Welcome To The Age Of Discouragement

There is a photo of my great grandfather wearing a suit, looking solemnly ahead.  I never knew him, and have tried to learn as much as I can by asking family members who remember him.  In the photograph, he appears as a grown man, wearing a well-fitting suit.  He is neither smiling nor stressed, but appears a confident, masculine, man.  I was shocked when I was told that in this photo he is actually 13 years old.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt at age 18

Permanent Adolescence

Many have observed that Americans are in a perpetual state of youth, with almost half of young men aged 18-34 still living at home with their parents.  While some cultures (notably, Italy) encourage children to live with their families until the point of marriage, and this is almost certainly the best policy for single women, this American trend is not caused by a social desire to remain close to the family, but an economic necessity and a lack of any personal motivation or direction in life.


20 or 30-something Millennial

As I was sitting on a bus in Central America, I observed a small boy, around the age of 13, organizing luggage, taking money, asking passengers their destinations, mentally arranging the luggage in order of departure before loading it in a logical manner, and running a business, I thought of my grandfather.  Were these men oppressed by the economy, or were they learning, growing, and perhaps enjoying themselves?


A Nation of Coddled, Weak Middle Aged Children

Who is better equipped to deal with life at age 30?  A man who has spent the last 15 years conversing daily with a variety of women, tourists, and businessmen, who has learned to perform math operations in an instant in his head, who has observed thousands upon thousands of people, witnessed thieves, police, couples dating, families, tourists, locals, and workers, has developed a working use of multiple languages, and excellent emotional intelligence and street smarts?

Or a guy with a business administration degree who pours coffee into a cup for 8 hours a day, and then comes home and eats TV dinners before jacking it quietly to some camwhore and falling asleep in his parents spare bedroom?

Permanently Discouraged


What future does the 48% have?  What hopes and dreams do they have?  Perhaps some of our readers are in that category, and indeed, living with parents is a great way to be frugal.  IF one has a plan, this can be a perfectly acceptable step along life’s journey.  But how many of that 48% have a hope or dream?  How many of them have given up on any plan of change?

Considering that almost 95 million Americans are no longer in the workforce, the workforce participation rate is only 62%, while the government only considers 4.7% of workers to be “unemployed” (those with a hope of still being employed, and still actively looking for work), many Americans are giving up on the prospect of a real career, as well as a real woman or a real life.

What would the American sexual satisfaction survey look like?  Maybe something like a 62% participation rate, meaning that slightly more than half of us are having sex.  But how many are in a relationship with a thin, feminine, pleasant woman who is making is happier than not?  I’d say a safe bet is around 4.7%.  The sexual discouragement rate mirrors the economic discouragement rate.

There are many articles on ROK discussing why men are opting out of marriage.  As I have pointed out, the average age for first marriage was always 20-22, until recent years.  It’s no coincidence that this is the age that men find women most attractive and desirable, although modern men are being shamed for listening to their biology.


Source: OK Cupid data

But many men who have never left the country have never experienced a thin, feminine, pleasant, kind woman.  What do they have to look forward to?  They are permanently discouraged, and have given up on the dating market.  They explain why men are living with parents until age 40 and up.  These are men for whom society has failed them.  Feminism destroyed an entire generation of females from which these men should have been able to date.

Peak Feminism

A society that has failed in giving half its workers stable, rewarding careers, that ends half of marital relations in misery, and that fails to provide happiness and sexual gratification to its members is a society that has failed.  We are now at peak feminism, and there is nowhere to go but up.  They have ruined the west, and out of this wasteland a neomasculinity will rise.

Whether Trump wins or loses, he is a sign of massive discontent with the status quo.  It will not happen overnight, but there will be a backlash, and it will drastically change society, pushing us back towards our biology, logic, and order.

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286 thoughts on “Welcome To The Age Of Discouragement”

  1. Excellent article. This marxist-assisted discouragement has been in detriment of men. I see it every day: affirmative action, welfare policies for women, double standards in courts. Marxism had to destroy men to impose their equality dictatorship. We men need to unite, take over government and do politics to our interests. Because our interests are everybody’s interests, since we men, built Civilization.

  2. Round trip flight from Ft Lauderdale to Medellin, Colombia is currently under $300 on Thanksgiving week. They’re even cheaper on non-holidays.
    Divide and conquer, fellas.

      1. Haha, nice. I tagged four that looked pretty much like the hottie here.
        The point was that it’s affordable to chuck the U.S. for a while and head abroad to see the glorious women that are out there. You can rent an Airbnb for under a grand a month in Colombia. Food and beer costs almost nothing. I spent a few bucks on dates, maybe $5 to $10 US for each.
        The average young barista living with the folks at home can do this.

        1. “You can rent an Airbnb for under a grand a month in Colombia. Food and
          beer costs almost nothing. I spent a few bucks on dates, maybe $5 to $10
          US for each”
          Wow…I guess I should consider a trip there…

  3. As you said Italy encourages a “big family”. I own a big house, but I still have my family here. There are many perks of having your family around.
    It prevents you from becoming a degenerate, you stay in contact with their traditions and morals, and they’ll help you out if you lose your mind, they hardly give bad advices. They will also give you a second opinion on your girlfriend (dad always did a great job of reporting red flags to me).
    Old Italian women make some of the best food in the world, it’s like having a free chef at home; they can also teach YOUR woman to be a great traditional woman and chef.
    You still get all the perks of living on your own as Italian parents know when to leave you alone and don’t bother you, especially if you are owner or co-owner of the house.
    I don’t even see how it can be a bad thing, unless your parents are horrible people.

    1. Think that most young Americans come from broken households. Anti-family values (anglo individualism, self-centerdness) are embedded into American culture, even among red-pillers and rightwingers. They are too destroyed to understand the support mechanisms of mediterranean cultures. Just go to RooshvForum to see how “PUAs” rant about not getting laid in Spain, Italy or Greece. It is pathetic to see how they insult (the remaining of) our cultures.
      PS: and America is exporting these anti-family values to Europe, through pop culture and internet. We are doomed.

      1. I think it’s sort of a slippery slope; the more individualistic people there are, the more broken families are generated as a consequence. Bad parenting is a main cause of degeneracy, especially in women. My sister stayed chaste until 22 even though she’s an Aryan-looking type, people just need some guidance to avoid taking the wrong turn.

        1. This makes a lot of sense to me. The thing is, when there were very few individualistic people they were that way because of something special. Maybe they were a genius or a great athlete or an artist or whatever. They were individualistic because they were special. But now everyone wants to be (and believes they can be) special so instead of having a few individuals who stand out in the crowd as special you have everyone demanding that they are special (when they aren’t) and trying to live that individualistic lifestyle which is what leads to the downfall you so aptly describe.

        2. Well put. The problem with this is that it renders those truly special people from reaching their destined potential. I look at it like this( going off everything you just wrote) this mass individualization brings almost everybody down to the lowest common denominator, with almost no exceptions. Even great men today are less than they would have been 500 years ago. When they mixed mass individualism, an almost non importance on family( unless of course it’s a black women with 7 kids from 5 baby daddy’s), weakness acceptance, and threw in a fast track to matriarchy you get what we have today A Fucking Soup Sandwhich.
          But remember that soup Sandwhich is all just a science experiment with big daddy US inc. monitoring it closely and waiting patiently to stick Whatever comes out of that soggy soupy mess into to a steel box forever.

        3. yes 100 times. One thing that I recall is my grandfather. he was USMC in the pacific. His epitaph was “gentleman farmer” if that gives you a clue into who he was. He would tell me a story of the army engineer corps doing some amazing bridge building shit. It wasn’t about him. It wasn’t about being cool. It wasn’t a moral lesson. It was just him explaining how impressed he was by the talents of another man with no reference to his own ability. That is totally lost and has been for the last 50 years.
          Along with weakness acceptance there is also greatness hatred. Now a days a hipster cunt would sit next to fucking Michelangelo and tell him about some awesome blog entry they just made. There is no appreciation for greatness because greatness has been commodified and the sound that greatness made has been drowned out in the cacophony of bullshit in a world where there are 6 billion centers of the universe.

        4. O how I hark to take your grandfathers place and actually be able to subordinate my lowest parts to something higher. Not just God which I can do now but something divine which manifested down through society to man. It still even existed in your grandfathers time ( though it was a long shot from 1000 years ago). I’m not sure I can think of a greater title than how your grandfather is remembered. Maybe if he was a saint called “O’ Blessed……”but I think you get my drift.
          Something else you rarely see today is a strong masculine man appreciating another man of equal strength but different skill. Like you said this is a lot of hate nowadays. Especially between two men who feel threatened of one another. Not in the true sense of physical danger but the womanly way of reputation harm.
          “6 billion centers of the universe”
          That quote sums up our earth perfectly. When there is only one center which is God at the top the greatest men and even girls( through man of course!) reach their greatest potential even if the mass stays were they are today. I would rather have everyday life stay the way it is(with of course cultural clean ups) and simultaneously have the greatest holiest smartest people run my country any day. In fact I would be just like your grand dad and take the utmost enjoyment in giving my life to that State.

        5. It’s funny, but as much as I loved him my grandfather was special. That was just a hallmark of his time and place as a simple farmer who lived through the depression and went to a war a far far way away. I understand what you mean about god, though I confess I don’t have the same feelings.
          We have lost something for sure. We have lost a lot of things. The very beginning of that is men understanding respect and masculinity.

        6. I must admit I have been reading ROK for quite sometime and am not a stranger to the comments section so you can imagine I have read a few of your posts. So I am not surprised about your thoughts differing from me in thataspect.
          When I say quite sometime I mean a couple years, never felt the need to comment but with our world I can no longer afford to be silent even if it’s just on these websites.
          Now you being what I think you are which is a true Nihilist in the sense of Neitzche and not the modern specific sense, I believe a man with your intelligence can see the benefit of subordinating civilization to god thru Christ and Chistianity. Not the benefit to you of course because true Nihilist like ourselves who bask in the European tradtition of complete and utter detachment even in the midst of passion need no such outer structure. The benefit is to be towards women and children and lesser men my friend and bringing everybody to their highest level.
          Whether you belive in God and Christianity I think you can see not only its benefits but, You know that you were not you before you were born.
          You are correct that men need a deep understanding of respect and masculinity. I just believe that in order for it to come back it has to through Chrisitanity and not the ooey gooey stuff of today but that Christianity of the Romans,The Holy Roman Empire, and the Russians.
          I apologize for the lengthiness.

        7. actually your comment is very timely. Just the other day I argued that the catholic church in the middle ages got a bad rap for keeping knowledge from people, but it was actually just a shepherd keeping danger from it’s flock. For me, the world as it works now is beneficial. For the world, however, I honestly believe that the Church had things right a couple hundred years ago. I specifically said that i was on the side of the librarian in The Name of The Rose.
          And yes, I am glad you make the distinction between the positive and humanist nihilism of Nietzsche and the modern bullshit that is just an excuse to be a cocksucking faggot. My guess is that you and I probably agree on a lot more than we disagree on.
          Glad you jumped on into the comment section. It’s a pleasant and often rowdy place to hang out, but in the end I feel that 90% of the people here are smart, interesting and, even where there is disagreement, willing to hear the other side out and discuss rather than the bullshit that the ultra left and feminists and black lives whatever people do which is just to blindly run forwards towards the cliff.

        8. Hopefully my reply to this perfectly articulated comment of yours gets to be viewed. It says it was detected as spam lmao so if it does not go through( which would be a shame and also mean ROK does not like discussions too deep and meaningful). I will try again later I think we could all benefit. A little frustrated because I just put a lot of thought into it though.

        9. Be in touch any time and if you ever want to discuss things send me an email. I do actually enjoy these conversations even with, or especially with, intelligent men of conviction who happen to disagree.
          How boring would life be if we all thought the same?

