Society Is Oblivious To The Warnings Of Literature

History repeats itself, because no one was listening the first time. Yet it is not just history, and the non-fiction books which document it, that should serve as a warning to all of humanity about where we are headed. There is plenty to be learned from classic literature and fiction novels as well, about who we are and where we are headed. And although most fiction is meant to entertain us, there is plenty of literature out there that allegorically shames us for where we have been, or warns us about where we are headed.

My personal favorite example of this type of fiction is the “dystopian future” literature. Not the apocalyptic or zombie variety, but rather the “oppressive all-powerful authoritarian government” kind. Famous works of literature such as Zamyatin’s We, Huxley’s Brave New World, Orwell’s 1984, or Rand’s Anthem were written to serve as blatantly obvious warnings about a very real and possible not-so-distant future, where man is dominated by the state and individuality is destroyed, often in the name of creating a false utopia. The problem is that so many damn people miss this obvious point.

Many of these dystopian books are read and taught in school (or at least they were in my day, God only knows what kind of idiotic dumbed-down crap the modern public schools are “teaching” today). During my high school years I recall reading the books above, and just like millions of other students. They are not obscure. They are in fact well-known and highly regarded works, with a large segment of the population having read at least some of them. They should also be especially well-known and well-read books among the so-called educated, enlightened, and academic pseudo-intellectual progressive crowd.

Hell, even if we dumb it down a notch, we can still look at some of the wildly popular tween book franchises, such as The Hunger Games or Divergent, which share many similar themes with the classics, and also have a widespread young readership. So therefore it is not as if these themes are out in the public mind.

Let’s dumb it down a notch further, to the absolute lowest common denominator, and infer that even if the illiterate dregs of society have not read any of these books at all, than they must have at least seen a movie version of one of these books. Even barring that, let’s assume that they must have at least seen some movie with similar themes or plots during some point in their lives. These themes and warnings to humanity have been dispersed to a wide audience in one form of media or another. Again, the problem is that so many ignorant people out there are completely oblivious to this message, and miss the obvious point entirely.

I suppose that most people out there, assuming that they are even capable of comprehending the themes in these types of stories, see them as nothing more than fiction and entertainment value. They hold the naive assumption that it could never happen here or to them, and that our society could never actually end up that way, all the while mindlessly voting for the very people and policies that are contributing to the erosion of individual liberty and rights while strengthening the central authoritarian power of the state. And it is all in the name and the false promise of creating utopia. The sheer lack of a connection is mind-blowing, but it is not at all surprising.

The other category of people who are utterly oblivious, are so-called intelligent “useful idiots” who actually claim to understand the point of this literature. These so-called enlightened intellectuals will proudly brag about how well read and educated they are, and will proudly admit to reading many of these books, yet they still completely miss the point. Oh they will absolutely acknowledge with a straight face the dangerous themes and warnings within these books, yet they will always point the finger at the “other side.” They will always attribute the road to oppression with the policies of the opposite side, never once looking in the mirror to see that they are cheering for their own demise.

The progressive left will blame those on the conservative right. They will blatantly call them fascists, nationalists, xenophobic racists, and Nazis, who are hell-bent on enacting some kind of corporatist authoritarian police state. They are completely oblivious, unconcerned, or complicit that their own progressive socialist, Marxist, statist, and social justice utopian policies will erode freedom, individualism, and individual rights just the same, all while granting limitless power to the state.

The establishment right will blame the left as well, calling them socialists, communists, and progressives, hell-bent on enacting an all-powerful centrally-planned economy and government. They too are oblivious, unconcerned, or complicit that their own neo-con, corporate welfare, and progressive right policies serve only to empower the state as well.

This is a complete and utter lack of understanding by many, that two roads can very well lead to the same place. There are many roads to hell, all of them paved with good intentions. It is a failure to think critically, and to delve deep into the dangers of one’s own belief system. Just because someone happens to agree with the policies of their own side, doesn’t make them any less potentially dangerous. Utopia means very different things to different people.

Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. Millions of people in this world have been killed in the name of creating utopia. Millions still live under the boot of oppression, whatever the name of that oppression may be. Whether history, non-fiction, or literature, the lessons are clear to those willing to see them.

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163 thoughts on “Society Is Oblivious To The Warnings Of Literature”

  1. I think more of the problem is that people don’t read classics unless they become en vogue from a movie and are promoted by MSM.

  2. If you liked the books above, I highly recommend Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I heard the movie is good too, but I can’t see how it can do it justice, the book is just too complex…

  3. Our society is far too arrogant. Too many people believe, “I am different. It won’t happen to me. I am aware of the consequences,” and then they remain willfully blind to the fact they’ve done exactly what they were warned against.

  4. If we have to wade through the blood and shit of another revolution, and win ourselves a second Constitutional Convention, then let there be in Constitution 2.0 a Separation Between School and State.
    If I have to duel with every delegate to get that clause, I will.
    Lack of separation between school and state in the Constitution was the screen door on the submarine.

    1. There already is a separation between school and state, it’s called home schooling. Why would any father pass his responsibility of teaching and raising his offspring to a third party institution and risk his sons and daughters being corrupted?
      Protests and the like only give govt tards more power over you by validating their power with your protest. Think about it. It’s like the child/woman who wants attention, negative or positive, attention is still attention and gives the thing it’s power. Don’t give your power away so easily.
      Truly honorable men do not need govt at all.

      1. You know, Bubbles, one of the things that always vexed me was the tendency for the “kind of woman” who would stay home and home-school the kids to have, based on my anecdotal observations, a 90 percent chance of being wider than they were taller.
        It’s as if there’s some rule somewhere that a women who gives up the cubicle/Sex In the City life inflates like a life raft.
        (as indicated by … getting married in the first place – also known as Fatocalypse)
        I must be crazy

        1. We are home schoolers and we recently moved to a new city. Our old church and HS community was great, we joined a HS co-op.
          Then we got to the new town, have not been able to find a very good church, and the HS co-op here is 95% obese. The obesity alone was enough to give us caution, but in addition the children have behavioral disorders. We are not going to have anything to do with that.
          It is my belief that childhood “behavioral disorders” are strongly positively correlated with the mother’s obesity. Why would a child respect his mother and himself when his own mother doesn’t even respect herself and lets herself become less human in form; a glutton?

