How Women Train Men To Rape

During sex, I heard a faint whisper of “no” from the woman below me. I stopped thrusting immediately.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No,” she said. She looked confused. “Don’t stop.”

I resumed cautiously. When she moaned, I felt her pussy convulse and picked back up full speed, reaching down to run my hands over her thin body and perky breasts. Suddenly, her wrists flew up in front of her. She meekly pushed against me, whimpering, “no, no, no!”

I stopped again, and jumping back. “What? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Why are you stopping?”

“You said no. When you say no, I stop.”

“Well… I was kind of hoping you’d keep going and just take me. I thought you were dominant?”

How Women Encourage Rape

As someone who’d always been taught “no means no,” to have a woman directly tell me she ways saying “no” when she meant “yes” was shocking. From talking with other men, I’ve learned this is a fairly common experience.

It’s so common, Louis CK has a standup routine about it:

There’s a word for this. Rape training.

Women who say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’ encourage men to rape. They teach men that no doesn’t mean no, that women’s desires should be ignored, and that if men can get laid if they push through women’s boundaries.

The woman in my opening story was being extremely selfish. She expected me to know what she wanted while directly telling me the exact opposite. If I misread her desires, or she changed her mind about the experience later, I risk decades in jail and living the rest of my life as a sex offender. By saying ‘no’ when she didn’t mean it, she put my safety at risk.

Furthermore, this woman enacted a rape fantasy on me without my consent. I never directly agreed to the intense BDSM play she started. She never told me she what she was doing or gave me a safeword. I might have had triggers around fear of hurting women, or saw a close family member raped. This was the second time we’d had sex. Assuming I’d want to participate in a rape fantasy with her was itself an act of rape and a violation of my boundaries.


Women’s False No’s Harm Everyone

I know some of you will say I shouldn’t complain. After all, I had an attractive woman in bed, who wanted me to take her. If I only saw women as sex objects I wouldn’t care, but the idea of another person being harmed because of her actions makes me physically sick.

By giving a false ‘no,’ this woman diminished the power of other women’s real ‘no.’ I’m probably not the first man she’s given a false ‘no’ to. Another man might learn from her that ‘no’ actually means ‘take me hard’ and force himself on his next date when she gives a genuine ‘no.’ He would go to jail and she would be traumatized and raped.

My date’s behavior puts other women at risk, and shows she considers her sexual pleasure more important than others consent or safety.

Why Women Lie About Their Desires

Why would a woman behave this way? My date considered herself a feminist. Before she left, she told me she’d attended rallies and protests. Wouldn’t she of all people understand that “no means no?”


Saying “no” when she means yes absolves the woman of responsibility for her actions. She can decide later whether or not she meant her no, and have the man arrested for rape if he won’t have sex with her again, if her friends and family judge her, or if her boyfriend discovers she was cheating on him. She doesn’t feel like a slut, because isn’t consciously choosing sex. “It just happened.”

If her goal as a feminist was to help other women, she’d own her sexual desires, and ask directly for what she wanted. Doing so would teach men that when they listen to women, they are rewarded with mind-blowing sex. If her goal as a feminist was to avoid ever having to take responsibility for her actions, she’d do exactly what she did. Saying ‘no’ when she means ‘yes’ teaches men to ignore what women say and look for advice from “creepy” internet sites that write about game.

Pick-up artists have known for a long time women will protest before sex, even when they want it, to avoid appearing like a slut. There is a whole subset of game dealing with “last-minute-resistance” and “anti-slut defenses.” Feminists criticize these tactics as being akin to rape, but they wouldn’t exist if women’s words matched their actions.

BDSM Requires Consent

I understand the desire to be taken, or make a rape fantasy “feel real,” but BDSM is actually hyper-consensual. Before a scene, partners will spell out exactly what they are okay with, what they aren’t, and pick a “safe-word” to say in place of “no” if they want their partner to stop.

An example of BDSM done right would be a female friend of mine who asked her boyfriend to enter her window and take her in the middle of the night. She told him she’d leave her window unlocked, say “red” if she wanted him to stop, and to surprise her by not telling what night of the week it would be.

After four nights of sleepless anticipation, her boyfriend entered at three in the morning, wearing only a ski mask and forced her to the ground as tears streamed down her face. She said it was the best sexual experiences of her life.


How Should You Respond

When a woman says no, you should always stop even if you think she doesn’t mean it.

No one is a mind reader. We won’t always be able to correctly read a woman’s unspoken desires. The risk of actually harming a woman or being arrested for rape outweighs the pleasure of a night of sex with a selfish human being.

After my date told she hoped I’d push through her ‘no,’ I told her that even if she doesn’t care about consent, I do. I explained safe words to her, and told her if she wanted to do a rape fantasy, she needed to pick a word other than ‘no’ to say in it’s place, so that if I accidentally hurt her, or she genuinely wanted me to stop, she’d have a way of communicating that to me.

Yes, I – a writer for Return of Kings – had to educate a feminist about consent, because she wanted me to rape her so bad. I struggle to find a joke that could possibly express the absurdity of the truth. If there is a God, he trolls us all.

I asked her a specific questions about her boundaries. Is she okay with anal? Getting slapped in the face? Choking? Being verbally degraded? I wanted to be very clear about what she was asking for. I’m a six foot tall man with background in the BDSM community. I could go to extremes she isn’t even aware of. I’ve seen people play with fire sexually. (Not metaphorical. I’ve seen a leather-clad woman singe the hair off a man’s chest with spinning orbs of flame as he screamed in terror from behind a gimp mask. It was awesome.)


Once we were clear on boundaries and safewords, I grabbed her wrists, pinned them to the bed, and forced my cock inside her. She shouted no and smiled at me as her attempts to push me away ground her pussy against me. I slapped her hard across the face, and pulled her nipples into the air. She shrieked as I flipped her over and called her a worthless slut, while fingering her ass and fucking her pussy simultaneously. We both orgasmed multiple times.

When she got home, she texted me “thanks for letting me be your slave :).” I never called her back.

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528 thoughts on “How Women Train Men To Rape”

  1. Feminists, you are the joke of the world, srs. 99% of you are disgusting, fat creatures whom no men would ever even think about raping, and yet you cry about rape culture like you are somehow involved in it. Men are superior, that’s how it has always been. Why do you think black people, who were once thought of as PROPERTY, got their voting rights before you did? LMAO.

    1. I firmly believe that some women endlessly harp on about rape because it makes their noony moist.

      1. Reverse pshiology always works best with females:
        “We like nice guys” –> opposite is the truth
        “You look good with short hair girl!” –> opposite is the truth
        So, if we use this line of thought to rape:
        “I am afraid that I will be raped, and all men are rapists” –> I am secretly dreaming about that a dominant man just takes me and fucks me real good, and I would just love if every man would be like this.

        1. Yes. Some women remind me of the wives of victorian missionaries getting all hot and flustered about the natives and their practices.
          Basically they need a good hard fuck but their feminist dogma will not allow them to admit that so they come up with the various forms of BS you mentioned instead.

        2. “Some women remind me of the wives of victorian missionaries getting all hot and flustered about the natives and their practices.”
          The Victorian Brits invented BDSM, my dear. As well as the fake diagnosis of “hysteria” so they could make money off married couples they told that masturbation, manual and oral stimulation was “sinful” and forbidden for.
          Anglos have always been a f*cked up people. Whatever “dysfunctions” we perceive in them and their descendents today, has its roots in their genes.
          That’s why no amount of “reform” is going to make “western civilization” good, right and family oriented. Its just not in their genes. They are wired for perversity and bizarre shit.

        3. Saying anglos have always been a fucked up people is like saying Africans have always been a lazy people, or Gypsies have always been a people that likes to steal.

    2. … and so are most American males, anyway. Most are fat, disgusting, hairy, uncivilized.
      No, you don’t have to be a victim to care for other people. They have empathy. But of course you would never understand this concept.
      In most Countries women got their voting rights before blacks. FAIL Americans, fail.
      American males are superior in their flabby ugliness, that is all AHAHAHHAHA!

  2. A really sexy badboy doesn’t care if he could spend a lifetime in jail on the off chance she really doesn’t like it.
    They’re shit-testing is starting to get a little nuts.

    1. It MUST go viral.
      This is a widespread problem. Most women have rape fantasies of some kind (nightclub toilet conversation privileged information) and too many men have wrongly gone to jail over this issue.
      Such as Mike Tyson who should have been sentenced to psychiatric therapy not custody.

      1. It’s one of the best/worst examples of “what what she says, not what she does”, only sometimes in this case what she says and does actually match.
        “Rape Culture” is supposed to be the worst human rights violation since the holocaust, yet women make themselves as vulnerable to rape as possible. Combine that with their rape fantasies and false rape accusations, and you get a serious mess.
        I deal with this in part here:

        1. Indeed. I believe that real, actual rape is very rare.
          The only good thing about this current mess is that we still have trial by jury which explains why so few cases lead to conviction.
          That is still a disgrace though.

        2. The worst thing college campuses did was introduce this crazy system whereby a crime is dealt with not by cops and court but by “campus counselors.” This was dreamed up by those who who’s sole living depends on the good reputation of colleges to keep students enrolling and cash flowing. A student can even be PENALIZED for directly calling the cops after a rape instead of the campus “sexual assault crises help line”.
          Fuck that noise.
          One needs to call the cops and get to a hospital asap after a sexual assault. College reputations and funding be damned!

        3. One needs to realize that an American college campus is one of the safest places for a young, independent woman in the history of human civilization.
          One needs to object to the extreme injustice imposed on innocent men by the promulgation of the “proponderance of evidence” standard and the associated denial of due process and representation. Denial of justice is incompatible with civilization. You should be offended.
          Projecting rape fantasies is ugly, primitive behavior and, increasingly, has severe real-life repurcussions for men. Fuck that noise.
          College men, some advice: don’t mess with your future, don’t mess with girls at your school. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

        4. And the tidal wave of fake-rape claims mean that the real rapes don’t get a chance to be prosecuted.
          I know enough real rape victims, and I can assure that they don’t get any justice. For starters, they aren’t loud and screeching like your typical fake-rape victim.
          The only real cure for rape is when would-be rapists are scared of getting the shit beat out of them by an angry brother/dad.

        5. The point is the college rapists don’t go to jail. The school deals with it internally to deflect bad publicity. That’s why campus hotlines and these “mock trials” were established in the first place.
          They need to be completely done away with and these crimes should be dealt with by the cops and legal system. Rape is a crime punishable with jail time but these guys get off with just a temporary suspension from school!

        6. “Indeed. I believe that real, actual rape is very rare.”
          You would be sorely mistaken. It’s rather unfortunate that so many “cry wolf” and lead others to question the validity of true cases of rape.

        7. 44% of people under the age of eighteen are raped. 80% of victims are younger than 30. Every 2 minutes, an American is raped, and each year there are about 237,868 people who are sexually assaulted. 60% of these are NOT reported and 97% of rapists will not go to jail. Around 2/3 of rapes are committed by someone the victims knows. 38% of rapists are friends or acqauinances of the victim. YOU DON’T HEAR ABOUT RAPE BECAUSE THE MEDIA REFUSES TO EXPOSE IT AND THEREFORE PROMOTE RAPE CULTURE.

        8. My heart is weeping when I read you and Jenny’s(a female I’m assuming?) words. First off, I’m not claiming false rape accusations dont exist. I realize they do and my heart goes out to men who are in jail over FALSE rape accusations. @jennyskeete:disqus You are right when you say most women have rape fantasies. But the rape fantasies they have are VERY VERY different from an actual rape. After the crime has been committed, the girl feels broken, degraded, traumatized. I don’t think it’s right of you to state that many women have rape fantasies because unless you have 1000+ friends saying this you have very little to go on. None of my friends have rape fantasies, they are respectful and educated enough to know that rape is a degrading and horrible act. I wish it would be reworded to something else. Like, aggressive sex that is AGREED UPON AND DISCUSSED BEFOREHAND by BOTH parties. not rape. rape is not consensual. As a woman and a human being, do you not have a shred of sympathy for someone (man or woman) who goes through rape? If your mother, sister, or close friend were to be raped I’m sure you’d have a different outlook. It’s an extremely painful experience.

        9. @disqus_V9DIa9q1BU:disqus “Combine that with their rape fantasies” read below please. “and false rape accusations” I agree with you on this part. I don’t agree with someone who makes a FALSE rape accusation but you cant assume that MOST women make false rape accusations. “women make themselves as vulnerable to rape as possible.” First of all, not only women can be raped. 1 in 33 men have experienced an attempted or completed rape. Second, people don’t make themselves vulnerable to rape or sexual assault. Children who are sexually abused by relatives or strangers did not -MAKE- themselves as vulnerable to rape as possible. Instead of teaching women to cover up and not drink at parties we should be teaching our children not to rape.

        10. “Second, people don’t make themselves vulnerable to rape or sexual assault.”
          Regarding many actual rape victims, this is quite true. Regarding others, not so much.
          On one hand, we hear that college campuses have higher rape rates than the most dangerous parts of Africa, that “rape culture” paralyzes young women to the point of eternal mental anguish, but on the other hand in the college town where I live, I see half-naked and blasted women prowling the streets alone at all hours of the night. When I was a student, women regularly came to our fraternity house too drunk to have any idea where the hell they were.
          So if women are really as terrorized by the prospect of rape as feminist blogs seem to indicate, why aren’t they acting like it? More on this here:
          Regarding your other comment below, you obviously missed the point of the article. Sometimes rape fantasies are pre-agreed play-acting, but other times, women want us to be a MAN and just take what we want. You grab her ass, she says “no”, you accept it and respectfully wish her well, she gets pissed because you took her at her word.
          Yes, actual rape is horribly painful, yes we should teach our sons not to rape (as if Ted Bundy Jr. is going to change his ways because of some sensitivity seminar) but apparently something about the prospect of it happening strikes some women as exciting. Otherwise they’d be a bit more careful.

        11. In Cuntifornica juries are instructed that they can convict based on nothing but the alleged “victim’s” complaint doesn’t even have to appear in court, or be deposed under oath.
          To top it off, she can file a complaint up to 20 years after the alleged incident.
          What is going to happen when gays start filing rape complaints against their rejected homo-boys? It’ll be “he says-he says,” for starters.

        12. These figures are all bogus, folks. There’s NO WAY to know the truth about rape numbers.
          The legal definition of rape varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so adding up the numbers from different bases is faulty from the get-go.
          Rape allegations made to counselors or phone surveyors aren’t comparable to rape complaints filed with law enforcement.
          The crime of rape has been abolished in some jurisdictions. The physical act called “rape” elsewhere is called “sexual assault” which makes rape lumped together with ass-pinches and titty-bumps.

        13. And muggers not to mug.
          And burglars not to burgle.
          And swindlers not to swindle.
          And car thieves not to steal cars?
          And perjurers not to perjure.
          Why shouldn’t I walk down the street counting my roll of $100 bills?
          Why should I have deadlocks on my doors, and an alarm system?
          Why shouldn’t I sign any contract without reading it?
          Why shouldn’t I leave my car keys in the ignition?
          TEACH PEOPLE NOT TO BE BAD!! Don’t teach people to avoid exposing themselves to criminals.

        14. She still can change her mind during an episode, or later.
          My wife, sister and several former gfs have been raped. My mother was sexually assaulted and fought the guy off. At least they said they have been.
          bmo, you are rather presuming.

      2. “Most women have rape fantasies of some kind”
        Speak for yourself.
        ” (nightclub toilet conversation privileged information)”
        Its culturally (and genetically) relative. Cultures and ethnicities largely descended from Anglo, that would be white Anglo- American culture and white Anglo-Australian culture appear to veer toward the sexual perverse, violent and degenerate.

        1. “That is not debatable.”
          Sure it is. Which peer reviewed scientific studies are you citing and in which countries, and within those countries, which ethnic demographics were represented in the study?

        2. LOL; we will make zero headway on a subject like this one if we assume nothing is true unless politically correct institutions say so. They will not commission studies on whether women enjoy “rape fantasies”. Not everything that is true requires a double-blind study.

        3. Actually strangerchat, I think there was such a study done. The sample size was small, it was in one country (western of course) and the ethnic demographic studied was anglo descended white women. And that’s my point. A few white chicks in one country do not speak for all womanhood everywhere.

        4. There have indeed been studies done, and non-consent is the most common feminine fantasy. (One of the interesting results is that non-consent is not a common masculine fantasy–the most common masculine fantasy involved enthusiastic consent from anonymous, nameless partners.)
          Feminists never cite anything for me when I ask, so I’m not going to put a citation here. You are welcome to use Google.

        5. So much agree with what you’ve said here strangerchat, well put. Almost nothing requires a “double-blind study”. I would say the only thing that requires it are pharmaceutical drugs and nothing else. It frustrates me so much that the power and meaning of archetypes as explained by Carl Jung is so under-rated by closed minds in today’s society.

