We’re Living In Kali Yuga, The Age Of Darkness

With the year coming to an end, many are trying to make sense of all that happened in 2017. Questions like “Where is God?” circled through people’s heads as many wondered how could a benevolent force allow such horrors on earth. Political parties still continue to sell their pitch and point fingers out each other. Greed dominates with corruption, reeking from White House all the way down, and many have lost their way by being brainwashed with feminism, PC, and passiveness.

While there isn’t a one sentence rational explanation for all this, the Vedas has a different answer…

We’re Living In An Age Of Darkness

In Hinduism, there are cycles of spiritual evolution that earth goes through. They are:

  • Satya Yuga –  Golden Age, basically utopia where there’s no old age or starvation
  • Treta Yuga – Third Age, virtue diminishes slightly, birth of emperors and war
  • Dvapara Yuga– Siseases rampant, and loss of ancestral knowledge creates hysteria
  • Kali Yuga – Dark Age, ignorance, filth, lies, very low life spans

Guess which one we’re currently in according to the Vedas? That’s right, Kali Yuga! Now it all makes sense doesn’t it? The Bible and other religious texts say the same: we are living in an era where everything is upside down, where the materialistic culture reigns supreme.

What Is Kali Yuga?

It is the Dark Age, where man degenerates and moves far away from God. Dharma (morality) becomes nonexistent, and civilization loses itself in indulgence. The ancient world describes it as the age where the moral character of man is low and that lies, cheating, deceit, and corruption take over the earth. Those whom you would think are supposed to be good are now evil.

Scholars calculated that this era began about 3000 BCE. The good news is that after Kali Yuga, Satya Yuga follows, The Golden Age. The bad news is that it’s not going to come for several thousands of years. Predictions of Kali Yuga in Vedas were:

  • Dangerous rulers who raise taxes and see themselves as superior rather than protectors of society
  • Mass migration to other lands where food is available
  • No sense of God or spirituality will exist with fake saints, all ancestral knowledge is gone
  • Lust, ignorance, animosity towards people, and murder without reason
  • People will laugh, criticize, and attack those who are spiritual
  • Krishna, the Hindu God, foretells extreme hardship of those with ideals and higher ambitions

Now it is easy to blow this off as nonsense, but the prophecies have found their modern equivalents…

A World With No Reason Or Logic

More and more people are completely lost in consumer addiction, constantly on their phones searching for answers. Materialistic comforts have become a means to an end, and people no longer judge you on who you are, but rather what you are, your profession.

Higher Divorce Rates

Women are no longer interested in being supportive wives, but want global attention. Men are not judged for their faithfulness and character, but for only what’s in their bank account. Marriage rates and down and men in Western nations are sexually frustrated thanks to the anti-sexual harassment movement and the push on women to be career minded.

False Idols

Silicon Men commonly found in Silicon Valley have followers converting to trans-humanism, the unspoken religion that forces technology on you even if you live on the ranch and don’t need it. God has been replaced by superheroes, celebrities, politicians, and tech giant. Trans-humanism is spreading like a virus, secretly implanting the belief you are not worthy and that only technology can save you from your “sin”—being normal.

Additionally, you have anointed “holy men” who lecture America to take care of immigrants while they themselves put walls on their borders.


Attacks against those with solutions

Individuals and groups who speak out against the corrupt establishment are viciously attacked by the media and rogue agents online. ROK itself has faced violent aggression from those who pretend to be peaceful and for social justice. People have been banned from nations for simply expressing their views while terrorists are welcomed.


It doesn’t stop at the media. There’s fake news and fake science, fake politicians, and even fake people. And the illusions don’t necessarily come from words, but from life itself. People go to school expecting education, but get indoctrination and political correctness. People vote for candidates who promise change, but they end up being more of the same. People go to doctors to be cured, but only get drugs. People go to the grocery to buy food, but get heavily processed synthetics.


There’s nowhere to escape from the one universal religion of the world where everyone believes the false preaching of the globalists. While they may not openly announce their intentions directly, they want to micromanage everyone’s lives. The government issues higher taxes on the middle class trapping them in a prison, yet they use loopholes to dodge them. They want you to believe that they know what is best for you, and that you’re inferior, because you are not a billionaire tycoon.

How To Protect Yourself From Kali Yuga

When Shiva’s wife asked what can people do in this era, Shiva said he will reappear and create a new space, a new center of religion and a new state of mind where man can find God. Japa (prayer), meditation, and yoga are recommended, but be careful as yoga has been turned into a pop culture of the downward dog pose.

Shiva can also mean the masculine energy, and with more alternative online spaces like ROK appearing, perhaps his invisible presence is on earth.

How The Gods Dealt With Evil In The Past

Many westerners falsely believe that the gods of Hinduism were passive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Demons were destroyed by their swords, not balloons like in England.

