Who Do You Want Your Daughter To Marry?

I am relatively close to one of my distant female cousins. She is what I would coin a “decent catch,” in that she is attractive, a rejector of feminism and is at least somewhat understanding of our ways (she agrees that women are better off feminine and being the submissive ones in the relationship). In other ways, she is highly judgmental of my preferences in women (youth and bisexuality to name a few).

But all of that is irrelevant because her thoughts and what type of girl she is does not matter as much as the abstract situation discussed here. Tonight I am meeting her “serious” boyfriend for the first time, the type of boyfriend she only introduces if marriage is potentially on her mind. This will be the third meet-and-greet of this kind.

The first guy was what we now term to be a beta. The type that would send her unsolicited flowers, write songs and poems, all of that rom-com shit. Truthfully, he was a very nice guy and likely would never cheat on my cousin, and showered her with endless love and attention.

The second guy was the overcompensating alpha. The first night I met him at dinner, he berated the wait staff at a restaurant for trivial things to show off how “cool” he was. Meanwhile, this guy lived at home with his family and could not participate in substantial conversations due to a lacking intellect.

The third guy I meet tonight. And it got me thinking if this was my actual daughter… what type of guy would I want her to marry?

The Standard Beta

Initial reaction is to say I want my potential daughter to marry an absolute and complete softie of a guy. Why? Because I know how I and others like myself think. When I see a girl, my first thought goes to fucking her, and fucking her as hard and as quickly as possible. Is this really the type of guy I want pursuing my daughter?

I want her to have the guy that will never cheat on her. That will accompany her to all her inevitable brunch parties and not complain. That will bring her flowers unsolicited. That will ask her what she wants for dinner, only to supplement that with watching whatever movie she put in their joint Netflix queue. To quote one of the better movies regarding male-female dynamics, I want him “to be the guy in the PG-13 movie everyone’s *really* hoping makes it happen.”

But is that the appropriate metric? Specifically, hoping for a guy that would moreso put my mind at ease as a father, as opposed to taking into account my daughter’s best interests.

What Makes Her Happy

To answer my rhetorical question above, it is not the appropriate metric. Rather it is what actually will make her happy.

If you are still plugged in to the matrix, you will adamantly argue that the Standard Beta described above is what will make her happy. And that may be true for a few select girls. But as we here at ROK know, and you readers hopefully agree, that is far from what makes a quality girl actually happy.

More likely than not, a variation of ourselves will be what brings true happiness to your actual, theoretical or eventual daughters. Read any number of evolutionary psychology and biology books and they will agree – the masculine, dominant man is the type who gives the feminine woman what she wants, needs, and desires. Not the bozo that agrees with all her requests and opinions and assumes the little spoon position under the snuggie as they watch Bravo together.

I don’t have a daughter and, frankly, at least as of now hope that I never will. So I can’t say that if I reach that moment, I will be rooting for some 100+ notch count alpha to be the one that marries her… knowing his mind is filled with memories of depraved sex acts one of which consists of my little girl. But I also know that I don’t want my daughter to be in a loveless marriage leading to an eventual divorce and romps with the gardeners.

This is a question I hope I never have to answer.

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131 thoughts on “Who Do You Want Your Daughter To Marry?”

  1. I’d want her to marry a red-pill beta– someone around 10 years older than her, who has solid experience with women and understands their nature, but is also hardworking and can provide for her and any resulting kids.
    Whether he has affairs with other women while married to her is not my concern. A lot of women don’t care; if she does care then it’s up to the two of them to put in the work to forge a monogamous relationship.
    But my primary concern is economic. Will the guy be willing and able to provide for her and the kids? To what extent, if any, will they need/want support from me? To what extent will they be able to support me when I’m older? Etc.

  2. I doubt any father in the western world has much control in whom his daughter marry nowadays. Irrelevant.

    1. Kids listen to their parents a lot more than you think, even when they’re outwardly acting rebellious. The idea that fathers have no influence is just the same abdication of responsibility that got us into this mess in the first place.

      1. The whole point is to teach them properly when they are young so you can influence them properly as they get older.
        Maybe it won’t work, but at least you tried.
        (So far, it is working for me)

    2. I doubt many daughters in the western world know who their father is….Irrelevant.

    3. You sure do. Women take the cues of what kind of men to marry directly from their father. If you’re a worthless father, or absent, then yeah, you’re right, you have no control and she will drift from “type” to “type” guided by nothing but the wind and whim. Otherwise she’s going to marry as close to “you” as she can, without fail.

      1. I have a back and forth relationship with my father. He’s a great man full of integrity but he also acts like a child sometimes in that he can’t control his emotions. When something doesn’t go his way, he has a temper and this has made me resent him for most of my life. He’s probably more of a repressed beta blue pill, and acts out.
        I love him of course, but I wouldnt marry a man like him.

    4. Thats not true … girls marry their fathers, Be the man you want them marry.

  3. I couldn’t think of a more destructive act than giving birth to a female in the modern era. This is the era where you can choose the gender of your child. Pay the doctor off. There are ways to limit the destruction if the West

  4. Dude, you of all people should know that women know not what makes them happy. Further, what makes them happy is nebulous and changes with the wind. She may want the alpha now, but in time she will want safety and security, and vice versa. If she went with the beta, she would get bored and want the alpha… until she wanted security again. This is why throughout history most women were not given any legal rights, because their nature is constantly changing on the whims of their emotions. This is why in many cultures the family selects a husband who will properly look after their daughter, and be the best husband for her whether she knows it or not. When you give the decision to the woman, you end up with a pattern of failed relationships and the ultimate fate of cougar or cat lady.

