A Rose By Any Other Name Still Reeks of Women’s Entitlement

I live in Austin, Texas, the most overrated city on the planet, and although I would not care to hang out with Mr. Romeo Rose, I wanted to write about his plight.

Not sure who Romeo Rose is? You must not plugged in to the awesome (sarc) Austin social media scene. Fortunately, I’m not either, so I found out about him from a friend who wastes too much time on social media.

Apparently, Mr. Rose was a local wanna-be musician and part-time wedding photographer who, according to an Austin grrrl power reporterette, calls his awful guitar “the most beautiful guitar in the universe.” Any musician who would say such a thing without prefacing it “after the Frankenstrat or Jimi’s Fender” is indeed a clown. He’s also allegedly a 9/11 troofer. Not exactly the kind of guy I would want to party with. There were also other allegations involving the man, but I am leaving those out because I could not find better substantiation of the claims (granted, I wasn’t about to spend hours looking this up).

Mr. Rose “rose” to prominence recently after he posted a website seeking his ideal Mrs. Right at SleeplessInAustin.com. He is so sleepless that he’s even offering a finder’s fee to anybody who can help him find a girl. On the site he included a list comprising thirty-nine paragraphs of what the future Juliet should be to this Romeo. And what is he looking for? Let me quote him (sic throughout):

  • “I want the girl to be attractive.”
  • “I like girls that are thin, or with a toned or athletic build. . . . I will not date a overweight or fat girl.”
  • “I also like girls with long hair. I like a girl to look like a girl, not a man, I like a feminine, pretty girl.”
  • “I will not date a girl that does not have a job or career.”
  • “I do not like tattoos on a woman.”
  • “I do not like glasses on a girl.”
  • “I do not like strippers! I will not date any girl that has ever been a stripper.”
  • “I will not date any girl that has ever had a threesome, or a large number of past sexual partners. I do not want a promiscuous slut.”
  • “I will not date any girl that can not always be honest & faithful to me.”
  • “I prefer a woman that has never had children.”

OK, so it sounds like he isn’t looking for Eva Angelina. I can understand that; he prefers redheads, so… well, I can’t think of the names of any redheaded chicks right now, so this wise-ass comment just died.

But, as a man, I can completely understand where he is coming from. Who among us wants to date a fatty? Who among us wants a girl who looks like a man or even a post-op tranny? Do you want to date a fug? Are lazy, unemployed, skanky, slutty, tatted-up strippers your cup of tea for a long-term relationship? Hell, no!

So why am I even discussing this guy? Well, he included this item:

  • I will not date a Black girl. I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry, I will not ever date a Black girl.”

OK, so this was a “d00d WTF were you thinking???” moment, mainly because I still dig Vanessa Williams, but if that is the way he feels, well, to each his own.

But his list and final point listed above opened the floodgates of h8red from the haters in the Cathedral.

The harridans at Jezebel unloaded on him.

So did the chicks at Salon.

And the “men” at Gawker.

Then the Huffington Post joined the fray, and even arranged an interview between Mr. Rose and Ms. Caitlyn Becker, their not-exactly-svelte reporter.

The Cathedral pounced like an angry animal as soon as they had the chance to scream RACIST! at Mr. Rose. Within a few days of this man’s rather silly and innocuous website going live he went from a local with a clownish reputation to the latest example of the RACIST AmeriKKKan patriarchy.

Now, before I proceed, I’d like to ask a few questions of Ms. Becker:

  • Would you date a guy shorter than you?
  • What about a guy who does not earn over $100,000 per year?
  • What about a guy with an educational background not as “stellar” as yours?

Yup, just what I thought. No, no and no.

The entire Romeo Rose affair isn’t about the media calling out a fool who made bigoted comments. Instead, it’s another obnoxious display of the double-standard employed by wimmin regarding preferences in a partner. I’m sure Ms. Becker, the women at Jizzabel, the women at Salon, and (most likely) the “men” at Gawker all have their list of 300+ firm requirements in a man. And a good portion of these will be related to looks. Meanwhile, a local goofball has now become a national whipping boy for daring to list in thirty-nine paragraphs what he’d like to see in a woman.

How dare he have standards!

But I will leave Mr. Rose with one piece of advice: you won’t find your Juliet in Austin. Not in a town where the feminists and their manboob allies would rather have mob rule than a democratic process adhering to procedural rules.

Maybe Verona, Italy would be a better place to start looking.

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175 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name Still Reeks of Women’s Entitlement”

  1. Vanessa Williams…mmmmm…..yeah…
    Not to brag but I once owned that infamous Penthouse issue where she frolicked with another woman. Was quite the scandal back in the day as she was Miss America.

    1. I understand. As a kid who grew up on ’80s Prince-mania, which — for me — extended even to his various protégés, I was (and still am) quite fond of the once and future Denise Matthews, a.k.a. Vanity. (For the uninitiated: http://s10.postimg.org/tmdsi5ill/image.jpg)
      Now, obviously Vanity’s mulatto as fuck, but still… most men have that one fantasy black chick, right?
      Pity that, in reailty, your average sista be lookin’ mo’ like:

      1. ^ This was my post but Disqus fucked up the context of my reply by inserting the supremely bangable Vanity as the second pic, thereby invalidating my “average sista be lookin’ mo’ like the second pic” bit.

    1. It’s not racist at all to prefer one race. It is racist, however, to refuse to date women who have slept with black men, but be ok with it if they slept with asian men. I can’t think of any explanation for this that isn’t racist. And I rarely ever cry racism.

      1. It’s not racist to reject the black woman, but it is to reject the white woman? This “racism” label is silly, if you’re not harming someone it doesn’t matter what you think. Odds are that the black the white woman was dating was low class, and she has some kind of fetish, so it is generally relevant.

        1. People are really misunderstanding me. It’s pretty racist to be specifically against one kind of interracial marriage, it has nothing to do with his personal preferences for white women. How do you know the black guys she slept with were low class? seems like a really huge assumption, the only white women i know who have dated black men met the guys in college or at work, not off the street somewhere.