        2. Naw. You are just brainwashed by liberals. Conservative homes choolers aren’t nearly as fat as public school loving moms.

        3. I’m working from observation here, not someone telling me anything. Show me that I’m wrong.

        4. Indeed a woman who has not capability to look in a mirror and think “My God, WTF am I doing to myself?” is also incapable of a lot of other things – thinking being the most prominent.

        5. LOL, I can certainly respect your point there. I would counter though, that a woman isn’t necessarily needed. I raised and home schooled my son by myself since he was an infant until adulthood, while still pulling 6 figures in income. I still managed to get out now and then
          I know it’s rare, however I know I few married couples who home school with both parents in traditional roles. Father brings home the bacon, wife tends to the kids. The wives of these guys have not become Fatosaurus Rex’s either, they have remained trim and fit.

        6. Right-o. Lets not forget how fucking shitty 90% of western parents are. They let their weak-willed kids boss them around and don’t administer discipline. These “families” are a complete fucking mess and not even fit into the most lenient standards of decency.

        7. Yeah I’m stuck in that “farmhouse” image on this matter.
          I suppose if a fellow is wealthy he could hire a… what would they call it… Mary Poppins something… or did call it?
          A “governess”?
          Maybe someday we’ll see networks of red pill men paying teachers (does not have to be a woman). All that money saved by not being married to some expensive bitch who will want to drive to her office job in some $50K SUV can instead go into hiring a tutor and you get more than one fellow with kids they can share the cost.
          Would be a good job for foreign women who can speak English.
          Yeah there are lots of possibilities once you get out of the box. Thanks for the help.

        8. My previous homeschooling community was full of very healthy lean white women. The new one that we’ve rejected is full of unhealthy gluttonous white women. I only moved 2 hours away, Pacific NW.

        9. Art Robinson home schooled 6 kids after his wife suddenly died. They all went on to become doctors. He is a professor in Oregon, running for Congress again. We use his home schooling curriculum, which was designed to allow children to mostly teach themselves once they’ve learned to read. Once they learn to read, it’s easy peasey from there.

        10. Thank you for spawning the discussion.
          Yes, you are correct there are many possibilities.
          It doesn’t cost all that much really to teach ones own. Having a governess, or nanny would have been a great help back then, but I wasn’t pulling the coin in the beginning. That came about midway after I’d gotten over the initial struggles.
          It was a bitch for sure, newborn, single, unknown job prospects… but I dug my boot heels in and pulled that sucker through. Before I knew it things came together very quick. Since I’d gotten so used to my routine and everything in that regard just seemed to be easy, even though I could afford a nanny, I never did get one. Babysitter of course occasionally so I could go blow off steam.
          Looking back, I’m glad I could not afford one in the beginning because that toughened my ass up and made me a better man.
          Laser beam on your goals and don’t defer from the target, the rewards of personal accomplishment from whatever you set out to do are quite high.

        11. Yeah, it isn’t really that hard once the basics are out of the way.
          My boy had trouble with math initially, especially algebra. I took him flying one day, got about a hundred miles from home base, looked over at him and said “ok, we have this much fuel left, and we’re this far from home, how long will it take us to get back home and do we have enough fuel based on our current rate of burn?”.
          He did his best figuring and came fairly close. When we got back home, I put the equation on the white board and said “see, this is what you just solved”. He totally got it after that and became the “navigator” every time we went up. Those we’re some great times.

        12. One of the reasons why I never wanted to have kids was because every time I saw kids, they were all screaming little monkey brats doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.
          I was not raised like that and there was no way in this hell or the next I would let a kid act like that.
          But lo and behold, this is how women raise kids, and since what they say goes, and since the entire state is poised at her side waiting to use police, courts, and prisons to enforce that, then fuck it. I won’t have kids.
          Have fun not having a civilization (or have fun having a hispanic majority where dads can still be dads deciding not to pay for the retirements of all those white fucktards who made having kids untenable)

        13. Your greatest challenge now would be not to let a woman show up and wreck it all for you. Let the bitches drool while you snag young foreign hotties.

        14. I know exactly how you feel. I wasn’t raised that way either. My boy always behaved, he and I both looked in disgust at folks with their screaming brats out in public. It’s painfully obvious there is no actual leader in those types of “families”, except maybe the children lol
          If I hadn’t already experienced raising one, I would probably be of the same sentiment of never having one.

      2. Bingo, and this is the only way my children will be able to flourish. Though high school is great for making or breaking your sons… I learned and wised up to a lot. Then again, now days the kids keep getting soft. It’s a miracle that my then 150 lb ass was able to talk so much shit and get out with only a few scuffles…

    2. The separation between the federal government and any number of issues is inherent in the Constitution as it stands. The federal government ignores the separation and the individual states have not been willing to stand against the federal government to maintain their rights.
      If the problem is enforcement, the solution is not more code.

    3. Constitution 2.0 also needs, among others:
      1) Mandatory term limits for the House and Senate: two two-year terms in the House, one six-year term for the Senate, and one six-year term for the Presidency.
      2) Once a person has become a Representative, Senator, or President, no one else related to that person by blood can run for any of those offices for a period not less than 25 years. This also takes marital status into account if a candidate’s surname is changed.
      3) Any acts passed into law through the normal legislative process must take effect no later than 6 months before a Midterm or Presidential election. Any laws passed within that 6 month period shall take effect the moment the law is passed.
      All laws passed in either the Senate or House shall be immediately put up for a vote and cannot be tabled in the other branch and vice-versa. Likewise, the President must either sign or veto said bill on the same day it is passed by both chambers.
      4) The 2nd Amendment shall be clarified thus:
      US Citizens have the right to bear arms for the following purposes:
      a) Self-defense of one’s self and/or immediate family.
      b) Defense of others when a crime is being committed against them.
      c) Defense of one’s property from rioters, looters, intruders, and/or other criminals.
      d) Creation of militias for National Defense
      e) Gun Clubs and/or Shooting Ranges