    1. Agree, and you touch on a larger point. Nobody’s life should be oriented around “happiness” at all. Happiness is an intermittent byproduct of life that we have a limited ability to control. Better to live with a mission, or in pursuit of a set of virtues, than to be constantly searching for “haaaaaaaappiness.”

      1. Most people nowadays don’t know what happiness is. While we used to understand that it came from finding and fulfilling one’s life purpose and filling life with meaningful accomplishments and relationships, that concept is lost.
        Nowadays we just think “happiness” is identical to “I feel good”.

    2. You’re making a crucial mistake here. The security of the beta and excitement of the Alpha are not mutually exclusive…..but it is a rare man who can offer the best of both worlds.

      1. So if that man is rare, what is the preferred option out of what’s left for the majority of women out there?
        Even a man with strong alpha inclinations will often lose sexual allure to his wife after the first baby is born. Shes already passed on his DNA, so theres no incentive to sleep with him anymore.
        Husbands are usually chosen on the basis of their provider role, not sexual attraction. Of course women prefer both, but most end up settling for a provider husband with the option of alpha cock on the side.

        1. Even a man with strong alpha inclinations will often lose sexual allure to his wife after the first baby is born. Shes already passed on his DNA, so theres no incentive to sleep with him anymore.
          You’re wrong and it sounds like a lot of deduction based off of theory. What you’re stating is what blue pill marriage counselors tell frustrated beta husbands in order to get them in line with the “and now you know why you must accept her sexless nature”. You won’t forever be in the “first year of dating, sex seven times a day” phase, but you can maintain sexual attraction well into your marriage, if you don’t get lazy, complacent and take her attention as a given.

        2. I’m married, over twenty years now, and we still have plenty of fun sex on a regular basis. I did say that it doesn’t stay like the first year, but it doesn’t turn into this dull boring nearly sexless thing as you insist.
          Life experience > “science”. Don’t always believe what the priests…er…scientists tell you, even if it makes you heretical.

        3. Youre confusing what I wrote with what you think I wrote. Im happy for you and your marriage, and I have no reason to doubt what you say, but based on what Ive seen, I seriously doubt your situation describes the majority of marriages out there.
          Yes, a man with alpha qualities has a better shot at getting laid often in marriage, and game will help most men, but what is the chance that most men will shove off their blue pill tendencies and embrace game? I think its good that awareness is spreading, but I think we are so far away from reaching critical mass among married men. I think most alphas will avoid marriage entirely, realistically leaving the best option for most women to be beta providers. Dont confuse MOST with ALL.

        4. My comments weren’t meant for the blue pill man however. You yourself note “strong alpha inclinations”, which is what I was responding to directly. If we were talking about blue pill then I absolutely agree with you, but that doesn’t seem to be the topic as I understood it.

      2. Also called push/pull. This is a central tenant in PUA.
        Push for attraction and pull for romance/comfort. However as you said it’s rare because most guys go too heavy towards their natural inclination. A minority of men are mostly push and the majority are mostly pull.
        Of course, if you have to choose one go with push every single time. It’s old Machiavelli adage of it’s great to be both feared and loved but if she got to go with one, choose the fear.
        Also what’s at play here is a natural result of the liberals trying to turn every man into a pussifed woman. I would imagine in the past you had much more guys that had the balance of push/pull but because of massive social programming the only guys that escape being manginas are the guys that just don’t give a fuck with high T and are more prone to just being straight up aggressive. Their biology is so strongly male that it is disgusted with any attempt to femininize them. Hence, the emergence of true ‘assholes’ being the main group that gets pussy. I imagine pre feminism it was more balanced.

  5. Given that I have both a daughter and a son I struggle with both these things. For my part I took the red pill about 18 months ago and have come a long way in fixing my marriage as I had descended into blue pill hell. Thanks to Athol over at MMSL, I was able to turn the ship around and get things sorted out. Eventually I let my wife in on it, meaning red pill and in a great surprise to me she entirely swallowed the pill in a matter of hours. The transformation has been nothing short of astounding. Seemingly over night we not only resolved major marriage issues, but also her diagnosed anxiety and depression. Sex has gone through the roof, our trajectory is very well sorted. Granted I had laid a lot of the ground work on my end with all the basics, getting in shape, dumping the beta except where required, running light dread etc. Textbook marriage game has taken me from the edge of divorce to a newly invigorated relationship and family unit.
    As for my kids, they are and will be getting red pill education from now on. I want both of them to be eyes wide open in their relationships and I want them to act with both agency and a sense of honor if only to themselves. They are gradually learning lessons about how and why they do things that are potentially beyond their conscious control. For example, for little boys tenth birthday party, made up of only a boys club, we had one lesson they had to learn, “Listen not to what they say, but observe what they actually do”. A few weeks later these same boys run up to me at the school and proudly recite their knowledge, being careful to ensure no women are within earshot when they do.
    Had I known about all this before I got married, I may well have not gotten married and had kids, but I am in that situation and I have a responsibility to equip my own marriage and my kids with the knowledge that will empower them in the world so that they may have agency, dignity and the basis for acting upon moral decisions.
    When little girl is old enough, she will learn that giving it away devalues it to nothing and she will come to learn how her buttons are pressed and how to be aware of these things. Once she has the knowledge, she will have responsibility to act accordingly.

