7 Things I Require In The Future Mother Of My Child

It’s common in these parts to make fun of women for having a delusional shopping list when seeking out a mate, but is it possible that our lists for finding women are also unreasonable? I asked myself this question while constructing a list of requirements I need in a woman who I think would be suitable for reproduction (and not necessarily state-sanctioned marriage). I ask you, dear reader, if my list is as deranged as that of a woman’s.

The following is what I require in a woman for a long-term relationship that involves having children:

1. She must be between 18-25 years old

In the case I want to have more than two kids, I need to find a woman who is substantially younger than myself so she is biologically able to keep popping them out. This requirement also accounts for the fact that single women over 25 are emotionally damaged in some way, are alpha widowed, or are professional daters who are incapable of making the proper relationship sacrifices.

2. She must have less than three prior sexual partners, though I prefer a virgin

Studies show that the more sexual partners a woman has before marriage, the more likely that marriage will fail. I also don’t want to marry a woman who has voluntarily accepted being used as a cum dumpster by other men, or who kisses my child with lips that have been previously wrapped around many other cocks. My child will not have a “reformed” slut mother.

For a woman who has had sexual partners before me, I must be the absolute best man she has ever been with in terms of appearance, personality, and resources. Otherwise, once the honeymoon is over and the relationship hits an inevitable low point, she will get a “Could I have done better?” itch and sabotage the relationship or test me to the point where I have to play “dread game” just to keep her in the kitchen. There must be no doubt within her mind that I am the best that she could possibly get.

3. Her physical attractiveness should hover around the 7 range

Thanks to technology and modern cosmopolitan society, a woman who is an 8 or above in beauty has been exposed to more toxic situations and experiences where she’s achieved some level of e-fame, been validated incessantly for her appearance, and been offered money, consumer products, and trips for her vagina (and likely accepted those offers). She has also fully utilitized her beauty to get her way in life, including prime seating for manipulating men for personal gain. Not only is such a woman harder to manage, but her entitlement is far higher. For a life partner I will purposefully aim lower than what I could get for casual sex.

4. Her skin tone should be within two shades of myself

I would like to have kids that look like me, so I will not reproduce with a woman who is black, Asian, or Indian. Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern). The average Croatian or Romanian girl is more similar to my appearance than Spanish or Italian.

5. She must be feminine

She must be a woman who takes great pride in her appearance and the feminine abilities that nature bestowed upon her. I don’t want her to be a mindless weakling who needs me all the time, but she should look and act like a woman and not try to compete with me in terms of mental or physical strength.

6. She must want to be a traditional stay-at-home mother

Once the kids arrive, she should have no desire to pursue a pointless office career in place of taking care of our growing brood. She may have some freedom to pursue hobbies like yoga or knitting, but her place will be in the home while I tirelessly work on my internet ebook hustle to bring home the bread that gives her everything she needs.

When I come home from work (at the cafe), I expect the kids to be clean, the house to be in good order, and preparations for dinner planned. I shall not participate in more than 5% of household duties outside of home improvement. In exchange, she will never have to worry about money or work outside the home. She can live a pleasant middle-class lifestyle that can even include dog and car ownership.

7. She must believe in a god

My experience shows that a woman who doesn’t believe in god has a value system taught to her by corporations and progressive degenerates. She will certainly be addicted to internet attention, alcohol, casual sex, material possessions, or food. She has relativistic morality, and what she thinks of as morality is actually built upon her feelings. When faced with any type of stress, she will almost always follow the herd or make the wrong decision. A woman who believes in god, while still prone to making mistakes, makes less of them and at least has a mental system encouraging her to perform good.


I believe the seven things above are quite reasonable, and something that would have taken no more than a 6-month search two generations ago, but based on my last decade of intensive fornication, I’ve encountered maybe two girls who fit the bill, especially when it comes to girls being a virgin and eager to stay at home. Part of this reason is that most of my time hunting for women was spent in big cities where such values are rapidly disappearing.

The decision I have to make now is how badly I want kids. If I don’t want kids, I should live in a place like Poland where I can attain a comfortable life of easy sex with “strong and independent” sluts, but where it’s close to impossible to meet girls who meet the above requirements (in the Polish cities I have lived in). If I do want to have kids, I should immediately move, because I’m surely not getting any younger. The two countries that seem to best accomplish my list are Ukraine and Russia, though there are huge obstacles and difficulties with living there long term instead of just going for two months of adventure and fun.

While I can honestly state that I’m not crazy about having kids right now, I know that my desires can change and so I have to guess if I will want them within five years time. Only five years ago I was still in the middle of nonstop casual sex, thinking the party would never end, and of course the music did stop and it’s something that no longer drives me. If being a father is in my future, I must prepare for it now.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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326 thoughts on “7 Things I Require In The Future Mother Of My Child”

  1. A stay-at-home wife can increase her value to you substantially if you have her homeschool your children. That’s the equivalent of a private school education for each child right there.

    1. Should really do that yourself. I intend to, if I ever go down that path. Teachers have always been men, except in very recent times, and the very few good teachers I had were all men. The worst, of course, were all women.

      1. Not at all. Look at how easy it is to get any kind of education degree.
        Besides, information about pedagogy and age-appropriate curricula are available for next to nothing online. Textbooks and supplies are ridiculously inexpensive too. It is not that hard for someone who isn’t terribly well-versed in a k12-level subject to gain enough of a working knowledge of the same in order to teach it to someone else.

        1. You are right that anyone can gain the skills to provide a minimum standard of education at home, but your comment was that you could attain the same level of education as a child would receive through a private school education. That is simply not logical. A private school has an entire staff of educators who have been trained to provide as higher level of education as they can – that’s how they are able to charge many thousands in fees each semester. They have established a track record of educating children to the level that a high proportion of them will go on to have successful careers. If they didn’t, parents would stop sending their kids to them and they would go out of business. To suggest that anyone can give their child an equal quality of education by persuading their wife to stay at home and buy some text books, is just plain factually incorrect.

        2. I’ll concede that if you’re going with the “best of the best of the best” in terms of private k12 education then yes what you say can be true, but for most people of limited means, that simply isn’t a practical option.
          The results of homeschooling still tend to produce better educated students than most public and some private k12 schools. For a couple that seeks to raise children in a traditional way, this is still a cost-effective alternative to a very costly private education.

        3. Nonsense. Classroom teaching makes very little difference in student performance. When teachers are ranked by improvement of student test scores, each standard deviation better teacher has 0.2 standard deviations improvement in student performance (this is from a large Teach for America study in a big city that I don’t feel like looking up right now). So it would take a +5 s.d. teacher — top 1 in nearly 3,500,000 — to move Junior from the 50th percentile to the 16th percentile.
          Having a class size of 1 and a curriculum and pace tailored to Junior’s abilities and interests rather than sending him to a government day-prison indoctrination center with 30-student classes taught at the speed of the slowest 10% will just about always result in Junior being better educated and more capable as an adult.

  2. Is the God in which she will believe your dick????
    All wifes must pray for the dick each night as ancient prophets proclaimed and spoke about it in the ancient scripts.

        1. Ex wife had a small jaw structure which is ironic since she couldn’t shut that clap trap. Her bj’s sucked in a bad way, because she couldn’t open her mouth all the way.

    1. This is the type of girl I would fuck when I’m extremely drunk or desperate for sex. She looks like 3 or 4 at best.

      1. I don’t understand like half you people here. A good personality easily bumps a chick up a few points, and she at least looks sane.

        1. K-selected. Which is apparently a rarity here. And something Roosh should consider if he is.

        2. I didn’t realize women had personalities….wait, when you say personality, do you mean the thing between their thighs?

        3. you said…
          “she at least looks sane”… how would you know. You said she looks like one.
          to me, all girls are psycho (all girls really are) unless proven otherwise. A girl can put up an innocent looking face and the girl can look like a good girl; most of them act like sociopath though. For all we know, this blonde girl on the picture could be a warped mental patient.

        4. The crazier they are the better they can fake sane. A normal chick will seem nuts when she gets over whelmed but a total sociopath will always seem level right up to the point where they boil your rabbit

      2. She’s not that bad, I find her attractive. The fact that she’s had plenty of options and hasn’t slept with dozens of men is a plus. It says something about her self control.

        1. but I’m sure she would gladly drop on her knees and suck some cock if the “right” man came by. And few weeks later, “another” right man came by and she did it again. She just hasn’t had the bad boys tingle her pussy yet. Once she realizes, she will want to orgasm after bad boys. She just didn’t meet the alpha dudes yet.

        2. Excellent wife material. Horrible dirty sex material. Never are those two traits in the same woman.

        1. Oh no, what do we got here? An internet keyboard warrior!
          Being laid is not a measure of a man’s success. Dimwits like you don’t know that since you are still a puberty teenage boy who hasn’t experienced the real world.
          I get laid when I want and when I’m extremely horny. Sure I get rejection rates but my lay counts are also high. If I”m not in a mood, I just don’t care. I’m not a basement dwelling troll.
          You are just mad and crying about it because I didn’t find your (ideal women) hot enough. Stop putting that blonde bimbo on pedestal you whiteknight mangina SJW cunt lol.

        2. Wrong on all accounts. You have no idea what a man is cry baby. Why so defensive?? Go back to your mommys basement

    2. Note the upvote. White men love the jaw in women. Here the cause of careeerrrr grrrlz without any mother caring skills. The T that shapes the jaw shape manly women

    3. Jana is very cute, and seems like a sweet girl from what I’ve seen of the show. She is my second favorite of the girls after Jessa. She’s the only one of the grown Duggar girls who’s not yet courted at all or been on an official date, at the age of 25. I’m very certain that this isn’t because guys aren’t interested in her, but due to her having very high standards in men unlike the vast majority of American girls today.

      1. Jana does seem like a nice young woman. I would certainly consider marrying her or a young woman like her. Yes, Jessa is a little prettier, but Jana is also a very lovely woman, and seems to have a wonderfully gentle gracious feminine sense about her. It is a shame that she hasn’t become a wife and mother yet.
        I think these nice conservative Christian homeschool type girls have a lot going for them (of course I would think so as I am a conservative Evangelical Christian man). It is too bad that most Christians don’t understand that God’s Moral Law as revealed in Scripture has always allowed men to have more than one wife. I’ve got a wonderful Christian wife (she and I were both virgins when we married). Yet, I would absolutely love to add a second wife, were such a thing culturally possible.
        There are a ton of total jerks commenting on this site who do not deserve any decent woman, and you can see their comments listed above. Hopefully they will see the error of their ways and change direction.

        1. you might want to look into the Mormonism branch who practices polygamy if you want another wife.
          But traditional Christianity does not promote more than one wife. Jesus himself said that in the old testament times Moses only permitted them to have multiple wives because of their hardened hearts.
          “And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?
          6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
          7 They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away?
          8 He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.”
          -Mathew 19

  3. One way to determine if family life is for you is to consider what your role in tribal life would have been. Some men had natural inclinations to, among other things: Fight, hunt, fish, build stuff, socialize with the women and children.
    Personally I like to fight and I’m good at it, and I am also a very heavy introvert. I have no talent for building or painting or anything creative. I would have been out patrolling the perimeter, keeping a watch for enemies and maybe going on the occasional bear hunt. Not staying in the tribe all day.
    If I’m right, that means regular family life is NOT for me. The best option I can see for me is to have 2-3 women so they have eachother for company when I’m out doing my thing, whatever that thing is at the moment. This also prevents me from being turned into a “girlfriend”, which I believe is a large contributor to why women lose interest in sex after a few years. Women don’t have sex with their friends as we all know.
    None of this would prevent me from being a teacher and role model to my children. The only question is if I want to put in the effort and money for it.