    1. Let’s do an RoK Sunday Sermon series, these fools need to get churched around here. First sermon: Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God, by J. Edwards.
      Second Sermon: Joshua meets Jesus before Jericho, where Jesus stands with a sword in his hand ready to lead the battle.
      Third sermon: Jesus allegorically promises to strike feminist whores with deadly afflictions, and kill all her bastard children if they do not repent, Rev 2:20

  5. It’s all greed. We can produce or plunder wealth. The establishment right will plunder your labor and the establishment left will plunder your income. And they’ll tell you it’s for the greater good, their vision of utopia. And the masses buy it because what else is there for them to do if they’re living paycheck to paycheck and dependent on the state? Those at the helm grow more powerful and those in steerage wilt. This imbalance lasts as long as we are willing to tolerate it.
    There isn’t a single sitting politician capable of changing the country’s direction. Our culture promotes our further degeneration and the people elected facilitate it. The only hope for regeneration is in collapse, and collapse inevitably arrives upon any civilization.

    1. The establishment left is much worse for men.
      Let me also add that neoconservativism (supposed ideology of modern conservatives) comes from Lenin, it is a left wing ideology of revolution.

  6. American society is oblivious to anything that is not a vagina, penis, dollar sign, entertainment show, or food porn.
    I don’t even try to engage people in discussion outside of niceties and bodily function… I won’t want to bore them.

    1. To sum it up, it’s rare or simply impossible to discuss anything real with anyone in this society because real has become synonymous with “negative” or “hateful.” Straight fuckkery is what it is my friend :D!

    2. Shoppin’ and eatin’ are the sole national pastimes, as has been said. Well, that and foosball. I’ll also add pointless political bickering about preselected window dressing issues to keep the sheeple distracted from what’s really going on.

      1. I dunno, you’d be surprised. People care, but just not enough to do anything. Why would any of us act to change things when we are so comfortable? I hate the direction things are going in, but I personally am not willing to lift a finger as long as I have cable TV and a full belly of junk food. I represent a large amount of people in this respect.
        Most humans will not take action until things are noticeably unbearable in their own lives. Things are simply not bad enough here in the US for anyone to do anything…yet. Unfortunately, by the time things are bad enough for people here, it will be FAR too late to reverse course.
        If the US middle class wasn’t so sloppy, lazy, and distracted, this bullshit agenda could be exposed and reversed relatively quickly and without bloodshed. But, the US middle class is sloppy, lazy, and distracted. So, things have to completely fall apart and mass misery must ensue before anyone acts. Again, by that time it’s simply way too late.
        It’s a fucked up situation.

        1. Probably not for decades. But I cannot say for sure.
          I see the US trying to go full-scale totalitarian first. The basic framework is already in place for that, at least in the minds of the elite. The catalyst will be a massive economic catastrophe, leading to mass civil unrest. Then of course we will need totalitarian measures to reign it in (for our own good, of course). An Ebola outbreak is a good way to cover the tracks of the financial fraudsters.
          It’s really impossible to say. The US is a huge system. I would say it is no longer a nation, but rather part of a North American economic system. Nations actually protect their borders and their citizens tend to have common values. It’s not an understatement to say that Americans have nothing in common with each other. What the hell does some guy in rural Arkansas have in common with a lesbian chick in Brooklyn? The US could easily split into various autonomous regions. How can this loose, massively corrupt system continue to govern 330 Million people with nothing in common who are spread out over 3.5 million sq. miles? A civil war is certainly not out of the question.
          It really is anyone’s guess what the future of America will look like. It will NOT look as it does today in 20-30 years though. That’s not realistic. America is weak, vulnerable, and ready to be overturned.

  7. “There’s no such thing as life without bloodshed. I think the notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea. Those who are afflicted with this notion are the first ones to give up their souls, their freedom. Your desire that it be that way will enslave you and make your life vacuous.”
    Cormac Mccarthy
    I think he is onto something here, it is always the progressive bleeding hearts who want you to submit to the will of your masters.

    1. Liberals REFUSE to acknowledge human characteristics that make their utopias impossible to achieve.

      1. What is perceived as generally accepted human characteristics is widely skewed by machinations of the elites/jews. We’d have a different view of humanity if they weren’t in the picture (behind the scenes) fucking things up.

        1. We should really do something to stop the evil Joo dynasty. The world wouldn’t be the mess that it is now without gun powder and the overpopulation of the Chinese. Which were both caused by the Joos to create disorder in the world so they could ascend in the chaos.

        2. You suck the cock of Conventional Wisdom as if your lips were made of superglue, and you may well be the most blue pill poster on the site.
          Why are you here?

        3. The vast majority of ROK readers find mindlessly defaulting to “blame the Joos” tantamount to blaming “white male privilege” or “patriarchy” in every comment.

        4. “In this century, the human race faces, once again, the virulent reign of the State—of the State now armed with the fruits of man’s creative powers, confiscated and perverted to its own aims. The last few centuries were times when men tried to place constitutional and other limits on the State, only to find that such limits, as with all other attempts, have failed. Of all the numerous forms that governments have taken over the centuries, of all the concepts and institutions that have been tried, none has succeeded in keeping the State in check. The problem of the State is evidently as far from solution as ever. Perhaps new paths of inquiry must be explored, if the successful, final solution of the State question is ever to be attained.” Murray Rothbard
          Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual). Ayn Rand
          “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Milton Friedman
          “Where utopianism is advanced through gradualism rather than revolution, albeit steady and persistent as in democratic societies, it can deceive and disarm an unsuspecting population, which is largely content and passive. It is sold as reforming and improving the existing society’s imperfections and weaknesses without imperiling its basic nature. Under these conditions, it is mostly ignored, dismissed, or tolerated by much of the citizenry and celebrated by some. Transformation is deemed innocuous, well-intentioned, and perhaps constructive but not a dangerous trespass on fundamental liberties.” Mark R Levin
          You want more? I have lots of them. Quit painting with such a broad stroke. If a black guy knocks off a 7-11 should the next black guy who comes in the store be handcuffed? Am I to pay for what was done to black Africans centuries ago? Actually many in my generation did pay a price for that. Enough of the “joo” hate. Hold everyone who is responsible for this new dystopian world accountable and I have news for you. Lots of them aren’t joos.

