American Women Are Deep Thinkers

In the year 2000, Mel Gibson came out with one of those predictable romcom movies called What Women Want.  As described by IMDB:

Nick, a somewhat chauvinistic advertising exec hot shot, has his life turned haywire when a fluke accident enables him to hear what women think.

I know what you are thinking…wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to have this power?  To have a window into the female mind and know what they are thinking day in and day out?  What goes through these intricate heads while at work, at home, or at the hairdresser believing their bitchiest closest friends who told them they’d look cute with short hair?  Well you’re in luck.  I found the portal to the inside, the holy grail.  I now know what goes through these snowflakes’ heads.  And before you ask me — yes this is real.

Welcome To The Purse Forum

First the disclaimer.  There are actually some decent and useful threads in here.  However, they are so outweighed and overshadowed by the utter idiocy, nonsense and futility of the remainder of the threads that despite my knowledge of the sometimes simplistic nature of Western women, I still am left confused, shocked and perhaps slightly speechless.  And now without further ado some of the better ones I came across:

Where are you right now? Over 8,000 posts of girls telling us where they are right at that moment. Surprise! Most are at home or at work.  User frick&frack, who averages 20k posts a year likes to let her internet audience know where she is twice a day, which is (shockingly) usually at home.

What are you looking at? Before you click, take a second and think what one looks at when typing a response on a forum.  If you guessed what one would expect someone to be looking at when typing a response on a forum…their computer, laptop, iphone or whatever other medium they are using to retort — well you are right.  Perhaps in a nature forum, or an astronomy discussion this may be informative.  But to the women of Purse Forum, there is no such thing as the obvious.  This unbelievably useless thread has over 4,000 posts.

Don’t bump this thread #4!  Ah, what seems to be the most popular thread on the forum. This thread alone has over 13,000 replies. I guess it’s true that you tell a girl to do one thing and she does another. They really know how to break those rules! After four threads on this lovely topic surely they find it no longer entertaining. No way there is…

Don’t bump this thread #5! Damn, I was wrong! With the endless highs and lows, the unbridled enthusiasm of not knowing whether the thread may or may not be bumped again, the girls couldn’t resist. DBTT #5 is climbing the charts folks with nearly 10,000 plus posts and counting.

What can you hear right now? The less exciting sibling of such classics as “where are you right now,” and “what are you looking at right now” comes this gem of a thread. 5,600 posts.

Hearing, continued.Thought it was over? Think again. More girls talking about what they are hearing at that very moment. Finally, your inquisitive minds can rest with another 8,100 replies. In case you are wondering, it’s usually the a/c or their dogs barking.

Type 5 Letters Without Looking. Yes, this is an actual thread. At least someone had the decency to end it…after 5,600 fucking posts.

What time is it? Of all the threads on here, this has to be the winner.  Ever in that horrible situation where you are without means to tell what time it is, and your only source of information is the Purse Forum?  Then maybe you should visit this thread.  Come here and users like Sweetpea will notify everyone of what time it is repeatedly throughout the day.  I would ask the obvious, which is who cares?  But apparently enough girls do to create over 10,000 posts about the present time.  Seriously.  Eventually, the thread was “archived due to length.”

I’d write a conclusion, but I honestly think this speaks for itself.

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79 thoughts on “American Women Are Deep Thinkers”

  1. I imagine their mind as 15,000 different voices trying to yell over each other…which keeps the hamster running on the wheel.

    1. In my country, the women there, they no listen too. They go on the coffee tables, and they say these estupido things, si. They say “Si! Si! Guacamole! Donde esta el zapato? Tiene gato grande tambien??”
      And your ears, they cannot do no more, so you go on the table and say “Donde puendo poner mi peno enorme?” Which mean “Ladies, take your business elsewhere.”
      I say this and then they listen, si. They say “En mi boca, Senor Roberto Vincente” which mean “We apologize profusely. It Will not happen again.” And they no talk no more. Si!

  2. Why, if an area anywhere has absolutely no logic, solutions, or rational thought, do women seem to frequent that space the most?
    Also, if a place that is exclusively for men, does not allow wymmins, and talk about da wymmins, and concern itself about da wyminns (I don’t know, maybe because it is an effin men’s club ya think?); well, that place needs some nonsense.
    Better get some wymmins up in there or men will automatically devolve into misogyny. Apart from the buildings, war machines, medical technology, school systems, you see all around you and the fact we no longer chisel stones…you would think women might get the hint that we can have a rational discussion without talking about women? maybe that is the problem? It is not about them.
    Speaking of which, all this nonsense reminds me; I need some new shoes.