        2. “People are really misunderstanding me.”
          I understand you just fine and yes, it is racist, but let me pose a question you may not have come across before:
          So what?

        3. It’s insecurity driven by stereotypes. Tiresome, but c’est la vie. That said, if a woman has a type and you are not that type (regardless of race or even gender), you may fuck but do not date. If she prefers a certain height, color, hardassness, etc., and you are not that type, you would be fighting against nature by dating her long term.
          Then again, if she is dating you primarily because you are of a certain race or ethnicity, be prepared to be treated like a generic. For this reason, if a woman is interested in dating me primarily because she is into black guys, I will not date her. Why waste time explaining why I am not like Kanye or the fact that not every black guy defaults to Ebonics? I guess the same applies if you are a white guy in Asia being chased by Asian women solely interested in getting their laowai/gweilo flag.
          laowai/gweilo = furriner in Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese

        4. “It’s insecurity driven by stereotypes.”
          Ah. Yes. Good ol’ “blame everything on stereotypes.” Must be the media as well, right?
          You know as well as I do that stereotypes exist for a reason. And that reason is this: they’re fucking true.

        5. It’s bad enough that ROK becomes synonymous with racists on places like Jezebel, please don’t contribute to the ugly stereotype that red pill = racist.

        6. I followed your logic. I stipulated your conclusion, but rather than entertain my question you deflect it with an implied accusation of racism.
          I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for me go out and play with the grown ups for awhile.
          I stipulate that they aren’t on RoK, so at least you have that to take away with you, which is nice.

        7. There are two types of people on ROK:
          – those who own their failings and seek self improvement, and – those who seek to blame others for their failings.
          The butthurt, racist WNs are the second type. And, the race-hustlers who publish these posts are part of their number. They are more pathetic than the MRAs they so despise.

        8. Three questions. Whats a “WN”?
          And..whats a “race-hustler”??
          ..and why are you on this website?

        9. Because “Jen” highly values the opinions of other womyn. Much more so than she values truth.

        10. Good, and when we have the mexican take over and mexicans start shitting on whites I don’t want to hear you complain. I will complain but you don’t when they pass a law that whites have to sit on the back of the bus.

        11. Sorry, I’m not buying it, I’m white, there exist the stereotype of white men being rapist. Am I a rapist, no, are most white men rapist no, 99% of white men will never rape. You are delusional.

        12. Never rode a bus. You write more like a fool with a pussy than a dick, you are grossly insecure and probably think white women are all going to disappear with black man from interracial dating. It is pure delusion. You need to get out your house more, maybe find a few black friends. They are no different than white men.

        13. Racism = A dishonest term used to pathologize normative human behavior in whites and who’s own etymology has come to violate it’s own somewhat vague first principles by becoming itself a “racist” slur for white people.
          ( Most often hurled from the luxurious bay windows of gated white compound by jews and white liberals who want to shut up normal white people who are sick of their power trip and don’t want to play their fucked up little word games)

        14. Understanding race IS red-pill. Why would the mainstream-media and Jezebel feminists be disastrously wrong about gender, but applying the exact same political-correctness bullshit logic, be spot-on about race?
          Men and women are different and we shouldnt expect equal outcomeso r treatment. Oh, but the different races are exactly the same and if you provide evidence to suggest otherwise youre an evil nazi racist!!!!!

        15. We’re not blaming others for our failings. We’re saying we ought to be allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, just as we should be on gender. Fuck your political correctness and shove it up your ass.

        1. Most sexually-active blacks also have herpes, according to the CDC. That may explain their high HIV rate; in gets in thru the sores.

        2. I have heard about the high rates of black women with herpes.
          I’ve heard a few theories as to why there’s such high rates of HIV infection among blacks and Hispanics. One revolves around the thug/bad boy worship in those communities, where a guy who’s a “bad boy” is often one who’s been incarcerated. Given that correctional facilities are often hotbeds of HIV transmission (three guesses as to why), it makes sense that many of these men get released and end up spreading that HIV to the women in their community.
          Oh, and for all the “dat’s ray-cisss!” moaners: I’ve worked with processing HIV lab results (data entry) in the past. The three most commonly infected groups are exactly the ones you’d expect:
          – Gay and bisexual males
          – Blacks
          – Hispanics

        3. I wonder if that fact has effected the Caribbean Sex Tourist “Rent-a-Dread” Industry? I’d imagine their rates to be high since they are more or less gigalos. Then their clients take the STD’s back to US, Canada and Europe and infect their men.

        4. The funniest part about this comment is that there are more than a few women you have fucked who choose not to tell you fully about their past and you live in a sorry state of ignorance toward the fact that a guy like me has been 8 inches deep in your precious “untarnihed” ewe.

        5. If that’s what you need to tell yourself. Whatever keeps you from confronting those nasty facts, bro.
          Funny thing, though, how black guys tend to go on about how overrated and unjustly worshiped dem white bitchez are, yet they clearly base their self-esteem and image as successful players on how much of that “overrated” white pussy they’ve allegedly fucked.
          “Datbro,” I think there’s a “how to hook up wit de white wimmins” thread on RVF waiting for you.

      2. Let’s be honest, what white guy doesn’t gag at the thought of going down on a black chick? Let alone getting her pussy juice all over your balls.

      3. Would it be similarly wrong to refuse to date a woman who has slept with men in exchange for money, but be ok with it if they had slept with men for love?
        Would making that distinction be “sexist”? After all, both women have had sex and the man would just be discriminating on a certain aspect of that.
        When looking for a relationship it’s important to choose someone who has the same values as yourself. If someone’s past dating or sexual history shows what is to you a flaw in the ability to make good life choices then it is appropriate to discount them as a potential mate.

