The “History” Of Online Dating

While Ronald Reagan and Michael J. Fox invented the Internet in the early 80’s, online dating has been around for almost ever. For as long as humans have felt the need to mate, many have recognized that finding an appropriate mate can be difficult. Originally, online dating was referred to as a personal classified ad in a newspaper. The first personal classified ad was placed around 1700 in Great Britain by Catholic priests looking for young boys to do the Lord’s “work.” Next thing you know, everybody and their mamas’ were placing a personal ad in The Daily Courant, albeit on the down low.

In the early days of what would become online dating, many people looked down upon those finding love in unconventional ways. They thought these people were looking for love in all the wrong places and that they would find no fine girls, simply ugly faces. In the 1700 and 1800’s if you had not managed to find a spouse by the age of 21, people would attach a stigma to you. Still, the losers of the sexual marketplace were not deterred. These men placed personal ads in newspapers and hired ‘matrimonial’ agencies to find wives.

“Online” Dating Begins To Take Off

When men began to have success finding love through the classifieds, women soon began to post ads themselves, not just responding. Then in 1841, Susan B. Anthony coined the commonly used term, “We’ll lie about how we met” to avoid being stigmatized while going about her whoring ways.

Soon factory workers were spilling stories of girls they met through the personal ads while on the job. Tales of conquests from the personal ads began to become similar. The tales usually started with the lady stating, “We’re not having sex” then later followed by a “I never do this” or an “I didn’t expect this to happen”, and finally ending with a “Usually I don’t do that.” The workers were baffled and wondered if they had been dating the same whore(s) women.

Once the 1900’s rolled around, the personal ad began to go mainstream. Not only did factory workers, railroad workers, and whores peruse them, many servicemen did as well. This ushered in more women to the ads. During World War 1, servicemen began placing personal ads for ‘pen pals’ and ‘friends’ when they were overseas and had eventually tired of shoring cheap Asian hookers.

Jump to WWII and modern online dating as we know it begins to take shape. In 1941, a statistics based matchmaking service opened up in New Jersey. Then in 1956 IBM created a computer based dating program ran by an IBM card-sorting machine similar to the one sold to Hitler for use in concentration camps. Rumor has it Marilyn Monroe and JFK matched up perfectly using this system.

Beginning Of The Modern Era

The 70’s saw the personal ads gain a large following, while video-dating services gained some mainstream popularity in the 80’s. Then, Bill Clinton unknowingly invented what we call modern online dating in 1995 when he sent an email to some secret Internet fatty (SIF) about getting a hummer in the oval office. While fat chicks have been giving great head since forever, once word that the SIF swallowed the presidents’ babies got out, online dating became the cool thing to do. According to Bill, the only reason he didn’t get impeached was because he showed enough congressmen how to get hummers from their interns by pressing ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’. Although it all could have been avoided if it weren’t for the time he forgot Lewinsky had a gag reflex.

Alas, then in 1998, Tom Hanks starred in some rom-com about romantic emails and anal. While ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was a cinematic nightmare if you had male genitals, it propelled meeting a lover online into new heights. Now every ‘Sex & the City’ slag east of the Mississippi was trying to get their rocks off by finding their own Mr. Big through online dating.

The film worked wonders by erasing much of the negative stereotypes surrounding online dating. Influential people took note and realized there was money to be made in the online dating industry. With the rise of the ‘.Com’ bubble, online dating sites where popping up all over the Internet.

Online Dating Today

Fast forward to 2014 and online dating is everywhere. Your friends do it. Your colleagues do it. Hell, even your sister does it. It has been estimated that over 40 million Americans have tried online dating. The stigma surrounding online dating is all but completely eliminated.

While sites like Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and brought online dating into the mainstream, Tinder finished the job. Tinder eliminated almost all strategy necessary for men to have success in dating online.  If a girl you found attractive and “swiped right” to does the same, you “match”.  Then you are allowed to message each other. A few quick messages and you get her number. Then it’s off to texting to set the date up.

While many older players still despise online dating, the fact remains that using the Internet to facilitate getting your dick wet is pretty fucking easy. The key to online dating is to not become dependent on it.