        10. I will hold you to the email offer. We men of today must organize even if it consists of a few of us debating and sharing ideas like such. At the very least we can wisen ourselves and pass it to our progeny. Expect a correspondence from me in the not too distant future. I will warn you ahead of that the curiosity and inquisitiveness of my mind is both at times relentless and inexhaustible. But I too appreciate differing opinions from intelligent men.
          Stay true and positive

        11. ” There is no appreciation for greatness because greatness has been commodified and the sound that greatness made has been drowned out in the cacophony of bullshit in a world where there are 6 billion centers of the universe.”
          Well put, good sir.

        12. ” Just the other day I argued that the catholic church in the middle ages got a bad rap for keeping knowledge from people, but it was actually just a shepherd keeping danger from it’s flock.”
          There is indeed a level of validity to this remark, lolknee. Wheras great and interesting things can be found on the internet, but unfortunately everything bad can also be found too – stuff like porn, videos and photos of people being decapitated and all other negative shit that’s fucked-up can also easily be accessed. And this has a destructive quality to it. Dunno what the answer is – we all seek information (good or bad) but we really cannot handle it.

        13. People sadly in my opinion need too see just how fucked up this world can and will be.
          How much attention you pay to all the bad reality after you know should be entirely up to the individual.
          I’ve always figured that strategically once the oil is gone the big toys come out and then we will see who are the really fucked up actors.

        14. Perhaps this is one positive effect of the power structure shifting to Asia. They are not an individualistic culture.

        15. “gentleman farmer”
          Whenever a girl asks me what I do I use the same phrase. While I am talking about my garden, she is left to wonder how I pay for my very nice lifestyle. I let them wonder.

        16. I fully agree on this. Now we are on an age where you have a lot of people screaming to you that they are special, when in fact they aren’t.
          And I have to say that I also agree with you, lolknee, on how it’s so hard for the modern man to admire and value the talent from other men. I have no problems doing it, in the past when I was younger I may have had problems with it, but I’ve learned on my own how to get rid of that shitty attitude. I’m still a months younger than 20 years, so there’s still a lot to learn and RoK is a valuable resource, a real Oasis amongst all this degeneration.

        17. I agree. It was hard for me when I was younger and filled with arrogance (as if I’m not now). To quote bob Dylan: ah but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now.
          The wonders of the world and achievements of other men seem so much more impressive to me as time goes on. I view the word with much more interest

        18. It is funny how it went from “special people wind up being individualistic” (like Picasso or John Coltrane or Babe Ruth) to “individualistic people must be special” (like every transdoodle faggot who says “look at me and how different I am that means I’m special”) Le sigh. I am not as much a hater of the modern world as many here are but some things, like the loss of greatness, do sometimes make me sad.

        19. That’s truly sad. Individualism was in the past a trait of really great people, now that everyone is special nobody is.
          It’s easy to see how Marxism ruins everything. Want to destroy greatness? Then make people believe and claim they are great and special for the sole act of existing. Make they demand it as a right and you will destroy greatness.
          This sick pursue for “equality” on all senses is devastating. I really don’t hate the modern world as a whole, because it’s wonderful. The problem is just society. Sometimes in the day I stop for a second and think: How many great things we would be able to accomplish on this era without the presence of existence of Marxism and this ridiculous pursue for equality in all aspects.
          Our society is sick. That’s the reality.

        20. 100% correct. And I do not think that letting everyone feel great and thus eradicating real greatness is a symptom, I think it is one of (if not the) root causes of the problem.

        21. Spot on, it’s one of the problems which weakens our societies. And it damages more men than women in fact. Just take a look to how much the suicide rate has increased since the 70’s in people from 25 to 44 years old… a scary 75%! That’s a signal that’s something is really fucked up.
          Our younger generations neglect responsibility and want everything from the fucking State.
          I like to put Greatness as a goal you cannot really accomplish but only pursue for the rest of your life. The challenge here is to get the closest possible to it. That’s the philosophy I live by nowadays. I got this idea from something I read on a book from Joseph Campbell: The Hero With a Thousand Faces.
          The process is like this:
          X -> Y -> Z
          There he explains how the Hero needs to separate itself from the normal and mundane world (X). After the separation occurs he finds fabulous forces and he needs to win a decisive fight (Y). Finally, the Hero comes back with the wisdom obtained from this separation of the world and the decisive victory, to share it with his fellow men. (Z).
          I’ve adapted it my own way.
          X = You break from the Matrix. You break with the narrative and take yourself away from the normal and mundane world.
          Y = You realize how hard, restless and brutal life can be. But this is a fight you have got to win, and this can be understood as accomplishing your own goals in life, always pursuing greatness.
          Z = You share with your fellow men your wisdom, knowledge and experience in life. But the real point here is to live a great life, accomplishing real feats, so your family and future generations (be it within your own family, community, city or even country) can remember you and connect you to greatness of some kind once you are past away.

        22. very well done and excellent inclusion to cambell.
          People forget that while the hero has many faces, he doesn’t have every face.
          It makes me think of basketball. You can look at numbers all you like, but there is a huge difference in skill from older times.
          A regulation basketball hoop has been 10 feet since forever. But look at this chart. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d8df461d5e7dba17f027e5c31770adac8c4867a9ae4c3f9a32d15cf680d9dbc.png
          In 1969 being 6’6 would put you well north of average. In 2001 it puts you just under average. ALl the while the facticity (length and width of court and height of hoop) remains static.
          Reapply this to society in less mathematic terms and rather in terms of ability with no correlate to numerical fact. Every single fucking person in the world is the special equivalent of 12 feet tall despite the average only being about 5’8. The truly special people who are 6’4 will be drowned out by the masses who all “identify” a 12 feet.

        23. That’s real danger here. When EVERYONE is special, then nobody really is. We need to UNDERSTAND and accept that as human beings that we are we can excel on certain things but not in everything. Our purpose is to find where we can excel and be really special. That should be a goal of every human being’s life, find your real purpose and do your best to excel on it.
          But that’s the result of the promotion of Marxism on all of its shapes and when you kill creativity and competition. We should LIVE by competition, that’s what create great things! But since the world started to tell us that we all are equal and special, competitiveness died and as a result we get the world we have right now.
          Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf, really. When you tell to people these things, that they are not really special if they don’t do great things, they get mad at you.
          That’s one of the reasons I left college (I’m from Peru and live here btw). Because there was not a promotion of competition and creativity, I felt like I was wasting my time there. So I decided to quit and start taking more responsibility on my own life, and so far now it’s been working quite well. There’s nothing like facing life on your own, taking more responsibility and accomplish your own goals and desires.

        24. bingo. you and I are in very close agreement.
          I have always wanted to go to Lima btw. I have a friend who has a house there.

        25. cool. I have no plans for travel in the immediate future but of the couple of places I would like to go, Peru is one of them.

        26. Great then, let me know when you do. Many interesting things to see here, not Lima exactly there but in other parts of the country.

    2. I’m Italian on fathers side but was raised in southern USA with a typical dysfunctional family.
      I highly regret I didn’t get to experience any of the kind of family life you speak of. My grandparents didn’t teach their children Italian and any semblance of tradition died with them. They all live in separate states and to my knowledge don’t even talk that much.
      It’s a shame what the anti culture of my country has done not just to my own but so many families now.
      Just broken husks of humans who don’t even have a will to live anymore.
      That is my fucking country.

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    3. My life is pretty much the exact opposite but having an Italian family myself there are people in my family who live much the same way as you describe and your description is pretty dead on. That said, I see the value to both ways of life and feel it comes down to the type of man you are and in what way you excel. For my part, I am a stronger person when living on my own whereas my cousin who I am very close to fits in better with a larger family homelife and it brings out the best in him.

    4. I never understood the american ‘get out on your own start from nothing’ system other than the personal pride aspect. Maybe it’s because I was attracted to the Italian side of family and how so many lived so close together. Not in the same house of course, but at one time within a couple of blocks of each other and in my childhood scattered through a larger area but still close enough to walk from one relative’s house to another.
      Maybe the system of going on one’s own worked well enough for a few decades but then started to fall apart recently. The functional reality seems to allow the predatory elite to keep most everyone economically controlled through debt. The wealthy don’t seem to force their children out on their own to start from nothing and in debt as a rule. They tend to have many properties that are passed down through the families. Sometimes sold but replacements purchased as need arises.
      Passing down property and having a multi-generational family living in one place or close together seems to be a way to free people economically. But there are so many things about the american system that act against it.
      Neighborhoods age and are turned into ghettos for one. Then when they hit rock bottom the process of renewal starts. It’s very strange. Why allow it to go to crap in the first place? It seems to be an induced cycle that keeps people paying and keeps some making lots of money.
      Those american families that try to retain land for generations are usually attacked through property taxes. Forced to sell it off piece by piece because of the high taxes.

    5. The biggest problem created by the loss of extended family is the lack of any female support system for the wife when she has kids of her own. Women need lots of other women to help when they have babies….. not drunk BFFs but useful mature responsible elder women to take charge and help out. You can master game and talk about redpill all you want but without family…. grandmas, aunts, sisters etc. You will be the default nanny changing diapers and washing baby bottles after she gives birth. The only way to fix this is to go full third world or hire an army of staff.

      1. Or just say screw that and go out in a blaze of glory on an ill fated trip into the Amazon for rare plant and animal specimens on an up armored mule.

    6. Latin Mediterranean nations are like that. In Portugal is the same. I lived with my parents, uncles and aunts, cousins, grandmother and God knows who on the same house, until i was 12.
      This gives society a much needed cohesion and traditional values.

      1. In our german neighbourhood there is a russian family and they are living in one pretty small house with three couples of three different generations, a guy who is around 20 (the son of the middle aged couple) and a kid and a newborn and a dog and two cats. That’s some cohesion.
        But I like them. They are friendly and hardworking people.
        Then there is an Iranian family that is throwing crazy birthday parties with like 50 guests all dancing and singing. That’s a nice alternative to the german neighbours who are grumpy all day and never celebrate 😉
        Living in such a suburb neighbourhood is a true blessing compared to the town center which is called ‘Paris quarter’ even though it should be named ‘eritrean-somalian-turkish-islamic-headquarter’ instead.

        1. Its all about culture. In Protestant northern culture there is a cult of individualism that is honestly damaging to social cohesion and as nothing to do with real independence and self reliance. I mean, there is a difference between living with your parents until 40 because of your childish behavior or share a home with your family.
          Are you German? If so, i remember this time where my cousin was dating a german girl in London and we went to a party that had both families. When it became time to dance, we, the Portuguese, dance popular portuguese music that invites (it as highly sexual lyrics most of the time) paring up with women and each other. On the other hand, the german side head banged to Ramstein, individually, not paring up…I though that was fucking weird.

        2. You got the nice Russians. I got some 50 year old ex-gangster type lighting a bag of shit at my doorstep for some offense or another all in his head.
          Needless to say he and his moved soon thereafter.

    7. Makes me think of the old style family southern homestead with multiple generations. I saw the end of that in the late 60’s in my own family when I was a little boy.
      10-15 close family members were often at my grandmothers in summer vacation. With daily visits of surrounding extended family all on the same road (named after our family). So another 40 or so close relatives stopping in peroidicallly.
      I still carry the memory of those happy times in the back of my mind. Funny, but you can see how families lived before the days of social security and the welfare state. Big families were the social safety net.
      But I think I saw as a little boy just enough to see how the Old South agrarian family structure looked going back to Civil War days.

    8. It is one thing i envy of Greek and Italians is how they are family oriented. The women look after themselves too.
      How ever, the comments below are almost in 100% contradiction to what is talked about here so often. Italy has excellent social services programs.