    1. The manosphere is often accused of being one big circle-jerk.
      It is accused of repeating the same points over and over again.
      Posts like this justify that repetition. You can’t just have one article out there on game. You need 1000s (or more) giving different angles and coming from different perspectives. That way more people like ‘agent p’ will stumble upon them.

      1. They call us a circle jerk because they’re projecting.
        The manosphere has more splitting, dissent and realtalk criticism than any of the repressive left-wing communities. Put up a bad article and just read the comments here.

        1. that’s the point, moron… when you say “bad article” as if it was a given assessment that everyone will agree upon, you’re showing the circle jerk mentality

    2. Good job man. Here’s a sobering thought to ponder:
      Where would the traditional “marriage improvement” advice have gotten you?

      1. It dam near got me a divorce. Went through all the horrible slide of blue pill marriage from a decent Alpha lead healthy relationship, to a trickle of sex, lots of repressed anger by both parties, an affair by me, shitty assed marriage counseling, which of course only argued for doing more of what ultimately was killing the relationship, e.g. turn up the Beta.
        Nope, finding MMSL, ROK and RM etc, saved my ass both inside and outside my marriage. It’s been a ton of work, but it is fixable and it is possible to have a decent relationship in the long term once you understand the actual rules you are all playing by.
        Looking around me I see that for both men and women, the more exposure they have to “higher education” at liberal college’s, the more likely you are to be infected deeply by the blue pill. Once I got my own house in order, I started reaching out of my life boat to help friends who I think can stomach the red pill. Save who you can, say last rites for those you can’t.

    3. Bravo, Agent P. But I would say also keep an eye on your daughter, make it logistically difficult for her to “give it away”, and enlist your son’s help with this task– lest biology prove stronger than parental guidance.

    4. “Once she has the knowledge, she will have responsibility to act accordingly.”
      This is very wrong. It’s more like this – “Once she has the knowledge, she will use this knowledge to fool every man that she is still a virgin, she will be more equipped in protecting her image while she can do the exact opposite of what she makes you believes.”
      Never teach a girl anything but on how to serve men well.

  6. This question is easy.
    CEO 10/k a day ultra smooth sophisticated alpha male.
    I don’t really care if he cheats on her which is going to happen as long as he does with old school gentlemanly class. Don’t make it obvious to community or her. Keep it discrete and free of drama.
    If I have a daughter, I’m going full debutante even though I don’t live in the south. Ballet, foreign language, studies, etiquette, etc i.e the works son. I will be grinning while my daughter grows as classy as possible giving her the best chance to win in the traditional biological way by sucking the resources from some rich cool dude in exchange for her being pretty, well mannered and submissive while the masculine careerist western women become bloated disgusting warpigs living the feminist lifestyle and married to either a beta schlub or a cat.

    1. Good man, good plan. Your future son in law will thank you in spades, probably when you’re hunting or fishing together. Again, good man.

    2. ….and back to planet earth!
      A…. “CEO 10/k a day ultra smooth sophisticated alpha male.” …is NOT going to marry your daughter….he is just going to bang her….and then dump her like a good Alpha should do.
      If in a “momentary lapse of reason” (great album)… he decides to make an honest woman out of her….a prenup would have been a requirement…like a good Alpha would have insisted.
      Let’s face it……if you have a daughter…. and she meets an Alpha…you are fucked.

      1. Haha. Ok Champ.
        When a CEO 10/k a day does marry which they almost all get around to eventually ( see Clooney), he’s going to want to marry a refined graceful classy girl that doesn’t give him trouble and/or grief. That’s what I aim to achieve. This isn’t solving world hunger here. It’s been done before.
        I’m not so naïve to belief it’s a given or anything like that. She might rebel and turn into the world’s biggest sloot. But hey you give it the best you got and let the chips fall where they may. Not that big of deal.

        1. Well…good luck to you!
          But unless you live with a tribe in the middle of the Amazon your little girl will turn out a slut like most western women…
          I’ve heard even Amish girls are twerking nowadays….

        2. You’re engaging in a form of confirmation bias, it seems. If all you see are sluts, even if you don’t actually know for certain that they’re sluts but are assuming as much, and conjecture that all others you can’t see are sluts, then you’re left with the absolutist view you posit.
          Is “most” exist as in “most western women”, then “some” also exists necessarily. If “some” exists as in “and some western women do not turn out like sluts”, then there exists a possibility that he will raise a “some” and not a “most”.
          If all you can see is bad then you may need to adjust your views a bit. Life isn’t roses and cream, but it’s not all bile and sewage either. As always the truth lay closer to the middle.

        3. I have no doubt that SOME western women have not been corrupted YET…..my guess is most of the guys here would say that THEIR wife/daughter/sisters etc…are different…and that they are indeed “good woman”…..because NAWALT after all…..
          If that is true…then you are wasting your time here….you have not learned anything.

        4. She will give him trouble and grief but hopefully just the manageable kind. 🙂

        5. Or because there’s a few guys here who figured out how to “beat the odds” and out-game the game in order to find one of the good ones……and who have sufficient game and are strong enough leaders to keep them that way.
          The problem when it comes to daughters is that you are swimming upstream against the culture. Hell…..even my wife got lectured to yesterday by a doctor who’se sensibilities were upset by the fact that she’s not on the pill.
          All I can think of at this point is that you’d have to homeschool them(maybe a Catholic elementary school), have no cable TV, restricted internet….and minimize exposure to shopping malls and the like.

      2. A good alpha pumps and dumps a good woman? I think not. I don’t think you have read this site carefully enough. I also don’t think you really know what “alpha” is.

