The Concept Of Chivalry Has Been Distorted To Create Subservient Men


From Wikipedia:

Chivalry, or the chivalric code, is the traditional code of conduct associated with the medieval institution of knighthood… It was originally conceived of as an aristocratic warrior code… involving gallantry, individual training, and service to others. Over time its meaning has been refined to emphasise more ideals such as the knightly virtues of honour, courtly love, courtesy, and less martial aspects of the tradition.

The term “martial” here, of course, means relating to war: the code was originally meant to guide medieval warriors– not peasants, aristocrats, or even lords. And certainly not modern day men, living in the world we do today.

This fact alone sheds light on why the code has changed over time. Warriors slashing each other with swords simply don’t exist today. Yet chivalry has stuck around. So has its meaning been refined? Or completely distorted? Let’s take a look at its conception.

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The first noted support for chivalric vocation, or the establishment of knightly class to ensure the sanctity and legitimacy of Christianity was written in 930 by Odo, abbot of Cluny in the Vita of St. Gerald of Aurillac.

This passage sheds more light on its intended purpose. The knights, and their chivalric code were meant “to ensure the sanctity and legitimacy of Christianity.” Take fearless warriors like these knights, put them in wartime scenarios, and what do you get? Things like rape and pillaging come to mind, and are commonplace in wars even to this day. Chivalry was meant to ensure that the Christian values that these knights were supposedly fighting for were observed, even in battle.


But as time went on, the application of this code began to encompass more areas of a warrior’s life. Below are the three fronts that chivalry embodied as the middle ages went on:

1. Duties to countrymen and fellow Christians: this contains virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak and the poor, and in the servant-hood of the knight to his lord.
2. Duties to God: this would contain being faithful to God, protecting the innocent, being faithful to the church, being the champion of good against evil, being generous and obeying God above the feudal lord.
3. Duties to women: this would contain what is often called courtly love, the idea that the knight is to serve a lady, and after her all other ladies. 

The first two areas mentioned here represent the origins of the code. Knights were to uphold the Christian values of mercy, courage, protection of the weak, and service to god as they carried out their battles and crusades. The third point, however, is what we are most familiar with today.

This is the expansion of the code into court life where the knights were expected to respect and serve women. But not all women 0nly to Christian ladies of the court, i.e. noble women. The same way these courageous warriors were to protect the weak, they were meant to protect and serve women. In addition to their primary wartime purposes, of course.


What does chivalry mean today? Apparently, now that we don’t have a defined knightly class to battle with swords and protect Christianity, it has expanded to mean that all men should follow it. But not the whole thing. Just the part about serving women.


And there’s nothing wrong with this. A manly man opening the car door or carrying a heavy load to help a feminine women out is a great and attractive thing. This at least resembles the traditional dynamic of a knight protecting and serving a medieval lady. But when you remove some key aspects of this dynamic, does it still apply?

If you take a bratty, drunk girl who’s whining and complaining to her man, does it still apply? What about a girl who is so committed to being on her own and free of dependency on any man that she always tries to order them around and flip the script? When a poor beta man rushes ahead of her to open the door, is that chivalry?

I think not. I think she just made him her bitch.


So is chivalry alive today? In the modern sense of a man protecting and serving women it certainly can be. The strong, confident alpha male who takes it upon himself to treat women as medieval ladies and take care of the manly tasks like carrying heavy bags or walking on the outside of the sidewalk to protect her is a shining example of chivalry in its true sense.

Unfortunately many modern men aren’t like this. They are weak and timid. When you combine this with a women who’s susceptible to taking advantage of such a man and the idea of chivalry, you have the makings of a disaster. A man like this going out of his way to serve all women is only going to further damage his sense of self worth. Rather than being her “knight in shining armour” he becomes something that more closely resembles a servant or a slave.

In the end, it all depends on the context. Chivalry only applied to the knightly class in medieval times. Today, it’s become something that all men are encouraged to follow, whether alpha or beta. While it certainly is an attractive and acceptable behaviour of the alpha, it only serves to further emasculate the beta.

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196 thoughts on “The Concept Of Chivalry Has Been Distorted To Create Subservient Men”

  1. Any man willing to serve a woman is a pathetic beta faggot. Opening doors for her, carrying her luggage, doing her hard work for her, these are all MASSIVE BETA MOVES.
    STOP this shit, guys. Stop being faggots. Stop kissing women’s asses, and watch how the women’s attitudes will change. In the end, if you men weren’t such a bunch of beta male mangina white knight faggots, the women never would have gotten so badly out of control.
    At this point, avoid all long term relationships, such as dating or marriage, and just pump and dump bitches. Let’s show women what real equality is- they work, they pay their own bills, and they are not dependent on a man.

    1. This Mexican woman living in Japan, says that what you describe is how Japan is, no gentleman who opens doors to women and etc, however she notes that thanks to it, Japanese women are used to do many things themselves so their men are only needed to make children with them and that’s it 😉 she needs to explain it, because Mexico in that issue is more like the United States, so she says Latin people shouldn’t expect Japanese to be like that.

      1. Japanese men are in a sorry state. VICE on HBO had a great doc on how Japanese men don’t fuck. Jap dudes are perfectly happy with their games, toys, gadgets and Anomi . Japanese women go to clubs and pay fellas to hang out with them. Japan is demographically in a death spiral. No reproduction….

        1. Japanese men are totally lost. It’s difficult to consider them men, even by horrible Western standards.

        2. Japanese, Chinese and Korean are the race with hightest IQ, both of you are victims of capitalist propaganda about Japan, the Japanese actually need less people, a rich but overcrowded country, Japan have 125 millions in state of the size of California, Japan should have only about 100 million people at most, the have EVERYTHING CALCULATED as the smart Asians they are.

        3. That’s an interesting point I’ve never considered. You just blew my mind about the Japan issue. I’m going to have to look into that. But I must add one thing: what is with all the Japanese men and the Hello Kitty, Anime, childishness? It seems that Japanese culture is creating weak, sorry men…even weaker than those in the West.

        4. *awaiting response.* Japan produced among the most fearsome warriors in human history, and not that long ago. I’d guess the loss of masculinity is related to the cultural upheaval from the end of the Empire. Plus, the warrior class was always small compared to the peasants, and maybe the feminization is a response to the loss of that class.