  4. With the exception of the couple of percentage points of genuine male losers who have no game, no ambition, and no drive to leave their childhood bedrooms, the economic malaise of American men would be ended if women just STOPPED COMPETING WITH MEN for increasingly scarce good paying jobs in white-collar fields.
    Men simply HAVE to have have good paying jobs in order to leave their parents house, assert financial independence, and attract a suitable mate. Men simply DO NOT CARE if women have jobs or not as long as they are hot, fertile, and largely non-bitchy.
    Women worth anything on the other hand, WILL NOT date men who are unemployed. So here is this double standard where women are taking away vital sources of income from men so they can have their “strong independent woman” streak, and yet they expect men to still be making as much OR MORE than them. Just F&$% it man, just @$%^ it….

    1. It is not only competing, is competing against women supported by affirmative action and daddy government.

      1. This. Just yesterday while filling out some forms several job sites made it mandatory to fill out your race and sex in the name of diversity. Every single time I see it I call bullshit. Quotas for race and sex aren’t filling the most qualified, they’re filling the most politically correct. I still filled them out because I need a new job, but I’m not holding my breath for a call back.

        1. Precisely. Women suck at wage negotiations and are incapable of independent thought, but just smart enough to do the paperwork. I know for a fact that even if you’re the only guy in a room full of women looking for a job, you won’t be hired. Yet government and business wonder why self respecting men are giving up and saying fuck it or relocating .

        2. Women excel at repetitive things. And this is a trouble for us, since we men demand creativity in the workplace. Men are women are totally incompatible in working environments.

        3. Yep. One example I think that illustrates that perfectly is how children play. Boys will put Legos together as directed but after completing it will create something else entirely. Most girls won’t use Legos, but if they do use them will follow it to a tee and never break it down or think of making something different.

        4. I’ve made a personal resolution never to fill out an application again in such a manner, but if I did you can bet your ass I’d be filling in the ‘hispanic’ bubble.
          Oh I’m not an ethnic minority?
          A) Prove it.
          B) Lawsuit.

        5. I identify as Pepe the frog. There should be quotas for white supremacists. Every company should have it’s own shitlord as a counter balance to the SJWs.

        6. As much as I think that SJWs, Feminists, BLM people and White Supremacists are all in the exact same category and would do good with a lot of trees and a lot of rope, I can’t argue that if we are going to make a quota for one we ought to make it for the other.

        7. Very interesting assertion. In addition to that, some workplace environments are entirely improperly suited to the task at hand. Repetitious tasks demand a rigid mechanistic structure (chain of command, accountability, performance measures, manager oversight) whereas innovative tasks perform better with lesser constraint on the individual.
          Wonder why women don’t excel in the STEM fields? They need too much direction to come up with good ideas on their own (that is, good ideas that aren’t actually just a thinly-veiled scam)http://www.returnofkings.com/76246/is-theranos-a-girl-powered-scam
          Conversely, picture an archetypal office setting that might process orders or something mundane like that. Picture that same office, but completely devoid of management – with a bunch of women wandering around taking selfies, Tinder swiping and chatting with their girlfriends all day. Productivity tanks.
          Doesn’t work.
          As I always say, Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bitch.

        8. Ah. To live in a dream.
          That’s why the endgame is starting your own company.
          Imagine an entire legion of shitlords answering customer service calls, creating marketing and advertising campaigns, RUNNING THE HR DEPARTMENT.
          And we would be selling vacation packages to exotic overseas destinations complete with customized escort selections from a reputable brothel…
          That or bear-mace with a picture of Julie Bindel on the side…

        9. Lol…The company I work for employs a large number of people (50k-ish) and has the corporate nose buried deep in the gub’mint contract trough. My employee application and profile indicates I’m a black man even though I come from Nordic stock….nobody in the company has the balls to question me on my ethnicity….too funny!

        10. Heh, I bet. I’d craft fleets and mix them between my Micromachines and Battleforce armies. When my friends brought their own over it looked like something out of Star Wars meets Robotech.

        11. Or race blind competitive exams for entry level and competency based hiring for experience…you know like back when everything worked.

        12. Oh now you are just talking crazy nonsense! Are you suggesting that hiring be based on competency, merit and hard work? I mean, you are fucking insane. Literally Literally Hitler.
          We have some fucking world here on our hands huh bud 🙂

        13. Me and my bro would build cars out of K’Nex and smash them into each other. Whosever’s car broke apart into pieces first lost.
          Once we got good at it the only way to win was to literally break the individual rods and connectors. Good times.

        14. Just wondering… How Nordic do you look?
          Not sure if your username, Mocha Dude, refers to your complexion or your favorite beverage.

        15. There are obnoxious faggots everywhere. Fortunately they usually stay to themselves. However, I did list fags along with BLM, White Nationalists and other SJW types. Weak willed, weak armed sissy boys with a complex that need to feel special

      2. Affirmative action has been a god-send to Black American women in the Postal Service. You can be in the whitest of towns somewhere in Nebraska or Maine and the government has shipped in a black female to run the post offices of that said town.
        Oddly enough, automatically making them one of the best compensated public employees in the entire town. “White privilege”? Yeah right.

        1. Yup, and they are some of the surliest “public servants” you will ever come across. The DMV was always a nightmare.

        2. Affirmative Actions has been a god-send to everyone but black men for which the program was originally created. Everyone who is not a white male qualifies for AA, even those who are recent immigrants to groups of people who where never historically discriminated against.
          It’s not just AA that is denying men a merit based opportunity for employment. There are numerous programs designed to get more women into various career fields and to colleges. This is creating a glut of educated women compared to educated men. As a result we have too many women making more than the men. Generally a woman should always date a man who makes more money than her. This affects the dynamics of the relationship.

        3. You didn’t mention that the educated women who were given the college spot due to AA over the guys would get pregnant and then decide to be stay at home moms. That’s a degree wasted. Then the guy that wasn’t admitted to college has a lower paying job or no job at all.

        4. Great point. AA was created for blacks, but every other immigrant group has been exploiting it for decades. Why is Jesse silent on this matter?

        5. Before 1910 and the Flexner report which then resulted in shutting down countless medical schools there was quite a bit of opportunity for women in medical school. After the schools were shut down they often didn’t admit women because it took a spot away from a man who needed to earn for a family. The end of the free market resulted in limited spots people had to compete for. Which extends throughout the college system today.
          Another factor to keep in mind is that elementary and high schools are designed around the behaviors of girls. So in the competition girls have the leg up. And despite feminist complaints it has been this way since the modern public schools started to ever increasing degree.

        6. Jesse is in the grievance (and shakedown) industry. If the grievances ended so would his income. AA has to fail to preserve his income.
          BTW, There’s a reason while Malcolm X and Martin Luther King got killed and Jesse lives on. It’s because Jesse preserves the status quo and advances the interests that control it.

        7. This is true especially in programs that are extremely competitive like medical schools. It’s a complete waste of money to have a woman pursuing a medical degree if she isn’t going to practice medicine.

    2. It’s not just women, although that is a big part of it. It is also the foreign cheap labor on H1B visas. I am an IT Consultant and I have worked with the Wall St. firms for almost 30 years. When I first started back in the 80s, I would say 90% of the workforce was White. Now, the IT depts are at least 75 – 80% Indians on H1B visas. We are allowing this to happen to ourselves and it has to stop. Hopefully Trump gets elected and does something about this horrendous situation.

      1. I watched ‘Auslandsjournal’ last sunday on the first german TV channel and they showed how many IT workers are coming to germany (and Canada, UK, USA) from India atm. The elites are rubbing their hands.

        1. I would look at skilled labor coming in as potentially good for innovation and the like but then again everything that comes with that is another thing.

      2. You are right, but the massive entrance of women in the marketplace had almost the same effect as the massive introduction of 50% more workers in the labor market. Hence stagnant wages. Immigration is the coup de grace, but wages, in real terms have been stagnant and not just in the U.S. The difference is that immigrants are more “noticeable” than women…

        1. Its no coincidence woman were ushered into the workforce in the late 60s/early 70s as dividend payouts peaked in the year 1970. All about keeping wages from getting out of control

        2. Engineering hasn’t had many women volunteer to do it and even fewer stay in it so they needed the foreigners. Women added less than 10% to the engineering workforce. A value easily absorbed in economic growth.

        3. I was talking in general, not only in engineering. Moreover in engineering thanks to AA women’ s presence blocks the entrance of capable candidates due to the misassignment of available slots.

        4. Yes, but I am not talking about H1B. Read my post. In a nutshell: In technical areas men predominate but in the rest of the labor market women entrance in masse helped to keep those incomes stagnant in real terms, not just in the U.S. but in the rest of the world. Maybe I notice it a bit more since in Europe non-european immigration was not such an issue when it comes to the salaries of the middle and high end labor markets.

        5. In some ways globalist policies are not so bad from a genetic perspective (assuming they don’t just want us all dead and gone here) and yet like mentioned earlier too many women operating in the economy gives them the freedom to effectively destroy themselves in terms of family starting potential for sure.
          That’s not to say that they are not useful in some areas but I am just old fashioned in thinking I guess.
          Humans are famous for doing shit without understanding the consequences though so I guess it all makes sense from that perspective.

      3. The H1B visa program exists to keep engineering and other tech salaries from keeping up with productivity. The corporate-state partnership just does it and those of us that complain are simply maligned as racists and such. I have no idea how to stop it when most of the population thinks we should be grateful for our salaries being what they are.

        1. Yup.
          And most of the population has no idea about the long days and weekends we put in. And that on top of the horrendous commuting time, at least here in the NYC metro area. They just see the average salaries and gasp.

        2. They have no clue what it takes to get them. The only thing comparable to the revenue a good engineer brings in is a professional athlete. Maybe not the super stars but certainly the supporting cast. The salaries certainly aren’t appropriate to the value extracted in most cases for the most creative etc.

        1. Yes, completely legit.
          US Companies are allowed by the GOVT to do this. It is disgusting. Hopefully Trump will get elected and put a stop to it.

        2. I was trying to make a joke. I once had this Indian guy call me with very broken English, trying to convince me that their jewelry was real. He said: ‘What you mean? Is legit???’

    3. What a woman does for a living does matter as a signal if she is looking to exploit a man economically or when the economics of the area require two strong incomes. There are too many areas now where a single $100,000/yr job just doesn’t cut it. Especially when property taxes alone can be in the low five figures. Marriage today has become a financial contract and as such these things need consideration. Outside of marriage it doesn’t much matter.

        1. My point was that carrier women are even less useful as wives and mothers than stay at home mothers who might have parasitic tendencies. But I guess the legal climate makes or breaks your day and in this case it really breaks your marriage prospects.

      1. This is where the white man can step in and start up space mining ventures that can have a simple tax which can be used to kick women mostly out of sensitive or strategic (to humanity and society in general that benefit the greater good and should never be compromised with any sort of “ism”) jobs.
        We have an obligation to take care of our own so we give them a basic universal living wage and restrict their travels with AI piloted cars (to curb hypergamy and road congestion). Of course they could only ride with male family or females until they have successfully made a family or earned the right to do otherwise.
        Shopping is done with drone networks that also function to support society if a mass viral outbreak were to occur.
        Then we move on from there to bigger and better things like cleaning up this ball of dirt and trash we call a planet and what was that the Georgia guidestones mentioned?
        Something about guiding reproduction wisely? That sure is shit is not whats going on right now and its really closer to chaos than anything.

    4. I am not sure that makes any sense. If only half the people work, they may get paid twice as much in theory (being optimistic, considering the workforce being nearly halved), but end up splitting it in two in practice, for the other 50%.

    5. There is a possible way around this: Women tend to not do jobs with the 3 D’s: Dirty, Dangerous, and Discomforting. Also more high tech jobs tend to be mostly male. If we encouraged guys to go into those types of jobs maybe more would be able to be successful.

