The 7 Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a raunchy, pornographic style filth list then you will be disappointed.  While a lot of these do have to do with acts preceding or involving coital play, as I’ve written before I don’t care for girls that crave and utilize ejaculate on their face as a treasured fountain of youth cream, rubbing it across their skin with the jubilation of a chunkster receiving her third piece of carrot cake.  It seems I am not alone, as a recent post by a talented blogger so eloquently described how girls these days love to be treated like human toilets.

No thanks. I prefer the sometimes subtle, the sometimes not mannerisms of an attractive, well manicured and beautiful girl who whether consciously or subconsciously, engages in actions that create a visceral reaction in both mind and body.  The kind that make me harder than the diamond rings our modern feminists will never see.  The kind that, in all seven instances below, have created an indelible mark in my mind.

No. 7: The Turn Away Hair Flip

This happens early in the seduction process, usually on a first date or first meet, when you are unexpectedly moistening her pink lotus and she senses the attraction by way of tingles.  Without fail, she will giggle, twirl her hair and break eye contact.  It’s cute, endearing and a sign of submissiveness that just makes you want to fuck her silly.

No. 6: The Lip Bite

Like Catcher in the Rye or a cheeseburger, a timeless classic.   Confused by her feelings of lust, elation, a desire to flirt and overall excitement, she ever so slightly yet tastily grabs a hold of her lower lip just enough to suggestively put thoughts in your head on what she can do with that lip… and what it protects inside there, namely her hopefully adept tongue.  You want to bite that lip back, before throwing her down and asking her to say “aaah.”

No. 5: The Cook & Clean

A slight deviation from the physical.  As men we are hardwired to seek and secure a woman who knows how to cook for us, and displays her homemaker prowess by taking full care of her man.  Asking us to sit and relax while she combines fresh ingredients into a meal that will satisfy her man goes a long way.  When the meal is followed by a gesture of full care and devotion — to not allow us to help and to clean the dishes shows she is willing to go the extra mile.  Not only do I find that sexy, but a sign of a quality girl.  Extra points if she cooks naked or with minimal threads.

No. 4: The Inverted Shirt Removal

Speaking of minimizing threads, this happened to me a few weeks ago.  A girl I was dating after initiating some kissing turned around and started walking to the bedroom.  On her way inside, she grabbed her shirt on both sides with the opposite hand, and slowly lifted the shirt over her shoulders first and then her head, inverting it both from top to bottom and from inside to out.  The way she shed her outer skin and slithered out of those confining threads put me into attack mode.

Bonus:  This can also project the same sexiness if done facing her, as she straddles you.  She removes her shirt, same opposite hand strategy as above, unclasps her bra and flips her hair to one side as she comes back down for a solid tongue session.

No. 3: The Arched Back

From any angle, the catlike prowler move of a feminine beauty moving across the bed will shoot straight disease free blood down to my groin.  Looking from the front you see the breasts and apple shaped ass.  Look from behind and be rewarded with a full view of the lovely vagina presenting itself for your dominance (assuming no roast beef).  Animalistic instincts take over and I just want to jump her.

No. 2: The Double BJ

Kind of an obvious one, yet rare.  There are a few sights that can short circuit your brain than looking down and seeing two girls vying for the right to satisfy you orally.  I’ve had a few of these memories burned in my mind, from random occurrences to creating passive pussy streams that yield such wonderful experiences (see #1 below).

No. 1: The Silent Shake

Your penis is inside her.  She is screaming, yelling your name.  Eventually, you get her to a point where she starts trembling, her vocality fading in favor of quick gasps of breath.  As she cums, she just shakes silently, twitching and juicing.  It is a silent shake, because if she can concentrate to the point where she is actually speaking or yelling then you have not made her lose all control.

