As Big Brother Closes In, We Can Choose Dangerous Freedom Or Comfortable Slavery

Every day, I open the news headlines hoping for some break in the barrage of bad news befalling our society. And every day, I am disappointed as things get worse, not better. At times it is like waking up in the middle of some awful dream that won’t end. At times I feel despair as the odds are stacked against those who value freedom, masculinity, femininity, and self-determination.

The propaganda ministers are so smooth, duplicitous and efficient they have brainwashed millions. An elite controls all the money and all the weapons. Americans think the Second Amendment will protect them from the specter of abject tyranny, and while it offers some modicum of protection, with the advanced weaponry the government has access any opposition will most likely be very bloody, and ineffective when the clock strikes midnight and a false flag pretext to martial law signals the end of the Old World Order.

Warnings about the world we have awakened to have fallen on deaf ears for half a century. Bellies are full but souls are empty. People are busy licking their chops and loosening their belts to accommodate expanding waistlines as they eat like pigs at the corporate feedbag rather than paying attention to the noose quietly being slipped around their necks. As evidence, total sales of food at restaurants just surpassed sales of food bought at grocery stores for the first time in history. Much of the binging out (eating out) is driven by millennials, who view dining at as a social event, as cooking becomes a lost art since feminists turned the kitchen into the vortex of hell in the female mind.

America in the 21st century has morphed into the Land of Cockaigne, as depicted by Dutch Renaissance artist Breugel the Elder:

In medieval times, Cockaigne was a mythical land of plenty, but Bruegel’s depiction of Cockaigne and its residents is not meant to be a flattering one. He chooses rather a comic illustration of the spiritual emptiness believed to derive from gluttony and sloth, two of the seven deadly sins.

The sheeple are also impulse buying their way into $733 billion of credit card bondage, as eating out and shopping are essentially the only government-approved outlets for their Freudian ids. As further evidence of how enslaved people are by over-consumption:

  • $8.25 trillion is owed on mortgages (mortgage literally means pay until death)
  • $1.06 trillion is owed on car loans
  • $1.23 trillion is owed on student loans

But, it gets worse. As if being debt slaves addicted to the greasy, slow death of fast food, and lifestyles of buying crap we don’t need to impress people we don’t like wasn’t enough, a more insidious type of slavery, electronic slavery, is closing in on us.

Modern day Westerners have become the oafs in Bruegel the Elder's famous painting the Land of Cockaigne

Modern day Westerners have become the oafs portrayed in Bruegel the Elder’s famous painting the Land of Cockaigne

The End of Free Speech and Anonymity

Last week offered quite a number of disturbing stories to anyone paying attention and concerned about the loss of freedom in the world. First, the EU proposed requiring government ID to log on to the internet. This would effectively end freedom of expression and anonymity online. Indeed, governments are good at taking rights away from people then selling them back under the guise of “licensing.” Following the frequently used and abused Hegelian dialectic, which clueless media talking heads in America are now using to tell people to accept getting microchips implanted into their children, because chip implants are just as harmless as bar codes, the Soviet… er… European Union released this statement, selling tyranny under the guise of keeping people safe:

It is recognized that a multitude of username and password combinations is both inconvenient and a security risk. In order to keep identification simple and secure, consumers should be able to choose the credentials by which they want to identify or authenticate themselves. In particular, online platforms should only accept credentials issued or recognized by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards.

Already, EU member Estonia, a former Communist country boasts how wonderful its mandatory electronic ID card has been. The blueprint for centralized control of all human activity is evident in how the card is used:

  • For “legal travel” [there’s such a thing as illegal travel now?]
  • As the national health insurance card [didn’t get your mandated vaccine last year?]
  • As proof of identification when logging into bank accounts from a home computer [no access to cash means corrupt banksters and politicians have total control over lives as money buys freedom]
  • As a public transport ticket [no ticky, no laundry]
  • For digital signatures
  • For i-voting
  • For accessing government databases to check one’s medical records, file taxes, etc.
  • For picking up e-Prescriptions

In other words, the intent of electronic ID is to make it so people cannot go take a shit without government permission, and for them to pay a tax each time they do.

Beyond implementing government control and censorship of the Internet, freedom of movement is threatened by growing electronic tyranny. There is the newly introduced, unbelievable concept of illegal travel as evidenced above. Adding to the mess, a new app is tracking the movements of people around the world using their faces, according to MarketWatch.

A new app called FindFace, recently released in Russia, gives us a glimpse into what this future might look like. FindFace allows anybody to snap a photo of a passerby and discover their real name — already with 70% reliability.

Nearly 250 million video surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the world, and chances are you’ve been seen by several of them today. Soon anybody with a high-resolution camera and the right software will be able to determine your identity. Recognition algorithms have become far more accurate, the devices we carry can process huge amounts of data, and there’s massive databases of faces now available on social media that are tied to our real names.

Here’s an example of how this software could be used: Say you show up on the streets of Kolkota with a legal prostitute in your young and stupid years, and a FindFace image of you gets uploaded into a government database at oh, let’s say the Utah Data Center. The government uses the image, as it already uses red light cameras, to fine you for becoming a signed risk in its socialist healthcare system, even though the CDC’s own statistics tell us even if you had unprotected vaginal sex with someone known to have the HIV virus you only have a 1 in 10,000 chance of contracting the virus. No worries, the doubled premium will be deducted out with your next Shared Responsibility Payment.

By the way, you can’t refuse to pay because all money has been made electronic. Oops…had a Coca-Cola with dinner? No worries, the soda tax was automatically deducted. But wait, you’ve had 7 sodas this month, which puts you at a higher risk for Type II diabetes. The limit is 6 sodas per month. Your Shared Responsibility Payment will have to be increased again. Oh, and it seems you’ve been hanging out a lot outside of town. Sorry, but we are going to have to restrict your area of travel as your carbon emissions are too high. Your car will automatically shut off if you drive outside the restricted area. Your electronic ID will also not allow you to make any purchases in that area code. See how insidious this can get?

These stories came on the heels of another report showing arrests once again have surged in Merry Old England for social media posts that violated Orwellian “online crimes of speech” and a hypocritical crackdown on online “hate speech” by Faceberg and other majors in the social media world. As Paul Joseph Watson reported, Facebook refused to take pages like “I Fucking Want to Kill Donald Trump” down despite numerous reports that it violated their “Community Standards,” while it removed posts remotely critical of one of the protected classes on the modern day Animal Farm. Read: If you are Caucasian, and especially if you are a Caucasian male, you are NOT a protected class.

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." -Voltaire

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” -Voltaire

Moral Relativism And The End Of Freedom

Americans and Europeans thought they won the Cold War only to wake up a generation later and find themselves in the midst of a socialist revolution. The tenets of Marxism are steadily being implemented in the U.S. and Europe. Pat Buchanan sounded the alarm in an interview about Cultural Marxism:

The United States has undergone a cultural, moral and religious revolution. A militant secularism has arisen in this country. It has always had a hold on the intellectual and academic elites, but in the 1960s it captured the young in the universities and the colleges. This is the basis of the great cultural war we’re undergoing… We are two countries now. We are two countries morally, culturally, socially, and theologically. Cultural wars do not lend themselves to peaceful co-existence. One side prevails, or the other prevails. The truth is that while conservatives won the Cold War with political and economic Communism, we’ve lost the cultural war with cultural Marxism, which I think has prevailed pretty much in the United States. It is now the dominant culture. Whereas those of us who are traditionalists, we are, if you will, the counterculture.

The coming end to free speech and anonymity are only the latest chapters in the socialist revolution saga. Laying the groundwork, Marxists have fulfilled many of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto in varying degrees, including centralization of both communication and transportation. Already, 6 corporations own 90% of the media and the EU openly dreams of requiring government issued ID to use the internet. (A similar proposal is in the pipeline in America.) Then we have the ever-expanding and intrusive TSA. By the way, in recent years the TSA has been expanding its grasp onto America’s roads with VIPR checkpoints, which subject people to searches on the highway that are similar to those at airports.

A handful of corporations now control 90% of the purchases we make at the supermarket, fulfilling another tenet of the Communist Manifesto: centralization of the means of production. Free government education for the masses, expatriation fines for people who try to leave the country (currently $2,350 to officially renounce citizenship), centralization of the money supply, a progressive income tax, and government control of private property through property taxes—in which people never really own their property as much as they rent it from the government—are other tenets of the Communist Manifesto that have been implemented. In fact, America has already completed 8 out of 10 of the tenets in the Manifesto to varying degrees!

Marxists are coming out the woodwork with even more evil designs, openly discussing new items on their checklist they want to implement once the masses are under complete, centralized control. Government bureaucrats, including one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel (Rahm’s brother), are openly discussing age 75 as the politically correct time for people to die, suggesting a scheme of government euthanization could ultimately come about as people should not let themselves become “burdens” after they have lived out their usefulness to society. Eugenics, anyone?

Marxists are also pushing the implementation of 1,000 new, micromanaging bureaucracies, carbon “sin” wealth transfers from America and Europe to the rest of the world, and giving rights of legal personality Mother Earth to sue and bankrupt Western nations in a world climate court at annual global warming conferences. (No, they’re not discussing sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows as the media would have you believe.)

Without giving their subjects time to recover from the last shock to their system, social engineers are now busy turning pedophiles the next protected class. The ultimate goal is a world of moral relativism and top-down bureaucratic control in which no human behavior can be judged, and people have to get government permission to breathe. (We all exhale carbon, which is now classified a pollutant even though all life on earth is made of it and cannot live without it!)

The battle between those who want to be free and those who want to micromanage lives stretches back to Ancient China

The battle between those who want to be free and those who want to micromanage lives stretches back to Ancient China

Libertarianism vs. Authoritarianism

The battle we find ourselves in the middle of today between live and let live people and the authoritarians is unending in the history of civilization. In Ancient China, a similar battle played out between the Legalists, Confucians and Taoists, with Murray Rothbard calling the Taoists “the world’s first libertarians.” Mises Daily details the philosophy of each group, and this excerpt makes it obvious the type of battle we are fighting today stretches back thousands of years.

Roughly, the Legalists, the latest of the three broad schools, simply believed in maximal power to the state, and advised rulers how to increase that power. The Taoists were the world’s first libertarians, who believed in virtually no interference by the state in economy or society, and the Confucians were middle-of-the-roaders on this critical issue.

Anyone who loves freedom and liberty knows we are currently on the losing side of this eternal struggle, and electronics offer a chance for “Legalist” authoritarians to realize social and political control that goes beyond their wildest dreams. The battle is not Democrat vs. Republican. It is libertarianism vs. authoritarianism, plain and simple. Both major American political parties have become authoritarian. (And the fake Gary Johnson is a liberal wolf in Libertarian sheep’s clothing, as he said he agrees with Bernie Sanders on 73% of the issues.)

What is most disheartening is even though great numbers of people seem to be awakening, the masses seem content to scratch their bellies, lick their lips, drool, and wait for a government check to arrive, oblivious to their ongoing enslavement. It is time for men to throw off their cultural indoctrination, stop with the meekness, stand up, and say hell no to the chains that are being forged around us day by day. Electronic tyranny is the new method of authoritarianism, and the creep of it into all aspects of our lives must be stopped.

If we fail as guardians of society, we have only ourselves to blame. As men, no one is going to come help us out. We should have never let ourselves boxed so far into a corner. No, better to adapt this mindset, as so brilliantly laid out by The Savage Lifestyle:

Then the paltry crumbs of self righteous virtue signaling become yours to parade around to other simps all competing in a pathetic clown act.  Stepping on and over one another in wanton displays of who is the weakest and loudest crybaby. In a race to to the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM. To mock these detestable caricatures is to establish a clear boundary. You will not stand for that shit. Contrarily in the glorious and unmolested expanses of still wild Nature we observe plainly which values are most important to a given species.  At the foundation of the natural and savage earth is this: Survival of the species. The strong survive. The weak perish. No amount of millennial tears, hashtags, online petitions, and circle jerk slacktivism will change this brutal truth.  The impish weakling of the modern world does not stop slaking his overwhelming thirst for consumption at this manure trough of cultural and personal suicide.

Those are our choices: Continue to consume ourselves to death on the path to suicide or stand up for survival. We have several options available right now. Peaceful civil disobedience, downshifting to a lifestyle of minimalism to “starve the beast” of tax money, and most importantly, no longer staying silent and hoping for the best.