No matter what society says, its fucking weird if the only way you can meet girls is online. A man or an “alpha male” should meet women during his day-to-day life, when he goes out on the town for a night, and if he so chooses, by dating online. With online dating, as true in most areas of life, moderation is key. Still, it is tough to deny that online dating is a great tool for the budding player to use.

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  1. This is actually a good article. I have some curiousity about it, and the truth is that I used a site to find my wife… excuses, my reasoning was that the demographics in manhattan, KS were against me and I could expand my reach by using an online site. Even better I could use niche sites and write my profile a certain way so that only the “good girl” types would bite on the hook I’d set.
    As I’ve said before the best way to think of online dating is in terms of marketing. Start by asking what your type likes. Then all you have to do is choose pictures and write your profile in such a way that it looks like you are selling what they want… it right(NOTHING matters more than the quality of your pictures) and all you have to do is sit back and watch the clicks roll in. You’ll also waste a lot less time if only message the ones who view your profile first.

    1. Tinder should never be used to replace ‘real life pick-ups’ but for the busy or lazy among us it is perfect for what we want it to do. That is contact attractive (albeit based on pics) and fun girls to then hook up a coffee or drink date and hopefully bang them that day/night or the next date at the very least. Assuming she is worth a second spin of course.
      As much as i enjoy putting the work in and gaming girls at the supermarket or wherever, there is something pretty special about getting an afternoon bj or lay from some chic because you ‘joked’ about spanking her if she sent anymore cheeky messages. And all from the comfort of wherever you happen to fucking around on your phone.
      On that note i do believe the phone call is essential, cuts the wheat from the chaff and allows you to throw some bombs in there to gauge the possibility of ending up horizontal. The spanking line and ‘how about you cook for me, ill bring the wine’ generally does the trick on the willing.

  2. I just finished an LTR that was a result of online dating and I’m wandering around feeling like I just emerged out from the far side of hell and wondering how I survived. No more.

    1. That’s the pattern I noticed in men coming out of a ‘serious’ relationship. You can see the significant amount of vitality and emotional fortitude that has been sucked out from them. It’s not only online dating, but even in conventional dating when a man gets into a relationship without a solid frame, it is almost inevitable that he will come out of it weaker, more damaged or disillusioned.
      One of the ways that a man can survive in LTR’s without avoiding them all together is accepting the nature of women and acting accordingly. What I mean by this is to not involve your ego on the behaviour of your GF, Spouse etc. Modern ideologies have rendered women to a state of that which we cannot control. Hence take what you can from them and GTFO. Its fuck or get fucked. The way women fuck us is by extracting our vitality, identity, financial/emotional resources and your genes(alpha fux, beta bux).

      1. 1.) go do some semi dangerous outdoor sports, like skiing, surfing or mountain biking….semi life and death situations will blast out all the fake female stress you are holding.
        2.) go to a gun range and blast off 500 rounds on a nice .45 or 9mm semi auto pistol – once you get a few bulleyes you’ll feel much more confident.
        3.) go get laid… pay for the first one if you have to, anything is better than nothing and some good pros give great massages….. sometimes you have to prime the pump so it will run freely….. and sometimes getting laid without all the hoop jumping is fucking fantastic.

        1. 4.) Join a public speaking class or club. Your social confidence will go through the roof, and you will get constructive criticism that is almost guarantee to improve your communication skills.

        2. Yeah. Great advice idiot.
          Become a “Toastmaster” – get laid.
          Jesus fucking christ.

        3. Put the stupid cuntresses out of your head. They are for looking at and nothing more. Anyone that hooks up with these piles of dogshit deserves everything they get.
          Take a trip to Colombia with a buddy to where females are really females that respect males.

        4. So you are seriously going to tell me that your public speaking ability(including the improv speaking they do) has ZERO relation to your game? That learning how to project a confident body language, use your voice, and build confidence won’t help you?
          You say this even with the PUA style “game” you gamer types love that is based primarily on reciting memorized lines and stories?
          No matter….if you are who I think you are, nothing’s going to break you out of your idiocy, and you will continue to reap the fruits of being an unhappy, angry, beta nerd in your life.
          I do owe you though. Until now I didn’t even realize that I’ve got two homes… of which is in your head.

