4 Reasons Taller Men Have It Easier, And What To Do About It

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Height, like race, sex, or facial appearance, is something that you’re born with and have very little control over. It also factors into how people perceive you and how you feel about yourself. From the famous “Tall CEOs make more money” canard to the stereotype of the tall guy getting all the girls, it’s a well accepted truth in game and in life that tall men have things just a little bit easier.

Whether it’s due to evolutionary preference for taller men, societal conditioning, or some combination, many of us have caught ourselves looking at our taller friends from time to time and wishing that we had a couple more inches.

Here are a few of the ways that people with above average height have a slightly easier road than the rest of us, and a tip about how shorter guys can even the playing field:

1. Increased confidence


Towering over someone enables you to be more confident. Perhaps this is a deep-rooted reaction of our animal ancestors, whose main qualification for dominance of their domain was their physical stature.

We constantly see taller guys who are more able to approach women and best others in many types of athletic competition. There are obvious exceptions to this (sports like wrestling, polo, etc.), but a deficit in height is something that many men have to overcome internally even more than externally. The world around them tells them they are less adequate for being short in stature, and they must get out of their own heads to compete with the natural confidence of the taller guys.

2. More attention from women


Have you ever gone out with a much taller friend and noticed that girls seem to gravitate to them more? You’re not imagining things. The OKCupid data blog studied this issue, and found that taller men get more unsolicited messages. They also found the following nugget about sex partners:

As for whether it even makes sense for people to make such an obvious and easily disproved exaggeration, the jury is out. We’ve found that taller people, up to a point, have more sex.

Interestingly, and likely as a response to this intuitive understanding, height the number one thing people lie about on their online dating profiles:

Almost universally guys like to add a couple inches. You can also see a more subtle vanity at work: starting at roughly 5′ 8″, the top of the dotted curve tilts even further rightward. This means that guys as they get closer to six feet round up a bit more than usual, stretching for that coveted psychological benchmark.

While everybody seems to be exaggerating everything online these days, height is the one thing that consistently gives men a clear edge over the dating competition.

3. You Make More Money

Head East and make your fortune...

Many studies have found that taller people, on average, earn more than their shorter counterparts.

Our estimates suggest that if the average man of about 178 centimeters [5 feet 10 inches] gains an additional five centimeters [2 inches] in height, he would be able to earn an extra $950 per year – which is approximately equal to the wage gain from one extra year of labor market experience,” said study co-author Andrew Leigh, an economist at the Australian National University.

Taller people are also more likely to be perceived as having other good qualities regardless of their actual abilities.

4. Easier life overall


Even factoring out the specific factors here, taller people rate their happiness as being higher:

As you can see, there’s a pretty steady relationship between well-being and height for men. The taller men are, generally speaking, the happier they are. (Remember, as always, correlation is not causation.)

Of course, there are numerous was an average or shorter man can improve his stock and compete with his larger brothers. If you’re a shorter guy, everything we preach related to game and self-improvement is about doing the work necessary to address any of your perceived deficiencies. As many interesting men can tell you, “height privilege” can be overcome by hard work, learning social skills, and cultivating interesting hobbies.

However, if you’re a guy looking for an immediate slight advantage over the competition, you may want to give yourself a boost. A new product,  Add Height, can help you discreetly gain a couple of inches of height without having to wear bulky shoes, high heels or boots.

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148 thoughts on “4 Reasons Taller Men Have It Easier, And What To Do About It”

    1. at that point, the girl is already in prepared and ready to have sex with you, it won’t matter. This height insole is just part of the game lol.
      That picture looks like old medieval torture device. I was thinking about having four cars for your four limbs stretched out in all opposite direction with someone in each car giving it a gas of 5mph if not let’s pray the limbs won’t fall off. Or just go to Germany and get a limb lengthening surgery.

      1. I tried insole once, felt like a fraud, never did it again… i just target women around my height or shorter, there are more than enough.

        1. felt like a fraud? why you say that? Were you worried about what others might think if they find out? or did you feel uncomfortable because you felt like you were deceiving?
          I think this is part of the game. If wearing this can help me get laid, then so be it. I mean there are multiple ways to approach; no shame at all.
          Why just target women around you height or shorter? target taller women too (rejection rates are higher but one should have abundance mindset) and just approach whoever you want.

