fail to accept the responsibility of the loser attitude that is almost built in to every woman by default. If they routinely find faults in every man they encounter except for maybe one or two really desirable candidates and then wonder where all the good guys have gone, perhaps its not the guys who are failing to be “real men” but the women who are failing to be “real women”.
        I read a comment at rational male a while back that simply said, “If women had to face the rejection levels that most men face, they would all kill themselves.” I believe that to be pretty much true. If women were rejected say 100 times a month, there is no way they could live with themselves and face society.
        I realize this comment is 3 years old, but I hope this article gets recycle to the homepage again.

  21. “Most men have only two words for other men who won’t pull their own weight: ‘Seeya!’ That’s what not having a pussy will do for you..” Paul Elam.

  22. If they can act in a completely self-serving manner, and still get what they want, is it really delusional? Women run on instinct, true, but so do we. ‘Logic’ is our instinct. Maybe the bigger delusion is ours as men, to expect them to think/operate like us.

    1. The delusion is in the fact that even when they are by themselves, they never can admit to their behavior and be honest about the kind of person they are. They will rationalize it or blame someone else. Their grasp of reality is a delusion. Its not biology, thats social programming and conditioning telling them that they are not expected to take personal responsibility for anything. Narcissistic, immature, immoral behavior cant be in their nature.

  23. Is it delusional or calculating? She wants men to empathize with her as she bashes her ex, but if a man does that she’s repulsed. She wants men to empathize with her about her immediate family member struggling with a grave illness, but if a
    man does that she rolls her eyes. She wants the freedom and flexibility to
    choose whatever career she wants even if its a pseudo job like stained
    glass artist in her garage, but a man who isn’t a high income earner
    is less desirable. She’s a below average height woman demanding men be above
    average height. She wants to be the decision maker to end the
    relationship whenever she wants, but she wants the man to be interested
    in something with long term potential. The new feminism isn’t about equality, its about women aggressively using men for the own selfish interests.

    1. Good points. In the end, most of these women spout equality but based on your comments above it’s all just pure nonsense.
      I don’t want the man to act like a whore but as a woman she wants to be able to express her sexual freedom (whore). Talk about a double standard or double talk.
      And what’s with these women under 5 feet 5 inches looking for a man over 6 feet 2 inches?
      Someone needs to take these women to see Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Lord of the Rings (bitch…you’re short….you don’t get a tall man).

      1. Yea, the women just peruse other female profiles on social media, and decide “yes, I want that too’.
        Silly how they demand so many standards from men, yet none at all from themselves

  24. You see the Cunt Epidemic would be cured NOT by doing anything for or to women, but by changing the attitudes of men. Hand in hand with feminism came a media swarm of conditioning for men that if a man is not “getting laid” then he’s some kind of loser or worse, he’s gay/trans/freak or something in that line.
    Just about every movie and book features these elements. So strong came this indoctrination that we have guys going through live actually acting like they will die if they don’t get laid.
    But no man ever rolled over and died from lack of sex and blue balls has never proven to be fatal.
    If we want to end the cuntishness, the flakeyness, and the attention whoring, we will have to undo the decades of conditioning that has turned entire generations of men (3 generations at least by my estimation) into chumps who put pussy on a pedestal. Feminism and the destruction of women and femininity relies solely on men putting up with it. Fat girls who compensate for their blubber with leg tattoos should have been laughed into the hills a long time ago.
    So much rides on men being conditioned chumps, from feminism itself, to real estate prices (for who is needed to buy those overpriced houses?) to the sales of cheap stupid cars (“she ‘neeeeds’ an SUV”) and to the prison industrial complex (filling the prisons with men who could not keep up with child support or got called on while in an argument with wifey and living in a “man must be arrested” state) that men are afraid to speak out against for fears that a woman is going to say “what’s the matter, can’t get laid?”
    Admittedly, when I see an alpha working hard to “get laid”, I still see a conditioned man. So we are going to the beta chumps and telling them to be alpha and trying to tell them how but we are not addressing the root cause of their conditioning. And as a result of that, we are on the level of trying to take a die hard communist and turn him into a Wall Street tycoon. Then we wonder why 80 percent of the women are getting boned by 10 percent of the men.
    The “system”, from media to society, has men chained to their balls and living under false pretense, these notions of a “need” to get laid to a level where men at the least think they will wake gay one morning or at worst thinking they are actually going to die, is that pervasive and the alpha who lives his life around getting laid is still in a way putting pussy on a pedestal. If the legions of beta simps could be freed from this mental prison, we would be colonizing space by now.