    1. Why, if an area anywhere has absolutely no logic, solutions, or rational thought, do women seem to frequent that space the most?
      To Affinity, and beyond!
      Wymminimization, at least for men in groups.
      You can have a rational discussion, but it is too easy to go to the meta-discussion level, to talk about what and how you are talking about things, but this tends to be as fruitless as a tree deprived of bees. Yet this is what women do (they don’t disagree with what you said, but how you said it…).

  3. Are “deep eaters” bottom feeders? In that sense the RSS from the forum…
    The worst part is I have no doubt or skepticism.
    But remember, they could be doing something else. And that part of the world would suffer as a result.

  4. As to “What Woman Want”, both men and women have divided brains, only along different planes. Men have the link between the left and right thinned, so logical-linguistic and holistic-geometric happen in parallel but the sync is slow.
    Women have their limbic system severed from their neocortex. What was unrealistic about the movie is if it was done properly (unlikey via voiceover), there would be a rational well thought out “This man is a cad” along with a simultaneous and strong feeling of lust toward the same man. (Or the converse for a Beta).

      1. The neo cortex includes your frontal lobes and rationality which are supposed to be able to override your emotions (limbic system and below) when they tell you to do something stupid, like if a predator with good hearing is around and you want to scream in terror, or one that can see motion and you want to run.
        Think of it as being locked inside a hamster where you can’t override any of its behaviors, especially when it sees nice bait in a trap or finds a predator.

  5. Somewhere in this discussion we should note that 4% of all Twitter traffic is from Justin Beiber fans. And if that isn’t some kind of tragedy of misguided thought, then I really don’t know what is.

    1. me thinks that is better than the “what time is it thread”, which is its own level of sad.

  6. Forget these worthless cunt American/western women, man.
    Expat to Southeast Asia, and you’ll be in heaven. Women here are the opposite of American/western women.

    1. Come on man. Asian women are the furthest things from my mind when I think of “sensible human being.”

        1. Sure they do. My wife had a spiffy motorcycle that she enjoyed driving. And stopping at traffic lights (if there are any) is a big treat as you suddenly get surrounded by dozens of hot babes on motorcycles and bicycles, their small jackets accentuating their perfect asses aperch their moto-seats.

    2. I have a vacation to SE Asia planned this summer, and I was honestly debating whether or not to even come back. I could just give what few possessions I have to family members, and I’d have a steady income around $600 a month from some investments I’ve made here, plus what I could work out there.
      I’m honestly trying to focus myself and save up for a couple of years so I’d have a decent nest-egg in case the shit hit the fan.
      But I feel like I’m dying a slow soul-death living in America. It gets more painful by the day.

    3. It’s the same with me, even though I’m an Asian American male. I got so fed up with how I was being treated in the U.S. by both Black and White American women–and even women of my own race (Asian American women), that I decided to move to Asia to teach English. I am now very happy and content with my life–as the women in this part of the world actually like men and act very feminine–and some even like overseas Asian men like me…Now, I have a girlfriend from China and I am very happy with how my life is going…It’s not only White guys that can find happiness in this part of the world…

    4. I get the whole vibe and culture thing but as a white man the yellow ladies are r as attractive to me sexually?
      A better question is where can I find white women as feminine and submissive as the Asian ladies?
      Ps- I think Asians in general have good attitudes. Frankly the biggest ass holes I’ve met have been lower echelon white people and I think black people are
      Cool in general they are just caught between the Jewish finance ruling class and the prick white middle management flunkies.

  7. I don’t know how you found this but it’s priceless id (even if it begs the question how you managed to search a purse forum long enough to fond it without hanging yourself).
    Some observations:
    – A lot of these women talk about kittens at a quick glance.
    – These aren’t teenage girls we are talking about on these threads.
    – I’m sorry, but most women just aren’t very intelligent.
    I’m a sports fan and I’ll be the first to admit I question the intelligence of a lot of men on sports forums debating topics that have no significance to their lives. However, at least in that respect there’s some level of thinking and debate involved. You have to know math and a reading comprehension to understand player contracts and their impacts to salary caps. Sports stats, leadership skills, teamwork. All of that can branch off sucking up your time with sports.
    The reason I bring up sports is because women are quick to point out mindless entertainment for men (sports) as just as useless as whatever woman’s interest you are criticising. Well these threads from The Purse Forum make any debates on men’s auto or sports’ forum look like rocket science.