    2. No dude. It’s suppose to be HER tied up on that apparatus eagerly waiting to accept your manhood.

    3. I was thinking that shorter guys could just start with a good opener – kill two birds on one approach:
      “I’m much taller lying down”.


  2. BTW adding height with fake insoles in your shoes is no different than wearing heels. I don’t care if they make you 6’100 you are still a faggot.

    1. Agreed. I’m 5’6″ and the thought of adding inserts just seems very chicken shit to me. With my boots on and good posture, I’m just a hair over 5’7.

      1. That’s it. Just man up and own who you are. That kind of confidence will make you 10 feet tall

        1. Extra inch counts bro!
          I’m kidding. It was there, I took advantage of it.
          Dick jokes.
          Woman: You’re dick is average.
          Dude: In a half hour and I’ll give you a 300 feet of it 7 inches at a time.

    2. Basically wearing footwear that has a heal but no utilitarian purpose makes you look like a faggot.

      1. True, but faggots seem to be in vogue in the US, so huzzah for our degenerate lame-assed culture.

    3. Yeah it doesn’t even consider the end game. Say you wear the heels, i mean “Add Height” insoles and pull a babe.
      A. She’ll either end up discovering that you wear them and conclude that you’re insecure about your height(telling her you have no confidence) or worse, consider you an actual faggot.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure taller guys get more tail thrown at them. But pulling a girl and managing her for the long term are two completely different things.

      1. “Yeah it doesn’t even consider the end game. Say you wear the heels, i mean “Add Height” insoles and pull a babe.
        A. She’ll either end up discovering that you wear them and conclude that you’re insecure about your height(telling her you have no confidence) or worse, consider you an actual faggot.”
        Or C. She’ll have regret sex and pull a false rape accusation on you.

    4. Products like this are great for the ROK community, though:
      1) ROK makes $
      2) The community gets to exercise its mockery muscle
      3) Kratom references
      Win-win for all except the product.

      1. I never denied I was a huge fag for that….but it does a) get me laid as a date b) look nice and c) feel great….unlike the shoes which will a) get you laughed at b) look ridiculous and c) keep you in constant worry of being found out.
        How someone can wear these things in a world where electrolytes are so readily attainable is beyond me.

        1. Bitches love shoes more than they will care about any man, yet still are a natural bonding mechanism with them if you can stomach it.

        2. agreed. There are a few married guys around here and many of them have been able to bond with their women very well. I think it takes a strong hand and the patience to use it as well as the desire to have children (because without children to give their lives meaning a woman will never be able to bond to you forever).
          For my part, my lack of desire to have children coupled with my selfish tendencies means I could not invest the correct amount of time into a woman that it would take to train her and constantly keep her behavior in check.

  3. I went straight to the comment section. When you have a comment that is worthy of being read than the actual article then there’s something wrong lol. I was going to comment “just buy insoles” until I saw the link that sells insoles here. HA!

  4. The average height of the Vikings was 5’8-5’10.Bruce Lee was 5’3. The military also has height restrictions for sf. You may get more Pussy but you’ll also get shot first .

    1. True, but the viking height was taller for the time. Likewise we still see Nordic people as taller on average.

      1. And? The point of my post is that shorter people still get things done . I don’t see any evolutionary advantage to being taller other than maybe running faster and getting fruit from taller branches of trees. Being taller also has alot to do with avaibility of food . I’m 5’8, I regularly get with women taller than me and I have no trouble getting paid what I’m worth . Height and such are purely astethic. Being a man is a mindset

        1. It’s all about the mindset. That is what I kept thinking during the article. With each subsection I thought to myself of a few example that were pro and con. It really is all about one’s mentality. I know short guys who get laid, I know tall guys that dont. It all comes down to how one views one’s self.

        2. Just stating the obvious (I am probably the similar height as you). Of course it is mindset, some people do the most with what they got. Vikings being taller then average meant they were healthier and slightly better fighters (same with the Anglo-Saxons). Height is connected with health so it is no wonder women are more attracted to height a bit more. But that could become a motivator for some guys to do even greater things. James Dean was just 5″6-7′ obviously it didn’t hold them back. Same with Tommy Cruise, people give him shit but he don’t care, he’s the millionaire talent.