Vishnu, The Preserver, incarnated on earth nearly ten times in multiple forms to destroy many kinds of evil. According to the Vedas, it is his job to preserve the earth during times of extreme suffering. He beheaded demon kings and defeated their armies.

The chakra, a spinning disk, was Vishnu’s signature weapon where he would throw it and decapitate his enemies

In his lion headed-form of Narasimha, he tore the evil king to a bloody mess even after he pleaded and begged for forgiveness.

This is the face God shows to evil

As the world continues to devolve, the system many once believed in is now falling apart. If Donald Trump wants to save America and Western civilization, he must begin by turning the tide and stopping the evil before it gains control of every aspect of our lives.

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  1. “Men are not judged for their faithfulness and character, but for only what’s in their bank account.”
    Only if the bank account is over $10M or perhaps $5M.
    Anything under that, and males are judged on musculature, looks and attitude — the more obnoxious and thuggish the better as far as Sluttis Americanus (aka the American Club Slut) is concerned.

      1. Maybe “Sluttis Europus” would have been a better name?
        “Sluttis Europeanus” sounds like a chick with a schwanz.

        1. no no don’t change “Sluttis Europeanus”. The fact that there’s “anus” in europeanus is quite a reminder that those girls are assholes.

    1. Don’t agree, now is the best of times.
      No war, no need to work, plenty of available women for sex, cheap long distance travel, almost free music and entertainment (through the internet), life can’t get better. If you are expecting a wife (aka life partner) and family life like your grandparents had, it’s not gonna be a good time for you. You just gotta alter your behaviour and expectations to move with the times.
      I’m living the dream!

      1. JOHN
        To my mind the West has gone way, way downhill since Clinton/Blair.
        Mind you I have only been back in the US once in 2007 for a single week.
        Sitting around watching people like Sasha Cohen have all the fun and blacks getting all the chicks and wanking in front of your computer like some schoolboy who just found a porn mag?
        Shit life is sad for people now in the West.
        Some Indian from Guatemala took your job or the Muslims kidnapped your 12 year old daughter and groomed her for bukkake porn or whatever.
        I mean how shitty is the West since I left at the end of the Clinton-Blair years?
        Everything you watch on television is apparently some form of mind control by Jews who have their way with actresses potted plants and Afro-Saxons are everywhere?
        If this is the white man’s struggle 100 years after the end of the Victorian era than this is some sad shit.

        1. Either you’re full of shit and you’re aware of it, you’re mentally handicapped or you simply lack enough life experience (other than what you read on internet and see on television).
          I wonder how you’ve convinced yourself that a few isolated cases equal to the whole West.
          Now I don’t know which one it is, but my money is between two and three.

        2. “I don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” Hitler, as quoted from a January 7, 1942 conversation

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        Comfort is worthless, fucking idiot. You will die in pain anyway. YOU DONT WIN. You are not a successful being.

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        These are horrible times factually. TRUTH IS ABSOLUTE, NOT RELATIVE.

      4. Entertainment and women don’t grant happiness, fool. You are not happy. Only poor people are. RETARD.

  2. You notice that when some scumbag pimp or thug driving the latest Ferrari mistreats one of his concubines, that b!tch doesn’t complain to police, but if you’re a decent man working 9 to 5, and that b!tch wants to start sh!t, she will be the first one to complain to police using a fictitious and trivial accusation.

    1. STONE 8888
      We get back to what I remember about “Child Support”. I knew a variety of blacks with up to 8 children who were employed (One was a weapons made in my National Guard division). But the government was not after them.
      Every trailer trash type I knew was on the run from one child support payment like he had robbed a bank.
      In a sense this DID keep the white trash population down (But not Hoodrats). Usually the trailer trash had one kid out of wedlock at 19 or 20 and were hounded for child support payments. That was the only kid that the dude wanted to have out of wedlock. Of course the white trash women had four dudes the court chased for such payments.
      But blacks. Nah. Some of them will have 8-10 kids.

        1. scientifically prove your mother is not the most retarded human who ever lived. Else claim it is so.

    2. Stone is correct
      Women will want to be “abused” i.e., choked a bit or hair grabbed by and only by a winner (alpha). If you are a regular guy she will accuse you of being a “weirdo” or call the police. But if she is into you you can do what you want (and she wants you to).

      1. I’m a freaking Omega and I have choked/spanked/fingered girls where they don’t like being fingered countless times. I pay them well to endure this. They are happy to oblige.

    1. We’re living in the End Times/ Last Days because of these feminists and f4ggots…Once a decent hardworking God-fearing man is falsely accued of sex crimes from feminists, while feminists praise f4ggots, dykes, tr4nnies and f*cking homos to show their private parts to young children at Pride, something is wrong with the world today.
      Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, please return to Earth to conquer the feminist Sodom & Gomorrah Wh0re of Babylon!

