The Manosphere Needs A Communication Alternative

Pictured above is a classic photo of taken from the office of the U.S. Defense Communications Agency (1960–1991), which has now become The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). This organization has numerous functions which includes communications support to the President, as well as the military to deal with combatant tasks, like for example when the nukes start going off. I submit that the manosphere develop one. Maybe call it MANOSPHERE DISA, or MDISA for short. It should be set up just in case.

In case of what you might ask? For same reason: in case the nukes start going off. But for the manosphere, nukes going off means a government that consists of warmongering feminists and anti-male ilk wanting to shut us up. As we are all too well aware they are convinced that all things with a penis and / or with a dissenting thought (dissenting from theirs) are evil, they will scream to shut down any media source of ideas they do not like to hear. Unfortunately since it appears that the majority of Americans have been sold on socialism, the notion of the net getting censored is plausible. We only need to look at China and see that this is technically feasible. Although the control of the net by the Matrix may not be 100%, and true there are some techies out there that can buck the system, I still think that it could be sufficiently controlled so John Q. Public does not have a voice, potentially putting an end to Publishing 2.0.

And while we see on CNN all these civil rights themed programs condemning the censorship of the Internet in other countries, these same hypocritical journalists will happily see anyone get muted that that is not a part of the social elites agenda. So for the dissenting voice it is quite simple: you have the right to free speech with the understanding that you will not actually use it. And you have the right to free speech so long as you do not say anything that they do not agree with.

Let’s take a look at some of the writing on the wall: Considering that there seems to be a major push for World government, it is no surprise that the UN wants to censor the Internet. Just recently of course a well done article here at ROK showed that Norton was taking it upon themselves to censor websites they didn’t like. As well a Men’s Rights ad banned in the UK because it was “too mean”. If and when the net becomes censored, how does the Matrix decide who should be banned? Perhaps they might for example consult with SPLC, and let’s not forget one Mr. Roosh is already in their crosshairs.

This does bring the question of what shall the backup means of staying in contact be. This is difficult to say because it will not be as good as having the net.  When hurricanes hit and all communications are cut it is usually the ham radio that acts as the back up for the civilian population. This could be one possibility, but ham radio requires getting a license although I suppose one could still operate under rogue conditions. But he still needs the equipment and less than user-friendly know-how compared to how easy it is to blog, Skype or email. Whatever is developed it will be a bit awkward and not as fast as the net, but under a crisis situation there will be a need to simply stay in contact. Hopefully I am being over the top, and hopefully an alternative system will never be needed. But consider it a fire extinguisher in your office. It most likely will never get used, but it’s good to know it’s there. Just in case…

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31 thoughts on “The Manosphere Needs A Communication Alternative”

  1. Tor and Darknet.
    For the time being it is the best way to communicated without being tracked.
    However becareful where you go while you’re there…quite a bit of truly illegal stuff.

    1. Assuming it cannot be logistically controlled – let’s hope it gets assimilated to the Manosphere.

  2. It the internet becomes state controlled and censored a la China or Iran, creating a network/coalition to overthrow the government will be the primary concern, not how to game chicks on snow days.

  3. There are two major options here.
    1. Download and install the “Tor browser bundle” – it’s simple to use, plug-and-play, designed so you don’t have to fathom the myriad complexities of onion routing. If firewalls start to go up, this is how you access blocked sites.
    2. If things get really bad, smart phones can set up local networks – worse comes to worse, and informal network will be able to transmit information through patchwork communities, regardless of whether the internet still exists or not.

    1. If the net gets controlled do not think that the physical post would not be opened, or certainly X-ray for content and then a detainment for any man sending or receiving Manosphere related ideas. Seriously. A state that controls the internet will control other forms of communication.

      1. For sure.
        To communicate undisturbed, you need two things:
        To be able to encrypt your communications, so “opening” it does not reveal it’s content. Snailmail makes this awkward.
        And also, to be able to hide who you are. So that you cannot be fingered simply for communicating with someone who is “suspect”, regardless of whether what you communicate is verboten or not.
        As mentioned above, Tor and Darknet allows for this to varying degrees, if basic precautions are taken. And remember; even if the NSA could conceivably “catch” you and break your communication secrecy if they suspected you were involved with a group realistically about to set off a nuke in DC, they won’t tip their hand to that fact for something as nonsensical to anyone with an important job as simple tax evasion or posting snarky comments about fat chicks.
        As usual by now, I’d again pitch Bitcoin. Being able to communicate is one thing; being able to pay for services anonymously, is another hugely important step for those who wish to remain at least somewhat free. For one, TOR endpoints, and even intermediates, cost money, and exposes their owners to legal risk. Being able to compensate those doing so for this without revealing your identity, makes that whole infrastructure more resilient.
        As does being able to anonymously pay for whatever the oppressors find it convenient to deem contraband at any given point; such as (quite possibly) ammunition, 3d printer files for manufacturing silencers and armor piercing bullets or bullet caps; medicines bypassing the impending state controlled (read rationed) medical “system”, drugs, childporn, enriched uranium etc., etc. And while you may not be particularly interested in personally supporting all of these, unless a payment technology is available that support those you don’t like, one supporting the ones you do like won’t be available, either.