        6. “There have indeed been studies done, and non-consent is the most common feminine fantasy.”
          “the most common feminine fantasy – where??? In which country, amongst which sub-culture, and which ethnic demographic?

        7. Culture matters. Just because your culture might nurture rape fantasies, doesn’t mean every culture on the planet (there are thousands) does.

        8. But, as Jung described, archetypes are common across all cultures across the entire earth throughout all human history. There are common archetypes in cultures that never had any contact with each other, that were separated irrevocably by space and time. Jung theorized that these archetypes were hard-coded into the human psyche, deep below in the sub-conscious mind, and have a primal power that is astounding.

        9. “Which peer reviewed scientific studies are you citing”:
          The Journal of Sex Research
          Volume 46, Issue 1, 2009
          “The nature of women’s rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents.”
          “This study evaluated the rape fantasies of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a fantasy checklist that reflected the legal definition of rape and a sexual fantasy log that included systematic prompts and self-ratings.
          Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape
          fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates.
          For women who have had rape fantasies, the median frequency of these fantasies was about 4 times per year, with 14% of participants reporting that they had rape fantasies at least once a week. […]”
          “which countries and ethnic demographics”:
          “Participants were 355 women over the age of 18 from two
          universities in the Southwestern United States, who received research credit for their participation. Most (81%) were between the ages of 18 and 21 (M=20.04, SD=2.41). The racial and ethnic composition of the sample included 59% Caucasian-White; 16% African American-Black; 13%
          Hispanic-Latina; 6% biracial; 5% Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander; and 1% American Indian or Alaskan Natives. Most participants were single (90%), heterosexual (91%), and Christian (78%).”.

        10. A peer reviewed study on rape fantasy would actually be limiting compared to the data that’s already available.
          Just take a look at the sales figures of romance novels describing rape fantasies. The sheer sales volume speaks for itself.

        11. And just to point out; a study that depends on women admitting publicly (at least out loud to those conducting the study) to rape fantasies will likely undercount. So 62% is simply those that admitted to having such fantasies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number was considerably higher.

        12. Ask and you will receive. This site is full of logical men many of whom have science , engineering, and advanced math in their educational backgrounds. Don’t think we cannot find a reputable study to prove our valid assertions. Bravo neuromotor (the Afferent asked the to Efferent put forth a little effort and he shut it down in this mutherfucker!).

        13. you could expect a better result from personal web searches and porn subscriptions by women. Maybe the NSA have the answers.

        14. I have no interest in carrying out a rape fantasy. None what so ever.
          While I seriously question the validity of your claim that rape fantasy is the most common female fantasy, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend that it is.
          Even if it is the most common female fantasy, that isn’t to say that “most women have rape fantasies”. It would only mean that more women have rape fantasies compared to say, a threesome.

        15. In the West amongst the dominant ethnic groups, duh.
          Please consult Google. Or just bang some women from a variety of cultures. All of them have rather disturbing rape fantasies.

        16. That doesn’t really add up to anything, you know. Whether or not it’s common doesn’t change whether or not you should assume.

        17. All definitive statements about this kind of shit are total bullshit. No one really knows a damn thing except their own fantasies.

        18. What diff does it make? If a woman fantasizes being taken forcibly (raped) by her little man in her brain, she is in control. “He,” her little automaton, will perform exactly as she wants. In real life, the woman isn’t in control. That’s what makes rape rape in whatever degree.

      3. I knew Mike did not rape that bitch when he refused early release because it required him to apologize. Damn near every black celebrity accused of rape seems to come up as a false allegation. Chris Webber, Kobe Bryant, Micheal Irving, Mike Tyson, Tupac, Jamious Winston…the list goes on and on.

    2. not really… it’s all contextual and you can figure it out in the moment… it also helps not to be doing ONS… because when you know a person a little then you can play out these things in 100% safety and without the disease risks either…

      1. Awesome post at your link.
        I guess what you’re supposed to do is just ram it in no matter what she says. If she doesn’t like it, she can claim “rape victim” status at parties and conventions foreverafter. If she likes it, you’re both golden.
        In the former case, you risk prison, in the latter you win her heart. Either way, she wins!

        1. Yup. I don’t remember the title, but his post on the warped comraderie he developed with fellow bike-riders was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. “I’d bleed for him” almost made me spray Mountain Dew all over my computer.

        2. You sounds like a rapist. If she doesn’t like it, she isn’t “claiming” rape victim status, she HAS rape victim status. In the first case, she doesn’t win. Are you an idiot? Do you think rape is all happy fun sex and then prison for you? No, the reason rapists go to jail is because they physically, mentally and emotionally scar and traumatize a person. Some people feel so worthless and helpless, they commit suicide. Meanwhile, you got to live your short little sexual fantasy at her expense. Jail is payback for your selfish violation, not an unfair punishment for having fun.

        3. I’ve no doubt that being dragged into an alley and violated would be horribly traumatizing. However, I find it hard to believe that a guy going just a little too far just a little too fast could be equally awful when it’s just a tiny shade different than the fantasies in damn near every romance novel written in the last thirty years.
          Read the Delicious Tacos link above. On one hand, we’re told that “all rape is rape” (Roman Polanski excepted), meaning that getting just a little too aggressive with Susie will traumatize her just as much as the Mongol hoards violating her for fifteen hours straight. On the other hand, if we don’t grab her ass hard and fast enough, we’re not real men and lose the girl to some other guy who better fits her fantasies by treating her like the piece of meat she’s always wanted to be.
          So it’s not my “short little sexual fantasy” at work here (I’m fine with normal sex, as are most guys), it’s HERS. If she says no, he plows ahead, she finds she likes it, we’re all good. If she says no, he plows ahead, she doesn’t like it, he’s screwed.
          I’m not risking prison just to get some broad a little more wet. That’s my point, and the point of this article, idiot.

        4. I agree , giving the power over to women in a situation like this is a HUGE mistake ,no way are the consequences worth the alternative should it all go south.

        5. If I understand this shit, if she says, “Stop” in mid-squirt, I’m not to even finish that squirt? What if the damn thing won’t stop? Does she have to tell me to pull out, or is it expected that I ESP her mind? If I do pull out, but it keeps squirting as I yank it out, is that rape?
          Further, if she un-consents in her mind (assuming a woman has one), but doesn’t tell me about it, is it still rape?
          I’ve heard that a woman has at least a year after an interlude to change her mind and convert a consensual, even enthusiastic, session that she started into rape.

      2. I love you delcioustacos, you are the funniest shit ever. My brother and I were reading your site and he said “why is this dude writing what I think but am afraid to say in public!”. When I found your site through a link I was at work and had to step outside to laugh. When I say Zebra Fucker out loud I still giggle. I keep waiting for someone from Australia to piss me off so I can call them Kangaroo Fucker, or Dingo Fucker to show off my knowledge of local slang. Please post more often because I have read everything on your site, it took two weeks and I laughed my ass off! The underage ass post, dear god it hurt to laugh that much!

      3. “Too nuanced to go viral” is the story of my life. I need to write more Tuthmosis style articles like “Girls With Nose Rings Look Like Pigs.”
        BTW, you’re getting a shoutout and link in my next ROK article delicioustacos.

        1. All in all, it was a pretty good article. It brings something important that we don’t often thing about to light. However, a couple of the sections felt a little rushed and scattered from a reading stand point. Thanks for putting the time in to write this.

        2. Setting aside all the other issues the article is highlighting, as an
          author, I should note that runsonmagic has quite a talent for narrating
          erotic scenes.
          And if he considers occupying with writing erotic literature, I think it’ll be quite interesting.

        3. Haha, why thank. I’ve thought about writing in that genre, but I wouldn’t know where to start. It’s a massive market. Maybe someday.

    3. Here’s something else that should go viral: Candidate for Governor of Texas is a “Stone Cold Bitch”
      LIE: “While her state Senate filibuster last year captured national attention, it is her biography — a divorced teenage mother living in a trailer who earned her way to Harvard… .”
      TRUTH: “Jeff Davis, Wendy’s second husband, paid her way through Texas Christian University and then through Harvard Law School and cared for her first daughter and a second daughter they had shortly after they were married. He took out loans and cashed in his 401(K) to pay her way through school. They divorced in 2005, literally the day after Jeff Davis wrote his final check paying off her student loan:
      Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

    4. Roosh is a genius to publish this article right after another article goes massively viral, so that the message will reach more people and get them thinking. Even if they came here to spread feminist vitriol.

    5. By the gods yes. The hardest thing for ANY man who actually doesn’t want to hurt women is this fake ‘no’ bullshit. I am so sick and tired of the ‘rape culture’ nonsense when women do more to enable it.

      1. Imagine how the victims of this myth feel when expelled from school, falsely accused, and have their reputations destroyed with no charges even filed and no fair chance at confronting their accuser. these entitled feminist want to see real rape culture go to the Central African Republic and tell them how yes sometimes means no, see how the gang rape victims there feel about that shit. Fuck feminism rape culture does not exist in the United States or Western Civilization period.

        1. Not “period.” The gang rape culture is immigrating right now, paid for with your (former) money by the likes of Merkel, May, and those Skankinavian gang rapist importers.

      2. Is it really that hard to ask someone what they want? I doubt it’s “the hardest thing”. The hardest thing is being a victim and your rapist deciding for you that your “no”s mean “yes”. I also doubt it’s difficult for “ANY” man, particularly the ones who are married or know their partners well instead of hooking up with strangers who intend to take your money.
        Also, rape culture isn’t “nonsense”, and it isn’t held by only women. Men, children, mentally challenged people, sex trafficked people, even elderly people are all victims of rape culture. Yes, some PEOPLE (not “women”, as they can be male, female, or trans) do more to enable rape culture. That doesn’t invalidate the reality of it.

        1. Why, even rapists are victimized by rape culture. If it wasn’t for rape culture, rapists wouldn’t be raping.

        1. It was pretty simple. We solicited sex from her when she was with her boyfriend, she said no but I think she was having LMR. So we persisted until be got the bang. We did such an amazing job, we were on the news EVERYWHERE!

        2. dude i see what you just did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
          and correction. you did this in delhi.

    1. She was thin, feminine, and submissive. If she hadn’t told me her beliefs post-sex, I would never have known.

      1. What?!?! All feminists everywhere are supposed to be fat, short haired harpies. At least that’s what the female beta orbiters who create blogs fashioned after the Manosphere would have us believe.
        As they seek attention online from strange men while their husbands slave away at work to financially support their supposed “homeschooling” and “homesteading”.
        The best thing we can do to show our solidarity with these hen pecked husbands and to alert them to how they are being used is to investigate who these women really are, photograph their wive’s blogs comments sections, and send their husbands an anonymous email.

      2. All women “believe” that crap, its like a President saying he’s a God-fearing church-goer. So long as they keep their knees in the air, they can claim to be zoroastrian for all I care.

  3. The dating game starts to become a bloody battlefield with huge amount of male corpses.

  4. What rape is:
    1.) 5 million German girls and women in East Prussia getting gang raped, sometimes with bottles. Visibly showing signs of the brutality of their savage Bolshevik conquerors.
    2.) Millions of Rwandan women and girls suffering the same fate as their German counterparts and then sometimes getting hacked to death after the fact.
    3.) Girls getting kidnapped in savage neighborhoods and suffering rape under multiple men. Young girls getting molested by guardians and other relatives.
    What rape is not:
    1.) Getting drunk at a party, soliciting multiple men and then waking up at a party thinking “I am a slut, so I’m going to try and re-salvage my ‘honor’ by saying I was raped.”
    2.) Having rough sex, and because you want to wear “rape” as a badge of honor you tell your Americunt or Angloskank girlfriends “I was raped.” All the while you said “no, no, stop” your vagina was secreting wet lubrication because you really wanted it.
    3.) Straight up lying on an ex or any man because he does not want to be with you and you want revenge.
    What should not be regarded as rape: (I’ll take some flak for these)
    1.) Showing up to a man’s house at 3am with practically nothing on and expecting nothing to happen and then getting taken. My reasoning? This is playing around with a man’s biology, you are fucking with his hormones, just as most civilizations of old what not have regarded this has rape, neither should we.
    2.) Taking sex from your wife. She’s your fucking wife, she has obligations and duties and one of them is servicing your needs, just as your service her every fucking ridiculous whim. Our ancestors what not have regarded this is as “rape” either.
    How frequent is real rape? Very very rare indeed.

    1. The situation with the wife is quite different. Pussy can get internal damage. Imagine that you broke your dick and your wife would not care and still wanted to have sex. The same with random naked chick appearing magically in someones bedroom – men are not animals ffs you can control yourself!

      1. Is it really that hard to put my arguments in proper context? Of course I do not mean taking sex from your wife under circumstances of her being in pain or on her period. I’m saying if your wife withholds sex from you as a means of controlling you, then I don’t see why a man couldn’t push the envelope. I mean the marital contract under Abrahamic religious pretenses cautioned the wife not to do this, and gave a man authorization to fulfill the marital contract. The average Anglo bitch will do this to her beta mangina husband and he’ll willingly and sycophantically go along with it, while along she detests his weakness and probably wanted to be taken anyway. Why are women finding a hard time marrying alphas? Because an alpha would be in jail, they wouldn’t tolerate this shit from a bitch. The state legislated patriarchy out of existence and alphas went away as long term partners right along with it.

        1. you sound like a whining guy that’s married and has his wife putting one over on him….. you have to learn how to play LTR game… then she won’t withhold… first i suggest a visit to your local brothel to cool your britches down… that coy look in your eye will give you a lot of leverage…. trust me on that one…

        2. Lmao! I’m far from married. I couldn’t get married in a country like this. Ray, your opinion of me is drastically low. Haha, I observe my peers.

        3. “I couldn’t get married in a country like this. ”
          No, let me fix that for u:
          >I can’t get married in a country where I can’t force a woman to do my bidding and fuck her whenever I please.
          >I’m ugly
          >I am a giant anus with no consideration for other people.

        4. “I mean the marital contract under Abrahamic religious pretenses
          cautioned the wife not to do this, and gave a man authorization to
          fulfill the marital contract.”
          Jews, Muslims and Christians have always been minorities in the world and currently still are. The vast majority of religions are not Abrahamic.

        5. If that is actually Lance in the photo above, he is far from ugly. While not drop dead gorgeous, he is clearly above average looking for the Western world, particularly Canada, the US, UK, Northern/Western Europe and Australia.

        6. Why thank you, that is me. I’ve been called gorgeous before. Sort of taken aback by that a little. JK. Thank you… 😉

        7. I’m still waiting for Damien to post his pic. I love my milk and dark chocolate!

        8. “that coy look in your eye will give you a lot of leverage…. trust me on that one…”
          Oh yeah it does with me. I love that coy look in his eye.

        9. Yup, Lance here is incredibly physically attractive. His personality is what is utter shit.

        10. So what you’re saying is the husband has to do everything the wife wants, and the wife has to do nothing the husband wants. Need your helmet shined for you or what, white knight?

        11. And yet the vast majority of religions by number of adherents except sex to be confined to marriage, and for a wife to be willing to have sex with her husband.
          Also, Jews, Muslims, and Christians put together aren’t a minority; they make up half the world’s population!

        12. The truly advanced religion, erotically and elsewhere, is the Greco-Roman.
          I recall reading about a Roman who cited as a legitimate reason for divorcing his wife, that she wouldn’t give him anal.

        13. it seems by “beta” you mean “men who view and respect women as human beings”. so, yeah, of course self-respecting women prefer men like this.
          it is possible to be strong and masculine – and to NOT be a misogynistic rapist. it’s a little sad that you don’t see that.

        14. The Roman citizens (the upper class of Romans) got anal from their slave boys, and oral from their concubines. No self-respecting Roman or Roman wife would do perv sex with their spouse. Certainly there were some violators of their standards.

        15. By “beta” is meant “men (MINOs) who are NOT viewed and respected by women as men.” Pussy-whipped. But not in jail.

      2. Jesus Christ, I’ve had a girl say she was willing to have sex with me when she actually wasn’t. Bone-dry Sahara snatch. I’m pretty good at figuring out when a woman’s body is saying “no”, even if her lips are saying “yes”.
        None of us want to leave internal injuries in a woman.

        1. None of us want to hurt women physically in an non consensual context. Now if she literally ( actual words, not she was “asking for it” because of how she was dressed) asks for it , I aim to please, and spank, and choke, and put thumb in ass while aggressively doggie style….well you get the picture.

        2. I’m actually fucking sick of girls who need this shit to get off. I spent the last week refusing to give any of my plates anal, and I’m pretty happy about it.
          I actually miss normal, girl-on-back vaginal sex. I need a break from the choking, the slapping, the ass-ramming, and the general fucked-up-edness where a girl needs to feel like she’s getting raped to have an orgasm.

        3. A woman introduced me to the rough shit, and she changed me. Before her I never was even remotely into anything rough , kind of a Pandora’s box . Now I like the rough shit but I do vanilla if that is what the girl wants , I just do whatever she asks or concents for me to do.