  3. There was a wall at the San Diego border wayyyy before Trump even talked about a wall.,….If you check Google Maps in 2011, you’ll see construction of a fortified wall (rather than the sheet metal wall), and that was when Obama was President.
    Walls existed at the US-Mexico border for quite some time already! Trump isn’t the only one thinking of a wall because Obama was President when that wall near San Diego was re-constructed using concrete.

    1. Even if there was a wall along the entire length of the US/Mexico border that would still not stop people who want to enter to the US from entering via Mexico.

      1. A wall + 50K troops would do it.
        Get the US troops out of Germany, Okinawa, etc.. and put them on the border.

        1. @Shiva
          Can’t ague with logic.
          We should do the same on the Mexican border that Mexico does on its Guatemalan border. What’s good for the mestizo is good for the gringo.

  4. If Hindu philosophy seems too foreign for Westerners to take seriously, keep in mind that the original authors, the ancient Aryan Brahman caste of India, were themselves Indo-European-descended.
    This was hypothesized initially because the Sanskrit language shares most in common with European languages, but more recent genetic studies also support the Aryan Migration hypothesis. (https://www.gnxp.com/WordPress/2017/04/20/aryan-marauders-from-the-steppe-came-to-india-yes-they-did/). The gist is that thousands of years ago Indo-European man migrated from the Caucasus Steppe (present day Ukraine) to modern day Europe, Iran, and India. An important anthropological point is that all of their original polytheistic pagan religions had a great deal in common. Similarities can be found between ancient Greek, Roman, Germanic, Hindu, etc., Gods, rituals, and spiritual concepts.
    Of these ancient Aryan religions, Hinduism is one of the more well-preserved and dates back the farthest, thus providing a broader range of historical wisdom. Unlike the purely mono-theistic Abrahamic religions, Hinduism incorporates different kinds and levels of divine forces and heirarchies, with Brahman (the highest level of pure Being; the Godhead) at the very top.
    An interesting bit of trivia is that Heinrich Himmler carried around with him a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, which is the story of Brahman coming to Earth in the form of the avatar Vishnu to allay the warrior prince Arjuna’s moral hesitation to engage in open war with an enemy civilization bent on his people’s destruction. In the ancient Aryan Tradition, the life of a warrior was one of the legitimate paths towards reuniting with God.

      Latest studies and DNA R1b suggest they were Slavs whose nearest relatives are Ukrainians but they themselves probably originated further East on the Russian steppes.
      High-caste Indians themselves will insist the Aryans came from Iran to distance themselves from Europeans.

    2. Plenty of westerners and praised minds referred to hinduism and the Gita. That guy you mention is just one of them. Herman Hesse, Huxley are two more.
      Is the normie retard who doesnt get it, and they dont matter. Normies dont matter = fact, anyone disagreeing = retarded normie and doesnt matter.
      Quantity is worthless. Most people are worthless. RETARDS. All collectivists are worthless. ONLY WHAT IS RARE HAS VALUE.
      Society does not possess any degree of VALUE. Retards.
      *slapping the faces of you retarded nationalists*, *winning and grinning*, *sperming in your mothers’ buttholes*.
      Retard is anyone who respects the opinion of most people.

    3. Stop idolizing these Indians and their gods , made up of fictional characters and legends. Believe in Jesus, the one and only true God. If the West becomes a little more religious, they are saved , if not, doomed.

      1. Although I believe belief faith in Jesus is a valid spiritual vessel leading to God, so is war.
        Also, who’s to say God hasn’t incarnated many times in many different eras. The church claims he hasn’t but Jesus never said this.

  5. We’re living in the End Times, my friends.
    Never before has the world reached a population of 7.5 billion and growing, only to turn into a globalized society of feminism and faggotry.
    Even a girl living in a mud hut in a remote slum in the Central African “Republic” learns from social media how to become a man-hater, lesbo loving feminist.
    Now it’s the time to repent from your sins, and believe in Jesus Christ. F*ck all of these h0es man. The more these ladies follow feminism the less they believe in Jesus Christ.

    1. 1098
      Of course, you’ve never been out of your home town to take a look for yourself. I’ve actually been outside the white western world and can tell you it’s pussy heaven.

      1. JOHN
        Word on these American/Canadian posters.
        They will be:
        Rural (Remote rural often)
        Young (Some as young as 17 and posing as 40 year olds)
        Middle class at best (In the US this means not terribly well-educated by your standards)
        Employed in fairly thankless occupations, though some high-paying.
        Often young parents
        Have had bad experiences with US minorities, if at all
        Rarely met Asians
        Never been 40 km in their life
        Use the word “Jews” to refer to all Caucasians from major cities on the NYC-Chicago-LA axis

        1. John probably fits your description most definitely. Only young people think ‘plenty of pussy’ translates to greatest times, or a fucking infantile moron.
          Northern americans are juvenile minds in general.

        2. You’re like a broken record trying to demoralize white, black and Asian men on these boards. Give it up schlomo, find a nice shiksa whore or a brother on the down-low to vent your perverted frustrations.