        3. Height is connected to avability of food , not health. Take America for example, we may be larger than our ancestors but we are not any healthier , in fact the average terminal age between the US and Peru is a year . Even with access to better food and health care. In fact taller ,bigger animals often have shorter lifespans than smaller ones .As the world has gained access to more sustained food sources we’ve collectively gotten taller but I wouldn’t say healthier , people in antiquity still lived to be 70 – 80. If being taller made you a better fighter the native Americans would have faired better against their European contemparies. The Vikings were not better fighters because of their height but because of their ability to use their ships to raid villages thought to be out of their reach, they were like modern day seals . They were also better because that is all they did and during that time in Europe, much like the Greeks if they weren’t Waring abroad they were Waring amongst themselves. there were very few warrior cultures like them at the time . I’m sure if you put Vikings’s against a Spartan phalanx ,Athenian trireme , Japaneses samurai , European crusaders they would have much trouble .

        4. Of course, height was not the only advantage of the vikings, this was never stated. Health is available food, and it is also connected to health in the growing stages whether with food or otherwise. If vikings had available food and hence slightly better health, as well as genes for height, they has some advantage however minor. Read up on Big Pier if you want to know about height advantage before guns became common.
          Native American and European comparisons are useless. European civilisation was far more advanced, and Europeans had been practicing advanced battle technique for thousands of years.
          Just because height, and hence somewhat health, wasn’t the deciding factor, does not mean it wasn’t a factor. This is why the Pigmy could never make great ground.

        5. I’ve practiced martial arts for over a decade , trained Kali and silate, fought mma and kickboxing . The only advantage one needs is strategy . The taller man needs a bigger shield and armor to cover vitals areas which he has more exposed than a smaller man. His attacks will be broader but also slower. You draw him out and counter or force him into close quarters. Height is only an advantage to the inexperienced. Read book of the five rings. If health and food are connected but you can still grow tall on shit food. I know people who ate McDonald’s every growing up and dwarf me (I’m 5’8 200lbs) health and abundance of food are not mutually exclusive. I dislike articles like this that play on stupid supposed evolutionary ” advantages” . Taller men are just like trees , you hack at the base and they fall quickly . Whereas a shorter man is like a stump , you may never see him till you get tripped up and your ass is on the ground . If the Europeans vs native Americans will not do then mongols vs Europeans and Europeans vs Arabs during the Crusades

        6. Can’t disagree with that. Height is just one aspect of any complex person or situation, one aspect that may or may not hint at others. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Taller and bigger people would have had more force though.
          I am assuming European and Arabs probably had similar living conditions. And probably same for the Mongols, it was their battle techniques that won them undoubtedly. No disagreement there.

        7. Lol at all the comments stating that height isn’t an advantage in fights, it straight up is.
          Look at Tyson Fury: best part of 7 foot. Same with the Klitchko bros.
          Height and weight aren’t just advantages, they are basically the only things that matter.
          Only after you’ve reasonably controlled for those variables does skill become a determining factor, which is why all competitive fights have weight divisions.

      2. I was shocked actually in Amsterdam… I was continuously wondering who let the horses out. Those people are tall… the fuck.

        1. Ha, yeah, actually Northern Dutch myself, but shorter due to illness, if I wasn’t Dutch I’d probably be even shorter still. =/

    2. And what is the height restriction for SF? Must be pretty high, because a co-worker has a son who is about 6-4 to 6-5, absolute physical monster, graduated from all the SF training last spring, and is now assigned to team in an SF group.

  5. Not even a new thing…
    MASH season 3 episode 18 House Arrest. Radar purchases shoes with “lifts” to make him appear taller.
    But then men are never subject to body image propaganda, right 90 lb. weaklings?

    1. He surrounds himself with shorter people for photo ops. Korean women are naturally petite anyway.

  6. Wtf are they selling? Stilts?
    FYI this add is dead wrong. Let’s replace height with confidence and game anyways because that actually matters. Being an alpha at work means you don’t get to call in sick. You have to over perform. You’re constantly being scrutinized and hated on by people that don’t get it. Just the sheer amount of games and numbers you’ll deal with alone make things far more complicated. Alphas don’t always get promoted either. In fact they really don’t. By sheer statistics most management is beta. When you come forward you are a threat to their job. Promoting you can very well cost them their home. This is part of the reason the corporate world is fucked. Does Bill Gates have any alpha male traits? He looks like a really fortunate beta geek if you ask me. In business you have to be more emotionally intelligent then everyone around you to rise to the top. Besides I’m only 6’1″ and it’s more body weight and time to develop at sports and I hit my head on stupid shit when I wear hats.
    I call bullshit on this one.