        5. The problem with crash population reduction programs is the waiting demographic time bomb:
          When you have, on average, 2 siblings, but you and your siblings choose to have 1 or less children, you will end up, in one generation’s time, with six old persons being supported by less than three adults … who will also have very few children, because they cannot afford them while supporting the previous generation in retirement.
          Extreme ZPG programs are a devastating time bomb. I think these somewhat smarter Asians have set a trap for themselves here, and the seriousness of it is starting to hit in China, where mandatory one-child families have created a severe lack of marriageable women for the current generation.
          I would respectfully suggest that the best course for China would be to ease restrictions to 2 children per family. Still below the replacement rate, but not so low that oldsters will be starving soon.
          This isn’t “capitalist propaganda”. It’s just hard figures. If it is any consolation, Europe has been suckered into the same trap, and educated Islamics are going to be hit harder by it:
          Iranian and Turkish families have suddenly gone from 6 children to less than 1.5. Those two countries are going to be devastated by this sometime around 2040.
          In the US, the leftists “Blue” states are also well under replacement rate, but the conservative “Red” states are still well above replacement rate. Expect more Blue state bankruptcies, and more votes from Red states next generation.

        6. You can be smart and gay at the same time. Which would also explain why they have the least children per person of any country.

        7. I agree, we are way over populated…
          besides how do you know if Japanese men aren’t having sex?
          you don’t.
          you listen to propaganda media.

        8. We know that a lot of Japanese men are not interested in any relationship with women becuase they are openly saying so. The statistics are not propaganda. To whose benefit would such propaganda serve? The Japanese government is shitting itself over the implications of up to 70% of single men over 30 deciding to withdraw from relationships and especially unwilling to enter into wage slavery. They are herbivores and apparently have no shame in choosing a simple low cost life style that offers them the maximum of personal freedom. Of course that means having nothing to do with women. It seems a rational choice to me under their circumstances.

      2. Your argument is that if men don’t act chivalrous the women won’t need us? Bullshit!
        Women have told us that they didn’t need us for 40 years now…. They’re even flirting with the idea that “men are obsolete.” Then, the unladylike cunts will mutter under their very next breathe “Oh, where have all the good men gone?”
        Typical “empowered” girl: always blame men for circumstance, then rely on them to change… never any accountability or initiative.

      3. Sorry that this is in Spanish only with no available English subtitles. Joan Mondale (wife of Walter Mondale, Vice President under Jimmy Carter and candidate against Reagan in 84) recently died. NPR played an interview with her from the time where her husband was the ambasador to Japan. She said she tried to counsel American students studying in Japan. Her observation was that most of the young women were shocked that men did not just give way to women. Western women are so inculcated with the idea that men will jump at their command, even before they give the command, that a man standing his ground or staying his course is a shock to them. They are so pampered their priviledge is invisible to them. Japan’s men may have decided that their women are not worth the effort but at least they have no become the wusses that western men have.

    2. You sound like a bitter 15 year old. There is a difference between being chivalrous because you are a man of honor (and chivalry is therefore a part of your personal code no matter what) and just being a desperate orbiter trying to get laid by holding open doors. A man of honor does what he does because it is a part of him — he expects nothing in return, his satisfaction rests in the fact that he is a man with values in this world where few have them.

        1. No, he’s right. There is a VERY clear difference between white knighting….. and being a “Maximus”.
          A White Knight will LOWER himself for female acceptance, approval , attention and affection.
          Maximus (Gladiator) didn’t grovel at the feat of what’s-her-name, and he wasn’t even remotely interested in her affection or approval. He lived by his own code of honor. He did what was right and decent and looked to no one else for social cues.
          “The true and living” has exactly the right idea.

        2. No he doesnt. Because he is insinuating we do things for women.
          The women that have done nothing for us except screw men over and every turn.
          I have a very high personal code of honor.
          And it has nothing to do with helping any fucking cunts.

        3. I would have nailed him myself for such an attitude (exactly as you) but he was CLEAR at pointing out the difference, and even condemned such behavior as: QUOTE:” just being a desperate orbiter trying to get laid”.
          If we’re going to be rigid about it….
          we had better be RIGID about it.

        4. And it’s immature morons like yourself who lump all women into one category and hate them irrationally that gives men a bad name. Congrats on being a bitter child.

        5. The hate is strong with this one.
          Respect women who respect you, Be true to yourself and your ideas.Being honorable is the gift you give yourself.

      1. A man of honor could just as easily have a personal code in which chivalry is non-existent. There are, for example, many codes of honor in which women were considered simply parasites, to be ignored like mud under your boot.

        1. Please share said codes…I’m curious. Not that I don’t believe you, I’ve just never come across a code like that.

        2. Every see the film “Gladiator”? Pay attention to the main character Maximus. It’s an EXCELLENT example of the difference between a “white knight” and a “man of honor”…. who actually conducts himself as if the female lead is worth no more than the gum under his shoe.

        3. It really is excellent, and on occasion, I have even silently asked myself: “What would Maximus do.”.

        4. but he honours his wife and family to state the obvious. This is an important point. Honour & reward true & loyal women & simply ignore the painted vamps, succubi & legion manipulators who would otherwise lay claim to your attention

        5. I always ask myself, what would Gloria Steinem do. Men can learn a lot from women if they weren’t so pigheaded.

        6. Personally, I tell my wife “Blow job, make me a sammich.” She tells me to “Go fuck yourself.” And then makes me a nice dinner instead.
          I’m such a beta loser.

        7. Under his shoe huh? Apparently you missed the part about her beta orbiter-turned father killing, sister raping, mass murdering psychopathic emperor brother?
          I don’t know about you, but if I was that woman, with a an asshole like that for a scheming beta brother, and had a son next in line for the throne, I would gladly take “Gum under your shoe” title than “Son raped and murdered, then analy violated by sibling turned incestuous mass murdering emperor.”
          She stood by that guy as best she could. Obviously loved him. This was before chivalry was even known about. If a woman had to suck dick for a living or starve her and her kids….gosh darn it all, she would polish the chrome of a Zeus idol.
          Feminists would be wise to stop rewriting history. Or the unwashed, untamed, unkempt, unruly and ignorant mob of geniuses like this will rape the shit out of them.
          History repeats itself to those who never read it. The movie is my fave by the way. Probably because I’m such a beta faggot as old panty-in-knots up top. LOL
          Oh, she was a bitch. But a highly organized bitch that seemed to be a great mother. When in Rome…….

        8. Uhh…Mate it wasn’t history it was a movie. The Emperor Commodus was actually strangle by his gay masseuse and wrestling partner.

        9. LOL. Strangled.
          Yeah, I know. I’m in a hurry the past few days, so I’m being an asshole for fun. Well, a bigger one than usual.

        10. Yes he did… And didn’t give two shits about the Emperor’s beautiful sister – no matter how wet her vagina was.

        11. I do ask myself “what would Gloria Steinem do?” but then I typically assume that she’ll act like a gynocentric cunt, confirm my theory as correct, then move on with my life in accordance to my own standards.
          Then, I fuck Bubba’s mom in her fat ass.