        3. Mr. Myers and Mr. Dodds are getting cucked as well, they just don’t care and are more comfortable. If your entire tribe fails, you are a part of that failure though. SE Asia’s a flyover on the world stage.

      2. You’re tarded. A basis Idiocracy citizen. Fact. You lose at life.
        I have gotten probably way more pussy than you. It’s not an accomplishment, retard. The problem is that you are retarded and so is your argument that plent of pussy equals great life. You are a wannabe Hugh Hefner obviously. A loser of fact.
        Change or die.

  6. There is a one-sentence explanation: The global ratio of reproductive age males(16-60) to reproductive age females(16-30) is too high.
    Everything else stems from that imbalance.

    1. Feminism is a form of hatred against men.
      The only feminism I back is getting those Trannies to be considered female in their sports, politics and toilets and thats just so we get the the logical conclusion of this BS faster and can reassess.
      Womens sexuality is highly malleable around following orders so if fucking a tranny is “on the right side of history ” and “the progressive choice” gold star lesbians will be becoming cock-o-holics very quickly. That my friends becomes the solution to the issue of lesbianism and don’t the ugly feminists know it.

    2. not really at all as if you think about it these ideologies would still be clashing and if the population was still going crazy then regardless of the ration we’d still be fucked as a planet.
      sounds good but not accurate, although the ratio is bad but if there were equal numbers of men and women born that would be better.

    3. I don’t care about the global ratio, only the ratio where I live, and if that ratio is bad ……. I can move.

    1. “Quit with this f… New age bullshit.”
      It’s actually old age stuff, not new age. In fact the Vedas are one of the oldest religious/philosophical/wisdom texts in existence.

    2. “No, feed upon this new age bullshit! Jesus has been the cause of all your problems!” – The Jew

  7. “wondered how could a benevolent force allow such horrors on earth”
    I get tired of ignorant non-Christians (and ignorant Christians) spouting this nonsense. The Bible never says there won’t be horrors. On the contrary it says there will be many. Whether you believe that this is because God tests people or whether you believe something else, it is rather childish and misinformed to assume that the creator intervenes to make life perfect for his subjects.

    1. Actually, it is mankind that is the cause of the evil on earth, the earth is cursed for our sake.
      God put mankind in Eden: which is filled with all good things; and then we inquired of evil (we already knew what good was) and thereby became evil ourselves and no longer belonged in Eden, where only good things are.
      The earth is purgatory, the last stop on the way to hell. Only through belief in Jesus the Christ and repentant action based on this belief (faith) can we be returned to heaven by the charity of God.
      AKA… Its All Our Fault.

      1. I believe the teaching is that God made man perfect but endowed him with free will. Through his will man became imperfect and so followed all creation. Having given man free will God would not stop him and simply obliged Man’s wish.

  8. My response to the Indian writer is that Brahmin/Bania caste Indians run South Asia lock, stock and barrel so this has nothing to do with Jews.
    The state of North India the way the high-caste Indians run it makes the fucking 1% and Jewish influence in the US seem tame.
    I would not want to see a Hindu world run by Brahmin or Nairs in response to the Hindutva that wrote this article.
    Sincerely from a “Gora” who lived in India.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. You saved me from writing a comment on that. (Lived in India for six months.)

      1. MR KERSEY
        Hindutvas are scary people and if you spend any time in India you know they come from the top-tier castes along with some lower-caste fools they manage to co-op.
        Any white Alabama redneck who resents the power of Jews should go to Mumbai and look the extent to which Brahmin run India as their personal fiefdom.
        Some Nazi who loves Aryans or goes on about how India is joyous example of how ancient Caucasians stomped on Dravidian is unaware that “Aryans” think they are from Iran and dislike whites.
        Jews manage to keep Chinese and Indian Brahmin in check. If they seized corporations and the US government they would run the US system with such naked in-group contempt for everyone else that white rubes would be shitting in the street for lack of running water.
        Of course they need a religious basis for this and reincarnation is the perfect tool.

  9. We are in a ‘time of darkness’, as in dark racial groups living in white societies and destroying them. The Vidas were brought to india by the Aryans. The Caste system was put into place to seperate the racial groups. Today in the west we have the untouchables (blacks) living amongs the Brahmins (Whites). Blacks like a black hole can only destroy leading civilization to a dark demise.

  10. Donald Trump will do shit.
    You elect a billionaire to fix things for poor people….
    You are fooling yourself thinking that he will actually something change things.
    But nice article though…..

    1. He just DOUBLED the Standard Deduction, which is what most taxpayers (poor people) use, and DOUBLED the Child Tax Credit.
      As a tax preparer I have to say it…. This Is Yuge.

  11. ”If Donald Trump wants to save America and Western civilization, he must begin by turning the tide and stopping the evil before it gains control of every aspect of our lives”
    Surely you jest.