        1. Amid the predictable and vapid cries of ‘RACIST!’ I pose the following question: does not the continued existence of distinct races, generation after generation, suggest that the VAST majority of human beings throughout world history have also been ‘RACIST!’ in this same fashion?
          Is there a remote possibility that even in our heavily PC climate it might be recognized that this type of ‘RACISM!’ is not some moral degeneracy or mark of abhorrent evil, but rather the default sentiment/ instinct of ALL humans?

        2. Thank you for your cogent, reasoned, thoroughly studious retort. You certainly dissected this premise most masterfully.

        3. Wanting to be with someone of your own race is not racist but this guy made racists remarks about black people saying that having sex with a black person is akin to bestiality he also made other racist statements.

      4. So what “term” should we use, by today’s standard’s, when women won’t even talk to a guy under six feet in height? How many times have we’ve heard women play that card (even short women)? You can call it what you will (i.e. racist or having standards, preferences) but that’s exactly what it’s called in both cases.

  2. I’m female, but I actually felt that a lot of his comments were perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with liking slender, long-haired women with sexual partners in the single digits (I’m one of them), and he’s not terrible-looking himself- at least he’s tall and fit. It doesn’t even seem like he’s asking for something out of his range, which is my only pet peeve with men who list their preferences.
    However, you’re missing a MAJOR point. It’s not just that he didn’t want to date Black women (also something I don’t really care about, considering there are plenty of men on this site who won’t date white women like myself) but rather that he wouldn’t even go near a girl who had slept with a Black guy in the past and also said he doesn’t think the races should mix at all, which is kind of the definition of racist (especially since he is inexplicably okay with asians and whites mixing, just nothing else). I don’t think his other requests were all too strange, and I think he still would have been bashed (unfairly) if he hadn’t said the Black stuff. But I do think his comments got extremely racist.

    1. You shouldn’t have been sleeping around with blacks if you have a problem with that. You can’t have it both ways.

      1. lolwut. I’ve never slept with a black guy, I just think it’s racist. Why else would it matter unless you were just racist?

        1. no, I said it was fine if he preferred white women. The only racist thing was that he was against people of different races breeding. Other than whites and asians, which is a bit inexplicable and illogical.

        2. That’s how most people think though, actually. It hurts and it sucks (for me and my Black brothers), but it’s good that people are out in the open with it. no more fooling around.
          Protect yourselves at all times.

        3. Give me a break. As a white guy who has dated several black women, I can say, without a doubt, that it’s not just white guys who have a problem with “their” women sleeping with men of another race.

        4. No, birdbrain, someone who believes red heads are superior beings to non-red heads is a “hairist” and a fool.
          A “hairist” fool is a person who, like Romeo the Cunt says:
          “When a woman has been with a blond, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality, because blonds look like apes, monkeys and gorillas. I don’t mean any offense to blonds, but that’s just the truth. You can’t look at a blond like MinuteOfAngle and a gorilla and tell me you don’t see some similarities. I am just speaking the truth and saying what MOST people truly think but don’t have the courage to say.”

        5. Great comment Travis, but some of your upvoters have proven Jen right and are hypocrites.
          It’s pretty clear who those are.

        6. And yet, women instinctively know that it does matter. People want to see their genes passed on, it’s the point of life. If I meet a woman who with light-brown hair, similar height, blue eyes, and similar shade of skin color, I will be very attracted to her, because mating with her is an almost surefire way to see my genes passed on, and is the closest thing to natural cloning.
          If a white woman has sex with a black man, who’s phenotype is obviously very different from her own, she is clearly brain-damaged and unable to successfully follow her biological imperative. Put another way, if you were forming a world-class bowling team, would you ask someone who thinks throwing the ball in the gutter is a good strategy?

        7. Nice way to miss the point. Being blond is not a problem for whites, it’s natural. Mating with something that looks, acts, and smells like an ape is not natural. Blacks are basically a different species.

      2. GunslingerGregi is a known manosphere racist. If it’s not about race, he has nothing to say.
        q. What do you call someone who’s always defending other people’s women?
        a. WK

    2. Who cares if he’s racist. It’s an opinion, and he’s entitled to hold any opinion he wants. Especially since his opinion in no way affects your life whatsoever.

      1. Funny, because when racism is directed at white people, alot of us complain, and if you don’t believe me, go to a holocaust museum.

        1. Jews aren’t white, and I’d say millions of people getting slaughtered for any reason is cause for complaint. Also, nobody cares when white people are discriminated against. t
          When they get passes over for jobs/school admissions because of their race, they’re told to check their privilege. Also, I’m not white.

        2. Jews aren’t white, then what are they black? purple? chinese? I care when white people are discriminated against. Racism is wrong and stupid, why are you trying to encourage it, its just a form of tribalism used to distract us from real issues. Yeah because black and Asian people never get passed over for jobs at Abercrombia and Fitch? The last thing the manosphere needs is to be racist. Women use it as a tactic to divide men. All women rally around feminism, men will contiue being divided racially.

        3. Jews are Semites, like the Arabs. That’s what they call themselves at least, regardless of how they look. Racism isn’t wrong, it’s a preference. Just like how most women prefer tall men, most people prefer those of their own race. I’m not trying to encourage it, it’s just the way things are. The world isn’t fair, and people are going to discriminate based on random reasons.To punish individuals for having preferences is what is stupid. Why not take it a step further and punish men who like women with light colored hair over dark colored hair? Or men who prefer skinny women over fat women? I don’t understand how anybody could have thought that this line of thinking, where everybody has to be treated equally by everyone in all situations came from, could possibly be viable. Only the government should be forced to treat everybody equally, and this is because it’s their job to protect individual rights from being infringed. Feminism is just more of the same, where they say that you’re not allowed to choose a man over a woman in any circumstances for any kind of job, because we all have to be equal.

