27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism

Previously I have shown how beliefs can affect appearance, particularly with Lindy West Disease, which transforms a female who subscribes to social justice into a sick manifestation of Lindy West. I’ve also shown the effect of merely becoming fat from lack of self-control. The below pictures indicate that we’ve only scratched the surface at how damaging leftist ideas are to a woman’s beauty. Do not go further if you want to remain in a good mood.


Look at the dead eyes of a feminist gaming journalist. It’s as if she’s saying, “All the empowerment I’ve had did not give me meaning in life.”


She has transformed into a girl who looks like she has cancer or some other systemic disease.


Even animals groom themselves better than she has.


From a cute girl-next-door who looks like she would be a fine mother to some type of animalistic exhibitionist with smelly hair.


It must be noted that head shaving is a reliable indicator of the feminist sickness.


This one is particularly heartbreaking. She went from elegant and lovely to generic ho.


The forehead tattoo is a sign of advanced sickness, since there is no coming back from that. Also note the armpit hair, which Sigmund Freud, if he were alive, would argue is a form of penis envy.


This girl was already in the danger zone with her mustache piercing, but still rather presentable. She has since grown armpit hair and has mastered the androgynous look so popular with diseased women nowadays.


Short hair may be a warning sign that a full shaving is forthcoming.


Here is a shocking change from a presentation of innocence to one suggesting an AIDS infection.


This pretty Youtuber found some feminist writings, chopped off her head, and became, well, a slut.


I understand that neo-Nazi skinheads accept women, but they do not require you to shave your head and buy leather to join.


Ringling Brothers circus has gone out of business, so her chance of clown employment is exceedingly low.


The septum ring may be another warning sign of future degradation into vulgarity.


It doesn’t take much for a young girl to be pretty: simply be thin and have long hair. All that can be quickly destroyed with weight gain, tattoos, and a shaved head.


It’s hard to believe that this leftist media commentator used to have a feminine essence.


We have to wonder if a woman shaving her head is actually a sign that she wants to withdraw from human society. Even most men don’t shave their heads unless they are going bald (or are black).


Celebrities who were once beautiful are not immune to the sickness.


This is the most frightening of the collection. What’s disturbing is that in my Eastern European city, black lipstick is becoming more popular among “normal” girls.


Ear gauges are an indication that a girl no longer cares about being seen as beautiful.


Look how proudly a girl with the leftist sickness displays her obesity and cellulite.


An upsetting transformation. She could have been a model or actress, but now she is a woman who perverted men would pay money to watch her “feed.”


This classic Brazilian beauty once looked similar to previous Brazilian girls I’ve dated, but now looks like she’s in a mental ward.


Here we have a double whammy of shaved head and extra weight. No good man would marry her.


This leftist victim has adopted a sort of concentration camp “Derelicte” style.


While not strikingly beautiful, the first picture shows a girl who would be seen as attractive to many men. The last picture shows someone with a sickly pallor.


From looking directly at the camera to looking away with an angry snarl, we can easily perceive how she has inner disgust for ruining her appearance.

I don’t know about you, but I feel depressed right now to see female beauty being wasted for no benefit to the victim. I hope these pictures clearly show you the damage that leftism is doing to women and society. May we one day eradicate this evil scourge.

Images were sourced from 8chan /pol/, Age Of Shitlords, and Antes Depois Da Federal.

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3,726 thoughts on “27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism”

  1. There should be a Zoo for the regressive leftards. These specimens would be great in a freakshow. It would be free admission, except to buy food and popcorn to throw at them while they spew out insults at all the onlookers.

    1. In all seriousness, shaming is definitely the way to go.
      I remember being a kid at summer camp in the early 90’s and one of the counselors dyed her hair blue. The other counselors called her “smurf killer” in a (mostly) good-natured way and she eventually switched back to blonde.
      It feels like there used to be an understanding that hair dye etc was for rebellious teenagers but eventually we had to grown up, act normal, and be vicariously weird through celebrities(David Bowie, Sinead O’Connor, et al) and cult movies.

      1. Shaming? Shaming is going to do jack shit with some of those inhuman freaks. Kill it with fire.

    1. Do they look in the mirror in the morning and try to make themselves as ugly as possible?

        1. Mod is going total blue pill and killed my follow up comment, ROK aint what it used to be.

        2. I got to hand it to you Roosh, I appreciate having a forum that you don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells with each comment. So many out there will delete just for not agreeing with the thread.

        3. Roosh, this guy has been a knob in the past. Give him a “time out” for a couple of weeks, and maybe he’ll see the error of his ways.

      1. There’s a lot of things at work.
        I think many of them are subconsciously trying to attack societal standards of attractiveness and bring other women down to their level. Critical Theory/Marxism applied to the dating scene. Get society to the point where a doctor or lawyer wifes a chubster barista with purple hair and considers himself lucky.
        Others want attention. They want to be stared at and/or feel like a martyr for being denied jobs because of their tattoos.
        For others, it’s self-destructive behavior. I might argue that white guilt runs along these same lines.

        1. Some news blurb recently said american females with personality disorders were 75% increase over last 10 years. It was speculated to be linked to social media / smartphone use.

        2. Our minds aren’t really built to handle a 24/7 stream of attention, I suppose. I used to think social media was mainly ruining pretty girls but maybe these freaks(ugly, average, and slightly above average girls) are essentially acting out to get their share of the attention. Sort of like an ignored dog/cat/child purposefully knocking something over.

        3. I think it is a cry for attention. They are acting out, just like a child.
          They get waves of beta attention as pretty, normal girls, but it leaves them empty and unfulfilled. They see other girls getting just as much if not more attention, and they want it, too. Maybe they get some alpha cock, too, but they aren’t of high enough quality to keep an alpha around very long. Or maybe she just gets bored of what she is getting now so she looks around for ways to get more.
          They pierce their septum or get a tattoo to see if they will get more attention. The betas around them naturally take any chance to give them more praise, telling them how awesome it is, how beautiful they are. The alpha recognizes it as a slut-tell. Thus, she gets more attention and more cock.
          Then the attention dies down a little, so she gets another piercing, or tattoo, or dyes her hair. More beta attention, another slut-tell, more cock. The process repeats.
          At some point, maybe she gets so f’d up that the alpha cocks start passing her up, and maybe even the normal beta orbiters move on. But, by this point, she is already committed to the freak life. She can’t undo all the damage she has done to her body, and she can’t admit that she has hamstered herself into freakishness.
          She can only generate more attention and cocks from the other multi-pierced, tattoo-covered freak subculture by doing crazier and crazier things to her body, like getting her tongue split like a lizard or some other crazy crap.

        4. There really should be academic research on such an issue i.e investigating whether trying to look poisonous or sexually ‘inedible’ was correlated with attitudes relating to say the belief that heterosexuality was inherently predatory, or beliefs about rape or ‘rape culture’.
          The marxism / critical theory aspect might relate to (anti-) aesthetic side of making everything ugly and unliveable

        5. If 80% internet traffic is via mobile devices not computer, you can run but you can’t hide. But why does it negatively affect females more than males?

        6. There wasnt a single one of those lost children above that doesnt hate themselves for being White.

        7. You seriously asked that?
          It’s as if we’re entirely different sexes with different weaknesses and strengths or something!
          Women evolved sitting around with other women doing domestic shit. They are born with a huge desire to conform. All the ugly feminists from the 1960’s had to do was convince just a handful of them that ugly-was-cool/fashionable/fighting the penis-archy and then spend a bit of time popularizing the takers of that urging, to the general public.

        8. Easy to understand how it could destabilize personalities of teenage females, but its seems like something they would grow out of. Instead it seems to cause adult females to revert back to being mental teenagers.

        9. It feeds vanity and the constant need for validation, attention and feeling special. Why would a woman give that up?

        10. dont keep that phone in your pockets unless its turned off…also, eggs are awesome

        11. A lack of meaning. Their lives lack meaning because they take no responsibility; without responsibility, life can have no meaning.
          Without meaning, nihilism settles in the chasm and infects everything. Creative and natural generative powers are stunted. Without them, the fruits of such, like beauty, are destroyed.
          Meanwhile “boredom” and navel-gazing propel them to descend into what is ugly; a fascination with destruction instead of creation.
          If nothing else, Feminism is the longing for death, for the destruction of Civilization because it demands that responsibility give way to personal feelings, which leaves the door wide open for the pathology of the human condition to run free.
          There have always been a few souls that go all pear-shaped. These were the poor abused, neglected, or chemically deprived girls who would cut themselves. We now have the meta-disfunction of an entire generation of cutters.
          And the title could read” “27 Million….”

        12. Exactly, these girls were raised with social media and smart phones and their personalities never stabilized independently of the constant input. Instead they formed with constant validation of others, even if it was from their orbiters. It keeps them in a constant thirst for validation as their mental pathways are wired for it now.
          As to why it doesn’t affect men as much is that we have more drive to be independent instead of conforming. Men’s desire to cut their own path and to “be their own man” insulates us from most of the ravages of this type of dependency.

        13. The curve would need to go back at least 20 years to see if there is a sudden and discontinuous slope change around 2007. Otherwise we could simply be looking at something that has been in play for a long time and has reached the boost phase of its curve.

        14. There are of course many men who feel the need to force other men to conform through violence, ridicule, and so on. Not sure how that plays into it all.

        15. Men grow out of it. I don’t understand what the foundation of the belief that they ever grow out of it in the first place is ?

        16. Not really though eh ? A decade of living like a teenager takes serious psychological toll on them. Even the ones with good fathers have trust/respect etc issues. They also get better at acting normal.

        17. that’s because individual madness meets another individual madness and thus become collective madness. Without those social media, those people would have been isolated like viruses, shamed for their behavior and would probably stop acting like that in the end.

        18. “Get society to the point where a doctor or lawyer wifes a chubster barista with purple hair and considers himself lucky.”
          Except that’s never gonna happen. There are still more standard women than… you know… THESE, and these days people are flocking away from this kind of “movement” so no, that’s just a delusional pipe dream.

        19. They’re pushing the boundaries for attention, so logically they don’t care about logic only shock value & agreement. I don’t know that they’re trying to “destroy civilization”, although that is a side effect; they’re more trying to push the boundaries. You can only be so “pretty” before all the “celebrities” and “supermodels” and other girls doing the same thing makes you look ordinary. They have an inner chemical DIFFERENCE, some of them an imbalance; that is, many are androgynous and they ruin their femininity in order to avoid confusion from the audience. It’s difficult being different inwardly and conforming; you need some sort of sign from others that you are not to be steamrolled with the rest, or else it becomes stressful and lonely. Others have a chemical imbalance; so they want attention for different reasons, and they don’t feel safe looking like a normal female because as mentioned it attracts a lot of alphas. Alphas prefer conformity because they don’t want to look like a freakshow—for many, many even different reasons.
          These feminists feel safe attracting subservient idiots and betas.
          Being glamorous really only works if you have a paparazzi; but even then you will have to keep pushing the boundaries.
          In the end they become slaves to an unmaintainable standard of beauty they created for themselves, as mentioned, and have pushed the boundaries so much that they are surrounded by people who require them to plunge further into insanity. I think they stop caring about normal beauty because they’re tired. Many people; we get tired of dealing with the same-old same-old. Much of us learn to make beauty happen in subtle ways; those who have pushed the boundaries to extremes do lose sense of themselves inwardly, and have thrust their social networks into such disarray that they couldn’t imagine going back. They must live under the lies they created for themselves.

        20. It creates a “geeky” personality due to social isolation and lack of social skills. Throw in the poison ‘Feminism,’ and your have depression or a number of mental disorders.

        21. Sure there are some that will use violence and ridicule to attempt to make other men conform, but how much does that really change behavior in their targets?
          I grew up and got into a lot of fights because others wanted me to conform. And whether I won or lost the fight, I continued to do what I wanted. Being steadfast and firm in your beliefs will often lead to conflict in some manner. But ridicule doesn’t hurt anything more than one’s feelings, and a black eye will heal. But kowtowing to others demands breaks one’s soul.

        22. Men like myself hence why more “men” don’t use social media (attention seeking), to gain daily attention and approval. It’s a haven for betas and SJW men (boys).

        23. You can argue whatever you want to, but people get to look how they want to look. And again, women don’t owe you getting up every morning and checking in to see what your beauty standards are. Sorry.

        24. Do you actually realize that beauty standards and what’s considered fashionable changes all of the time? Did it varies from some cultured to subculture? That for example black this lipstick has been around for about 45 years? Do you even know that? Do you literally think that every woman on the planet is supposed to get up every morning, see what pornographic standards you particularly have, and conform to them? Do you realize how absurd that is?

        25. Well given the stupidity of the comments of the men in these threads, having a personality disorder seems like a reasonable response.

        26. Ruining pretty girls… Like we’re cabbages or some shit. Oh my God you ruin to that cabbage. You know it’s really crazy? Girls I mean women, because you’re talking about people who have had their periods right? Women get to decide how they want to dress and what they want to do with their hair, just like oh I don’t know…men?
          If you don’t think a woman is attractive, guess what? You can probably only fuck six or seven of us at a time, so the entire world doesn’t have to actually align itself to your fuck ability standards.

        27. You know what destabilizes personalities of teenage women? The sexism of douchebags like you!

        28. Well you know that’s progress because in the past, the early molestation of girls turn them into adults and around 13, well as men die as four year olds. Now women to be teenagers into their thirties, enjoy some of their lives, will you guys still dye is 4 year old having tantrums and thinking that the entire world should be under your control. Want evidence of that? Look at this thread. I mean you literally are a bunch of tantrum in toddlers you think you get to tell all the women in the world how to dress and what to do with their bodies and their hair. You literally think that a woman is growing air armpit hair because she has penis envy. You people are on crack. Oh wait no you’re just obnoxious miserable Tantra mean four year old who think that women are immature because we are actually independent of you. You’re nuts.

        29. A decade of living like a teenager takes its toll on women? What does Fifty to eighty years of men living as tantruming narcissistic four-year-olds do? No wonder you people have more heart attacks.