    6. Feminist career women are scabs, just like illegals and refugees from third world shit holes who are thrilled to work for slave wages because it takes less balls than taking part in a revolution to make where they were born better than a place where they squat in a aluminum siding shack starving to death.

  5. Families way back in the day were much more self-sufficient and tight-knit in general. Men were forced to take on huge responsibility early on from a young age and learn the ways of the real world. The men who didn’t were undesired and mocked by society.
    Religion also played an important role in shaping a young man’s morality and communal life in general.
    Now, thanks to 12+ years of forced brainwashing via public schools (and then higher brainwashing via university “education” via mostly useless degrees) that practice and preach the religion of Marxism, we have institutionalized faggotry and the end result of that is chai sipping faggots in pj’s who at the age of 30 couldn’t even run a lemonade stand.
    Nevertheless, the good news is that more people are starting to wake up to the Truth and leave the university education system altogether and more parents are adopting homeschooling for their children.

    1. We’ve had no real struggle that’s the thing… Many of us grew up in the prosperous 90s and nobody had to go to Iraq unless they were (yes I’m gonna say it) dumb enough to sign up to fight and get maimed for a few politicians.
      Throw in Social Justice crybabies full of homosexual “love”, “equality”, “fairness”, etc. and these people are like sitting ducks to adversity

    2. Shit, man. Whenever my family had a yard sale us kids always sold lemonade (late 90s early 2000s).
      But when working on a group project in college no one could understand my writing. I admit I was reading one of my antiques at the time, and the style kinda leaked in. I just recently got an antique self-improvement book (about making speeches: posture, etc) and the writing is fantastic. This leads me to a theory about education in the form of a metaphor.
      There is only so butter you can spread on toast.

      1. Haven’t gone to a barber in over a year: I cut my own hair.
        When I was in college I was close enough to my local barber (he gave me my first haircut when I was a babby), but now I live too far away. Plus franchise barbers tend to use moose/hairspray to manipulate the hair before cutting.

    1. Hopefully your parents didn’t dress you as a child like Jayden Smith dresses himself today…poor FDR was dolled up like a girl in his childhood and the painful pictures of it are public today.
      That might shed some light on why he tied the knot with Eleanor. What kind of right-thinking man marries a fugly lesbian…oh wait, I think I just answered my own question.

      1. My parents were pretty much resigned to boys by the time I rolled around: I’m the youngest of three brothers.
        I did old-fashioned things as a child: target shooting, running around in the woods, limited computer time, etc.

      2. In the 1800s young children would wear dresses (regardless of sex) until boys were old enough to work buttons/buckes on pants (aka potty trained). The trend on differentiating sex was by the boys wearing darker colors and having cut bangs, while girls had long hair and wore lighter colors. Called “Breeching”, as there would usually be a celebration -of the young boy being capable of wearing breeches was a symbol of maturity- similar to a young ladys debut into society. While FDR’s parents were old fashioned, they didn’t dress him in proper colors.
        Since I am the youngest of three brothers my parents were resigned to having all boys.

  6. “While some cultures (notably, Italy) encourage children to live with
    their families until the point of marriage, and this is almost certainly
    the best policy for single women…”
    Korea goes that one better. Not only do the kids stay at home prior to marriage, the first born son is expected to live with his parents even AFTER marriage, with his wife expected to honor her in-laws as she would her own parents.
    I got out at 24. 7 years too late if you ask me. My best choice would have been to join the military at 17, right after HS graduation, and never look back. But I had no mind of my own. My folks drilled it into me that college was the only choice and I robotically listened to them, stayed home and went to a commuter school for my degree. Getting away from my parents as early as possible might have helped me to become someone worthwhile, instead of the nobody that I am. I do OK financially (IT Consultant), but being a high paid tech peon / code
    monkey is not a very dignified position in life. Especially still doing it at my age.
    If you have sons, encourage them to leave home and make their way in the world as early as possible. Give them the training and knowledge to take life by the b*lls and never look back. It is the greatest gift a father can give to his sons. My father was like that but he never trained me to do the same. He simply did not give a damn. Don’t make that same mistake with your sons.

    1. I do OK financially (IT Consultant), but being a high paid tech peon / code monkey is not a very dignified position in life. Especially still doing it at my age.

      Why do you say this? If your job enables you to have a lifestyle that allows you to buy happiness or otherwise enjoy your life outside of work then why does what you do matter?

        1. Is that a guy trying to rationalize a fighter taking a dive? If so, that’s not exactly an objective argument for dismissing pride.
          Pride has its place, without it (or “grinning and bearing” it) one becomes the beta.
          …is this Tarantino’s rebuttal to On the Waterfront?

        2. Pulp Fiction and taking a dive in a sports fight and spending the rest of your life never having to work is an easy call

      1. I suppose it matters to me due to the many other circumstances in my life.
        I would guess that a well adjusted man with a long line of girlfriends who have adored him, or a family man with a loving wife and good kids would do fine in a job like this and not let the unprofessional atomoshpere get to him..
        But me? I am basically the same omega/outcast/reject/defect that I was when first started grade school. Yes, the money is good. And I am sure the high end escorts I bang appreciate it very much.
        But having a job where I am treated the same as an off the boat Indian who is expected to work all kinds of crazy hours to “get the code checked in” is not dignified at all. Compare that to a doctor,lawyer, or even a therapist, who charges $250/hr and religiously kicks you out after 45 minutes. THAT is a “professional” job where you call your own shots.

        1. And I am sure the high end escorts I bang appreciate it very much.
          And stop doing this. Save that money for plane tickets, instead.

        2. The companies in the financial sector (my realm for almost 30 years) are now almost all like this.
          I am a consultant/contractor, and I try to take the best contract available. But at my age, my choices are limited. Google and netflix aren’t looking for old timers like me. Maybe if I had gone into management things would be different.
          Or started my own consulting agency. Thing is, I was never groomed/mentored for that. My father was the owner of a mid sized business, as well as a landlord, but never taught me one thing about running an organization. I worked for him when I was in school, but I was out in the yard driving a forklift for minimum wage ($3.75/hour at the time). He was happy that (a) he didn’t have to spend time showing me anything, and (b) he got a $3.75/hr lackie doing the work instead of having to pay another teamster @ $14/hr.

        3. You have to stop blaming your father. That was the past. Stop playing victim.
          Research what you need to do to get out of the situation you’re in. Make a plan and work at it. Stop dwelling about the past. Nothing you can do to change it.

        4. “When we are hindered, or disturbed, or grieved, let us never attribute it to others, but to ourselves; that is, to our own principles. An uninstructed person will lay the fault of his own bad condition upon others. Someone just starting instruction will lay the fault on himself. Some who is perfectly instructed will place blame neither on others nor on himself.”
          – from Epictetus, Enchiridion, paragraph 5

        5. Oh, believe me, I blame myself plenty!
          Like I said in my above comment, I should have gotten out at 17 right after HS graduation,but I had no mind of my own and just did what I was told. Plenty of other things too.
          I know what I am.

        6. “Oft wirken auch unsere Eltern als Gegenkraft, wenn sie uns auf einen einträglichen, bequemen Lebensweg weisen wollen.”
          Greene, Robert – Perfekt, page 30 (german version of Mastery)
          “Often our parents are working as a counterforce, when they want to guide us to a profitable and comfortable lifestyle.”
          Like you can see from my other comment on this article I have a similiar story. But looking back doesn’t bring any benefit.
          Or like the croatian guy who sells french fries at our local swimming pool says: “If you only look into the driving mirror, you’ll soon be dead.”

        7. The doctors are being squeezed by the insurance companies and government. They are starting to reap what they sowed starting with the AMA roughly a century ago.

        8. OT, The loathsome Teamsters’ Union allowed a non-union employee to do their work?
          I once worked in a company that had been completely dominated by the Teamsters Union, to the point that all new employees had to join the Union after they had worked there for X days.

        9. My father’s shop steward was in his late 60s at the time. He was actually very grateful for the help I was providing. He would sit in the nice air conditioned office drinking his Schmidts while I was loading/unloading the trucks. He was a decent guy. He taught me what he knew and even made it fun, giving me beer and all. When he retired, my father didn’t even show up. He left him an envelope with a card & a check for $1500, but he wasn’t there. And this was a guy who worked for him for over 30 years.

        10. Or just take your money back after fucking them, then throw them out in the cold before they have a chance to put their clothes back on

        11. He already did. 11 years ago.
          My father was pretty much useless to me.
          But my mother was extremely and deliberately detrimental. Picture Raymond’s mother from Everybody Loves Raymond combined with Tony Soprano’s mother. But even more controlling, egotistical and narcissistic. She’s still around, almost 86, and will probably outlive me just for spite. I am pretty much resigned to inheriting nothing.
          But thanks for the thought. I do appreciate it. Take care.

    2. The firstborn son is expected to take care of his elderly parents, no matter where he is. I know a Korean man who quit his job in the U.S. to move back to Seoul to care for his dying parents. Then returned to the U.S. and got a different job after they’d passed on.

      1. Well, my parents (german) are like this, too.
        They take care of my grandparents for 14 years now. And those selfish motherfuckers just dont want to pass away or go to the retirement home. And when my mother doesn’t cook for them and gives them frozen foods instead they cry about it. Meanwhile this generation tells me that they got nothing but potatoes to eat when they were children.
        Fucking spoiled liars.

  7. The more I read articles like this the more I dont want to get a Master degree.
    I will be finished with my Bachelor of Science in an engineering field (I am either going the way of air pollution measurement/reduction or noise measurement/reduction) in early 2017, and I am glad I can leave the Campus by then.
    My god, while it’s great that there are no tuition fees in germany, the Campuses are so utterly marxist it’s disgraceful and disgusting and the last three years were the worst time of my life due to my fellow students who were all fucked up SJWs to the bone (they are feminists who wear Che Guevara shirts and think germany should transform into the next bolivia). The fact that I was forced to do ‘groupwork’ with these useless pot heads didn’t make it any better – of course I ended up doing all the work and while I issued complains to my professors these bastards gave them the same marks I got.
    I really want to start working next year and I want to be finally independent but my whole family tells me I should go for the Master degree because Bachelors are a failure (while there is not a single person in my family with a university degree; I’m coming from an underclass background).
    When I imagine that I am two more years on a campus – seeing all these Refugees Welcome shirts – I get nightmares while being awake.
    What would you guys do?

    1. I am sorry to hear that. Your country is being flushed down the toilet. Make sure you gain financial independence and be politically active to eventually smash (once more) marxism. Viel Glück mein Freund!

      1. Before I get financially independent I try to be location independent.
        I sold many shit I don’t need. I wrote summaries/quote selections from of all my great books and store them as pdf and txt on my cloud and harddrive and I got an eReader where I got an epub copy of nearly all my books now. I also made images of my paintings and uploaded them to my wordpress blog. I want to be able to live at any place as long as I just got a laptop.

    2. There’s not that much value in a Master’s degree, especially in Engineering. I got out with my BS about a year-and-a-half ago, and I’ve already got a job I love with pay I really like (well above median household income in the US).
      I’ll go back when I’m old and interested in teaching (assuming we haven’t fixed the standards by then), but otherwise I have no desire to expose myself to that garbage again.

      1. Interesting. So you got a Bachelor of Science in engineering, yourself.
        Well, the funny part is some newspapers (we have to believe them! they are always honest!) say that a B.Sc. earns 20% less than a M.Sc. while some of my professors say that they didn’t learn shit while studying and that they don’t see any reason for doing the Master. On the other hand some professors say that a person who is intelligent enough should at least get a Master degree (I was always the valedictorian at school and at university).
        But then I question their advices.
        Why should all these liberal cucks (every single one of them thinks that Brexit is horrible and that the EU is a blessing – I spoke to all of them regarding that topic) be able to decide what is the best decision? They were not even able to swallow the redpill even though they are at least thirty years older than me.