        4. Semites are not a race its a linguistic group. That is my point they can look different (white, black asian) but still be a semite. It has nothing to do with race (like hispanic).
          Racism is just another branch of tribalism, nationalism and stupidism. Racism is distinct from a preference. A preference is not wanting a woman who had 100 dicks her. Racism is not wanting a woman who had 1 dick and 1 black dick in her. I agree, the world is not fair but by your logical the manosphere should cease to exist because we should just accept women shitting as men along with racism as just the way the world is, which is ultimately a very beta male way of viewing the world.
          Discriminating on hair is hairist, discriminating on size of women is sizist. Your not comparing like with like. There are fat blacks and fat whites. There are no black whites or white blacks.
          Its one thing to have preference for a certain look, its another thing to not want to hire people who don’t look like you. You can’t run a business that way. For all you know, you’ve worked in businesses or had family members working in business run by jews, arabs or blacks or asians and may not have even been aware of it. The most qualified person should be hired. And not all women are evil. You seem to have a problem where you want to paint all people with the same brush who are different than you. Frankly I struggle to see difference between you and the feminazis who insist all men are evil by virtue of having a penis.

        5. The point is, why is it okay for someone to discriminate based on a totally arbitrary characteristic such as hair color, but not based on another totally arbitrary characteristic such as race? I think people should be allowed to discriminate based on whatever they want to. If I were running a business, I would certainly hire the most qualified person. But I think other people, if they were inclined to choose someone less qualified because of some arbitrary quality they happen to possess, should have the option of doing so. For example, if the government forces Abercrombie to hire “diverse” sales people, and a quarter of their sales people end up being middle-aged, fat people, and Abercrombie loses money, who is going to take responsibility for it? The government certainly isn’t going to compensate Abercrombie for its lost earnings. It should be up to the individual to choose what is best for him. After all, it is the individual that has to bear the consequences of his choices.

        6. Can you change your hair color? Can you change fatness? Do people change their age/appearance? The individual should be able to do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t conflict with the basic right of not being discriminated against. Are you ok with being fired for the crime of being white?

        7. Agree with k8. But, again, you’re asking for the world to be “fair”…and it just isn’t fair to everyone (the real world). You’re going to have clowns in the world, like this guy in the article, but you can’t tell him how to feel or who he should “accept”…especially in dating or marriage (it’s his choice and right). Would you want someone stepping on your preferences and then explaining “well, that’s how we see it….it’s only fair”? No, I don’t agree with him but I have to respect his choice, his freedoms, his rights (besides…I’m not going to marry him)..lol.

    3. Let me ask you something, Jen. Let’s say that the dude in the article was an unemployed black rapper from Detroit. He posts an ad looking for a woman. He says he would never date a black girl who has slept with a white guy. To make it more interesting, let’s say he uses racist terms. Calls white guys “cracker”, or “casper”. Says he doesn’t believe in black women and white men “race mixing”, but also says he’d have no problem dating a white/asian/latino woman, himself.
      Do you think Jezebel, Salon, Gawker, and the Huffington Post would be writing stories about that guy? Do you think ANYONE would even mention it, let alone major, national publications?
      I’m not saying the white guy in the story isn’t racist, but I DO think the racism runs both ways…

      1. Of course racism runs both ways. Sadly Jezebel and the like will never comment on it, but the scenario you describe would bother me just as much. I just wanted to point out that he was in fact racist because the article says he’s not.

        1. Sorry…no. Read the article, again. It did not say (or agree) with the man statements. The author simply stated the man has a right to his opinion (even if everyone disagrees with it). It further points out (3 questions) – how many women have a “standard” in a guy (i.e. height, income, education). Women are entitled (have a right) to those standards but that reason, alone, could be why so many women are still looking for that good man.

      2. There’s a difference. Blacks have been suffered the most from racism, whites have suffered the least from racism. Racism is wrong but, due to historical reasons, most people are much more sensitive to anti-black racism.
        So, which is the better position?
        a) suffer more from centuries of racism and get a free pass on racist behavior.
        b) suffer less from decades of racism and get no passes on racist behavior.
        Most people would choose ‘b’.

        1. Thing is, after all of this sensitivity, nothing has really happened. Nobody really cares, and if you’re not Black, why should you? Likewise, why should a Black care about non-Blacks getting hurt?

        2. I think you missed my point, Jay. I’m not saying that the rapper from Detroit should be a story. I’m saying that the guy from Austin should NOT be a story. Who the hell cares what one individual unemployed musician thinks about race? Is this really national news? Can you honestly say that this story is in any way important or relevant? Because blacks have suffered from racism, we need to make a national news story out of every single bozo who happens to mutter something politically incorrect? (but only if he’s white, of course). Come on. The fact that not one, but FOUR major outlets wrote articles about one, completely inconsequential guys idiotic dating preferences is completely ridiculous.

        3. I think it’s very important in the U.S. because race-based hatred is very costly; it reduces the opportunity for reasoned discourse. America is facing many challenges, particularly a looming challenge from an ascendant China. But, instead of building strength and cohesion, we bicker. Bickering is made worse by racism.
          American men have a huge problem called feminism. It’s arguably the biggest problem we will face this century. Instead of focusing on the HUGE problem, we have to deal with people who cannot let a day go by without throwing racial grenades at other men.
          If sailing through a storm, don’t fight your fellow oarsmen.

        4. The guy from Austin should not be a story. But there is a rich and powerful grievance industry in America. As racism dies out, they have to work much harder mine race-gold.
          Race hustling also helps to hide the cost of failed hard-left policies in America. The black family is in terminal decline in America and white families are next. Rather than focus on the causes, the hustlers on the left prefer to hammer on racism. You will hear nothing of high illegitimacy rates, but you will hear about a lonely voice in Podunk who has a problem with all that race-mixing.
          It’s deflection, pure and simple. But it’s not the biggest problem for white or black men. Feminism and Cultural Marxism are the real enemy; save your ammo. I can think of better targets: HR meddlers, anti-family courts, paternity fraudsters, wall-to-wall sluts, coarsening culture, etc.
          Let’s not waste ammo on distractions. Austin Guy is a distraction.