        30. Again, yes if women were to stay immature a little bit longer, it would only be fair, since most of you drop dead as tantruming 4 year olds.

        31. And that explains why so many women become lesbians. Because you guys go to your Graves as cooling manipulative narcissistic toddlers. And yet you’ll complain that a woman actually the teenager until she’s Thirty. Ironic?

        32. Women crave attention and love daily men do not? You have a very good sense of humor or you’re a moron I can’t decide which.

        33. Most of what men do is for attention, it’s just that you people are Homo erotic intellectually, and what you’re looking for is mail approval. You all have daddy issues, and you also it every day. You know who has penis envy in real life? Men. You know who barely thinks about Dick at all? Women. Yeah when we go to bed with you we think about your dick. When we’re not in bed with you we are not thinking about your dick, we’re not glancing at your dick to wonder how big it is, we’re not measuring ourselves against it. Penis envy is absolutely a projection of what? Insecure men with penis envy.

        34. Beauty standards are based off of fertility and survival. Most of what you consider change is revisionist history, or a flat-out lie.

        35. Fuck off, your a woman hence no clue! All the men you know are still little boys in a men’s body.

        36. The discussion is NOT about women’s rights.
          The discussion is NOT about what women “owe” men.
          The discussion isn’t even really about beauty standards either.
          Stop making these bullshit strawman arguments.
          We’re evaluating the appearance of these women, and making a judgement on their mental state….and their ability to maintain healthy, monogamous relationships.
          And guess what?
          Most of these women conform to the same leftist uniform as their mentally damaged SJW sisters. So….yes, we’re going to judge these women for deliberately making themselves look physically deformed. That’s something that mentally ill people do.
          If this disturbs you, then you’re cordially invited to retreat to a safe space….where other people’s ideas cannot hurt you.

        37. The iPhone came out in 2007. The recent acceleration of cultural Marxism, SJW mobs, radical leftism, and third wave feminism are side effects of nearly every Millennial having perpetual Internet access via SMARTPHONES with highly sophisticated cameras.
          That was a HUGE catalyst for cultural change in western civilization.

        38. Still need to show the change in slope by making it the center of the plot, hence going back 20 years.

        39. Yes, because women are happier with children and close families. If they want that happiness, they will have to at some point gauge a mans opinion. Men work hard for the same purpose. Its been that way for millenia.

        40. If they want a family and children one day, then yes they do. Statistically, women are not happy in the workplace. Your homemaker counterparts are living more fulfilling lives with children who love them. While feminists disrespect those women and try to prove some kind of self sabotage point to their own unhappiness and lonely years of aging.

        41. Your independence is a gift and you squander it. We only want you to be happy, and if you travel, you’ll see women with children and families are happier. You’ll never have that unless you at least consider a mans opinion.
          You have the right to do whats unnatural, but there are no guatantees that you will find happiness in doing so. Thats what this site is about.

        42. Patriarchal societies are happier, they have longer lasting marriages, closer families, and even more sex (with one person).
          Evolution is sexist. We were made different, not the same. You can run from it, or you can embrace it. You have different skills than us. We will never be the same. We will never be happy in eachothers roles.

        43. Thn enjoy a life of loneliness. Men are far more happy alone with their fishing and guns than women. What will you do with the last 40 years of your life with no children or family?
          Men have hobbies.

        44. Why are you so afraid of women that you write a FUCKING SIX PARAGRAPH ESSAY about what’s wrong with getting a piercing or FUCKING DRESSING HOWEVER. Why do you care SO MUCH about what women do? It’s weird, you talk about “getting cock” like you have experience in the field, you put EFFORT into sounding “SMART” by using technical terms to describe something you’re clueless and scared about. You pathetic little fucking baby. Do you waste your time commenting on pictures of girls you think are “ugly” because you’re so grotesque yourself you could never get a taste of any of those before pictures, and I will bet you any sum that the alters wouldn’t have jack shit to do with you either, you multi-chinned mother’s basement dweller.

        45. You motherfucking son of a bastard. You stupid piece of fucking garbage. Your comment is as worthless as your face. you don’t give a fuck about women’s happiness. You wouldn’t read this garbage if you did. You’re terrified of any woman who doesn’t resemble a Stepford Wife. So scared, in fact, that you dilute yourself into thinking that women would rather answer to a man… because if you believe you’re strong, you are, champ! Fucking nitwit.

        46. History is written by the victors, who have been male for a long time. Humans go through intrasexual selection, meaning the females have the upper hand, biologically, when choosing mates. It’s all part of biological evolution. Men have to WORK HARD to gain a woman’s favor. Either that or they have to trick, by pretending to be more powerful, financially sound, genetically superior, or they have to force mating, which is the weakest, most pathetic display in all of nature. If you wanna talk lies, talk male superiority and entitlement.

        47. Oh I get it!! Return of Kings like return to the medieval time when women were drowned if they cut their hair without their husbands permission… too bad instead of kings the site is run by a BUNCH OF FUCKING HALF WIT HALF MEN WITH MICRO PENISES AND SUPERIORITY COMPLEXES HOOOOOLY SHIT.

        48. You pathetic stock photo piece of garbage. This site is about pathetic men being afraid of women realizing they don’t have to take your shit. Your days of doing blow and fucking sex workers cause you can’t get pussy without paying for it are over because much to your chagrin so are the 1950s.

        49. Dude if anything evolution made women superior. If you’re going by evolutionary standards. Which I am.

        50. Men grow out of what? Being men? When? I’ve heard an 80 year old man tell his nieces friend on Facebook, to whom he had NO TIE, to “fuck herself in the street with a protest sign”
          What exactly did that 80 year old man grow out of?

        51. Oh really? Is that why a site full of men get together to talk about how scared they are of women?

        52. Dude you’re clearly the most stupid person on this thread it sounds like you’re bad reading out of Leviticus while we’re reading out of science journals. You’re a real piece of shit, you know that? DAVID?

        53. You should see the fuckboys with their expensive sneakers and snap backs and Supreme and moussed up coiff, peacocking, the fancy cars (to compensate), watches… girls may put certain effort into their appearance but men literally try to trick women into paying attention to them. Usually badly.

        54. Sorry but *you’re
          You can’t have an intelligent conversation if you don’t know grammar you learn in the fucking 3rd grade.

        55. Are you so fucking dense to think women don’t have HOBBIES? What do you think we do all day? Flick it to your candid in the yearbook? You goddamn dickless bastard. And what is your hobby, DAVID? GETTING IN COMMENT WARS ON A MISOGYNISTIC CRYBABY WEBSITE. ARE YOU GOING TO BE DOIG THIS IN YOUR LAST 40 YEARS? Cause again, if you haven’t tricked some woman into a relationship with you, you’ve got no chance my friend.

        56. Also if men are happier “alone without women” why do they WORK SO HARD TO GET US TO FUCK THEM. There is nothing so annoying as a guy BEGGING for nudes and BEGGING for sex and BEGGING for dates like fucking dogs. Again, you’re all just p.o.’d because you’re living a sexless (or at least consensual sexless.. I’ve seen how you pathetic walking disasters feel about rape) existence.

        57. Which is what you’d like this site to be, because you can’t handle the light of the rest of The world shining into your idiot dungeon filled with blind stupid idiots.

        58. Hi Sacrificial Lamb! Did you ever notice the articles about how time is speeding up? or as “we” get older time “feels” like it is speeding up? It is a matter of perspective yes, and I’m trying to relate back to your iPhone point…. Steve was a revolutionary figure I mean he made people “believe” that his product was the next coolest thing and it took awhile take to get “cool” but that thing connected people instantaneously… its weird

        59. There is such thing as collective consciousness…. No we don’t truly know what happens in “private” but some things are “hidden in plain sight”

        60. So then if we are going based off appearance and people that know bullshit when they “see it” why do they feel so amazing about trumps victory? you saw the tape where trump said he had the biggest electoral college vote win? I mean that is completely “delusional” so what are people “really” believing in? and trump “acted” like a champ because he is a master manipulator (or thinks he is) and said that he was “given that information”…. its how you use the information, who says “it”, how you unveil “it” So I ask YOU what kind of discussion is this? everyone who has access to the internet and thinks that they think for themselves has an opinion regardless if their an “expert” in that field…. people want a world of belonging, but “the world”, for a select amount of people, the justification that their identity is “fine, okay comfortable, accepted etc. is not happening. I really don’t know why the fuck this unveiling is happening now? in the 1960’s people would just all get stoned and high. What kind culture was that compared to today? how much have times really changed.

        61. Step back have a discussion don’t get so frustrated, not telling you what to do just reading from the “vibe” your giving off. maybe there are some fundaMENTAL misunderstandings that this group is not getting? so maybe you have some understanding of what “you” perceive to be the “issues” explain your reality a little more clearly so those that are having a difficulty in understanding can gain some perception.

        62. This is what happens to female personalities when they don’t get enough alpha male cock.

        63. The defensiveness of your response is directly correlated to the degree of your ugliness. This thread is effective at causing ugly and unstable females to self-identify.

        64. Fuck off! English is my 3rd language! Try to learn another language and try to get your point across to dysfunctional fucks like you!

        65. Shocked you only used “literally” twice!
          And not even paired with “Hitler”!
          There is hope after all.

        66. Serial killer material right here folks. Hide your wives and your children from him. Try treating any of us feminists like children and we will show you what you really are. Armchair trolls. I am currently developing a vaccine for this disease. You could volunteer to take the first dose.

        67. Noone is whoring to you, that you can be certain of. Just giving you back the same shit you are dishing out. But bullies seldom can take a seving of what they dish out.

        68. Tell that to my husband, a real man. He would just fire up the chainsaw and cut down your little boy treefort. We could then put bandaids on your boo-boos and send you home to your momma.

        69. The only ammunition in their ARSEnals is Gaslighting retorts. They are the victims of our strengthening and numbers. They are the minority now and their numbers are dwindling with every new generation. Maybe in 200 years there will be no more cavemen mentalists.

        70. A large percentage of women who adopt this kind of look do so expressly to repel the kind of man who finds this look unattractive. Mission accomplished.

        71. I don’t want marriage! Most of us don’t. We are saying that feminism has benefited men and not women, that’s all. 50 years ago, men had to get married to get sex. Now we just have to go to the bar! So thank you feminists!
          That’s why you see so many “fuckboys,” players, and pick up artists. There are so many young girls who just want NSA sex. We love it.
          BUT: We can’t help but notice the millions of women in their 30s-50s saying:
          “Where are all the good men at?!”
          They are gone. They’re having too much fun. They are at the bar chasing young girls exploring their sexual freedom. And they can keep it up until they turn 50. Hell maybe longer. Now do you see?
          That’s the argument. My mother, my sisters, all miserable and lonely… but boy did they have “fun” in their prime. Or did they? Was it worth it? 10 years of acting like a boy in exchange for 45 years of… cats.
          You have to give us credit for laughing at the irony of it all, right?
          Men love to hypothesize. This is a man’s site. This is how we think. I’m sorry if it disgusts you, but keep in mind: Women in the US are more privileged and have more rights than women anywhere. Move to Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Italy, or Africa and you will find men 10 times more macho and sexist.
          And It’ won’t just be in the comments section on a men’s blog.

        72. Women have art. Or cats. Some women prefer cats to men. In the case of some men, that’s understandable.

        73. “Leftist uniform”? 20 or 30 years ago, short or shaved hair, tattoos, and multiple piercings were called “punk”–which tended to go with right-wing politics, apathy, or maybe anarchism. Now the same look is left-wing/SJW? You don’t know the politics of the women in these pictures, and you don’t know many leftists or SJWs. What IS an SJW, anyway? Am I one? (Sure hope so; it sounds cool!) And I never got any marching orders on how to dress. Is there a website for that?

        74. >Why are you so afraid of women that you write a FUCKING SIX PARAGRAPH ESSAY
          Says the broad with 31 comments on the article. Why are you so afraid of us?

        75. i mean i agree that women sleep with men too easy y’all def don’t deserve y’all all mediocre asf lmao

        76. No one here is scared of women. Women are not threatening in any way. Women are smaller, weaker and more fragile than we are. Many of us have or had them in our lives we know from experience that there is little reason to fear women. We don’t fear women but we do know what they are capable of especially when backed with the State. And yes many of us do fear the State, as it can imprison us and take everything from us.
          Think of RoK like the equivalent of Jezebel or Everyday Feminism for men.

        77. so the entire world doesn’t have to actually align itself to your fuck ability standards.
          Totally true. Women are free in the west to look, dress and act anyway they see fit. And we can come here and critique them. We are allowed to set forth what we think is attractive and even disagree with one another. No one gets to set the gold standard of attractive.
          And if we, or no one, wants to fuck these women who cares? Maybe they don’t want fucked and dress to repel sexual attention. IF they want to do so, it’s a free country. But we still get to observe them and comment as we see fit.

        78. Goddamn, I have a mental image of foaming saliva and yeast flying in all different directions from you girl. Down girl…down..heel.

        79. Come on Deadlemon, too wordy. It’s not the length of the penis size shaming comment that matters. It’s the quality.

        80. Boom dog! I guess she told you! In yo face, big disgrace, waiving yo flag all over this place, we will we will. Sorry. Got a bit carried away. Anyway, you really told that bad man right off sister! Down with penis up with vagina! We will win this righteous war on the man together!

        81. I thought homosexuals were born that way. That is really insulting to homosexual narcissists. Take that back bad lady and enroll in a sensitivity course.

        82. Well, Does Bubba know you are loose from your chain? You bess get on back home. Shoo now…shoo.

        83. ROFLMAO! Roger that 1SGT. Get your troops in formation for inspection. I better not find one armpit unbraided nor one mustache past the corners of their lips. Hooah!

        84. There are really any number of ways. We all have a dictionary, thesaurus, and on-line access. Word choice is really a personal style preference.

        85. Well done! Accuse another person of having feelings of superiority, and then, you immediately admit the you have the same issue. Dear, two crazies don’t make a sane any more than two wrongs make a right.