  4. Okay, here is my list:
    1. She should have a good ability to manipulate some loser into providing for my genetic offspring.
    2. She should be at least have a quantity of 1000.
    3. She should be dumb enough to forget my name after we fuck and believe that I am a king from the Orient.
    4. She should be fertile and appetizing, a bit like your ideal. Else the gene spreading is no fun.
    5. She should make her kids hate me for leaving her, so that the kids will not want to get to know me.

  5. “3. Her physical attractiveness should hover around the 7 range”
    That criterion, in and of itself, is both profound and potentially revolutionary. Operationalise that amongst men and you would in fact break the back of female narcissism

    1. That is illogical. The 10s would still be there for the fucking. And since no man would really want to marry them, they would actually be only there for that. Well, I guess they could become more open about being bitches then and not have to pretend being great mothers or some bullshit.

      1. I’m not trying to remove the tens from the resource-pool. But their power is the same as worst kind of narcotic

        1. But you fail to see the consequence of a generalized extrapolation. If every man rejects 10s for marriage, they will only be fucking around. But if every man keeps himself open to the slight chance that he might marry a 10 anyway, you are basically back where we are now, because that little ‘maybe’ turns into a ‘hell, why not’ quickly.

        2. I think you’re failing to see the provisional, contingent nature of the idea. We are in a historical situation which is akin to goddess worship and consequently 10s in particular have too much power and choice, something which corrupts them, potentially absolutely. It’s not their fault. It’s just a bad situation for everyone. Once that situation is addressed then it might be possible for the most beautiful women to also be the best.

        3. First question: Why do the most beautiful women need to be the best? Life is full of contradictions, why would it be any different in this? Beauty must be contrasted with flaws.
          Second question: How to address it? What I am trying to say is that on a societal level, you can only do it through mass doctrine. But how does that doctrine look? Forbidding men to bed and adore 10s? I am not sure if this is game theory or whatever, but you gotta look at it from an individual perspective: When everybody thinks that nobody else wants 10s anymore, 10s market value decreases. But that decrease in market value is only artificial and thus every sane individual man will see: Well, I guess I am the only one who wants to snatch one 10 at a low price. And if one man thinks that, potentially every man thinks that. And thus you actually increase their market value through artificially increased demand.

        4. “Why do the most beautiful women need to be the best?”
          I understand what you are saying but what we have now is a system of universal thirst, with most men needing to get to age thirty or so before they realise that either 10s are unattainable and even if they are not aren’t going to be worth the investment, except with respect to short-term imperatives. The discipline we have now is one of universal, unregulated thirst. You don’t need to ban men from going from the women they want, you just need to ban thirst, and make sure anyone who succeeds does so from a basis of complete discipline and self-control. I’m talking about an induced and co-ordinated change in culture that will only pay dividends down the line.

        5. the moment a beautiful woman realizes she’s beautiful is nearly always the day the music died. Beauty that is corrupt is not beauty at all

        6. Sounds like you want to induce some totalitarian system that would end up being far worse than any damage endured from a little female narcissism.

        7. a lack of discipline, a nation of thirsty pussy hound addicts is a totalitarian system. I’m talking about promoting a culture of self-control. Nothing is forbidden, for those with a strong value system and self-discipline then freedom comes from being able to exercise choices without any kind of enveiglement by seduction, whether of women or of the senses

        8. That makes no sense. If desire is no part of the equation, why bother to fuck women at all?
          What you are proposing is to force men into ‘freedom’. But in that caricature, self-control is not at all self-motivated, thus it actually is not self-control, but state-control.
          Why do you care if men choose to suffer? Who are you to think they will live happier under your rule than under that of women? Servitude is pathetic, yes, but it is not any less pathetic with the pretense of self-control.

        9. “Why do you care if men choose to suffer?”
          Your perspective is nearly always that of the individualist. I respect that, but solutions to the problems we face – assuming you recognize that are such problems – are only going to come about at the level of society as a whole. Despite your claim that I’m being totalitarian I’m not suggesting anything is imposed. Ideally I would like examples and strategies of self-discipline, self-control etc to gain currency because they were modelled as forms of success – isn’t that pretty much what this site does on a daily basis? Shaming, punishment, bullying, discipline at the point of a gun barrel are not what I’m suggesting so I don’t see how it is totalitarian. The alternative is to let goddess worship mestastisize even further than it already has. One last point, I don’t like the idea, but you can also this as a type of collective bargaining strategy. Such a strategy if done right will give individual men such as yourself more choice rather than less. But first you / all of us have to roll our tongues up into our mouths so to speak

        10. But society as a whole can only profit if each individual understands why he makes the choices he makes.
          I am not sure what exactly you are suggesting, if not totalitarian discipline. The only alternative for freedom is to put efforts into making the helpful knowledge available to all people out there so that they can freely choose to use it for their own lives. Which is what is happening anyway.
          But any global efforts as the one you suggest would need either good persuasion (showing men why it helps them) or threat of force.
          Anyhow, as I see it, most men only ‘self-control’ their ‘thirst’ by suppressing it. That creates a superficial illusion of confidence, but underneath, the emotional world is still the same. It would change nothing. It would not persevere.
          Instead, make people self-aware, conscious and confident human beings and then the need for uncontrolledly acting out sexually will just go away.
          So my main criticism of your theory is one of simplistic kitchen psychology and behaviorism: Force people into behaving like confident men (by copying those) and they will be confident. No, they will not. And ultimately, what we want is not some superficial appearance of confidence and structure, but actual satisfaction in the lives of men. And ideally women, too.

        11. I don’t know where you get ‘global efforts’ from: I’m not big on any kind of new world order.
          “most men only ‘self-control’ their ‘thirst’ by suppressing it’.
          You’ve clearly been reading the wrong articles. Why should sexual desire, thirst, have any kind of universal level. Whatever it is you think I’m suggesting it isn’t about forcing you not to lust after the hottest women. That will remain your choice. On the other I am talking about the possibility of concerted efforts to change the culture of men to make it more stoical perhaps, so that they have the self-mastery to not direct themselves according to their best rather than worst instincts – a rational calculation made on the likely return on the odds.
          If you want to know what I’m talking about head on over to the mailonline.com website and look at the sidebar. What you see there, is the enemy. The enemy of men, and the enemy of women alike. The very worst of a weak, narcissistic culture: loads of tens behaving like whores, lapping up the attention of men (and women). I reckon puncturing that is worth a little concerted effort. But you call that totalitarian.

        12. Fair enough.
          Alright, if global efforts are not what you want, then my criticism may not apply. I was thinking about how your suggestion would make any thinkable sense and I did not like what I was imagining.
          Surely puncturing that stuff is worth something. But you know what? I have not been watching this shit for months. You bringing this up is the first thing that reminds me that bullshit still exists. Granted, I watch porn, but those people are hardly famous, nor do I have to pretend to care about them.

        13. I do not believe in right and wrong, but I believe in the free choice to not look at this stuff. Evidence? Myself. But I guess you have to take it on faith.

        14. No television, no newspapers, no stupid news sites, no radio. Just Spotify with my weekly recommendations. I must say I am quite happy. How can you argue against that?
          My point here is: Extrapolate it. If every man lives as I do, those idiots will be homeless by tomorrow. Cause nobody will be buying their bullshit anymore.

        15. I have no TV either and I’ve cut down on stupid news sites. Also agree spotify is great. One of the thing I like about it is that its focussed on music not videos. Cutting out the evil stuff is certainly part of the solution

        16. I think that already happens though. 10s are way more insecure because they are far more beautiful, and most guys are too afraid to approach them.

    2. I tend to agree with this sentiment. Women above 7 tend to be full of themselves and high maintenance due to the simple fact that they know there’s always a line of thirsty men at their beckon call. Good for a pump and dump, but dangerous for LTR. Always gotta worry if they’re looking to upgrade.

      1. Its about control of self and environment. Maybe under a different order of things it would be different.

        1. Yeah, that order is called prehistoric tribal life. It worked because they did not have a thousand tinder buddies a day giving them attention.
          Our modern problems stem from too many people in too cramped a space and the fact that we no longer have to rely on others merely to survive.

        2. It has good and bad sides. I am kinda glad to live in civilization in the end. Nobody to bully you to become the next chieftain or pig-shit-scraper-boy.

    3. Instead of going for unattractive girls, just make sure you negotiate from a position of strength. The problem with Betas is that they supplicate to women above their station, and the top tenth of women thereby gain all of the power.

  6. Roosh I want to make you a petition is the time to Darwin Game. No more PUA biologically blue pilled, as it states that Tucker Maxrxrxrxz is more alpha than a husband with 6 sons and a wife that doesn’t look like a new gender cluster. Is the time, you are going to tell us about your experiences in the way to reproduce successfully, this is the great game, all that you have learned in your pua game will be practiced. I want see post and book on how to married a Mon and not a slut, how to avoid economic disaster in case of divorce, how to make she want more than 3 children…
    I have always secretly thought and wished that the name “Return of Kings” were for the restitution of the Kings to their Kingdoms, it is husband to their house, wife, PROPERTY, offspring.
    That’s a true return of kings for me. Also for Darwin. At least more than fuck sluts and get your genome out of the game.

        1. But if you know about evolution, you surely know that evolution does in no way imply that it is the highest goal of any species to not go extinct and when that species fails to survive, it defeats the idea of evolution. Nah, extinction just happens. That species may not even be sad about it.

        2. What you may be referring to is Darwinism, another ideology loosely based on Darwin’s idea of evolution. Darwinism makes out some traits that are deemed ‘fit’ and then propagates them ‘in the name of evolution’. That is not how it works. But of course, human consciousness and willingness to manipulate and enforce ideology also works as an evolutionary force, no doubt.

        3. It does not need to. Survival is something that is the exception, not the rule. Evolution merely describes the abstract mechanisms by which some manage to survive and others get extinct. There is no implied judgment really. A species may be fit for one environment, but die in another.

        1. It can not be ‘bad for evolution’. Evolution is just a principle to explain which genes get passed on. Evolution is not a doctrine requiring every species to survive. That is just a sense of purpose you are projecting into it.

        2. I suggest you read Darwin’s work. You may like it. A lot of mainstream media creates this Darwinism strawman that you seem to have bought into. The ‘truth’ is that Darwin simply studied some animals and looked at their traits. He explained why and how animals adapt to their environment. Through the mechanism of evolution. There is more to it, of course, and I am not expert, but to propose any kind of ‘intent’ is to misunderstand his work.

        3. The strawman here comes from you.
          All your life, your emotions, your pains, your pleasure, your actions(eat breath), is focused toward offspring.
          And “thinking” evolved to catch how the world works so you can make tools, bombs, cars, agriculture, and read darwin and get the why and the how.
          Because you are a machine, and a machine that doesn’t work is nothing.
          Maybe I’m rigid with the Truth. But if God doesn’t exist what remains for us???
          Does the media support the racial Truth??
          Where I live media never talk about Darwin.
          I discovered Darwin through my insatiable curiosity and my high higher autistic IQ when I was a little child.

        4. All your life, your emotions, your pains, your pleasure, your actions(eat breath), is focused toward offspring.

          I am not sure where you are taking that from, nor am I sure what exactly that sentence is supposed to mean.
          Sure, censorship is not atypical, but even censorship does not make gods out of those who are being censored. He was just a dude observing something, not a politician.

        5. You are 100% correct. Evolution is a mechanism, not a plan. Often confused. Species can evolve (or not). Individuals within a species presumably have a biological urge to pass their genes on, which benefits the species, but not the individual. In order for an individual to accomplish this, its young must survive. There are 2 generally recognized methods to accomplish this, R selection and K selection. Both can be advantages, depending on the environment in which the species lives. Environments change. Species go extinct. This has no bearing on the individuals within those species.