        1. “….a good woman”….In the West?
          Let me guess…you believe NAWALT perhaps?
          YOUR wife is different….your daughters are different…..yeah right….very BLUE PILL man!
          I think YOU have not read this site carefully enough!
          As far as “alpha”….I have no idea (and don’t care either) what
          YOU think an alpha guy is…..

        2. Your response is… nonsense. Can you write anything without using buzzwords and caps? It is clear from your comments that you have an absolutist view on these topics. All women in the West are “bad”. You are either “alpha” or “beta” with nothing in between. “Alpha” in your view seems to mean roaming around shagging chicks and that’s it. You reject any possibility of learning otherwise for fear of finding out you may not be correct. You betray your feelings of insecurity. Misapplied and simplifying concepts such as “blue pill” and “red pill” are crucially important to you.
          One day, I hope, you will realise life is much more complex than this.

        3. Debating with you is pretty tiresome dude….and you are projecting.
          There is nothing on my post that indicates the traits you described…..your amateurish psychobabble (“feelings of insecurity”….LOL) is boring and predictable and you are using a strawman to validate your conflicting positions…which means I hit a nerve.
          Are you married? Do you have a kid? Did you do a DNA paternity test? Why/Why not?
          Stick to the points instead of using feminist shaming language!

        4. Interesting. You claim I make an accusation that I can’t support and then proceed to make several of your own. And you appear to have answered my question: that you cannot write a comment without recourse to labels, buzzwords and caps. This suggests that you don’t understand the meaning of the words you use and/or you believe they add a veneer of authority to your opinions.

        5. You use feminist shaming language…you don’t answer direct logical questions…..you attack the person instead of the argument…you hate manosphere terminology..
          You hate the “alpha” that goes around “shagging chicks” (sic).
          Your argument revolves around the wishful thinking that there are “good woman” out there
          You MUST be a woman….or a cuckolded feminist omega.
          NO DOUBT!
          Forget about me bitch!

        6. Debating with him is tiresome for a reason….and that’s because you aren’t used to thinking.
          Your response to him is just to tell him, more or less, that he isn’t doing a good enough job accepting what the site tells him to without question? And then you have the gall to turn around call HIM the blue pill?
          You aren’t the only ex 19-D around here, and it’s blatantly obvious that you are still in the “military” mentality where your worth is judged entirely on your ability to “get along” with the dominant ideology and proficiency in in those concepts. I say it’s obvious because your writing style is indistinguishable from the “you just hate America” rants that military guys post whenever someone criticizes the current wars.
          Guess what dude: just because the ideology you worship now is “red pill” doesn’t mean that you yourself are red pill.

        7. It’s a byproduct of being in an Army combat position. In that culture you get conditioned to think that being able to spit the right buzzword in a stylish way is the definition of intelligence.

        8. Ah I was wondering about that. He seems completely incapable of breaking out of it. Years of drilling I suppose.

        9. Ah I was wondering about that. He seems completely incapable of breaking out of it. Years of drilling I suppose.

        10. You sound bitter dude. If you bag the right girl and play things right, your wife WILL be different. Not everyone has to get fucked over like you. Some girls don’t mind being submissive and loyal if you’re laying the dick game down properly and look good while doing so.

        11. It’s not a good idea to get into the habit of using internet terminology. It comes off as quirky and weird in real life, and yes how you say things can have a significant effect(one of the few areas where I agree with the NLP types).
          Use aggressive, direct, and descriptive language when you talk. Would it sound weird to say it that way in real life? Then don’t WRITE it that way!

        12. Notice how he is reacting when he is asked to explain his position. He doesn’t get that an Alpha in the wild has a pack of both women (polygamy which sounds like a nightmare to most men who are unable to manage one chick) and betas following him by virtue of his natural character of assertiveness. Betas, regardless of their efficiency, in the wild pump and dump as well because they are not strong enough to lead shoulder the leadership roles that come with managing the pack that follows. However, somewhere on here the idea that pumping and dumping, which appears to me like a form of escapism, has gotten traction instead. People are so loyal to this pump and dump idea that actually sounds like a feminist dream, cause now women can actually have it all. The A[sshole] who can seduce them and the Beta that can nourish them. However I wonder if anyone can or even wants encompass both of them.

        13. Getting fucked over can be beneficial. It definitely was for me. If I hadn’t gotten fucked over then I wouldn’t known how to recognize the warning signs and destructive behaviors…nor would I have known how to spot women that are actually sane.

    3. Until she becomes a teenager, decided to rebel and goes in the opposite direction of what you want.
      You can’t mold your kids into what you want them to be. Maybe some of them will do what you want. Others will go their own way.

      1. I already covered this in my previous comment. I will repeat:
        “I’m not so naïve to belief it’s a given or anything like that. She might rebel and turn into the world’s biggest sloot. But hey you give it the best you got and let the chips fall where they may. Not that big of a deal.”

        1. Very true. You do your best to teach them well but eventually they have to make their own choices. You can only hope you have imparted enough wisdom to help them with those choices.

        2. I believe if you give them enough knowledge, when the circumstances start playing out exactly as you said, they will start to see what else the “prophet” has to say about other parts of life.

    4. She will have all the experiences you’d want her to have, but what does that life style have in common with mosy women we run into?
      She will want/crave The Tingles.
      Once they get that feeling, it won’t just go away–they will seek it out. A poster above has the right idea imho: Teach them their part (so they won’t be 35 and hoping for kids and not knowing how to cook, clean, or change diapers).