        5. Ya gotta be careful with that though. A lot of that isn’t because they’re somehow magically different than American women. It’s because most of them are VERY good at selling themselves compared to American women.

        6. Bull fucking shit. Like I said, your comments are worthless. I was just chatting online with a Colombian woman and her complaints about Colombian men are the same as American complaints about American women. She said they are too “machiste” or macho and treat women poorly with disrespect. Same gripes, just in reverse.
          Kind of like you and GhostOfJefferson keep telling us to play the”game”. Be tough guys and take control.
          In the end, we American men should not have to stoop to such bullshit “games”.
          The solution is soooo fucking easy.
          Women should respect men; show us courtesy and kindness – and in return we will respond in kind. Engage in simple friendly meetings and greetings and determine common interests and see if there is a mutual attraction.
          Pretty fucking basic and simple isnt it?
          Not some convoluted psychological fucking “mind games” all the time.
          You and GhostOfJefferson offer the most worthless mundane shit comments.
          Were you two sent here from Jezebel or the NSA to disrupt this board with your inane stupidity??

    2. Just think about it: why would a well-adjusted, pretty girl bother with online dating? She should be getting plenty of attention in real life already.

      1. Because a lot of them don’t see much value in modern American “culture”, so they don’t get out much. Setting up the profile is often a last resort for them: they’re hoping that by reaching a larger audience they can finally interact with enough guys to find one who’se different from the douchebags and manginas most beta’s are.

        1. You’d be surprised. There’s a lot of them out there who either were never taught how to meet men by their parents, or for whtaever reason they way they were taught just isn’t working for them.

  3. Also thinking…based on my own personal successes and failures, as well of those of my friends.
    The key to online dating is to take things offline ASAP. Fail to do that(preferably within the first week if she’s local) means you are guaranteed to blow out.

    1. Agreed, but don’t you think it isn’t worth the effort? I can pull much better looking women when I’m out than i can online. The same kind of women who ignore me online i can pull in real life. That’s what puts me off.

      1. I’ve had the opposite experience, but that’s because I run my game to target a certain kind of girl. I’m not looking directly for a lay(that will come regardless. I’d use online sites to target nice, laid back girls who are on they’re frustrated with the low quality of the average American male. That type is a lot easier to find online than in person because they usually don’t get out much other than with work, family, church, and the like.

        1. This doesn’t sound plausible. If she’s a catch, she isn’t going to be online looking for some mythical alpha male. A lot of the men who use online dating can’t hack it offline. She’d be doing herself a disservice.

        2. Sometimes true, but there’s also a lot of them who are great gals that can’t hack it in a club.

  4. I imagine that a decade or two down the pipe someone will find a strong correlation between the rise in online dating and divorce. It takes the chance out of finding a partner for more than sex. Those who have obtained a LTR partner from it know that that person is more replaceable than “the one” you meet in the supermarket (or whatever). Basically, it eliminated “the one” and made everyone replaceable.

    1. i expect so… if you hit on a girl in real life… there has to be some chemistry or immediate attraction / call to action…. but online it can be total BS…. then when you meet, especially if some distance is involved, you both have a vested interested that was created before you ever met….
      it’s not scientific, it’s not in the moment, you’ve built an idea of the person from some photos and chit chat, before you even met them…. add in a chic that’s pissed with an ex and wants to get laid and you have relationship disaster almost guaranteed.

      1. That is the problem with online dating, you build up an idealized version of the person you see based on a few pics and a short self description. This usually leads to disappointment. The best tactic is to get her number call her up and get a date as soon as possible. Even speaking on the phone gives you a much better impression of the real person. It can be more trouble than its worth and its better to meet people offline. Online dating has also exposed to women the true thirst of men, they get constant attention from all directions from men who would never dare approach in real life.

        1. “The best tactic is to get her number call her up and get a date as soon as possible.”
          It is. Many betas don’t even call these days, texting only. Besides, if the woman wont’c pick the phone for you after a couple messages, you know you have been nexted already.

    2. Well maybe. But I don’t see any reason to randomly hope to meet a chick at the grocery store. It’s much more efficient to find one that is upfront that she on the market and has at least indicated she like my photos. Of course, she probably is more attractive to the expensive car in the photos, but that’s the case either way.