        6. In the context of existence you are nothing but a biological device, you either can work or you cannot.

  7. Does this article have anything to do with one of my last posts about Big Love??? If so, AWESOME! Polygamy is the way to go IMHO!!! I find it disheartening that it is easier for me to find a Chinese communist in America to discuss owning one’s own business than it is to find an American to discuss the same. Americans have become a bunch of clock punchers. I can taste the bile…

    1. Uh no. Polygamy implemented even on a 1-2% scale already results in plenty of male sexual losers. Leading to increased crime and mayhem.

      1. Myth buddy, why not state polygamy leads to more kids which make up the population imbalance?

  8. Roosh: this is an excellent list. Difficult, but doable. You are a bit cagey though in your statement, multiple times, “if you want to reproduce”
    Is there a corresponding article that discusses the thought process leading toward whether or not reproduction is what you want and in your best interest and, if so, what factors go into that decision?

    1. The same that lead you to keep alive and breathing despite the great absurd that is existence. Biomechanics, biomechanics is God. Biological drives drive you

      1. Yeah, but I am going to go with “that is all bullshit” and that “a man has to decide what is best for him” all on his own.

        1. Taking a decision caring about “what is best for me” without the subjugation to any general logical premise or moral tenet is a thing that until now I have only seen in women.

        2. Does Reason mean nothing? Does Knowledge means nothing? Does Science and philosophy means nothing?
          Did Copernicus die for nothing?
          Did Aristotle do nothing?
          Did Newton do nothing?

        3. What do those names mean to you? Many people just attach sentimental value to those words and names, but ultimately, it is not their words or their person that is important. It is the stuff they contributed to our lives. And that is always debatable.
          ‘Die for nothing’ is quite emotionally laden. So what if he had died for nothing? Many men died for nothing. What is the big deal?

        4. I’m clinically incapable of much emotion.
          What is happening here is that I am one of those that Nietzsche called “Old mummies obsessed with concepts, incapable of living the moment and fixated with find an abstract true” that according to him started with Plato(and is the true cause of European scientific succes). And this old aspergerz pursue nothing since nothing last enough.
          My point is that your genome last enough.
          And you are nihilistic metaphysically Nietzschean.

        5. A friend of mine is an Aspie, too. And the one girl I fucked said she may be one. So I probably share some of the traits. Then again, I also have a lot of passion and that led me astray in the past, which I thus assume may happen to other men as well.

        6. There is The Truth. It is always There. Whether we see it or not depends entirely on us.
          The greatest feeling I have had sometimes is when I have come to the realisation that something I am doing – something I really want to do – is Wrong. That, despite all my reasoning and logic, it is Wrong.
          Another great feeling (of Truth) I had was when I looked, after years of soul searching, into the mirror. For years I had avoided looking in the mirror. And I looked into the mirror this one day and realised the reason: I was evil. I had lived a life of evil, of wrong things and bad things.
          It is a feeling that is fairly indescribable – it overcomes you from the top of your chest and centre of your head and radiaties outwards, the warmth of God that only realising the Truth can provide.
          It is in moments like these that I have come closer to the Truth. One day I hope I can kneel and be in Communion with God, like my forefathers before me, who did not have the misfortune of living in the polluted and accursed world.
          Based on my readings of you, I think you are some years, or perhaps several decades, away from there. I had many similar problems to you, my inability to handle grievances or process them in a healthy way; my lack of skill with women; my need for others. And I dug myself out of that hole – I was fortunate to have parents who financially provided. I hope that, as I did it, you too do it. Most never find the Truth – but it is a beautiful thing, when it finally hits you.

        7. I do not believe in evil anymore, but I know the feeling you describe. I had these moments when I felt I was engaging in something evil or was evil myself, especially in my experiences with the occult. Then out of nowhere, Jesus’ image would appear and make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
          I have concluded to myself that Jesus is a powerful spiritual entity that – when you are possessed by him – paints the whole world evil and then presents himself as a savior. Narcissistic fuck. I think I am over it for the largest part.

  9. No hymen, no diamond.
    I would strongly suggest sticking to that rule however hard it can be. The only obvious exception I can think of is a widow or perhaps for a much older guy who can’t realistically expect to marry a woman under 30. I understand the desire to say, well not too many, one or two boyfriends, is ok but that flexibility could lead you astray. If she slept with a couple of boyfriends she is probably telling lies, she probably did far more. If she is young and hot then just enjoy her for a while then move on. A marriage is meant to be something special, a man should go into it promising to love his new wife until the day he dies. If she couldn’t even save herself for that then she isn’t worth it. One day you’ll be in your 50s and she is in her 40s and past it, there is stress, money trouble for the kids and the wife won’t “feel like” sex. And you will just have to accept it knowing that when she was 18 some bad boy pumped and dumped her. Really – no hymen, no diamond.
    6. She must want to be a traditional stay-at-home mother
    That rule is likely a very good one for the long term. The women who have been brainwashed into thinking that it is empowering to give all the best years of their lives to the man at work – i.e. the boss who couldn’t care less about them – are the exact same ones who consider it a form of oppression to cook dinner for their husband – i.e. a man who should love them and care for them until the day they die. Women, even intelligent ones, tend to completely lack logic and reason, so there is little point trying to debate with her. If her mind has been poisoned by feminism then just forget about her and move on.

    1. Seriously, no hymen no diamond. No woman is worth being given a diamond AFTER she has given herself freely away.
      A female colleague once pursued me; she wanted relationship. That was after she told he how she aborted a baby in her teens, and knows how handle a man’s member in her mouth. She would like me to get her a ring.
      After LOLing to myself, I asked her why she expected me to pay for what she already gave away to some dude for free? That was the end of the conversation.
      It is men, not women, who make the rules of sexual behavior of women. Once marrying men make it clear that they will not dignify another man’s leftovers with a diamond, women will start to behave once again, and the level of sluttery in society will begin to shrink.But men must keep the faith.
      No hymen no diamond.

      1. While I agree 100% in principle, the facts are this leaves us very few options. I met a young latina recently who has been with 2 boyfriends before me. I am not considering marriage, but I have considered how someone who made a dumb decision with a couple of guys in the past, but nevertheless is a good, feminine, submissive, responsive, obedient, attractive woman in other respects is still miles ahead of anything else I have encountered in the past 3 decades.
        I also agree if men stuck hard and fast to the No hymen no diamond rule, we would weed this shit out quickly and return to a stable, patriarchal society. But I don’t have that long to wait. I must pick a mate, if I have one at all (and I am perfectly content with my own life as is), from among the options I have today in this fucked up world. I do know a late 20s latina who is a virgin, shes still attractive, but she is lacking in several other ways (kind of bitchy and entitled for one).
        If I had a dozen virgins to choose from, the way my grandfather did, I feel confident I could make the right decision. However, considering I’ll only come across a couple in my dating adventures, I wonder if the need for some practicality should come into play. I’m still in the no hymen no diamond camp, but I think Roosh said out of hundreds of women, he’s come across maybe 3 in many years that were decent and could make good mothers. Considering a decent woman is that rare, how would the stars have to align for her to be that great *and* virginal, and how long will I have to wait to find said woman? I’m not picky, all I want is a sweet, feminine, kind virginal woman. But these days that is quite a tall order.

        1. Yeah man. I’m gunnar join Islam and have 4 virgin wives. And I’m going to try for 2 or more sons each from each woman.

        2. That’s a fair post and it’s a difficult situation. I have on a couple of occasions got to know girls who were like the one you described, essentially nice girls who were unlucky to have come of age in an era damaged by feminism, who needed a father’s control and guidance when they were 18 but were instead told to go wild and be promiscuous. And then aged 25 or 28 they realise it was all a pack of lies and they should have been more serious.
          In many respects it’s hard to hold something against someone that they did when aged 18. We all make mistakes and young girls by nature are illogical and silly. That’s why it was so important for knowledge to be passed generation to generation so as to avoid every generation forgetting the lessons learnt before. You’ll note that feminists and socialists are always keen to get children away from the mother and into brainwashing schools for this reason. Yet the truth is that in her prime another man enjoyed her, he wasn’t agonising over whether to forgive her mistakes and marry her, he was seducing her, using her then moving on. There are many justifications, some stronger than others, for beta behaviour. But while ever feminism rots society we should refuse to go along with it.
          But I still say don’t marry her. Less out of any principle just that I think there’s a good chance it will nag away at you in the future. As I mentioned the day will come when you’re both middle aged, you work year in year out and she spends your money and expects to be cared for. And all the time you know that other men enjoyed her at her prime and then just left. It’s harsh but life isn’t fair. Have fun with her now, see what happens, I suppose never say never but you should be extremely cautious about even considering marrying a non-virgin.

        3. “You’ll note that feminists and socialists are always keen to get children away from the mother and into brainwashing schools for this reason.”
          The first step was to get the father out of the picture. Controlling other peoples children was always the feminazi/ socialists imperative.

        4. Yup. Say what you want about Islam, but they know how to keep a marriage right. 30 year old Pakistani girl in my office with hijab and all…she told me about the dynamic between her husband and herself. Truly stunning

        5. You’re compromising, dude, and that is your choice. But be aware that the sweet, feminine, single girl who could easily be convinced to give it up…for 2 dudes before you, will most likely also be easily convinced to cheat on you in the future, and take you to the cleaners in a divorce court.
          By far and away, the single most important reason why women are not happy in their marriages is because they have tasted other men prior to their marriages. For a husband to regularly compete with the memory of several past lovers of his wife is a herculean task not meant for the faint of heart.
          Your road will be hazardous. Good luck.

        6. My hair dresser is muslim, and when I told her I had to go get change after she was done she said she has to be done at two on the dot because she didn’t want to keep her husband waiting.
          The same woman also refused to look at another man, not even a picture. I was taken aback, but not completely disgusted.

        7. I was curious about the stats on finding a virgin bride. I was going to guess maybe it’s 10%. Wrong. 3% of American brides were virgins. And that’s a study done years ago. I can only imagine the numbers are lower among the teens today who have not yet married.
          Considering the fact that I’m fairly picky about a woman’s looks, behavior, body type, and attitude, eliminating 97% of them right off the bat reduces my dating pool to almost nothing.

        8. Who knows how many kicks in the face that woman gets if she arrives home late? She probably depends on her husband for the substantial part of her livelihood, for housing and other benefits. Give her economic independence and she’ll leave in 24 hours.

        9. It’s a bit of guesswork because I have never discussed virginity with a girl (and even if they said they were a virgin, could you believe them?), but out of hundreds of girls I have dated, I could count on one hand the number that were virgins. I met one or two as a teenage, one or two in my early 20s, and one in my late 20s. (Last year – at age 47 – I met an 18 year old on line and we hung out a couple of times, but it wasn’t really dating and obviously wasn’t going anywhere). Out of dozens of lovers, maybe one – 30 years ago – was a virgin. Plus it was only my first long term relationship where she was a virgin when I met her, but we were friends for a year before we started dating and she lost her cherry a few months before we became an item.
          Surveying that landscape, and given my age now – 49 – the idea of restricting myself to a virgin is completely unrealistic. My present girlfriend is 26 and had a notch count of 3: that’s about the best I can hope for (and apparently those 3 only involved missionary so there is a whole lot of unexplored sexual landscape remaining).
          The only chance of marrying a virgin would have been to lock down my first serious girlfriend before she was even my girlfriend. There have been no other opportunities.
          The idea that is guys only married virgins then more virgins would somehow appear doesn’t make any sense, unless ALL guys do that. If 90% stuck to that policy then they would be turning down all the leftovers from the 10% who would pump and dump all the virgins. So all you would have is a string of short term relationships as second banana (so to speak).
          A study from 2011 using 2006-2008 data indicates that less than one-in-three 18 and 19 year olds were virgins, and less than 1-in-8 for the 20-24 year old crowd. It only gets worse from there. Adopting the rule of “no hymen no diamond” basically means that you have decided to be a confirmed bachelor, or else you lower your other standards significantly just to score a virgin bride.
          It would only work if women adopt the female counterpart: “on with the ring before in with the thing.”