        4. I know this is so random, but I’m so happy to hear a guy say this. I like getting a little wild, but it loses something when it’s every time. Idk if that’s because people think that’s what makes sex good, or they think that’s what their partner wants. Some of the best sex is just regular straight up sex.

        5. Torn MGM scar. You guys who escaped the foreskin thieves don’t have enough appreciation.

    2. 100% agree.
      these bored upper middle class white trash are so numb and dumbed down that they don’t know what real rape is. It’s a life changing experience that will haunt them forever…

    3. Fully agreed. The word rape has lost its power due to feminist ideologies changing the meaning, to “no means no, yes means no but sometimes yes depending on how I feel the day after”.

    4. If married men can be charged with rape, If my wife spends money on shit without permission can she be charged with theft? Makes you think…..perhaps we should keep the police out of married peoples bedrooms until a separation recognized by law(at minimum) ya think?

      1. Get the government out of marriage. Replace it with a contract, and religious ceremony.
        Sex is part of the contract. So is financial prudence. Fail to perform? Then you are in violation of contract, and subject to any financial penalties specified in the contract.

    5. Lance, 1 and 2 in your “Not” category don’t happen in any Western culture because in your culture there is no shame associated with consensual sex between adults or between minors of similar age.
      Such scenarios only take place in cultures where non-marital sex is taboo.

    6. Wish I could find where I saw this, but the discrepancy between what feminists scream about rape – in millions of incidents per year in the US alone – does not jibe w/the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS – heh) conclusion of about 60,000. Both of those numbers can’t be right.

      1. The discrepancy is excused by the claim (may be true; who can tell?) that most genuinely raped (in the classical sense – no “eye rape” BS) women do not file a complaint with law enforcement. Many who don’t go to police do report to counselors, therapists, ministers, so numbers are obtained through that channel. Such data is very soft.

    7. You are a horrifyingly sick individual. A wife is a person. She’s also likely the current or future mother of her husband’s children. You don’t get to just do whatever you want to someone else’s body because you vowed to spend your life at their side.

        1. Sugar tits? LOL! A Christian nerd trying to sound “edgy” on the internet. Better to troll Dalrock’s blog.

        2. I’ve heard that series could have been written by someone with a 5th grade education so I doubt it would teach me anything. And “sugar tits”? Lol Oh my Mr. Christopher, so tough and edgy. I bet you’re just as vigorous in your candor while AFK.

      1. Rachel, if you feel that way, put down the BDSM erotica and stop looking at bondage porn.

        1. Take note of the number of 1-ups on your randomly irrelevant reply, them try to come up with something better and get back to me.

        2. “randomly irrelevant”
          sounds like the guys you take home. hope you find “mr right” soon 😉

        3. Rachel,
          Part of marriage has always implied sexual access of each partner to the other. If that’s something that doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest not getting married.
          An implicit understanding that marriage means sex leads to healthy marriages. In our culture in the west, marriages tend to have dead bedrooms. I don’t think it’s reasonable to get married and then suddenly switch to having sex once a month or four times a year. That is the experience many husbands face.

      2. “Whatever?” This isn’t about brutality, beating, choking, holding a knife to her throat. It’s about her not being in the mood but he goes ahead and copulates with her despite her saying that she doesn’t want him to. This is what is called “spouse rape.” Brutality is a crime on its own with or without sexual intercourse or motivation being involved.

    8. Mostly agreed. the first one under “What should not be regarded as rape” is still rape, but it can’t be argued that in that scenario the woman did put herself in that situation. Not that she deserved it, just like a person who leaves his cellphone by accident somewhere doesn’t deserve his phone to be stolen. As for 2 I do have mixed feelings about that. It wouldn’t bode well if the man was fulfilling all his husbandly duties but the woman wasn’t fulfilling her wifely duties for weeks. What I do NOT agree with is forcing oneself on her, but the feminauts want to define a wife willingly having sex with her husband even when she doesn’t really feel like it as rape.

    9. The proper way to deal with marriage bed rape is to grant an instant no fault divorce to either person if sex is refused.
      No sex? Buh-bye.

    10. Whenever a woman says no, she means no. The example in this article was showing that that particular woman was not very educated or experienced with BDSM or heavy kinks.
      If she says no, you had better stop: if she’s your wife, you stop, if she is wearing revealing clothing, you stop, if you have performed a rape scene with the woman previously, you stop. No means no.
      Women with rape fantasies will discuss these things with their partner, and if they don’t, then they are not ready to participate in that activity.
      These women are not training men to rape. They are putting trust in their partner, sharing fantasies. They are NOT saying that no means yes. “No” is never consent.
      Also, rape cases happen far more frequently than you suggest. Many of the instances you mention are, in fact, rape. It does not even have to be penetration to be a sexual assault. The fake rape cases that you suggest happen often don’t happen often. It would not make any sense, no matter how much the accuser hates another person; most people do not put other people in jail and ruin their lives for no reason. The amount of fake rapes is very low, and nothing in comparison to the frequency of legitimate rapes and unreported rapes.
      Many rape victims are too scared to do anything about it. They are scared that people won’t believe them, or that the rapist will come after them again.
      This article gives men an excuse to rape people. It legitimizes one of the worst things a person could possibly do. It pretends that it is the victim’s fault and not the rapist’s fault.
      Both your response and this article are disgusting.
      It is never the victim’s fault. No always means no.

      1. I don’t actually find anything wrong with the article itself.
        He very specifically stated that if a woman says no, you always stop even if you don’t think she’s serious. You stop, and find out what’s happening.
        The comments, however… Some leave a little bit to be morally desired.

        1. Look at you,being reasonable. I might be starting to respect your commentary. You have been pretty even handed, I will respond to you in kind. Note to self, Isipes is not Trolling, respond with respect not sarcasm. You will be on the receiving end of intelligent comments here on out, from me anyway. Stay up.

        2. Appreciated! I’m definitely not trolling, just really making an effort to understand the other side. I’ve learned a lot already, for instance, I am not in fact a feminist!

    11. having sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex – regardless of gender – is rape. just because someone is married to you does not mean that you can force them to have sex with you. you can try to justify it all you want, but if you do that, you are just as much of a rapist as those you mention in your first 3 examples. there may be differences in brutality – but the force and devaluing of another person is the same.

      1. No one is condoning having sex with someone who is refusing.
        Did you even fucking read the article?
        Good grief. Way to miss the point.

      2. You, like many, don’t seem to understand the situation. Lack of consent in a continuous consent jurisdiction doesn’t require specific withdrawal of consent. At any moment, even between “yeses,” consent may expire. All that is required is a microsecond gap in consent to constitute rape. If juries (or judges in bench trials) convict on no evidence but the original complaint filed with law enforcement, due process of law, right of the accused (defendant) to confront his accuser (alleged rape/sexual assault “victim”; state’s witness) in open court, are trash-canned.
        The excuse, which may be real, is that the allegedly raped woman would be traumatized by facing her alleged attacker and describing in gory detail what she claims he did to her. Some women have stated that this is why they didn’t file a complaint, dropped the complaint or even rescinded the allegation (basically said they lied; no rape occurred). Such cases are then classed as false or unsubstantiated.

    12. I really want to comment on this, but I can’t for the life of me find an eloquent way to put it. So I’ll simply say that I very much disagree with the last two “points” you “made”.

    13. Re: (2) And even listen to her yammering about bullshit women crap for hours on end without so much as going to take a leak?

  5. 99% of the shrieking harpies who will soak the site with vitriol … will have read nothing but the headline.

  6. girls demanding rough sex have very low self esteem, they need a firm hand to reassure them that their man is strong.
    also their pussy is lacking sensation due to wear and tear over the decade of banging.
    either way they are not good for LTR

    1. Actually, more sex would mean stronger kegel muscles, meaning tighter pussy.
      The more you know.

    2. This one knows a lot about the vagina… nope, he does not.
      Banging or not, it remains the same. You know when they say virgins are more tight? Well, that is because she was tightening it (most of the times involuntarily), as she is not used to penetration yet.

    Okay I’ve read this site and I relate to virtually none of the content, but I did a silent cheer at the last sentence. What this woman did is very damaging and you were right to confront her.

  8. Remember the crappy and now defunct huge fail of a blog called “Girl Game” that was created by Roissy’s female beta orbiters? Well it looks like the ladies are copying us again. Gentleman I give you
    How original!

    1. There should be a monument to solid game, carved from fine marble from the oldest quarry in Italy. And at the base should be inscribed the words:
      …I wonder how you say that in Latin.

  9. “Yes, I – a writer for Return of Kings – had to educate a feminist about
    consent, because she wanted me to rape her so bad. I struggle to find a
    joke that could possibly express the absurdity of the truth. If there is
    a God, he trolls us all.”
    SHE trolls us all, mate. I mean could it be any other way with this nonsense taking place?
    As it appears BDSM is going mainstream in our culture currently, I don’t think we’ll be confused for very much longer. As you say, BDSM is hyper-consensual and as it becomes increasingly more normalized, sexual activity in general will become increasingly hyper-consensual as well. People are still in the learning curve. After a few years everything will be spelled out clearly and there will be no more grey areas and a lot less anxiety.

    1. “After a few years everything will be spelled out clearly and there will be no more grey areas and a lot less anxiety.”
      There is ‘negotiation’ going on between the sexes in this sense, but is that really everything that is happening. The grey areas are the area in which the power is negotiated. Or to put it another way power in sex depends on negotiating those grey areas. Sex, as feminists are inclined to tell us (although only when it is to their disadvantage) is about power. So those grey areas – increasingly defined by feminism – are left as they are – ill-defined, ambiguous so power can be exercised. Women meanwhile are always in two minds of course to the extent that satisfying sex is purchased at the cost to their proud feminist superego. At present men are paying the price for that mismatch. But the mismatch, the war between their instinct and their reason, should be sent back ‘return to sender’ as this article suggests. There will always be grey areas, where sex & power reside, but we need to expose and hold people (men and women) accountable when they perpetrate double binds on the other party.

      1. “Women meanwhile are always in two minds of course to the extent that
        satisfying sex is purchased at the cost to their proud feminist
        How so? Satisfying sex fuels my ego. There’s no cost. Problem is, skilled, selfless lovers are too few and far between. Most are mediocre and loathsomely unknowledgable about the Crimson Arts.

        1. When it comes to sex skill and satisfaction are strange
          bedfellows. Everybody loves great orgasms. Except there is a problem with great orgasms, and it isn’t just that it is hard to achieve them, or that lovers are too unskilled to make them happen. A man who gives a woman pleasure may or may not be acknowledged as a
          great lover, as powerful in that regard. Sexual denial is always in the mix, just as disguising pleasure may be
          necessary. In a perfectly safe environment, where people are confident, secure and even perhaps love each other, then power play in sex may be less important (though don’t count on it). Women may want great sex, but still be reluctant to ‘fess up that a particular man has given it to them. This is also the reason why the vaginal
          orgasm is always played down in comparison to the clitoral orgasm. Don’t misunderstand me, women will always have contempt for an unskilled lover, and will always appreciate a skilled lover, but the latter’s skills may well need to go well beyond the mechanical. Women have egos that are often far more difficult to service than the ‘ol downstairs
          Incidentally what the hell are the Crimson Arts? I’m not getting jiggy with you if you’re on the rag.

        2. “This is also the reason why the vaginal orgasm is always played down in comparison to the clitoral orgasm.”
          Vaginal orgasm is not played down. If anything Freud brainwashed masses of ignorant people into believing clitoral orgasms were “inferior”.
          However vaginal orgasms are more rarely achieved.
          There are at least 5 different types of female orgasm
          1) clitoral orgasms
          (ideal to warm up the engine and pave the way
          for multiple orgasms later on in higher gears.)
          2) vaginal orgasms
          3) G-spot orgasms
          (with or without “squirting”)
          4) “Deep spot”/”A-spot” orgasms
          (via stimulation of the vaginal fornix,
          which is near/around the X-spot/cervix)
          5) X-spot orgasms
          (via direct stimulation/massaging of the cervix)
          (and several types of male orgasm as well)

        3. yeah, I know, the undiscovered continent of female desire. The problem is that its not really very undiscovered anymore. There’s been wide deforestation and from coast to coast ugly urban jungles have sprung up. All concrete and pollution. Those 5 different types of how women can never really be satisfied by a penis are just varieties of the massive building work that’s taking place. You treat female desire as though it were a simple question of mechanics, of biology. Its strange that this is the one area of biology that feminists seem really keen to be reductive about, always talking about the number of nerve endings here and the lack of nerve ending theres (in the vaginal canal). The thing is this is sexual politics, not biology. So much of feminism, particularly feminist psycho-analysis can be seen seen as an attempt to argue against Freud and ever since Kinsey feminists have stumbled over themselves to deny the importance of the vaginal orgasm. Playing down the vaginal orgasm (which may not be all that ….) is about the politics of desire before it is about desire itself. Ramping up the clitoris and all those multiplicitous erogenous zones has always been about playing down the importance of ‘penetration’. Denying or playing down the importance the vaginal orgasm, denying the centrality of penetration as a source of pleasure or the most important component of sex is central to the feminist project. And since when has the feminist project been about biology?

  10. Courts used to demand that women take a little more action than whispering “please….nohhhhhh” or claiming to have been “paralyzed with fear” to bring charges. Women aren’t that strong, but neither is a cat, but test how easy it is to “non-forcibly” rape a cat

    1. At any college or university in this country, the kangaroo student councils will through the male out in a heart beat.

      1. Right. But that’s not jail, is it? So campus rapists are literally getting away with rape with nothing more than a suspension, at most expelled. That’s a slap on the wrist.
        Rape is a crime that needs to be dealt with via cops and the legal system, not some internal, on campus mock trial created to deflect bad publicity.
        Forget the school “counselors” and call the cops IMMEDIATELY.

    2. “test how easy it is to “non-forcibly” rape a cat”
      LOL. I’ll pass, but thanks for the mental image.

      1. I once tried to force feed a cat a pill she needed.
        I had rubber gloves up to my elbows and the cat was held down.
        No, no way for it to happen.
        Mixed it in her food, less effective but I got to keep most of my skin.

  11. A girl at my school told me “Girls don’t like it when you ask for a kiss. Just kiss her.”
    Then a different girl-one I wasn’t even interested in-almost got me kicked out of that same school for the “crime” of looking at her 2 seconds too long (and an outright lie that I took pictures of her). I never even tried to kiss this girl.
    Moral? Women my age are crazy.

    1. “A girl at my school told me “Girls don’t like it when you ask for a kiss. Just kiss her.”
      She’s talking about a guy the girl is already attracted to, not just any ol’ dude.

      1. I know that. But the point is how dangerous it is. Should you go for a kiss and find out whoops, she’s not attracted to you, she could turn right around and screw your life up over that one false move. It’s crazy in these streets!

        1. Well that’s what EQ is for. So you can learn to gauge subtle cues of body language and chemistry. Its not rocket science mate. If there’s chemistry flowing, it becomes obvious.

        2. Well I am not in the US, but if I had to develop psychic powers to get my dick wet I would swear off women altogether.

        3. It has nothing to do with super powers. If you’ve never experienced chemistry with a woman then I don’t know what to say. Its obvious when it happen. She shows interest in you. She flirts with you. There’s teasing and witty banter and either sustained eye contact or coy demure eye aversion but with a smile on the face.
          PUAs teach this stuff, man. Join a lair or take a workshop.

        4. Thank you, I am doing alright,
          You just never know where the line is until you cross it and I have crossed it often.
          Interestingly enough, that has never hurt my chances, not being decisive enough has hurt me plenty.

      2. …and there’s the rub. Because whats the difference between “a guy she’s attracted to” and “any ol’ dude”?
        ANSWER: 10-15 seconds, depending on the weather.

        1. Read above.
          You also might want to read The Mystery Method by PUA guru Eric Von Markovic.

        2. Yeah man, got into it in 05 when Neil Strauss put out the Game. And I’m not arguing, aggressive IS important. Knowing when to go aggressive and when to take it down a notch to avoid jail is even more important.

    2. “The risk is not worth it.”
      You’ve not had enough experience with us to make that assertion. And again, pix or gtfo! I want to see your smooth chocolate skin and natural muscle tone that all black guys have without even working out a day in their life!
      You guys won the genetic lottery.

    3. One girl you met is crazy – all girls your age are crazy. That is some GREAT logic there, stupid American – Oh wait, that was a pleonasm, my bad.
      All women think different, just like all men are not the same. Surprising, I know! But an American can learn.