      2. What does honor have to do with serving the weak? Is it honorable to hold doors for children?? NO! Its is nice (nice is not a virtue!!!) but not honorable.

      3. You boil it down into stark terms of just sex, which is ridiculous. I was once that nice guy. I believed that being a nice guy would get a nice girl for sex within marriage. We call it bribery today like it’s a bad thing. How will we ever put women in their place if we don’t expect women to be ladies? I think there is plenty of embittered testosterone around if you look. Anger is useful to get the nice guy to reform, so I’m all for it. I am a rationalist who uses evolution as his template of interpretation and to determine his strategies in life. I think patriarchy is the only form of functional society. I believe that answers your question on a non-chivalrous code. Any complete masculine code ought to be societal, shouldn’t it?

      4. opening doors… carrying bags… paying for coffee…. its all nonsense.
        Any decent Alpha gamer will know when to do these things, and when not to, depending on the girl.
        These actions are tools of the trade, not limits to behavior.
        The only act of real chivalry that a man should apply to his game is
        – Never tell a girl you love her to get her into bed.
        This is the biggest Beta move a man can make.
        An alpha will get a girl into bed with his wit, charm, physique, attraction and success.

    3. Context. I’m not going to run to hold the door open for a woman, but I’m not going to let it slam shut in anybodies, male or female, face either. I’ll carry my gf’s luggage out to my truck on vacation because she has the tetris skills of a blind kid and I’ll have to rearrange things anyways. Doing the harder work around and outside of the house isn’t beta if she’s in the house keeping it clean, preparing meals, etc.

    4. Wow, you sound like your girlfriend dumped you and you spent all day raging on /r/theredpill.
      Doing things like opening doors and heavy lifting because (you think) it will get you laid makes you a “pathetic beta faggot”. Doing these things for a woman who makes it worth your while does not.
      I have a girl that i dont hesitate to give foot massages to when she asks. Does that make me a “pathetic beta faggot”? What if i told you that she appreciates me so much that she lets me do anything i want to (and in) her body and that she is okay with me not committing to her? Does that still make me a “pathetic beta faggot”?

      1. “I have a girl that i dont hesitate to give foot massages to when she asks. Does that make me a “pathetic beta faggot”?”
        Yes, it’s pathetic. Groveling behavior is unattractive to women.
        “… she appreciates me so much that she lets me do anything i want to (and in) her body…”
        You and everyone else. Good luck, “man.”

        1. Ha, youre so pathetic. You are so scared of appearing to be weak that you dont even understand that being alpha isnt about being a dick, its about doing what you want.
          You’re so set on proving something that you’re letting the worst parts of this community dictate to you your behavior.
          Good luck, “man.”

        2. If she asks you for a foot massage and you do it eagerly without her returning the favor right away then YES you are beta….
          It is HER ROLE to give you massages, crazy sex whatever her body can provide it’s yours….

        3. “If she asks you for a foot massage and you do it eagerly without her returning the favor right away then YES you are beta….”
          No dude. THAT is what makes you a beta – simpering and groveling and doing favors in the hopes that you get rewarded. Fuck THAT.
          Again, being alpha is doing what you want. If you are trading favors with the expectation of sexual reward, you’re a beta. Good luck “man,” you’re gonna need it.

    5. I tend to agree. As modern men, we really owe it to our generation of women to show them what being a man is all about. They all want to act like men, right? Let’s show them what being a man is all about; dealing with disappointment, rejection, thankless hard work, etc. They all think being a man is beer-swilling, high-fiving horseplay, and that our lives are so easy.
      Let those bitches eat cake.

    6. You have no idea about anything. You sound bitter and twisted, not to mention a massive damaged beta

    7. <———-is a father, husband, fighter, and lover.
      Now, I am also a a pathetic beta faggot because I mow my own lawn, shovel my own now, electrically repair my own home appliances and furnace, car, and teach my sons how to kick ass! I guessI only shoot Y-chromosomes?
      Anyways. Fuck you. Hahahahahahahahhaahahah

    1. The RoK editor has a good taste with the pictures and the overall style of the site. It’s one of the best looking magazines I know.

    2. Once upon a time, so long ago that no one can remember, there used to be something known as “The English Rose.”

  2. Recently a woman accused me of being “chivalrous”.
    And as a man, when I’m accused of something, I think about what that something is before running my mouth. Since a woman accused me of being it, I chose to define “chivalry” in terms that a woman could understand.
    The only reason I held the door open for her, is because I thought she was going to walk right into it and give herself a big nasty bump on the head… and we can’t have that.
    I don’t like bruised peaches either – and that’s not “chivalry”.
    Women don’t seem to be able to open anything correctly without a man’s help.
    A jam jar ….. a conversation ….. potato chips…… nail polish…… their legs.
    So why would a DOOR be any different??
    So ladies, please don’t call me “chivalrous” just because I don’t like a woman to hurt herself. Persistence, alcohol, and making sure your woman isn’t banging into any doors has worked since the beginning of time.
    “CHIVARLY” —>> is when some poor shmuck has to put on his suit of armor and make sure his slutty girlfriend isn’t whoring herself out for more male attention on Snatchdotcom / POF / Facebook or Instagram.

    1. My simple rule of thumb: If a woman looks like she’s not a “wymmin” (cunty, bitchy, obese, shaved head, tats, piercings, etc.), I’ll hold a door open; if she looks like a “wymmin”, well, enjoy your “equal rights”. And that includes “wymmin” with kids – fuck them, too.

      1. Call me cruel, (and pssst don’t tell anyone) but I like to demonstrate the occasional display of “chivalry”, to remind them of what they CAN’T have. It’s so easy to blow a woman’s mind. Especially if she’s over 40, the slightest gesture is like throwing food to the starving.
        10X more effective when executed with a completely straight face as if it’s a 100% natural reflex…. and then you walk away as they watch and wonder what century or planet you are from.
        Kill ’em with kindness. If that’s the phrase.
        But don’t spread that around.

        1. It’s fun to mess with their heads. So long as they don’t look/act like a complete cunt, of course.

        2. I agree – if they look deserving (or if a person has a handicap or is on crutches, broken arm, etc.) of course I’ll open a door and ask if they need any help. I’m not an animal like the wimmyn, feminazis and general assholes are; my parents raised me better than that. I’m not letting them take that away from me.