While not necessary for a one off bang, if I plan to see a girl again I like to make her orgasm, and I will tell you why.  If you really make her cum, and I’m talking to the point of not being able to control her body or make intelligible sounds, you will have her.  She will be putty in your hands for the rest of your desired length of the relationship.  She will do almost anything for you, so you will continue to do that to her.  In fact, every girl I’ve had be open to, agree to, or actually bring me other girls for triple play activity has succumbed to a silent shake.

I don’t claim to want, or even be able to, do it at every instance.  But there are few things that can rival the silent shake.

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94 thoughts on “The 7 Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do”

  1. Number 8: The Virgin)
    Nothing is more attractive to a man looking for a decent woman than the sign of virginity while being an attractive woman.

    1. Very rare find, game required is a little more different when dealing with a virgin, and they are very detail oriented. Good one.

      1. If you look really closely at the wall behind her to the left, you’ll see that this is photoshopped because the lines of the wall start curving in just a little bit… Hate to be that bitch to break it to you!

      2. She is clearly a slut, not by her attire, but the fact she has a gas can lying in her room… She’s definitely sniffing that shit.

    1. hi christian. quick question for you: do you think that nightclub game is significantly different in europe?

  2. Ah the silent shake…brings back fond memories of the time I fingered this chick till she shook…

    1. And me of the memories of ending a chick’s 12-year orgasmless streak with her pussy clenching my fingers like a vice.
      “Silent snake,” indeed.

      1. I am having a hard time deciding which you mean by this… So just tell me. Is this you saying you fingered a 12 year old to her first orgasm or some whore that just hasn’t orgasmed in 12 years? If it the first good for you, if it is the second then meh since I’m entranced by the first.

        1. It’s ok… I will just imagine it was other until the end of time and commend you on your achievement 🙂

  3. stop objectifying women. nothing is sexier than a woman who is strong, outspoken, accomplished, and career-oriented.
    i had a date last week with an arch-cunt who objected when i opened the door of the bar for her. she said, quote “ahh i hate that gentleman behavior”. i should have listened to the inner voice that has been instilled by my manosphere brethren, a voice which surely would that told me to turn around and walk away immediately, but i proceeded to invite her for several drinks – during which i’m proud to report that she did NONE of the above-mentioned sexy things.
    but i was fortunate to be subjected to her outspoken opinions about my business (she didn’t approve, and implied that all business owners are crooks), my attire (she said i was too fancy), and about her ex-boyfriend.

    1. “ahh i hate that gentleman behavior”
      I’d tell the silly cunt that the date is over at that point.

    2. At the moment she dropped the “doesn’t like the gentleman behavior” bomb she was your’s bro, she basically just wanted to get laid and was trolling. Just my 2 cents but yeah, one round of drinks grill her and walk away if the vibe is off.

    3. Incorrect. Strong, outspoken, accomplished, career-oriented women have yet to give me a boner.

        1. I am indeed bisexual, although I mostly prefer women.
          Got anything in your arsenal besides “YOU’RE A FAG!!!!”

        2. Voicing your sexuality on a predominantly heterosexual website is ill-advised. I have no real issue towards homosexuals, but I do find it extremely repulsive to butt fuck some dude. When nature clearly implies heterosexuality is key. Most people who declare themselves bi-sexual are usually teenagers who either are confused or just want attention.

        3. Having sampled both men and women, I feel I am even more qualified than most to express how unattactive strong, outspoken, accomplished, career-oriented women are.

    4. Awww, she didn’t approve of your business…well too bad for the bitch. That’s why you’re in business for yourself, so you won’t have to give a fuck what anybody else thinks (except the majority of your customers of course), and to make a few bucks too, but really, it’s the independence that’s priceless!

      1. The writers already said that this isn’t satire or sarcasm. They’re completely baffled at the hate towards their site. Stupid fucks.