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258 thoughts on “As Big Brother Closes In, We Can Choose Dangerous Freedom Or Comfortable Slavery”

  1. Always a fan of RF’s articles. I like his writing quite a bit.
    I know I am in the VAST minority here (with the following opinion not in reference to RF’s excellent articles) and possibly stand alone, but I am fine with all of this.
    A few months ago I was looking into a new bicycle for the summer. I emailed a friend of mine back and forth with my gmail account because he knows a lot of bicycles and I was asking his advice. I started getting ads for a local bike shop on my searches — one of which I used to buy my new bike and had a great experience doing so. I reviewed them highly on yelp. Things move on.
    My life is very simple in a lot of ways. I do not break any laws, I don’t do any drugs, I work a lot of hours. If the government is watching each and every step I make I feel they will be bored stupid. I wake up at the same time every day. Go to the gym at the same times. Hell, I even schedule my dates at the same times. I am a creature of habit.
    Further, the modern world…for all its flaws…has been very good to me. Warren Buffet said that he was lucky to be born when and where he was. If he was born in, say, 16th century Europe or Africa his particular skills would be totally without value. But he was born where and when he was and thus his skills are incredibly valuable and have made him one of the wealthiest men in the world. I feel similar.
    The modern world has given me a ton of convenience, a safe atmosphere, women who are easy to fuck and men who are all sissy faggots so there is little competition for them, an incredible degree of safety so long as I follow the rules (which, as it turns out, I do anyway), job opportunities that fit my particular abilities and easy access to, literally, all the information in the world. I am able to entertain myself, grow, learn all online. Want to take a semesters worth of physics or sociology classes? Well, Princeton and Harvard have some of their best faculty lectures, entire semesters worth, online. Do I want to switch and outlet in my home from 110v to 220v so I can get a more powerful ac, sure, I can you tube that. Want to meet a woman — shit, just walk out the door.
    I have always thought that Brave New World wasn’t really all that bad of a deal. The reason is simple….people who are under the control of a massive operation like modern civilization often imagine that there is a world behind it….a more authentic world….a “real” world. Like in the matrix how you can jump out of the matrix into the real world with the red pill.
    Let me Fishburn y’all some 411. The matrix is all that there is. It is self propagating. There is no power. There is nothing behind the curtain. The thought that there must be in archaic and based in wishful thinking, immature philosophies and Hollywood portrayal. The real world is, quite simply, the fairytale prince charming and we are all willing princesses just gobbling that shit up to our own detriment.
    I have zero interest in seeing the modern world overthrown by a new world order but if it happens it is just part of the natural evolution of the world and will not be due to any individual or group effort. I feel men are spending too much time preparing for some bullshit collapse of an uncollapsable system in order to avoid the world as it is.
    If people were to spend all the time they spend on preparing for the revolution doing something productive like understanding the world at hand and how to better integrate with it and manipulate it for their own advantage they would be doing much better.
    Sorry for the extra long post on this one, but I feel that this is a hugely underrepresented opinion that needs to be internalized by men who are wasting their time looking for their prince charming of revolutions instead of actually getting ahead in the world they have been given.
    When you are playing poker, wishing you had different pocket cards will never lead to success. The key is to see what you have, internalize it, look around at your competition, and try to figure out the way to maximize the reality of your situation. Everything else is just masturbation.

    1. I find it hard to believe you think things “just happen”. “In politics, nothing happens by chance. And, if it does, it was planned that way.” You know who said that? FDR.

      1. “just happen” is a big simplification of it. That is like saying that gravity or tides just happen. I am not suggesting it is random, I am suggesting it is more akin to a force of nature. That the belief that there is a conscious will that manipulates it is the dream of children and slaves. This is why cavemen thought the sun was a god. This is why people think god loves them. It is, at its most basic, fear of the unknown creating a fairytale.
        Evolution means accepting hard facts — is the life of a raindrop from cloud to ground all random and just happening? Of course not, it follows natural laws that can’t be manipulated. It is free to imagine that the cloud loves it, but in the end it is just falling to the earth with the inevitable terminal spot.

      2. I think it’s six one way, half dozen the other. Conspiracy or random chance, either way the obsessive compulsive power mongers don’t care, they take advantage and put more chains on us.
        My concern is their ability to put on the chains and in how I can remove them.

    2. I agree that we need to make the best of bad situations.
      And there certainly is a lot to be thankful in the world we’ve found ourselves in.
      But to accept further controls and restraints by those whose intentions are base and inauthentic seems like a waste of life.
      And I could never do that wholeheartedly.

      1. But what if, agree or not follow me down the rabbit hole for a thought experiment, what if there simply isn’t a “those in control.” What if, like tectonic plate movement, it is all just moving with no intelligence at the wheel…..simply another force of nature.
        Would you say “I can’t accept gravity” or “I refuse to accept tides” of course not.
        It is really frightening to think that the world isn’t being controlled by intelligent design. People have created gods and killed and died for them just to maintain the illusion that things have some kind of meaning.
        People are even willing to believe that they are slaves of some elite class because knowing that there is some malignant power behind the scenes is safer and more comfortable to them than facing the simple truth that the world and society is as it will be….it isn’t nor can it be controlled….there is no governing power or intelligent design….it is merely an unfolding.
        Everything else is fairy tales.
        Fairy tales are meant to comfort, not to explain. It would do men well to better understand and manipulate their situation than try to explain it in less frightening ways.
        Once they do so they may realize that they aren’t in a bad situation at all.

        1. It doesn’t require one guiding force at the top directing things. Alinsky’s principle of “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” works for power mongers at all levels. No direction from above needed, just have your legislation ready for the next act of terrorism and pull it out at the right time as a legislator.
          Doesn’t mean we should accept it just because there may not be an established hierarchy with a grand leader.

        2. of course there are people taking advantage of good tragedy. To this day I am still pissed that I didn’t totally go liquid and get rich as fuck the day the market opened after 9-11. Bin Laden could have made me a millionaire many times over and it just didn’t fucking occur to me.
          That said, those people, those bits of legislation…they are all interchangeable. Like slaves. Shoot one, bring the next in. Like the warden says to andy, nothing changes….everything continues as before — or as the who says “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
          Or my favorite was my childhood friend’s uncle Italo who gave many bits of hilariously Italian accented red pill wisdom. When an ice cream truck came rick and I got those cones with one side chocolate and one side vanilla. “Uncle Italo, would you like something” “SI! Da-Same-a BIG” and that is all there is, the same-a big.
          When people are preparing for the war against the government it is absurd. They might as well prepare for the war against COBRA or the war against SPECTRE.
          I leave you with this, what I have taken as the guiding principle of the world…..
          To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
          Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
          To the last syllable of recorded time;
          And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
          The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
          Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
          That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
          And then is heard no more. It is a tale
          Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
          Signifying nothing.
          And that is life….that is power….that is government…that is the wars before and the wars to come….it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

        3. To this day I am still pissed that I didn’t totally go liquid and get rich as fuck the day the market opened after 9-11. Bin Laden could have made me a millionaire many times over and it just didn’t fucking occur to me.
          Ooooh, missed opportunity. When that happened, and when 2008 hit, against every protest of my wife, I doubled down on our investments. Living in Ohio, with like a cost of living being only 30% of what you have in NY, that has paid of *wonderfully*. I work now basically to keep myself occupied, and have taken some stints where I’ll leave a company and take a mini-sabbatical for a few months just for kicks. heh
          Government has power, but only when it’s around to enforce it. I was anacap at one time, I know precisely the concept you’re alluding to. And 99% of the time you’re exactly correct. Until you’re staring down officer friendly as he pats you down and starts his own personal kind of anal examine on you.

        4. Yeah, I didn’t do so bad in ’08 haha.
          The 1% of the time where I am wrong officer friendly is in a much worse situation than I am. I am the paradigm of what the government wants and a rouge officer will need to shoot me in order not to wind up much more fucked than me if he gets frisky.
          Glad you didn’t listen to your wife about investments. I hope you said something like “I don’t tell you how to menstruate, don’t tell me how to handle finances.”

        5. I advised her to sound economic stock market practice of never panic, never sell during a downturn, always buy during a downturn, and instructed her that this was the plan we were going to follow. If it were the stock market crash that started the great depression I would have been online (on the phone) to the stock broker doing outrageous short sells, and then when things calmed, buying stock in the companies that remained on a long position. That’s how you get rich, movement of capital and stocks, nothing more, it doesn’t matter which direction it goes.

        6. your advice was better… line would have been more lulzy though.

        7. She’s a good egg, I don’t try and antagonize her too much when she’s in a shaking panic. I find that going full Mr. Spock calms her down and puts her in the “He’s my rock in a storm” mood quite effectively. And there’s no denying the results.

        8. So what are you advocating then?
          That we should focus on avoiding illusions and see the world more objectively? I can agree with that.
          Where I disagree with you is that you’re equating all oppressive influences with basic principles like gravity. And hell, the Wright brothers had the guts to challenge even that.
          Every time you take in a breath, you’re resisting forces of nature.
          I don’t necessarily believe in some central control structure that I need to fight against. Even if it is all disorganized, we have no choice but to fight forces of chaos.
          I suppose nihilism can get around that because at the end of everything you can always just say haha well who cares anyways lol yolo. I think your philosophy wont work for everybody on this forum because nihilism seems somewhat incompatible with the material and emotional commitments necessary to start a family and extend yourself into the future.
          I’d even go as far as to say that illusions might be a simple necessity to accomplish certain things in this world.

        9. Strictly, here, I am not advocating anything other than not obsessing over things that are beyond your control. The wright brothers didn’t challenge gravity. They just figured out how it worked and manipulated it for their own purposes which is, pretty much, what I have been advocating…if anything…through this whole discussion.
          And nihilism isn’t necessarily a yolo philosophy. That is a poor rap it gets. I have said, multiple times, to simply stop obsessing about a power structure that doesn’t exist and start better understanding the matrix you live in and how better to manipulate it for personal gain and happiness.
          I also don’t think it is necessarily something that can’t be embraced by people wanting to start a family but I see where it would be harder. A family wont extend you into the future. Dead is dead. However, for some people having a family is very rewarding and I can’t see why they wouldn’t. If things get bad they can always do what my parents did…..launch me from the dying planet as an infant to another, younger and more sustainable planet. Yes, I am superman.
          I think people who look to set up some form of dynasty where there name will live forever are the same as the kids who play video games all day and never get a real life. doesn’t matter to me if they do, but whatever. However, there is no reason that a person who desires the rewards of family life shouldn’t indulge in it.
          The thing about the illusion is that it isn’t random. Everything makes sense and works like a well geared instrument. If you abstract your personal feelings and comfort blankees it is pretty easy to see the order and organization.
          For my part, I think that people who cling to stuff like meaning, or like the idea of a power hierarchy of elites, or the idea that anyone has anything like control, or the idea of power itself or the idea of God are just clinging on to the railing because when they look down the nothingness makes them dizzy and afraid. I won’t criticize them for these beliefs. Nothing wrong with them. But they do get awfully sensitive when you poke at their bubbles.

        10. But, just to play devil’s advocate, what if they see something where you see only void, and maybe they’re right? An equally frightening proposition I’d think. Maybe a blind man thinks there is only void where the man with sight knows that he’s wrong, but the blind man (since birth) knows nothing else so argues against that position?
          Not at you personally, just another perspective. I know what your answer will be too, heh, I’m just posting it for the lurking laity.

        11. it is possible of course but, if so, then I will figure that out later and deal accordingly. I can only goes by what makes sense to me.

        12. This has been good morning coffee discussion, and I appreciate you clarifying those points. I think your last paragraph summarizes your viewpoint well.
          I guess my response is why then do people bother creating these illusions? You really think it’s just because looking at your kitchen sink and realizing it’s just a kitchen sink is too much for the average person? That they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without finding some kind of master, or idealization?
          Looking at my own life, the times I’ve created ideals for myself to believe in or live up to have mostly been times of suffering. I don’t know if I could conclude on purely rational grounds that the next X-Men movie, or even the next pussy, is worth so much effort without some kind of larger narrative.
          Just for happiness and sensations? Seems flavourless to me.
          I think no matter what, people are going to create a set of basic principles. As GoJ has just noted, even the belief that all is void and abyss is not provable and requires an element of faith.
          I’m mostly disagreeing for sake of discussion. I’m not in the mood for life-changing insights atm.
          And if I could ban you for this statement I would 🙂
          “If things get bad they can always do what my parents did…..launch me from the dying planet as an infant to another, younger and more sustainable planet. Yes, I am superman.”