        1. don’t waste your time speaking with them you should focus on yourself and your path these fools are doomed anyway.

        2. An MS engineering grad student makes just enough to live on and maybe not even that these days. His starting position will be higher than the guy with the BS but over the years they catch up.
          The MS will ultimately give a person more options forever though.
          I would say its worth doing especially just going straight into it from a BS and doing it as a TA/RA. Doing it later and paying for it? No. Go do something companies like more in that case, like an MBA, if you want to torture yourself with more school while working.

        3. Those numbers may be globally true – it makes sense that a BS Biologist would make less than an MS, because MS can do research.
          It’s different in engineering, where we’re expected to learn new things every week and solve new problems every day. I did take a year of Masters’ work (through advanced learning programs), so I speak with authority when I say the standard coursework isn’t worth your time or resources. For a graduate database class, I taught myself SQL in the two hours leading up to the final. For a graduate architecture class, I wrote two scripts that did my whole project for me. For a graduate data structures class, I just napped because we were using the same textbook as my undergrad.
          It’s a joke, and if the scholarship money hadn’t run out I’d probably have finished out my last year. It was great having the kind of free time required to watch 15 hours of movies every week, play online games all day, and party all night.
          But, in all honesty, it’s better living in my own place, resurrecting a dead motorcycle on my own dime, and generally living happily on my income stream.

      2. Spot on. Masters tend to be useless in engineering. Experience is where you actually learn something about something.

    3. When asking what to do it is simple man. Do the math. On one side you have the time, money, aggravation and all other extraneous costs of finishing a Masters. On the other hand is the benefit that the masters will bestow on you (financially, socially, in terms of opportunities and general level of contentment). Once you have it all figured out it should be a simple CBA. Is the total cost of the Masters outweighed by the benefits it bestows on you. If yes, then stop spend your extra 2 years and be a 25 year old master. If no, then do not let anyone make you think twice about your decision to not do it.

    4. Why is a Doctorate not on the table?
      If you’re doing research, it will be mostly solitary work. You can even work at night when everyone else is out of the lab. That way you don’t have to deal with retards.
      We are living in a socialist economy where regardless of occupation, you will make about the same amount of money (barring the .1% who are athletes, crooked politicians, or creators of startups). The migrant – when you tally his free shelter, free medial, free education, free food, and spending money probably makes what a mid 20 / mid 30s university educated middle class German man makes. Whether you are a salaried financial analyst expected to put in lots of overtime or a shelf stocker working 2 jobs, your pay will be about the same.
      I would stay in university: pursue a doctorate in some engineering / tech field that has potential for startups / commercialization.

    5. Ask your “family” what they think someone with no university degree is if someone with a Bachelor’s is a failure. When they start stuttering call them hypocrites and tell them to stfu, bitch slap optional

  8. Fantastic Article. Its interesting the only thing Feminism does is either cause males to be beta (lazy, worship) or enriches Alphas.

  9. At some point, it is the families which must be blamed for enabling this malaise.
    Young adults would be far more concerned about the economy, jobs and other issues if mommy and daddy had prepared them throughout childhood for the inevitable time at which they would be expected to live on their own.

    1. Instead the self-obsessed babyboomer parents see their children as an extension of themselves and therefore they want to keep them independent so that they keep the control over their choices.

  10. A good start would be getting rid of mandatory high school and doing away with many child labor laws. Once a boy turns 13 he can and should be able to do just about anything.
    Many guys feel worthless because they are. Self esteem is earned through work.

    1. My father started working with 14 as a drafter, now he retired with 65 as an engineer.
      I am 23 and never worked.
      He told me that I need a Master at least.
      So I will be at least 25 when I start working.
      Isn’t it lovely that our parents encourage us to do things they didn’t do?
      Because they honor everything they get told to honor by the MSM.
      Just like the housewives who tell their daughters to enjoy the cock carousel, work as an IT expert and encourage them to not have kids.
      How detached from themselves are these people?

      1. Depends on what you want to do and which discipline you are in. Americans seldom need masters to work in industry because they will get weeded out very quickly in the working world.

      2. Or they encourage their kids to do things that weren’t completely fucking useless when thye did them because they are so self obsessed they think things are exactly the same as they were when they were young

  11. Fascinating how the differently genders are judged and how much privilege females have with regard to how they have virtually no social penalty for a lack of a successful career, lack of owning a home at a certain age, very little judgment for living with their parents, etc vs. the deadbeat, lazy, freeloader, Peter Pan manchild who refuses to grow up male counterpart.

    1. What’s as interesting, is that the point you make about differing expectations, will find absolutely zero acknowledgement in public / political discourse. The system works by pretending there are no differences between men and women. Any acknowledgement of different expectations, needs, goals, incentive-systems (i.e. of actual heterosexuality) would be shouted down as sexism

  12. I just turned 23 the other day, finally in my last semester of uni (law degree). Haven’t moved out yet but been saving up like mad the last few years and now have 30k in the bank (half of that in shares, already bringing in about $1,000 a year in dividends – quite nice).
    I’m booked in for a five week CELTA course in November, then I’m off to Asia to teach English and bang bitches.
    Laters everyone. If I don’t come back for a couple of years, don’t bother looking for me.

    1. lol, we have very similar situations.
      I am also 23, also in my last semester (engineering degree), also saved money (some of it will be spend for my Lasik repair surgery unfortunately – shit happens) and I am going to bang bitches in Bangkok in midyear of 2017.

      1. Haha – got laser eye surgery at 21, wore glass since I was about 10.
        It cost $6,000, but oddly enough, that’s about how much I’d gotten in student allowance by that point.
        I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow taxpayers for my 20/20 vision.

        1. I got pretty much the same amount of student allowance (well actually its ‘Bafög’ – I got around 11,000€ but I need to pay half of that back.)
          Yeah, I wore glasses since I was about 10, too.
          Damn, we are quite similar.
          Unfortunately my pupil size in dim light is 8mm and is therefore bigger than the treatment zone (max. 6.5mm) which means that when the sun is going down my vision is fucked. But since four years there is a new version of LASIK called ‘topographical guided LASIK’ – to sum it up this version can have a treatment zone with a size of up to 8mm.
          I just hope that I got enough cornea left for the second treatment.
          I payed 2,000€ for the normal Lasik in Frankfurt and I will pay (if it happens) 3,700€ for the best version of Lasik in Munich so at the end it will cost me 5,700€.
          This picture pretty much describes my situation, red zone is untreated zone that produces glare, halo, starbusts and so on:

        2. I wouldn’t do it again. Like you can see from the comment above I got problems because I wasn’t a good candidate (of course the surgeon didn’t tell me because he wanted my shekels) and my contact lenses were cheap and perfectly comfortable (could wear them day n night – felt like they weren’t even there). I really dont know why I did this 😀
          But I am glad it worked for you guys.

  13. Just found this on the german Burger King facebook page. Posted today.
    It says: “When you are changing your relationship status to ‘Its complicated’ – its Oktoberfest, baby!”
    I loved BK until now. Today starts my lifetime boycott of BK.
    I won’t support a franchise that encourages degenerate cheating behaviour.

  14. There is a book called “Teens 2.0” where the author argues that young people (early teens) can take on much more responsibility than society nutures them with. They should be allowed to take the responsibilities they desire based on merit. If they can and want to have a job, get married, drive, etc. they can take a competency test. My father worked when he was young, has good social skills, and was more mature as a boy than most Americans are today. Adolesence is just a mass brainwashing concept.

    1. Adolescence is a very recent concept. My mother joined the labor force at the age of 14. My father the same thing.

      1. Yeah, like I mentioned in another comment my father started working with 14, too.
        My grandmother actually started working with 11 (that was in the middle of second world war) when she were picking grapes, potatoes, plums and other fruits and vegetables.

      2. Starting work or a business at 12-14 years old can allow a person to escape economically. Child labor isn’t illegal because of abuses of children*. It’s illegal to keep children from escaping a life-long trap.
        *The abuses of working children go away as a society becomes more productive without any law forbidding children from working.

        1. What are all the jobs they can do that don’t require their parents owning the business to build the capital to self employ? Paper route? Adults took over most of that. Even mowing lawns requires a lawn mower and ideally a blower and a trimmer.
          Even if they can work on another family’s farm what good does that do for kids who live in the urban and suburban landscape?

        2. “What are all the jobs they can do that don’t require their parents owning the business to build the capital to self employ?” You’ve always needed capital. What magical job doesn’t need capital?
          “Even if they can work on another family’s farm what good does that do for kids who live in the urban and suburban landscape?” Well you can grow food and flowers in your garden/on your rooftop. You can make stuff out of wood like furniture if you have the tools, etc.

    2. I worked at 14 after school and during holidays. I agree with your ideas about merit based responsibilities. The same should be true with education. Playing out the string in my last two years of HS (I had already taken 5 AP courses by then) was very detrimental to my professional development as boredom set in.

    3. Good point, but “competency test” is crying for trouble if this is somehow standardized, like a “social skills degree” or whatever. I mean: Tell a person to demonstrate a skill to you and if you like what you see, hire them. End of story.

      1. I agree. Not sure how this would apply to marriage though- should a couple of 12 year olds be allowed to make their own decisions in that case? If there are 12 year olds marrying, it is highly likely they are from traditional families, in which case both sides of the families parents would be a big influence and help in making a decision. I also think that the natural “love” that people experience is a factor in helping maintain longterm relationships. If one gets out with many people, new partners becomes normalized and the ability to bond weakens. I realize many people here would be opposed to the idea that men should also refrain from multiple partners before marriage, but all the holy religions stress restraint on both sides, male and female. I personally think men also become normalized to too many partners.
        I also think people should get married young, as so to help avoid the damaging ways of society. Letting them have an outlet in a productive, ie relationship building, way while they are young results in a decade long marriage while they are in their early 20s. There are a lot of benefits, assuming one finds a suitable spouse.

        1. Phew, I really have no answer to what ‘should be allowed’. You may have some good points. I don’t know. Personally, I think people should be free to choose in every aspect of their lives. I also think that most people just ‘act out’ with many partners because they have feelings of shame or something else that is making them feel like they need to prove something. Obviously, these kinds of problems go deeper than just legislating ‘correct’ behavior. You can’t really force ‘happiness’ on people. But I may be wrong. Everybody’s different. Maybe for some, a strict system is really the best way to go. Personally, I would not want to live in such a system.

        2. I didn’t mean the system would be strict; it would be a much more open system. I actually derived some the points fron Islamic thought-not the Saudi stuff, but the stuff that actually makes sense and progress. There is a saying that goes something like this: “make marriage so easy that everyone will want to do it. And make zina (fornication/adultry) so difficult that no one will want to do it.” Traditional societies shame sluts and no one wanted to be that kind of girl back then.
          I think your point “feel they need to do something”in regards to multiple partners ties into this. People,especially young people these days,have become so entitled and egotistical due to media and feminism that marriage is not an option they look forward to. They want to just have novel fun. The ram wants all the ewes,basically. But the problem is that,with so many partners, it is like drinking salt water and it never sates, only increases thirst. The idea of multiple partners has become the norm. Respect to Roosh for fighting the good fight, but the fundemental problems in thinking that a guy can get a lot of girls and girls cant is doomed to fail,which is why current redpill thought is not red pill enough. I can totally see a girl rebelling in such a family because the brother is out there gaming and having fun while the girl is shut in. It isnt unusual to see in some Muslim families and it doenst work.
          I think the basic idea should be, get rid of wasteful institutions and have hard work at a young age become the norm, not this education system. Let preteens get married and have the parents take care of them as before. Have birth control easily available for them and have parents support and help them. Ban loans for everything except entry level cars and homes,etc. No higher end stuff. This will crash the market to close to the actual value (loans cause massive overvaluation and makes it difficult to buy for people that live within their means. No loans =low and affordable prices). This will allow the young couple to become more financially independant. Institute corporal punishments as so to reduce taxpayer waste and get the criminals back in the labor force faster. I wrote a paper on such a hypothetical socioeconomic paper a while back, need to update it though.

