Dutchman Hospitalized After Waiting 10 Days In Chinese Airport For His Online “Girlfriend”

A 41-year-old Dutch man with diabetes has waited 10 days at an airport in Changsha, China for his online “girlfriend.” Alexander Pieter Cirk eventually required medical attention, including an IV drip, at a nearby hospital. The effects of sustained sleep deprivation, hunger, and his aggravated case of diabetes had put his health in serious jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Cirk’s “girlfriend,” surnamed Zhang, was apparently getting plastic surgery done in another city and claimed to have turned her phone off as he waited. She later cited “inconvenience” as the reason she could not visit him in the hospital.The Dutchman’s saga highlights the extent to which enough modern men are being driven to desperate measures to satiate their female-related thirst.

Cirk’s spending of a significant amount of money to buy a plane ticket to meet this evidently very mysterious woman is already bad. Yet his presence for ten days in a foreign airport in an authoritarian country notorious for its stringent treatment of those even coming close to falling afoul of entry laws is worse still. Regardless of any valid visa Cirk might have had, living in an airport for ten days could have easily landed him in prison. Plus, when you add the man’s serious medical condition into the mix, you have a truly epic case of pussy pedestalization.

He deserves your partial sympathy but also your brutal honesty

Did Cirk and/or other clueless Western men help pay for Zhang’s purported plastic surgery?

As an ROK writer, I am so accustomed to penning articles that excoriate some crazy feminist, another sort of SJW, or a white knight. In this instance, however, I genuinely feel sorry for Alexander Pieter Cirk. But I also want to smack him over the head perhaps a thousand times. Here we have a man who has either been forever oblivious to hard truths about women, or has chosen to ignore them. The truth probably lies in a combination of the two options.

The truly saddening aspects of this story are Cirk’s age and the fact that his generation faced only a fraction of the current ideological male-bashing as it grew up. If this member of Generation X does something like this, and lives in such female-derived desperation, we should anticipate the arrival of many more like him amongst the much younger Millennial male cohort. And, as weird as it sounds, their pussy pedestalization may lead to even more extreme measures than those taken by Cirk.

It is clear that red pill knowledge about women, not to mention something more substantial in the form of neomasculinity, is unknown to a huge number of men under 50. Cirk may be an outlier for what he is prepared to do to please just one woman, but plenty of other men are engaging in undeniably obsequious and self-destructive behaviors to try and land a mate. Despite the salience Return Of Kings has achieved in recent years, we have many, many more men to reach.

Cirk is also in danger of being misled in the future, like he has been so far. Why a young woman, particularly one so self-absorbed as to get plastic surgery, would have her phone turned off for ten days is about as big a mystery as what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. The foolishness of Cirk aside, it is unbelievable that she could not have texted him sooner to save him from himself, unless she really is the money-hungry manipulator of men almost any rational person would regard her as.

The BBC additionally reports that the woman Zhang is interested in maintaining their “relationship”. Of course she wants an ongoing relationship. Having spent ten days risking his life to wait for her, Cirk is even more malleable and pliable than he was in her eyes before. God knows what further misery Cirk will bring on himself financially, socially, legally, and emotionally in keeping links with this female.

An important note on online relationships

Not a substitute for real life or real skills.

Forget what the critics say: online communication, dating included, is an excellent way to find and vet women, especially for travels you make abroad. It enables you to expand your social network and avoid wasting time on the ground finding people you can do things with. Game honed by meeting new people for the first time in real life is massively important, but not your only tool.

Nonetheless, a problem emerges when you spend an inordinate amount of time chasing girls online, with little or no prospect of a return on your investment, let alone a guarantee. For very socially awkward men like Alexander Pieter Cirk, though, it is very easy to massively inflate one’s own chances. Loneliness and an exotic “opportunity” are simply too enticing for a growing number of well-intentioned but simultaneously greatly delusional men seeking to find “love” online. Internet-based courtship is no substitute for having real life skills, most notably when this courtship takes place on the kind of scam-associated matchmaking website Cirk is said to have “met” Zhang.

Cirk’s woeful experience in Changsha is a warning to all: being clueless is a disease and it will make you miserable. For the Dutchman, it nearly killed him. If the internet is your proverbial crutch to mask other deficiencies, beware. The same goes for any non-online clueless behaviors, such as paying for women to give you attention in the hope of getting a mere trinket like her name, phone number, a kiss on the cheek, or the chance of a future meeting.

Want to help your fellow men? Introduce them to Return Of Kings

Harsh truths need to be heard by men like Alexander Pieter Cirk. Whether they then embrace and use them is their choice.

Return Of Kings readers and contributors, and our proprietor Roosh most of all, have been hounded for their common sense, time-honored beliefs about women and fixing flawed male psychologies. That work continues and a lot of men are in positions of hopelessness at least roughly similar to Alexander Pieter Cirk’s. We may not be able to save people, but we can point them in the right direction and let them help themselves with a new outlook.

You may be far from the desperate case represented by Cirk. That said, the time is ripe to take stock of your own potential weaknesses as you help others. Is chasing girls at least moderately damaging your work or study lives? You have a bad enough case of thirst. Are you breaking your own code to satisfy a woman’s wants? You have a bad enough case of thirst. You put yourself in the best state to assist your fellow man when you start to iron out your own problems first, remember.

At the end of the day, real men don’t wait ten days in an airport for a foreign woman they’ve never met.

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358 thoughts on “Dutchman Hospitalized After Waiting 10 Days In Chinese Airport For His Online “Girlfriend””

      1. If he’d develop some backbone, some standard for what he will and will not accept, it’s possible. But until then, unlikely.

      2. Bitches in China that look like that are a dime a dozen really. Particularly if you throw in plastic surgery. I got sick of getting messages online from Chinese women and Taiwanese too.

    1. Indeed. But he obviously had no self respect. It’s like a poor indebted man being told he’s won millions and he can collect if he just shows up at a foreign airport. Not finding the money at his arrival, he clings to the hope that he’ll eventually get them if he just stays there, day and night…

    2. I think the “if this guy has any shred of dignity” ship sailed on day 2.

    1. Also, her “surgery” could have been anything really. The “surgery money” could easily have been spent on a trip to the south of France. Maybe that’s why the phone was off. We all know how high roaming charges can be 😉

  1. Heard about this yesterday. The wife and I have had quite the laugh over this. While I think it’s too late in the game for this fool to change his habits, others should take note and use him as an example for the boys in your tribe of who not to become or do.
    Pic related

  2. The sad desperate lengths to which a man will go through in order to find a partner, is symptomatic of the fact that society has lost its way. A generation of desperate men is the end result of what has become of today’s modern day women and the kind of world we live in. Men have essentially, forgotten what it means to retain self respect and dignity, which is essentially, compounded by the glorification of everything that should in the eyes of a normal and rational human being, be classified as abnormal. This includes the continuous feminisation of men we are seeing through being raised by single mothers and having no real father figure, to obsessively, following the pop cultural trends that continue to permeate and corrupt the male spirit.
    Speaking of which, if one chooses to make an astute observation of the kind of world we are living in where people actually believe that they have genuine “girlfriends” or “boyfriends” by interacting with someone on the internet, then one can identify the cultural rot that is destroying the minds of todays young individuals. Never in my life, have I witnessed a generation of asinine and completely ignorant people who continue to live in their delusions in the pursuit of a fantasy, that does not equate to reality. Just because you meet someone online, does not equate them to being an actual partner in real life. It is sickening to say the least, but in all honesty, an honest reflection of how much our world is becoming attached to the world of the internet, where the lines are blurred between reality and fantasy.
    People are now consuming their everyday lives with the internet, that they have become lost in the spirtual sense that they cannot fathom as to what it is they are doing wrong. This is why you have incidents like the one in this article. Any self respecting individual must know and understand the very premise of what it truly means to be human. This would involve understanding that the very basis of all relationships (and I use the word, relationship in the strongest context) would require meeting someone in person. This is very different from seeing someone on some video chat or interacting with on social media. However, the sad reality is that most of the current generation of millenials and even Gen x, could care less about this very concept, and will continue to go their own way by indulging in the world of the internet and fooling themselves to think it is real.
    It is a sad world that we live in but in all honesty, one which I choose to further distance myself from in order to preserve my sanity and dignity. This is why it is very important to sometimes, detach yourself from your technological gadgets and to remember that there is also a life that can be lived outside the world of social media and Youtube. I think I’ll go out now and visit some actual friends, rather than talk to some virtual friends. I highly encourage others to do the same as well.

  3. There is no woman on the face of the earth, who owns a phone , that will turn her phone off for ten days, let alone ten minutes.

    1. I once saw a girl in a restaurant have a full on melt down panic attack and nearly accosted a bartender looking for a charger because her phone was about to die. She sat at the bar looking at the phone while it was plugged in behind the bar she she had to lean over for 20 minutes while she got a bit of a charge leaving her friends at the table.
      One week of a girls phone off? That would be like saying “oh, I didn’t inhale air last week”

      1. The only reason I don’t let my phone die is in case of emergency. I don’t know what this woman’s emergency was, unless “scheduled Instagram upload of sexy selfies” or “Yelp bashing time” count as emergency.

        1. I don’t let mine die because I like to read books on it and if I don’t have a book to read I may have to talk to one of these vagina support systems.
          There should be yelp for women. You know, I can go on, rate a girl, make some comments about how she acted, blow job skills, etc. This way, if you meet a girl you can GALP her and see what to expect.

        2. fuck that hipster noise about “i need the tactile feel of a book” Why not stone tablets. I will use my reader. I have torrented pretty much every book in print ever. It’s terrific.

        3. How can you even take notes on it ? Or even highlight memorable quotes ?
          You have not acquired anything. What you now call books are just signals of nothing arriving in a little box of nothingness. It’s not real. It’s part of the virtual prison they’re building. It’s the matrix. You’re collaborating with the screen invaders. Screens are everywhere, screens are used for everything. The real world is dying. Damn you, Knee, damn you.