        13. lol. life changing atm in sight > life changing insights atm

        14. I do this too so it’s not a criticism, but I think sometimes it’s easy to over analyze something to the point where one moves beyond the conclusion that actually is reality, to a whole other realm. Germans are famous for this. Sometimes it works out good, like, say, German engineers being fucking brilliant and barrier breaking. Sometimes, well, it results in Karl Marx and his entirely fucked up view of life that has managed to nearly destroy civilization as we know it.
          There was a high school teacher who noticed this and pointed it out to me. Said I “Germanize” topics too much, then noted what I said above. I suspect she was alluding to the Aristotelian notion of holding to the Mean, more than anything else, even in regards to intellectual pursuits. At least that’s what I took from her.

        15. Is there a reason is always has to go back up? I’m new to this stuff and still learning.
          If it doesn’t go back up, that’s basically total collapse right?

        16. It’s never been a total collapse. Even the stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression didn’t completely wipe it out. The stocks fund businesses, and there’s always a need for *something* in the world, so some companies will remain even if their stock prices drop. Buy that low, then as the rest of the market comes back online, the value of that stock soars upwards. For a stock market collapse to be total, it would take wiping out the nation first, or intentionally shutting it down with force and utterly wiping all records of the stocks, which I’ve never seen happen, ever (outside of war).

        17. Try to not use money and you will find out what that nonexistent governing power is.
          Worship of Mammon.

        18. So to with mammon when with his treasures lures you into slothful pleasures
          He doesn’t seem so bad

        19. Oh no, there is nobody in control of anyone else, inmates choose to stay in prison. It is soo “comforting” to believe that you are being used for a someone else’s profit like cattle. How things are now is how they have always been and always will be! Nobody is behind the curtain pulling the strings, move along folks, nothing to see here.
          It seems that “career” in the most useless, subjective, masturbatory form of academia has either turned your mind into mush or you are involved in the production of propaganda like a true son of Jew York

        20. So I can tell off the bat that you are a moron and an ideologue and as such there will be no getting through to you so I will keep this short.
          When something is too complicated for an idiot to understand they will grab onto whatever idea makes them feel best about themselves. You are just such an idiot. You have ensconced yourself in a bunch of ideas that help you rest easy while the big complicated world goes on at a level far beyond your ability to understand it.
          It’s ok. Keep going about you business as you say. No one is hiding anything from you other than your own limitations. Whether these are brought on by cowardice, stupidity or a combination of both I won’t venture to guess.

        21. I don’t understand. Why would I not use money. I was given a world where money is important, given tools both physical and mental to attain money and desires to spend it. This is the world that was handed to me and, frankly, I am doing pretty well with it.
          This is like telling me to try to go through my day without using my right hand. Why the fuck would I want to do that? I am not a savage living in a jungle. I am a man who was given a world and mastered the world he was given.

    3. If you think you are not in violation of some law, somewhere, you are sadly mistaken my friend. There is no way to not be in violation of some law, somewhere any longer. The only thing missing is the will of the government or your enemies to exercise their options and prosecute you. I’ve heard real life lawyers discuss this before, in different situations and at different times. You are *ALWAYS* in violation of some law.
      There is a seductiveness to “let it all go, it doesn’t matter, I continue to enjoy life, things change, so do I”. You know my thoughts on that, so I won’t reiterate them except to say that I have a vested interest in posterity, my own at any rate. Should things go full Orwellian, let me guarantee you, you would not want to live under the rule of a strong family such as mine. We were a cruel, violent lot in the pages of history, neither you nor anybody else would fare well or adjust. The cruel rulers of the world in history do not allow you the wiggle room to just fit in and adapt, they keep you constantly a criminal (hey, that sounds familiar a few paragraphs above) and constantly in fear. If you’re not “my buddy” when I’m dictator, you are expendable. That’s how real dictatorship works, cold, merciless and uncaring about your lot in life. Those valets, those martinis, those beautiful apathetic women all vanish, poof, overnight.
      There was a character in Heller’s Catch 22 that had a similar viewpoint to yours, the little old Italian man (forget his name). “When the Germans arrived I Sieg Heiled like the best Nazi in Italy, when the Americans arrived I waved the stars and stripes and blessed them as saviors. I exist no matter who occupies Italy, life is good”. Very comforting in a sense, but not how things actually work out most of the time.
      The poolside will be drained and the residents shot, should things go south. It is what has always happened. We’re not on a good path, we’re not just implementing a few socialist wet dreams and retiring to comfort, the police state emerging around us promises horrors unforeseen from history, because we have the tools now to make life so much more miserable than we have ever had in the past.
      Collapse? Dunno, maybe, maybe not, nothing goes on forever. But having seen what this kind of thing can and will become first hand, well, I have no interest in going there or sending my children there. You would *hate* living under the rule of my son or grandson.

      1. As always, GoJ a thoughtful response. Of course, you already know my response (quite Sherlock and Moriarty we seem to be). There simply is no “rule under” because power itself is an illusion.
        The people “in power” are deceiving themselves just as much as the people under their control. You are right. I am fortunate that I wasn’t born at an earlier stage of the social evolution and, more likely than not, I am fortunate I was not born at a later one. That said…I wasn’t. I was born in this one.
        See you think that the “i exist no matter who occupies Italy” is the comforting thought. Maybe. But is it? Can you imagine internalizing the idea that all power, political and divine, is a fairytale and that your life and the life of your forbearers and future ancestors is totally meaningless?
        Which one of us is striving for comfort here? Me as I accept the empty vacuum of meaninglessness or you as you imagine a world with meaning and a proper order and imagine yourself to be part of that order. Of course we will go blue in the face saying that the other is the one seeking some kind of comfort while hiding from the harsh realities.
        In the end, there will be no proof. The argument has played itself out over and over again, generation after generation. It is an argument that has seen the rise and fall of every empire and will see the rise and fall of this one and whichever one comes next and the one after that.
        If anything I will point to the fact that the truth has always changed and only the questions have remained constant.
        I am not Heller’s old man in the whorehouse. I won’t salute the Nazis nor will I wave the stars and stripes. I never have before and I never will. I am a stark individualist. The old man in the whorehouse says he is good for all seasons and I know full well I am not. I know that under other regimes I would be put down, exiled or imprisoned. This is why I mentioned warren buffet. I am quite lucky to have been born when and where I am. Where total apathy towards whichever shit is pretending he is in control of stuff is just fine.
        I do cost benefit analysis on life. The government wants to tax me. The gorvment wants to ban certain things. However, they give me things in return. While I am technically probably in violation of some local ordinance at all times, I am a golden goose. The longer I live and the longer I am free to work the more money I pay into the system and the system is such that it will never bleed me dry….just make sure I don’t have enough to escape it or too little to stop enjoying my way of life.
        Believe me, if I wasn’t enjoying this whorehouse I would find another one. But I wouldn’t salute the leaders there too. I would be me. So yes….I might hate living under the rule of your son or grandson…but, fortunately for me that isn’t the world I was born in to and it isn’t the world they were born into either.
        We all live under natural law. There is no control. Sometimes in the evolution of cultural history we might wind up in places where I would be guillotined. Other times we wind up with insufferable faggots and hipsters.
        I have my cards and it looks like I am playing with pocket aces. The world has no meaning and is perfectly fine with me as I am perfectly fine with it.
        That said, of course things will change. But change takes time and I will be long dead.

        1. I don’t disagree with your general take, if this were 100 years ago. With the rapid pace of change these days, accelerated by technology, you shouldn’t count on your being born at the right time to hold fast against the onslaught of “change”. Today my son is a college man, three years from now he could be King of the Eastern Half of the former United States, hell in three years *I* could be that king. Think we’re fucked now? Put a man in whose family patriarchs assume power and turn from good men into men who find it perfectly peachy to slit the throats of entire bloodlines and bleed them out on the floor just for kicks.
          I’ve watched socialist regimes come and go in other nations, it usually takes a long time and then requires a revolution if it doesn’t go sufficiently fast enough for whomever wants it. We seem to be on the path to violence, fast (Sanders supporters appearing like good brown shirts out of thin air, in a country of supposed tolerance, is frightening on a linear timescale).
          I think that there is power, but only power of the moment. If a cop isn’t around to catch you speeding, then they have no power to stop you from speeding, and you speed. The trick is knowing when the cop is around. The problem now, as compared to the past, is that there are measures being implemented as we type such that the cop is *always* around. And then you’ll know power first hand, from the wrong side of the barrel of the gun. That’s why so many rational, reasonable folks are against what’s been going on since Dubya via the Patriot Act. We know technology and what’s possible, and this won’t be some 1940’s film noire where Jack and Elaine can meet out behind the slums and share secret looks. There will be no secret looks.

        2. The brilliance of the modern world is that it has insulated itself against revolution through comfort. People with a house and two cars, a kid in college and a vacation planned to some resort for the holidays don’t take up arms against a government…even one they deem unjust. They may bitch and moan, but they simply wont revolt.
          You know your kingship of the former eastern united states is about as likely as the second coming. As for power…everything is very temporary. Power, like we spoke about last week, was something like reading the declaration of independence and saying “lets kill those fucking twats”
          Even that though…it is basic Hobbes. Swords handed to one man to end the war of everyone versus everyone…since the creation of society people have been mulling around, pretending they are living significant lives and clinging on to earthly delusions of power (some because they really believe in them and others because they believe them temporary until they get to the greater hierarchy, that of god, on which it is based).
          It is all the prince charming story. It is a great big blanket we can all hold on to.

        3. We have a lot of armed men showing up out West now, unbidden, who have guns and tactical training. We have men speaking praise of those men in real life and contemplating joining them the next time. That’s where it starts, and comfort isn’t stopping it. The Fed is backing down when it happens, so they are not without power, they are actually exercising power against the King of Lethargy and Laziness (modern society and the fedgov). It’s a start, which I’ve heard for far too long, was never going ever happen. As people polarize more, which seems unfathomable given how angry everybody is now, it will happen more and more. We may well see another DOI moment. Or not. I really don’t know, but I do know that our living comfortable little lives was supposed to prevent armed rebellion, yet…there are still men out there willing to do it.
          Time will tell.

        4. Of course you are right. I am just saying it is a force of nature like glaciers moving. Am I gambling a little that my mortal coil will be shrugged prior to the cold weather? Sure. But it is a gamble I am willing to take. I would rather enjoy the world I live in than prepare for an unavoidable future that, more likely than not, I will never have to deal with and that, even if we all got together and tried our darnedest, we couldn’t stop.
          King Knute tried….it doesn’t work.

        5. It doesn’t require a binary either-or scenario. I plan for blizzards and tornadoes, because I live in Ohio. That doesn’t mean I sacrifice going out and having a good time. I just do it incrementally and when I have extra time and surplus cash sitting around, and I don’t go crazy thinking that my basement needs be filled with enough heirloom seed to replant the entire world, should a tornado hit my house.
          You can’t stop the freight train, clearly, but you can have a plan on when to bail and jump out of the cattle car when it’s clear that it’s on a track to a broken bridge.

        6. You’d be surprised at how popular you’d be in the short term with that. Heh. I know what you’re referencing of course.
          I have tobacco seeds (not on purpose, they just came with my seed storage packet), I can and have fired clay pottery, I do leather work, I hunt, I fish, I reload, I know how to make gunpowder from scratch and I’m a trained killer by the military. Plus, I make beer and grow my own ingredients. And can farm and garden like a pro.
          My rule as King of Ohio will be long and prosperous. For me anyway.

        7. agreed. And this is why I advocate being in the best physical shape you can be, reducing your needs so you can walk away from things, making yourself as financially solvent as possible and generally being a decent egg.
          That said, there is a line that need not be crossed. That line is about 10 miles behind the people who are stock piling canned goods and preparing for the war against the government. It is 20 miles behind the people who are obsessing to the point where their lives and their decisions are focused around a war which will probably not come in their lifetime and can’t be avoided anyway.
          Yes, of course, plan and prepare for life as we know it. You are planning for blizzards…but if you do so to the extent where you entire summer is ruined then you have gone beyond reasonable and if you are actively trying to combat the existence of blizzards than you are no longer in the realm of people willing to talk to. I know that isn’t you.
          I think, in the end, as always, you and I wind up in pretty much the same place while taking very different roads.
          Frankly, it is fucking scary.