    5. She’ll still be surrounded by gamers who will use all the techniques they have to pump and dump her. If you accept the red pill life, you will have to accept that your daughter will be used by men sexually and won’t ever have any power of her own. You can’t have it both ways. Do you really think that the men on this site are going to look at your debutante girl and not just think of a zero night stand? Delusional.

  7. Not going to re-write my “how to raise a daughter” post from the previous article, you can view it there if you like. What I will say is that you’re correct on “as close to me as possible”. If you’re a strong, dominant alpha type father and you raise her right and consistently she’s going to imprint strongly on your “type” and seek it out in future males. The best favor you can do for your daughter is to raise her correctly and with consistency, and as a strong father who sets the tone of how male female relationships are supposed to work, specifically by being a strong alpha husband and father.

  8. As the father of four daughters, I want them to marry someone just like me (only a little better). Women usually marry someone like their fathers anyway so that’s a plus. My father in law and I share so many key traits its a bit scary at times.
    The best way you can influence the decision on who your daughters will marry is to be that man you want them to marry. Be a beta, and they will marry a beta. Be a womanizing asshole and they will marry a womanizing asshole. Be a strong, confident, thoughtful, dedicated and driven father and thats who they will marry.

    1. ” My father in law and I share so many key traits its a bit scary at times.”
      QFT. My wife’s father was the master of the house, no questions, no exceptions, no deviations. The family moved by his will alone. It took me a bit of time to realize how similar he and I were, outside of some obvious traits. Men that think that women just drift along without guidance on what to lock down into marriage are inexperienced or have only known women from fatherless “families”, any married guy whose wife had a father present will confirm readily that she married her father’s “type”. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer to see as it won’t be obvious until you get to really know the father.
      For a fact my wife gets put off if I get wobbly on anything, and couldn’t be happier than when I’m fully in control. She practically has to change her panties when I tell her “No!” very firmly about something. Not surprisingly, this is how her father interacted with her as well, black and white, no backing down and his word was law. The smile on her face and the way she relaxes and falls into my arms once she understands that it’s my way or the highway just tells so many tales about women and fathers.

      1. “The smile on her face and the way she relaxes and falls into my arms once she understands that it’s my way or the highway just tells so many tales about women and fathers”.
        Larping at its finest!

    2. Now I think the case is that women marry men that are polar opposites of their father – because their fathers are missing from their lives, expelled from divorce, or just beta male / weak losers.
      Not to say that you are, but the rate of divorce is so bad now with men being penalized and demonized so badly when in fact they did nothing other than ceasing to be attractive to the wife, that the daughter builds up an image of horrible Mr. Daddy in her mind and will search elsewhere (the ghetto / the bad boy part of town / foreigner) for him.

      1. You answered your own question Johnny. If the father is absent then she has no foundation upon which to judge men. We were talking about fathers who stick around in a traditional family, clearly.

        1. Right. I imagine most men would ideally LOVE to stay around in their families and raise their kids. I would LOVE to be a good influence on my kids.
          However I think during the current climate of our culture, men get expelled from the household for absolutely no reason, and I’ve heard that even the best of men get thrown out just because wifey gets tired of them. And since the courts 80%-90% of the time rule in the wife’s favor, the father is often limited in his exposure to his children and in that 6 days of the week that mommy is in control, daddy becomes a monster in their eyes.

        2. If it’s important to you, then you bet on the odds and go in both feet first. I understand precisely what you’re saying, but if you want something you make it happen.

        3. Getting married and having kids is only for fucking beta-faggots.
          You feel a need to show off your “alphaness” by sporting a wive and your kids? Wanna ensure your “lineage” on a planet of over 7 billion people?
          Enjoy fucking the same soggy-ass poonanny for 20, 30, 40 years?
          Have it bro. Thats some gay as fuck shit right there.

        4. So, guest’s definition of ‘alpha’ is a man who impotently fucks females again and again without impregnating them, like some kind of neutered dog humping a bitch and leaving lifeless jizz inside her?
          I’m sure all the fucking beta-faggots who married and produced children, such as men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abraham Lincoln, and Alexander the Great, would stand around in awe at guest’s resoundingly superior manhood when compared to their crawling, pewling, pathetic wretchedness and failures as ‘men’.

        5. I lost one of my three sons to mommy’s North Korean-style brainwashing and programming to the point I’d not want him near me with a weapon for fear of the Manchurian Candidate.

        6. Anyone who has impotence as his ideal of a man is an idiot. You even go as far as calling it gay. It seems that you view a man as this transcendent being who has no connection with his past. Every generation until now has been born by the previous generation who thought (apparently it was a beta thought process) that having children was a good thing. They were foolish enough to think their virility was a sign of their masculinity. Apparently now men don’t need to have children. No one should have children anymore because apparently virility is a sign that you are a beta. Those betas who built civilization and survived in nature were such pussies that they had children.
          Frankly, I think you are probably gay and overcompensating to prove yourself a man.

    3. Good God 4 daughters.Bravo sir. This is why fatherless daughters ( single moms) have so much dysfunction e.g teenage pregnancy etc

  9. There’s no reason a guy can’t be both a romantic and an Alpha.
    Do you know why I can get away with flowers and holding doors open, and other males I know can’t?
    They do it because they’re trying to make people like them. I do things like that because I want to. Validation seeking vs. independent action.
    With that in mind I’d prefer a daughter marries on old-school, hard working, mountain man type male…..the kind that is well aware of the realities of the world, hardened by experience, and dominant in his environment….but who has a soft heart and genuinely loves the people in his life.
    This might seem on, but I think someone like Mike Rowe would be perfect….Mike Rowe as he is now, not the early actor Mike Rowe.