        86. It is true in some cases. And I’ve seen ugly teenagers blossom into lovely women, but when they stay teenagers in attitude and values they just get uglier.

        87. Who actually possesses “the” vagina that your scary comment references? I understand that 100% of females possess “a” vagina, but if I understand you correctly, there is some sort of master brain vagina that controls the collective. When the master brain vagina finally dies, will feminists around the world simultaneously fall to the ground dead and the headquarters building of N.O.W. go up in flames like when a vampire’s maker gets a stake through its heart?

      2. Becoming ugly and unattractive and self-destructing is a way for them to pretend they are fighting the patriarchy or hetero CIS-scum; they know what theyre doing, sabotaging their own femininity in protest of normal male sexuality, while embracing debauchery and degeneracy and aligning themselves with the faggot lobby, which is partly their pawn and partly their ally, and an excuse for copping the hedonistic exhibitionist attention mongering nature of queers. Which is why you see women embracing all these nonsensical orientations and “identities” with false pride. Whatever 1st and 2nd wave feminism were about, 3rd-wave is about nothing other than the destruction of femininity and attempting to normalize and mainstream anything that goes against nature.

        1. Its a female expression of the mouse eutopia problem. They dont want to be normal mothers or normal mates. They are expressing extreme insecurity on a global / social level. There is so much abundance and nothing much to strive for so the will to reproduce is lost – channeled into mindless tribal conflict – its basically a form of depression / boredom. Might as well just hit the crack pipe and get on with it.

        2. man, you nailed it perfectly.
          especially the link between those uglywanabees and (overly demonstrative) gay people

        3. They are free to be who they want to be. Would you judge a man looking as such? As much as you do a woman?
          What the hell is your problem? I think it’s disgusting how you’re degrading these women… and I’m no ‘feminist avtivist’ that’s just what comes from my heart. How dare you! You’re a cunt frankly…

        4. Precisely-crafted “self-entitlement” feminism.
          It’s the ersatz WGTOW maneuver…to failure. Men of character might hope against hope that nobody puts a seed in them, but there’s always some fucking dope who will stoop to the task…pity the 21st century gene pool.

        5. Translation: I’m a disgrace to my gender because I’m an Internet troll with four chins and a tiny penis

        6. How dare men have an opinion on whats sexy to men.
          We think its disgusting how these women degraded themselves.

        7. They degrade themselves, they became like this because of the illusion of “patriarchy”.

        8. Please understand, feminism is not a theaten for society, you can’t use it as an insult.

        9. They are degrading themselves. They were once beautiful and totally destroyed their natural beauty. These are idiots and you are a cunt frankly!

        10. Feminists are EMOTIONALLY BROKEN and DAMAGED. This is the true face of feminism revealed.

        11. Get to know a femenist girl as a person first, you’ll be sorprised
          El 17/2/2017 7:57 p. m., “Disqus” escribió:

        12. so that’s funny. you’re claiming feminists are emotionally broken and damaged… by what? who is damaging and breaking them? could it be men? misogyny? patriarchy? all of the violence and abuse perpetuated by what i just listed?

        13. Translation, I’m a human being and being pretty by your standards isn’t a rent I owe you for existing on the planet. Derp de derp.

        14. No, they’re human beings and they get to decide how they groom themselves. Just like been get to decide that big bushy beards or shave their heads or tattoo their eyebrows, women get to do it too. I know, you thought you owned all of us, and we were actually supposed to check in with you, sorry to wake you up. LOL.

        15. They’re not degrading themselves any more than a guy who gets himself a nose ring. Did you think we were supposed to call you and ask you what you wanted us to look like every morning? What an ego. I don’t think your mom spanks you enough.

        16. How dare men have an opinion on what sexy to men? Is that what you think that this article is about? Did you fail reading in third grade?

        17. Idiots like you don’t wake anyone up; you are unable to think logically. Nobody said they can’t groom themselves the way they like. As a matter of fact they can jump down a skyscraper if they see fit, but this doesn’t mean that we have to praise them for it; they will be labeled as stupid cunts, whether you like it or not. It’s called freedom of speech. Capice?

        18. yes yes, we all have freedom of speech. The point is, we don’t like what you are saying and don’t agree with it. everyone is exercising their freedom of speech here. Move on from pulling the “free speech” card and have a dialogue.

        19. We’re ALL human beings. Your statement is completely meaningless. If you look like a homeless person, then people assume that you’re homeless. If you look like a cop, then people assume that you’re a cop. If you look like a mentally ill leftist SJW, then people will assume that you’re a mentally ill leftist SJW.
          See how it works?
          And the only people who own you are the people who own mass media. Your values are STRONGLY dictated by the media that you consume.

        20. I understand you not LIKING what’s being said, but I just don’t see mentally healthy people in those photographs.
          What do you not agree with?

        21. I’m guessing that you’re female. Answer me this:
          When a man sees a woman with NOSE RINGS, nipple piercings, navel piercings….with shaven eyebrows, a shaven head, green and red hair, hipster glasses, and tattoos…..what do you believe a man is supposed to think?
          Would you like to know what MOST men ACTUALLY think?

        22. Majority of these women live in suburbs in the safest, wealthiest countries with more rights than any women anywhere. Its pure boredom.

        23. But making yourself unattractive and attention grabbing leads to your own ostracization and eventual loneliness.

        24. The real wake up is how lonely and miserable american women are without the men that they pushed away, and how happy and peaceful women are in patriarchal societies with children and closeknit families…

        25. The guy with the nose ring is in the same boat, although its more masculine. You can do what you want, but in the end, women are lonely and miserable without families and children. You’ll try to change your mind one day, but it may be too late. And it leads to the downfall of the community.

        26. “Your Values are strongly dictated by the media that you consume” says the moron defending a “Return of Kings” article. Freedom of speech == Freedom from consequences. If you bros don’t learn to respect women, you’ll be miserably alone all your life. Women don’t stand for the archaic 50s slimeball man behavior. Get over yourselves we aren’t the “master gender” and none of these women are asking their “daddy’s” to “fuck them” unless they want to as part of role play seriously get over yourselves you stupid, stupid, brainless pack of blood sausages.

        27. This website is desperately holding on to the “power” that patriarchy gives men so I wouldn’t disparage it’s name. You man-babies who can’t handle a free-thinking woman need to revere the system that put you on top or you’ll lose your position. You know you can’t compete if genders are equal so you have to beat down women. Pathetic.

        28. Because slamming people for aesthetic choices that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM is what men, the master gender, have to do in their somehow copious amounts of free time. I guess it shows how powerful they are. So powerful that they can decide to publically shame anyone… in their own little bubble website where everyone has the same “strong opinions” so they feel safe enough to voice their own. A real safe, special community of free thinkers here on Return of Kings WOW!

        29. It leads to the downfall of you feeling like you can tether someone to traditional beauty standard and let’s face it, you return of kings guys are scared shitless of women who are anything but pretty and benign. Remember when everyone is awake to gender equality, you sad little fuckwits will be more alone than any one of these women. Misogyny is old news. If there was internet in the 50s this would be the only website available. (Aside from all the underground shit savvy women would make to genuinely improve or escape their fucked-up home situations of physical, emotional, and prescription drug abuse.)

        30. See where you’re getting confused is here: I DONT THINK THE GIRL GIVES A FUCK WHAT “MOST” “ACTUAL” “”””MEN”””” THINK. (An “actual man” wouldn’t think anything by the way. He would go about his life not caring what other people do with their bodies, lives, time, not consumed by the fact that people are getting more individual and doing what makes them happy. And if he did know about it, it would make HIM glad to know that people were doing whatever they want with their appearance. Maybe he didn’t agree with the changes some people are making, but he, as an actual man and productive member of society, doesn’t really give a fuck what people decide to do with their lives because no matter what, he’ll know what makes him HIM and them THEM. And he, the “actual man” would think that was great.
          You stupid lifeless post-rain worm.

        31. Well we think it’s disgusting how you’re degrading these women. Why do you care so much? Why are you SO BOTHERED hurt even, enough to leave long, thought out comments about how bad these women look? Why are you so afraid of women? Really not masculine to be so afraid of women…

        32. Who’s talking about entitlement and WHO CAN OR SHOULD GET PREGNANT in THE SAME COMMENT??? WHO IS THE ENTITLED ONE HERE? The girl who died her hair or the MAN WHO THINKS HER GENES ARE SHOT BECAUSE OF HAIR DYE.
          You absolutely piece of human filth.

        33. Oh, yes, you’re totally right. I couldn’t be more emotionally broken! I’m so unhappy as a feminist that I’m changing my mind and start trying as hard as hall to please all men again. Oh, wait!

        34. Okay look, there’s nothing wrong with being happily in a family, but if you think that EVERY WOMAN is more happy with a family and children you’re a self indulgent piece of garbage and if you have a wife OR kids I feel sorry for them. And if you don’t YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE WOW. What woman have you made happy today? If any man on this site marries or procreates I hope your children are taken by child services to a better place. Heaven would be a better place than a Return of Kings household.

        35. If you don’t learn to love yourself, you will continue to be lonely, man-less, hateful and a disgrace to civilization. Shaving your head, getting tats and dying your hair sets you up for failure in work, life and love. Enjoy your misery. We women are not even remotely mistreated like that keeps being said over and over again. Go march for women in other countries that have it less than we do here in the US if you want to make a difference. By being a feminist you are now creating exactly what you’re whining about. You DO NOT represent me, a “real woman” with a family and a loving husband and a child.

        36. Whats is “wrong” with them “knowing” what they are “doing” when our presidency is the greatest facade there ever was (my opinion) and we have a particular president who understands how to manipulate…. I understand this isn’t even related to your analysis and I do not understand where your knowledge/information is coming from (maybe gut intuition) but maybe people are actually sick and tired of the same shit and this generation of millennial is “truly” changing “it”, probably not ha. Is this the new way? psychological warfare?

        37. Well this feminist right here will rip your fucking balls off and shove them down your asshole. I guess I’m not much of a lady, awe

        38. What patriarchal societies are you talking about, I wonder? Maybe you are thinking of the Taliban? They have one of the most patriarchal cultures. However, from what I hear, the women are extremely unhappy.

        39. Shut up.
          You fat ugly troll.
          Go eat some ice cream with your dozen cats and wish any decent man would look at you.

        40. lol put down the thesaurus and stop trying to sound clever because the things you are saying don’t make grammatical sense or have any kind of validity in any way. You are going to be so embarrassed looking back at your comment when you are older than 13 and actually know anything, good luck hitting puberty 🙂

        41. These women are still beautiful. Just because they don’t look like how some men want them to doesn’t make them ugly. We all have a right to do what we want to our appearance. I agree with you Emma-Lou these people are assholes.

        42. The downfall of any community is a bad homeowners association with archaic rules and regs. You and your cavemen club here are the downsides to any given culture and will be the extinct demographic. Evolve or Extinct – your choice. Live and let live (or suffer emoting for the rest of your unnatural days).

        43. Unless we are draped in camo with deer scent on our necks – “ya’all” would not be interested. You should be out catching tonights road-kill and dressing it for vittles. This redneck mentality is the dumbing down of America. And to each his own, I do not care what you do in your world. So in turn, you all should not care what we do with our corner of the universe. Go back to your caves….

        44. freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from repercussions to that speech. Spout hatred and you will receive hatred. Just because someone isn’t attractive to YOU or your cronies doesn’t mean they are not attractive to someone else dear to them. It’s not all about you thank the gods.

        45. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          1) wow no
          2) who says they don’t have men? Or women? Or whomever they want?
          3) you gents just seem angry that not all women CARE what you think.

        46. Lies. I am a real woman and have tattoos, piercings and gyed hair. I have an amazing career that I love (two actually) and have a really wonderful life. Just because you fear me and the freedoms I represent give you ZERO right to insult. Women protested for the rights YOU now enjoy. Some of them died. So maybe have a little respect for the life choices of others as you demand your choices to be respected. Life is not a one way street.
          YOU do not represent ME, a real woman who respects the life choices of others as their own.

        47. Of course, a man is the author. These women are doing their thing. They don’t need to conform to what anyone else believes they should look like!

        48. Buuuuuuut, it doesn’t mean that we don’t think you’re just talking like you gotta paper asshole. Cause you kinda sound like you gotta paper asshole. Maybe you should hug a root, presumably your own, cause no one else is hugging THAT root for you, and maybe call it quits before someone tears that paper asshole for you and causes you to cry into your own meninist beard.

        49. By the way, real men, obviously not the type that you guys are, usually have better things to do with their lives than to worry about what someone else is doing with theirs. You know who worries about bullshit like this? Children, or insecure fuckboys whose bush is larger than their actual dicks. Which one aren’t you?
          Ya’ll are a bunch of dildos, I can’t even call you dicks cause you ain’t. Fucking. Real. Enough.
          Now, ladies, I don’t know what the fuck is up with ya’ll that you’re worried about arguing with these fuck wads. They’re just a buncha ineffectual slobs that have too much time on their hands and too little in their lives. Nothing to see here.

        50. That’s because you haven’t dated women like that. You can act like you’re taking some type of moral high ground. But you’re just too scared to tell the truth.

        51. Dead on. (And please, keep speaking out; the world needs intelligent people to debunk this epidemic of reactionary nonsense!)

        52. That’s what we tried in America in the past; it wasn’t that great for most women–NOR for most men.

        53. That’s funny; last time I checked, the mass media were promoting long hair and weight loss for women–same as ROK is doing.

        54. How do you know that some of the women pictured don’t, or won’t later, have families? There have been many absurd fashions in the past; most of the people who adopted those fashions (at least for a while) went on to form “normal” families. And by the way, I don’t understand why some people on this site get so emotional about women’s fashion. If you don’t like her look, just don’t go out with her. Problem solved. (Especially for her.)

        55. Some women have been “lonely and miserable” WITH families and children. Depends on who you marry, and on whether you have other things going on in your life as well. Most women have never been happy doing ONLY “family” (to the exclusion of other work, activities, friends, etc.) for long. Most people on this site seem to think that women would be happier doing “family”-only. This has never been the case.