        5. This.
          It’s even sadder how even an Egyptian I knew in real life actually confirmed to me, “The British are using our symbolism wrong, starting from The Eye of Horus.”
          In real life, I have taken it upon myself to not help ordain Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) into a saint of the Church of England, especially when she cheated on him; never mind the fact their respective tombstones were found in the middle of the Dark Ages.
          While I’m at it, NATO is better off updating its phonetic alphabet chart from “Alpha-Beta-Charlie” to…
          …especially when it is true to begin with and not to mention how it helps upcoming generations of Anglosphere-centered men from falling for the Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) trap.
          Even worse, this “Blame the Joos” ignorance actually started centuries earlier than establishment of London as the financial capital of the Anglosphere.
          I have this historical theory that the aforementioned ignorance started from:
          1. Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) cheated on Arthur. 600-900 AD
          2. Vikings conquered England with the help of Englishwomen. Late 9th Century-Mid 12th Century
          3. Crusades. Started during the Late 11th Century.

        6. John, you wouldn’t know derision if it hit you with a Mack Truck. You’re too narrow-minded and uncreative to be good at that.

        7. John, you wouldn’t know derision if it hit you with a Mack Truck. You’re too narrow-minded and uncreative to be good at that.

        8. Again, Hitler was a british agent with Rothschild blood. The white nationalists are also retards (but smarter than you, of course). Anything against their narrative, such as Adolf being a pawn, or the existence of ufo’s for that matter, are fully eschewed without the slightest bit of thought. There was one guy on veterans today who was claiming the Jews were behind everything and anyone open to ufology had a screw loose. I called him a retard and asked him if they thought they were holding synagogue service down in Area 51.
          But it’s somewhat curious that you went the Godwin route. Let’s save everyone some time here – are you a Jew, John?

        9. Here’s a lil somthin’ somethin’ that came out just today (nov 2) from a highly ethical Jewish guy with a PHD (who’s also very red pill in the dating world – he got ousted from his teaching job for anti-feminist remarks and went abroad to find his wife).

          “British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup”
          “The simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to advance of their satanist One World Government. The Illuminati were not going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown.”
          simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The
          Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to
          advance of their satanist One World Government. The Illuminati were not
          going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown. – See more at:
          British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup
          British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup

        10. Here’s a lil somthin’ somethin’ that came out just today (nov 2) from a highly ethical canadian Jewish guy with a PHD (who’s also very red pill in the dating world – he got ousted from his teaching job for anti-feminist remarks and went abroad to find his wife).

          “British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup”
          “The simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to advance of their satanist One World Government. The Illuminati were not going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown.”

        11. For the sake of publicity, perhaps. But certainly not for the sake of knowledge.
          Lolz but it’s curious to see you disparaging a jew and me defending one 🙂

      2. paradise, the more impatient they became with it, and with themselves as well. They made a garden of pleasure, and became progressively more miserable with it as it grew in richness and power and beauty; for then, perhaps, it was easier to see something was missing in the garden, some tree or shrub that would not grow. When the world was in darkness and wretchedness, it could believe in perfection and yearn for it. But when the world became bright with reason and riches, it began to sense the narrowness of the needle’s eye, and that rankled for a world no longer willing to believe or yearn.

        1. We are not going back to the Garden of Eden. Or if you are evolutionarily inclined Man is made for a certain degree of hardship and chaos without which he cannot be satisfied.

        1. True, but I don’t see humanity uniting anytime soon. Probably not even after alien contact. Hell, perhaps that’s the reason they stay away from Earth.

        2. Or they just don’t exist (inb4 there are blahblahblah number of galaxies, how can you believe they dont exist?!?!?)

        3. No sci-fi world is ever a beautiful idea, I’d rather live in the Stone Age than in such shallow unnatural worlds

        4. I bet you’re the kind of faggot who killed his ego and preaches “you are insignificant in the grand scheme of things” to other people.
          And yeah, you found the wrong person, pretty much everyone that knows me, even if they never talked to me considers me special, I’m an eccentric.

        5. Funny, a good friend of mine makes that joke when someone else calls me special, he likes to call me an autist (not that I am one.)
          You must be one unfortunate guy though, adopt the belief that very few people are special and that most who think so of themselves are wishfully thinking, use the Ad Hominem towards one person in the internet you know not even the name of, and it just so happens that he’s an eccentric genius.
          And no, posting a gif or repeating stupid beliefs does not make an argument. Not that it matters, we’re anonymous.

      1. True, but even in Roddenberry´s vision there was strife. It just shifted to other planets and cultures.

    2. “the notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea.”
      The species IS being “improved.” The technology is Here. Now. And people are buying it.
      “Biomedical revolution of ‘embryo screening’ frightening commodification of reproduction”
      This guy’s a Baptist, but his discussion of this should curl the hair of even the most rabid atheist who’s read Brave New World.
      And this is just the beginning……

  8. But … ignorance is a bliss. Thinking is your enemy.
    Here’s why:
    Realism can be bad for your health. Optimists recover better from medical procedures such as coronary bypass surgery, have healthier immune systems and live longer, both in general and when suffering from conditions such as cancer, heart disease and kidney failure.
    What researchers are now realizing is that positive beliefs don’t just work by quelling stress. They have a positive effect too — feeling safe and secure, or believing things will turn out fine, seems to help the body maintain and repair itself…

      1. Both researches actually refer to the same group of people. Those are the type of people who live in oblivion and worry less. In result, they don’t expect much from life, which, if you think about it, is in fact a highly optimistic view.
        But one does not need to rely on researches. It is observable that in most case the body of a highly educated person is lacking strength compared to the body of a simpleton.
        Knowledge is sorrow and it damages the body. The mind’s intelligence is quite different from the body’s intelligence. So when one takes over the other weakens.