  12. Satya Yuga: Strong men create good times
    Treta Yuga: Good times create soft men
    Dvapara Yuga: Soft men create bad times
    Kali Yuga: Bad times create strong men

      1. Eugenics not necessary if we return to common sense and end all social programs. Let the unfit starve and allow survival of the fittest to take its course.

          You actually think blacks would quietly starve? They’d eat YO MAMA. Oh, and your dog. Cat. Gerbil.
          Some of you though guys on here will tell me how you can bench this or you’re 6’9 or whatever.
          So are the whites that go to prison. When 9 blacks jump you for a meal instead of simply to “down-low” your anus in the prison shower because they are starving.
          Very few whites keep from getting raped in prison.
          All the Gen Y whites on here in the burbs would be eaten like a skinny BBQ stick.
          Maybe first they’d be raped.
          In a no-holds-barred world the white man is a bitch unless he wants to retreat far into the wilderness with his guns.

        2. @ Michael Myers
          – Did I mention blacks in the above post? I said “unfit”. I should have further qualified “unfit” as those who are unwilling to work. Deport the illegals and millions of jobs will open up. At that point those on welfare will have a choice. Work or starve. Yes, many on welfare are black, and yes, I have posted many comments here critical of blacks, but if they are working, pulling there own weight, not involved in crime/gangs, getting married to their own females and raising their children I have no issue with them. And if they worked they would have far fewer children, like in the past.
          – Prison? Sure there are plenty of horrible things that go on there. Solution? Don’t be a criminal! If you do that, you have an excellent chance of NEVER seeing the inside of a prison. Yes, there are situations where men have gone to prison for self defense, and that is AWFUL, but it is very rare.
          Which leads me to…
          – Street confrontations with violent criminals. Once again, if you work hard and live & work decent areas, this will be very rare. But it can happen, especially if you commute to a big city for work. Personally, I live in a “so-so” suburb (almost like an outer borough) and commute to work every day. I live here because it is only me and I save a lot of $$$ that way. There are plenty of blacks and mexicans where I live. I have had a few confrontations over the years, but nothing serious. But in case something serious happens, I keep something in my laptop bag to give myself a decent chance.
          Happy New Year. Have a great one.

        3. AS
          I don’t agree with ‘work or starve’, but you certainly don’t need to spoil the lazy. Free soup kitchens and (sex) segregated barracks style housing would be more suitable IMHO. A place where they can live, but a life that isn’t worth living. No free money, no lifestyle choices.

    1. It’s the Ying/Yang thing. No good without evil, no night without day. Both elements required for balance.

    1. Its absolute truth and christianity is a bunch of bullshit. You lose at life and understanding.
      fucking retard, fucking loser. Hahhaa! I feel good labelling losers for what they are. retard. I am not putting you down. I am describing you.
      I AM WINNING, RETARD!and that is a statement of fact.

      1. You are right! Christianity says what Hinduism says (same goes with every other religion!), because, Hinduism is the Oldest (guys find it difficult to accept it as the FIRST!) religion on this Planet!
        -GOD carries a Trident vs Satan carrying the same !!
        -Burning the dead vs Burying !!

  13. The pre-Christian Norsemen had a similar belief about a degenerate and violent age at the end of each cycle of time, and they called it the “Wolf Age”:
    “Brothers may fight
    and fell each other,
    may sisters’ sons
    kinship stain;
    hard is in the home,
    whoredom severe;
    axe-age, sword-age,
    shields cloven,
    wind-age, wolf-age,
    ere the world falls;
    no men will
    each other spare.”

      1. The Vikings vanished because the neighbouring lands grew too strong to raid easily. The last great viking style raid was done by the Christian Norse King Sigurd I who lead a large raid against the muslim mediterranean in the aftermath of the first crusade. His men rampaged from lisbon to the levant, and ended in constantinople. Many of his men took up service with the Emperor, while he and the rest returned to his kingdon with his loot and piece of the True Cross.

      2. The Norman’s were pure Nordic stock when they conquered large parts of Europe, just a little more refined is all

  14. The author has broached a much discussed topic. That being, the degeneracy of our era being symptomatic of a much deeper thing. A spiritual disorder on a global scale? I don’t know.
    It reminds me of a statement from the movie Dark City. A character says “the only safe place is in you head.” Or something in that vein.
    Without falling into fatalism I haveto accept in our warped era, your mind is your only refuge.
    No way to protect yourself from Kali Yuga.

    1. The only thing that can stop power is a greater power. The world will take the shape the more powerfuls give it.

    2. Of course it isn’t anything like the ‘degeneracy of our era’, it’s only the degeneracy of our white overlord government. Once you escape ‘white democracy’, everything is just fine.

      1. Upvote from me, you are overall correct Sir. It’s not only a white democracy thing though imho. Judging from the epidemic of spoiled, degenerate morons infesting the ranks of Asian youth, I would give these oriental technocracies max 20 years before they decline again into the dysfunctional corruptocracies they were for a long chunk of their history.