  7. If these things added 2 inches to your dick, I guess that would make a huge difference. But, 2 inches to your height? No one will even notice. Who actually thinks going from 5’5″ to 5’7″ is going to help some short guy get laid?

    1. Two inches on your height is when you are standing close to her is going to subconsciously register for the woman especially if she now has to look up to converse with you, imo. Two inches on your dick would be great and will likely impress the girl more when you bring her back home, because that’s a big % gain when it comes to your cock, however she ain’t going to know if you got a 5″ or a 7″ dick when you first meet her an chat to her.
      For a 5’5″ guy that 2″ is not going to make him standout as short anymore, just shortish average, which I’m sure he will love to lose the ‘short’ tag. So 2″ is now not going to make him a hotter guy, but it would make him a contender for more women. As the article says (and I know guys who are 5’10-5’11’ who do this) quite a few guys a bit shy of 6′ round up and 1-2″ for them is even less of a big deal than it is for the short guy, yet they still do it, because they know when women online are evaluating men, many in a ruthless culling of their inbox prospects will see 6’+ as = better.
      I have noticed over the years it seems to be university educated women who have the bigger hangups over wanting a tall guy then blue collar or lower education women, and with the rise of women flocking to unis over the last 30 yrs, its why height is a bigger issue these days. Its part of their higher expectations in life. Height is not the be all and end all but its a definite bonus in the dating (and job) market. I guess the comparable aspect when it comes to women is waist size, except women have greater control over that than guy’s do on their height.

      1. First and foremost, who gives a shit what women on dating sites thinks or wants of a guy. You shouldn’t even bother with those stinking bitches anyway.
        If a girl wants a guy taller than you, fine. You ain’t her type. Game her still and you’ll know if your height is an issue for her or not. She ain’t the only woman in the world.
        The point is you can’t do anything about your height. Deal with it and don’t let that hold you back from approaching girls.

      2. “I have noticed over the years it seems to be university educated women who have the bigger hangups over wanting a tall guy then blue collar or lower education women”
        I agree. I’m only five foot six and I must say that I’ve had more luck with bimbos and blue collar women than ones who are on a similar education level. I never understood why either and it continues to baffle friends and family members. Now I’ve got a pretty good idea.

        1. That depends on the university. At the highest ranked universities the women are more cerebral and go for other traits. If you go to big university with fraternity/party culture and sports/jock culture the women go for height, they are on 4 year sex adventure paid for by daddy.

        2. Where I live there is not the fraternity culture, so I can’t comment on that, but I can get your point and yes what I said about uni educated women was a generalization. To add a bit more to it, having worked across a number of industries I would say I noticed the height bias seemed to be stronger with women in the commercial sector$ (law, property development, accounting, finance, business analysts, marketing) than it was for the women I knew who were say chemists, geologists, programmers, engineers.(again a generalization)
          I spent numerous years as a skinny guy (I have post grad quals) and like jios, I did better with less career focused women as well (same with male cousins). When I bulked up more then, that dating market selectiveness faded.

        3. The university I went to in my country (Australia) is ranked in the top 50 unis in the world. My luck was not better there than other places. Perhaps you are right, maybe I had bad luck, but I did not see much evidence that women valued brains over height/looks.
          I’ve had more luck picking up at bars and house parties than unis.

        4. Yes business minded women tend to be more superficial, but when I was at university I studied arts-education and I didn’t find them to be much ‘better’ in that regard. I have no idea about female geologists/programmers etc, but I certainly know of some female chemists with far less attractive partners, including two in my own family.
          When I was doing my teaching degree though, I found the women almost completely inaccessible. I scored a few, but not many. It was hard.

  8. I would have preferred it if the height enhancing product being touted was some kind of a strategic use of perspective. Or little tricks like standing next to a pony that looks like a horse

  9. You know doctors now has the technology to increasing your height by severing your tibia and fibia in both legs and slightly separating so the bones regenerate to fill that slight gap. They do this repeatedly to extend your height.
    Seems very barbaric to me to gain just that miniscule height.

    1. Yea i saw a documentary about this. This kid who was like 5’1 got it done. Excruciating pain for a year or two. and in the end he gained a whopping 2 inches.