    1. Yeah, Mike Rowe is a good candidate if I’d select somebody “Hollywood”. He is genuine not because of his work on television, but because of his chosen fights in real life. And it’s no surprise that an awful lot of women, even young women, seem to have this huge crush on him.

      1. Those “chosen fights” are why I think he’s a good example of a man. Any actor can do something gross for a reality show. It takes an uncommon actor to remain very down to earth and genuine even after becoming a star. He is going above and beyond even that and fighting hard for the people that made his own rise to fame possible.
        With his foundation, there’s relatively little benefit to him and he’s already making a lot of enemies through his attempts to undermine the corrupt institution that higher education has become.

  10. The second guy was the overcompensating alpha. The first night I met him at dinner, he berated the wait staff at a restaurant for trivial things to show off how “cool” he was.
    Well, he’s certainly overcompensating for his insecurity, but that’s not alpha. Guys who bully people they have power over, even temporarily, are displaying alpha traits.
    À bientôt

      1. There’s an edit button.
        But true, That’s a beta or even a delta trait.
        In the case of Alphas, Alphas may or may not have a pushy personality but it’s un-necessary for a real Alpha to bully. They generally get what they need from other people without having to ask.

        1. There’s no edit button for guest posts, otherwise everyone could edit them.

    1. Those were my thoughts exactly when I read that. “Overcompensating” isn’t something an alpha would do, as an alpha has nothing for which to “compensate.” That’s a fronting beta, putting on a bad act based on stereotypical notions of what he thinks “alphas” are like. All bark, no bite.

  11. This article sucks. Absolutely pointless. ROK has been in a real slump lately. This is not interesting writing.

    1. RoK Jumped the shark after the article on anorexia that brought Troll City here.
      Ill glance over the articles and comments – its helped my ability to speed read and determine if there is anything I want to look at closer.
      When the comments section get dominated by an long-winded, opinion speweing old married hillbilly and a Christian motorcycle club schmuck that are “trying to help us” — I think its time to “exit stage right Snagglepuss”.
      RoK was cool about 1 1/2 years ago.

      1. I don’t think ROK understands who it’s main demographic of reader is, or should be anymore. I always assumed the manosphere was made up mostly of younger guys who are generally opposed to marriage, modern dating, etc. But you’re right, the comments section is dominated by ” old married hillbilly and a Christian motorcycle club schmucks.” While I generally don’t mind those guys because they are experienced men with great life perspectives and they offer a lot of knowledge to younger dudes, but….lots of them are married, have kids our age, mostly baby boomers, generally clueless about modern dating, modern women, technology, etc.
        With readership like that, we begin to get articles like this one. Pointless opinion about a topics irrelevant (and stupid) to most younger guys. An article about a father’s preference about the guy his daughter should marry? Shitty articles like this belong on Huffpost.
        Roosh: You have a lot of avid readers of both of your sites. Employ some quality control on the content of ROK please. This is ( or at least used to be) a great site; lots of history articles, cultural articles, etc. Now we have this nonsense? It’s going to turn younger readers away.
        Maybe it’s just a rare miss for this author. I recall reading other articles from him that were pretty good, and gave good legal information.

  12. The question posed by this article is impossible to answer. If I ever have a daughter, my first priority would be assisting her in understanding how a selfish lifestyle and “living in the moment” can only bring misery and baggage. If you stop thinking about yourself then life tends to work itself out. Therefore, if she is able to control her urges and selfish desires, marrying the right man should solve itself.

    1. I would be more concerned about your urges and selfish desires if I were you.

  13. If I had a daughter I’d ideally like her to be a “good girl” and find a nice guy to marry (since we know the hell “nice guys” go through). I’d consider it a crowning achievement of parenting if she married a nice, normal provider guy.
    However, since Belle Knox’s dad probably assumed that Belle would go on to find a nice provider guy rather than taking 11 inch cock shoved violently into her face and butthole, I think it’s just a pipe dream.
    Just don’t have kids. You might as well wait until a Mad Max scenario and have her sent off to some redneck Vermont warlord’s harem once and if this country collapses in the coming fiscal cliff / social meltdown / etc.

    1. Make sure you have your biker gear with spikes on the shoulders if the Mad Max scenario occurs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive in that world. [/joking]

    2. What her dad “thought” did not translate into action on his part. She clearly resents males AND females, and that doesn’t happen when you come from a strong, loving family with a strong, just and masculine father. No, I can tell you for a fact that he was an appeasing pussy that was so pathetic that not only did his wife quickly grow to resent him, but so did his children. The proof is in the pudding.
      Or in the 11″ cock in her face, your choice.
      You do understand “just don’t have kids” is the recipe that the feminists are shooting for, right?

      1. Yeah, but sometimes I think the guys who had the mentality that kids were a blessing might regret it now.
        Like imagine if you were a poor Korean / Indian / Pakistani shop owner who immigrated in the 80’s to make a living and had a dream that god would bless you with a large family and a great living, then your daughter grows up in the US and winds up getting dicked down by 25 white / black cocks in college and grows up resenting her culture and hating men who look like her, might have a different perspective on everything.