    1. Noam Chomsky said in one of his interviews many years ago that there’s proof that the male sheeple out there CAN reason and think critically about things, contrary to what elites usually said about them. Trouble is, those sheeple choose to spend their brain power on things, like sports or entertainment, that mean very little in the larger scheme of things. Ergo, little incentive for social change.
      As for women, there’s little incentive for social change because they already have femi-positive institutions. Yet, they don’t see, or care to see it, Patriaaaaaaarrrrrrchyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why would someone write about the actual time? The answer is simple, she doesn’t know that there is a clock in the upper right or lower left corner of her screen (depending on her os, if she even knows what that means). She is using her Iphone only for mindless imessages or facebook and manages to ignore the giant clock on her homescreen. The watch on her wrist is for decorative purposes only,…
    The sad truth is, there is absolutely nothing going on in her mind, being a mindreader would only be of interest to you if you are a fan of the testscreen on your television…

  9. I’m surprised at the “where are you right now?” question, given how many women out there who have horrible senses of direction — even with GPses.

  10. DAM!! I see the gears in their brain grinding for a question to come up with! I wonder if i could go there and post a question like “Who is not wearing any panties?” you think i might get some hits!! Something to think about lol

  11. The worst is when you’re trapped in a confined space when they’re having these conversations. I’ve learned to fear the insides of buses.

    1. I can’t go to a coffee shop in America anymore because I can actually hear the content of a woman’s conversations. It’s unbearable.

      1. Same here. I was with my girlfriend working on my website while she studied her new job material, and we both overheard a girl I know talk about the most vapid subjects. Things like when she took a shower, how drunk someone was, and how hungry/bored she was earlier in the day.
        We both concluded that my girlfriend and I were destined to reign power over these mindless drones.
        We were in a Starbucks. Lack of options in my area.

        1. I was at a restaurant and overheard a girl sitting at the next table talking to her friend about bicycles and how amazing they are. The best part was when she said: “I understand how they go straight, but the way they turn. I don’t get how they don’t just, like, tip over.”
          The other girl, to my surprise, replied: “I know, right?”
          Sometimes you get a shocking reminder that our reality isn’t THE reality. We tend to surround ourselves with people who are similar in terms of their upbringing, their values, and their logic. The truth is the vast majority of people are idiots.

      2. I have no problem. The content is usually a nullity. Stop trying to make the words mean things. They don’t

      3. Here’s my strategy: While you hear their meaningless words, imagine you’re giving them energetic anal while looking at the back of their bobbing, snowflakey heads with your fingers tightly gripping the strands of their colored hair.

      4. I’m sitting at the Empik Cafe’ in Sopot, Poland right now (same building as “Zla Kobieta” and “Dream Club”). It is nice to listen to what the local “kobiety” have to say/talk about. What a hurricane of fresh air!!! And I will never grow tired of Polish accents. And not one “American princess” in earshot (or eyeshot).
        Na zdrowie!!!!

      5. Yeah.. this is another benefit to living in a foreign country. Most conversations overheard in coffee shops are in another language…. they are also quieter. It’s much easier to tune them out and get work done…
        Of course until the loud bunch of Americans show up. Damn they’re annoying.

  12. This basically proves that (at least on that forum) a woman’s thought process is moment to moment. Nothing more, nothing less. Seeing as how it’s lacking substance (on that forum) funny. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time a woman asked me a philosophical question. Matter of fact, I have been told by quite a few that they claim to love intellectual conversations…yet never start them. Nor, do they truly enjoy having them. Particularly, beautiful women. I mean, it’s so easy for people to parrot intellectual talking points and come off as smart. I think men who have women in their lives daily teach women things in the form of habits or (giving them purpose) at times weather they realize it or even accept that it is happening.
    That forum sounds like a huge echo chamber similar to the likes of a vapid black whole. Just swallowing random pointless thoughts over and over. I’m kinda disappointed.