        1. I heard a tumor in your pituitary gland will cause massive height increase. Usually exceptionally tall people have abnormal pituitary glands l. I guess someday they couldtweak your pituitary gland people tall

    2. Yeh this operation has been around for a while. I think it was perfected in Russia. Its costly and very painful (ongoing pain as there are numerous breaks and reset operations) and will take up a chunk of your time going through the process (6-12 mths I thought and you hobble around in crutches or wheelchair). You would have to be real short and very dejected over your height to go through it, though I have read of guys (a few women have had it done) who are say 5’6 who have it done to get 5’9.

    3. Wouldn’t you do this in multiple sections simultaneously, to increase bone regeneration. Add some calcium supplements, check the entire regulation of bone growth to maximize the height gain, and you could probably make the same gains in less time. Problem is that you’d have to get around to the spine, and that wouldn’t work. Fuck it, why not just shoot up on HGH?

      1. No thanks. I would just accept the truth and play the hand I was dealt. Develop other areas within my control and not make it an insecurity.

  10. Why increase your height when there is a strand of Kratom that allows you to cast a shrink spell on your opponents? Think Mario Kart.

  11. Nevermind this shit. Everyone knows Kratom turns any man under 6 feet tall into a 7 foot, righteously cut Greek god who disintegrates women’s panties by simply being within 500 feet of them.

    1. Yeah all the Greeks were snorting that stuff. That is why they looked awesome.
      Couldn’t resist, you beat me to the punch.

    1. Although the purpose of that is not for added height, per se. It has more cultural significance.

  12. I always wanted to be 6’3″ Call me greedy. I have seen short guys who do real well. Height is just one thing. It’s good to be tall, but its not the end all. If you’re butt ugly, it just makes your ugly self stand out more.

    1. In a survival situation it is the big strong guys who crash first. The reduced caloric intake wipes them out while it’s the scrawny bookworm who makes it out of the gulag.

        1. Absolutely! ~ Spoken with a Stallone accent ~ But sometimes standing up as a man consequently places one in danger of the gulag. Just ask Solzhenitsyn…

  13. Does anyone have it better or does the mix change? I will elaborate on the three (#4 is like a summary) items compared to average height:
    1) People, especially other children, try to knock you down. This may start as soon you start school. You’ll also be blamed in the schools because you’re bigger. Certainly that can lead to greater confidence it can also wreck it. A tall little kid is still in every way a little kid.
    2) Only to a point. Above that is usually out of desired range. I would say the optimal height is 6’2″. On Okcupid the women are little less exacting about their height requirements than on other dating sites I’ve experienced so their flatter curve isn’t surprising, but note it peaks at 6’1″.
    3) At a young age you’re expected to compete with and are judged compared to the older children. Why? You’re the same size. This, like, 1) can lead to problems or actual increased abilities or both.
    Although someone who was average height to at least roughly 15/16 years old and then growth spurted could avoid most of the difficulties and reap the benefits.

  14. Vlad Putin is only 5’7”. Obama towers over him when they have meetings together. Doesn’t mean shit, though. Putin is the alpha male of Russia, and has basically no respect for Obama.

        1. Might be true, I’m 5’4 and 8+ inches… and i guess it looks bigger on my shrimpy body. I consider it my deal closer in case she’s on the fence.

    1. I’m sure Putin could mop the floor with his ass.
      I knew this short man in the Army, bout 5’4, could pin anyone in under a minute. Size, Height weight didn’t matter. He looked like a miniature Arnold Schwarzenegger. Won every bet.

    2. Well, we all know the maxim “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

  15. I don’t really get this… I’m 5’9″ and I’ve never had problems getting hot girls. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried online dating…

      1. Lol… This X 1,000,000. Speaking from traumatic personal experience here… Never. Again.

      2. Online dating doesn’t work for men. For 90% of men that is. I banged some when I was like 21 and got 15-19 ones. But older women know the game and play hard to get. And then 30+ women are easier because desperate. But you don’t want the latter. Babytrap and such..
        Roisy: Rejection is better than regret.
        In other words: approach, approach, get the number and set up the date. Always worked faster for me than online. Less rejection also.