    1. i hate to say this, but in my past (i have never been an ultra beta, romantic, or in any way delusional in the past few years),
      in all honesty the moments i had an erection at an outdoor area where people go to sunbathe, i’ve had the girls who noticed it close by, fix/flip their hair, moving in such an obvious way, right after…
      a few amongst many examples i could refer to that any girl will be flattered, well before geting to know them, at the very worst indifferent to a boner ime

  4. Very good list, maybe it’s just me but when she pays the check at dinner is pretty sexy for me, like wow I get to hit and your’re covering the check, but you have to be careful and read between the lines on that one, as almost always there are ulterior motives.

  5. Great article…
    Yes, I as every does do enjoy the “Porn” shit in this modern age of Free movies and the worship of Netflix and Personality over substance but, there is still something EXTRA sexy about the small little shit.
    For me….
    Its just being herself without TRYING. Its hard to explain but, when she is just in herself without “doing” something. Trying to be sexy as if she is now in a “mode”. Idk again like I said its hard to explain but, overall yeah. I just enjoy the little shit that barely gets noticed until now.
    Great article man.

  6. Sexiest thing hands down, like Mxaddict14 said, is for a woman to be wearing one of those silk blouses that cling to the outline of her shoulders and bra straps, and she’s got the middle button undone where you can see the delicate features of her bra holding up her boobs, and if your lucky it will be low cut enough where you can see no bra and the slightest edge of her areola, LOL….

    1. That is called having a personality, or rather being a civilized human being. Last time I checked knowing how to use a fork shouldn’t even enter the realm of sexy things people can do, just like not shitting yourself in public shouldn’t be commended as an achievement. Get where I’m coming from?

      1. “Get where I’m coming from?”
        Sure do. Contemporary society has fucked up women to the point that they need to be re-taught the basics of what it means to be human.

      1. Even the rare and beautiful american woman is a far cry when it comes to cosplay, very few women can do it well while being anything other than Asian.

    1. Every one of your comments in every article are little gold nuggets! I laugh at the short and sweet little points to make all the comments entertaining! Keep it up.

  7. #13) Sing. If they can’t, fine (Like sex, it isn’t a skill they are all born with). But…some women can sing, and when they do, dear lord, nothing (and I mean nothing) is sexier or more intoxicating. A brief list, just a personal list, includes Annie Lenox, Joan Jett, Adele (you don’t have to like the topics, but she has an amazing set of lungs), and Christie McVie (fine, I’m old…shut up!).
    Serious lumber when they start singing.

    1. Oh yea! I had a pretty girlfriend would start signing sexy songs when we were together and it was so hot.

  8. I know this doesn’t relate to this discussion, but I’d like help with a girl situation and I have no where to go to ask it. Hopefully the experienced players can help a young man here.
    I have an ex with whom I broke up a few years ago. We hadn’t been in contact until recently when she emailed me wanting to catch up and offering emotional support after she heard my father died. She told me when we met up that she is not trying to date me or be my friend, but that she is merely there for “emotional support” like I mentioned previously. We have been hanging out once a week for over a month now.
    It occurred to me that I want to sleep with her. When we hang out she looks me lovingly into the eyes, she will caress my hair, sit on my lap, hug me very sensually/passionately (this hug is much different from hugs you get from female friends), and last time we met she gave me a birthday and christmas gift with a nice card that she made herself. She told me that she did the same for all her friends and thus I shouldn’t read anything into it. She would also hook her arm through mine when we were walking down the street, or she would hug and hold onto me as we stood on a street corner waiting for the light to turn green, yet everytime I try to kiss her, she turns her cheek. Whenever we meet I try to escalate, I touch her ass, boobs, tease her, have a ton of fun (after the last meetup she texted me saying “that was fun, FYI) but she won’t let me kiss her.
    Yesterday I called her because it was my birthday (maybe a mistake — I dunno, im new to this seduction stuff) and she started trying to blame me for our relationship failing saying that I was always cold, that I didn’t care enough, that I treated the relationship as a fling, that she was in love with me and I treated her badly, etc and then she tried to convince me that she broke up with me, until I reminded her that it was I who ended the relationship because I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of the relationship (she wasn’t putting out). She also told me that she won’t kiss or sleep with me because she will then start expecting things, etc. Today she texted me saying that she apologizes if she hurt my feelings to which I replied that she did (I didn’t particularly care), and she said that she’s sorry and that she hopes i’ll look over it. I said that she can make it up to me next time we meet.and she said that she’ll try to bring a girl for me to kiss next time or help me set up an account for a dating site. I said that she can figure out how to make it up to me, to which she replied that “No I won’t kiss you”. I replied nonchalantly “thats ok”.
    Can someone explain to me whats going on? What do I do?