  12. Scenario 1
    Guy brings a girl back to his pad. On the bed, he gets her naked and is about to fuck her. She says ‘No!, I’m not having sex tonight”. The guy backs off and proceeds to cuddle.
    Orgasm level=0
    *Next day girly chit chat*
    “OMG, I was totally naked in front of {insert your name} and we didn’t even have sex. He’s such a pussy….Where are all the real men at?”
    Scenario 2
    Guy brings a girl back to his pad. On the bed he gets her naked and is about to fuck her. She says “No!, I’m not having sex tonight”. The guy smirks, pins her down and fucks her while she’s screaming “No!, No!, No!”
    Orgasm level=99
    *Next Day*
    FBI, CIS,CIA, NCIS, Police Department,Military force , several White Knight vigilante’s on the hunt for {insert your name}

    1. Now that’s truly hilarious, yet sad. Unfortunately, the rapists of old-the ones that victimized women and cut off their clothes in a dark alley are getting off, due to the “new rapists”-men who slept with the wrong women because they later regretted it-filling up the jails instead.

        1. There is a case of a real rapist in Maryland who has got off in three separate trials and looking at getting off on a fourth, google it.

        2. In Atlanta the sex crimes division of the APD has so many false claims that the detectives cannot donate their resources as effectively as they otherwise would, false claims are an issue that should be addressed post haste. Prosecuting false accusers with 2 – 5 year sentences is a good start.

        3. And Hottlanta has lots of hood rats and hood rats posing as bougies too, bro.

        4. We agree on something , black people with class call hood rats Bamas , little bit of inside knowledge for ya there .

        5. “Bama”? never heard it. Might be a Hotlanta thing. So what’s up with the Ethiopian community there lately? I love those guys!

        6. I say the states should unanimously prosecute false accusers of rape to the same amount prison time the accused “rapist” would have undergone. If his sentence was 15 years, she should do 15 years. 2-5 years of prison time as a punishment as a recompense for a guy that would have spent 15-20 is not good enough. Get the bitch off the street, and use her as an example to other lying, prospecting whores. Although it would never happen in the Feminized States of America.

    2. The correct option is to back off and then try again to get consent. If all else fails freeze out and then try again to get consent.

    3. Maybe you guys should stay away from girls (and well, maybe start dating WOMEN) that are too immature like the one in Scenario 1? Come on, that is not that hard.
      In Scenario 2… really, American males? You guys just go on and fuck (eh, rape) women like that? You guys don’t even check if she is wet, some foreplay…? Getting someone naked does not count, so you know.
      “Orgasm level” is ridiculous. What orgasm, his? Oh yes, now I remember, American males are not only uncivilized (and mostly ugly, most males there are overweight, unvain, hairy, sexist, homophobic, etc.) they also don’t give a crap about women’s pleasure – but still want women to pleasure them… because they are *males*, they are entitled and believe deserve better.
      That is it, American males can not see when a female is not in the mood. They are that worthless, selfish and psychopathic.

  13. She wasn’t “rape training” you. All she was doing is giving you another shit test to see if you were a real alpha. My guess is that you faked alpha your way into her panties and ended up with more than you bargained for.

      1. Replying to your own comments is weak.
        No one night with one women is worth even the slightest chance of losing my freedom to prison. If it is to you, your life is pitiful.
        My life, my way, my own.

        1. That’s not me. But to be fair, he was already all the way up her pussy. Consent is pretty much implied at that point.

        2. Maybe consent to you but to the court of law, nope. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Why would anyone risk their reputation and livelihood over an orgasm?

        3. Not legally. If the word “no” comes out of her mouth, and you do not have a safe word agreed to, in the US you had better damned well withdraw, and put her ass on the curb.

  14. Women are dumb stupid animals and should be treated as such. And the truth is? Women LOVE to be treated like a dumb animal. Nothing gets their pussy juices flowing more than that. Treat women like the dumb animals they are and you won’t even be able to keep up with the sheer number of women who are coming to you begging you for sex.

  15. This is so widespread I have had more than one virgin try to pull off this “no” rape fantasy on me. Bonafide, still got their cherry virgins.
    Maybe it’s just being surrounded by pussies instead of men that makes women try this on me. Maybe they do it with every partner. A couple of these girls where normal, but most of those desiring this fantasy where the ultra-third wavers.

  16. You are all moronic, chauvinistic pigs who terrify the living shit out of me. To think people as self entitled to the female body as you could possibly have a say in our government is a damn crime. Get over your Oedipus syndrome and start acting like human beings for a change.
    Read the while article by the way, and all your pathetic comments. Can i just say how sad it is that you needed TWO sex scenes to try and justify your claims? Nice evidence, I’m SURE it really happened.

    1. Is it really that hard to accept that a lot of women get off this way?
      Where is the harm?
      You let her choose a nice little safe word and then you spank her and “take her against her will, oh noez!”.
      I would not be into this shit if they were not, I get off on them getting off.

      1. Of all the things you could disrespect a woman for, being into rough sex and having rape fantasies isn’t one of them for me. You can’t look down on that, especially when they’re up front about it.

      2. The problem is when 2 or 200 or 2,000 cases are expanded to include ALL women everywhere at all times on this planet.
        Sure there are some. Its foreign to me. I can’t relate to it. Like someone said above, it appears to be a post-modern, porn-influenced trigger of some latent White Anglo genetic expression.

    2. women fantasize about being raped. sometimes they fantasize that there is a bunch of rapists so we call it grape.

  17. Dude, you hit it right on the head. The more a woman wants to blur the lines on consent vs rape, the more clearly you have to spell out where the new lines are drawn.
    I actually had this situation with my ex-wife’s best friend. Wanted me to hold her down, tie her up, choke her, and actually slap her..hard. You may feel like a dick for ruining the moment, but its better than trying to explain to John Law that, “oh no, she WANTED me to smack her in the mouth.” …its a tough sell, I assure you.
    …besides, if she’s the slut she’s fronting as, she’ll be right back up to speed as soon as the rules are set.

  18. I have stopped when a woman said no on more than one occasion even during the act of sex. They would all say the same shit, “why did you stop?” “Just take it!” “I want to be forced and controlled!” and I would say no means no to me. I am 6’4 and black and most of the women I sleep with are white, I cannot take that chance, so for me sometimes life is just going to be a few missed opportunities but not prison. Women need to say what they mean and mean what they say when it comes to sex. On a related note Texas Law states a woman cannot withdraw consent after sex has began, good law.

    1. If you’re a 6’4″ black man screwing white women in Texas, you are a sexual Evel Knievel, and worthy of a tip of the hat.

      1. I am currently in Miami but when I was in law school the supreme court ruled on marital rape, and the supreme court of Texas ruled on consent laws and homosexual acts. Needless to say the socratic method was really entertaining for awhile there. I do most of my fucking in Atlanta and I would love to brag about my game but it is pretty weak , the girls in Atlanta just give it up. Before you go to Eastern Europe I suggest you hit Atlanta, Birmingham, Austin, and Tallahassee all are full of college girls giving it away. You just have to be over 5’6 ,hit the gym religiously, have a place to fuck them nearby, and do not get too wasted. Only hit college bars and you will not spend much money, and you do not even need drugs(but they do not hurt). In Atlanta the late night dub step parties are a free for all just do not be fat, the girls are on molly before you get there so you do not even have to buy drinks. Dub step chicks are a little younger though, but the age of consent in Atlanta is 16 so just make sure she has a driver’s licence before you hit it!

        1. Sounds like Iowa City, no bullshit. I can see where people would think “University of Iowa? No fucking way.” but that college doesn’t get top party school honors for no reason. There’s not a lot of reason to go there, except if you’re in the mood for loose, snotty girls from the suburbs of Chicago, but if you happened to be passing through it’s worth a night or two. On game days, or just days that end in Y, if you aren’t getting laid, you’re not venturing out of the house. My first year there, they were still letting 18 and 19 year olds into the bars. Ho-lee-fuck.

        2. There is nothing like young , hot, tight teenage barely legal Vagina and ass. It literally all I think about when I work out, work on my career, and keep current on trends and music. If I cure cancer it is only because I want to use the profits to fuck these bad young bitches.

        3. “You just have to be over 5’6”
          That’s a low threshold. Mine is 5’11 shortest.
          “hit the gym religiously,”
          Guy below 5’11 who hit the gym regularly look bloated and rotund. They just can’t pull off bulking up at those low heights. I have a 5’8″ guy friend who did this and he looks short, portly and fat, despite being all muscle.
          For guys below 5’11 the “toned” look is more pleasing. A natural tone will actually make you appear taller than if you bulked up like the Michelin Man.
          And try Pilates to elongate the spaces between your vertabrae. It will make you “taller”.

        4. How ‘hood of you. You must be short claiming to be tall then. And forget posting your pic now. I don’t do low class.
          At some point you’re going to have to learn to put down the ganja.

        5. I hate to burst your bubble but short guys, old guys and even some short old guys get laid too. Your definition of bloated and rotund is hilarious too.

    2. Its gonna happen if you keep fucking them white Texas bitches. I’m also a 6’4″ Black man, but I only fuck Black women and occassionlly Latino. Keep your dick out them white women bruh

        1. I would post pictures of myself here but I have to operate in polite society and do not wish to lose all that I have accomplished by posting a photo on a notorious site. However for what it is worth I am a late thirties six four light skinned African American male with a professional degree, licensed to work in law currently completing another terminal degree to further my career. If you like white chocolate , that is me. I have spent almost a decade to get this far , college aged me would have definitely posted with Facebook , but adult me knows better. Can we still be friends ?

        2. I like all flavors of chocolate, from smooth, creamy milk chocolate to bittersweet raw dark cacao.
          I don’t expect you to post a full frontal but maybe you can do a profile in a dark light so that no one who knows you would recognize? Or a forward looking pic with your eyes, nose or lips barred out?
          Pix are a must! I won’t say “Pix or GTFO!” but I will say “Pix please!”

        3. Huh, yeah I am. A woman who loves brown skin from light to dark and all shades in between. That means from the Mediterrenean on South and Eastward….. BRING IT!!!!
          From Balkans to Bollywood. Turkey to Turkmenistan. Cyprus to Singapore. Milan to Mozambique. I love me some tall, dark and handsome!!!

      1. I cannot stop fucking white women they are so submissive compared to black chicks and they think an eight inch dick is huge. Plus white chicks with no children over 23 is common, black chicks may have one or two baby daddy’s at that point. I just love fucking them cause they are so freaky and they don’t have high HIV rates like black chicks, so first night condom free anal is in play. Also despite my education and proper English to white women I am a bad boy , black chicks think they can play me because I am not a tattoo covered thug who sells crack. Also white chicks don’t have weaves so you can pull their hair and fuck them aggressively, and fuck them in the shower. The only downside is white women are entitled and a little crazy , so there is a trade off…..

        1. It’s quite unlikely for men to get AIDS from infected women. Go to for the numbers.

    3. “On a related note Texas Law states a woman cannot withdraw consent after sex has began, good law.”
      Well if its painful and tearing her up inside. Some women have a short vaginal track and a full entry with a long penis can be horrific. Bit by bit, inch by inch, over time.

    4. On a related note Texas Law states a woman cannot withdraw consent after sex has began, good law.

      Cue leftist outrage in three, two…

  19. I once had a girl inform me she felt raped because she didn’t want to have sex but felt the guy wouldn’t like her if she didn’t. Besides him being unhappy with not getting laid she felt I zero physical coercion yet she thought she was raped. These girls say no maybe meaning yes and then the next day they feel they really meant no and it’s time to get some attention maybe file a police report. Personally I use common sense. Even if she says yes and loved it with out comon sense you could find yourself accused of rape.

  20. I work in public schools, and this is more or less word for word what middle school boys think. I’m trying to approach this site with an open mind, but when I read this, I can’t help but think that it sounds exactly like a 12 year old I just had to give detention.

    1. What is immature about what he wrote? He described a personal experience and given the recent success of that 50 shades book, it doesn’t seem to far off.

    2. So you gave a 12 year old detention for talking about the time his girlfriend said “no” and he stopped pounding away because he was concerned about the possible legal ramifications of not doing so?

        1. kids shouldn’t be talking about sex in school, I don’t think this is on the level of suspending someone because they said their teacher was cute.

  21. This landed right after the short hair article got the fems’ jimmies rustled. You hit them with both barrels. Well done gentlemen.

  22. Women are some pitifully confused creatures. Men knew this for centuries, that’s why we dominated them for so long. We know live in a world overran by faggots, feminists and trannies, AKA, the LGBT community

  23. feminists in europe love to rant about rape, unless it involves muslims and other immigrants. in that sense, feminism would betray even women for the sake of maintaining the pc status quo.

    1. Good point. I think a mistake that’s easy to make is to draw a correlation between their stated intentions and their real intentions. “Women’s rights”? It doesn’t explain the observed data.
      My hypothesis is that they simply have a low beta tolerance. This is why they don’t hate on muslims, and occasionally even become muslim converts, (out of the 4 girls I know who converted to Islam, 3 of them were proper noun feminists) because muslim men don’t take shit from their wives as much.

  24. If there was ever a ROK article that deserved to go viral on jizzabel and twatter, this is it. Sadly, it probably won’t

  25. If you read the book “In the Garden of Desire” you will learn that many women have fantasies where they are sexually overpowered by men. This ranges from being passionately dominated to out right rape. 50 Shades of Gray anyone?

        1. Read Anglo history. The Brits invented BDSM as well as false diagnosis of hysteria so they could make money off of couples who were brainwashed by the religious cult in vogue that masturbation and anything but laying back and thinking of England in missionary position was “sinful in the eyes of God”.
          They created a whole medical field around manually stimulating (and later stimulation through dildoes) these women in a “doctors office” FOR A FEE!!!!
          Complete whack jobs. Now you try and tell me that has no connection to the sheer numbers of White Anglos involved in porn, BDSM and all their other perversities and I’ve got a role as a movie extra in Mumbai to sell you!

        2. “Read Anglo history…… ”
          So, that is a list all other cultures and your dispositive evidence?

        3. List other cultures? OK.
          I mean there’s thousands of cultures on our planet, how many do you want me to list and ….. why?
          A few men here have made the claim that the white western women they’ve slept with love to be choked, abused and BDSM’d in bed. Its not surprising considering that BDSM was invented by white Anglos, the Victorian Brits to be precise. The likelihood of the white western women they slept with having some Anglo ancestry is high.

  26. This is one of the most silly, misinformed articles. This article literally hurts women and makes you sound like an ignorant misogynists. To portray this isolated incident as an epidemic is appalling.

    1. Half the girls I banged in college admitted to rape fantasies to one degree or another.

    2. WHaT?! Did it hurt your feel-feels? You pore dear! Bend over and let me give you a hug.

        1. Subject is not a laughable matter but some comments certainly are. Glad you can recognize the humor. It’s rare nowadays.

  27. It’s crazy how many girls have a rape fantasy. It might even be the most common fantasy that they have. It’s astonishing how many times I’ll be banging a chick and she’ll suddenly blurt out, “Choke me a little….” LOL what? okay bitch….

    1. It is by no means universal. In fact I’m hearing about it for the first time only here. Never fantasized about rape a day in my life and neither has any other non-Anglo descended woman I know. And yes we women reveal our sex fantasies to each other many times. Womens conversations about men and sex are often raunchier and more detailed than mens’ talks about women.
      I’m telling you its white, particularly white Anglo-American porn thing to fantasize that.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a white thing either. I’m white and have never fantasized about that, and neither have any of my white friends. My husband has been with hispanic and black girls that were into being degraded during sex. However, I was with a guy who was into the whole bdsm thing and wanted to be my slave, and when we’d go to clubs there were guys of all colors wanting to be subs (and doms). So, if we’re going on anecdotal evidence I’d say it goes across the board as far as who’s into it.

        1. Sure. But white Americans people from Anglo descent are predominating in the BDSM scene. It goes far back into Anglo history and I say its genetic.
          Of course NAAAALT – Not All Anglo Americans Are Like That.

        2. Well, in porn whites are dominating ALL the scenes. It’d be interesting to see what the real numbers are in practice between couples.

        3. “Well, in porn whites are dominating ALL the scenes.”
          Hello! Like I said. A penchant for sexual deviancy is in the blood amongst those people. Exceptions are there, of course. It doesn’t bode well for their global reputation, that is for sure.

        4. Hi Kittydew. I read your comment, “You’re saying that a relationship only takes one person to make it work?
          I have yet to meet a struggling couple where they weren’t BOTH
          contributing to their relationship struggle.”
          Yes, that’s a common new age theory. I agree with it to an extent. What it means is that when you work on yourself and become the best version of you that you can be, well you start to contribute that best to your relationship. The other partner notices, becomes intrigued and responds accordingly. People are often more inspired by actions than words. Your best can inspire him to be his best. Then at some point BOTH of you will making it work.
          Get it?

        5. Well, that’s how it should be. Be your best self and he’ll be his/her best self in return. It’s how I’ve stayed in a very happy, loving relationship with my man for 7 years.
          But, if you read the article, it’s about a woman that instead of talking about what’s wrong, ignores that her man is in pain, and basically blames the entire relationship problem on him. She basically just called his bluff about leaving, and he proved it was just a bluff. That’s not healthy problem solving skills.
          I don’t know what happened after that, but I’d like to think and hope after they made up they both talked about it and worked on their communication skills with each other.