        1. “It is observable that in most case the body of a highly educated person is lacking strength compared to the body of a simpleton.”
          I don’t know what you define as “strength of body” but I am pretty certain all data refutes your opinion of the highly educated being in worse physical condition.

        2. This doesn’t account for the fact that doctors are one the most stressed professions, but have one of the lowest mortality rates and highest-ranking lifespans.

        3. Education on health is a very subjective, because the science is still in its infancy. For example, our grandparents used saturated fats a lot, then a research came along declaring them as bad and now they are being declared to be good again.
          I’ve seen a lot of these “healthy” people that gulp gallons of juices and still looking rather unhealthy and weak.
          Healthy trends come and go.

        4. “our grandparents used saturated fats a lot, then a research came along declaring them as bad and now they are being declared to be good again.”
          I guess medical doctors are a little behind on their knowledge given a lot of them still declare saturated fats as bad while keeping quiet about sugars. Then again, good luck finding a medical professional these days who is actually knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise.

        5. Maybe because doctors do not go to see other doctors when ill.
          When doctors go on strike does the death rate go down?
          Whenever medical doctors go on strike, a most interesting phenomenon occurs – death rates go down! In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia medical doctors went on strike for 52 days, with only emergency care available. The death rate dropped by 35%. In 1976 in Los Angeles County a similar doctors’ strike resulted in an 18% drop in mortality. As soon as the strike was over, the death rate went back to normal. A 50% decrease in mortality occurred in Israel in 1973 when there was a one month doctor’s strike!

        6. You are providing anecdotal evidence as if it is verifiable and valid. Everything I have ever seen shows a directly positive relationship between education and health.

        7. Sounds REALLY academic.
          Your link’s article was written by a no name community college professor … of philosophy.

    1. Your ignorance is astounding….you can be anything you want in your mind…such is the capability of all peoples…but only a fool chooses to not see the actual reality surrounding him.

    2. Yea, this is BS. Optimism is a luxury of the past 75 years.
      And the reason is obvious …. as discussed in a previous article many wide eyed optimists went 150k in debt for a law degree and have no job … many men bought big houses and three cars on credit in 2006… only to have their American dream crushed a year later.
      Realism is good for your health. When the lion comes, do you smile and greet or panic and run?

    3. So if I fucked you in the ass you’d prefer to just pretend it was a big turd stuck in there that was eventually going to come out an leave you with a pristine colon?

  9. 2 books to clue you in on your world.
    1. Between two ages – Zbigniew Brzezinski (our current big brother state)-
    2. Confessions of an economic hitman- John Perkins
    Spiritual wickedness in high places in real- Ephesians 6:12

  10. Hey guys…
    There is a big controversy in Canada right now… don’t know if anyone here has heard about it. A very well known and well-respected radio host named Jian Ghomeshi has been fired from CBC radio for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriends.
    4 of his previous girlfriends have come together to press charges on him for sexual assault. Ghomeshi came out after his firing and told the press that he and his girlfriends had fully consented to partake in some BDSM play in the past. All the sudden these 4 girls have come out to publicly ruin him. He has been fired from the CBC and I think he has to deal with some court-time. My Facebook has flared up with people I know haranguing this dude who is having his whole life ruined because he had sex. Having experienced being professionally black-listed for my relationship history myself, I am inclined to believe that this man did not in fact rape these four girlfriends… but that this is rather just a smear campaign… I’m willing to believe he had kinky sex with his girlfriends… but so have many of us…
    My guess is that these girls wanted more from him for his fame and wealth but since he is in his prime they didn’t amount to much more than mini-relationships or pump-n-dumps.
    These 4 girls that are accusing him are being shielded from having their public identities revealed. Because… according to award-winning Canadian writer Chad Pelley…
    “Until we definitively know whether Jian is a creep, or a man smeared at the height of his career, his guilt isn’t the bigger story here. The bigger story is that the 4 women making the allegations will not go on the record, because we the public already have the audacity to tell them how to feel about what’s happened to them, and even worse, what their actions did to a man who might indeed have assaulted them. Had we waited until a trial to judge these women, maybe they wouldn’t be rightfully citing fear of public harassment as their reason for not going on the record.”
    According to Chad Pelley and the feminist public, this man’s livelihood, public reputation, and criminal record (that he does NOT have control over in the same way as these 4 women) are not as important as the issue that women should be able to reveal their public identities during shady accusations of sexual assault. This sounds like mangina talk to me… My interpretation is that these girls don’t want to be known for giving away their sexuality to a famous alpha… thus hurting their SMV in future relationships. They just want their money…
    For some reason… My own personal experiences combined with this Canadian controversy and the Yes Means Yes campaign going on in California has hit home for me… The times truly have changed since 10 years ago… Right now the gender war is completely mainstream… and the feminist talking point is the herd mentality.
    I guess the West is going the way of Sweden, and the immigrants are going to just completely take over… The white women better just hope that these not-yet indoctrinated newcomers will want their fat asses… I just can’t believe what I’m seeing… all reason and justice is out the window…

    1. BDSM is illegal in Canada?
      Gee, I thought they were all progressiveopenmindedliberaltolerant.

      1. I just learned this right now (not 100% verified but based on a source that I hold in high-esteem). There is no distinction between sexual assault and consenting sexual assault by law.
        Pierre Trudeau (Liberal Canadian prime minister from 68-79) was famous for a number of reasons, one of which was for his position that “The state has no place in the bedroom.” A position that I agree with. Pierre Trudeau was left leaning, but he was also responsible for completely cutting Britain’s ties to Canadian politics… this to me sounds like it would be a far right leaning position if it were an original idea today.
        I’m coming to the conclusion that the liberals of the past were something very different than the liberals as we see them now. Now being a liberal means “more government + SJW control” whereas in the past I think ideals of social freedom were a bigger part of the liberal platform. Nowadays rather than social freedom, the left seems concerned with social control, in the interest of particular groups who will vote in greater state control.
        Maybe I’ve just gotten older… correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Makes sense to me. The old fags I know were anti marriage… but the fags my age are marriage corruptors.