        3. When they act like complete cunts – that’s when I might even DIAL IT UP a notch. Like when a feminist wants to hate you and she’s all cunt, but then you SMILE instead. They really HATE that.
          That’s what I meant by “kill em with kindness”. The above strategy is not to be kind… it’s to be deliberately cruel.
          Every Tuesday there is a large group of fat single moms and their spawn at the local breakfast spot where I get coffee. They are unbelievably loud , intentionally rude to the wait staff, obnoxious and leave the place a filthy MESS. Truly like PIGS. The condition they leave the place in makes me SICK.
          So when I go in to get a coffee, as I pass them, I would smile and say “good morning, ladies”. I’m telling you, you could hear a pin drop after that. Pay for my coffee and “A very pleasant day to you.”. And then I just …. leave.
          That’s what I’m talking about. They spent the entire morning bashing men and calling them “deadbeat dads”, the mess they make is a total disaster, and then a tall guy (with no wedding ring) walks by and says “good morning LADIES.”
          LOL. It’s hilarious to me.

        4. I killed a hardcore feminist career bitch recently with that strategy. She was playing hard ball and i just smiled and went along with it while getting my way and earning the approval of those around me.
          A few days later she went out of her way to talk to me.
          Don’t get mad, get even and take what is yours.

        1. I used to be ~100% on the old people/door thing, but a fair number of them are also fuckfaces, so I’m not as compassionate to them anymore either.

    2. “girlfriend isn’t whoring herself out for more male attention on Snatchdotcom / POF / Facebook or Instagram.”
      That’s why you NEVER support a girlfriend financially/emotionally…..
      Girls today are such attention whores that men who are exclusive to one woman only are losing out big time….

      1. A married ex from a few years ago has been missing me, I think. She asked “If I want to be friends on Facebook.”…. so she can +1 me to her list of 480 beta faggots.
        So I put it to her this way……

        1. I stopped going on Facebook a year ago because I was fed up with the endless stream of “sassy housewife” macros and attention-whoring selfies.

  3. Honestly, I dont understand guys all this praise about the return to “traditional values”. Would you really go back to the old lifestyle? To be enslaved to one single pussy for the rest of your goddamn life? To work your ass off to support a female parasite and her spawn even beyond retirement?
    First of all, forget about that guys. The ol times are gone and aren’t coming back. The marriage and traditional life is a derelict a building and has to be brought down.
    Things are just fine the way they are. Is it just me the only one who loves todays world? About the possibility of banging a 18 year old chick and dissappearing the next morning? Of having several sex partners? Of if you are bored go out and talk to chicks and if you are bored or have no energy pay a escort? You could not do any of this if you were married and were living a “traditional life”.
    Adapt, guys. Earn money, do what you want, be free, learn game, fuck bitches, fuck whores, go on holiday wherever you go. No kids, no wife, no problems in life!

    1. I don’t think he’s encouraging thankless monogamy, just to not be a servile piece of shit.

      1. I didn’t refer about this single post, but to the whole week of “trying to convince women and ourselves to return to the old lifestyle of one man-one pussy foeva”

        1. That’s not what I’ve garnered from that personally. This week is about women accepting their domestic duties and men being the leaders in family units and independent ventures.

        2. Read: this week is about trying to force women to accept their traditional role even though we refuse to accept ours.

        3. Not really, if a man decides to only be with one woman at a time but gets the opportunity to be with more is not a loser. A man without options is.

    2. Only someone with no natural inclination to build society, to create his environment, would say that. I realize that would be the majority. I will restate ‘Reality’ Doug’s inversion of Briffault’s law:

      The male, not the female, determines all the conditions of the societal
      family. Where the male can derive no benefit from association with the
      female, no such association takes place.

      Point is when civilization is working, when men are civilized, both conquerors and builders, wives are assets not liabilities. Modern Western women provide less sex and of lower quality, are a net loss at work, and provide little domestic value than what traditional Western women did. I’m willing to reconsider monogamy if state power is not used to fund elitist harems. In short, pussy owned for all its sexual and reproductive value is worth more in every way you look at it than freelance pussy owned by the government and subsidized by the taxpayer. Anything the government controls becomes debased. It is a unique opportunity to study female nature and have variety, but you can’t find liberated women attractive and be good at bedding liberated women: player’s curse. It’s called a hate-fuck for a reason.

    3. You are missing the point.
      See what we have now benefits the alpha male( top 15% of males) but greatly hurts 85% of males + hurts society.
      There is not society that is sustainable that is made up of alphas….it does not work.
      Remember society was built on the backs and intelligence of the beta males….because they worked for the pussy, where as the alpha just naturally got the pusssy and did not have to show some amazing amount of talent or try to get an amazing amount of fame to get pussy.
      Take me, I barely pay rent, but I’m good looking and 5’11 and pull sluts from clubs with nice tits anthey do crazy shit in bed for me or I get toilet BJ or I steal girls from their beta BF….I love it….but in the back of my mine, I know society will crumble.

      1. You don’t have any obligation towards society. You may think you do, but you don’t. Your only obligation is to you and the things you choose to give obligation. That’s it.

        1. Fuck “society” it’s a bullshit paradigm anyway….
          Society doesn’t mean shit and that word should be removed.

        2. There is one quote fro Roissey/Heartiste that I love and have tried to impress on my sons:
          “Men, do not give a shit about society, because it is certain that society will not give a shit about you.”

    4. Only men married to prudes had to use the same pussy for the rest of their lives. The rest could sleep with prostitutes, which were cheap and plentiful and okay as long as you didn’t talk about it, owing to the fact that women had to make their own money, they couldn’t leech on a male state provider.
      The sad fact is, most men are unable to get quality NSA sex at any age, and those who do can only get it for a short time, say 5 or 10 years. Commercial sex is more expensive than it used to be before 1950s because of feminist/law enforcement efforts. And who wants to grow old alone in a dying society with no kids of their own? Sure, if you want to. Me, no.

  4. I am always the most important person in my life. No woman will ever detract from that unassailable truth.

  5. It’s elegant for a woman to express gratitude befitting the act of chivalry.
    The door thing: make eye contact, smile, say thank you.
    Help with a jar: worth a kiss on the cheek and/or half of whatever is in the jar.
    Help moving a vintage 50’s dresser: home cooked meal, complete with a craft microbrew.
    Husband mows the lawn on his day off: fresh lemonade, a shoulder rub and any number of depraved acts performed for his pleasure.
    The kindness well doesn’t run dry if its refilled. It is best, though, to strategically avoid being caught in a position where anything more than a sweet ‘thank you’ is owed to a man that you don’t know.

      1. Hey, its not unrealistic to choose to be polite in your own life. As far as girl game goes, gratitude is pretty beguiling.