        4. really? I can take notes, highlight in multiple colors, link back. lolbooks are bullshit. I don’t want possessions, just the words.

        5. Ok, but still. It’s the death of everything that is not screeny you’re helping.

        6. damn straight it isn’t helping. It took me 1 day to download, literally, every single book, fiction and non fiction, ever written and about 3 days to load them up into a clever little (free) program that organized them.
          It is the physical book that is the body. The tablet is direct access to the soul.

        7. It’s a fracking screen ! Screens everywhere ! It’s the abolition of the physical world, the abolition of man, and you know it.

        8. You want to worship the physical body (bindings and parchment) rather than the immortal soul (ideas within) then go right ahead. I am transcended and pure

        9. The Flesh is actually good, if medieval philosophy and Bernard de Clairvaux are to be believed. Sins begin in spirit. And Satan is a pure spirit.
          I win.

        10. a little birdie told me amazon can tell what passages you highlight…just saying

        11. I use epubs and not Amazon. Also all the dlr is ripped off. That said. If the gov’t wants to find out what parts of game of thrones I think are interesting go ahead

        12. I read lots on my iPad and have to say I don’t know if it can take notes or not because I never do, nor highlight things. Never did in paper books either. Unless I’m studying something comparative to something else like bible translations and editions. And then I use a notebook.
          But also a lot of what I read is not available in paper form to the public. I have hundreds of books unavailable to buy scanned as pdf on my iPad. It’s a way to disseminate information and thought, if Gutenberg could have made books with pages he could reprint again and again and never throw away or run our of pages, he’d have junked his paper press and never bothered.

        13. Its all goes together.
          It isnt a rather than or instead of
          In addition to.. That is the thing

          Mind body soul

          Damn new yawkers

        14. How is the eyestrain? My old phone’s small screen is a touch harsh on the eyes for reading.
          Maybe there’s something to your torrent approach. I’ve used Amazon’s app a fair bit and I can tell you that it is a very poor experience, just reading a DRM-free textfile in an app of my choosing would be far superior.

        15. My eyes strain is no worse than with a regular book. I use utorrent to do the download and prirate bay for the files. I only download after reading plenty of positive comments. My experience with this for movies, tv shows. Books and music is excellent

        16. I once read that there was some sort of Yelp for women to rate men they go on dates with. Can’t remember its name though.

        17. Exactly – schmucks needed to provide Likes and Comments to them selfies of hers, that’s all.

        18. Exactly – and I don’t have to lug around a massive ancient grimoire in my man purse and worry about keeping it in pristine condition when it’s right there on my phone or tablet, having cost a mere dollar on Kindle.

        19. I never tried reading a book on a phone or computer. I prefer the paper. Isaac Asimov wrote a short story about the disappearance of the book.

        20. The disagreement is probably age based since I’m over age 70.
          A hipster means somebody like a 1950s beatnik as far as I’m concerned.
          Low tech functions without electricity in most cases, and believe it or not the entire edifice of electronics is incredibly fragile. I don’t like the fact that I have to depend on it because production and distribution of goods now does. The system goes down for more than a couple of days and millions die.
          Also, physical artifacts generally increase in value over time as most of them are lost or destroyed.

        21. Maybe it is a generational thing. I am in my 40’s though which, while younger than you, is far from the youth of today.
          That said, while you are correct about electricity my worries about not having ready access to electricity are not particularly high.
          Further, while there was a time when physical books were made to last and wiyj care by artisans and thus increased in value today they are mass produced pulp pumped out at a rate which would hardly be imaginable 20 years ago. They degrade in value the moment you buy them.
          Further, further, I have no scruples about illegally downloading so I have, pretty much, every single book, fiction and non fiction, ever published on a hard drive smaller than a single copy of a book and can throw 20 of them on my mobile phone, which I carry everywhere anyway, and read, annotate, highlight at my leisure.
          I do understand and, to a degree, agree with you that it was a better time when we weren’t so dependent on expensive and fragile tech devices. However, the reality is that we are and fighting against it is no different than Ned Ludd thinking that burning down factories that were relaxing weavers with looms would somehow bring down the forward progression of technology.
          This is our world. Why resist using its greatest gifts? I couldn’t imagine, when I was in college, that I could have a library with millions, literally millions of books to read whenever I want.

        22. Obviously I take advantage of such things as the Internet. Nevertheless hundreds of millions of people don’t even know how fragile their lives are.
          I spent about 30 years in water utilities and the treatment and distribution of water is less sure than in 1970 because the whole process is computerized and most people don’t live anywhere near sources of water.
          When I started the local plants kept pairs of diesel locomotive engines and supplies of fuel in case of emergency. I suspect they’ve gotten rid of that backup now and, anyhow, the distribution of fuels is computerized. Pumps and valves are run and monitored by computers, which don’t have separate power sources from the cities.
          Iran could fry everybody’s circuits in a few years.

        23. That I can’t argue with. I just like having lots of books to read 🙂 you are, of course, correct and it is too scary for me to even think of

        24. Agreed about the Yelp but I think you have a lingering masochist in you and you want people to be able to call you out of the blue so you can feel needed ;-)..

        25. After revealing your age doesn’t mean you have to pretend to sound smart no one will call you out on it

        26. The ancient long destroyed famed Library of Alexandria could have used tech like this.

        27. I don’t read paper books either. So much trouble. I like the way I can go to the store, select a book and be reading it in a jiffy.
          I also love being able to carry my library around with me. If I need a break from one book, I start reading another.
          The best is being able to read one-handed one the train.
          I just love the feel of an e-reader in my hand.

        28. I know. Would have been hard to distinguish between the library & the almighty dick. I mean difficult. Not hard…

      2. I was recently touring around Japan for a couple of weeks. It didn’t occur to any of the girls I knew that maybe, just maybe, I didn’t have a phone in a foreign country.

        1. Well, why didn’t you? My phone works fine in Japan and for my iPad I have a local SoftBank SIM I charge up if I need it.
          You can usually buy a phone plus SIM plus credit in a package for less than $50 so I do find it peculiar. As would most girls.
          My way is to integrate as much as possible, I also have a train smart card(ICOCA) and all the other jazz you need to get around easily. Like I’m familiar with the money and carrying cash and where I can get cash and buy what etc etc.

        2. I was there playing tourist – seeing the sights, ordering food in restaurants where no one spoke English, etc. If I had my phone, I’d wind up distracted like all the women in my group.

        3. Sorry but then you mean stupid tourist. I would not go anywhere where my phone doesn’t work and I don’t know how to get around etc. Not a great way to sail if you are looking for a girl because you are relatively weak and needy. Nobody really likes tourists, you know?
          I look like I live there when I’m in Japan, touristy people literally ask me for directions. I almost always handle the bill in restaurants and cafes etc without any assistance. I’m absolutely sure that impressed a lot of people, not only my now wife.
          Key part of game is to always be differentiated to everyone else in some way, but you have to be that in a positive way, not a negative one like not being able to get to your hotel on your own etc.
          Some things I still suck at like the subway and train schedules, so I’d go for a taxi most of the time, not always though.
          Don’t take this as an attack or anything, I’m actually trying to help up your odds.

        4. I was with family and a tour group the entire time, so gaming locals was pretty far off in my mind. I actually knew and employed a decent amount of conversational Japanese when I could, but those occasions were rarer than I ever expected.
          What you describe is exactly what I usually do when I travel. I like to experience the people more than anything else, but when in Rome…

        5. Roaming service is so expensive! But still, my company’s secretary insists in calling me for freaking chit chat about the weather and local Michelin rated restaurants. “Rita, call me later. Email me that. We’ll talk about that later…” She doesn’t get it. And then she brags about her oh-so-indispensable hints and tips. The guy who was in her chair before always did a great job, well focused on actual professional details and gave me all the info before I left. In 10 years, he never called me, he didn’t need to. But I guess they had to hire a vagina for gender equality propaganda… I hate this PC world

        6. Out of curiosity, did many Japanese actually speak in Japanese to you when you spoke to them in it?

        7. It varied a bit. I only know so much Japanese, and I didn’t have that many chances to chat.
          At noodle houses and the like, nobody spoke English (apparently you learn that in High School, and many people quit school at the end of Junior High). Because my family spoke exclusively English, the Japanese figured I only knew a few phrases and said fairly little to me. Still, they seemed to appreciate it when I started the meal with “Itadakimasu”, complimented the meal (“Oishii!”), and paid with the phrase “Gochisousama” – that’s how it’s supposed to be, but few tourists know that.
          Other places, they started the conversation in English. All I did was slip a few Japanese phrases in for value bumps (best phrase: “Eigo umai ne” – “You speak English very well”. Like most people, they’re a bit shy about their accents and clarity in a foreign language, so this compliment virtually guarantees you don’t need any more Japanese in your arsenal after that.)
          If you’re thinking of spending time in Japan as not-a-tourist, check out the “Making Out in Japanese” books. It’s all conversational Japanese, the way people actually talk to one another instead of the official, proper way.

        8. It’s all in the little details. My sister got fairly bland reactions because her pronunciation was atrocious (it’s “oi-shi`-i”, not “o-i`-shi”).
          Exchanging money or identification with both hands, bowing just a bit from the waist when you thank someone or apologize, and knowing when to use “sumimasen” versus “gomen” versus “gomennasai” are often the difference between seeming condescending and seeming respectful of the native culture.

        9. In Poland I just buy a sim card and minutes. Done. I used to have a SWEET Nokia 6100, one of the world’s smallest phones…but that’s so 2005…

      3. One thing about this. I had a similar but less dangerous issue with a girl many many years ago. Basically she had me travel two hours to come and see her and then changed her mind when I arrived at the train station (I had to call her from a pay phone to tell her to come meet me – I didn’t have a cell phone in these days).
        I argued with her for ages but she refused to come and meet me. She literally did not give a shit about having wasted my time.
        So I had another two hour train ride home.
        This incident changed my view on women. Now I always confirm with a woman before I go to meet her.
        Although, one time I told a woman I was going to do this and she freaked out. (Why? I don’t know, she’s a woman). So for her, I made an exception and didn’t confirm with her before going to meet her.
        She didn’t show.