        1. NOT just immigrant father businessmen generation being hammered by the feminist wreck.
          The 1st generation beta Asian men MARRY 1st generation Asian western women thinking these women will have traditions of their immigrant moms AND western education i.e. a dream combo….
          And they think they will build massive business empires as a family.
          The mentality WAS family breakdown does not happen in ‘our community’ but in the Western cultures….
          Then 1st generation Asian beta men are getting divorce raped and realise their 1st generation Asian wives are feminist bitches and not traditional virgins….
          Feminism ruins all cultures, communities. Just takes a while for the sh*t to show up.

      2. Remember, I used to date a girl from a family that sounds almost identical to Miriam’s. Her family had the nice cardboard house, focus on the “right” degrees, the polo shirts, golf parties, and self-righteous religious pomposity that all go with that circle. A textbook case of the preppie handbook.
        Said girl even confessed to me that the reason she chose to go to SBC(an all girl’s school) is that she knew deep down that she would have ended up as a rampant slut if she’d gone to state school.
        Point is, the environment Knox came from is anything but a “strong, loving family”. It’s an environment where even the most minute thing you do(house decorations, clothes brands, even who you marry) is calculated to gain the most social approval possible. The result of that environment is now a national gossip headline.

  14. Law Dogger, you’re certainly either growing up or showing a side of you that you’ve kept out of your writing. This is a thoughtful and important topic, especially when you consider that as we mature, our opinions and values mature as well. Many of the committed PUA’s among us will have to deal with changing priorities as they age and start to encounter the genetic imperative. It hit me at 32.
    My own opinion is pretty simple- I’d like my daughter to marry someone like my dad, not like me. Behind the scenes, I struggle too much to do the right thing, even if at the end of the day I believe I’m a very good husband, father and provider.
    If a man puts his nuclear family first in all things, and is of the personality type where reciprocated acts of service and a desire for wifely devotion, coupled with a sense of building his own leadership brings him happiness and a sense of accomplishment, he’ll do well. My daughter would need a man who can be the patriarch, and be worthy of submission. Not an easy thing.
    Luckily for me, I’ve got all boys. I am helping them learn how to avoid the wrong women, but they have to learn to find the right ones for them.

  15. The standard beta seems appealing at first glance but look at the long game. A beta might ultimately be usurped by either his wife another male interloper or both. Once a woman grabs the steering wheel she will promptly fly her relationship into the sun, taking herself and family along with her.

  16. You want your daughter to marry the nice guy who has a backbone. Being a good person shouldn’t preclude you putting up with bad behavior from anyone.

  17. If my girl chooses to marry I certainly hope I can get her out of the usa and hopefully somewhere a little more rural

  18. And this is where you come in. If you find a suitable moldable man. You start feeding him the red pill and training him in masculinity until he is ready to marry your daughter.

  19. “When I see a girl, my first thought goes to fucking her, and fucking her hard and as quickly as possible. Is this really the type of guy I want pursuing my daughter?”
    Hypocrite. I want a manly man dating my daughter, but not such a man who has poked more chicks than a cattle prod. Because precious flower.
    “I want her to have the guy that will never cheat on her”.
    How beta of you. Christian McQueen says to have several ladies on the side. That’s the “alpha way”. So, it’s acceptable for the dude to put your daughter on the pedestal by not fucking other chicks. but for you in your younger years to have porked everything that moved, well, that’s a different story.
    In the end, the woman will make the choice who to date and who to marry. Fathers have limited say in the final decision.

    1. Unfortunately true – my ex is allowing my 15 year old to date a 19 year old and she and my daughter have blown me off. I’m 1800 miles away so short of flying back and beating his ass and going to prison, I’m SOL.

      1. I feel badly for your situation. I hope you do not soon become a grandfather. 🙁

  20. Though question. I’d probably be straightforward with her. “You can get a good man and work to turn him into a winner. Or you can get a bad man and try to make turn him into a good man, ruining your life in the process.”
    It’s her choice, and she will suffer the consequences for it. I would advise hitting for the bold and determined guy over the rich playboy. Being an alpha doesn’t necessarily being an amoral douchebag.

  21. Though question. I’d probably be straightforward with her. “You can get a good man and work to turn him into a winner. Or you can get a bad man and try to turn him into a good man, ruining your life in the process.”
    It’s her choice, and she will suffer the consequences for it. I would advise hitting for the bold and determined guy over the rich playboy. Being an alpha doesn’t necessarily being an amoral douchebag.

  22. The old saying goes if you have a son that’s one swinging dick to worry about but if you have a daughter you have to worry about ALL of the swinging dicks.

  23. If I had a daughter (which I don’t) I think I would send her to Saudi Arabia to go to school in a Burkka with a bunch of Muslim girls. I would have her hymen checked daily by whatever adult female Muslim performs that job. I would make sure she knows that if her hymen is broken, I will arrange for her to be part of an honor killing.
    When she is 18, I would arrange a marriage for her to a wealthy man with strict Christian values that wants a virgin wife.

    1. she would be molested by the classmates’ male relatives. Covered girls are covering their shameful acts. you have to keep an eye on her yourself.

    2. and her classmates will teach her the many ways to fool around without breaking her hymen

  24. There is a lot of talk about women marrying guys like their father, or in the absence of a father chasing after excitement, but I would like to explore this from the other side of the coin.
    I have often thought that guys also marry/date girls like their mothers. I see it in the different types of male friends I have had. Guys from traditional backgrounds typically want more stable girls and guys from more progressive backgrounds go after the feminist pixie rriot grrl types. Now, this isn’t 100% but if we want to help men it might do well to point this fact out.