        6. Yes, but is it because white is the “default setting” in characters/movies/porn, or because dark people just aren’t into that stuff?
          Being into non-whites with porn is considered in and of itself a fetish. So representing minorities in a fetish that only applies to a small amount of the population would be incredibly rare.

        7. White people invented that disgusting industry and they predominate in its perpetuation. In general they just don’t have the sexual ethics that non-white people do. I hate to sound like a racist but I call it as a I see it.
          Again, maybe not all white people but definitely Anglos (like another commenter said too) and those influenced by them.
          Research the history of BDSM.

        8. “But, if you read the article, it’s about a woman that instead of talking
          about what’s wrong, ignores that her man is in pain, and basically
          blames the entire relationship problem on him.”
          That wasn’t what I read from it. Her approach was an enlightened one. She gave him his space to process his midlife crisis (privileged first world problem). He eventually processed it and came back around.
          Here’s more about conscious relating.

        9. You never heard of menga and anime porn? You don’t know how widespread the down low thing is? Yet you want to blame it all on white anglos. Humans are perverse regardless of race, ethnicity and social status.

    2. From white chicks I get the ” fuck me like you hate me” or the ” call me bitch and pull my hair” or my favorite ” fuck me hard , choke me and be rough with me” I love that shit. Sometimes if I get really into it I tell them call me a nigger( no a on the end) and I smack them around a bit , and hit it missionary while I pull their hair and thrust hard and deep so I touch cervix with every stroke. Strangely I have never had a girl ask me to call her a cunt, never not once.

      1. Yes I’ve heard some young white American women are totally screwed in the head sexually. My theory is it genetic. Even a cursory reading of Anglo history prove my theory right.

      2. lol I’m never getting married to one of these whores. Probably I’m just never getting married. White women are fucking disgusting

        1. Lol fuck that I’m going to Asia, maybe I’ll try Eastern Europe first though. But in general us white men have nothing to choose from thats decent

        2. By “disgusting” they weren’t referring to looks but behavior. Although here in the States its rare to see a white man or woman who rates more than a 5 in looks. Still, a 5 with good behavior can be “cute” at times.

        3. We built modern civilization, I think thats enough. now go back to enjoying your internet and other modern conveniences that we built.

        4. “We built modern civilization”
          Glad to see someone taking some responsibility for this fucked up situation.
          Go on with your porn, your BDSM, your perversities, etc.
          You can keep it!!!

      3. A black man said,
        “From white chicks I get the ” fuck me like you hate me” or the ” call me
        bitch and pull my hair” or my favorite ” fuck me hard , choke me and be
        rough with me” I love that shit.”
        Next time ask if she has Anglo ancestry.

    3. That’s not exactly a rape fantasy. That’s rough play, and many women like rough sex/borderline BDSM

  28. Rape training men… How ridiculous. Women are not responsible for how you treat other women, YOU are. They’re not putting other women in danger, they’re being stupid and it stops at them. Just because one woman decided her “no” really meant yes, doesn’t mean she speaks for all women. Furthermore, just because you’re “confused” by what she’s saying doesn’t absolve you of any responsibility.
    This is very easy. If a woman says no, stop. The end. This isn’t rocket science.
    A good rule of thumb, if you’re “confused” by what she means, take it as a no until you get a yes. If she’s into that sort of thing, it needs to be talked about before you start having sex, not during. If she’s saying no during sex, you need to stop and talk about what she means so that there’s no confusion.

    1. “If she’s saying no during sex, you need to stop and talk about what she means so that there’s no confusion.”
      Well, that’s what he did. One good side effect of the White Anglo American penchant for perversity and BDSM is that hyper-consentuality will go mainstream, grey areas will phase out and there will be a lot less confusion and anxiety over who wants what, when and where.
      If White Anglo Americans cannot be cultured or have the perversity bred out of them, at least they can learn to negotiate safe boundaries.

      1. Yes, and it’s good he did. That should be the default reaction. But to say that a small minority of women are putting the rest in danger is absurd. How a man acts after being with them is 100% on him and 0% on her.
        I agree, and to add to that there needs to a cultural shift in general where it’s ok to talk about what you want before you go into bed, instead of making it a point of embarrassment. No one likes being surprised in the middle of sex, men or women included.

        1. “there needs to a cultural shift in general where it’s ok to talk about
          what you want before you go into bed, instead of making it a point of
          embarrassment. No one likes being surprised in the middle of sex, men or
          women included.”
          Totally agree. But I thought most Americans are open to talking about sex, their preferences, what turns them on, etc. Why would that not be “ok” as you say?
          American men certainly like to present themselves world wide as “good in bed”. You mean to tell me that I probably have a more open, expressive and satisfying sex life with my non-American man?
          Who knew?!

        2. You would be surprised at how many men awkwardly wing it the first few times with a new girl. The problem is that with casual sex, the two don’t know each other well enough to be comfortable enough to talk about what they want in bed. Some are shy or embarrassed because we still have a culture of shame around sex over here.

        3. A culture of shame around sex? How can that be when consentual sex between legal adults is the norm and no shame is associated with it. I mean where I’m from couples checking into hotels have to show evidence of marriage. But in your country more than half of all couples live together before marriage.
          Its hard to believe, kittydew.

        4. If that’s the bar we’re setting yes we are more progressive than a lot of countries.
          However, there is still shaming for having sex before marriage, but it’s a social thing. You won’t lose a job over it, and it may not affect anything on paper, but there’s a social stigma around it still.
          The majority of America is Christian and Christian values say no sex before marriage. So girls that do have sex, or even casual sex are seen as sluts or whores. It has only recently lightened up slightly with newer generations. Even among younger generations it’s frowned upon if you’re having too much sex. How the media portrays America’s ideals about sex and how we actually act about it are two very different things.
          There’s a teacher in Idaho that is under suspension for saying “vagina” during sex ed. There’s adults that can’t talk about sex in general without getting red faced or awkward. The most we are allowed to teach about sex in schools is an abstinence only approach, that sex is “bad” and it will give you STDs. None of that does anything to teach kids about how to use birth control and what constitutes as consent. It’s just “Sadly, sex exists. Don’t do it”.

        5. “However, there is still shaming for having sex before marriage, but it’s a social thing. You won’t lose a job over it, and it may not affect anything on paper, but there’s a social stigma around it still. ”
          – Myself, my older sister and younger brother have all been having regular sex with our signficant others before marriage since the age of 20ish and we’ve never been socially shamed for it by any family member, friend or anyone.
          “The majority of America is Christian”
          Not true.

          “Christian values say no sex before marriage.”
          – Actually the Bible itself doesn’t say that.
          “There’s a teacher in Idaho that is under suspension for saying “vagina” during sex ed. There’s adults that can’t talk about sex in general without getting red faced or awkward. The most we are allowed to teach about sex in schools is an abstinence only approach, that sex is “bad” and it will give you STDs. None of that does anything to teach
          kids about how to use birth control and what constitutes as consent. It’s just “Sadly, sex exists. Don’t do it”.
          – My school didn’t teach “sex is bad don’t do it”. We were neutrally taught about consent and safe sex. But I agree that’s not enough.

        6. Do you wear magical underpants and live in Utah?
          I’d say how the media portrays sex in America, and how we actually act, are pretty aligned with one another. I don’t know where you live, but I certainly never want to go there.

        7. Are you trying to tell me that when you went to school that there weren’t girls labeled as sluts there?
          Or better yet, are you trying to say schools are allowed to teach about birth control?
          Actually, let’s skip to college, how many guys there actually know what they’re doing and don’t just try to default to ridiculous porn tropes in bed because they don’t talk to their partners?
          What magical land do YOU live in?

    2. “Women are not responsible for how you treat other women, YOU are.”
      Typical feminist argument that women aren’t responsible for their actions. Yet men are? Equality my ass.
      “Just because you’re “confused” by what she’s saying doesn’t absolve you of any responsibility.”
      This is exactly NOT what he is saying. That’s why he kept stopping. Did you even read the article?

      1. No, women are every bit as responsible for their own actions, what she did was reckless and irresponsible. How you act with a separate woman is on you and no one else. Woman A is not responsible for how you treat Woman B, C, or D.
        I’m commenting on the section of the article that says that women are putting future women in danger, which is simply not the case. Unless they are becoming lesbians and raping other women themselves, they are not contributing to the rape of other women.

        1. Either:
          1. Men are intelligent and capable of self control and NOT toys for women to play with and manipulate.
          2. Men are idiots who can be trained and manipulated by women, and therefore women don’t owe them any respect and should be allowed to walk all over them, since they clearly need to be dominated and trained properly.
          You’re either toys that can be molded by women for our convenient pleasure, or you’re not. You don’t get to say you have the power to fight back against women manipulating you into stealing your paychecks/assets, while saying your powerless to women manipulating you into raping because it’s convenient. So which is it?

        2. The female trolls are really destroying RoK. Little by little.
          I can see it. Pretty soon they will be banning men and only females will be posting their bloviated drivel here. They will make RoK “family-friendly”
          Please tell me again.
          Why are married cunts, feminists, dads with kids and faggot / transexuals reading and commenting here again?
          This site used to rock, not its just starting to suck

        3. So someone either is or isn’t absolutely manipulated. Beyond the fact that its an absurd argument its also a manipulative one as you are clearly trying to direct men to identify with option 1. Feminism incidentally is all about no. 2.

        4. In either hypothetical case, the woman is a manipulative c*** trying to shift the responsibility onto others.
          LOL gimme a break. Your argument, in an attempt to paint men beneath women, just made manipulative, deceitful, petulant behavior seem inherent in all women.
          Most women are c***ts or not, which is it? Strong logics.

      2. Women are independently responsible for women. Not for all women. That’s like saying because one guy has your shitty opinion, all men are misogynistic ass holes. Its becoming more and more obvious that this site is geared towards low brow, knuckle dragging morons.

        1. Oh it captan’ White Knight! Did you ride on the grand dildo here or did you crawl on you belly like timid servant?

        2. Good. gtfo. Your pussy-ass rants are weaker than a feminist short-hair fart.

    3. Thank you for rewriting what the article stated.
      What’s next, going to sit down and re-invent the wheel ?

    4. you are an idiot. these kind of women make men to believe when women say no it means keep going it’s like the wolf and the wood cutter’s story. once upon a time there was a mischief wood cutter and in one day he thought to deceive people and have a fun out of it. so he went to the forest and screamed there is a wolf, there is a wolf so villagers came to save him but saw there is no wolf so they left him and it happened a couple of times finally when the wolf came real nobody came to save him because they thought he is lying since he lied a couple of times and it fed the villagers up they didn’t come to save. so this is something like that. if every woman start doing this men will start believing no means yes then i will become a common thing men can’t be solely blamed for that women have a responsibility too they can’t throw their responsibility out put the all wrong on men and simply leave.
      women are no babies they are adult grown people.

    5. But isn’t that exactly what the article said? He just went a little bit further and said that widespread behavior like that would end up damaging the whole ‘no-means-no’ idea and murky the waters in this issue even more.
      I have no idea where you got the rest of that rant from.

  29. I see at some point in the past 5 hours, some feminazis have decided to troll the comments with lots of “I heart black cock” posts because they think of this as a white male site. Its not edgy, and it betrays who the silly trollcunts are. Just thought I’d point it out….you silly bitches.

    1. Worth noting that absolutely no one has bitten, even with an army of Futrelles race trolling.

  30. The title of this article should be “How A Few Crazy Girls With Issues Confuse Men Who Fuck Them”.

      1. And he has no right to tell women how they all are asking for it based on what a few of them said.

    1. Title oppression! Patriarchy! You just can’t respect strong, independent titles! Titleist!

  31. Men should audio-record their sex and start documenting this shit online, particularly when the woman is a feminist.

    1. I have audio recorded a few encounters…. esp when dealing with a girl that I suspect is not playing with a full deck.
      Simple anti-false-rape-accusation countermeasures.

    1. The majority of the times I have been in bed with a girl for the first time. She has put up some kind of resistance. This can be anything from crossing her arms to stop you taking off her shirt, to saying “do you think this is happening too quick”, to just saying “no”.
    I always do what is advised in this article. I stop, and clarify their intentions. And 99% of the time, the resistance is not to you. Its resistance to themselves.
    On clarification, 99% didn’t want me to stop. They just wanted to convince themselves they don’t want it as much as they really do. If they were as honest as us, they would just throw their legs apart, and buy the condoms themselves.
    As we all know. A woman’s mind is 50 shades of grey, and expecting us to know which shade is running today’s encounter, is neigh on impossible. Especially when what she is saying is opposite to what she is doing, which is at odds to what she has done in the past.
    2. Anyone who has ever had a tickle fight with their sister, cousins..etc… when they were young, knows that once a woman starts kicking and scratching eyes. You have zero chance of getting between her legs. Let alone achieving any kind of penetration. Any girl who says she has been raped, without a weapon, without a bruise, or without being knocked unconscious… is lying, and is simply attempting self-justification.
    I disagree with the title of this article. Perhaps it should read “How women train men to look past their hesitant I’m-a-good-girl bullshit and give them what they really want”.
    Rape is rape. And we should not allow ourselves to get suckered into the feminists definition of rape as being whatever the woman feels it to be the next day.
    Rape is pure non-consentual sex. And when we push through the woman’s reluctance to not see herself as a slut, and engage in the sex that she subsequently says she wants…. we should not be defining this as “training to rape”.

  33. Yea this is pretty common stuff with women. Always found it a bit strange myself, but who am I to question what gets a woman off.

  34. nah its feminist bullshit that “no means no” when they darn well know that no can mean, yes, maybe, no, not yet, do my shoes go with my dress?, Im sorry I wasnt paying attencion..etc It comes down to your ability to judge the situation. I think you judged badly. Maybe you should ask girls if you can kiss them too just to prevent the all too common mouth rape. There will probably be a law about it soon.

  35. I agreed whole-heartedly with these points: No one should say “no” in a sexual context when they don’t mean it. No one should jump into BDSM play without first making clear boundaries. And no one should feel ashamed of their libido and desires. I almost really like this article, though there are two bits I disliked. I disliked his displacement of the phenomenons of sex shame and slut-shaming onto women (when in fact if stems from many sectors of society). I also disliked the following assertion: “Saying “no” when she means yes absolves the woman of responsibility for her actions. She can decide later whether or not she meant her no, and have the man arrested for rape if he won’t have sex with her again, if her friends and family judge her, or if her boyfriend discovers she was cheating on him. She doesn’t feel like a slut, because isn’t consciously choosing sex. “It just happened.”” Usually a person says “no” to sex because that kind of resistance is what’s been presented to them as sexy in media, or because their upbringing led them to believe that sex is “naughty”, an ethos they’ve had to integrate into their sexual desires, not as a premeditated method of manipulation. Anything espionage-like is quite difficult to maneuver when horny. Anyway, in the end this article was pro-sexual-liberation, it was BDSM friendly, and stated that in cases where a safe word has not been established, a person should stop if their partner says “no.” These are valid points, and ones that I’d be happy for any man, woman, or otherwise to hear.

  36. “There’s a word for this. Rape training.”
    What is more important?
    Getting to fuck that pussy by ignoring the no,
    Or not spending your life in jail in worst case, or having your life ruined in the best case, because she actually meant no, or, the bitch meant yes then, but now decided the no is a no?
    Imagine the frustration of a young man who respects women’s “no” (and more importantly respects his own freedom), watch man after man ignore the no’s and slay pussy after pussy…
    Now imagine a man who says fuck that, and ignores all and every no’s he encounters, because he thinks she means yeah yeah yeah. Now, he is a rapist. True. But the women who fucked only the men who ignored the no’s have no hand in this? Fuck no.
    And then there is the five second rape.
    There are two things that fascinate me.
    One is that men are still having sex with women in this five second rape accusation culture;
    Two is that men are still asking for consent in this yes no no yes, no no, yes yes, maybe no , five seconds in, one second in, a yes was a no but now is a yes, a no is a no but you took me so it is a yes; …; culture.

  37. Wow..just this satire ? You all have small dicks and cant handle real strong independent women.

    1. If a woman is ‘independent’ and ‘strong’ then what can I possibly bring to her life that is beneficial or helpful to her ?
      For myself, as an independent and strong man, the idea of dating what you call a ‘strong’ ‘independent’ woman is as pointless, and ridiculous, for me as it is for her.
      Do you consider yourself a ‘strong’ ‘independent’ woman, by chance ?

      1. My response was a joke..a parody on the typical feminist answer to these kind of posts.

  38. This is the best article I have ever read on return of kings, and aside from making statements about what “all women” do, this is exactly the sort of masculinist writing I wish there was more of. Yes I am a feminist, but I also consider myself a masculinist and actually think that masculinism is a more important belief of mine and more needs to be done and said about it. Not the usual “all women are worthless mindless sluts” which I usually find on this site, but actually well discussed articles about the mixed messages men get in the modern world etc.
    Thank you, this article was a complete shock!