    1. Right. And this is why Game fails. It’s an adjustment and acquiescence to female power, not a threat to it. No matter how many cool terms like kino are created for its employment.
      Intentional celibacy and removal from female spheres of power (pretty much all of modern society) is the only real challenge to our feminist nation, and resultant male conditioning. Yet everybody tries to convince boys and young men that if they’re not getting laid then they are failures, aren’t men, are losing out, etc. It’s disempowering bullshit. Game is MORE conditioning, and what’s needed is de-con.

      1. Yeah I don’t want to rail on the gamesmen. I think a fellow makes his choices around his own agency and goals. If a fellow wants to be knee deep in pussy and do “whatever it takes” to get it, then so be it. Unlike the cock carousellers he’s screwing, if he ends up alone in an apartment or a house full of ….. not cats…. guns or a garage full of collectible cars or (an admittedly epic) cigar collection, we’ll say it was his choices in life and HE himself will know that and not be all old fat and bald expecting some pretty woman to husband him up and crank out progeny.
        We see the difference. >:-)
        But yeah, every time I read an article on ROK about game or some city and how to get laid there, it strikes me as tedious. The recent one about Las Vegas for example. Who is going to play that game and take himself seriously and not feel like a whore himself just to hit those whores?
        The conclusion I try to avoid, but sticks in my mind, is that the Alpha is not as Alpha as he thinks.
        You see the beta who will do “whatever it takes” to please the woman (pussy on the pedestal and all that) because he’s afraid of not getting laid or growing old alone or whatever other poison society conditioned him around and the alpha who plays whatever game is necessary and doing whatever it takes to get the cock rider to get the tingles for him are IMO the same people.
        The guys who decide “fuck this” and go for a wank instead and seek betterment in other aspect APPEAR to be the biggest losers. “Look at that guy! Ever see him with a girl? Must be a faggot or something. Must have Peter Pan syndrome or something”. Meanwhile that guy is not working himself to death has more free time than the alpha and the beta, etc.
        Our collapsing post modern world is grounded in deception. Nothing is ever as it seems. Sometimes I think Tolkien’s dragon, Smaug, was really an economist who was simply trying to keep the dwarves from causing inflation. You have to think like that sometimes, almost in a ridiculous manner, to get out of the boxes that the think tanks want us in. That maybe when Neo took the red pill he didn’t escape the matrix he just moved into another one that lets him think he escaped it.

        1. And you can be sure that the guys making the “must be a faggot/peter pan” insinuations are the ones who are miserable in their marriages. This is a cognitive balance move on their part. For them to admit to themselves that they have ruined their lives with marriage is too heavy. Instead they establish that there was no other option i.e “Only fags aren’t married, therefore I had no choice because I’m not a fag.” They dismiss guys who had the nerve to go against the grain. It hurts too much for them to realize the option was there. The regret would be like a sledgehammer upside the head. So instead they resort to middle-school mean girl gossip and get themselves through it. It’s as clean an equation as anything in a mathbook.

        2. Agreed. I have nothing against gaming, and will use those principles when I do want to get laid, but the older I get the less I care. It just seems ugly, and I can’t help but wonder how many other guys gamed the girl before me, and how can I even pretend interest knowing how easily (and willfully) she can be manipulated by words and her own vanity

      2. I’ve come to that conclusion myself. I respect PUA’s for their dedication but it seems like just new shoes to wear for the same old hoop-jumping. If you have to study the female mind like you’re prepping to take the bar exam (no pun intended) then it’s still women who have men on marionette strings. THe key is to get out and nurture some highly quality escorts in Asia or Lat. Am. or East Europe. Pay for it and get back to your personal projects, books and rewarding hobbies. I can understand using ‘game’ to navigate the scene, and that seems valid. But the ‘chase, chase, chase’ lifestyle seems supplicating.

    2. Nope.
      The cunt epidemic exists not because pussy had been pedestalized, but because males have been neutered by the system. Even the weakest man is strong enough to physically put a woman in her place, yet the system has removed this an option and don’t think for one minute that women are not fully aware of this.
      I had a friend who lived in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina… and he saw 1st hand what happens to bitchy women’s attitudes once the artificial feminist system is removed. They all of a sudden become very nice, agreeable, and feminine.