        56. Actual men date and/or marry someone they find attractive, and ignore the rest as potential partners. They do not go on extended tirades about those to whom they are not attracted.

        57. I lived in Peru, thailand and sicily. Happy women who get married without careers, have babies and big, close families…
          Not that I want that. I’m having a blast sleeping with college girls exploring their sexuality. (Yes this is my real picture.)

        58. You’re right. Most of us dont want marriage. We’re having too much fun sleeping with young feminists exploring their sexual freedom.

        59. This is a man’s website. You are the one who is in the wrong place. We come here for fun. You are triggered. See how that works?
          BTW we’re having a blast sleeping with young college girls knowing we don’t have to put a ring on a girls finger or even buy dinner to get laid. While the women are asking “where did all the good men go?”
          We’re having too much fun.
          So thanks for feminism 🙂 I’m headed out to the bar now.

        60. I have tats and have been known to dye my hair twice in one week. Occaisionally I like to give myself a side cut or an undercut as the mood takes me. I also have a loving husband and four kids. I’m a kick ass Mother and that is not dependent on my aesthetic. I do not share your belief that this makes me any ‘realer’ than a woman who does not have children or a husband… I believe in equality. Why don’t you?

        61. Pot calling kettle….
          Guess it’s OK to degrade men, about whom you profess not to care, with your foul-mouthed insults?

        62. Are you for real? Living alone is blissful. Living with some misogynistic arse hole sounds like hell. In reality reality think it’s the men that are afraid of loneliness.

        63. Which women are sad and lonely without families? I’m really curious to know where you are getting this information from.

        64. Have you always been delusional or is your insanity a new develoment?
          Or are you just ugly and wish to live in a fantasy world where being ugly is okay and women are “equal” to men?

        65. Correct. Truly oppressed women don’t run around making themselves as ugly as possible. They’re too worried about not being beaten or murdered or having acid thrown in their face.

        66. I’m far from being called ugly. Feel free to check my facebook. As for women being equal to men? No. We can do most things that guys can if not better at times. As for my supposed insanity or being delusional if expecting women to raise men instead of immature boys who seem to think that women are supposed to look and act a certain way then so be it.

        67. How dare they think they wont face consequences for looking and acting like a drunken slag
          Also. Shut up bitch. And go away

        68. I was bored and he pissed me off. LOL!
          I KNOW I shouldn’t feed the troll…but seeing so many WOMEN on this bandwagon saddens me. So much for sisterly support.

        69. No they are not beautiful. What you are saying is simply modern American “we are all beautiful” BS
          Objectively they are not beautiful.

        70. No you can’t do most things better than a guy.
          1. Physical, running, jumping, sport. No
          2. Being as smart. Great discoveries. 99% men.
          3. Mathematics. Enough said. Men do it.
          4. Leadership. Men tend to be tougher.
          5. Emotional. Men are less emotional.
          The range of males are smarter and also dumber than women. Understand statistical distributions. Women cluster closer to the middle. Men are more spread out across the distribution. Reality.
          Men are more violent and/or brave than women. Suck it up. It is the way it is. No good denying reality.
          What you CAN do better than men is show compassion, nurture and love babies and children. And those are the things the feminazis reject. Get a life. Face reality.

        71. Bet you don’t use your penis (except in an auto sense) very often. Well known that normal women go after the ‘dangerous’ men. The exciting man who represents risk. They reject the Mr Nice luvvy-dovey type.
          And luvvy-dovey type, of course, is you Christopher. So desperate to get a girl he becomes a nice man. You are doing it all wrong you fuckwit.
          And do me a favor: don’t lie about how many girlfriends you have.

        72. You know what else they don’t as well as men and haven’t marched for this particular right or gone and done it on their own?
          Register for the draft when they turn 18.

        73. Read on and let this site turn you into a beautiful, contributing member of society. Don’t go global.

        74. Indeed, they are doing their thing… and decreasing the birth rate in the western world.

        75. Missile found the target… TRIGGERED!
          Hat’s off to you, Roosh.
          Pepe dance time;)

        76. “The range of males are smarter and also dumber than women. Understand
          statistical distributions. Women cluster closer to the middle. Men are
          more spread out across the distribution. Reality.”
          Incorrect. You should examine the question in more depth before jumping to such conclusion. Reality is not a simple thing. Reality is complicated. Life is complicated.

        77. I guess you’ll be surprised how a once attractive woman can make herself look so ugly. True. Very true.

        78. You are arguing with the wrong person. I am a statisticians who does statistical analysis for a living.
          Most geniuses are male. Most low IQ people in jails are men. Fewer female criminals. Fewer female geniuses.
          Now go back to kindergarten where you belong.

        79. So Tracy. You think they look pleasant do you.
          I assume you too don’t even bother to brush your hair in the morning. Oh and why bother teeth brushing while you are at it. Nothing more attractive than rotting teeth.

        80. For a statistician, you seriously lack precision. Your affirmations have slighty evolved as well. You talk about criminality, which is a totally different topic ; however, genius =/= VHP. You are mixing up everything. Please be more professional.

        81. You’re right, we actually do have more productive things to do… and the litmus test above was an educational one for my 18 & 12 year old sons, for which I’m grateful. Without hesitation, they pointed left every time.
          You see, we’re waking up and teaching our sons to beware the poison in the well: Globalism, Social Marxism, Femenism, Egalitarianism, etc.
          We’re pushing back and “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”
          You see, shitlibs of your ilk are the moral majority, now. You’re pedestrian and we’re the unpopular, the deplorables. So, that makes us more punk than you
          “Califonia… uber alles” ;*

        82. The Triggering.
          How’s your family of 4 of 20 years doing?
          My wife was more like the right pics a long time ago. So I guess she was reconditioned? She’s now a happy wife, person and not to mention a hot mommy (under the strong guidance of patriarchy, mind you;)
          It’s amazing how smooth and enjoyable life goes when following a natural course.

        83. I concur. Close knit, right here.
          Married, pushing 20 years with 2 fine young men in the making… and a fine wife.
          When she’s being naughty, she calls me Roger, as in Sterling.

        84. You know, neither have I.
          Man, Roosh did a bang up job though, didn’t he?
          The Uruk Hai are on the march!

        85. listen dopey–everyone and I mean everyone exists to some form of standard. Its called human biology–and dont pretend you dont–the first fat , unfit , unattractive guy who approaches most women–those women will treat that man as a sack of garbage. Even you feminists are judging men by a standard of how much support they’ll unconditionally give you no matter how retarded the circumstances which is how women evolved anyway, to continue to glean resources from men, and instead of men feminists will try to glean sources from the government which, interestingly is run by men. The fact is you cant do it on your own and you hate it and the thing with true women (not your type), is that they know instinctively that the laws of nature work both ways. In other words, you have to give something back in order to get. In your liberal mind, you should just keep receiving and doing with no judgment or consequence and nothing of value back to society. There are others you share this planet with who exhibit the same or very similar characteristics as yourself and the ones you expect from the world around you. They’re called SPOILED CHILDREN.

        86. lol this woman Cindy doesnt ‘fear’ you–you fear yourself–you hide behind all of the piercings, and tattoos and hair because you’re afraid you’ll be expected to offer something to society that isn’t about your self absorption and you may not be able to live up to expectations. So you put out that front so noone will expect anything of you. ITs you who are afraid. Of men, of real women like Cindy, and you’ll spend your afternoons throwing karate kicks in the mirror at some imagined male perpetrator of the patriarchy. Women died for right?s haha yeah keep reading that nonsense–and any proof you offer Ill say its probably BS and doctored by a feminist. Any rights you were given were given to you by MEN because they wanted to- and it were those men that provided the context and society that you could march around in whining about rights that you did nothing to really help build or create in the first place. The crazy part is that men did it all for you, and you shit on them for it.

        87. just how on gods green earth do you make the leap that she doesnt believe in ‘equality’? For the record equality doesnt exist in nature or by any laws of the known universe. You’re grasping at mirages–and if you believed in that anyway you wouldn’t be dying your hair to make yourself unique and unequal in the first place.

        88. if they think that every woman is happier with a family and children they’re a self indulgent piece of garbage?? First of all you wouldn’t know if you would be happier or not if you dont take that path so how would you know they wouldn’t be?

        89. untrue. Youve been brainwashed into thinking that by the minority of unhappy people who have taken over spaces to push their propaganda because they couldnt cut it anywhere else.

        90. Yes and living with a misandric c76t like you seem to be would just be an absolute paradise Im sure. Humans in general dont like to be lonely young lady.

        91. It’s not that we can’t handle free thinking women, it’s more that we just want nothing to do with them – the ugly ones anyway. I just don’t understand why “free thinking” women have to try so hard to break from the mold that they have to completely downgrade their appearance to something ghastly and abnormal. The women who fought so hard for equality did so with elegance and grace, and yes, a bit of grit too, and they managed to get their points across.
          You can be as liberated as you wish, but if you’re a woman and you’re attracted to strong, masculine men (and I sincerely believe all heterosexual women are), yet you continue to shave your heads, dye your hair neon purple, cover your faces in piercings, and put on significant weight, the only men you’ll attract will be frumpy, weak cucks. There’s a reason why the football players fuck the cheerleaders, and the nerds and ugly girls masturbate – its Darwinism.
          As for your stance on gender equality, I find it unlikely. Men are very competitive by nature (dates back to the very old days when we had to fight, and compete, and kill for everything we wanted), and it’s unlikely that a woman would present us any more a threat than our male peers.

        92. What is the percentage of female assholes and ratio of butch dykes to glam dykes commenting here? I would like a professional’s opinion.

        93. You and the powerful battalion of feminists disrupting this site should immediately ride forth and engage those Taliban SOBs in righteous female fury! Go girl. Sick ’em.

        94. Wink, wink baby, so how you doin? What brings you here fine little momma? Can I buy you a grape drank?

        95. Come on seriously. Is that a real word? Admit it. You just made that up. Heterosexist…pffft. My phone spellcheck puts it in quotations. If I use that in Scrabble and don’t get points, I am blaming you.

        96. No thanks. But I’m sure a Muslim refugee would gladly take you up on that offer.

        97. Unless.. the unattractive ones think they can decide what men should find attractive in the first place. There have been multiple campaigns to transform men’s taste. The “big girl is beautiful” stuff, now the transsexual acceptance movement. Like a normal man would ever accept somebody who had a penis once..

        98. ah yes we are Diseased Women…Untouchables…. just throw us in a tent for a week while we bleed or some shit lmao

        99. If you have met emotionally broken and damaged feminists, ask what made them that way and why feminism means so much to them. Also why hate on someone who needs help?

        100. Personally I’m too busy to bother with half the beauty upkeep the adverts try and sell me on. Got work man. I aint got time for brushing long ass hair or a makeup routine.

        101. i think you’re right to an extend up also the points you make at surface could be true, however, perhaps history didn’t allow women to take the roles of certain things, and in turn excel and dominate them.
          take math for example, are you a man? do you do it? okay well its okay because ill give you the point on distribution and the bell curve. maybe you lie on the lower end of the spectrum on that department. But mathematics was written by men, and historically women were not allowed to be mathematicians because the dynamics of older civilizations made the woman stay home and the man to work the farm. Historically women were the lesser sex and suppressed by men (historically) so yes, math and anything that entails brain power was left to be dealt with by men. As for now days, I disagree. I studied a math degree, and though there were lots of guys in my lectures there were a lot of women too… and guess who got the highest mark in most of the math classes, me 🙂 a female. The greatest discoveries were definitely men, but perhaps because the dynamics of life at that point didn’t allow women the opportunity to get in and discover these things….

        102. was there a study to link a negative correlation between IQ and criminal activity? this is the dumbest thing i have heard “Fewer female criminals. Fewer female geniuses” …

        103. Yes, we judge these men who transformed themselves into once testosterone fueled males to estrogen filled beta males, white knights and manginas!!! UUGH!!!

        104. It doesn’t matter where you live. Misogyny, sexism, cat calling, and etc. are still an issue. Sorry you can’t see that through your white male privilege.

        105. Of course none of the so called women are accountable for their decline! Typical liberal crap, blame it on the men!

        106. You women need to search and find the beta males, they are walking behind you licking up the scraps

        107. Nothing is more attractive than you’re degrading and disgusting attitude, Ellen. You’re probably horrid looking yourself since you feel the need to attack people on the internet.

        108. You been with too many manginas who never challenge themselves nor the women they try to hit on!

        109. Women are much better at wasting time making worthless signs as evident by all the females at the recent protests!!

        110. All the feminists are banging the alpha males on the side when their feminist cohorts are not watching.

        111. You’re completely missing the point. We’re not making fun of these girls, we’re pointing out the destructiveness of feminism on traditional feminine beauty. These ladies will either be very unhappy later in life, or will convince themselves that they don’t need a man and die alone. Sad really

        112. You make it seem like the majority of women are oppressed feminists.. what you don’t realize is there are plenty of women laughing at the feminist movement and are more than content to watch it crash and burn

        113. They certainly aren’t physically beautiful. And at the end of the day that’s all men really care about

        114. Duh. They don’t care what you think. They enjoy looking however they choose to look, not based on anyone else’s opinion. Its a great way to live. You should try it.

        115. God, you DO need to do a real good science research. Specially about smart, but anything else, men only had done more with it in the past in reason to something called patriarchy, do you know it? And being less emotional? You gotta be kidding me. Men has psychiatric problems because of that thing you guys tend to say, “Boys don’t cry” and stuff. You guys feel as much as us and if my physical is better than you, darling, I’ll be better at sports. So please, PLEASE, do a research. …Or you choose to remain ignorant by not verifying the things you say, and that’s kinda embarrassing, you know.

        116. Most low IQ women are ‘adopted’ by men who pay for them. She can have an IQ of 75, but if she has a firm body and a nice head she won’t starve to dead and have a roof over her head. No men get free stuff. High or low IQ, godlike body or fat as a potato.

