Who Cares If Islamic State Bride Samra Kesinovic Was Killed For Trying To Escape?

Bosnian-Austrian teenager Samra Kesinovic, 17, has reportedly been beaten to death for trying to flee the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. You may remember Kesinovic and her friend, fellow teen Sabina Selimovic, for their calculated journey from a leafy European suburb to the Middle East in order to become jihadi brides and ISIS recruiters.

Although media outlets are treading cautiously, the tone of many articles, at a time when bigger issues like the downing of a Russian plane by Turkey should be explored, is so far either sympathetic or non-condemnatory of the once proud terrorism poster girl.

With the entry of well-equipped and determined Russian military units into the conflict with ISIS, jihadist-held areas have come under increasing bombardment and their hegemony across many districts is now tenuous at best. Coupled with symbolic Western strikes such as the lethal drone attack on public executioner Jihadi John, it is obvious that many Western-born or raised jihadi girls are becoming scared.

Many will have already died from coalition airstrikes if they haven’t been snuffed out yet by either the Syrian army or anti-government rebels. And who should fundamentally care? I don’t. The world is a better place without a pathetic creature like Samra Kesinovic, irrespective of whether she died at the hands of her erstwhile side.

“A change of heart” in the context of a girl whose new home is being regularly bombed speaks of nothing but a cry for self-preservation. Her young age is irrelevant as well. This was not a sympathy-deserving female with Down’s Syndrome, whose now fatal choices came about through something like an IQ deficiency or serious genetic abnormalities. A choice to leave Austria for Syria would have no doubt been dumber if she were 25 and not a teen, but she is responsible for what she did and has paid the price for it.

Poor, “brainwashed” girl

Sabina Selimovic accompanied Kesinovic to Syria. She died months before her friend. And she looked a lot better with Western make-up and Instagram filters.

The vitiation of any and all female responsibility is a common theme in many Return of Kings articles. The story of Samra Kesinovic is no exception. Austrian officials have long blamed an admittedly virulent Bosnian Muslim preacher based in Vienna, Mirsad O., also known as “Ebu Tejma”, for brainwashing Kesinovic and her friend. The brainwashing thesis is a common device to appease the sensitivities of local Muslim communities in Europe but has taken on an especially troublesome form when it comes to female ISIS supporters.

I guess ideas of girl power have their limitations once they pass the threshold of criminal acts and the moral conundrum of backing a group which makes a living off of rape, general murder, and the systematic genocide of those who do not support a certain Sunni Muslim creed.

A combination of global rape culture, so-called violence against women and basic patriarchy arguments makes authorities reluctant to label despicable and narcissistic individuals like Kesinovic as exercisers of unbridled free choice. How can women support a group whose members openly rape other women, most notably non-Muslim ones? How can women join a death cult where they embrace a twisted form of male dominance?

Mainstream politicians, security officials and others cannot face the real answers, so diminished capacity ideas are routinely bandied about to explain the poor, deliberate behavior of female Islamic fundamentalists.

The perils of Muslim immigrant families in the West

Strangely, there are no pictures of Kesinovic and Selimovic around which show their reactions to ISIS beheadings, reports of rape and other crimes.

Both Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic were born to Bosnian Muslim refugee families in Austria. The do-gooders will certainly cast the blame onto “racist” Austrian society for producing these pampered, middle-class jihadi girls. What they will not acknowledge is that it is a failure of these families to fully integrate in the first place that creates first or second-generation criminal (and terrorist) threats.

In Austria, a country with which I am greatly familiar, the major problem is not with Serbs or other traditionally Christian south-eastern Europeans but ethnic Bosnians and Turks. Cultural infirmities are the root cause here, even when families cease regular observance of their ancestral faith.

And if social disaster is already brewing amongst these European and Eurasian migrant groups, what catastrophe does the mass arrival of millions of Middle Eastern migrants, almost all of them sexually mature young men, portend? The danger is amplified by the continual appeasement of Muslim communities by governments. Mirsad O. and others will be the only scapegoats, a shortsightedness which forgets the deep reach fervently religious Muslim activists have in nominally secular Muslim homes all across Austria and elsewhere.

Prepare for an even weirder twilight zone

Commentators were quick to label Hasna Ait Boulahcen as a pawn in her male cousin’s terrorist games. How could a woman willingly blow herself up for Islam unless she was abused or controlled?

You will notice that few, if any articles chronicling the death of Samra Kesinovic are mentioning the mass rapes of ISIS or other atrocities meticulously committed by its forces. This looks bad in trying to explain, however feebly, Kesinovic and her friend’s sociopathic choice in friends and holiday activities. Journalists, instead of excoriating Kesinovic in death, will assiduously minimize or hide her culpability to retain the image of ISIS as a collection of purely male-inspired and always female-imprisoning monsters.

People may say that her dying from a Western airstrike or, better still, the rifles of Kurdish fighters would have been a more appropriate swan song. I disagree. Irony is the most powerful way to send a message to would-be female morons wanting to emulate two deceased Bosnian-Austrian schoolgirls.

The hand that helps take you into a new world is the same hand that can strangle or throttle you later. In her final moments, Samra Kesinovic maybe sensed this for the first time.

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242 thoughts on “Who Cares If Islamic State Bride Samra Kesinovic Was Killed For Trying To Escape?”

  1. I mean I sort of care…. attractive and fertile young white women are (globally speaking) becoming an endangered species!

    1. RESPECT!!! Not very many of us Caucasians left who actually “care” about our people. Now everyone seems to think Nationality is their identity and screw DNA, culture, a shared history etc…

  2. Yeah, the media’s reaction to this was weird. As if she was completely a victim in this, as if she had no part it in at all.
    All these feminists bitching and moaning about a woman’s “agency” but never hold them accountable to it.
    I don’t give a fuck, personally. She chose her path.

    1. Please cut her some slack. She was 17 for Christ’s sake! I remember how clueless, brainwashed and ignorant I was at her age. I made some BIG mistakes as a teenager that are still haunting me. When you’re young and naive you are easily led and want desperately to believe that the world is a sane place. It isn’t. And I personally feel that people should not have to pay for their mistakes for the rest of their lives. How can one amend past digressions if they are never allowed to move on? To become better, more wise, more compassionate? The reason is that our System NEEDS slaves and criminals for it to work.

      1. Yeah,Yeah…17…..teenage….bullshit……will you have some mercy….blah blah blajh…….but if a 17 yo ran into your home with an AK47 will you be the same forgiving person?

        1. I don’t care if she cared, didn’t care or was “brainwashed”, bottom line is that the two cunts were cunts and cunts are cunts by nature.
          She is dead and gone,one was pregnant with by some other reject before she died.
          Goooooooooood fucking riddance.

        2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh you;re the forgiving type.
          What are the chance that you are one of the guys with cringeworthy stories about being divorce raped after you were such a nice guys. Oh, and I read one of your other comments and it seems you are one of those Daily Mail mega thirsty dudes who care specifically for these women because they had blue eyes!!! Ain’t you predictable!

        3. HA! HA! HA! HA! And you’re one of those cold hearted sadistic types who enjoy inflicting pain on others for no other reason than it gives you sick, perverted pleasure. Yes folks! Psychopaths DO walk amongst us!

        4. Nope no a psychopath but I saw some of your other comments and I could see that you were nothing more than a selective hating shitface. You don’t fool anyone.
          I am all peace and no war type of guy but you on the other hand only care because she was a white woman! Awwwwwwwww thirsty much

  3. Women can do no wrong. If they do something good, it is 100% of their own, if something bad, it was a mans fault.

  4. How the hell could they be so stupid? They know how ISIS treats women, yet they go there anyway.

    1. I feel the same way about young men signing themselves into slavery by joining the military. They are guinea pigs and meat for the grinder but aren’t they so fucking cool with that gun, merit badges and those fancy duds that their masters have outfitted them in.

      1. I get your point, but at least those men are soldiers fighting for the country. What were these two women fighting for?
        To be honest, I was not the slightest bit surprised when Kesinovic was killed.

        1. The Red Pill takes time mate. We’re not here to criticize you if you want to learn.

        2. I would criticize the concept of ‘Learning Red Pill’, in any case. If anything, it should be about developing an independent and inquiring mind. Lots of men here have bullshit ideas, too, but that is perfectly fine if you can manage to think for yourself.