    3. The whole “You’re angry cuz you can’t get laid” condemnation just shows how self-important women are. They really think that men are only winners if they want, and are getting, their sloppy wart-ridden pussy. Women’s lives actually are centered around men (rarely a single man), so they cannot imagine a human being with thoughts beyond the sexual realm

  25. The “more attractive -> more cuntish” relation postulated, flies in the face of my experience. Lots and lots of cuntish behavior from women who are insecure about their SMV. While stunners, if they are from good, non broken homes, will often attempt to live up the ideal she picked up from mom and dad.
    In general, people who are confident they have little in common with the rabble, tend to be in a much better position to realize the rules and dictums the rabble live by, are best reserved for guttercrawlers way beneath them.
    An extreme example is with highly religious girls, raised well outside the mainstream. The pretty ones have no problem meeting up with somoene they perceive as alpha, and attempt to replicate the home she grew up in. It’s the less pretty, or otherwise less popular, ones, who “rebel” and become strippers in Vegas. Lashing out like cunts against those who raised her, while desperately trying to ingratiate herself with the run of the mill trash that most of the contemporary West by now consists of.

    1. In some ways I would agree. The girls who tried at for cheerleader in high school but got rejected are often the types who go thru the rest of their lives attention whoring, trying over-compensate. It carries thru to college where they become jersey chasers. Then after college as tinder hos.

      1. I say either; or..they made the team or didn’t….they’ll always be attention whores.
        I’ve been with a couple of “former” cheerleaders and the lack of self confidence (plus attention whoring) is astonishing.
        You’d think these women were confident because they are (or were) beautiful but no….and it shows.

    2. You have some point there. I work next door to a modelling agency and I look like a big creep most of the time but when some of these 9/10 models get lost looking for the agency and wander into my office I treat them with an air of appreciation for looking good (for they do look good as they do portfolios there and in an environment of bulldykes and mangirls they are a site for sore eyes) and they seem friendly.
      Makes me wonder sometimes if the Alpha gamesman is lacking discernment. What I have seen is that the top of the top level who have all of the SMV do “know it” but that knowledge also makes being gamed tedious to them. They do have confidence though. The betas will look at these women and think they are out of league and not make an approach. The alphas, already having cut their teeth on the 5-7s (lacking confidence and having all of the worst traits with their layers of makeup and clothing trickery) make the approach on 8+ women who are not attention whores as they feel no need to be, but the alpha is still in “dick/asshole game mode”.
      Ultimately what I am saying is, the true 8+ women know it and don’t need to be “played up to” so much. A 5 or 6 goes ahead and dolls herself up with one thing in mind and plays up all the dumb platitudes for post modern women and hence they suck themselves right into being gamed with asshole/dick move game.

  26. I read this on another site and feels it needs to be passed around because of the truth in it:
    “You want to know why women (as a class, not individually) suck as
    leaders? Why when women get their way society goes down the toilet? Why
    it’s always women carping and complaining about EVERYTHING men do?
    If a man goes berzerk and starts slapping people around, especially women,
    in a matter of seconds some other man or men will go 50 Shades of
    Robert DeNiro and cancel his ass like a postage stamp.
    When a woman goes off the handle, men are hesitant to deal with her, and other
    women just scoff and turn away. Women get away with the most outrageous
    social behavior, because nobody has the balls to put them in their
    place. If that infamous episode of The Talk were reversed and a group of
    guys were laughing hysterically at the sexual mutilation of a woman
    (accused of no crime at all), they would be banished from broadcasting
    that very day.
    Those whores? Their ratings jumped and they probably got raises.
    This society is manufacturing worthless, brain-dead cunts at epidemic rates.
    Feminism is the most lethally toxic notion this country has embraced since slavery. Literally.”

    1. Exactly. That ESPN announcer said “provoke” when talking about the Ray Rice suspension and he was suspended 2 weeks. Whoopie Goldberg says the same thing even more robustly and what happened to her? Nothing!

      1. Stephen A. Smith is an undercover red pill analyst. Not the first time he said fuck political correctness, i’m going to say what I see. Love that guy

        1. He eats more crow than red pill, but at least hes not as bad as most of the fags on ESPN (Emasculated Sports Programming Network)