    1. “This lousy article on this piece of shit site is less objectionable than I anticipated. THANK YOU, DIPSHIT AUTHOR!”
      Is there a term for this type of trolling yet?
      I propose “cuntcern troll.”

  39. Great article. Generalizing boldly I’d say all women with a healthy sex drive want passionate, rough sex. They want to feel desired and dominated by a lover who’s totally into them. That’s natural. However, this saying “no” when they mean “yes” is fucking weird and personally I’ve never encountered it.
    Normal ones (‘normal’ is relative when it comes to chicks, I know) will encourage your efforts with cries of pleasure and a resounding “YES” when you do something they like. Those who go for the whole fantasy of having their ‘no’ ignored, and expect their lover to be a mind reader too, must have some serious hangups and want to absolve themselves from the responsibility of agreeing to have sex. Or something .. in any case they must have more issues than I am willing to deal with. Fucking nutcases .. lolz.

  40. There are valiiant points to this article, non of which include “Rape training.” There is a difference between kinky sex and RAPE. That being said, what the FUCK is wrong with this site?! You people are DISGUSTING! Holy shit! If I had the chance I would spit in every single one of your pathetic, mother issue little dick complex victim faces!

        1. Yep, gonna get laid by denouncing an article that says that sex should never happen without enthusiastic consent.
          Feminist white knights are the real rapists.

      1. I have no problem with admitting I’d like to see these guys say shit like this in life to give me the satisfaction of hocking some mucus.

        1. I too think there are a lot of people that talk shit online that can not back it up. I on the other hand am 6’5″ 245lbs and more than capable of handling myself. And yea not being a dick to women does have its advantages, one of which is a fiancee that is incredibly enthusiastic about our consensual sex.

        2. I will talk shit to your face in a heartbeat.
          If you attempt to strike me, I will pull my CCW licensed pistol, and empty it into you.
          Fuck off, Mr 6’5″ white knight.

        3. Blah blah, all you are doing is making yourself out to be even more of a idiot. I’m glad you find my spit life threatening.

        4. I would fuck you up if you tried me, and fuck your fiancee. But you are such a bitch she is probably ugly and the man in relationship. See how dumb I come off? That is how you look right now. This is not how men talk I think you may be XX, do not betray other men with you feminism blather , because one day you may be accused and the women you defend will turn on you.

        5. I was not serious dipshit, Did you read the fucking comment ?You sound idiotic, would you really welcome a stranger from some site with an anonymous name to find you and try assault you and have sex with the with the woman you intend to marry? Do you think from reading the comment that perhaps I was trying to make a point that you should be careful about aligning yourself with people who do not have your best interests at heart perhaps? You can read right, or is it context you find challenging? read it again and see what you take from it.

        6. Now who’s the one having trouble with “context”? I was laughing you off, but yea go ahead and get all “butt hurt” about it…

        7. I was merely laughing you off, so who has an issue with “subtext” (which is the term I believe your tiny brain was trying to eek out between bouts of wacking it to rape porn) BTW that’s how little insecure boys talk, not men. Dick.

        8. Mike here is some solid advice, look out for yourself and not view points that do not have your best interest at heart. All it takes is one crazy girl to decide that you owe her something ,she wants attention, or next day or post marriage regret and your whole world is upside down and you won’t even know why. Trust me , it will make you question everything about yourself and what you have been told. Nothing will be the same again. Don’t think you fiancé won’t turn on your ass and have you in a bind financially and happily put your ass in jail for the upper hand in court and custody of you kids. Don’t think that a marital rape charge is impossible. If any of that happens , you will still have my sympathy . I understand that you cannot fathom that happening, trust me it does.

        9. Fucking buzzfeed. Look mike let me explain how their statistical methodology is flawed. They are using the amount of prosected false rape charges that resulted in conviction for their statistical analysis. That does not include cases that were not prosecuted, prosecuted cases that did not result In a conviction , or cases that the prosecutor refused ( most cases even with clear evidence, so as not to deter future accusers ). So Mike , you still get accused, still get your reputation trashed and still get the side eye from society. When you did not understand my use of context previously I tried to be understanding but let me lay it out for you since you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, do not quote buzzfeed to win an argument it makes you look stupid. Check the statistical methodology before you cite fucking buzzfeed as a source. Get on the right side, the side of men.

        10. I am on the right side. The side of coherent thought. I have never known any man, young, old or in between, to be wrongly accused of rape. Its either you rape someone or you don’t. Are there instances where women are bitches and accuse men of rape? Yes. Are ther women out there that like it rough? Hell yes. Does that mean they are “rape training” men? No. No a million times over. I’m challenging that premise. Also, the garbage that sone of the “men” are posting in response. Women don’t “rape train” men with fantasies like this. Any man that will engage in consensual sex with a random woman and hears no, should stop, address the issue, and once her sexual preferences are established, go to town. I for one would never assume she liked it rough. And I appreciate the concern, but my fiancee wouldn’t do something like that. That’s what happens when your with another person and they aren’t a psycho.

        11. ” but my fiancé wouldn’t do something like that” .Go to family court and ask the man being getting divorced if , prior to marrying , he thought his wife was like that. I can tell by your statements you are likely in your 20’s and have a lot to learn. Here is some advice your fiancé is not special, you are not special, your love is not special. Get a prenup prior to your wedding, put nothing past your fiancé and please look out for your own self interest .

  41. Of all the articles that deserve to go viral this one should be on top of the list. I’d say about 2 out of every 10 women play the ” No. ” when they really mean ” Yes !” game.
    If she says “no” once, you should stop and have a dialogue. If she does it again its time to put your pants back on and GTFO.
    She will learn when you withdraw your attentions.
    The reason most women act so crazy and entitled is because most men will tolerate and even validate that behavior.

  42. Every man knows when a no means yes and a no means no. A no with a moan and feint attempt at resistance means yes. A no with tears, active resistance, scratching and stop stop, help help means no. LOL or she may just be into the rough stuff. But seriously…the last one would be considered rape in any court of law.
    If you are banging her and she moans no, keep going. its not rape. If you are banging her and she looks you in the eye and screams stop….stop.
    If you are banging her and you are at the point of orgasm and she says stop….its too late. LOL

  43. I came to this site after seeing a lot of buzz on Twitter, and frankly I expected to be disgusted. But so far I’ve seen some very well-reasoned (if controversial) articles about things that no one else is talking about. This one in particular is a conversation our society should be having.

    1. Isn’t it a shock? A website that actually talks about how women shouldn’t say “no” to mean “yes”, and how important consent and safety is.

  44. Insist on a safe word if a woman keeps saying “no” in the middle of sex.
    And surreptitiously video this agreement, and the sex act.
    Do not allow yourself to be set up for a rape charge. In fact, you should video all of your sex, secretly if state law allows it. Delete the video once the local statute of limitations on rape has passed.

        1. … until you try to use it to clear yourself of charges, and run afoul of some legal technicality.

  45. I nip this in the bud early by establishing a safe word immediately. Of course, some girls shit test you by using the safe word excessively.
    The best cure for this to establish that the safe word ends all festivities until both partners wake up the next morning. My normal modus operandi is that safe words ends anything sexual (although I will cuddle/hold for a bit), and then we go do something else. If I get bored, I might leave and go home.
    This has an added benefit of filtering out the crazies.

    1. If she is F-ed up, she’ll just say there was no safe word. Period. I’ve read stories about male ‘doms’ ending up on the bad side of the law, because some borderline bitch decided to nail him. There is no safe way to deal with women like that.
      And lettuce be real here, if a woman wants to call you Daddy and be slapped around sexually, she has problems, likely daddy issues, and is F-ed up emotionally from some kinda early molestation experience.
      Sure, most women want to me dominated in some way. But the BDSM thing draws in more freaks and waifs than anything else. Lie to yourself all you want, but anyone who is level-headed enough and who’s been around that stuff long enough knows what I’m talking about. The women heavily into that bondage **** are broken.

  46. Thanks for the great article, as someone who is a lifestyle submissive – having women do this to unsuspecting men who have NO CLUE that they want to start a scene gives ME and others like me a terrible name! Keep up the good work and keep calling out these bitches!!

  47. NO means no you fucking idiots, god dammit you guys are so fucking stupid, NO BODY ASKs FOR RAPE END OF STORY

    1. Isn’t that what the article said?

      When a woman says no, you should always stop even if you think she doesn’t mean it.

      That sounds like a “no means no” interpretation to me.

    2. That’s the point of the article. Have you read it?
      The article says that “no” means “no”, but some women create situations when they say “no” and expect it to be taken as “yes”, and then the author discusses why that is dangerous.

  48. I liked this post and now my facebook feminist internet police friends is fucking me up. It will go viral now. What should i do? I didnt even share it i just liked it.

    1. Just tell them to actually READ the article and fuck off. Bowing to pressure just causes people to lose respect for you.

  49. @Ladies…..your mantra of “no means no” has ruined many a marriage. And we are telling the young men all about it. The vast majority of western wives use sex as weapon and that is a total and utter disgrace. You are to be condemned for doing so.
    In my marriage I was so sick and tired of Jennifer using sex as a weapon that in 2002 I told her I would never ask again. I had heard “no” one time too often and I could not be bothered every asking her again. She laughed at me and said I would be begging inside a week. What a disgraceful attitude to have to your husband.
    Within three months she was like a screaming banshee. She was demanding I pursue her. I told her no. Never again. Not as long as I live. I then went on to do two jobs in Saudi Arabia and Romania so I was not home much. She would complain how much she missed me pursuing her. I told her tough luck. She should never have tried sex as a weapon for so long.
    LOTS of men I talk to who are divorced confess that sex was used as a weapon all through their marriages. And we are telling the lads that women using sex as a weapon is standard and what they should expect, even from their precious “cupcake”.
    You women only have yourselves to blame for the collapse of marriage. You killed it.

    1. Haha, good one. Sadly, a lot of men do not have the willpower to say to the bitch: “fuck you and you mindgames.”

    2. I think its bad if she was just holding out to get something from you, or just because she enjoys watching you suffer or something. But I also believe everyone acts the way they do for a reason, maybe she was unhappy about something else? Men say women just let go and get fat and ugly after marriage so you can’t blame men for cheating. I think it goes both ways too. I am not saying you’re ugly and fat, really I’m not. Its just an example of one thing that could cause a woman to say no.
      oooh or maybe menopause. thats one reason too apparently. Well, all in all I think if a man cheats AND leaves his wife, I’m sure his wife must have done something wrong too to make him want to cheat and leave her. But the same goes for when a woman starts pushing her husband away. I guess the answer would be to find out what the reason is and see if you can understand it. If you can’t then you might as well just find someone who suits you better

      1. “But I also believe everyone acts the way they do for a reason…”
        It’s not about what you believe or most women believe (it’s not even about what I believe), here we go again with the *beliefs* speech.
        The medullar issue these days is that women today are Self-centered and narcissistic.
        Self-centered people (WOMEN) don’t care a bit about their husbands and their needs. The independent variable is NOT the reason or excuse or justification or whatever women give, the independent variable is their pathetic mind; their pathetic indoctrinated mind rules the scenario being then, the independent variable, their selfish *reasons*.
        “I guess the answer would be to find out what the reason is and see if you can understand it.”
        No, you have it all backwards. With most women, men just can’t find a reason and it’s impossible for them to understand modern women, nor they have to. Most women base their *reasons* upon fantasies and delusions.
        It’s so easy to understand what most men here are saying, nothing out of this world but then again women *are* the ones who make it so difficult.

        1. Laura,
          “No, you have it all backwards. With most women, men just can’t find a reason and it’s impossible for them to understand modern women, nor they have to”
          We understand modern women just fine.
          We understand you are liars and hypocrites.
          We understand you are evil.
          We understand you have a pathological hatred of men.
          We understand you just want to use us and abuse us.
          We understand you think we should tolerate your crimes against us.
          We understand you just fine….and we are telling the lads this is what 99.9%+ of you are like…and we are telling them that eastern european women are NOT like this in the 99.9%+ majority….and we tell the lads “make up your own mind what you might do with your life”
          When faced with these facts most young men decide that western women are not suitable for marriage and they are treating as people who are not suitable for marriage.
          And I can assure you. 99.9%+ of western women are not suitable to a man for any sort of long term relationship let alone marriage.
          Western women are not suitable for marriage. Period. They are not suitable as mothers for a mans children. And that is why so man men are doing MGTOW. They realise that western women are no longer suitable to be the mothers of the children they would like to have.
          Certainly my wife was a terrible mother and I was very sad to have inflicted her on my children. But I did not know she was not a suitable mother until after my children were born and it is not like you can send them back from whence they came.
          So we are telling young men to not have children because it is in the childs best interest to not have these monsters of women inflicted on their children. It is very unfair on a child to inflict a western woman on them as their mother.

        2. “We understand modern women just fine”.
          “We understand you are liars and hypocrites.”
          “We understand you are evil.”
          “We understand you have a pathological hatred of men.”
          “We understand you just want to use us and abuse us.”
          “We understand you think we should tolerate your crimes against us.”
          You are totally right.

        3. I was going to right this long diatribe on how you are misguided, then I reread you post without the outrage. You had a bad experience with your wife. She was a genuinely cruel individual who terrorised your life, and probably the lives of your children. I understand where you are coming from. But if you continue down this path motivated by hurt, fear, and anger, your ex-wife is still terrorising you. She crawled inside your head. Find peace. The people you are hurting the most with your love turn to hate, is your children. Even if you don’t do it around them, they will know. Children have much more emotional intelligence than we give them credit for.
          As far as your sweeping generalisation of Western women are concerned, I’ll believe your assertion they both ruin marriages and are bad mums when you provide statistical data supporting your point. Correlation does not mean causation. And anecdotal evidence doesn’t represent the population as a whole. So, if you want teach young men wouldn’t it enhance their knowledge if you had indisputable evidence based on the scientific method. Otherwise, everything you said is merely an opinion.
          By the way, in my family, no one has ever gotten a divorce. The women didn’t ruin the children. If you look for trouble, it will find you.

        4. “You had a bad experience with your wife.”
          Funny how criminal victimisation becomes “bad experience”.
          When a woman is raped do we call that “a bad experience” or do we call that a criminal act and do our best to punish the criminal?
          Oh, that’s right. When a woman is raped we call that a crime and we try and punish the criminal.
          Jennifer is a criminal and I demand that a community supported path to justice is created for me as a prototype for all those other men who have also been criminally victimised.

        5. I wasn’t intending to make light of what you had to go through. She was a sociopath, an emotional terrorist, abusive, I could rattle out a mile long list of abhorrent traits, I am sure. I apologise if my wording caused you to believe I thought your experience was less traumatic and criminal than it truly was. I would be happy to support both men and women who have been victimised. Cruelty is cruelty.
          I still don’t agree with your generalisations of Western women, but it is simply a difference in opinion and that is perfectly acceptable. If either one of us can find statistical data supporting our position, then it will be a different story.

        6. “I wasn’t intending to make light of what you had to go through.”
          No problems….that is what women do a lot of…they take crimes of women and recast them as “bad luck” or “bad experience” so I pull people up on that now.
          “I still don’t agree with your generalisations of Western women, but it is simply a difference in opinion and that is perfectly acceptable. If either one of us can find statistical data supporting our position, then it will be a different story.”
          It is not an opinion. It is a fact. 99.9%+ of western women openly condone and support women committing crimes against men. 99%+ of men too by the way. The proof of this fact was put into my book The Truth Be Told that had 8,000+ downloads while it was free.
          After my YT channel was deleted a lot of the links were broken so I updated the book and released it for the princely sum of CHF10. But no men want to pay CHF10 for a 146 page book that goes through the details of my case as well as goes into the correspondence I have sent to many politicians etc.
          The old copy is still free but there are a lot of broken links in it now. You can get the free ones on this link. Naturally I would like to see thousands of young men buy the book and benefit from it. I am amazed that men criticise me for selling a book. How long have men been writing books and selling them? A fair while, right? And the value of the book is far in excess of the price of a cheap meal which is how the cost was set.
          I put in 4,000 hours unpaid work and USD500,000 of my own money to help other men. Few thank me for that. But lots will criticise me for selling a book. Men are their own worst enemy. Men hate men much more than women hate men. Men will not co-operate or collaborate. I wrote an essay about that a while ago…link below.

        7. I’m still not convinced the number is that high, but since you have stated the bias as equal among both men and women, I will leave it open that your percentages may be true until I encounter sound evidence to support either position. If statistical data states this is correct, I will concede the point.

        8. The fact that there is not one woman of note in the entire western english speaking world who will publicly state that women should be held equal before the law AND is willing to sit on a jury to make it so might be a bit of an indicator that the 99.9% number is low actually.
          Not even Karen Straughn (alias Girl Writes What) will make that statement publicly. How about that?
          I can assure you that I could make the case for 99.99%+ quite easily….and all the evidence is linked in my book.