        2. Yes the liberals of the past were indeed liberal. I’ve written before that the height of western civilization was 1964 and liberals back then were truly classical liberals derived mainly from the more libertarian movements of the 1920s and 1930s that were squashed into silence by WWII.
          1964 was the height of it: civil rights were recognized and some of the old caste-like systems were being thrown down but lurking in the background was the technocratic movement that sought to take these advances and corrupt them. The civil rights “movement” and a whole host of 60s stuff was born out of a reaction to the past (neoreaction of the day) but it was, by 1968, entirely corrupted by what is for the most part Marxism. Inertia did not flip it overnight though. Much of the reactionary stuff of the 60s was from the early 60s and pervaded throughout, but during that time was when campus collectivism started, feminism, etc. They like to take credit for the 60s when in fact all they really did was destroy it.

        3. You should write an article about this.
          From this point of view, modern liberals are really just lobbyists riding the coat-tails of a movement they didn’t start.
          The left vs. right dynamic can seem like some kind of eternal and permanent struggle between two opposing yet balanced forces.
          But if the underlying principles of the left and right keep shifting and shaking and morphing than it is a false dichotomy.

        4. I hate to break it to you, but liberalism, in the classical sense, is the beginning of decline. Libertarianism is about as impractical and abstract as communism… it’s a rootless system that fictionalizes man’s origins.
          Plato and Hobbes said that the state (an aristocracy of sorts) is apriori to civilization because it creates a hierarchy of values which meet a people’s existential needs more than anything by giving them identity and purpose. The state is an organizing principle without which you have chaos.
          What exactly does it mean when a society is ruled by the market or “democracy”? Is this really a good idea?

        5. Don’t expect me to schill for democracy. Were it up to me there would be no mechanism by which anybody can force their will on anybody else.
          The only flaw in libertarianism is that it has no natural defenses against encroaching government or statism. A good example of this is how free speech is used to destroy freedom (through which “weaponized democracy” is born).
          The forces of the market and that of democracy cannot be listed in the same tier. Very often it’s the market that trumps democracy. For example, people voting for more taxes on businesses means less business and an outcome entirely oppositional to the reason the businesses were taxed in the first place. Taxes on tobacco another example: people smoke less and therefore less tax revenue comes in.
          The market is a very powerful weapon derived from one of the only few types of votes that ever made any difference: voting with your wallet. That form of democracy, money talking, keeps the other form of democracy, AKA bullshit, walking.

        6. Statism is natural … I prefer a paternal one, not a maternal one as we have now.
          If the state didn’t exist, it would have to be invented… in a theoretical “free market” wealth would be concentrated and cartels would form over time. How exactly do you enforce property rights, including intellectual rights, without a state? That’s right, you can’t.
          Man’s right is inherently aggressive and egotistical … organized violence (police, taxes, infrastructural controls) holds society together. Might is right. I agree that might shouldn’t always be right but it always IS .
          Liberals and libertarians are the same as betas who pedestalize women, except they do it with human nature. The non aggression principle is a creative fiction, just like the saintly woman … nice ideas, but ideas are what they are.

        7. The right is constructive, the left is deconstructive.
          Yes we need both, like women and men need one another, but the right has to have the upper hand over the left like a man lords over a woman.

        8. This… The country has been out of our control since the Great Depression. Back then it was decided that most in society were too stupid to be allowed to vote, so the puppets were invented. I kinda agree though… The majority of the people I meet are morons.

        9. “Very often it’s the market that trumps democracy.”
          As object example one: every instance of hyperinflation throughout recorded history. As a sort of corollary, consider the aphorism often misattributed to Alexander Tytler: that a democracy persists for precisely so long until the people realise they can vote themselves ever-increasing benefits from the public purse. When that happens, hyperinflation is inevitable though variable in its imminence.
          Government (which is to say, that body of politicians which promises the most free money to its constituents) eventually runs out of cash to keep its ever-inflating promises, and to pay for it eventually resorts to printing money (by more or less subtle or direct means – see the US’s bond-buying program, which has never been audited to see how much actual money has been used) to do so.
          When that happens, the market then trumps democracy, since the free market is not constrained to and simply does not continue to trade in the debased currency that results.
          Hyperinflation is never permanent, lasting between 18 months and 3 years historically, for the simple reason that eventually the free market overruns democratic will: the people want government to pay for things, but they don’t want to use the government’s worthless currency to do so.

        10. It is a permanent struggle between two forces: between those who want to run up debts and outright don’t pay for them, and those who run up less debt but try their hardest to shift responsibility for who should pay for the debt from themselves. American, if not Western, political history is fundamentally economic history and it is always this opposition in one form or another. These forces are not amenable to real change and all one can do is avoid being trodden on by either of them as they carry on their endless war.

        11. Your authoritarian outlook is ever so tiresome. We’re in an age of overarching authority and ain’t it grand?

        12. Statism is not a natural thing, it is a reaction to tribalism, aristocracy, and religious authority. No states formed organically throught history. They were reactions to perceived wrongs committed against some specialized group. For example, the ancient patrician class of Rome, after kicking out the last king, instituted the twelve tables to protect the aristocracy from the leader. They also instituted reforms in an attempt to prevent tyrants from taking power. We know how that turned out eventually. Your ignorance of history shows and is contemptible.

        13. Are you taking about the current American right? They are certainly not constructive. The last conservative regime did more to undermine Americans rights that the previous few administrations combined. Heard of the military commissions act?

        14. Are you making a serious argument? The Roman republic was an aristocratic state, just like the prior lineage of kings, except power was not strictly limited to one clan.
          You think that my validation of statism is an excuse for tyranny or at least put synonymous with it?