        3. Meh. Interesting ideas, but as I said, not the world I want to live in.
          Just to give an example here, you say they are ‘selfish and entitled’, and yet they do something that ‘never sates’. Do you see the contradiction? Their behavior isn’t really ‘selfish’, in that it isn’t in the best interest of the self. That’s my point. Let people TRULY be selfish and they will actually do what does make them most happy.
          But then, I find the idea of a lifelong marriage ridiculous. I think that nature has intended it (or resulted in) a system where people are together for a while, but eventually lose interest in each other and can pursue new partners every few years. Of course that may not be true in every single case, but it makes sense to me. And I think it’s also natural to have affairs mixed into the whole thing. Let’s say, my argument is based on what actually fulfills a person’s needs in the best way. But for that to work, the person must be self-loving and confident. Then again, if they’re not, obedience to ‘confident’ rules will only make for a nice surface.

        4. I don’t see the contradiction. As another similitude, it would be like a kid eating a candy. One is good so 10 must be better right? But it does not provide one with what they need, and it is detrimental. The problem with letting people be truly selfish is that they will do that which is harmful to themselves. They don’t know what’s good for them, as attempts to satisfy ego in pursuit of happiness is like trying to fill an endless pit.
          What nature might want is pretty subjective, but the needs of a person are not always what they think. I don’t see how women who’ve been with a bunch of guys wold be nearly as desirable.There’s also that ‘virgin clinginess’ which may be a the bond that grows with longer relationships and dissipates with multiple partners; virgin marriages often result in less cheating and longer marriages. I assume in a traditional based society, the proportion could only increase. This may also be part on nature, as groups look to get the best they can; this would be their way of doing so. I think your system places too much emphasis on the base desire portion of human beings. Which is understandable in this society, but I feel that in a traditional society, that portion would constitute a smaller piece of the pie. External factors continually change the sizes of the slices, thus creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

        5. “They don’t know what’s good for them”
          I don’t believe that. If a kid eats unhealthy out of free choice, I think that this is due to emotional problems that the kid has. A fully self-loving kid, I believe, gets all the information from his body about what is good for them. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

        6. Parents restrict their habits generally, but most kids are impulsive and love sweet things. They don’t usually think long term, don’t like brushing their teeth, taking care of themselves, etc. I think parents are the main reason why kids eat as healthily as they do, and have good habits.

  15. I have friends who have graduated college and moved back home and commuted to work from their parents house. The primary reason behind this was because of student debt. They did the respectable thing and cut out all unnecessary overhead until their debt was paid off. Past that, some realized they didn’t want to rent. They’d rather own and build equity. They lived with their parents for a time to save up for a down payment until they could buy a place of their own. Living at home is not terrible. It may hinder your game but as we all know, there’s more to life than NSA hookups. I’d rather build a life for my future family and live comfortably later in life even if that means doing what is tough and not fun now.

  16. I’m sort of in this bind myself. I spent most of my 20’s working, and I used that money to finance my formal education in my 30’s. Graduated, no debt, and with a STEM degree, but the jobs arent there and I’m living at home and contemplating joiining the military at the age of 35. Employers are not investing in their workers and if they need someone with advance credentials, they rather get somone from overseas than to train someone local. (Hence the military as it’s the last place that invest in it’s people). The result of all this is that there just aren’t any “careers” anymore. There’s jobs, and we’re I’m at I could easily get a job. But as far as a career, something that will pay commensurate with my skills and experience and that has room for professional growth, those don’t exist anymore. There’s only so much you can do to invest in yourself and I’m at a point we’re I have to say “I am what I am, take it or leave it” sort of thing. Beyond that, well there’ is no point in trying and it’s better to go off and do your own thing. The philosophy applies not just to the job market, but to women as well. Quite frankly, where women are concerned, I have no tolerance for nagging and putting up with other people’s problems when I come home. I’m quite content to be alone. So aside from the occasional fuck and chuck, there’s really no role for a woman in my life. If there ever was, it was when I was in my 20’s struggling to save up, working difficult jobs. But women today are not prepared to stand behind a man while he builds his career. They want to be out front. Then after they achieve all that they look back 10 years later, 50 pounds heavier and wonder “where are all the good men?”
    The answer: We’re out banging your younger sisters.

  17. I got a laugh out of the OKCupid chart. Definitely true. Middle Aged and older Men who have never been to Eastern Europe and seen girls 20 and up attracted to you, have not lived.

      1. Looks like they went delusional there for a bit. Although a tight bodied 24 is nothing to kick out of bed. Still 20 is the best.

  18. Young adults SHOULD keep ties with their blood and not expatriate from their blood clan. The problem in cucked households is there’s no venue for POOSEY so young men have to tread outward. Daddy doesn’t arrange marriages anymore and sons mingle with the herds of public educated and indoctrinated scrough that are not virgin. The reamed out, wallered out painted young ladies of the west run wild and play the young males while police sirens scream at every street corner for rapid response goons to depatriarch the households and to fight their war against misogyny. Divorce raped and disposessed as well as silent cuck fathers give little usable advice or leadership in guiding sons into forging forth their future chain link to the blood tribe. A son will get ensnared by some stripper and dad says “mmm she looks like a nice one”. Proper loyal mothers to the patriarch can tell just by looking whether a young woman is nothing but a worthless party slut or if she’s good enough to sew a rip in a kid’s pants. A patriarch dad can tell if another man is good enough to support his daughter or if he’s a broken bum lacking skills and motivation.
    The motivation of youth to break ties with their parents results from the parents being shitlibs, cucked by the system or broken apart and tyrannized by the socialist goons. A good father can’t direct and guide his progeny when he’s shot down, legally segregated from clan or when he’s coughing up blood money to the state extortionists. The first step parents must take is making a pact to go all out, balls against the wall to vigilently fend off and beat back the socialist state goons and their deadly femboob lackey snitches. Dads can war and kick ass whilst good loyal patriarch’s wives can make the snacks and sandwiches and kids can BITE!! Yes kids can war if they have to BUT PLEASE kids don’t EVER bite your parents. Bad things will happen if you bite your parents.

  19. Student, I still live with parents, impossible to go away from home in my country at this stage (read: student has no “real” job and no money for flat). Not bothered by it though, its common thing for all men here my age.

  20. good article. Of course the infantilsation of men is the flip side of promoting state-matriarchy. We live in a society designed to produce men whose highest sexual goal is to masturbate into a cup and hope against hope the contents don’t go to waste.
    Of course the above is also a recipe for disaster and decline, and the engineers responsible for this will need their noses dipped deep into their own mess. As part of their training

    1. Good point.
      And it is interesting that the author chose to include a picture of FDR — the father of state matriarchy.
      IMO, the 3rd worst POTUS in history after (1) the Traitorous LBJ, and (2) the grossly unqualified and hostile to White Americans BHO.

        1. Well….let’s see:
          1) Welfare.
          2) Food Stamps.
          3) Social Security
          4) Medicare
          5) Medicaid
          6) All the new deal programs
          7) All the great society programs
          8) The (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) idea that the fed govt is responsible for lazy parasites.
          9) The violation of NATURAL LAW that I should have less so some vile SLUG can have more!

        2. 1) Unspecific, give actually examples of what is bad about these. In my opinion welfare isn’t bad at all, certain demographics, ill just use the euphemism “urban” (despite that it doesn’t actually have to do with cities) that over uses it.
          2) Same thing with the last one, though frankly, if we turned a lot of wasteful subdivision development back into farmland, food stamps would basically be unnecessary.
          3) SS’s problems really can’t be blamed on him. At the time the life expectancy was around 65, so it was really a program for people living past the expected lifespan, not to mention, the birth rate was much much higher. The idea people would only be having 1 or 2 children like they do now would have seemed absolutely absurd to his generation.
          4/5) 120 million people are on Medicare/Medicaid. That is almost 40% of the population. The National Health Expenditure is 3 trillion dollars. Medicare/Medicaid have collective a budget of 1 trillion. In essence, it’s actually cheaper than private health insurance, despite that they are focused on outlaying populations who actually require more healthcare. I’d say that is a pretty damn efficient program.
          6) “Electricity! We don’t need it! The free market is magic! Now excuse me as I masturbate to it!” – You.
          7) Be specific.
          8) I really don’t give a shit about constitution. It’s an over rated piece of garbage that, again, people like you feel the need to masturbate too.
          9) The fuck are you talking about “natural law”? Natural Law doesn’t exist. There are no magical rules that you get to arbitrarily decide exist so that you can say “that is unnatural!”. Also, if you honestly think poor people are slugs, well fuck (((you))). Greedy jew…

        3. Holy sh*t!!!
          A flaming libtard!
          OK, here goes.
          1) It enables/encourages the unfit to breed.
          2) Same as 1
          3) It CAN be blamed on FDR because HE STARTED IT. People should be responsible for themselves and their families. NO on else should be expected to help. Period!
          4/5) OK. So you admit that 40% of Americans are worthless parasites.
          6) Thomas Edison invented the distribution of electricity! And he expected people to PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES!!! The TVA and ogther “public works” programs were FDR’s way of subverting survival of the fittest. And we have been suffering because of it ever since.
          7) Every Single One!!! But especially “head start”. The program that allows pig, slut females to breed like possums without the worry of providing for their own offspring. Sure, send the little mulatto off to day care and let Mr Single White Man pay 40% taxes so little Deandre can have pancakes for breakfast on the house.
          8) If you feel that way about the constitution you should get the hell out of my country asap!
          9) You are a moron. Natural Law = Common Sense = God’s law. If I work hard, I deserve the results of my labor. If Shaquanda and D’Shawn are crack smoking parasites, let them rot!
          ‘The fuck are you talking about “natural law”? ‘
          You are a nog, aren’t you? If I am right, I never should have wasted a response on a subhuman.

        4. 1) I am gonna give you a very unpopular opinion, but sterilize them.
          3) Did you bother reading what I said? Social Security wasn’t ever supposed to be nearly this big. The demographic shifts that have occurred in the past 50 years would in-fucking-comprehensible to the people of the 1930’s. It’s not his fault that SSI is abused, and going to go to shit, the younger generations (baby boomers, X, and millennial) fault.
          4/5) What makes them worthless though? I mean, honestly, what is the difference between healthcare being public and education? Almost 100 percent of people are “parasites” because they used public education under your logic.
          “Thomas Edison invented the distribution of electricity! And he expected people to PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES!!! ” No shit. People still do have to pay for it themselves. But guess what, your dumb ass wouldn’t even have the opportunity to even purchase electricity without all the public works projects in the New Deal.
          7) Okay I agree with you on this, fuck head start and kindergarten.
          8) You know, I am actually very interested in this, I want to know what Americans like so much about their constitution. Let me lay out some criticisms I have of it.
          1 – The way the House of Representatives is voted makes it so that reps are only loyal to their district, and not their party or country.
          2 – The President is way to powerful, and their is no Prime Minister to counter his power.
          3 – There is no way to change stuff via referendum
          4 – That it is such a pain in the ass to try to fix any flaws or to define things that were undressed (e.g. the Internet).
          5 – There is no way for a state to exit from the United States.
          6 – The use of that bullshit common law instead of civil law.
          7 – The whole bullshit about “diffusion of power”. I have yet to see a single grain of evidence that this diffusion in a presidential system is any better at protecting against corruption than a parliamentary system.
          8 – Not directly due to the constitution, but the way the states work. No US state is small enough to function with “local control” as American conservatives seem to think they do. Either have actually local jurisdictions have control, or have a unified central system.
          9 – My last problem is with the 10th amendment. The original articles were written by Federalists, they wanted a more centralized government. This is why they included a powerful legislature and executive which would be expected in a country with more National Government power. However, when the Anti-Federalists got in power, they didn’t like the idea of a centralized government, so they put the 10th amendment on as a limiter. Really, if the Federal Government is going to function within the limits of the 10th amendment, then they should have a Federal government structure more like that of Switzerland. As a result, we see that the 10th amendment is like zombie, it’s not quite completely ignored, but it doesn’t function well at all. There is a weird system of congealed government power, where it just isn’t well defined what is state and what is federal power.
          Anyways, back on topic:
          9) So our main disagreement seems to be over healthcare which is really the only welfare program I support. Universal Healthcare is actually cheaper than market based healthcare. The UK, Germany, France, Spain, etc. all spend much less on healthcare than the US. Why wouldn’t you want an extra 4 thousand dollars in your pocket? Why do you like to spend more on healthcare rather than less?
          P.S. No, I am not a nog.