        5. After reading Stewwie’s comment on this post, I now believe that the Austin Cunt IS a racist and the fact that ROK chose to take his side is troubling.
          If this site becomes Stormfront light, it will fail. The mods are now ghosting comments that don’t toe the WN line. Three of my comments countering Cuntslinger Cregi were ghosted.
          Here’s what Austin’s Romeo Rose Cunt wrote:
          “When a woman has been with a black man, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality, because black people look like apes, monkeys and gorillas. I don’t mean any offense to Black people, but that’s just the truth. You can’t look at a black man like Ving Rhames and a gorilla and tell me you don’t see some similarities. I am just speaking the truth and saying what MOST people truly think but don’t have the courage to say.”

        6. Currently, with affirmative action and the welfare state, whites suffer the most from racism, but we are not whiny bitches like blacks.

        7. No, you, Mark P., are a special kind of whiny bitch.
          Why are the mods blocking responses to the most racist comments on this post? Scared of the truth?

        8. White American men can just go to aforementioned China and have a blast. Black American men on the other hand…

        9. “Who the hell cares what one individual unemployed musician thinks about race? Is this really national news?”
          In the US? Yes. Heck, a couple of ignorant kids with 0 followers on their newly minted Twitter accounts made news for saying silly stuff about the latest Miss America.
          This is America, honey. We are world famous for being….. stupid. That includes our news media outlets.

        10. Yes you are right! it is white people “suffering” the most from racism. Because affirmative action which white women have access to and welfare which white people also have access to. There has never in this country been institutionalized racism against white people. NEVER. There have been no laws that benefited blacks more than or at the expense of whites. The fact that you believe this shows how incredibly ignorant you are. Can whites experience racism? Yes — but not near the level that minorities have in this country.

        11. If they didn’t want the “centuries of racism”, maybe they should have stayed in Africa. When they left the Dark Continent, they accepted the fact that others would judge them.

    4. Going from ‘thinking races should not mix together’ (which is actually not a fact given what the man wrote, so therefore you are already creating something that does not exist in there and is pure speculation) to calling it racism is a long stretch.
      In any case it is a personal opinion and very far from the definition of what racism is, which would be creating any type of negative happening on someone merely because of race. Nothing of the sort is happening here,, there is no infliction of a negative action on anyone, so I suggest you take your american psycho racist preconceived ideas and feminine judgmental bias somewhere else.

      1. Yeah, that’s another part that was racist. Simply not being attracted to black people is fine, that’s just taste. But he took it too far. And I am probably the least PC person I know.

      2. Gorillas are closely related to homo sapiens. It’s readily observable that negroid facial features, among the myriad races of humans, often share the most similarities with our simian cousins. This doesn’t by any means confer implied inferiority or anything of the sort, but people should not have to apologize for their visceral reactions to something so often noted as to be utterly banal.
        Does this comment make me a racist? Sure, if it helps you sleep at night. That particular epithet has taken on such a nebulous, subjective, all-encompassing connotation that at this point it carries all the studied reflection of simply yelling ‘thought criminal.’

        1. People in South Asia refer to white tourists as rhesus monkeys (lal bandar). It literally means “pink monkey”. The rhesus have pinkish faces.

    5. Agree with k8..it’s his opinion. I don’t agree with it and I don’t agree with his point of view…but he’s entitled to it. It’s no different than women walking by a guy (any guy) who isn’t considered “tall”. I hear that one complaint over and over, again, by women looking for what they consider a “good man”. She won’t even speak to the guy unless he fits that “requirement” on her list. It’s so funny to listen to at times.

    1. Sadly, very true. Or not sadly.
      Either way, it’s like saying that grass is green and water is wet and Black Sabbath are the motherfucking fathers of metal: I can hardly believe that such a statement arouses any genuine surprise in anyone who’s been on the planet for longer than a few months.

    2. That is why I’m quite pleased I found my pretty, well-mannered, feminine and non-promiscuous black girl hiding out in small-town USA. She would not have been caught dead living in the majority black city nearby her town. She was flying under the radar when I found her. Middle class, solid Caribbean-American family.

    1. The guy is 6’4 and rich….his looks do not matter much when you have height + money….plus if he fixes up the hair and wear something nicer his looks will increase.

      1. He is not rich. He is looking now for a woman to buy him dinner because he lost his job, might have had his electricity shut off, and lives in an empty apartment because he sold all his stuff. I went to ancestry.com to see if I could develop a genealogy for Laramie Busby but bereft of any other family names, I could not. I believe in his life story on his blog he mentions that he was raised by his great grandmother and her husband, who would be on his mother’s side and thus not likely share his name. He’s had a hard life, really, and I kind of understand where his neuroses have come from, but that’s all they are. He’s nothing special.
        Having said that — do I have preferences in a man? Yes. They must be intelligent because I’d get bored with a slow guy and they would think I was uppity. I’m 6’1.” I would not reject anyone based solely on their height, but significantly shorter men generally treat me like shit due to THEIR insecurities, so I’m not looking for under 5’10” unless they’re extremely secure. Yes, I want them to be passionate about something and comfortable with who they are.
        I think that’s it.

        1. At the time it said he was rich…they have been no actual sources that I could find proving he is poor.
          Oh and I know this 5’5 dude on here who dated a 6’3 German chick and she wore heels….but he never cared.

        2. He has never been wealthy by anyone’s standard. He was trying to sell his camera to pay his $400 electric bill that was 3 months late. If you have heard any of the interviews with him you can hear his numerous lies that he makes up for no reason other than to make himself seem less pathetic.

        3. What a beta faggot. He lies about his wealth. If I were him I’d dress up all hip and cool and swoop up young lizards in clubs/bars. And look at that beta smile, like fuck he needs to stop smiling.

    2. Wait. Is he in South Asia in that pick? SA has tons of peacocks. His face is pink. In South Asia they call white tourists “lal bandar”. Means “pink monkey” which means the rhesus sub-species. They have pink faces and small eyes like this guy.
      I’m 100% positive he got called “lal bandar” in South Asia, and possibly even in his own country if he shops at 7-11.