        3. I agree with thinking independently, but sometimes understanding the truth of the matter is hard. Everyone has their own opinion, but how do you sort out the reality from the bullshit?

        4. Yes, that is a very difficult matter. The hard but true fact is: You have to find the answer to this for yourself.
          One thing that definitely is a big factor is trust. It is difficult to know whom to trust to have good intentions and not be deluded themselves. That is why having a father is so helpful – but also potentially dangerous.
          Anyway, there is one man on this earth whom I currently trust and he earned that through showing understanding and compassion to me despite me treating him badly. He has proven that he is a confident ass motherfucker.
          And that is why I trust him enough. Not to believe everything he says, but to take the time and actually follow his advice for an extended period of time. Which is kinda the real trouble: Your time on earth is limited and a lot of advice takes a lot of time to implement. Without experience, it is hard to tell which is valid.

        5. Another answer to that question for me is: Learn to trust and follow your gut. Learn to read the information your own mind and body is giving you through emotions. That will not tell you ‘objective truth’, but it will clear your mind about the motivations of all your actions and thus give you a better idea about where you want to go.

        6. Some things ARE outright lies that people are brainwashed with, like the whole “salute the soldiers” mantra in the U.S. It’s unfortunate that 95% of the population gets suckered in.

        7. Yeah, most men want you to be ‘rational’ and all that. And yet you will never really find any real and absolute consistency in what men tell you. If there is an absolute ‘truth’ – whatever that means – I have not come across it yet and neither would I know how to recognize it. But I am coming to learn that that is not important. The important thing is that I live the life I want to live. And that can be achieved by being very conscious about your own thoughts and emotions.

        8. A couple of nuggets from that guy’s (Stan Goff) wikipedia page…
          “After retiring from the military he became a political activist, adopting anti-imperialist, feminist, and socialist/Marxist views.”
          “Goff became politically active almost immediately after his military career ended, and quickly took up the study of Marxism. He joined the Communist Party USA for a brief period, but left the party in response to what he describes as the demand for “ideological conformity,” and his belief that the party was hostile to feminism. This is a criticism he levels frequently at the entire left, which he describes as “male-dominated, and tokenizing of women.”
          Fuck him, and anything he has to say.

        9. Ugh, that does not make him look too well.
          Then again, it does not invalidate what he is saying in this video. I am interested in ideas more than in hearing ideas from the right people.

        10. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was a fucking weirdo… decided to investigate further and was not disappointed.

        11. To be fair Mr. Yader he IS on point in this video. But I know… the end game is disappointing. Thought he picked up the red pill but he picked up the red flag.

        12. He’s right about a lot, but wrong, too. A young guy can use the military to his advantage if he wants. You don’t have to become a Force Recon Marine/snake eater and kill people if you don’t want to.
          You can join the Coast Guard for a few years, never leave the United States, and still draw the GI Bill and get VA medical benefits. You can join the Chair Force, learn aircraft maintenance, and then get your civilian A&P Mechanic’s certificate and go wrench on airplanes/helicopters for 45,000 a year to start.
          You can do 20 years from 18-38 and make 40,000 a year in retirement the moment you discharge—no waiting until 65 to draw it. A guy could live in the Philippines like a king and be done with working before 40 if he wanted.
          If you use the system, instead of letting it use you, then you can benefit from it. The guy in that video hates America, and thinks women can be DEVGRU SEALs—he’s a kook, and has his head up his ass. And while he makes some good points, he doesn’t tell the whole story.

        13. It’s a tough call throwing away your best looking and healthiest years of your adult life (18-38) for any kind of military service.
          And it gets worse in your 30’s as an enlistee as you have to start saluting 22-year-old Butterbars (2nd Lieutenants) straight out of West Point or Annapolis who don’t know jack shit about the world and life in general. But yeah… if you can hack it.

        14. Agreed. I personally wouldn’t recommend serving to anyone, but for guys with little to no options, it’s still a good option if they play their cards right.

        15. I watched this video about a year ago, this Patriot speaks the truth! Thank you for this post and for having some insight and wisdom. If anyone here thinks I have a problem dropping the hammer on someone just because I don’t believe in supporting our Bankster owned government/military then they are fools!

        16. In fairness, there is very little room for reason and rationality and common sense today in the west. We are taught “you are either with us or you are against us” We have 2 political parties. The message being that the answer is either the Democrats or the Republicans. So I don’t necessarily blame someone for getting burned by one extreme and turning to the other. But yes, clearly, he has not yet taken the red pill, only become aware to some of the lies he is being told.

      2. You’re not fighting for your country but it’s interests and resources , which all of us have benefited from . Oil, economic growth , technology, safety in our country and etc . You criticize those people but they are needed to support this country , what happens when people. Stop joining? I leave for the army in January and plan on being a ranger . I know I’m not fighting for a god or country but for a lifestyle we all are fortunate to have . We have the luxury of sitting on our asses and bitching about women while have access to food, water and shelter on top of having cheap gas to drive our generally overweight asses anywhere we want to go. Most of the rest of the world sees us as pussies because we’re all to caught up in our own personal problems . We’re all going to die ,for most of y’all on here you’ll spend your lives on here besting dick about how to live a good one with out ever living it . I like the idea of being paid to shot a gun , jump out of a plane , and blow shit up. I’ll also probably bag slot of foreign ass on the way .Read the history of the Peloponnesian war you’ll learn alot

        1. Then how about you go back in time an find someone to fund that . What purpose are you going to say it’s for ? So a bunch of whiney almost emasculated men can bitch about their problems ?

        2. Inventions discoveries and resources from war have afforded you the ability to bitch about your problems on the internet. You already wrote an article about killing your mom . Why not channel that in shooting some fuck overseas? Or would you rather just smolder behind a screen and keyboard.

        3. Fair enough, but I already lost that urge. Besides, writing and fantasizing is something different than actually doing it. Also, my mother actually did something to me. While some fuck overseas … could actually become a friend for all I know.

        4. HA! HA! HA! Another idealistic slave! Propaganda has you by the balls! I wonder what your parents will think looking down on your flag drapped coffin. I wonder what a much GREATER MAN than you has to say? Someone who has already done all those things that you cream in your jeans to do. You simply want to kill without any consequences to your own self. You want your killing to be LEGALLY SANCTIONED because you are a coward, probably Lawful Evil…
          Smedley Darlington Butler was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I. Butler is well known for having later become an outspoken critic of U.S. wars and their consequences, as well as exposing the Business Plot, an alleged plan to overthrow the U.S. government.
          Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by General Smedley Butler, USMC
          War is just a racket. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.
          It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers.
          I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
          I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
          During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

        5. Well seeing as you keep writing about violence and such you still have the urge , you can let it fester in you till it boils or provide a real world outlet . The fuck overseas could be your friend , he could also not give a fuck about you . You wrote an article entitled “humans are machines” just fyi

        6. I am not denying what I wrote. I repeat: I lost the urge.
          Writing about it was part of the outlet I needed to deal with it.
          By the way, saying ‘you like violence, so you must like war’ is a distortion of reality I would expect from a girl.

        7. Propangada? I already said I knew I was fighting for resources ….I don’t mind being a paid mercenary seeing as I’ve benefited from it my entire life . Tell me what kind of car do you drive ? What type of business do you work for ? You like your gas and food cheap ? I bet you do .

        8. Ever wonder why we have SO MUCH technology but everything keeps getting worse and worse? Of course not! Drudge Fox tells you what and how to think, believe, feel and act…

        9. Then explain to me what type of violence you like ? Is it just against women? You afraid another man may fight back ?

        10. Not at all. I actually love fighting men, although I only know it through sparring yet. Have not gotten into a serious fight yet.
          The ‘coward’ argument is so old it is rotting.

        11. Propaganda ? I already said I knew I was fighting for resources . I have no problem being a paid mercenary . Coward ? Haha yea the biggest pussies on earth are rangers . My grandad was a lt colonel in the marines so yes a better man has done what I wish to do . You benefit from war wether you like to admitted or not . Keep up the tree hugging hippy . I wonder how many clothes you own come from sweat shops ? How any immigrants died from heat exhaustion to get your food to the table ? How many people died for that gas you put in you car every day ?