        117. They obviously don’t care about job interviews either! Do you really think these girls are happy? Do you really think it’s a great way to live? I think they’re making a statement, and it’s not “I’m happy with my life.”

        118. True that. Women should not and can not “raise” men. What does a woman know about being a man? A boy needs a man in his life.
          As for women doing most things as well if not better? You’re deluding yourself.

        119. yes, there are plenty of women who have internalized misogyny so much that they ignore what happens to them and the women around them. what does that mean though? there are people within every marginalized group who have internalized their oppression and don’t see it. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. i know PLENTY of women who use to be opposed to and argue against it it but then eventually woke up. your point is moot.

        120. plugging your ears and yelling about how something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. all women suffer (all people suffer) the consequences of misogyny whether or not they recognize it as such.

        121. yes, getting paid less, getting abused more, 1/4 women being raped, women’s pain and health not being taken as seriously, women do all that to themselves. every woman i know has been abused and raped or assaulted and they’re doing it on their own. it’s not the men who are doing it. you’re right. america is number 50 something on the list of countries that are the most progressive and safe and inclusive for women because women are making it up. you’re right. thank you for this correction.

        122. thank you, i just don’t have the ability to watch completely illogical circle jerking go unchecked.

        123. honey idk what world you live in but women are brutalized on a regular basis in america. america is like number 50 on the list of countries best for women. please don’t tell women what they should or shouldn’t accept. you not understanding how they are oppressed is YOU not understanding. doesn’t make it not true. i don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been subjected to physical mental and sexual abuse from childhood to adulthood. not one.

        124. living in the suburbs and being wealthy doesn’t protect you from being abused and sexually assaulted or killed. and the wealthiest women in the most prestigious careers are STILL not seeing economic equality. there is also medical inequality. you could do your research and understand things beyond your scope of existence but instead you just blindly deny the struggles of people who aren’t you. which hurts every woman in your life as well as men. oppression of one group hurts all people. you’re doing nothing but harm by keeping your blinders up

        125. why do you think ugly is objective? why do you think that anybody in the world holds any kind of substance in what you find attractive? especially strangers that you don’t know? that’s the real question?

        126. i was talking about those girls in the pictures. And indeed, nobody force them to become ugly. I was only talking about this.

        127. oh yes. they are running around “breaking themselves”. glad to know you guys put thought into the bullshit you spew.

        128. what is ugly, though? a woman going against what she is told she should look like is a radical resistance to beauty standards put there by patriarchy. not only that, but beauty is subjective. ugly is subjective. what is beautiful or ugly to you means absolutely nothing to anybody else. it’s not like saying water is wet. it’s your completely subjective and completely worthless opinion on another person’s appearance… and they are OBVIOUSLY making a point by going AGAINST what they are told they should present as purposely… because of this very article. they are presenting how they want to present because they like it. that’s it. that’s all there is to it. and the radical point is to rebel against this very bullshit of an entire fucking disgusting and pedophilic collection of photos of them of a bunch of strange men they will neve rknow or care about saying what they should look like. nobody’s opinion means anything – at all. it’s not a difficult concept. but you’re all too wrapped up in sexism to even see it for a second

        129. that’s nothing to do with sexism, i assure you. it’s common sense. We will do the same if those pictures were showing men.
          See the first pic, you still pretend that the brunette with a half shaved hair is still more beautiful than what she was before ? please.
          but well of course, you are right, people like them choose the way they want to be and they are free to. And people like us, have the right to find these look just ugly and we are free to. At the end of the day, nobody is going to convince nobody that they are right and the others are wrong.
          secondly, if our opinions so meaningless, why you and all those people coming here to complain and play devil’s advocate so hardly. Why are you considering our “so worthless” opinions so seriously ?
          I did not see the point with “fucking disgusting and pedophilic collection of photos of them”.. do you imply that people here are the strange men you speak about ?

        130. WMP uttered! Lmao.
          We don’t have privilege. Why, we’re a hated race. A veritable moral minority.
          That makes you the pedestrian moral majority and us the cool punkers;*

        131. I’ve struggled to raise a family.
          But, I’m afraid I’m “white cis male.” Do I count?
          “Came from the bottom the bottom, to the top of the pots…”

        132. That’s a good troll. It made me laugh! Hat’s off.
          But if you truly believe what you spout, then know that the misandry bubble created this site and others like it. It wasn’t spontaneous combustion.
          I feel I can speak for most men on this site, that as an agregate,
          we WANT very much to cultivate happy, loving relationships with women, whether it be LTR’s or lasting marriages.
          I can attest to my marriage of close to 2 decades with kids, being successful due to adhering to my spiritual convictions. And in general, my views track along side with many of the tenets of sites like Rok.
          What may be disturbing to you, is that men are waking from “The Feminine Imperative” induced slumber, to the fact that Femenism, globalism and Social Marxism is not working for women, men and families.
          This is our echo chamber and I enjoy it’s company.
          You may want to seek out an echo chamber that better meets your pov.

        133. And that’s fine. They can ugly themselves from the genepool.
          With birthrates being so low in the west, it could happen.
          My teen and preteen sons were repulsed by the above pics (on right). They don’t need to be conditioned, because beauty isn’t a social construct. Attraction is chemical and therfore instinctive. But the after pics are a social construct.

        134. >beauty standards… subjective
          Nope. Beauty standards are basically health indicators. Ruddy cheeks, shiny hair, etc signal that the person is probably healthy, ergo that they’d be a good choice for your mate. But a person with flab, missing teeth, falling out hair, terrible posture, pasty or jaundiced skin, etc is probably not healthy.
          Sure, there are men who prefer fat women or whatever, but these tend to be fetishists. Or abusers who want a partner with low self-esteem they can easily control.

        135. Every woman you know? That means you have the tunnel vision that comes from living in a self imposed feminist ghetto.
          You think Muslims will treat you better? Is that why you people donned hijabs and chanted Allahu Akbar at the woman’s march? Or all the time in Europe?
          Because if you do, you’re a fool.

        136. So no objective beauty standards? Are there any standards anywhere? Anything objective at all? If not, you’ve just undermined all world views, including your own. Are you smart enough to realize this? If so, rectify yourself and get a better world view since your current world view contradicts itself.
          Or do you deny the principle of contradiction? Just more male logic? Then no one can ever say anything to anyone.

        137. You sound crass and unloved.
          You may want to find an echo chamber that tracks along with your pov.

        138. I’ve known about a baker’s dozen. Not the most happy and centered people. And honestly, quite toxic.
          I’ll pass.
          I’ve spent the latter part of 2 decades helping my wife to strip off the old personality, conditioned by feminist influenced education and pop culture.
          She’s much happier now.
          Not to mention, hotter;)
          “Feminism is cancer”

        139. You come off lonely and unloved. I’m sorry if that’s the case.
          There’s no “us.” I don’t “control” any carousel rider to be “attractive” to my tastes.
          No ma’am, I’m a one woman man in a loving relationship of almost 2 decades. 3 chord strong, if you catch the meaning.
          She’s much happier and centered, now that she’s shed the preconditioned Social Marxism and Femenism. She’s also much sexier now than in hs. Not many girls can pull that off.
          Yep, anniversary is right around the corner.
          Gonna’ take my lovin’ girl out for a fine dinner, drinks and then…
          It’ll be a snail trail from the front door all the way to the bedroom.

        140. That depends. How much do you weigh in proportion to your height?
          Even betas have standards.

        141. ah yes bc i HAVE to be fat dont i? it wouldn’t fit into your world view if i was hot asf would it?

        142. Read a book? Man, if you really think he’s right and that I’m the one who’s embarrassing myself… I’m really curious about what kind of books you’re reading. We’re talking ’bout reality, not ficcional books, ok? 🙂

        143. Statistically that is not correct. Western women are the most privileged in the world, have the least amount of violence, and are the most likely to be believe in a he-said, she-said DV situation. That is a commonly accepted – yet very sick – characteristic of our culture.
          I can definitely say from firsthand experience that women in other countries do not have the same extreme snowflake treatment that western women do, and often really do have to deal with violence, rape, or a variety of other things.
          I find it fascinating that the women with the best lives in the world whine the most and make the most outrageous, pathetic claims; yet women in other countries with real problems seldom behave in such a dysfunctional manner.

        144. I’m still waiting for that “white privilege” check to come in.
          I’m really confused: I had to struggle from a young age to get where I am, never had it easy, was a part of black-on-white random violence, and repeatedly got a harsher treatment than my female peers in academic and work environments.
          Tell me again how I’m privileged?

        145. There will never be equality between the sexes. Humans have been alive for 10s of thousands of years. Throughout history, it has been man that has done the hunting, the lifting, the fighting, the building, etc. Sure, some women have pitched in and helped out here and there.. But tell me, how many women construction workers do you know? In all likelihood, 0. How does it feel knowing that the phone/laptop you’re using, was invented by a man. The house you’re living in, was built by men. They city you live in. That too was built by all men.
          You and your pathetic feminist movement are not going to overwrite thousands of years of natural selection by bitching and moaning that life is so unfair, that you’re being oppressed, and all that blah blah blah.
          If women are so equal to guys and it’s just oppression, why don’t men and women compete in professional sports against one another? Oh wait, it’s because men would unequivocally crush any female competition. You can take any sport, and I guarantee you, women would not win any game once. Not one win. We could play forever and women would never win

        146. Women thrive on getting things for free. If you told a bunch of women that by getting up and marching on the streets of Washington that they would get a free goodie bag at the end they would do it.
          Internalized misogyny? You mean natural order lol. Why is it that beautiful, feminine women are naturally submissive/enjoy being dominated? Oh I think I know the answer. They understand their place in society.
          Quit trying to be like men, you’re not cut out for it.

        147. Yeah, and nothing is uglier than a fat, tattoo covered, cigarette huffing, liquor chugging bimbo in her 40’s who morphed from the girl next door to common trailer trash.

        148. 1. Physicality. Not gonna lie, you’re right there. On average, men are physically stronger than women. However, training and discipline are often far greater assets than brute strength.
          2. Intelligence. You’re kidding, right? I’d like to introduce you to Rosalind Frank, who discovered DNA’s double-helix structure. Hedy Lamarr, who invented Spread Spectrum Technology- AKA, wireless communication and the reason we have WiFi- to send coded messages for the Allies during WWII. Marie Curie. I assume you know who she is.
          3. Mathematics: I’d like to present Ada Lovelace, who developed the first computer program. And guess who wrote most of NASA’s code and formulas during the Space Race in the 50’s and 60’s? That’s right. Women. Katherine Johnson. Look her up.
          4. Leadership: Do yourself a favor and google Ching Shih. Queen Elizabeth I. Eleanor Roosevelt. Joan of Arc. Cleopatra. Queen Victoria. Boudicca. Audrey Hepburn (who was a courier for Holland’s anti-Nazi resistance in her teen years and became a UNICEF ambassador upon retirement. Whose “envied” figure was the result of malnourishment during the Nazi occupation of Holland. Yet we remember her as pretty.)
          5. Emotional: Less emotional? It’s men who lose their heads over an over-glorified game of fetch. It’s John Adams who wrote the Alien and Sedition Acts (which forbade any criticism of the president) because he couldn’t tolerate being mocked by the media.
          “Men tend to be tougher.” “Men are more violent and/or brave than women.” (First of all, I sincerely hope you are aware that violence is NOT synonymous with bravery.) Lyudmila Pavlichenko. The Russian Night Witches. Annie Oakley. Ching Shih. Women in ancient Sparta. Research them, and then I dare you to come back here and say that again.
          If you’re going by “statistics,” I hope you know that most women throughout history published their discoveries under male pseudonyms, as they knew women weren’t taken seriously. Your statistics are inherently faulty. (And unfortunately, this is still a modern issue. JK Rowling published the Harry Potter series under her initials because she knew to do otherwise would drive away male readers. She now has the highest selling book of all time and is the first author to become a billionaire).
          I dare any of you pigs to research these women and come back here and tell me that women aren’t your equals. I. Dare. You.
          You know what? Don’t even bother telling me. Call up your mother and tell her that she’s inferior to you. Tell your wife that all she’s good for is having children and making you a sandwich. Look your daughter in the eyes, and tell her that she’s less valued than her brother and that she’s destined for a life in the kitchen.
          Screw your statistics. Learn your history.

        149. Move to the Middle East, and I guarantee you’ll be crawling back on your hands and knee. You women are phukin retarded.

        150. Maybe you should have some respect for men, that fought 2 phuking world wars, with over 70,000,000+ dead so you can spout your BS on this site. Phuking KYS, you scum. GTFO this site kunt.

        151. so because there is a region who is worse in some aspects to women than this region, we should pretend that we have no problems? you’re the one who sounds FUCKING stupid and unable to form a critical thought and i’m not a woman, either???

        152. I’m … a man. so idk who you’re talking to, but that was such a fucking mess that it doesn’t even deserve a response.

        153. see that’s why proper education is important. you guys have been only fed the contributions men and white people have made to society. women and people of color are to thank for an endless list of inventions we use. but that’s what sexism and white supremacy does. manipulates the world to only see white men as contributors so that you all see women and people of color as useless. and it works, obviously. people are easily manipulated.
          now, ontop of all of the women and POC whose work has been covered up – keeping women and POC out of industries also contributes to there not being more / more well known.
          let me google that for you –
          ( https://www.google.com/search?q=inventions+by+people+of+color&oq=inventions+by+people+of+color&aqs=chrome..69i57.5678j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
          women and POC who invented the internet – http://msmagazine.com/blog/2012/06/04/the-women-and-people-of-color-who-invented-the-internet/
          8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For – http://www.motherjones.com/media/2013/10/ada-lovelace-eight-inventions-women-erasure-credit
          7 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without Black People – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/28/black-inventions_n_4877195.html )
          but currently we live in a time where it’s VERY easy to educate yourself on the things that you’ve been misinformed about and if you don’t then you just don’t want to. and that’s an issue for you that unfortunately keeps patriarchy going. hwich is harmful to everybody.
          the rest of your comment is trash and just shows that you’re an unreasonable and hateful person.