        2. Emasculated is right. They’re owned by Hearst Corp and Disney, two of the most virulently feminist and PC corporations on the planet. NO announcers are permitted to stray from the Party Line, and the groveling of these ‘men’ is sad and pathetic to behold.
          The Titty Totalitarians basically have conquered the last male social refuge, organized athletics, as now we must hear endlessly about how Horrible male behavior towards ‘oppressed’ American females 24/7 while we try to get the baseball scores.
          I was on the road a couple days last week, like to listen to sports-talk radio to pass the highway miles. EVERY STATION carrying sports-talk that I dialed up was dominated not by talk of baseball playoffs, nor by the upcoming football seasons, but instead by endless yapping about Rice and McDonald, over and over about how that Scourge of the Western World, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, must not ever be tolerated etc. etc. It was like listening to Oprah or the View, constant blabbering about how Terrible this epidemic is, how there must be Zero Tolerance for Perpetrators, how Rice needed to be punished more, how wonderful and brave the (castrated) Commissioner was for coming down hard, and on and on. Puh. Tooey. What a nation of manless tools.
          Same after the Don Sterling Setup. Endless yapping on ‘mens’ sports-talk stations, supporting the PC Police and their hatefest beatdown of this foolish old man. We are not allowed even to enjoy sports anymore; we must constantly be indoctrinated by these sellouts and weaklings to accept a society that hates and preys on masculinity… in the interest of ‘protecting women’. These announcers are utterly pathetic and emascuted. If you listen close it’s obvious that, like most American men, they obey their wives, and are subjugated by the females in their families. They will do or say ANYTHING to keep their jobs, and to keep things going ‘smoothly’ at home. Because being an actual man in a matriarchy takes courage. These boys imagine that being a 6 foot 7 inch 350 pound nose tackle somehow makes somebody a ‘man’. They are lost in the Gynogulag, and I hate that they’ve sold out American sports in service of their cowardly and castrated corporations.

        3. It’s funny you say that. In my hometown, as well as within a hundred miles, I looked for an old school men’s club.
          All I got of course were strip joint “gentlemen’s clubs.”
          Women’s only clubs though, every where.
          So we have nothing left. Not the military, not the clubs, not the sports, colleges, businesses. Hell, we can’t even start a group with out the whorrest of selfie taking cuntada’s trying to rub their thugspawn tacos on us.
          To a certain extant, I am not always uncool with that.
          In my home, my wife has tried to steer all of my stuff into one space, the garage. I have a man cave, we share one office, and I am taking my own. I am taking engineering course work, and I invite whomever the hell I want.
          My wife pays all the bills.
          Mainly raises the kid too.
          Sometimes, if it were not for my two sons, I would forgo it all.
          Almost every channel, even spike tv now, are going to women.
          Every store at the mall.
          Every street corner with some bull shit feminist propaganda.
          My gym has a women’s only gym just outside of the main building that I can’t go to. But the women pay the same as me.
          Our fathers, and grand fathers failed us.

        4. When it comes to the Feminine Imperative, THEIR fathers and grandfathers failed them, too. This is not a new problem, it goes WAY back, despite modern propaganda to the contrary. Read Belfort Bax, over a century ago. Exact same issues we’ve got, except we are in far deeper now.
          I share your frustration and disgust, but remember that those are proper reactions to what you’re up against. Those who have no reaction — or who jump on the Beatdown Bandwagon like the sports announcers and the rest of our culture — they’re the ones with the masculinity and psychological problems. Not you. Don’t let them grind you down, they will if they can.
          Hang in there boss. If you can’t manage to do it for God, or for yourself, then please please do it for your sons, who desperately need you in our gyno-society. Don’t give up, and find a way to stick with them, and make sure they know you love them and will not abandon them, whether to their mother or her nation. I know it’s not easy, and it will not get any better, at least not for awhile.
          I’ll be around, rooting and praying for you. Cheers.

      2. For an “executive” you sure do spend a crazy amount of time on this website commenting. Admit it, you’re unemployed.

        1. I’ve clicked the link just now and it works.
          “Hope Solo and the domestic violence case no one is talking about” by Cindy Boren.

    2. Spot on. But just TRY to rein-in an American female — shit you’re not even allowed to defend yourself verbally from their lies, attacks, or accusations. They will put chains on you, believe it, and they will smirk while they do it too.
      American females have personal paid armies (police, feds, etc.) that cannot WAIT to pull up screeching and pound on your door, demanding to know why you [fill in the lie] did whatever to the poor frightened darling (the one that just cheated, defrauded, harassed, etc. the shit out of you). Same for the courts — they LOVE to put the Evil Male in his place. Boosts their sick egos and pays for the new house.
      There are reasons why the U.S. male is so cowed and subjugated by females. Most go along willingly, and many (like cops and courts) are part of the predation. But men who dare to stand up to any American female get beat down very quickly, and that is definitely the cuntry that the ‘majority’ want. They love their thuggism and iniquity, and when violent backlash occurs resultant to their ‘soft’ terrorism tactics, they simply adjust the narrative and point out how ‘inherently violent’ Those Evil Males are, and how more laws and mancages are required to keep the dearies safe. Quite a sistem.