      1. Correct. She is fucking with you by not fucking you, pure manipulation and teasing. By going after new girls you do two important things, (1) you go get new girls and (2) if there is any chance with this one, she will sense that she has to step it up to keep you in her life. She might or might not but you will be getting laid elsewhere and she automatically becomes less important.

        1. Thanks! All night she’s been texting me things like “we should set you up with a dating account — get you laid before you graduate” or she’ll send me texts about how she enjoyed what I did to her when we were together but that many guys can do the same….its pissing me off.
          Should i just block her entirely and go no contact?
          Also, its interesting how a girl who loved you (maybe she never did — she says she did though) can go into manipulation and teasing mode…..

        2. Also, I’ve been doing this for around a year and still haven’t gotten laid, so naturally its driving me insane. But how do I rid myself of the scarcity mindset, its exhausting for me to have to fight it and then when i forget to fight it, it creeps up on me and takes over my mind. Does anyone have tips?

        3. Radio silence would be your best bet. Ignore her, if she’s being really insistent, do what gcm said, tell her you’re not gonna play that game. Sounds like she’s setting you up for friendzone.

        4. Go after some cougars and get some experience under your belt. It’s easier to abuse the oldies when you know they’re just using you. I know a relatively good looking 40-something Hungarian who went cock crazy and will fuck boys the ages of her sons.

        5. I love it. This bitch claimed to want to be there for you at a time when you are emotionally vulnerable, then proceeds to prick tease and guilt trip you. Fuck her off mate. My guess is some dude just pumped and dumped her, and she’s worming her way back into your life, on the pretense of being there for you, to actually build herself back up by treating you like shit. She’s on a power trip.
          My condolences for your loss btw.

    1. Ignore her. She just wants to get you back so that she can dump you. She sounds too fucked anyway. And to hell with her “emotional support”; that’s what alcohol is for. You can always count on a bottle; not so with a woman.

      1. I took your giys advice to heart and texted her “im not interested in drama so im terminating contact. Dont contact me again.”
        Though I have a question, how is she fucked up? Also shes not that hot (id say a 6), where the hell did she learn to play these games?

    2. Lie to her in order to get the fuck and then dump her or just dump her. Same end result, the only difference in how much bullshit you will put up with. But whatever you do, don’t be a faggot and let her tease you. Fuck or gfto would be my opinion.

    3. Man the fuck up. Frame the situation–I’m not interested in talking to you anymore, you are shit-testing me, and I’m not falling for it. Have a great life.

    4. She’s using you as an emotional tampon dude. Move on and don’t look back, your time is much better spent on women who haven’t already conclusively demonstrated that they don’t want to sleep with you.

    5. woman opinion – girls dont make cards for men unless they like them! i mean who does that? you dumped her when she wouldnt sleep with you, so now she thinks that that was all you wanted. she was probably raised by parents telling her a man who truly cared would wait. you failed the test.
      just leave her alone now. just stop talking to her. shes ovs not a slut so dont treat her like one.

  9. The last day or so I’m not getting the text of ROK articles.
    When I click on this article, all I’m getting is this:
    The 7 Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do
    No. 7: The Turn Away Hair Flip
    No. 6: The Lip Bite
    No. 5: The Cook & Clean
    No. 4: The Inverted Shirt Removal
    No. 3: The Arched Back
    No. 2: The Double BJ
    No. 1: The Silent Shake
    Is anyone else having this problem? I don’t get this with any other page.