        10. You will be amazed as to how much effect the “No diamond for sluts” meme has on women’s behavior already. It is like the “Why I am not a feminist” movement. Women die to get men’s attention and approval, and that is one big reason to keep the faith.
          I suggest you widen your dating pool, and make it plain that you are eager to marry but only to a virgin bride. Of course, many will not qualify, but there is a curious thing about nature: you attract what you seek.
          I am currently dating a 27 year old virgin girl, college graduate, thin and attractive and deeply conservative. All things being equal I will marry her early next year. Yes, it’s been like seeking a needle in a haystack, but it’s worth it. I don’t want the memories of other men to be at my wedding or in my bedroom. And I never want to ask my bride to go have a test for the numerous STDs out there.
          No hymen no diamond. That sure drives carousel riding sluts crazy every time.

        11. “The idea that is guys only married virgins then more virgins would
          somehow appear doesn’t make any sense, unless ALL guys do that. If 90%
          stuck to that policy then they would be turning down all the leftovers
          from the 10% who would pump and dump all the virgins”
          The real reason why women give it up so easily is because they do not anticipate any adverse consequences of their actions. Of course they know that RockaBadBoy will not marry them; but they see no reason why BetaBuck won’t, ten years down the road. But if they knew in advance that many men (by no means all) will not marry sluts, they will adapt very quickly, and refuse to sell themselves so cheaply.
          As in all things, your luck depends greatly on where you look. Don’t restrict yourself to American women. 95% of women in the world are not Americans.

        12. On point one: do girls think more than three inches beyond their nose? Plus, I’m not even talking about bad boys but just playas who promise them tru luv and then leave them before the cum has dried.
          On point two: I live in China and have no intent on returning to Canada in the conceivable future.

        13. And why would you want to marry a woman who can’t think 3 inches beyond her nose? Or who is so undiscerning she can easily be played by a playa?
          Living in China actually means you are in luck. You have far more to choose from. Explore the villages and not the big cities. There are still tons of traditional virgin girls who would make great wives. Get an intelligent girl from the village, and teach her what you want her to know.

        14. I spent 2 years in a second tier city (modern but not infected with westernism) and found this:
          She speaks English well, is half my age, has an amazing body, but is not a slut. Still, not a virgin. You have to speak the language and comb the highschools and colleges if you want to find a virgin here,
          China is not like the rest of SE Asia: you can’t go to villages and troll for virgins without the “guanxi” (relationships) to put you there.
          Maybe it is different in the hinterlands, but my personal experience has been that in Shanghai and such you can run game but in second tier cities you need to build relationships.
          If you are a 22 year old college graduate then get a TESL course under your belt and come to China. Don’t chase after your students! Announce boldly that you are single and looking for a good woman. After the first year your colleagues will start introducing you to women. I am in my 40s and this happened: I dated a bunch of 30 somethings. But if you are a 20 something a follow my advice, you will absolutely slay!

        15. Well, the final choice is yours, since you are the one that will live with her. One thing you should remember though, is that it is only in America that a woman half your age will call you a creep for being interested in her. In most other parts of the world it is no big deal at all. So that is really not to her credit.
          She still need to offer satisfactory reason to you why she is not a virgin. In Asian cultures, nonvirgin single women are considered damaged goods. I think they have a term for it.
          My stand is, if you could find this, you could find one just like her but a virgin. There are 1.35 billion chinese people; roughly half of that is women.
          No hymen no diamond.

        16. Mayne, if she’s still a virgin at 27, she’s a “crazy bitch”.
          You also stated one other negative:
          college graduate
          There is no net benefit to a ‘college educated woman’…at least not in modern times.
          All that means is she’s been thoroughly indoctrinated in SJWism and leftist thinking. Demure, traditional and conservative you say? Don’t let her traditional, female hind-brain, chameleon, courting algorithms fool you…
          After the ring, it WILL come out.

        17. Calm down. I totally understood what you mean. But she is not from here and she was not brought up in this environment, though she speaks English fluently. She is from a conservative family so no surprise she is a virgin at 27. In other parts of the world, virgins are far more common than in the US, and women remain living at home with parents until they marry .

    2. All of this points are true…. very similar to Victor Pride´s article on “picking the right wife”.
      Just consider that you should get married because you want to start a family, not for love.

    3. ‘No hymen, no diamond’
      What man honestly puts a ring on the finger of a woman he never slept with? I hardly doubt any man who was born and raised in the Western world would ever do that.
      And what if, surprise surprise, she actually isn’t a virgin? What if she has psychological problems and has never been able to form any sort of attachment to any man, whether college boyfriend or a long-term relationship? What if she’s been abused as a child and doesn’t feel anything remotely connected to sexual, physical attraction towards her partner? What if there won’t be any sexual compatibility between her and her husband, will that marriage ever work if he starts chasing other women and she finds out?
      ‘A traditional stay-at-home mother’
      In today’s economy? What would happen in case of accident, sickness, job loss? What about medical insurance, dental plans, expenditure for the children, schooling, medical bills, not to mention college tuition? What about retirement? Who is going to pay for that?
      Unless your last name is Kennedy or you’re a hedge fund manager, in today’s economic environment people with families hardly make it through with two, sometimes three or four incomes plus support from their in-laws. We no longer live in an era of guaranteed jobs, stable pension funds and cushy retirement plans.
      Not to mention that idleness is likely to pave the way for other sorts of behavior patterns later on- drinking in the afternoon, rarely taking care of the household chores and engaging in massive shopping sprees or affairs with the yoga instructor out of sheer boredom.

        1. Well all you’re saying is a list of concerns that apply to any woman. Stay at home mother might cheat with a yoga instructor –> working mother might fuck her boss. Spending spree with your money –> spending spree with her money. Typically sluts are sluts because they’re damaged. That’s probably why there’s such a natural aversion within most men towards settling down with a woman who is whoreish. And, no, you don’t need to be rich to support a family. You need a decent job and you need to live within your means… even if that means living somewhere else.
          Sleeping with a woman doesn’t increase her worth when it comes to marriage. If anything, it skews it–my decision is now influenced by sex… something that isn’t even going to fucking last to the half way point of our union.
          tl;dr: You’re a moron.

        2. I think the moron here isn’t me. No man would marry a woman without sleeping with her first. I mean….what if she isn’t even a woman down there? ^^
          Would you seriously think about putting a ring on it if you met a virgin, or how to pump that as soon as possible? You guys are not only severely hypocritical, but also delusional about your own selves.

        3. Why marry if you can get it free. Take your turn like all other men before. If you are the only one to pay for the service it’ll just tell her that you are a loser who deserves to be divorce raped.

        4. You come across as a woman trying to justify her own worth. Or a man trying to justify the fact he has no self restraint or personal standards. Either way, I pity you.
          I’m not a hypocrite. You’re an idiot. The words might sound similar and we might both be humans, but the end result is quite different. If I met a virgin girl who wanted to wait for marriage the last thing my mind would rush to is ruining her for the sake of an ejaculation. I’m not a fucking monkey.

        5. So Jason, if you met a girl who SAID she was a virgin and wanted to wait for marriage, you’d just go out with her for 2 years let’s say, invest your resources, time and emotions in her without demanding anything in the family of physical contact, court her and respect her, and then marry her? Just like that, without let’s say a medical certificate attesting that she is a virgin, never had any abortions or STDs? Just like that, you’d take a 22 year-old’s word for good?
          Wow. Where do you guys live? I’m moving there tomorrow.
          My comment was aimed at the majority of men- not you, who seem to be a special jewel. If you look on Roosh forum for example, one of the many threads about women in other parts of the world was about Easten Europe. The majority of men wanted to know where it was the easiest and cheapest to go bang beautiful women. Whenever someone mentioned that it’s more difficult to bang women in a certain country, everyone claimed they’d never choose that destination. None of them said super, beautiful women who don’t sleep around, I’m going there to choose a wife. So is it the virgin or the easy screw? I am a bit confused now.
          Calling someone an idiot just because they disagree with you makes you look like the feminists who resort to insult instead of being civilized.

        6. You do get that people used to do this all the time, right? Times change and the world is now filled with degenerates ruled by vice, but the prospect doesn’t seem too ridiculous to me. You raise the important issue of lying though, but does sleeping with her really change any of that? I’d still be investing vast amounts of time… sex doesn’t really off set that, but it surely does introduce the risk of pregnancy and gives her more power over me. The medical certificate thing is honestly a valid option that I might request… but there’s also talking to her family (e.g. asking about past boyfriends) and friends to establish whether or not she is the kind of girl she pretends to be.
          As far as virgin vs. easy lay goes… I don’t understand the point of fucking a slut. You degrade her; you degrade yourself. Hollow physical conduct that hollows out the soul. I’m not saying I’ve never slept with a girl who I had no intention of dating, who I didn’t even like, but I do regret those interactions. In the same way I regret groundhogesque nights out, weeks wasted getting high, and months spent playing video games. There are days that you remember and days that you don’t. Things that you feel proud of and things you’d rather forget. I’m not going to travel the world as a sex tourist… that’s sad.
          The trouble with the men you’re describing is that they’re acting exactly like the women they’re despising (sick rhyming).
          Oh, and I called you a moron. Get it right, lad. Shit… I called you an idiot as well. Word variation. I’m not resorting to insulting though. I write a rational argument -and- insult you. That’s icing on the tasty as fuck cake.

        7. Dude, I’m not a lad.
          You seem to have issues here. I only asked you about the logical outcome of man meeting woman. Maybe you’re a special snowflake who’s looking to get married and who would actually respect a woman who is a virgin v. trying to hump her at the first possibility. I doubt it though. Keep your icing on the cake, you really have a problem with deducing basic logic. You have absolutely no argument.

        8. Here’s the thing, pal. Your arguments are a laughable combination of hyperbole, strawmen, and pure nonsense, so don’t give me some emotive (hollow) garbage talk about how I have no argument. The logical outcome of a man meeting a woman is not sex. It might be for you… who if is not a lad must be an insecure slut. I am looking to get married and I do respect respectable people, whether they’re male or female.
          Using the word deduce doesn’t make you smart, Sherlock.
          Here’s a list of all your arguments:
          You cannot or will not marry a woman who is a virgin because:
          — You may not be sexually compatible. (This is an argument most hoes raise before sleeping with a guy (need to know whether we’re sexually compatible aka. whether he’s good in bed aka. whether he has a decent sized penis.) When in reality real sex, and real sexual compatibility is a combination of good baseline fitness and flexibility, openness, and (most importantly) communication.
          — Stay-at-home mothers can’t be trusted. (This is an argument that can be simplified to women can’t be trusted, in which case it doesn’t matter what the fuck they’re doing, they’re going to screw you over anyway.
          — Single parent working isn’t financially viable. (Depends entirely on the jobs of the people involved. A worthwhile man should be able to support his family or else reside himself to the fact he shouldn’t have kids.)
          — No man would not bang a virgin. (Though these men are getting rarer and rarer, this clearly isn’t true. There are plenty of religious couplings where both partners are virgins.)
          — Men tie the knot at 35 at the earliest. (What even is this? Statistics to support it? I know plenty of people who got married before thirty. My older brother (who earns enough to support his family and children) just got married at 28.
          — If a woman doesn’t work she’ll turn into a day-drinking alcoholic… or worse. (Listen, sweetheart, just because you lack willpower, discipline and all else and lack the intelligence needed to keep yourself entertained for more than eight hours at a time without resorting to drinking, fucking strangers, or mainlining heroin into your veins doesn’t mean everyone else suffers your same failings.)
          And what this really boils down to, darling, is this:
          You have not found the right man because you are not the right woman. You are not happy because you do not deserve to be happy. And you would rather dismiss the existence of right men (and of happiness) so that you can content yourself with your hollow life. You probably troll this site to content yourself that all men are bastards and that there is nothing wrong with you. But there is something wrong with you, and your time would be better spent doing anything other than trolling comment sections to dismiss or degrade people (men and women alike) who are simply better than you.
          P.S. Can’t wait until the UK leaves the EU if it’s full of miserable cynics like you.