        1. Lol. I wouldn’t travel 2 hours to see Olivia Wilde, pre children, if she texted and said she was playing with herself

      1. right. next thing she will tell you is she spent a week without wearing anything with hello kitty on it or giggling into her hands.

      2. Order of craziness is Black, Latina, white/Indian, Asian imo. And Latinas are only second because you can still slap them.

    2. But wait a minute, she says she still wants to maintain the relationship. Lol.
      It reminds me of that scene in the movie “Dumb and Dumber.” So you’re saying there’s a chance!!!

    3. An Asian girl at that. The cell phone industry thrives off these women.
      Dude is a fool.

    4. Listen up, any woman who says she had her phone off is straight lying to you. That would be similar to a woman telling you that she wasn’t on Facebook, today.
      There are a few pretty reliable facts about women and these two are solid. Women live by their phones and they are always on Facebook (or checking it multiple times a day).
      Call a woman a liar to her face if she ever gives you this excuse..and then walk away. More women need to be called out on this shit.

    1. “intolerant of other people’s cultures” Nice little (((Hollywood))) white-guilt reminder there. The only people who are scolded to “respect other people’s cultures” are white. Here we have the Alpha Male of the movie reminding everyone that he will cuck his people before he insults another race.

      1. People who can’t turn it off long enough to get a joke are boring, stupid and worthless

        1. Sad beta goes Full Edgemaster attaching”nihilist” to his name when it should just be “sad”.

  4. Cirk is obviously a socially clumsy man. In times past, society had a social safety net for such people. Apart from arranged marriages, there were other ways in which such a shy man would have been matched up with a shy gal. Cultural-marxism has not only turned western women into either hateful, hideous dykes or shameless whores, but it has also destroyed any and all social support structures.
    Decades ago, young people were introduced to each other in church functions, social organizations, men who were members of the same men’s organization would “set up” their children on dates with children of fellow members, debutante parties, organizations like 4H all served – formally or informally – to bring prospective spouses together.

    1. I knew a shy girl if that’s what she really was. Whenever I’d try to force her into a social situation, she’d try to get me into some sort of trouble or get us evicted or thrown out. She’d pull the fire alarms so to speak or push the panic buttons whenever I’d call out her social ineptitude. Alot of women will hide their flaws by screaming for enablers or enforcers to get them out of a situation before their deficiencies get called out by others. Stormtrooper white knights are a phone call away. They are primarily the element that breaks the natural tribal interaction of the sexes. The ‘bitch’ police or the ‘sex’ police I call them.
      Another girl I knew was stupid. Dumber than a bag of rocks. I mean short bus stupid, but you’d never know it. Why? Because she had a magnificently powerful bitching voice. Oh would she bitch and she had these great cut downs she learned from her divorce raping single mom who herself was quite short-stick stupid. Toilet cleaning jobs were all her mom had the brains for but her mom claimed it was her ‘nerves’ that prevented her from having the cognition to do but the simplest of cleaning lady tasks. She couldn’t sew and could barely cook a box dinner. But both her and her mom could bitch up a storm, create drama and control the room perpetually. The funny and clever bitching distracted you from noticing how mentally deficient they were. Put them in a corner or up against a wall to where they have to learn some new skill and they’d cry ”Why are you doing this to me?”. They’d try to call the cops and enablers out whenever they felt the least bit controlled or whenever they sensed that it was ‘TIME FOR SCHOOL LADIES’.

      1. To reduce this, whenever a bitch calls you for help keep the cape in your closet, sit down and pop a cold one.

    2. Great point, and it’s yet another example of how badly modern society fails at being even halfway competent despite all its technological and creature comfort advances.

    3. Too true. My parents were introduced to each other as a lark: my maternal grandparents frequented my paternal grandparent’s square dance hall.

    4. The Asians in the United States still have these avenues to help foster dating and relationships: the CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) among others among other cultural clubs. However, there are not allowed for Whites.
      It is sad that contemporary Whites have adopted the mating habits of homosexuals: drug and alcohol fueled one night stands, casual encounters using an app spun off from grinder.

      1. If that is controlled by the CCP, they also ensure that, above all, allegiance is pledged to the murderous cult regime.

  5. Women aren’t worth it.
    Boring, needy, vain, argumentative…
    Sex? It’s a momentary high that leaves you stupid.

    1. Here we see the omega reject who thinks regular men will chime in saying “yeah! girlz suck bro!” but crickets. Go back to your waifu pillow, virgin. Red Pill is for men who enjoy women and want to improve themselves and the quality of their women, not eternal virgin creeps.

  6. I never waited 10 days in an airport neglecting a life threatening illness, but I did do some dumb shit in regards to the internet and women back in the day. That and all the real life burnings from women helped lead me to game, etc. and definitely made me a better person (if not highly cynical and untrusting).

    1. Same. I even sent money to one chick, lol. It’s amazing how fucked up my thought process was prior to red-pilling.

    2. I don’t think I have had more than one girl I was even monogamous with for more than 10 days.

      1. I was like that then I got old and boring and started hating people and going out even more than usual so began searching for one broad who I could stand for a long period of time.
        Plus, I like nature and camping and you can’t exactly ask some new scooch to go on a first date to a secluded spot in the woods.

        1. HAR! I got old and boring too my friend and was born hating people. Loads of conflict in me.
          Nature and camping though….woah you are so far away from my comfort zone you would need a tent.
          The idea of being with one woman is terrible but not even that is nearly as bad as having a woman and not being alone.

        2. You just keep picking whores. I don’t get all the hate for women on here. Sure the vast majority of modern women especially from western cultures are fucking vile creatures but they don’t represent what women used to be,what women should be and what some(few) women still are.

        3. I don’t hate the whores I am with. They are fun. Just disposable. When I am in a social mood it overtakes my general misanthrope and I enjoy a nice whore and then dispose of her when I am dull or when she annoys me. I’ve been with good girls too. They also get dull or annoying only they cry and call you for months when you get rid of them.
          I don’t want any more good girls. I can’t stand watching them be sad when they realize I’ve taken what I want and I can’t stand teaching them what to do with their bodies. I like them a tad broken in, knowing what they want and how to please.

        4. hahahahahaha what are you on about ???? I dint think you hated the whores but you seem to have a disdain for ALL women and thats cool I just think it’s a mistake. you clearly haven’t come across any strong woman or maybe you don’t like them and no I don’t mean “good girls” who are sad when you have sex and play it cool. Is that what you think a strong woman is ?? Or having to teach them,sounds like your picking these girls up outside a church. Not the type I’m on about. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand you I just have had the pleasure of finding one maybe two flowers in the patch of weeds.

    3. I don’t know why so many men try to meet women online these days. The golden age of internet hookup is long past. Just like a trendy club or bar, there are too many men online now. Every guy with a smartphone can do online dating sites. The ratios are just pathetic. When MySpace was at its peak was the brief time when you could easily get puśśy just spam messaging.

  7. Someone should tell this guy he could have spent that plane ticket money on whores in Amsterdam. He would have had more fun and been at less health risk.

    1. I’m pretty sure there are whores everywhere. No need to get on a plane.

      1. Yeah, just saying, this guy is Dutch and Amsterdam is know for its red light district, among other things. Why fly all the way to China to pay for a piece of ass?

        1. oh yeah, forgot dutch. I was thinking why fly from America to Amsterdam because I’m an American and FUCKING USA

  8. Time for Roosh to write ‘bang China’.
    I’m still unclear why he stayed there though. Was he lovestruck or just angry that she didn’t turn up. Was the whole point to show her up for being an unrealiable flaky cock-tease or to persuade her to change her mind, because he loved her so much. I have a bad feeling it was the latter.

    1. I’ll write it for you: Show up, don’t be Black.
      Here’s part 2: If you’re Black, it pays off to have an American passport, be in shape, and not be a stereotype (except for the big dick, that part’s OK) if you’re going for the general population, not the Black fetish girls (which are more prevalent in Japan than the Middle Kingdom).

      1. well that was short and sweet, unless you’re black. I’m brown, but I think I might play safe and stay away

      2. I don’t think White guys have it as good as you think. Perhaps being in China is different compared to Asians here in the United States as the ones here feel alienated and in a foreign land and so seek out what is familiar (an Asian male) while in China they would seek out something unique but based on what I observe here in the United States, White guys only get the lower tier Asian girls. I assume you know that what is considered beautiful or attractive by Chinese standards is very different from what is typically seen as beautiful in the US. The Chinese standards for female beauty are white porcelain skin, doll face, petite build, small bust, inverted triangle face (narrow chin and wider temples). Americans tend to think tan Asian girls are attractive.
        I personally have never seen what I would consider an attractive White man with an Asian woman. Apparently, I am the only one. he White guys I see with Asian girls tend to be skinny geeky balding nerds.
        The top shelf Asian girls will stick to their own men.
        I honestly would have been better off being born a short Asian guy with a limp. Being a tall, jacked, intelligent White guy has gotten me fuck all when it comes to Asian women. Asian women equate being masculine with being blue collar or uneducated or poor. That is why Asian men (who are already effeminate) go out of their way to accentuate their lack of masculinity (wearing pastel colors, sandals, wearing makeup, designer clothes, fedoras, etc).

        1. Yes, the paradigm of attractiveness does differ between races/cultures, generally speaking. I wouldn’t say that White guys get lower tier women either, nor are the necessarily relegated to them.
          Asian women that chase foreigners, particularly the handful that go for Black men, tend to prefer a masculine edge. A combination of masculinity and intellect can work wonders here in Asia. They just don’t prefer the stereotypical super-aggressive guy, and even then, there is a niche for them.
          A lot of Asian men here do dress pretty faggy though, I must admit.Here in Guangzhou, many of them seem both faggy and unkempt; at least the Koreans seem to have hygiene on point.