        154. no, beauty standards are not objective. they’re subjective and change with society’s change… and they are put in place by patriarchy and beyond that, beauty standards for everybody is put in place by commercialism

        155. what is a feminist ghetto? yes, every woman i know – from all over the country, from all walks of life… have all been victims to male violence. every one of them. why do you insist that the only people capable of oppressing women are Muslims? when every other religion has aspects of oppression? when every other religion has extremists who commit violence against them? have you ever considered that?

        156. i hate to break it to you but women of all body types have low self esteem… and you’re just proving more of a point that men are abusers… so? none of the women in the photos have anything to do with health. just alternative styles. try again?

        157. So there’s no such thing as Beauty then. So you can keep your pink hair to keep the pink hair dye companies in business.
          You’ve just endorsed Capitalism as the Ultimate Reality – even as you try to criticize them. Glad I never took any of these type of classes where you learned this stuff – there’s obviously no critical thinking involved at all.

        158. Yes, you want to see all women as victims so you associate with other women who want the same thing. Then you think it’s Objective Reality. But it isn’t.
          Obviously Islam is the greatest threat to Human Freedom in the world today. And that includes women’s rights since women are people. You like them because you see them as allies against us. That’s how much you hate us – that you would ally with people who are against everything you believe in. Hatred indeed.

        159. You’re not even a cunt? ROFLMAO that just makes it worse you mewling mangina.
          Guys like you will be made to stack up the bodies of your buddies when the time comes. You will be saved for last.

        160. How dare you call yourself after a movie character that, while FAKE, was more of a man than you will ever be?

        161. Yeah, but they don’t enjoy the fact that everyone else thinks they look like retarded clowns.

        162. They’ve just replaced your entire brain with a pile of bullshit, haven’t they?
          The ENTIRE WORLD agrees on what is attractive. Freaks like you are the exception.

        163. Back in the day shaving a woman’s head was considered a BRUTAL PUNISHMENT.
          No woman would have EVER done it to herself.

        164. The REAL threat is those who are inviting these alien invaders in. Muslims aren’t inviting other muslims to invade.

        165. A misogynist is just a man that hates women almost as much as they hate each other.

        166. See, you guys, here’s a woman TELLING us that it’s just women TRYING TO BE LIKE MEN even though everyone knows men are pigs and women are better! YOU GO, GRRL!

        167. Nobody, but NOBODY is worried about you fucking losers. WE ARE MOCKING YOU you morons.

        168. No, they’re teaching it to themselves of their own free will you dimwit.
          Strangely, they are naturally agreeing with almost everyone else IN THE WORLD.

        169. Sad because nobody is hot enough to touch his wiener.
          Because of leftist politics and technology.
          Perfect RoK storm.

        170. Batman turned a nobody into the Joker.
          If anything, the reactionary wing of the (R) party turned a game show show host into the most powerful figurehead in the Western World because were afraid of the leftward shift in social norms, like those promoted by feminism.
          Really a bunch of scared middle-aged boys, afraid to compete in a global market, with people who don’t worship like them, or *gasp* women.

        171. it’s unlikely that a woman would present us any more a threat than our male peers
          Maybe not physically, but have you ever had a female boss?

        172. I’m glad that you’re allowing young people to make their own decisions about what beauty means to them.

        173. “Why is is that beautiful, feminine women are naturally submissive/enjoy being dominated? Oh I think I know the answer.”
          let me point you to your previous paragraph:
          “Women thrive on getting things for free. If you told a bunch of women
          that by getting up and marching on the streets of Washington that they
          would get a free goodie bag at the end they would do it.

        174. The word you appear to be looking for is Eunuch. A male feminist is called an Eunuch. Either that or you are the “T” in LGBT

        175. Anybody interested in a committed monogamous relationship, maybe?

        176. Men Going Our Own Way are making communities for ourselves. We are NOT lonely!

        177. Of course we have free time!!! We do not have a woman in our life spending so much we need to spend 75 hrs per week at work just to get the bills paid, only to be told by Mrs-stay-at-home when we get home to do the chores she was to lazy to do!

        178. Without feminists, sjws, and the politically correct group Donald Trump would not have stood a chance. As it is he won by a LANDSLIDE because everybody was pissed off! Oh, the republican elite were not all that fond of Mr. Trump, and his supporters was not all that fond of the republican elite either.

        179. But how many women are dressing up and acting that way because the feminists are telling them to?

        180. They ARE using birth control, or did you not notice how unattractive to men that they CHOSE to be?

        181. Marie Curie? So, you assume that she was French? NO. She was MARIA SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE. POLISH. Just don’t copy Western propaganda. Thank you.

        182. Hi Ellen. I heard Gavin McInnis say the same thing on Fox one day, and I’d like a source for this. Do you know of a good one I could read?

        183. This is a very good question, and I think it has to do with how people engage in so much expected sex, which God designed to be special, and then feel very abused by the “patriarchy” they believe is at fault.
          God says fornicators and adulterers will be judged. I would say these women are experiencing judgement, because no one forced them to have sex with another. It was their decision, and they are experiencing the result.
          Repent to God, and receive the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.

        184. Ask how many of those women participate in having sex outside of marriage.

        185. wtf i find this offensive. why are you insinuating that being a black lesbian woman is a freak? Im also a muslim on top of all 3 does that make me a freak?

        186. thats white feminism. there are women around the world who don’t get to walk freely on the streets thats the feminism most people refer to, white feminism is the things upper class privileged women whine about like free the nipple and getting free drinks and faking a rape to get revenge on their bf etc.

        187. Men wouldn’t even let women into school until a century ago how could they discover anything?

        188. One problem is that site uses “female labor force participation” as a metric of if a country is good for women, not counting that participation is a choice women make, a choice most men don’t get to make.

        189. Japan being isolated for hundreds of years, still likes things in women like pale skin, thinness, long hair, long nails, elegant modest clothing, etc that everyone else does. The standards are biological because we’re monkeys. Does a horse in one part of the world not look for the same things in a mate as a horse in another? We’re all the same species so we all will like the same things in a mate.

        190. Maybe because you count “male violence” as trivial bullshit like a man complimenting you or flirting with you, which as we know should always be treated as a serious crime… except you beg for and crave that attention too.

        191. They damge themselves by indoctrination, and insult and cheapen the pain of those who have genuinely affected by those things. Fake emotional turmoil is as bad as fake news.

        192. You forgot your /sarcasm tag, because it would be insane to try to make such a claim and pretend to be sincere.
          Only about 1-2 of ALL the women I’ve ever known have been “assualted”, and others have liked or used the claim as a validation/attention-getting device, as we’ve come to see happens today.
          If you think American women aren’t some of the most privileged in the world, you haven’t been far in the world. I have, and I’ve seen it firsthand.

        193. “so because there is a region who is worse in some aspects to women than this region, we should pretend that we have no problems?” WHAT problems? ‘Manspreading, mansplaining?’ Dear god! Someone is offended and needs a safe space! Somebody call the calvary!

        194. what is to like about someone willing to tear someone else’s life appart like this woman did: https://imgur.com/a/61kJc#cShZRGf
          what is to like, about someone who manipulates, Lies to herself so well she believes her own bullshit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZOYVvBbPik
          What is to like, about someone willing to have 500 miles of dick rammed through them 6-8 inches at a time? https://youtu.be/NLQ7DSgYwkY?t=1m13s
          What is to like, about a woman filled to overflowing with greed, that she is willing to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-xSVDpoan4 And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdhQjT9HVLQ
          To be Viscerally honest, I’m indifferent on your “hatred of women bullshit” I really do not care, I have bills to pay, i have a cable bill i need to sort out tomorrow and most importantly…
          I have my own life to live.

        195. >I dare any of you pigs to research these women and come back here and tell me that women aren’t your equals. I. Dare. You.
          Why would you want to be equal with men? Being a man comes not just with advantages. Men suicide more and die more in wars and accidents. More men are garbagemen. More men are CEO’s too, but whats obvious that as a man you can go very high or very low.
          Do you as women really want to emulate that? I dont see alot of women wanting to fight wars or become garbagemen so I guess not.

        196. 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted. Monetary privilege is undeniable, but that does not discount the other means by which women are harmed in our culture. That said, it is also not a justifying cause to point out how much better women have it in our country – this does not make what happens here somehow ok.
          I’m curious, do you think its possible that women in our country “whine” because they have for the first time in our recorded history as humans reached a state where they have a enough safety to speak up for women as a whole? Women have been undeniably brutalized for ages. The idea that now when they have greater rites, freedom, and a modicum of safety, they should shut up and be grateful for what they have is derived from an isolationist mentality that disregards the interwoven nature of our global community.
          the number of women in utter slavery, whose bodies are desecrated around the world is staggering. And I would offer that the same mentality that seeds these acts still resides in our culture, though diminished, well hidden, and subtlety denied and overlooked.
          I hear you, we have little place to complain here in the states, and yet, perhaps this is a revolutionary forum (the US I mean), unique in that we can actually get fucking angry, cry out for our rites, look at what has been the same way for eons, and roar at what has been unjust, and do so without getting killed, enslaved, or beaten.
          Women need a voice and a space they can speak what needs to be spoken, as do men, children, gays, lesbians. Holding these voices back is a sign of insecurity around what our own beliefs tell us is true. Why are we needing to fight and attack unless we are uncertain of what we find to be authentic in our own understanding of reality and life?
          Sorry, that got pretty ranty. I’m not attempting to insight tit for tat bullshit, but I’m honestly interested in why there is such a hard interest in keeping women quiet and unexpressed, be it their clothing and style, or their political and social voices… ?

        197. You believe this is an ideological movement. It looks to me like young women attempting to express themselves in a historically dominative environment towards women. When someone has incurred serious trauma on a psychosomatic level, be that in war, assault, or even accidental injury, the body maintains the pain and emotional disturbance. At some point in order for the body mind to re-organize itself it must express these late emotions -in a sense discharge them from the the system so that coherence can be reintegrated. Women have for eons been subjugated to awful treatment, this is documented and easily verified. Now there is space and freedom for expression in our current era. If you were freed from prison you’ed likely scream out with great intensity too. Why not let her express? why is there a need to criticize and dominate her again so quickly. I can only think its a fear of losing control of her. Am I right?

        198. Where did these photos come from? is there a direct correlation drawn between feminism and these women? Seems like unfounded bs to me. If you even glance at the history of fashion it follows a line that now in our current time is what’s called post modernism -the destruction of norms and systems, a chaotic display. The small view that this is somehow feminism is your own story that helps justify a contempt for women. Where are the pictures of men doing the same thing with their hair and bodies? Men lost their shit in the 20’s when women started cutting their hair short, they were called whorse and invalids. The historical context of this semi-retarded post is bafflingly short sighted. If you keep writing the facts to meet your subjective view point you will live only with those that believe the same as you, you will become ridged and afraid anything different, and you will discontinue any personal growth. A requisite for growth in intelligence is viewing the greater picture and a willingness and flexibility to see things from more then your own tiny angle.

        199. 1 in 4 women are not sexually assaulted. There is NO statistical evidence to support such an outrageous claim, and it clearly defies even common sense to believe such a ludicrous statement.
          It is insane to believe that 1 in 4 women has been sexually assaulted. And any statments & line of thought you’ve made based on this I’m going to disregard, because, they’re meaningless and you’re letting yourself be emotionally manipulated by feminist propaganda – which has been debunked numerous times – instead of using your own mind to make rational conclusions based on facts an d sound reason.
          it is also not a justifying cause to point out how much better women have it in our country
          Yes, it is. We here call out the hypocrisy of western women: they’re the most privileged, most spoiled, and most protected section of the female population in the world, and yet are whining about “first world problems.”
          It is ridiculous to see American/Canadian/etc women get into a huff about men taking up space on a subway train (“manspreading”), claiming equality (while at the same time demanding special treatment from men), and benefiting from a preferential legal system and workplace agenda that gives elevates their treatment above men – while in other parts of the world, there are indeed real problems with how other societies treat the female population.
          Feminists/broken/damaged women actually get into protests about the most trivial topics and yet they remain silent about rape, honor killings, child brides forced into marriage, genital mutilation, beatings, and other legitimate and well-known abuse that exists in other cultures.
          On a regular basis women claim to want “equality” but in the same examples, videos, or interviews, they state they should be treated special be men. The level of hypocrisy is amazing.
          I have been to a number of countries, and the women weren’t even close to the wealth and entitlement that western women typically have, and were often treated far more harshly, and yet they were far more pleasant to be around.
          Feminism is a cult-like ideology where a false sense of victimhood is needed else it can’t exist – because western women are treated so much better, that if you don’t lie and make up problems, there’s nothing there to get upset about.
          If you are so gullible as to believe ridiculous made-up claims feminists would have you believe, then I cannot have a legitimate discussion with you.
          Anyone who gives up their rational logic and common sense for an emotional ideology has lost their ability to use critical thinking. You’re in for a very miserable, unproductive life in that case.

        200. When China was isolated, they preferred larger women as a symbol of good health. Ditto Samoa. There is no such thing as universal beauty standards.

        201. You should probably go out and meet more women then. Pick up a dictionary on your way, because oppression has an actual definition.

        202. That’s a comparative ranking of GENDER PARITY among countries in the world. First of all, these are qualitative rankings, and that means they’re horse shit, but more importantly: “The rankings are compiled by calculating gender-based gaps in accessing resources such as education, healthcare and opportunities to participate in political and economic processes.” How do these statistics hold direct relevancy to the ways in which the US deals with assault, rape, etc? Oh, that’s right…they don’t.

        203. We do live in a time where its very easy to educate yourself on the things that you’ve been misinformed about. I randomly clicked one of your links and Ada Lovelace was the first thing to display, along with this quote:
          “Lovelace was the first to describe how computing machines could solve math problems, write new forms of music, and much more, if you gave them instructions in a language they could understand.”
          Yeah, that’s not how it happened. Lovelace was working on IDEAS for CHARLES BABBAGE’s analytical engine, which was a proposed successor to his difference engine (essentially a big ass calculator that could ALREADY solve math problems). While the patent office may do so, history does not give due credit for merely thinking of something, because none is due. The first general purpose computer was built almost 100 years after her death.