  16. I’m tall and let me tell you that looking down into a woman’s eyes, while she hyper-extends her neck to look up into your eyes, make the woman wet immediately. They love the feeling of being dominating and it gets them in the frame of mind for total submission in bed. And by submission, I mean I normally get every hole I want.
    Maybe short guys can come up with some of their own tricks and I believe that by all means they should use them. But I was blessed with height by genetics and I enjoy using it. You got to use what you got. Other men inherited money and use that. Others are slick extroverts never at a loss for words and they use that. I’m gonna use my height.

  17. Thankfully I’m 1.88m barefoot, so it’s only my Kratom deficiency, and not my height, which is holding me back from world domination.

  18. I really feel for short people. Being shorter than 5’6” in a western country must suck.
    But it has hidden advantages. If you overcome the adversity of it, you are much more powerful than others. Some of the most talented people I know are short and well adjusted. If you get down faking your personality for optimal results in social situations, which I think game goes a long way in doing, people who reject you for your height are basically selecting the people who will eventually betray you out of the population for you. You can put them in a place they can’t harm you before they stick the knife in.
    If you have to fight, aim for the thigh with a good kick. Calf muscles are strong in relation to their size, but upper leg muscles, despite being large, generate little power relative to their size. Most people can’t take a kick to the inner thigh or even outer thigh without going down.

  19. “Taller people make more money!” – shitty sponsored post
    “Men make more money!” – shitty feminist dogma
    “More hard working people make more money” – common sense statement, that lazy or incapabale people do not listen to, and are looking for any kind of excuse

  20. Was such an article about such a trivial fact necessary ? Better wrote an article about how short men can turn the table on the field…

  21. This is just another thing that PROVES women by in large are totally incapable of logic or rational thought processes. There’s something wrong when a woman will choose a guy who’s uneducated, doesn’t work, has a criminal record, out of shape, and just lays around smoking weed all day because he’s 6’6″ over a guy who’s 5’6″ that is a retired hedge fund manager worth 9 figures with Ivy League degrees, is attractive, and absolutely ripped. Yes, I’ve seen this play out in real life just like this.

    1. Why should women gives a rat’s arse about short men. For her to chase short men when tall men abound would be her being illogical.

  22. Women are inferior, so of course they need a tall guy to validate their inferiority to themselves in general. The truth hurts (or not).

  23. I am right on the cusp of being “short” as far as most people would define that for men. That is with shoes, depending on the sole, I am 5’9″ to 5’10”. I can’t say I am ever experienced “discrimination” due to height in the workplace. I have done just as well, if not better, then most of my counterparts. If anything being shorter and thinner means I don’t mind flying as much so I take more travel opportunities then the bigger guys who actively hate flying.
    BUT, it does matter when picking up women. There I HAVE noticed a big difference. I compensate for it mostly by just avoiding women who are north of 5’5″ but the reality that women want taller guys really does hurt your night game.
    I did try “elevator inserts” once and it gave me about another 1.5 inches and I did notice a difference. People treated me just a little bit different especially when I was out at night. A shorter man can also compensate by making sure to wear clothes that fit his figure and also having your pants hemmed properly. Although these steps don’t physically increase your height I would say in function it adds an inch or so to people’s perception.

  24. …or, just embrace your height and work hard everywhere else.
    Look, it’s admittedly hard for someone 5’7 to do, but I’ve pulled a few girls with “over 6’4 required” standards, simply because I was better than the manginas that fit the bill. If you lift even a bit, you have more testosterone flowing through your veins than most of those losers.
    Drop the video games (or at least scale back your playtime), accomplish meaningful things (write a book, get a certification, learn a language), and lift. I guarantee you will get all the benefits described in the article, and then some.

  25. Its socially acceptable for women to wear make up and high heels, and
    refuse to date men because of their face and height. Then you see her in the morning not wearing high heels with her squatty body, and her plain face, and you think WTF she ranks 5 out of 10 on the hotness scale, and she only dates 6 ft or taller, eliminating 80% of all other men?
    If men aren’t running game you’re playing by her rules.

  26. Insta-Ordered. THANK YOU for this recommendation. Also shared on Twitter and Google+.
    After I combine these insoles with daily Kratom use, I will be unstoppable.

  27. Being short as a white man = death sentence. I would say that the minimum height for a white guy is 6 feet or 180cm. A lot of white girls are hitting the 6 feet now and they don’t want a white manlet that is shorter than them.

    1. Women get less demanding the older they become. In their 20s women want a man 6 inches taller, in their 30s they adjust to 3 inches taller which is average for married couples, after 40 they take what they can get.