        12. I don’t see where I called you a coward . I just merely asked what type of violence you like . Some don’t like the challenge of others fighting back . I do

        13. Don’t see where I called you a coward , I asked what type of violence you prefer . Some don’t like it when others fight back .

        14. It was implied in your question whether I am afraid of another man fighting back and in asking whether I am only interested in violence against women. You may say you did not mean to imply that stuff, but it is such a cliche that I automatically interpret that.
          Yeah, what is the point if no one is fighting back? It is like dancing without a partner.

        15. How you interpret something I say is on you . You said I was acting like a woman in assuming before and now here you are making them . If I wanted to call you a coward I would have called you one .

        16. Well, I am not immune to implicit value that words carry in our culture, but if you say it was not what you meant … fine. Then I have to conclude that you have a weird use of language or are not aware of the emotional content you put into your words.

        17. I used language appropriatly . I asked if you were afraid , that is a question. I did not call you a coward . Which is a statement . You may have a fetish for besting woman , I don’t know . You assuming what I said was calling you a coward is your interpretation.

        18. I used language appropriately. I asked you a question , are you afraid ? I did not make the statement , you are s coward . How you interpreted what I said is on you . If you were unsure then you should have asked

        19. I think that my assumption about your implication came from me imagining some bitch saying that, as I grew up without a father. A woman will ask you such a question, but always imply judgment.

        20. Okay, I am willing to learn a lesson here. One I actually like. That hidden meaning stuff actually quite annoys me, but I am so used to it from bitches.

        21. Men would agree with me. Taking hidden meanings from words is a woman’s game. You may have just had a fetish for beating women .

        22. So long as you realize YOU will do nothing in the army that will stand the tests of time, I agree with pretty much a lot of what you are saying.

        23. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Did your parents have any other inbred children who are NOT retarded?

        24. Did I get ride of most of the repeats ? It’s hard to interpret comments on the net . But I’m not a troll . I mean what I say .

        25. I graduated college with honors in environmental health . I was a OSHA inspector at one point . Again your name is Harry manlyballs.

        26. I am not sure, as I only watch this through the Disqus panel.
          Never called you a troll. We have some differences, but as I said, that is alright. Here I learned something.

        27. Wars were fought long before I lived and well after I’m gone . I’m just trying to get my Jimmy’s rustled then come back to the states and be a drunkard .

        28. You are a male , I am a male . I grew up without a father , you grew up without a father . The only difference is how we express it . Not equality but common experience

        29. I did not know that. Still, my point stands. A common experience does not make us the same. We are still separate individuals and I bet many of the details of our lives vary.

        30. That’s why I said , how we express ourselves . Many of our details may vary but growing up without a father is a very big shared experience and alot of the same thoughts and emotions occur . Many great men were basatards . I’m not saying we’re twins . Just offering a shared experience that greatly effects one life .

        31. Just HAD to list your “accomplishments” to band-aid your fragile ego. You can only converse in stupid so lick my Harry Manly Balls. That is what you want, right? Someone to fight with? You’re pathetic. And anyone who would brag about being an OSHA inspector is fucked up yo begin with.

        32. I’m proud to have been an inspector . I educated people on the hazards of their jobs and provided a safer work environment. Tell me , what have you done to help this country that’s obviously in the shitter. You can only attack me with personal insults and nothing of value which proves you have no points only than your own personal bias .

        33. HA! HA! HA! Now you attempt to take the moral high-ground after attacking me first, for taking the moral high-ground. And you call me biased!

        34. I debated your opinion then you proceeded to call me a coward. You’ve still yet to provide any answers to my questions. What have you done? What are your accomplishments?

        35. In theory yes, a nation does need its young to step up for the national interest, but lately the military has been acting in ways that are most decidedly contrary to the long term interests of the nation as a whole, and instead benefit the tiny elite of European bankers and technocrats… It’s also well documented that not only is the military not acting in our best interests, they in-fact aren’t even accountable to us, since we no longer live in a constitutional republic but rather a corporate oligarchy…
          Since this information is all widely known and easily locatable by anybody who is considering enlisting there is no excuse for those going into the military thinking they are being ‘good guys’…
          I’m 100% certain that if so many men didn’t volunteer they would have to institute a draft, and that this draft would help shift the political situation to ensure that MUCH more attention is paid as to whether or not those wars are moral and truly in our best interests as a nation. It would help even more to include young women in this draft.

        36. So tell me with all of the knowledge of the Jew’s, Templar’s , Illuminati, or whoever the hell it is has anyone done anything to change it or will it ever change ? If these people are as powerful as you say then no. A draft won’t change anything . Wars will still be fought and people will still sign up . Men like going to war , check history , the Trojan war was fought over a woman so I’m not really that upset to be fighting over oil. Their are no good guys and everybody is toiling away for someone else. You got s boss ? You pay taxes ? Congrats someone is making a buck of you . Wether it’s in a desk or in the middle east . You’re still a sucker

        37. Yes, people will still sign up, people who are ignorant, evil, or just so poor because the system gave them no other option but to ‘serve their country’ to make a decent livelihood, but that doesn’t mean we should applaud them for it, or even respect them for it. You’re a mercenary, deal with it.
          I pay as little taxes as possible, and what taxes I do pay are taken from me by force, either directly or indirectly, and not because I volunteer to pay them. That’s a far cry from choosing to actually throw ones labor and talents into the hat ‘for fun’.
          LOL “men like war” says the man whose undoubtedly never fought a fair fight in his entire military career… I suppose when you’re unlikely to be the one to suffer, get limbs and brain matter blown away, or just be plain turned to mist, turning other peoples’ homes to dust and covering entire countries with radioisotopes for millennia, and having no substantiative ethics to speak of, that might be ‘fun’.
          We’re all legitimate targets in that we support the system to one extent or another, but I choose to minimize the degree the designation ‘legitimate and ethical target for lethal force in a morally justified struggle’ applies to me as much as I can without abandoning the land and people of my birth and leaving my family to fend for themselves. That doesn’t mean we should’t do everything in our power to actually BE ‘the good guys’ we were told we were throughout much of our nation’s history, even though we may not always succeed.
          As far as your whole ‘will anything ever change’ line… Yes, things change, and in-fact that’s pretty much the one constant throughout history… We should do everything we can to ensure that change is for the better, rather than just throwing in the towel and saying “well f-ck it I like to shoot stuff so might as well just kill people and blow stuff up for the side that seems, for now, to be winning.’

        38. I’m fine I’m a mercenary , I wasn’t looking for applaud . It’s funny how ROK preaches masculinity but you whine about ” oh that’s mean and evil ” if you drive a car you support the need for oil . In Africa a spill larger than the Exxon valdes has happened every year for the past 50 years . Why ? So we can have our cars , planes , and trains to take vacations to California , Florida or Europe . At least I’m willing to admit it and I don’t try to see the world through rose colored glasses because mommy and daddy had it good . The foundation of the 1st world is built on the broken backs of those in the 3rd . Don’t like it ? Go become a hermit ,don’t drive a car , eat food that you didn’t grow your self , and live in a hut. Don’t want to ? Then shut the hell up . You’re a slave just like I am .

        39. There’s masculinity, and then there’s just rampant evil and destructiveness for no particular reason…
          It’s one thing to support allies and defend legitimate claims to resources, but to just go kill innocent people so you can take their shit, when in-fact you’re fucking over your own country in the process, isn’t masculine at all.
          You being over there and essentially recruiting for the people who will one day probably walk on what used to be American soil as the world lies in radioactive rubble, all to prop up an industry just because they happen to exist and have lobbying power, doesn’t make you masculine, it makes you an idiot.

        40. Defending allies who have legitment claim ? Who defines claim ? The muslims enslaved the Jew’s and took over Jerusalem . The Jew’s say they have claim because it is written in a book. The Muslim’s say it’s theirs because they took it by force. To quote Pericles ” right, I’m a world sense, only matters between two equal powers . While the strong do what they can , the weak suffer what they must ” . If America gets nuked you’re in the same boat I am, if you were good or evil it won’t matter. Masculinity is accepting things for what they are , not how you see them , you aren’t a high level politician or big time banker so you really don’t know what is best for America nor do I and I won’t sit here and pretend like I do .all men are pawns if they are aware of it our not you still drive the machine .