  5. I think it has contributed to the rise of flaking. We have too many options now and no one feels the need to stick with what they have. Tinder has really made this explode.

    1. Not “we”, *women* have too many options. The vast majority of men can only dream about the options a plain jane has on the sexual market place.

      1. Clarification, yes I should have said women. They are bombarded with thirsty dorks nowadays no matter how average they are. not to mention they tend to way oversell in their profiles and use pics from 10 years and 20 lbs ago.

        1. Spotting a SIF is paramount in the current online dating market. Fortunately, it is quite easy.

      2. that can be leveraged to your advantage by being outstanding both in and out of the bedroom…. a man who is a 7 will stand out like a giant in a sea of 5s and 6s…. but a man who is an 8 or 9, may go unnoticed compared only to himself.

        1. Finally! Someone else who’s awake to how important bedroom skills are.
          Think about how much a beta gets nutted up because a girl got him off. Due to women’s biology, if you know what you’re doing the effect will be MUCH stronger on them…..and if you’re not careful can lead to some psycho behavior. One of my old Army peers had a chick jump the fence on post and show up at his barracks room in the middle of the night while he was with another woman.

      3. Indeed.
        My friends in LTRs (5 years or more) are so deep in the blue pill that they would be anihilated in the current sexual market.
        After taking the Red Pill, I understand and sometimes feel envy of hot young women’s . That is, of course, until they are 27-28 and feel the impending date with the Wall.

  6. I’d advise any man who dates online to slyly/casually mention, if things seem to be going really well that “Hitler/(Himmler, if she seems intelligent) used the exact same matching system in his concentration camps that we did in order to meet. How crazy is that?” But say it cool.
    Her legs will spread faster than ebola at a Liberian petting zoo.

    1. Hey , by the way do you think is sexist if the weapon of a Japanese heroine in a videogame is a frying pan, or is too much American feminist point of view?

  7. I thought this was a superb article. There are some great writers on ROK!
    I do a fair amount of online dating, but it’s feeling more and more icky to me. First, no matter how clever my profile is, I’m nothing more than a statistic because I know that my email to a hottie is but one of a thousand that she has waiting in her inbox. I think it’s harder to stand out online than it is in real life. Also, I don’t really enjoy first meetings, because you never really know how she’ll look based upon the select images that she posted.
    And finally, this has happened to me a bunch of times: I get to the bar a bit early, and cannot help noticing all of the pretty ladies around. And then many times, within minutes, I find myself having fine conversations with one, only to be interrupted by my less adequate internet date’s arrival a few minutes later. In those moments, I think, “Why do I even arrange these internet dates? Why don’t I just show up to the bar alone?”
    Hunting in real life is more exciting, and you can determine your level of attraction instantly versus the hope-and-pray method forced on us by the internet. But I get lazy and it’s easy to log into OKC and fire off a few emails once in a while. Sometimes it pays off big, but increasingly I find it disappointing.

    1. I agree about it getting bad now. I tried it about 10 years back and it was pretty decent. The girls weren’t too flaky and were pretty attractive. Now it’s a cesspool of 5’s and 6’s at best and even those sloths might flake on you. Plus you have tons of fake profiles out there now-the porn sites caught on at some point.

      1. What adds insult to injury is that even single moms are flaky now.
        Yes, those women who have the LEAST options and LEAST opportunity to meet a man can’t even be bothered to return text messages or a fucking email.

      2. I read that the faggot that owns POF doesnt reaally delete profiles after people drop their accounts. He keeps them up to fool guys into thinking their are more attractive women on that site then there really are.
        As with everything in this fucking world, its all just a scam to get your cash. Everything is.
        Dont be gullible idiots. Its all bullshit.

        1. got caught making fake profiles…..some of which could even respond.

    2. You can mitigate that. First, make sure your pictures and tagline are outstanding. To reduce flaking talk only to girls who view your profile first, and only keep talking to them if they’re putting effort into their responses. If at all possible Skype them before you meet them in order to prevent wasting your time on a dependapotamus.
      If you’re going to message first I’ve found that you get the best results by limiting your search to girls who just joined.