        8. Reading you guys go back and forth, I do see something that skews at least lolknee’s point if not also yours GoJ. Knee isn’t a father, when he dies, (if his plan to not have children continues till then) he wont have people that he is worried for as far as what the world will offer them when he is gone. Hence, He can live his life this way of adaptation and be what he needs to be and where he needs to be to pursue the life he enjoys. Me being also a creature of extreme habit, I understand his side to a degree, not to say you don’t “get it” GoJ.
          Now as a father, we have the unique burden of wanting the world to improve so that our sons and daughters have a place in which they can pursue the type of lives he did with at least the same level of difficulty as us if not less. The change in the world that we predict may be around the corner, if things don’t take a turn towards the right, very likely aren’t going to come fast enough to impact Knee’s life very much.
          When you are single, habitual, intelligent and work hard. As seems to be the case with Knee.
          Looking at the ideologies of the world and the effort it will take to keep things together aren’t really that attractive of a cause when you will not likely be around to see the results.. its like why watch 3 quarters of a Football game if you know you cant watch the end and you wont have access to the final score?

        9. Yes, we’ve discussed the parent/non-parent angle before. It does cause a distinct difference in world view.

        10. You are right about the world view of the father versus the single. However, often times there is this idea that the man with no family doesn’t understand things from the perspective of the man with the family. I can just as easily turn around, however, and say that because of a biological imperative the man with the family is incapable of understanding the world as it is….because if he were he would not care about his children or not have procreated in the first place.
          This is another antimonious argument that can not be settled through debate, but only by coming around to the eventual conclusion that the knee-man is always right.

        11. I’ve never held that you cannot see my side, nor I yours. I don’t subscribe to the “You got to be black to understand black problems” theory of epistemology.

        12. Indeed. The beauty is that I cannot reasonably be expected to grow tobacco here in wintery Ohio, so I have a commodity that I don’t need, and I’m sure you do too that I’d want. I love *true* free trade.

        13. Of course. Which is why reasonable discussion can happen.

        14. I have no delusions that you cant understand the fathers side, but you have no ties to the future past your own mortality. The world as it is, is not really relevant to that point. It is however relative to it. The world view for you is more broad where you can see perspectives of many things where as the view of the father (generally speaking) becomes inherently more specific to which fathers form convictions and become less liquid emotionally and motivationally than that of the Knee-man. To that point. You are in-fact always right. lol. You get to play which ever side you like, whenever it suits you. Which is a pretty badass position to be in. Being a Father is equally badass, but the comparison is apples to oranges to be quite honest.
          Your long posts have me inspired, vomiting words to the keyboard lol.. I probably could have not replied or kept that down to 1 sentence. But eh, where is the fun in that? I mean, its no Rape, but its fun debating with the bros.

        15. Dude. Everything is rape. This is Rhetoric Rape. Don’t be a denier. Check your Premise Privilege.

        16. Tobacco is grown in Ohio so your future free trade agreement can be ratified by…….you , I guess as the benevolent all seeing all knowing exhaulted ruler of the State Formerly Known As Ohio.

        17. “Put a man in whose family patriarchs assume power and turn from good men
          into men who find it perfectly peachy to slit the throats of entire bloodlines and bleed them out on the floor just for kicks.”
          You are confused, nobody turns from a good man in this scenario, he just proves he is better.
          “I think that there is power, but only power of the moment. If a cop isn’t around to catch you speeding, then they have no power to stop you from speeding, and you speed. The trick is knowing when the cop is around.”
          When mom isn’t around we get to sneak some goodies from the cookie jar without getting grounded even though she told us we didn’t have permission! Yay! Being a child forever it is

        1. “Oooh, and felons can’t legally own guns! Time to watchlist every citizen in America as lawbreakers we just haven’t caught yet! Be sure to blame the NRA for not letting us stop all the ‘terrrrrrorrrissms!’ goy!” – Harry Shekelstein (D)

        2. Stalin was quoted as saying, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

      2. The character in “Catch 22” was simply surviving. Going along to get a long. Majority of people do that throughout civilisation– from the Romans until today. As long as food is on the table and people have two coins to rub together, they are mostly quite passive regarless who is currently ruling.
        The collapse is coming. Be it through malice or incompetance, but coming none-the-less.

        1. My bet is on incompetence every time. One thing government has soon over time is that they are incapable of doing anything right. The arch example of this is when the IRS seized a legal brothel in Nevada for non-payment of taxes, and then ran it into bankruptcy. How do you lose money selling an endlessly available product? You sell pussy and you still have pussy. When this pussy gets worn out there is a horde of other pussy waiting to fill the gap. How can you lose money selling sex to men?

      3. Stefan Molyneux had spent over an hour talking to a cop that seemed to be one of the (relative) “good guys” (I’ve met both kinds, impression that I’ve got , though not from personal experience, is more and more are authoritarian dicks these days. Also, there’s a vicious circle with black violence and cop violence, that wouldn’t help even if the cops weren’t becoming more militarized and us vs them).
        The cop made exactly that point – it’s damn near impossible not to constantly be breaking laws. Some of them are so subjective that a cop could easily slap several on you simply on his say-so if he felt like being a dick. And that we have so many damned laws and regulations that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” doesn’t hold water anymore.

        1. I know a cop or two. The good ones–those that listen and rationalize before determining if they are going to make an arrest are leaving. What you are going to get is the affirmative action hire who thinks it his job to distributue social justice. Case in point: Chief of Police in San Jose, CA, Eddie Garcia. He wouldn’t allow police to anything when Trump supporters were being assauled, but he is also affiliated with “La Raza.”

        2. I strongly advise never attempting to try your case on the roadside with the cop. He doesn’t give a fuck, his only goal is to slap you in cuffs and get the state’s revenue out of your hide.

        3. I see you have met the Ohio Highway patrol? Their pensions are not going to fund themselves, ya know.

        4. They are the most well dressed and professional shakedown men in these united States. Speaking to them is *always* a mistake.

        5. “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

        6. Rand had some very powerful insights, borne from her time as a refugee from the Soviet hordes, that men would be well advised to review and internalize these days.

        7. Your life goal is to get beaten by police on Youtube, isn’t it?
          Admittedly very profitable, but only if you’re black.

        8. “We the Living” was based on her observations at the time in St. Petersbug from what I recall.

        9. Yep! Its the low hanging fruit for them.. with no one to challenge their authority, its a boring ass job. In their minds its a constant game of “give me a reason”.

        10. It’s amazing how few people can simply remain silent. Movies and television have trained them well in “get in your side of the story, he might give you a break”. There are no breaks. Say not one damned word other than “Am I being detained or am I free to go” and “I’m sorry officer, but I do not consent to searches without a warrant”. Then shut the living hell up.

        11. I’ve had conversations that probably still haven’t ended lol, with people about acting right with the cops. “But he shot that guy for no reason!” me: “stop breaking the law”, “stop being a smart ass to a guy with a gun who has authority to use it”, ” don’t run”, ” if you know you look threatening ie; physically imposing stature, tattoos, thug looking, hat pulled down to your eye brows etc., then you have to make up for your style with being extra polite, hand on the wheel, yes sir, no sir” Why is this so fucking hard to understand!?

        12. “Rand had some very powerful insights, borne from her time as a refugee from the Soviet hordes, that men would be well advised to review and internalize these days.”
          Rand is exactly the type of atheist libertarian type who helped overthrow monarchy and theocracy and then got purged or had to flee their creation. Sorta like an abridged version of American/English/Roman (republican) history.
          Btw, in regards to Atlas Shrugged, I could write an entire article about the Mary Sue middle-aged career woman, for whom, wealthy alpha men happily become lifetime celibate beta-orbiters.

      4. To put a fine point on what you have said, when I imagine myself in an idealized republic, I imagine being tolerant of others because they will be tolerant of me. When I imagine my existence as a warlord in a failed state, I imagine putting those I would usually be forced to tolerate up against a wall and ridding myself of the need to deal with them.
        It is only because I recognize that I could end up against someone else’s wall that I would prefer the republic. But if I don’t get that choice, I’m going to do what I can to make sure I am the strong, not the weak.

    4. This guy is such a faggot. What happened to the good posters on RoK? Where’s Mistral? Now that guy actually sounded intelligent.

        1. Whether you agree with his position or not, he lays out a logical case to debate for or against. Calling names against him won’t win you any rhetorical points here. As you can see he and I disagree quite strongly about this particular topic, but we are friends and debate it out openly with our own point-counter point format. That’s how you win (or lose) against lolknee, underestimate his intelligence at your own peril.

      1. lolknee is cool in my books, but it’s true we’ve lost some great posters.
        Lance Christopher, Mistral, Hank Moody, Jeremy, and others…

        1. I see RoK as an Oasis, we come in from the desert, replenish our spirits and go out once again into the wastelands to create something worth living.

    5. You now what, you’re probably right.
      Maybe organized international crime and continous racial genocide isn’t protected by prosecutors that are kept in check by secret service. Maybe the laws passed in Parlament that oblige me to pay half of my income on taxes ( all of them proven illegal via constitution and Human Rights ) isn’t that bad. Hell, maybe the race-wars that are going on in the world are actually good. And maybe you should go fuck yourself.
      Are you trying to be funny ? Or are you one of them.
      The fuck is wrong with you ?
      Lived a sheltered life haven’t you ?
      You afraid ?
      At this point in time, where we have clear evidence that a group of darkness motherfuckers are trying to kill God by turning upside down everything this world was build upon…
      Do you read history ?
      Have you ever had to defend yourself ?
      Look man, at this point, you can’t turn mildly luke-warm…
      The war is surfacing…
      The fuck will you do ?
      Run and hide ?
      Turn on yours in heartbeat ?
      What you basically describe in your comment – and I hope I’m wrong- is rationalizing treason of virtue.
      The fuck…

      1. You and have a fundamental disagreement on things. That’s ok. You think there is a natural order and a god. I do not. If there is a group of darkness trying to kill god they will be surprised when they storm the kingdom and find the “gone fishin’ sign”
        I think you are using this “war” to give your life meaning and validation which, in turn, reads to me like you are the one who is afraid. I am not running and hiding. I am right here. Life is terrific. The world is good to me and I have no desire to see anything change.
        There is no war my friend. There is only the constant movement of society towards eventual collapse and rebuilding…you are absolutely meaningless as am I and everything else.
        As for turning on mine. I don’t have a mine. I have a me, floating in a pointless, meaningless and absurd world with no destination but nothingness.
        I will be alive for a few more decades. I will spend a lot of time working, sleeping, shitting and commuting. With the remaining time I intend to fully enjoy the meaninglessness as best I can and I would suggest you do the same.

        1. Atheism much ?
          Sorry buddy.
          My ancestors didn’t shrug their shoulders when the turks came to raid the villages.
          They jumped to kill using heyforks. It’s not about meaning here. It’s about the will to live. Others died in agony in order for me to have this little freedom I still have, and FUCK if I’ll sell myself short for my children and kin.
          The war that is going on now is a fucking joke to what our ancestors had to face.
          We have to fight using information and exposure.
          Sorry friend, I have to say it.
          It’s them or us, pal. Nothing in between.

        2. not atheism. Apatheism. Your god…gods in general….simply do not matter. I am totally ambivalent to their existence. If they exist then they are just as impotent as the rest of us when face with the forces of nature.
          Your ancestors did the same thing the turks did….obeyed they current cultural norms.
          Others died in agony because that is what they did. Others didn’t.
          There is no us. There is no them. There is only life and you can participate in any way you chose, but make no mistake — all of your choices are controlled by factors that are out of everyones hands and god or man the world will do what it always has.
          War, in all of it’s forms, is just one thing that gives humans a sense that they have meaning so the frightened ones don’t all just jump off a bridge.

        3. I have witnessed miracles take place. Not joking. Saying that everything that ever happened in the world is a cultural programming chance is true. But to an extent.
          God exists, friend.
          You ever tried asking Him for a little guidance ?
          He’ll give you a reason to fight.
          He’ll give you what you need.
          But you have to do something in return.

        4. Here we have a fundamental disagreement. You will say there is a god and there are miracles. I will say that if you look hard enough for goats in pajamas you will find them.
          I have no beef with your beliefs. I simply think they are wrong. I am sure you think the same about me. That is fine. There are other places I am sure we will agree, but not here.

        5. Fundamental disagreement or not. I’m gonna have myself a beer now.
          Cheers to you Mr. Atheist !

        6. ok man. You are getting all riled up about nothing, but that’s alright. You go on and be a good holy soldier if it makes you feel all warm and cuddly. I have no problem with that.