    1. Nothing, but nothing used to wind my wife up more than comparing her (disfavorably) to my mom. It’s always my nuclear option when she’s just being a complete and utter pantload. Makes her go from whining to sulky and blessedly silent.

      1. Same here. Except that mine went to full blown bat shit crazy mode

    2. Uh my mom was bitch. Im not interested in marrying a bitch or even getting married for that matter (at least in the US).

    3. I *did* marry my mom but didn’t figure it out until after I was divorced.

    4. It definitely works both ways. If you married a crazy bitch then most likely mom isn’t all there either. But you are probably so inured to mom’s crazy that you don’t see it in your wife until it’s too late.

  25. Answer – Lesser Alpha. He in his early 30’s with a decent number of notches in his belt he won’t stray for at least the first 5-7 years of marriage. That is assuming your daughter is in her late 20’s, a decent 7 or so, and has had enough of the cock wagon.
    Later into their marriage, he will become move removed by work and she will concentrate on the children. He will put a decent roof over her head and bang a secretary or other girl at the out of town conference once or twice a year. She will “know” and tolerate it. The alternative is divorce-rape which favors her but only if he was a beta chump who gave up everything (and didn’t have that convenient pre-nup). She strays once with a Greater Alpha, gets, an STD, then never waivers again.
    Kids graduate, grow up, then if one has more youth left they break it off. If not, they slowly fade away into old age hoping the other one will go first so they can at least have a few years of peace and quiet.
    Life…ain’t it grand.

  26. I have 3 sons and a daughter so this article is in my lane: The man I want my daughter to marry is a ‘Loving Leader’ (my reference is Ephesians 5:25-31, something that a majority of the folks on RoK can’t/don’t relate to but it pretty much says it all): a man who will be the Alpha but not an asshole and take advantage of his position, not abusive, a faithful man, a solid father to my grandchildren, and if he has been a player, put his youthful past behind him and embraced manhood. I want him to be the man my *granddaughter* looks up to and says ‘what what I want for myself’ and grandsons that say ‘I want to be like dad’. I want my sons to be that man, too, for their wives and their children. There are too many men who’ve abdicated their responsibilities and left two generations behind with no examples of what being a man – not a player – is. ’nuff said.

  27. I’m a little paranoid and have a weak heart, so yeah.
    I honestly wouldn’t mind, if she decided to marry a woman.

  28. used to be daughters were like property… some dude would do something awesome like save your village or otherwise be a hero in some way and men would be like yo dawg have my daughters

  29. By oversimplifying the arguments that frame and define the spectrum of manly behavior, do we as a community risk creating a false dichotomy between what we self-importantly label “Alphas” and “Betas?” Members of this forum have claimed there are no female unicorns; that there are no exceptions to hypergamy. The corollary? Are there similarly no unicorns (or equivalent mythological creature that doesn’t reek of femininity) of men who are soft when they choose to be and hard where they needs to be?
    Men who are soft all the time? We call them pussies. Men who are hard all the time? We call them pornstars.
    ALCON: let me know if you think I’m uninformed at worst or niave at best.

  30. That’s it? You got paid to write this joke of an article? No thoughts on what the “Alpha” would be like? What a waste.

  31. The answer is easy. Train your daughter to select a high status Beta and then have teach him how to be her Alpha.
    Don’t say it can’t be done, men always become what women want them to be.
    The Red Pill goes down much easier, when your wife is feeding it to you.

  32. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to marry a man who is 60+ and old with money. I don’t care how ugly or short he is…..resources over looks are what win the generation game here + old guy will want a companion for life and will mold her to suppress her superficial instincts.

  33. Cheat code: Don’t have a daughter, select Y sperms for in vitro. Never deal with this problem

  34. I think the answer to this question is clear — I don’t want my daughter to marry either man. Men don’t come in Alpha and Beta qualities only. A fully realized man moves through life on his terms and has not need to seek others’ validation. He is neither compensating for something nor letting himself be walked all over.
    As fathers it is incumbent upon us to take responsibility for molding our children in to men and women. We teach our boys to be men and we teach our daughters how to expect men to treat them and how to maintain dignity and self-worth.
    Alpha and Beta types of men are looking for validation from mommy. They do not move through the world as true men who know their mission and their purpose, and who strive everyday to reach their potential and become better people.
    Alpha and Beta represent a callow and insubstantial spectrum. I hope I can raise my daughter to choose neither, but rather to recognize and select a real man.
    The biggest signal is this — a real mans life is not centered around women and sex. If he were to lose the important women in his life he would remain and continue on. The most fulfilling thing for a good woman is the evidence that her man would accomplish his mission even without her.

    1. Best quote I have seen ever on this site. A man has to come into his own, you don’t need a woman to validate you. A woman is there to smooth out the beast in you, not to shackle it. A gentleman is not a prissy “yes, ma’am” type. He is not a woman hating gamer that is only out there for the hunt. He is a polished warrior, ready to attack at a moments notice, but polite enough to open the door. He is a leader of the household, a provider, and a caretaker when necessary. Like John Wayne once said, “You have to be a man, before you become a gentleman”.

  35. “she is highly judgmental of my preferences in women (youth and bisexuality to name a few).”
    You…you accept bisexuality? I thought ROK didn’t allow faggots….

  36. If you do your job as a father, she will want to marry someone like YOU. If you fail, then she will look for the opposite. And that’s more than just sending money, it’s being there and being a role model. Unfortunately, we live in a gynocentric culture where feminists think that fathers are unnecessary. Which is why many girls are growing up to be teen moms, drug addicts, prostitutes, and reality show stars.

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