        41. Yeah, but you’re actually making it more likely that we all get nuked, that’s the problem.
          If they’ve been living atop resources for hundreds of years, and have built a society atop it, it’s theirs, and any argument to the contrary is mythological hogwash. Saying “we’re just going to kill you and take it anyway”, when it doesn’t even directly benefit your own country, isn’t going to help anyway.
          Israel is a parasite, they don’t do us any good. Our leaders (and people like you who enable them) certainly shouldn’t be putting our nation in harms way on their behalf.

        42. And no, masculinity isn’t ‘accepting things for what they are’, that’s actually more of a feminine attribute, as masculinity is making things better that are in your power to change instead of simply accepting them as they are.

        43. There middle east as a whole has been invading Europe for the same reason since before Christ , see Greco-Persian war , ottoman empire, the real reason behind the first crusade and so on. That is the way the world goes little buddy, hate to break it to you .

        44. Yeah, defense of Europe’s borders would be a legitimate battle to fight (for a European,) not so much for an American, and certainly not defense of one middle-eastern nation from another.

        45. No, I don’t think that women doing masculinity (badly) to the detriment of everyone (including themselves) is something to support. Oversimplify much?

        46. You missed my point. The Arabs tried to make land grabs for resources but had no legitment claim and people before them and after them shall keep doing the same .

        47. So what? That doesn’t mean we should. We can in-fact be grown ups even in a world full of savages.

        48. You’re digging the hole , not me . The ability to changes things is neither masculine nor femine it’s will power . Though the desire for change is only sought among those being dominated.

        49. So you trying to changing the allocation of land and sources so that Exxon and Israel can achieve their goals is something that you do because you’re dominated? I guess you really are their bitch. lol.
          While they’ve got you whipped and conquering their enemies (with you asking “how high” when they tell you to jump) they’re back in the U.S. making sure the continent your forefathers conquered centuries ago for you and your people will be overrun with third world immigrants who hate us.

        50. You really don’t read well you do you . Our country be overrun by third world immigrants? Good thing we will have badasses like you to protect it….oh wait . I also liked the lol are you 15 or some shit?

        51. And you sound uneducated.
          Which part do you disagree with? That the world’s full of savages (currently even us?) It most certainly is… Or that it’s possible for (at least part of) mankind to function intelligently without tearing ourselves to extinction through conflict that destroys the very resources we are fighting over?
          It’s really not much of a leap, for someone with an IQ in the triple digits, to go from “it’s wrong for one person to attack without provocation and take the belongings of someone else” to “it’s wrong for one group of people to attack without provocation and take the belongings of another group of people”.

        52. I’ve got no beef with the border patrol, and I’d enlist in a heartbeat if our government had the will to defend our borders against this invasion and needed the manpower to do so. Unfortunately we haven’t fought a justified war in over 100 years, and that’s not what mercenaries like you are currently used for.

        53. Uneducated about what ? I’ve used historical reference to show that powerful countries throughout history have made land grabs simply because they can . Your rebuttal is morality ….. If the situation go back to before Cyrus the great used war to unite the tribes of Iran to form the Persian empire that would try and conquer the ancient Greeks . Tell him you think what he’s doing is mean. See what he says

        54. No, it was not. The documents prove that Pearl harbor was intentionally provoked by our own political leadership and our sailors allowed to die to get us into war with Germany. Had America not gone out of our way to intentionally use Japan to get us entangled in the war it would’ve never happened. Had we been more even handed we could’ve leveraged our neutrality and reserve military capability to have easily brought WWII to a more equitable negotiated end years earlier with a fraction of the lives lost. This however wouldn’t have crushed Nazi Germany though, and Bolshevik Russia and China might have suffered territorial losses, so that was intolerable, so America got to play enforcer for the private central bankers and in exchange we got 5 decades of prosperity. Quite a deal with the devil, though next time we’re probably going to be on the opposite side of it.

        55. Links? And hear I thought it was because Japan didn’t like us sending supplies to the Brit’s and went and attacked without Germany’s consent

        56. While I’m sure they didn’t like it (especially the weapons we were already sending Britain, de facto entering the war on their side,) that wasn’t sufficient to push them to attack, the reason they had to attack was the embargo, which, for an island nation with the population density of Japan, would’ve meant people starving to death. I’ll provide some links when I have some time, but it’s all scanned and online.

        57. I didn’t say I can’t, I said I will when I have time. Some of us have to do honest work for a living (rather than killing people and taking their shit.) I guess if you’re too lazy to actively seek sources of information that helps explain your worldview.

        58. And yet here you are.Uh huh and that’s why you haven’t kept up with any of the previous conflicts or people I’ve listed . And your world war 2 bit is a false flag conspiracy you can’t link me even though we have Google.

        59. There’s nothing “false flag” about Pearl Harbor (though there ARE false flag attacks in history, quite a few actually…) It’s funny though that you dismiss documented conspiracies when its fact that the CIA actually engaged in a CONSPIRACY to slander “conspiracy theorists” in order to discredit them due to the *actual conspiracies* they were finding… Sure, I can give you a bunch of tertiary or quaternary sources from a quick 30 seconds of searching (about as long as it takes to reply to you,) but it won’t be particularly thorough:
          (And before you go whining about Wikipedia it has citations at the bottom.)
          You know damned well that the winners write history, and they write it in a way that benefits them and their interests… This virtually guarantees that it winds up as a mix of facts, propaganda, and outright lies.

        60. I know about the CIA . Operation mockingbird , the gulf of tolkin false flag and so on . I was just being ” lazy and uneducated ” to see if you’d actually post links haha

        61. Funny then that you’d still try to be dismissive by referring to them as conspiracies and alleging that belief in false flags is somehow questionable… I guess social conditioning has a lot of inertia.

        62. Social conditioning crack from the guy I just trolled to get to do a few easy Google Searches for me because I was lazy

        63. Your reading comprehension is absolutely atrocious. I never said my job was important. It’s not. I merely said that I have a job, an honest productive one that doesn’t involve killing people and taking their shit. I also specifically told you that I WOULD provide you with the links as soon as I had the time to do so (and I did.)

        64. So you think you’ll gonna be doing something heroic, pop towel heads and shit? Think again. You may end up doing this instead. What they do to the Army these days is a disgrace. No one in their full mental capacity would join and serve this cuntocracy.

        65. “If America gets nuked you’re in the same boat I am, if you were good or evil it won’t matter.”
          That relates to what Pericles also said : “A man whose business is going well, when the homeland is in danger, will no less die with it.”
          Good post.

      3. Sounds like someone got rejected by the military and is now butthurt about it. Oxygen thief.

        1. Wow…. you are one emotional and angry little bitch, aren’t you? Rambling on so much about a topic you really don’t know much about because you were either scared to enlist, or got rejected. And you damn sure don’t know a single thing about what THIS combat arms trooper did, or where.
          Go away, punk. Your estrogen-laden, emotional rambling sickens me.

        2. Holy crap… another overly long, emotional-like-a-female rant against the military. You have WAY too much free time on your hands, child.
          As to the content of your diatribe… Just liberal cliches and BS.
          So what exactly is the REAL reason for your obsessive and deep-seated hatred of the US military? Come on… be honest.

        3. You have been brainwashed into the military cult and things like logic and decency mean absolutely nothing to you.

        4. You have the audacity to speak of logic and decency when your posts contain nothing but whining, ad hominem, and gross exaggeration? And you have a username of “Harry Manlyballs?”
          Yeah, you’re a real class act, maggot.
          You (naturally) did not answer my previous question, tinkerbell.
          What exactly is the REAL reason for your obsessive and deep-seated hatred of the US military?
          Rejected from enlisting? Booted out of boot camp for crying or wetting your pants when the big, bad drill sgt yelled at you? Maybe had to do some rough or scary things and now you’re butthurt and resentful about it? Didn’t get the awards you felt you “deserved?” Got caught engaged in an act of “man love?”
          Come on, maggot. Explain the reason for your over-the-top hatred of the military.