      2. JOHN
        Those of us who live overseas cannot help but shake our heads in pity for average guys who are having to live at the mercy of various corrupt politicians in a climate where you go to jail for calling someone a “poof” while Muslims are grooming your 12 year old daughter for gang bangs or your job was taken by an Indian living in the jungles of Guatemala 3 weeks earlier and your sole relief in life is to wank off to internet porn like some schoolboy who just discovered masturbation the week before and found some porn mags in the park.
        Not to mention the apparent complete control of well, everything, by a bunch of people who look like Ali G.
        Your son is an “Afro Saxon” because he is ashamed to be white.
        Good Lord, is this the West?
        Scatter my ashes on a tropical beach.

        1. Of course most to the incel posters in these discussions would have historically only lived long enough to have been virgin cannon fodder in some pointless war. The times aren’t getting any worse, the ‘cannon fodder’ is just living longer. I would think most men in the history of the world never achieved sex or reproduction before their death, and they certainly never had any public forums to air any disappointments in short lives. Complaining about not getting ‘their share’ is pointless because ‘their share’ was always going to be nothing. The women, the children, and the entertainment was always reserved for those of us with the determination and ability to achieve.

      3. Era is degenerated, retard. You fucking retard.
        ‘white democracy’ is tye reason why you are here spilling your bullshit, WORTHLESS NEGRO SHITSTAIN.

      4. Blacks are a worthless primitive degenerated race and the reason democracy doesnt work, retard. If it were just whites it would be fine.
        STOP LIVING, IDIOT! remove your shitty presence from anywhere, conceptually. Conceptual retard.

      5. “White overlords”
        Nice try. Something tells me you may be of the same tribe as your avatar.

      6. John D
        As a white man, bedding black and brown women is like shooting fish in a barrel. You speak of incels and cannon fodder those of us who have our scope of concern wider than simply plowing mestizo ass.
        Something tells me you are certainly not the cream of the crop. For all the talk here of western women being feminist wretches, which I agree, they still purr for a Man and will gladly bring their famine side to the forefront and enthusiastically serve masculinity, real masculinity. But, I am sorry you were never able to experience this and had to run after third world pussy, you know,genetic determination and all. Maybe in the next life though?

        1. James K Polk
          I didn’t run to the 3rd world until I had finished having 4 kids with a white woman. I had plenty of white women in my time, but was finding it harder to get many 20 year olds after I was 50 years old. Slowing down now I’m over 60 years old, suspect I only did 10 different women in 2017 ………. age takes it’s toll.

  15. MATT
    Spiritual “degeneracy”. Most of you are young here.
    …Prior to the Reagan Revolution from about 1967-1982 things were much, much more amoral. Watch the teen movies of Sean Penn-FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH or BAD BOYS. Watch the original DEATH WISH.
    …Meth made the white trash far more degenerate in the 1990’s. Oxy just makes them sleeping peacefully in their trailers. Watch old episodes of COPS from the 1990’s.
    …Less people smoke crack in the ghetto. The height of the crack cocaine era was about 1985 to 1995 (It was only stylish for about 2 years from 85-87 but those that became addicted lived for another 10 years until they were all dead). Watch any 80’s documentary on the subject.
    …Polly Klaas. Richard Allen Davis was a half-breed Indian career criminal who’d been in out of jail all his life when he finally committed a horrendous crime against a child and they changed the law. Now you can go to jail for the rest of your life for stealing a radio 3 times in a row. That is why prisons were privatized.
    Is it harder to get laid for males. I suppose. Is SJW worse? Probably.
    But actual street violence? No. The eighties and nineties were the peak of this.