  10. Cumming on a girls face doesn’t mean she is not worthy. It might also mean that she likes you that much and she is turned on by the ite of you acting on your desire to treat her face like you do her vagina.

  11. Ahh the arched back. Hell yes.
    Several times I also noticed that the silent shake is preceded by her ‘inner voice’ coming out. It’s like her tone of voice changes and she starts to babble incoherent things while lost in her own world. Can be beautiful to behold.
    Damn you RoK. I’ve just banged my main girl three times last night and you got me thinking about sex again

  12. The arched back position is called “lordis” – or just amongst the guys, butt presentation. It is one of the strongest non-verbal signals (a come-on, really) that a woman can give a man.

  13. The lower lip bite is more of a vulnerability cue, designed to elicit feelings of protectiveness in men; it isn’t meant to be explicitly sexual in and of itself. But I guess if a woman does it knowingly instead of unconsciously, and combines it with a naughty ‘come hither’ look, it could give off a ‘want to be naughty, slightly nervous but looking forward to it’ kind of vibe.

  14. Cleaning the house naked is very sexy.
    Another sexy thing a woman can do is quit her “professional” job and focus on making herself attractive to a man. That means getting in shape. Dressing feminine. Learning how to cook. And taking care of her body for its purpose – to bear children.

    1. I went out with a very successful magazine publisher a few years ago and she was very feminine, in great shape, could cook and was a tremendously good fuck. I treated her like shit though and sometimes I miss her a bit, but the sex was great. We remained on good terms but in the end she moved on and felt it would be easier to not have any contact with me anymore, fair enough.
      I know that some career women can be cunts, but there are plenty of housewives who can be as well, trust me. I love this site but the constant bashing of career women by some posters can come across as a bit myopic.

      1. I like this magazine for telling it how it is, without any of the PC bullshit that is constantly being enforced on us. I don’t care who it attacks, if you look at the retarded feminists out there and all the feminist crap that comes out every day attacking men from all walks of life without any consideration for the truth, I think this site is perfectly justified in what is says and more power to it for doing so.

        1. I wasn’t having a dig at RoK, I like the site as well, a lot. I was just stating that it’s myopic to constantly bash career women, something that some commenters (apologies for saying posters, what I really meant was commenters) seem to do. Not all career women are bitches, and not all stay at home housewives are saintly. RoK is absolutely fine, it’s just a small minority of commenters who I don’t always agree with.

    2. Very interesting that you bring that up, that taking care of your body for its purpose – to bear children. I brought this up with one of my friends the other day because that’s what ive been doing for awhile now. She looked at me as if I had 6 heads. Taking care of your body now so you’re fertile, healthy, and beautiful for a long time — that concept is lost among the modern woman.

  15. The top two are my favorites due to their simplicity, mainly because they are flirtatious in nature, and because they are usually performed in public.
    Imho, making a girl lose her mind is the ultimate goal. It is quite difficult for me to climax so I’ve always focused on annihilating women under the sheets. I have yet to find one who didn’t enjoy said performance.
    Cool article, OP… thanks

  16. Love it, I have been seeing and saying these things for years and now finally someone else has also recognised them !!

  17. I literally hope all the sexist pricks like you people on this site go straight to hell and never come back.

  18. In my personal experience (as a woman), the silent shake comes not because I can’t concentrate, but because I have to concentrate on my orgasm or it can be lost. Yes, women aren’t like men where they reach a certain point where orgasm is guaranteed. A sound, a thought, a change in rhythm can shut down the orgasm and everyone’s back at square one (including a need for more foreplay). The silent shake is a product of working hard for that pleasure (and it’s fucking worth it).

  19. Making women cum doesn’t mean shit. Concentrate on your nut. Fuck her as she’ll eventually leave anyway.

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