        5. Wow… what a witty retort. Not exactly one of the great intellects of our time, are you?
          You continue to avoid answering my question. So.. for the THIRD time:
          What is the source of your deep-seated hatred of the US military? Give me something to go on here besides your stupid profanity, ad hominem, and exaggerations.
          Make your case, tinkerbell.

        6. Always a class act, aren’t you Harry? And funny how your posts/stupid insults are full of homosexual themes.
          Now… for the 4th or 5th time, what is the source of your white-hot hatred of the US military? Given your apparent, latent homosexuality, am I free to speculate that you were in the service and got kicked out for gay activity or activism?
          And if you were in, I’ll bet dollars to donuts you were a REMF.
          Just sayin’

        7. And you are a gutless punk who comes on here bashing the military, and those of us who are proud of our service, then refuse to explain your pathological hatred of our armed forces. You insult me, GOJ, Daniel Ramos, towgunner77, and other vets here. So I am calling you out on it. Either explain and defend your position in an adult, rational way, or STFU and go away. I really don’t think you are masculine or mature enough to be participating in a serious forum like this one, let alone insulting several of us who were successful in the service and proud of it.
          You were in and got a less-than-honorable discharge, didn’t you? MOS?

        8. HA! HA! HA! “STFU and go away” ~ Pure fucking Yankee entitlement! Why don’t YOU STFU and Go Away? My people conquered this continent and fought savage Indians before your sorry-ass forefathers fled the Potato Famine.

        9. OK… so now we’ve established that you never served. Yet you present yourself as some kind of authority on the military, and an authority on the character and mindset of those who did serve. You are the most pretentious little punk who has ever appeared on this blog. And your knowledge of history is equally pathetic.
          So tell me, wee little man, is your hatred of the military due to the fact that one of my fellow paratroopers or infantrymen kicked your ass in a bar in Fayetteville NC or Columbus GA????

        10. You are a profane and twisted little man, and instead of answering my valid questions, you resort to very perverted insults and gay sexual themes. At this point, I pity you more than hate you. You aren’t fit to shine the shoes or carry out the garbage of a real man like me.

    2. Both Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic were born to Bosnian Muslim refugee families in Austria.

      Still think taking in such refugees is a good idea?

      1. So this bitch was a Bosnian Muslim -NOT an “Austrian”- who went to be with “her people” and got killed by THEM after changing her mind on who THEY were.
        I do not celebrate her death but fuck her.

        1. We have similar problems with Somali moslem communities in the USA. Quite a few of their young have gone abroad to engage in jihad.
          We’re also the only country that does not automatically revoke the passports of people who do the same.

  5. These sycophantic cowards in the media brag about supporting women, simultaneously demanding they get special treatment. That’s not how it works cup cake.
    Real equality has consequences. It is actually the exact opposite of pleasant, perfect privilege. Welcome to hell bishes.
    You got the equality you demanded. Though not the “equality” you wanted! Fuck you.

    1. Women said they wanted equality and freedom yet are running off to be oppressed and bragging about it. Take note, lads; the men on this website know what is better for women than they know themself. Why are they allowed to vote again?

    1. Ah yes, banging dumb college girls in couches and making money while at it. If that’s not a viable career, I don’t know what is.

      1. Some 19 year old from Minnesota put a shotgun to her mouth after her former classmates exposed her on one of those casting sites. That “career” KILLS.

        1. Guns don’t kill. Dumb people do. And yes, Xvideos still has the video of that girl. Weird. Unless you’re into something along the lines of necrophilia.

        2. you can always just punch in her stage name on the ol’ Google. there ya go “stella ann casting couch x” and add a torrent

        3. I don’t know what the f-ck she thought was going to happen… “Hmm, let’s go try to make public videos of me getting screwed as my career choice” and then, lo and behold, they are publicly shown in a video getting screwed… THIS is why women in some countries aren’t allowed to make their own decisions.

        4. She went out of her way to be a porn actress…I think it would dishonor the dead for them to take down something she took so much pride in…

        5. I suppose it’s a good In Memoriam, or a good in Mammarian….sorry, my pun o meter is broken.

        6. Her name was Alyssa Funke.
          It is rather tragic, I don’t believe she had a good life as she came from a brocken family with a bit of criminality on both her mother and father and not great deal of money and maybe that’s why she did porn.
          She clearly “over reacted.” In these situations it may be that she killed herself to escape pain or in anger to get back at her critics in a sort of “you’ll be sorry when I’m dead”
          Doing porn and prostitution etc is I think somehow disgusting at an instinctual level to most humans, even those in the liberal west and gossip is used to ostracise and punish to maintain some standards. Society just can’t work that way.
          If I were a class mate I don’t think I would have commented at all, certainly not in a negative way because she clearly was one fucked up chick already. If you do see someone doing rubbish like that the harshest criticism might be “honey, what are you doing to yourself?” You need to be clear and moral not get involved sexually, romantically or do some betta White Knighting.
          I do blame the sexual revolution or the feminist position that this kind of sex can be “empowering”. Maybe for some. Eighteen year olds are too young to vote or do porn. That shit needs to go to 21 years old.

  6. This type of female behavior should be common knowledge in this corner of the web. When I was in high school there were many girls 16-18 who were “dating” the local thugs and lowlifes. I haven’t been on social media in 3 years but I would see some of these same girls with 2-3 kids, no dad around, and portraying themselves as victims. Reap what you sow.

    1. Not completely true. There are girls with loving parents, mom and dad, who still act out. It’s more of a “finding yourself” phase, as in getting fucked by gangbangers. That’s not to say that girls from single parents aren’t more liable to do this, but I,suppose in a culture with no discipline or accountability where teens are treated as children, this will happen. Stalin said one death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic, so in a way, this girl just became another statistic.

        1. It’s an indicator to me that humans instinctively sympathise with females more than males. This is instinctual and not reasoning. It probably reflects on the relatively high value of a womb. Were these girls 40 year old women no one would give a flying.

        2. Tits, Ass, Hair, Hips, symmetry reflect on fertility. Lustrous hair tell us about a woman’s hormonal health. Why do you think they spend so much time and money worrying about it? Femininity probably reflects on bonding potential, kindness which we like in a mate and probably reflects on nurturing ability and empathy. What we think is beauty and sexual attraction is merely our instinctual animal brains valuing reproductive and nurturing potential.
          A 18 year old female has high social value because she has a functioning womb. A 18 year old male has 10c worth of sperm. Until he shows he is alpha with some achievements he is more potential than fact. he needs a little time to prove himself. Game can help him improve himself faster and project his potential faster.
          Plato identified the link between beauty and fertillity. He had a theory of beauty. In a nutshell he said that when we saw a beautiful young girl or boy our sense of beauty came in seeing the renewal of life we saw. It wasn’t a sexual sense of beauty, the kind that causes an erection. That kind exists of course but there is the other kind (see Roger Scruttons “on Beauty”). By extrapolation Greek art celebrates beauty and the reproductive potential.
          In the mid 60s a Darwinist came up with the idea of socio-biology. His name was E.O. Wilson. He was an expert in termites. What got him into trouble (with the lefties) was saying that one day the study of morality will be determined by biology. Fairly obvious to a man that understood termite morality.
          One of his tenants was ‘group selection’ which incidentally rejected by ‘new atheist’ Richard Dawkins in the mid 70s on scientific grounds.
          Group selection is back on the table. One example: battery hens with the highest egg laying capacity also tend to have the highest hormones and aggression and so attack each other so that when kept in cages of 20 they loose 66% of their output.
          By putting hens in groups of 20 and allowing those that lay the most eggs as a group to reproduce. After a few generations the egg laying quadrupled because the hens had been bred to be an productive society even though the hens as individuals had laid less.
          One evolutionary psychologist studied the link between beauty and intelligence was Satoshi Kanazwa. He got himself in to trouble for revealing data that showed that black women were rated lower than other women even by black men. (Personally his research may not have given black women a fair chance as he presented clothed women, if allowed to move bodies and show figures, usually a superior skeletal structure in blacks) and Anyway his research was cut short by the lefty crowd but I think he was on to something. Intelligence seems to be beauty related and makes me wonder whether the tendency of the more intelligent societies to practice self mate selection may have been part of allowing that process to occur.