        5. Sadly, FDR’s food assistance program would be considered “harsh” and even republican nowadays as he sent his needy actual food products instead of money.
          Even FDR, compete socialist whack-job that he was, had the sense to know that it’d be folly to give money, instead of food, to the hungry.

        6. Funny, that’s the only charity I believe in. Giving people what they actually need, not cash. I took a trip with my church to NYC as a teen, and I still remember this guy, who when approached by a panhandler begging, the guy went inside the Sbarro and bought him a slice of pizza. That made a big impression on me. I won’t give someone cash because they have their hand out. But I will actually help them with a need if I can.

        7. I agree that’s the only charity worth practicing but it, as legendary Davey Crockett (the one 0bama sang about) told the US Congress, is not something that the US government can legally provide out of taxpayer funds.
          It is telling that today’s democrats and republicans have enacted a handout plan that is so radically left that even the greatest American socialist to date thought it was too much.

      1. FDR is definitely worse than 0bama and LBJ.
        The man screwed up our economic system and kept us in a depression for years longer than we should have been, just so he could effect socialist reform and play the “benevolent dictator” that his wife wanted him to be, which gave all subsequent socialist Presidents the platform to enact their “reform”.
        0bamacare is a disaster that pales in comparison to Social Security. Social Security is what changed the mindset of the American people from one of independence to one of “let the government take care of us”; no Social Security, no 0bamacare.
        …that said, without the Wilson/Taft federal income tax, there’d be no social security, 0bamacare or many of the other heinous big government initiatives.

  21. A scene from a movie made 20 years ago, about events of 50 years ago. We couldn’t do what you see here now. We couldn’t even make this movie now – they’d have to shoehorn in a fictional lesbian black Muslim woman character to deliver a lecture about oppression.
    This scene brings tears to my eyes – but not in the way the filmmakers intended. What has happened to my people – we who once achieved such wonders?

    1. The reality is that the military industrial complex no longer benefits from space exploration. They got the data they needed and began bilking the NASA program for all it had. I believe the only reasonable solution to future space exploration is through optional taxation. Private companies simply do not have the eminent domain or “accident forgiveness” required to undertake large scale programs. We can and do have the abilities to do such things, and do them much better than our forefathers as a matter of fact. Lack of a clear goal inhibits NASA currently. With a clear goal then its about money and a couple of really good private sector engineers (like the Apollo missions) with serious balls. The fish always rots from the head.

        1. Optional Taxation like PBS or some charitable write off. Giving NASA a bigger budget means giving Boeing, Lockheed and the gang more money with no real oversight. NASA is a customer at this juncture and not an innovative entity. Its quite monolithic actually. Believe me giving NASA more money would produce nothing. I used to work in this industry as an engineer and saw billions wasted for meaningless pet projects and laboratory fees.

        2. “Giving NASA a bigger budget means giving Boeing, Lockheed and the gang more money with no real oversight. NASA is a customer at this juncture and not an innovative entity.” And NASA wouldn’t have these problems if they made stuff like the RSA does. Cut Boeing and Lockheed right out of the picture.

        3. Wish it was that easy. The RSA is flying SS7 Satan engines from 1960. Reforming NASA or the National Labs at this point is a fools errand. Best to start from scratch and define clear goals

        4. SS7? Russians don’t designate their engines with SS, they most often designate them as RD- and then a number + letter code (such as RD-107A) or S and then a number with 2 decimals (such as S5.92). I must presume that is a NATO code, because I really doubt the Russians would ever name something Satan either. Besides that, those are just really good Engines, the Russians don’t have a reason to get new ones because it’s a perfected art. NASA doesn’t need new Engines either.

    2. Back when “Murica was something to be proud of. Honest question. Name something America has done this century to be proud of.

    3. Brings goosebumps. Unreal that we did this so long ago. Can you imagine what a bullshit clusterfuck this would be today? Got to outsource every part of the design/build to 15 different contractors, making sure that each has a sufficient number of black and Muslim women on staff. Then those companies will send the real work to China, where it will be done by unqualified beta bitch “engineers” who would try to copy a Russian design and jump out of windows because their wives won’t touch their dicks. Then, the pieces start to come together and 1/2 of them will have to be sent back and redone at 3X the cost of just doing it here in the US.
      Finally the rocket comes together and the testing starts. Because any risk is unacceptable now (1/2 of the crew will have to be women, of course) we’ll spend the next 15 years testing the fucking thing. Around year 12, they’ll figure out it’s good to go, but that they’ve worn out half the parts in testing and start a rebuild. The crew will retire and new folks brought in and retrained. Then, at the 15 year mark, when it’s finally ready to go, we’ll have a freeze on spending and no ability the fuel the fucking thing.
      Or. We could hire the best and brightest to design it. We can test it to the point where we are 95% sure it’ll work, and let the crew decide if they are willing to proceed. Because they are the best men for the job, they’ll realize their job is dangerous and a 5% chance of failure are very good odds. And you’ll have the bird flying in a few years (and we know this to be true, because, well history. That’s what actually fucking happened).
      We should be able to do this faster and better today, by far, than we did 50 years ago. Computers, better materials, better modeling, better understanding of the physics. And yet, I question if we could even do it at today, let alone better.

  22. This backlash the writer put in…there was a flicker of it in late 2001 and 2002, but it had gotten eaten fast with a bullshit war, proud to be fat women, Murricuh tough guy adolescence, candy ass megachurches, and insane credit to buy a big unaffordable pickup to haul one’s laptop to and from work…coming out ten times worse than the happy-to-be-offended 1990s

    1. Haha. Wow. 15 years later a post-wall chick is being chased by multiple attractive successful men, and decides to have a baby at middle age. The original film was 15 year ago, and she was no stunner then. What utter propaganda. If you grow up watching this, you will think we live in a matriarchy and this is the way things are. Watch for guys to mimic this en masse over the next decade.

  23. Most men just cannot see the big picture and comprehend that we are literally living in an artificial society. For example, if I were a j ewish banking elite that was a major shareholder of the central banking system, I could easily finance a politician to establish laws that declares that all stray dogs are sacred and should get paid just for being dogs. I then could have bank accounts opened up for each stray dog that is found, chipped, and released back onto the streets and divert stimulus money into these bank accounts backed by the tax payer. After time, stray dogs could easily surpass most US citizens in wealth/income. See how that works? Because of usury debt based fiat currency, the j ewish elite can literally create any kind of society they want. They are luciferians. They want a matriarch society where men are weakened and have no power. They have financed special interest groups, laws, and government programs to ensure that women receive high paying corporate jobs. IF they are too stupid to fill a “do-nothing” $100K+ management job, they can receive a welfare check from the state to raise bastards.
    The fact of the matter is, the current society we have today that is artificial and could not exist under natural law, would not be sustainable if the current monetary system we have today were to dissolve. IF money could not be printed or created out of thin air, and if taxes were done away with, then special interest groups and communist laws benefiting women over men simply could not be financed. That is precisely why before 1913 (Federal J ewish Reserve Act) you never saw the crap we have today going on. Once that bank was established, the j ews had unlimited financing to begin their assault on white male Christian America via cultural marxism and endless pointless wars.
    The monetary system MUST go away for our status as men to be restored. Trump is NOT going to change much of anything for us. Sure he can improve the economy and foreign relations, but feminist laws and feminist benefits will still exist. Salvation will come from RUSSIA. Russia is the up and coming Christian nation with a BRICS non-jewish banking system that is just getting started. This is why the elites are hell bent on destroying Russia. Men, eventually one day we will see all the BS today come to an end…..and Russia holds the key. The end is getting closer day by day. And once we reach the end of the tunnel and all corporations that grew up around wall street and the fiat central banking system crumble, you can stop by the HR cunt’s office on your way out of work and spit in her face and tell her to go make you a sandwich because her time is over for good. At this time, behold, you will hear the knashing of teeth and screaming coming from the orange and purple haired feminist that will end up on the streets homeless. They won’t have high paid corporate job any longer.

  24. I think there is great power and wisdom having three generations of a family under the same roof. Or maybe in a close compound setup.

  25. I do not mind women working. But I do mind the rape culture kangaroo courts and the SJW’s saying we must all earn the same. Even if women have the choice to work or not work.
    The family works best when financially, socially, the wife is the economic pinch-hitter. I always liked it best when she was bringing in at least some money in case I lost my job, I had some breathing room.
    Fortunately, that never happened.
    But I reallly think the 80’s was a good time. No, the women were not as good as my grandmother’s day. But the culture was such that it was easier to negotiate solutions based on common sense.
    Women seemed to think it was natural for them to work, but it was still possible to solve problems based on common sense rather than gender studies ideology.

  26. FDR grew up to be a man who married a fugly lesbian who openly cucked him with her lady lovers. She was also the “Sharon Osbourne” of her day, the Lady Macbeth figure who drove FDR into being the supreme socialist that he was, going so far as to refer to him as our “benevolent dictator”.
    Maybe this had something to do with the fact that he wore girls’ clothing as a child? Sure, that was “normal” in that day and age but we aren’t doing it now… 😉
    Actual picture of FDR:

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  28. Never give up the ghost. If you’re the last left, you dig in and fight them to your last breath. You shoot all of your cartridges, you club them with your spent rifle, you slash at them with your knife, you pummel them until your fists are a bloody pulp, and then you spit at them as they kill. you. Never surrender. To hell with defeatism.

  29. Men used to fear shutting out the harpies because they thought they would be the only access to poon. But now that the veil has been lifted and said comfort would be like lying with tigers, this has freed us.
    We no longer need to listen to these mouthpieces for The View, Oprah, Sex and the City etc. Let them mudshark, ride the carousel, tattoo up.
    We have better things to do.

  30. So true. I was so depressed and discouraged before my time abroad. Now that I’ve been abroad in Asia for five years, I actually feel encouraged to work hard so I can be with a thin, pretty, feminine foreign woman. Jobs aren’t hard for me to get since I have a strong educational background and well-off family.
    But for most American men… those poor souls don’t know what they’re missing out on. Going abroad was the best decision I’ve ever made for my well-being and happiness. If American men traveled abroad in droves, American women would be totally screwed over. No one would want them anymore. But there’s always demand for American men. We are the alpha nationality. We are the best at providing provision and protection: two things women instinctively seek out in mates. After all, the US is still the world’s superpower and developing countries run on fragile economic growth predicated on Pax Americana, which I foresee shrinking as the US becomes energy independent. Hence, more countries must PAY for their own goddamn protection of their trade routes, which has allowed countless developing countries grow fast these last few decades.