  27. The biggest issue I see these days, is that now, women who fall far below the 7 range, acting the same exact way. A 300 lb whale, will act in the exact same fashion, and at times, will be much more severe. Granted, I live in Kentucky, which is the fat bitch capital of the earth. But, that is a fairly common observation I’ve made lately.

    1. U should take a trip to Oklahoma, the real fat bitch capital of the world. There is nothing quite like seeing a 250lb “woman” roll her eyes at u for no reason as u walk by, or a dating profile in which a small rhino states “i know i’m beautiful and i won’t settle!”, or a local fat prostitute having a dating profile in which she states there will be no sex bcuz she is classy…., or being propositioned on facebook to “listen” to a hot young wife (supposedly Christian) with a child cheat on her poor husband with a tatted up methhead – for $200! Ah, Oklahoma…

    2. Yes.”Fattitude” is coming and will be entrenched in 10 years. Like how gays are now walking around like gods on earth. Fat girls will soon do the same.

  28. This is why men need to stop worrying about getting pussy when they go out. Just don’t give a fuck about these bitches. It takes away the power that society gives them just because they have a hole between their legs. I’ve said before, men have had the power all along, we’ve just had it psyched out of us by stupid women. (and men too)

    1. They have power because society has said women can be consequence free, not because they have a pussy.

      1. In the beginning of all this bullshit, yes. And why haven’t men taken it away in the last couple of decades? Because they’re afraid to rock the pussy boat. They’re afraid of being told, “what, you can’t get laid?” Like the article quoted.

        1. Nothing has changed because not enough of the right men have suffered for long enough.
          Men remain silent because they fear losing their job, getting on a list, or getting sued. Not because they are worried about some bitch insulting them about pussy.

        2. The one sided divorce courts and never ending carousel of thirsty dudes ready to step in for you or (us in this case). The only way to possibly get the “power” back would be a unified agreement/front from men that the current behavior of women will no longer be tolerated.

    2. For every rational man thinking like that, I feel there are at least 100 beta, thirsty fucks ruining the perception as a whole. Efforts totally undermined. What’s worse, is the delusional, entitled whores assume you’re like the rest.

  29. I have found that if I assert my dominance up front none of this is necessary. They know they are gone as soon as they misbehave.
    People (men and women both) do what they can get away with. If you come into work one day an hour late and your boss doesn’t get pissed you are way more likely to do it again. Man or woman. If your boss rips your head off and you wake up late the next day you skip breakfast to avoid being late again.
    In life the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just have lots of options and a steel frame and women (foreign or domestic) won’t push. It’s not that complicated.

    1. Yes, I do as well. When you set the tone right up front, there’s no qualms about what will happen. Although you’ll still get shit tested like crazy.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I had a girl I have been seeing for 6 months visiting this past weekend and she gave me some drama the last night of the long weekend.
        I was nice about it but she understood she had crossed a line never to be crossed. Now she is all “I am so sorry, it will never happen again, you were right, I over reacted, blah, blah, blah.” If I decide to see her again, 100% it will happen again eventually. Could be 3 months, a year, whenever. They will always eventually test their boundaries.

        1. I keep saying it but women are the same as training dogs. Establish boundaries early on, teach them those boundaries and then keep those boundaries consistent.

  30. Honest and thoughtful, but as usual utterly delusional in the True
    Belief that the Cult of Game is going to save you… or improve the situation at all. It won’t.

    1. Running game won’t change culture. It might create more social options for you. If you don’t like it don’t use it. I don’t think I consciously use it. But pattern recognition is real, you’d have to be deaf dumb and blind to miss it.

        1. Disagree. Running game doesn’t ‘create’ pump and dump. It accelerates the revealing of the personalities of women who are receptive to it. If a woman isn’t receptive nothing happens.

        2. No. Running game creates pump and dump carnage. I take full responsibility for that carnage.

        3. I agree with you. If the woman already has the mindset to accept a “pump & dump” then nothing I do or don’t do isn’t going to change anything.

        4. You dont understand game. A better synonym is ‘seduction arts.’ And seduction is the natural mammalian process by which pair bonding (fucking) occurs.
          It is apart of every females nature to be seduced. Game is a social evolutionary response that has risen organically due to over arching disastrous effects of feminism and how its changed women’s responsivenes to male attraction triggers.
          Game is knowledge that helps men level the playing field. Those who become good at it are few because its an advanced set of skills that are hard to master. When the skills are honed; an individual can apply them as they desire.