        3. Well, all nice and good. But I like it simpler. When I see a young girl, I do not think of the renewal of life. I think about the way her soft skin will feel on my hands and face and body. How it will feel to touch her soft skin with my rough one. To invade her soft body with my hard on(e). It just feels good.
          Funny point about those 18 year old dudes. I see this as a failure of our society, though. Boys here need to spend 12 years in school learning nothing useful whatsoever. If they spent the same time developing real skills, they would be killing it by 18. Come on, it is fucking 12-15 years you can build on.
          Then again, who gives a damn if a girl thinks he is ‘alpha’? Let the bitches think what they want. Let them fuck whom they want. This extreme focus on sex is plain annoying, as if there was nothing to life but fucking.
          I used to intellectualize this stuff a lot and now I am rather disgusted by it.

        4. Hey, about Plato, thanks for pointing that out. Today’s Faggots try to gain support for their twisted, perverted lifestyle by pointing to the Ancient Greeks saying they “loved boys and men.” No. . .The Greek Philosophers were talking about standards of beauty having to do with social order, critical thinking skills, up-right living, etc. Totally the opposite of homosexuality, which is caused by mental illness.

        5. Yes,
          Robert R Reileys book “Making Gay OK” points out that both Socrates and Plato were unambiguous in condemning homosexual acts. It’s fairly clear Socrates was no fan. I purposely avoided the word Eros as to the Greeks it meant something more like the passion to attraction, love, reproduce, nurture.
          Reileys book is subtitled “How Rationalising Homosexuality is Changing Everything”. It’s clear that the gay lords read to much wishful thinking into it. They wanted to claim these giants as homosexual.
          Not well known is that Socrates did full service as a Citizen Hopolite Soldier.
          Platos theory on beauty is well explained in Roger Scruttons “on beauty” kindle book or BBC/YouTube.

      1. It doesn’t really matter why women go for thugs and low-lifes; the fact is they do. More importantly, this is a choice women make and like all choices people make, they should be held accountable for the end results of these choices. As far as the single moms popping out bastards sired by the scum of society goes, I would much rather these kids be adopted out from birth. If this were to hurt the birth mother’s feelz, too fucking bad. That’s called a consequence of your decisions. Not only would this give the kid some chance of a normal life but it would mean I wouldn’t get stung for cost of welfare keeping slutty single moms alive.

        1. I’d rather see them die in the gutters. That’s the only way to get the message across to women.
          That bastard child might be “innocent”, but it strips me of the wealth necessary to have my own children.

      2. One reason is that in this world of multicultural orthodoxy saying anything bad about Islam is illegal. These girls may have just swallowed the orthodoxy that “Islam is a religion of Peace” or some other platitude.
        In the end they probably just followed some boys there.
        She probably she though she would continue of have ‘rights’ not realising how precarious freedom is nor that freedom is usually something backed up by man willing to do violence on your behalf.
        When she lived in Europe those rights came from men who believed in a morality that accorded a great deal of individual freedoms.
        To a certain extent I’m glad they are dead rather than dragging a bunch of children back to Europe with them.
        Maybe their purpose in life was to be an example to others.

    2. Yes women do seem to be strangely drawn to the thugs. Something romantic about the drama surrounding these guys…
      I do wonder though. Why did this girl try to flee?

      1. There is thins thing called consequences she probably had no concept of, just like any woman…

      2. Probably something about living in a tent with no wifi, a bucket for a toilet, and a husband who speak with his fists. Just a guess

      3. Cause she went to join an organization that valuse a mule over a woman.
        It isn’t rocket science.

        1. It is because it wasn’t quite what she would have hoped. ISIS are a bunch of idiots. You can tell by how badly they handle all their relations, making enemies with everyone instead of picking their fights. Also losing although they have superior weapons, logistics, and numbers. Of course she doesn’t want an idiot mate. They have some fantasy about owning women, but can’t really handle the reality of it and are giving them away among themselves all the time.

        2. I actually thought (but who can know for sure) that like a numerous young men from the UK who went over there, that she found out that its the romantic freedom fighting war she thought but actually a charnal house of horror, with body parts of men, women and children alike flying everywhere. This not withstanding that these are some of the most depraved men on the planet. Like the young men from England, once she realized what she had gotten herself into she wanted out. However, unlike the men, she had no right to leave.

    1. And then if your little black ass gets snuffed out fighting for Allah you’ll get 27 virgins, ya can’t go wrong!!

      1. It’s a win-win scenario!
        I’d better be careul, before I start believing my own memes :/

  7. I couldn’t agree more. This stupid butch was a traitor to Austria and Europe in general.
    When you make horrible decisions (such as joining a terrorist group), expect horrible consequences.
    She was not a victim. She was a traitor who joined an enemy army in what is essentially a time of war. Had she escaped successfully, I would advocate prosecuting her to the fullest extent available by Austrian law and permanently barring her entrance to the UK and the US.

    1. I don’t consider her a traitor to Austria because I don’t consider her Austrian. Her whole family is Bosnian, and went to a German speaking country for the cash. This is what you get with the EU: your country becomes a host body for invading cells.

  8. Who says she was “brainwashed”? Why are females always perceived as virtuous at some core level, unless corrupted by men? In san bernadino it appears the female pushed the male into jihad.

    1. To be fair, the San Bernardino female shooter was already plotting before she and her husband got married. Surely he didn’t brainwash her.

  9. Thank goodness she was killed before she spawned. She could have easily birthed 10 or more jihadis.
    Never forget, increased birthrates are just as potent a weapon of war as any bomb, bullet, knife, missile, firearm, etc.

    1. These girls were the children of Bosnian refugees. Were they Muslim or orthodox Bosnian? What is pathetic about this is that
      1 Bosnian Muslims can go back to Bosnia, as Muslims now run the place.
      2 If the Girls were Bosnian serbs/orthodox then what a disagrace to their familes that they changed sides.
      The cosmos does not forgive fools of the cosmic sin of stupidity.

  10. What the media is really pussy footing around is that FEMALES PREFER BAD BOYS. As Heartiste has said before…
    “Nearly EVERY woman — even upper class and educated women — has buried in
    the recesses of her feminine mystique a vulnerable center…the capacity to submit her heart and her pussy to a violent thug.”
    The difference between the convicts occupying our prisons and ISIS fighters, is that there isn’t a warden and a 20 foot wall standing between them and their bad boy.

    1. Funny how the attraction tends to evaporate when another man with a bigger gun puts the thug in his place, whether that be behind razor wire fence or at the wrong end of a 2000 lb GPS guided bomb.
      I think normal western guys need to realize that women only want them if they feel the raw power of big daddy government is directly and conditionally derived from that of the countries men (or the man has his own independent power base) so an out of control unaccountable central government will always tend to ‘turn off’ that countries women to its men (who are then rightfully seen as weak.)

  11. Women are illogical and irrational. A teenage millennial girl even more so. I’m not concerned with laughing at these girls for being dumb, or that they are punished for making a big mistake. The important lesson here is what drove these girls to do what they did and why.
    Fact: There was *something* about the rebels that was seen as attractive or meaningful or important for them to give up their comfortable lives and risk everything.
    Fact: Without patriarchy and conservative religion, western culture has lost its cohesiveness and moral appeal.
    What is being done about that? I personally find it very difficult to believe men or women (and yes, men from almost every state in the USA, have left to go fight for the terists) would be attracted to this cause, yet when you stop and realize many of them felt like they had little to live or work for in the west, other than feeding a corrupt system of greed and hatred, one can see how they fell for the propaganda from the other side.
    The main lesson is to look inward and fix what is wrong in our society rather than complain or ridicule those who have found a flawed and dangerous alternative. The fact that they would even consider an alternative as sick and twisted as these rebel terists should frighten us all.

    1. “The main lesson is to look inward and fix what is wrong in our society
      rather than complain or ridicule those who have found a flawed and dangerous alternative.”
      There is too much irrational ‘understanding and compassion’ in society at the moment (see also ‘safe spaces’); ridicule would be part of the solution [only with the non-honest seekers who don’t want to improve themselves], and also a stress reliever for those who see the problems.