  31. I am from India. I am 29, married and have a kid and I am not with my parents, however I am close with my family. IMO not selecting your life partner early in ones life leaves a man to divert his energy largely into sexual selection. In this age People are motivated to find someone to have sex for almost large part of their adulthood 18-35 which is energy depleting. If they are married their energy could be efficiently put to use, such as building a family or pursing their career/business or even building a community/nation.
    It is wise to handle the sexuality with a long sight. IMO a married man has less urge to drool at every other women and chasing her. It makes you focus on manly stuff such as building a home and raising children in a proper way. This will pay off for a nation in long term. Also, I don’t see any benefit in having multiple dates and relationships as they tend to deplete you. When someone gets married at 35 or 40, they have less energy to raise children and less intimacy with the partner due to comparison of past relationships, it might leave you unhappy.
    Th ideal way IMO is to select your woman at mid 20s and stick with her for the rest of your lif as much as possible. This will give you a stable base to pursue other things you love in your life.
    Playing video games in mid 30s and dating can be fun however it will leave one emotionally drained later in life.
    Parents are double edged sword, they can give you great advices, however thy are stuck in the past. Their knowledge is outdated in fast changing world. Example, Indian parents would advice to get a engineering degree or a govt job. But the world has changed a lot in 20 years. There are great new options to earn money such as YouTube.

    1. “IMO a married man has less urge to drool at every other women and chasing her. ”
      Except that most married men very rarely sleep with their wives. So they spend most of their days watching a naked woman they are (or at least were) attracted to walk around the house and not fuck them. Welcome to marriage 2.0. And, the problem, of course, is that the married man in the west typically has even MORE urge to fuck than the unmarried man; just that his wife isn’t satisfying that need.
      Now, the advice given on this site (and others) about gaming your wife is dead on, and it does work. However, most men don’t know this and spend their entire married lives in a state of perpetual sexual frustration.

  32. wow half the guys 18-mid 30s still live at home ?
    well maybe its because they cant be on their own having all the luxeries they have with their parent’s or they have parents giving them everything they wanted since they were very young and had no need to ever work from this ? or just the cost of living on your own , i know someone whos renting a 3bed 1 bath OLD HOUSE made in 1950 for $1000 a month

    1. I rent half of a house in a very nice suburban neighborhood of Denver, that is 5 minutes from work, for $800/month. I’m 36 years old and have never felt the need to buy a house, or a BMW to park in the driveway. There are extensive bike lanes and trails, that take me straight to work.

      1. When you say half of a house, does that mean you have a roommate and the total rent is $1600? I’ve visited a friend in Denver and loved that city. Would definitely love to move there if I found the right opportunity.

        1. Correct, I have 1 roommate. It works because we only share the kitchen and otherwise have separate accommodation.

  33. I hate to break it to you but no one is going to fix this shit. You either buy your way out in some form or fashion or you go down with the ship.
    Most of us are not even on the ship so no need to worry there.

  34. Hi, I’m latina from Bogotá, Colombia and i believe that in Latin America we tend to have strong family values that help us to stay together, of course not all latinos are like this. But i come from a tight-knit family where i learned how to cook delicious food thanks to my grandmother and my aunts. My grandma told me to never let your man go out of the house HORNY or HUNGRY!! So i’m really proud of having traditional family values that i know are the base of a good family, because like my dad says: the family that eats together stays together.

    1. Hola, Bogotáña! Que sorpresa… una dama Colombiana aquí? Bienvenido.
      (What an interesting surprise to see a Colombian woman here. Welcome. )
      Yes, the things that you mentioned are why sometimes men here would prefer Latinas raised overseas. I especially like Colombianas also & have been to your country.
      It is very sad how these values and way of raising girls to be good wives has almost completely disappeared here in the USA. Men don’t have the motivation (or opportunity) to have a family of their own and a woman they can count on and provide for. There is a high level of stress about the risk of divorce and many terrible things.
      We are seeing the consequences more and more every year. Que pena…
      If I’m in a long relationship again soon, I prefer she isn’t raised here. Much better a man finds a woman who’s family raised her as you described.

      1. Thank you so much i really appreciate it, i know that american men can also be gentlemen but for they to be gentlemen they need to have a lady in the first place. And i read that you have been in Colombia, which part of Colombia did you visit??

        1. De nada. Yes, generally American men are good guys, and that is one reason foreign women look to get to know them. However, American women treat American men badly. I know from experience, and other places I’ve been (for both subjects).
          I’ve been to Cartagena and also Bogota (solamente 1 dia). I hope one day also to visit Baranquilla, Medellin, Cali, etc. I have friends here from Bogota and other cities.
          I’ve been to a few other countries (Panama, DR, Peru, more) but Colombia has it’s own style I think, in some ways. Especialamente las mujeres.

        2. Wow! well i hope you had a good time in Latin America, we are very good at three things in Colombia: Food, dancing and sex. And the salsa clubs are the best, i love to dance and you really need to try to dance salsa is a very fun experience!! Have you ever been in México??

        3. Yes, I had a good time and met some interesting people. I had a girlfriend in Panama one time, but that didn’t turn out so well (because of how she was, muchos problemos).
          Yes, dancing is great— Americans don’t do it much at all, and don’t understand the fun of it.
          I have been to Mexico only in Mexico City once. I have many Mexican friends here, and was told of nice places to go one day.

        4. Good to know that you have enjoyed your time in Latin America, one of my favorite places in the world is Cancún, México really beautiful white beaches and green sea. Any day you wanna go you tell me and i can give you a tour. Take care!

  35. We, the Millenials, are on strike. Not because we want to, but because we have to. I will generalize a bit. Almost all of engineering jobs are outsorced from the East (manufacturing even more so). So, in order to get a decent salary, one has to go to college to get qualifications.
    Because politicians look at the world from the thickness of their wallet, they do not see that by making things simple for the young ones, they make it simple for themselves.
    As I mentioned I’m generalizing.

  36. I agree with you in part. I believe one main reason why we where better of in the past (in this respect) has to do with the hardships of life. The need to strigle very hard for survival and the obvious conclusion that marriage was the best way of doing it. Together with a supportive partner.
    We now look for a society that can provide us (or promisses us by creating the expectation of) a good life, sexual satisfaction, good jobs, a garanteed income and healthcare. Because we grew to believe these where good things, and in fact they are IF they are earned, not granted as wrights and an obligation the government has to it’s citizens. On the other hand what better way to get elected than by promissing these handouts??? The hopes are so high the promisses are so seductive that it doesn’t even matter that it never is fulfiled. Meanwhile no matter who is in charge (D or R), the government spending goes always in the same direction of growing military spending and cronny capitalism. The only diference I can spot is that since Obama the government was very sucessful in dividing the people and making them fight each other to the point we now have people calling for the killing of cops, blacks demmanding Jim Crow laws, SJWs fighting family values…. The western civilization is shrinking. People don’t want to have kids anymore. No family. This is scary and might have reached a point of no return.

    1. Yes, hardship creates strong character. Which is why spoiled kids are always terrible adults. In that way, can we thank the feminists? By making it extremely difficult to find happiness and a good wife, and requiring many of us to scour the globe for a decent woman?

      1. Yes and definitely no!
        I see today’s feminists as just another tool sponsored by those that are working hard to demolish our society. Just like BLM. Both must be fought and have their true characters and objectives unveiled.
        But yes the hardship that all this nightmarish reality present us with should/could be interpreted in a “positive” way in the sense that is a calling for all of us to Wake up and shape up. We were all blindsided resting in the sofá and having a beer (sort of speak) to the point we didn’t see it coming. But we are still in time to turn things around. What will emerge (already does) is another man, a better one. That is what all this fight is giving us now. A chance to think it over, shape up and get it on stronger then before.
        Finding a good companion/partner/wife was never easy, we just thought it was. Millions of man/husbands were eluded, deceived, cheated upon, spoofed, mislead to believe they were loved and were doing the right thing while all they were was useful tools for women.
        Now know for a fact that the number of women who really deserves a chance and could really make it work is really small comparatively. But we have the knowledge of this fact and so once aware of this it becomes easier in a way since we have a better idea of what traits and who exactly are we looking for.
        So the lesson is a warrior can never rest. We must be always vigilant.

        1. I agree there is some nostalgia at work here. Women probably had a host of different problems in the past. But my ancestors never had the problem that an entire generation of them was just so unfeminine and brash and unattractive and rude. I honestly cannot imagine marrying an American woman. I feel like I could roll the dice with any random girl in prior generations, and at least get something that worked, even if I wasn’t thrilled about it.
          Perhaps I’m being a bit too optimistic but I do think that nasty feminists have provided the struggle that we need to become stronger men. American culture is depraved and sick. If it wasn’t for our struggles with women, who is to say we wouldn’t be every bit as narcissistic and ignorant and gluttonous as the typical feminist we criticize? If we didn’t have the problems that pushed us to develop game, we’d never be at a site like this, discussing the problems of the world. We would be just as weak and directionless as ever.
          I’m not thankful for feminism–merely noting that if not for feminism, we would have zero struggles in our life and probably be even worse off.

  37. I had a discussion with a female manager at work the other day. Her son, who has 2 kids from his first marriage, is set to marry an Italian girl soon. The manager mention how the first time she met her soon to be daughter-in-law, the girl was in the managers kitchen cooking minestrone for her new family. The manager was shocked when the girl threw her arms around her and hugged her. I chucked a bit and relayed my experiences in Italy a few years back to her. I mentioned that Italian women were much more pleasant and feminine than the American offerings. When I mentioned the fact that Italian women were (often) more feminine the manager’s eyes lit up and heartily agreed. She had seen what her son’s american wife had done to him, basically drained him of all his money and enjoyment of life then proceeded to get drunk while she was suppose to be raising their children. I hold no illusions that the new Italian wife will not have her own issues, but I hope for the best for the guy even if I don’t see it as a good option. But it was never the less interesting to see the lightbulb go off in and american female that femininity is something that american women lack and is still an asset in foreign women.

  38. Now, since you’ve shown Michael Douglas as Bill “D-FENS” Foster, and a shot from the film Falling Down in which he appeared, just stop and reflect a while that that film is twenty-four years old.

  39. It may be kind off-topic, but I’d like to mention what you said about the 13-yeard old boy from Central America. A lot of children here in my country as well – Peru – have to work in order to survive. A lot of them don’t go to school because they have to work, but hopefully that’s been changing for better.
    But the problem is that the feminist narrative has also infected my country. The focus was on sending the KIDS to school and help them to enter school. Now the focus has changed and the government along with foreigner entities, institutions and organizations are working on empowering GIRLS. Yes, you read it right. Now GIRLS are a priority, even though they don’t represent the majority of children who have to work and don’t ever have the chance to assist to school.

  40. Trump is the last hope. If this does not happen you will see the future
    discouragement. Men need a bre-xit win to build some confidence and if Trump does even a fraction of any promises it’s only a plus.

  41. I don’t envy young males. I have read some real derision of the MGTOW set but wow the situation with women in the US these days is pathetic. I see men bragging on Roosh’s forum about how many 20 year olds they are banging and all I can picture is how many unattractive 20-year old women there are now in the US and how idiotic/controlling/entitled the ones are who aren’t homely or ugly.
    I know a woman who, with her husband, adopted a foreign baby. By the time the girl was 7 she was mimicking and mocking local teenage girls. Think about that for a moment. A 7 year old thinks teenagers are morons. I lived around a university and second her opinion.
    Add in the demonizing of men and masculinity and, unless Trump can get elected and help alter this cultural pattern, all I can say to young men is “get out of the western white world while you can.”

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