        15. I agree thy the roman republic was an aristocratic state. I never denied that. Before the aristocracy there were kings. But monarch does not imply that a state exists as the kings were Etruscan and were dependent on and a part of Etruria. Last, the larger and more sophisticated a state becomes the more oppressive it is. So yes, I do equate tyranny and the state as some group will always be oppressed by the state. This is a hypothetical argument. Here is another example from Rome: as the empire grew the more oppressive it grew, ie more laws, taxes, and arbitrary decisions by the leaders. I do although, believe I the necessity of states.

        16. Oh yeah. My mention of aristocracy was a little ambiguous. I should have said elite as that doesn’t imply a state exists.

      2. I think both BDSM and prostitution are illegal in Canada… for men. And the way it seems to be going it’s only a matter of time that porn gets labeled filmed prostitution and then becomes illegal.

        1. You can solicit but not purchase sex in Canada. So yes, the man is put in the riskier position.

        2. In America feminists scream about any law that they deem has a “disparate impact”. Of course they only ever trot that concept out when they feel it i women will be affected.

        3. It’s called a cuntocracy.
          Or if it’s required to be “nice” in some forum, “Gynocracy”.

      1. To paraphrase manosphere poster Jeremy “When technology is necessary to circumvent corruption by law, you know you live in a dysfunctional regime.”
        In his post he mentioned Russia and I assumed he was alluding to the fact that people strapped video cameras to the front of their cars so they wouldn’t get sued for “colliding with unsuspecting pedestrians.”

        1. It’s been obvious every time someone is seen getting beaten up by cops on camera just because the cops decided to beat someone up and then charge their victim with assault. We usually see “the charges were dropped after seeing this video”.
          What would have happened wihtout it?

  11. The future is gonna look like this. . Fat . Single mom’s everywhere with three kids from three men, all pieces of shit serving life in prison. . Beta men literally falling from the sky. . Men who refuse to commit or marry. . Massive debt and nations bankrupted and more laws to try to force men to pay for and raise another thugs kids. . Two generations unable to start families even if they wanted to due to student loan debt and lack of jobs that pay above 12 an hour. . More police state intrusion as women will need to “feel safe” and bdg has to come in and bully men to make them respect the fat, dumb single mom’s who fucked 200 men. Look for. More mangina blogs and pastors like Driscoll, and Matt Walsh screaming for men to man up and marry a slut. .

    1. Glass half full…there will be someplace else in the world where things will make sense. We’ll just have to see which region has the best overall life opportunity.

    2. That’s for guys who stay on the reservation. Figure a way to get off it.
      Start thinking in those terms: How am I going to get out of this shit?
      Head for places where a lot of that shit is going to just FAIL for a long time. The rural south. Western states like Montana & Wyoming.
      Or find a way to get out of this country. Forget about “poosy paradises.” They’re mostly ruined by western sex tourists. Head for traditional societies in Central/South America. And other places. Find them and figure out how to get there and get set up.
      Then basically enjoy the decline – from a distance, at a much slower speed.

  12. If you enjoyed this article check this out . Costello discusses 1984, Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged, and Fahrenheit 451.
    “But those days are over now. The market for dystopias has diminished considerably. The sense that something is very, very wrong, and getting worse – (something felt forty, fifty years ago even by ordinary people) has been replaced with a kind of bland, flat affect complacency. Why? Is it because the anxiety went away? Is it because things got better? Of course not. It’s because all those dire predictions came true. (Well, most of them anyway).
    Dystopia is now, my friends! The future is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives. The Cassandras were right, after all. I am aware that you probably already think this. Why else would you be reading this website? But I’ll bet there’s a tiny part of you that resists what I’m saying — a tiny part that wants to say “Well, it’s not quite as bad as what they predicated. Not yet, anyway. We’ve got a few years to go before . . . uh . . . Maybe not in my lifetime . . .””

  13. The problems that the world is currently facing are in many ways very similar to some of the problems prior to WW2. Will this current crop of fucktards take notice and do anything about it? Probably not. Humanity kind of deserves WW3 at this point. Humanity just refuses to ever learn from the past.
    Seems a little redundant to me, but whatever.

    1. You know, one thing I notice is this.
      When I look at pictures of people in Germany from the 1920s through the 1930s, all of the women have that “chubby decadent” look. I was stationed in Germany and been to many households and businesses with pictures hung up and noticed this all of the time. Big, round, fat faces and they tend to tilt downwards when being photographed in casual (usual drinking) settings.
      (No duckfaces though, probably because film was expensive)
      Around the mid 1990s I started to see this in American women.

      1. I guess soft times create soft people. Perhaps the interwar period between WW1 and WW2 was a relatively easy time for people in Europe. I know that the 1920s was a big party-time fuckfest in the US. That eventually wound down and ended very poorly for many people. The 1930s was pretty much the exact opposite of the 1920s in America, at least economically and socially speaking.
        Human societies ebb and flow, oppressive govts along with it. All of these trends that humanity experiences seem to go in cycles. I truly believe in the concept of the 4th Turning, at least as it pertains to American society. Here in the US, we are definitely on the cusp of something “new.” The next 20 years in America will be nothing like the last, just as the 1920s was nothing like the 1930s.
        It is clear to anyone paying attention to the world that the West is definitely going back to an era of censorship, political oppression, and massive economic downturn. Govts are openly lying about everything with full support of the media apparatus. If we’ve learned nothing from the 1930s and 40s ( and we haven’t), this likely won’t end well for the masses. History never completely repeats, but it rhymes, as they say.
        I for one am terrified about what the future holds, mostly because I’m an avid student of history. We can see this next round of oppressive Govt coming a mile away. And by ‘We’” I mean the .0000000001% of the population that cares.