        7. nah, I just seem to be riled. You’re taking things too seriously. Maybe I came off a little riled, my bad.
          Back to the BEEr.
          There’s no fucking point to be angry now. It’s summer time.
          Have a nice day Mr. Douglas ! :))
          Why the fuck would I be upset if somebody has a way of life that in no way affects mine, even gave some good advice one time.
          I routed for your ban removal. Would do it again.

    6. I didn’t even recognize it was you at first. Damn it lolknee, you changed your profile AGAIN?

      1. always switching things up. The knee-man likes to force you to shift your comfortable perceptions and realizing an always changing dynamic universe which can never be locked in to a stable moment where flux is not occurring — this phenomenon also known as trolling.

    7. But the world is shaped by the actions of a few. A few religious freaks wanted to be free of gummint oppression so they left for the new world. A minority of colonists decided to rebel against the Brits.
      If Steve Jobs didn’t make the iphone, would we all be carrying around these personal computers in our pockets?
      If Fuckerberg didn’t create Facebook, imagine where we’d be. Sure, maybe we only gained another decade of peace and stability before someone else did it, but the point is a relatively small number of people change the outcome of history. That’s fine if you don’t want to be one of those people. I don’t either. The reward doesn’t really come in their lifetime (well, in Zucks case it did but still the ramifications of what he made are far larger than his payoff).
      There are people who want to shape the future of humanity, in both positive and negative ways. I agree a lot of it is just the matrix running itself. But a few small people direct the narrative. If the reaction to 911 was mostly to ignore it and quietly mop up those responsible, perhaps Americans would be far less fearful and Islamists would not feel that they had some huge strong political movement that is striking major blows against the west the way they do today.
      In other words maybe it would have just died out, we wouldn’t have a TSA, they wouldn’t have an Al Queda or an ISIS or a Spring Revolution and life would go on similarly as before. But just by redirecting the narrative to always talking about these foreign people (who I never have an interaction with and don’t affect my life one iota except that they sell me oil) it dominates people’s thoughts and perspectives and shapes our future.
      I agree it is often a fool’s errand to try to expend personal time and energy to control or direct others. But if good men do not ever choose to do this, there are plenty of bad men who will step up to the plate. It may make sense on an individual level not to worry about the future of humanity, but if no one does, then there will be no humanity. I see it as quite possible that AI will exterminate humanity one day. The question is, will humanity even care or notice? Or will they be fast asleep dreaming in the Matrix when the plug is pulled?

      1. A good comment and I will do my best to get back to it. I am on my way to the faggot socialist atheism club now though.
        Really, your comments always insightful. Will get back.

    8. What you have said sits at the very bottom of why I find conspiracy theories so ridiculous. In reality, there is no grand villain pulling the strings. There is no secret cabal of evil people manipulating everything. Things are moving not at the direction of some unseen puppet master, but more as a school of fish or a flock of birds move. All individuals are making individual decisions but the flock is moving together.
      I also agree that generally the best path is to find a way to maximize your position in the systems you have available.
      Where I diverge from what you have said is that I don’t think this absolutely counsels against trying to take action to change course. Remember, the flock of birds, or the school of fish does not always move in the same direction, and no puppet master controls the changes. In reality, one individual recognizes a threat, moves, convinces others, the idea rapidly spreads, and soon the course changes.
      Now, to me the real question is when to move. I can’t answer that for anyone except myself. I have my red lines, points at which I will simply refuse to comply with the system. I suppose you have them too – for example, I imagine, based on some of your previous comments, that if society decided that NYC had to be razed to the ground and its inhabitants forcibly distributed to flyover country to work farms, you may take issue. Every man has lines somewhere. But until these lines are crossed, there is no point in resisting the movement of the herd in any large manner. Even when the herd is moving, and individual has a lot of space to move in independent directions. The real thing men should do is to contemplate where there lines are, why they are there, and at what point action would need to be taken to resist the movement of the herd. Of course, men must also thoroughly think through the consequences of resisting the herd. Sometimes the herd agrees with you and changes direction, sometimes it tramples you.

      1. THIS!
        The idea of aimed policy of suppression is not really believable. Even if there was a cabal of people trying to manipulate the masses toward certain goals, at one point or another they would try to gain the upper hand against each other and the cabal would crumble to pieces.
        There are far too many interests at play for any truly united power group to act. Sure, the rich will always try to wiggle out one more dollar from the poor, but they’ll also want them all for themselves without sharing with the other wealthy people.

        1. I do think that there are people with more influence over the process than others. Just as in a flock of birds or school of fish, there are leaders and followers, and some of the leaders are viewed as stronger and more competent than others, so too for us. Presidents have more clout when they try to move things, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the flock moves, and it also doesn’t mean the the president is in control. Sometimes the president is just caught up in the movement like everyone else.

      2. Holy shit! I have always had a problem with “conspiracy theories” in regards to the whole NWOILLUMINATTI Bullshit, but I couldn’t quite articulate it. I always defined in terms of how tumors grow. Just the natural machinations of a lot of people who think the same and the various ways they perpetuate these authoritarian thought processes.
        But your flock and herd analogy fits what I was really thinking better than the tumor analogy. Although I do think statism is a mental cancer.

    9. It’s nice that a cheap old POS like Warren Buffet who nickels and dimes his own offspring because of his ass backwards values admits that he is completely useless and unable to even survive in a natural environment rather than this plastic, artificial pseudo reality designed for weak old shysters like him.
      Unfortunately after everything you wrote you still somehow believe that you are not one of the “sissies” you think you are above competing with, maybe because you foolishly lift weights to the point that you crippled yourself in a way that would have caused you to starve if you actually had to hunt down your own food.
      ROK constantly exposes how the nwo hates straight white males so much they frame them for rape yet you believe they take no issue with a self confessed champ of pump and dumpers such as yourself. Not only do you not mind if they monitor your every move, you brag about it online to strangers constantly.
      You think this house of cards system with it’s paper tiger government is “uncollapsable” when it is nothing more than the latest version of the Roman empire. You should use all that easy access to information you appreciate so much for something besides buying children’s toys like that bike that is so bad for your old prostate.
      Most ironic of all you denigrate thinking of the big picture and the future as “masturbation” when in a state of arrested development you have a juvenile obsession with using as many different vaginas as possible solely for that purpose.

      1. So your contention is that that the greatest business mind of the 20th century is totally useless because he couldn’t hunt for food. Sorry but. You and the rest of the savages can enjoy the jungle. I will take my bicycle for rides in the park and go work my job and try my best to enjoy my life including the act of sexual congress with attractive women.
        What is sad is that it is always the people from the shallowest end of the gene pool who have to double down on the idea that only their way of life is correct. I can tell, just in your short comments, just how mind-numbingly stunted your intellectual and emotional levels are.
        I wish you the best of luck in whatever it is you call a life. Just like I never wish squirrels harm. Just scurry about and believe the things that make you feel all cool and stay out of the way while men run the world.

  2. Bravo ! Bravo ! An excellent post
    What YOU as a White person need to take from this :
    The Great Leader was right. “Gas the merchants. Nose war now !”

  3. Good insights, but I don’t thinks it’s a conflict between those who want to be free, and those who want their lives micromanaged. I think it’s a conflict between those who want freedom and those who WANT TO DO the micromanaging.

  4. that findface app is pure evil- snap a pic surreptitiously of a young girl or boy, find out where they live when they pic is cross-referenced with social media. How long until a similar app is available in the US? Why is there never, ever any oversight on these applications? Its getting impossible to protect your children, from anything.

    1. I can’t believe this is a real thing. I suppose it works buy getting info from social media and photos to match right? Having no facebook I might be immune. However, why would someone snap my face to find out who I am?

      1. Because you have done something they did not approve of.
        Or you constantly do something they do not approve of.
        The shutdown is real. “Gas the merchants. Nose war now”

        1. yeah,….that sounds made up and crazy. I am going to go with the primary use of it would be for people to fuck things.

      2. App only works in Russia now, with there version of facebook. Why is it so hard to believe? This site has been up for years, do a search on yourself and some friends and family…results will be shockingly accurate(and I’d say the site has been around for 10 yrs or so)

        1. It probably just gives everyone Dolph Lundgren’s address.

        2. Theres this site I’ve been curious to try (haven’t yet only because you have to pay) and it analyzes your face and shows you your “twins” around the world–ie people that look like you.

          The technology is there.. it simply hasn’t been fully rolled out everywhere, but once we get public cameras everywhere (because Islam), it will be ubiquitous and impossible to escape. The first time you make a purchase somewhere using a credit card, they will assign a photo identity to your name and SSN and it will be endlessly tracked from that point on. Only solution would be to always use cash, and they are working on minimizing or eliminating that.

        3. The beauty of silver, copper and gold is that once you buy it, it is untraceable. I suspect a very fast secondary gray market will appear using commodity based money if this shit comes to pass.

        4. what is the true purpose of a site like that? Identity theft made easier? A bad guy finds his doppelganger, pins all sorts of crimes on him?

        5. Haha.. I did think it was funny how every one of their examples was a female, only interested in vanity. I am curious because I think it would be cool to have a stand-in. You know if I ever become really rich and famous and powerful I’d like to know where I could find body doubles. Plus maybe we could trade some pictures to use online to increase our apparent SMV (Hey look, here’s a picture of me rapelling off the Sydney Opera House).

        1. I’ll just be here hoping no one gets the urge to relive William Tell anytime soon…also maybe you should invest in a lot of Tequila:

        2. Oh I’m sure many have and, over the years have had, that urge. But I’m still going.

        3. I feel like I’m just sitting here, 6 days a week, in nerve-wracking anticipation with my yellow fingers crossed like some former cast-aside avatar or something watching all this unfold on some cold, unfeeling screen.

    2. So could you point it at your screen while watching an amateur porno and then stalk the girl on Facebook?
      I really wanna tell her how I feel.

      1. would it surprise you if, in a few years, an app could do that?

  5. The word “Marxist” is used again and again in the text.
    No hiding behind our finger now …
    Which people control the money supply and own the banks and the media ?
    they re not called marxists. They ‘re the Jews
    Which people are the university and college professors who spread anti-White propaganda?
    they re not called marxists. They ‘re the Jews.
    Which people support this anti-White agenda ?
    they re not called marxists. They ‘re non whites who hate whites and whites who hate themselves.
    Which people have formed and army (SJWs, “people who are not racist”, public servants, the police and the army) who protects those people who want to eliminate us ?
    Jews who hate whites, non whites who hate whites, whites who hate themselves, whites who just want to have their salary so they can keep living their little lives so they become traitors public servants, police men and soldiers.
    P.S. Not all Jews or non whites are anti-White !!! Careful not to label EVERYONE of them as anti-White.

    1. Im starting to think we need to rename the Science Fiction area of the book store to something else….

        1. nice! could also call the harlequin romance novel section that as well

    1. Nah. The way it looks to me, the Feminists are but Goodthinkers in the Outer Party.

  6. Freedom OR Slavery? Oh dear, Mr Furioso, you seem to have forgotten that Freedom IS Slavery! Doubleplus ungood crimethink, Furioso. Thinkpol will take you to Miniluv; thinkpol will teach you goodthink …

  7. The people who drink this don’t care about taxes because they don’t pay taxes. A 7yo. drank this gallon of sugary syrup. Note what it says about the card.