  9. I read the first paragraph and cringed at this guy’s actions. That is some pathetic shit. I rank this guy right up there with that dude whose girlfriend got gangbanged and he stayed with her anyways. True leaders of the bitch boy hierarchy.

  10. Girls enjoy getting attention more than any kind of meaningful relationship or even sex. Its shallow and pathetic

  11. Some people are just all around inept, and Cirk looks the part. He’s the type of person ancient civilizations would have tossed off a cliff when he was born. Even thirsty dudes with otherwise normal lives wouldn’t risk their lives sitting in an airport for ten days. You have to be mentally deficient to do such a thing, and no amount of common sense teaching will save a guy like Cirk.

      1. Oh you can cure the stupid..

        Its just the stupid person goes with the stupid

  12. Is he even sure that this woman existed? Sounds like a Catfishing story to me.

  13. That’s even worse than the guy who proposed to his girlfriend by buying her 99 iPhone 6s

        1. Look at “him”. Poor dick game. But you’re probably right… the full century might have done it anyways.

      1. Of course she did.
        The fact that the simp actually did it, means she knew all along he was a fool
        Shit.look at him.. Spent all that money on fucking phones and hes not even in a suit.
        Gamer clothes, for the simp.
        Fool should go the way of old yeller

        1. Where do you find this weird shit dude? Yday you posted a K-Pop vid! WTF

    1. Not as bad as the Houston moron who stopped traffic on a crowded freeway at rush hour just to propose to his girlfriend, but it’s up there.

      1. The only remarkable thing about that is how betafied and passive men are today that this could happen and not one, not ONE dude going somewhere got out and said Get your asses out of here or I will help you. Pathetic.

  14. In the immortal words of my favorite teacher,”pity him boys, don’t scorn him because he’s a sick sick sonofabitch”.
    No woman turns her phone off for ten days unless she’s in jail.

  15. I’d like to add some to this story. First off, this guy is 40 and Dutch. That’s the same as 25 in the us generation wise or worse. The female market in NL has been worse than the current American one in many ways since the 80’s. I know, I live here and have seen what couples in their 60’s are like.
    Secondly the girl is a professional girlfriend judging by her use of surgery and her online pics, web search ‘Chinese girl dating’ go for pictures, select a model looking one, go to the site. You are now on a scam dating site, where you pay to send ‘chocolates’ or ‘flowers’ to your girlfriend, and pay to have translated chats and emails. This is not real. Not a chance in hell they would, could or will ever meet. So the only risk to Cirk is that he continues paying her and going stupid stunts until he gets it, or dies.
    The last thing is, don’t pixelate the bitches face! Why the fuck protect someone like that?
    Well here she is unpixelated.

      1. That’s the aspect that seems largely overlooked so far. From my experience, about 80% of the attractive women online are either bots or blatant catfishing.
        This guy was easy prey. We want to be predators.

    1. What does it matter if she is pixilated. I can’t tell the difference between her and the 3 Chinese girls who work in my office.

      1. Brings to mind the ineffectiveness of the facial recognition engine on pariah comedian Carlos Mencia’s “CSI: China” sketch.

    2. Is there something pathological about the Dutch? Over the years, I’ve known three Dutch people in various capacities. Eventually, they all revealed themselves to be cheats, liars, and scammers. While I was never personally burned, this made me very suspicious of the Dutch to the extent I once declined to work with one.
      Now here we have a Dutch man being scammed by a professional girlfriend. Inconsistent with my experience in that it’s the polar opposite. Maybe many of them just lack good judgement.

      1. I would tend to agree with you at least partially, I think more of the Dutch are dishonest scammers than say Germans or Italians etc.
        I have the impression that a fair bit of it comes from them overestimating themselves, just like this guy did. He thought he had a realistic chance as her or a girl like her. Due to hubris he disregarded the obvious red flags and sailed full steam into a shitstorm.
        Same with the scammers, they think themselves so smart that there is no chance they will get caught etc.
        I live in the NL but I don’t have Dutch friends really. I work with some but most of them are predictably trying to cover their own ass for the most part so it’s doable.

        1. If you say overestimated himself because of lack of game, yes. But he’s got enough height, and, with work on game, could get plenty of women of any age or nationality. He just got sucked into internet fantasy. Bottom line is that men like descartes or schopenhauer, and the like, may not have been blazing successes with women in theur day, but clearly had the value to transcend centuries. If they put their immense brain power to the petty parlour tricks of game (“treat her like an annoying, bratty little sister”) they might have secured the cult status of Cassanova, admired and fawned over by ladies and muh dik playaz alike, to this day. Most men can improve their lot within a certain scope, despite society’s declaration of war on them. Most females have little intrinsic value besides a few fleeting years of beauty. Their value is mainly shown in child rearing.

      2. Well, my mother’s parents are Dutch and can confirm the “cheats, liars and scammers” part about her.

        1. I appreciate the reply.
          The ones I have experience with always seems to be looking for “an angle”, or are hiding something. I just cannot trust the Dutch. They don’t appear to value personal honesty the same way Germans or the French do.

        2. Yes, definitely the Dutch are unremorsefully promiscuous. The feminism runs deep.

    3. “The female market in NL has been worse than the current American one in many ways since the 80’s.”
      Doesn’t surprise me. Dutch women are notoriously difficult.

      1. I was with this Dutch girl who claimed to love me, wanted to be with me forever, but couldn’t have sex because it hurt and she had some sorta medical something mumbo jumbo, but I can fuck other girls – then she asked me to marry her. Then she has her vagina redone you know the designer one?
        I suggested she needs professional help.
        Dutch men are only less cucked than Swedish ones, maybe Danish, but tits right up there. That bitches dad was so soul crushing to watch doing his wife’s bidding, he secretly told me he thought I should find another girl for me, but he still loves every minute I’m there because I am the only one who stands firm.

        1. Only a Dutch woman would claim sex hurt. What a cold horrible group. A professor in my department is a Dutch woman: ugly as sin and built like a refrigerator. You would get more warmth from a 2W night light.

      2. Have you seen any Dutch movie lately, like ANY? Every single one has dumb simpering beta males and Tough Independent Grrrls takin charge and kickin ass regardless of plot. Dutch men are amazing to me–I’ve spent a bit of time there–tall Aryan alpha types all with the spirits of AFC pedestalizers, it’s w-e-i-r-d. I guess it’s common for all Northern European males, I mean look how German men have allowed their women to invade their land with rapefugees, or, retch, just look at Sweden…

    4. Honest thanks for exposing her. I don’t believe in protecting people like this either!

    5. All that thirst over a common 7. A 40 year old ought to have known better.
      Hard to feel sorry for Dutch Steve Buscemi.

  16. The 2nd 1/2 of gen x in the west, born from 1970 to just before 1980, (my gen) got clobbered in the sexual market place. Womens hypergamy went into overdrive while they got fat, and no resources for game existed. while western women are still insanely hypergamous and fat, at least there are now resources that one can use to cope.

  17. If I meet someone online for anything (dating or just a meetup group), they’re lucky if they get 10 minutes. There are too many things worth doing, and too many ways to have a good time, for me to sit on ass waiting for a simple “sorry, be there in 10” text.
    If you want to date a foreign girl living in her native country, you should do so while traveling to that country on holiday or for work. I’d say the same basically goes for any girl who lives outside your usual travel paths.

  18. Guarantee she used low self-esteem men from online to cover cost of her cosmetic surgery, among other things. This simp was one of many pay pigs. Yes women call them pay pigs.

  19. I’ve got a better idea. How about no sympathy and twice the dose of brutal honesty. He thought he was going to land an 8 or a 9 with that look and absolutely zero game to make up the difference? We’ve already established that he has zero game because he opted to sit there in an airport for TEN DAYS waiting for this woman when any sensible man would have waited all of 10 minutes. This guy is the poster child for every beta simp on the planet. Thirsty doesn’t even begin to adequately address what this guy is. Saying he’s “thirsty” is like looking at the dessicated remains of King Tut’s mummified corpse and saying “Gee, that guy looks a bit parched.”
    When I see his picture, I don’t see a man in need of sympathy. I see a man in need of the biggest backhand bitchslap on the planet followed by an intensive training regimen on how to find one’s balls.

    1. Agreed…if you look up the word “sap” in the dictionary you’ll see this guy’s pic …Sad.

    2. “When any sensible man would have waited all of 10 minutes.” Correction: when any sensible man wouldn’t have fallen for this shit and gotten on the plane in the first place. If you’re going to meet some foreign chick and it involves air travel, she should be coming to you, and you should book the ticket through an airline that will let you exchange them or get credit if she fails to cash them in.

      1. He wasn’t even invited. I did travel myself to see a girl, nothing wrong with that if you are not a complete nutcase like this guy.
        And my trip was definitely worth it, we are now married.

        1. Based on what you have shared about your marriage, I seriously doubt that you would have waited 10 days in an airport to see your wife. You come across as too sensible for such foolishness.
          Idiots like this dutchman get no sympathy from Red Pill women. We look down on fools like this as part of the reason why modern romantic relationships are terrible.

        2. Definitely would not have waited on her like that, I met her outside a convenience store in Osaka, and would have had alternative plans had she not showed up or even kept in contact properly. I would never have done it without alternative plans.
          And indeed this guy gets no sympathy at all for the simple reason that he’s got no reasonable base to believe she’d go for him. He’s not handsome, he’s not rich, and he’s not young. So his SMV is like a 4-5 tops. She is young, wealthy enough however she got the cash to be doing cosmetic surgery, and Asian scale she is about 8 or so. She’s not a 9, many prettier girls than her out there.