  6. I’ll start being chivalrous when the majority of women in America start behaving like ladies.

    1. There is a difference between Chivalry of Men and Chivalry of Chumps.
      Chump(Betas,White Knights,Blue Pillers) Chivalry are acts of assistance and apparent thoughtfulness done to curry favor or seek approval.
      The Chivalry of Men are acts of assistance done with much discretion to anyone.This type of Chivalry is not about holding doors open,offering your seat and providing your dinner jacket for a woman to wear when she feels cold.
      A Man assesses a situation,calculates the other person’s need for assistance and then provides it as he deems necessary,not because it will make him look good or that society expects it of him but because it satisfies him to do so.
      Chump Chivalry: A hot girl struggling to her car with loads of shopping bags filled with designer clothes etc.A chump will help her with it,hoping to score (spoiler alert:he doesn’t).
      Manly chivalry: While on a subway train, in the corner sits an old woman and next to her are some drunken ghetto teen thugs acting like fools.The old woman is visibly uncomfortable feeling isolated and trapped there.A Man senses this and merely goes and stands next the old woman.He does not have to say anything to her and carries on his commute as usual.But his presence there puts her at ease because she does not feel so trapped and if these teens act rowdy at least there is someone else there so she won’t be their only target.And now she will feel brave enough to move out from there to another part of the coach.(then you move away subtly because you don’t want to be next those thugs yourself).
      As a Man you don’t care whether she feels grateful or not for you being there.You don’t even tell your story to others to show how kind you are.

      1. I agree with you and probably practice more or less what you preach. However, what I refuse to subscribe to is a mentality that promotes women beyond what they deserve. Many men do and that is what I oppose. Women wanted equality so I treat them like an equal. I don’t assist them on physical tasks that I would with a girl like my sisters or wife/gf (never had a wife/gf). I respect people until they prove they don’t deserve my respect but I am not going to elevate someone based on their gender. Particularly when that gender expects a double standard which directly benefits them.

    2. Very true. Most women don’t respect men these days, they just treat them like their own personal slaves. There is no more pathetic site than a man standing outside the women’s toilet, holding his mistresses handbag while she yaps with her friends in said toilet, probably about how well trained she has her “man”.

  7. There is a mix, if one enjoys engaging in Chivalry and makes it plain you do not take any shit from anyone, then sure. Opening a door for a old lady, or offering to help change oil for a female who cannot afford to pay to have it done..sure
    Difference there is a fine line between manly duty and being a Beta Bitch, this involves knowing yourself and why you are doing such things. If one is doing them trying to get into them panties, or b/c “it is what I was taught” then you need to knock that crap off forthwith. If it comes naturally, and one knows if it is natural or with ulterior motives
    Drunk girl at the bar only merits keeping an eye on to make sure she is not raped, otherwise one does not owe her any duty at all. Loud mouth cunt, nope, don’t owe her a damn thing, she deserves scorn for being not a lady. What is worse is dealing with stupid people, men and women, they do not merit Chivalry at all, just scorn

    1. I disagree, no one owe’s the drunk girl at the bar to keep an eye on her even if she is raped. She’s her own problem, part of equality.

      1. It is misogynist to deny women agency.
        If women are to be equal to men, that means they require equal treatment: equal rewards, equal responsibilities, and equal consequences.
        Would you watch out for a random drunk asshole sitting at the end of the bar? Stick around to make sure he doesn’t get assaulted or robbed? Maybe call him a cab? If not, why not? Why the inconsistency?

    2. The only reason to save a drunk girl from getting raped is if she’s your sister. Otherwise, if she’s old enough to buy alcohol she should be able to control how much she drinks.

  8. When it comes to “chivalry” I believe in equality.
    That bitch can throw her coat over the puddle so I can walk across and not get my shoes wet.

  9. It comes down to a single thing: is she or does she look gracious. That is, does she look as though she would accept something basically chivalrous with grace and dignity.
    If she looks like she’s having a habitual bad day, forget it. No chivalry, in fact preferably minimal contact at all. There’s simply no point to putting yourself in the way of a snarky bitch: she can keep on her path to hell.
    If she seems like she’d accept it, then it is quite acceptable to absent-mindedly and aloofly open the door for her. If it’s dark out and she’s alone you don’t offer to walk her to her car – you flat-out say it: I’m walking you to your car. (Assuming you know her somewhat, it’s not just some random chick.)
    It is a difference in attitude, between being servile pussy-begging and aloof matter-of-fact this-is-what-a-man-does. She will pick up on that too.

    1. ^^^ Cool. I do “chivalrous ” stuff because I think it is a win win situation. If I hold and/or open doors , walk her to the car etc and she likes and appreciates it cool I am closer to banging her. If she is feminist bitch who thinks manners are the relics of the patriarchy and it irritates her all the better. Manners /chivalry can be a screening tool…. Always use them selectively and sparingly…..

    2. The main thing is that you are chivalrouswhile at the same time you are leading.
      But do not be chivalrous as a way to get a girl. They can smell it, it is weak.

  10. There are some inaccuracies in this. The chivalric code didn’t find itself into courtly life until the beginnings of, essentially, capitalism. When money was no longer the sole separation of peasant and nobleman, the nobles wanted a way to disgusting themselves from the lower-class. Hence, chivalry was brought into courtly life. It became less about knights and more as a way for all of the upper class to distinguish themselves.
    Also, it wasn’t so much about serving and protecting women. Those things were done, but it was actually about controlling women. Women were a commodity. The better woman that a man could get, the higher his status. All of those chivalry things done for women were actually done for men in order to establish power and wealth over one another.

  11. The New Titanic Code: Children First, Women Drown
    Chivalry is actually just a recent phenomenon. In most ages of history, in most societies, it would be considered silly.
    In China, India, and the middle east, women are considered parasites and are ignored or exploited. There is no “special protection”

    1. and there is a female infanticide problem in two of those countries which is a crime that’s up there with genocide. Because of their status as parasites women get murdered in honour killings. Apologising for injustices in india & china etc will only help justify what is being done to men in the west. These countries’ treatment of women are ammunition in the feminist arsenal. You are helping to arm the continued war against men

      1. Female infanticide in China is the low spectrum, is an extreme too scandalous that gives you the impression that China is really on par with India and the Middle East in how treats women, could you read more than the scandalous news about female infanticide and search deeper about the gender equality in China? as a whole China ranks higher than even South Korea and Japan, Chinese women in cities enjoy rights that Indians and Arabs women don’t have, terrible way to portray the Chinese

        1. all right, point taken, but I feel a bit like father ted discovering there’s a thriving chinatown in craggy island at the same time as making a hitler like salute