    1. But but but…women go to college to get useless humanity degrees more than men do.

    2. Intellectual conversation? Philosophical question? Well, if you insist!
      Take the following scenario:
      Say in a closed society with a specific number of people, half with brown hair and half with black hair, those with brown hair inexplicably have power over those with black hair. For the purposes of this scenario, we won’t consider too much why they have power, because it’s irrelevant to the question I’d like to pose. Additionally, for the sake of the scenario, there is no real difference in the quality of those with black or brown hair — both have the relative physical strength, intelligence, money, education, etc. However, since those with brown hair have this intangible power, they decide to relegate those with black hair to menial tasks, such as cleaning, filing, simple data entry, clerical work, etc.
      Those with brown hair, seeing now that all the black-haired people are only doing menial work, decide that they’re only good for menial work. From here, those with brown hair extrapolate that there is some fundamental reason why the black-haired people are doing this menial work, therefore they must have a defect.
      This is backwards logical thinking. If it were: “there is a fundamental defect that prevents them from doing non-menial work” –> “they should only do menial work” –> “we will relegate them to menial work”, then that would be logical. A to B to C. However, it is U (use of power) –> R (rationalizing U) –> F (faulty assumption). The brown-haired people flexed the extent of their power by relegating those with black hair to menial work, then rationalized that by assuming they SHOULD do menial work, then derived the faulty assumption that there is a defect in the black-haired people.
      My question now is, do you agree with this analysis for this scenario? Is it backwards thinking to assume a defect because of another’s actions that were determined by you?
      If you’re rather quick on the uptake (sarcasm), then perhaps you’ve noticed that I’m going to try to apply this to the situation of women — for now, just put that out of your mind. I’ll make my arguments after this baseline has been established, so all you need to concern yourself with is the thought processes of the brown-haired people. I am a civil debater, should you choose to engage me.

  13. Most women aren’t smart
    or intellectual. Most men aren’t smart or intellectual, either. But, there are
    both more smart and more intellectual (these categories overlap, but are not
    the same, as a few key examples in your life will illustrate) men- particularly
    the second category. Two smart women I know have agreed with me on this
    (brought the subject up themselves)- and it’s plain for anyone to see. I
    consider myself both smart and intellectual (though not hugely, perhaps),
    judging the first by how quickly I learn a variety of things and the second by
    what I like to spend my time on, and I have found more men than women that I
    connect with. …. I know women who love research and do it for a living, but
    don’t like to talk about anything intellectual with friends- almost nothing.
    They simply don’t bond doing it. …One of my best friends does. She’s a weirdo-
    I’ve never seen it before to her degree. Conversations with her, you can have
    with men all the time, though. I don’t know if the lady forum stuff in your
    article supplement what you can see in your normal life. Do they really exhibit
    the same phenomenon I just described, or something else? Maybe comparably
    unsmart or unintellectual men are saying or doing other things you’d find
    “contemptable”. What do unintellectual men talk about? I don’t know. …
    Speaking as a woman, I am moved by a lot of things I see and hear from second
    to second. Maybe it’s a “sensual” sensitivity that tends to be more
    common in women? I don’t know. But, I never share it with anyone but my mom,
    who is the same way. Maybe more extroverted types want to share it with many
    people- hence the market for those posts. Being moved by the little sense
    experiences in your environment is not intellectual weakness, it’s sensual
    sensitivity and it makes life delightful. …. I had a few points. … How many
    people here are that smart or intellectual? Really? So much contempt for
    chicks. Maybe remind yourself that some would crush you in a mind competition,
    even if more men would. You know? Show some respect. But are those the ones you
    interact with, or date? If it’s not complaining about the unattractiveness of
    one type, it’s looking down on the other type. What are you looking for? …
    Assume even smart women mostly don’t bond with intellectual activity, whether
    it be learning things together, talking systems or ideas or whatever, whether
    or not they’re into those things on their own time, in class, or at work. If
    you need to bond that way to not despise your partner on some level, you’re
    probably going to have to find someone with a few masculine tendencies (I
    think?). What tendencies those are is not obvious to me- they may not be
    repulsive (my two friends who do bond through intellectual conversation are
    physically attractive- they take care of themselves, as do I. But they are also
    unusually independent- even infintessimally loner-ish. As am I). … As usual, it’s
    not “women”, but “American women”. Haters. Because foreign women are, what, smarter?…
    Forced by economic need to take more serious university programs (I read that’s
    true. There’s more job and program ‘gender
    segregation’ in the West) and so more widely educated or more likely to have
    feminine tendencies and a particular educational background? Are they really deeper thinkers, by the standards of those here?

    1. Well its mainly that I have no how women bond over a “no bump” thread. Also most of the men who post here have writing of relationships (or theyre at least telling themselves that). Women seem to have this separation in their thinking in that they can’t identify what emotionally moves them, which is totally un-understandable to men.
      Evolutionary it all probably makes sense since intelligence and logic developed to handle novel situations and interacting (or manipulating) the other sex is anything but evolutionary novel.