  8. very interesting article. I actually had no idea the EU were proposing official government ID log-ins for the internet: you have to admire the complete lack of giving a shit for what sovereign peoples think that these EU commissars display.
    “Americans and Europeans thought they won the Cold War only to wake up a generation later and find themselves in the midst of a socialist revolution. The tenets of Marxism are steadily being implemented in the U.S. and Europe”
    The comparison with the Communist Manifesto is a good method to use, if it’s really demonstrably true. The more objective measures one can point to the better, otherwise people will never believe that crying marxism is anything other than right-wing hysteria.
    I do think there’s a need to both fight each and every point as though we were playing a particularly arduous 5 set tennis match while also relaxing more. We need something equivalent for the emerging new world order to the idea of ‘enjoying the decline’. The changes that are going on are both inevitable and not inevitable. There are some things like technological innovation’s that erode privacy / anonymity that probably can’t be stopped. In a sense it’s probably worth accepting the worst in terms of what the future holds out for us in this sense, while doing so without catastrophism or despair – that’s to say readying oneself to enjoy, ride, surf: enjoy your loss of anonymity, by becoming openly more mouthy: don’t we already see that happening.
    In terms of free speech, lets say those EU cunts introduce ID controls that end anonymity: well is that the end to free speech? Well it may be, if the free speech you’ve been engaging involves bringing down the government, threatening to kill, cut people’s heads off and rape the gaping red hole then it may be that your right to free speech is genuinely under threat – but then it was probably illegal in the EU in the first place (if not in the US). But that’s not really free speech at all, except as a form of guaranteeing the right to offend. What is happening at the moment is that political correctness is taking an ever greater battering precisely because so many of us are actually learning to say things which flout PC speech codes by attacking their weak points, their hypocrisy and their inconsistency, lack of logic etc, – all of this is done successfully precisely because it can be defended within the limits of the law, and within the boundaries of the acceptable (however much the SJWs would like to argue otherwise)
    In other words, the threat to anonymity can sharpen our ability to think and speak in ways that challenge political orthodoxy by forcing us to think about what can be publicly defended. Rather than this representing a massive victory for the communist thought police, what it may do potentially is force what was languishing in the unconscious of the virtually unsayable up to the surface in ways that force it to account for itself in open discourse. In fact this is already happening with the rise of phenomena such as Trump and Milo and the anti-SJW tornado. Maybe once these EU commissioners have ended anonymous speech on the internet they will have cause to regret it in a big way
    One more thing I would say is that nearly all of the force for greater and more sinister surveillance comes from the risk economy we have in place. We live in a synthetically neurotic world which reproduces itself by generating political and existential anxiety and threats which are equally efficacious whether they are real or imagined. The most obvious forms of this are the war on terror, but also the ‘war on women’ (i.e. rape culture) etc. Every calculation should take this into account. I do think it is the fact that our society is geared towards the minimisation of risk that actually produces much of the risk in the first place (c.f. Ulrich Beck). It seems kind of strange that at the point in history when the elites have more control than ever, and in which technology makes it almost impossible to fart without some kind of record of the event being made for posterity that we are more under threat than ever. Yet if anti-terror produces terror, the more it does so the more powerful the state, and international state infrastructure becomes. The bottom line appears to be that global bureaucratic machine wishes ever to expand its reach and will generate whatever it needs to achieve that goal, and it would appear that the generation of risk factors appears to be a major part of that. Targeting that mechanism might be a good place to start

  9. The sad thing is u tell people all the freedom they’re giving up and they kinda just shrug and dont care, it’s really sad how people really don’t give a shit nowadays

    1. I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday. He notes the same thing. He’s a PhD and very intelligent and he’s dumbfounded at how nobody seems to care about anything anymore. He’s somewhat apolitical, but he is aghast that nobody cares about Benghazi and other things that, even thirty years ago, would have had people out in the streets with torches and pitchforks.
      We’re waking up though, but he’s worried that we even have to be woken up. Like common sense should have told us not to nap in the first place.

        1. No, actually I disagree with the first sentence. It’s precisely this technology that is helping us wake up. You don’t know asleep people until you travel back to 1995. Everybody all content to believe the evening news, everybody content to let the narrative be set for them, and only a few radical “loonies” here or there easily dismissed as a crazy uncle because they couldn’t get an actual wider audience. Technology has changed that and allowed unparalleled researching ability and all of human knowledge to be laid before our feet. What’s happening now in politics challenging the establishment was *impossible* in 1995. Impossible.

        2. Perhaps. But at the same time, perhaps if all this technology didn’t exist we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. I know it’s a pipe dream, but if we could have somehow stayed at early 1960s era technology, the world would have been a better place (for the most part, medical advances aside).

        3. Pre-1960’s technology had a world filled with Soviets and Nazis and saw national governments overthrown by Reds almost overnight.

        4. I’m oversimplifying immensely, but we probably would have been much better off if we didn’t have the internet, video games, smartphones, etc.

        5. Games and smartphones were “tennis, dances and golf” and “television” in the 1950’s. Distractions always exist. When tennis came about as a sport, kings used to complain endlessly that the young princes and military officers frittered away their time on the tennis court instead of attending to their studies.
          Internet has been freaking invaluable. I think you’re in your 20’s (or am I mistaking you for somebody else?), so you don’t really know how much impact it’s really had for the forces of Good. We were almost eliminated on the long, slow road to socialism, lulled into a comfortable, cozy sleep under blankets of conformity and sweet dreams.

        6. The wars now are either proxy, remotely controlled or outright fake and it’s exactly technology that allows for it. People’s chatter on the internet does not stop them.
          Man’s three enemies are the devil, the state and … technology.

        7. You’re free to buy a parcel of land in Oregon and live in a shack in the woods, using sticks and mud. I suspect that you won’t take me up on that offer though.
          Technology is a neutral value, it is a set of tools and methods that can be used for any purpose. To take away human agency in its use by assigning it some kind of ability to “be” evil or an enemy does not compute.

        8. I am not denigrating progress is too easy. I aspire to the professorship in methodical regression. LOL

        9. I think it depends on what kind of technology. Engines able to take us safely out of Earth, of course will expand human experience, freedom and reach. “Social media” that messes up the human instincts and reduces attention spans (and possibly IQ) for all races and enables tracking and tracing by neo-totalitarian states…not so good.
          As a professor of mine from Netherlands used to tell our class: Had the engines and transportation technology followed the path prescribed by Moore’s law, the travel time between London and New York would be less than a minute, or something to that effect.

  10. For those men waking up do not despair. This is a glorious time to be alive.
    A time of weakness and cultural suicide only shows the stark contrast of a savage man who WILL fight for something.
    Men have the greatest gift, yet most do not even realize this yet.
    What is this gift?
    As the modern world doubles down on its insanity the opportunity for a new type of man to rise is here.
    A man who has thrown away the chains of materialism. A man who no longer gives a fuck about the weaklings that surround him. A man that is no longer going to extend his hand of support.
    A man who rejects materialism is a solar man because he is not looking to earth to sate his carnal desires. He is looking to the Sky.
    There is unlimited power for this man to achieve. All he has to do is take it.

      1. It has been a personal awakening for me. Something I can sense that is much bigger than myself. That is purpose.
        I can sense it in the writings of many others like yourself too.
        This is a personal awakening for every man to become what he was truly meant to be.
        A fucking Savage.
        The claws of that bitch Mother Nature could not extinguish the fire in our ancestors.
        The tendrils of this modern world will not suffocate our spark either.

    1. New age mumbo-jumbo. It’s exactly what they want you to believe in. Count the stars, stare at the sun, hold hands and become a vegan, blah, blah.
      There’s nothing wrong with materialism, it’s the essence of survival. The problem is when you allow parasites to live in your society and steal your materials.
      Identify that parasite.

      1. you are the one that thinks banging too many chicks makes you a homo right?

        1. Yes and you’re the living proof of it as you wouldn’t otherwise keep bringing it up and get so wound up about it.
          Any more questions?

        2. I think he’s “Krum”, a bizarre hardcore Orthodox Christian who used to comment here.

        3. Actually he brings it up because it makes no sense. I’ve heard this before from a couple of Catholics, but the reasoning used to explain it is…stretched…to say the least, and fraught with a lot of assumptions that require a “necessarily” clause which simply is not present in real life examples.
          My uncle, an avid 1% MC’er in his day, slept with so many women that I can’t even put faces to them any longer. He’s straight as an arrow, he settled down and had a kid and is still married to this day.

        4. Not saying that his reasonning isn’t fallacious, but I think he gets that from watching the powerful people, who are so bored of getting pussy with no effort, that they went into paraphilias.
          So, in that sense, maybe real debauchery could lead to salami smuggling.
          That would explain the pederastic culture in a lot of political circles, and characters like Charlie Sheen.

        5. But…that may reflect the mind of those who are wired to lust after power over others. That kind of person is just wired differently than a normal man, and they pervert not just sex but, basically, everything in their zeal to control. It seems more like corollary than causation is what I’m saying.

        6. Promiscuity leads to homosexuality in either direct sexual act OR in behavior which is typical for sexual deviants – not wanting children, bitching, not being able to relate to the opposite sex, the Dark Triad traits, etc.
          And it’s not based on assumption by it can be explained with the way the body works.

        7. That’s proof by assertion. There is no evidence to back this up. I’ve fucked a boatload of women over my life, straight as an arrow and no interest in even considering men in the equation. Just doesn’t jibe in my mind.
          And funnily enough, I wanted kids and got married and we have two of them. Been married over 20 years so I’m guessing that I can relate to the opposite sex well enough.
          Know other men just like myself.
          Proof by assertion is a logical fallacy, btw.

        8. What’s the level of your promiscuity? lolknee claims that his is WELL over 500.
          Gay men sleep around much more than straight men. Statistics shows that 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners.
          The conclusion we can draw is that if one has tendency towards promiscuity then one must have tendency towards homosexuality and vice versa, because the more one has sex the more one is inclined to experiment with it.

        9. That’s like saying 83% of alcoholics drink more than 8 beers a day and then claiming I have alcoholic tendencies because I drink more 8 glasses of water a day. Apparently, I’m going to get bored with drinking water and switch to the hard stuff anytime now.

        10. *rim shot*
          I really don’t understand this line of reasoning, such as it is. Having looked at and touched a hell of a lot of nekkid womens, I can’t say that I ever once looked at another man and thought “Gosh, I wonder what his hairy ass would look like”.

        11. The conclusion I draw from it is that it is a lot easier to get laid if you are homosexual. Just like women are sluts if they have a ton of sex because it is super easy for a woman to get lots of sex, gay men are sluts for having lots of gay sex because gay sex is very easy to obtain.

        12. Exactly. Men want sex, and homos, still being technically men, want sex and the person they want to have sex with also wants to have sex all the time, so boom, more sex. Simple math.

        13. The real reason is that there’s no real bonding between homosexuals, the beautiful exchange of male and female energies is not there, there’s no real affection either as this kind of love is narcissistic, it’s a love of oneself. Selfsex.
          When a man has sex of 100s of women he too will eventually loose his ability to bond with them beyond the simple act of sex, which anyway become only an act of mutual masturbation. The energy exchange is also disrupted because the hormone receptor get desensitized or completely worn out.

        14. “The conclusion we can draw is that if one has tendency towards promiscuity then one must have tendency towards homosexuality and vice versa, because the more one has sex the more one is inclined to experiment with it.”
          Correlation is not necessarily causation.
          Citation needed.

    2. There are always two ways to view a collapse. The first is to despair over what has been lost, and the second is to consider the possibilities for the future.
      Western society, as we have been taught to understand it, is dead. The decay we see is merely the final electrical impulses running their way through its corpse. We can mourn that reality all we like, but the king is dead.
      Time has come for us to consider what we want the world to look like. How will our posterity live, and what kind of society do we want for them? Whatever we choose, that world we must create.
      The king is dead. Long live the king!

      1. Inspiring point. Let us raise a new nobility. Our children will become the new aristocracy and from them will arise a new Caesar.

      2. It took few 100s of years for the Roman empire to vanish from the face of the earth in 1453 so don’t hold your breath yet or make any plans for the future.
        We’re still in the pre-Byzantine era now.

        1. Well, distinction here between Eastern and Western Roman empire. For all intents and purposes when Rome fell, the Roman empire as *we* understand it went away. The Eastern empire continued but became something entirely different over time than the Western model. Which I’m sure you know.

        2. When the Germans took over Rome they adopted the Roman way of life – the law, the dress code, the architecture, etc. Rome just became German that’s all.
          The Eastern Roman empire was not much different than the West, it in fact flourished thanks to keeping to the tradition and Constantinople was one point even more splendid than Rome ever was.

        3. Actually Rome degraded severely after it was taken over. Some pieces of it kept working out of sheer bloody minded inertia, but make no mistake, Odoacer didn’t just start sending out Goth troops in Roman uniforms, that shit went away, fast. They did a basic Loot and Scoot and declared “So yeah, we’re in charge” then basically dropped the topic; and later German kings tried to resurrect authority in order to establish imperial realms (I’m looking at you Charlemagne).
          It took nearly 400 years for a lot of Europe to even know Rome was gone as it had existed. The post office they set up kept working because, well, it was helpful and good. But that doesn’t mean that the empire continued to exist under a new Teutonic landlord.
          The East always fascinated me. I do hold that it became something different insofar as it purposefully bent more Hellenic over time than Roman. Maybe to some that’s a distinction without a difference, but it had pretty big historical implications. The Orthodox Church for example, standing in contrast to the Western Catholic Church. Plus the whole influence and effect in the middle east which we’re still proxy dealing with today.