    2. Peter Nolans newsletter is setting up a secret internet with security features ( eg- from what I can tell, secure posting sites, social networking etc) that you men may be interested in, by subscription-

  4. How about the TED platform? All kinds of ideas are expressed there, such as
    Your Sexuality: Ask & Tell

  5. If/when things get bad enough, go Galt. Starve and bleed the beast. will be your friend. I’ll be poolside in Galt’s Gulch improving my awesome tan.

  6. I use tor anyway. But indeed I’ve been looking for an irc channel for manosphere discussion for a while now. When in doubt, make your own. IRC has a long history of independence (no logging, no scroll back) and no twitter-facebooky horribleness.
    Quakenet is one of the biggest international nets – I’ve rolled a channel here:

  7. This is a disappointing post. It’s below the quality of thought and writing that I’ve come to expect from this blog. Allusions to New World Order conspiracy theories and a vague call to some sort of unnamed action filled with all kinds of grammatical errors?….The writers of this blog are capable of better, and better is what we need if our ideas are going to continue to gain mainstream recognition. Anything that comes off as a paranoid rant just helps the other side discredit us. Please tighten the quality control.

    1. “Hopefully I am being over the top, and hopefully an alternative system will never be needed. But consider it a fire extinguisher in your office. It most likely will never get used, but it’s good to know it’s there. Just in case…”
      Paranoid rant not.
      I guess we can assume you are a fascist troll.

      1. Hi Dundee,
        Sig Heil!
        “Fascist troll?” Okay.
        Yours is exactly the sort of knee jerk reaction that the manosphere needs to outgrow if we’re going to benefit from the process of putting ideas forward, allowing them to be challenged in a constructive way, and seeing things from different angles which help us to collectively advance our cause. We don’t all have to agree on everything; we do, however, all benefit from having our ideas and assumptions challenged in the spirit of pursuing shared goals.
        I would have welcomed being challenged to justify my criticisms further or to explain what I mean by them in more detail, being challenged to build upon them with constructive suggestions, or even being scolded to show a bit more respect for The Quiet Rebel and his efforts in the tone of my writing.
        But if you read what I wrote carefully, you’ll notice that my criticisms are specific, and that I don’t take issue with the underlying concept of the post. Nor do I call it a paranoid rant; I raise the concern that it could be perceived by our adversaries as a paranoid rant, and that it would thereby provide them fodder to use in disparaging and dismissing us.
        Still think I’m a fascist troll? Fine. In fact it would be fun to change my screen name to “The Fuhrer” or “Il Duce.” I just felt compelled to make a point about the need for a more constructive dialogue between differing ideas in the manosphere. Anyone who wants to contemplate this further would do well to read Tuthmosis’s excellent post from a couple weeks ago:

        1. Dude you sound like a fucking idiot who can’t get laid and needs to resort to rape in order to get some. Fucking pitiful. Go jump off a bridge you little dick loser

    2. “. Allusions to New World Order conspiracy theories and a vague call to some sort of unnamed action filled with all kinds of grammatical errors?”
      Man, you’re a dope.

    3. “This is a disappointing post. It’s below the quality of thought and writing that I’ve come to expect from this blog. Allusions to New World Order conspiracy theories and a vague call to some sort of unnamed action filled”
      And yet three years later the author of this article was proven to be correct when Roosh tried to organise an international meet up of red pill men:
      I guess the question to you is: How does Thomas’s ass taste on your mouth, bitch?

  8. Why not word of mouth? The manosphere could quite easily dissolve into independent hubs that keep in contact with each other.

  9. Tall order.
    Suppose they wanted to block ROK.
    They would also have to block its Twitter account.
    And the Facebook page.
    And silence all the people talking about it (meaning, their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, emails).
    Now, blocking a single site is possible. ISPs do that all the time depending on the jurisdiction.
    But can you imagine an ISP blocking Facebook? Or Twitter? Or the entire WordPress domain? It would go out of business in not even 24 hours. Public outcry alone would suffice.
    See the Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism:
    But just for the sake of argument, yes, we could always use TOR or Freenet.

    1. Or they simply block the website and throw Roosh in jail, and seize his bank account. They will most likely go after the higher profile writers and forums first. These men will disappear while complacent feminist sympathizing beta make orbiting public will not give a rat’s ass.

  10. Ad Hoc networks. I expect in the near future, all wireless devices will be able to form ad hoc networks, and form a decentralized internet that can’t be controlled by governments. With new super unbreakable encryption, all forms of information will be able to flow around any attempts at censorship. The technology for the ad hoc networks already exists. Before long, you’ll just download a free app and hook in, like the next generation of the file sharing services.

  11. If and when such control appears, it will be under the guise of “safety for the children”, or “stamping out hate”.
    Euphimisms are how society becomes controlled. it already is happening today through the use of shaming techniques.
    When men become immune to shaming, then it must be stopped via another method.

  12. Censorship has started. The UK O2 service already blocks certain Manosphere sites. The other day I wanted to educate my self at and found the public wifi service The Cloud doing the same thing. It really pisses me off. I may not like what some of you say but, I damn well want to be able to read it.

  13. The first and easiest steps are to pick an independent jurisdiction outside of the united states, UK and any other feminist/qausi communist havens, that value freedom and anonymity to host this domain and website. This way the long arm of the socialist law has to go through a hell of a lot of trouble to legally shut you down if it’s even possible at all. It’s a smart idea to do this anyway given the current climate and direction tings are headed. Very good information on about this

  14. Be sure to get licensed before operating a ham radio…the tested material is quite easy, and the rest of us licensed operators really don’t like pirates.

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