      1. What I really dislike is the effect on boys and young men, bc PUA/Game sets them in exactly the Rong direction, chasing after poosy and pretending that’s manhood, when they are much better served developing themselves as men… at which point, they will never need Game again, especially to attract females. It sinks to the level of female-whoredom, while simultaneously criticizing females for THEIR slutdom! lol
        It’s this predatory and exploitative aspect that I don’t appreciate about the Game Gurus, most of whom are just kids themselves, pretending wisdom they do not have.
        One thing I like about the Gamers is their thick skin, tho. One can vehemently disagree and — as you see — comments are not censored, as they are on so many ‘mens’ sites when one doesn’t fall into line with the local agenda and site owners. Take your punches and give out some, that’s the way men do it, bc that’s how we all learn and improve. Censorship is for women and weaklings.

        1. Agreed for the most part, though being too-thick skinned can lead to willful ignorance, and often does. There must be a balance

        2. Yeah IF. But the gamer guys are kids, giving advice to even younger kids. When I was 30 years old, I thought I knew Everything there was to know, too. Like here, ignorance rampant, willful and otherwise. For the few lucky enough to experience humility, it usually comes after middle age, or in old age. If it arrives at all.

  31. Is it just me, or is the girl in the photo at the top the same girl that’s always in that yellow newsletter box right above the comments??

  32. “Still talking? I would have thought you’d make some sense by now.” – Never used this one but going to now, it’s fucking hilarious.

    1. I always use “food” as my favorite comeback theme.
      Her: you’re a selfish asshole because of xyz and I want to create drama because of my emotions and take things out on you.
      Ripp: a ham sandwich sounds so good right now

  33. Good article.
    I dont count it anymore how many women dumped me with “it wasnt meant to be” (when actually SHE clearly messed up the situation by saying or doing something very stupid before)

  34. Sickening garbage, as always. I enjoy coming here and reading this drek. It really opens up and shows the inner workings of a crazed, right wing Republican mind. It’s ugly and delusional and would make any sane person want to vomit, but it’s good to know where your enemies are coming from. Always been one step ahead of them, which in this case as stupid as they are, it is quite easy.

    1. Perhaps a bit dramatized. Do you really disagree that women are inherently selfish beings? (as are men by the way) Are you saying that human beings are inherently good??? What do you think motivates the women who line up at hotels to sleep with famous athletes/musicians? Inherent kindness? No, it is base animal instinct that drives people when it comes to sex. Yes, it is disgusting but it is also the natural way of the world.

      1. Natural, yes…but beuing a human means we are blessed with a rational mind, which should allow us to override all but the strongest of instinctive urges. Those women who line up to be a fame-fucker are just disgusting pigs whose thought process (and humanity) is next to nothing

        1. being a fame-fucker woman is like being a man who wants to have sex with beautiful women; it is just natural. We all have ideas about what should turn women on but the reality is they have base instincts just like us men and what turns them on isn’t within our control.
          Imagine the real thought process for a woman: “I can fuck this average joe with a steady job who seems nice enough… or I can fuck this NBA All-Star who also seems nice enough…” The one thing about women is they are pragmatic as shit, they always go for whatever the best deal is and don’t let emotions get in the way. But the NBA All-Star will just fuck her and the average joe would support her right? Maybe, but the reality is the average joe is fucking easy to replace so losing him to fuck a celeb is no big deal.

    2. Pretty delusional. Thanks for stopping by and keep drinking the water. The enemy is at the gate and you’ll never know it until you wake up in shackles (but keep on orbiting).
      Yeah, men are crazy…..women are all sane.

    3. Guys, his screen name is Mr. Smart, so he’s obviously super intelligent. We should all change our views so that they match his, as he’s super intelligent and knows better than all of us. Please, oh wise one, tell me what I should think.

    4. I didn’t realize this is a Republican site. I kinda expected to find Teddy “Fuck the bitch!” Kennedy here.

      1. Does it hurt to be so smart that you can gauge intelligence via our questioning of the status quo?

  35. If you want to understand women, get inside the mind of a whore. Every woman has whore inside her: She sells her looks to get attention, she sells her attention to get drinks at a bar, or she sells her body for money. A slut is just a poorly paid whore. The only difference among women is how much of a whore she is.
    They are only whores because we desire them. Don’t hate on them; understand them. If I were female I would be a complete whore. It’s the most obvious thing: Why wouldn’t you sell what God gave you or you can buy at a makeup counter? You’re a fool if you don’t.
    The book “Brothel” offers a bit of insight into the whore-mind. I’m currently reading “American Pimp” by Rosebudd, and it’s eye opening. Highly recommended.