        9. “Otherwise, everything you said is merely an opinion.”
          Here goes another opinion that will not evolve into a *fact* because I don’t want to.
          All victims, except for one, in many years, have been men. The cruel crimes come from women, name it false rape accusations, false positives for other sex crimes and of course Parental Alienation. All the victims except one, have been men.
          All the scenarios were based on cruelty and lies from women.

        10. “Here goes another opinion that will not evolve into a *fact* because I don’t want to.”
          I suggest you reread my comment without jumping to conclusions, because you cannot be bothered to read something entirely, or comprehend what you read. Here, let me help:
          “As far as your sweeping generalisation of Western women are concerned, I’ll believe your assertion they both ruin marriages and are bad mums when you provide statistical data supporting your point.”
          The entire idea about Western women isn’t remotely based in fact. Even the idea of “evil” has no concrete basis rooted in objectivity. When you have a comment about what I actually said, and not what you think I said because you couldn’t be bother to read my post, I’ll address your concerns.

        11. What is your real name, “Laura”? I mean, your real male name.
          The crimes you listed are not the only cruel crimes in this world. False rape accusations make up to 3% – that BELOW THE NORM for false accusations of any crimes, if you were that ignorant about this. It is a smaller percentage than false accusations of thievery or even murder.
          Most crimes come from men, against other men.

      2. “But I also believe everyone acts the way they do for a reason, maybe she was unhappy about something else? ”
        Jennifer was simply a greedy selfish woman. She was extremely happy in the lifestyle to which she became accustomed. She was quite devastated to lose the lifestyle she has become accustomed to.
        And so what even if she was “unhappy” about something? Being “unhappy” about something is not a justification for committing crimes. Western women today are ALWAYS unhappy about lots of things. They are the most miserable unhappy people on the planet.
        My fav#1 is a really happy woman. One of the things I love to do with her is to take her to dinner. I really do. When she eats a meal she is happy just to have a meal. She smiles and laughs and expresses great joy just to have a meal to eat. Compare that to western women.
        True story.
        In april 2008 my fav#1 were just starting dating. I think we had 2 or 3 meals before this story. I can’t quit remember if this was our 3rd or 4th date since I was suicidal and I don’t have much memory of that time, ok?
        So..When I was suicidal in April 2008 fav#1 invited me to a may day party. I did not want to go but she begged and begged as she does so I relented and I decided to go to this party with her. Just what a suicidal man needs, yeah? A may day party? Talk about bring the tone of a party down….
        Anyway, the meal was a buffet to keep the costs down. It is very common in germany for parties to be catered as buffets. We got out food and made our way back to our table to take our seats to eat.
        As she set her plate on the table her bread roll rolled off her plate on to the table. Happens all the time right? She picks it up and looks at me and says “You know, in the Ukraine, if a bread roll falls to the ground and it is not spoiled and we can still eat it we say a small prayer to God to thank him for the bread roll because in the Ukraine some people do not even have a bread roll to eat.”
        Then she took a big bite out of her bread roll and she had this big smile on her face because she was happy to eat. In that instant I thought to myself “I would really like to have a woman like this in my life”…..
        Now. I need to explain that when a man is suicidal you can not have a “future thought”. Or at least I could not. I was nearly run over a few times walking across roads because I could not think ahead and know I needed to check for traffic. A number of times I found myself in the middle of roads with traffic swerving around me to try and not hit me. That is what it is like, ok?
        So when I caught myself thinking I would like a woman like this in my life I realised that I had come out of my suicidal period and that I had survived…..I took a deep breath and thanked my lucky stars that I had comet through that.
        So this woman, this angel, sent by my creator at the perfect time to help me save my life was happy just to have a good meal to eat. Over the next three years we were dating she never changed……we had this joke “time to feed fav#1″…and she would laugh and jump about and be all happy that she was about to eat a really nice meal…..she has eaten many very plain meals in her life to save money so she could send it home to her mother who takes care of her son. So a good restaurant meal was a BIG DEAL for her. She would certainly not buy one of those for herself to eat alone, right?
        Now compare that to the life my wife lead. I plucked her from poverty, she was a family friend. I put her through college. I got her a job at IBM. She enjoyed world travel…I took her around the world the first time in 99. We had a wonderful house in Australia next to great schools for the kids…also in bushland for the kids.
        When we relocated to Ireland we were rubbish shoulders with the rich and famous. We were friends of the british ambassador and the Australian ambassador. So we were on the A-list for all the right parties. We used to each christmas lunch with the british ambassador and his family. Jennifer was eventually taking 8 overseas holidays a year because it was “social death” to not go SOMEWHERE for your holiday because just being in Dublin is not good enough, right?
        She lived a life that less than 1% of the people in the west get to live let alone anyone else. As she said to me “No one I knew at school has got it better than me”….
        And yet, because of her greed and selfishness her demands were endless…..she would waste money like water…and we all know that to cut up your wifes cards is “domestic violence” even if she is spending money you don’t have.
        This is what western women are like. And any effort by a man to reel in wasteful spending and bad behaviour is “domestic violence”. In short? Western women are a disgrace. They are morally bankrupt. And it is far past time an honest man of honour and integrity like me told you so and used their wife an an example. Feel free to read my books which lays out all the evidence of what Jennifer was up to. And just remember, almost EVERYONE in the west supports an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse over an honest man of honour and integrity that everyone agrees was a model husband and father.
        THAT is what we are telling the young men…in their thousands. What you women do about women like Jennifer is up to you. What you have done so far is SUPPORT AND CONDONE her disgraceful behaviour and her crimes. And we are showing the young men that is what women do so that they understand 99.9%+ of western women support such women.
        By the way? My fav#1 condemns Jennifers actions. Further? I have asked her if she will one day do me the faviour of carrying a message to my former children. She has agreed to do this when the time is right. She was one of three people who stood by me when I was suicidal when I was disowning them…she is the only one of those three who can, with the experience of seeing me at that time, communicate to my former children what it took for me to disown them having loved them so much. That is why she is going to carry that message and no one else.
        Emily. Western women are deeply evil people in the 99.9%+ majority… is far past time for you to change your evil ways. For if you do not? Your great grand daughters will curse your names.

        1. That was beautiful. Kudos on coming back from the brink of wanting to die; I know it’s a tasking cloud that can scupper the strongest of men. I was there for a while. My exes made me feel like dying was better than feeling the pain they had caused. But I snapped the hell out of it, thankfully.
          Most of these psycho western women have emotional and mental disorders. Men are no saints, either. But at least society holds sick men more or less accountable on a basic level.
          HPD, BPD, NPD women are living in a paradise right now. No accountability, (especially if she’s hot), dozens of White Knights, and most importantly, the government on her side. You’re basically ****ed if you marry a woman in feminized nations.
          The funniest thing is that the upper echelons of the West propagate this feminization among the lower quadrants of society only. In the most elitist of circles, you don’t get women getting away with murder and running wild like that; the men have them on a leash. The contrast is something to think about.

        2. Hi PB,
          thank you for your kind words.
          Yes, it is a good story. It is a story of how a woman can be a loving, caring, supportive woman even if she does not know what is going on. She had no idea I was suicidal. She was very shocked when I told her what the truth was 18 months later.
          People call me a “women hater” which is laughable given I have told this story of this woman so many times over. Pretty much ALL my friends know the “famous bread roll story”.
          Yes…you will find that in famlies like the rothchilds, rockefellers et al that there are very few, if any, divorces and you will find that they are very patriarchal families. They do not let their women do what they bribe women to do in general. The contrast is quite deliberate.

        3. Yeah, you are a hurt men. But generalizing all women or men or whatever won’t make it better.
          “Western women are deeply evil people in the 99.9%+ majority”
          First, that 99.9%+ is ridicuous, lol! That is okay, you can say 100% if you want. That won’t mean a thing and that is not true anyways.
          But before I go, lemme tell you many, many men are evil as well. And they are not like the evil Western women denying sex to their husbands… they are torturing, beating, killing, raping women, men and children. Does that mean you are one of them? Nope. But that also does not mean every woman is one of them. Most are not, clearly.

  50. The reason women try to act like they don’t want sex is because they are TAUGHT to believe if they do want it they will be labeled a slut. When a women has sex or puts out too easy they are slut-shammed by members of both sexes so maybe we should put an end to this contradiction. And also, most times rape isn’t about the satisfaction of getting laid. It’s about power.

  51. I occasionally like to be dominated. Yea. It seems kinda weird. But I wouldn’t tell a guy to do any of that sort of thing, unless we were in the sort of relationship that I could trust him. And spell out the crazy things I want. You can’t just drop the bomb on a man, you have to baby step them (unless of course they proved to be more experienced than you) Not all women just assume that men know what they want. And are inconsiderate to men by not explaining what they’re NOs mean.

    1. What makes rape such a horrific crime is complete destruction of trust. Most women like to be dominated. You will be hard-pressed to find one who does not. From a masculine perspective it is relatively complicated to understand the relations between rape, rape fantasies and submission. There are women who’ve been raped and still have rape fantasies. Naturally rape has a huge psychological impact on sexuality and different people cope in different ways… However it seems ignorant to classify sexuality into “healthy” and “unhealthy” categories. Better definitions would be safe and unsafe.

      1. Most women like it from time to time. Lots of men love to be dominated sometimes as well.
        And a lot of men have rape (them being raped) fantasies as well, but they feel ashamed to admit because they do not want to be seen as “weaker”. Some women also fantasize about raping – they raping someone else.

  52. I can see the point this article is trying to make..but if I’m not wrong, I’m pretty sure rapist are people with psychological problems or some weird twisted issue. or maybe just a fetish for raping (I’m gathering my information from criminal minds but you can’t deny that there is some truth) I don’t think a girl who likes to be dominated creates rapists. Rapists are rapist for different reasons…I’m pretty sure the guys who have experienced the whole “no but I mean yes” don’t suddenly think “AHA I think no means yes…so I shall be a rapist!” Yes this article did mention the whole moral fibre nonsense but saying its “training” is kinda off point. I just think its selfish and irresponsible of women to do that, but its not breeding rapists.

    1. If a girl reports you as a “rapist” you are one, and noone cares if you really are or not.
      A girl can destroy your life just because she have “bad feelings” after a one night stand. Fuck that shit. If a girl says no I am out of there, I do not care about her fantasies. She have to find someone else to chokefuck her.

  53. My name is Robert Uttaro and I am a long-time advocate for rape survivors as well as those indirectly impacted by sexual violence. I’ve written a book named To
    the Survivors to help people affected by rape and sexual assault and raise awareness about the realities of sexual violence. I have compiled interviews, written stories, and poems of survivors who have shared their stories in their own words. I assure you that To the Survivors offers avenues of strength, empowerment, hope, and healing. I hope you check it out on

    1. Notice how the rape-industrial complex is such a huge industry that this fucking hack comes here to shill his work and make money from Amazon sales…
      But, yes, let’s give more of our tax dollars to groups that insinuate all men are street corner rapists, right?

  54. “How Women Train Men To Rape”
    “How Women Encourage Rape”
    “Women’s False No’s Harm Everyone”
    “Why Women Lie About Their Desires”
    If you really believe in such generalities in regards to the behaviour of
    women, and seemingly that the human race is men and women, and not just a
    bunch of human beings of differing levels of maturity and intelligence,
    then I feel sorry for you and am afraid of you.

    1. Yes, because the author and commenters should not be legally permitted to discuss their experiences with women, right?
      Repeal free speech rights, yes, comrade?

      1. Oh no, you have every right to say your speech. It just doesn’t guarantee that people will agree with you, or that the person disagreeing with you can’t counter your speech with their speech.

  55. I go on this site just to see if it still exists, and oh so unfortunately is does, you people on this site sicken me, I want to say this about all the articles I’ve read, none of you deserve female attention, not even from your mother who you disrespect every time you post something on this site, in fact, you wouldn’t be saying these things to your mother so why would you say them to a woman you want to spend your time with, for example, I will use an article you no doubt read, if you found out a man your mother was dating was buying her clothes that were way too small for her and burning the receipt, shaming her in public, and stealing her food, you’d be pretty pissed off and would probably try to get her out of such an unhealthy relationship, if not, well I know who’s ass I’m gonna kick on behalf of my sisters

    1. “…in fact, you wouldn’t be saying these things to your mother…” What makes you think that?
      I certainly would, if I’d be still talking to that feminist bitch.

        1. It does, doesn’t it?
          It’s not just mommy issues, though.
          It’s mommy and daddy and teachers and all-the-rest-of-those-parasites-issues.
          Luckily, there’s enough capitalism for me to earn my own keep in independence and never having to deal with any of those losers ever again.
          You see, I don’t mind people to know that I hate feminism for what the generation above me did – rather than what girlfriends or wives did. Why would I?

  56. what a load of bullshit, keep telling yourself how awesome you are. because I know you are an empty, sad, little man. 🙂

  57. What I do is that I do not stop until I feel an actual physical resistance from her. It takes a lot from a man to physically dominate a woman while maintaining an erection and then forcing a penetration into her.

  58. You fellas are sick masochistic motherfuckers, I can’t wait to be blocked from your shitty fucking site so I can lay my eyes on one less piece of scum in this world. You people are the filth of the earth. Tell me is it not exhausting to carry around so much pride and hate every single day? Christ that sounds like a heavy fucking burden to me. I pity the poor women who bore you.

    1. You fellas are sick masochistic motherfuckers, I can’t wait to be
      blocked from your shitty fucking site so I can lay my eyes on one less
      piece of scum in this world.

      You know, if you really dislike ROK that much, you could just avoid visiting the site yourself. Simply choosing not to come here would allow you to “lay your eyes on one less piece of scum in this world” right now.
      That raises a question for me: why is it that you seem to feel obligated to wait for one of us to block you from the site when you can ignore us right now if you’d like? We’re not forcing you to come here, so what’s keeping you from just ignoring us right now?
      Are you that drawn to the “filth of the earth”? Are we that irresistible to you?

      1. It’s because she’s an attention whore, and wants to be validated by others in her whining.
        AW gotta AW.

      2. “You know, if you really dislike ROK that much, you could just avoid visiting the site yourself”
        But that would involve taking responsibility for his or her actions, the idea of which offends FYou, since he or she rebelled against that same message in the article.

      3. For me, it’s because this site is like a train wreck. You want to look away, but you just stare instead.

        1. At least she admitted it. I cannot front I like it when the comments get real, but not when they bait. On the”How to get out of a false rape charge” article that was real with only one troll bait comment. But bait gets clicks so lets get it on, sadly.

        2. I was actually thinking about this comment that I left earlier, and I realized that it’s more than that. I mean, the train wreck comparison still applies, but I’m also genuinely interested/fascinated.
          Granted, as I’ve said, it’s rare that I fully agree (or at all) with things on this site, but it’s often that I can agree with certain points made. I try to always look at things from both sides of an argument given that all sides are being presented with respect, logic and non-emotion (read: insults just because one may disagree with another, etc.). It’s also sort of anthropological research. I will readily admit that when I first started reading this site, my first instinct was to throw up and I definitely had a want to cry, wondering how people could think this way. The more I read though, the more I start to see that not all are bad. I think that a lot of the people that comment on this site have no idea what the actual point of the site was intended to be, and thusly take the direction of the site to a dark place.
          I was extremely hesitant to comment at all, but I figured that if I could engage in conversation with even just a few that wouldn’t throw me to the wolves just because I have a vagina, that I might learn something beyond what is on the surface.
          So there’s another reason that I come back. It’s actually quite interesting around here, and much less hateful than the man-bashing sites that I’ve found.

    2. “Tell me is it not exhausting to carry around so much pride and hate every single day?”
      Ah, the irony..

    3. You have a choice not to be here. You need to be banned to stop you from being here? That shows you have no self control, woman.
      besides, you can’t get banned from a website. Its not possible. Comments section, yes, but only from writing. You really are an idiot.

  59. Wonder what you’re saying the day your daughter comes home crying because someone raped her. It’s an essay to try and justify something that simply can’t justifies

    1. You mean if she keeps telling the guy that she wants sex, and then whispers in a sexy little girl voice “no no”, and then tells him she wants sex, etc etc?
      Then I’d have a talk with her about saying “no” once in a loud clear voice, shoving the guy away, and walking out the front door.
      You know, the common sense thing.
      But you wouldn’t know about such things.

  60. A girlfriend of years ago enjoyed the fact that i was on the border of
    “too big”. She said that women feel more “taken” by a man if he’s big.

  61. See this is the reason why I don’t bother with women. Any woman who says to me “I fantasize about getting raped” is a giant flag to me. Rape fantasies among women are becoming more common place with the manufactured rape culture. false rape accusations, ect. To me it all comes down to “would I risk my life and everything I’ve built to play out a rape fantasy for some deranged cunt?”, the answer is no.

    1. I think women are just more and more willing to admit them.
      Just leave it to guys who are into this also.

  62. Your writing is so riddled with ridiculously sexist rethoric that at first I thought it was a parody of how most men treat women.
    Then I realized that you’re actually serious.