        204. ONLY females are agreeing with you, fruitcake.
          I don’t believe you are a man, and if you are, your hands are too soft, you’ve been counting money all your life. We’re talking about SHARKING, not some yacht race.

        205. There’s no way in hell this is a man. This is total female “logic” on display, here.

        206. Yes, it DOES make them ugly. You can do whatever you want to look like a clown, but you can’t force others to think it’s beautiful.

        207. The ONLY thing they can do better than men is have babies. THAT’S IT.
          Killing their own babies is not nurturing and loving them. Men hardly ever kill their own children, women do it by the millions.

        208. You certainly aren’t better at grammar or spelling, that’s for sure.

        209. Yes, that is really strange. You’ve got something wrong with you.

        210. Not that kind! Very frankly, a contest could be held on physically, alone, who is the ugliest.
          No normal person would even think for a milisecond, to take any of them seriously.
          Shep, these are perfect specimens of “womyn!”

        211. You need to see a superb opthamologist to have whatever ails you from seeing properly, to be taken care of STAT!!!!
          Every member of my 7 member family, (3 are in college or masters program), l have 3 older sons. Everybody thought these women were not just ugly, but hideously ugly. The most important parts of them, their hearts, we bet are extremely ugly as well.
          Then they will wonder, why no man with a modicum and scintella of intelligence, would ever dream of thinking they are attractive!!!
          How positively sickening, that instead of beautifying what the Almighty gave them, they purposely seek to mutilate and make themselves hideous looking!! The bottom line is: Ugly is, what ugly does!!!

        212. You’re right. English is not my native language, I’m a Englidh student. I’m used to read everything I can in English, that’s how I ended up here. Can you tell me all of my mistakes? I’ll be really thankful!

        213. You are the reason why sex robots will take off. You will have zero market value and you will be taking cooking lessons and begging for men in the streets for a date. You can buy one as well but he will never tell you that he loves you. It’s going to go back to the days where women had to be polite and classy not sleep with 50+ guys marry for money and never give head. Sex robots will finally be what destroys third wave feminism and launches the era of Make Kings, go bring someone a beer while you still have a chance.

        214. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it is not that relative!

        215. Also you never see Western feminists who give two shits about women in other countries who are actually subjected to abuses on a regular basis. They actually support Islam, and Sharia law.

        216. Yep, I recall a video or two where this subject was brought up.
          These idiotic feminists either avoided the subject or walked away and refused to discuss it. A few looked stunned and didn’t have much to say. But generally you can expect an arrogant, condescending response of lack thereof.
          Feminism is for first-world privileged women. I’ve been to other parts of the world, and some of it is ugly. These western women are the same kind who look down on or ignore the locals when they travel abroad. Disgustingly arrogant and very entitled.

        217. hey Qunt, why are you avoiding the question? You hang around women so much you have become like one yourself. Arabs will fucking rape YOU AND YOUR WOMEN. But even then you will still find something bad to say about white men. This is why you are hilarious.

        218. Sexism is a term that has lost its meaning. That’s what happens when you use a word without any respect for its actual meaning. Sexist, racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, islamophobe. All Newspeak. All garbage terms meant to provoke some emotional reaction from the listener. Why are you so angry? Is it perhaps because your words are not the only impotent thing about you?
          The elite are proud of you. Without you, their plan for global domination would be thwarted by the evul paetriarchee!

        219. Stop trying to talk logic into someone religiously devoted to denying reality. This shit is a black hole.

        220. The definition of white privilege is this: The ability of non white people to blame all of their personal problems and failings on white people.
          The definition of male privilege is this: The ability of everybody that is not a man (such as women, trannies, etc.) to blame all of their personal problems and failings on men.
          As such “White Male Privilege” is not possessed by white men, it is possessed by everybody else.

        221. @[email protected]:disqus “If you have met emotionally broken and damaged feminists, ask what made them that way and why feminism means so much to them. Also why hate on someone who needs help?”
          My thoughts exactly. He didn’t write the article to rise awareness and help women like these (and it’s of course his personal assumption they’re in need of help – and that making them change their appearance is the first thing that need to be done). He did this to shame women back to the kitchen. Basically every single point he makes is “these women don’t please my manly eye. so I have right to shame them back to be a good little obedient wife”.

        222. Chinese have never been chubby chasers, are you insane?
          Show me an old Chinese painting of fat women.

        223. The definition of white privilege is this: The ability of non white people to blame all of their personal problems and failings on white people.
          The definition of male privilege is this: The ability of everybody that is not a man (such as women, trannies, etc.) to blame all of their personal problems and failings on men.
          As such “White Male Privilege” is not possessed by white men, it is possessed by everybody else.

      3. The only ugly I see is all the little boys thinking shame or jealousy will make us come running to serve you. Silly little boys, we only go after men who are secure in themselves. You all are to weak for us. What do you call that? Beta men? Right you all think you’re the alphas but you are weak and fragile.

        1. Let me guess. Fat ugly feminist?
          The funny part is, this article isn’t so much “lol uggos” as it’s pointing out that women are intentionally doing this to themselves because they think that they are rebelling.

        2. If you dont want to be miserable and lonely the last 40 years of your life, you’ll need to consider a mans perspective on beauty at some point. 5 million men visit this site per month. Where are the strong men you speak of? Jezabel? Huffington post? This site posts articles on finance, fitness, wellness, negotiations, politics and culture.
          Youre welcome to interact but it would behoove you to learn that these topics are in the minds of every man you know. Some prefer to hide it in their antimale society.

        1. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? or are the sacred forces at play i.e. evolutionary/biological need for the human race to survive?

    2. …”may take the form of various colors, sounds, or odors…”
      Yup. Sounds like feminism. Red hair, off putting smells, and autistic screeching.

    3. Absolutely hilarious how this entire page+ is just the arguement in this thread. The gents in the scuffle forget, you can’t change anyones mind with reason, especially women. You can only mock them into submission.

    4. Dude this is fucking hilarious. I really forget that there’s a giant population of cavemen out there? Do you not realize how fucking dumb you are? Have you never peeked your head outside of the safe, comfortable rocks you live under? Have you ever read any books beyond the bible? And do you not even understand that you are a dying breed, women are becoming free, and they no longer give a shit what wife-beaters like you fucking think. Man this is a triiiip

      1. Cunt, you are fucking pathetic. No one has forgotten that you’re just a butt-hurt widdle girl that creates sock-puppets to spit up the same old kid-like insults. Do you not realize how fucking idiotic you are? Have you never looked beyond your all-about-me world? Have you read anything outside of xojane.com? Do you not understand that neo-femmies like you are a self-destructing breed? You don’t speak for all women. You’re a troll and a total loser of a human. Get a life.
        Take a hike troll.

        1. You mean I don’t speak for the domesticated cattle that you use for sex and sandwiches? If they knew how good it feels to be free from your clutches you would be alone for the rest of your boring waste of a life.

        2. Nope…. I mean that you don’t speak for women who are well-adjusted. Most women don’t blame others for their own failures by playing victim. You should get over yourself. You’re not a martyr. You are just a mess. You’re a childish little loser that thinks “feelings” make you right.

    5. You’re biting the hook so hard I can’t even take you seriously… It’s not their interest to please men’s eye. That’s just common sense, you could tell from the photos it’s not their goal. Bad for you if you feel it’s a loss that not _all_ women want to please men, there’s still (and always will be) plenty of “traditional looking” women you can spend your time with. As well as you might take your right to judge the looks of women, women might take their right to step outside the “beauty norms”. It’s up to every individual to do what they want with their lives. If you think all of women are going to go for extreme looks like these ones, you’re either pretty delusional or want to throw fuel on political flames.

  2. To be fair, an equally disturbing article could be done with most of the women who live in sally jesse Rafael country showing pictures of them when they are 19 year old blonde little darlings and when they are 25 year old fat cows — being an insane leftist isn’t the only thing ruining women.

  3. 12 and any of the others with nose or any piercing besides one of two in the earlobes were already quite damaged. Any White American girl who wants to look like a Ubangi is “f’d” up.

    1. Yup. Just as bad as the face and body piercings.
      But then again, they are almost as bad on males as well.
      Not sure why anyone would want tattoos.

    2. The stories that accompany the tattoos are just as bad.
      “This represents when my grandmother died.” Like you’re the first person in the world with a dead grandma — she’s dead with or without the butterfly two-inches north of your ass crack.
      “I got this because I was the first person in my family to graduate college.” Neat story, whore. Funny, they gave me a diploma when I earned my degree — didn’t you get one of those, too?
      It’s unbearable listening to that shit.

        1. Only we all know that “I’d rather not talk about that one……” really means “I want to talk about that one”

      1. Ah, you mean the grandmother she neither called nor visited, but made a long-winded Facebook post about in order to receive a couple hundred likes and several “Prayin 4 U” comments?

      2. Listening to a woman rationalize her dumbest life choices is one of the fastest ways to utterly annihilate attraction.

    3. I have to disagree. It’s good to see a poison sign right away and avoid it than wasting game time by jabbering with the dipshit.

      1. Ha ha….. funny story…. guy I know was in Ibiza years ago. Hooked up with a bird at some of the all nighters…..anyhoo his date for the night was wearing a choker…. they decided to head out back for some oral pleasure….. a few seconds into the blowjob the choker started to move…. it was covering an Adams apple…..yeugh!!! I think he still went through with the job…..

        1. ooofa. no good there. I just always figured that any girl wearing a choker has won some dick sucking competition

        2. That must be some fucking coke. I’ve done coke but never was high enough for that. Maybe he got his coke from the same person that sold Lot the wine that was strong enough for him to have a valid excuse to bang both his daughters after the destruction of sodom and Gomorrah

        3. Back when I was still in Uncle Sam’s Airplane Club, I had a coworker that swore he knew a bar in Bangkok where you get a toothless knob job for fifty cents. The only caveat was not to look under the table since the old man was usually pretty ugly…

        4. No it doesn’t count because his daughters got him drunk and then fucking him while he was fucked up

        5. Some of those stories, Like Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of pottage and Jacob tricking his old man into giving him the blessing by wearing a sheep’s hide.

        6. oh there are tons. Elisha calling down 2 she bears to maul a bunch of kids for making fun of him for being bald.
          Oddly enough, I think the really absurd stories deserve a lot of attention. Cultural differences aside, even in biblical times Esau selling his birth right, Elisha having children murdered for teasing him, Lot banging his daughters, that whole business with Tamar and so many others must have seemed ludicrous. However, there they are, preserved for thousands and thousands of years. So I try to pay extra special attention to them because if these absurdities made the cut there must be something in them…something that I believe probably gets overlooked far too often.

        7. I think many of them are just stories made to teach principles. Yeah, don’t tease some old guy about his baldness. He might send bears after you.
          Don’t beat your (donkey), it might just start talking back to you and tell you it is just trying to keep you safe from an angel.

        8. That is a very common way to look at it (when these stories are considered at all) and it makes sense as a moral story. But some of them are so out there that I wonder if there is something really at the core of them. Someone once told me that he believes the bible is 100% literally true but that people just aren’t smart enough to understand it. I am not sure I really believe him, but I liked where he was coming from. I would like to think that in some of the more far out there stories there is more than just morals about teaching principles, that there is something to it. That’s just the old philosopher in me though.

        9. Yup….I actually meant the guy I know probably had some Molly, etc., as well as some coke….I used to hang out with him and a few other guys and it wasn’t unknown to do some Charlie, then throw some Ecstasy on top for good measure….. great fun but the come down lasted days!! Not worth it….

        10. I remember the story of Lot and leaving the city, his wife looking back and turning to a pillar of salt. Didn’t realise the daughters got him drunk and “lay with him”. Ha ha, doubt his wrinkly old cock was up to the job….

        11. I remember when chokers were just fashion. Good Gawd almighty! I am feeling very old and old fashioned.

        12. I remember nights like that. One night in a club I was fucking this one bitch and she kept screaming “Help Don’t” which I assume was her boyfriends name

        13. Or at least building up her hours for some kind of accreditation right ? Like an apprenticeship at least…

        14. There you go. Don’t do drugs, because the next thing you know, you’re throat-fucking a queer in an alley. (I think Nancy Reagan said that first, or something like it.)

      2. Hey, if we’re doing funny choker stories, I’ve got a few.
        So, once I was teaching a girl to suppress her gag reflex, holding onto a spiked leather choker and guiding her movements.
        Then, I started making comical faces at her to test eye contact and she started laughing, well, that was a bit too stimulating so I let loose, and she wound up snorting cum out of her nose. Used to, I could sit across from her sharing a milkshake, make that face, and we would both just crack up…good times, good times.

        1. Interesting you should say that…
          my only advice is you’ll want some very thick-walled rubbers or be really quick with your dips and hips…of course, you could always just pour some in her mouth, but I didn’t think of that until just now.

        2. I was actually a little terrified you were going to respond….now I find that fear was justified…

    1. you’re right, a piece of jewelry should definitely have awful assumptions made about it. You should totally judge someone for what they wear.