        9. Dude, I am not trolling this site, and I never said all men are ‘bastards’. It is my belief that men have completely different standards when it comes to saying versus doing. Things are very different on a website than in reality. The ‘arguments’ that you made have no standing because they are simply inapplicable in the real world. You might think you are better than me, that is your prerogative. You do however sound a lot like Elliot Rodger, you exhibit exactly the same juvenile attitude and pointless, groundless rhetoric based on bouts of anger . It is really sad.

        10. ‘Anti-male shaming likening us to mass murderers’
          There is almost no doubt this is a woman. Ban?

      1. A lot of what ifs and not very many facts there. I will teach her to be good at sex, not other men.

      2. You must be a woman. I know five guys, right now, who have stay at home wives and are not struggling the least bit. That: “In today’s economy” b.s. is just a way to help break up the family in pursuit of more consumerism.
        As I’ve mentioned before, My wife does not work (or didn’t till recently; when she expanded a hobby into a part-time employment opportunity) And we live very comfortably on a solid middle-class income. Three cars, big-ass suburban house and no need what so ever. When money appears “tight” it’s always because of a perceived need that is in reality an unnecessary want.
        Americans have a terrible problem with consumerism for the sake of consumerism. Anyone with a moderate ability for basic math and budgeting can live debt free and very comfortably in the US.
        Many simply choose not too. Then happily resign themselves to the life of a wage slave as they pursue latest and greatest.

        1. I’m not an American, I live in Europe. Perhaps that’s why I fail to understand how can a middle class, one-income family have a large home, three cars and a comfortable living. Do you own your home and cars, or do they belong to the bank, who’d repossess them in a heartbeat if you failed to make payments? Because that’s another story. And yes, you guys are huge consumers, what do you need three cars for? Also, if you live in a rural area or a ‘cheaper’ state, that’s another story as well. Europe is highly urbanized and people here want to own their home and their car and have a stable income before getting married. Men tie the knot at 35 at the earliest, and they don’t marry 22 year-old girls, obviously. So I guess we’re coming from different places on this one.

        2. I Own my cars and everything in my home if you must know. My newest car is 4 years old. The other cars bought and financed when new or next to new, then paid off early. My oldest car is 14 years old…see what I’m getting at?
          My house IS financed. But I bought it as a foreclosure at half it’s original price, and will be renting it out when I move. My point is that with a little planning, patience, and common sense you can live comfortably and not be in debt up to your eyeballs.
          And yes, as you said, it IS very smart for a man to not marry till he is established and at least 30 years old. But it is genius to not get married at all. The biggest financial money pit any experienced man will tell you about is a wife!

        3. I intend to marry early next year, and already I can’t want to knock up my future spouse at least 5 times. Yeah, you got that right. Five kids at least. Of course she will stay home with the kids, baking cookies and taking care of home. And providing me with relaxation at any time, day or night.

        4. Thats because homes in USA cost a pittance compared to other parts of the world.

      3. When you depend on two incomes, you have half the security. If either spouse loses a job, then you can’t make ends meet.

      4. Lots of “What ifs in your response”
        And what if you are completely wrong in your hole-filled excuses?

        1. I am only wondering, greatguy, as I have honestly never heard, nor seen of anything of the sort in my (quite brief) life on this planet. In Europe, mostly in the West but increasingly frequent in the East as well, couples marry after 2+ years of dating, courtship, spending time with the families, going on holidays, etc. They basically act like married couples before tying the knot. No one that I know, or heard of, ever got married with a person they only dated for a brief time and never slept with. One of my closest friends got married last summer after five years together with her now-husband, three of which spent living together.
          I am not claiming that sex should be the top priority when choosing a mate (despite many men acting upon it, wifing up doubtful women just because of their looks and compatibility in the bedroom). However, this is how people interact nowadays, after a few months (tops) spent together as a couple, sexual intercourse is inevitable unless you are deeply religious, which further gives access to only a marginal pool of suitable partners (other deeply religious people).
          I highly doubt that a ‘normal’, ordinary guy would date a woman for two, three years, get to know her family and spend time with her without sleeping with her. It is unnatural.
          As a woman, I wouldn’t marry a man I have never slept with. What if he has a small penis, what if he has erection and ejaculation problems that would further ruin the marriage, what if he has Nazi tattoos on his ass, what if he has a disease, what if, what if.
          Perhaps my judgment is skewed by the ‘samples’ of behavior I’ve seen around me……perhaps.

      5. Here Here is all I have to say! I consider myself a smart guy earning great money as a doctor. I want a smart savvy woman that “brings it”!! I am not looking for a submissive lapdog. If I marry a woman that makes half of what I make we can have a fulltime cleaner, and she can be my partner in crime & life.

    4. My Grandfather told me that back in the day, if a Greek couple had sex on their wedding night, and there was no Blood on the sheets from a popped Hymen, it was Grounds for divorce and taken Very seriously.

      1. This is actually pretty hilarious. A. Hymens don’t pop B. Most women don’t bleed the first time they have sex.
        Oh well, the more you know.

        1. Keep on lying to yourself. Most virgins bleed the first time their cherries were popped.
          Take your revisionism elsewhere.
          No diamond for sluts.

        2. While I agree that we should not give positive reinforcement for slutty behavior, it is basic anatomy.

        3. You need to understand the concept, not merely the words. When they say “No hymen no diamond”, they mean “No marriage for those women who have ever had sex with anyone in the past”. It is not the absence of hymen per se, but the previous experience of sex.
          Got it now? I hope so.

        4. No need to be condescending, just explaining the plain meaning as a science. But thanks, I got it prior to this explanation.

        5. But most virgins really don’t bleed the first time. If they do, its a very small amount. Either that or something went wrong.

    5. I would say that by extension they also give their sexuality to men who could give two shits about them as well.
      I just wish the abstinence themed sex ed was still around, and it used logic instead of ‘be afraid of STD’s’ to teach this point. But then again, what did we expect it to become when we started to let women teach it?

    6. “Stay-at-home mother”
      While I agree, with a lot of couples I know, the wife has more education and earns more. With the educational system favoring girls from the start, that’s only going to become more common in marriages. Somewhere on here I read how it takes $95k a year to have the same lifestyle as a family did in the 1950s. $95k a year is not that easy to do these days on one income, let alone by the less educated spouse.

    7. Sorry dude, if a girl’s a virgin past 22 or 23, and she is so because of some belief system or attitude about “saving herself,” then she’s going to have huge psychological problems that’ll come out once you pop her cherry. And stay home mothers and wives are going to be up to all kinds of nonsense behind your back. I’ve seen it happen over and over.

      1. Nonsense. Smart girls don’t sell themselves so cheaply.
        Fact is, if you’re not her first then you’re her last. It’s that simple. I don’t understand how a man could commit his very life to a woman who has decided to put him last.
        So, here you are, with gifts, cash and commitment in hand, waiting for your future wife to finish being pounded through every orifice by her long line of McRockItHard and BikeBoys, and picking up a few STDs along the way. Of course, you’re a nice guy, and also very patient, because you luuuve her, you see, and want to show her how nice a man you are.
        Fact is, any woman who values marriage will never engage in sexual activities with any man she is not married to.
        Let’s repeat the fact: if you’re not her first, then you’re her last. When you satisfy yourself with other men’s rejects and leftovers, it is actually a reflection of your poor self esteem.
        No diamond for sluts. Let’s say that very loud, so that sluts will get the message!

        1. Have it your way. I’m not saying marry a slut, but thinking that a virgin bride is a really prized catch is Blue Pill thinking to the max. You also might want to google Hymen Repair Surgery. A lot of women

        2. I know what you’re talking about, and no one has said virginity = great woman, but it should be an important consideration.
          But if you think having a virgin bride is blue pill, then go ahead, Captain SaveAHoe; wife them up. Just don’t complain when they start to drag your nice behind to the divorce courts.

        3. I dont think a woman who has had sex before marriage actually sold themselves. Selling yourself is something totally different and its called prostitution. I think its more important to find a woman that you connect with and love, and test that relationship over a few years time before you pop the questions. Personally I would be bored with an uneducated submissive lapdog.

        4. Yes, when a woman gives herself away to a man who shows no commitment to her for the long run, she sells herself short.
          How proud will you be knowing that the football team had your woman, and passed her around like a ragdoll before you met her? That the lips you’ll be kissing—and which your kids will be kissing, have kissed a hundred or more dicks before you? How confident will you be when your woman says she is going to her high school reunion, knowing that almost every guy who’ll be coming has done it with her?
          And, nice try with that shaming of a virtuous woman. Why can’t a woman be smart, confident, beautiful, and CHASTE—as in how it used to be? Why in the world would you be satisfied with the leftovers of other men?
          Fact is, if you’re not her first, you’re her last. Never forget that. By her actions, she decided to extract the most commitment from you, though she put ALL other men in her life ahead of you. If you’re happy with that arrangement, then go right ahead, and try to turn your ho into a pleasant housewife. Most of us prefer something better.

        5. To Greatguy999- My friend you are living in a hostile world and may need counselling. You have turned one opinion I had into some psycho thriller. Now your talking about whole football teams and 100s of guys having sex with the girl I choose. Who the hell are you, and where do you get these evil ideas?? If this shit is really what goes through your head when you meet a woman you need serious help and medication.
          I know 2 friends that have had Virgin brides and those Virgin brides both left for other men. Ultimately if women are leaving you and cheating on you, then maybe you should STOP blaming women and start asking yourself what the fuck is wrong with you to make those women treat you like a bitch?? I personally have never had your issues.
          I’m an advocate of finding a longterm mate that you have a lot in common with and have similar life goals (family,money,work,religion) and the more commonalities you have the more comparable you will be.
          Subject: Re: Comment on 7 Things I Require In The Future Mother Of My Child

        6. Don’t kill the messenger. To each his own. If you’re happy with your ho, good luck. Some of us know deserve better, and we pick better.

        7. Diamonds are gross. Dudes who sleep around are just as gross. Why would I wanna suck on a beautiful man’s cock who’s stuck it in a million vagina’s and assholes. I require the same for my male partner.. no more than 2-3 girls (or guys) before me. No thank you. Any guy that fucks around has no respect for himself or for his body. If you’re horny then watch porn or masturbate.. do whatever to get off, just don’t put your cock into other women over and over until you’ve found your life partner.. it dirties you up otherwise. Please, NO slutty men, NO useless diamonds and dear god please NO flowers. Seriously, what the FUCK am I going to do with those.

        8. I am sure your mama was a fun good ol ho bag and her mangy ol cu*nt spat you out!! hahaha

        9. You don’t need to project what your mom told you onto others. It was meant to be a closely guarded family secret.

        10. And how long are you willing to not have sex in order to wife a virgin? You should be dating for at least a year before you get engaged, so are you really willing to abstain from sex for at least a full year? Hahahaha, are you really? Men are so caught up in the idea of a virgin, yet at the same time want to have sex with them, but then call them sluts when they do what he wanted all along. It’s bloody pathetic. Kindly kill yourselves.