  63. Every woman is different this woman is sick and by saying women train men to rape is dumb how could you generalize all women. Drawing the conclusion that they’re all the same. Youre wrong.

  64. See when guys SAY “no” to having a metal rod jammed up their asshole, what they are really trying to say is they do, it absolves them of personal responsibility and

  65. Ugghhh whenever I try to jerk a dude off in public and they fight back when they REALLY want for it happen it just trains for rape.
    Really they should just acquiesce.

    1. Haha, moron with the anti-censorship avatar is getting pissy about a little dissenting free speech on the internet.
      typical feminist….

      1. Yeah because me expressing my opinion (free speech) is in any way comparable to censorship. Maybe instead you should actually address the point?
        If women “secretly mean yes” then why doesn’t it apply for men? If a women started grabbing you I don’t think you would be thinking of the subtleties of what kind of no really means no.

  66. I have a problem with most of the articles I see on this site for obvious reasons (woman, non-white, feminist etc). But this article has some food for thought. Sex games are dangerous and should definitely be approached with caution (safe words et al), if they are to be played.

    1. The most vulgar I read about was a man sentenced to years in prison for a rape he never committed.
      Your priorities are fucked up.

  67. Apart from many of your ridiculously sexist articles, this is one that I agree with. I think that though many of your opinions about people are sexist and ignorant, this is one that is really good. Thanks for understanding what consent is, even if some people don’t.


      1. wape! patwiachy! missgyny! Dudebro on internets said sexist and hurt me feels. Arrest patriarch shitlord. kthxby.

      1. Cant ban me…white knights have no power here…RAPED

  69. When women say no, they clearly ALWAYS mean yes. “There’s no such thing as flirtation, game play between consenting adults, consensual kinky sex, enacting of fantasies, or men with an IQ above that of door nail who can tell the difference or ask about the difference,” said no man ever. Whatever, next time I want a guy to stop, I’ll say, “Does this make me look fat,” “Fine.. just fine.. go ahead,” “Just do whatever,” “Uhggghh.. I said it was ‘fine’,” etc.. that’ll make him stop. Yes.. next time I want a dude to stop whatever sex act or touch he is doing to me.. I will just stop and muse, “Huh…. does this make me look fat?” Clearly according to this article no ALWAYS means yes, since men are clearly to retarded to know the difference. Yet, even the stupidest man knows he should run when a woman talks about her weight. Therefore, “Does this outfit make me look fat?” shall be my new ‘rape whistle’ if you will. They’ll stop dead in their tracks and start shaking in their shoes every time. Brilliant. Brilliant I say.

    1. No, but see, you’re doing a great disservice to women everywhere, actually putting every single woman in risk of being raped by anybody who has read your comment. Because now we will have to add those phrases to the conniving things those females say to mean “no”, to mean “yes”, and then whenever a woman asks a man if an outfit makes her look fat, he will instantly understand that she wants him to take her then and there. Or if during an argument she says “Ugh, I said it was ‘fine’”, the man will then experience an uncontrollable urge to have sex with her, having understood she said that to mean “no”, to mean “yes”.
      See, the moral of the article is that a single woman altering the meaning of words creates an unsafe environment for every single woman ever, and that by doing so they are actually training men to rape. And now you come here and add even more phrases and situations that can trigger a man into raping. Have you no conscience? Have we men not suffered enough having to constantly fight all the hardwired rape instincts, having to navigate the mine field of female sexuality where any misstep can mean we do not get laid that night? Haven’t we suffered enough to now have to add those phrases you suggest to the things that will confuse and arouse us?

  70. I notice you keep using the word “women” when referencing one woman. How “women” teach men to rape. I understand the particular woman you had sex with told you no but expected you to continue, and that other men reported similar behavior (regardless of report, I’d assume your partner wasn’t the only woman to do so), but to say “women” refers to the entire female half of humanity. If an oriental person miscounted your money and others reported the same, would you say “Orientals miscount money”? No, because that sounds racist. Some men say no and mean yes as well. I’d suggest broader and less targeting stances in the future. (for instance, children are honest and no will mean no. or consider the differences in a gay couple. and why should a “no means yes” experience from one woman determine the way a man treats another, entirely different woman?)

    1. Women is a plural of woman. 1 woman, 2 women. 2 is enough to justify the use of the plural. 2 is clearly not all of womankind. Logic.

  71. I was in a similar situation. Having been left by my psycho ex, I receive a call from her two weeks later to meet up again. Things progress to the point of near intercourse and she starts moaning at me in pleasure “no . . . *moan* . . . no, stop”. So I stop and apologize . . .
    She more or less attempted to rape ME later that evening, with no encouragement/flirtation on my half. While it was satisfying in a small measure, the resultant fallout if she claimed the opposite could’ve been life-changing. No-one would’ve believed me, for I am male.

  72. I don’t even understand the idiocy of this article. It contradicts itself so much. The last paragraph this person literally engages in a “rape fantasy” (which is an absolutely horrible thing to name as it makes rape out to be pleasurable and therefore alright, promoting rape culture) by calling her a “worthless slut” and slapping her (also promoting rape) yet he makes himself the victim and the “better person” when he writes, “When she got home, she texted me ‘thanks for letting me be your slave :).’ I never called her back”. Earlier in the article, he says, “Assuming I’d want to participate in a rape fantasy with her was itself an act of rape and a violation of my boundaries” yet he literally pretends he rapes her at the end. “If her goal as a feminist was to help other women, she’d own her sexual desires, and ask directly for what she wanted.” A feminist is someone who promotes gender equality and neither man nor woman are made for sexual pleasure. “Doing so would teach men that when they listen to women, they are rewarded with mind-blowing sex.” A man should not be taught this when they are old enough to have sex. EVERYONE should know that consent is good and true, may result in “mind-blowing sex” but still, we’re not made for sexual pleasures and sexual pleasures alone. This article makes me sick and manipulates words to make rape sound ok. Rape is not okay. It never is. And if a woman or a man engage in a “rape fantasy” then they are promoting rape culture. Simply being a woman does not make you a feminist. Now, to all those that applaud this article; give me your best defense.

    1. You truly are an idiot. The distinction between real rape and consensual PLAY ACTING should be obvious to even the most intellectually disadvantaged. Obviously, feminists are even below that threshold.
      The point is that for a rape play not to be rape there needs to be real consent. Something she failed to provide in the first instance but did in the latter. In the first encounter, without a safe word agreed to by both parties, engaging in her fantasy without that clear consent would mean possible prison time for the author. The second encounter was consensual with clear boundaries and a safe word in case she really did mean for him to stop.
      At no time does he promote rape. You, like every idiot feminist, are unable to comprehend what you read, see or hear. Rape indeed is not OK, but consensual play acting that simulates rape IS OK BECAUSE IT IS CONSENSUAL and is therefore, by definition, NOT RAPE. The point is that while you may like vanilla sex, some people enjoy something different. And yes, there really are women who do enjoy being used during sex. That is their choice, and you have no right to insist they are wrong.

  73. Setting aside all the other issues the article is highlighting, as an author, I should note that runsonmagic has quite a talent for narrating erotic scenes.
    And if he considers occupying with writing erotic literature, I think it’ll be quite interesting.

  74. Why this site is great for fellow rapists to converse with each other then eventually anal fuck each other into oblivion. All you little boys should be ashamed of yourselves. I thought this site was a joke, and I found out it wasn’t my faith in humanity became nonexistent. Grow up, and stop making disgusting articles like this. The lot of you are little boys, not men. Rape is rape. SO STOP ROMANTICIZING IT YOU CREEPY FUCKS!!!!!

  75. This actually is a pretty okay article. The whole thing about the man actually caring about consent and if a woman says no, always assume she really means it, that’s really rare for this site. I feel that posts like that are okay, but objectifying women in other posts isn’t. Btw, it’s not that girls want to control everyone, it’s just that girls feel that they have fairly level heads, even though they can be mean and moody during their periods. And why are girls not always so friendly towards men? Because people like YOU are always trying to control them and be superior and oppress them! I know that I’m just ranting, but I’m sure every woman on this site will agree.

  76. There’s a difference between
    “No! Don’t stop!”
    and “No! Don’t! Stop!”
    unfortunately women are too stupid to articulate this.

  77. Ok, -this article- creeped me out to no end. No Seriously. When I read the next caption “How You Should Respond” – is get the hell away from her. Run, run as fast as you can. A woman says No, I stop – if she explains to me she wants me to fulfill some kind of rape fantasy: I wouldn’t care if I was hips deep inside her when I found out this information… I’m gonna pull out, zip up, put clothes back on and leave. As quickly as I can within human constraints of muscle fatigue will permit.
    I can’t even count how many different pathologies are at work to create a woman who wants to indulge in the fantasy of being violated. The best advice a man can receive upon finding just such a woman – avoid her at all costs.
    Here’s the thing: even if you acquiescing to fulfill some kind of fantasy. (the idea alone makes me feel dirty and creeped out). If anyone -hears- or if she decides hide a video camera somewhere, have her phone turned on recording where you don’t see it, anything which would provide evidence…. She can always -say- you raped her, and that it wasn’t consensual. Your only defense is “But she asked me to! I Swear! We had a safe word, it was just an act!”
    You will not win the case, you will go to prison and probably experience -actual- rape.
    It’s a bad situation, involving someone who is -clearly- disturbed. Why, on, Earth… would you -trust- someone who is so mentally skewed that she would take erotic pleasure in the fantasy of being raped? AND, that’s not all, AND – she would go so far as to try and enact that fantasy…? This woman is not an individual with whom you should associate yourself with – much less trust in an intimate setting.
    Under no circumstances should you attempt to indulge in this particular fantasy play – or engage in ANY conjugal activity with just such an individual. I don’t care if it’s -your wife-, the mother of your children and she told you about this fantasy after you’ve been married for 25 years. If she for some inexplicable reason tells you she wants you to help her enact a rape fantasy: you take her the hospital. You get that woman a CAT Scan and an MRI to check for any undiagnosed brain damage.
    If there’s no physical damage: you take her to a psychiatrist. If the shrink tries to tell you “There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless fantasy play.” You divorce her.
    Do, not, under any circumstances, trust: anyone (male or female), who tells you they want to engage in a rape based fantasy. Ever, no I mean: ever. You should never, to the slightest degree – trust that person. At all. You get away from that person, whoever they are, whatever gender they are.
    There is a saying…. “No good can come of this.”
    Rape fantasies – that’s one of those situations. “No good can come of this.”

  78. I just recently discovered RoK (today actually), and I’ve been pouring over a wide variety of articles. Some were good, others great, others a bit weird though here and there I found a couple that were really insightful. I’m definitely taking notes.
    I agree with about 99% of the ideology on this site, but I feel that there is a certain injustice to labeling all women as clubbing-reality-tv-watching-silicone-toting-sluts, simply because it just isn’t true. A great portion of sorority chicks with fake tans and fake personalities are carbon copies of their putrid selves, but there is a great world out there of more highly sophisticated women.
    You may be wondering if I am yet another idiot feminist come to bitch and rant. Well, I’m not. In all honesty the feminist ensemble is far too marred with idiotic skanks who preach “equality” while haranguing all guys simply for being, well, guys, that I have no desire to associate with them. And the idea that males and females could be “equal” is fundamentally flawed. The two groups are so different in many respects. I don’t want to overpower or dominate a guy. That’s not my role. I, and many other respectable young women, am perfectly content and looking forward to a traditional partnership. One where I’m the nurturer and he’s the protector, I support him etc. I have no interest in running around, spreading my legs and looking for guys to fill a void in my soul. The very though of it is too depressing to consider.
    Thank you for bearing with me, because this is why I am writing this:
    Please don’t group true women in the same category as insufferable tramps (or rape mongers as written about here). True women are not iPhone/ Facebook like addicts. Not all girls are out to get you, and suck you bone dry. (Though many will. If you go to the bottom you’ll find the bottom feeders if you get my gist).
    There are young women out there with goals to make the boyfriend/husband very happy. Find them and treasure them. Don’t treat them like the garbage the aren’t.
    Thank you.

  79. Just remember:
    No means no, except when it doesn’t in which case no means yes.
    You are not allowed to ask which is which, and in fact, even when no means yes you’ll be told it means no, and then scolded for heeding that advice later.
    Of course, even if no means yes, it can retroactively mean no at any point for the rest of your life. For that matter, Yes can mean no at any point retroactively turning consensual sex between willing partners into rape.

  80. “and I never called her back.”
    And that was the best education on consent she could get. If she isn’t adult enough to know how BDSM works, then she can’t play. The use of safewords is the first thing you learn when you read on any BDSM activity outside of 50 shades of blah.
    Women often want to be taken and taken hard in the most masculine dominant way, but men have to know that if done wrong, she has an automatic “Put him in jail” for free card, because BDSM often bruises and inflicts controlled damage on her person. And that will be offered as evidence of a “brutal rape” not ‘negotiated BDSM sex.” Most ardent practitioners of the arts actually make their submissives/slaves sign a contract/consent form.

  81. This is superb. If I could like it a thousand times I would. What a selfish woman and bravo to you for explaining consent to her. You win.

  82. This is true for a lot of women, white ,black or other. I met a random chick online once and we got together at her home for drinks, she told me her man is always at work and can’t dominate her and can’t satisfy her need to be taken, I carried her on my back to her bed, slammed her down, took all her cloths off and fucked her like she needed. I had her doggy style and she told me don’t fuck my ass, I said take it bitch, she did. She groaned in pleasure. She then start saying, take my ass, take it, I did. She told me no over 10 times, but she just liked the fact I was dominating her, like a rape scene.

  83. You take women too seriously. A woman is not a logical or honest creature with accountability or integrity. If she will accuse you of rape, she will do so regardless of whether she gave verbal consent at the time of the act.
    A woman wants to be “taken.” She doesn’t want any personal responsibility whatever. In fact, the loss of control is an aphrodisiac to her.
    For better or worse, being the man means taking all the risk and all the
    responsibility for the sex act itself, but, when you consider all the
    risks and responsibilities that women face following sex, it should make
    some sense.
    The problem with young men today is promiscuity. Naturally, the greater the number of women you “take” the higher your odds of a rape accusation, so better just take one and then just keep taking her at your leisure. She’ll be glad you did.

  84. one of the chief reasons women shouldnt have rights.
    by definition sex is in the animal kingdom, one creature getting on top of another and being dominant. sex requires one to dominate the other. no matter how you position yourself, and combined with men being bigger and stronger….you must in all reality overpower the girl, pound away, and force her to take it.
    that really is sex. and what that also means is….EVERY SINGLE WOMAN wants to get dominated because thats the very essence of sex, to have a guy get on top of her.
    so why shouldnt they have rights? because at a biological core DNA level, no has to take on dual meanings… the context of sex, they need to be able to say no when their lives are truly in danger and get the hell out of there, and they also need to be able to say no while having it mean yes so they can get dominated. as it isnt domination nor rape if she says yes. hence no must mean both things depending on a situation.
    judges sadly don’t understand this but let’s be honest can a creature where the word no means both yes and no be a reliable witness?

    1. One distinction here, it isn’t judges that matter, it’s the enforcers with the guns. Without them there is nothing to be concerned about.

      1. “One distinction here, it isn’t judges that matter, it’s the enforcers with the guns. Without them there is nothing to be concerned about.”
        correct but well those enforcers dont know that.

  85. The ancient Chinese had a very simple way of dealing with these problems: all sex outside of marriage was considered rape.

  86. This entire article is based on the flawed assumption that it can be proven what she did or did not say in bed. If she can charge you with rape when she doesn’t like the consequences of her choice, it doesn’t matter what was or was not said, as far as worry about risk is concerned.
    “If her goal as a feminist was to avoid ever having to take responsibility for her actions, she’d do exactly what she did.”
    Well duh, if you think feminism is about anything other than that you’re either a fool or a cuck, or both.
    If slutwalks didn’t make it clear that its all about avoiding negative consequences for a woman’s behavior, you aren’t paying attention.

  87. It doesn’t matter what she said during sex, unless you are filming the event, what she says later is ALL that matters. The word rape works like magic for them.

  88. As a feminist, I’ve always found this site to be radically at odds with my ideology. But whoever wrote this, thank you SO much. A lot of extremely important issues have been raised, and I’m so glad that more men are starting to care about consent and are sensitive to women’s needs. Thank you, Return Of Kings. Maybe I misunderstand a few of you.

  89. How Women Train Men To Rape
    By using every trick in the book to get the man to do what we want even if he is (WAS) my boss at work.
    One evening last summer we all when out for a social evening after work. I made sure that the dress was right the heels where on and the top of the stocking could be seen. And then spent the rest of the night chatting with all the other man around me bar my boss. By the end of the night he was will wind up, and when I left I made sure that he knew I was walking through the park. I have no regrets at what happen in the park and what he did to me. I do not work there anymore as I must look after my 2-month-old son. It was the best sex that I have ever had.

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