  12. Great idea for an article. Hope this gets retweeted. I see too many men mistaking subservience for chivalry.

  13. Terrible advice! This is not an acceptable form of behavior for alphas! Jefe you are better than this! Chivalry existed when 70-75% of European women married as virgins and the other 20-25% were confined as whores, comfort girls and prostitutes. Chivalry existed for the virginal obedient types and that is it. Do you think stone cold killer ass Prussian knights of the Teutonic Order were treating cum dumpsters with respect? In this day in age, the average Western woman is not worthy of any chivalry, most of them are outright whores by age 15. They are worthy of our hostility for what they have done to our homes, lives, children and civilization. The Cultural Marxists have taken the West and you assholes still want to play by these outmoded rules. It’s like trying to use Windows 95 on a New MacBook, it’s insanity. Stop with this chivalrous shit, the only women that I see that are worthy of chivalry are decent women from the Middle East (not Americanized trash either) who still respect, love, honor and cherish their homes, husbands and children. Go ahead and hold doors open for girls who’ve blown entire college football teams and think it’s “alpha,” personally I am going to continue to treat these whores with the most vehement aloofness, disrespect and where legally able, the utmost hostility in addition to their beta enablers. Carry me out on my shield.

    1. The days of women behaving with impunity are now over. And they deserve to be treated with the aloofness and contempt they have gone out of their way to EARN.
      When Men are being dumped or dragged into divorce court because his wife says “he was TOO NICE”….. when men are called “creepy” for SMILING at a girl he thinks is pretty……. when hard work and dedication and positives are only criticized as NEGATIVES . . . . then you know it’s time to turn the situation on it’s ass with zero hesitation or remorse.

      1. Correct. Modern women are practically telegraphing to us with their attitudes and behavior that they wanted to be treated worse than dog shit under your shoe. Ignore this at your peril. Sure there a few exceptions, but they are extremely rare. I cannot say it enough to the dorks that refuse to listen: woman are BEGGING to be treated poorly now. It’s just reality.

        1. Amen brother!
          If I got a dollar for every time I hear a story about a chump getting screwed by a woman because he was a “gentlemen” following the rules I would be RICH!!!
          Men, when in doubt ignore her, don’t elevate her.

      2. Very well said. Men need to stop being such sackless fucking pussies. It’s getting to be too much.

      3. If America were invaded the women would be the first to go. The unbearable career professional mommy whores, high school and college sluts and feminists would all go the way of the dodo bird. American men are pathetically weak with the exception of a few like myself who are the last of a dying breed. I can’t think of any more contemptible piece of shit on earth than the stereotypical white American/Anglo female and her minority Americanized copycats. If the white race has to be perpetuated, please white men do it with white women abroad preferably Eastern Europeans. These women here are a lost cause. I can’t think of any other group more worthy of their comeuppance than American women.

        1. “If America were invaded the women” would turn war bride faster than you can say “ni hao.”
          They’d make shitty “brides,” but the principle is sound.
          (Think about the war bride phenomenon and its implications vis a vis “women in combat” for a second. Fucking scary stuff. Been nice knowing you guys, lol.)

        2. I was thinking the exact same thing!
          Gentleman, be aware that if your country was ever invaded:
          1) men will die trying to fight the invasion.
          2) women will sleep with the enemy just to save their own skin.
          Women have NO honor.

    2. “Carry me out on my shield.”
      “Come home with your shield, or on it,” was the admonition of a woman.

        1. I have travelled and may yet travel some more, but I’m getting on a bit and starting to look for that one spot.
          When I find it I will plant my standard and declare, “From where the Sun now stands, here I stand, forever.”
          If anyone else decides they want it, they will have to come and take it.
          Bury me where I fall, no embalming, plain spruce box, so that I may be the land forever.

      1. A spartan woman said this ^^^^ To their man as he left for the battle of Thermopylae. Kinda badass….

        1. Not to her man; to her son who didn’t want to go.
          Kinda badass? Perhaps. But I note that her bad ass was not the one directly on the line, which was exactly the point of it.
          “Come and take them,” was badass, because it was a personal defiance.

    3. “Go ahead and hold doors open for girls who’ve blown entire college football teams and think it’s ‘alpha,’”
      Like this slob:
      Or this one:
      What’s sad is these two swine are representative of “modern American women”.

      1. that miss teen is better looking than the last 1 that did porn. Still a whore though and apparently she got fucked by a denver broncos player. Wonder which one?

        1. Did you see her take that dick? I bet she took on the ENTIRE Denver team. I was thinking she gave her first blowjob at 9. “4 or 5 guys” – yeah, right. Multiply that by 25 and you’re probably getting close to the real number.

        2. LOL. yeah i watched the video. she had bj skills like a porn veteran and at the beginning she admitted that she started sucking cock at 14. she even lied about the number of guys she had sex with. she said 4 or 5 but admitted to a threesome with 2 guys and so many one night stands that she couldn’t remember which was the craziest. So even openly slutty girls are trying to downplay it. Its weird.

        3. Yeah, she was downplaying herself as innocent, the fact she can take dick in her mouth better than Nina Hartley contradicts her vain attempt at innocence.

      2. Great case to make a profound point. I am now nauseous. I have stopped opening doors (unless I’m going through first anyways) ever since I’ve had some less than attractive American women show me distain for holding open the door. Fine. I learned. What do women find attractive? Themselves. Specifically, they find a masculine greater narcissism to be attractive. Fine. If that’s what gets the vag, that’s my M.O., or whatever works. Still researching. I wonder if closing the door on a chick would be attractive. I’m sure delivery counts.

        1. “Fine. I learned. What do women find attractive? Themselves.” B I N G O ! ! ! The hamsters keep on rolling.

        2. Yes, good article. The confirmation from a new angle of narcissism, but one that eliminates men from the competition, I was not thinking far enought outside the box. lol
          Makes me rethink my greater narcissism game even more. I have been toying with the idea of ego stroking guy game. I’d never do it as a beta orbiter, but women can only hear what they want to be the truth, so why not give it to them as the only guy who ‘understands’ and who will do until Mr. Right comes along. I’m thinking a variation on Hugo Schweitzer game has potential. We could call it ego comfort game. If sometimes you don’t need comfort only attraction, maybe you don’t need (polarity) attraction only (broken bitch) comfort? I will be exploring this over the next few months. lulzlzullz

        3. I remember one hollywood guy would blow his nose in a hanky and hand it to the girl he was with. Its always good to give them something to let them know she aint all that.

        4. I learned too, after the other day this week I had my hands full but the woman in front of me let the door slam in my face. I always made it a point to hold the door for anyone who had their hands full. Not this one.

    4. But the problem is if you don’t open the door for her, you are playing right into the hands of feminism. They would most likely say “I an open the door for myself! I’m an independent woman! Blah blah..”