    Detroit & the Future
    In 1981 the Detroit to Flint auto factory access had functional cities with a fairly dangerous black underclass and a significant Appalachian white population (Eminem) along with a huge Polish-American community (Hamtramck).
    Several things happened
    Crack cocaine was to blacks what Oxy is to whites, only 10 x worse. Having low IQ’s anyhow, once blacks smoked crack they became instantly addicted and respectable if menially employed black mothers began sucking dicks in the road for $20 (The price of a single rock).
    White males fueled this economy sadly because black women gave blast-off blow jobs and you could get one for $20.
    The economy then began to fail with outsourcing. The white-collar professionals saw no reason at all to stay and moved. All of them more or less.
    The Jews, whom Henry Ford had not liked, had run pawn stores and whore hotels in the ghetto but were burned out like the Koreans in LA during the 1967 Detroit riots. Quite a few of these Jews DID go to Israel.
    Appalachians also returned South on the I-23. They hauled ass back to hollows of Eastern Kentucky and West VA and Tennessee faster than your wrangler jeans say hick.
    Polish-Americans were stuck. The younger ones moved to Warren or other suburbs and the older ones were simply stuck in houses whose mortgages took 40 years to pay whose value was zero. Then feral blacks began to simply prey upon them like it was Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. These Polish people (Often born in Poland) were trapped.
    Then, eventually, they were gone.
    So now Detroit is an abandoned wasteland. Hoodrats receiving subsidization moved into suburbs.
    I should say that a great deal of America outside coastal areas where Jews and Asians reign on the NYC-LA axis will be the same. They are cold, there is no industry, no reason to go there, so people don’t.
    One interesting thing involving black crime towards Jews is that in NYC Jews ARE trapped. They cannot move anywhere and although the economy of course is diversified enough to maintain high taxes and a constant police state random KNOCKOUT GAMES happen.
    But whites from the lower middle-classes are more at the mercy of feral blacks completely.
    My guess is that like US prisons many whites will drift into the Hispanic sphere since Mestizos are white half-breeds and both races recognize a mutual interest in lower-income neighborhoods.
    But the reality is that if the economy drops off you simply have four races with little love lost. I do not really know how Jews feel about whites. I suspect they dismiss them as a race of trailer trash and that is that. Whites do not like Jews. Blacks and Hispanics do not care for one another as an overall demographic. Asians quietly think whites are dumber and inferior (Except Jews, maybe) and that blacks are retarded barbarian primates. Blacks, at the bottom of it, are probably aware that they are fucked in a techno-industrial world.
    It happened in Detroit, St’ Louis, Atlanta.

    1. Michael
      Asians in the good ole US of A are quiet about their contempt for whites, Asians in their home turf on the other hand not much so… Chinks from the business class are generally extremely overt in their display of imperialistic arrogance, sorta like a local version of the Manifest Destiny doctrine.
      The Japs think it’s still 1989 and that their rotting country (seriously japophiles: Tokyo is in many areas quite slummish) is still the hottest thing in town.
      Koreans, especially those beefed up specimens brought up with kalbi and fried chicken are borderline thuggish. Every foreigner living here for a significant amount of time, especially those poor souls working as ESL teachers in the hagwon system, after a while invariably report a barrage of racist insults if not downright alcohol-fueled physical aggressions.
      In my case when I disclose my nationality more often than not Koreans feel compelled to share with me how much they despise my backward mixed-blood country.
      Why I live here ? I know I’m a cuck but I found out that overall my quality of life is better here as a despised minority in a competently run modern nation than it would be as a member of the heavily fleeced majority in the Kurdistan of Europe aka Italy.

      1. Manifest Destiny Doctrine
        The Chinese do not want to take over the world with guns, they want to do it with business. From China down to Indonesia they have more or less managed to accomplish this.
        To get a good idea how a world economy controlled by Chinese will look visit the Philippines.
        It might be that the US Jews are holding the Chinese in check to some degree.
        Koreans are regarded as backward violent morons by Japanese and Chinese. Especially Japanese, who think they are lower than blacks.
        Yes the Japanese miracle is over.

        1. MM
          I quite like the Philippines, can’t say I’ve noticed any Chinese control (not that I was looking). I was just go there for the beach, booze and hookers.

        2. JOHN
          You’ll meet them if you are doing business in the Philippines.
          Cross them and they can kill you. But of course any Filipino can kill you for $500.000.
          Still, Chinese-Filipinos are particularly powerful. However, unless you are in the expensive bars or doing business you won’t meet them.

        3. “To get a good idea…visit the Philippines”
          THIS, as a side note I’ve been to the Philippines a few times(for business, believe it or not) I have to say the local ladies, even the educated Makati types, no actually especially those Makati condo dwellers, make the most drug-addled trailer trash types look like a model of Victorian values.
          Never in my life i encountered a comparable level of debauched sluttiness.
          I never took advantage of it though, I am overall happily married and, I don’t know but I think the absurd level of stupidity of the locals was really a turn-off.
          Koreans are indeed violent backward morons, even my (rather racist and nationalistic) Korean wife agrees, how they managed to push their economy into the top league kinda eludes me but I have to say, of you are not an elder, middle-claass standards of living leave any inner EU country in the dust.
          Overall it’s an ok place to live though and the dough is still flowing wild&free around these latitudes.

        4. Ajeoshi
          80 years ago the Americans complained that Italians were coming to America and taking their jobs. And in fact the Italians DID take over NYC and New Jersey and anybody who is anybody in North Jersey or NYC is an Italian whether the Mayor or La Cosa Nostra.
          I’ve never been to Korea, however.

        5. The latest DNA studies showed that Japanese decended from Koreans. So they’re genetically essenctially the same.

  17. Will never understand the need to quote from the wisdom of a 3rd world nation, probably the dirtiest, filthiest one.

    1. Andrei
      We call them “Hindutvas” and they are Indians mostly from the middle to higher castes who believe the best thing in the world is a Brahmin.
      Which is why their country looks like shit although in the South the Nairs and other Dravidian groups have escaped their caste system through Socialism and also by kicking the Brahmin out.