        3. Japan :-). Traditional girl who is now pregnant with my son, couldn’t get much better.

    3. I’d try to salvage the trip. Go see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.
      As an aside, back in 2002 one of my college classmates lived at an airport for 4 days. She flew into a city 5 hours from our university town to save money, just taking it on faith a white knight would make the trip to pick her up. It took 4 days of her calling everyone she knew and people making excuses before her royal highness deigned to hop on a Greyhound. (The really sick thing is that in this era of Instagram and other cancerous forms of social media, she’d probably be able to easily procure a ride).

      1. I’d like to see the reporter’s follow up on this intrigueing story…guy is obviously desparate and out of touch with reality.

    4. “I see a man in need of the biggest backhand bitchslap on the planet followed by an intensive training regimen on how to find one’s balls.” Amen to that, but he needs common fucking sense even more than that.

    5. Your assessment about him may well be correct, but if you think hard slaps can turn around this man, I have to doubt your sanity.
      While pitying him is not helpful, I think compassion is a good thing.

      1. Compassion for those in genuine need, perhaps due to circumstances beyond their control, is not something I’m against. Compassion for an idiot who, through his own actions or lack thereof, lands himself in trouble is a waste. This guy flies to China, uninvited, to hook up with a girl that’s light years out of his league and then spends 10 days honing his creeper skills by waiting for her in an airport to the serious detriment of his own health. This is not a scenario in which I would say compassion is a well invested emotional response. If you’re inclined to feel sorry for the guy, more power to you. I’ll be reserving my compassion for a more worthy cause.

  20. What’s the longest you’d wait for an online date to show up for the first meeting, without communication explaining her delay, before you bail? For me 20 minutes.

    1. You are goddamn right. I think Asian women look good. can you imagine how much ass was walking around in that airport. He could have told the truth on why he was there and left that place freshly fucked with a future bride.

      1. Before traveling I’d set up as many different “dates” in advance from online as possible, knowing that half are going to flake. Then after I arrived at the travel destination I’d change my dating profile location to that foreign city, and keep trying to set up more dates once I had my feet on the ground. Then I’d hit a few clubs on my free nights. Yes even a clueless western male can fall ass backwards into fun in a big asian city without much effort.

      2. it was like that tom hanks movie where he’s stuck in the airport and eats ketchup packets and crackers

    2. Well, to be fair, in a foreign country, I would give her a few hours. Not sit around waiting doing nothing. But I’d probably hold out some hope until the end of the day, but already be moving on, getting a room, and getting out meeting other girls or just exploring the city. But sitting there for 10 days. There’s no one I would wait on that long. That’s just pathetic. Also, dude looks VERY rough for 41.

    1. tried to kill himself. fuck. that guy can’t do anything. There really is nothing more pathetic to me than attempted suicide. The idea that you tried to kill yourself and failed….my goodness…how much more of a fuck up can you be?

      1. How does he live with himslef knowing that he cannot even take his own life?

        1. Exactly. What if someone says “why don’t you just go kill yourself” do you just say “I tried” like in a sad voice

    2. But how many White guys are in China or Japan or Korea? Aside from GI’s stationed there? I’m guessing under 10,000 total (business men and English teachers). 10,000 distributed among a population of close to 2 billion. Most White guys are stuck in this hellhole country called America, tied by familial obligations or educational goals.

      1. GIs are stationed in Korea and Japan, not Mainland China (not yet at least). There are plenty of White people doing business, teaching, working for international firms, etc. here in China. Not sure what the exact numbers are, and for sure all foreigners are a drop in the bucket in Asian countries compared to the native populations.

  21. “..undeniably obsequious” – love this phrase. banked.
    “…being clueless is a disease” – hilarious 😂😂

    1. Oh god, that poor guy–how many times was he plowed in the a*s by Hollywood pedo directors/producers…it’s written all over his dead face. Child actors…*shudder*

        1. This note made my night. This is up there with when I exchanged comments with Derbyshire and Sailer or made COTW at Chateau (ha). I wish you’d write for Taki’s, they need new blood over there. Or just come shoot the sh*t with us in the comments, many of the often brilliant guys there remain paradoxically quite blue pilled. All the best and keep up the great work, what you do means so much to so many of us.

        2. It’s the old dogs who have too much to lose swallowing the RP at this late stage in their game but the younger gen is demonstrably RP and vehemently anti-feminist. The mid 20s-40s age group being reactionary/neo reactionary/true conservative knows modern Western women are mostly toxic but they are very traditional and want very much to get a good woman and have a traditional family. It’s an exciting time right now with the glorious Trumpening and these men need to know more about new masculinity/RP.
          Anton Chigurh (that’s me–I’m a dude–this claire zamunda shit was a throwaway I made to offend Jezzies with) has tried often to dispel the PUA stereotype and show Dissident Righters/paleocons/race realists that new masculinity/RP is in fact an integral facet of the dark enlightenment and the general true conservative movement. I’ve had a lot of success and good exchanges. There’s so many men who are brilliantly awake in everything but ridiculously AFC when it comes to their women dept.
          I wonder what your screen name is–I guess you wouldn’t want to tell me. If I see a sudden casual visitor putting out some new masc. vibes I’ll wonder if it’s you! Like I said–I hope you come around for the younger gen. All the best.

        3. Not entirely true. Ive been a Taki commentator for years and there are many of us who are red pilled and call out modern feminism. It’s merely the Taki senior citizens who don’t understand your message.

  22. True story.
    In my BP days, I was on a Chinese dating site. Really expensive ($5 per letter each way) but the chicks on it were tasty. Much better than RL. Of course, when you’re shelling out that kind of cash to read/send notes, the buffet better be worthwhile.
    I went to China 5 years ago. Partially as a birthday present to myself, partly to meet the chick I’d been conversing with. Landed in GZ, spent a few days there before heading to her town…. Of 4 million. Get there, into hotel, arrange date for next night.
    I arrive and it’s very clear almost immediately.
    She has zero idea who I am. Not where I’m from, my name, nothing. Two years of semi-regular correspondence ($200?) and the chick who’s allegedly dying to meet me has no idea. She’s gorgeous, sure, but I could have just gotten off the boat, so to speak.
    Dinner went well and we went different ways. I laid into the agency for foul misdealings and they send out a complete stranger the next night giving her a BS story and breaking her heart when I tell her I have no idea who she is.
    Tl;dr: Chinese companies will not ever go broke so long as Western chicks are unworthy of our time.

    1. Yep, I posted below about the professional girlfriend thing.
      I never tried em but I did see tons of these sites when I decided to go Asian style.
      Just recently found pics on an old hdd of a Chinese girl I was kinda into, but this was not one like that, she was totally real and totally bat shit crazy hehehe. We skyped and messaged mostly, but she was obsessed with me cheating on her, which became too much.
      Now I’m happily married to a Japanese girl.

      1. I am kind of over world friends at the moment.
        Most of the women seem to be older/used up ex carousel riders looking for a husband.
        I was talking to one 27 year old and apparently she has done extensive “travelling”, including dating a lot of people. She just had a mannerism about her that was really slutty and I told her I didn’t really want to be friends so she blocked me and wrote this.
        I am still not even sure what it means. I think it says “Die! Miserable shit, I am not like that.” or something, lol. She reminded me of the Korean girl though, similar mannerisms. I might just try find some hookers in my city instead. Sick of the idea of dating.

        1. You know, my girl now treats me like a king :-). I’m the father of our first born child and it’s a boy hehehe.
          She gets up before me to set coffee and make me breakfast.
          Traveling doesn’t mean cock carousel per se, and afaik almost all girls with enough money will travel a bit.
          Hookers are everywhere if that’s what you want, I don’t do that kind of thing hehe.
          If you are in Japan, just go hang out somewhere, a girl will come soon enough, but you have to stop going for slutty girls.
          In Japan reputation is extremely important.

        2. I am not sure why I attract women like that, haha. That’s great news about your son.
          Yeah, I seem to attract damaged girls. I am not sure why. I often end up in arguments with them but world friends seems to attract a particular kind of well travelled girl. I am not sure where to meet the traditional ones. I guess it takes time and patience
          Translated the text says “Do not get up again(die) dismal shit, I am not joking.” All I said to her was that I didn’t want to be her friend as I didn’t think she was my type. She lived in canada though.

        3. I dunno, I think I need to sort out my job etc and maybe sleep with hooper’s for experience. Doesn’t seem to be much difference between them and modern women.

        4. My girl offered to pay for me to go get a full service massage hihihi.
          I thought it was a shit test, but apparently it was not, she was serious… This was before we got married so we had no sex lol.
          Now that she’s my pregnant wife she isn’t offering to pay for it, but she told me quite clearly she doesn’t mind so long as she doesn’t hear of it.

        5. Haha, yeah I am a software developer like you are. I left my old position as I wasn’t getting paid enough and it was thankless work. Currently I am looking at remote work and maybe becoming a digital nomad. Then I could travel.

        6. I’m considering going freelance and doing it by project. Still looking for a new employer though, but not sure I can find one that fits hehe.
          Right now I’m mostly working with integrating salesforce data push from our CRM and the logistics handling by DHL. Neither were difficult, just tedious.

        7. Stack overflow jobs or we work remotely should have part time freelance work.
          Also I reinstalled LINE I might chat up the 27 year old I still have in contacts. She is here in the country which is a bonus.

        8. I’m a asp.net programmer, WCF etc now. I will take a look closer.
          Chat her up and go meet her man :-).
          My wife was slow in the beginning… But she was not flaky..
          As soon as I saw her I knew she would be my wife.

        9. Stack overflow and the others seem like garbage to me, how do you make $$ off those? Angel list sign up is also fucked, they want my current employer which is out of the question obviously.
          I’m really curious but I’d need to make about 2.5-3k/month minimum to get by and the sites all look geared to 17yr old PHP guys who’d be happy with 500 bucks.