  14. One more thing in addition to this being terrible advice. We men are fighting a terrible foe which is Cultural Marxism and its legalistic structure. There can be no quarter given in this fight. Feminism and our perverted culture a la’ Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber is a form of psychological warfare. For 60 years a relentless war has been waged against the cultural proclivities of the West, Western Patriarchy and Christianity. You all need to come to the conclusion that 90% of Western women especially American(ized) women are scum and are never coming back from their Marxist inculcation. This is a war of not only psychological dimensions but spiritual dimensions as well. Western women are co-conspirators, unbeknownst to them against men with the Cultural Marxists who run the place. You all need to start thinking outside the box, outsource your companionship needs, and keep Western women confined to whoredom. This is a complete war and will eventually turn into a war of annihilation as witnessed on the Eastern Front (1941-1945). Not an inch, which includes dismantling chivalry!

    1. steady on lance. People get indoctrinated. Marxist ideology has sunk deep into western institutions and people’s minds, but then that’s how ideology works. To be honest your despair isn’t so different from an Andrew Dworkin saying it would take 400 years to make the slightest dent on patriarchy. Guess what about a minute after she said that the nuclear family just collapsed. Its easy to change people’s minds. You just have to find the right pressure point. Fighting women to quote Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon the art of “fighting without fighting”

      1. How does one fight a woman…without fighting..Would like to know. I generally lash out at them if they start that princess entitled behavior with me or give me fattitude.

        1. Agree to a fight on a nearby island. She gets into the boat that will take you there. Then instead of getting aboard you cut her adrift.

  15. the point of the article is obviously to discourage a state of mind that encourages weak white knight behaviour and it does well in this. One thing it touches upon but doesn’t really expand on is the issue of violence. Supposedly Christian knights did simply appalling things not just on the field of battle but as the article suggests in the wider business of plundering villages and raping women. English knights burned every village they came across and raped or killed everyone during the 100 years war for instance. Chivalry / gentiless etc has a complex history & varied history. Its part the need to match Christian knights military zeal to reclaim jerusalem (& get plunder) with the need to not to roast your captured enemies alive in the process. The reason I’m stressing this aspect is that in my opinion guilt over excess & violence lies at the heart of both the evolution of historical chivalry AND ESPECIALLLY the cravenness of the white knight. The white knight has a long history. Don Quixote didn’t just tilt at windmills he pursued his beloved Dulcinea even though she was pretty much a figment of his imagination, without hope of sex, or conquest. It is now as it was then a perversion of the chivalric impulse. The chivalric traditional also combines both the sexless oaths of the knights of christian orders (the templars, hospitallers etc) as well as the idealised courtly love of the Chanson de geste / song of roland as sung by troubadors.
    chivalry has a place, and always existed for good reason, but its manipulation is centuries old. Knights did bad things, then people made them feel very guilty. IMO opinion if you don’t do horrible things to people then remove the guilt, and proceed carefully. As the author says there are good reasons to be chivalrous as well as very bad reasons

  16. Modern Chivalry is 100% pointless when used on women under the age of 40. Always be chivalrous to old ladies. They really appreciate it, and they verbalize that to you. On the other hand, young modern women see chivalry as either extreme supplicating weakness or outright homosexuality. No joke. Talked to a 19 year old girl about this. She and her friends thought guys who opened doors for them were gay. Honestly, you’d probably just be better off spitting in her eye.
    Face it, gender relations have changed. The modern sexual market is what it is. Here’s a good rule of thumb for men: Don’t practice chivalry on women you want to sleep with. Be chivalrous to all other women.

  17. I have been telling all men something like this who would listen. Chivalry is a code of conduct between warriors. Does a warrior take shit from women, children, or even other men for that matter??? NO!!! And the codes components toward women, it is my under standing, were meant to make the women feel comforter able around the warriors, as a women is clear out of place in there company!!! No more that the NCO’s creed is about holding the door , for anyone, is that of chivalry. And I disagree with the author on the point of manliness and ever holding the door etc. Does a father hold the door for his kids out of duty NO. He can do it to be nice, but it is not within the code of appropriate fatherly leadership.

  18. I come from the distant planet of Anus. There we have no vile females and it is one NIGGER for all and all NIGGERs for one in our brotherhood of brothers.

    1. Wow, that means you surely must be looking and smelling like Shit, considering Anus is your home planet.

    2. Planet Anus forgot that Planet Earth is not a latrine.
      She should retain you to keep herself constipated, and eject you elsewhere.

  19. What women today don’t want to remember is that chivalry didn’t apply to all women, it only applied to the noble ladies at court. The women of today aren’t of that same standard, and there’s no reason for us to be. Chivalry was never intended to apply to the drunk girls at the club who trip over themselves, try to make out with everybody, and then go into the male toilets to suck off some fat guy while his friends video tape it (I’ve seen it happen).

    1. Even classy girls who dress nice and behave well in bars are no better than street whores…
      They just hide their game better…in fact these “good” girls are usually gold digging sharks getting the man to commit then cleaning him out…

  20. In the west Chivalry has become hatred, discrimination and bigotry against men.
    There is no place for Chivalry in a world where women claim “equality”.

      1. @Roosh/Mods. This is just Michael Toal with another account.
        @Michael Toal.
        We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
        This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like.
        And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

  21. You know, many years after being married, I still observe the courtesies towards my wife. It’s not white knighting when there’s reciprocal reaction to your polite deference in small things… but God help the man who can’t balance these little actions with their role as leader and patriarch of his own home. There’s no point in empty gestures when it comes to chivalry.
    It should be noted, here, that there’s a world of difference between chivalry and simply being polite. Holding a door for an old lady or a mom with a stroller is easy, as is giving up your seat on the train for someone who needs to sit. That’s not serving a woman. Only a food serves an ungrateful woman through chivalric actions. There IS an implied contract there, and one advantage of our modern age is that a rude or undeserving woman can get the message with your actions very clearly, and be forgotten immediately after.

  22. Anything given must be done so from a position of strength or else it won’t be respected.
    Girls: “Integrity is for boring losers… why hasn’t that bad boy called after he diddled me silly?”

  23. Chivalry in men is inversely proportional to Sluttiness in women.
    More Sluttiness in women will eventually lead to less Chivalry in men
    Less Sluttiness in women will lead to more Chivalry in men.
    Women who complain all the time about the romanticism and chivalry in medieval Europe need to know that in those times, the recipients of chivalrous behavior from men, were respectable maidens.
    No “knight” sacrificed himself for the sake of a whore or a slut in those days.
    And women can’t fool men anymore. Even some women don’t need men to be chivalrous.
    Feminist Mae West’s famous quote, is proof enough of that –
    ““Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from.”
    Men don’t need to protect feminist women anymore. Let these women fight their own battles.