    2. Your understanding of life is absent. You lose at existence, and thus it ends.

      1. Are you an Indian, sir.
        This is the sort of vagueness one might one expect from an Indian.

        1. You are fucking stupid. Americans are fucking retarded. No I am not indian — I am way more precise and wise than you. CAN YOU PROVE THE OPPOSITE SCIENTIFICALLY? no, retard. YOU, LIKE MOST AMERICANS, ARE A NARCISSIST AND DELUDED YOUR UNDERSTANDING IS BETTER THAN MINE.
          Piss off, inferior fuck. ‘vague’ my fucking ass. NOTHING CAN BE PROVED, RETARD; your truths are not the truth, but your solipsistic opinion, and youre fucking retarded to doubt that for a second.
          You retard = accurate assessment.

        2. Americans are superficial fucktards. What you call ‘vagueness’ is the fact that indians a tually are humans with a soul — not always but certainly more often that americans. An american is a worthless, superficial, naive and unhuman being. Americans are not human. Period. Extremely precise assessment.
          EUROPEANS ARE ABOVE AMERICANS, RETARD; america is just a bad copy of europe, retard who doubts this.

        3. Reality is vague and cannot be accurately understood or assessed by a human. EVERYTHING IS VAGUE PERCEPTION AND OPINION, retard. Everything else is madness and narcissistic delusion.
          All words are opinions, AND NO HUMAN KNOWS THE TRUTH, idiot.
          truth isnt obvious, idiot. Truth is vague.

        4. You are a teenager. I am old enough to have gotten a blowjob from your mother.
          I probably did.
          Good, you’re not my kid.

        5. Retarded you are factually. You lose, period. I am right, you are wrong.
          YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND LIFE. fact. Youre a narcissist and think you do.

        6. Again, americans are inferior and some of the worst people available.
          Any european is superior to any american. Americans are fourth rate europens. Americans are inferior to slavs certainly.
          AMERICANS DONT EXIST! period.
          Success isnt value. Retard.

        7. You think being older mens you’re right. Delusional megalomaniac narcissism.
          I am old enough to be more right than you, disgusting baby boomer fuck.
          I understand life waaaaaaymore deeply than you. Stop being a child who doesn’t get it because of his delusional baby boomer pride.
          You are not adequate in your understanding.

        8. “Writing well” — and there’s no such a thing, you dont set the standards and nobody does, anyone speaks whatever the fuck he likes; academia isn’t the only standard, retard who strongly believes it is — is worthless when you are wrong. And “writing badly” isn’t a problem when I am right.
          You dont write well at all, plus you are wrong. Losing many times.
          Conclusion: you lose, you are wrong and lack understanding that I possess. I win, am happy while you are stupid.
          YOU ARE BELOW ANYONE WHO ISN’T YOURSELF, megalomaniac narcissist.

        9. America is a younger version of Europe. A Slav in America is still a Slav, race still binds them to Slavs in Europe. Europe has worse Indians, Arabs, ect. and an Islamic refugee problem. Translation for inferior: Europe wuz kangs but now is n sheet.

    Milwaukee is an example. Germans showed up in huge numbers. People that did not speak German moved. Germans took over the newspapers etc. Germans opened their old businesses with THE SAME name in Milwaukee because so many people were there. Much was made about how Germans had a bad attitude about assimilating. This is because there were so many of them that immigrated so fast (1900-1950, roughly).
    What makes you believe the Muslims in Germany will be different than the Germans who moved to Milwaukee, St. Louis etc.
    “Younger version”
    Donald Trump’s father was CONCEIVED (Not born) IN GERMANY. As much of as you associate Trump with the US he is basically a German.
    Trump is a Bavarian from the ground up. He marches in the Bavarian pride parade (And his father told Jewish people he was born in Sweden because he had a German accent) and employs Bavarian cooks to prepare him Bavarian food.
    A few German-Americans have been horrendous psychopaths who did awful things to blacks like Dahmer in Milwaukee or Gein.
    But why wouldn’t Germany look any different than Milwaukee and Detroit do NOW compared to when Germans and Slavs lived there?

  19. More like the End Times to me
    Once they roll out compulsory micro-chipping ,the clock is ticking.

  20. A number of religions believe this, and even conventional science is finding traces that something along these lines has been happening.
    Eastern religions differ from so-called “Western” religions (I’m using a broad brush here) in that they believe creation is cyclic and the gods simply help manage it while in faiths such as Christianity there is an all-powerful god whom is behind all. Just as a coat can eventually become tattered and worn, so is the world- we just happen to be here now, sadly.
    Of course, the only way Eastern faiths could believe this is if they carefully observed things and noticed how cyclic things tend to be, including basic astronomy. So those “religious primitives” were more advanced than many modern secularists give them credit for.
    The question is, is so what can we do to make it less crummy?

  21. people have been saying this same drivel for thousands of years… always the same – it’s the dark age, the end is coming, it’s all terrible etc… it’s always been like this !

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