        4. Karl Der Gross was technically Frankish. I know, not a difference to most, but Franks were Germanics, and his reign saw the creation of a kingdom that encompassed BOTH France and Germany. There was, as you’re aware, a whole lot of sperm trading among the hoity toity types in Europe around that time (well, and time afterwards too).
          The Bregtonia folk are also technically French, although they themselves are Celts who left Britain out of fear of Saxon rule. As I’m sure you’re aware, France at the time was a huge mish mash of different people.
          To be fair, I’ve often wondered what language he grew up with in his home. Being Frankish I assume something Germanic or Germanic and Latin mixed.
          EDIT: From Wikipedia: Charlemagne himself probably spoke a Rhenish Franconian dialect of Old High German.[99]

        5. I know, I know. I’d like to create French studies in you colleges one day and teach that there was nothing before France and that every great man on earth has some French roots.

        6. In theory I do, I can trace my mother’s family back to Normandy, via England. Which makes me, technically, not French but Viking. Buahahahahahahaha!

        7. It’s like everyone has Viking roots. The Russians, the Normands, the Dutch, the English, the Scotts … they either were some unstoppable merry rapists or the local women cucked their defeated husbands big time. Probably both.

        8. Right, the admixture of Vikings is omnipresent in most of Europe. I meant actual Vikings without any hanky panky “other genes” thrown in from raids. I even know his/their names.

        9. As a true son of Ireland (ok maybe a great great grand son) I would like to point out that Dublin was first founded by Vikings.

        10. Yes, I know. In fact I believe some other cities in Ireland were too. The Vikings were….energetic.

        11. The city name “Dublin” is whatever the vikings spoke (Danish?) for “dark pool.” Also if you see a natural blond Irish lass (not the bottle blondes), you know where she got the genes from.

        12. Actually, my family has a preponderance of red heads, myself included back when I had hair. So, I am pretty sure where the genes came from. I have no regret over this, no matter how low the Viking homeland has fallen in recent times.

        13. Well Frankreich didn’t exist yet. However the foetus of Deutschland was around my friend.

        14. No Charlemagne was a Frank, once the Franks become the French that whole dynasty era disappeared.

        15. Vikings are fascinating and history bears the strong indention of their presence. Whatever they had needs to awaken in the western male.
          Aspiring to conquer the impossible.

        16. My understanding is that most of the monarchy, especially of the western/northern European countries are still blood relatives.

        17. I believe about 20 +/- percent of current Irish DNA is considered nordic. I look like someone from Norway or Sweeden, though I’m 98% Irish by heritage.

        18. I enjoy looking at Japanese society during and after the warring states period up until the Tokugawa era ended. I see the Japanese warriors and their policies during this era being a very masculpin and nationalist people as they did not really want western culture with them. Their sword arts with the deep philosophy and spiritualism strike a nice stark comparison the European martial arts as well. Not to undermine the sheer ferocity the vikings had.

        19. I look forward to reading it. Japan was a prime example of why a nation needed to be ethnocentric and homogenous while holding a code for young men to follow.

        20. Now the descendants of the Vikings are being cuckserved by the musel hoards…

        21. The Japanese are now doing what is expected of a nationalist country and want the “Roundeyes” to get out. Where is all the calls of racism that would be made if the opposite were true?

        22. I guess they want to go out with a whimper like the rest of western Europe.
          It is very likely that the best stock of European blood died in the fratricidal world wars.
          What’s left are the children of weaklings who never fought for anything. Never stood for something and so they survived on the sacrifice of the strong.

        23. Buddhism made it a point that time for humanity is not linear it’s a repeating cycle

    3. Christianity said it best from the onset don’t become a slave to your things (idolatry is a sin)

  11. Caucasian is not a synonym for “white.” Europeans, Arabs, Jews and South Asians are all Caucasians. Just throwing it out there.

  12. We really only have two options to take to survive this:
    Option #1: Retreat to the undeveloped 3rd world and live off the grid
    Option #2: Fight back before we’re unable to do so, thereby bringing the system down before it becomes mandatory for us to be plugged into the Matrix.
    Some will opt for the first choice, arguing that the world isn’t worth saving and that those who live under Big Brother are weaklings deserve it. I agree with this sentiment, but eventually the shadow that is global governance will reach the entire world if left unchecked.
    Others may choose to fight back, but considering most of the world views globalization, feminism, and smartphones to be good things, they would fail to understand and would be ungrateful. They would even seek to undermine us.
    With that in mind, I propose we do both. We retreat off the grid, if possible of course, until the rest of the world is suffering under Big Brother. Then, when the world is suffering from the consequences of their actions, people like us re-emerge from the wilderness to save them from themselves.
    Why do you think the Bible has a ton of “exile in the desert” stories? Because the damn model works.

  13. It doesn’t work like that. Not really. A Government-issued ID to “log in” the internet wouldn’t change a damn thing. As internet users we are never truly anonymous since our internet provider associates our identity to our IP address. With a warrant, the law enforcement can already access that information so no, you aren’t anonymous at all.
    If you want to be anonymous you’ve got to use VPNs and proxies that mask your IP with that of another device making you untrackable, provided that you don’t give away other data that can be linked to your identity, or use a terminal with malware on it.
    I suggest using the TOR browser, which is a Firefox distro prepackaged with all the tools for anonymity, or better yet use TAILS, which is a USB-bootale Linux distro. It’s an amnesic operating system that every never memorizes anything you do on the internet, making it always clean every start up.
    It’s simple enough for everyone’s use.

    1. Until they take your ID away for voting the wrong way or thinking the wong way, or fine you for thought crimes. These things always start small. First you were taking your shoes off for TSA. Not so bad. Next you are getting molested by them with pat downs. Next you are getting your hands swabbed. Next you are putting your hands up like a criminal in a radiation device. Where does it end?
      Once you have to start asking permission, that’s where all the problems begin. It’s also a step at creating an ID that follows you wherever you go, even when you aren’t using the computer. Suddenly, your prospective employer can pull up your life history using your government ID. Ooops, I see you made a comment critical of a protected class of people several years ago. We can’t hire you. Facebook is already moving to require verifiable identity to use it, how long before Disqus and other sites follow? You also aren’t supposed to have a pen name or fake name on Facebook. People behave differently when they know their identity is attached to something.
      Sure, all this information is available now, but it isn’t connected to your driver’s license. Yet.

      1. .What I’m saying is that it doesn’t work that way. Unless you compromise yourself, with the methods I said there’s basically no way to track anything you do back to yourself, short of putting an intelligence agency after your ass, and even then they’d have to work for it. TAILS is used by journalists in totalitarist countries, rebels and, indeed, also terrorist.
        As far as voting goes, just like every other right, you don’t actually have it. It’s given to you and it can be taken away without any Big Brother. The issue at hand and the method by which it’s furthered are two different things. Don’t mix them then up.
        Those informations you talk about are already all interconnected. It’s not the future. It’s the present.
        Honestly, bullshitting the system is not that hard. You just have to know what to watch out for. And no matter how refined and complex the system gets, there are always going to be cracks in it. First rule of the IT department: there is no such a thing as a foolproof system

      1. And you, random dude on the internet, have definite proof that an OS used worldwide by all manners of hackers and subversive people in totalitarist countries is, in fact, a tool of the New World Order.
        You said it on here, so it MUST be true.

        1. Don’t have definite proof but have enough to know that it smells like bulshit!

          Tor does not carry out end-to-end encryption, so your traffic is not encrypted at the exit node. It allows both authorities as well as hackers to read it rather easily. Moreover, nothing prevents anyone from setting up his own Tor exit node for malicious purposes and intercept all Tor traffic going through it, spying on users. The Tor architecture has no safeguards to prevent this type of scenario.

        2. Which is why I said you must not divulge any data that could make it possible to identify you. The TOR Network only masks your digital identity, not what you do. It’s only the first step to insure you can say what you want on the internet without it backfiring.
          It’s not traffic protection. It’s identity protection. Anonimity.
          Of course, if you log into any account to your name or divulge you data in plain view, there goes all the safety.
          Even a node created for malicious purposes doesn’t do shit, considering the thousands that are set up across the globe. Sure enough, they’ll be able to pry any data you share across the connection (if you don’t encrypt it) but it can’t be set up for the purpose of traking specific individuals, thus it’s pointless for vigilance purposes. Setting up nodes to to spy on people would work as well as putting a road block on a street at random over the entire world in the hope of a specific criminal passing by.
          Basically, by itself it’s not enough if you are already tagged for surveilance, but it’s good enough to express your opinion without having it traced back to you afterwards.

  14. I’m inclined to believe that this state of affairs was simply inevitable. Unless we forcibly and artificially retard any future technological development (the likelihood of which I don’t find promising), technological dystopia is our future.

    1. Outside of electricity, Rome had a very high level of technology. I mean they had apartments with central air and they’d learned how to make ice in the desert. They ported water across a continent. They were brilliant.
      Didn’t stop the Dark Ages.

        1. Nah, not yet. We’re still sitting here discussing politics with each other while our army of Goths in the background silently takes inventory of what Roman house and women they want as slaves, come King Odoacer.

    2. It depends what kind of tech. Thorium reactors yes and thousand times yes. Tinder applications for women…not so sure.

  15. Dealing with the electronic ID is easy – boycott the internet. Boycott cellphones. Those who do will remain anonymous, those who don’t will die off slowly. We survived THOUSANDS of years without a glowing screen in our face, we can do it for thousands more.
    Do you really think that the majority of people of America – of THE WORLD – is going to comply with the idea that it MUST BE RECOGNIZED before it logs online? Hell no. If anything, the liberal elite of the world WOULDN’T want that. It is sicker than anyone. All of the private and shifty habits of liberals would become publicized, all of the information and their records would become as easily accessible as the common man’s. Thankfully, if the government is able to do a full background check on me, I have yet to have an email exchange with political campaign donors in the Middle East (cough, cough).
    Technology is the death of itself. At the end of the day, we are going to win this fight the way that the Revolution was won – the struggles included, unfortunately.
    ***That means we need to mobilize. That means we need to start planning the meet ups again. That means choosing DANGEROUS FREEDOM.

    1. The other thing to consider is that as much as all the tech elite suck the dick of liberalism, they suck the dick of privacy even more. Probably because they all have a bunch of dirt in their closets that would make even the tranny-bathrooms-and-pedophilia-for-everyone crowd blush.
      Every techie I know is obsessed with concealing his tracks online, so I wouldn’t count on them helping the government destroy anonymity.

      1. Have you ever wondered why all the techies are paranoid about their privacy? Maybe they know something we don’t. I guarantee they know a lot that I don’t. It is like the t-shirt that says, “I am a bomb squad technician, if you see me running, try to keep up.” So if I gave a shit I would try to follow the behavior of the experts in the field and obsess about concealing my tracks on line. Age gives me the advantage that I will die before this comes to pass; Thank God!

  16. No, “libertarianism” won’t work as currently formulated.
    Libertarians support the agenda of feminist degeneracy: Women’s college education and careers; women’s freedom to travel the world alone; women’s sexual freedom; abortion, contraception and sterility; open marriages, affairs and divorce.
    And this makes sense, given that libertarians credit their ideology to three damaged women in the last century who didn’t have children and who couldn’t form stable marriages:
    Our elites support all of these feminist parts of “libertarianism” because they promote elite interests and give libertarians the illusion of the advance of “freedom.” But notice the part of “libertarianism” our elites reject as crazy-talk and not worthy of consideration: Reforming the banking system and restoring something like “sound money.”
    An alternative to this version of libertarianism that would improve the world would have to incorporate patriarchal and traditional principles, so that, for example, women could inherit sound money without having to pay an inheritance tax; but they would face social and legal sanctions if they slept around. For some reason no one wants to talk about that kind of libertarianism.

    1. Strange. I support Patriarchy, removing the vote from women, am anti-abortion and am for borders and immigration control. Yet still, I’m able to employ the libertarian litmus test just like the Founders and come out entirely on their side of things. The elites loath actual libertarianism, they won’t finance a single LP candidate if their lives depended on it.