  36. “Why should I chase, or care about, or assign great value to that which is so obviously inferior to me?”
    That’s why you make them chase you. They’re toys to have fun with, nothing more.

    1. I say pay for pussy and move on.
      You won’t have to deal with all of the nonsense and the headaches later on.

      1. In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen, you don’t pay a hooker to fuck her. You pay her to fuck off after the deed is done.

    2. Ha ha. Says the twice divorced guy who can’t keep one. They didnt want you after the ‘fun’ either. Maybe you weren’t fun. That’s why they left. 🙁

      1. Nah. They just didn’t know what to do with a man who actually acted like one. You women just expect us men to be your beta bitches & I will not oblige that bullshit.
        And take your cunt ass to jezebel already…..

        1. Uh oh someone is in a mood. You generalize too much. Again. Start making better choices and stop hooking up with bitches. With your attitude it’s no wonder you get stuck with low class , crazy bitches as you call them. What does that say about you? These are the women you chose to be the mother of your children. Your judgement stinks. Dont blame the rest of us. And you’re a cry baby that tries to blame all women for your stupidity and failure. Childish name calling only cements the fact that you have anger issues and its probably the reason you are twice divorced. So now you’ll have to meltdown alone. Swear all you want. Please stop whining. Sheesh

    1. Further qualified: the orgasms the cocka brings.
      Here’s your Rx baby, 2x at night and once in the mornin’
      Dr. Ripp

  37. I think women are often profoundly self-deceiving about what motivates them, and certainly more so than men with respect to sexuality, not least because for no small part they seem to be at war with their own sexuality , but I agree with some other posters that this is simply something we should accept, and be forgiving of to the extent that its just how it is.
    I agree with a lot of the article, but not really the last paragraph. Yes, women are insanely overvalued as a species right now but I am not sure cultivating a sense of superiority is the right basis for challenging that or the kind of indifference / insouciance we need as men to level the playing field a bit. Yes, women are bat shit crazy, and most of them are preoccupied with the mundane, but surely the point is to try to see women as they are rather than to cultivate a basis of superiority on the basis of any such ’empirical’ assessment of their limitations. Isn’t there a danger that in doing so we may skew our own supposedly red pill perceptions?
    There doesn’t need to be a ‘comparative’ basis for demonstrating aloofness, limited interest. If for example your game enables you to have lots of options then your advantage is simple economics (which is what this article is about anyway). Once you try to base not caring upon ‘evidence’ / comparisons etc, what happens when the evidence doesn’t go your way? In psychology, social comparisons (in this case gender comparison) is often the basis for misery, and it works in both directions. In my experience the people who don’t give a shit, just don’t give a shit. They don’t really bother about evidence.

    1. Women are not a species. Neither are men. Idiot. Clearly a lot of people don’t know what “species” means…

      1. nothing wrong with using a word metaphorically. You appear to suffer from ‘concrete’ thinking

        1. You’re right, but when the word really isn’t appropriate for being used metaphorically, the whole thing falls flat. I wouldn’t say “concrete” thinking, more like “correct” thinking. ; )
          Men & Women are two halves of ONE species: Homo sapiens. That’s all I’m saying.

  38. It takes a certain broken mind and character to go through all the obsessive preparation–makeup, clothing, hair dyes, fake eyelashes, high-heeled shoes–that women undergo to make themselves attractive. From my experience, the most aesthetically prepared women are usually sluts and most sluts are fucked up in the head. Don’t discount the idea that the prettiest women were also the craziest ones to begin with.

    1. If by slut you mean promiscuous , and you say that slutdum is a sign of being f’d up in the head, you must be saying half the men on this site are f’d in the head and crazy Right?

    2. Can I just ask how many women have you asked out that had no makeup, didn’t worry about their hair or teeth and maybe lived in a stained walmart bought jogging outfit?

  39. Feminists don’t actually want equality. They want to change the rules so that THEY win, at the expense of their prettier sisters.

    1. Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: The most heartfelt articles by female
      journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in
      order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be
      considered hotter-looking.
      In this case the words ‘female journalist’ and ‘feminist’ are interchangeable (and often are indeed the same persons in practice)

    1. This is what happens when daddy treats his little angel like a princess, instead of the unruly child she was (is). No discipline. She never heard the word “No.” Having not heard it before, she has a difficult time adjusting to it now.