  8. I personally hate online dating still. to many 4s and 5s pretending to be 8’s and 9’s just for attention

    1. Recently I saw a woman on Twitter who pretended to be an authority on “dating”. She tweets: “For Guys: If you want to meet women you need to know where to look.”
      I’m thinking NO we fucking don’t. SHE needs to learn that 51% of people are women. That means even if you DON’T want to meet a woman… you’re MORE likely to meet a woman. They are everywhere – like trashcans, bus stops and MacDonald’s. You don’t need to go special places to “meet women”.
      This is why so many millions of women are single against their own will. Because they listen to their own stupid “dating” advice. Not only do the 5’s pretend to be 9’s… but they actually behave like they are “more rare” and “difficult to meet”.

      1. It’s a symptom of culture-fueled narcissism. Almost every piece of women’s media out there tells them repeatedely how they are unique, and special, and all deserve a prince handsome who is tall, dark, rich, handsome, patient, loving, and loves them unconditionally regardless of how badly they treat him.
        Sorry ladies but you aren’t special. If you want that badly to be special, then how about you put in the effort to be the prize you want to be? MAYBE 1/10 nowadays will do that.

        1. Not even 1/100 puts an effort in. More than 99% of modern women think the sun rises and sets in their pants. They will actually say (on a date!!) “Omg I’m such a bad cook, I burn water when I make tea….” and think they are being cute and attractive. Ass and tits is all they are , and there is nothing else. Their “skills” are ordering in restaurants and spending money they don’t even have.
          She wants to be taken out for a $200 dinner but it won’t even cross her mind to throw some noodles in a pot of boilling water for you. Fuckin’ useless.

      2. Amen to that. And what the hell is Tinder ? Who are the pieces of excrement wasting their time with this garbage instead of focusing on what’s happening in real life around them ?

    2. After reading some red-pill truth about online “dating” on, Celtic Rebel and of course RoK, I’ve realized why I got virtually no responses to my profile posts (too much flaking) and that since I was just wastng my time, I decided to cancel all my free subscriptions and delete my profiles.
      eHarmony offers free communications promotions (though they’re too cheap to allow photos to be visible unless you’re a paid subscriber), other sites like allow free pics but no free communication. You get the idea. You’re being suckered into paying for a subscription in exchange for free unrestricted access to their database of eligible matches, with no guarantees of a date, never mind a relationship.

  9. I have a nephew in college and he said Tinder has hot girls on his campus but you have to be in the top 20 percent to get the best ones. He called it an extension of Facebook with a lot of girls attention whoring for campus recognition.

    1. Online dating and Tinder must be amazing if you happen to possess a vagina.

      1. Hence our current predicament.
        Millions of thirsty simps that think they are Alphas serving as human dildos and only thousands of pretentious little privileged snowflakes reveling in all the easy attention.

        1. Millions thinking they are alphas? You reading some charts that I haven’t seen? I rarely meet real life men outside of my biker buddies who won’t immediately go full blue pill simpering herbivore at the drop of a hat.

        2. Perception v. reality. Just because they think they’re Alphas doesn’t mean they are.
          Our mutual “guest” friend is probably a good example. It would explain why he hates women so much.

  10. Anybody have an idea when Tinder might be available without a smart phone? I don’t have one and don’t intend on getting one (anytime soon) as a matter of choice.
    They’d be smart to make a laptop/desktop version, mucho dinero

    1. Why would you want to waste your time with that shit? It only works for females. Most of the pics and profiles are fake anyway from what I have heard.

  11. I don’t consider myself to be an “Alpha”, just a greater beta. Have read a few PUA books though and love using “negs” and heavy duty teasing, practice it on ladies I meet in RL all the time. Online dating though is where I had huge success. And the ladies knew it too. I use to let them know I had to get off Skype or Yahoo to go chat with another one. I would even set up appointments. It just made them more competitive. I am married now to a gal I met on AfroIntroductions in Kenya. She knows I could very easily find someone online to replace her and treats me like a king. http://

    1. Props. You’ve done something that none of the internet has done: post proof of your game.

  12. Traditionally, men would enter LTRs with someone they’ve gone to Highschool with, met in college, or co-worker. If you struck out in those 3 places, it’s going to bars and nightclubs (quality women there :/ ) After that, it’s finding some random woman on a subway or in line at starbucks.
    About 1% of men know how to day game ie: scoring some random girl through small talk while waiting in line. Those with no day game will use technology for to screen and look for women.
    It’s far easier to set up a mutual date through tinder or okcupid because you’re both looking and the chances of rejection are slim. Where as hitting on the HB9 in the health foods section carries a higher risk of striking out.