        1. Exactly. I don’t know how anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history would not be aware of this.

  14. Gents, the anti STD condom I’ve been waiting for has just been released in Oz. If you’re interested I’m planning to send this shit far and wide. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. Wrap it up. Cheers. Zach

  15. Too many people read these as a how to guide instead of the cautionary tales they were meant to be.

  16. It blows my mind how much the US has become like A Brave New World. It’s all right there in a famous book and people can’t even see it in life today…

  17. All true.
    98% of humanity is your average everyday dunce. He plays fantasy football and spends his grey matter memorizing useless stats. He drinks to excess every weekend to take his mind off the drudgery he is doomed to work during the week. He placates and fawns over morally bankrupt, insipid and idiotic females as they twerk and fall over themselves, all for the chance to bang one of them. Any one of them.
    You meet this dunce. You engage him in conversation. You offer topics like “national debt”, “unfunded liabilities”, “virulent global pandemic”, “national sovereignty and state’s rights”….he looks at your with both anger and confusion. Confusion as to why you care about such things beyond beer, football and bitches. Anger because his ignorance prohibits him from even addressing any of the above.
    What does he do? He nods, maybe offers a “Yeah man, it sucks”. Shortly thereafter, he goes back to his TV, his smartphone or the girl he was talking to a minute ago before she threw up her 4 cosmos.
    Long story short: Most people don’t have the intellectual hardware (i.e. capacity) nor the intellectual curiosity (i.e. independent thought) to question anything that is force fed to them. Mainly, media/academia/government
    End result: most of humanity would be doomed to slavery if it weren’t for the 1% fighting to keep the rest free. The other 1% is fighting to enslave and be the rulers of the mouth-breathing masses.
    The tragedy is that the 98% enslaved would not only be taught to love their slavery, they’d shun those who didn’t as well.
    You’ll never read a more prescient book than 1984. Orwell knew that the times, technology and people may change, but mankind itself never really changes.

  18. If you like dystopian fiction and are sick of 1984 retreads catering to morons who can’t read more than Young Adult books, I encourage you to look up Dan Simmons’ “Flashback”. The fact that it was howled down from all sides for being racist, sexist, ranting, and rightist must mean he’s getting something right. 🙂

  19. OK, so you recognise the warnings, then what?
    I’m genuinely asking this question as I’ve known all that for ages but have never come across anyone who offers an alternative.

    1. Usually there is no alternative or solution that can be achieved without tremendous bloodshed or institutional change. You don’t issue an avalanche warning to skiiers expecting them to stop the avalanche: you do it to tell the skiiers to get the fuck off the mountainside as quick as they can.
      Again, ROK isn’t a social change site. It is concerned solely with issuing warnings to skiiers and point out the fastest ways off the mountainside. Beyond that you must do your own reading and thinking, and orient your affairs as best you can to conditions as they really are, not as feminism would have you believe them to be.

        1. I’d still define ROK as one of the most frank and straightforward sites I’ve seen on the net. Most of the guys here have little to no filter, and Western society as a whole has had clogged fucking intakes for thirty years or more.

        2. It is frank and straightforward when it comes to sex dynamics but when it comes to social dynamics and international politics it is self-censoring. I haven’t read an article here which goes deep enough to the root of the problems.
          For example, RoK is very vocal about feminism but it is yet to name the names of the people behind it. Who created it and why?

        3. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Feb 21 1848. Because Marx was living the high life in Engels’ bourgeoisie apartment bitter from his marriage to an older post wall wife

  20. Brave New World looks more and more like a check list for agenda items someone, somewhere, is ticking off.
    The 1984 list looks to be pretty much completed.

  21. It is estimated that a good 30% of people are what is termed ‘co dependent’. That is they basically cannot think for themselves. They cannot live alone and you rarely see them functioning well by themselves. They will latch on to someone, anyone or even a group of ‘groupthinkers’. If they cannot wager a spouse, they may join a congregation of religious groupthinkers. They may be an unwitting and undying servant of the state. Again a groupthinker. If the state tells them that all small business owners are tax cheats, as the state’s loyal groupthinking lapdog, the codependent state simp (tax collector) goes as told, as a go get em attack dog. Still a group(non)thinking codependent schmuck at their core.
    The totalitarian wave always harnesses the codependents in some way or another, whether it be their unscrupulous henchmen, the tattletale block captains, the morons that believe that the ticket to heaven is gained by being a state snitch and other such sundry variety of non thinkers. The basic codependency trait in males must be addressed early on and reduced.
    The best way to stave off the codependency traits carrying on into adulthood, I believe is to have a ‘right of passage’ from boyhood to manhood where a teen goes into the wilderness and survives for two years. He keeps a journal and becomes self aware. Too many people fear loosing the creature comforts of civilization and are manipulated with that fear by the system. Surviving alone is a bridge that few have crossed and many are weary of . Twelve grub worms equals the same protein as ONE FRIED EGG!

    1. Don’t call people stupid and misspell terms such as ‘rite of passage’. If you slag others off as ‘non-thinkers’ at least be able to spell correctly like a ‘thinker’ would.

      1. Also ‘losing’ is misspelt and ‘creature comforts’ is a cliché. Some good points though.

  22. Society doesn’t read nor value literature. It values being a “hero” or “persevering” or “coming out of the closet”.

  23. Would you stop going on for paragraphs “enlightening” us as to how dumb the schooling is now and just get to the bloody point? Moving on after six paragraphs of self-absorbed drudgery…

  24. Okay, so unless I have both read the books, and come to agree with whatever point the AB Nihilist got out of them (which may or may not be whatever point the authors of the books made), I’m either a clueless prole sedated by crap mass entertainment, or a pretentious intellectual who is obviously not as smart as he thinks, which is proven by how I don’t agree with him.
    Okay, attempts to create collectivist utopias can go wrong. So? There’s an infinite number of possible outcomes of social evolution. What matters is not what can, in principle, happen, but how plausible any particular outcome is. A question that no amount of dystopian-future fiction has any implication on.
    Can we stop pretending that utopian, collectivist policies are the only policies that could possibly have unintended consequences? Would attempts at creating libertarian utopias be immune to the possibility to go horribly wrong?

  25. “Thus, the Party rejects and vilifies every principle
    for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it chooses to do
    this in the name of Socialism.”
    One of my favorite lines from “1984”. Especially enlightening if you look at the new social justice movements and their methods. The current form of feminism, for example, is diametrically opposed to its original goals. It does everything to reinforce old female privileges and tries to avoid accountability for individual women at all costs.

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