        11. Jeez. You have no chill, huh? There’s a pretty big difference between being a virgin and sucking 100 dicks. Jfc, there is an in-between. Relax and stop worrying about everyone else’s sex life.

  10. Roosh, why would you not want to procreate with an Indian? Serious question.
    I mean not all Indians have that Dravidian dark skin tone on them. That’s more southern Indian style. The northern Indians resemble closely to Persians and Armenians (your race). Look at Aishwarya Rai and other Bollywood stars; they have caucasian features in them.

  11. While you’re making lists the clock is ticking. You can not learn to swim by making a list of different swimming strokes. You have gather the courage to to dive in at some point.
    Me thinks, you’re just trying to talk yourself out of it.

    1. These things can’t be planned even if its arranged. You have to have faith and let the current take you.

  12. So what happened to the 2 girls that fit the bill? Were they not ready to reproduce and settle down or was it you that wasn’t ready at the time?

  13. Regarding #7, I have yet to meet an atheist woman who struck me as rational and emotionally well adjusted. Atheist men have discovered this the hard way after that preposterous atheist bitch Rebecca Watson, the SkepChick, started an internet scandal a few years ago when she complained online that some guy tried to pick her up at an atheist conference, despite all the propaganda going back generations about atheists’ wonderful sex lives and sexual freedom.
    No one liked my suggestion of just holding sex-segregated atheist conferences from now on so that male atheists don’t have to worry about triggering godless cunts like Rebecca. But that didn’t go over too well.
    I’ve also proposed that male atheists shun Rebecca in atheist gatherings when they run into her. You could find her in a crowd by looking for the woman in the middle of a void, with no man willing to get within a 5 meter radius of her.

    1. Richard Dawkins: “What did he do that was wrong? All he did was ask her if she would like to have some coffee with him.”
      While they were in an elevator. That was what he did ‘wrong’…

      1. What he did wrong was being unattractive and having the audacity to approach and proposition her. In this feminist day and age, only “hawt” attractive guys are allowed to proposition and approach a woman, even if she’s barely average looking like Rebecca Watson. Otherwise, the guy is “creepy” and it’s sexual harassment.
        Had he been “hawt” and attractive, and looked like Brad Pitt in his prime, she would be confiding to her girlfriends the next day about how this “hawt” confident sexy guy propositioned her in the elevator the night before and how he fucked her all night.

        1. Right, I’m sure whatever celebrity is considered hawt right now could have offered her coffee, in an elevator, through an enema, while she blew him, while he had phone sex with her sister — afterwards she would have asked if he would like her to make more coffee

    2. The Christian Bible commands a Christian wife with an atheist husband to “win her husband without a word through her good behavior.” 1 Pet 3:1
      When my wife read this our marriage improved by light years, and I even eventually became a Christian too.

  14. Nice article, absolutely agree. Most bros are surprised to hear I want a 7 or 8 spouse because I don’t need the absolutely toxic emotional torture that comes with having a really fine woman. There are plenty of women out there who are not necessarily super hot but there’s something about them that you find sexy. That’s the perfect type of broad right there.

    1. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.
      some motown era red pill wisdom. Cool tune.. heard it growing up lots of times.

    1. And reformed sluts often “believe in God” but unfortunately it is the liberal “forgiveness god” they invent instead of the patriarchal “judge, repent, forgiveness, or go to hell” God.
      What I am saying is that not just any women who believes in “god” will do. You need a woman who believes in The Bible, and has a history of doing the hard things it says despite her own desires to invent her own god.

      1. Believe in what? That a woman will have a virgin birth and her son will become the lord and savior for all mankind? No thanks.

      2. That’s quite funny. I think the the Bible is quite excellent. But I’m not a church goer or Christian. No, I’m not someone who ‘found god’ I just found philosophy and virtue.

        1. Woah. I’m.pretty sure most people make good slaves to whoever has the biggest gun. I’m pretty anti authority to my detriment sometimes so I doubt that. I take it you see yourself as a guy with a big gun. You don’t sound too scared.

        2. I’m talking about power. Biologically women crave and desire power aka dominance in all of its forms whether it’s a man who is wealthy, is big in size and stature, possesses an intimidating demeanor, or has a big, huge gun arsenal. It symbolizes protection and therefore protection of her children which is the biggest primal motivating factor for women’s mate selection.
          Let’s use an example. Lets say western women are like horses who run free and wild all their lives hoping to one day meet the one who will sweep her off her feet. It’s in a woman’s natural and instinctive biology, as a submissive being, to experience a sincere devotion and a loving surrender to a man with integrity.
          Continuing with the horse example- One day a man wins her over with his displays of dominance and she believes she has the one. But he was not a man of integrity so as soon as he mounts her, he goes where he wants to go and immediately leaves her afterward. She longs for that connection again so she meets another, higher status male than the one before displaying even greater dominance but he does the same thing to her. This cycle continues over and over again with men so she starts to question her sanity in relations to her choices and the world itself. It’s possible for neurosis and even psychosis to set in.
          All modern women who are exposed to this brainwashing element of western society will subconsciously desire enslavement as an escape and freedom from the carousel and the brainwashing that’s pushing her away from her natural feminine state. She will finally have a path going somewhere instead of going nowhere in circles. The severely injured ones will subconsciously desire to have pain inflicted upon them ala BDSM and rough sex because of a need to be punished for all the pain they have caused themselves. There will be some too far gone to be helped no matter what you do.
          But I’m glad you’ve reformed yourself as you say and you can admit that being anti-authority has been a detriment to yourself. That to me shows that you understand that by going against your submissive nature you are only hurting yourself in the long run. True freedom comes when you submit yourself 100%. Good luck.

    2. You will have to try very hard even if you are married because you will not be able to bond with your husband that well.

      1. Your quite mistaken about that I’m quite sure. We are very bonded. I didn’t escape unscathed though I’ve had alot of therapy. My comment was tongue in cheek as I’m sure your aware. 🙂
        There are women like me out there who have lived that life ish and have seen the light and apply a higher purpose to it (realising how messed up liberal thinking really is) then just ‘OMG I’m hitting the wall’ But that’s just me being all self protective I guess. I mean the blue pill guys don’t get a second chance do they? …oh wait….

        1. My conclusion is inferred from the fact that the higher the N of partners a woman had before marriage. The higher the chance of divorce.
          Although in your case you seem to have overcome the statistical norm.

        2. Yeah I’ve read the studies about the number of sexual partners and when I had my promiscuous run to I knew I was potentially damaging myself. I do have a little bit of a hard time accepting that about myself which is why when in therapy I really went deep. I do think this statistic and the reasoning is generally true, but then I’m like wait I ain’t like that? I can’t be special really? I’ll process soon I’m sure. I’m just seeing if this argument that I have that former male players are also possibly suffer from lack of inability to connect is true also. Because I know if I was a woman with a low n and I meet a male player who had double digits yeah I might e impressed with his game, but I’d also question his ability to connect also.

        3. ”I’ll process soon I’m sure. I’m just seeing if this argument that I
          have that former male players are also possibly suffer from lack of
          inability to connect is true also.”
          Perhaps but considering sexual dimorphism it may manifest differently in a different kind of pathology.

        4. It also is a mistake to assume I think that whatever is true of women is necessarily true of men. Again sexual dimorphism may cause divergences.

      1. Erm…..no mate I’ve been in a ltr for 3 years. And they don’t as much you might expect…

  15. I’m getting married and starting the whole family thing on Friday. Found a cute, feminine, fiscally conservative and libertarian leaning girl ten years my junior. She wants nothing more than to have and raise a passel of children. Has never raised her voice, has never gave me shit. Made her earn it for 3 1/2 years. She would totally stay at home and Martha Stewart it up if/when we can afford it. Doing it right – courthouse wedding, $100 ring, $60 dress. Looking forward to a new stage of life.

    1. When kids come into the picture, watch out. You think you really know her. I hope you chose wisely. Congrats.

        1. Yup. That mother bear and her cub syndrome. You see the behavior in animals protecting their young from predators. Women exhibit same kind of behavior too. Not from predators, but from the dad who tries to discipline the child.
          You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      1. Talk to her. Ask her if kids come before dads, see what she says.
        Then ask again after kids come. Make sure she hasn’t changed her mind. Experiment. Drink the last of the milk instead of giving it to the kid, and then assume she’ll go the store to get more tomorrow.
        Not only did dad chronologically come before the kids, but dad provides for the kids, and then once the kids are out dad sticks around after the kids. So mom should treat dad accordingly.

        1. If she changed her mind after the kid pops out, then what? You can’t return the kid back to the stork and get a refund.
          I agree with what you say 100%. She’ll say whatever you want to hear until the kid comes.

        2. Women change their mind all the time, no matter what they said in the past, no matter how much they believed it. They always believe the things they say, even when they know they are lying. Like doublethinkers in 1984. Some are just worse about it than others.

        3. Yes, but that is a risk in any relationship with any person, whether friend, family, partner, or spouse. It is better to test and trust than to never test or trust at all. Unless you really just want to be alone and never trust anyone. If that is the case, just shut up and go away and leave me alone.

        4. Then you tell her that she is wrong and that she will change to behave as you expect or else she can go back to her father or go on welfare.

        5. Lol, good luck persuading a girl to start a family if you EVER think about asking her to rank you and the kids in order of importance. Humans, particularly mothers, are naturally programmed to put kids above all else – most divorces, at the end of the day, come about because a couple realises that their kids are better off outside of the incredibly toxic environment of a home where the man and woman of the house hate each other. If forced to choose, kids will ALWAYS come first, and to be honest that’s the way it should be – as an adult, you and your wife are perfectly capable of surviving and growing without each other. Your kids depend on you, both for basic survival needs and because how they turn out, psychologically, in later life, is deeply influenced by the parenting they receive.

        6. No, not at all.
          In the marriage, I will come prior to everyone – except my Eldest Son.
          In the marriage, every one of my sons will be more important than her.

        7. As i said, good luck.
          I am not sure you will find a woman who will be happy with that sort of setup these days.

    2. Whaaa, wait!!! Do this first. “Lose” your job for 3-4 months, see if she’s still a go.

      1. Oh, she’ll go alright!!
        Hahaha!!!! Don’t kill me “guest”!! You KNOW nothing makes a woman feel like she’s in an insane asylum more than a man without a job!

    3. I’m impressed that she’s cool with a $100 ring and $60, you sir have found one of the good ones. Congrats. Women are often monsters when it comes to weddings normally, so she is perfect.

    4. This. The test to weed out gold diggers. Married a virgin, not from this country. Courthouse wedding, no dress, no honeymoon, only wedding band, even though I can easily afford everything. Sets expectation low so she has no illusions about what I am like and expect. Now she handles all family finance.

  16. Good luck. If you have kids, one piece of advice. 1)Take your boy to the shooting range. 2)Keep your guns locked up, especially from him, when you are not at the shooting range.
    By doing the above, you can enssure that there is something he can do with you that is “cool”. He can play video games with his buddies and will enjoy that more than playing with you. If you keep your guns locked up, he is not likely to shoot himself.

      1. Not sure if being sarcastic or ignorant… so, their purpose also includes harvesting meat, sport/target shooting, excellent focus and breathing practice (“mindfulness” if you’re into hippy terminology), learning and enjoyment of physics and engineering principles (there’s something incredibly awesome about propelling a peanut sized chunk of soft lead down range at supersonic speeds with repeatable precision), DIY tinkering/steel and woodwork, painting/wood finishing… and that’s before you even get into accessories and indirectly related activities.