      1. I can see how it would be hard to respect someone who doesn’t even seem to see themselves. Who can’t sit back and say ‘if, then’, I do that, therefore I am like blah. If that’s the operation of their mind, then how can you talk as equals. I couldn’t be with someone like that, unless they were like that only on a few things. It would be too disconnecting to talk to them, and respect as an equal isn’t optional to me. .. But I don’t know anyone like that (to an extreme, anyway). (Besides my mom. And she’s incurious, not dumb). Maybe my world is full of freaks. Or maybe you should hang around university students more? … Are your complaints about accurate introspection or logic? Or the overwhelming emotions women experience in relationships and can’t explain or deal with, including ones that make us relate to men like we’re childish or … shit you’re presumably aware of. I feel the monster inside sometimes, though the dark side is weak. Even the more reasonable of us can succumb. I would compare it to male jelousy or anger. Try to control yourself. We all have a nature, and mind over matter will never be easy. … Understanding yourself in romantic and sexual contexts and dealing effectively therein is not the same as being generally illogical, though. Though, ya, I agree that women are less logical. But many aren’t bad. Really. … Tough being a dude, though- at least among the dudes here. It sounds like you love beautiful things, and want to respect (some of) them, but see strong reason not to, so end up unsatisfied. … I think a lot of women love respect-worthy things, and want to be loved by them, then get horrified to find out how unvalued they are.

        1. Google “what do women want ny times” and you’ll get what i mean.
          If a man is horny and wants to cum he at least knows what kind of porn he likes to use.
          If a woman is horny she has no clue what to do and it would probably be just as effective if she watched bonobo porn even though 99% of the female population denies that they would be aroused by this.
          Also the ease with which most women break promises, the cognitive dissonance most women have in their daily lives, the immediate personal attacks in a discussion instead of you know, having a discussion, the incredible narcissism of most women which is matched only by the selfconfidence of top alpha’s (and then women think every guy is like that; apex fallacy).
          I sincerely believe that if there wasn’t the sexual attraction men have for women we would threat them exactly as little boys threat little girls: disdain and annoyance for trying to mess up boy’s games from someone who just wants to use you as an ornament to her life, parading you in front of her mom & friends to gain some status points.
          Incidentally, i haven’t turned gay yet, sucks i know

    2. Because American girls keep the same attitude that become annoying over time,unlike foreign women who can be girlish in company of female friends, ladylike in company of elders, flirty in company of men, cheeky, prudish, superficial, provocative and so one, they look more clever than actually are.

      1. foreign women aren’t smarter than American women, but they look more clever than actually are.

        1. No, most Europeans are smarter than Americans (male and female). It’s not your fault, you have a shit education system. If I remember correctly the highest education system in the world is in Finland, followed by South Korea. America’s way down on the list.
          Sure education and intelligence aren’t the same thing… but they do generally go hand-in-hand.

        2. Europeans have more general knowledge than Americans, but women are the same when they get together, because all women like to gossip. Do you really think E women talk about Schopenhauer? No way, they always talk about superficial things and they love it.

        3. Not true. If you eliminate non-whites, the average American is still smarter than the average Euro. Think about it, all those Italians and Spanish dragging down the average.

        4. “If I remember correctly the highest education system in the world is in Finland, followed by South Korea.”
          3 words. No. Black. People.

  14. So I fucking love trolling Jezebel. And this article gave an idea for a comment. The Article on Jezebel was poking at some woman that wrote “10 kinds of guys not to marry”. So I left this:
    “Women need their thinking done for them so they know what to think.
    My Daily Moment is rife with lists, “5 ways to know then to leave
    him”, “5 ways to know he isn’t right for you”. And outside of
    relationships we have “Salary” with “15 cubical crimes”, and I have even
    seen “10 ways to know you are not ready for your trip”. Just so you
    know, you know. There are lists for you. You needn’t really be
    bothered with thinking. And you millennial feminists are especially
    lucky. You have Jezebel to think for you. But if, maybe, some day,
    you wanted to start to think for yourself, then it’s possible. Start
    small, don’t overload it. Purse Forum. You can do it. They have
    forums like, “What are you seeing”, “What time is it where you are at?”
    and “What are you hearing?” and this one, “Type any 4 characters without
    looking”. You could do it. I know you can. So when you’re ready to
    actually think for yourself, then Purse Forum. I promise it’s for

      1. I’m not really banned but they “moderate” me quite frequently. Laura Beck is my favorite to slam and of course, Roosh’s favorite Lindy West. I trolled her once and the moderater actually put a comment into her next piece saying “Lindy doesn’t censor but we do”. She had a male bashing piece and I called her a cockblocker and told her next time she was in the club and no one approached her and she was pissed about it, then stop at WalMart on the way home. At night they usually had donuts on sale for $2 a dozen, so buy a couple of dozen and then eat them and maybe she won’t be so pissed the next morning. That brought out the moderator.