  3. Heeem……is he racist ? let see what he said….
    “When a woman has been with a black man, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality, because black people look like apes, monkeys and gorillas. I don’t mean any offense to Black people, but that’s just the truth. You can’t look at a black man like Ving Rhames and a gorilla and tell me you don’t see some similarities. I am just speaking the truth and saying what MOST people truly think but don’t have the courage to say.”
    So yes, Larramie Busby, is racist. That’s a given, but of course he went on to say he has black friends, similar to what other have said when they’re put on the hot seat.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with it because nobody likes Black people. FACT.
      Now, I’m a Black man and I don’t get laid often because I don’t tend to go for the bitches that we have access to. They look like whales, cows, pigs, and other assorted slob shit.

      1. If you’re physically unattractive and low on the socio-economic as well as personality scale, then yeah, those are the types of women you will attract.
        On the other hand, I’ve seen merely “ok” looking black men who are not high on the socio-economic scale, score thin and attractive women of higher status than themselves IF they had particularly charming personalities or were from the Caribbean which American women consider “exotic”.

  4. I’ve gone on elsewhere about the insular, inbred, socially retarded mecca of smug, flip flop-sporting hipster butterface-ness that is Austin, TX.
    (For example: http://www.austinchronicle.com/postmarks/2013-10-26/1488371/#comment-1103068653)
    As regards the subject of this piece and the ire that he aroused in various parts of the lefty internet cunt-o-sphere, I can only echo the title of an old Miles Davis number:
    So what?
    Once again, for the kids in the cheap seats: though Mr. Rose may have made an ass of himself with the way that he stated his no-black-woman thing, it’s not racist to have dating preferences.

    1. That’s not the part that’s racist. I don’t care if he doesn’t want to date black women. Plenty of black guys don’t want to date white women like me. Hell, plenty of white guys don’t either. no1curr. But you already said you don’t even think racism is bad, so it’s a pointless discussion.

      1. Spare me the hyperbole, Tits. I never said that I “don’t think racism is bad.” Obviously, genuine race-based hatred is the folly of a blind man — an obsessive, all-encompassing force that eats away at a man, little by little, and makes it all but impossible for him to get on with the business of simply living his life.
        The problem is, virtually everything these days has been shoved under the convenient umbrella of “racism.”
        Make the mistake of expressing personal dating preferences? RAAAY-CISM!
        Mention well-known and easily verifiable HIV stats that show the staggering rates of infection in the black and Hispanic communities? RAAAY-CISM!
        Have some reservations about the way that lowest-common-denominator ghetto culture is deified and pushed onto the young as something that they should aspire to and emulate? RAAAY-CISM!
        Prefer that your children and grandchildren actually look like you, and that they carry on the values and cultural traditions with which you yourself were raised? RAAAY-CISM!
        And so on. This shit does no one any good and serves only to prosecute all honest thought in the court of public sensitivity, while trivializing actual instances of racial hatred.
        (Aside from which, the numerous manifestations of minority-on-white hostility are — as usual — completely overlooked.)

        1. None of the things you listed are things I would consider racist. The gorilla thing was racist.

        2. The gorilla thing was addressed when discussing the fact that whites naturally want their grandchildren to not look like a different species.

  5. He also compares black people to gorillas, and says that when white people and black people have children it’s like two different species mating. Do you approve of that? And it’s pretty funny you mention “manboobs”…RoRo, he has ’em.

    1. He’s just saying what most ppl think. If you think otherwise, you’re probably fat and ugly and have to settle for Black men. I’m Black and I wouldn’t hit it. How does that make you feel?

      1. self-deprecating much? Also there is literally nothing sadder then internalized racism if you are not the stereotype of the American black male why assume that every American black woman falls into her stereotype? I am a black woman and I would never reject another black man solely for being black. That to me is self-hatred. There will always be racist people in this world but that does not mean that black people have to subscribe to it. And this attitude that racism “is what it is” is pathetic. The civil rights movement was less then a hundred years ago. It really hasn’t been that long so I don’t see why there this need to minimize racism. People were tortured for centuries because of racism and it was the attitudes and beliefs that whites had about blacks that allowed them to justify their treatment. Racism is immoral and it shouldn’t be tolerated especially not by blacks in this country.

        1. You misunderstood my comment. I’m assuming that the poster that I responded to was the typical big, fatass ugly-ass white woman that goes for Black men since nobody else will take her. I’m just saying that I won’t take her either.
          Racism is what it is. Non-Blacks hate Blacks. Always have, always will. I want Black folks to realize this and act accordingly.
          Racism should be tolerated and encouraged, as long as it is in favor of your race.

        2. ” I’m assuming that the poster that I responded to was the typical big,
          fatass ugly-ass white woman that goes for Black men since nobody else
          will take her. I’m just saying that I won’t take her either.”
          You don’t have to. Have you ever heard of “rent-a-dreads”? Grow your hair out, lock it up with some bee’s wax, practice a generic Caribbean patois and take off to the islands. Not only will you get laid by thin white female tourists from US, Canada and Europe, you’ll GET PAID for it too!

  6. When I first discovered this site, I thought there was some good value. Now, all I see is pure negativity. Just garbage and value suckage everywhere. Complaining and criticizing. Step it up guys

  7. Dude isn’t just a racist. He’s got a history of violence towards animals and partners/girlfriends. He’s currently unemployed and begging for money to pay his electric bill on Facebook. His most current post asks that a woman call him and take him out for a nice dinner because he’s broke. He threatens violence towards his critics with the hilarious warning that he’s going to unleash his “fookin’ fury”.
    Standards are one thing, but expecting perfection in a woman while being basically a gigantic loser is entirely another. Hmmm. Let’s see if I can put this in manspeak…Sort of like a Gamma man shooting for a perfect 10. Ridiculous.