      1. Yeah, they readjust because they realized they’ve been living a fantasy and if they continue to live that fantasy, ofc they take what they can get lol

      2. yep. I know of four small build women in my social circles who have hit 39-40+ who are now dating either short of average height boyfriends….for the the first time in their life. A couple of them are praising how great their shorter bf is compared to their exes. Too bad he would not have ever got to see the color of her panties in her short skirt & midriff top days, but I suspect they wont realize that.

  28. I’ve seen women literally put “men under 6 foot need not contact me” in their profiles. I think women objectify men much more than men do women. I’ve never seen a guy say, “If you aren’t DD don’t bother contacting me”. #doublestandards

    1. I can understand that height requirement if the female is taller herself like 5′ 10″. But you see below average height women saying they won’t date below 6′. She wants her boyfriend to be taller than her tallest girlfriend? wtf

    2. I think it’s fine. Seeing a message like that is a stupidity red flag and at that point it’s natural selection skipping over them.

      1. Taller men respond to that as an easy lay. Then women act all hurt that they weren’t taken seriously.

      2. I’d like to think it does work like that and many taller guy’s evaluate her profile requests as shallow and see they would not have the time of day for him if he had been born 2 or whatever inches shorter. Even though they qualify for her demands I hope a lot of the taller guys skip over those profiles, but who knows. I suspect some tall guys will respond and have sex with her but wont stay to be her bf because of that demand. Hookups with tall guys could well still be an okay outcome for those women too.
        Majority of people have their personal preferences when it comes to what they want in a partner and most keep it to themselves and will say ‘sorry you are just not my type’ or ignore their flirting,
        Ive seen in relationship forums posts from short guys complaining of getting lots of knock backs, and some of the women equating it to small boob women which is ridiculous imo. Sure plenty of guys out there love big boobs, but plenty also love the regular size and plenty love small perky boobs as well They all have their fan clubs, but its not that way when it comes to height and it would not be so bad if so many shorter women rejected their male equivalent.
        In the dating market personal preferences are fine unless there is a collective skewing of the market.
        The dating market is not everyone matching up 1:1 in LTRs anymore, so that makes its easier to pick up what women really want and most guys regardless of height want their share of the NSA sex pie.

  29. women are brain washed into thinking height is might. Movies, stupid Tv shows and books do this.

  30. I’m male only 5’4 and I can attest everyone proved true except for the women.. there are plenty of short women… and I guess if their dad was a shrimp like me it was a no brainer. I’ve dated women much taller… I don’t like it one bit. Oh, and my shorter buddies are also just way so much more charismatic if I was a chick I’d date shorter guys too. Then again I got a big dick.. maybe the contrast makes it look even bigger and that’s how i got all the women, i dunno bro… just be cool if you’re short and you’ll at least have more than enough hot women to satisfy you. Women who insist on tall guys are more often than not shallow, while women who take us lean towards independent thinkers. Learn to dance motherfucker, did not hurt me one bit.

  31. I’m 5’7 and I have no issue banging hos, what is crucial however is to stay fit and strong.

  32. I’m 5,7. In a country (Netherlands) where almost all the males are 6 feet + that sucks! You definitely have a restriction on the amount of women you can date being shorter, especially because they themselves are almost as tall as I am or even taller. Most of them also wear heels.
    A lot of immigrant women are a lot shorter. (5,3 5,4) Significantly. I know some Spanish chicks. Those are also much more feminine. Dutch women are not so gracefull anyways, they are sexy at 18, but after 25? Already getting old or becoming a cow with a fat ass. I do a salsa course and these Spanish, south-american women are amazing. Also much more open and spontaneous.
    People sometimes say “well you are short”. But on a world scale 5,7 / 5.8 is not so rare. The reason why Northern Europeans are so tall is only because of nutrition and healthcare. All that milk made the Dutch giants. You could ask yourself if it’s that healthy since we also have a lot of osteoporosis.
    Wearing insoles came to my mind once. But only as an experiment. I guess it would matter, but I guess 3 glasses of beer do the same for your confidence. It’s still fake confidence. Can you imagine picking up a girl because you fit into her profile, go home and taking of your shoes. That would be so bizarre.
    What I do is working out and being in excellent shape. I know a lot of tall guys that can’t even deadlift their own weight.

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