        1. This is a leftist argument. Guns were made to shoot at people and take their lives, plain and simple. When guns were invented, they were invented to kill people. These silly arguments you are bringing up, you are grasping at straws here. That is how accidents happen, that is how many crimes of passion are executed. People have such ease of access to something they should not have. Letting children play with something that is meant to kill another person is beyond insane, you are not very bright if you let children near any of that. You are an incompetent moron sir.

        2. Assumptions? I am making no assumptions silly, learn the meaning of the word and it’s proper use. Also, why do I need to chill out when I am perfectly calm. See you are the one making an assumption here, assuming I need to chill out.

    1. From a young age my father introduced me to guns and taught proper safety so I wasn’t “curious” about them.
      Some new neighbors complained about the noise (an AK-47 is loud!), to which he simply replied “you only need to worry if you’re on my land”. These neighbors stole trees cut down by utility pole workers, and were trying to use an old spring the state deemed as “unfit to drink”.

  17. Roosh, while younger than yourself, those are also my qualifications for the future mother of my children, as it were. I have kept the same girl around for a few year as a way of a vetting process, also making sure that the honeymoon process yielded favorable results. I would say that my woman is a seven, and I am her third (I do understand that she could be lying about that). I will say that there are tells that come out in the initial interactions, as you are aware, where a girl will show you her true colors. Also once one has decided that this is the woman, don’t think that she sees it that way. If you want her in terms of children the dread game is necessary. I do not mean necessary as in you always have to be on guard, I mean it that once a woman is comfortable in a relationship she will inevitably shit test you. It is a fact. It is also a fact that any challenge to authority, the man’s in this case, must be met with total and absolute admonishment. I say this as I do not allow any challenges to my authority. I have opened the front door and told her she was fee to leave before, if she challanged me. This is dread game in its essence. Anecdotal evidence: just the other night she was in a mood. Now I do genuinely like the girl, but here is my point. I told her if she was going to act that way she could go to bed and leave me be. 10 minuets later she was on the couch next to me acting all lovey dovy. Ill leave it to the imagination. This website is called return of kings and a man must act like a king to be treated like one. As a king meets out punishment to his subjects so does a husband to hus wife and a father to his children.

  18. If you are attracted to them try certain asian women as well. I see a lot of mentions about Eastern European but not Southeast Asian women.

  19. “I would like to have kids that look like me, so I will not reproduce with a woman who is black, Asian, or Indian. Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern). The average Croatian or Romanian girl is more similar to my appearance than Spanish or Italian.”
    I think you mean phenotype. In any event, what your list lacks in length, it makes up for in stringency. Perhaps, as you suggest, your requirements were unremarkable 50 or 60 years ago, however that is not the world you live in today. Any man or woman with such rigorous and (by today’s standards) unusual prerequisites for a mate would do well to assess what he or she brings to the table. What you are apparently offering (a secure, middle class life) is obtainable to almost anyone with half a brain in their head and a modicum of financial restraint, at least in the industrialized world. I’d suggest you travel to the third world, but you probably wouldn’t be able to fulfill your phenotypical *cough* racial requirements. Take care not to become the male version of those shrivelled up, bitter women whose unhappiness you relish.

    1. After a great deal of travel in the US it astounds me that most people don’t have half a brain and lack basic discipline financially as well as most other areas of their life. The average income in the US is around $45k per year and your average person is up to their eyeballs in debt. Most people have no life goals and wouldn’t know how to go about reaching a goal if their life depended on it. Work, discipline, purpose and commitment are a foreign language. This country is full of soft fat people who are lead around like sheep to the slaughter while at the same time they chase their tails to buy all of the crap they think they are supposed to have.
      In short, a secure middle class life in this country is a rarity if it exists at all.

      1. Fair enough, but the people (in this case women but your statements apply to both sexes) who behave like that would never appreciate Roosh’s offering any way. If they were satisfied with that lifestyle they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in.

        1. Agreed and you are correct, Roosh may become the male version of the old cat women everyone loathes but at least he is principled. Nowadays, any man is truly lucky to find a woman displaying a mere 3 traits in his list. He may need to settle at 5 and call it a day!

  20. This article is just another way of saying don’t marry american girls.
    Keeping things real.

  21. It’s simple. Go back and recount any virgins you popped. Track them down and find if they’re still sitting it out or if they’ve already hatched a Roosh Jr. If they’ve gone wild or taken turn for the ‘wurst’, then leave them be. The true spring chickens who waited though, they just passed the biggest shit test. They waited. They have no dred. Then GATHER YE CHICKENS. They be ye wives. You are responsible for your tribe. Take ye reclaimed tribe and make pilgrimage to promised land. The land of the free where the grass is green and the buffaloes hump. And never register your ‘marriage’ unions with the state. The state is the devil. Marriage is a covenant you and your spouses make with GOD ONLY, not the state. A marriage certificate is a worthless scrap of paper if your women don’t stand by you.

  22. One-hundred percent on the money, Roosh; couldn’t agree more.
    The only one I was indifferent towards was number four, but after a lot of soul searching I came to the same conclusion you did: I want my kids – should that ever happen – to look like me.
    I’ve gone round and round in circles on that one for a long time mainly because it would be much easier, in my opinion, to find an Asian girl to meet the other six requirements you named. I’m not optimistic about finding what I’m looking for, but I’ll keep trying nonetheless. That’s all we can do.

    1. The older the father gets the less his future children will look like him and like each other, regardless of race. How old are you?

  23. My girlfriend (both 25, she’s 3 months older) and she embodies most of these traits (5 previous partners, doesn’t believe in a god), however she is fat. Should I stick with it and help her lose the weight, or is post-25 weight loss almost impossible/skin will never look normal?

    1. Try getting her to lose the weight first.
      If she’s willing to follow your instructions she might be redeemable. That said, dude, whenever you’re looking at her fat cunt in bed, just remember: five bros have had their dicks right there before you came along. Five others have sprayed their semen where you’re rubbing your dick. And you had better be bringing superior sex, appearance, bank, and excitement than all five of them, 24/7, with no prospect of ever letting up on that. And god help you if just one of them was a biker or other similar Dark Triad type, because your odds of being the victim of an alpha widow go through the roof.

      1. Obviously I am the best because I a) have no money and a less than minimum wage job, and b) she stayed with me after I cheated on her. But I too have had sex with 6 women total, and I don’t feel like it’s very much at all, tbh fam

        1. I don’t feel that way at all, and I don’t think anyone would describe me as such. I just think she really loves me, a lot.

        2. If you’re already unsatisfied with her sexually, as the cheating suggests, then you would be both a liar and a shithead if you proceeded to marry her, have her shit out a couple of kids, and then kill the marriage because you found you couldn’t keep your dick in her one/two holes. Do not mistake your own guilt for cheating on her as loving her more intensely. You should instead very carefully examine your motives for wifing up this girl, especially if she does love you. If you cheated on her, you would have to have a massive change in your character in order to legitimately make a promise that it would be her and her only for the rest of your life, which is what marriage is.
          Trust me: men have a hard enough time keeping their dicks in one location even with the love of their life they married in their youth and to whom they were faithful prior to marriage. You haven’t even been able to get as far as the altar before sampling the milk in the next guy’s field, what makes you think you could hang out in the one field for the next 30 years or so?

        3. I don’t think a lot of the guys here understand the concept of love.
          Which is sad, because, (as you probably know, so I’m preaching to the converted) real love is absolutely and unquestionably the most important thing in the world – personally I would even go as far as saying the only important thing in the world.
          There are people on this site who talk a lot of sense, but there are also a huge amount who, presumably because they have been damaged by some event in the past, cannot see how love transforms a person into far more than the sum of attractiveness+resources+status (for men) and youth+beauty+sexual inexperience (for women).
          I consider this to be a very real and tragic manifestation of the materialism and lack of spirituality of our culture.

    2. If you think she is worth it, of course help her get motivated. The flip side of the coin, she may think she’s hot shit once the weight is gone.
      Either way, you shouldn’t be in a committed relationship at 25. Enjoy your 20’s man. You’ll never get them back, you’ll never get the energy you had, the metabolism, the good looks, a body that doesn’t kill by the end of the day. Sure, you can work on all of that, but it is still work. Out of all the crazy shit I did in my 20’s, the arrests, the all nighters, the partying, drugs, car crashes; my only regrets were being in 3 terribly long and drawn out relationships that were a complete waste of time, money, and emotion. That is what I regret, and this is including some jail time. Also, please note that a good man will never peak in his 20’s, that’s not what I was trying to say.

  24. You may want all these characteristics in a wife, but you will never find such a woman. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these qualities – except that you just aren’t ever going to discover a girl with such virtues. Not now. There is nothing wrong with a female of moral worth – but if you haven’t yet formed a relationship with a virtuous lady at this point in your life, then you never will. If such were your destiny, it would have happened already. Some things are simply not possible at this point in history.
    Sometimes it takes more courage to accept existence as it is, than to expect events to be different.

    1. That’s a tough fucking pill to swallow my friend, but your absolutely correct… Not in this Fucking country. But then again, miracles DO happen sometimes in this life.

  25. I met a girl who had nearly all of those. She was between 18 and 25, had two previous boyfriends but was clearly emotionally damaged. Its a minefield out there. It is surprising that when you finally decide you want to settle down how many girls want to just have sex and run. Disturbing in fact.
    I would add one more point. She must subscribe to this site: http://www.thefemininewoman.com/

  26. You lost it at 3 or less prior sexual partners. In America the whores here generally have at least 6x that number by the time they’re 25

  27. I’m white as snow but would have a kid with a Persian in a heart beat . Also nothing wrong with us northern Europeans .

    1. I agree. However, what I think is important is that he has a particular taste and the reasons don’t matter. This is what he wants in a mother for his children and he won’t accept something else.
      He could have said only welsh or only from the Zulu nation. Showing discrimination and discernment in mate selection and having the self respect not to falter is a big take away.

      1. I was more so making a joke towards the end . I have preference as well , Persian , Swedish , native American , Korean . No blacks or darker hue middle eastern women

        1. I too was joking towards the end as everyone knows there is no such thing as Zulus. I am not a fan of Asian women sexually and Indians, both dots and feathers, annoy me to no end…but I can get down with Persians and god help me when I find an attractive Swede — a less and less common animal.

        2. Asians are weird , either subservient as hell are always up your ass. Actual native American women are nice and feminie just hard to get ahold of one if you don’t live near a reservation.

        3. Yeah, I get the plus sides. With Asians….they just don’t do it for me physically and same goes with the sqaws …. plus, the fact that they have a speech pattern which is equivalent to going 4 mph in the left lane of a highway fills me with rage.
          That’s ok though…I understand why other people would like them. Just to each their own.

    2. Topz, Iranian women are the best, they look very sexy in their jihabs actually. Fine, fine women.

  28. Another thing to look at is a woman’s relationship with her father. Does she have a fear of his disapproval? (not fear of abuse or terror). My father in law is a solid guy with success in blue and white collar jobs. Smart as hell and if he offers advice he’s got a track record of being right.
    Also, and I mean it, these 2 demands: 1 – she MUST take your last name (none of that hyphened shit, even on Facebook). 2 – she MUST defer the budget to you (even if she makes more money, money is a resource).

  29. Spot on! For the most part I agree, except for age and race. A bit older is fine if there is a reason (school, travel, etc), but i think 3 notches is a bit risky.
    Mine has 1 notch which I tend to believe, is Asian as I find it more attractive and it has advantages for the offspring as European culture is dying or dead already and the power shifts to Asia, and a few years older.
    To the list I would add:
    8. Doesn’t use nor has ever used Facebook or Instagram.
    9. Doesn’t touch phone without asking permission first.