  15. Just symptoms of the “social” gender. That’s why feminists tend to care about irrelevant, emotion based things. Compassion for this or that group, etc instead of profit and competition.

  16. American women are too airheaded to be deep thinkers. The only things that are deep with them are their stupidity and the layers they build by lying, to the point you can’t tell the difference between bullshit and reality.

  17. Western civilization put a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger when it gave women the vote. History since then is simply a slow exsanguination.

  18. There’s nothing funnier than a woman who claims that intelligence is the number one criterion in her ideal match and that she needs to be intellectually stimulated by a man, when she in fact possesses little to no emotional or social intelligence. I ran into that with the last girl I dated.
    I’m not as conservative as your median manosphere reader, as I cannot bring myself to vote for GOP candidates, but I don’t have any great love for the Democrats either. She genuinely got upset and was perplexed that I had no interest in watching Obama’s inauguration speech.
    The beginning of the end was going on a double date with her best friend and her boyfriend. This was back in February during the height of cold/flu season and I went even though I was sick as a dog and had taken off early from work that day even though I felt like shit. At the end of the night after we said goodbye to the other couple, she made a stinkface and got upset because I “didn’t seem to have a good time” and seemed “checked out.” I reminded her that I was sick and suggested we go out again with her friends when I felt better. This turned into a running argument and we were done a few weeks later. She got overly dramatic worrying that I didn’t like her friends and couldn’t seem to grasp the obvious that I was sick and not myself that night. Good riddance.

  19. This forum is really stupid and most of people here are as well but jfc. “What time is it”? REALLY? Wow. Im so glad i wasnt born in the usa. I think stupidity is part of the american way or something.

  20. This forum is really stupid and most of people here are as well but jfc. “What time is it”? REALLY? Wow. Im so glad i wasnt born in the usa. I think stupidity is part of the american way or something.

  21. I just want to say I was randomly sent a link to an article on this site and I love it. My disdain for the current crop of American females in the social-networking age is overbearing. The self-centered, attention seeking, shallow, banal, superfluous, and complete lack of character content of broads is staggering. I need to go to another country…

  22. At first I thought this article was a joke. Who the fuck posts about the current time and useless shit like that?

  23. The “what are you hearing” thing is actually quite interesting, from a storytellers perspective.

  24. late reply I know, but this is too much for me….actual threads on the internet that are worse and more stupid than 4chan? how is this even possible?
    To illustrate the point I know these two females.
    They gossip as all do, One tells me she doesnt like to gossip, yet she does a lot. truthfully I’ve heard many women say this, or even say “I dont post a lot on facebook…..”
    Another….Well She was with one and they were chit chatting about who knows what(standard gossip), when the husband of one of them walked into the room. Shes an older lady, fairly intelligent I would say, but still gossip machine, in any event when the husband of one of these two females walked into the room, we get along as we have for years now, and instantly started talking about some war strategies of Japan vs America in WW2.
    the older lady who is in her 70s, and smart, just stopped and paused. She seemed to notice the odd stark contrast in two conversations that was going on. It was weird, her eyes just had this weird light in them, like she was just dumbfounded, for the past 2 or 3 hours she had been chatting about essentially nonsense, and in a matter of seconds me and the other guy had a much higher level of conversation just out of the clear blue.
    the reality is women dont have high levels of conversation, ever. it doesnt happen. it aint happening. not now, not ever.
    they are smart in certain areas, such as being a house wife, but thats ONLY IF the previous generation of housewives has taught them, but thats it. if as American society has done, failed to teach their daughters how to be housewives, it renders these creatures known as females, useless because they are biologically stupid. They are gossip machines.
    a commentor here somewhere on of these pages, mentioned his wise grandmother. This grandmother mentioned women have to keep themselves useful. This grandmother was and is wise, she understood her nature, she got it, she knew damn well, if left to idle time, she’d gossip endlessly and become useless. This wise grandmother also smacked her grandchild for doing HER job…the dishes. She knew the value of never becoming useless.
    Such grandmothers are lacking. and the whole damn country and the world is following closely, has taught girls, that they are just as smart as men.

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