    1. ““Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from.”
      End of story.

  24. Men don’t have to be “heroes” for women anymore in the modern world.
    The dilemma of the modern man can be aptly described by the famous line from the Dark Knight, first said by Harvey Dent, and later by Batman:
    ” You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
    That’s how feminist women will perennially treat, and perceive men. And women will and can never be happy for long.
    So no need to be chivalrous anymore. The only person the modern man needs to be truly chivalrous to, is to HIMSELF.
    Feminism has not only brainwashed women against men, but also men against men.
    What men fail to realize is that – every person will try to kill you (your identity), subdue you , overpower you, manipulate you (your women, your friends, the overwhelming mangina environment around you, almost everyone). So why make their job easier by killing yourself (your identity) by blue pill and living your life as a “chivalrous” mangina? The most important person in a man’s life is himself, but only some realize that.

    1. “So no need to be chivalrous anymore. The only person the modern man needs to be truly chivalrous to, is to HIMSELF.”
      Men, listen up! start giving a fuck about YOURSELF FIRST…

  25. Chivalry has been distorted to make men betas. If men were more alpha there is no way they would tolerate the BS from modern women then the gravy train would be over.

    1. It will stop when men en masse realize that they are not the only one in having realized that.
      I think far more potent than not getting any is the shame to be a loser. As long as people can pretend that they are satisfied, the will continue to do so. The change comes when they get the impression that others don’t take their pretense of being happy any more and start mocking them for it.
      I think that’s the real reason for the more frantic white-knightism: They defend a narrative that allows them dignity in failure.
      When that becomes transparent to a large enough audience, the table turns and feminism falls.

  26. Personally I think chivalry is simply being nice to women who either need help or ask politely. A woman who is a bitch and expects chivalry shouldn’t get any.

  27. Chivarly was a system: modern women – especially American – have opted out. Chivalry, even in its later incarnations, had no requirements for the treatment of wenches and sluts. They have to act like ladies to be included.
    And many cultures, even Christian, did not consider the third point important. Cluny’s orginial emphasis was as an icon of Mary, the Christ Bearer. The expansion the author mentions developed in the later periods of courtly love and was consider at the time a perversion as a man did deeds for his and his Liege’s honor, not for some broodmare. Read the original sources.

  28. Most of the women today are not deserving of kind behavior, let alone chivalry. Chivalry shouldnt be one-sided

  29. >>>”They are weak and timid. When you combine [chivalry] with a women who’s susceptible to taking advantage of such a man and the idea of chivalry, you have the makings of a disaster. ”
    Yes. The red pill + chivalry = Gentlemen discerning who is worthy of chivalric behavior.
    Chivalry is a two-way street — predicated on the female in question deserving of chivalric behavior.

  30. “slashing each other with swords simply don’t exist today.”
    Welcome to jail, niggas!

  31. We have a problem. Males are encouraged to act like gentlemen yet the same amount of pressure isn’t placed on females to be ladylike

  32. Chivalry is ALWAYS wrong. It’s only right if the girl is dominatrix and you’re her slave. If you have background in BDSM then you’ll know this, things such as opening the door, carrying heavy loads, these are only done by a slave to his/her Master/Mistress.

  33. Chivalry is meant to be a code of behavior and thought followed by decent, Christian (single and non sexually-active) or married men when dealing with decent, Christian, single OR married women who don’t spread their legs for every Italian sports car that rolls up. As both of these kinds of people are becoming rare, Chivalry is not only dying, it is uncalled for.
    Your average porn-watching, swearing, Xbox-playing, skank-screwing, never-been-in-a-Church manboob has no business even trying to be chivalrous. And the nasty serial monogamist, ass-tattooed, Everclear shot drinking whores that are defining our culture have no business looking for it.

  34. Chivalry was conceived during the middle ages, to protect the values and interests of Christianity, today there is no need for that, especially the courtship part, today it belongs in the grave, and it should stay there.

  35. I think the problem here is too many men craving a yeast hole about 2 inches away from a spinach box. This is the power women have in life? a smelly hole next to their spinach box? No wonder they are crazy! Japan is ahead of us, they are above the primitive act. Now excuse me while i pleasure myself.

  36. I propose a new, more modern chivalry.
    Do it yourself, I don’t feel compelled to disempower you. Carry your own bags, open your own doors, pay for your own meals or GTFO.

  37. A lot of guys here have great respect for the second amendment. I have great respect for it, but as a Canadian, my views are a bit different. I did my time in the army so I know my way around a firearm, but in college I spend two years on the fencing team and now I collect swords. I have a King George infantry sabre, an artillery sabre – German made for the Spanish Civil war, a “Conan” sword, a Mongolian broadsword, a wrought iron Kenyan blade, and a few others. And I know how to use them, if need be.
    Bruce Lee based Jeet Kun Do largely on western fencing. Knock yourself out with BJJ, muay thai, gun skills and what have you, but IMHO, no man is complete without a year of epee.
    What does this have to do with chivalry? Nothing really, except for the who sword thing.
    A proper piece of steel never jams, never wanders and will always be by your side when you need it.

  38. I wonder if you dudebros realise how blazingly homoerotic medieval chivalry was. Google (hell, wikipedia – you won’t research any deeper) Amis and Amiloun, or any passages from Thomas Malory, and even with your combined reading age of 6, you’ll see it’s all about the man-man love. We’re not just talking women as your sexual chattel (because I know you guys get off on that) but about the deep and enduring love between two men. Since your particularly acerbic brand of misogyny is also underpinned by an enduring homophobia, I don’t imagine that you’ll be quite so smug when you realise that this medieval code you’re all so jazzed about because it gives you permission to treat women like objects also encourages you to sensually co-sleep with your male friends and more. But I’lll leave that up to your imagination. Just dropping by to give you *cough* alphas *cough* a REAL red pill for a change.

  39. My sister and mother brain washed me my whole life that I should become a gentleman, hold doors, pull out chairs, carry luggage. I realised much later nobody sees me as a gentleman but as an errands boy. My sister went onto marry a fat asshole and she carries both of theirs bags now! Sucks for me though that I just can’t stop doing all that stuff because if I don’t do it I feel I’m being rude to women. 32 years, no girlfriend , no game. Only women who want to marry me and approach me are the good looking super confident ones as I’m easy game, rich, handsome and totally without balls. Have to refuse them as I can’t do this chivalry shit anymore. Almost makes me sound l IU ke Theon from Got!!!

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