  12. I just have this to say about my detractors and any and all on here who are so quick to resort to violence. If you advocate or approve of violence then you really know absolutely nothing about it, unless you are a sadistic psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain on others. Violence, even when necessary in the defense of self, friends or family is never a “Good” thing, it is always BAD. The karmic repercussions of your actions reverberate 10,000 fold. Especially in your own life. The evil that men do TRULY does live on after them. I don’t expect many to understand my words. I am quite certain that many will view them as weak and feminine. Whatever. Those who spout tired, bankrupt platitudes like “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” have never faced the prospect or reality of either…

        1. You were beat up once our twice s mugged from what you’ve stated. Come up off it old man ,you haven’t seen shit. Tell me did you tell those people beating you up ” violence isn’t the answer guys ,come on”

        2. I never said that violence is not the answer. I never stated that I was a pacifist. I stated that violence is always bad, even when necessary. But to a sadomasochist like yourself violence IS necessary! You can’t get your pathetic little rocks off without it. I have been around long enough to recognize a sadomasochist such as yourself. You are a sadist, that much is clear, but what you have revealed about yourself is that you also like to take it up the ass. You obviously like to inflict pain, that’s the sado part. But you also have a sick NEED to receive some humiliating punishment to give justification to your feelings of self loathing and inferiority, that’s the masochist part. Inflict, inflict, inflict. Receive, receive, receive. Even your name, Mister Snow, sounds like some weird child molesting serial killer from a Wes Craven film. I have fed your sick twisted need long enough and I don’t feel like conversing with psychopaths such as yourself.

        3. If you kill for pleasure you’re a sadist , if you kill for money you’re a mercenary. Kill for both and you’re a ranger . Again, hary manly balls .

        4. Practicing a martial art that is from another culture that has persisted for 1000 of years is white trash ? Yea , look you’re the one running off at the mouth . If you’re not trying to meet up and put you’re money where your mouth is then stop being another Key board warrior .you’re nothing but a scared old man

        5. Posting on a forum a about personal matters is a fools game . The offer is on the table , email me , direct message or text . Till then you’re just a coward who likes to run his mouth in front of a crowd. Good day to you old man

    1. “The karmic repercussions of your actions reverberate 10,000 fold” There is perhaps something to this, but, they’ll always be a “cosmic” dispensation for acceptable violence- self-defense, war, hunting for food.

  13. Oh, my heart bleeds. Fuck her. Nobody was holding a gun to her head. She still made the conscious choice to betray her family, her country, to betray Europe. Whore. I spit on your grave.

  14. The first time I heard of this, I laughed. She deserves zero sympathy as does any woman who repeats this idiotic of a decision. However, we need to question why so many young adults and teenagers are being attracted to this.

    1. I wager the number one cause is through the 13 years of school leftist indoctrination, we are taught why white society is evil. All of the evils and wrongs done by the “White western patriarchal structure”.
      But how much is ever celebrated and directly attributed to white western culture. Nothing, because it isn’t allowed to cite whites as being the inventors of electricity, plumbing, potable water, anti-biotics, modern vehicles, flight, etc,….
      Nope, all that matters is linking our culture to annihilation and evil.

      1. Alien technology never helped savages. Edison had his own folk in mind when he postulated what would work while doing his brainstorming and problem solving. If he’d been put to the task of inventing things for the benifit of savage spear chuckers, he would have invented for them not medicine or functioning gadgets to make them more productive because they’ll never produce or create, NO he would have invented for them spears that would break and mind numbing psychotropic medicine to keep them at bay. Every creation and invention is ‘TRIBE SPECIFIC. Tech advancements are for the good of the tribe and it is treason against the tribe to hand weaponized tech to competing or belligerent tribes. You also become enemy of your own tribe by subduing or poisoning its members to gain control. Women historically try to control with poisons or potions. Therefore CONTROL over others is a priveledge that women have unearned and should be forbidden from practicing. Only with her natural bodily god given fluids such as mother’s milk should she control the suckling infant. And her smegma? Well men, learn to control yourselves when the pheromone packed aroma wafts into your nostrils. She can’t help when it comes gushing out. Understand that.

    2. Because Jim Jones is dead and the moonies are no longer recruiting. Oh yeah, Charlie Manson is in jail.

  15. to me the biggest turnoff in a female is if she is wearing a hijab or some outright Muslim headgear, (not to be confused with scarf or shawl cause a lot of south asian females wear it irrespective of religion).
    WHY is it a turnoff ? Because you immediately know she is a muslim which means she comes with the baggage of family. As a Christian, I would probably have a fatwah on my head from her family members if I ever dated a Muslim chick.

    1. Devout muslim girls are only as devout as the muslim men who control them. In wearing the burqas and doing the prayer, they’re only going through the motions under the auspices of their men who, being circumcised are themselves bitches to their imams and are bitch boys to the Islamic state. If alpha marauders from a non Islamic tribe were to carry the Islamic women away, the women would be pressing the shirts or cooking yak stew for their new tribe. The problem is that western beta male society affronts Islamic immigrants with no alpha male model to pay natural respect to. Sweden is like a big unclad woman lying there saying ”rape me” ”ooh, take me, I’m yours”

  16. I care more for the piece of shit I just flushed down my toilet than this cunt. Glad she was killed. I hope they raped her ass too and that she is burning in hell right about now.

  17. Missing White Girl Syndrome comes to mind. They’re fair skinned Europeans, albeit Muslim Bosniaks. If it weren’t so, there wouldn’t be half the fuss.

  18. Bosnia is now an independent country (actually, more a failed state, but never mind the details). Until the early 90s, it used to be one of the federal units (“republics”) within ex-Yugoslavia.
    Bosnians come in 3 main flavors: Serbian (religion: orthodox), Croat (catholic) and Muslim. Until 1990s, “Muslim” was an official term denoting them as an ethnic group (Yugoslavia was run by commies and they liked to pretend religion doesn’t exist or at least shouldn’t be acknowledged). Most Serb or Croat Bosnians will tell you that Muslims are not always pleasant to deal with in everyday life, business etc..
    They know what they are talking about. Unlike other 90s wars in Balkans, the war in Bosnia was not caused by Serb expansionists but by Muslim leaders in Bosnia who took advantage of the situation (fall of communism, dissolution of Yugoslavia) and planned to make the whole Bosnia an islamic/sharia state. They even ‘imported’ fighters from muslim/Arabic countries, including mujahideen veterans of the Afghanistan war (the one against USSR) who committed many atrocities against Christian civilians in Bosnia.

    1. What you say is true. I know Americans and other NATO soldiers who were there in the 90’s and told me we backed the wrong side. I also know some Serbs and told me how it was pre-and post Tito.

    2. I always bring this up when liberals starting talking about Iraq. Most of them don’t even know about this war with Clinton/Europe/etc.

  19. Yeah Carl Jung calls it the rebel archtype. Everyone subconsciously gravitates towards a certain archtype although we think of our routines as our own we end up performing them all at the same time in weird moments of sincrinocity. The media has a certain unspoken level of censorship. They don’t report suicide rates. They don’t report as much on massive non nato behaving atrocities. Things like mass rapes and human biological testing, oil money etc.are for some reason not making headlines. As if the media thinks of themselves as responsible for everyones’ mental health. Idk.
    As far as these dumb girls go they deserve a special kind of darwin award. Isis preys on the rebel archtype making it unstable from within. Needs to be dismantled by causing infighting like cancer from within and effective control of their social networking propaganda to use back at them.

  20. I agree that she is responsible for her own fate, but I’m wondering what age we ought to draw the line between when she would have been a victim and when she’s considered responsible for her actions. The answer clearly isn’t “When she’s an adult”, because that’s 18 in the UK. The age of criminal responsibility is 10 – would that be the line we would draw? I don’t know that I would consider an 11-year old girl in her situation to be getting her just deserts. I’m thinking 14 or 15 would be where I would draw the line, but I was wondering what your thoughts on this question were.