        10. Hmm, good question. It’s ironic as for a long time here in NZ I couldn’t get an open source job as everyone wanted corporate IT skills such as .NET, Java Enterprise etc.
          My own skills are more “script kiddy” as you say with Javascript frameworks such as React.js, Python Django and Meteor. Yet apparently now in the States that stack is highly in demand, unlike NZ who is still more Microsoft centric.
          So that is why I’m looking into remote work. I would suggest that you look into consulting work for corporate clients as a side hustle, then if you can slowly move into making it full time. I don’t really see many remote jobs that would suite your skill set though potentially working for yourself you could make a lot of money.
          I use a macbook pro at the moment, though I’m pretty comfortable in Linux as well.
          Also I spoke with the girl, she’s under a lot of stress doing 60 hour weeks at the restaurant she’s working at. I warned her not to do it but I guess she needed the money. I’d like to help her if I could out of that situation, if she’s interested in me, she actually is a lovely girl and very compassionate and kind. Even on world friends the girls are a lot more travelled and worldly than that. So I might go and see her in Auckland.

    2. And dunces are willing to pay

      You are double dunce for not at least banging, but how would you have known to bang when you spent all that money to email.
      Dunce moves

    3. So…you flew to the other side of the planet and still came back with a dry d!ck? I never understand flying to Asia just for pu$$y. There are plenty of Asian ho0kers in any major American city.

      1. I guess the part about it being “blue pill” days keeps being overlooked here.

      2. The other important part is that she was only partially the reason for going. China for your birthday is kinda sweet.

      3. Or anywhere for that matter. I’ve come to this conclusion. Just look on backpage.

  23. Now let’s flip the story. Another globetrotting Dutchman by the name of Joran Vandersloot
    was suspect in the disappearance of Natalie Holloway. Five years later while in Peru, a Peruvian student was murdered and Peruvian officials believed Vandersloot was to blame. He’s now serving 28 years in peru and has a fan club of female visitors. Vandersloot stole the heart of this one, Lady Figueroa
    a Peruvian finance student who married and copulated a child with him while visiting in his cell. He’s a dad now!! Cigars anyone??

    1. I remember that story: American slut goes to the Caribbean and got tag teamed by the Murderous Dutchman and Deepak and apparently liked it too rough and got choked the fuck out and had her body dumped into the ocean as shark bait or some such. I never understood parents sending their daughter on a vacation to celebrate high school graduation! How is graduating high school an accomplishment? I think my parents took me to Ponderosa or Dairy Queen to celebrate graduating high school.

      1. Yeah. I my wife and I know this local girl-who is somewhat psychopathic, white girl. Guess where she is going for vacation. South Africa! Hope she doesn’t get raped.

  24. “Want to help your fellow men? Introduce them to Return Of Kings”
    I’ve done this with several strangers who have sent me thank you emails after they had perused ROK.

  25. Dutch people are messed up people. I’ve been there once and NEVER again. Not because the country is bad, because the standard of living is pretty high, but the people are a big turn off. They are either complete, autistic losers like the guy from this article, or they are dumb, racist rednecks who behave like animals.
    And the women…if you like 6+ feet tall masculine women with masculine bodies and faces then you’ll like it in The Netherlands. Definitely the worst Germanic breed of people.

  26. This man doesn’t have my sympathy, he has my pity. As in, “I pity the fool”.
    In all seriousness, for a guy to nearly starve himself to death in a facility filled with food vendors, waiting for a 10-day no-show, you really have to question whether he has a serious mental illness. In which case, it must be said, the woman dodged a bullet.
    Although with that lameass story about “turning my phone off for plastic surgery for 10 days”, you have to question her mental faculties as well.

    1. An attention whore like Zhang could not have possibly turned her phone off for 10 straight days. She was communicating with her other orbiters the whole time. That’s a BS excuse and we here all know it.

  27. I am a gen x. I grew up in the 80’s and we had it good, our music, thinking more heavy metal and rap than grunge, was competely masculine and totally red pill and in your face 24/7. We didn’t have mass opposition in the media, just Tipper Gore and it was OK to take the piss out of her. A traditional marriage and women with traditional values were expected. Then the 90’s changed this! We got shut out of the mainstream and our idols, Slash, Ozzy Osbourne. To digress a little Sharron has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton. Both confirmed feminists married to guys who are extreme red pill!
    Post divorce I have been through the online overseas dating business like a lot of men my age. Meeting younger women has confirmed my Red pill status. My current deal is a 26 yr old Vietnamese girl, who wasn’t a hooker when I met her, although she was giving hand jobs, but she managed to get herself pimped out after I met her. At first I was kind of using her as a tour guide with benefits, but I actually fell in love with this girl – yes I actually managed to talk a sex worker into giving me pussy for free.
    The progression into full on bar girl after meeting me was because I had a few money problems due to my divorce and I was being way too nice to her. Asian girls are really sweet on the surface and its very easy to get sucked in by this. This was my red pill moment!
    I have maintained the relationship with her because I did play around quite a lot while she was in Vietnam; and tbh I actually quite like her.
    Anyway, now we are married and I treat her like a live in prostitute and housekeeper. I bang the shit out of her every day – not regular married sex but gagging, choking, hot oil sex; daily. She cooks, cleans and is the mother of my son and she plays a traditional role in my house – had a paternity test, always get one of them. And she is totally loves it!
    My advice to my generation if dating Asian girls from online dating sites in SE Asia; Asian men, in Asia are mostly red pill and complete bastards. Asian women are as fickle as all women and are used to being treated like shit. If you are blue pill in any way shape or form she will think all of her Christmases have come at once – then still fuck the bad boys because they get her off and probably have more money that you!
    Be red pill with her and she will give you everything cos at heart she is a dirty little sub and don’t be afraid to keep playing around because if you don’t, she will!

    1. “who wasn’t a hooker when I met her, although she was giving hand jobs,” Vietcong fast “food”.
      10 dolla bohcoo money, 5 dolla for ehvrising!

      1. I have more than enough experience to know and I guess by your misquote of the line from The Dear Hunter, you haven’t noticed the price has gone up a bit since the 70’s. But still, what’s important is that she cooks, cleans and she sent me to work with an awesome root AND I still get to play away. What you got at home, a laptop and a fleshlight?

        1. It’s just banter, hombre! Btw the quote is from Full Metal Jacket and no, I don;t own sex toys, I tend to go after women

        2. Likewise on the banter, I’m sure there is a similar scene with Christopher Walken in Dear Hunters.
          Point is, yeah ur right these girls are fucking desperate, but compare them to western girls. Western girls are whores for free, at least these girls get paid.
          I’m happy enough as long as she keeps my balls drained and my stomach full. I have to do very little in return. And I still think getting it for free off a hooker is a win!

    2. What revisionist garbage. Your girl wasn’t a hooker, but she gave hanjobs? Is that what she told you??? Haha.

      1. Actually I believe her cos she was shit in bed in a very clumsy, inexperienced way when I met her. I trained her up to a certain extent. Then I didn’t see her for 6 months and she had continued upskilling while was away. That’s how she got busted!
        Whilst I know she has missed certain facts out of her story, cos she is a really shit liar, I actually believe that!
        She has no real reason to lie cos I caught her out. Knew about the shit at the start of the relationship, she didn’t tell me, I worked it out, and turned a blind eye cos I was getting plenty back home without her.
        As I said she is a glorified housemaid and cock polisher and as I have a kid with her, who was an accident, who is def mine cos I did a paternity test, it’s bettet that child support and I still get it elsewhere too.

    3. Yes, modern pop culture is decidedly anti-white male. Trump is hated because he is an aggressive unapologetic White male.
      Masculinity is only allowed when exhibited by Black and Hispanic males as evidenced by hip hop and professional sports.

      1. No-one allows me anything, I simply ignore. Maybe the reason Black and Hispanic masculinity it tolerated more in the mainstream – i.e. rap, is because they reject attempts to tame them. But I did mention Slash in my post as an 80’s icon of masculinity, Slash is black!
        Don’t be tamed!

    1. Actually there are, I’m about to bang one right now, after she scrubs my back in the shower! see ya later m/

        1. pmsl nah back scrubbed and female serviced. To cap an already good day I just closed on the new and totally hot Persian data scientist at work. Got a date!!

        2. A hoe is a hoe, internet hoes are real, shes in the kitchen now cooking my lunch while I contemplate how long to leave it before I follow up with the Persian princess at work.
          What is wrong with the Dutch dude, why didn’t he verify she was real on FaceTime or Skype first. Oh shit, her battery must have been flat!

  28. I have tried to find some sympathy for this guy but I can’t. “Men” such as these need to be removed from the gene pool.

    1. No. I disagree. He’s Dutch, a very leftist, feminist dominated country, from what I can glean. He probably never had his eyes opened as many on here have. He will either kill himself, or learn from this horrible experience and become a better man. This was his red pill awakening. His was a bit extreme, but we’ve all had that moment when the ugly reality of women and life dawns on us.

      1. I would bet money on him not learning shit from this. I live in NL and have come across a bunch of these incurables. He won’t kill himself either, he will just trudge along and either continue sending money to this chick or some other chick just like her.
        Yep it’s pretty bad here but better than Scandinavia, and there are jobs unlike the whole southern half of Europe.

  29. Deserves no sympathy
    For that money he could have emptied his blue balls into a slope hooker, then back home with his feet up and some fried rice

      1. Thailand’s a bit shifty
        If you don’t keep your wits about you; you can end up pulling up a dress and getting in a sword fight, that will end in tears, vomit and therapy

  30. If I was stuck in a Chinese airport for ten days I’d look something like this guy too. Chinese food just doesn’t stick with me.

  31. Some guys are beyond hope, and aren’t worth it.
    This guy is one of them.

  32. ” Here we have a man who has either been forever oblivious to hard truths about women, or has chosen to ignore them.” Is that not the very definition of Blue Pill. I really feel sorry for him, not a desire to laugh at him. I feel like punching that girl though.

  33. Actually, the fate of Flight 370 is no longer a mystery. It was suicide by plane crash—pilot crashed the plane into the sea.

  34. He wasn’t invited!!! He had been “corresponding” (translation: probably sending $) to this woman for a while and then just showed up in her country. She’s a scam no doubt, but he’s not right in the head.