    1. where are all these ‘facts’ coming from? …And don’t tell me you got it from TV or Jezebel or something like that. Just because that speech perfectly fits the feminist male bashing stereotype.

      1. Google him. He has been popping up on the Internet for years trolling for attention. He used to make videos about how Eric Clapton’s son deserves to die, and in interviews claims he can get women any time by calling models to his apartment, getting them half naked, taking pictures and then getting them drunk and having his way with them. Reddit had a huge AMA (which he set up) until he got upset by what people turned up and had it taken down. He claimed he made up a fake name and went to Berklee College of Music.
        Get Off My Internets has two forums going on about him and his craziness right now. There’s a lot of craziness from him and it’s not just recent.

        1. Yeah, it’s not man-hating to criticize one particular man. There are a lot of worthwhile men out there. He’s not one of them. And it’s not because he likes thin white women.

  8. What if a group like the Jews left their homeland thousands of years ago?
    What if this group moved to Europe and one of the occupations they were allowed to do was money-lending?
    What if this group was targeted during WWII?
    What if this group then portrayed themselves as victims, returned to their homeland, and stole land from the native Muslims and Christians?
    What if many Israelis then moved to the USA and took over the media, Hollywood, and Wall Street?
    What if this group used the media to censor racism and make white people feel guilty about the treatment of Indians, slavery, and the Holocaust?
    What if Muslims were so angry about having their land stolen that they launched a terrorist attack on the USA?
    What if Israelis used their money and influence to control the US government?
    What if this group of Israelis used their influence to encourage the US government to attack Muslim countries around the world?
    What if this group then used their control of Wall Street to peddle dangerous financial practices that led to a financial collapse and used their government and media influence to get a bailout while
    avoiding going to jail for fraud?
    What if this group of Israelis used the media and movies to push Americans to get fat, get tattoos, get divorced, stop having children, stop going to church, and become immoral by encouraging sex and drug use?
    What if this group used their control of the media and government to further destroy the US economy by encouraging Americans to go on welfare while supporting small business taxes and regulations?
    What if this group used fear and their media influence to encourage the government to become a Socialist military nanny police state that wants to disarm Americans?
    What if this group then used their control of the media and government to allow millions of illegal immigrants to flood the US and Europe?
    Aren’t you glad the above scenarios couldn’t possibly be true?

    1. Aren’t you glad you’re so superior to everyone that 1% of the population made you do all these bad things?
      A TRAVESTY: “What if this group used the media to censor racism and make white people feel guilty about the treatment of Indians, slavery, and the Holocaust?”
      WHAT IF THIS GROUP SAID YOU SHOULD “feel guilty about the treatment of Indians, slavery, and the Holocaust?”
      You WNs really need to improve your guerrilla “marketing” methods.

  9. Racism is immoral,
    the freedom to choose your own partner is not immoral,
    therefore choosing to date members of only your own race can’t be immoral else one of those two statements above is false.

  10. I would never date a black guy. What now? Going to court for being a racist? That’s what some girls I know said to me when I stated that.

    1. That’s not the thing he said that was racist. I only date men of my own race (it’s just who I’m attracted to) but he also said black people look like gorillas and other pretty weird stuff.

      1. Yes but after reading the Jezebel n whatnot sites they were offended just by that one remark so it would have been enough to trigger the same reaction

    2. From your profile, you comment only on ROK. Methinks you are a sock puppet for one of the mods here. That’s why you haven’t been banned.

      1. Or maybe only few of you actually have a problem with me.KnKnow why? I also post under a hut’s name n never had problems

      1. He said he would not have sex with any woman who had had sex with a black man because he believes that it is akin to beastiality how that not racist?

  11. Dude should start by giving the disco clothes back to his gay uncle and using his real name. As is, that tool isn’t gonna pull a primo chick of ANY race. Just sayin’.

    1. Wrong, you grossly underestimate Austin plus notoriety and disco clothes equal pussy pay off from fringe or hypergamous females.

      1. Fringe or hypergamous females are not primo, my friend. I didn’t say he couldn’t get laid, just that he’s shooting for the moon when clearly he’s much more likely to hit a big steaming pile o’ cow shit.

  12. My guess is that Mr Rose (with all this free publicity) is now getting laid 24/7…
    Besides…even in police state Britain…as far as I know there is no legal requirement (not yet at least) for a man NOT to discriminate who he want’s to shag. My bedroom is NOT an equal opportunity environment……I’ll discriminate whenever I feel like it….based on whatever criteria I want…and don’t give a toss what anybody else thinks.

  13. I don’t see what wrong with not wanting to date a black girl… If we go stereotyped we can say they are aggressive and more likely to hit their man. If we go any other route we can say he sees black women as fatties, unattractive and not his cup of tea…
    I like this guy though. Good value and standards that = 0% chance of happening in America unless he kidnaps a child and raises into a lover.
    Kids naps a child never letting it hear his voice nor face, gets a career in counseling victims of long term kidnapping and build a reputation. Free her after she become an adult and then take care of her long term as the shrink and then afterwards get her to fall 100% in love with you with such a passion that even the hottest and manliest man will dry her up if thought of sexually given its not you.
    You know what sad? The above scenario seems the only to get this to work out. The only other way is become an actual pedophile and date her when she is like 12 until 18 in secret and then get a place together in a remote area with little no population and start a farm.

    1. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with him believing it, but there’s certain shit you can’t say in public or make public statements about. If you’re saying shit like that, you better stay anonymous or you’re gonna fuck yourself in the ass. This guy is a fucking idiot.

  14. This guy is a dumbass. You just can’t say shit like that out in public or make public statements like that. It’s fucking stupid. This guy is a dumb pile of fucking rocks. You gotta stay anonymous when saying that shit.

  15. Listing a racial preference is not what got him in trouble. After all, black women are notorious for only wanting to date black men, and women of all stripes reject Asian men all the time. Problem is, he went over the top by expressing his hatred/disgust for black women. You gotta be a little more savvy than that.