      1. My soon to be wife is technically impossible? I’m sure she will be interested to hear it ;).
        Anything is possible, she doesn’t touch her iphone and has it on actual silent, not buzzer, when she is with me. She doesn’t have facebook or any of this stuff anyway, she uses it to communicate with actual people only ;).
        If you behave in the right way and pick the right girl, you won’t even have to tell her, she’ll do it on her own…
        You make your own fucking rules, if you are a big enough swinging dick girls won’t blink at anything you tell them ;). Remember that!

  30. I took a different tack; after a couple of decades dedicated to drinking and fucking it all just stopped being so funny (at about 34) and I felt the same pull to have kids so I got pragmatic. I married a woman with a few miles on the clock (29) who wanted kids and really had her act together career-wise as a specialist doctor. I earn more than I spend, but through her business she often earns in a week what I do in a year. I do a lot of the housework and spend a lot of time with my two kids. I’m now 43.
    If I were a female I would be considered a superwoman but it’s pretty easy and leaves time for exercise and creative pursuits, as well as helping her with her business.
    It requires some nifty horsemanship and ego sublimation, plenty of game and there is some status anxiety.
    Once I had kids I wanted my wife to have zero incentive to watch Eat Pray Love and blow up the family. I’m never losing my kids.
    In many ways it has set me free. I watched my father do the 70 hours a week thing as a hyper-provider. He taught me a lot by his example, but I can’t think of any skill he taught me. Even as a kid I thought: “screw that!”
    It has been amusing to see how much my freedom enrages women, even though it is a feminist wet dream on paper.

  31. I do not disagree with this list as it makes sense from a “wants” pov, however it makes me kind of sad that this criteria leaves me out of being “picked up” I happen to be older than 25, and black 🙁

  32. Great post!
    Its good that Men are putting requirements on Women as it shows the Men are waking up and going for what they want in a Woman. Also though aren’t requirements already a part in choosing a Woman for a relationship?
    A lot of the requirements that Roosh spoke about every Man should have already in their own lists of requirements.
    Although many Women out there will not fit the mold your requirements have created you still have to stick to your guns. TO be honest your list of requirements usually evolve from how long you have been dating Women. If you are young he list will be short but as tie goes by you will pick up more requirements and add them to your list until one day that ONE woman will show up and fit every requirement you have.
    It will be a long hard find! but she is out there!
    Good luck Gentlemen!

    1. Of course it’s good that men are starting to put requirements on women. But is it too late? It looks like the left has simply won, and that Brave New World is our future whether we want it to be or not. I hope fatherhood is in Roosh’s future, but it’s becoming increasingly impossible to find women who fit his criteria, even overseas. In another decade or so it might not be possible at all.

  33. well it’s not an unreasonable list; problem is that it is easier to find an unicorn ridong over a flying elephant

  34. That thin flap of skin is worth it all. All those bitches are worth is between their legs. Break her open like a new jar of candy. If someone broke that seal she’s a slutty leftover. (Please like this comment and add your name so I know which “king” to avoid.)

    1. In your case, darling, the seal appears not so much to have been broken as pulverised into a thousand pieces.

  35. It’s possible. My friend now has two children with his 25 years younger wife who was a virgin, from a traditional family, and who shares his Catholic faith. The kicker is my friend was well-established in his career, owned a home, and had the financial strength and content of character to persuade her parents that despite his age he would be a good husband, father, and provider for their daughter. High “notch counts” devastate a woman’s SMV more than a man’s, but unless a traditional woman’s family is too poor to be picky, they bar the gate to PUA’s.

  36. Pretty much the same as my list. Women have to experience having their product rejected if the word is ever to spread that their shit won’t be tolerated anymore. Women look to other women on how to behave.

  37. I fit all of these qualities except # 4. All I want in life is to serve my future husband and make him happy, along with caring for children. I’m seriously looking for a husband. Anyone interested please email me at [email protected]

        1. Myra, you’re very beautiful. I hope you find a good man for yourself, and that you are good for each other.

  38. And I’m here like
    “1- don’t cheat on me
    2- don’t divorce rape me
    3- don’t get fat”
    I’m a simple man.

  39. Well this is the saddest yet most hilarious thing I have read in a while. What self respecting woman would date a man this insecure? Seriously this is just embarrassing for everyone concerned.

    1. A man who has self-learned what he wants is insecure?
      What’s sad is men wifing up the opposite of what they would naturally want because they have been socially engineered to do so.
      But… for the purpose of trying to understand your mindset: How did you come to the conclusion of insecurity? Which point was the decider for you?

      1. Really you can’t see it?
        “She better not be smarter than me, or more experienced, or have had better sex elsewhere.. ”
        This is the emotional maturity of a teenager. Any woman would gtfo when confronted by an ego this fragile.

      2. The post is riddled with his insecurities.
        “Must not be smarter than me, too hot, too experienced, I must be the best”
        This is the emotional maturity of a teenager. Any woman would gtfo as soon as she saw that fragile ego.

        1. This is what he wants… Are you judging his preference of relationship dynamics based on yours?

        2. But why? What is it about wanting these things in particular that makes it incredibly juvenile?
          Juveniles have no idea what they want…

        3. But why? What is it about these things in particular that makes him immature… and is any of it immoral or wrong?
          Juveniles have no idea what they want by the way… they don’t think about traits which will be beneficial to a stable long term relationship involving children.

  40. Judging by a lot of comments I’ve seen on this article, looks like there’s two options:
    1) Marry before 30 and you have a better chance of finding a virgin/low notch count woman. Of course, you will age much better than she, and will likely grow tired of her and stray due to her being closer to your age.
    2) Marry after 30 and you will most likely have to take a woman who’s had 3+ cocks, but she will age better because she’s younger than you.
    Looks like a lose-lose situation to me.

  41. Only accept I don’t want kids or a traditionalist housewife who exists only to extract benefits from me with little in return.
    What do I want.
    Freedom and autonomy.

  42. 8. Must be willing to bear a lot of kids. The mother of my kids better understand that We are going to keep having kids until we have 5 or 6 sons. If you aren’t reproducing in numbers then don’t bother. We need to out breed the Muslims and the lefties. Plus I know my genes are superior to the Human average, so I’ll be doing the world a favor.

  43. LOL, like any woman is going to be interested in a jobless, hairy, Eurotrash-looking piece of crap who lives in Dad’s basement.


  45. Don’t forget that if you do manage to find such a mythical unicorn like creature, her own standards she expects in a partner are likely to be sky high too.
    She’s not going to be particularly impressed by a man who shagged around during his youth, just as you aren’t impressed by a woman whose done the same.
    On top of that women like the ones you describe are probably likely to have high expectations in terms of material enjoyment of life – for most of us I am not sure that an income gained from sitting in cafes writing ebooks will cut it (yes I know that you, Roosh, probably make a good living out of it, but the market isn’t there for everyone to do the same).

  46. Almost all carnivorous animals will kill and eat their young if there’s no other source of food so yes I do kind of think humans are morally superior.
    Would also just like to point out that there are a LOT of men who also would have no qualms about aborting a baby if it wasn’t convenient for them to see it through, at the time, so this isn’t really a flaw with women, more a flaw with humans in general (if you consider abortion to be wrong).

  47. I only have one requirement: That she be a Christian and subscribe to biblical gender roles.
    Oh yeah, also that’s she’s pretty.

  48. I consider myself fortunate that my wife fitted all of these requirements when we married, and when our daughters were born. She’s still a pretty good wife, since I’ve had sixteen years to train her, but she is old. So she’s improved and got worse. It evens out I guess. But she was my best option for marriage. And I was her best option.
    The kids don’t look like me much, but since their both Female, that’s probably a good thing, and I can certainly see the reason for it.

  49. More child-obsessed nonsense… The same dudes who are ready to go to Siberia or
    Kazhakstan to have as much sex as possible are the same who then adopt a Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean attitude when it comes to “the mother of their children”… LOL
    Choose your pick: either you want to be a professional “player” (like me) or you’re just another dude that want to end up his life with wife-and-children and considers “children” as the end-all-be-all of life.
    But you want to have it both: fucking around until you’re 35 then “settle” as people say. That’s EXACTLY what most of you denounce in modern women! (playing as long as they can, then after 30, feeling lonely and looking for the cozy mediocrity of family life).
    + as soon as you will have your little family all settled, you will start looking for sex with sluts again – while looking down on them because they are not as “clean” as the holy “wife-of-your-children”… Re-LOL
    And then we blame the Moslems for their stupidity… Look at your 7 points… It seems many men in the West are still stuck in the same primitive patterns: wants to fuck all women but no one should fuck THEIRS: If everyone was having his way it could never happen, right?

  50. I just give women a hug and a kiss and they are gone! Even the retarded neanderthal women don’t come back for more. I guess real women are in short supply.

  51. My wife is an atheist (as am I) and she doesn’t even have a smart phone (or fit anything in the description). I get what your trying to convey here for the average person, but I’m just saying it’s probably the most extreme generalization on the list. I feel like the kind of woman who fits this description shouldn’t need a religious system to guide her values since you would be looking for someone who is not average anyway.

  52. Get a pet. Or marry a foreign woman. You do realize that whoever you marry is going to grow older with you, too, right?

  53. Make sure you have her IQ tested beforehand as well. The less intelligent a female is, the more likely she is to focus on her looks/maintain them. If you marry an intelligent female, expect to be divorced within a few years, because there’s no way in hell a smart female is going to be completely fulfilled watching Dora the Explorer reruns while simultaneously catering to you and your ebook.

  54. So, am I correct in assuming that you don’t want love in your marriage? None of your 7 “reasonable” requests mentioned anything about love. Your list seems to be very narrow, and misses a lot of the greater things in life. It’s almost as if you want a woman who is a machine – able to correctly factor in every one of your needs on a timed schedule, and programmed to be exactly what you want.
    In any case, good luck finding your dream girl.

  55. I just have to ask, mate, do you understand how stupid it sounds when you say you want a woman who has had no more than three sexual encounters or someone who is still a virgin? I mean, let’s be real. About a quarter of these articles are about how to “bang” women, the best pick up lines, etc. You’ve written eight books I believe on how to pick up girls and make love to them. Then you get upset about how all the women who could be “wife” material are all sluts.
    Basically, if you would stop going around being a womanizer, maybe, just maybe, you could actually find a wife.
    Also I find it stupid how you say that women who just fuck are all sluts, when that’s basically all you do, boasting about the women you’ve bedded. Double standards man. It cannot be fair to say that women are sluts for sleeping around and men who do it are lucky or just skillful.
    Fucking call me a girly guy, but I wouldn’t care if my girlfriend has had a rich sexual history. All that matters is that, unless we’re in an open relationship (which we’re not), she doesn’t go around making love to other guys.
    If you want a “traditional” stay at home wife, that’s you. But personally I wouldn’t care if my future wife had a career more successful then mine. We’re making equal amounts of money and I don’t have to worry about her scabbing off me.

  56. So you’ve spent years engaged in “intensive fornication” but want a woman who is a virgin or nearly so.

  57. Holy mother of God… “Deserve”? Really? Shit, this is a funny blog indeed! If anything, you guys know how to make a woman laugh.

  58. I wonder if all the men on here saying they require their partners to be virgins are virgins themselves. If not, that seems awfully hypocritical.

  59. To Greatguy999 Dude you dont even know my woman and your calling her a ho! Was your mother a Ho that sucked alot of Co*k, is that why your so hostile?? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I bet there was defect in that vag that spat your dumb ass out!! Food for thought!!

  60. Can someone clarify for me if the goal is to acquire quick sex, a wife or something in between gentlemen.

  61. I don’t say this often because I like to reserve this phrase for the absolute scum of the earth, but since the lowest of the low tend to congregate on this website: fucking kill yourselves. All of you.

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