  35. The more I read about this story, the more I get the feeling we just got trolled by the world’s skinniest Dutchmen. He either engineered the whole escapade to wheedle his 15 minutes of media fame.. or at least, he suddenly went red pill and turned a shitty situation around to his utter advantage.
    In either case, I doff my fedora sir.

    1. At least they look more like chicks in his league. And he’s not remotely close to the skinniest, I live and work in the NL and we have at least 2-3 on my floor alone who are skinnier than he is. Only guys though, and the women more than “make up the difference”…

    2. Why, because a couple of ugly oriental girls agreed to pose in a photo with him in his moment of universal humiliation? Are you fcking stupid?

      1. I don’t understand why you incel trolls feel the need pick female names. No one is fooled.

        1. Keep your shirt on, I use this to troll dumb c*nts at Jezebel when I’m drunk, it’s not my usual.

  36. I had a friend that once flew to another city to meet up with a girl he met online. No surprise she was a giant no show. He waited at the airport for four hours before getting the news via a text she was “too nervous” to meet him.
    On top of his $500 plane ticket he was out $100 for a hotel that night and a $200 change fee to fly back he next day. I asked him why he went and he said they had some good conversations over the phone. He lived in the mid-West so the number of available women was low. Can’t entirely blame him for taking the chance. She did looking smoking hot in her online photos (could have been old photos or very carefully posed selfies though). I think he learned a valuable lesson though.
    The only thing I don’t get is why a woman would talk to a man for hours on end over the phone, agree to meet in person, then totally flake after knowing the man spent significant resources to meet her. I realize the investment in this scenario is mostly on the man traveling, but still you would think the woman may still want to show (especially in a public space) even if just for an hours worth of time just to confirm her suspicions it was a bad idea.

    1. He was almost the Dying Dutchman! This guy was playing craps with his life with a medical condition such as his.

  37. I’m not opposed to the idea of traveling to a far off place to meet a woman like this, but have a backup plan in case she doesn’t show up, which happens a lot. A friend of mine who’s a good-looking guy and speaks great Spanish once flew to el DF to meet up with a cute Mexican chick who didn’t show up. He spent the week moping and feeling sorry for himself in city with literally millions of other cute Mexican chicks who would have been all-over an athletic, blond American dude who speaks Spanish. Inexplicable.

    1. Unless you have model looks or you are rich, I can guarantee that traveling anywhere for a woman like this is a waste of time and money because you don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell.
      These girls are professional girlfriends who live off the gifts of their “boyfriend” in the west.
      About your friend, I hope that cured his idiotic oneitis, if not it truly was a fucking waste.

  38. This dude doesn’t deserve dick from me.
    I have a kid with an Asian girl now and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing what he did.
    I’m a patient man, but after 6 hours I’d be elsewhere and that woman would be dead to me. Even my current girl. Think I won’t cut all ties if she can’t eeven be arsed to answer her phone?
    Cucks deserve what they get. They get off on this.

  39. I had an internet boyfriend a while back. I never told him I was a man, because he seemed impressed with the “I’m a 15 year old Thai girl” story I served him. Poor fella.
    He sent me a MacBook in the post last year, and just a month ago he sent me $2,000 USD to buy a plane ticket and travel expenses (not a ticket to visit him, but a ticket from BKK to NZ where I’ve got family).
    After that, he felt ready to take our relationship further. I felt so guilty by then that I was almost ready to go transvestite for him and give him what I owed him, but I suppose I got lucky and the relationship naturally fizzled out after I pointed out how little we had in common.
    I never told him the truth.
    Oh and you guys wonder why I’m content to masquerade as a chick online? Well, this kind of explains why. Being an eChick has its perks (in the form of expensive goods and hard US cash!)
    I feel bad for Betas like that, but SOMEBODY is going to exploit them so it might as well be me…

      1. I don’t have a “sexuality”. I’m too fucked up for that. I just aim my cock at a fertile womb and hope for the best, because that seems like the logical thing to do.

    1. Little bo peep fucked a sheep, blew a horse, licked his feet.
      She ate his ass, so very nice.
      Tongued his balls, not once, but twice.
      – ADC, 1988

      1. Why is it in past tense? I’m right here. It should read, “Little Bo Peep fucks her sheep…”

  40. there is a high possibility that the person he has been communicating with is not female.

  41. A lot wrong with this story. In my experience, Asian women can be quite heartless…I guess that’s just women period. There are 1.3 billion Chinese. He could’ve left the airport or go to Beijing and literally had 10 million new prospects just like the b!tch who flaked.
    A European with at least some money….he could’ve swam in pu$$y over there. A guy like this needs a mentor; a red pill man with life experience. This oneitis is downright criminal

    1. At least some money? Clearly not, look at how he’s dressed. Coughing up a grand for a ticket doesn’t mean shit.
      If you look at him, he’d need a LOT of work to even be a 6. But that would never be of any use since he for sure is fubar in the head.
      The guy thinks he can bag a 8-9 – he never will, nor is there anything much to fix that. Short of a brain transplant.
      If you think there is a way for him then you are not much more realistic than he is. He could maybe score a 5 or 6 realistically if he works on his game, beyond that short of winning the lottery no fucking way.

      1. “he’d need a LOT of work to even be a 6” -> That would be 1 point higher than the average. This guy is a 2 in my books. Thats 1 point up from omega.
        IF (big, big if) he could make it to a male 6 he would have little problem getting 8-9 in a 3rd world country as a white foreigner with say 10K to spend for a month of vacation there.

        1. Well, you’re wrong with the last part. These days to get a third world 9 you have to be rich and he’s not. At least generally speaking, the real 9s don’t get any closer no matter what you do except getting rich.
          A 9 usually knows she’s a 9 and will use that.

        2. Well money is a big help for sure. It leverages your game considerably. That said, there are different levels of “rich”.
          If you have $300 000 cash you are by no means rich in europe or the US. You may be able to buy a modest home and a modest car with it, debtfree yes but thats it.
          Now take the same 300K to a real 3rd world country (where the people are earning $300/month on average or even less) and you will notice how much more it will buy you.
          I am not talking about sex workers who are paid by the hour. Real girls who want a family with a decent white guy who is not dirt poor. 8s or 9s who are around 20 and did some local beauty pageant. This type of prize.
          Even for such a wimpy skinny guy like this borderline omega here, it would not be impossible. Of course his main problem is his fucked up brainz and the condensed horseshit society, feminism and socialism has implanted there. Not even 1B$ could fix this.

        3. If you have 300k in the bank in Europe you are in the top 1%-2%or so and that’s what I’d call rich. You’d have top pick of pussy anywhere you go if you show that off. To buy a house outright in cash you need a lot more than that, at least if you want something above minimum level. 300k is a house far out in the burbs with a small garden and 2-3 bedrooms, maybe a second toilet if you are lucky.
          And getting that kind of money in Europe without robbing a bank or spending 50yrs working and not spending is unrealistic for most.

        4. 300K U$ is not much in the grand picture. Every professional (=good in your line of work and/or university degree in something useful like STEM or medicine) in EU/US can save that much in about 10 years without too much problems.
          You said yourself it wont even buy you a decent house. Read your own comment. The semi-poor fellow who just sold his old grandmas house. He is middle class on a good day (a 5 if we take the 1-9 scale from women and use it for social ladder rankings).
          Having 300K is not going to impress any quality lady in the first world. I know people who spent that much on their wedding or on a car. Since you are in the netherlands you may want to make a trip to germany and check out the Frankfurt banking district for cars or the better residential areas of said city – a decent (NOT luxury mansion!) house is about 2 000 000 euros there.
          For a backwards country on the other hand, you are spot on. It will impress some of the nicier ladies in town.

        5. Nah, in EU unless you are in banking you will never even make that much in 10yrs with a “good job” let alone be able to save it. So you’re full of shit in that regard.
          Jobs for highly qualified engineers etc here are in the 2500-4500€ Monthly salary range tops as far as I’ve seen. That’s before taxes.
          So yeah 300k IS more than enough to impress any first world lady with half a brain I would think.
          Most people don’t own houses and have a net worth far below even 50k in Europe. So to have 300k does out you far far above the pack.

        6. Your reality is different from mine. The main difference beeing that I am past 40. There are far, far more people with money than you think. You are right that the bulk of people is lower class and has no money.
          When it comes to upper middle class (6s) or lower upper class (7) in social standing you will encounter tons of people with money. A friends brother who started a small business around 30 had enough to pay his ex-wife and mother of his 3 children 500K cash in divorce money when SHE LEFT HIM.
          Why? Because he didnt have enough, her new guy with whom she now has more children has millions.
          Thats the perspective of the real world. I know it sucks for young people who start out with nothing. Still if you work hard you can easily save say 100K in 10 years if you try hard enough, even without university degree or any particular talent or luck. You just cant do the socialist thing of 8-4 job with 2 vacations per year, every sunday hand over AND expect to get something done. You have to focus. I do advice my younger readers to focus on money until ~30-35 and THEN marry and start a family.
          A man needs at least a house and a car thats his, without debt, to be even close to what is known as alpha. For the rest – fake it until you make it, but make it, you have.

        7. I don’t know a single person who owns a car and a house debt free, and most of my colleagues are 30-40s and have ‘manager’ in their title. So yeah I suppose our realities are different.
          All of their wives work, which is the only way they afford a mortgage and a car loan, on their salary alone they would not get close. Most aren’t married because they can’t afford it.