      1. I’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding of true libertarianism on this site. It’s understandable, especially since a bunch of left-leaning SJWs infiltrated the movement in the last several years. They’re more concerned with police treating people like fluffy bunnies and smoking grass than they are with real issues.
        Real libertarianism decentralizes the power and allows for states and local communities to govern themselves instead of being instructed by some fuckhead in Washington DC. This does not mean that people will just do as they please. You can see this play out in many of the remaining small US towns where morality and order are the norm. The line in Sicario where Benecio del Toro tells her, “Go live in a small town where the rule of law still exists. This is a land of wolves, and you are not a wolf” sums this up perfectly. Centralized power has created a wasteland of savage predators, and true libertarians want to reestablish the rule of law that made this nation prosperous.

        1. Exactly, and I fully and utterly agree. The common misconception is aligning us with the SJW pot heads, or aligning us with anarchists. Neither is accurate.

        2. Libertarianism is just another incoherent form of liberalism. NAP can’t be a basic principle of governing society. Or family for that matter. How can one be a supporter of Patriarchy if he doesn’t have a right to coerce his family members to do what they are supposed to do? NAP makes governing impossible.
          You (and the OP) make the fatal mistake that you think the natural opposite of tyranny is freedom. It is not. The opposite of tyranny is *just authority* and authority naturally uses coercion to enforce its vision of common good.

  17. Glad somebody came out and said something. It’s Rothschild family and Rockefeller and a few others who plan on making a new world order. Go look up all the people who have died from creating water powered cars. Go look up all the doctors who have cured aids and HIV and have been killed. We are now forced to have health insurance and they made it cheaper so that we are more likely to go to the doctor and take these horrible drugs that account for 1/3 of all deaths. They already have concentration camps set up, Go look up FEMA coffins. Why did FEMA spend millions of dollars on bullets alone and we are in a trillion dollar debt. Who are they planning to shoot. Us. We already know what the NSA has done. Go look up how the government can tap into your phones and record everything you say. All the Presidents before Obama togther spent 6 trillion dollars and got us into a hige debt. Obama by himself has spent double that. The Federal Reserve isnt owned by the Government it’s a private bank. A private bank that has the power print our money which has absolutely mo backing in gold. It does hace a backing in oil though which is why when the middle east changed the currency they would sell their oil for to euros. America concoted 9/11 and started a war. They went over there kicked their asses and changed the currency for oil back to dollars. Which is exactly what they are doing from the gay bar incident that happened. That’s all concited by the government. The Rothchild family has a federal reserve bank in almost every country. They control the world including the media. Go look up how several media news stations all said the exact same line. “You don’t need us to tell you that gas prices are on the rise”. Democratic and Republic are two birds of a feather. Obama wanted to put in Obama care. If He didnt get elected Romney was going to put in Romney care which is the same thing. Hillary Clinton at the time suggested the same thing. They are all puppets. They are going to try and start a new world order. Go look up David Rockefeller and what he says about. Where thier is one workd currency and. They have a rock in the middle of georgia with the first 10 rules of the new world. The first one is world population must stay under 500,000,000. Thus the age thats appropriate to die at 75. And the sad part is they pay millions of dollars to make All americans believe that anything like what I have just said is a “conspiracy theory” it’s just a crazy thought. Go do your research. Don’t take my word for it. You have internet and a logical brain just like everyone else. The bottom line is we need to stand up and fight before it’s too late.

  18. She felt so good that morning, a warm velvety caress that eased the stress from work out of his existence. He didn’t remember when she’d felt this good around him. Yesterday? The day before? He could only recall that she had always gone by the time he opened his eyes. He couldn’t help but nap afterwards, after all the feeling was so energetic and pleasurable, and she was considerate enough not to bring emotion into their sessions letting him settle into dream instead. She was perfect.
    He sat up in bed and reached for the pitcher on the nightstand, taking a deep drink and wetting a cloth to clean his loins right as the chiming started. Time for work. His eyes closed and he lay back into the pillow. As a content generator he would need to provide at least 2TB of material over the next 12 hours. It was becoming harder every day to meet the requirements and still find a way to convey the message in a new way. His vocabulary had always been large, but more and more words lost their initial impact each day, and the lookers were unsettled, too much repetition was making their time stagnate and the ripples of discontent were spreading across the net.
    Even he could feel the apprehension, the minds beginning to search for something new and interesting. It was time to attempt the directive, but he wasn’t so sure that changes to the system would help. There was a certain comfort in the confines he knew best and even though everyone knew conformity was key, would it work this time? It was a frightening prospect to be certain. An ache in his head increased reminding him that the directive was set and his part must move forward. “Amptimime” he watched as the letters appeared on the channel and awaited the response.
    “What does that mean?” The replies and discussion came on so fast he missed the majority. It was done. He had introduced the first new word and there would be many more to follow. The scrubbers would be following-up already and guaranteeing the integrity. It would be fine, he saw, there were more ripples and in greater intensity, but they were turning to embrace this stimuli, they were beginning to feed on it, and it was growing more quickly than he could have imagined. The ache was still there, though lessened, and the chime came again to signal that he had exceeded quota. Work was done for the day.
    He smiled and the feed changed. She was once again astride him and he didn’t remember when she’d felt this good.

    1. A bit of W. Gibson like sentiment?
      Nice writing anyway… People seldom realize what kind of and how much difference just reading can make.

  19. A few years back Vermont once tried to propose a tax that would tax people on the miles per year they traveled in their cars by installing a tracking device. An extension of the gas tax.
    There was such an uproar it immediately dismissed.

    1. “There was such an uproar it immediately dismissed.”
      At the rate people are getting stupid the second attempt to pass this law might get easier.

      1. Only the city dudes: there’s maybe four hipsters in the entire county.
        It was something that would affect even the “silent majority”, so they stopped being silent for that incident.

        1. “Only the city dudes: there’s maybe four hipsters in the entire county”
          Lets hope. Vermont is a pretty state and nice people. New Hampshire’s state slogan on their license plates reads (or at least it used to in the 1980’s) “Live free or die” which it appears folks from NH seemed to have forgotten.

    2. when gas prices fell, the state collected less tax revenue from it.
      ironically, their push for more fuel-efficient vehicles also lowered the amount of tax the state could collect, as people were using less gas.
      So what happens when the ‘greenies’ use less gas? the state proposed the fucking ‘tracking device’ to tax you more since they weren’t getting it their way.
      They did this shit in Oregon and California. fucking faggots

      1. I don’t know how gas is taxed in your jurisdiction, but in mine it is not based on a percentage of the price. The gas tax is a flat rate per gallon. It is supposed to be a proxy for road usage. The only thing that lowers gas tax revenue is when people buy fewer gallons. this can be because of a price hike that is so high that people cut back or it can be a long term shift to more efficient cars.

  20. “Bellies are full but souls are empty.”
    Pretty much sums it up. What we need is a good old-fashioned catastrophe, maybe even one that throws us back to the stone age.
    Great, if depressing, piece of writing.

  21. Yeah, this is where I part with Roosh: Feminism, progressivism and liberalism are bad, but I plan on being one of the corrupt, rich assholes rather than going on some stupid vision quest to the Sky or whatever.

    1. Good luck with that.
      In part I think thanks to this site I am now married to my dream girl, and she’s baking a special in her oven.
      Now find me a way that anything you said can beat or top that… If you think making money beats holding your own child in your arms I’ve got news for ya…

  22. In fairness to Gary, I consider myself a libertarian and I took one of those online issue surveys and I myself matched up with Bernie 69 percent. (Trump was 78 percent, Rand Paul was 91, and Hillary was 20 percent). Still wish he’d drop out of the race though.

      1. Don’t recall – would have to go find it. There were at least 60-70 questions with multiple answers for each and a weighting mechanism for importance of issues. Perfect impartiality seems impossible, but it struck me as being about as unbiased as one could get, if that’s what you’re wondering.

  23. The best and most effective way to destroy free speech is by wrecking the education system while also promoting the egalitarian maxim that everyones opinion is equal in the market place of human discourse. Destruction through voluminous opinionated social babble back up by nothing else than anger, attitude and “whatever”.

  24. This is not authoritarianism vs libertarianism. This is the human desire to be free from all constraints being used against natural constraints to implement tyrannical artificial ones. That is why Gary Johnson agrees with Sanders on 73% of the issues. They are both selling the lie that you can engineer a utopia with ideas in opposition to nature. There are essential freedoms, meant to protect families and incentives to build society, and superfluous ones like the right to play around with a private airplane. We have traded national soveriengty for cheap televisions and the sanctity and proliferation of marriage for self-degrading epicureanism. We are slaves to what we have been taught to love, which has no real substance whatsoever.

  25. Logical men constantly think their way out of being cornered and boxed in by authoritarians and legalists. WOMEN BLOW IT by bitching and browbeating the man to ascribe to the authoritarian program unless the man keeps her controlled and blinded from any external ‘counterfeit’ authority but his own true patriarchal command. It is then the women who rat out the encampment or clan to the legalists. When the tribe’s autonomy is threatened is when the unyoked women lose their solidarity. This is when women’s comfort level is compromised and they are called to follow protocol and shut their yappers, when their bellies aren’t stuffed and they long for and crave for the ‘cat-box’ feeling of laying while licking the drool off of their chops in the warmth – – that’s when they betray and sell out the pack. They fork over the wealth in freedom they never knew they had, never appreciated and never valued. They fork it all over since women can’t think logically enough to be autonomous and survive. They constantly browbeat the males to deliver the ‘fat dumb and happy’ environment to them. The woman will gladly screw an authoritarian legalist or regulator. (There is a way, mind you, to stuff her yapper and keep her triggly subdued when on the lamb. Your dick is ye rod of power and has a head and mind just the perfect caliber to do the job.)
    WOMEN TOO must be kept sheathed and protected like your own sharp sword or like a cache of valuables or like your family jewels. Protect your woman and KEEP HER SACKED like she was your own pair of balls, because SHE IS exactly that. She is your #2 ballsack. To be without your balls would be the same as to be without control of your woman. Your seedline dies quickly when you lose your jewels. SHE IS YE BALLSACK albeit I sincerely hope ye woman’s face is prettier than a wrinkly drooping ballsack. But she is just as important.

  26. I don’t see why slavery would be “comfortable” with the mass rapes of whites committed by Arab men (and blacks).

  27. Criticism:
    “In fact, America has already completed 8 out of 10 of the tenets in the Manifesto to varying degrees!”
    Less is more. The “in fact” was unnecessary and sounds supplicating, also the exclamation point was too much. Instead of using an exclamation point, I think it would have been better to set off that sentence in a paragraph of its own using italics for emphasis.
    Also the “to varying degrees” is a qualifier, and as such I think it should have been at the beginning of the sentence.

    …in which people never really own their property as much as they rent it from the government—are other tenets of the Communist Manifesto that have been implemented.
    To varying degrees, America has already completed 8 out of 10 of the tenets in the Communist Manifesto.
    Marxists are coming out the woodwork with even more evil designs, openly discussing new items on their checklist they want to implement once the masses are under complete, centralized control…

    See? That gets the emphasis across while keeping a calm tone. It’s the literary equivalent of that scene in Inception where Tom Hardy calmly walks up to Joseph Gordon Levitt, saying “you have to dream bigah dahling”, before firing off a bazooka/machine-gun.
    Next, I think it would have been better to drop the “evil” in the sentence “Marxists are coming out the woodwork with even more evil designs” Yes, it’s definitely “evil”. But that’s a charged word, and like roundhouse punch, it’s best to save it for after you’ve softened up your opponent with a couple of jabs and crosses.
    Anyway, aside from stylistic criticisms, I liked the piece. Great article.

  28. In philosophy it’s called “nausea” when you wake up and everything wrong in society disturbs you. In Taoism it’s called “the thaw” because it’s assumed you’re working with a mentor who can help you work through it and become your own person. These days we’re calling it the “Red Pill.”
    The last Pope warned us about the dangers of Relativism. And you’re damn right about social control. We’re in a Plutocracy right now, and laws are passed by them to control everyone else BUT them. And when people find out that they can side-step the laws by being in favor of the Plutocrats/Oligarchs, then you have our current two-tiered society.
    But I encourage everyone to watch the first season of “Fargo.” It lays it all down. Basically, there are no rules, and the people who get ahead in the world are the in-between’s who don’t give a fuck about the rules that make sheeples, And they’re eyes are open about the people really running society.
    Accepting and developing your masculinity will make you run into a lot of situations that confuse you. You’ll see co-workers or friends lying down and letting the System and it’s people run over them. And you see guys in fucked up marriages, and all the other shit you read about on here. But you gotta take that next step which is to ACT, and not be one of the examples you start seeing all around you.

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