  13. Online dating is a tool. Not a technique. I use it to supplement my day and night game. I have personally found Tinder to be much worse for attention-whoring and flakey behavior than OKC and POF.

  14. For good or for bad, I use Tinder to get 99% of my dates and 100% of my lays. Given the social and cultural collapse of the western countries, I think that now and during the future, online dating will be the main, if not the only, way to meet new people for
    most persons out of college.
    Pros of Tinder:
    – Instead of a woman sorting though 150 messages per week (as in POF and OKC), the female chooses you (the male will always swipe right ay attractive female).
    – Has made online dating almost mainstream. Even if hot women use it mainly for attention whoring, it will set a precedent for the collective mind during the next years, paving the way for Tinder’s succesor app.
    – It is useful to meet foreign girls living in your city and white-collar women of 24-28 out of the college scene (i.e. women with a limited social circle who aren’t bar sluts).
    Cons of Tinder:
    – As a man, you have to be physically attractive and/or disctintive in your local sexual market to get a match.
    – For hot women still in college and specially under 25, it is a validation and attention whoring tool given the ample amount of male suitors in their current social circle.
    – Still a numbers game, as many matches are attention whores. My phone percentage from matches is about 50%, dates about 20% and lays about 5%. Comparable to day gaming, and well over POF and OKC, where percentages were about 10%, 5% and 1% or less, respectively.

  15. the opposite is true for me. I can’t attract a woman to save my life online, but in person I do very well.

    1. There is no trick to attracting a woman online. The goal – online – is not to “attract” her…. but to illicit a RESPONSE. And the best way to illicit a response from a woman online is to say something she perceives as a negative.
      • “Why do you look like a chihuahua in two of your photos? Bad hair day?”
      • “So you’re a model, huh. Whassamatter, couldn’t you get a REAL job?”
      • “Why do you have so many photos of you scantily dressed? Can’t you afford clothes?”
      Feel free to use your imagination here.

      1. Disagree. The best way to “elicit” a response from a woman online is have bombass pictures.

        1. Disagree more… the BEST way to “elicit” a response is to say something she thinks is “illicit”.

        2. Your response….doesn’t really disprove my point. Even if that was 100% true(which it isn’t…it’s a webcomic made by a man who is disgruntled because he sucks at using dating sites) the responses would be entirely different if you swapped the two guy’s pictures.

        3. No I wouldn’t,because I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to meet women on a dating website in a million years.

  16. “While sites like Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and brought online dating into the mainstream, ”
    All of these kind of sites are simply tools. You still need game. If you have game you dont necessarily need these tools but women dont just fall from the sky without game. I found, however, a lot of American-raised women use these tools for their own passive-aggressive beta hunting.
    Tinder is for the whore in life. That and Craigslist.

  17. All the history you need to know in 2 short sentences:
    Al Gore invented the Internet.
    Bill Clinton used the Internet to secure a blow job from a fatty.
    Love it!

  18. Jesus.
    What’s next is scary. I’m guessing once all the men become jacked and ripped he-men with tattoos and our economy collapses into one almost entirely based on food, gyms and drugs, women will just grab guys off the street and fuck them out in broad daylight.
    Glad I’m married now with no kids.

  19. Everyone is easily replaced, no one is special. I guess online dating just makes it clearer to some of the dimmer guys. Women are always looking to trade up, so seeing their selection process right in front of you might be good for some of the guys who still hang on to a fairy tale idea of how a special woman will complete your life. On the other hand there are a lot of guys you can compare yourself to, realizing your limitations is a cold shower but online dating is probably the most inoffensive way to go through this process, you might even pick up some good traits from other guys.

  20. Easy to get your dick wet, if you have no standards. Personally I’d rather turn to porn than hook up with most women who show interest online. The ones who are even moderately attractive are damn near impossible to connect with. The 6s are chasing the 10s.

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