        8. First i do respect you and your comments are a perk here at the forums.
          But i have to say that the people you know are typical beta males. Beta males by the book. It does not look good for them.
          That said, it gets worse. The wise old men said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Be it friends or work buds or family. So; if all the people you know are beta males chances are you are also one of them.
          Thats fine, as long as you are honest with yourself and dont expect much from life. Life is slow, quiet and comfortable within the herd of sheep.
          On the other hand you are here at rok. So there is hope you want more from life. If that is the case you may want to re-think everything you believe you know. Starting with the most important of all things: money.
          A salary is not the holy grail when you want to make real money. You get taxed to hell and back. You are subject to all kinds of goverment laws, rules and regulations. If you want to make more money become a criminal and/or start a business is the only reasonable way to do it. I am dead serious. One last word – you can do both of these while you still have your day-to-day job. You quit when you have at least 2K-3K monthy passive income, untaxed preferably. Then you are also free to move your behind out of dodge (=high tax country) and live in a low tax country until you have made it. Expect 1-3 years of hard work in your new business before you start earning the above numbers. From there it doubles every 3-6 years or so if you are doing it half-way-decent, depending on your area of expertise.

        9. Ok let me clear this confusion up. I don’t in person, here in NL know anyone who owns a car and house outright. Also because you would have to be stupid to do so. If you own a house without having a mortgage in NL you are a retard because the taxes will cost more than a mortgage.
          And you can deduct mortgage interest and repayment in part from your taxes.
          I used to have a house and a car, the car was paid in cash. But I got rid of it because it made no sense to pay hundreds a month for something you use 4-5 times a year. I got rid of the house and the girl attached to it because it also made no sense to me to have almost 200k debt for something worth about 110k then.
          As for the people I spend time with, I have no control over who my colleagues are other than quitting which is quite stupid to suggest, I have very limited interaction with them anyway. I spend far more time talking to other ROK readers than my colleagues.
          Starting a business is old hat, tried it and it only cost a bunch of money and so I shut it down. My ideas were about 5years too soon.
          And to conclude, you have got me wrong, I have most of everything I want from life, except a higher salary. To you that may not mean much but to my wife it does. I make money other ways too but she only really cares about my salary. She’s Japanese so it is probably a cultural thing.

        10. “except a higher salary” It is relativly difficult to get a higher salary (or promotion) at the company you are currently working. Most people who made big jumps in salary did so by finding themselfs a new, better paid, job elsewhere. This is more true the higher up in the corporate ladder you are.
          A higher salary is higher status, women dig higher status.

        11. Well, we will soon see about the salary thing, but most likely you are correct, very few companies understand what they lose when someone goes. I’m hoping the company I work for is smarter but not holding much hope.

        12. Yeah, I left my old job as I wasn’t been paid enough. I was promised a raise but it never arrived. I’d rather sit on the dole than slave away for minimum wage or hereabouts.

        13. You do PHP right? By all accounts you can remote work until you croak from under a palm tree. Which is I’m guessing what you are doing…
          I’m more restricted, I have to show up at meetings with decent office wear minimum etc. And the company conveniently forgot my one clause which is I don’t speak directly to clients

        14. I’ve never touched php. At the moment I’m unemployed so not really sure what to do next. Working on a start up idea with a friend but I don’t think it’s viable. Building a portfolio mainly.
          I mostly use Python, Javascript and Golang. Especially Javascript these days with React.js.
          I’ve done a little Java with Android as well and am contemplating on learning Swift.
          I know what the corporate clients want, C# .NET or Java mainly. Doesn’t sound fun, especially if you work on maintaining other people’s code.

        15. I would suggest just getting a little side hustle going if you have the time. Go to meetup.com events etc, try to meet people and build contacts. It’s what I plan to do. I find that specialising really seems to help, in the past I was too eclectic with technologies and never really got good at any one thing. So find something that has a demand and focus entirely on that.

        16. I do mostly back ends, so C#.Net. And XML pushed back to our CRM, and en to Salesforce if needed, but to me it’s not a bad gig. Maybe boring to you but I’ve been at it since 2008 and my complaints aren’t about the work per se.
          Mostly my have is toward our Indian front end guys, and yeah they cost about 9$ p/hr but they fucking suck

        17. My friend is a .NET developer, he makes pretty decent money but we often argue about OS choice so I try to avoid the topic now.
          And yeah, I lost my last job(the one before the one I left) to an Indian manager that would constantly behave like he was my best friend, all the while hiring more and more Indians into roles in the company. I don’t want to work in a corporate environment again after all I went through.

        18. Also I spoke with the girl in Auckland last night, going up to see her at some stage before she apparently is going to either the UK or Germany for a working holiday. She wants to live in Australia but has already been there.
          I should have said that she can live in Australia if she married me, lol as I can legally live and work there.

        19. With his beta mind probably loses a couple more points, remember part of a man’s attraction to women is his strength of character

  42. The picture of that guys pisses me off. He’s looking all pathetic and weak. That’s a turn off for chicks and it raises contempt from men.
    I’m not saying he IS pathetic or weak. But when you’re down do your best not to show it

  43. The truly saddening aspects of this story are Cirk’s age and the fact that his generation faced only a fraction of the current ideological male-bashing as it grew up. If this member of Generation X does something like this, and lives in such female-derived desperation, we should anticipate the arrival of many more like him amongst the much younger Millennial male cohort. And, as weird as it sounds, their pussy pedestalization may lead to even more extreme measures than those taken by Cirk.
    To be fair to this guy, Denmark was way, way ahead of the curve on male denigration, i.e. had he been an *American* or even a Brit GenXer, this might make this a bit harder to understand, but this guy is Danish and like the other Nordic countries, they are more than a decade ahead (if not more) of the rest of us in the civ formerly konwn as Western, insofar as the destruction of all things male.

    1. He’s not Danish you dolt. He’s Dutch. Not sure if you can’t read or think the two are the same but doesn’t speak well for you either way.
      That said they are more ch more than a decade ahead of the USA which is behind everyone in Western Europe by maybe 15-20 yrs. The rest of us does not equal he US. The US is behind everyone else.

      1. Small Germanic countries bordering Germany. I’m sure whatever is afflicting Denmark is hitting the Netherlands just as hard.

        1. Not really purely Germanic first of all. Secondly neither are the Danes, so just on that you are on shaky ground.
          But most of all, I have been to Denmark, a colleague of 10+ years is Danish, I was born in Sweden, and both of us like it a lot better here in NL than anywhere else right now.
          Swedish and Danish people are escaping to the Netherlands because of how different it is.
          That, and sorry but you are just stupid. ‘I’m sure’ based on what? Your boundless intuition which is worth a donkey’s arse?!

  44. I remember on tinder when I had a couple girls just outright give me their number on the second or third message. Then when I text them on a burner phone they ask me to come over. I ask for snap chat pictures, social media or meet somewhere public to ensure that this isn’t a trap.
    But some guys don’t get it and thus that cute girl on tinder turns out to be bait used to lure in rich thirsty guys and Rob him, or for single moms to sperm jack him for money.

    1. Tinder is a godsend… I have had none of these experiences. I’m sure something similar exists in his country. He could at least bang a few Tinder Hos and get it out of his system. Poor schmuck, though I do not feel sorry for him.

  45. Plastic surgery? Perhaps turning an egg roll into a fortune cookie?
    Guy should be made to eat catfish for the next month.

  46. This guy’s had a very rough 41 years by the looks of him. He’s not obese, so there’s a good chance he has Type I diabetes which made his situation even more perilous.

  47. Expect a clueless indie movie diector to turn this into a movie staring Steve Buscemi.

  48. Hahaha what a pathetic loser, serves him right. Smeagol waiting for his precious!

  49. This filthy hippy needs to put some shoes on and lose the daisy dukes for a start. Like a girl putting her feet on the dash, the fuck is that ? I vote execution, he’s hoping to end up married by sympathy out of this.

  50. Jesus, I’m having a difficult time even coming up with a modicum of sympathy for a guy that age to do something so retarded.

  51. At 41 he’s not exactly ”old” although he doesn’t look like much of a catch for anyone…except a goldigger…what a mug.

  52. No sympathy from me he must have been braindead and desperate – one day I could believe 10 days no way.

    1. so funny. yes. I don’t know why the dude didn’t check into a cheap hotel and wait it out there and at least see some of the city while waiting for his selfish gf to reply to his calls. If she knew he was coming and still booked the op (probably paid for by some online sucker/s who also thought they were her bfs) and turned off her phone, then that should be plenty of hard truth for this dude to wake the **** up and realize where he ranks on her priorities.
      “Here we have a man who has either been forever oblivious to hard truths about women, or has chosen to ignore them.” ………
      Two things, maybe he was aware of the hard truths when it came to Dutch/Western EU women, but was under impression Asian women were different. Secondly don’t underestimate the ‘hard truths’ about women being pushed to back of the brain by older men when it comes to sweet young pretty thangs.
      As for Gen X men having it much better then the young men of today…yes for back in their younger days, but if they are in the singles market now, no. Gen X women have been heavily influenced by the media and change in culture and the new female empowerment. They envy the younger women and missing out and many want to live the SATC life while their fading sex appeal holds up.

  53. I have plans to visit some foreign countries over the next several years.
    I’ve been in touch with a few females from the Philippines and have some male friends from the West who I’d like to meet out that way.
    I’ve made it clear that I don’t NOT commit to anybody without meeting them in person (even a meeting in and of itself is not a guarantee for a relationship).
    Some women I’ve chatted with online have exhibited behaviors that have been seriously off-putting. My remedy: Don’t make them the primary reason for my travels!
    While in the Philippines I will do some or hopefully all of the following: create a photo journal, learn some of the martial arts there, try some new food, do my regular workout, meet up with some male friends, go hiking, visit the beach, attend a few churches, help with a project, and make a short film. All these activities can be done outside of the romantic realm.

  54. Lol, wait, you mean the girl didn’t feel like being preyed on by creepy old Western men? Good on her! Let it be a message to you all.

  55. Some cold truth about this, Asian women are only attracted to white men for superficial reasons, mainly they are seen as a green card to the West and financial gain. Most Asian women will literally kiss a white man’s ass, mostly its done because they view them as someone that they can gain wealth and social status.
    So if you are white and seeking Asian women, know that they are likely to use you, you relationship will be very superficial, and it won’t be a loving one.

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