    1. I don’t think there’s any clear line when a person becomes an “adult.” Everyone matures at different ages. Plus, even when you become an “adult,” you go through phases of maturity.
      I would say that, mentally, most people cross a threshold of maturity at around 14 or 15 as you suggest. Then, at around 19 or 20, there is usually an advancement to another level of maturity. And, in general, I don’t think people reach full maturity until 25 (or even later) depending on their life experiences.

      1. But if, as you say, “Everyone matures at different ages,” then how are we to say that Samra was responsible for her actions? The average 17-year-old might well be mature enough to be considered responsible for her actions, but how do we know that Samra had the maturity of the average 17-year-old? Her actions would indicate that her maturity is well below the average of her peers – perhaps on a par with the average 13-year-old. The line has to be drawn somewhere, or you’d get 20-year-old criminals arguing that they ought to be tried as a minor because their maturity level is on a par with the average 15-year-old.

  21. I know a Mexican American girl who recently ‘converted’ to Islam. I honestly think it was simply a move based on fashion. She has the look of a pretty Muslim girl. The large, gypsy eyes, full lips etc. She bundles up in her gear and her best features are accentuated while her mediocre body is concealed.
    I swear that I think these women or girls go Muslim just to capture the look and play around with hijabs, partial hijabs, head scarves etc. It’s a fashion statement based on trinkets, accessories like many other leftist beliefs; trinket based. Don’t try to tell me that some enviro-mystic hippy doesn’t like looking at his Jesus-y appearance in the mirror, his beard, cool bracelets, magical pendants etc. Our society is going lefty headlong and much of it is based on accessorizing.

    1. I agree that a lot of women convert into Islam without carefully understanding the core values and beliefs of the religion. I don’t however think that the vast majority of women who do convert
      (and there are a lot, as Islam is one of the fastest growing religions) are doing so out of “fashion” and to play around with the hijab.

      1. Well I do think that it is the reason why. There is no other reason to convert to Islam given what it’s doing to the world right now and how it is the cause of an overwhelming majority of global conflict.

        1. My $0.02 on the subject is that a lot of women just like to do what they are told…. and Islam does tell them.

  22. Fat face. The eating must have been good. So long stupid. Would love pictures of who they married.

  23. We only care because she is a cute pretty teenage girl. Other than that no one is allowed to blame Muslims for anythingotherwiseyouwillbecalledabigot.

  24. I can’t feel sorry for her, at least she got a LOT of jihadist cock before the snuff out her sorry ass.

  25. After the rangers , if the Syrian conflict is still going on, I would like to go over and fight against Isis . I don’t know where I’ll go as a ranger but I’ll do my best to represent the culture and interest of our country

      1. Unfortunately, it is a hoax. And yet, for all their ruthlessness, those bad boys might be our salvation. Just look at our “enemies”, the Iranians and the Russians and our “allies” the Turks and the Saudis.

  26. The Pussy Pass in full action. “Waaaahhhh it’s not her fault she woz brainwashed by teh evil menz!!!” Little hint: To be brainwashed you need a brain first.

  27. What these bitches would have needed is a grim daddy with a leather belt and some good rounds of spanking.If i were the father or brother of one of these girls i would skin this goatpleaser preacher alive ,chop him to pieces and burn his fucking mosque down.

  28. Is it still permissible to kill Injuns with impunity or is that only reserved for Muslims who our Israeli masters wish us to eliminate from the face of the earth?

  29. I agree wholeheartedly. When I heard that they were beaten to death I said they got what was coming to them. Good riddance, scum.

  30. When I first heard that Samra Kesinovic was beaten to death for her escape attempt, I felt bad only that her escape to the West would have resulted in some great propaganda to stop others from following her path, but then I came to my senses and remembered Western journalism and how they would twist it.
    It would have been interesting to see where her parents were in all this, on how they turned a deaf ear to what she was doing and interacting with. It has always been my belief that Muslim parents, even in the West, kept a strict watch on their daughters. Did they just fail at the parenting job or did they encourage their daughter’s decision even though publicly they show another face?
    If anybody knows any particulars, please share.

  31. Chasing thugs, they deserve to die. They had the choice of stable marriage in a traditional context in the west and decided their tingles were more important. What a waste.

  32. The reporting on this and the “oh the poor brainwashed little waif” thing is predictable and has precedent. Everybody can tell how “creepy, awful, evil!” Charles Manson is, but do you know that he killed not one person? Nope, his women did. While they were held legally accountable, the narrative was that they were brainwashed by the charismatic Manson who apparently has some evil mind bending control that forces women to do evil things on his behalf. Now granted, being a cult leader and ordering the hit of others is criminal and heinous, but most people really don’t know the whole story there. And I’ll bet you nobody but a few history buffs can name a single woman who did the hits on his behalf (maybe, maybe they’ll know one, but not more). But say Charles Manson and you’ll get unanimous ignorant (and wrong) agreement that he was a serial killer.

  33. I stopped caring the second I read this chick put in effort to go join Isis. If I met her in combat I would have shot her ass like any terrorist.
    She got what she deserved.

  34. The tale of these two idiots is worse than it seems. Bosnian Muslims are mainly the descendants of white Europeans who betrayed their own people (the Serbs, for the most part) and committed the crime of apostasy by “converting” to Islam, mainly to save their property. There is no more disgusting tale in European history than that of thee vile traitors. The Albanians and so-called “Kosovar” are other examples of this human garbage. These stupid girls got what they and their ancestors have long deserved.

    1. Before they converted, Bosnian Muslims used to be members of a heretical dualist sect called the “Bosnian Church”, who considered themselves the only “real” Christians. The Turks favored them because they found their heresy closer to Islam than the Christian Serbs and Croats, and then they converted to Islam en masse. Also, despite being white, they’re rather stupid; in fact, they’re less intelligent than Mexicans. Serbs (the ethnic group that produced Nikola Tesla and Mileva Maric) and Croats routinely make “dumb Bosnian jokes”.
      Albanians were Orthodox, but always resented their Greek and Serbian neighbors. The north Albanians became Catholic around 1100 — for political reasons, not because they all decided the Roman Pope really was the head of Christendom — then most Albanians, north and south, became Muslim when the Turks came in. Like the Bosnians, they are low-IQ inbred hicks.

  35. Duh, what did she expect to happen? Leave a cush, modern lifestyle for no toilets or Facebook use. I hate to see anyone die, but my God. Chalk this one up to “Death by misadventure.” Not much different from stoned teenage death games that happen regularly.

  36. Cattle to the slaughter.
    Better this cow died at the hands of her chosen family than making it back to Europe. Some loser beta would probably have wifed her up, and had a couple brats with her to continue her genetic deficiency. At least this way the violent whore is removed from the gene pool.
    No pity for her, or any other whore, who wanted to join these psychopaths. If any survive the culling they should be sterilized for the crime of joining them anyway.

  37. I do not believe a word of the official story. Either these girls were plants by intelligence services or its all made up to elicit sympathy against the ISIS boogey man. Either way if the story is legit, you play with dragons, do not be surprised if you get eaten.

  38. I bet she got turned on while being beaten to death. C’mon, we all know she joined ISIS because she thought they were strong and powerful, then she realized they were just a bunch of losers with guns and mental problems, she also only got all the attention because she was really pretty.

  39. This is more like failed parenting. By her last name, it seems like she is Slavic; I’m surprised they didn’t raise her well.

  40. There is no shortage of evidence of the capacity for evil that resides in all women. It is greater than that of man, in fact.
    Putting aside the jihadist element, which distorts the picture, Muslim societies are well aware of that women will turn to evil much faster than men. This is why they segregate women, cover them, and make sure that they are always under the thumb of a male family member.
    The West can learn a lot from Muslims in this regard. Perhaps after all the jihadist hubbub wains, we will. Enjoy your future, feminists.

    1. Read your history.. It’s MANkind that that is the most destructive force on the planet. You suck at a peaceful existence- men are
      The ones who are destructive and violent by nature. 80% of persons diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder ( sociopaths) are in fact male . Males commit murder, rape and incest at an alarming higher rate than their female counterparts.
      Yet, you, being unaccountable point your pinky at women and shriek ” evil!!”
      Typical idiot male child..

  41. I suppose I might feel bad for those spoiled little bitches if there weren’t so many other people more deserving of my time and attention.

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