    2. More concerned with missing out on something than spending time with her husband as she claimed. That’s one thing about the cell phone obsession that I can’t remember if it was talked about in the other columns. With cell phone, texting, and all kinds of apps for everything, women can’t do something and enjoy it, or can’t postpone anything without a big hassle.
      Too much concern that they might be at the wrong place that’s not “the most awesomeness”. If they are here, that means they’re not there, and then begins the anxiety that there might be something more fun they missed. So text or facebook to see what’s going on at the moment. Is it better, should I leave here and get there before the fun dies down. Or should I gamble and stay because something might pick up here that’s better than what’s going on there.

  40. I always found the average looking girls to be the worst, not the really attractive ones. After all, they are the ones who receive the most attention.

  41. Liked this article from the very first sentence, it’s one of the core truths about women, maybe even the core truth, that you need to understand as a man. Almost the entirety of what you think of as her character or personality is simply a function of how attractive she is (or perceives herself to be). Women are basically arranged into personality types that coincide with broad attractiveness bands. I wouldn’t go so far as the author as to say ”no exceptions”, most men will have encountered the precious, precious few exceptions that exist, but there it is all the same.

  42. This article nails it on the head.
    The feminist state is going to great lengths to fully entrench the “power” of women. Look no further than the hysteria of “date rape” on college campuses. This is being driven under Title IV and with funding from VAWA and guidance from the federally funded feminist cabal. Ultimately, their goal is leave women on campus with the sexual power, but further cow young men by making consensual sex with these women a potential felony.
    Young men on college campuses are set for destruction. If they do not get caught up in a false rape allegation themselves, they will know some other guy that did. They will live in confused fear for the rest of their lives. They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with feminist dogma that their brains and manhood are helpless mush. Truly, the only hope for these young men is that they stumble upon a site like ROK, do a lot of reading, and have an awaking.

    1. The most dangerous place for a man is a college campus. Go to a trade school instead and learn a trade and stay the hell away from these vile creatures.

  43. After 50 years on this planet, and 15 years of marriage, I can’t begin to tell young men how worthless women are. They are good for nothing! It’s impossible to convey to a young man how selfish, immature, childish, mean, evil and manipulative these vile creatures really are. They kill your dreams and ripped your soul out from you. And nothing, and I mean nothing you do for them is ever appreciated. Why? Because they only think of themselves 24 hours a day. The emotional blackmail, the lies, and yes the lies. These creatures never tell the truth. I know young men think they will be lucky and find the right one. We all did. And now we are paying the price. You know why men die before women? Because they want to.

    1. Yep, the older I get the more I despise these things that I once thought worthy of love and admiration

  44. I met this overweight 4 recently who told me that she plans on marrying a doctor. i felt like telling her that she needed to lose weight first, but then i wondered whether she was being delusional or are men nowadays really that desperate?
    The joke is that she probably will end up marrying a professional man who is well above her in status, but what amazed me was how brazen she about it.
    As someone in education, i got in trouble recently by stating that attractive female teachers almost never marry male teachers. I was told that I was being ‘sexist’, ‘generalising too much’ etc, but nobody in our group could think of one single solitary example of an attractive female teacher that married her ‘equivalent’ in terms of status. ‘Oh I’m sure there are many out there’ was the final response, but it kind of proved my point.
    Women are always looking for more than they deserve, but it is annoying how men are all too eager to feed their delusions.

  45. You’re delusional, and this is probably the most narcissistic, egotistical, chauvinistic and misogynistic article I’ve seen on ROK. Intelligent, scholarly feminist babes definitely exist, without a doubt. I have absolute certainty, as I am one.

      1. You are for sure stupid. All the things you could have chosen to denigrate her for based on her post and you choose fat? Really? That is just sad for you.

    1. Congratulations! Or should I say self-congratulations?
      Ever heard of projection? Look into it, and get an education.

      1. I possess many negative qualities, as all humans do. As for the statement made that there are no educated, attractive feminists out there, I know it to be utterly false. You needn’t worry about my education; I currently attend the number one public university in the nation.

        1. Well bully for you. When you actually have some useful life skills like rebuilding a Chevy 350, building a deck, or designing a radio transmitter let’s hook up sweet cheeks.

        2. The number 1 public university in a nation of imbeciles and terrible schools isn’t something to be proud of. Also, it isn’t hard for women to get into college (they are the majority) thanks to the lopsided amount of aid and grants floated your way (if daddy isn’t already paying tuition for you)

        3. Hmm, okay. Well, I’m really proud of it, and it’s an incredible school. And your remark about women is so idiotic I’m not going to bother trying to refute you.

    2. If you were, maybe you’d be doing something other than lurking websites and anonomously proclaiming how incredible you are. Go write a novel. Create a business. Paint a picture. Fight a war. Write a poem. These are the things that made great men great, not them simply declaring it,. “so it must be so”

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