  16. Hey I just heard on the news like an hour ago that there is a “movement” to bring awareness to prostate cancer of growing out mustaches. See here;
    OK I googled that and see its not a new thing as that article is from 2 years ago. I guess November is “Movember” – the month for national prostrate cancer awareness and its a tradition for men to grow mustaches during November/Movember for this purpose.

  17. Why is there such a strong desire for ROK to defend this guy? He is obviously racist and it’s not because he has a “preference” people were upset because of his comments about black people not just his preferences it’s pretty obvious that this guy has racist opinions and pointing that out is not “reverse racism” neither is being upset about what he said. No one said anything derogatory about white people, just this specific white person and his views. Really It’s even more politically correct to say that one cannot point out racism because other people will feel uncomfortable, or say that it is reverse racism.Many of the things he said were blatantly offensive and not to mention totally unnecessary. Have your preference but don’t be an asshole about it.

  18. He has a lot of physical tickboxes to meet for a guy who, honestly, doesn’t look all that amazing. Wouldn’t say he was a racist, maybe just a little unrealistic?

    Great piece.
    white women seem to be equally racist toward Asian men. but no one seems to bring this up

  20. Saw the guy interviewed. He groveled like a little bitch boy begging for forgiveness from the Priests of Equality. At least he could’ve told them to fuck off. Instead, he just strengthened the Cathedral with his fear.

  21. Anti-Racist truly does mean Anti-White. That’s why the black community and every other racial community other than white can cry about racism in the same sentence as they ask “what are you going to do for my people.” No doubt applause would come for a black man or black women who said they would only date within their race and refuse or think long and hard about dating those who have dated outside their race. So fucking what he wants to date girls who have been good. He wants a traditional girl from his race who only dates men of his race. I would have added I will only date a girl who would only date straight men as opposed to bi/gay transgender men.
    Sad shit is this crap used to be implied. Of course no guy wanted a fatty, slut, or a girl who was dating blacks and fags. Not anymore you got to spell it out and ask the tough questions. You need to make the bold statements.
    Racism is a bull shit term that means nothing. It’s a smear tactic to be used against the white man. White countries for every one. Multiculturalism, equality, and the accusation of racism to seal the deal.

  22. As a college lass, I would love to answer your questions for Ms. Becker.
    1) Totally. It would be so sweet to be the tall one in the relationship. Like, totally awesome. Of course, tall is also okay. So is same height-age. Really, as long as they’re cool with the height difference, or lack thereof, all is groovy.
    2) Why the heck would he need that big of a paycheck? I mean, really! If he does, sweet! But, it’s not like I’m just going to stick around home and mooch off his funds, anyway.
    3) Ooooh, educational background! You know, that thing, with the college and whatnot. College smart doesn’t necessarily mean ‘smart’. There are a lot of dumb people in college.
    Occasionally, I’m one of them. You know, sometimes. Like… um… when I write replies to articles online that are never going to go over well. But, I digress.
    Am I more likely to date specific types of guys? Totally. I’ll own that. I’m unlikely to date a dude who’s bumps stumbling drunk in front of me… ’cause… (face-palm). I’m unlikely to date someone who’s four-hundred pounds and couch bound, because… when would I meet them, exactly? Would I date a guy who was only in it for a short fling? Nah, I’d really prefer the long haul, thank you very much.
    The difference between my list and Romeo Dearest’s? Um, I don’t really feel the need to imply that those not meeting up to my specifications are dumb, subhuman, worthless degenerates. They aren’t. Even that 400 lbs dude? Quite possibly a rather cool human being. Or maybe not (seeing as I haven’t met him, and cannot make that call), but he’s still sentient.
    That dude with the falling over drunk? Him, I’ve met. He’s actually pretty okay when sober, and he’s fun to talk existentialism at bus stops with. But, we kind of both realize the compatibility of our disparate lifestyles is… yeah, not compatible.
    And just because someone disagrees with me, doesn’t make them dumb. Nor does agreeing with me make you smart. As I said, I can occasionally be an idiot. If you automatically agree with me, that means we’d just be idiots together.
    On the subject of Dear Romeo? Nope. Just, nope. And he wouldn’t date me, if I were the last woman on earth. Not because I’m hideous, but because there’s no way in heck I could ever tone down my chipper sarcasm mode. I don’t really do the obeying thing either, unless there’s a good reason, like I’m way more experienced in this field than you, and if you don’t set that beaker down slowly, we’re all going to die.
    I also don’t do the whole: Sorry, I can’t be friends with you because my new boyfriend is uber-jealous and thinks that I’m as incapable of behaving like a decent, responsible adult as he is… Wait, did I say that out loud?
    Also, I tend to glare at people who habitually refer to women as sluts, call interracial relationships ‘like bestiality’, and can’t grasp the idea that wearing a black panther t-shirt doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t being a bit racially insensitive. I get the feeling he wouldn’t appreciate me glaring at him.
    On to the rest: Romeo’s not that pretty, but there are far less handsome guys I’ve actually given thought to, because they were just that awesome in the personality department. Roro’s largest flaw is actually his personality. The biggest thing in that department is his wacky idea that gals are only around for his amusement, and shouldn’t have any personality type except… um… bed-warmer.
    I mean, if you want to date me, there’s got to be some personality linkage equilibrium. As in, you have to acknowledge my right to have one and kind of like the trip, and I kind of have to acknowledge your personality, and kind of like that trip, too.
    The body stuff? Dude, you know that’s always going to eventually be a world of awkward. No matter how pretty our young selves are, by the time we’re old geezers, still in love, neither of us is going to be that cute.
    So, I’m going to love my guy in the present just as if we are 90.
    If Romeo wants to move to Verona, though, to find his Juliet… More power to him. Italian ladies, my apologies.

    1. Women are designed to be raped. Rape’s been the main preferred form of reproduction for women for millions of years.
      Women prefer rape over regular sex, hence their protests for rapefugee’s, precisely because regular men refuse to rape them.

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