      1. Judging these women is actually quite easy, because they’re LOUDLY signalling who and what they are……in a very obvious manner, via their physical appearance.
        If you wear the uniform of a police officer, then you’ll be judged based upon what you wear.
        If you wear the uniform of a slut, then you’ll be judged based upon what you wear.
        If I look at a woman, and she has either slutty clothes or non-feminine ugly clothes…..and if she also has shaven eyebrows, a green shaven head, hipster glasses, painful body looking piercings, and lots of ugly tattoos….then guess what?
        Then that means that she’s wearing the “uniform” of a mentally damaged leftist.
        Happy and MENTALLY HEALTHY women do NOT:
        * shave off their eyebrows
        * shave their heads
        * dye their hair red, blue, or green
        * become morbidly obese
        * cover their bodies in painful-looking piercings
        * cover their bodies with ugly tattoos
        * have a dead look in their eyes
        Just by looking at these women, we can identify what their belief structures are. Here’s my personal “judgement” of what I know about the women in those photographs:
        * These women are Millennials.
        * They’re not conservative.
        * They’re not traditional.
        * They don’t vote Republican.
        * They either vote Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, or they don’t vote at all.
        * They are all socially liberal and leftist.
        * They’re all probably RADICAL liberal leftists, and probably support various SJW causes.
        * As radical leftists, they’re probably cultural nihilists…..although I promise you that they are not self-aware enough to fully realize this.
        * They all believe that they are “rebelling” against the “white cis-hetero-patriarchy.”
        * Their sense of style strongly CONFORMS to that of other radical leftists and SJWs.
        * Most of these women are white, and most of them feel “white guilt”.
        * Most of these women at least passively support the domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter.
        * Most of these women are college educated.
        * Most of these women are upper-middle class whites.
        * Most of these women (if not all of them) are third wave feminists.
        * Most of these feminists ignore the abuse of Muslim women in Islamic communities and countries.
        * Most of these women believe in “white male privilege”, despite the fact that upper-middle class white western Millennial women are some of the most privileged people on the planet.
        * Most of these women are either indifferent to, or hostile towards Christianity.
        * Very few of those women are devout Christians.
        * Most of these women are either indifferent to, or friendly towards Islam.
        * Most of these women are “pro-Open Borders”.
        * Most (if not all) of these women are “pro-choice”. Take note that 41% of American women are OPPOSED to abortion (“pro-life”).
        * Most of these women are suffering from some type of depression or other mental illness.
        * All of these women would make poor mothers and wives.
        * Most of these women are sluts, and would have trouble maintaining a long-term, loving, monogamous relationship.
        * Most of these women are not very good at pair bonding with a man.
        * Most of these women hate Donald Trump (even though half the nation voted for him; MORE THAN HALF…..if we don’t count California or the illegals).
        * Most of these women did NOT have a proper father figure (and it shows).
        That is my JUDGEMENT of these women, based upon their clothing, hipster glasses, clownish non-feminine hairstyles, body piercings, ugly tattoos, and obsesity.
        If you see any mentally healthy traditional women in those photographs, then we are not looking at the same page.
        ~Judgement rendered.

        1. These women aren’t wearing uniforms. Having a job which uses a uniform to show people your position of authority, gives people information about your job. It doesn’t not tell people whether you are honest, or racist, kind, or corrupt. Therefore, making judgements about the character of policemen simply because of the way they look is also unfounded.
          It is your opinion that any of those women have a dead look in their eyes, I disagree.
          Traditional does not equal mentally healthy. there are millions of traditional looking housewives, students, businesspeople, and fathers who are seriously mentally ill or abusing drugs.
          You can’t know if these women would make good or bad mothers. Just as I can’t know that women who look like fundamental christian women aren’t super-strict abusive mothers.Those are merely assumptions people often make based on appearances.
          “White male privalege” is real. As is “white privalege” regarding females as well.
          Black Lives Matter is not a domestic terrorist group.
          I still don’t understand why you think they are “sluts.” What in the world about how they look tells you anything about their sex-life?
          Islam is a religion. It’s not a negative thing to treat others with love and respect regardless of religion. So, that sounds like a good thing to me. Of subject, but all of the Christians at my church are friendly towards others regardless of religion, including muslims, and some of them look traditional, and some don’t
          I doubt any of them are mentally ill, but it kind of sounds like your definition of mentally ill is just anyone who you think is liberal.
          You are just wasting a lot of energy judging people and worrying about what other people look like. People that could be huge jerks, or people that could be nice and happy and full of life. “loud” is relative. These women are probably hanging with other women who look like themselves, so they aren’t loud at all. They are just expressing an individual style. I love the freedom to wear what I want. I happen to have *gasp* red hair. I just wear comfortable jeans and T-shirts. And I think I could be friends with all kinds of people and really listen to them. What do you think about yourself? Do you think others judge you by your appearance? Do you think it’s fair?

        2. [“These women aren’t wearing uniforms. Having a job which uses a uniform to show people your position of authority, gives people information about your job. It doesn’t not tell people whether you are honest, or racist, kind, or corrupt. Therefore, making judgements about the character of policemen simply because of the way they look is also unfounded.”]
          These women all have a very similar, very specific “uniform” look…almost like they’re part of a cult. In other words, these leftist women strongly CONFORM to leftist SJW style. And you can tell a lot about these women, simply by looking at them. They all think that they’re “non-conformists”, and “special”, and “different”.
          But they’re not different.
          [“It is your opinion that any of those women have a dead look in their eyes, I disagree.
          Traditional does not equal mentally healthy. there are millions of traditional looking housewives, students, businesspeople, and fathers who are seriously mentally ill or abusing drugs.”]
          You’re making a strawman argument, and I absolutely HATE that. I never said that traditional-looking people are always mentally healthy.
          I said that THOSE WOMEN (specifically) look mentally unhealthy, because mentally healthy women do NOT deliberately disfigure themselves……like the women in those pictures.
          [“You can’t know if these women would make good or bad mothers. Just as I can’t know that women who look like fundamental christian women aren’t super-strict abusive mothers.Those are merely assumptions people often make based on appearances.”]
          Did you notice that you instantly used the argument that Christian women might be abusive? Thank you for unintentionally showing me how you really feel.
          And you’re wrong. I KNOW that these women would be bad mothers, because being raised by a single mother is usually worse for children than being raised within a traditional nuclear family. And I do not believe that even a single woman in the photographs of this article can perpetuate a loving, monogamous relationship….and properly pair bond with a man. Even if a small few of those women get married, most of the ones who do get married….will inevitably DIVORCE. I have a radar for this, so please just trust me on this one.
          [“White male privalege” is real. As is “white privalege” regarding females as well.
          Black Lives Matter is not a domestic terrorist group.]
          “Male privilege” and “white privilege” died in America about 20 years ago. You leftists are behind the times. As a white western Millennial female, YOU HAVE MORE “PRIVILEGE” THAN I EVER WILL.
          Black Lives Matter makes martyrs out of evil, violent thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. BLM activists have KILLED COPS, and violently targeted white people (such as Trump supporters). BLM uses FEAR and INTIMIDATION to disrupt college classes, and block city highways and streets (blocking ambulances!), and have rioted at AIRPORTS.
          I need to stress this, because there are ALWAYS medical emergencies at airports.
          My own father almost died at an airport, and was in dire need of medical attention at one point. If BLM protestors/rioters had started with their race baiting nonsense while he was deathly ill, then he could have been prevented from getting the medical treatment he needed to survive. In such a situation, he could have died. So yes, BLM actually is a domestic terrorist organization that has used fear, intimidation, rioting, and violence.
          [“I still don’t understand why you think they are “sluts.” What in the
          world about how they look tells you anything about their sex-life?”]
          It’s like gambling. Everyone has a “tell”, which signifies their true intentions. Well, sluts have their “tell”. I would be absolutely AMAZED if even one of those women has had less than 10 sexual partners (probably more like 30).
          [“Islam is a religion. It’s not a negative thing to treat others with love
          and respect regardless of religion. So, that sounds like a good thing
          to me.”]
          Islam is an ideology. It’s a cult of violent conquest, whose holy prophet was a butcher and a PEDOPHILE. I could go on, but I’m probably running out of space…

  4. Its so painful too see these tranformations. Really sad how they became so ugly I wouldnt even touch with a stick. When I see one of those I just instinctively know to not waste my time on them.

  5. After those pics it’s hard to argue that tattoos can in any way be tasteful. I know some guys out there go for it…..I just find them a real turn off……
    Oh Scarlett….I still want to tit wank those puppies!!!!

    1. It appeals to some men because it reminds them of early sexual experiences in the same way fat girls appeal to me.

    2. I have dated girls with a few small tattoos and I can get over them. But once they start with the sleeves and thigh tats they are out. And I would drop a girl in a heartbeat if she showed up with a face, neck or breastbone tattoo. That is a red card for me.

      1. And the fucking expander discs in their earlobes! I’m stuck somewhere between freak shaming and “kill it with fire!”

        1. But like you said (I think it was you?) – the shaming no longer works. How do you convince someone they’re wrong when they don’t understand the issue and dozens of others are telling them they’re right!??!?!

        2. You mock them hard and hit their emotions.
          “Men who make good money only date women with earlobes. Way to go, dummy — hope you and the custodian at the local waste water treatment facility have a nice fucking life together.”

        3. Not sure if I said it or not actually. But I like GoJ’s advice: ignore them and compliment the one’s who don’t desecrate their beauty.

        4. I saw a video where in Russia someone put a heavy door lock through one hipster’s earlobe hole, and locked it. That was shit funny to watch.

    1. Coloring their hair doesn’t bother me- there’s still the chance they’ll snap out of it– they can change their hair back, grow it out. But tattoos/body modifications are another story.
      You can always look at the green/purple/orange tresses and just shake your head a little and chuckle at them.

  6. There should be something like Order 66 in starwars where if a girl walks into a tattoo parlor and points to her forhead and says “i want to get…..” they are just shot.

        1. Feminists hate old original star trek; captain kirk travels the galaxy to pump and dump hot alien poosy, female crew members are young slender females wearing short skirt uniforms. lol

        2. And I love anything they hate. 🙂 Though I did love Deanna Troy’s body suits in TNG as well.

        3. Certainly tastes vary, I always found it enjoyable. But I prefer my women a little more on the softer, curvaceous side.

        4. well, for a Starfleet Officer she could have been in a tad better shape and maybe dialed back the replicated chocolate a little

      1. Absolutely. And a regular van as well. In fact, I think that it might be a smart idea to pull national DMV records for everyone who has a van. Immediately cross off the list all Hispanics and then round everyone else up. You would effectively end child molestation in one afternoon.

        1. You harsh the amazing stud conferring ability of a 1970’s van with a giant airbrushed Wizard and Dragon battle painting on both sides of it?!?

        2. Oh no, my plan to round up pedophiles by using van records would not have worked in the 1970’s for the wizard and dragon painted, shag carpeted reasons you give now. However, it is now 2017 and I say my plan will work

        3. actually, now that I say “think of the children” it reminds me of a joke.
          A guy grabs a woman off the street and drags her to a back alley where he hikes up her skirt, rips off her panties and starts raping her. The woman screams “STOP! THINK OF MY CHILDREN” and the rapist stops what he is doing, pulls his pants up and walks away saying “shit, is every woman on earth such a kinky freak”

        4. Twelve Polish guys corner a German woman in an alley and gang up on her and start to rape her. She yells, “Nein! Nein!” so three of them leave.

        5. Why you hating on vanning?

          Nothin wrong with a room ob wheels.

          Im a bit surprised your against the idea.

          But then again, youre a yawrker.
          You probably think all cars should be banned.

    1. Try sharing a bathroom with them. They hog the mirror. Whenever I see them looking at themselves in the mirror fixing something I want to tell them to not bother

  7. This happens after bad break ups where the girl cheats on the guy and he finally dumps her. It happened to all of my friends. I tried to do my part by trying to talk them out it but craziness trumps logic.

    1. If she was cheating on him then getting dumped by him couldn’t have been that bad of a breakup for her

      1. Millennial girls are fucked up. she wanted to sleep around and have a boyfriend to do boyfriend things with. she “loved” him

        1. She loved having a man to fall back on when she needed one. Every woman wants that. A good beta for emotional tampon, and better men to bang (and hopefully snag to replace the beta).

        2. She got a STD from someone else passed it on to him. She is still puzzled why he won’t return her calls.

        3. Girls are givers in that regard. Then they claim they had no idea. I am still bitter about the chick that gave me crabs then claimed I must have gotten them from a toilet seat.

        4. Vaginas are very sensitive environments. Even What we eat can change its scent & taste. if she says she didn’t know she is lying.

        5. Women almost always know when something is “off down there.” No woman I have ever been with didn’t know when she was having a yeast or bacterial infection starting, let alone a full blown STD.

  8. Some of these pictures are truly heart-breaking. Maybe there needs to be some kind of rescue service or something. Something in between the RSPCA and Thunderbirds.
    If only feminism came in cigarette style packs then the Trump government could put these before and after pics on the packets, along with a Feminism is Cancer warning

  9. People addicted to meth show similar decomposition in before and after photos. Liberalism/feminism is the meth of ideas.

    1. Although I would imagine the meth addict’s downfall is marked with some sort of creative productivity other than shaving head and making a sign and driving the sign downtown to protest.

    2. we should spread a series of before/after pictures titled “meth or feminism ?”
      Where’s the guy who makes the beta magazine ? we need you on this case

    3. Meth makes you lose weight. Most of the women who look sickly in the “after” pictures have lost weight. The problem is girls are not eating enough!!

      1. Look at what Charlize Theron did to herself in Mad Max Fury Road; shaved head, black spray painted eye make up (shades of Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner), prosthetic arm, manly kick-ass-super-grrrl-running-the-show-while-Max-looks-on; pure feminist bovine excrement. We should have seen that coming with her though. Satan himself portrayed as John Milton convinced her to crop off her hair and dye it dark in The Devil’s Advocate, right before he banged her into suicidal insanity. Based on her little show at the wymyn’s march™ all of that “conditioning” must have taken root. It makes one wonder just how much sex and torture based mind control programming actually does go on in Hollywood.

  10. Most of those chicks were sub par to begin with in their younger photos, and have obviously flailed around desperately to keep their heads above the water as they age.
    That one chick though gets an automatic +3 added to her attraction scale, for wearing a Jethro Tull t-shirt

      1. A valid point. Only… hags at least are powerful. And trolls only die if you set them on fire.

        OK, there’s a good argument for them being trolls, I admit.

    1. This is nothing short of vandalism….like carving your name in a tree or pouring garbage all over a natural meadow. Why wantonly destroy something so naturally beautiful?

  11. I found the last one the biggest tragedy. What a waste.
    We’re any of their fathers available for comment? Heh.